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We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge of .net framework and Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook to test our software code which has been written for Exchange and Outlook. The person...    (more...)

This is Text Message/SMS (include of MMS) app for android. We want to create app that function same as default message app in android phone but using wifi/3g. SMS will be sent or receive from our server.    (more...)

I need to display a webcam stream on a form in my windows forms application (.NET, C#) You can try it with this public web cam:    (more...)

I am basically looking to generate these type of notification messages in a .NET web application. What I would like to do is generate these dynamically by creating web usercontrols (.ascx files) where...    (more...)

I need to have a simple VS2008 app created in - not php or java. This app will be run a few times each day and will be triggered by Windows Scheduler. I will add many routines to the app after you...    (more...)

We currently run a site coded in ASP that was written years ago by a company no longer in operation. We are experiencing errors with a file upload service and require it to be fixed quickly. This would...    (more...)

Need a simple application with the following features: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -capable of automatically downloading data...    (more...)

Hi! I am looking for a Facebook Application developer. I would like to work with someone who knows how to build facebook applications from the ground up. Please submit the following: 1. Facebook apps you\'ve designed, 3 max 2...    (more...)

I need a spider written. This spider will go on a windows server for a site written in .NET. You will need to schedule it to run multiple times daily. It will crawl 3 sites about 2-3 times a day. It will...    (more...)

i am looking for an experienced programmer,that can develop a program from scratch . we have the idea,you need to make it real . basically we need a player,that take commands automatically ( for example...    (more...)

Need a dashboard that meets the requirements attached. Must be in .Net 4 in either VB (preferred) or C#. Milestones will be as follows: 25% upon delivery of code 25% upon successful installation...    (more...)

I need a javascript function that will emulate the double-tap to zoom feature found on the iPhone/iPod/iPad\'s iOS and most android web browsers. When double tapping a div on the webpage for these devices...    (more...)

I have an easy asp.ent 4.0 project. Really it\'s just a starter project. It\'s 2 days of solid work, but it\'s going to lead to you have work daily. Almost like a regular job. I want it done in 2 days time...    (more...)

we need a Sharepoint 2007 custom web part showing an image gallery on a jquery slider with jquery easy slider plugin, we need it well documented, with a nice and clean code and with installation instructions    (more...)

I need a web based interface created that will interface with an exchange 2003 server. The appointments are listed/viewed in exchange but the same appointments can be seen in an admin page but when...    (more...)

My HD crashed and I lost software key, I cannot get it back......I can\'t afford to but it again,... right now., .I need this program cracked to run indefinately past the 15 day trial and to work at FULL capicity insead of Half capicity in trial mode...    (more...)

Hello, I need to programatically create one video file input: 3-4 vidoe files (vob, avi,...) output: mp4 file to be used on website. written in C# for interacting with x264 (or other program) can...    (more...)

I would lie to code an options strategy for the tradestion product. The strategy is very straightforward known as a Short Straddle. This is how you trade a short straddle: Sell a Call and Sell a Put at the same time and at the same price...    (more...)

We are looking for an experienced developer to provide an SMS Platform, please provide examples of similar projects you have completed. Platform for managing the sending of SMS messages. o Back...    (more...)

The company needs web development expert to become full-time contractor to our staffing company. We need 15 Web development experts to provide support and service to our clients. Please all the workers...    (more...)

Silverlight coder wanted Desgner wanted with xaml Task based. The application is a .Net C# Silverlight with MS SQL Server. Requirements: - Must be experienced with C#, .Net, Silverlight Software application development...    (more...)

We want to develop custom casual /skill /card games. We need game portal and need games with source codes. Most important point is graphics of the games.They must be smart and unique. And we also...    (more...)

Hi, We are in need of huge proxy systems...The proxy systems should be like this 1) We can able to generate proxies from all over USA means from all states from Usa 2) Proxy should be very first and...    (more...)

i want to make a website on the topic spa reviews in india.. i will purchase a domain and web hosting.,.. but i dont know web designing so i want someone make a website for me.. my req--i want an easy...    (more...)

This is a big project.....You have to make a call manager that will include Black list facility..white list much time a call was ringing...And so on.....Fresh and new developers are welcome......    (more...)

We have a revit model of a hotel requiring 3 daytime and one nightime rendered external views of the HIGHEST quality. Turnaround time is 7 days and we would need at least 2 previews for comments prior...    (more...)

ATTENTION: PLEASE CHECK THE ATTACHED FILE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR WORK IS TO THE REQUIRED STANDARD BEFORE BIDDING! We require a graphic designer who specializes in 3D and CGI artwork design (and photoshop) to design a flier for one of our upcoming events...    (more...)

Hi, I have a client who will supply me an image of their building plans with photos of each of the rooms, and we need to create images like the sample attached in high resolution. This may end up having...    (more...)

Hello. I\'ve made a solidworks file and have a problem with spaces between bodies (I would like to 3d print this file as one solid). If you know how to QUICKLY solive this, tell me! Here is a link...    (more...)

We require a highly finished 3d packaging, developed on the basis of the design provided that will be used for mapping the packet. The Package is required in high res so that it can be used on Outdoors...    (more...)

This project will involve designing/creating a professional quality animated promotional/intro videos for our website. I\'m creating a groupon like website but I need a video to describe how it works...    (more...)

We have a constant flow of urban design projects which we build and update over months or even years. To make them come to life we need someone who can add people walking and traffic moving in the streets...    (more...)

i require an animation for my website, may be in 2D. 3D, flash, or anything else, till it looks good, an introduction or so for describing my website, i am looking forward to your ideas,    (more...)

We need an expert 3d Animator to design a short animation 6 to 10 seconds max wich contains these two words appering in 3D " Feres Vampi" Colour : Red (blood) You have to add some effects...    (more...)

Hello, I am looking for a designer who is experienced in design and rendering the facade/office front (exhibition design). The designer should have ideas and how to design a fancy style in a quiet...    (more...)

I\'m creating an eBook largely based upon the ideas present in another successful book. I will supplement the eBook with my own personal experiences and research findings, but I need your additional content...    (more...)

Hi, I need some excellent resume writers. Who can give me excellent resume within 24 hours.. I\'ll give you $5 per excellent and perfect resume... If you can do___then please bid the project with...    (more...)

Hi, I want somebody to check my Bachelor thesis (5500 words). Content does not have to be checked but the language. Grammar, word order, spelling but also word order and sentence structure. It just have to be in perfect english...    (more...)

Hello, are going to create several types of QUIZ-games for mobile applications, we now seek hungry people to help us finding and writing questions (in english or native languages that are...    (more...)

The deliverable for this project is a PowerPoint presentation of 180+ slides that covers the latest in Enterprise Operating System research. Details should include paradigm shifts in Virtual Machine and...    (more...)

1) A French information platform needs 12 texts about the topics \"Networks, Multimedia and Gaming\". 2) All the texts have to be written in FRENCH by a native French speaker. 3) Please see the titles below...    (more...)

1) A French information platform requires 13 texts about the topics \"Movies and Cinema\". 2) All the texts have to be written in FRENCH by a native French speaker. 3) Please see the titles below...    (more...)

1) A French information platform requires 9 texts about the topics \"Technic and Gaming\". 2) All the texts have to be written in FRENCH by a native French speaker. 3) Please see the titles below...    (more...)

Hello providers, I am looking for someone really good in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and good typing speed. These need to be formatted or typed into Word documents. Hope you are support me to run in this project long team...    (more...)

Our regular editor is taking a leave for personal reasons, so we need a new editor to check our works, which are all for publishing. We are looking for a team player, who can deliver publishing-ready...    (more...)

Hi, Welcome To My Project. The work is to download PDF files from links which I will provide you and type in MS Word format according to actual file (either in table or picture format). 90% accuracy is must required...    (more...)

Small business in Texas four employees. I can do my taxes on my own but need help i am using Turbo tax business. CPA or public accountant should be knowledgeable of all tax laws to maximize our returns...    (more...)

Hi, Welcome To My Project. The work is to download PDF files from links which I will provide you and type in MS Word format according to actual file (either in table or picture format). 90% accuracy is must required...    (more...)

I require a designated, cga/cma/ca, accountant for preparing year end corporate returns with gst returns. You will not be required to sign off on anything, as our local ca will review and approve your work...    (more...)

Hi, Welcome To My Project. The work is to download PDF files from links which I will provide you and type in MS Word format according to actual file (either in table or picture format). 90% accuracy is must required...    (more...)

My company is looking for a Director of Internet Sales and/or a Program Advisor. The candidate will work closely with the owner, but he/she is also expected to work independently. Your main responsibility...    (more...)

We need to create a hotel booking website, something similar to but in a different style, It should includes all the features found in, where user can search and book online : flights, cars, hotels......    (more...)

I need Old email address.. address should have at least 4 months old. Kindly bid if you already have them.    (more...)

Our fast growing distribution company is seeking experienced eBay & Amazon sellers for long-term success. Join our team now & reap the rewards of unlimited potential. --We are a legitimate company & everything we sell is genuine & warrantied...    (more...)

I\'m Looking For Someone Who Has At Least 50 Feedback On eBay To List My Items For Me. Please Don\'t Bid If You Don\'t Have Enough Feedback. Basically, I Will Give You The Item Descriptions, Pictures, And Answer The Buyer Questions...    (more...)

We are looking for quality call centers to handle projects for our debt settlement clients... Criteria: $10K in debt, Must have a checking account Must have the ability...    (more...)

NEED up to 3000 votes for an online competition! 250$USD--- AFTER THE JOB IS COMPLETED! Job will start january 20th and finish january 23rd so 3000 votes in 3 days !!! No registration is required,...    (more...)

transaction log needed to for existing website. needing it done quickly and correctly. thank you...    (more...)

I need 100 ads to be posted on, Craigslist and other websites everyday for 10 days for our company I will provide templates and everything you need to post them easily, I will grant you accounts...    (more...)

Hello everyone my app which i want to create is very simple it\'s will include - Web database to save posts and users into it -it will have categories (will be modified by database ... i mean...    (more...)

Hello everyone, I have a French gift website that I need SEO help with. I need a native French SEO professional who can help me with advertising and increasing the online presence of my website on...    (more...)

Hello, Please read the description carefully before bidding. I have an English art gift website that needs massive advertising and marketing in order to generate SALES. What I need is not only...    (more...)

This job involves gaining UK entrants to our online UK National MC & Rap competition. Entry for the competition is free and we have multiple prizes worth more than £5,000. It is therefore very easy to get sign-ups...    (more...)

We are an internet retailer selling hair care products. Currently we have 6 products that we want to list on Amazon. We do have an existing account. We are looking for candidates to modify and upload...    (more...)

I am looking to hire a sales representative to generate leads and sales for my hosting company. This will be a commission based position and will be for on going work based on your success and attitude...    (more...)

Hi, I will need 15 PR2+ One way link related to our Business Market. Please do not bid on this project if you do not have experience with One way link building. The actual page the link is on must be PR2...    (more...)

Hi Bidders, Please Read Carefully. I am a professional forum profile link builder who builds backlinks for others. I need you to find customers / clients who want to use my link building services...    (more...)

Hi, We are looking for a Craigslist, Ebay or Auto Trader posting Pro / Freelancer. Must have experience in posting automotive / cars ads for the USA market. Cars for sale by dealer . Cars for sale from auctions...    (more...)

I am looking for a provider of quality , fresh and exclusive craigslist email leads , housing section. You are responsible for managing ads , posting ads and creating ads. I only want to deal with central email adresses...    (more...)

This project is selling of cellphone advertising plan to the USA business by which they can create cellphone coupons and can advertise their business promotion,offers directly on the customers\' cellphone.It\'s...    (more...)

Hello All i need bulk of g mail verified accounts urgently. New freelancers are also welcome. you can also provide me 20 daily or how many you can create. If some one already have more than 500 g mail...    (more...)

We are a CCTV company and need an experienced SEO for our website to reach #1 position in Google for my given keywords. Your job is to get it all the way to the top. When you bid, we need following...    (more...)

My target price for this link building mini-project is $30. I am looking for 200 incoming links on blog comments, social media profiles etc. at least 75% must be dofollow - the links must be from a list of 1700 URLS that i will provide...    (more...)

Hello, I need fake traffic to my website to improve my ranking at least i need 10,000 visits per day. if it is don by proxy software or bot no problem but i need quick result. I have a bot before its work well now its not working for proxy settings...    (more...)

Looking for designers with After Effects template experience. Looking to purchase several hundred templates. Will pay between $25 - $200 per template based on design quality, ease of use and appeal....    (more...)

i am looking for someone with decent knowledge of after effects to create a movie for my college project, i hav had a crack at it myself but its just not working for me, the movie is basically a trailer...    (more...)

Dear bidders, We a music group from athens,greece and we are looking for an animator or comic designer to visualise a song We can provide you with the original song and the translation or even with...    (more...)

Hello, I need videos changed in After Effects. We will be switching out pics in videos like these customizing them to our clients brand. You must have max 24 hr turn around time and be able to work with our graphic team in the U.S...    (more...)

Hello, We are looking for an animator that can create something similar to or better than: We are hoping to bring to life Artist Melissa...    (more...)

I\'m looking for a provider with a great design team who have done custom coding for wordpress in the past. I\'m interested only in providers who can do the actual work in a professional and timely manner...    (more...)

Im looking to get any of these games made. Tic Tac Toe I\'d like a Tic Tac Toe game that uses Ajax so 2 players can play in real time and wager points. So basically there would be a users table,...    (more...)

Hello All, I would like to have a Speed Dating Site created. I need features such as Profile Customization, Match making search engine, Event Management, Dating Website Administration, User Registration, etc.....    (more...)

The project is a weight-loss site with paid membership (Paypal) and a facebook like social networking part. The site will launch in German but is implemented in English with translation support. The...    (more...)

Hey all, I got a project for all of ya website: just check it out please register to see all of the details and try to place ad i want it like a portal with admin cp and languages that...    (more...)

We have a CSS menu located on our website at The problem is, currently the sub-menu is only visible when you mouseover it and it disappears when a new page loads. I...    (more...)

We require a website that is the same in functionality to the groupon site. This should include all administrative and user functions, etc. Also, we would like to have an blackberry app included as an enhancement...    (more...)

Hi, I need some quick assistance with integrating a checkout procedure into my website. I have an accounting business and I am setting up a website to allow me to process orders from my customers via the web...    (more...)

We are looking for someone to create Wordpress Plugin for Multiple Domain names check. There are more details. We have MySQL table with few hundred domain names and flelds like: - DomainID -...    (more...)

As you can see I am a Golden Buyer here on Freelancer. This is a serious Project and we require your full attention so please read carefully. To be Considered: 1. you must speak and type fluent English 2...    (more...)

I need help with adding load images function in jquery. I\'d like to load one image at the time instead of all in one time (see example below) so the html file (page) is not 700k or so first time you visit...    (more...)

Hello. We have bought a wordpress theme and plugin for a group buying website. The script is this one: . We have the professional full license. We need someone to design...    (more...)

Looking for someone with Strong virtuemart, PHP, CSS, JQuery and Ajax skills to work on the following: 1) Have the shopping Checkout Edited to be one page checkout with slide down tabs working properly...    (more...)

Need a website for a health store. Will have about 500 products that we\'d want you to put on the site for which we have pulled together pictures, text, description and price for each product. Must be able...    (more...)

Required is a jquery banner for an xcart ecommerce shop and some design changes.    (more...)

I\'m looking for a computer programming consultant, or someone that can answer my question into how much a project costs. I\'m looking into designing an e card site for travel companies, where they can have...    (more...)

Hi, I want to upgrade my SocialEngine4.0.5 based website with some customised features with current plugins. Please dont bid if you are not familier with the Zend framework and Social Engine 4 ...    (more...)

Easy to deploy, expand and brand. Online learning system required for Asian schools and universities. Needs to be fully functional, surveys, exams, stats, calendar, internal communication etc. Able to provide monthly maintenance fee, per project...    (more...)

FOA Magento developers I have a client who would like their users to navigate through their categories using drop down menus. eg there will be 3 onscreen dropdown boxes, they will select from the...    (more...)

For Joomla Site: I want to use Jreviews component has my event manager. For that i need a Calendar view that reports all the \'listings\' in \'event directory\'. This would work like most of the calendars,...    (more...)

We looking web developers for long term relationship to build custom dynamic sites. The first project is Groupon like site with many extra custom futures, We don\'t need only ready script we need...    (more...)

I am looking for an expert which have ability to make website like i need main interface and control panel too easy to use and flexible if you think you have ability then contact me i am waiting...    (more...)

Hi I presently have a flash movie playing on my website that determines what images to show through XML What i need to set the script/file up so that is it is displayed on an iPhone, iPod, iPad (no...    (more...)

I need a sample graph in Protovos which gets data directly from a MySQL Database. Use State of the Art Technology. Step 1: Show how to retrieve Data through MySQL from the Database and put it into a Javascript Variable that a graph is displayed...    (more...)

We need flash actionscript programmers/coders to develop a dictionary (virtual dictionary) cd-rom which consists about 1500 words. We will provide clipart of 1500 words & voice files & hierarchy of themes-words & 3 flash games & other graphics...    (more...)

System inputs: Mems IMU, 6 (+3) degrees of freedom, (3D gyro + 3D accel + (3D magnetic)) + several constraints + accurate but sporadic 2D location data and possibly speed. What we need: algorithms and...    (more...)

I need C++ code that will detect trendlines. An example is presented in a picture. The code will find min/max points. The trendline will have two or more touches with the security. Allow for small incursion...    (more...)

i have a problem on genetic algorithms. we have a population of 5 chromosomes the table below shows the code and the fitness of each chromosome rule x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 fitness...    (more...)

I have a problem to solve with k nearest neighbor algorithm. 12 points are given in two dimensions, which belong to one of the two classes - and + as shown below. Which is the minimum value that k can...    (more...)

We want to create a New dating site based on the Dating site Okcupid isn\'t a standard dating site but matches with a advanced Algorithm We are looking for a fully functioning site ( where...    (more...)

Hello, I would like a quotation about an application to be developed for: A) Kindle device, AND B) http website The application main objective is the recovery of the difficulties of speed and...    (more...)

I have a database done in MySql and want to migrate to SImpleDB.    (more...)

We are a tech savvy company looking at the possibilities of migrating some of our XEN VPS Ubuntu boxes to EC2. We are looking to spend some time getting to know the installation and setup of instances to creating external storage and backup solutions...    (more...)

We are in need of Amazon seller who has high reputation as well as capable of selling on other selling-related sites. We have branded new stuffs that really sell well on ebay and other platforms with good margins...    (more...)

Amazon Lister - Immediate Opening We are an internet retailer selling multiple items (from indoor plants to laptop computers). We are looking for candidates to write product content, upload product information online, communicate with customers, etc...    (more...)

Good day. This project is great and want to create a quality website, from my point of view is a very difficult project. We need a website very similar to, can also be taken as a reference...    (more...)

I m looking to partner (USA based) with someone who is already an approved AMAZON seller with the ability to add Apparel. I ve been trying to two years and they are not excepting any new items in apparel...    (more...)

I\'m looking for experienced / trustworthy Amazon sellers. (Powersellers on Ebay also welcome) Looking to list 10+ items. $6 per item - $60 TOTAL. (bonus is available for great sellers) Once item...    (more...)

Need someone to post products to amazon and ebay along with create promotions. only apply if you have had experience. i have around 10 products.    (more...)

Our fast growing distribution company is seeking experienced eBay & Amazon sellers for long-term success. Join our team now & reap the rewards of the upcoming holiday sales & future ones to come! ...    (more...)

Hi , I need a very simple Iphone app. Please bid 30$ first, and mention APP in your bid, then I will let you know more details about the app in a private message. Then adjust your bid accordingly. ...    (more...)

I have a music website and I want to turn it into an android app. I want users to be able to listen, download, make playlist, and share music on facebook, twitter, and via sms or mms. I already have the...    (more...)

Looking to work with developer on an android application. I will need a application that will coincide with my website allowing visitors to view image articles (These articles contain nothing But an image...    (more...)

Make app like RealCover or iCover Pro for iphone/ipad free ver -    (more...)

Hi, I have installed the wonza media server in windows server 2003 it looks working fine, then I use the encoder to start my streaming and it the connection looks ok . I use server: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/live...    (more...)

Need to create an android app that will tie in with an existing/to be created website. Due to copyright infringement issues, I am unable to provide further details in the project description. Please PM me to obtain details...    (more...)

We are looking for a good company who can deliver the web solution along with Mobile application to manage some of the resources (which can be anything depending upon the organization) as well as a mobile...    (more...)

Hello we are interesting to create a site that compines Facebook ,but the main difference is that users can speak between them with cam like msn .Also user can choose can change the template of his profil...    (more...)

Need website (similar to Need good flash/actionscript programmer. Backend already written in flex. Need somebody to create flash and assist during integration. All graphic design work...    (more...)

Frontpage and update of general website plus shopping cart update. Frontpage: Trailor like animated storyboad concept with 8 to 10 images in flash. Content will be countdown with large opague numbers during animation...    (more...)

I\'ve been building sales pages for a long time like and but I want to move towards the video sales page where there is just 1 video and an animated graphics to go over my voice...    (more...)

Hello Everyone ! I need weather(Animated Gifs) Images in high resolution For Background..... my budget is low , please bid accordingly and bid for detail. thanks    (more...)

Hi I\'m looking for three illustrations of movie characters from The Goonies, The Big Lebowski and Anchorman. I would prefer the illustrations to be line only and in black and white. I don\'t want...    (more...)

Hello Everybody We are looking for people who can make some games for us. We will start with one game first and if we like to work with you, we will make a lot of business together. The price and the quality need to be good...    (more...)

Hi, we have a School Management Software, We need an animated Video on the same. Please see the attached Files. Budget is 50$ , Time 3 Days.    (more...)

I have installed a PHP/MySQL based image gallery on a client\'s website (called Gallery), and I need some help with one of the permissions aspects of the system. The Gallery software can be found here:...    (more...)

We have a production ecommerce website with over 60k consumer electronics and digital home entertainment products. We are looking for a senior web developer who is an expert in PHP, well-versed with SQL and Javascript...    (more...)

This project is open for those who have worked with OpenGTS with experience only (proof it to me). For those without experience and do not know what is OpenGTS, please do not bid. Refer to attach file for the requirements...    (more...)


setup a web based server to monitor a fleet of vehicles for about 2000 cars. This may increased to 80,000. It does not mean we need to track 80,000 simultaneously, the database must be able to store 2000 - 80,000 GPS device record...    (more...)

Looking for a php/mysql developer who speaks French, to manage remotely a linux server. You are living in any country, have rapid Internet connexion, communicative and fast working. This is a long-term opportunity...    (more...)

fresh native English writer $1.5=500 words $1= 300 words $.5=100 words    (more...)

A brief about the Project Pay: $1.25 per 500 words Quality and original contents is a must. Timely submission too. This project is for 100 articles. Min bid amount: $50 Consistency in performance will lead to long term relation...    (more...)

start your bid with ROCKETS so I know your not an auto bid. You must be able to write and post in wordpress, we can assist/help you at first. You will be covering news in regards to film, cinema etc...    (more...)

Hello, We are looking for writers for our Auto insurance website. You will need to create short (20 25 word) write ups and Small product reviews. We will pay $0.10/word to start up, then increase if it goes well...    (more...)

Searching For Individual To Perform Beginning-To-End Internet Marketing Projects. The individual chosen will launch web sites and market these sites with instruction from firm. You will be provided complete on-line training with video tutorials...    (more...)

I need a Full-time writer for my SEO CONTENT WRITING SERVICE... Please Read my REQUIREMENTS carefully before bid on my project.... 1. I need a single writer not a team of writers, if I can find...    (more...)

I am looking for article writers and re-writers. I am looking for writers that will be available to complete up to 10 articles within 12 hours per request. But I will never ask for more than 10 articles...    (more...)

I\'m looking for one or two people to take some articles that I have written already and to rewrite them. Payment will depend on how many you can do per hour and the quality of the rewrites. The rewrites...    (more...)

I have 50 articles (about boats and yachts) that need to be spun. Pls, make sure you know what \"spinning\" is and what it requires. the spun rate must be at least 50% for each article (I WILL verify it)...    (more...)

\"Lowering Cholesterol\" Articles Specifics - - 6 articles to be RE-WRITTEN (Subject: Lowering Cholesterol) - Each article will be about 550 words - Each article will be checked using Copyscape...    (more...)

I require twenty 20 original review/topic articles to be written containing 1,000 words each for the following Keyword Software products: 1. Keyword Country ( 2. Axandra ( 3...    (more...)

I\'m looking for an experienced writer. Preferred Native English speaker. 4 articles needed weekly. Instant payment after article submission. Need Long Term Person Payment rate is $1.3 per article...    (more...)

I will provide you with a list of 22 urls that link to hotel descriptions each around 500 words long. Using the information on the web pages you will write 4 blog posts for each hotel of at least 150...    (more...)

We are a growing company that is in need of writers. To start with, the prices will be a bit low. However, as you write and as we grow, the prices will increase. This opportunity is for everyone even beginners...    (more...)

Hi, I need some writers for my REWRITE project. I am looking for just unique & copy free article writers. The payment for 300 word article is $1.5. I need minimum 5 article in daily basis. I will pay after every 12 working days...    (more...)

Hi, I need some writers for my long term project. I am looking for just unique & copy free article writers. The payment for 300 word article is $2, 400 word article is $2.5 and 500 word article is $3...    (more...)

- I need 35 articles with a price of $ 2.5 per articles. - Article should pass copyscape, good sentence construction, no spelling or grammatical mistake. should be able to submit atleast 10 article daily...    (more...)

I am looking for someone to write 30 articles for me on the keywords I provide. The articles will need to be 500 words and written in perfect English. All articles must pass copyscape. I will pay $1 per article so only bids of $30 will be considered...    (more...)

Hello, I am looking for a content writer with excellent command of the English language. Project specifications: - Project includes article writing and some rewriting of tour itineraries for a tourism website...    (more...)

I want an ebook written on the subject of Pritikin Recipies and the Pritikin diet, this should cover the back ground to the Pritikin diet, some good general dieting background, but the main content should...    (more...)

Required experienced writers to post on Need those who have efficiency of providing minimum 20 articles in a day only. thanks    (more...)

I need writers for a news portal. --------------------- Prerequisites: Internet savvy. Ability to quickly and efficiently write error free english. Knowledge of seo and the ability to recognize and...    (more...)

Translation of a short magazine article (approx 1300 words) from Spanish to English. Very short project for naitive Spanish speaker.    (more...)

We have thousands of articles that need to be written and we are looking for some writers who are native speakers of English to help on this project. The rate of pay is $0.20 per 100 words. The average requested length of articles 500-600 words...    (more...)

Hello, i want best writers for my new project work. waiting for your reply. thanks.    (more...)

I am looking for article writers who can write and rewrite articles. Our articles range from 300 - 500 words. We need original, informative and well researched articles that do not sound promotional...    (more...)

I require someone to write 200 UNIQUE articles using Spinblitz content creation tool. This is around 1 hrs work with another 1 hr checking against copyscape If any fail you will need to rewrite them...    (more...)

I am looking for a team of writers to write UAW articles on various subjects. To qualify for the project you must send me a brief description of what UAW is. The project consists of Regular ongoing work to write UAW articles...    (more...)

I need 500 words articles on the following subjects: 20 on Solar Panels or Solar Power (You can choose 20 topics of your choice form ehow or buzzle or some other good authentic article site ) around...    (more...)

I require 45 articles in total, 350 words each (minimum), paying $3 per article (payment is through Freelancer Milestone). All articles must be of good quality and 100% grammatically correct. These...    (more...)

We require 30 articles on the jewelry niche for our website. The articles must be worded in good English and have a keyword density of around 2%, LSI keywords will also be preferred. The keywords themselves...    (more...)

I am looking for a content writer. Previous experience a must. We need keyword driven paragraphs written about the services and products we sell. Each page would be written specifically for one keyword/product...    (more...)

Need article writer urgent for long term. I need 100-200 words for every topics.I need 5 articles for every topics. Please read clear all project details.Experience should be must. Please check attach file...    (more...)

Hi, I need only English Natives, so, please Non-natives must not waste either party time~ What I need from you (writer)! 1- Must provide 100% CS pass work 2- High quality work 3- Any grammatical...    (more...)

This project is to write 5 unique original articles. Topic 1: Why am I always tired? KW: Why am I always tired Topic 2: What is Fybromyalgia KW: Fybromyalgia Topic 3: What is Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome...    (more...)

Need 20 unique articles written professionally. Must be copyscape passed and not rewritten articles. Must be written with American audience in mind.    (more...)

50 articles for Trixxie    (more...)

need native writerd immediately for $1 per 500 words. Half payment before staring the project rest after completion. Drop in a sample on topic marketing.......... Only native writers    (more...)

Seeking an English speaking writer with previous experience in SEO and keyword usage. English must be your first language. Project: Write 25 original articles about dog car seats: 19 articles are...    (more...)

Looking for 5 articles on male enhancement topic between 300 and 500 words each, $1.5 per article. If i like your writing style and quality, i will bring you on board for larger quantities! I will provide...    (more...)

Hello people, General Terms: I have a long term project that requires the selected service provider to deliver a fixed number of articles per day Monday through Wednesday (3 days of the week). We currently require 2,500+words per day...    (more...)

modify joomla virtuemart template so that add to cart goes straight to to check out without Address and payment method verification Thanks    (more...)

Transcript from a video We require someone to create a word for word transcript of three videos that are located on The total running time of the videos are: Bloodborne Pathogens video...    (more...)

I need professional bio written for one of my Artist. You must have experience in writing bios and a portfolio of some of your most previous work within in the entertainment industry. It would also be...    (more...)

Description We are looking for a skilled Writer to write articles on financial topic and precious metals on an ongoing basis Milestones will be set for every 10 articles to be sure we are on the...    (more...)

I need 60 English written articles (300 words per articles) on destinations around the world (focus: Europe). You need to research proper info on the destinations (incl. travel guide tips). I will only...    (more...)

We will need customization of our current web site that functions using Big Commerce. We must work within the Big Commerce software as our search engine optimization has been quite successful thus far and cannot be interrupted...    (more...)

Okay here we go for another project. Everyone has hear about google adwords/adsense ? You gonna make we something similair to that.. Advertisers are going to choose how big ad they want and keep track...    (more...)

Looking for a SIP Trunk provider for international traffic termination in Nigeria    (more...)

I Have A2Billing running on Asterisk. I am using the A2billing for call back. I get 2 CDRS for every call back call. Having 2 seperate legs of the call, I need the call durations to be the same. Even though one leg is shorter in duration...    (more...)

Hi I have a PBX-in-a-flash (Freepbx Asterisk) image running on my Virtual Box as a VDI file. I\'d like someone who is expert at Linux and familiar with Linode\'s control panel to guide me through this process...    (more...)

We are a Canadian based company looking to start our own open-source billing software. We would like to work with developers from around the globe, not just people based out of North America or Asia. This...    (more...)

Dear bidders, I am having my own VoIP GSM gateway that basically used for termination business, what i need is when the calls terminated via the SIM cards installed in my gateway, either the caller...    (more...)

Dear all, I am having an IP-PBX called \"ThirdLane\" its pretty much like Asterisk, What i need is to use X-lite dialer to make the calls from the \"Telbo\" accounts ( is like Skype in every...    (more...)

We are looking for someone who can provide use cheap international sip trunk for India, China, Japan and korea. This could be good chance for someone who already have existing setup looking for another new client...    (more...)

I have 50 audio files that need to be cut up and renamed. Each meta file (each about 5 minutes long) is a voice over reading for an educational site for people to learn English words. Each file needs to...    (more...)

Female voice over needed for 7min audio. Requirements: - Must be an American - Must be upbeat and enthusiastic (just like she\'s talking to a close friend) - You must be interesting to listen to...    (more...)

We are looking for someone with Australian female voice to read five to ten short articles a week and record them. Each article takes just 2-3 minutes to read. Here are the requirements: 1. A good clear Australian voice well and to read well...    (more...)

Woman voice recording for a Kids Book is needed in Greek Recording in a studio or a condenser mic is proffered for a quality output. Recording will be for 200 words, animals,colors,letters,numbers,shapes,things etc in Greek...    (more...)

Hi I\'m looking for an expert in Red5 and Actionscript, to build a serverside software that saves video or/and sound user can choose from webcam/microphone and save it to the server and make a small entry...    (more...)

We need example source code for decoding MMS/WMA streams on iPhone using LibMMS and FFMPEG. The end result must be a format that can be written to disk and played from there using AVAudioPlayer. We...    (more...)

I need a site where I can post music (mp3s) for purchase. However, when uploading, I need to be able to choose whether the mp3 is automatically removed after a single purchase or remains available for further purchases...    (more...)

A voice over artist Native North American Accent and British Accent required on various freelance projects, although as they are for my personal projects and would not be of more then 3 to max 10 mins...    (more...)

i need a website that people can hear music online. the sours of the music will be from a diffrent website, like youtube. im not sure if i should a flash player or the youtube player. i want the music will work online using Streaming media...    (more...)

We are a global mobile content provider. We need popular and the latest visual and audio contents from Serbia. We can work with you if you provide us : - Popular & The Latest Musics in Serbia -...    (more...)

Since I have no clue about database programming, audit trail, etc.. with websites I\'m not sure if this is even a difficult or easy project. I\'m leaning towards relatively easy for the experienced coder...    (more...)

Hello, We need only people with good spoken English as the narration is vital. These tutorials will be a set of 15 videos from modeling to rendering with clear narration. We are looking for an individual...    (more...)

Project task consists of converting Auto CAD 2D drawings to 3D CAD model / i-parts. Several drawings.    (more...)

I want to design and build 2, 2 bedroom Villas in Bali. The land size is rectangular in shape and is 620 square meters (6.2 Ares); so approximately 18 X 36 Meters and is on a flat rice field terrace....    (more...)

Hi, I need someone who has programming experience in GIS, WMS and GIS software. The work is to program a little widget that will analyze placemarks on Google Map displayed in GIS software...    (more...)

I would like someone to design a backhoe attachment for the back of an Ariens GT or S series lawn/garden tractor with hydraulic outriggers. Tractor weight 960 lbs. Max. Allowable Added weight 405 lbs...    (more...)

We need a skilled CAD modeller using Solidworks. If you are an expert in 3D modeling, the geometries to be modeled is not very difficult. The price should be in the range of $30 to $50. Please do not bid if you are not satisfied with this rate...    (more...)

Electric Car to get 1,500 mile per charge Need to design a car that is both aerodynamic an stylish. I want to use the in-wheel motor concept. [Link removed - Admin]    (more...)

this is my project u can seee my project    (more...)

For this project I need a website done for an online gaming league. Just the design, no coding. I need someone who is creative and very good in website design. The games featured on this site will...    (more...)

Need 2 call to action banners for my Wordpress website. Looking for a clean design that is mostly text and I do not need flash or animation. Banners would be 660 x 120 and 720x120. It\'s a small job but I may more design later...    (more...)

BestWeb Corporation is initiating an ad campaign using Google Adwords. The campaign is focused on trying to increase brand recognition and bring in sufficient computer repair and consulting business to offset the expense...    (more...)

Looking for 3 banner ads designed. 1 - 468x60 1 - 125x125 1 - 250x250    (more...)

We are looking for someone to create eye catching images for our flash image rotator on our website. You can see current website at - we need someone who we can supply images to...    (more...)

We need a flash virtual tour created for a real estate website. Details: - ability to hold down mouse and scroll to the left or right to get a 360 degree panorama of the selected room - auto...    (more...)

I am seeking someone to create a nice IPhone banner for website of mine. Something simple, but something that will show all the features in bullet points on the left side of it and a IPhone or 2 on the right side...    (more...)

i need a flash programmer that can implement a widget from our website into a flash banner    (more...)

I am looking for a very skilled freelance webdesigner that can support me with different design tasks on an ongoing basis. You must have experience in the following fields: - web design - header design...    (more...)

I am looking for a talented Web and graphic designer to design the entire website for a healthcare consulting firm. I am only interested in the design portion at this stage, but special consideration will...    (more...)

Good day, I would like to create a simple iphone ipad application of a Valentine greeting card. 1. Card background is \"royal-pink\" color 2. a border-hollow \"heart-shape\" in the centre of the greeting...    (more...)

We are a company looking to develop an application for classified ads to run on iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4G), iPad, Blackberry, and Android phones. The detailed business requirements of the application would be shared to the selected freelancer...    (more...)

Name of the App: Handykick The App is used as a calling card dialer app. If you dial a number the app automatically checks if the destination number is a foreign number an makes the call with the dial...    (more...)

buid a scearch for any mobile    (more...)

Project Game This project has four stages to it. The first is iPhone and the second is iPad. There are two further stages that will follow, and hopefully with the initial programmers. It is also likely...    (more...)

We are summer camp and retreat center. We want to provide a free app for parents and campers for their iphone, ipad, droid, and/or blackberry. We want the app to link to local weather, our online photo...    (more...)

we are looking for an application (java) that will allow users of blackberry phones/smartphones or other java enabled phones login / call / sms /settings    (more...)

we want similar application as \'word lens\' see so for iphone, android, blackberry versions. We need it in many languages. Budget= $500 BEFORE YOU BID, see...    (more...)

we need a programm to do Quran Estikhara. there should be a version for each mobile OS: Sympian J2ME Android IPhone Windows Blackberry The programm is so simple, it contains only a slider thats...    (more...)

Hi Bidders, is the first Arabic online assessment for professionals, career seekers, students, workforce, and even for individuals. We wanted to make this accessible with the current...    (more...)

need an iphone and BB app for the that allows users to brows content from the website, make reservations and also suggest near by restaurants according to their location.    (more...)

Hello, I need many Captcha Data Entry Operators. Requirements: 1. Serious, Hard and regular Worker 2. Good Typing 3. Good internet Connection 4. Ready to work for long term 5. Rate is 0,75$/k by GAF or paypal 6...    (more...)

Needed: 10 Wordpress blog posts about unique tropical resort destinations. Must be researched and contain substance. English at mother tongue level Knowledge in writing for the resort travel...    (more...)

If you are interested in writing just for to express your opinions then this is the job for you.    (more...)

We are in need of forum posters for simple forum postings. You will have to spend 1-2 hours daily on this for 15 days. Our requirements: - Good English reading and writing skills. - No bad/broken English, period...    (more...)

We are looking for two ATV enthusiasts to write for our blogs: We are currently paying a blog writing service to write one...    (more...)

would like a writer for my blog which is off of wordpress and is This job is for 80-100 unique and high quality postings on helpful topics relating to college. All posting are to be in draft and not published once given access...    (more...)

i need lines for my rap jingle. THis is for a bail bond 30 second TV commercial. The main lines are, which need to be repeated many times are: CALL 800-WIZ-BAIL, to get out of JAIL. Pay is $40, unless your work is outstanding I would pay double...    (more...)

A well-known literary magazine is looking for new authors and creative writers. It\'s a job for talented \"true\" writers, not the usual content writing task. Authors will receive a small remuneration of $2.5 p.a...    (more...)

I need writers who can write grammatically correct English. Payment will be via or Paypal, whatever you prefer. My requirements are: 1. Message me how many articles you can write in a day...    (more...)

Hello, I\'m in need of expert writers and re-writers who are eligible to write about each and every niche with balanced SEO flavor. You\'ll have constant work if you are consistent and have strong grip on different subjects...    (more...)

We have recently launched a website that collects news of various categories and presents them on our website - like a news aggregator. However, we offer a unique service where we also translate these...    (more...)

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words. Provide a sample of your unique text a smart description of your favorite drink (about 8-10 sentences)...    (more...)

Dear Freelancers, i need USDs in return of AUDs because PayPal is not in my country and even i cannot withdrawl AUD thrugh a payoneer debit card so interested parties plz contact me ASAP. i have...    (more...)

Dear Freelancers, We are urgently looking for a talented freelancer that can copy ads from Craigslist, Back page, and other online classifieds and paste these ads on our website. Ads...    (more...)

The successful candidate will have the following skills and infrastructure: - Perfect spoken and written English (we will interview by voice before awarding this project) - Reliable, on time, self-motivated and hard working...    (more...)

You will have to work on Excel file or pdf files. You will have to take data from this sources and put them via web in our admin (9 fields to complete, 4 are multiple choice). 0,02 $ per entry. Speed and...    (more...)

Hello Providers, I have captcha projects, good rates $1 for 1k Good server. 7pm evening to morning 7am India Time but Super Fast Images coming after 11:59pm till morning 5:am India Time. Individual and team welcome to bid...    (more...)

Hello, We looking good typists and teams for simple CAPTCHA PROJECTS (typing work). Rates will be U$ 1 for 1k and payment will be good , 100% payment sure. Server name is Qlink, Buster, Grab, MySpace, Virtual Cloud, Typebiz and HumanOcr...    (more...)

An American outsourcing company is in need of an American Supervisor LIVING in the Philippines. Your job is to do quality control over our agents working virtually / homebased. You must listen to their calls and critiquing their calls...    (more...)

Hello, I have few data entry servers, looking teams/individuals who can support at nigh time(India) . Good rate Project, Pay by Weekly/Monthly Twice through Paypal/Freelancer. Bid only reliable teams and individuals...    (more...)

Hello, This is a simple data entry (captcha) for new freelancer. No need extra experience. Its a simple typing job and you can earn daily minimum $ 5 / 8 Best time to work at night 8:00 PM to 05:30 AM Bangladesh Time (GMT+06)...    (more...)

I am looking for providers that are EXPERIENCED doing Real Estate BPO\'s (BROKER PRICE OPINIONS) Complete up to 20 Broker Price Opinions a day for numerous clients. By contract want someone to fill in...    (more...)


I need a list of manufacturers for the following types of products -- Solar systems/panels, energy efficient systems,wind turbines, smart home networks, lighting systems and smart meters. I have a table that will be used to enter this information...    (more...)

Hi all freelancer I need the admin panel 1. VirtuaCloud 2. Kaptchist 3. And the other server I already have workers. And already have QLink and admin panel. Anybody have the admin...    (more...)

You will be required to login to given sites and forums and post a given link. This is a continous project. You will be provided links in an excel sheet and a BB or HTML code in other sheet. All you have...    (more...)

Hello this is a simple data entry job. Need to type some data from a file to the software. Requirrments: Need good typing speed Need good accuracy Need basic knowledge in english Need basic knowledge in MS office Need good internet connection...    (more...)

Hi We want sincere workers with some knowledge in internet, the nature of the job is you have to pay the medical bills or medical claims here all freelancers are welcomed indian based workers...    (more...)

Looking for a brand name for my new website which will offer sports/events tour packages which include: event ticket, flight, hotel, taxi. The company will be Canadian based but may branch out to all of North America (CAN, USA) eventually...    (more...)

Please see the attached file    (more...)

For this project I have list portfolio of doman names that will need leads and market ability for customers in every niche and your task is to get them available to people who might have interest rather...    (more...)

I am writing these detail on behalf of my company. We are a Engineering company that provides Precision Machining Services, OEM Build-to-Print Services (Build machines according to drawings and Built-of-Materials), Casting Services and Automation...    (more...)

I am launching a new dietary supplement and am in need of an artistically capable graphic designer to build an attractive label for the bottles. The supplement is called Red Reishi extract. Please google...    (more...)

I need one native French speaking who can comment on blogs and forums in French. You need to read the post/thread carefully and reply with meaningful comment.It only counts after the admin approves...    (more...)

Looking for a brand name for my new website which will be an online guide for ski resorts around the world. The brand name should be: *creative *unique *appealing to teens & young adult easy to...    (more...)

PROJECT TO START IN FEBRUARY 2011. We have a small legal office in Vancouver; we are planning to change our business to become an Intellectual Property (Trademark) law office with branding and logo design services...    (more...)

I am urgently looking for a professional concerning about band marketing. I expect this person to have a unique strategy, proficient skills in this kind of work and on top of his work. I expect you to...    (more...)

i need to create a website for a music production company. the website will have 5 or more pages, the whole site will have a jet black bacjground. it will have one major banner on the top of the screen...    (more...)

Looking for girls that chat and talk on the net. is this you, are you fast and efficient on the net ? can you multi task multiple rooms, even better we are looking to a chat room expert to help promote...    (more...)

We are looking for an experienced advertising sales person to sell ads for our online Surrey Business Directory at first, but would then, if we all agree, become a business partner who will be in charge of advertising sales/marketing...    (more...)

You job will be to run our email marketing program. You need to know how to use Interspire email marketer. You will have to run 8-10 campaigns a month sending to 500k plus subscribers. You will be responsible for creating new templates for each campaign...    (more...)

Chillaxin frozen yogurt (use blue and pink)    (more...)

We urgently need presentatives/partners or salespeople to find us local clients who need local seo, mobile marketing, site design, online gift card system (HOT TREND - christmas coming soon ) or other internet marketing services...    (more...)

NORTH AMERICAN Graphic Designer needed for 15 page Full Color paper catalog . Size of catalog will be 8.5 x 5.5 . The catalog is for marketing 100 old fashion home remedy products and natural nutritional supplements...    (more...)

Hi, We need an 8-10 page DL sized stapled full color brochure/booklet with images for our natural skin care company. The brochure needs to have a great concept and clean crisp layout. It has to be visually appealing with easy to read text placements...    (more...)

Hi, We need 8 pages brochure designed for a PVC pipes company. The brochure needs to have a great concept and clean layout. It has to be visually appealing with easy to read text placements. Full...    (more...)

We are consultancy firm, intending to participate in a launch event of an organization. We intend to participate by presenting ourselves as recruiters. Can anyone offer his / her services in order...    (more...)

Saja Publishing is a small USA based independent publishing company that specializes in publishing content that caters to a black female demographic. Our company is looking for book layout professional...    (more...)

I would like a model of our new house extension built using the architectual plans. Note the model does not need to be detailed in the interior. It needs to show exterior mainly. It will be used to assist...    (more...)

I need a 3D model from a house. I have the house plans so all the measurements can be take from that. It is a Bali Style villa. External and internal are needed. I will provided images so it is easier...    (more...)

We are looking for student to draw hospital plans for a 100 bed multy specialty hospital as a part of school project. We are willing to pay 500 USD. Private parties are welcome to bid for this offer as well...    (more...)

as discussed    (more...)

Looking to hire 5-10 serious, experienced, sellers. All sellers must have good selling feedback. Your job will be to list 1-3 products a day (as they are sent to you). This will take a few hours a day and must be done quickly and efficiently...    (more...)

I need someone to add 5,000 Real Facebook Fans to our Facebook Fan Page. 90% of fans must be Black USA fans. Adding must be performed using white hat techniques so, we will not be penalized by facebook...    (more...)

Hello I need the list of companies in USA and worldwide. I need customers for the following applications echnology users List: SAP, Oracle Database, Oracle e-Business Suit, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards,...    (more...)

Hi, I need someone to go onto the clickbank marketplace and get me 1000 email adresses from clickbank vendors. The budget for this project is between $20-$50.    (more...)

Looking to set up long term email marketing campaigns with good deliverability over time. Up to 10000 emails without optin per week during one year.    (more...)

I have a new website and I would like someone with skills in Marketing to help get the word out about it. I would like to increase Facebook \"likers\", extensive blogging, place banners and generally direct more traffic to the site...    (more...)

We need a professional and serious business plan which can be presented to venture capital companies. The business in question is an online service which needs funding for marketing and staff expansion...    (more...)

Job title: Personyze Expert Location: Multiple locations (Globally) Industry: Internet Company website: Company Description: Personyze ( provides real...    (more...)

I would like someone to design a business card for me. I have attached a very rough version of the business card I would like in the file rough business card.jpg. In my business card I would like...    (more...)

Hi there, We are a foreign company and we have just registered an USA company in Delaware through the site incorporate()com, we have all documents apostille, registration form... Now we want an individual...    (more...)

I want a website like where my clients will log in, create a form and the embedded qr code software will generate a high quality qr code for it. The site should also have the functions...    (more...)

Custom application and software automation library required to work with specific poker clients (with possibility to adapt new ones in the future). Tasks: 1. GUI tool to hold all of it together 2...    (more...)

for jimyz, program    (more...)

I have a main Page PSD and a secondary page PSD that I need cut into a light CMS content management system. Their website is I will send all necessary PSD files to whoever wins the bid...    (more...)

Some skills that the programmer should have are: C / C++ / C# PE Cryptography Network Protocol / Firewall Security x86 x64 Windows Applications Proxy / Reverse Proxy Sockets / Threading Automatic...    (more...)

Basically I need a code working in Matlab for CORRELATION between 2 waves with different frequencies using \"for loops\". Also I need a C code (not a C assembly code) but a code in C language which can...    (more...)

I reposted this project. But for now I will need a month to get money to pay you all, but you can already start bidding :) OBS: I am looking for many people to this. As I am looking for many missions...    (more...)

Well i need facebook comment poster, one website there is a comment box which needs facebook account for loging and then you can send comments. Now what i want the program to do is 1, I will load...    (more...)

I have seen a Gmap App on this site and would like to do something similar: Web visitors would fill out their postcode, move the marker to their house,...    (more...)

Description Keylogger should: - Work on Windows XP, 7, vista on Guest account - NOT be detected by any antivirus (May be 100% fully undetectable) - remote install - Send screenshots via email regular...    (more...)

Poker application for major sites like pokerstars, fulltilt, party poker. Main features required: 1. Real time table capturing including position capturing, stack size capturing, action capturing...    (more...)

Need a ASP.Net C# expert to make some changes to our website. Expert needs to have the following skills: -nHibernate -ability to create database designs -c# Winning bidder will get more details...    (more...)

I required mlm binary system website eigher in php or in if you have ready made website, i would buy it, please show me the demo. please find attached website requirement. please bid only...    (more...)

I need someone who is familiar with www dot magic submitter dot com. I need a list of 150 video sites to be added to the programme. Persons who are familiar with the programme only are required to get in touch...    (more...)

I require a program to login to a series of domain cpanels and create a Wordpress blog. The data will be either entered through a GUI or grabbed from an SQL Db Then upload a theme & several plugins, then activate the plugins and the theme...    (more...)

1= hello i want some1 to make an IRC scorebot for me which will give chars per seconds when sum1 answer the trivia question and tht bot should be a seperate bot i can show the example of tht bot as well..few descriptions r below.....    (more...)

i need someone to do a sample project in OpenAL - to demonstrate the capabilities of OpenAL API -locate a fixed source of sound (like a waterfall) and a mobile source of sound ( like a flying bird) ,and...    (more...)

I need a program that will generate at least 1,000,000 (1 Million) youtube views/hits per week. And will also generate "likes and Dislikes" on youtube. For the Like and Dislike, I would like...    (more...)

Hi, I need someone who has programming experience in GIS, WMS and GIS software. The work is to program a little widget that will analyze placemarks on Google Map displayed in GIS software...    (more...)

I would like someone to design a backhoe attachment for the back of an Ariens GT or S series lawn/garden tractor with hydraulic outriggers. Tractor weight 960 lbs. Max. Allowable Added weight 405 lbs...    (more...)

We need a skilled CAD modeller using Solidworks. If you are an expert in 3D modeling, the geometries to be modeled is not very difficult. The price should be in the range of $30 to $50. Please do not bid if you are not satisfied with this rate...    (more...)

We want to use Linux based Mini8100 Processor Card for our equipment ( We need to make its \"Base board\" exactly like /all features of SBC8100 ( but sized to 85x110mm...    (more...)

Electric Car to get 1,500 mile per charge Need to design a car that is both aerodynamic an stylish. I want to use the in-wheel motor concept. [Link removed - Admin]    (more...)

Hello Programmers, I would like to set up an ODC in India as we do have an over flow of custom application projects. So me in the process of short listing programmers or programming team. I have attached...    (more...)

Hi there, I manage a Corporate Auctions Website. Our mission is make the job of get rid of old, used, unused and surplus products, easier for big companies. Normally who hire us are companies...    (more...)

Seeking a Graphic Designer with good knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker and other Design softwares to design brochures in Malayalam language. Seeking Designers in Kerala, India with good knowledge...    (more...)

Below is what we need: 1. We have a basic slideshow with 4 slides made in Java Script 2. The slides prompt visitors to Like the page and get a discount 3. If someone likes the page, a new page is...    (more...)

Here\'s the basic set-up. All animation. 15-second teaser. If this becomes a series, this will be customized to each episode. 45-second intro. If this becomes a series, this will be the same (\"canned\") every episode...    (more...)

Need to create dynamic map on my site php/mysql. You\'ll be explained in PM. Cost: 120 usd. Bid only if you accept the cost, are really proficient with cartography/map maker and communicative. ...    (more...)

We are looking for a highly experienced chemist to create a new formulation for a car wash drying agent. You must have some background and expertise and the standards are extremely high. We expect to bring...    (more...)

I am looking for someone to analyze an eyeglass cleaner and defogger that is applied to eyeglasses by either a cloth or by hand. The item I have is a paste style, I have only a limited supply of the product to send to be analyzed...    (more...)

my project is related to programming,operating system,accounting at all.    (more...)

Hi, I have around 200 CCNP questions that I want you to answer. You should have atleast 3 years of experience post CCNP. Applications for this project will be ignored if the freelancer is not a CCNP or has certification below CCNP level...    (more...)

Hello Programmers, I would like to set up an ODC in India as we do have an over flow of custom application projects. So me in the process of short listing programmers or programming team. I have attached...    (more...)

We are seeking a custom solution for service management. There are many software applications that currently offer a lot of what we need however they either a) have too much functionality or b) are hosted...    (more...)

I need converted into a Joomla template, so that the user can edit all text on website today, as well as the vertical and horizontal menu. It\'s very important it\'s user friendly and easy to use...    (more...)

I need a ticket comparison web site like,,, The site will compare ticket prices from different vendors that will submit their ticket inventory...    (more...)

I have a Joomla 1.5 site with Community Builder installed. I need someone to either point me in the right direction here, or do the work themselves. The website is designed for an acting company. ...    (more...)

We need help with two different forms with: - CMS Made Simple - Form Builder We want: Nice design Easy to make changes Send result by e-mail Send result for database MySQL We have the two...    (more...)

We want to replicate the functionality of the following website. We will create a new URL There will be a button or link...    (more...)

We currently have an iPhone app called RunPee that needs to be updated. We will provide the current code to expedite the development. An NDA will be required to be signed when project is awarded. App...    (more...)

iPhone App Development - GPS tracker with mobile workorder support. We have 75% of iPhone code ready, we need help to complete the project. VIEWS that should be included in app( some views are ready )...    (more...)

I need some iPhone 3 and 4 compatible code snipplets that do the following: 1. Download an XML file from a webserver. 2. Parse the XML file. It then needs to parse the XML and if certain sections...    (more...)

I need some iPhone 3 and 4 compatible code snipplets that connect to a website MySQL database. It should search for and identify the correct record in the MySQL database by using a specific \"username\"...    (more...)

Hi - iPhone/iPad developer wanted for first (of many) native iPhone/iPad apps. I want a VERY BASIC App with native versions for the iPad and iPhone. I will provide all design files, and you program...    (more...)

Hello, have iphone tv application. skin design and work plan is ready, also our mocup and other artworks. We completed xml files to call content and elements.    (more...)

We are looking for a programmer/developer to create a mock-up of a cellphone application. The job would involve you integrating our aesthetic interface and data flows into a functional API. The API will...    (more...)

Write an application for Mac OSX - Manage client details - Modify client details (add details) - Manage users (super admin - admin - normal user) - Project involve database More details will be...    (more...)

I am looking for a Cocoa/Objective-C implementation of the MIT SIMILE Timeline widget ( Framework should work on iOS and OSX desktop. Should support inertial scrolling...    (more...)

We are an online education company located in the United States and are looking for a Joint Venture partnership with a company that is working in the field of iphone, ipad, android and all other mobile app development for various platforms...    (more...)

Elance Developer API (URL To API: The Elance Developer API exposes the power of the Elance system through a simple, Web-based interface that can be called from any application platform...    (more...)

Thank you for your interest, As Dreambox Communication Design Studio - Istanbul, We are looking for an iOS developers to create a (relatively) lightweight port of our PC-based (and OpenGL-Based) 3D...    (more...)

i want some one to develop an app for the internal hr portal of our company employees should be able to download this app and use it on windows mobile, android, iphone. this app will be used to enter...    (more...)

BUDGET: $100 (No upfront payment) payment per milestone, please see attachment. site is Requirement Summary: 1. Complete work in progress...    (more...)

We are looking for a PHP senior expert to help on the design and production of a web application powered by freeswitch (voip service similar to tollfreeforwarding dot com) The PHP developer will work...    (more...)

I need a helper in CodeIgniter, that allows me to take payments and never even let the customer see, that it\'s being operated by paypal... The sequence has to be the following: 1. The user pushes a button to pay the bill...    (more...)

Project is 20% Complete with admin - >>>>>> BUDGET: $500 <<<<<<<< LIST ONLY MAGENTO WEBSITES which can be verified with the site owners. - Don\'t send me a list of websites...    (more...)

Need a reputed IT Company to develop a Portal on medical tourism.basically, this will have a medical cost comparision tool built into the website as well other CMS feature when the patient can upload files and information...    (more...)

Write a book as descibed in the enclosed file.    (more...)

I need the followings 1. HTML Tree: INPUT in this Program a folder which has inside it many subfolders and files inside them, OUTPUT an HTML single file with a fixed name (Tree.HTML) with links to...    (more...)

Hi, I have around 200 CCNP questions that I want you to answer. You should have atleast 3 years of experience post CCNP. Applications for this project will be ignored if the freelancer is not a CCNP or has certification below CCNP level...    (more...)

I need an expert to tell me in-depth secrets about interspire marketer. I am using interspire emailmarketer, i know how to install and use, but the server is always shut down because of complaints,...    (more...)

Hi I am looking for expert in networking and get his comments or feedback to set up a network on my area.. br.    (more...)

Fortify , Appscan or any other Web Application Security Scanning Tools I am looking for an expert on web application security. I need help on discussing and reviewing the security of codes (,Java and PHP)...    (more...)

We are a student organization. Our student group is called the Ryerson Sports and Business Association. I need a logo designed that incorporates our mascot which is a ram like these:    (more...)

Helo guys, I was looking for good dating scripts in the Net, but they are quite expencive and risky. There are some free scripts that may not work at all. Please bid if you can offer a good script fully working, not demo version and install it...    (more...)

A\'s Choice T-shirt Project I\'m an young female freelance designer and wanted to raise more money to design clothes from scratch, but because that wasn\'t so cheap and simple I wanted to start with...    (more...)

IMPORTANT: READ THE POSTING BEFORE YOU BID. DO NOT SEND GENERIC BIDS. I have this small design job: 1- I want to design a top banner just like the one on (( The difference...    (more...)

I am looking for a very talented person to create an animation for a website which shows the following: 1. Money being collected from a bunch of people and placed in 2 pots (70/30 split) 2. The money growing as it accumulates in each pot 3...    (more...)

I have an existing building with a 4000 sq. ft. space with which I would like to create a \"food court\" type restaurant. Withing the space would be (3) small restaurant kitchens service counters and approx...    (more...)

We are looking to get a contract developed for a Group Buying website. This contract will be used as an agreement between us \"the vendor\" and another business the \"merchant\". The contract needs to be...    (more...)

We are looking for someone to get Kids ready in the morning, prepare and clear up the family\'s breakfast, make the beds, and take the children to school. The Au Pair would then need to pick them up...    (more...)

I am looking for someone to post around 60 posts to a blog. ALL THE POSTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN, THERE IS NO NEED TO WRITE ANYTHING NEW. Here is what you will need to do for each post. Cut and paste the text from the word file into the blog...    (more...)

If you\'re starting fresh, I\'d suggest you use and node.js to get going quickly. Install nodejs and npm (it\'s a quick process. Grab the nodejs source from and configure...    (more...)

We currently have a web site that is being redesigned by our US associates however they are not great at writing good copy that will maximize SEO techniques. We need someone to work with us and them to...    (more...)

I\'m looking to hire someone to write erotic stories. They are different lengths ranging from 2,500 words to 15,000 words, and also some that are 8000 to 9000 words long. Please do not bid more than $30...    (more...)

Here is what I need. I need multiple freelancers that have yelp accounts or can sign up for yelp accounts. You must be able to post reviews that don\'t get filtered from yelp\'s algorithm. You must only...    (more...)

Need quality native writer to write 150 articles with 300 words in 5 days articles must pass copyscape and should be error free. well researched. paying $1 per article    (more...)

Hello Freelancers, Before I describe the project, I want freelancers to know I will not consider bids, unless the code \"CWA001\" is included in the reply and sample work is copied and pasted in my Personal...    (more...)

Se necesita escritor/a para articulos relacionados con el uso de videos de bajo coste como herramienta de marketing. El objetivo es posicionar el dominio en buscadores Dominio a posicionar:    (more...)

I need 10 original, unique articles that are structurally and grammatically correct. I will provide a keyword phrase that each article should cover. The articles need to be at least 500 words in length and have at least four paragraphs...    (more...)

hello, i am in need of reliable writers who can write at least 10 to 15 x 500 words unique articles daily. please bid for 30 articles only. ************Please post a sample of your work without which...    (more...)

Hi, We are looking for someone to rebrand our current identity, our current design is here We want something that really stands out and has a computer repair feel to it,...    (more...)

Need someone to design a range of business cards for our group of companies. There are a total of 11 organizations and we will need the following for each one: 1) Logo 2) Business Cards (for each entity,...    (more...)

female comedian with a one woman show touring nationally and internationally requires assistance with poster design, flyer design, website design (altering existing website). I envisage this will entail...    (more...)

We need an experienced designer that can design a logo and create a corporate identity for our navigation related company. You must be creative and have experience creating brands and high level logos concepts...    (more...)

Brand name: blackron company name: blackron technologies url: (not set up) business line: IT training and consulting Looking for a modern corporate identity that will help the brand...    (more...)

Corporate identity needed for consulting company. I am including 3 versions of our logo. Open to any questions. Looking forward to doing business with you.    (more...)

We are in need of refreshing our Identity, So, this is a kind of contest to submit your entries for a new logo for our company which deals in , Information Technology and Advertising. Interested...    (more...)

For this project you have to develop the graphical part of a 15x14 cm label for 2 different cosmetic products specific for sport massages and a catalogue/brochure where the two products are described (app...    (more...)

We are establishing a company with expertise in building high quality multi platform software products and bespoke applications using the latest mobile technologies. Please help us with establishing...    (more...)

I need to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) and a power statement that creatively says what my future "Chicago style hot dogs and beef, fast food restaurant" sets me apart from competition...    (more...)

I need a brochure design done asap. Brochure will most probably be tri-folded. The brochure is for a software product and will be used for marketing the same. Those who apply must have good portfolio of brochure design...    (more...)

Hi, I need a designer proesional but cheap. The main thing I need is a logo for my company. You must be a quality logo, I create logos, but what I want is quality. If you are new logos do not bid...    (more...)

We have a small conference and I am looking for a logo to use in colour for the powerpoint presentations and something that can be used in monochrome from printing on say pens or waterbottles. Ideally...    (more...)

we have jobs for designer. when you are creative and great in print product designing, than send us a bid and few images of your portfolio. we answer not on bids without examples of your work. first job is a brochure about 8 sites...    (more...)

Corporate Identity for new extended worldwide warranty (international market) service. Brand name should be: professional sounding easy to spell easy to remember short catchy available...    (more...)

Looking for an Arabic Type Setter. We have 3 product packages and 2 Leaflets (2 pages each only) that we wish to add Arabic translated text to. Must be able to add text to packaging and must be based in London...    (more...)

I need to have someone design the packaging for my product. The packaging is a cardboard box with a clear section and plastic handle. I have pictures (may need small changes made to them), logo & text...    (more...)

Looking for an experience designer with expertise in Packaging Design to work closely with us in designing packaging for our skincare products which reflects our mantura. Portfolio must reflect your expertise...    (more...)

I have a book cover (for a to be printed, hardcover book) that I need created. Here is the challenge: I want the book cover to be developed using a top notch graphics design package so that it looks like...    (more...)

I am looking for an excellent graphics designer to assist our team to design product tour of our product my hourly rate will be around 3 - 5 USD an hour.Please if you are a outsourcing firm do not apply...    (more...)

Hi, I need the following template to be converted to work in Joomla / Virtuemart. This will be used to eventually setup an online store that will work as an Amazon affiliate site to sell DVD\'s...    (more...)

Need someone to scrap for me profile images, prefer the size to be 36 x 36. Need 10,000 images Should consist of a mixture of people of different races , some general portrait images so it seems natural...    (more...)

I need someone to help me with with basic seo tasks Fill in Metas, html code on sites I will give you info/content, you edit metas,H1 tags etc so knowledge of html regd PLUS any other coding skills...    (more...)

We are looking to build a website similar to vistaprint, overnightprints, and other online printers, to be able to accommodate heavy traffic and load. The design will be done in-house. You will only need to write the engine and integrate in with the styles...    (more...)

I am in need of a flashy website (approximately 5 pages) and a custom logo designed. This is for a new supplement company marketing a product targeted towards diabetics. Website requirements: Must be easy to upload and edit on the back end...    (more...)

I purchased an \"off the shelf\" WordPress 3.0 theme from ThemeForest that includes a slider on the homepage. It\'s the \"Pai\" WordPress theme. I really like the design and layout. The customized admin screen in WordPress allows me to: 1...    (more...)

I am in need of a flashy website (approximately 5 pages) and a custom logo designed. This is for a new supplement company marketing a product targeted towards diabetics. Website requirements: Must be easy to upload and edit on the back end...    (more...)

Greetings, I am looking for a website designer/programmer to design and code a new local social networking website. I am looking for someone with years of social networking and website design and coding...    (more...)

Hi Leela, I need you to search the net for websites relating to Nutrition. Here are the job requirements: 1. Find the top 100 websites/blogs etc. based on the keyword \"Nutrition\".... diets/nutrition facts/lifestyle etc...    (more...)

To create a program to automate the ebay checkout process as discussed in my document.    (more...)

Hi, We are creating a website that requires some simple icons. I have found this icon set I want to buy but they don\'t have icons for the following sections: Jewelry and Watches Garden and Outdoor...    (more...)

I need a basic installation of SugarCRM Community Edition on my server by someone who is experienced with SugarCRM    (more...)

I\'m starting my company and already have a page created with joomla. I have a hosting shared plan. My goal is to install an ERP software in my hosting plan that includes these functions: - ERP for...    (more...)

Looking for In-house Sugar Crm Module developer for 1-2 months contract, Individual should have good experience in Sugar development and willing to work in-house, Mumbai office located in Andheri area.get...    (more...)

Iam interesting for building a CRM for my printshop. Mainly must have: - Customer\'s information / contact history - Customer\'s categories - Create offers - Order\'s managing - Creating newsletters/sending...    (more...)

The project involves selection, customisation and implementation of a web-based Proposal Automation tool for a multinational engineering company headquartered in France. The company sells complex industrial...    (more...)

Those who want to earn from home - can Market and Sale "ACE 7.0.99 CRM tool" to earn upto 35% commission on each Sale. NO fixed Salary or expense remuneration. Start today, unlimited support if you submit weekly sales report...    (more...)

A design company is in search of an experienced virtual assistant /customer services rep, working remotely full time (uk time) - You must have very fast internet connection (for clear internet calls)and a head set for making calls on skype...    (more...)

Need a device goes inside a POS ( ingenico i6780 ).It has to store all info of magstrip and get pin.Before it encrypts,also date ,time .Also comes with a password protection . Requirments :: can log all data you want haves realtime CLock...    (more...)

Need a device goes inside a POS ( ingenico i6780 ).It has to store all info of magstrip and get pin.Before it encrypts,also date ,time .Also comes with a password protection . Requirments :: can log all data you want haves realtime CLock...    (more...)

Dreambox is looking for network programmers for its large scale presentation system which is planned to be a distributed system and will use TCP stack excessively for data sharing between its local modules and data loading from remote servers...    (more...)

Convert a PSD to an HTML page: CSS, HTML. Tableless W3C standards compliance. SEO friendly. USD$100 Deliver in 12 hours.    (more...)

Looking for Joomla expert to build a template to replicate existing static site. Start with fresh Joomla install. Will need to include a multilingual solution within the design. Existing site is at Natural World Journeys dot com...    (more...)

Responsibilities: Involve in new web system development, working with and managing web-based content. Provide web authoring, maintenance and continuous improvement of existing web pages...    (more...)

Hi, I have a XHTML/CSS template that I want to integrate into WordPress. Please read the description carefully. ==================================================================================...    (more...)

I am an HTML expert but I am not a graphics artist. I know exactly what I want the site to look like. I would like someone to take my design and implement the graphics Photoshop images; i.e. Create an...    (more...)

Hi, I need html5/css3 guru to design site for my new business.    (more...)

Need someone to design one page using html & css and a few images that will be used for an Email campaign. This is for a technology based Business-to-Business campaign so the look will need to be polished and exude professionalism...    (more...)

Hello, we are looking for a person that will convert our online store layout into live working shop. The shop is based on the German engine: plenty markets: handbook is...    (more...)

I have a Joomla template, purchased through Template monster partially done. Due to time constants I am unable to finish the conversion to what has been designed. A majority of the coding of the site is done...    (more...)

*****please read this description carefully. I do not need a website designed. I only need what is described below******* Hello all, I\'m in need of a css drop down menu resembling the menu found...    (more...)

I have a portal We invite potential designers to suggest the Home Page and other interior pages design. I would ask one master page, one CSS file and one js file for entire site...    (more...)

The company needs more workers to provide support and services to our clients online. We are a staffing company that needs 15 workers that can handle administrative, data-entry, sales and marketing and...    (more...)

We require a 24/7 outbound / inbound call center. All calls will only be from 6am-10pm Pacific Time The amount of out calls is up to you, huge database of leads and steady incoming calls per day. Willing to pay per lead and per call...    (more...)

We are a creative services provider based In the UAE ,Dubai media city with a development office in India as well handling clients from the USA ,UK ,& AUS and are looking out for Sales executives who can generate/close leads on a pay per sale ...    (more...)

An American outsourcing company is in need of an American Supervisor LIVING in the Philippines. Your job is to do quality control over our agents working virtually / homebased. You must listen to their calls and critiquing their calls...    (more...)

-- > N.B. EARN AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE WITH OUR GREAT COMMISSION PLAN. < -- I have many roles opening up within my new Telecoms company, this is a very exciting time for me and I am looking forward to meeting all of the people who will be working with me...    (more...)

Hi Everyone, my company is currently looking to establish a network of qualified sellers to sell products on websites such as eBay, Amazon, and Craig slist. While these websites are the most common, you...    (more...)

This is a simple data entry for new freelancer. No need extra experience. Its a simple code typing job and you can do it easily. Weekly payment: You can earn per week 10$-30$. Try to make your bid as 30$...    (more...)

We need many article writers and WE WILL SIGN UP EVERY WRITER who bids here and is a native English speaker! DO NOT bid if you are not a native English speaking writer because your bid will be ignored,...    (more...)

We are starting with new iphone unlocking site and need one person to work part time as customer/technical support. You must know this field very well and be able to solve all customers questions about unlocking and jailbreaking iphones...    (more...)

My company currently creates websites and ranks companies for thier video, websites and Google Places. This job is part time 20 hours per week. The job entails: Writing emails to follow up with...    (more...)

MUST HAVE EXCEPTIONAL ENGLISH SPEAKING SKILLS WITH MINIMAL ACCENT Require an individual to take 1-10 support calls or email per day. With this position you may do other freelance work as long as when...    (more...)

Hello buddies, You have to type some data from various website. So be skillful before you get hired. Soon you will be asked for get help me out from this task. Should must have to skillful in following...    (more...)

Description We are a Singapore based company looking for professional virtual assistant(s) located in Singapore to help with our internet company. The successful candidate will have the following...    (more...)

We have a new US based call center available for new programs. We will consider all programs but prefer programs that offer aggressive upfront commissions along with back end residual commissions. We...    (more...)

24 hours captcha work for individuals as well as teams (teams are preferred). Daily requirement: at least 1000 need within 24 hours lower than 1000 entry daily no counted for payments. The server...    (more...)

Hi all Honest workers I have need some friend who work my facebook like U have need 1.Just 100 Facebook 2.account must be 100+ friend or 70 + also 3.profile info just usa must be...    (more...)

We are building an energy pricing database with energy prices from all 3,500+ utility companies in the U.S. This project is for helping us enter one utility company\'s pricing data into our database...    (more...)

Hello Number1Shop is looking for productive ebay sellers with Outstanding feedback and a paypal account, to sell our already highly effective items that are selling quickly on ebay such as, dvd movie boxsets,...    (more...)

2000 USA targeted facebook fans needed. Thanks    (more...)

You will post ADS BETWEEN 9AM AND 7PM You must have your own IP addresses , CL accounts, Anti flagging scripts Additional Requirements: No Ghosted Ads - I do not pay for ads that do not show up...    (more...)

Hello, *** Please review my post to the project clarification board for complete details, BEFORE you make a bid. *** I need applicants to enter their info to join a website. (No cost or obligation)...    (more...)

Description You will post 300 ADS BETWEEN 9AM AND 7PM You must have your own IP addresses , CL accounts, Anti flagging scripts Additional Requirements: No Ghosted Ads - I do not pay for ads that...    (more...)

We need 5 people for BLOG COMMENTING PROJECT for our site launching on January 22. We need reliable commenter that caters blog commenting from different niches and domains. All you works must be dofollow...    (more...)

I\'m looking for 50 new verified gmail accounts. They must be US accounts and US People name. I also need 50 yelp accounts. They also must be US accounts with US People name. You can use the gmail account to setup the yelp accounts...    (more...)

Hello All, We have a captcha entry project. Our rate is $0.75 but our server is super fast. We need strong night shift team. We are looking long term relationship. This is very new server to work. We need only team...    (more...)

Hello, I am looking for a spreadsheet with email contacts addresses and postal, but especially email of all montessori schools, International Baccalaureate, private primary schools in UK USA Australia and New Zealand...    (more...)

i have the project for individuals and for teams that is the website server speed is good 24hours but very fast after 10pm indian time Test id is : Sonu and password...    (more...)

Project Scope: Virtual Assistant is to provide a simple database of up to 50 of the Fortune 500 companies and their subsidiaries. This data is to be obtained from public sources of information only...    (more...)

Please provide an updated .xls file showing clearly: 1. which articles have been submitted 2. which directories (absolute url) these have been submitted to. 3. Indicate whether article is pending...    (more...)

Hi, I would like teams or individuals for captcha work. Individuals should be able to do AT LEAST 1000 images per day. Teams should be able to do AT LEAST 5000 images per day. Individual\'s rate...    (more...)

This is a simple job, I require 10 individuals to manage robots used for testing online poker game site This is a 30 day project, You dont need to be a good poker player you only need to manage the robots...    (more...)

Hi, I am selling Captcha Admin Panel for server. PM me if you are interested.    (more...)

I have over 800 pages of petition that I want a data base made on excel for the documentation. hence any one who can type fast, with the fastest delivery will be able to do work with my projects. Thank...    (more...)

Work from home online through working at home on the internet, you can earn money from home or online with a work at home job. We provide Work at home business opportunity to individuals worldwide. Special...    (more...)

I want to build a contact database for Media outlets of Australia within certain region. I want proficient people to carry over this requirement as I require utmost quality on the data. Please only...    (more...)

I need people in the Philippines only no other country should bid here or else I will report you on freelancer. This project is typing images for 24/7. More details will be given in pm. THANKS!...    (more...)

We are looking for 5k gmail accounts.daily for next 6 months All are should be made Instruction : - First and Last name required - Password should be random, Alpha numeric - Date of birth should...    (more...)

Hi Guys, I need 100,000 Facebook friends from the United States. Minimum 2.5K per account including login to email address used for registration and security question answer. If this works, we will...    (more...)

Input text and data from documents into spreadsheets; database or electronic files, encode and verify white/yellow pages of telephone directories; correct incorrectly entered data, pay attention to details...    (more...)

Hello there.. My name is Rebecca I am starting a company called FreelancersRUS and I need some people to join the company and start working, As of now I have nobody in my crew, I am looking for reliable...    (more...)

Respected company. In order to be considered for this position, you MUST: - Be a female or male over the age of 18 with a private place to work. - No experience is necessary! - Be friendly, open...    (more...)

Looking for Webcam models, female and male! Become a webcam model and make money webcam modeling today! Make money today! Requirements : computer,webcam,high speed internet. Must be 18+. You set...    (more...)

We need 1000 + Free signups on Webcam websites. Credit card is required (verification only,free signup!). Leads must be from the US only. You will be payed ONLY for each verified signup. In 100 based sign-up so offer your price for 100 sign-ups ...    (more...)

We are looking for a long-term relationship with someone that can generate 50 or more leads (per day) . Requirements for Sign Ups or download: * Unique IP\'s US residence only, * No duplicates,...    (more...)

We need Adult webcam models. Requirements are as follows - Be a female or a female/male couple over the age of 18 with a private place to work. - Be friendly, open minded, and feel comfortable in front of the camera...    (more...)

We are in process of launching Largest xxx live cam site, for this we need female / male models living in asian countries, or other countries with asian ethnicity living abroad. Please send some proof...    (more...)

Looking for Webcam models, female and male! Become a webcam model and make money webcam modeling today! Also you can apply for agents who have models under them! Make money today! You set your own...    (more...)

I need 500 free singup members to be register in 30 days in site about dating rusface dot com presented mainly Eastern European Russian Ukrainian women and we need only Men from USA , Canada . Australia and maybe also New Zeeland...    (more...)

Hi there, We are looking for chat agents that can open profiles in yahoo messenger chat rooms,, or, talk to people randomly for a couple of hours a day, and drive them to our sites...    (more...)

I\'m seeking for boys and girls to make money working in adult website. You make your time in your owner house. PM FOR DATAILS    (more...)

I need someone help me with the recruitment of intertnet models as an agent. I will pay you $20 per mdole you recruit and have worked for at lease 2 weeks.. The detailed instruction is in the attachement...    (more...)

I need a Reverse TCP Tunnel that allow me to connect to services behind firewalls / NAT , it should be a command line tool and i want the source code it should be consisted of 2 parts , Tunnel and...    (more...)

I want to build an application which can monitor servers & workstations online status, services running on servers, applications online status. The application must be windows compatible and able to...    (more...)

I\'m looking for a programmer that can create a whiteboard + audio notes recording software. This software can edit the project file which consist of \"pages\" or \"frames\". The software\'s end result is to...    (more...)

I would like to hear from several programmers who are able to work on a database CRM program written in Delphi 2010 and using the DevExpress and Chilkat Mail components and Firebird. You need to be familiar with these components...    (more...)

Please see attached job specifications file    (more...)

I am interested in learning how to program desktop applications using Delphi but would like to have assistance in doing so. Right now I feel like the best way for me to learn would be to have someone...    (more...)

I need a component for an existing Delphi 2010 project which does the following: - login to a Joomla website (using a username and password - there are several sites, so it needs to be dynamic) - create...    (more...)

I need a piece of DELPHI Code in order to log every cd/dvd/blueray burning activity on a computer done via native OS abilities or via a cd/dvd/blueray burner application like nero, ashampoo, etc... ...    (more...)

Hi there, I need some Delphi 2010 compatible code that does the following: - Procedure to login to Facebook (I have several accounts, so it must be able to use different username/password parameters)...    (more...)

Hi there, I need some Delphi 2010 compatible code for integration into another project which does the following: Process a directory full of DOC/DOCX/PDF files (which will be CVs of people) and extract...    (more...)

Please read the entire project. You will not be considered if I receive a generic description of your capabilities without first demonstration that you understand my project. Keyword : BIG LIST I operate an auctions site...    (more...)

HI To all, I have a project of data entry. Its a very simple job. anyone can do this job. only typing skill is need for doing this work. But I need team at least 5 member. I need experience worker who can work hard...    (more...)

Looking for provider to help increase feedbacks to a site.    (more...)

Hi, I am selling all kind of valid fresh leads that i am collecting from C.R.A.I.G.L.I.S.T . I have a big team that are able to post about 500 ads daily that can generate 10k fresh leads each day. we can generate leads from all section...    (more...)

Market research for living in ukraine Salary report annual wages Cost of living Food prices apartment prices apperal prices restaurant and more Overall knowledge of the country bidder has to...    (more...)

I am looking for someone who can spend 10 to 20 min a day of his time to earn some extra income, this is just a part time job. it is a daily job and we need people who can work on a regular basis.    (more...)

i am looking for a data entry work to work 5 days a week. the job pays $1/hr to apply for the job you must live in the UNITED STATES the work is easy and if you are interested contact me at ...    (more...)

Hello All We are starting up a site that will aggregate other group deals sites like Yipit does. We are looking for a team to fully do the backend only. We\'ve looked at options such as Agriya and their options are just too limited...    (more...)

Hello all, I have a Mac Mini (1.83GHz, 1.5 RAM) with a fresh install of OS X Snow Leopard Server and I want to use it for the following tasks: - DNS server - Web server (PHP, MySQL, cron) - FTP...    (more...)

Hi , i am looking somebody to transfer my 5 domain files and to change the dns settings from my vps to a new normal hosting account which i will purchase from i web and after to set me up one only of my...    (more...)

I have a mass email marketing program the engine is written in C I recently lost the main programmer who created the control scripts for the C mailing engine. What I need is someone who is fluent in...    (more...)

We are currently in the process of building a web server and require someone with extensive Red Hat Linux experience to build two DNS servers. We require BIND to be installed on both servers example    (more...)

Hi there, I\'ve been offered a job as system administrator and I need remote assistance with: * Installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems * Analyzing system...    (more...)

I need a sales reporting module written which allows a user to pull a list of all sales for a specified time frame. Underlying datasource is SQL Server Portal Store database tables. !!! This module MUST be written using OWS (OpenWebStudio)...    (more...)

We currently have a website which is The company that developed the site, created in DotNetNuke and its really ancient. We\'re now wanting to move this website from the current company...    (more...)

Please read all the below before bidding on this project. I have been let down many times from Bidders in Pakistan and India. So you guys read in full....Dont just Spam Me WIth Bids I need this project...    (more...)

We are seeking someone who has mobile application development experiences in iPhone, ipad, blackberry, Android, and Sumsung. We are focusing on two things one is for shopping cart (opencart) and the another...    (more...)

We want to create site with
and css providing you the .psd Check attached document 1. \"A\" is the part for links 2. \"H\" will be part for photo transition 3. \"B\" and \"I\" will be the part for...    (more...)

**** 100% CSS Website ************* ***** Graphics Designer (Photoshop,Dreamweaver)************* ***IMP*** please respond if you have links of websites you developed with skills - mainly web2.0 design,...    (more...)

The Veterans Center in need of updating its pages with on overall body design. We have hosting and a domain, we also have the header for the website. We would just like for the body to be designed and...    (more...)

*** WEB DESIGNER - WEB2.0 STANDRADS***** ***IMP*** please respond if you have links of websites you developed with skills - mainly web2.0 design, css, div, flash, adobe photoshop *** **** Should CLONE...    (more...)

We are a reputed USA based company and having a very successfully running website ( www, ) We are for someone who can completely redesign the website. Here are the requirements. 1. Very good working experience in photoshop design...    (more...)

Hi i m after having a nice seo riendly w3 compatible open source webshop which has to be multi theme support for multi website. As i heard modx or durupal could be the best for seo and w3 compatibilty ........    (more...)

Looking for qualified professionals to help customizing a drupal site. Read the details below before you bid. When bidding, please provide references to previous similar work done. I have a drupal...    (more...)

This project is to help complete some features for an existing video playlist website. We need an experienced Flash/PHP/AJAX programmer that can take over where our previous programmer stopped due to his conflicting project schedules...    (more...)

TJM Molecular Laboratory Focused on Women s Health Audience: Physicians, Lab Personnel, Billing Professionals, and Patients Presentation: Molecular Lab for ALL Women: We want to focus on...    (more...)

This project involves reverse engineering for a certain site. Some key features include: - I will put my own unique features/designs into this site - I do not want the content from the site -...    (more...)

We need a drupal extension/module for registration/scheduling an online conference and require a Drupal Developer to modify and customize the COD extensions: Here are the broad requirements for this...    (more...)

You must specify if you are using Joomla or Drupal for the CMS system. Failing to do this will have your bid tossed out. After you read requirements please tell me about your experience and show me SIMILAR WORK according to sample sites provided...    (more...)

Need crawler for specific content formatted for Drupal publishing. 1. Should collect tagged data and present data in unique format via Drupal. 2. It should run as a cron job so that we can set the intervals at which it will run...    (more...)

STOP - before you apply. Please write a proper covering letter to me - don\'t send me a recycled cover letter that fails to address my requirements! Hi I need EXPERT Drupal Themer to do the following:...    (more...)

Looking for a high level great designer! I expect moderate to heavy design time (not light) Looking for a clean layout but effective website redesign for a small marketing company on a tight budget...    (more...)

The winner of this project will create a complete website to specifications for me(I will provide the content). We will work on this project together(I am also a Drupal developer). I have attached...    (more...)

Need a creative web designer that is very much familiar with Drupal platform, to edit my site What I need is new designs for inner pages, edit current pages designs to be more appealing and convert visitors to players...    (more...)

i am looking for a few ebay sellers with good number of feedbacks, stable regular selling limit in the amount and number of listing, as well as no holding of funds on paypal. you must have...    (more...)

I have a new Auctions website I am looking for 100 sellers to list their products for sale. the first 25 Product listing for eash sellers the listing will be free of charge. every seller you will invite must list at least 25 products...    (more...)

Hy guys, I need one skilled ebay sellers who sells my private items.You need good feedbacks, at least 50. You will receive the text and a picture for every auction. I have every article right here,...    (more...)

We are looking for eBay sellers (50+ feedback at least 1 year old a/c, PayPal a/c) from USA must be in USA too, who can sell a bunch of prestigious items we need sold on eBay. We will provide you with...    (more...)

We are looking for eBay sellers (50+ feedback at least 1 year old a/c, PayPal a/c) , who can sell a bunch of prestigious items we need sold on eBay. We will provide you with the descriptions, titles,...    (more...)

We are looking for Efficient and Motivated Ebay Sellers who can sell for us. Amazing Variety of Products to sell for us. We are Online Retailers and Drop Shippers, under operation from last 2 years...    (more...)

Hi, I need to add an online postage caculator from my local courier into my eBay auction listing. Currently my auction listing on eBay is scripted like inside the attached text file, I can preview...    (more...)

Hi, I have few products that I want you to sell. I have an idea where the product will come at a highly discounted price (upto 95% discount) and I will be giving you 10% commision for every product sold...    (more...)

We are All Day Health Ltd and we welcome highly motivated EBAY SELLERS to market our merchandise in,, and , and amazon..This business proposition applies to ebay...    (more...)

I have launched a new computer company, ThinkBIG Computing ( I am looking for help in marketing and selling our first product, the Big Kid. The Big Kid is an inexpensive but...    (more...)

I have launched a new world wide opportunity and need agents to market it to businesses and individuals. Those selected will receive a free entrance into the program thus earning on the referral &...    (more...)

We are looking for eBay sellers (50+ feedback at least 1 year old a/c, PayPal a/c) from USA must be in USA too, who can sell a bunch of prestigious items we need sold on eBay. We will provide you with...    (more...)

Good Day and Happy New Year for 2011: Our Company is headquartered in Europe, with representation in North America, Australasia, the Middle East and Asia; we operate in the business of International...    (more...)

Hello, We\'re looking for trade assistant for websites like eBay, iOffer, etc. The job will include posting and supporting ads as well as handling customers. Payment will be 10% of the final value of the...    (more...)

Bonjour, Notre société est à la recherche de personnes qui sont prêtes à devenir nos représentants commerciaux en France/Suisse. Le travail couvrira différents domaines de compétences et nous recherchons...    (more...)

Hallo, Unsere Firma braucht Menschen, welche bereit sind, unsere Handelsvertreter in Schweiz zu werden. Dieser Job umfasst verschiendene Fachgebiete, deshalb suchen wir nach Menschen, die sich an unterschiedlichen...    (more...)

This eBook will be based upon another already successful book written and publish, but from a spiritual standpoint -- plus a workbook to be written along with the eBook. 1. target audience - christians / business leaders 2...    (more...)

Hi, I need a story for my animated short film. This film for children so the story must be like that. If you have any story matching to my requirement, i will purchase from you. Otherwise you write one interesting story...    (more...)

I am looking for a skilled writer to write eBooks on a variety of topics, preferably on an ongoing basis. You will receive a table of contents and a fully researched subject (100 to 150 pages of information)...    (more...)

Hello, As the title says, I want only Indian writer for my project of ebook, sales page and articles. Payment through Indian Bank deposit only. Happy bidding.... Thanks!    (more...)

I\'m writing an ebook that talks on growing your sales and business in general(both Online and offline businesses). I\'ve written about eleven pages but I need someone that is more vastly experienced in...    (more...)

Looking for someone to Ghost write 2 ebooks. I need 2 complete unique *High Quality* eBooks about health, fatloss and diet. 1. *High Quality* ebook to give as a freebie to promote the main eBook: ----------------------------- Must be in 30 pages...    (more...)

I need someone to write me an ebook on dating and sports betting. You must have experience in these fields. Dont apply if you dont have experience. Price negotiatable. I need quality. You will be given material to study from...    (more...)

I am looking for a professional writer to add to our team. I have a minimum of 30-40 articles and 1-2 sales letters per week to be done that are needed within 7 days. Articles are on a subject that can...    (more...)

I need the solutions to the problem set of the following book: Fundamentals of Photonics, by Bahaa E. A. Saleh and Malvin Carl Teich The solutions to either the first or second edition are acceptable.    (more...)

This is a 100 pages x 250 words book. The objective is to learn from the Bible on how to manage today\'s global economic recession. The book is on change management and leadership. Some work has already...    (more...)

We are looking for someone who can write an eBook about the \"text messaging lingo/translator\" and urban dictionary (words that teens are using today that parents don\'t know). The book should be for people...    (more...)

Want to convert our ePub in stan-alone apps for iPad. These are in Arabic and urdu Languages (means Right to left Languages support), especially display Noori Nastaliq (Unicode open type font)    (more...)

I need a complete unique *High Quality* eBook and a Sales copy to be sold via Clickbank. If you are not familiar with Clickbank and its marketplace, please don\'t bid... 1. *High Quality* eBook: Looking for someone to Ghost write a quality ebook...    (more...)

We are an online provider of eBook selling/preparation services for a number of book publishers. We are looking for someone who can create a new group for conversion of scanned and normal PDF files into...    (more...)

I am looking for native English speaking writers to join my team. Work would consist of articles (of varying lengths) and blog posts. Reasonably good researching skills required. Writing should be...    (more...)

Hi. I require 1/2 long-term, reliable and experienced writers with proven a track record. I\'ll be needing anything from articles, reviews, product descriptions, press-releases, sales letter, Ezine/eHow/AC articles, etc...    (more...)

This is the second time posting this project. Hopefully someone will bid and follow through this time around. I need a site built that will allow me to sell shirts from my own collection, allow customers...    (more...)

I need a budget programmer to migrate an existing OSC website to become a magento shopping cart. Limited budget, looking for new freelancer who can give such services.    (more...)

I own the page [Removed by Admin] I have a shop for E-Bikes. what I would like to have is a shop on facebook [Removed by Admin] that would be similar to the...    (more...)

Website - Should have privilage to create contests where people can submit their artworks. - Should have a VOTE section for creating artwork and posting ...and for voting other artists work...    (more...)

We are looking for someone who has the ability to integrate our amazon account with our volusion store. We would like to pull new orders out of amazon and import into volusion. We also need the ability to send shipping information back to amazon...    (more...)

We need a complete Magento E commerce store. We need a designer- developer who can get a Magento store up and running with payment processing and ready to take orders. We will provide psd of the site...    (more...)

On our website we have 3 similar forms. We used a form plugin for Joomla called RSFORM to create these forms. In addition to other information, these forms collect sensitive credit card information...    (more...)

I need someone to install Magento from scratch and write a plugin for Magento to sell phone cards (pins). I will take care of the design work and provide the graphics for the 3 products that will be sold.    (more...)

I have an ecommerce website. a dropdown menu on the home page seems to be malfunctioning. My designer is unavailable...    (more...)

I need online Clothing store website for friday. I need the projetc... refine detalis will be done by myself. You can modify premium templates to look like    (more...)

I need someone to integrate a new stylesheet purchased from into my existing shop, i need to keep all my existing modules I want this to completed asap please provide your fixed...    (more...)

I would like a shopping site created using Magento My job requirements: -Customise a magento or similar template -easy to use and simple layout -I will provide a logo so you can design the site...    (more...)

I am looking for someone to read through a short essay looking for the passive voice. In any case that the passive voice was used, I need you to edit the sentence to be in the active voice. There is a...    (more...)

Please stop reading if you don\'t have experience with image hosting script. I have use this free script ( image-host-script dot com ). And now I find some bug of this script also I want you write new function for this script...    (more...)

I need 2 editors or data orgization workers to copy and past chunks of information around until it\'s organized. Total will be about 23-30 pages of content. I require that all entrants take a 3 question quiz...    (more...)

Online media company looking for contract a Managing Editor for an upcomming enewsletter/websites launch Duties limited to: -Ensure articles on the editorial calendars are appropriately assigned Maintain...    (more...)

This is a project based on c++ language, to manage the entries made in a hotel.........    (more...)

it is a leather bags e-shop. i want someone with seo knowledge and experience from uk to write my product descriptions.there are about 210 products and i offer 2$ per product.    (more...)

We are currently looking for part-time and full-time freelance writers who are: *Proficient in written and spoken English *With keen eye for grammatical errors *Can follow very simple instructions...    (more...)

Wanted a suitable candidate for making headnotes for a law journal reporting judgments of Supreme Court of India. Candidate should have atleast 5 years experience in making headnotes.    (more...)

We need many article writers and WE WILL SIGN UP EVERY WRITER who bids here and is a native English speaker! DO NOT bid if you are not a native English speaking writer because your bid will be ignored,...    (more...)

I need 15 articles to be re-written in the internet marketing niche. If you can do this well, I\'ll have more articles for you to write and we can consider working together on a long term basis. ...    (more...)

Hello, I need Multiple 3D Artists to make Detailed HTML Tutorials for Me.. + Video Tutorials to.. I need Step by Step tutorials with Images and Detailed Information.. every step explained ....    (more...)

We are looking for any pre-designed stock market products that can be displayed on our website. Please let us know about any stock market based product that you have access to that we can either buy, lease etc...    (more...)

I\'m looking for research assistance for writing reports. Demands, PhD in Business, Accounting, finance, statistics or related field The job will be to write research articles with me jointly for consulting use...    (more...)

Building prototype for electronic handheld cleaning device for domestic purposes; from scratch to finish product ready to sell. Rechargeable batteries will be used as a source of energy. Length of a device in between 15-18 centimeters...    (more...)

Provide theoretical calculation and to use ADS to design and simulate Class E Power Amplifier Design parameters - 0.18um process technology using MOSFET. - Vdd = 1.8V - Frequency = 5.8GHz - Bandwidth...    (more...)

implementation of maximum carrier to interference ratio ( MAX C/I ) scheduling scheme in OPNET simulation software (not must) i.e. maximum time slots ( in a wimax TDD frame ) should allocated to a mobile...    (more...)

To realize a backpanel to power supply up to 8 different personal computer using a single standard ATX power supply unit. Specification: max consumption per system: 500Watt (total 4 Kwatt) full...    (more...)

This project is for the development of an embedded device that integrates the following; GSM, GPS and ODB2 scanner. The following are the requirements. 1. Device will be used to track vehicles and...    (more...)

I am developing a home smart energy meter and need to direct all MCU programming to freelancers. I am developing the functions and surrounding circuits but do not have time to devote to the Microcontroller programs...    (more...)

Requires a system programmer. Programmer drivers for 32/64-bit Windows USB Drivers. Requirements: 1. A good working knowledge of C, Visual C++, assembler programming. 2. Experience with 32/64-bit Windows and 32/64-bit device drivers 3...    (more...)

I need someone who has SDK of ingenico or verifone already and is not just simply bidding and not reading the project.SDK IS NECCISSARY unless you are good at decoding OS yourself from particualr pos systems...    (more...)

hello, i have some electronics products with me and i need someone to deal for me. preffered locations are India and USA. Only serious bidders please bid. I want someone who can get going as soon as possible...    (more...)

Our company is a designer and manufacturer of PDA handheld computing solutions and continually looks for development opportunities in niche industrial and enterprise market applications. We require...    (more...)

We want to use Linux based Mini8100 Processor Card for our equipment ( We need to make its \"Base board\" exactly like /all features of SBC8100 ( but sized to 85x110mm...    (more...)

Our company is a designer and manufacturer of PDA handheld computing solutions and continually looks for development opportunities in niche industrial and enterprise market applications. We require...    (more...)

I am looking to design a Switched Mode Power Supply for Led Lighting. Specifications: 100 to 240 VAC input, 6VDC, 12 W I need information about the tranformer type and features, driver or controller IC and brands or suppliers...    (more...)

Hello my company is in need of some help we need a palm size credit card reader that can send the information off to a car to make a payment we need it to be safe and professional looking long lasting battery life...    (more...)

I need to acquire jpeg images from the sd card slot on a timed digital camera (5 MP) and transmit them up to a mile to a receiver, which must write the images to an sd card.    (more...)

I want someone to design a landing page similar to my other website [Removed by Admin] I need the identical layout with similar graphics and identical literature and testimonials. I would...    (more...)

Hi, I need a PHP/Mysql /ajax/mootols software to capture testimonials, for an advertising campaign very simple to use: Front/User Steep 1 Generate a unique consecutive number for each testimonial...    (more...)

Basically its got to be able to fill in web web forms ie Insurance forms, name address, comments etc. And then automatically submit the page. Also its got to be able to do it in batch format so i load in the URLs and off it goes...    (more...)

i need a new website created using "near" exact code and script as 2 sites that i created. These sites were "highjacked" from me. One is sitting on a secured server and is not being used...    (more...)

Hi I need a full database list of all worldwide countries, states, and ciites for use in dropdown menus. 1. Deliver this list in an excel spreadsheet in the format as shown in sample spreadhseet attached...    (more...)

I will put this project out in 3 parts; you are asked to tender for each part and also all together. i.e.: Part A = $$$ Part B = $$$ All together = $$$ If you do not quote like this then...    (more...)

Having problems writing a program for data analysis on Matlab for Project. Assistance needed to complete the project as soon as possible. TIME PERIOD 5 DAYS then 2 days for the document. This is...    (more...)

We need a CCD/CMOS camera with higher resolution (e.g. 1/2\" chip, 1024x756). The camera should have no objective. This camera should be recognized by the Adobe flash player. Is there such a camera on...    (more...)

Hi All, We have urgent need for someone who holds strong expertise in CCD/CMOS Camera Hardware Design as well as associated IP development in VHDL. Skills required ( Must ) : - Must have strong experience in CCD/CMOS Camera Hardware Development...    (more...)

I have this leopard board with a DM355 chip that is running on Linux Kernel 2.6.10 (Monta Vista Linux 4.0) I want...    (more...)

Design a PCB of \"Ethernet Digital Input / Output Card\" and provide software to control it from PC. This Input / Output Card should have an IP address (that can be set by dip switch in it). It should...    (more...)

we need a power electronics experience in DSP base inverter technology and it\'s designing both hardware and software. contact us. [contact information removed by admin]    (more...)

looking to add WIFI connectivity to a PIC24F system (that has seven segment display ) and 256K of FLASH and a USB host. We want to use wifi with cheapset REALTEK8188 chipset or . RT2571 the project will need to 1...    (more...)


Hello I need a Firmware that can be implemented in a, smart card cap reader, this should be able get the private key from the card. /Budget: $1000-2500.    (more...)

I\'d like to use Vlc or FFmpeg to (UDP or RTP) multicast transcoded DVB-T channels into a wireless network. Due to the nature of wireless networks stateless UDP or RTP multicast packets sometimes may...    (more...)

I have some wifi hotspot which scatter around my country and I would like to add a space on every single customer\'s online pages for advertising, and i would like them to be centralized. Any programming...    (more...)

A web page where items can be place For instance a bottle of wine or a joint of meat valued at say $25 And people can log in and click on the item they like Bit like face book where putting a mouse...    (more...)

Greetings! I am looking for a developer or a programmer to create a facebook app for me that serves the following purpose: 1. When a user installs the app, it automatically matches the user\'s birthday...    (more...)

We are using TI\'s DM365 (DaVinci) that runs Linux (2.6 kernel). We need a USB Hub emulator (internal in the chip) for the above. Requirements are more complicated but this is a start.    (more...)


I would like someone to design a backhoe attachment for the back of an Ariens GT or S series lawn/garden tractor with hydraulic outriggers. Tractor weight 960 lbs. Max. Allowable Added weight 405 lbs...    (more...)

I need someone who can create technical drawings of glass bottles using SolidWorks. I am looking at creating approximately 30 technical drawings (a 3D image plus dimensions and technical specifications/tolerances)...    (more...)

Design, build and send a small low weight GPS/Glonass tracker and with the following specs: Electronics: - Selectionable acquisition frequency from 0,2 to 10 Hz. - High accuracy GPS chip (Glonass...    (more...)

Hi, we are after some one who can do some data mining for us. We are looking for some one to create us some excel spread sheets for the following (1 excel file per industry) Website designers...    (more...)

I need a virtual assistant for 3 Months, too much going on at the same time and I\'m too busy.I am in search for some help: I need a reliable, dedicated and resourceful personal assistant. You will become my personal assistant for my business...    (more...)

We have a c# inhouse application for visualizing data - draws graphs, calculates statistics and runs simple calculations on financial data. We are looking to improve the tool by adding additional functionality to it...    (more...)

I am looking for help with ongoing Internet research on Google. It is about identifying companies matching our search criteria and then entering company name and mobile phone number into an Excel spreadsheet...    (more...)

I need someone to create i3Theme 1.8 Classic (Fluid Center Edition) template for ExpressionEngine 2.1 template/theme for my new website. I will need this to be completely customized to include the following:...    (more...)

We need an Expression Engine expert for our site (mockup of new design) that needs new custom features, a design change (we have the PSD files) and is running slowly...    (more...)

We need a flash chat site which allows our users to connect to facebook and chat with online facebookfriends on our site. We have the structure & design ready, we need you to develope and implement the required features...    (more...)

There are Facebook Fans pages for businesses page having additional menu tabs that contain exactly the same look as the external php / html web pages, including any graphics (and hyperlinks on these graphics),...    (more...)

I need 2,000 fans from the USA added to a Facebook fan page. 100% of the fans must be from USA only! No other countries mixed in. IMPORTANT: 1) All fans must be from the USA. 2) Need a good mix of both males and females...    (more...)

I need an interactive Facebook application for a client, the person needs to be creative enough to help us brainstorm for the concept. The Client is a Credit Solutions Company, they restore peoples bad credit...    (more...)

create simple mini site for facebook fan page just black with some function. Page one title page with photo and video viewer. Page two static page that I can put price list and info and links this...    (more...)

Hello, I\'m looking for Facebook application. I\'m looking for something similiar to this one --> . I\'m looking for quality work. Need this as soon as possible. My budget is around...    (more...)

I need only 100 fans from France added to a Facebook fan page. 100% of the fans must be from France only! No other countries mixed in. IMPORTANT: 1) All fans must be from France. 2) Need both males and females...    (more...)

I need a custom made app made that emulates the same as the following fanpage. After the user likes the page, content is displayed. After the user clicks the...    (more...)

i need 5000 facebook friends    (more...)

I need 1,000 Female fans from the USA added to a Facebook fan page. 100% of the fans must be Female and from USA only! No other countries mixed in. IMPORTANT: 1) All fans must be from the USA 2) All fans must be FEMALE...    (more...)

I am looking for someone that can upload ffmpeg to my website. i need to be able to upload commericals to videos that people upload to my site... If you take a lok at and look athte videos you...    (more...)

We are looking for 1,000 Facebook page fans from USAA Project descriptions and requirements: - All fans must be real people with active Facebook pages (no fake accounts)/ accounts of being suspended...    (more...)

HI Guys, I am looking for some partners who are expert at social networking and already have got huge number of facebook fans, friends and twitter followers. I will simply give you some text to be posted on facebook walls, fan pages, tweets...    (more...)

Hello! I need Filipino/s who can help me in making thousands of FACEBOOK likes. Easy project for a reliable person. Only serious bidders, Filipino only. Minimum rate. PM for details. Thanks!    (more...)

Hi Right now I need someone who has thorough knowledge of Web 2.0 web architecture and designing applications for it. Your tasks will be to write a detailed functional specifications, systems workflow/flowchart...    (more...)

Internet marketer required to introduce business insurance products to UK freelancers / self employed consultants. Must have a strong understanding of the UK freelance market and able to promote products...    (more...)

Hi there, I am looking to develop an iphone/android/smart phone application similar to that of Geomium. It will be a location based social networking application that allows users to access up to...    (more...)

I have an online racing game that is browser based. I am looking for somebody to take the game as it is and convert it into a game that is easily played in Facebook. This must be a stand alone game...    (more...)

Women\'s sock company needs 5 original pattern designs for fall/winter for women\'s knee highs. Our target market is professional women ages 25-45. Looking for a creative mix of patterns--ranging from...    (more...)


Below is what we need: 1. We have a basic slideshow with 4 slides made in Java Script 2. The slides prompt visitors to Like the page and get a discount 3. If someone likes the page, a new page is...    (more...)

Hi, I need a provider who is able to do extreme retouching for 5 dollars each. I am currently working with other provider for basic retouching but i need also extreme retouching. By extreme retouching...    (more...)

I am looking for a screenwriter with whom I can collaborate to develop full length scripts for Bollywood films. I have several stories that I wish to develop in screen plays The writer must have written for Hindi films that have been produced...    (more...)

I have written a short fable story set in ancient alexandria about a yound boy that finds his flow - I want someone experienced in novel writing to expand the story, add more depth and possibly add more thoughts...    (more...)

Hi , I am in search of a book coach who can help me with the first book. I have just started writing and it is in no flow with regard to the book. The theme of the book is campus love story happening in India...    (more...)

I am looking for a ghostwriter who will write a first draft of a memoir non fiction novel (80,000 - 100,000 words) from th. Must be able to provide good quality details and dialog (both internal and spoken)...    (more...)

Hello, I am looking for Book Writers who can write books ebook or regular book based on inputs.. I am looking for folks out who are freelancers and are profound in collecting contents from various...    (more...)

I am looking for a ghostwriter who will write a first draft of a fantasy adventure fiction novel (80,000 - 100,000 words) from the outline that will be provided. Must be able to provide good quality details...    (more...) is an Internet banking software designed to give the competitive advantage required in today s business environment. It enables international private and commercial banks to deliver a comprehensive...    (more...)

We need someone to research and form a CDFI, get it approved, up and running in accordance with US regulations available on the internet. Project also includes drafting, submitting and applying for Minority Business Status on behalf of the company...    (more...)

I ASK THAT ONLY PROGRAMMERS WITH RELEVANT EXPERIENCE BID ON THIS PROJECT. Specific details will be shared only with those bidders that can provide me with references and detailed documentation of similar...    (more...)

i need urgent, serious, responsible and qualified writers who can provide quality work on the given time. writers with O and A level background are highly preferred. they should have command over atleast...    (more...)

for our two fund raising in process, we are looking to connect with a partner or an associate specialized in fund raising: 1. residential real estate investment in France (4 years in business but...    (more...)

We, at Corporate Paradigm (Management Consultants), are currently searching for small/medium sized firms in the UK to partner with us. We have a special team of chartered accountants (CA) and certified...    (more...)

Hello, We need Ghost writers/Screenplay writers for our project. We have an Animation film treatment of about 30 pages. We want you to convert it into a Screenplay of 90 minutes. The word limit is 13000 and it shouldn\'t be exceeded...    (more...)

Leads will come to our virtual reception (1300 number in Australia) and they will be looking to either refinance their home loan or getting a new loan. They heard us from our targeted ads campaign. ...    (more...)

Hello, We are a product startup in Bangalore, India and are looking for accountants / business studies students or people who have worked in the field of accountancy to provide training in certain areas...    (more...)

Objective: we are into a world wide market for communication revolutionary online application, the more attractive part of this project, this will change peoples life, changed lots of peoples lives! ...    (more...)

Multi-time frame MT5 EA unfinished by previous programmer. Also would like to work out an MT4 version of EA if possible. I have indicators ported to MT5, detailed instructions and screen shots available.    (more...)

I need a reliable honest internet marketer to advertise our Forex (foreign exchange) website Please review the site and include in your bid the advertising methods and estimated traffic you will be able to provide...    (more...)

I am seeking a very basic trading platform to be written for use on the Interactive Brokers Trader Work Station API - Java based. The platform needs to operate on the following markets; N225 Futures...    (more...)

Hello, I`m looking for a high qualified advisor (master in mathematics/statistics or Ph.D.) to supervise and give me some advices for my academic work. The field is mathematical finance, so you need...    (more...)

hello, I would like to automate my trading system into an expert advisor (EA). This ea will use my own fractal( no indicator for it yet), ATR, and 2+1 Moving averages. Some money management as well...    (more...)

I am looking for an extremely profitable Forex EA with the following requirements: 1. Very Profitable - At least 100% return per month consistently. 2. Low drawdown. 3. Trades regularly. 4. Stable profitable backtest over last 4 years...    (more...)

I am seeking an individual who is available and has the knowledge, resources, and capabilities to post multiple press releases every day. I will provide the basic concepts and the news for which we...    (more...)


Looking for a report writer that has an solid understanding of small speculative stocks that are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. I want a brief report of the companies current activities over the last 6 months...    (more...)

I need someone who can write financial research on stocks making a new high and any stocks with major news. Examples of articles would be    (more...)

Hi, I am looking for academic writers who can write on topics such as Marketing, Finance, Business, Management. This is my third project on this website and I am looking for more quality writers. Compensation...    (more...)

I\'m looking for highly experienced "How to.." writing experts that can illustrate they can write "How to..." articles I\'m looking for writers in various fields that can write about...    (more...)

Hi I need to make an intensive search on the Internet. We go over the details by PM. Please before you bid, they must know that it is a small project and pay only $ 30. If someone bid more than this amount away their bid...    (more...)

We are looking for accomplished academic writers who are capable of working on a full-time basis. We want writers who can write model term papers, thesis papers, dissertations, essays, case studies and...    (more...)

I am starting a new business in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. My company will provide services in TV channels from Africa. We will commercialize a set top box with plenty African channels include. The technology use is IPTV (Internet Protocol TV)...    (more...)

Hi I am looking for someone who has experience in writing newsletter and articles in English especially in finance areas. I can you give the keywords for the articles and newsletter. I need the newsletter...    (more...)

Hello Bidders! I\'m looking for highly efficient article writers who can write high quality articles for me on various topics, including finance. The articles should be well researched and free of any grammar and spelling errors...    (more...)

We need a skilled CAD modeller using Solidworks. If you are an expert in 3D modeling, the geometries to be modeled is not very difficult. The price should be in the range of $30 to $50. Please do not bid if you are not satisfied with this rate...    (more...)

If you are an expert in simulation using Matlab and ABAQUS/Explicit module, we need you to do a project for us those two softwares. Bid is for 2 projects and the price should be in the range of $50 to $100...    (more...)

i would like to have a gallery which can upload picture from a webcam, or can combine to example : 1, or combine with 2...    (more...)

A small project, I want a program that can play a mp3, wav file - Project is written in action script 3, flex - Can stop, pause, continue... - Mp3, wav file is located on my server or a link from...    (more...)

Our logo is attached. We need to have the logo split into separate elements and rendered into a 3D flash project. The center human image should rotate left to right. The purple and green arcs should revolve around the human image...    (more...)

We like to revamp our website to look more professional and sophisticated. Content will remain the same except with a few small changes on the copy writing and pictures. Will supply changes in copy writing...    (more...)

Hello Video/Commercial Producers, My company will be launching its feature website within the following months and we are in need of 3 separate video commercials. each video will need to be 30-45 seconds...    (more...)

i have a swf and fla files from a website template, which has been customized. i need to generate the index files needed in order for me to edit the content within each page of the template website (home/about us/....etc)...    (more...)

It is a 2D animated game, with interactive features. Game Specifications: Browser-based game built for the Flash Player on Facebook Tools: Adobe CS5 Suite Resources: Game Designer Artists...    (more...)

Need a nice flash header designed and dropped into This is a limo service and a joomla site. Please send sample flash headers. Will need nice limos, cars etc. and name of limo service...    (more...)

I need a customizing section added to our e-commerce site, where user can add text, upload pictures and change elements of Car and motorcycle instrument gauges. Basically we sell white face gauges and...    (more...)

I need 1 component integrated within this template: Integrate this flipbook under a menu button:    (more...)

I need a new more modern layout designed for atozfunrentals . ca The main color theme can remain the same but the layout needs to be updated to be more like comicjumps . com Need to have flash animation to the header to make it more interactive...    (more...)

I am looking for a Google Map Expert Phase I Integrate Google Maps API into existing website,, under Find Fria . Allow user to enter location information, Geocode result, Set...    (more...)

REQUIREMENTS We need an EXPERIENCED Flash Game developer. With experience in loading optimisation, parallax scrolling, Facebook and Twitter connection. Ability to work with web developer or create...    (more...)

I want developed a Aobe AIR application which will have 4-5 master entry forms, 15-20 Reports etc. Application is going to be used on local machine by enduser using localhost.It should have functionality...    (more...)

Hi, Here is what i want: a program compatible with windows, mac os, and linux. I think of Adobe Air. The program must build a HTML tell a friend page. HTML code will be given by me. Php file code will be given by me too...    (more...)

Hi, Please have a look at the iKnow app from I will be needing a very similar application but with a more simple learning algorithm (which will be provided)...    (more...)

I want Adobe AIR app which reads files as an e-book reader for iPhone app and Android app. I ask you to develop this app using Flash because I do not want to have 2 types of apps (Objective-c and...    (more...)

Application development - Custom Tailor Application, Online tailor. We need it to function EXACTLY like this one:    (more...)

\"Ebook reader app\" for android & iPhone using Flash(Adobe AIR) I want Flash(Adobe AIR) app which reads EPUB and PDF files as an e-book reader for iPhone and Android app. I ask you to develop this...    (more...)

Check the following site There\'s an application there, designed to create logos. Right now, all the Symbols shown in the Symbol\'s box are available for free. What I want...    (more...)

To create additional flex reports for a vehicle telematics company.    (more...)

I need an application with identical concept and features like the following one: - . The only difference is that It wont be a game based on the Mafia. The game...    (more...)

I need an application with identical concept and features like the following one: The only difference is that I wont be using bottles but different items that I will explain after I decide the winner...    (more...)

We are working on a Video on Demand Platform and we need to do customizations to the JW Player. The project entails integrate a custom API for smoothflow playing. So far we are able to get the video...    (more...)

I have a pure ActionScript project that we have wrapped as a Flex project. This project was built by an outsourced developer 2 years ago. When I try to build it with FlexBuilder, IT BUILDS successfully,...    (more...)

We need a lingo/director game developer. Please post your latest works. We are looking for a long term partnership with a true professional in this field.    (more...)

We\'re looking to create an initial list (database) of 500-1000 \"poorly\" designed websites of working professionals. The information will be used as part of a survey for a market research firm. A \"poorly\"...    (more...)

Looking for talented graphic design professional to design a logo, leaflets and posters for a youth hostel. Required: -logo design consisting of a dragon -2 designs for each size a. pamphlet/leaflet (2 sided) b...    (more...)

LOCATION: Guelph, Ontario, Canada (approx. 1 hour West of Toronto; must be able to work in on-site studio and not remotely) DURATION: 6-month contract with potential for long-term placement DETAILS:...    (more...)

NORTH AMERICAN Graphic Designer needed for 15 page Full Color paper catalog . Size of catalog will be 8.5 x 5.5 . The catalog is for marketing 100 old fashion home remedy products and natural nutritional supplements...    (more...)

Saja Publishing is a small USA based independent publishing company that specializes in publishing content that caters to a black female demographic. Our company is looking for book layout professional...    (more...)

We need aggressive high quality forum posting to promote the specific set of links and the brand.    (more...)

I need 700 *PROFILE PAGES* for my website created using Paul/Angelas/Terry\'s backlinks method. I will supply the list. Requirement:- 1. Each profile Page must be able to have atleast 2 anchortext backlinks...    (more...)

Hai Freelancers, I need a craigslist poster that can post up to 50 ads a week. It is very simple and requires basic craigslist knowledge. The ad includes text and a jpg picture and is posted in USA cities.    (more...)

DESCRIPTION: SEO, SEM and SMM work for start-up e-commerce art gallery using a Joomla platform, to include keyword and competitor analysis and search engine analytics; home page optimization; site title...    (more...)

We are in need of forum posters for simple forum postings. You will have to spend 1-2 hours daily on this for 15 days. Our requirements: - Good English reading and writing skills. - No bad/broken English, period...    (more...)

This is a very volume project so I need the lowest price. I need 600 ads posted per day in COMMUNITY section such as classes in 100 of the largest cities , los angeles, las vegas, etc... so 600 ads * 30 days * 0.20 per ad = $3600 per month...    (more...)

Hi, I am in need of few article writers. Payment only through GAF. Maximum Budget $50. Aritcle must be 100% original and grammatically error free, Happy bidding..........    (more...)

Facebook experts, marketing experts, video marketers, Dutch CL posters ..your attention please: I m looking for people who can get targeted visitors to my website. You can use all LEGAL means to get the traffic to my site...    (more...)

Moderator needed for hetero, gay and lesbian dating site Need moderator to monitor my site for a long term part time commitment. Must understand and communicate well in ENGLISH This is great for...    (more...)

I want some one with high level yahoo answers account to help me to post questions and answers, for promotion purpose. Please quote with the rate of how many answers for how much. I\'ll start with a small batch, and will increase if the result is good...    (more...)

Need somoene with fairly good English to post on Forums and Blogs. Other tasks may include creating accounts and submissions stuff. I am looking for a low hourly rate. PM me your resume and eg. of your work and hourly rate...    (more...)

Je recherche un Francais Natif pour creation d\'articles cibles en fonction des sites et de leur activite. Plusieurs sites en chantier Besoin de plusieurs articles chaque semaine. Si vous etes capable...    (more...)

Hi need a Top notch Forum poster/Blogger to create high quality \'do follow\' back links in the process. You must have experience and a good knowledge of finding niche forums and blogs. This will turn into...    (more...)

We are looking for a Forum Specialist to build our company a new Message Board Forum. We will need the specialist to create our forum, advice us on how to host it and insure that it is running very efficiently...    (more...)

We would like to build an internal forum for our company    (more...)

As you have probably guessed from the title this is a site for Lyricist, Producers, and Singers to showcase their talents. Unlike most battle sites this puts together all forms of musical arts besides musicianship...    (more...)

BUDGET: $200 NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS Payment is broken down milestones as listed below. As each is completed uploaded to my server, tested and approved, money is released. MUST SHARE CODEIGNITER,...    (more...)

Copy all Beyonce lyrics on this page: to our forum. Clicking on the lyrics title will take you to the lyrics content. Copy all the high resolution photos from the below pages and upload/post them to our forum...    (more...)

I need a program To be able to mass pm vbulletin forums. I also want the program to have license protection on it. I want to have this coded within the next week. First- It would need to be able scrape...    (more...)

I want a coupon website built featuring local merchant coupons, a daily timed coupon like groupon, and a I frame built around a national coupon site with 0WS. This site will have two domain names incorporated into one site...    (more...)

I want to have a website built like the and Living social websites,there will be some changes in the way mine works somewhat but for the most part it will work close to the same, you will be...    (more...)

Creata 3D car model viewing application with OgreDotNet or Axiom because the application is supposed to be embedded in other applicaiton written in C#.Net. The key points of the project is as listed below: 1...    (more...)

We are in urgent need for few iPhone game developers (Coders only). Your response should include your resume, portfolio, contact information, and pay rate expectations. The developer must; - be based in Lahore, Pakistan...    (more...)

this is for small select few people. so no links to other sites or anything required i need to start say 5 pages each with one game on that can show the players high score and who it is , see...    (more...)

Hi, We have a mobile, RTS(war) type of game whose graphics need to be polished & replaced. Cartoon style graphics will be needed. All deliveries are PNG files. Some units & buildings need to be 3D modelled...    (more...)

video game design from existing program    (more...)

Looking for a game designer to design a board game on change management. I will provide the business concept behind change management. A monopoly type of business concept may be useful . Interested providers...    (more...)

This is a request for an iphone/ipod touch based on a famous saudi/kuwaiti card game. The basic rules can be found on several sites, I will provide some of these. The AI and special methods of play...    (more...)

I need a skeleton app that will allow me to build a \"whack a mole\" or \"tap a shell\" type of game using my own graphics and sound. Ideally, I would like to use this same skeleton over and over as a template...    (more...)

Seeking coder to create a set of plugins/tools for the unity engine ( ) Purpose of the toolset: This toolset is designed so that regardless of your computer skills, you can make...    (more...)

I have an idea for a new games consol game. It is a complex idea and I am looking to work with a developer who can take on a large project. We are a web design and software development company, but we are looking to team up with a good programmer...    (more...)

Looking for someone to build a simple 6-8 page game, with basic calculating functions which i have already designed formulas for. There is very little animation required, a wheel spinning and a car rising slightly...    (more...)

I want to make a gaming website. Who ever thinks is capable. Only apply. Rest details will be provided when I will contact you. All are welcome to apply.    (more...)

Introduction We are running online gaming website offering games from different categories, mostly \"puzzle\", \"adventure\" and \"platform\". We are looking for flash games developer who is able to create...    (more...)

I play a game on myspace called mobsters,i would like to know how http://www.bbballerz com/mob-cash http://www.weownmobsters com and other sites are able to sell mobster cash/energy points etc.All i know...    (more...)

Hello, I\'m an indepedent game designer. I have a full Game Design Document for a casual time management game. I would like to find a studio or a team that are willing to make the full game based on my design...    (more...)

After several unsucessful projects with various writers here on Freelancer, we would like to find one excellent writer or team - NATIVE ENGLISH ONLY, who would like to work with us on an ongoing basis...    (more...)

- Need experienced UAW article writers - 30 UAW article sets on computer peripherals - Each article set includes 1 original + 2 rewrites (no spinning allowed) - Should be written in proper grammar and...    (more...)

article writing providers only All article must pass Note : 50 article per batch @ $30 budget article size @ 320 words only if you agree then bid..... else thanks for your time    (more...)

Description I\'m in the market for someone to help generate $10-$15 per day from Google AdSense; Need to build the site, create the logi Read the following - NO black hat -Must be 100% within the...    (more...)

Calling all Website Marketing Experts We are a well established home design and residential consulting firm with 20 years (80 years staff experience) of local experience and superior knowledge in the...    (more...)

I am looking for a adsense ready profitable website to be developed that makes USD $300+ per month. I can get the domain and web hosting myself, but domain name should be suggested by you as per the content of the website...    (more...)

I need 3 to 4 freelancers for my Google Adsense Project which is basically links(URLs) based. The links has a daily traffic of 10-15. I monetized it using the Adsense and amazon associates. I get the traffic...    (more...)

SEO Objectives: A serious SEO expert is needed to review my website and provide detailed SEO strategy to bring it to the TOP 5 in Google/Yahoo/MSN/Bing. The ultimate objective is the TOP 3 page ranking at Google...    (more...)

i need a reliable programmer to install the Google Revenue Sharing API in to a wordpress blog (Set up in Article Directory style). The project requires the following. Users can enter their adsense code...    (more...)

Need experienced SEO for our website to reach #1 position in Goolge for my given keywords. Your job is to get it all the way to the top. When you bid, we need following information in PM: > SEO Methods...    (more...)

We want adsense ready profitable website (also use adonion, kontera, infolinks for extra earning) to be developed that makes $150-$500 per month. We have near about bunch of similar projects of similar...    (more...)

I need a freelancer to create Joomla Adsence site that earns at least 150$ per month. Payment will be released after this site earns the amount of your bid, but not before 2 months. (dont click on ads...    (more...)

Google SEM Experts Needed for Fashion Accessory Apparel Clothing Online Store mainly for Women We carry about 2,000, planning to launch the website within couple of week (currently developing) Please...    (more...)

hi all, we have classified portal that is we have some competotors and our site did not come in top search listing. we need experienced people for this site. visit:    (more...)

Using our google analytics account, and our site, decrease bounce rate, increase CTR, increase CPC, increase ECPM, and time on site. Our CTR is currently running at between 0.16% to 0.26% (yes, this is fractions of a percent)...    (more...)

You must be able to provide or create an Adsense blog which is consistently earning $15 USD or more per day. I have the following requirements: * Select any niche - However, Pharmaceutical, Gambling, Adult oriented, etc...    (more...)

I need a professional writer to create a user readable report from Google Analytics. Please send me your work as point of reference. This is a one time project that may lead to monthly arrangement.    (more...)

Hi, I need another expert who can produce a Google Listing with A - G rankings for certain keywords for my clients. It is very important that you know exactly how to achieve these kind of results i.e...    (more...)

I need an experienced SEO expert to help get my site within the top 5 search results for given keywords. When you bid, I need following information in PM: > Exact methods used to achieve the result...    (more...)

As a project, create a mobile capable website That entails creating an online portal equipped with social networking capabilities that allows our clients to market themselves, their artistic works, and services, on a database and build business networks...    (more...)

Need experienced SEO for our website to reach #1 position in Goolge for my given keywords. Your job is to get it all the way to the top. When you bid, we need following information in PM: > SEO...    (more...)

Need an SEO expert, preferably knowledgeable in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp) To optimize our new site. Local search as opposed to global so keyword selection is critical. Need to be able...    (more...)

GOOGLE MAPS GENIUS REQUIRED FOR GOOGLE MAPS TRANSFER FROM GMAPS TO MY OWN DB I have a web site that is all google maps. The google maps and icons have been created and now located as default at google maps online via gmail...    (more...)

Hi I am seeking a company with EXTENSIVE experince in the following. large, user driven website database Php script design and install atom/rss feed Google Api, data, calendar, mail, and reader...    (more...)

Need someone to finish a few simple tasks such as finish implementing paypal code, embed flv, and crate a couple of links.    (more...)

I am looking for a web deliverable rfp/bid program. I have an Excel spreadsheet that has much of the functionality that I am looking for through many complicated functions and macros that can be used as a rough template...    (more...)

I would like to generate a map using Google API MLS. I want to be able to show housing information via MLS data on this maps for the Indianapolis, IN metropolitan area. I want to be able to show the google...    (more...)

Hello I need gmail accounts making software or script. Who have PM me. Expectations from your script or software or idea. I will pay you for this If its works well. 1. Accounts should be live for more than 72 hours 2...    (more...)

Looking for someone to supply source code to do the following: 1. Server side clustering from MySQL or PostGreSQL databases 2. Need to build POI along a path from point A to B 3. Be able to create...    (more...)

We are using dotProjects to manage our internal projects. And google docs for document management. We want to couple these two systems. On google docs we want to have function forward this to "dotProjects"...    (more...)

Hello! I\'m looking for a Web Developer from India for permanent distant job. Please, send your resume and for what salary a month are you ready to work? [contact details removed by admin]    (more...)

I am looking for a site that utilizes a Google Voice API and google app gmail integration. Customers sign up choose an available email address (I have a domain that they will be using for email)....    (more...)

This is a really simple iPhone / Droid app. Application suppose to be activated with entering a simple 5 digit code (could be any code, not need to be checked for accuracy ) We need mobile phone...    (more...)

We are using dotProjects to manage our internal projects. And google docs for document management. We want to couple these two systems. On google docs we want to have function forward this to \"dotProjects\"...    (more...)

The application to be ported is the one available at - Open / GPL technologies are preferred; - Specify what framework you plan on using to do the task; - Send a link...    (more...)

I\'m looking to have software built to automate the process of a book database,this project will end up with approx 130,000,000 books from Google, of this 130 million there are approx 15 million that are...    (more...)

My project is going to tell about Actors and Actresses lifestyles. Like if a new baby is aboard, or whose dating who, whose getting married/divorced. Best fashion, worst fashion etc...    (more...)

Require an experienced individual to research and apply for federal, provincial, CC, OAC, municipal, corporate, and foundation grants for a community arts organization located in Ontario Canada. List your capacity and experience in any reply...    (more...)

If you do not have an advanced degree in English writing; STOP HERE! I am an American with a degree in philosophy and many years of peace work and public service. I am working in Korea for the peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula...    (more...)

International custom writing company is looking for academic writers with prior experience. We need professionals to write on various academic topics. You should have a high level of English writing...    (more...)

The topic of my term paper is Peace Education Tourism-Korea The attached file is a very rough first draft of my term paper. It started out as a poorly transcribed audio recording, and then various...    (more...)

Need a logo asap for a 60 Year birthday celebration. Will use the logo on a bookmark (see attached) Colors are animal prints such as the ones one these links.    (more...)

A website writen in client side code so it can run on a local machine or the web. Word requirements document attached.    (more...)

We are looking for Dedicated Professional Freelancer having minimum 3+ yr of Exp. in PHP & My Sql with ZEND Frame work. We require 1) 2 Dedicated Professional Developer ( PHP & MySql, Joomal,...    (more...)

Hi, I have a company logo which I have a number of digital copies of in various file formats. I would like the logo colour changed, I would also like to get a copy of it with no background (transparent background) so I can use it on my website...    (more...)

Need a basic E-learning system. If you have already completed a similar project, feel free to use that code. Payment will be low for the initial system but will reoccur for each installment.    (more...)

I need a personal blog made for my marketing business using a wordpress blog. I already have the banner made I just need the body of the blog made with side widgets too.    (more...)

Need to build website for record label division of Goomba Music. Needs to have online store that can sell physical products as well as downloads.    (more...)

We require a website that is accessible by registered users. Once the registered user was logged in they would have access to a variety of information; most of which would be the same for ALL registered users...    (more...)

Hi, I am looking for someone to convert the green tree in our logo into a Victorian style antique wallpaper. I would like to have the tree in the centre with a diamond shaped border around it. ...    (more...)

I need a calculator just like this on my website    (more...)

I am looking for someone who can create/customize a template for a drigg website. You need to know drupal/drigg cms and be able to customize it. To work with what I have right now. It needs to be for right to left for Persian/Farsi website...    (more...) is currently looking to have their phpbb3 style redesigned. We\'d like to keep a similar colour scheme, while keeping it nice and neat. Preferably full width. Having it water/scuba themed...    (more...)

project for creativeworks tnyame    (more...)

I will give you my hi res business card. I need you to change the name and email (just like in the attached file) I want the name and email to match current font/color/size thanks    (more...)

I am looking for a front page redesign of my real estate website I want to keep the simplicity, and the color scheme. I want to bring the site more alive, and make it more sleeker. Only bid if you can...    (more...)

We are a small company that developed a product with labs that will help users enlarge their penis length. We need a doctor to do a research one our product and give us a picture of himself for use to...    (more...)

Hello All, I am looking for quality SEO Ghostwriters for the health website PanicTreatment.Info. This project is never ending and would like to have continuous relationship. If i\'m happy with the...    (more...)

I am looking for someone with sales and marketing skills to complement my personal strengths of logistics and training, to help me build my MLM business. I already have lots of people in one leg and...    (more...)

I want to design and build 2, 2 bedroom Villas in Bali. The land size is rectangular in shape and is 620 square meters (6.2 Ares); so approximately 18 X 36 Meters and is on a flat rice field terrace....    (more...)

I need a 3D model from a house. I have the house plans so all the measurements can be take from that. It is a Bali Style villa. External and internal are needed. I will provided images so it is easier...    (more...)

We are an IT consulting company that is looking to attract local talent in the US (predominately Northern California) for long term (up to 3 year) IT contracts in the US. Our core business is project...    (more...)

You need to think more about recommendations. That is,what can be done to make selection a more reliable and valid process. So, the first chapter is an introduction with the most important part being the objectives and aim...    (more...)

Writing short articles for my web on job hunting, labour market trends, useful articles on interviewing and also creating templates for cv and cover letters.    (more...)

I would like to talk with a few outsourcing experts. We are a small firm based in the US and would like to outsource. We have been looking at Philippines and India as potential areas, however the...    (more...)

Sales manager for technical product, Full time job. We are a company offering a B2B SaaS-platform targeting software vendors located in the US and U.K. Our technical solution will help those companies...    (more...)

What I am looking for is traffic generation for my website. Whatever means you use to get that traffic is fine with me as long as it\'s legal and you don\'t cheat by using an automated service. I am looking for 10,000 visitors for my blog...    (more...)

Hi i need someone who can train me online covering all Silverlight concept and all softwares where we can do Silverlight projects our main requirement is for - Microsoft Expression Encoder Microsoft...    (more...)

A Windows server is configured with the FTP server, and some external data collectors (network traffic loggers) periodically upload log files to this FTP server. This system already exists. The log...    (more...)

Hi there, I\'ve been offered a job as system administrator and I need remote assistance with: * Installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems * Analyzing system logs and...    (more...)

Hello, We need 5 full colored illustrations for our ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) sales website. These illustration draw as Amine or Comic style like Thomas and Friends or Cars. We love the FACE YOUR MANGA...    (more...)

The right candidate has to be talented and definitely have experience in this field. Perhaps airbrush will be the main tool to use in this project. He/she needs to reproduce in a portrait with artistic flare and almost exact as the original...    (more...)

Hi there, Need a quote from all budding illustrators out there for a childrens book. We will require you to create a range of chaarctrers and sets around a set brief. For now we wish only to see online...    (more...)

I am looking for an edgy graphic designer to create images for a clothing line I am putting out in the next couple of months. Interested in designs with a lot of contrast of similar to top skate brands like famous, dgk, rogue status, etc...    (more...)

I need some illustrations to teach kids how to draw simple things step by step (animals, plants, characters, cars ...). See attached sample. I would need 50-100 of them. Files to be delivered: .ai format.    (more...)

Need someone to help design and help create 3D modeling for a high specification Dive watch.    (more...)

Create a children picture puzzle / doodles book [to see what i mean have a look at the attachments, example_ali_mitgutsch is a style the client and their children like] with atleast 7 pictures max 10 pictures...    (more...)

We require an excellent creative graphic and poster designer for an on-going basis. You should have good expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic design tools. Bid with your design portfolio.    (more...)

Hi there, I manage a Corporate Auctions Website. Our mission is make the job of get rid of old, used, unused and surplus products, easier for big companies. Normally who hire us are companies...    (more...)

We need a postcard designed. It will be 6 inches x 11 inches in size. There will be two laptops special offers placed on the post card, along with some text near each one. On the back of the card we...    (more...)

I need a hot poster for my business! I already have a logo, so I just need someone to add text and help me edit the final touches. I need the result to be a decently high resolution so it can be printed...    (more...)

Re-design 40 floor plans of different apartments. You have to design each plan based on the photocopy of the original 1) The resolution has to be 132dpi for the ipad display. 2) Please see attached samples...    (more...)

Require a brochure design for high-end audio/visual equipment. Needs to be of a corporate standard and require a senior designer to carry out the work as soon as possible. Print design expeience with the Adobe Creative Suite required...    (more...)

Video production company needed to create custom video for the website. 1 min video of how to use website or its advantages. Basic commercial using website screen shot and voice-over. Prefer not to use...    (more...)

We need some interior design concepts for a self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant. The space is small around 700 square feet. We only require concepts right now outlining basic design, pay area, layout, seating, furniture, backroom etc...    (more...)

This document may be privileged and/or confidential, and the author does not waive any related rights and obligations. It is intended only for the bidders of If you are not the...    (more...)

Looking for fluent english telemarketer who will set up 20 Insurance appointments on every week upto 28 Feb,2011. Previous experience is required in the life insurance outbound telemarketing. The work...    (more...)

Hello, We are looking for writers for our auto insurance website. You will need to create short write ups and reviews. We will pay $0.01/word to start up, and then increase the rate if it goes well...    (more...)

interior designer wanted to recommend a design for a villa in UAE. Interested designers should show previous projects that they personally worked on.    (more...)

We need highly professional 3D renders of our proposed townhouse development to be completed soon. I prefer to release payment only after first draft is submitted to ensure timely completion of the work...    (more...)

We need a team to make floor plans from sketches. Must send samples.    (more...)

Shirdi Sai Florida Center is a well established Temple in Florida, USA. Please visit to get further information on the Temple. We are looking for an Architect/Designer to provide renderings for Dwarkamai, a 500-600 sq.ft...    (more...)

Description: I need as many facebook fans on my business page as possible. Requirements: - MUST follow all Facebook rules and guidelines - Fans must be real people - No fakes, no bots or automated...    (more...)

I want more Twitter followers on my account, currently there are over 10,000 followers on my account. Please give me your price per 1,000 followers, best price with experience wins. Tell me how you will...    (more...)

We are seeking a talented person who knows the Internet Marketing business of ultimately building an email list and other IM techniques. We are a traditional off line marketing company looking to expand into internet marketing...    (more...)

Hi, I want to SEO and market my IT Solutions company Webform IT Solutions . Also in the same site, I have Web Hosting service that offers a promo 20GB Web Host...    (more...)

SEO Expert for Magento Beauty Site Project description Need an experienced SEO for our 3 Magento websites to reach top #5 position in Goolge for my given keywords be used as anchor text. Your job is to get it all the way to the top...    (more...)

Currently PR-0 --- In competitive market, and need high quality backlinks - from finance and business sites preferably. Want to be PR4 ASAP Looking for long term freelancer to team up with BONUSES...    (more...)

Hi, I have a 6 months old website that i need to be ranked on the first page and first place of I will pay only for results (when i see it on on the first spot) and i need to know...    (more...)

We need to get to the top 1-5 in natural google with the following keywords: \"star trek online\" -- high traffic, competitive (currently Page 3 or 4) \"star trek online credits\" -- low traffic, moderate...    (more...)

I am looking for a adsense ready profitable website to be developed that makes $300-$500 per month. I can get the domain and web hosting myself, but domain name should be suggested by you as per the content of the website...    (more...)

Description We need 500 back-links created for a health related website. Requirements: - NO ARTICLE SITES - NO DIRECTORY SITES - NO COMMENTS - NO LINK FARMS - All links must be \"do follow.\"...    (more...)

My Client has an adult blog, This blog is new and is currently receiving around 30 - 45 unique hits per day. I need to promote this site and create as many links and blog posts as possible to drive traffic to the site...    (more...)

I have an existing website that I want to redesign drive traffic maybe transfer it into a wordpress website Logo redesign Facebook Fanpage Design, Twitter, Squido, Delicous, youtube and of the social...    (more...)

I need seo specialist to create landing pages for specific categories for an adult site and maintain the keywords until they reach page 1 on Google search. The keywords will be given upon winning the project...    (more...)

i need upc codes found for 1000 products    (more...)

Purpose of this project is to write a simple QR code reader for iPhone (iOS 3.1 and 4) and Androïd to have this function on ours application Then if all is right on other mobile OS (Windows phone,...    (more...)

1. Add share deal on facebook/twitter/email on each page 2. Add to favorites (which will be displayed on a new page) - this will be a new tab 3. Add a review to appstore notification -    (more...)

I need a developer or team for developing an website and an iphone app for my chain of restaurants. I want an website with shopping cart to buy online and an iphone app for the same. This is basic description of the app...    (more...)

Dear Coders, We need an iPhone App for our current Web service. The app will need to make use of our current web service to authenticate and retrieve device information. It is a device monitoring...    (more...)

Hi, Please only reply IF you: ~ Have proven experience (with protfolio) in developing iPad/iPhone Apps ~ Are willing to offer your services for a competitive price (I know the market prices very well)...    (more...)

I need someone to create an iphone app game. You will need to do research and propose a game idea when i choose game idea then you will develop the game. I want the game too be a big hit. If it is very popular in app store I will give big bonuses...    (more...)

Develop a simple ebook application which have the following: - In-app purchase - iPhone and iPad version with same features - Update catalog available for purchase without having to update the application from app store...    (more...)

Finish the last final touches such as incorporating branding, ads, including the content for 4 books, creating 5 versions (1 free restricted to 2 chapters & 4 paid) and submitting to the App Store.    (more...)

Quick and Easy Iphone App Project REQUIREMENTS You must have experience of integrating video clips into iphone apps. You MUST have previously developed iphone apps. No streaming of video from online is required - all video is integrated into the app...    (more...)

I\'m looking for a designer who can create a simple but attractive website in the style of Web 2.0. Please visit to get a clearer idea what I\'m looking for. It does not need to...    (more...)

Do you do Chroma key work? Specifically, if we have lots of video shot on green screen, I need someone really good to do all the dropping out of the green screen work and produce for me clean videos with blank backgrounds...    (more...)

Details in PMB. Pretty straight forward game... no phyiscs, no game engines needed! no biggie!! Artwork will be provided!! will pay very reasonable, no outrageous bids!! Regards,...    (more...)

I am looking to create a similar of the Apple i-phone Application CELLFIRE. My major usage would be for restaurants, clothes, supermarkets. The major features would be as follows: * Geo fencing -...    (more...)

I wish to develop an application for iphone which will be able to accept sales orders from existing customers on a defined list database of product codes.. Once the the items hae been chosen the order...    (more...)

Goal : to develop an iPad app that can read selected online pdf magazines Requirements : _ One app per magazine. This app must notify by a push message when a new magazine copy is available. _ Allow...    (more...)

I want an iPhone catalogue application, according to attached images. There is a start menu, there you can choose from different categories (see attached picture: iPhone-freelance01). When you choose...    (more...)

Hi, I have developed a customized version of the AES encryption algorithm. I need an iPhone App to show how the Algorithm works in real life scenario. It will be a simple app with no fancy graphics or anything like that...    (more...)

We\'re looking for any iOS app developer who has had experience designing or developing apps that work with an accessory connected to an iPhone or iPad via the 30-pin dock connector (or believe they have the skills to extend into this area)...    (more...)

Hi , we want to 2 websites to be design & develop ,below-said are the requirements 1. The website consist of both static & flash pages 2. The website should be developed strictly in J2EE 3. The website...    (more...)

We are looking for a contractor who has the following: - excellent experience with Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Struts - has experience writing reports - has excellent communications skills - must be able...    (more...)

I would like to have a website similar to existing social networking webite (e.g. facebook) where users can share their thoughts, can guide to other people and can see each others profile. Also attachments should be allowed...    (more...)

Hello Bidders! We are looking for a person who has worked extensively with Websphere (including v6.1) to create utility components that will be utilized in existing JEE applications. Note that this is...    (more...)

Convert about 300 Java Swing windows to HTML, JavaScript, or JSP or JSF or to anything of your choice. Could be GWT Google Web Toolkit, or Spring. We have tick client or Java Swing. windows. We would like to convert it to Web app...    (more...)

development, integration and maintenance of gps tracking software having Google Map API or possibility to integrate any other map service, geo fencing, geo-coding, reverse geo-coding, alerts on events,...    (more...)

We have CDR (call detailed records) being generated from multiple sources such Voice, SMS, USSD transactions. We would like to move entire billing and mediation system to jBilling from current design....    (more...)

I have Cell ID, MCC, LAC, MNC I need to have the latitude longitude data that match for google maps querying. I need the api for the database of cell id (I don\'t know where are this data) I need help...    (more...)

Convert about 300 Java Swing windows to HTML, JavaScript, or JSP or JSF or to anything of your choice. Could be GWT Google Web Toolkit, or Spring. We have tick client or Java Swing. windows. We would like to convert it to Web app...    (more...)

We need somebody to change the look and feel of the UI of an existing web application. The web application uses JSP and is written using Eclipse, and running in Tomcat. There are about 20 pages in it with forms...    (more...)

We are looking for some experts for these open source technologies. If you are expert in substitute of these technologies(Openbravo, OpenERP, WebERP / osCommerce, Ofbiz), dont hesitate to bid.    (more...)

We are looking for someone to help with setting up an existing application and do some performance tuning on Oracle Weblogic. Only post if you have Weblogic experience.    (more...)

This system facilitates mailing among users of an Intranet. Now-a-days organizations are growing fast and are increasing in size also. So these organizations are divided into departments. In the fast growing...    (more...)

I want some one who has a very good experience on J2EE with spring, hibernate, JMS, eclipse, JBoss, and Maven. You will have to give a good training in 10 days on all these for a fresher and help on them to work on a project for 2 months...    (more...)

Description: post ads in housing section rental of apartments-Miami USA Looking for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post 10 ADS DAILY. This WORK is for an EXPERIENCED CL POSTER ONLY! Ads...    (more...)

Need to setup and configure OpenIPMP aplication to support OMA DRM 2.0    (more...)

Need a developer to provide a Java OMA DRM 1.0 Forward lock component to our website.    (more...)

We need a Blackberry SIP phone app, like Vippie: The sipphone must have: Login control: username and...    (more...)

Hi, I want a mobile application for all gps enabled phones. The application has to report to our webserver via HTTP the exact co-ordinates received via GPS Chip of the mobile. Also if possible the application...    (more...)

I need a mobile software which will work in maximum type of mobile phones, like Nokia, Samsung, Sony only. The software will fetch live TV program from TV channel\'s website and play it in Mobile phone...    (more...)

Looking for developers for Java based SMPP Server with following capability: 1) Support for Ver 3.3, 3.4, 5.0 2) User Thorttling capability 3) Integration with Mysql and JMS (MQ) 4) Management Interface...    (more...)

Hi, I want an mobile application written in J2ME, that should run on all mobiles supporting Java. This application would basically be a mobile social networking app, that would allow users to chat...    (more...)

we want new software my requirement is: 1. actuallty i have one device that connects to mobile by bluetooth and we could get data in mobile and my requirement is to transfer that data from mobile...    (more...)

Create an application to monitor sessions in a java-based chat application (hosted by parachat, specific site and guest account to be given on bid win) for specific text strings (user posts), and to create...    (more...)

looking for some to build me a automatic forex trading with my company logo on it if there is anyone out htere please let me no .    (more...)

This would be a social networking website. I have the design mock ups and need the website to be implemented using Facebook connect platform. The main part of the website to be implemented is news feed...    (more...)

We need help to develop an imaging API that can automatically download images and logos from selected URLs through a google image API. Moreover, we need - Script that can \"slide \" HTML pages in 2 different ways...    (more...)

This is a simple java school project the description of the excersize is below A book warehouse company supplies books to bookstores in different towns and villages of the country. For better supplying...    (more...)

Hi! I need the following done, all code are already there except this. 1. Add simple links in an excising for-loop with dynamic passing of 2 parameters. The landing page will just print these values...    (more...)

We need an experienced java programmer today or tomorrow if possible to fix a small bug in a program. We have all of the source code and is shouldn\'t take any more than 2 or 3 hours to fix it    (more...)

Looking for someone to repair an annual leave form on an existng website. Require the person to be onsite at Heidelberg office. Possibility of ongoing maintenance work for the website in the future.    (more...)

I am looking for somebody who can teach me how to customize category pages in wordpress. I am trying to put a different logo and/or picture on each page. Would only need to customize one or two for me to get the hang of it...    (more...)

Hi, I posted a project a few months ago for which I received offers from you all. The project has expired and I need to reopen a new project to get in contact with the different persons I want to maybe work with...    (more...)

The website will be virtually identical to the sample below except for the wording of course and other changes that are noted below or in the attached Word document. http://hackthestockmarket@com/?hop=retarget...    (more...)

I require a PSD web design turned in to wordpress theme. It needs to be 100% error free with XHML validator. Looking for high quality and cheap job.    (more...)

blog with catagories; comment enabled at the end of each catagory. dynamic    (more...)

how to use 2 sobi2 search modules (one sobi2 search module and one jv sobi2 search module) , one will search per category or business name the other one will search for Last name or First name.    (more...)

Hi, The project will be to create a site like -the database of Apps is provided by Apple    (more...)

Running vbulletin 3.8.6 with VBSEO, and vbalanced Want to create pages login.php, register.php and one misc.php?do=form page under SSL - without browser security errors and validation certificate showing...    (more...)

I have a project which needs to be converted from LINGO to JAVASCRIPT. It\'s a small tetris game in Adobe Directory. Should be a quick turn-around <24hrs and tested in Adobe Directory.    (more...)

Hello! I am looking for website developers who is proficient in the following areas: 1. Wordpress 2. Joomla 3. Ability to create custom-made CMS Optional: CS-Cart (If you are familiar with CS-Cart,...    (more...)

I need several upgrades done to my site. They are quite technical upgrades so unless you are an expert please do not apply for the job. I need the work done quickly also so please keep that in mind. I need to see immediate progress on the job...    (more...)

This is to Update The main project is to incorporate Scholarships on the page: This project is to expand on the Sobresaliente section on our website to solicit donations for student...    (more...)

- I\'ll provide a pack of Flash games; - You should create a template with similar design/layout than; - It should be backended by Joomla; - I should be able to add and...    (more...)

Hi, I´m looking or a freelancer, who can convert my psd file to a Joomla template. Thanks.    (more...)

1) I have a new Joomla installed on my site and I wish to have a new template (I will purchase template separately) installed and set up, size, border, fonts, menu, colours etc. I can give examples of...    (more...)

Do it yourself mobile sites for Business Owners and Real Estate Web platform and Mobile sites, similar to - Big interactive map - Business Owners and Real estate agents...    (more...)

We would like to develop a website with similar features as this We might want a java slider or similar plugin at the top. We also need facebook social plugin, RSS and standard joomla SEO modules/features...    (more...)

I have a few issues with a joomla template (yootheme) that need fixing. One is a javascript menu problem where the accordion does not correctly render and is either an issue with the javascript itself...    (more...)

Content including images from a database needs to be converted to Joomla, in Joomla we work with K2, all content needs to be migrated. The job needs to be fixed by THURSDAY!!! The content must be implemented...    (more...)

i need a developer expert in sobi2 and joomla, to complete with me a project. please the contractor must have an experience with sobi2 at least 1 project. Best regards.    (more...)

Joomla site maintain    (more...)

Project details: 1. System purpose: Enable the user to drop and drag and kind of object to particular panel, enable the administrator to pre-define places of objects in the panel, in addition to creating...    (more...)

I have a jsp/mysql based project started on by an Indian company in 2003 and never finished, despite having fully paid for development, I require conversion to php (jsp hosting etc is a drag) and then...    (more...)

Saja Publishing is a small USA based independent publishing company that specializes in publishing content that caters to a black female demographic. Our company is looking for a book indexing specialist...    (more...)

SEEKING CALL CENTERS FOR OUTBOUND LEAD GENERATION OR END TO END SALES NO UPFRONT FEES!!! We are a Debt Management Company seeking responsible professional Call Centers for Outbound Telemarketing...    (more...)

I need a English speaker who can call few CPA networks to get my applications approved. The Phone calls takes only 3 minutes approx, i already have a professional website and email address setup, will...    (more...)

I have a service that works with local companies to get them ranked at the top of Google. In order to help small businesses find out how they are doing, I\'ve created a free report system that shows any...    (more...)

Hi Marketers and SEO specialists, We are launching a new website company and need internet marketing specialists who are going to produce results when it comes to ranking for keywords. For our particular industry, we will be targeting 2 markets...    (more...)

Looking for home-based telemarketers to set appointments for sales executives in certain localities in the United States. We would need a fairly high speed of internet, excellent English communications...    (more...)

I am wanting to create a Global FMCG contacts database. Top 200 Worldwide. We run a worldwide business simulation which takes place in multiple conuntries around the globe. The...    (more...)

Hello, I am looking for a sales and marketing specialists to find me some leads and do marketing. I want to sell some services online and offline if possible. So, I would like to have someone who...    (more...)

Website/Software development company will be hiring interns. We need the below points covered in the 1) Interns cannot disclose any projects in their online/off-line portfolios however, they are free to state that they have worked for our company...    (more...)

Need a fully registered, practicing solictor, in the Jurisdiction of Queensland, Australia, to give some advice in relation to establishing an e-commerce website based business. Not a particularly big...    (more...)


Hello, We are a small company that developed a product with labs that will help users enlarge their penis length. We need a doctor to do a research one our product and give us a picture of himself...    (more...)

We require people that can assist in an URGENT drive to alert public to LaTrobe hospital psychiatric ward Victoria (potentially) breaching human rights & other laws on patients & for experimenting on them, & withholding them without good reason...    (more...)

Hi, I have 8000 keywords for my website and i planed for make slot of 100 keywords its too low competitive my budget is $1 for each keywords if keywords come on google first page i will pay you...    (more...)

I need 200+ High PR 6-10 Permanent Quality Backlinks Needed. I would prefer these Description: High PR backlinks. Please quote for 200+ as per title. Requirement are as follows : * 200+ PR6+...    (more...)

I am developing one of my video on diet solution program, targeting SEO. I want to have as many as one way permanent back links from relevant weight loss blogs and forums having at-least 4+ PR .How many...    (more...)

100 Social Bookmarks 100 Manual Directory submissions 100 Well written article submission 100 Forum Postings For 2 different sites, so all these amounts times 2. All must be quality links, post...    (more...)

Need backlinks to a variety of deep pages. Will provide keywords and urls. Manually built links only. Permanent Do-Follow Links. All links must be live for approval. The page that link is on must be above a Google PR of 4...    (more...)

Looking to fill a part time position (approx. 20 hrs/mo.). Opportunity to move to full time if we agree it makes sense. Primary duties: 1) Writing articles, reviews and blog posts. We have very specific...    (more...)

**Bids with escrow requirements are not accepted. I only submit escrow/payment at the end of the assignment** I am looking for someone with decent written english skill to write 100 blog comments or forum posts (but NOT profile links)...    (more...)

I manage a travel site that has about 75,000 pages. Google has indexed about 11,000 pages so far. Please bid on this project ONLY if you can help me get at least 60,000 pages indexed. I am willing to give the right provider up to 60 days...    (more...)

I\'ve got an article that I have spinned using some insane software. Now I need the article distributed all over the net, basically. It will contain variations of a link, and not always the same link. ...    (more...)

We need seo services to optimize existing websites    (more...)

I need you to write a script that will scrape/extract the text data from a table that is in flash. Your script must work on a linux server and be able to save the data to a MySQL database. I would prefer that everything is written in Perl...    (more...)

I have a list of 500 million email addresses in format txt and csv, i want: 1, import to database ; 2, check syntax and remove non-emails; 3, remove big domains emails, for that you need to report email numbers under each domain in descending order...    (more...)

Test Website requires a simple Username/Password screen with a timeout. As is normal with any security site, should any page within the test domain be accessed, the User/Pass screen will come up first...    (more...)

I need TCP/IP port listener, who collect the data from tracking devices and store it on the MySQL database. It must accept multiple connections at the same time. It for GPS tracker who sends information to server via GPRS...    (more...)

Dear All, We look for a list of potentiel Intel CPU suppliers , you must be able to make quote (on behalf of these suppliers) for the following products: The suppliers must be approved by Intel to...    (more...)

Description A direct importer from other countries and also factory direct domestically we specialize in the shipment of funeral caskets shipped nationwide to the public. A very recession proof job with...    (more...)

Need a logo design Word press theme which has background which does not align right need to be fixed Fix the site to look professional with minor fixes It is very small project for some one who has...    (more...)

Hi, Looking for banner and Logo design for my site as well as for Print. I have a basic Idea of what I am looking for. See site banner here I am looking for cool designs, real cool for T shirts, Banners, stuff like that...    (more...)

Logo for Website and Invoices. I need to update my old logo. I am working on two new website and changed the look of my logo. I have attached a pdf of my older logo. Please see website for other idea\'s...    (more...)

Hello Newcomers, We need an exceptional Designer, who is new to He/she must have extra-ordinary web designing, Logo designing skills along with knowledge of basic flash banners. This...    (more...)

need a logo designed for my grocery delivery service. it\'s call \"Groceries To Your Door\".... logo will be used on website, business cards, invoices, t-shirts, etc... winner will be awarded based on the samples provided...    (more...)

We have a logo that we want styled. You will get a vector image that you can work with and we would like some effects to make it cool. We also need several seasons logos for Christmas, winter, summer, etc (same logo but with a cool twist)...    (more...)

This logo is requiered for a new construction business. I have an idea, of what i want, i can give you details later. What is required: - 5 or 6 initial rough mock up designs, from which one design...    (more...)

We are an entertainment and media development company that is looking to bring on a few freelance web designers. We are great people to work with and like to have a lot of fun. We pay promptly and generally have tons of work...    (more...)

Hi! I m looking for a creative logo for my company, The company is called Myedeveloper (no space) and is based on web development mainly focusing on e-commerce sites, I have the web name already so...    (more...)

I need a website and logo design for a new business. I will want 3 ideas for each and once one is selected, I will want the actual site and logo fully built/created. The site will have approximately 5-10 pages...    (more...)

Exact name that I want to use it is,\'\' Crave \'\' .The target audience is for sophisticated couples and single ladies typically aged late twenties to mid forties who like to party in a sexually charged atmosphere...    (more...)

we are looking for hiring a few logo designers. we want creative logo desiners who can work in corel draw, photoshop, flash etc. the completed logos are required in .jpg, .gif,.tif formats so that they can be used on our business card brochures...    (more...)

I am looking for a new logo to be designed for a start up business. The business will be all about providing advertising to local businesses via a local magazine. We want a creative logo which we...    (more...)

I am looking for a new logo to be designed for an employment company. The business will be all about providing jobs to the local community. We want a creative logo which we can use on website, stationary, email signature, etc...    (more...)

>> NO COMPANIES - NO GENERIC BIDS - ONLY INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPERS PLEASE << We require an experienced Mobile Developer (iPad/iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, J2ME, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Mac and Windows desktop) to work on a our projects...    (more...)

We need a OpenVPN gui/client for following OS Windows Windows mobile Android Mac OS    (more...)

Program for installation to a computer, compatible with Windows and Mac. There are 3 functions that must be developed for inclusion in the program for designing objects using points and straight lines...    (more...)

Job Description We are looking for a Mac/Apple programmer to convert/reproduce existing PC driver/program for Mac. The driver/program will need to work with a graphic/writing tablet. The Graphic/writing...    (more...)

Hi There, I like to create a Wordpress Theme Builder that builds wordpress themes on the on I would like features similar to - able to create wordpress themes on the on - customize...    (more...)

We are looking for an experied provider of high quality screen savers for mac and windows. The company is specialised in microelectronics and similar products. We have a lot of great photos than can be used if necessary...    (more...)

The idea is very simple, I need a background running software, running on macOS, that records and also streams (in real time) the audio captured from the built in microphone. Client application...    (more...)

Greetings from Alan! I need a excellent python programmer to code a small plugin for XBMC on a MAC OSX Box. Only Python programmers apply. Note : Iam reposting this project due to a bad provider here...    (more...)

Hello, We would like to develop a simple free application for Windows and Mac/Iphone that generates simple trivial pursuit-type questions, lets users choose the answers, then gives them their score and an option to go again...    (more...)

Working Magento installation, 2 months since install. A change was made to the .htaccess to enable gzip, and the Magento Compiler was run and this has triggered an HTTP 500 error across the board. No access to admin...    (more...)

I need to resolve the next issues: *I commit a mistake and now the administrator load in a estrange way loading the url use the admin/admin. The real problem comes when i install plugins in the app path they doesn\'t work...    (more...)

Had contractor unable to finish last small piece of website. I need the current form on website to post into the Magento database with the address showing in the customer admin section. WE had to rebuild...    (more...)

IF YOU ARE A COMPANY, FIRM OR A TEAM PLEASE MOVE ON, WE WILL ACCEPT BID ONLY FROM AN INDIVIDUAL. Hello, Looking for a dynamic individual to translate and localize website content into American English...    (more...)

Looking for great sales expert! We are an honest company from Austria and want to start to sell our IT product in Germany. Targets are mainly hotels, restaurants and all other places where it is possible to wine and dine...    (more...)

I want a handy and convenient product that can be used by mothers to preserve breast milk in its fresh state for at least 48 hours. And a complete plant assemblage for recycling waste products to produce...    (more...)

I am looking for a company who can manufacture or supply me small quantity of around 1000 jumpers and 100 blazers. The designs will be supplied by myself via images or a sample. I am only intersted...    (more...)

Hello, I need someone skilled with the arduino microcontroller, both with the soldering part aswell as programming the controller and programming the interface on the computer via usb. Open source code...    (more...)

Project: Drink It Prototypes We are looking for manufacturers to produce our packaging for our new drinking game and also for the game its self. We are looking for quotes to build 2 x building block game prototypes...    (more...)

Hi we need good inbound center all over center can start this project. For more details contact us Regards Support Staff Indiabooms    (more...)

Hi, I am looking for somebody who is experienced in making medium to complex \"tech-packs\" to send to garment factories to make clothing. Basically I will send you photos of a garment, with my own logos...    (more...)

Dear friend, We need some representative /partner for making a bulk sales contract in different country/region; we need people from USA, Europe, UAE, Australia. We need the people for long term contract...    (more...)

I need a Swiss Army knife style multi-tool made from high quality materials and assembled. This multi-tool should include the following: Tweezers (or needle nose pliers) Small knife Scissors Small...    (more...)

Looking for Manufacturer or Seller of following. Children\'s Petrol Ride Ons - 4-stroke petrol engine. Fully motor powered. Must include: 1. speed restrictors and parental cut-off switches. Preferably remote...    (more...)

i need a gear indicator to be made for the honda 2007 cbr 600rr i need it to have the following features: -reads the gear position information directly from the ECU -no buttons, no programming wires ...    (more...)

We are looking for a creative product designer. You have to be creative and innovative and be able to design usable products. Work with the manufacturing team in designing a line of 20 innovative, creative and unique products...    (more...)

Electric Car to get 1,500 mile per charge Need to design a car that is both aerodynamic an stylish. I want to use the in-wheel motor concept. [Link removed - Admin]    (more...)

Experienced Craigslist poster needed for services section to promote several businesses.    (more...)

I\'m looking for individual or company to provide SEO services for websites of our customers.I\'ll select the providers based on your previous project experience and specially the costs. I would like...    (more...)

Hello I am looking for someone to use facebook,twitter,dig,delicious,stumbleupon, jumptags, diigo, reddit, mixx etc to bring 200 + usa,uk,canada and aus visitors to my 10 blogs. PLEASE READ MY FEEDBACK...    (more...)

Task: Create an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) program that would predict the increase in strength of Carbon FIber Reinforced Ploymer (CFRP)-confined columns, circular and non-circular (square and rectangular) ones...    (more...)

I made 3 polls and got 3 times per 20 results. Poll 1 : I have weight coefficients : T1, T2....T20. and results : A1......A20. Poll 2 : I have weight coefficients : T1, T2....T20. and results : A1......A20...    (more...)

Need to create a fuzzy logic. Input - row vector (picture). Program will compare the row vector (picture) with 5 (10) standards (it should be possible to specify the standards). Output - give the result...    (more...)

We require a highly finished 3d packaging, developed on the basis of the design provided that will be used for mapping the packet. The Package is required in high res so that it can be used on Outdoors...    (more...)

i need 3D animation creator to create about 40 characters and film for 5 minutes i also need interior/exterior designers more detail on PM    (more...)

I have 3D models Have about 8 animations about 2-3 mins in length, which needs sequence change of the clip and post production modifications i.e. these are human animations, need to show the inside organs i.e...    (more...)

Hi, I\'m CEO of CoscaGames and i would like to offer freelance job positions at our company. We are looking for experienced Flash AS2/AS3 programmers, and 2D/3D game designers. At this moment, we...    (more...)

Looking for someone to create Second Life contents from the images provided. First image is attached. Bid on this picture. It includes interior and exterior and environmental elements (parking lot, lot, etc.)...    (more...)

We need freelancers using Maya autodesk and/or 3dmax for 3D modelling and photoshop for the skins You will create 1 preteen boy and 1 preteen girl Please see attached file to get an idea about our child characters...    (more...)

Kohlex is looking for full time mechanical engineers working from Chennai, India who can help design products using Solidworks. Must work from Chennai, India Must be an expert Solidworks user. Must...    (more...)

Motion control, given the position and speed has to be designed and programmed using Labview. Persons bidding can refer to previous experience in control/automation and Labview programming. More details shall be provided later...    (more...)

Looking for an experienced medical writer with advanced degree (preferably PhD or PharmD) who has authored or ghostwritten articles related to immunoglobulin (Ig) therapies. Specifically, this is to write...    (more...)

Seeking medical writer to produce a major series of highly focused educational modules using power point and full text. .Topics will be pre selected. writer will be expected to do mid level research on...    (more...)

Very simple project - Costs Of Obeisity You will find at least 100 \"good\" internet links to statistics on the costs of obeisity and provide those links to me in a list. A \"good\" link, an acceptable...    (more...)

J\'ai besoin d\'un traducteur de l\'anglais au francais environ 5000 mots Je recherche une personne 1/ nee en France 2/ habitant actuellement la france 3/ ayant fait ses etudes en france Aucune exception pour le 1 ...    (more...)

I need reliable long term health/ medical writers who can provide me articles on weekly basis. The articles will be India Specific and will be published on an Indian website. The payout method will be flexible (paypal, netbanking) as per your demand...    (more...)

We are looking for English writers to write articles on business, ERP, management, health, beauty and fitness topics. We are looking for writers who are looking for long term work. Here are the basic requirements: 1...    (more...)

I am looking for a writer to establish long term working relationship. Current project involves assist with editing/rewriting doctor\'s website content. More projects will be available in the future....    (more...)

We need articles writer to wite ARABIC articls in many subjects such as: - travel - women - economy - realestate - autos Each article mut be supported by photos any free from spelling and grammer mistakes...    (more...)

The topic and key words will be released on a weekly basis, and each article should meet the following requirements: 1. It must be written by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer. The article will need to be concise and to the point...    (more...)

Hello. I need to program an EA in metatrader 4. The EA uses 3 MAs as indicators to place orders. Very simple rules based on the interaction of these 3 MAs. I have a template to show strategy. Bid offer must be final...    (more...)

Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor (EA). The EA will using just Stochastic, MACD and Bollinger bands combination. Stop loss is adjustable, but Take profit should be until the opposite signal. Also, include option...    (more...)

I am looking for a programmer familiar with Metatrader 4 and MQL language. Project is well defined and I also understand some MQL so communication is simple. I have also very advanced template that EAs...    (more...)

We want to create a social network website for Forex Traders. We want to integrate the features of 3 websites in one single different website. 1. (or) 2. 3...    (more...)

Project Outline Platform: Metatrader 4 Language: MQL Chart: Offline Timeframe: 2M Offline chart Renko Box Size: 10 pips EA Rules: should run on a 2M Renko Offline chart. should take trades...    (more...)

I am looking a programmer to create a security code/ protection for a MetaTrader 4 indicator. What I want is to make sure that it can only be downloaded on one computer. If you have any experience with...    (more...)

Respected Sir, I have a request.Sir,I dont know the mql4 language for creating Expert Adviser for mt4 platform.Can you sir please create an Expert Adviser for me using the strategy below. Strategy...    (more...)

I want to buy or have developed a real-time software system for sending forex signals. The software should be able to send trading signals from my MT4 account, duplicating all the trading activity (open/close/modify)...    (more...)

Hello I am looking for profitable forex trading systems with the following requirements: 1. Profitable & Low drawdown 2. Trades at least twice a week 3. Stable profitable backtest over last 4 years...    (more...)

We need a developer that can create an Expert advisor that: Works on all pairs and timeframes Has an expiration time (bypassed with a code) and/or customization to work only with a specific account...    (more...)

Fingerprint recognition module with output for valid/invalid detection. Provision to store atleast 50 fingerprints. Module should be operable from a standard power supply and should provide a valid...    (more...)

I have got a requirement for a simple windows batch script which takes files(specific named files and all files) from a folder on drive A:\\ and moves it to folder on B:\\. starting say 2 AM every day and checking for new files every 1 hr...    (more...)

my project is related to programming,operating system,accounting at all.    (more...)

We have developed a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and are in the process of software testing and usability testing. We are looking for a person who has previous experience of technically handling an...    (more...)

This project requires conversion of Quickbasic code to which I own the copyright to VB6 as directed across multiple modules. A list is attached, which is representative, but not fully complete. Third...    (more...)

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Virtual Assistant / Secretary (60 Hours/Month Long Term) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////    (more...)

We design a business application that produces over 150 crystal reports. We are looking to re-design the reports with a fresh modern look, as well make some table changes etc to allow for drill down...    (more...)

Adding a database to an oparing website in the travel industry. Database will hold information about hotels & reservations. Database will have the following forms: - Searchbox having country, city, hotel name & calendars fields...    (more...)

I have an existing ASP order form and I need to have the MAP of the USA added with the states in IMAGE OR FLASH FORMAT. I sell a service and I need my customers to choose for which state it will be by clicking on the state on the MAP...    (more...)

Need to overhaul a current database to integrate CSV imports and easily sort data. New queries need to be created, import macros and unnecessary queries/tables removed. Our work is highly specialized,...    (more...)

Please see the attachment.    (more...)

I need a a contact manager to do the following: Record New Contacts automatically in \'students\', \'church\' or \'field\' categories (these categories should be editable and the ability to create new categories should be there)...    (more...)

Require the help of the original coder to make alterations to MS Access DB, created 2008 DB requires alterations to headers (tables) as well as the diffeent information within the importing csv/xls file    (more...)

Hi All, Freelancer required to work remotely (does not need to be during business hours) to internet research business contacts and compile a comprehensive listing of those business contact details into specified MS Access databases...    (more...)

Hi Developers We have a small requirement this time.I thought of share it with guys.please read the document along with the project.maximum bid we expect is less than 30$,but still if you convince us...    (more...)

The job is to create an interactive online aptitude test app    (more...)

Hello. First of all I\'d like to say that the price is negotiable. I will make the project easy to look through. Short description: A bot for Diablo II that is able to run as clientless. ...    (more...)

If u Want the Project Then Contact me On my email id -----    (more...)

Hi, I need a fee management system for a high school. It should have basic reporting system (daily collection, weekly report, monthly report etc) plus payment status of each student. This should not...    (more...)

Looking for web programmers, to build a real estate website like Another project is to build a website like Youtube. I have other projects as well. Please let me know your rates and sample work...    (more...)

We have a third party scheduling/appointment application that used MS access as its database. The application lacks some functionality and isn t web based. For instance we would like to allow employees...    (more...)

Test project - 10 hrs/35$    (more...)

1) I need someone with experience to obtain email addresses from resumes posted on the internet in Canada/USA and also from opportunity seekers. Resumes must state that they have \"Sales Experience\" 2) Send out bulk emails...    (more...)

i want leads to my free cpa offer pm me for more details    (more...)

Make Money helping people SAVE money!!!! A one of it s kind home based business that provides the perfect vehicle for Everyone to save thousands of dollars per year on groceries, dining, entertainment,...    (more...)

Make Money helping people SAVE money!!!! A one of it s kind home based business that provides the perfect vehicle for Everyone to save thousands of dollars per year on groceries, dining, entertainment,...    (more...)

Can you generate traffic and sign ups? If so you can easily make $3,800-$50,000 USD per month getting people to sign up for this awesome and cheap business opportunity and member benefits savings plan...    (more...)

Make Money helping people SAVE money!!!! A one of it s kind home based business that provides the perfect vehicle for Everyone to save thousands of dollars per year on groceries, dining, entertainment,...    (more...)

Earn substantial residual income by recruiting members for a new up and coming social networking website. Sign up for employment at View how the payment plan works at    (more...)

Hi I am developing the business of an corporate agency of the insurance industry. We are looking forward to establish Leaders in major cities across the nation. This is an MLM initiative. People who can...    (more...)

I need a website build that can be used to write all sort of things from relationship, stress, cream to use, Good school, celebrity gossip, dating. Basically an informative website that i can also generate...    (more...)

VOIP system that have portal for end-user to login and perform task such as 1. check his/her account information 2. enable user to add credit(or airtime-point) via paypal or credit card to his/her account or other account 3...    (more...)

NEW Forum is in Prelaunch and will launh soon official with the opportunity to earn great money sign up cost 5 Euro pr months the forum open in 190 country at ones and you can be the first...    (more...)

I need 285 Business Opportunity Seeker lead packages sold before the end of the year MUST BE ALL REAL GENUINE SALES! Please drive traffic to this website I can...    (more...)

Mob Application Banknig application Designing needed (secuired), please send us what can you offer us, how much does it cost, please mention the guarantees    (more...)

The work involves instrumentation of a piece with duration of 5:45 minutes for symphonic orchestra. You will receive a MP3 track and cubase or Midi file with the song. The work will be delivered in finale or sibelius for later printing...    (more...)

i need a tool similar to audacity, which allows to import dj sessions and jingles using multiple tracks. the jingles should be imported from a remote server via internet and the program should require an audiofile at startup detecting if it has content...    (more...)

i need to create a website for a music production company. the website will have 5 or more pages, the whole site will have a jet black bacjground. it will have one major banner on the top of the screen...    (more...)

We would like promotion for one of our artists in hand of releases that are coming up and being released. Promotion should be sent out to possible buyers, media and Dj\'s to ensure best feedback, inclusion in magazines and press releases on websites...    (more...)

i need information (where i can buy or download it) about this track from radioshow Rinse.fm_2008-11-27_Dusk_Blackdown_ft_Trim in tracklist this track named Ghost Gritty (Ghost white) but i...    (more...)

I need the following for 3 specific pages: 1. 5,000 \"likes\" on Facebook page - USA only accepted via our FB page 2. 5,000 \"followers\" on Twitter page 3. 10,000 \"friends\" on Myspace When bidding...    (more...)

I am looking for 10K Facebook page India fans for Facebook Page. Please bid only if you have rich experiences for facebook India fans marketing and can access to them quickly. Project descriptions...    (more...) is a networking website and a community marketplace for the worldwide music industry. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany has over 6000 members and 30 plus representative offices across the world...    (more...)

FEATURES TO BE ADDED OR MAKE SURE THE SCRIPT HAS THEM IN MEMBERS FEATURES 1. Make sure Members profiles, search should have these details only! If the script names a member as user, rename it to Member...    (more...)

HI I am able supply world wide fans 1000/3000 fans with in 5 days. If any body need fans cont US. thanks suvro4 my rate per k fans 25$ 1. FACEBOOK 10 page 3k fans per page = 25$ 20...    (more...)

Hello, Looking for a long time partnership about social media marketing. I need 50,000 Facebook fans/likes from Russia for a Facebook Page/Application The added Fans must meet these requirements:...    (more...)

I am looking for someone that is experienced in running a successful twitter campaign with CPA offers. I am looking to start with 100 account getting to 10,000 followers each account. You will need...    (more...)

Looking for freelance website script. Must have the basic functionalities as The site will be scaled down to an extent and is industry specific. Not for competition with Freelancer, Elance,...    (more...)

I am making a online portal for airline ticket booking. I have chosen AMadeus as ticket booking engine. I need help in integrating this amadeus API with my site.    (more...)

We are currently considering purchasing an email program like or We need an experienced programmer to customize...    (more...)

It\'s going to be web application where a company and it\'s customer interacts. The queries are raised by company staff and the customer answers the query online. If the staff feels the answer is not OK, he can move the query to the next level...    (more...)

We wanted to have built, a traffic exchange, similar to enhance Where a user will come and sign up, be able to enter you tube videos into there account and have them display in a surf window...    (more...)

I am looking for the creation of a penny auction script & website that has some VERY specific functions (stated in detail in the attached document Penny Auction Script Requirements ). I don t care if...    (more...)

I search a developer of a website for odds comparison and sure betting. Here you can find two professional examples: I prefer developer who have experience in the betting-website-area...    (more...)

I have a php script with a sign up form that records the user in mysql database, a file that displays 5 users from the database and the paypal class and paypal file to make a payment requirement: when...    (more...)

I need an advance website designed. The purpose of the website is to report the news in an interesting and relevant way. The website will have two parts. The first part will allow users to create a...    (more...)

Script I have is ikiclassifieds but the script is slow, it cant handle much page views. I need someone to tweak it or do to some php changes to accelerate the script, might need some structural changes...    (more...)

We currently have a theme installed on my wordpress that [Removed by Admin] and would like some customization done to it. Here is the link to the demo of the theme. Click this link and...    (more...)

I am looking for a website for Homeowner association. We are 13 members in the building for the time being. It is supposed to be a info portal to give the residents info about what is happening in the...    (more...)

Hi. I want small applet for exchange rates converting with my data. Details PM.    (more...)

This mobile application should forward the sms text message to preset http url by http post method. Along with the sms text, the http post string must also include sms sender\'s number and time when sms was received...    (more...)

Hello , PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BID !!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking for programmer who ever development spy phone software generator project !! [mean that you have experience] and still has source code + spy phone program...    (more...)

Yoututbe views module for Lexcode. as discussed.    (more...)

Dears , we are looking for Sip Solution provider who able to offer us Pc2phone Sip dialer with possible Embeded Encryption solution for Blocked countries as well , Depending on Skilss and Good Presentation...    (more...)

Hello. Im searching for Mobile Ringtone application tester. I pay $10 USD Each successfull test. Im making ringtone website and I need regular tester for it. Contact me for more information!    (more...)

I have an existing Xcode project that needs some simple extensions. You need to be an experienced objective-c coder to write good, robust code. Should only take few hours effort for someone with genuine expertise with navigation and Views...    (more...)

I am looking for someone to tidy up and tweak my iphone project for me. I also need a publically available API from an online photo storing service to be written into it to allow my clients to view the...    (more...)

Certified database architect that can design the complete structure of a Social Network.    (more...)