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set up the quick books model for my consulting business in Ontario Canada. Entering bills, expenses for the last 4-5 month, entering invoices (1 customer), setup payroll for 5-6 people. And further occasional Quick Books support and consultations. Good English Skills. EST business hours availability. Knowledge of Quick books Knowledge of Canadian Accounting specifics   (more...)

able in accounting works specifically on accounts payable, accounts receivable and also bookkeeping.   (more...)

r client is looking for someone who completely understands IFRS 3 and is able to analysis case studies and solutions to consolidation issues. You will then need to provide step by step detailed anaylsis of the case study Your work will be delivered to our group of professionals. If you are unsure of the work, but understand IFRS 3, please contact us Thank you   (more...)

ng to hire an accountant who can prepare a sample mock paper for advanced Financial Reporting students You must be able to provide solutions and marking scheme Later i will hire you to mark the solutions thanks   (more...)

eeds to consult with a tax advisor with experience in New York. somone who can consult us on how to collect/pay taxes for new york online business.   (more...)

Business looking for an Accountant to work 10 hours a week (start at 10, and work 10 to 40 in the future), keeping the books and generating the files needed for US tax returns (Schedule C and Schedule E of a personal income tax return). Initially, you will transfer 2010 data from an existing GnuCash file into LedgerSMB. Then you will keep the books in LedgerSMB on an ongoing basis. The promotion potential of the position is to become my Chief Financial Officer in the future. You do NOT need to know GnuCash and/or LedgerSMB to start the job. I will train you in GnuCash if needed, and will give you time to learn LedgerSMB. You also do NOT need to know about US tax returns. I will train you in that if needed. You will start at 10 hours a week. As my business grows, I will gradually increase your hours from 10 to 40 hours a week if you so desire. Required Qualifications: 1) Top 10% rank in any Accounting Test. 2) 3.0 or higher in at least 3 Accounting and/or Book Keeping tests. 3) 3.0 or higher in U.S. English Basic Skills Test.   (more...)

rn is Form 1120 Sched A,J,L,D; FOrm 4562; Form 4797; No property sales this year, so some of these schedules/ forms wil not be needed. Company lost $$ in 2009 so the return is real simple. Prepare forms for CA as well based on same numbers. Sept 15 deadline, so fast action is a must. State approx. number of past corporate tax returns you have done on the past in your cover letter. Will provide 2008 return and current 2009 financials after looking at your cover letter/resume so you can produce a more accurate quote.   (more...)

an AUSTRALIAN Virtual Worker who is familiar with Australian Book keeping and in particular GST and BAS Statements. Currently I have software that stores a record of Income Expenses and I would like to use these report values and create the values required to be entered into a BAS statement. Basically your job will be 1. Liaise and Advise on what values of Income and Expenses are GST applicable and if there is any conditions such as purchases from overseas clients as well as purchases while overseas and things of this nature. Currently the system allows you to store a country with the Invoice so we know the origin of the income for GST purposes. 2. Liaise and Advise on how to calculate the different parts for a BAS statement values such as G1 through to G20 1A and 1B 3. Liaise and Advise on a Boo keeping Totals report that an Accountant would use for the submission of the BAS statement and use for performing a Tax Return. for example Income/Expense Categories that would be compliant/normal. Basically, if you have an excellent knowledge of BAS statements and a Accounting Software like MYOB or Quicken, then you should apply for this job.   (more...)

he beginning stages of my business and I need an accountant to setup my businesses accurately so that payments can be recorded, bills paid promptly, and deductions are set aside. If you have experience working with start ups, and you have over 5 years of accounting experience apply for consideration. Must have positive feedback from past clients and must be able to provide 3 references.   (more...)

t or partly qualified accountant to take previous financial statements and enter the correct conversion balances into Xero Accounting. This is a cloud solution. Various tasks include, conversion balances, Chart of accounts, Asset Register. This position starts on a job by job basis, but depending on the quality of the work completed could develop in a more consistant workload. The key is overnight turn around from New Zealand time.   (more...)

looking for an accountant who has a solid experience doing consolidations and eliminations to explain to me the process and show me by example how to do the consolidations, eliminations, Journal Enteries at beginning and end of period then at beginning of new period.   (more...)

ing to add a full-time accounting professional to my team. This role will only suit a proven accounting professional who is willing to learn and can work on our systems remotely. ** If you are not a fully qualified (or nearly qualified) accountant please do not apply. This role will require someone to carry out a wide range of accounting tasks including preparing: budgets & forecasts, cash books & GST returns, financial statements following New Zealand standards, company formations, covering letters, analytical review, bank reconciliations, to name a few. If you have a passion for accounting, good English, experience and a desire to be part of my team, please: 1. Send me your detailed resume, which clearly details what accounting work you have done, what relevant software you use; 2. Tell me 5 KPIs you\'d be happy to be measured against - if you don\'t know what a KPI is, then I recommend you do not apply; 3. Tell me why you want to join my team; 4. Tell me what accounting qualifications you have - you will be asked to provide evidence if shortlisted; ESSENTIAL: Please type \"KIWI\" as your first word of your application to confirm you\'ve read this. NOTE: I set very high standards. I am a UK educated chartered certified accountant and very proud of it. You will be expected to learn quickly and also probably need to learn new software. I will expect you to learn quite a bit during a 4 week probation period - the 1st week will be phase 1 to see how you progress; weeks 2 to 4 will complete your probation. I will share my extensive knowledge of accounting. However, in return, I\'d expect you to work a 4 weeks\' probation period so I don\'t just train you so that you can leave. I would not expect you to prepare a full set of New Zealand financial statements during the probation. However, I will expect you to have a good understanding of basic accounting principles and be able to prepare working papers. Your salary will increase with experience. Please tell me what you\'d expect to achieve in your first week, consisting of 40 hours. Thanks.   (more...)

n of: Complete Form 1065 with all Schedules K-1 and necessary schedules Complete Form 1120 with necessary schedules Complete Form 1040 Wisconsin State equivalents for above   (more...)

bility to Synthesize, Accounting Technical Skills, Analytical Skills, Computer Competency, Critical Thinking, Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Sales Skills   (more...)

y is looking to hire a few bookkeepers/Accountants. We are in the hiring process right now. All candidates will start by the middle of next month or sooner. All candidates must provide me with a resume, coverletter, and at least 3 referrences. All references will be checked. We are looking for candidates with at least 3yrs of bookkeeping experience. Once you past the interviewing process, you will be given a test to test your knowledge. Once hired you make between $8.00 - $15.00/hr depending on your experience. Only reliable and interested candidates apply. I look foward to hearing from all of you.   (more...)

s 2010 representative   (more...)

have a spreadsheet produced that shows the optimum number of marijuana plants to have, in what stages of life to keep within the legal limit allowed by law, while producing the highest income level.   (more...)

nk statements into excel with category columns and totals for accounting Input raw data into an excel format that total the revenue deposited and seperate columns for each of the following business categories. Categories are as follows break up by categories into Gross recietpts(deposits) expenses(checks and debits), personal loan to company(draw account), rent, taxes, employee benefit programs, marketing/advertising, other expenses accounting, bank charges, busienss gifts, professional fees, outside services, office expenses, travel, utilities will go through draw account, cost of sale, recruiting, professional fees, interest payment put on draw accounts, then detail draw account is so john knjows what to put on personal return, charitable contributions church, dividends, losses, mortgage interest, automobile use automobile, miles driven personal, business, Insurance   (more...)

ccountant   (more...)

one to manager our quickbooks for a specific business project that is up and coming.   (more...)

or someone to set up QuickBooks accounts and enter ALL the transactions from Bank Statements and Credit Card Bills for business and personnel accounts. Need to set it up for QuickBooks Premier 2009 and above versions. This will be an on-going assignment. Majority of the data will be synced directly and the remaining transactions need to be manually entered. 1.You must have experience with QB Premier 2009 2. Must be able to remotely work on the project 3. Must have experience setting up and maintaining business accounts 4. Must be flexible with working times Since majority of the work is data entry related, aside from QB knowledge, bid accordingly.   (more...)

ny which is based in the UK, designs, manufactures, installs and services security and telecare systems within the UK marketplace. Due to increasing workload we are looking to outsource this additional work to freelancers The job involves full accounting support. You will need to carry out tasks within the Financial modules of Microsoft Navision 2009 ERP system and making proposals to increase the efficency of our operation You are required to bid a fixed price to self learn the software via training reference manuals. As part of the process you will be granted access to a training database via a VPN connection. It is antisipated this will take between 1 and 2 weeks. After that period, you will be paid an hourly rate. The amount you bid should be this rate. When replying, please state the fixed price amount in USD that you will require during your period of self study Skills Required:- PC and Office Skills, English, High Academic Ability, Ability to aquire knowledge through self study, Must understand computer terminolgy Eg relational databases, tables, fields, forms, reports etc   (more...)

all around accountant. I hired lots of contractor in my team and I need to control my payout every week. And you need also to negotiate Bank of America regarding my overcharge fees, I need you to fight Bank of America. This accountant must have a financial and accounting experienced.Have good communication skills on the phone. Must be able to work at EST time zone. Self oriented and can work with less supervision. Please bid not more than $1. New in odesk are welcome.   (more...)

e are a manufacturing company that\'s in great need of an accountant. Your work will include financial projections, disbursement, payroll processing, bookkeeping, and other accounting matters. To be qualified, you\'ll need to be Manila based so I\'m assured you are aware of our country\'s accounting policies. Along with your cover letter, submit a copy of your CV. Compensation will be discussed upon interview. Thank you   (more...)

on of annual accounts for ltd companies and unincorporated businesses   (more...)

ood at following collection calls. need to quickbooks too.   (more...)

quire a bookkeeper for my small business. I have just started using quickbooks pro 2010. I need someone familiar with invoice entry, receipt entry, and all aspect of Quickbooks as it relates to a small business in Australia. Experience with Australian business is preferred, including BAS lodgement, tax codes, etc. In the future I may want to post my purchase receipts to the successful canditate and have him/her enter them into my Quickbooks file in the the appropriate categories.   (more...)

ceipts that are scanned and stored on-line, data entered into quicken database and daily reports created. About five entries per day growing to about twenty per day by the end of the year.   (more...)

ur books seven days before our taxes are due. We ned someone who can enter 12 months of credit card statements into quickbooks within the next 24-48 hours in order for us to meet our deadline. i don\'t know how this works remotely, so hopefully a qualified candidate will understand and can explain it to me. will hire immediately for the right person/s.   (more...)

ing an entry-level bookkeeper to enter ALL bank statements from 2010 into Quickbooks online. This includes ensure balances are reconciled at the end of each month. Once this information is up-to-date, I will need assistance with entering employee and 1009 timesheets, and invoicing customers.   (more...)

very simple data entry job. I will give you a copy of my books in QuickBooks Pro 2010 and an Excel sheet of account register that shows all the transactions that took place. QuickBooks will already have the chart of accounts created so all you need to do is enter those transactions and post them against the accounts as they appear in the register i.e. Excel sheet. All together, I see a around 320 or so transactions to enter. Assuming that you\'re pretty comfortable w/ QuickBooks Pro 2010, this job should take a few hours to complete. Please submit your proposals. Thanks. Requirements: You must have QuickBooks Pro 2010 in order to be able to open the file. If you have an older version, you won\'t be able to work on it. You must have strong bookkeeping skills so that you can understand the transactions and enter them correctly. Only those with strong bookkeeping skills and QuickBooks Pro 2010 should apply.   (more...)

me to go through all my scanned receipts for the last 2 years and enter onto a monthly cash book spreadsheet so I can see expenditure and income. You will need to ensure that each monthly report contains the right receipts attached (i.e. they are referenced) There may be duplicate receipts so you will need to check the spreadsheet for accuracy. Ongoing work available for the right candidates Accuracy is key. I have around 300 receipts scanned, they are online, I need this to be done over the weekend. You must have quick internet connection because you will need to access the receipts You will be required to start immediately To be completed by next Monday 13 September2010 DO NOT BID MORE THAN 1.5 DOLLARS PER HOUR   (more...)

omeone to be able to remotely login to our Quickbooks software and set up a report. We are in need of generating a rep report that every new store that signs up with us can be entered under a rep name. That way every week we could type in a reps name and see the list of stores he/she has brought into the company.   (more...)

ing for someone that is very experienced with helping someone who has been poor with keeping records. You will have to go through several documents to find exactly what has been spent for my business, and know how to put it in a spreadsheet that is very organized and concise. I will be looking for someone that has a proven track record and if you are submitting for a job from outside of the United States, I would like referrals from people that I could call to verify your work history and their personal experience with your services. Considering that you will be looking to deal with my financial matters, this is an area where great trust is necessary so I would definitely want to verify your work history. we will start off as a trial first, then once you\'ve proven your ability to handle this job, it will be an ongoing task. I will not pay money upfront or a 50% deposit, but will instead make payments based on milestones that you accomplish based on my job orders. I will submit to you a detail job description, once the job is offered, and we will then talk in more detail about any suggestions you may have from your level of experience about how you dealt with jobs like this in the past!! I look forward to receiving your bids.   (more...)

d maintain Online bookkeeping software for small business.   (more...)

ing project is to remote login to Quickbooks Premier 2010. I prefer someone that already has software and therefore can use the Quickbooks remote login feature. The bookkeeping work is basically data entry to add transactions from company bank/credit card statements with appropriate category. We will start out with one business bookkeeping account...but if you work out well, then I will give you a few accounts , which means more work! The time to remote login needs to be anytime between 9pm EST - 8AM EST, any day of the week...or any time during the weekend.   (more...)

okkeeper to reconcile bank and cc accounts into chart of accounts. Requirements: over 1 year experience with quickbooks online.   (more...)

nuary to August 2010 bank statements entered into quickbooks. I will email the statements to you and have you categorize each line item.   (more...)

ing for an accountant or book keeper to manage my books in Quickbooks. The chosen candidate will have a very high aptitude in accounting principles and must be familiar with Quickbooks. My books have been maintained incorrectly since 2008 and I will need someone to correct them or build a new book beginning January 1, 2010. There are some fairly advanced concepts that must be accounted for- for example, we sell some of our accounts receivables to a factor and I need someone who knows how to properly record advance payments and convert them to assets once the invoice is fully paid. I also charge some personal expenses on my corporate credit card so the book keeper must know how to account for these charges properly.   (more...)

or solutions regarding financial audit and monitoring of a remotely managed team. Will define the job further if interested.   (more...)

full time position from 10am - 5pm Pacific Standard time (Seattle). Candidate must be an expert in Managing Quickbooks. CPA experience is a plus. Candidate will also be a personal assistant. Good phone voice is necessary and good English is a plus.   (more...)

bookkeeper / organizer with excellent online and high level organizational skills. Knowledge of filemaker a plus. The ideal person will: • receive pdf\'s of receipts from me and documents with bank or credit card transactions • record and categorize each transaction in online quickbooks • label the files sent to them in a systemized, sortable way (i.e. \"001 Jan 2010 Amex Statement.pdf, 002 Feb 2010 Amex Statement,\" etc) • organize the pdfs of receipts or bank documents into properly labeled file folders on an idisk ftp site • run and send reports to me on a weekly basis • keep track of transactions from PayPal and Amazon accounts so they are categorized properly • look for scanned receipts from from appropriate time periods that pertain to business and enter them as well. • set up online quickbooks to mimic quickbooks account on my computer (i.e. I need to evaluate weekly income and expenditures on a weekly basis based on when the work was done -- not paid for -- so I use the \"classes\" category in quickbooks to indicate the project and week we\'re referring to).   (more...)

meone to build a report for me in QuickBooks Premier which will give me a list of all the Ship To addresses on all invoices.   (more...)

real estate assistant, or virtual assistant and bookkeeper wanted! Our busy office is in need of a serious, responsible, and reliable worker. Past experience in the real estate industry would help. Duties will include assisting with the day-to-day administrative tasks: bookkeeping/ accounting, bill paying, answering phones, e-filing, data entry and web content updating. Other duties will be assigned once level of experience and ability are established. Must be able to perform in a fast-paced and busy environment! Qualifications include: -proficient in English (written and spoken) -no strong accents please -self-starter -excellent communication skills -computer savvy -able to type at least 50 WPM -detail-oriented -able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment -has some previous experience in the real estate or related fields, including: mortgage, title, escrow, or real estate agent. -able to work well with others, coomunicate effectively on the phone with customers, vendors and tenants. -organized -high level of professionalism -problem-solver -skilled in all Microsoft Office suites -knowledge of MLS and WinForms -Knowledge of real estate contracts May lead to full-time position in the future. Pay will be commensurate with experience. Only serious applicants need apply. You MUST meet the above qualifications to be considered. Thank you. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, Maurice Lee   (more...)

like to find an outsourced bookkeeper or bookkeeping service. We can scan in all invoices, receipts, etc., and send them to you, then print out all checks locally. We currently use an on-site copy of Quickbooks, and would prefer to keep this if possible (perhaps just sending the updated file back and forth or sharing the updated file in an online shared folder). We are in the media business - we invoice ad agencies and pay publishers for the ads that we have placed. We also develop a few websites, and for those we pay 15-20 writers every month. We prepare approximately 5-10 invoices per month and prepare about 30 checks per month. We also have payroll for two employees in one legal entity and one in another. There are two separate companies. IT\'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH CANADIAN CLIENTS. We use GST/HST, and have to convert from Canadian to US dollars regularly.   (more...)

ial Candidates, My company is looking to hire a few bookkeepers/Accountants. We are in the hiring process right now. All candidates will start by the middle of next month or sooner. All candidates must provide me with a resume, coverletter, and at least 3 referrences. All references will be checked. We are looking for candidates with at least 3yrs of bookkeeping experience. Once you past the interviewing process, you will be given a test to test your knowledge. Once hired you make between $8.00 - $15.00/hr depending on your experience. Only reliable and interested candidates apply. I look foward to hearing from all of you.   (more...)

ank statements, spreadsheets of transactions from bank statements, examine receipts. Then create a budget and find a way to cover the expenses required for a very special project that we are doing which will be a positive thing that you would be excited to know you are helping on. Bids of 50 cents per hour or less will be considered first. If you are effective, pay rate could increase as well as length of time of work.   (more...)

how to assembly finish products and fix inventory.   (more...)

cords of financial transactions for establishment. -makes journal entries of business transactions. -Summarizes details in separate ledgers or computer files and transfers data to general ledger -Reconciles and balances accounts. May compile reports to show statistics, such as cash receipts and expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, profit and loss, and other items pertinent to operation of business. -extract and interpret information from financial records. -performs advanced cost-accounting work covering material and production costs, costs of sales, research and product development, etc. -prepare, develop, analyze and also indulge in the implementation of a budget, taking into consideration the future financial needs of the organization -Prepare and deliver sales presentations to new and existing customers in order to sell new advertising programs, and to protect and increase existing advertising.   (more...)

st set up an account with Quickbooks online, and I have all my transactions since January that need to be inserted. Obviously some changes need to be made to the chart of accounts to suit my business. After a month or so, this company will be closed, and we will begin trading as a C Corporation. Knowledge of US taxes is a MUST. This would be ongoing work, but I am not sure how much at this stage, until we see how long things take. But we are looking to set up a long-term relationship with a reliable person. Look forward to meeting you!   (more...)

e a bookkeeper with extensive knowledge of Sage Financial Controller. You must have the Sage Financial controller on your computer so that we can transfer information via a sage backup via email. We need a bookkeeper to help us post sales and purchase invoices,post cash payments and receipts and reconcile bank accounts via the sage bank reconciliation programme. We are looking to take someone on a trial basis with the prospect of regular longterm work. Please provide us with references,proof of sage experience and your hourly rateAdd to Project Description   (more...)

iption: • Create and receive purchase orders, communicate with vendors • Assist with A/R and A/P • Assist with bank reconciliations • Assist with order processing and inventory ordering • Various other duties according to your interest • Part time position with flexible hours: must be available for a total of 3-5 hours of work each day, with at least 1-2 hours between 9 am – 5 pm CST for communicating with vendors (rest of hours can be anytime you wish) • Can be combined with a part time receptionist position into a full time position if you wish Job requirements: • Experience with accounting software (ideally MYOB/Account Edge) • Experience or an interest in learning A/R, A/P, bank reconciliations • You pay close attention to detail and have excellent organizational skills • Experience with Access and Word is an asset • You are energetic, strive for excellence and enjoy learning • Your spend time on-line most days and are familiar with on-line purchasing, Outlook and other internet usage • You want to work for a dynamic, flexible company, offering career advancement and growth opportunities   (more...)

small company that is growing and have decided to use Quickbooks. We need someone experienced to set-up our accounts and system properly. We may need ongoing bookkeeping assistance, but for now, we want to start with the set-up. - Our needs are specific because we have a combination of Monthly subscription income from clients, so we need good accounts receivable set-up - vendors who are paid as part of the client order, but are paid as they do the work. So, we need good accounts payable set-up - We pay commissions based on residual income from clients with varying commission levels based on the service ordered and provided -   (more...)

eking a proactive Bookkeeper/Administrator who can take responsibility for keeping it all on track! You would need to have diverse bookkeeping and administration experience with Netsuite. Your responsibilities include: • Accounts payable and accounts receivable • Payroll, Superannuation and taxation for Australia • Bank reconciliations and daily banking • Procurement • Management of general office issues • Customer enquires and relations   (more...)

listing the services of a an individual to help with general bookkeeping needs for a newly formed real estate company. keep track and categorize expenses, show quarterly report of earnings for agents.. Minimum hours needed now until productivity increases Thanks for your application   (more...)

small, professional, independent publisher of a book on a business model for the escort industry. This is sold through our website. We value our team members and offer the following: • Career and compensation growth for long-term contractors • The ability to work virtually • Professional training • An intellectual work environment and a fun atmosphere! Key Purpose of the Job Compile the monthly books (no payroll, this is 2-3 hours per month). Only looking for someone within the US! Once you have proven yourself, you will expand to doing books for US clients. Technical Skills or Job- Related Knowledge Required • ability to use US QB (we will provide you with the CND version of QB if you are hired) • excellent bookkeeping skills (manual and system process) • has excellent working knowledge of QB Pro. • working knowledge of GST remittance, or is willing to learn • working knowledge of budgeting • working knowledge of analyzing which expenses are the highest, lowest, how much they go up or down monthly etc., how many sales are needed to cover fixed expenses & can provide that info in an easy to read format • working knowledge of categorizing expenses & income under the appropriate categories • working knowledge of online business categories for expenses, or is willing to learn on their own. • working knowledge deciphering real sales revenue after all expenses and/or merchant account fees are taken off. • working knowledge in determining if the merchant account fees coming out of the account are accurate Experience Required • bank reconciliation experience. • Processing delinquent payments (A/R) are handled • Producing reports in an easy-to-read manner. • Certified to do tax returns, recommended • Virtual experience – at least 3 months • excellent written and verbal English communication skills to include being able to follow explicit instructions via e-mail, instant messaging and on the phone Attributes required • Innovative • Hard Working • Intelligent • Intuitive • Excellent e-mail etiquette • Someone who is a nice, down to earth person, secure with themselves, really likes to help companies grow, & loves their clients • Someone above average in intelligence & intuition • Open minded about working for our industry • Professional approach to work • Good work ethic • Internet Savvy • Detail orientated • Proactive • Ability to take responsibility for your actions • The desire to work in a friendly, down to earth, virtual workplace that applauds innovation and common sense. Please include the following in your bid • The keywords I\'m your professional bookkeeper in the heading of your bid. • Your best “small business” hourly rate. • A description of your abilities as they relate to our needs, without an accompanying resume • A list of your professional references that can verify your bookkeeping abilities. We do prefer people who are licensed, but if you are exceptional & aren\'t, we\'d love to hear from you. • List how many years you have been working virtually online • List your top three strengths and your top three areas for improvement   (more...)

ing for someone to sell readymade scripts which i already have developed and incentive on a particular sale can be decided. This is a profit sharing based job not a salary based. So please post your cv if this suits you. regards RB   (more...)

Business Opportunity face book fan page called Millionaire Minds and I need 5000 targeted friends   (more...)

or someone who is experienced in craigs-list/Backpage/Kijiji/Oodle/OLX posting to post an average of 35 ads per day in South Florida, USA. Need to make sure that our ad is listed during the day time. Must be done daily at regular intervals with no missed posts. Must have PVAs, IPs/proxy system, NOT get ghosted. You need to have the skills necessary to keep ads from ghosting. Looking to try this out for 2 weeks and depending on the results, we will decide if to continue ongoing. Also tell me about your CL/Backpage/Kijiji/Oodle/OLX posting experience, English proficiency, PVAs and IP system. Experienced Only!   (more...)

oking for providers experienced in cpa offers, to get free sign ups daily for cpa reward site Offer can be just a simple Zip Code entry, Email entry, survey, first page registration , a download or a Mobil confirmation. We require a minimum of 50-1000 sign ups. these CPA campaigns work on a very limited time frame Please Only bid if you can provide 50 leads+ per Day & can do a test of 10 leads before getting hired. - Unique and confirmed E-mail and IP addresses - No duplicates, No fraudulent signups, No Black Hat, NO CL Spamming - NO proxy server are to be used You must provide test sign ups to prove that you can deliver. Long term job awaits for multiple providers.   (more...)

oking for people who can create accounts on websites, post content and creative writing. Some article writing. Create a spread sheet of accounts created and links posted. We will train how we want it it done. Must be will organized as there will be a lot of information to track and keep records. Familiar with twitter, face book, my space and other social media platforms   (more...)

meone to make a nice professional looking craigslist ad template to advertise my apartment building. I would like to include several pictures of the property that I have already. I need someone to also be creative in making the property description. I have descriptions of the building now that need to be improved. I would like template to be made so I can change descriptions, prices, pictures, etc. in the future as I need.   (more...)

rently looking at our marketing materials. We need someone to start off with building a new brochure set for our sales team. This particular job will involve the creation of a leaflet in Msword describing the services that our company provides to students help them in their job search.   (more...)

articles writhing on post ad advertizing an ucoming company that is being creatid now ethinic resturant in washington dc   (more...)

ike to hire an Adwords specialist for my Spanish Adwords Campaign. I have 5 Spanish websites or blog\'s. I am also open to anyone who is proficient in Facebook Advertising as well. They must know what they\'re doing please as I have no intention of losing any more money to google adwords, strong in Spanish Translation or language. I promote Clickbank Products, and an example of one of my websites is: Further details to applicant when awarded. Thank you Karen.   (more...)

or somebody to post our law firm\'s advertisement to Craigslist about 5 times a day. Very easy job with minimal time commitment, but it must be done daily at regular intervals with no missed posts. So basically all we need is somebody who is very organized and dependable to do this for us long term.   (more...)

ing for someone who is grat at marketing and advertising. I would like my youtube channel, fan page, both of my books and blog marketed to more people and i would need someone who is good at word press to add to my site. I would also like this person to have knowledge of adding backlinks to my page and getting a higher ranking for my website.   (more...)

or ppc specialist to help me manage my adwords campaign. We are A debt settlement company   (more...) is marktplace for things for 5 Euro. We need marketing experts to increase our traffic. Especially for Europe market.   (more...)

a phone recycling site where I buy phones off people ( , not yet finished) and someone to get about ten thousand people to come to my website and sell me their phone. If you do it well then I will hire you again. You must have previous experience and to prove you have read my requirments write the word ODESK in the top left hand corner. Thanks, Luke   (more...)

oking for someone to help us set up an affiliate marketing campaign for our website and help us attract new affiliates that will promote our site for a % commission. Prior experience in affiliate marketing is absolutely necessary. The candidate must speak very good english and be able to set up affiliates in the U.S. only since our business only caters to U.S. consumers.   (more...)

5 to .10 cents per live ad. Make as much as you post. *They must run live. Requirements: -MUST have your own CL accts, about 2-3+ preferred -NEED experience with CL posting -MUST be available 8+ Hours daily Let me know how many you can do per hour or day?   (more...)

ads posted! Rate is at .05 to .10 cents per ad. PAYING PER LIVE POSTED Requirements: *MUST have your Own CL accounts *US CL posting experience *MUST be able to work 5 days a week 8+Hrs daily (7 days preferred) In your Cover letter please ONLY let me know... - How many ads can you post per day or hour?   (more...)

need of a CL poster to post for us regularly.   (more...)

need of a craigslist professional that can post for us daily. We are hoping that you know how to use the PVA\'s and maintain postings. Is this you? Please respond as we are looking for someone immediately   (more...)

the job can be viewed in this website Start it now!   (more...)

sistance setting up google tracking for ad campaigns and also to see how we can improve my organic SEO.   (more...)

sistance setting up google tracking for ad campaigns and also to see how we can improve my organic SEO.   (more...)

fixed price job. You will be responsible for posting comments, emailing, placing articles, and any type of general advertising you can think of in order to get people to sign up as a member of our new website. You will be given an affliate ID and you will recieve $5 for every successful new member. You will be paid according to Odesk rules. The website is not a free for a period and then pay later website but is in full compliance with Visa and Mastercard rules. The job will be for an initial period of time and may open to another period later.   (more...) This webite, I need Distributors. Bottom right hand portion of the website is the \"Distributors\" Link. Cost to sign up as Distributor is $199 US dollars. I will pay $25 US for each Distbutor sign-up, notfor the free App on the main page. Once Verified, Payment can be sent.   (more...)

itten several powerpoint presentation , but I struggle with adding the voice and all the photos or clip art or images. i also have a hard time putting the presentaion together professionally. The text and even the voice i can do , but I need somoene skilled at making a \" Excellent\" presentation. The starting place is the slides area already written. The voice has been done but can be changed to fit the \"master \" product. I have examples of what I like and I have content for the slides. everything else , is what I seek. I will not accept automated responses so your reply must include the word \" kazanova\". The task starts as 2 seperate presentations and if I like your work I have 10 others to do. We will start with 2.   (more...)

or someone who know how to sell ebook on Ebay. Set up the store and all the products. Someone with expert knowledge on selling on Ebay. I will need to see some of your store links. Please know how to sell and market ebook products on Ebay with Master Resale Rigths Only experience people will be considered. You should know how to do it all...even delivery. Ebay Guru   (more...)

meone to drive massive amounts of traffic to my website and twitter and facebook pages. I need about 10,000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter. They need to be real people and must generate traffic to my website. Contact me if interested.   (more...)

posting for someone to help me gather information using a very detailed script. There is no appointment setting involved, only gathering information and verifying their address so we can mail them some information. I will then follow up with them and set the appointment myself at a later time. If you are productive and reliable, this could be long term and subject to incentives and raises. I will pay by the hour and provide calling material and scripting. Part Time Est. 10hrs per week starting out   (more...)

ed or require: I just authored a new self-improvement book. I need my book marketed and sold to buyers across the United States. Target markets include tea party activists, self-help book readers, and financially-struggling individuals. You are responsible for lead generation, marketing, and book sales. What I already have versus what the provider will deliver: We are handling all Internet marketing right now but will soon be turning over this function to all interested providers via Elance. Our website is live and can be viewed at this link: A preview of the book and a bit of background on the author and website are available. Other context/requirements that providers will need to know: If you are hired, I will provide a full digital copy of my book to you for your review. Please take the time to visit and peruse the Facebook fan page and Twitter page (both linked to from the main site) to get a basic understanding of the book\'s content and our company\'s visions. For any other information or resources you feel are necessary to perform this job, please contact me directly. Project pays $10 per hour. Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: First and foremost, I want your professional opinion of the best means by which you can distribute this product. We are exploring unconventional (as well as traditional) approaches to marketing and selling this book and are adamant about each avenue we explore. We are branding our product and seek more than simply distribution via a book publisher. Telemarketing, sales, telesales, direct marketing/selling, and lead generation experience are desired. Timeframe for delivery: Our goal is to sell 1000 copies per month of this book between October 1, 2010 and October 1, 2011.   (more...)

research is looking for contractors that would like a permanent contract with our company. We are looking to hire individuals who are outspoken, hardworking, reliable, and detail oriented. We require that you have your own computer, head set, skype calling plan, and an Excel account. You will be taking phone surveys for businesses. You will be making business to business calls and are required to get some information from the client (such as email and name) for the call to be complete. We are only considering people who are serious about this position. If you cannot perform, we will give your work to our other contractors. This is a great easy way of making money. You will be asked to fill out a survey and send over your resume. Before we consider hiring. We will begin training this Friday if you are selected for the position. We pay out for a bulk of completes. You MUST finish your weekly contract of 50 completes for payout. If you take longer than a week to finish the project, you can expect to receive pay later. It is up to you to complete your work within your weekly deadline. If you can complete more than 50 surveys, you will be paid more. Please send me your resume and we will schedule and interview. Serious candidates only!   (more...)

ergetic and fluent English tele-callers (cold-callers) to call medical health clinics in the United States. You need to find out the decision makers in the clinics who can buy our EMR software and EMR+PMS Software. EMR: Electronic Medical Records EMR+PMS: EMR+Payment Management System Once you find the right person, you need to set an appointment for an online-demonstration of our product. Every 5 successful* appointments will be paid @ $10 in a week and paid every 14 days.   (more...)

iption: Please have PVA\'s ready to post in almost every major city in the USA, i have premade ads with simple unique text with redirects and images hosted in a unique code. I am looking to pay .25 cents per post. ALL you need to do is copy and paste each ad and have a good IP solution (remote DSL). i want the ads to stay up for over 12 hours each. I can pay daily and this will be very long term. PLEASE BE ABLE TO POST 100+ ADS DAILY POSSIBLY UP TO 200+.   (more...)

professional to post ads in service and for sale i am willing to pay .30-40 cents per post i will need the links in a excel or word document to make sure they work would like to get started asap this work will be ongoing   (more...)

utbound call to prospects for appointment to agents.   (more...)

iption Currently seeking an experienced Craigslist poster to join us in our real estate venture! Poster must be able to avoid being flagged and or ghosted. At the present moment we are only in need of 1 or maybe 2 ads posted once every 48 hours for the island of Oahu. Ads are already written and just needs to be cut and pasted in the appropriate categories and demographics. Primary Objective Lead generation which will aid us in the setting of appointments with real estate sellers and brokerages on Oahu. Compensation 1. $.15 cents for every ad posted that stays up for the entire 48 hour duration. 2. Additional $1.50 for every appointment set as a result of your posting(s). 3. Additional $15.00 for every home seller that agrees to utilize our services as a result of your posting(s). 4. Additional $150.00 for every auction division that is created as a result of your posting(s). 5. Bonuses/Negotiable Specific Terms and Conditions Poster will only be compensated for live ads that are posted and remain visible for a minimum of 48 hours. Poster will not receive payment for any ghosted and or flagged ads. Poster may be required to provide a daily report, displaying links to all live ads, until they have reached the 48 hour mark. Poster may not share any leads generated from our ads, or forward any information generated from the lead. We are looking to bring the right candidate on board for the long haul. Looking forward to working with you and please feel free to contact us for complete details.   (more...)

ple required to generate leads in the financial sector. Candidates will source leads to re-claim payment protection insurance for customers. Excellent renumeration.   (more...)

00 signups for our Arab/Muslim Dating site in a max 3 week period. Please only apply if you have experience in lead generation / mass marketing / email marketing. We need 50 male and 50 female signups. All signups must have real personal photos. Male Signups : The signups must come from one of the following countries (by IP) : 1. Egypt 2. UK 3. United States Female Signups : The signups must come from one of the following countries (by IP) : 1. Egypt 2. Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonlia, Lithuania 3. Hungary, Romania No fake signups, no spam signups, no proxy access, each and every signup will be checked for authenticity. All signups must stay active after signup meaning they must login at least 2 times in the week following signup.   (more...)

ter / Appointment Setting needed for a Telephone System VAR (Value Added Reseller) located in the United States. I am looking for a really good telemarketer to join my team in making cold calls to small business owners located in Eastern Part of USA. Tasks: The ideal candidate will be required to contact small businesses to inform them about the products and services that we have to offer. We will provide you with a database of numbers for you to contact. You will need to verify the Owner/Manager/ Decision Makers correct name or get it if it’s not included. You will then be required to book an appointment with that person (You will be provided with a calendar of available dates) Ideal Candidate Traits 1. Excellent English Speaking Skills without any noticeable accents 2. Honest with a high-degree of integrity in every action. 3. Have a friendly and professional business mannerism over the phone. 4. Self-motivated - does not need to be supervised can understand the goal and develop a plan to quickly meet it. 5. Ability to communicate to Senior Management ( i.e., CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, etc) 7. A convincer who knows just what to say, and when to say it in order to get the appointment. 8. Meticulously organized and have great follow-up. 9. Have understanding of technology for example have knowledge of database 10. Quick Learner 11. Ability to get past ‘Gate Keepers’ You will also need to have access to Skype and be able to work within the US business hours. It is very important that you are already fully trained and experienced in telesales / appointment setting and competent enough to join our team. - Please submit you bid on a Hourly basis. This is a long term position and depending on how good you are it could become a full time Job. Please mention the code var2 in the application. Very Important: We are looking for Independent Contractors working from home. We are not interested in working with call centers.   (more...)

bscriptions to our stock pick/forex signal service. You will be provided with a \"Referral ID\" the subscriber must use in order for you to get credit for the sale. You may use any advertising means to get subscribers. Marketing materials provided. Potential long term position and increased pay for the right salesperson. Allowing a month of time to complete, but if its completed earlier, we can pay as soon as it is complete.   (more...)

oking for an experienced Adwords campaign manager that can help to develop campaigns in our 6 major product markets of Graphic Design, Printing, Web Development, Signage, Trade Show displays, and Promotional Products/Apparel. This person will need to know or learn these industries, have experience in writing successful campaigns that generate click troughs and conversions.   (more...)

! Do not apply if you don\'t have existing portfolio of your flash work. You need to have very good design and animation skills. Please post a link to your flash portfolio and make sure you don\'t claim work that is not yours. Please state exactly what you did in each design work. Job description: I would like to design some flash banners based on our existing GIF banners. We have sources in PSD + static GIFs. We would like few variations of the button animation. On the approval for first banner we will need more sizes to produce. This job will more likely lead to more jobs in future   (more...)

logo reveal event and would like to commission an animation job.   (more...)

pieces of content are to be designed as an introduction to ALL my video pieces and outro. Both pieces must be designed for flexibility in that I can change the word and number that it contains, but still have the same effect on each video. The total time that each of these pieces will be featured in the video is about 3 seconds. It\'s really just content that you can design, but an animation takes place. Click on this link for illustration: I want my intro to my video to look like that, but with the number going from 90 to 89 with the effect of a countdown as the video resumes to actual content. The color orange will be replaced with a plain black or grey background. And it must be designed so that I can change the number as I go from day 89 to 88 for my next video. Outro to be discussed. I hope I elaborated it enough to get the idea. IMPORTANT: Please state your bid either as hourly or as a fixed price. State the date you\'ll be able to get this done And samples of your work. Thank you   (more...)

ing for a skilled developer to develop a logo that will be for the background in a chat room. I will need both a static version and a .swf version. The logo (aka wallpaper) should be 1024x768 in size. This will need to be done ASAP but with a high quality to detail.   (more...)

meone to create a 30 second video animation that will be used for a short spot on local TV. It will be quite simple but MUST look professional. I will only consider applicants who can show me several completed animations in their portfolio and who can demonstrate familiarity with the necessary conversion and formatting for Broadcast TV. I will have the character, colors, and main imagery along with the visual concept completed before the project begins. I just need someone who can bring it to life and make it all look crisp. The idea is to make a small budget company look solid. I will require raw files upon completion that could be edited later if necessary, and our company will own any and all rights to the created work. Please bid on this project and submit links to your animation work if interested.   (more...)

he brief: 60 seconds max Style: stick men (akin to this video: Music: I will select the right music Voice: I will provide the voice behind it Actions: Which reflect the story below. Story Pitch: clean, clear, concise and story oriented with a beginning, middle and an end. Problemo: 1) Life is short, interesting, with least a 100 decisions a day - some small, some big, some fat, some social, some work…some important, some urgent, some both…...(more to follow)   (more...)

Find a Video Spokesperson is becoming a challenge. We are exploring the idea of animated character with a voice over to brand our company. Sort of like the gecko in the Geico commercial. We need a video spokesperson \"character\" for our 1-2 minute YouTube presentations... Thanks, Mike   (more...)

oking for a talented illustrator to create a 4 to 6 minute product presentation similar to the facebook presentation found here...!   (more...)

o develop a 6-10 second animation for a website. The clip is cgi and should be done by a pro cgi animator and preferably one with experience and portfolio in mussle tissue. The clip goes like this: there is a Ferrari car in the screen and you see the whole car but in the back half of the car you see the exterior of the car but in the front half of the car you see the insides of the car like the engine parts, the gears, the wires, etc. Sitting in the drivers seat is a person and you can see the outside external body of the person below their waist and you see the internal body organs, bones, muscles, nerves, etc of the upper half of the body. The car moves forward, it\'s driving. There is a speedomitor below the car to show the speed of the car at all times. The car speeds up to 35 mph. Then the car crashes into a brick wall. The car gets some dammage but the video zooms in onto the upper half of the human body sitting in the carright after impact. You then see the body making the whiplash motion and can see all the muscles and bones moving and the nerves lighting up from the impact motion. The body stops moving from the impact and the clip is over. We need this animation done after review in 2 weeks or less. So ideally you well be finished in 1 week and we well have one more week to review and modify if necessary. The two important things are seeing a quality portfolio that includes body muscle work and commitment to the deadline. If your reply doesn\'t adress these needs it won\'t be considered.   (more...)

3D model of a human body (male) height 6\'6\" 280 lbs muscular build, measurements 58-44-46, neck 20\", shoulders 30\" arm 23\", four arm 18\", wrist 12\", thighs 30\", calves 23\". Hair down to the lower part of his shoulder blades a full beard moderately hairy arms, legs, shoulder blades, chest, and genitls. Blondish red hair color, red facial hair with blonde highlights. As realistic as possible.   (more...)

ng for 3-d designer for presentations. We are growing fast and need individuals that are willing to finish our projects fast. Thank you , Rod Lima   (more...)

ash designer for drawing engineering process project (water treatment company). budget - usd 40   (more...)

king for a super high quality 2D animator to make 2 minutes animation video for our animation sitcom. Here are 2 samples of high quality animation what we want to get: and If you can provide such kind styles, please, send your samples of work to me. I\'ll glad to contact with you and give more information about the job. Budget is appropriate and negotiable. Also you\'ll get all credits and an opportunity to make other episodes for the sitcom.   (more...)

ating a new Video site that has a animator charactor and we like someone can do few short animation video for us. also as good with coming up with script. you. our new website is : thank you matthew   (more...)

oying a website soon and would like the flash updated. See the current flash - The quality I\'m looking for is closer to this - - click watch the 2 minute intro Important: - no sound required - I have images that I would like in the flash see the bottom to download them - I need your expected salary and time to complete your version - 5/5 english speaking required - portfolio required - I would like this done in 5 days, I will accept more time if needed - I will pay market rate based on experience and quality of work - Flash will be 30 seconds or less for each \"How it works\" and \"We know certificates\" - I would like the Flash to be interactive if possible See this link for the other images - Paul   (more...)

project involving dream animation. Absolutely need to see a portfolio of your previous work. Needs to be good enough quality for PBS, Nova, or similar channel.   (more...)

lp for a multi-language flash project for South Asian languages: Hindi,Bengali,Gujarati,Punjabi,Urdu (1)Non-unicode font well display in all windows OS; (2)Text auto line break without words broken. (3)Text right to left for Urdu We use XML file as external database.   (more...)

like to have a video on our website showing clients how to use our site and services. Will be happy to give more details about what we\'re looking for - just need to see a video like the one below that you\'ve created. Thanks so much!   (more...)

ing for someone talented that can make animation such as : Ideally, you would be good and working on a permanent basis. We got enough projects and activities to keep someone full time doing this. I would like you to send me videos that you personally made or collaborated on. This job is for the graphic parts of the animation and adding audio from voice artists and music.   (more...)

ooking for a assistant who has basic experience of Lingo and Macromedia Director to design a Flash based game for kids between 7-9. The Game will be very basic and will not require much work. The idea is to have a multiple choice game with the option for the kid to select the right name of the object in the picture that appears each time. If you think your right for the part contact me and we\'ll discuss through skype.   (more...)

sed. We need this flash application.   (more...)

series of animations (3-8 streams, short). Visual needs to be like in \'SIMONS CAT\', please check before you apply. Brand is in kids fashion, fun with positive attitude. You need to show some portfolio on animation, pls. provide a link as you apply. Place your bid for one (1) animation.   (more...)

meone to recreate a short video from another website. Some of the words will need to be changed and the colours used will change as well. It will need to be formatted for a Wordpress website. More details will come privately. Please respond with \"Sea Shells\". Thank you.   (more...)

or an animated gif artist to animate basic images by adding glitter, hearts, text etc. Test run and if satisfied, will have many more jobs in the near future. Please send over some sample animated gif work to be considered.   (more...)

nt of a flash animated from page and 1 internal joomla template based on existing design supplied to you. Please provide cost for a fixed rate to complete the entire job (not hourly rate)   (more...)

nt project to create the following: *25 30-60s videos of a person doing simple stretches and exercises. Photo realistic computer generated of person against a blank white background. *170 still images of a person at a computer in various postures, or of specific pieces of office equipment. Photo realistic computer generated. Source materials will be provided (existing sketches of each image or exercise, plus videos of a real-world model to copy). See attached specification for more information. Three candidates will be chosen to be paid to complete an initial first 30-60s exercise video. One candidate will then be chosen to complete the rest of the project. We are unsure of the number of hours this project is likely to involve, and what a realistic budget is for the high quality we require. Please provide your own estimate for the total project and we will discuss further, or provide a quote only for the initial first 30-60s test video. Estimated end date is for 1st video only. Please provide some examples or (or links to) your existing animation work, preferably showing photo-realistic (rather than fantasy/gaming/cartoon) animations.   (more...)

oking for someone to create short animations clips as good as the videos that Google and other big companies produce: We can do the voice-overs - we just need the animations. You may need to use your own creativity to convey messages. We will be creating short clips on using various computer software such as Facebook, Microsoft Office and Twitter. See the videos here: Here is another style: Also please tell us can you do something more than just text writing.We need more advance work. like shown in these videos :- Please show your previous work as above three samples else we cannot proceed Important point :- we need Adobe after effect experts animation artists only.Please don\'t apply if you only know flash We need adobe after effect animation artists only This is the standard i expect :- no flash please!   (more...)

rking on 2 pilots for a Christian music TV show for kids and Teens in Canada. We need graphics for TV i.e: Intro Extro Stingers Bumpers Segment intros Going after the MTV, VH1 feel and vibe.   (more...)

oking for someone to create short animations clips as good as the videos that Google and other big companies produce: We can do the voice-overs - we just need the animations. You may need to use your own creativity to convey messages. We will be creating short clips on using various computer software such as Facebook, Microsoft Office and Twitter. See the videos here: Here is another style: Also please tell us can you do something more than just text writing.We need more advance work. like shown in these videos :- Please show your previous work as above three samples else we cannot proceed Important point :- we need Adobe after effect experts animation artists only.Please don\'t apply if you only know flash   (more...)

professional animation with voice to intro our services with music, professional voice like an American Voice, not a Philippines voice or Asian Voice Moving animation to bring the excitement of our service and increase the branding   (more...)

oking for a small team of people (2-3 people) to assist in completing a tight deadline for a movie in Sketchup. Deadline has been moved up and MUST be completed by Friday Morning (8/3/2010)!! Movie includes exterior model and interior walkthru of 6 spaces, exterior of model is complete and 2 of the 6 rooms have been completed. I will provide a base model and your work will be inserted into our master model. Looking for experienced modelers due to tight timeframe.   (more...)

aphics in Flash Macromedia for a training software, intended for airline\'s flight operation personnel. Easy to do. We just send you what king of graphics we want and you do them.   (more...)

nter for a 6 minute film. More details available after you apply. Must have at least 2 years experience and a portfolio.   (more...)

ing for someone who can design two flash banners as per the specs in the image attached. The should look similar to to banners 9 and 10 on this site: with a few image and text changes The banner should link to the landing page below:   (more...)

t to draw very simple, cute and entertaining illustrations for a 90-second company promotional video. Goal is to match the current trend of super-simple cartoons illustrating nifty concepts. This is a promo piece for a voice-over talent agency and post production sound studio and explains why we\'re the ones to use. Concept is to reveal lines of on-screen text in an entertaining manner as it\'s being read, with some cute (occasional) cartoons doing takeoffs on the services we\'re offering. Ideally, you\'ll create the entire visual, working to a supplied voicetrack, then deliver as an easily mailed quicktime piece. Simplicity and single line drawing rules the day! Please send links to your work.   (more...)

rticles a day and upload them to wordpress. each article will be 400 words. each article will be billed at $1.50 must have skype account and yahoo account for more details.   (more...)

osts for Basically you find a petition on an internet petition site like ipetition or petition spot. You write a funny or spoofy commentary on it. Target length is 100 -150 words Include a link to the source petition. You don\'t have to actually factually describe the petition. Purposefully misunderstand it in some way is fine. Example petition to end school lottery for bear hunt tickets you act like the school is having a lottery where the losing children are to be hunted by bears which is absolutely outrageous and urge people to sign the petition opposing it. If the first group works out I\'ll reassign the project monthly. Look on the blog for example posts.   (more...)

or article submission experts to submit article manualy to article directories. You will be responsible for resolving all submission issues and ensuring the articles are published correctly with proper anchor text. To start, you will be given a pen name and account details to create accounts with a provided list of accounts. After creating accounts you will be responsible for maintaining them. After each submission you are to create a report with links to the the published articles so all I have to do is click the link to see each published article. You may have to create this report a few days after submission in order to report on those articles where submission takes a few days to review. No article writing necessary with the assignment but you must have strong ENGLISH and a good understanding of keywords and categories when submitting articles to the approriate directories. This is ongoing work with good opportunity for bonuses and raises for dedicated workers. Our company has a great history of reliable employment and prompt payment. Thank you for your consideration.   (more...)

ng ongoing job for a press release submission expert. Must submit to list of provided press release sites as well as research additional websites to submit press releases. Required to ensure every press release is publised with relevant and WORKING anchor text and backlink to my website. Must create a report with the PUBLISHED LINK to the press release, not a link to the submission confirmation. I should be able to simply click on the links of submitted releases to view them live on the internet. Need someone with experience who is reliable for long-term employment as I have many PRs to distribute. Strong ENGLISH is necessary for effective communication and you must communicate with me frequently via email and skype to keep me up to date on the assignment. We are a great company to work for with a good payment history and prompt payment. Thank you for your consideration.   (more...)

is for 2 Article rewrites of 500 words each. I have keywords that will have to be integrated into the articles. Please post only if you are fluent in English. I will have a voice conversation via Skype with selected contractors. Due to preference and timezone, this job is open to contractors from the Philippines only. I will award this job to multiple candidates, then will continue with the contractor that has written the articles that suits me best. All articles that are written must pass Copyscape and other plagiarism services. There will be a separate job posting with the candidate I prefer for another 100 article rewrites with some original articles. Article spinning will also be needed. By applying for this job you agree to release all rights to the articles you write (including being named as the author) and are not allowed to re-use the articles in any way, shape or form. I reserve the right to do what ever I may wish with the articles you have written for me and have full ownership. Please include the phrase \"Assume nothing, pursue everything\" in your application so that I know you have read this job post in full. Thank you.   (more...)

a writer fluent in Spanish & English to create blog posts for a language learning blog. Here are the expectations: - Translate 150 English words into Spanish (one per post) - Each blog post will range from 100 - 150 words (avg. 120) - It will include an opening paragraph, which includes the translation for the word, and other common translations - It will include 4 x example sentences using the featured word, first the english sentence, followed by the translated version in Spanish - At the end of each post, you will leave a relative question, to encourage comments You can see examples of the posts here - Ideally, you will be given access to the wordpress blog so you can write the posts in draft format. With the proper writing & translation skills of english-spanish, the job could be completed in 15 hours work time. We do not require all posts up front, however, at least 30 would be required directly after starting project, while the remaining could be completed on your time over the proceeding month.   (more...)

articles related to relationships. 1000 - 1200 words each. Topics will be given upon selection of provider. Native English speaker only. All rights will transfer to me upon payment. Need to see relevant samples or links to published work. Must pass copyscape - must be original work. Prefer someone with psychology or counseling background, but will consider all bids.   (more...)

og and article writer that can write and comment on blogs about website ( and it\'s services. Need someone that can write creative articles Will also need person submit articles to directories all over the internet   (more...)

articles written on a variety of subjects including jewelry, home decor, fashion, and various other subjects. All articles will be a minimum of 300-600 words; this will vary article to article. I will expect my writers to complete at least 1 article every day. If I like your work I may provide ongoing assignments. Please do not apply unless you have EXCELLENT English skills. ******IMPORTANT****** I do not offer upfront payment. This is a fixed-rate assignment, so you when you place a bid, you are bidding on the ENTIRE project, not an hourly wage. All bidders will be asked to write a specific sample article. I will provide a subject and keywords to be included. Please do not submit any pre-written samples, they will be ignored because I have no way to know whether you actually wrote them yourself or not.   (more...)

00 (400 to 500) word easy to read articles on various topics related to how to win an athletic scholarship. The article topics will be provided. 4 week turnaround time on the completion of this job. For best consideration regarding this position, we advise attaching work samples and a well-presented cover letter.   (more...)

project 25000 article total per article $2 Fixed no English grammar mistake bid now   (more...)

iption I am seeking for a writer who can write informative, interesting article on a various consumer oriented subjects. If you’re good at writing about diverse subjects and like this kind of writing we will enjoy working together. The project consists of writing new articles for specific keyword phrases that I will provide. The articles will be in a text formats (*.txt). I will supply the topic and the list the of keyword phrases to base the writing of the new articles on. The length of each article should be a minimum of 500 words and up to 800 or more. The finish articles must be delivered free of spelling errors and grammatically correct. Each of the new articles will consist of: 1. A headline 2. A sub-headline (tag line) 3. Body copy The main keyword phrase must be contained in the title of the articles and in the first and last sentence of the articles. Derivatives of the keyword phrase along with other related keywords (i.e. in the keyword list provided to you) should also be used a number of times in the main body of the article, all additional usage should be natural. In other words, just write the article as if you are not trying to incorporate the keywords, but after-wards make sure some of them made it into the body copy. The articles should avoid technical terms or explain technical terms with simple examples, Each article must be interesting and /or fascinating and provide the reader helpful hints or tips which they implement regarding the subject matter. Each of the articles must provide at least one piece of information that is not common knowledge. Each of the articles must absolutely be original, the style and voice of the article should be interesting, conversational, filled with everyday language and expressions. Each of the articles should avoid technical terms or explain the technical terms with simple examples. Each of the articles must be interesting and/or fascinating and that provide the reader helpful hints or tips which they implemented regarding to the subject matter. Each of the articles must provide at least one piece of information that isn’t common knowledge. Each of the articles MUST absolutely be original. The style and the voice of the articles should be interesting, filling with everyday language and expressions, and conversational. These articles are written for America/US. You should explain things like explaining them to a child without talking down to the readers. Deliverables: 1) All the work delivered MUST be original and absolutely not violate any of the copyright. Service Provider must agree to indemnify Buyer and take the full responsibility for any costs of any of the copyright infringement action including damages and attorney\'s fees should they occur. This should be no problem if your work is legit/original. 2) The Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of her/his writing assignments and the fact of that the articles will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential. 3) All the work shall be delivered to the Buyer in individual (text files) as the article is completed, and It shall be spell checked, and fact checked before delivered to the Buyer. 4) All deliverable will be considered \"work made for hire\" under the U.S. Copyright laws. The Seller will assign and the Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all the work purchased (No GNU, GPL, 3rd party components, etc. unless all of the copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED to by the buyer on the site per the coder\'s Seller Legal Agreement). 5) All the work must start within 1 business days of award, and it must be completed at a minimum rate of 3 completed articles per U.S. business day after the start date. I need 12 new articles within a week or less, the keywords I will provide to you, talk to to you soon. Thank you,   (more...)

ticles on France, the French life & culture written from the perspective of a someone living in France. Articles must be in very good English. Writing needs to be fluid and well researched, and will be checked for plagiarism. -Knowledge of food/hospitality/travel/tourism helpful -First hand knowledge of France/French life is a big plus Each article needs to be 350-400 words and will pay $2 per article. Article ideas revolve around France and the French people, why people would want to visit France, etc. (there\'s a lot of flexibility). Here are some titles: _ An introduction to French celebrities _ X ways to spark romance by visiting Paris _ X reasons why the French are healthy _ Top attractions you must see in France _ An introduction to French Cooking _ X tips for travelling in France   (more...)

looking for Quality & Affordable Article writer. Initially i ill order 200 articles on daily basis i need to get some set of articles from you. It should pass copyscape and please no copy paste work. Its my sincere request Total words - 300 - 350 Send me your profiles along with answer to below question Why should i hire you?   (more...)

trial for a longer job. Only bid for this trial job if you are confident and willing to take on the whole job after the trial. The trial consists of 30 articles for $30, along the same guidelines as the longer term job (description below). On successful completion of trial you will be hired for: ------------------------ Basic 300-word articles, factual information, creative writing skills not really required. What we need is fast turnaround. We need 100 articles on each of three topics (so you only need to do research three times). The three topics will be given to you upon beginning of your contract, as well as the basic keywords for each topic. Correct English spelling, punctuation and grammar are required to write these very simple articles. You will not need to be very creative, just fast and factual. The articles will need to be unique but they will be fairly repetitive. Absolutely no spinners. We will be checking these articles in a unique article checker and anyone attempting to use a spinner will be fired immediately and no pay for spun articles will be given. You will be paid in several installments as you complete the articles. Pay for the whole batch of articles will come to $280. ------------------------ To show you have read and understood this whole job posting, type \"white horses\" at the top of your application. Again, the job posted today is for the trial hire of 30 articles only, for $30. We are looking for someone who will be able to do these simple articles with a fast turnaround, to hire for longer-term work after this job is completed.   (more...)

is project completed by Sunday I need five (5) articles of 300-500 words on various boating related topics. You should have an excellent command of the English language and be able to write intriguing, informative articles that incorporate great SEO keywords in the content. There will be a one-time payment of $20.00. If you are good, there is an opportunity for long term employment with our company. Pre-Requisites: Fluent in Written English You must be knowledgeable of boating and boating related topics Article must be unique and pass Copyscape and other plagiarism software I will provide you with: 1. Our site, so you can understand what we’re creating and how you fit in 2. Article Topics 3. Keywords to be naturally incorporated for SEO purposes To be considered for this position, please send a writing sample on any boating topic. No writing sample = No consideration   (more...)

need: I am looking for a skilled writer to write ebooks, articles and blog posts over the next 3 months. I will hire one or two people who can work part time as needed to complete writing projects. ~ Required: Must be proficient in English language and grammar Must be able to conduct research to complete writing projects All ebooks, articles and blog posts must be original. All writings will be checked with Copyscape. Must be reliable and able to meet deadlines. ~ I will provide: The topic for each writing project An estimated timeframe for completing each project The writer will be required to provide sources/references with email links for all writing projects Applicants please provide the following when applying: ~ When applying please provide writing samples. ~ Which subjects have you written on in the past?   (more...)

0- 450 word articles written on health. Primarily respiratory topics. Payment is 1.50 an article. . Payment is made upon submission of articles weekly on Thursdays or Fridays pending both copyscape and article evaluation. Applicant must have excellent english, be able to write at least 4 articles a day, and have a medical background. Please attach an example of your writing for consideration. If an example is not attached, your application will be deleted. Total project is for $150   (more...)

iption I am seeking for a writer who can write informative, interesting article on various consumer oriented subjects. If you’re good at writing about diverse subjects and like this kind of writing we will enjoy working together. The project consists of writing new articles for specific keyword phrases that I will provide. The articles will be in a text formats (*.txt). I will supply the topic and the list the of keyword phrases to base the writing of the new articles on. The length of each article should be a minimum of 500 words and up to 800 or more. The finish articles must be delivered free of spelling errors and grammatically correct. Each of the new articles will consist of: 1. A headline 2. A sub-headline (tag line) 3. Body copy The main keyword phrase must be contained in the title of the articles and in the first and last sentence of the articles. Derivatives of the keyword phrase along with other related keywords (i.e. in the keyword list provided to you) should also be used a number of times in the main body of the article, all additional usage should be natural. In other words, just write the article as if you are not trying to incorporate the keywords, but afterwards make sure some of them made it into the body copy. The articles should avoid technical terms or explain technical terms with simple examples, Each article must be interesting and /or fascinating and provide the reader helpful hints or tips which they implement regarding the subject matter. Each of the articles must provide at least one piece of information that is not common knowledge. Each of the articles must absolutely be original, the style and voice of the article should be interesting, conversational, filled with everyday language and expressions. Each of the articles should avoid technical terms or explain the technical terms with simple examples. Each of the articles must be interesting and/or fascinating and that provide the reader helpful hints or tips which they implemented regarding to the subject matter. Each of the articles must provide at least one piece of information that isn’t common knowledge. Each of the articles MUST absolutely be original. The style and the voice of the articles should be interesting, filling with everyday language and expressions, and conversational. These articles are written for America/US. You should explain things like explaining them to a child without talking down to the readers. Deliverables: 1) All the work delivered MUST be original and absolutely not violate any of the copyright. Service Provider must agree to indemnify Buyer and take the full responsibility for any costs of any of the copyright infringement action including damages and attorney\'s fees should they occur. This should be no problem if your work is legit/original. 2) The Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of her/his writing assignments and the fact of that the articles will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential. 3) All the work shall be delivered to the Buyer in individual (text files) as the article is completed, and It shall be spell checked, and fact checked before delivered to the Buyer. 4) All deliverables will be considered \"work made for hire\" under the U.S. Copyright laws. The Seller will assign and the Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all the work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc. unless all of the copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED to by the buyer on the site per the coder\'s Seller Legal Agreement). 5) All work must start within 1 business days of award, and it must be completed at a minimum rate of 3 completed articles per U.S. business day after the start date. I’m looking for some one that can write 12 new articles for specific keyword phrases that I will provide to you. Thanks, T3chDLTD,   (more...)

200 words articles Cello lessons (write about Self study with video are a good and inexpensive way to learn, private local teacher can help but can very expensive) 200 words Music lessons for adults (write about what takes place in lessons) 200 words Beginner lessons for children (write about what takes place in lessons) 200 words Learning to read music (write about the options one has to learn, teacher, books, computer programs) 200 words Practicing to play music. (Considerations about where, when and what one does) 200 words Why people like the sound of the cello. 200 words   (more...)

hort article (maybe 150 words) that explains: How you can tune internet performance so that it is conducive to evolving technologies, devices and communication protocols. This will be a thought leadership piece written for a technology director for a web development agency.   (more...)

x500 word articles to rewrite. Please apply if you are English native and have experience in rewriting. Only original work accepted, I will check the articles for plagiarism. If satisfied with your work, I\'ll have ongoing work for you. When you apply, the first word in your application must be \"AR\", so I now you have readed the job description. Those applications received that do not comply this requirement will be automatically rejected. The amount of your bid must be for all the 11 rewrites.   (more...)

king to hire a writer to write five blog posts on various Law/Law services. The writer must be able to research the topics themselves and write creative and interesting content. You must be fluent in English and be willing to communicate with us in a timely manner, be it through oDesk or personal e-mail. Provide a sample of your writing abilities when applying, those who do not, will not be considered for the position.   (more...)

ject This is a trial project for 2 articles as application to qualify skills for an ongoing position creating unique articles about keywords I will supply. We will negotiate number of articles required per week or day. Please read the attached Introduction and the Article Order paragraph at the end of the attachment. $5 Budget is for the 2 article trial. Please propose a per article cost that is fair and you can work with.   (more...)

ove a blog poster who writes English well, who can work 6 days a week and takes very little time off, and can work 3-4 hours a day. Someone who is energetic would be great as well.   (more...)

freelance writing position available for hardworking, detail-oriented individual. It is vital that you are reliable, dependable, and follow instructions well. You\'ll be responsible for writing short articles and blog posts related to health and fitness that will rely on your creativity more than research. Excellent English writing skills are required for this position. It\'s also important that you possess good typing skills and the ability to work quickly and efficiently. Please note that this is a full-time position, and at this time we are only considering those applicants who have the ability to work 40 hours a week. Payment will be made on the 1st of every month. If you are looking for stable, long-term project with a company where you will be treated well and appreciated for your efforts, please respond with your background details and samples of writing you\'ve done in the past.   (more...)

nt a series of articles (I will give the titles) on different aspects of marketing for foot care professionals. The articles will include screen shots. They are aimed at the UK market, though may have a broader readership. Excellent written English a must; preferably UK English spelling   (more...)

comments/posts per day on gaming forum.   (more...)

ject This is a trial project as application to qualify skills for an ongoing position of 10 to 30 hours weekly to create unique articles about keyword I will supply. Will consider hourly or fixed price proposals. Please read the attached Introduction and the Article Order paragraph at the end of the attachment.   (more...)

ing for someone to write blog posts for my site about football shirts. Knowledge of football would be an advantage but is not necessary as most of the information will be there. The type of blog that I am looking for is along the lines of the one seen here Although there is a basic structure to the blog posts I want them to be unique and there should be some variety in the structure of the posts. This project is an ongoing one with other linked projects available as well if everything is going well. For the posts I will give you the title and the link to the site where there is a discription and image of the site. I will put the details in an excel file and I just need you to put your article in the excel file as well, I don\'t need you to post it to the blog. I am looking for a writer with good English skills and the posts must make sense and show variety. As part of the application process I will ask the candidates to write an example post between 150-200 words. The initial part of the project will be for 100 articles.   (more...)

is for everyone that speaks Spanish, you don\'t need to be a native speaker, but you should be able to write well in Spanish. Job description: We are creating a photography guide in Spanish for amateur photographers. We need contractors who will write articles in Spanish about specific topics, e.g. aperture, ISO, how to take wedding/sports/etc. pictures, etc. You will be assigned the topics. We may hire 1 to 4 people, each contractor will begin writing 8 articles for 50 USD. Depending on their articles we may keep all contractors or just one or two and they will receive more articles for the remaining of the guide and other photography projects. Articles should be written in an easy language level, no confusing, technical, or jargon language. The audience includes young and elderly people. Articles should be between 250 to 600 words. Articles should be original work. No copyright violations or plagiarism. Good Spanish grammar Who may qualify? Any of the following 1. Photographers with an online gallery or portfolio and writing skills. 2. Photography bloggers who have already contributed to blogs on the subject or who own their own blogs. 3. Photography instructors who can prove their experience 4. Any other way you can prove your skills 5. If you can\'t prove your skills but you have experience/knowledge, you may submit one article (topic: ISO) and you will be considered based on it. If you have questions, please let me know. Thank you   (more...)

european english spoken newssite, and i search for readers. Is that you? Then feel free to contact me.. Hourly rate: $0,2-1 depence on how good you is :) You have to make 3-500 words included research in around a hour. Primery its top news, i want you to cover. If you come from Pakistan, its great - but i dont requiere it. Its freelance work, so you have to have your own computer and so on. I\'m interesting in you, if you can work more than 5 hours at week.   (more...)

oking to hire writers that can consistently produce articles. We would like to have a minimum of 3 articles a day. The articles will be 400-450 words. Each article will pay $1.50 with occasional bonuses for good work and consistency. You will be paid PER article completed, so it is not on a hourly basis. Please understand that we are looking for writers that are fluent in English. So this means your grammar/writing needs to reflect this, since the articles will be read by mostly U.S. viewers. Articles will be written around keywords that are provided by us. These keywords will be given in batches around certain topics. Topics will change as need be. You will be provided with a certain criteria (will be shown down below) that needs to be followed for each article. The criteria is simple to follow and if you have any questions, please make sure to ask. Communication is encouraged to be done through a instant messenger program. However, if you do not have one of these, we are available via email/Odesk most of the day, unless evening times as we are located in EST time zone. Thank you and look forward to your responses ---------- Article Criteria ---------- Article should be minimum 400 words (no less). Do not write in first person. Article needs to be about the topic keyphrase given. Article needs to use correct English grammar and punctuation. Article needs to be accurate and easy to read. If the article is not readable or has a lot of grammar errors I will reject it immediately. *IMPORTANT - Mention the keyphrase in the FIRST sentence, 2-3 times throughout the article, and in the LAST sentence. This is important. Unique Title Needed. ** Only Original work will be accepted. I have a program that checks if you scraped the content directly off the internet, and will reject the article immediately - and report you to site admins for copyright plagiarism ** Thank you and look forward to working with you   (more...)

articles about 500-1200 words each on on hair cutting that I need to be rewritten to be made unique. There are 2 long ones that I would like broken up into 2 different articles. They must pass copyscape. You must grasp the english language because this is technical writing. This is not time sensitive. If you fill like my budget is to low feel free to bid higher   (more...)

ing for an experienced writer to develop a variety of short articles (100-300 words) on a specific subject matter. Articles will be posted online to drive traffic to a client\'s website. Articles need to be researched and written in a short time frame. Only experienced writers with samples should apply. Writers with experience researching and developing articles for the financial services industry are encouraged.   (more...)

e a person to rewrite articles using the simple software we provide. You may use your own spinning software if you prefer, as long as your finished work is able to meet our specification. You should be comfortable with the English Language (written and oral), and have enough computer savvyness to learn how to use the simple article spinning software from a training video that we will provide. Using the software, you will be able to prepare 1 spin in approximately 1-1.5hours (after some practice). This is a VERY simple task that we will provide full support for. If this is of interest to you please get in touch! We are looking to start work very soon. We expect 10 Article Spins per week at minimum. You MUST be reliable. Payment Rate: $4.50 per completed spin. This project is on-going, with no end date in sight. We have over 50 \'Spins\' in the queue now so there is plenty of work for a dedicated provider. The core criteria for our spins are as follows - 3 unique variations of each sentence, 1-3 links per spin variation, 15-20 unique titles per spin. Full training will be provided and ongoing support. I look forward to working with you in the very near future.   (more...)

o write at least 50 reviews for my web site on a minimum of 10 different review sites. Especially related to collecting, memorabilia, etc. You should know how to find niche reviews sites.   (more...)

ne. I am looking for an experience article spinner with a strong command of the English language. I will be looking for this person to spin about 5 article a week. Articles must read well - as we all know spun articles can read somewhat sloppy. I am looking for a writer that is able to write them so they are fully coherent and readable. I will assign a sample article to see how you do. Based on your work, I\'m hoping to be able to assign further work. Here is what I require for each article: 1) Rewrite each sentence twice. 2) After the sentences are rewritten, go in and spin individual words where appropriate. 3) Make sure that uniqueness level is above 55% based on dupecop 4) Please use {} syntax - nested spins are not only allowed but encouraged in order to increase uniqueness Also, because I write about a wide variety of topics, please ask if there are any terms that you see that you aren\'t sure what the meaning is. Based on the niche, some of the terms used you may not recognize unless you are familiar with the subject and any article spinning software would also produce incorrect synonyms for these terms. If you see anything you\'re not sure about, please don\'t guess - just ask and I\'d be happy to help. I will pay you for each article that you complete. Each article will be 350-550 words.   (more...)

0- 450 word articles written on health. Primarily respiratory topics. Payment is 1.50 an article. . Payment is made upon submission of articles weekly on Thursdays or Fridays pending both copyscape and article evaluation. Applicant must have excellent english, be able to write at least 4 articles a day, and have a medical background. Please attach an example of your writing for consideration. If an example is not attached, your application will be deleted. Total project is for $150   (more...)

pinner Submitter This is a simple and easy project for a creative article specialist who knows how to spin articles and submit articles. Each article needs to be readable and of course key word relevant. Each spun article needs a unique title and resource box. The job consists of taking 15 articles and spinning 10 times for 150 new articles. Once the articles are spun and proofread they will be submitted to 1 article submission site. So there are 150 article submissions to this project. Candidate must have excellent written and spoken English skills, must be a self starter has a high speed internet connection and be available via Skype. Please send links to examples of your work. Article Spinner, Article Submitter, Article writer, Article Rewriter   (more...)

ality article writer whom can start work on immediate basis. I need 5 articles on Education topics of 450 words each. As this would be long term process. Consider this is trial work inorder to check your quality of work. I would be paying $1 per article. After completing all the articles within time. If you reach our expectations i would be paying $4 per article from 6th article and would be hired for long term. Thanking you   (more...)

eviews written for $5. I need you to post from multiple accounts to user review sites like Yelp, Google Maps, Amazon, etc. Must be fluent in English and be willing to talk about client\'s products/services in each review. I will need to see samples of your writing before hiring.   (more...)

or a virtual personal assistance to handle several aspects of my two websites on an ongoing basis, including: - Researching and Writing 2-3 articles a week for each site - Must come up with interesting article topics. You will need to do research about each site to figure out the necessary blogs or articles needed for that site - Posting articles on the blog as well as on article directories - Making sure the website looks good - Help generating content: emails, training manual, etc - Use different marketing tools to increase website traffic You will also be required to do marketing for the different sites. This includes but not limited to updating site content and videos, finding relevant images/pictures, develop interesting article/blog topics, SEO research, use Twitter accounts, maintain facebook pages, manage giveaways/prizes, etc. We will start with 10 hours a week but with the potential to increase to 20 hours a week as business grows. Skills needed: article writing, Wordpress, blogging, article marketing, research, social media marketing, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, seo, project management Must be proficient in the English language, and recognizing grammatical/spelling errors. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Vanessa   (more...)

ing Projects. I need quality Writers.   (more...)

rgent need of 5-10 Quality article writers especially from Philippines. I pay $.50 per 350 words articles. I do have some projects for which I pay more to the deserving candidate. Please apply if you:- 1) Can write 4-5 350 words articles per day 2) Ready to take more jobs which will you give you an opportunity to earn $2 per article. 3) Good English writing skills, grammar and research skills. 4) HONESTY, PUNCTUAL AND ABLE TO MEET THE DEADLINES. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE FROM INDIA, PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH. I WILL ASSIGN MORE PAY JOBS TO THE DESERVING CANDIDATES AFTER SEEING THEIR PERFORMANCE. I DO HAVE A COPY SCAPE ACCOUNT SO PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY COPIED CONTENT. SELECTED CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSIGNED ONE TEST ARTICLE. TAKE THAT TEST ARTICLE SERIOUSLY AND DO NOT SUBMIT ANY COPIED CONTENT. I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON THE COPIED CONTENT. THE TEST ARTICLE WILL BE PAID AS WELL. THE MORE YOU WRITE THE MORE YOU EARN$$$$$ SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? APPLY NOW!!!! Thanks, Steve.   (more...)

unique articles that are a minimum of 500 words each. For each article they must have different content around the subject matter of the keywords that will be provided. The articles will be about credit repair, debt consolidation, credit cards and identity theft. The articles must be 100% unique content and not copied from somewhere else. Everything must be verified to be original content!! This is a test project to find a good long term contractor to do hundreds more articles for me in the future and build a long term business relationship with. I manage several websites and will always need fresh new articles for many years to come, so please do a good job if you are looking for a long-term working relationships.   (more...)

g posts for me using my existing material. I will send you a copy of the book I am using and you can craft blog posts based on the material presented in the book. I do not want you to copy the book, but you can read the page I send then write original content based on the content of the page from the book. It is VERY easy! Must understand SEO and must be able to incorporate keywords into blog posts. There will be 8 posts in my current series. Each post needs to be at least 300 words and will need to be delivered within 5 days.   (more...)

Friendly Articles for Fashion wordpress expert required . complete management of posting to our blog and enzine. Summary: see attached document for full details we are looking for TWO people: articles to be 250- 300 words each. JOB 1)$60 12 articles for jewelry site/30 days JOB 2)$40 8 articles forfashion accessories site/30 days applications ONLY with a example of their work written esp. for us AFTER reading the attched word doc! DO NOT APPLY UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE WORD DOC ATTACHMENT PLEASE AND FULLY UNDERSTAND OUR REQUIREMENTS. ( articles will be divided into 3 categories, see doc attached) we will provide a keyword list. Ability to do Keyword and Subject research; Have ability and understanding of using correct tools. To post on the blog ( complete blog post management) Schedule agreed must be 100% accurate for posting articles: Post articles also to Directory sites This is for some one who is disciplined and reliable about time management. Most important: The writer MUST BE: a) Having English as a mother tongue language; based in Europe/ America & Canada/Austral Asia b) Be a Individual, NO COMPANIES. c) Have history and feedback or ability to give such. d) Show example of your work and example article written esp for us e) Gentle and easygoing to work with, no hot heads please; who genuinely a writer of natural ability with awareness oh everything and well read! Please don\'t apply if the above criteria is not met You must be 100% familiar and experienced writer for the WEB; Know the essential rules of web & Blog writing; keyword importance; totally original work, keyword richness; grammatically correct and natural pose , and above all, being different from the rest, in terms of non obvious and cliché articles which seem from the outset to be aimed at one purpose only! Articles should be first simply just that, informative, witty, and full of new ideas and resource; its not important to know for whom these articles are written for! NO obvious crankiness or cliché- ness about them. We want them natural, factual, poetic, etc. Brilliantly SEO friendly articles ( packed with all SEO rules) with total subtleness Be familiar with BLOGs and its layouts, etc How to use Blog programmes, post articles on them, post pictures, and TAGS . Be familiar with Directory such as enzine etc to post articles. Now please read full attached doc if YOU MEET the criteria.   (more...)

oking for an experienced article writer who is capable of doing small research and write articles based on that 300 - 500 words - the articles will be beauty related such as; tips, tricks etc on how to improve your beauty. - We will provide you with topics most of the time. - need to be original and efficient. - energetic and committed. apply only if you are willing to commit more than 10 hours weekly.   (more...)

equires link building for the website .   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

you may find an pdf showing the score you will have to edit. When your bid will be accepted you will get the original document and the file as Sibelius File Additionally you will get an sample of an final result of another editor. We expect the following: * Correction of the engraved file (100% Quality!) in Sibelius 5 or newer * Final Setting based on an common style sheet for of the score (ready for print) and generation as 600 dpi pdf file * Preface text (about 1 page A4) in English language * Cover Text about the piece (about 2-5 phrases) in English language * Textual Notes displaying all differences and changes / corrections in relation to the original score in English language The edition has to be not an scientific edition but an edition for musicians. Attention: This is not an Engraver but an Editor Job - Please apply only if you are experienced as music editor. Please write in your bid references for successful editions you already have done   (more...)

you may find an pdf showing the score you will have to edit. When your bid will be accepted you will get the original document and the file as Sibelius File Additionally you will get an sample of an final result of another editor. We expect the following: * Correction of the engraved file (100% Quality!) in Sibelius 5 or newer * Final Setting based on an common style sheet for of the score (ready for print) and generation as 600 dpi pdf file * Preface text (about 1 page A4) in English language * Cover Text about the piece (about 2-5 phrases) in English language * Textual Notes displaying all differences and changes / corrections in relation to the original score in English language The edition has to be not an scientific edition but an edition for musicians. Attention: This is not an Engraver but an Editor Job - Please apply only if you are experienced as music editor. Please write in your bid references for successful editions you already have done   (more...)

audio file editor (such as Audacity) split mp3 files into several smaller files, based on provided transcript, which indicates where the sound must be divided. Occasionally merge some mp3 files also.   (more...)

you may find an pdf showing the score you will have to edit. When your bid will be accepted you will get the original document and the file as Sibelius File Additionally you will get an sample of an final result of another editor. We expect the following: * Correction of the engraved file (100% Quality!) in Sibelius 5 or newer * Final Setting based on an common style sheet for of the score (ready for print) and generation as 600 dpi pdf file * Preface text (about 1 page A4) in English language * Cover Text about the piece (about 2-5 phrases) in English language * Textual Notes displaying all differences and changes / corrections in relation to the original score in English language The edition has to be not an scientific edition but an edition for musicians. Attention: This is not an Engraver but an Editor Job - Please apply only if you are experienced as music editor. Please write in your bid references for successful editions you already have done   (more...)

old company power point wish we require up dateing   (more...)

10 orginal sound effects for an a children\'s educational iPhone game. Examples would be selecting objects, a success sound effect, a mistake sound effect, a new game sound effect, a win the game sound effect, etc. Delivery will be as high-quality audio files. Please include links to previous audio work.   (more...)

me to produce a background musical score appropriate for a children\'s educational game on iphone. After payment, I will own the music. Music must be delivered as high quality digital recordings. Please include portfolio links. Thanks!   (more...)

instructional video based upon script and voice over that I will provide with illustrations and pictures.   (more...)

ing for a half dozen digital audio files. I want a variety of moods to be used for YouTube videos, backgrounds for Camtasia screen presentations and so forth. Quick pace, slow, upbeat and so forth. I want them around 30 seconds each and the ability to loop for longer periods. I am happy to take stock material as long as I am provided the rights for non-exclusive commercial and non-commercial distribution.   (more...)

have some sung vocals that I need engineered to sound as good as possible. There is a lot of discretion on this job, the goal is to make the vocals sound clean, rich, professional, and full. You should be familiar with the following techniques: 1) dynamic compression 2) Delay/Echo/Reverb 3) Doubling 4) EQ You can use any/all of these techniques to improve this voice track. If you are interested, please send me some of your previous audio engineering work that has processed vocals. Vik   (more...)

o & vedio clip\'s.   (more...)

meone to master about 2,000 drum loops, Sample Patches, Music Loops, and One Shot drum ounds. They need to be compareable to this: EQ, Compression, and Mastering all need to be done to maximize the files for the dance floor. I need this in about 1 month. $100 Budget   (more...)

re, I very regularly give 1 and 2 hour telecalls and then I edit them and then upload the recordings onto my website for my clients to download/listen to. This takes up a great deal of my time. You job would be to: (1) Go to and download the basic audio recording of my telecall. (2) Edit the audio as per my instructions. (3) Find a way to zip the audio so that it can be uploaded onto my website. (4) Upload them to my website. My website is run on not Wordpress, so you\'d need to learn how to use weebly. (It\'s a super easy do-it-yourself site.) In order for audios to be uploaded on Weebly they need to be under 100mb, which is why I need you to zip them. **I would prefer a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER because I\'d like you to get to a point where you can edit by audios yourself without needing my step-by-step instructions, simply by listening to the content of the audio. I need someone who is AVAILABLE at short notice, who would be able to do this 3 or 4 times a week for me, on an ongoing basis. If you have an interest in consiousness, personal growth or spiritual learning, you will find these audios really interesting to work with. Check out my site to get a sense of my work. Please email me with your interest, as I don\'t have tome to Skpye with lots of people. Cheers Tahnee (GMT +10, Melbourne, Australia)   (more...)

test PLEASE DO NOT APPLY it will be closed in couple minutes   (more...)

p audio editor who can optimize audio we have from a camera. The setting is inside a banquet hall with about 900 people. The recording from the camera is pretty bad with some echo, although you can still make out what the speakers are saying. I need someone who can clean up the audio (from the video) and ideally, put it back into the video. The video format is .mov We have about 6 hours that need to be edited.   (more...)

entire description before you bid. If you do not read and follow the instructions, you will automatically be disqualified. This is an easy job for anyone who knows how to do audio editing and has a good ear for sounds and the rhythm of language. I will be reading a script, which I expect will total 40 minutes in the final edit. Your job will be to remove bad takes and unintended noises from the recording. The final recording must flow smoothly and naturally, with gaps between sentences neither too short nor too long. It must sound professional. There may be gaps between sentences or even words that need to be shortened, lengthened or removed to make the read sound natural. The most important things I need from an editor are: good enough English to understand the content so that the edit is good; able to decide which take is the best (usually the last, but not always), able to hear and fix mistakes, such as gaps, unintended sounds, and occasionally taking a good first half of a sentence and splicing it with a good second half of the sentence on another take. I also need fairly fast turn-around time. Not so fast that the quality suffers, but I’ll need the edit back within a couple of days of sending it out. I’ve done a lot of editing myself and produce very edit-friendly recordings. I don’t have the time to do the editing myself, so now I need someone else to do it for me. I will provide you with the written script and the raw audio recording. I need the edited audio back in 128Kbps, 44.1khz MP3. Please summarize this job in your own words. Also explain how your skills apply to my specific needs. How long will the edited recording to be? How long do you expect the raw recording to be? How much experience do I have with audio editing? There are two other parts to this job that you can check out - if you are able to do one or both of them, you can bid for those too. Quote on a 40 minute script. That time may change as I’ve not yet completed the script. I will tell you the length of the script before we finalize the job. I will initially hire a few people to do a sample of the recording, which I will pay for, and then choose the best editor for the job. I will likely have more work, so even if you don’t make the cut on this job, I may hire you for future jobs if your work is quality.   (more...)

second jingle made. I\'m sure this can be done on a mac.   (more...)

oking for an audio editor long term to edit a number of audio files. Work will be a number of short projects over a long period of time. Any candidates also having video editing experience and software should indicate so in their application.   (more...)

looking for someone who can put together a series of hypnosis CD\'s. some of the voice-over has already been recorded but the background noise and voice corrections need to be made. after that, it will require background music to be layered and the final product produced. i think this should not be more than a couple days work for someone experienced. for a good result, there will be much more work available. do NOT apply for this if you are from India, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Nepal or Bangladesh.   (more...)

res someone who is familiar with screencast and camtasia video editing software. You will be given a short MP3. You will be asked to produce a short video based on that MP3 using screen shots from specific websites. Examples will be provided.   (more...)

icant, We are open for a job on a project we are making. We are a newly built Event Organizing and Luxury Transportation Company. We are looking to find a professional voice talent to come up with a great audio recording for our voice mails and auto attendant voice recording for our phone lines. We prefer skilled and if possible experienced voice talent. We are result oriented but very considerate with our contractors. If you are interested, look up our website : and see how you can come up with the recording we want for the phone lines. Notes: *Must be willing to work with us in online meetings *Must always have an open communication line *Must be result oriented *Must be able to work with minimal supervision *Must be a team player We are looking forward to work with you soon. Thank you. Best regards, Liz   (more...)

o have audio mastered and leveled and made to sit nicely into music bed. I record the audio in my studio and also have the music. will work via internet   (more...)

EDIA WEB SITE: • I want to launch a Wordpress self-hosted web site for Winship Media and I need help doing the coding. I do not know HTML and CSS. My hosting is with Yahoo Small Business. • Winship Media is a sales, marketing and sponsorship consultancy based in NYC. • Goal is to use WordPress as the CMS, integrate blog functionality and social media (via Buddy Press). Elements desired: * clean, business-like theme/template * header with company logo/name and tag line * horizontal nav bar (6-8 links) * home page 728 x 90 leader board ad (immed. below header, on left) * home page scrolling \"featured\" box, where graphics scroll (size: 475x195), immed. below leader board, on left * home page 300 x 250 box ad, to the right of \"featured\" box * facebook /twitter feed, right side * Main Content area (where new posts will go in blog roll), left side * Email Subscription, Video and RSS widgets * ability to load pdf documents/links that users can view by clicking * embedded YouTube video functionality with ability to add/select videos * video gallery page * photo gallery functionality via Flickr embed * Slideshare functionality TARGET AUDIENCE: Media and Marketing professionals: * Fortune 500 sales and marketing executives * small business owners * middle market companies and their marketing teams WEB SITES I LIKE:   (more...)

ve sample business plans   (more...)

o hire someone who has experience in planning and implementing features on interactive websites. This person is to assist in creating a plan to monetize our current video/audio sharing community, Assist in re-organizing the current information architecture, provide ideas on additional forms of revenue, and assist in conceptualizing features for the site that will engage the end-user and keep them returning. A person who is familiar with Social Media Marketing and can develop a plan specifically for the social web to pull more traffic. The digital strategist should be tech savvy and know something about the latest technology and how it can be implemented. If this sounds like you, and you want to be apart of an exciting team, please contact!   (more...)

IT Consultant company based in Pakistan, We want people to get website clients for us and we will get them developed in our geography, In return we will give a commission from the earning of the project. We have a huge infrastructure here in Pakistan and can handle any number of Projects. Our work is of the highest quality and all our processes are transparent. Please reply to this post and show your interest - then we will share more details about us and our offer.   (more...)

rtup internet company, are looking for a candidate to assist us with writing a full business plan and creating a powerpoint presentation for our funding pitch. The ideal candidate must have extensive experience with writing and editing business plans and be highly skilled in powerpoint presentations. The candidate must also be able to perform detailed research and write / speak excellent english.   (more...)

ed a buiness plan written, one company, comprimising of 3 arms We are launching 3 websites, and will concentrate in the following areas: Company 1) Retail Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration a little like, 1) We will have infrastructure to host sites 2) We will be using RV Sitebuilder, for our customers to access 3) We will be using WHM for billing 4) We will be using C Panel 5) We will be offering a Website Designing service, in HTML/PHP with a CRM 6) We will offer domain name registration Company 2) Wholeale Web Hoting and Domain name registration 1) We will have infrastructure to host sites 2) We will be using RV Sitebuilder, for our customers to access 3) We will be using WHM for billing 4) We will be using C Panel 5) We will offer wholesale webhosting and domain registration, to website developers and design companies Company 3) 1) We will offer cheap subdomains, in a online shopping centre type environment, but with no search function, so their will be no conflict of interest between customers. 2) A $10 signup and hosting service, for low cost site creation 3) We will offer RV sitebuilder as well. The successful applicant will write a structured business plan, including prices to be charges, inline with competition, outlining competition prices and services. As your english skills will be excellent, you will also write the content of each page, no long stories here, fresh, short and straight to the point content. You will also help with the 3 business names, colours, plans for advertiing, etc... Structueres for each company, pricing policies, etc... We also need to know about any legal requirements, especially in regards to advertising and signing up resellers. There will be ongoing work available obviously, this stage will be the beginning. YOU MUST HAVE INTERNET BUINESS BASED PLAN WRITING EXPERIENCE. Regards Rick   (more...)

ooking for someone to fill-in our Communications Manager position. S/he will be responsible to manage our marketing team including Email, PPC, SEO and Social Media. S/he needs to make sure that messages are relay consistently to each section. Requirements: - Good English communication skills - Can supervise and handle team - Experience in Social Marketing like Social Media, PPC, SEO and Email. - Can easily follow instructions and can work with minimal supervision The hiring process will require oDesk Tests and Skype interview. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. Apply only if you feel that you want to be part of our growing industry and experience working with great people. Thank you for your attention.   (more...)

ny is about to launch a free website development services and we are looking for an experienced and creative e-marketing specialist who feels he/she would be able to provide some fresh ideas on how to sell free websites in internet. We are currently doing SEM, email campaings, telemarketing, forum and blog comment posting on so forth. Please contact us if you think you are able to increase the sales of websites developed for free. Provide an overview of your previous work and experience. Share us your ideas how would you sell free website development services. Candidate with best ideas will get selected.   (more...)

or someone to greatly promote our website Business. Promotion of site can be Social, links, Etc Can be long term if sucessful.   (more...)

must be knowledgeable about the funeral profession. Understand what it takes to successfully market a successful funeral profession. Be Creative and think out of the box. Must be able to provide research. And produce ideas on marketing and produce a successful business plan for a funeral home.   (more...)

ing to be opening a new company and we need the following researched and written. Business plan, SB-2, offering registration, Form 10, prospectus (424A, 424B1, 424B3). We Have the software, the research sites needed and the step by step process ready but we are lacking the time to do the work. We will give our software to the contractor for future bids. We will be limited on our time but will help as much as possible. This work will go to the best combination of most qualified and lowest bidder.   (more...)

ect requires a person to create a business plan for an online legal research and search for legal representatives ( Lawyers and Paralegals ) services within Canada only. The website will also have recent lawyer grad and recent Paralegal grad search option. Our audience is the public and the legal industry. The website will also function as an information website as well. We prefer a person who has worked on business plans for online websites and the legal industry. Someone who has some IT background Again this business will only be operating online. Our Goal is in this project: 1. Connect legal representative with the public 2. Provide simple to understand legal information 3. Be a recruiting company for other legal Representatives where new grads can advertise their availability 4. Provide a base to develop the website in order to run the business online from anywhere with minimum staff requirements. Please let us know how you will approach this project and also give us some testimonials from previous employers you have worked with.   (more...)

plans and strategies and networking and outsourcing of man power.   (more...)

least five websites between joomla, wordpress, and google sites. They all have adsense on them but I am not making any money, nor do I have a clear business plan. I am in school full-time and don\'t have the time to devote to it. I have one web developer that has done pretty well but is very good at dragging his feet. What I need is expert advice from someone who can talk with me throughout the process and provide written guidelines along the way as they are requested. Discussion and 1+hrs of writting concise materials regarding what my developer and I need to do next or re-think. I am looking to pay an hourly rate (up-to one hour) for that type of document, periodically, and from a qualified person. The discussion could not count as part of the hour. The resulting document (worth no more than one hour of time regardless of how long it takes) is what I am after. I want to establish a sustainable relationship with someone who must speak and write perfect native English. I could contact you from time-to-time for trustworthy advice and direction. What I clearly do NOT need is someone trying to sell me a service. If that is your angle, please don\'t respond. That said, all inputs are greatly appreciated.   (more...)

ling out a major grass roots movement in wellness. We have the right players and a powerful web site. We also have in-demand services that can be developed to benefit business opportunity seekers. We need a marketing/business development expert strategist to help us build a strong plan to get members for our web site and people looking at our opportunity.   (more...)

Amazon/Ebay guru who will be able to research products, answer e-mails, upload products, etc.   (more...)

have to do an analysis regarding a canadian company. you will have to chose the company and describe it . I will send you a email with all the questions that you will haave to include in your text. and yo will have to do a research regarding some subject. This job have to be done in 2 days thanks   (more...)

an affiliate marketing specialist to research niches by keywords and develop marketing strategies to effectively sell on the Internet using amazon associates program. must have experience Need to understand: Google Adsense, clickbank, ebay, amazon, and other affiliates. The applicant needs to speak and be able to write good english so we can chat, in your application you NEED to tell me your plan of action??? be it a niche wordrpess blog using seo to drive free traffic???   (more...)

and the job has to be done in french I will send you a text and some questions to answer regarding economical and business strategy and i will send you some informations to help you   (more...)

and the job has to be done in french I will send you a text and some questions to answer regarding economical and business strategy and i will send you some informations to help you   (more...)

ng for an SEO professional who can help me build back links to my websites. I prefer to work with someone who understands SEO, and does not need training. You also need to have good English skills, and these will be tested via a voice interview, and excellent organisation skills. Each link must be from a website that is about the same topic/subject as the site it is linking to. Link from sites with PageRank of 1 as a minimum. Must be slowly / gradually build to look 100% natural to search engines. Must contain anchor text related to keyword targeted. I will assist in provide you with technices for you to do this. In order to qualify for an interview, please write one paragraph, introducing yourself, followed by a brief overview of your skills and experience. At the end of your application, please copy and paste the questions below, and write your answers underneath each question: 1. How will you keep track your work? 2. How will you track the effectiveness of your work? 3. In your opinion what makes a good back link? All incorrectly completed and spam applications will be deleted. I require a talented link builder for an ongoing project over a small network of websites. Each website requires specialist link building from THEMED / RELATED websites.   (more...)

VA required for general marketing work. Duties include: - Research and technical writing - Website - updates and SEO, upcoming redesign - Graphic design and branding - style guide updates and document design and formatting, upcoming rebranding - Social Media - Train, update and synchronise my staff\'s social media sites - Link building - link all staff social media to website, intranet and external sites Required for immediate start. Regards, Nick   (more...)

have more knowledge that I do on SEO and I have quite a bit of knowledge on it. You must have knowledge on social media marketing. You must know about generating traffic from articles, review sites, PPV, PPC, media buys, directories, etc. I\'m a marketer myself so I expect you to be much more knowledgeable than I. So with that said, let\'s have an extensive interview. I don\'t want generic ideas an plans. I want a good strategy - short term and long term. Not sure if I should do hourly or fixed price.   (more...)

Posting that I need listed 100+ Craigslist cities. You must have the accounts to post the ads.   (more...)

in to the on-line boutique market and general retail market of the UK and France. If you\'re interested and think you can do this, contact me and I can give you more information. Applicant must have the following skills: statistical and data analysis, clarity of thought, ability to write and present appropriately, Knowledgeable about available software for data analysis, Awareness of the wider social and political context of the research Thanks   (more...)

oking for a good Sales & Marketing provider to undertake all types of Sales, Marketing, Promotional and Advertising work within the UK. This would include promoting our company via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, our Forum and any others that you might feel suitable. We would hope this would be an on going contract for the right provider.   (more...)

meone to post ads for my company and some of my clients that I have. I have all of my ads together but I need some more and my clients need some as well.   (more...)

e a highly qualified person to assist us with business plans and marketing ect $ 0.30 per hour very long term work please only apply if you can send Skype id and speak good English   (more...)

website that promotes a number of affiliate weight loss products. I want to promote this website, so that at least it receive 200 visitors a day, and perhaps even more. Second I purchased a program called Mobile Monopoly. It is designed to promote products via the Iphone and others Apple products. I need to promote similar products the course is adverstising. I also want to include some of my own products I want to advertise via the Phone. I need a quote for both projects. Thank you, Chesnel   (more...)

marketing strategist wanted to creating strategy for fledgling investment advisory service. Must have substantial prior experience with start-ups. Experience with finance-related companies preferred   (more...)

marketing strategist wanted to creating strategy for fledgling investment advisory service. Must have substantial prior experience with start-ups. Experience with finance-related companies preferred   (more...)

with sales strategies for textile business and web sales   (more...)

nment to develop comprehensive business plan and presentation for the a young IT company. Along with covering letter, please come up with all your queries and the inputs required for the same. Prior experience is must and you must submit the sample work along with your covering letter.   (more...)

tractors I have a Strategy that is in the works and was Not Completed Correctly. The focus is currently towards Social Media and should be towards Telemarketing/Sales. I need a qualified Applicant to Develop (2) Two Approaches Towards Sales/Telemarketing approach using the Strategy I currently have and Incorporating it all together as One. That means researching your own Sales/Telemarketing Strategy based on the Strategy i currently have. Of Course, The Current Strategy will be Provide. I need to State that (\"you will not be Paid\") if you do not Provide a Telemarketing/Sales Strategy Based on the current Strategy I have. PLEASE DO NOT WAIST MY TIME WITH ANY OTHER STRATEGY ONLY SALES/TELEMARKETING STRATEGY.   (more...)

spiritually-informed psychotherapy and Life Coaching by phone. We have a website and offer free half hour consultations. We\'d like to work with a creative and experienced person to design a very specific marketing strategy that will exponentially increase the number of potential clients (people who seek spiritually informed psychotherapy and who are able to pay out of pocket) to our website. We are not interested in a generalized marketing plan, and/or a plan which requires a high budget. We would like to work with you if you have brilliant and innovative ideas to utilize the internet in drawing great numbers of interested people to our website. We are looking for a to-the-point executable plan with specific steps (no long and wordy ducument). Keywords are: psychotherapy, Life Coaching, counseling, spirituality, spiritual, phone, telephone, short term, free If we like your strategy, you will likely be involved in the execution of the plan, which may result in a permanent relationship.   (more...)

estments is looking for a marketing assistant. The duties of this position include but are not limited to social media marketing. Craigslist & Backpage ad creations. I am looking for somebody who can be creative and dependable. We are a real estate investing company so knowledge of this business is a plus. I will be interviewing applicants within the next couple of days. Please be ready to provide information on what marketing strategy you would suggest for our business and how you implement this strategy. This job pays a maximum of $5 per hour. Please do not apply if you need more money.   (more...)

Service   (more...)

two financial plans for one company. One for Event Planning, Marketing, Promotions, with Model Management & Distributions, & Talent Booking. and the second one for Web & Print Design. I want to see sample work!   (more...)

up opt-in box for visitors to this website: Also add a pop up that enables people to click to call now. I will discuss the position with you on Skype unless you can call the US.   (more...)

eed of someone to assist in working through the start phase, then ongoing running of a new business. This will involve writing business plans, and then assisting with the execution of it. I am an entrepreneur with a few things going on, and needing someone who is a great at many things in the running of a business. Your duties will include, but not limited to; ( and please I don’t not want SEO/SMM candidates) this is not what I am looking for; see below • Prepare Marketing Plans and divide into steps • Come up with exciting promotional ideas • Marketing Strategies • Article writing/ campaign writing • Background in marketing or brand management • Good administration skills • Excellent understanding of many things; software like aweber, write copy, set up accounts, process • Good online marketing experience   (more...)

nching an international documenatry, contest, and event tour. I\'m looking for individuals to attach corporate sponsorship. ( beverage, alcohol, restaurants, hotels, airlines, apparel, etc).   (more...)

he right kind of people visiting us, if you give some concrete tips getting niched visitors calling us I will hire you to make it happend.   (more...)

or an experienced Marketing Strategist to help us increase QUALITY traffic to an e-commerce website. I\'m operating a gently used clothing site. Candidae must be able to provide an Overall Strategy of what online marketing services best apply to our business that create measurable traffic increase (we will monitor through analytics), to connect items with buyers through various campaigns and incentives to increase qualified traffic and sales. -building high-quality organic links -review of SEO and suggest improvements -improving organic SE rankings -article writing/submission -SMM maintenance (twitter & FB) -suggest other methods to increase well qualified traffic -Must have good command of English Portfolios MUST demonstrate success with other websites. ---------- If contacted, it\'s expected that references provided would recognize candidate\'s name and be able to offer a qualified opinion.   (more...)

helper to do power-point presentations and add our new brand info also we only only pay 0.50cents per hour simple work   (more...)

qualified for this post should have the following minimum qualifications: - Background in marketing or brand management, preferably for small businesses - Experience in writing business proposals and business plans - Ability to create portfolio/product descriptions - Must be professional, assertive and creative - A background in working with educational institutions or non-profits would be a plus - Available in Skype The person/s we have in mind should be able to market and position our products in retail stores or restaurants (i.e. Chick Fil-A, Walmart, QVC) The person should also be able to market the business owner (Mr. Je\') as a product. He has his own PBS TV show and would like to get on local/national shows like Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers. The marketing packet should include professional, yet interesting letters of introduction.   (more...)

ing for someone to help me re-design my spreadsheets for my online marketing business. The current spreadsheet I am needing help with needs to configure the amount of sales vs costs, but there are a lot of other elements involved that would need to be explained in a phone conversation.   (more...)

ly conducted a survey of our customers and received roughly 500+ responses. All of the responses are available via electronic format. We\'d like someone to sort through it all and put it in a more user friendly report of the findings. Let me know what questions you have. Thank You   (more...)

valuating stocks and studying technicals and fundamentals   (more...)

ing for someone who is very familiar with tracking conversions in Adwords and Google Analytics. I want someone to explain to me how to do this. If you are very knowledgeable than I would like to add you to my team for continuing monthly work. I have a marketing business and will be building a team that consistently helps me get my marketing jobs done.   (more...)

oking for a candidate who has had experience as a Compensation Analyst in order to help us in writing a White Paper. This person will work alongside us analyzing executive compensations and translating the data into a manner where we can draw conclusions on current trends in executive pay. Past experience for the perfect candidate may have included: -Providing strategic compensation advice and counsel, project management leadership, and build and implement value added compensation strategies and solutions in support of client\'s business and financial goals. -Responsibility for developing, implementing, and administering compensation strategies and programs within the organizations he/she supports. Typical past assignments may have included: assessing competitive practices and an organization\'s competitive position for specific programs, recommending actions or programs, preparing reports and recommendations related to programs, and interpreting policies and procedures. Managing large scale job evaluation and pay program development projects, administering performance appraisal and salary administration programs, developing and administering short and long-term cash and stock based programs.   (more...)

king to pull the following information from companies that are: -transitional living -sober living hostels -assisted living -alcoholic anonymous (AA) -narcotic anonymous (NA) -extended stay facilities (Hotels and private companies Example: The information Im looking for is: -Location (address) -Size (amount of residents & Apartments/rooms) -Rate (Per wk/monthly) -Website (Url) -Special nich they are serving (gay, male/female only, etc) -Private owner or management group (Phone number of management group or owner) The area of focus is South Florida.   (more...)

f a great team! I’m building out a team of experts to support my consulting business. We will team with technology entrepreneurs to bring products and solutions to market. I’m looking for a long-term relationship; however, the work will typically be part time and may not be consistent week to week. I will provide some best practices and instructions to get started, but you should feel comfortable with the typical assignment below without any additional help. As a team, we will share best practices and ensure that we are using the best tools available for the job. A typical assignment could be like this: “I have several spreadsheets in different layouts that contain similar data. I need you to combine the sheets into one, verify that the data is accurate (it didn’t get corrupted from the original separate sheets), and present it professionally.” Another assignment might look like this: “I have a few sheets that contain sales rep data and I need to organize and present it in a certain format and order that I give you.” Responsibilities: * Analyze various data in a professional matter * Use your analytic skills to suggest ways to present the data better * Create custom reports, forms and tools using Excel Requirements: * Proven experience with Excel required. * Proven experience with data analytics required. * You should feel comfortable with Excel, higher level functions like v-lookups, database functions, and macros. * Visual basic / VBA for Excel is a plus. * Preferred candidate will have passed the following oDesk skills test * Office Skills Test * MS Excel 2007 Test * US English Basic Skills Test * Visual Basic 6 Test ****** To apply for the job, please attach any recent Excel work that you have done that shows your ability to present data professionally and work with higher Excel functions.   (more...)

meone highly skilled at taking medium to large sets of data and pulling out useful information and putting together a report with actionable information. Must be a Native English speaker or equivalent. For example, I may give you sales reports from the past month and I need someone who can dig in and wrestle with the data to tell me which day of the week are the most valuable sales coming or what time of day are most of my sales coming from. Must have experience building master templates in excel that can be reused month after month for this kind of analysis.   (more...)

g for someone to create some answers to some percentage questions I have. Im trying to determine what numbers my offees are converting at and what I need to them to convert at to break even with my advertising. Im trying to determine how many people need to optin for each sale and how many sales I will get per hundred people optin. I have it all broken down on a spreadsheet of what Im looking for which i have attached.   (more...)

lling some mobile phone usage I have margin, churn and tarriff. margin can be anything from 40 to 20% Churn can be around 12 to 30% - typically 15% tariff will be 10,15,25,35, 45 so for each month across 12 month there will be users using the service - for each month based on the churn we lose customers as well as adding some. hopefully adding more than losing. I am want some help working on what-if or better still stochastic sensativity analysis, to work out different revenue lines, trying to work out the top and bottom of profit so that I can feed this to a P&L   (more...)

inishing elements to monthly reports that focus on online and print advertising. I am looking for someone with a very good eye for detail who can catch typos, errors and fix formating problems with powerpoint presentations. Experience with copy editing would be a plus, in addition to advanced knowledge in powerpoint to help finish a professional looking presentation. Must enjoy numbers and be able to keep track of very detail oriented reports. To begin with work will be limited to just basic editing and formating and all around finishing approx 1-2 hours of work per report at about 1 report every 4 weeks with the opportunity be be trusted with more detailed work and more hours as time goes by. Must be able to sign a non-disclosure statement and disclose if you currently work for a directly competing company.   (more...)

arch on REO vendors in Miami, FL and how to expand business with other banks. Looking for someone with research experience dealing with REO\'s in the US market, specifically in Florida. Thank you.   (more...)

ve some work to do, you really need to understand and write in french, because the work is ALL in french, my offer, it is regarding the macroeconomic, you need to calculate some stats, I will provide you all the sheets where to look and instructions. thank you   (more...)

oking for someone who has a good head for numbers and understands how to read reports and assess what they mean. You will need: Excellent English skills Knowledge of how to work with excel spreadsheets Excellent communication skills A stable and reliable internet connection You are: Able to learn how to use new UIs very quickly Very reliable Available on Skype It would be nice if you: Have worked in online advertising but it is not necessary. Are familiar with Google Analytics In your cover letter, please let us know what, if any experience you have in dealing with data and statistical analysis. Please do not reply with generic applications as they will be rejected out of hand. If you have read this entire entry, please start your Cover letter with Dear Graphic World.   (more...)

illed mathematician/statistic expert to explain certain mathematic and statistic concepts for us to be able to program in in our software. Especially focus on cointegration and correlation is vital. Do not apply if you don\'t understand these concepts. If you are able to program it or have existing programming code, in Mathematica, Matlab, C/C++, Excel it would be great to use are reference.   (more...)

or a market research guru to produce a short research paper based on current market conditions about apps for ages 2-5. A short presentation with the information gathered would be required answering the question for which we are seeking an answer for. Please specify your fixed price offer you would need to complete such a study.   (more...)

lp posting ads on craigslist.   (more...)

- we are looking for someone to post regular updates to a website, based on our approach to forex. This will probably be regular work - at least once per week. We have a forex system that trades based on the relationship between two currency pairs. We have a support website for people that follow the system. This job will entail updating the website with the signals - BUT you will need a good grasp of forex/trading. Why? Because you will need to personally follow/track signals that have been made during the week, provide a brief analysis, and then post the details online. It\'s not a huge amount of work but you will need to be familiar with forex (not a huge knowledge since we can provide some things to help) and you will need to be very reliable! More details available upon request.   (more...)

eeking candidates with a strong financial background to fill 6 Financial Analyst positions. Candidates should have previous excel experience and be able to interact with enterprise accounting systems. CPA\'s are preferred. Candidates must be able to read and understand financial statements and be able to triangulate data. We are seeking candidates who are very detail oriented, have a strong financial background and are able to meet deadlines. This is a 40 hour per week job that pays $10/hr (inclusive of oDesk fees). Potential candidates will be paid $30 for a fixed priced project during the test phase which is to be completed in 5 days before being hired full time. This job requires 40 hours per week and on successful completion of tests and interviews with us an offer to the Financial Analyst position would be made at $10/hr(including oDesk fees). Access to webcam is a prerequisite for this job. The job requires use of webcam along with odesk team, screen shots. The tests include * Financial tests to guage accounting and excel skills * oDesk test for written English * Skype Video interview * Cognitive tests Desired skills * Great English communication skills * CPA or 5+ years of experience in Financial/Accounting positions * Enthusiasm for working with the gDev process and methodology.   (more...)

d set up of a simulation model. The model could be described with polynoms but the parameters entered are based on statistical distribution. It is important to provide an idea, why you are skilled to to this job. To avoid misunderstandings - we talk about university level.   (more...)

candidate who is able to develop 4 statistical methods for extreme wind calculation. Advanced statistics, advanced maths, bootstrap techniques and statistical distribution concepts are essential, Please contact to receive more information, Best Jose   (more...)

AD CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING Hi, We are in an urgent need for someone who can create ROI studies on potential business openings. your task will be something like that suppose a client wants to open an online website for Marriages ( Something like Now you will be the person who will carry out market studies & research & tell us the following: Whether the project is financially viable? Like e.g.. if the client opens a new matrimony website then what & how much should they expect to earn. you will have to provide ropund off figures that you think is being earned by other competitors. What is the competition like in the market. for e.g.. you’ll need to analyze other competitors & see what they are doing I hope you understand what I mean.   (more...)

ed real estate person who can research markets for opportunities. Will need to assemble lists of properties in different asset classes, then narrow down to specific deals as target investment opportunities. Parking garages are one of our targets.   (more...)

search Brazil   (more...)

is a re-posting - if you previously applied, please accept my apologies. But please feel free to re-apply. I am a business coach/consultant have consulted all over the world. I am looking for someone who can \"design\" a small business coaching programme for small business owners/entrepreneurs that I can market to potential customers to help them grow and manage their business, etc. I have the concept and knowledge but would like some help to \"formalise\" my structure. I envisage the following phases: Initial stage: You interview me via skype (via voice) to understand my requirements and to establish if we can work together; Phase 1: High level concept design - including you further interviewing me again on skype to help develop your proposal; Phase 2: You prepare Terms of reference (including at least: objectives, scope, approach, deliverables, deadlines) and confidentiality disclaimers and we sign it off; Phase 3: I will give you links to the top 20 sites for 2 separate keywords and your role will be to prepare the basic structure of the coaching programme (content, programme length, programme frequency, price structure) and deliver your recommendations via a MS Powerpoint presentation format. I would also expect a list of modules to be designed. I would also expect the programme to be scalable so that I can target other countries. Phase 4: Individual modules designed. Each module should be at least 2,500 words and include self study sections where the reader can make notes and make personal action plans. I would anticipate that during phase 4, individual modules will be released, so I do not have to wait until the end of the project to start this service line. Please note: This phase is NOT part of this project but please feel free to register your interest. Budget: I would not expect to be charged for the initial stage. * Phase 1. I have assumed that you have done this several times and will use a standard template * Phase 2. I have assumed that you have done this several times and will use a standard template. * Phase 3. I have assumed one hour to peruse the top sites and the balance to prepare the deliverables. Deadline: 23 September 2010. The project will be considered incomplete if phase 3 is not completed by then. Please type \"Blue sky thinking\" in the 1st line of your reply - if you don\'t I will treat your application as SPAM and it WILL be rejected. PLEASE BID FOR ALL PHASES UP TO AND EXCLUDING PHASE 4. Phase 4 will be a separate assignment. If you think that you have the skills and desire to help me, then please let me know and we can schedule a skype voice call. Note: We do not offer upfront payments as the last time we did this the contractor took our money and delivered nothing.   (more...)

ing for a business strategy consultant for 2 start-up businesses. One business already has a website set up (business networking site) and the other business needs a business plan (web design and internet marketing). If you have experience in the web industry (not web based affiliate marketing), please apply with the following details: 1. Experience & Qualifications 2. Business Strategy Process 3. Costs involved 4. Time estimation for completion If there are different costs involved, please itemise. As written reports or business plans are involved, please only reply if you have a high level of English speaking and written communication skills. Regards Jim & Bobbi-Lea Dionysius DIONYSIAC DESIGN   (more...)

ny is looking for Powerpoint experts who can create advanced slides / charts, and can work in a fast paced time sensitive environment. Must be flexible on work hours 24 /7 ideal with fast turnaround. Experience working in a banking / consulting environment ideal: (eg. McKinsey graphics, etc) Our projects are ongoing and would like to establish a long-term partnership   (more...)

nternational company (providing services to over 72,000 clients in more than 56 countries around the world) is about to launch investment program for investing in company success. We are looking for investment consultants from around the world that can take up the job of providing consultancy to our investors in their own area (or if contacted by investors from any part of the world). Training would be provided. This is what you get: 1) A fixed monthly salary or commision based salary (you decide) along with recognition from our company 2) Work from anywhere & anytime you wish 3) No experience necessary but growth is awesome (investors already lining up) 4) Bonuses over US $10000 per month 5) Full time working opportunity in future with high salary & perks Requirements: Good communication skills & desire to learn and grow. An awesome opportunity for everyone. Regards Catching Eye Pvt Ltd ( INC)   (more...)

or a expert. someone experienced with buying from wholesalers who dropship and send to customers. this job ad is very specific. please meet our standards.   (more...)

ing of investing in real estate at Manhattan\\Harlem. Because I have lived in Israel for all of my life. I need to learn the market in New-York, This is the reason that I am contacting U My mission is buying a building or a condo in a great shape, that doesn\'t need to be renovated and then renting it to people I\'m looking for safe investment, and the best upside in 5 or more years You have to find articles, graphs, Analiese, forecasts, web sites and note what\'s relevant for me please specify the sources of the information. Thanks in advance, Saar   (more...)

ny, a consulting firm in Dubai, is looking for people with knowledge in preparing ISO management systems, implementing and auditing to the standard. The job does not require any travel of visits to client offices. I am looking for help in improving existing management systems, writing procedures and developing documentation.   (more...)

idates to find, research, and apply to jobs for specific people in the USA. You\'ll receive 1-3 resumes for each person and a general cover letter to use. The cover letter will need to be changed depending on who it will be emailed to. You\'ll also receive a list of jobs the person is interested in as well as qualifications. You need to search the Internet, like,, and others to apply to jobs for this person (you\'ll receive an email address and password to use per person). The jobs should match the person\'s interests and qualifications. You may also apply for jobs that the person is not entirely qualified for as long as some of the qualifications are met. There will be specific requests per person and all that information will be provided to you. It is extremely important that you understand language and grammar in The United States of America and Canada. Primarily, English in The USA. I can pay per job applied or hourly. If hourly, there will be expectations for how many jobs you apply to. You\'ll also need to provide a summary of applications that you have completed that day/work period. You\'ll receive a worksheet/document that has all the information you\'ll need to enter. If you do a great job, you\'ll have future opportunities and more work. If your work is good and people are satisfied with the outcome then I\'d be willing to add bonuses or offer a raise. So you know what I\'m looking for in an applicant (not all have to be met, but the applicants that have the most qualifications will be considered first): A cover letter showing that you can write professionally in a western manner. Knowledge of professional greetings in a western manner. Writing skills. English quality. Resume writing. Application procedures. Knowledge of job sites. Understanding of job requirements and the difference between, for example, an artist applying for an art job and a financial advisor applying for a finance job. Word processing. Accuracy. Attention to detail. Cost per application or hourly charge. Feedback scores. Portfolio. Things that will have you rejected almost immediately: General applications, for example, a cover letter that isn\'t applicable to this job. \"Foreign\" sounding grammar or spelling errors. Thanks for your time and I look forward to reviewing your application.   (more...)

ICANTS ONLY! We are looking for a highly skilled person to assist us as our SEO expert. You will assist us in providing SEO consulting to our accounts and assist us in maximizing SEO for our accounts. You MUST know the in\'s and out\'s of SEO. This is not for beginners. No training so be sure you know what you are doing and can PROVE it. We are a great company who is building a solid team. We are looking for people who want to work with us long term. Please respond by: Starting your response with \"Hello Ms. SEO\" Tell us how many years of SEO experience you have Provide us any examples of your SEO skills Provide us with your best rate Be prepared for an interview where you\'ll be asked things that an SEO expert should know Please don\'t waste our time or yours. Serious and experiences applicants only!!!!! U.S. Based only please! We are on the west coast so you need to be able to work across the time zones. You will start out slow and with a few hours and build up from there.   (more...)

ing for someone reliable who can select superior wholesalers and knows the market and what sells, an Amazon/Ebay guru. I am looking for someone who has managed Amazon and Ebay accounts. Someone with experiernce. I do not want to train a new person.   (more...)

oking for an experienced PR consultant to work with us on Press Releases and media management. Our company helps businesses who want to develop applications get hire experienced application developers. We need someone to help develop relationships with media outlets, generate marketing and PR materials, and help with branding. The ideal candidate has at least three year\'s experience in PR and marketing with a proven record of success with getting article placements.   (more...)

anage entertainment artist with smart decesion on the road to success providing. *Strategic Planning *Strategic Marketing Services *Monetization Strategies *Distribution *Technology Extensive relationships across: Media Entertainment Technology Music Film Advertising Internet Mobiles Technologies   (more...)

oking for an MBA graduate/student who can write a SWOT report on Danone. The report must be written by a person who worked (medium-high level) for Danone or one of its closest competitors. The SWOT must be composed of 3 items for each of S, W, ... Each item has to be described in at least 300 words. You have to provide the name of the items, so we can check the quality of the work.   (more...)

ike to get information on trading options in usa (dj, sp, nasda) germany (dax) united kingdo (ftse) i would like to know where can i get data on the trading, to see historical prices, and to search for cost\'s and fee\'s in banking or brokers to see how much it cost to trade options   (more...)

ing for highly professional resume writers. I can guranttee you the payment for each resume thats is much higher then you can find any where currently. But keep in mind that you are about to write for a professional organization who has made its name over the years in the field of resume writing. So, If you are interested in this job send me your resume plus include 2 to 3 samples of your resumes. Youi work will be reviewed by a highly professional team with over 10years experience in resume writing so kindoly avoid sending if you dn think your work is of professional standards. This is an ongoing job and if you meet our criteria i can gurantte you an year contract. Best of Luck Regards Kashif Mahmood   (more...)

mobile charging technologies being used in Africa & India (micro / mini solar panels, micro / mini wind turbine, micro fuel cells, green / diesel combo, etc). as well as community charging solutions (shared chargers in Africa, India and other developing countries)? Output is an excel file with Company name URL Country Solution name Short description (20 words)...   (more...)

f wireless mobile charging technologies in the US, Europe and Israel (e.g. Powermat, Mojo Mobility, Witricity...)? Company name URL Solution name   (more...)

well written business plan for our SaaS business. I can provide all the details and background information and am available for questions. This is the perfect job for someone that can research this niche in the automotive industry, and pull the pieces together to for a comprehensive business plan, including graphs and projections for the business. Prior business plan development essential. Candidates should have a wealth of experience in writing a business plan. Also, you will need to be able to assist in the financial projections. Candidates will complete an in depth market research on my industry looking at all areas with extreme attention to detail, to be able to create a fantastic business plan and very accurate marketing plan/strategy. You will need to be able to fully research the industry from the ground up in the US, to look at trends and identify target groups. This will lead to develop a marketing strategy to engage and persuade clients to purchase my companies products and services. Please provide relative experience, your working style, a competitive bid, work samples if available.   (more...)

like to review the available technologies & firms for the following areas 1. Off-grid charging - solar, wind, dynamo, etc. all technologies (low and high-tech) enabling to recharge a device without being connected to the power grid 2. Wireless charging - ability to charge a device w/o wire (examples - powermat, ecoupled) 3. Personal smart grid - ability to charge (fee) users when they charge through a community charger or when they provide power to other mobile users The expected output is a long list of all the players & related technologies in the US, Europe, Israel and in Africa (community charging solutions especially).   (more...)

sed the CRM over the last 11months, Going forward we want to have an expert oversee its use and maximise its benefits for us. We want people that are certified administrators or consultants. I am not sure we will need developers but if you think we do, please dont hesitate to apply and demonstrate why, It would be helpful to see past jobs you have done. We intend to make this an ongoing assingment as this application is crucial to our work. if you need more clarification feel free to state them in your application.   (more...)

new business client whose industry is Medical Grow Company - I am looking for someone with experience in hydroponic growing system for various plants that can do a design layout for 3500 sqft space.. Candidate will have to be able to give a layout design based on our business client needs and space   (more...)

well written business plan for our SaaS business. I can provide all the details and background information and am available for questions. This is the perfect job for someone that can research this niche in the automotive industry, and pull the pieces together to for a comprehensive business plan, including graphs and projections for the business. Prior business plan development essential. Candidates should have a wealth of experience in writing a business plan. Also, you will need to be able to assist in the financial projections. Candidates will complete an in depth market research on my industry looking at all areas with extreme attention to detail, to be able to create a fantastic business plan and very accurate marketing plan/strategy. You will need to be able to fully research the industry from the ground up in the US, to look at trends and identify target groups. This will lead to develop a marketing strategy to engage and persuade clients to purchase my companies products and services. Please provide relative experience, your working style, a competitive bid, work samples if available.   (more...)

meone who is an expert at affiliate/referral programs to help redesign our Textbook Buyback website\'s affiliate program. Coding and graphics design will be done by our own developers, so all that is needed is an outline and detailed list of recommendations (in Word format) of whatever we should include in the system. Currently, our referral program provides a link for users to refer friends to sell their college textbooks. When each referred sale is confirmed Received and Paid on our end, we credit 10% of the order to the referrer\'s account. This program needs to be greatly expanded, and we are considering the possibility of making this a multi-level program as well, but we would like an outside expert to lend some advice before we proceed down that path. The ideal candidate will be well versed in popular affiliate program practices (ClickBank, ComissionJunction, etc.) and will be able to analyze our particular situation and design a front-end that our users will enjoy using. We also need a robust backend that will provide our administrators with useful, actionable information to help better serve our users. A few ideas we have already thought of include ability for our users to post to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc., click/conversion counter so users can track campaigns, links + banners for affiliates to use, etc. Our target market is United States high school and university students. Upon completion, the document of recommendations you provide will be coded and implemented, and as soon as it is live we will notify our existing users and begin a massive online and offline advertising campaign to promote our web service and it\'s new referral program. Once this project is done and we are satisfied with the results, we will have further work available, such as recruiting new affiliates.   (more...)

oking for a marketing professional with experience in Executive Education Marketing / Administration for Universities - especially for Business Schools. He/she should provide us process guidance in the area current processes/ issues/ area of improvement etc. This is a need based requirement and we are ready to provide up to $10/hr fees.   (more...)

or researchers in Brazil, who speak the local Portugese language.   (more...)

an Australian Chartered Accountant and have been researching and trialing the offshoring of process orientated tasks into India and the Philippines for SME\'s within Australia. I am working towards formalising a business model that will suit the Australian market. I am at a critical point in my thinking and would like to hire a mentor to assist me to get it right. I am looking for someone who has experience in delivering these services to SME\'s or has been involved with it at some level. I would prefer either an American, Brit or Canadian. What I am hoping to find is an ongoing relationship where I can bounce ideas around and get to hear the thoughts and opinions of someone who has some experience in this field. Mick   (more...)

search, consulting   (more...)

king for help acquiring an email list for businesses in Australia and New Zealand. I would like a specific email address for the business owner or sales manager. The criteria is small to medium sized businesses, so typically under 1 -100 employees and under 20 million turnover. I am looking for 20,000 emails   (more...)

or highly intelligent staffers to provide research material on Real Estate Markets, both commercial as well as residential, folks that have indepth experience with banks nationally are a huge key. Experience in Short sale negotiations as well as regional contacts are highly appreciated.   (more...)

ks include - Building simple sites 8 to 10 pages - checking and responding to emails - Doing a internet research - reporting to me at the end of the day Lowest bid will be considered first Please bid below $1.25 and tell us if you have any experience in building websites   (more...)

virtual assistant to work with us on a regular basis with the following skillset: wordpress, html MS Office (profiency in MS Excel) web based research knowledge of constant contact speaks fluent english We need the person for at least 10 hours a week with possibility to a fulltime position depending on our fit and availability of VA. We expect prompt, professional work under minimum supervision. Payment: Look for only bids below $1.25 per hour at this point in time.   (more...)

looking for someone to give me IT advice on an occasional basis. For example: > Advice on purchase of equipment such as printer/scanner > Advice about best programs to use to achieve goals etc Let me know if you are interested! Thanks Anthony   (more...)

ive assistant to the President of a Public Relations Corporations provides high-level, confidential administrative support to the office of the CEO. Duties may be clerical, administrative and project-based and include scheduling travel, arranging meetings, handling information requests, preparing reports and correspondence and liaising with board members. This position is often privy to confidential information and as such, requires diplomacy and discretion. Manage Schedule 1. CEO\'s & President’s have very busy schedules and heavy workloads. As such, it is the responsibility of the executive assistant to manage his schedule and workload and ensure he is adequately prepared for meetings. Prior to meetings, the executive assistant may prepare the meeting agenda and provide needed background information to the CEO. It is also his responsibility to ensure the CEO is briefed on her daily schedule to ensure she arrives on time and knows where to be. Arrange Travel 2. CEOs tend to travel frequently and it is often the responsibility of the executive assistant to arrange travel and logistics. This may include booking flights, car rental and hotel accommodations. She is also responsible for arranging meetings, providing needed background information and completing expense reports for reimbursement after the trip. Liaise with Board Members 3. Executive assistants also may interact with the board of directors. Duties can include scheduling board meetings, handling logistics of board meetings, sending materials for review prior to the meetings, taking and distributing notes and fielding general queries from board members. General Administrative and Clerical Tasks 4. The executive assistant also provides general administrative and clerical tasks such as answering phones, faxing, mailing, filing and photocopying. She also may be required to arrange logistics for visitors, coordinate conference calls, transcribe notes and type correspondence. Qualifications and Skills 5. While a bachelor\'s degree is often preferred, an associate degree may be acceptable with sufficient previous work experience. Employers tend to seek three to five years of experience supporting senior managers, strong computer skills and the ability to type 60 words per minute, manage upwards, handle confidential information and multitask. Personal attributes such as discretion, a high level of professionalism, strong attention to detail, organization and written and verbal communication skills are also sought. 6. Executive assistants often work in a fast-paced office environment and may be required to work overtime and weekends as needed. 7. Executive must be able to make unlimited calls to The U.S. and must be able to receive calls. 8. Strong English is needed and perhaps another language.   (more...)

meone to do Data entry, data conversion, form feeling,typing work and other part time job online.   (more...)

bt Settlement Processing Company and need support staff.   (more...)

s, Order Management, Invoicing, Vendor Management We are looking for a Senior level Operations/Purchasing Manager working in an outsourced manner to handle the day to day logistics and product flow from our ecommerce sites. Direct to Home Appliances sells high end home appliances such as outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, and fireplaces to consumers in U.S. homes. This will be an outsourced/telecommute position whose hours of operations will be normal business hours in the U.S. You would be equipped with a VOIP international phone to have a constant communication between our customer and employees. Must have at least 10 years of logistic, shipping, and customer service experience. Must have a strong track record of optimizing logistic and supply chains. Must have high level of communication between sales and customers service team to deliver the best results. Must have the ability to improve the and make efficient our system from the time of order to the deliver the product, including building software and automated systems for order processing to inventory management. Major duties include: Managing customer deliveries and vendors Communicating with vendors, building and sending POs Arranging and coordinating domestic shipping as well as international shipping Handling some customers service calls regarding delivery issues, and confirming orders Communicating with our customer service team and CEO regarding budget Handling returns from customers Develop and implement weekly reports showing clear picture of product and inventory shipment needs Working with the team and weekly budget Checking product margins and keeping an eye on logistic costs Requirements: 5 Years experience in Operations or Purchasing College Degree: BS, 4year degree Experience in Vendor Management, Logistics, Invoicing, Order Prioritizing Experience with Ms Access, Data Mining Excellent Communication Skills   (more...)

re launching a range of Pet Care products, but required a seasoned/experienced Chemical Engineer. We need to finalize recipies. You will be given receipies in each category and must find common ingredients, and make each recipie for each category, i.e, for fleas, for long hair, etc... You must provide a description for each ingredient, for example, oil as carrier, Aloe Vera for soothing, etc... We need to work out methods of manufacture. We need to work out methods of product testing. We need estimates of use by dates. We need methods of quality control and batch testing. We also need information in regards to legal requirements of testing the products, insurance/public liability and manufacturing. We also need a list of where the ingredients can be purchased in Sydney, Australia. You must have expeirience in atleast some of the above. Regards Rick   (more...)

oking for a person who can call and negotiate with providers (ie. Banks, Insurance companies, Telecommunication providers, etc.) to join our website. The website will be described in more detail upon interest however the basic principal is for providers to offer customers quotes on services. This role would require calling \'people in high places\' to obtain ineterest in joining the website.   (more...)

confident, good vocab, knows the magic of word.   (more...)

tart an e-commerce service company. I have the idea and resources. I need a loyal, honest, hard working, visionary, creative, communicative person to help me build this. I actually have 2 that I want to start. We\'ll start with one.   (more...)

understand the concept of twitter, to do this task. I want a copy of all the tweets that contain the hashtag #SBACHAT that have been posted since Wednesday 8th September. I want it provided in a word document, preferably Microsoft Word 2007. I want it clear who posted the tweet e.g. e.g. @Timmemade :- #sbachat Keep a bin where you open the mail & toss out junk mail before it gets into your office space. I would like it in time order, preferably. If you have any questions please ask. Please advise how many hours you think it will take - I esimate it will take one hour. In your response, please provide an example of a posted tweet, so it is clear you understand what I mean. Thank-you   (more...)

n short IVR srcipt (about 70 words) we need recorded for our phone system. We need the audio emailed to us in MP3 format.   (more...)

or someone who has a Masters or higher from the University of Philippines Manila with experience in--analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.   (more...)

everal substantial excel spreadsheets of customer data. Which is currently unmanageable in Excel. We need someone to take these spreadsheets, approx 300mb, and export into Excel all records which match our criteria. The result will be a set of smaller spreadsheets which will be sent to us. As an example, the criteria would be all records over with over 50 staff and a turnover of more than $1m in a range of vertical markets An extract of one of the files is attached. When you apply, please give an idea of cost and timescale. We are happy to receive files as we go along.   (more...)

e 1 or 2 people to do various simple task for our Ink and Toner website ( we have a lot of stuff to do and can provide alot of work and hours. These jobs include. (We will provide videos for each task if necessary) Job 1: Doing simple verification of our websites information, verifying that the printer models are all listed on our product descriptions (we will give all the necessary tools to verify) verifying that our searching tools have all the printers listed as well. Job 2: Doing some price comparison between a few website (competition), we will provide the search terms as well as the website that need to be searched on. Job 3 Listing products on our website Job 4 - more complex need some knowloedge of SEO posting links on our facebook page and twitter page as well as creating blog information, You do not need to have knowledge of the Ink and toner industry but it would help. We are looking for 2 workers who are willing to give us at least 40 hours a week. We are looking to hire someone who will stay with us in the long term as well and always be ready to do tasks for us.   (more...)

e skills and competency training to unemployed residents and offer assistance for job placement in livelihood programs in cooperation with recognized institutions and companies\". .....(SKILLS, TRAINING, AND EMPLOYMENT)   (more...)

arching for a highly skilled Project Manager. We are a design firm (web and graphic) and work closely with designers/web developers on oDesk to complete jobs and task for clients in Australia. Our Australian clients demand a high level of quality and customer service. They want business cards and websites made within days. We are searching for someone with the BEST customer service and organisational skills to liaise between (and understand the needs of our company) the client and the designers/web developers to start and finish jobs (in the shortest amount of time possible) whilst sustaining a high quality end product and customer satisfaction. A typical job would be to receive a form from our company with details on what is needed on the clients business cards, letterheads and on the website they are wanting designed. The Project Manager is then to liaise with designers and developers to create what is asked by the client. Then once the client sees the first proofs of the project, the client may want to change some details (business card address, colours, remake logo again) and the project manager should be able to get these changes made working with the designers within a set time frame. The Project Manager will then communicate back to us and we will communicate the changes back to the client. Sometimes the Project manager will be required to indicate the changes directly to the customer via email or phone (skype?). Exceptional english skills needed along with knowledge of how web design and printing works in general. Thankyou. We look forward to hearing from you.   (more...)

extract data from craigslist straight to excel. I want the item name, price, location, contact email, and details extracted utomatically in bulk. Then, Ill want to code the excel sheet in that it recognizes the name of the item, then subtracts the craigslist asking price from a value matching the item description. Id like this done asap with no delays. I like communicating over skype as well. Please have skype, knowledge of how to do this job, and good english skills and be able to start and finish this work within a few hours from now.   (more...)

B2B services firm seeks an internet researcher, data entry candidate. Requirements include: * experience with databases and researching information on the internet * strong Microsoft Excel skills * strong spelling, grammar, punctuation, and proofreading skills   (more...)

y and PowerPoint experience   (more...)

o have a camera made to 3d with Grid like texture with a certain angle. Image samples and additional information will be provided. Due date of September 18, 2010   (more...)

very simple swimmer doing buttfly stroke modelled in 3d to later create a laser engraved trophy for a siwmming club. Just one pose and no animation. A series of examples photographs will be supplied showing the approximate pose. The model itself need only be a smooth but \'generic\' human favouring male characteristics. However, it would be important that the model is wearing a swim mat and useful if the model was wearing swim goggles (racing type). the surface of the water will need to be modelled also, again simply but convincingly. Attachments show example trophy and several photo\'s of butterfly intended to give an idea of the pose required.   (more...)

will require importing TIFF file scans of Large Format Paper Drawings (24\"x36\" Size) into AutoCAD and/or Raster Design. With this information the applicant will convert the information from the TIFF file into a multi-layer AutoCAD drawing based on Drawing Standards provide by Finman & Associates. Work could begin as early as one week from date of posting and should be completed in under one month. I expect to hire several applicants, so that the work can be completed quickly. These drawings are foundation drawings and details for a gold milling facility. This work could develop into more work after this stage is completed. It is the option of the applicant to simply redraw the drawing in AutoCAD or to convert it using Raster Design.   (more...)

ideally like to have 1 video that describes the online product shop and 1 for the corporate company website and potentially more for the products to act as user guides. Presumably they wouldn\'t be the same price because the second one could use a lot of the work that was done for the first. For all videos we would require a 3D model of a house and products including all currently available accessories and also the electricity meter, energy display, power plugs and smart phone. There are 10 products in total. We have imagery but each one will have to be rendered. House style should be detached \'modernist\'. You will need to create all rooms - hall, walkways, bathroom, front door, back door, kitchen, bathroom, lounge ie all areas where sensors would be located. We will provide the script and need a voice over artist. For the online account (the user registers for an online account and can receive alerts via email, text, twitter, sms, landline showing alerts from anywhere in the world). This is essentially a burglar alarm system/intelligent home/remote monitoring for energy saving of all appliances. We will provide screen grabs and suggest using after effects to move the cursor to describe how the online account works. See You Tube 3Wave Reality for an example of a similar video. Each video will be about 3-4 minutes long. For the online product shop overview Outline sequence: • Show security products in the home – start with the control panel and fly-through house showing sensor positions • Show setting all the sensors with the key fob – indicate alarm set • Indicate alarm activation (intruder > flashing light/colour change etc) • Show alerts to i-phone, email, SMS • Show re-setting the alarm via i-phone • Show services on online account i.e. report all for care and video streaming (this may involve a separate recording – screen record or similar, then merging with the 3d house video to make one guide). For the corporate overview video To go on the homepage of the company website to demo the connected home – taking data from the home and into the cloud and then to the platform. A voice over would describe the various capabilities. • Show devices in the home for security, care, video, control and energy (need to show the electricity meter and the Real Time Display) • Show devices communicating via a gateway and then out to the cloud (internet) • Show information presented on a User Interface (i-phone or PC) • Show two-way remote control of the home (or describe it) using power-plugs   (more...)

ing and animations for a luxury ski field condo development in Japan. All materials will be supplied. Must be able to produce high-quality, photo-realistic rendering and animations. This is a good example of what we are seeking: Please provide estimate for total time required. Delivery date is 2nd week of October.   (more...)

current image assets and add 3d animations to them. For example, people mowing their lawn or playing with their dogs. These will be used for a city building game we are making.   (more...)

rk on autocad? do you work on sketchup? how many years of experience do you have working on the above? how long does it take you to billd a 3d detailed model from a 2d plan? do you work with render can you send me a 3d model you have done?   (more...)

f it\'s done correctly, if it has errors, sand if it\'s in good quality   (more...)

o design a an optical assembly for a video camera that will be made in molded plastic. I am looking for someone who not only will design the mechanics, but also to help teach me the ropes of Solidworks as the project progresses, so that I can be involved in the actual design work.   (more...)

ng for someone who has experience in piping designs and autocad. Successful candidate will be flown to Canada for a couple of days training. Candidates should have a valid passport. Please ATTACH your resume to be considered!   (more...)

isting CAD Drawings of 4 individual parts (They will consist of a cabinet and three pieces of molding). Output One Illustration showing 4 parts put together (Representation of a kitchen cabinets with a triple stack crown molding on top). Proposal Example of existing work Timeframe for completion Price   (more...)

L 3D DESIGNER WANTED FOR MP5 PROTOTYPE CREATION We\'re looking a good industrial designer that can design a Prototype of MP5 player shell (case) in 3D. If you\'re interested, feel free to reply this ad.   (more...)

king for a 3D artist that can create a 3D similar to the one attached. If it\'s posible for you, please contact us.   (more...)

for the casing of a tablet computer   (more...)

nd transport designer   (more...)

ve about 50 CAD models of rings that need to be rendered (in 400 x 400), and am looking for someone to do the job. Each model will be rendered in 4 angles (I will provide the details), leading to a total of 200 rendered images. If you have relevant experience, and are interested, please contact me as per the guidelines below. I would like to conduct a 2-step interview process. Step 1. Please send me some sample images of jewellery that you have rendered, along with an estimate of how much you think the total job will cost. Please submit by end of day Sunday (Sep 5th). If you make it through to the second round, I will contact you early Monday (Sep 6th). Step 2. i will send you a simple CAD model, and ask you to render it in those 4 angles. Please submit your inquiries by end of day Tuesday (Sep 7th). The best renderer will be awarded the job on Wednesday (Sep 8th). Thanks Saeeda   (more...)

king for a 3D artist that can model, texturize and render an Electronic Device (Tablet PC) with a good quality output.   (more...)

oking for someone, or a company who we can contract to do CAD resurfacing from scanner or point cloud data of organic shapes, automotive parts, aviation components, boat hulls, and other components or parts to be used for design work and CNC machining. Must be proficient in ENGLISH and use Rapidform or Geomagicas well as other CAD softwares such as Catia and Solidworks. We will require examples of previous work. We will also send a test project to be resurfaced from a scan into a native solidworks file with a full editable feature tree. It needs to be completed as the interview process. We will also need to see the quotes (including time and hourly cost) to complete each of the 3 example jobs which we will send, if you are intrerested. Please email if interested with your resume.   (more...)

busy design team requiring an outsourcing solution to assist with peaks in our work flows. Contractors must have extensive Solidworks experience with joinery assemblies.   (more...)

electronic design and manufacturing company within the market sectors of Security and TeleCare We require a designer who is able to produce/ammend low tech mechanical designs using Autocad There will be repeat business for a competant person We hope to appoint a contractor by the 9th of September 2010 and the project must be completed by the 20th of September 2010   (more...)

rnoon, We\'re looking for a good illustrator that can help us create a mascot Illustrated or 3D. It\'s a funny and cute Tiger. Regards,   (more...)

oking for a small team of people (2-3 people) to assist in completing a tight deadline for a movie in Sketchup. Deadline has been moved up and MUST be completed by Friday Morning (8/3/2010)!! Movie includes exterior model and interior walkthru of 6 spaces, exterior of model is complete and 2 of the 6 rooms have been completed. I will provide a base model and your work will be inserted into our master model. Looking for experienced modelers due to tight timeframe.   (more...)

e looking for people who can create and design CAD drawings and 3D renderings for us; of exhibit booths and corporate interiors. Formats we need are PDFs and JPGs for submissions. You can use any 3D software of your choice. Autocad experience helpful.   (more...)

not be surprised if you see this posting the second, or even third time. The project is delayed, but it will start soon. We have recently developed a new version of leveling/alignment system. The new device consists of four standard and three optional stainless steel parts. We have 36 imperial and 36 metric devices, which differ only by dimensions of parts being the part of the assembly. We need a generic 3D model (we already have a model for a particular part) and 72 + configurations generated under Drive Works Express. Who will deliver dimensions for all these configuration is an open issue. Most likely we will do the job, but we may consider giving the task to the designer if we acknowledge his or her proficiency.   (more...)

ve about 200 ring designs in 2-d, that need to be converted into 3d CAD models. I am looking for experienced CAD designers who can create these designs. Following design, I would need these rendered. If you have previous experience in this field, and are interested, please contact me. Thanks Saeeda   (more...)

r Advertising Inc. Vancouver based 3D Animation house  is looking for 3D Animators with Experience in Maya 8.5 to create 3D Animations for Mining and technology. We are looking for someone with min 7 years experience who can work independently and deliver on time and within budget. Please Provide: 1- Price Per Hour 2- Indicate  your level of expertise in years for Modelling, Animation, texturing 3- Link to your samples     (more...)

drawings for a construction company who will saw some pannels for us. We need 3 different pannel sizes. In the pannels we will drill holes. The holes are random but in a raster. Please find attached drawing to make things clear. Pannel A, B and C. A (500x1850, raster=125x123,3mm) B (500x1000, raster=125x125mm) C (750x1000, raster=125x125mm) Please make different alternatives with the randomness. So for: Pannel A: 4 alternatives Pannel B: 4 alternatives Pannel C: 2 alternatives The document must be real size (1:1) All lines are closed PDF file must be attached as a refference.   (more...)

ect will have 100 pages total and would need to be completed by December 31, 2010. We are looking to start this project before October. There will be various sections that would require unique designs to separate. This will include titles, fonts, articles, stock images, and images of featured parties which all have certain sizes needed. The assignment will be sent in five different parts which will contain a fifth of the assignment to be returned within the month to check progress. You will be able to contact our staff with questions and help with formatting the projects whenever you should need assistance. Although help is available, we expect the individual to work independently and reference other past issues/examples to complete this project on their own. Thank you   (more...)

simple consumer product that we need a 3D model / CAD drawing of for manufacturing. Photorealism is not needed. The product is shaped like a large rubber band 26cm in circumference, 6cm tall, 2mm thick. The product logo, available as an EPS file, must be embossed in the logo.   (more...)

ood in making designs,2d or 3d designs   (more...)

mega project includes modeling,presentation and animations in it.Required skilled staff. Feel free to apply,details in interview.   (more...)

re looking for business minded 3D web developers in England, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, US, Canada and Australia to take part in an European and North American expansion strategy of 3D web products targeted the real-estate, furniture and construction industries. We are offering a paid 2-3 week online course in the development of low-poly models for 3D web applications. We will pay the market price for each model you make during this training period. Once you have completed the training course you can function as our local 3D artist and business agent. As the local 3D agent you will be the boss in your own 3D development studio, rule out local competition with superior products sold under your own brand, and be profitable from day one enabling you to finance your own projects and ideas. We have partners in each European and North American Country enabling you to test business ideas on your local market and apply for capital to scale the business globally. We’re are recruiting one 3D developer from each country, so be quick to make your bid on this project in order to start a dialogue on how to be a part of this program. - 3D studio max experience is preferred - Photoshop experience is preferred - Appreciation & understanding of web usability and accessibility - Local business experience is preferred Looking forward to work with you.   (more...)

3D High Quality 3D models -3 Building designs from different views -4 House designs from different -3 Interior designs The models dont need to be real. Just something either you have done in the past, or something you have designed. I dont need the floor plans, I need just the renderings. You will be submitting 1) .Jpg\'s of the renderings 2) the original 3d file (to make sure it was your work) I am open to any bids or suggestions.   (more...)

oking for a 3d artist for inmediate start, for creation of renders and models of electronic products. If you\'re interested you can respond to this ad showing us a little portfolio. Best regards   (more...)

ping layout,and p&id,iso drawing   (more...)

ooking for someone to do a patent/3D design for a concept product I have. The product is not very complex and involves electronic hardware design. Wondering if anyone has experience in this area and we can talk over the specifics of the work scope? Thanks, Peter   (more...)

ooking for someone to do a patent/3D design for a concept product I have. The product is not very complex and involves electronic hardware design. Wondering if anyone has experience in this area and we can talk over the specifics of the work scope? Thanks, Peter   (more...)

3D Studio max   (more...)

AD THE REQUIREMENTS CAREFULLY AND APPLY ONLY IF YOU MEET THEM AND IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO PRODUCE AND/OR SUBMIT SAMPLE PRODUCT RENDERINGS AS DESCRIBED BELOW We are hiring experienced product designers to create a line of toys for our seasonal lines. Once hired, candidate will be required to sign a NDA and there will be ongoing work for the selected designers. Candidates MUST submit their portfolio of at least one complete set of product renderings to be considered. Candidates who do not submit a complete set of renderings will not be considered. Please submit your original, creative product renderings as pdf or jpgs. Candidates\' submissions will not be used for commercial purposes of any kind, they will be used solely for evaluation purposes by our creative director. We will select one or more designers based on submissions received. The selected designer(s) will then be contracted to develop renderings of the assigned product catagory.   (more...)

oking for 3D Designers that can take building plans and convert them into 3D models. They must be creative as part if the projects will require your imagination. This side of our business is just starting so looking for somebody at a lower rate. Please at least 1 model in your portfolio.   (more...)

oking at a piece of property that is 1.08 acres large and I want to see if it is feasible for a larger garage to fit on the property within the boundaries/setbacks. If you are a survey designing/layout/engineer (or whatever you call it) and can help ... please let me know! I got the land survey already, google maps view of property, etc.   (more...)

me electrical circuit diagram hand drew for tool machines. I need to put it in CAD version and with the table with the wires, contacts, coils, etc using standard IEC symbols. I need the DWG files, but if you could provide me also the Eplan or other specific electrical cad files is preferable. This is the first one (2 pages and half on A4 format sheets). I have many others diagrams. Let me know which cad you could use for this project.   (more...)

nyone do this? I would like to have a remotely controlled room cleaning robot. I want advice on whether this is possible, and if so, what the most suitable components and software are etc. My idea is outsource my repetitive job of cleaning to some degree by having a remotely controlled robot do it. I would ultimately want to hire someone to drive the robot (viewing the environment via an onboard camera). THis would be done via the internet (ie the person could be anywhere in the world). The robot would consist of a mobile base (ie wheels or track) with an arm mounted on top that could pick up clothes, shoes etc and place them in a suitable place. Do you have suitable experience to be involved in this type of project? Thanks Anthony Nicholas   (more...)

y makes video training teaching people to use computer software. We are looking for someone to do 100+ hours of screen capture and recording for some video tutorials we want to produce. You will be sent mp3 files, a script and any other relevant files to help you - you will need to match the sound perfectly to the screen capture. You also need to move the mouse carefully. We may send you some rough screen capture videos which you can improve. You will do the screen captures in English. Desirable: - Good understanding of common computer software such as Adobe and Apple products. - Know popular languages such as French and Spanish - Have used screen capture software before - Can use multiple operating systems such as Mac and Windows - Can use zooming and spotlight tools (not essential) See here for a sample: This sample below is WITH Zooming and Spotlight tools: You will be asked to do some screen capture samples before we hire you. We can send you the software if needed.   (more...)

hotel designer required to design an interior and exterior of the new contemporary (between modern and classic) design style - We are looking for an experienced architect to prepare detailed drawings of architectural designs including plans, sections, elevations and renderings of 3 star hotel from A to Z. Regards, Adele.   (more...)

minimalist home about 350 sq meters of the lot area. an asian inspired home one bedroom in the ground level with an exit of its own aside from the main entrance of the home something like what i\'ll attach the house has three bedrooms upstairs with walk in closets. Need the house to be built more in glass and wood the lot area is 7905 sq mtrs. asap... the best design will win and be the one to get paid.. I may choose two to three. I will only choose ten people to join the contest so please attach a previous work. THIS IS A CONTEST   (more...)

4D BIM Model created of the pipes and conduits in the building we are about to build.   (more...)

internal usb hub for mini usb defices with an external b type usb socket that I can mount in a prototype device I am currently developing as all the modular devices are in 1 box so its effectively an internall mini usb hub and there is 5v dc so it can be a powered hub I dont know but 8 internal ports would do but if you can do 12 that would be better.   (more...)

s must know Electrical Design, layout, be able to understand well the AutoCAD environment, Cost Estimating, DiaLUX lighting simulation,   (more...)

person that has vast knowledge of css and making it work with div. Thanks brandon   (more...)

lling rigs and drilling equipment in 3D, and animate drilling equipment operation, fly-arounds,   (more...)

electronic design and manufacturing company within the market sectors of Security and TeleCare We require a Engineering Drawing Person who is able to produce as fitted drawings, and electrical schematics from hand drawn documents There will be repeat business for a competant person. We hope to appoint a contractor by the 30th of September 2010   (more...)

electronic design and manufacturing company within the market sectors of Security and TeleCare We require a PCB layout designer who is able to layout electronic circuits, ideally using Proteus Version 6.00 or above There will be repeat business for a competant designer. It is estimated that this first task will take 3 days to complete We hope to appoint a contractor by the 6th of September 2010 and the project must be completed by the 13th of September 2010   (more...)

I would like you to develop a module for me such that it can be regulated from outside through RF transmitter or transceiver circuit. I have three PIC10F206 s which are already pre-programmed for three different pulse generating settings. Now these three PIC10F206s has to be turned ON and OFF by another microcontroller or PIC which will be controlled by the RF transceiver. This whole thing is the TAG. So in this case the RF transceiver together with the microcontroller will behave more like a switch .....which switches the three independent PIC10F206s. Your part will be developing the RF talk module. There are mainly two limitations that you need to follow. 1) Current supply is limited. I can not supply more than 5mA of current hence transceivers like CC1101 or CC2500 can not be used. 2) Size is limited. The whole module...(that will include the transceiver and the microcontroller and any other circuit components needed for the purpose ) has to be suitable to fit in 0.8cm * 2cm size. When i indicated the size it is the SMD project size and you need not design the SMD project. But while choosing the components you need to keep in mind that all those components can fit in 0.9cm * 2cm when transferred into SMD.You need not worry about the PIC10Fs. They are not included in in this size frame. You physically do not need to make the circuit for me. But you have to test it in your end before giving me the final outcome. I should implement it accordingly and if it works then i will clear the payment.You will also need to design the outside part (not in the tag) which will talk with the tag transceiver module. I might suggest transceivers like ZL70250 due to their ultra low power consumption. They need less than 5mA. if you have something else in mind then you are free to implement it considering all limitations that i have provided. Also tell me briefly that what would be your approach for completing the same while you apply. That would make the selection easier and none of us will waste our time. Good luck!   (more...)

\"soft-open\" lid-opening mechanism (see attached picture) using torsion springs, rotary dampers, and magnets. The design is a moveable Solidworks model with mates and constraints and has never been tested. We are looking for someone to review the mechanism and do calculations or experiments to see whether the mechanism is valid. If the mechanism is valid, then we will need calculations for the proper spring, damper, and magnet forces to provide reliable and smooth opening. Next, there is overly complicated ducting that needs to be simplified for ease of injection molding, and the hinge design needs to be adjusted for maximum reliability. Next, the model has drafts and other injection molding features, but they will need to be reviewed and adjusted. Finally, the model is currently missing about half of the required hardware (screws, etc.) required for it to be assembled, so some thought will need to be spent on how to best assemble it, holes created and fastener models developed. Experience is a plus, but we are also open to people who may not have as much experience but have a very strong perfectionistic streak and a \"can do\" attitude. Similarly, a low bid will not automatically win this job - We are looking for a high-quality freelancer who will avoid unnecessary tooling respins and that we can utilize for future projects. Since oDesk doesn\'t allow me to specify a precise budget, I selected $2500 as the budget. However the real budget range for this project is $200 to $2500.   (more...)

lease find attached the file that contains the project specifications. The project report should be neat, readable, and self-contained. Any misinterpretations of any unreadable texts will not be accepted. All graphs must be labeled and printed clearly. All graphs must be plotted using simulation software such as MATLAB, C programming, Java etc. You are NOT allowed to sketch the graphs. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If plagiarism is detected, the work will NOT be accepted. The work must be completed within 24 hours. Kindly observe this deadline strictly. Please follow ALL the instructions given.   (more...)

oking to develop a new or modify an existing analog wireless transmiter and receiver system to upgrade our existing equipment. Design will be very simple and user friendly for use in agriculture, commercial and industrial applications. Using existing RX/TX modules which are readily available a simple circuit could be designed but we would like to avoid a ground up development for this basic technology. Applicants should have some previous experience in this area and some familiarity with USA FCC standards. Will consider hourly and fixed proposals equaly.   (more...)

or a mechanical engineer with experience design audio products needed to design and solid model a custom speaker cone.   (more...)

ing for a creative person who can design UIs of websites and softwares. We normally use Axure for UI designing / prototyping, but you may bring in your own software to do it. Send me examples of UI designs / prototypes you have done in the past.   (more...)

rather simple drawing for a Printed Circuit Board that I need drawn out so I can send it to a manufacturer. Please view the attached file. Budget is negotiable.   (more...)

ur horizontal Nav styled. This is our site: If you hover over Humidifier Filters, you can see the menu scroll all the way down past the footer. We want the Horizontal nav to behave like this website: Please only apply if you are confidant you can do this.   (more...)

and drawn sketches and turn them into omnigraffle presentations using my templates.   (more...)

ive years experience using Microstation or Bentley Structures, and exposure to mining projects in structural or mechanical disciplines. Approximately 1400 jobs from 1 to 100t in steelwork.   (more...)

large amount of printed A3 maps that need to be scanned and georeferenced. The maps have UK grid reference marks around the border so the georeferencing should not be difficult. The A3 prints have borders around that would ideally be cropped. Attached is a jpeg scan of one of the A3 sheet, I estimate we may have 1000 sheets.   (more...)

ody. I\'m looking for somebody to help customize my Facebook site. I want to use this as a test to see what can be done; in terms of look (I\'ll supply the graphics etc) and interaction with other social media sites. If it works, I\'ll deploy it across our business network. I\'d like to see examples of what you have done on a commercial level with Facebook. And what you need from me.   (more...)

re-design prototype for a t shirt designer with the exact functionality as this: Looking for someone who is reliable and will be on board long term for updates to this as needed. This job requires completing every function of designer referenced above... this team also does this: All static images will be provided in prototype format.   (more...)

killed people for design and 3D rendering of contract furniture   (more...)

utocad layouts on rooftops. Need to have excellent autocad experience, and be familiar with engineering and construction drawings.   (more...)

ect is to design an online international educational program linked to Moodle, a LMS. The project is to build a marketing system to support the educational program. 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 9999999999999999 ttttttttttttttttttttttttt9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999   (more...)

te that this is a test research. Job well done will lead to more research/design /procurement work. We need to do research for the best and most economical solution to construct roof top decks. The project is in Canada. All materials should be available to buy in North America (US or Canada) and comply with North American Standards. The researcher should compare at least 3 different solutions. The researcher should provide the facts supporting the choice, contact the manufacturer or supplier and provide list of projects where this solution been applied. I required an AutoCAD skill only because I want to see more construction professionals as applicants. However we do have jobs using an AutoCAD as well. .The application must start with estimated amount of hours you need to complete the research. This way I’ll know that applicant has an idea how to accomplish the task. Applications without the estimated number of hours will not be considered. Thank you   (more...)

short voice over, which i need cleaned up. Just has a little echo, so i need that sorted and filtered. Very easy work for the person with the right tools. Should not take long TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU WILL CHARGE. i HAVE ADD $5 AS ODESK WILL NOT ALLOW ANY LOWER   (more...)

working on a prototype hardware device and i need to develop a dissolved oxygem meter going into an a/d converter. I only have information how do meters work I do not have any design so I have some weblinks thats the only info I have. This is a hardware prototype do meter   (more...)

ng for someone to help bring a product idea that i have to execution. I have an idea for a silicone-based product, and I\'ve lined up a manufacturer. What I\'d like help with is designing the specifications of the product, and creating any diagrams that will help the manufacturing process. Past experience working with silicone is ideal.   (more...)

drafting for mostly overseas projects   (more...)

rements: We are looking for a designer/engineer to assist in the design and development of various instruments for surgeons. Although, experience in medical device design would be beneficial, it is not necessary. We do however expect that you have experience in simple mechanical design, industrial/product design and are willing to undertake some research in your own time to gain some understanding in orthopedic and general surgical procedures. This research can be done on a project-to-project basis, thus, it is not necessary to understand everything at once, nor do we expect you to. Apart from this, we would be looking at forming a long-term work relationship comprising of various surgical instrumentation design projects - some on hourly rates and some fixed price jobs. Also, there we will be times when you will be expected to work together with our engineers and designers, working towards and meeting deadlines and finally abiding by confidentiality agreements. We expect that you are proficient in some kind of CAD/Solid Modelling software that produces drawing files and 3D representations (Solidworks is preferred). We would expect to see examples of your past projects with a general timeframe taken to design the products and produce 3D representations/drawings using your CAD software. We would also ask of you to provide a cost estimate that you charged or would charge for each project. What we do: Our company designs and develops custom surgical instrumentation for surgeons. We work closely with the surgeons and develop solutions for their particular needs. At all times we try to minimise costs to the surgeon/customer, minimise turn around times, produce high quality products and give the customer first class service during our products’ whole lifecycle. We define surgical instrumentation as hand tools such as retractors and forceps, guides and attachments and intrasurgical aids. Your Duties: Your duties will compromise of a few various tasks. These tasks will vary on each project. The tasks will depend on timeframes, instrument requirements, customer requirements and complexity. Your tasks are as follows: 1) Engineer projects from start to finish (usual team based) 2) Drafting engineering drawings 3) Producing files ready for manufacture 4) Modifying existing designs 5) Renderings 6) Producing mechanical assemblies 7) Industrial design (looking at ergonomics, shape, ease of manufacture, etc…)   (more...)

oduct design engineer who develops products from concept to manufacturing .I am having experience in developing medical devices.   (more...)

meone to write a detailed guide for the city of Luxembourg, including annual events, hotels, restaurants, pubs, shopping etc.. I have a format for the guide that needs to be copied exactly, so it\'s fairly simple stuff, just a bit of research for the events, addresses etc is required. Approx 3500 words in total I will pay $20   (more...)

Internet Marketing Business that consist of templates, videos, sales pages, landing pages, Thank you pages etc. I need for you to upload all phases of the business creating a funnel from the landing page to the thank you page. Please start your response with Red Corvette and end your post with Yellow BMW. If you do not follow these direction I will deleate you post. I am looking for someone who can follow direction and complete this project in a timely fashion..   (more...)

he process of relaunching my company & am looking for a catchy tag line to go with it. My company sells online Language related solutions as multi-lingual transcription, translation, proofreading/copyediting, document designing, voice over, technical writing,etc I am willing to pay you $3 for 15 taglines. As this is an artistic/creative assignment - it is imperative that I like your style, if you can share some work you have done in the past, I can then hire you & discuss this forward. This way neither is your time unpaid for and neither am I in a blind alley. Thx!   (more...)

and website copy. We prefer energy experience as this is a technical product in the natural gas space. We are looking for someone immediately to do brochure copy. We require you to have a portfolio of brochure and website copy. Candidates without examples of their work will be rejected. We are looking for the ability to translate functional specs and features into the sizzle of benefits! Excellent English. US market, so a real understanding of idioms and the native speaking ability is critical. We will be looking widely for this person.   (more...)

n experienced copywriter to create promotional texts for our campaigns, articles, press releases, descriptions of the company and its products, etc... Also, a solid knowledge base on keywords and their installation in titles and text is needed. English mother language is a must Experience in copywriting for at least several years is a must Solid experience in keywords adjustment is a must   (more...)

s for this post should have the following qualifications: 1. Has experience writing sales pages and email sequence that cater to American audience. 2. Persuasive writing style. Should be in Frank Kern\'s Mass Control style. 3. It is essential that you have mastery of American English and can write grammatically correct sentences. 4. Can do additional research as needed. 5. Can work with team/s. 6. MUST: Have a headset and can do/receive Skype call. (We do daily updates through Skype) 7. MUST: Be online virtually 24/7 specially on Skype. Having gadgets with WAP/WiFi are most helpful. HOW TO APPLY: 1. Submit an application letter and state why we should hire you. 2. Include a COPY WRITE article written by you. For printed articles, scan the page and send a PDF copy. For web articles, take a screenshot of the page and send a JPG copy. Submitted article must be clearly indicated that it is yours.* JOB DETAILS What will my site include? 1. Sales page for myself and my affiliate to promote 2. OTO (one-time offer) sales page 3. 2nd (lower price one-time offer) sales page. This won\'t be an additional sales copy re-write. It will be offering the same product but at half the cost. So, we will need basically 3 pages of copy with the sales page and OTO being the most important. Sales page: This what it currently looks like , maybe plus a couple testimonials, and many of the bullet points of what they get from my ebook and how they can earn a passive income. I don\'t see a need to make a 10 page copy or anything like that but maybe a few... OTO sales page: This will be the one time offer sales page offering The ebook : How to make money on the second OTO page will be the same but at lower price and only . To be honest, it\'s really basic when it\'s broken down!!! I don\'t need super long sales pages that repeat the same thing over and over again with different wording, but I do want a powerful \"attention grabbing\" page. The headline is key, power words, action words, and just making the offer such a no brainer ! I will show you the Ebook they get so you can better understand what I\'m giving away, and the OTO product. I will have a list of all the features and benefits they receive to make your job easier. NOTE: I am currently having the site redesigned. Please have experience and portfolio of website sales copy. I prefer a sales writer that has experience in the Internet marketing biz opp niche. Thanks   (more...)

oking for dependable candidates for our Copywriter post. Applicants for this post should have the following qualifications: 1. Has experience writing sales pages and email sequence that cater to American audience. 2. Persuasive writing style. 3. It is essential that you have mastery of American English and can write grammatically correct sentences. 4. Can do additional research as needed. 5. Can work with team/s. 6. MUST: Have a headset and can do/receive Skype call. (We do daily updates through Skype) 7. MUST: Be online virtually 24/7 specially on Skype. Having gadgets with WAP/WiFi are most helpful. HOW TO APPLY: 1. Submit an application letter and state why we should hire you. 2. Include an article written by you. For printed articles, scan the page and send a PDF copy. For web articles, take a screenshot of the page and send a JPG copy. Submitted article must be clearly indicated that it is yours. ADDITIONAL NOTES: Initially, this is on \"as-needed\" basis and may lead to long-term employment.   (more...)

ing for a ghost writer, who can tell my story. i will write down the events and what occured. it is based on my relationship with a fraud, who was one of the infamous internet adoption scammer in 1992, it was big news. unfortunatley the story didnt end there. I went on to meet and marry this person, to find out about the deception, that i was almost posioned and killed for the life insurance. this person was to be on oprah, the couples that were involved were on oprah, so there is a video about the whole adoption on the oprah site. the title of the book will be dancing with the devil. writer that is interested, if you can send me sample of your work. thanks   (more...)

didates, Job Overview: In need of writers/researchers that will perform these duties on arbitrary topics given to them. Job Details: Most articles will be in the 350 to 450 word range. Most candidates will be expected to research and write a given article in about an hour. Writing is technical in nature, rather than creative, so writers write with concise and factual sentences. English Levels: You must have a strong command of the English language and have grammar to match. Please do NOT apply if you have not scored above 60% on the U.S. English Basic Skills Test. Job Outlook: Candidates that can perform the task successfully will have potential for long-term, part-time work, week in and week out. Chances for bonuses along the way. Expectations: All candidates will be asked to submit an article on a topic in the range of 300 words for consideration of the job. We will give the guidelines for how you should write. Other: Although this is an hourly job, we might ask you to work for a fixed price job on a \"per article batch\" basis. Good luck with the application!   (more...)

meone to write 10 very simple reviews for different websites. the review must be: 130 words or more unique and not copied proper and correct American english i will give you $5 for this project bid only if you can do this right now and finish within 1-2 hours   (more...)

eries of 20 email notes to musicians educating them on issues that will drive the solution to our services. These notes will be sent as followups to our email list. 20 Topics will be given to you to Research and write about.   (more...)

s Ka kei Ho. I am the CEO of BlissfulWays LLC a company geared towards social content. We are looking for anyone highly capable of copy writing and using keywords in their work. We provide lots of opportunities for you. Strenghts of the company: We value or employees over anything else. We are social, we use twitter, facebok and tumblr. What we Offer: A ready to go blog system. Hungry to be fed with quality and unique content. You will be the living start of the blog. Training, tips & inspiration for blogging. Flexible Schedule. We believe that by choosing the time you work you reach your maximum potential. You will write about what you love. If you are not passionate about Gardening please skip this. Exposure. We will give you credit for all the work you do. You will be even featured in the blog as the author of the content, including a picture and a biography. This is great for building your career and portfolio. Opportunity. We have a collaborative blog which main topic is about the lifestyle of someone who live as a freelancer. We will give you access to this blog and you can post here your experience as a freelancer whenever you prefer. This is a great way to network with other freelancers around the world and to let the world know what is like to be a freelancer. What we need from you. Great English & Good Grammar. Commitment and capable of delivering work on schedules. We really appreciate your commitment, is what we value the most. We want serious people. We appreciate your time and we would like that you appreciate our time by either committing to your work or not doing it at all. We created a detailed plan for the content of the blog. Which includes titles, subject and tags. We want that you take care of the writing of each article, which is in total – for now, 48 articles. Remember this is going to be basically something that will help you rocket launch your career as a freelance writer. Take this as a personal challenge and a big opportunity. To apply for this job: Please tell us a little bit about yourself. What is it about gardening that you like? Why you would like to be part of this project? What\'s your experience using keywords (seo) and copywriting? Include 1 or 2 Posts with this headline: Planting Tomatoes – The Basics. Remember that we want quality and more importantly: Unique content. Looking forward to hear from you!   (more...)

or a copy editor who can edit our 10,000 - 13,000 word book. The book will be delivered very rough and will need a writer who knows how to format, clean up and polish. The subject matter is business and marketing. Please let me know the estimated project cost. Thank you.   (more...)

oking for dependable candidates for our Copywriter post. Applicants for this post should have the following qualifications: 1. Has experience writing sales pages and email sequence that cater to American audience. 2. Persuasive writing style. Should be in Frank Kern\'s Mass Control style. 3. It is essential that you have mastery of American English and can write grammatically correct sentences. 4. Can do additional research as needed. 5. Can work with team/s. 6. MUST: Have a headset and can do/receive Skype call. (We do daily updates through Skype) 7. MUST: Be online virtually 24/7 specially on Skype. Having gadgets with WAP/WiFi are most helpful. HOW TO APPLY: 1. Submit an application letter and state why we should hire you. 2. Include an article written by you. For printed articles, scan the page and send a PDF copy. For web articles, take a screenshot of the page and send a JPG copy. Submitted article must be clearly indicated that it is yours. ADDITIONAL NOTES: Initially, this is on \"as-needed\" basis and may lead to long-term employment.   (more...)

ing to hire an email expert to manage my 3 email campaigns in aweber. Don\'t apply unless you have Excellent grammar skills,have worked email campaigns before...   (more...)

r required for   (more...)

r Commercial Real Estate Mortgages Temporary Project – Work Virtually Urgent need for an experienced copywriter in the area of commercial real estate mortgages. Writer will need knowledge of “Receiverships” and “Private Commercial Lending” to assist Federal & State Court Receivers and Private Mortgage Bankers in the United States in proof reading and writing text for brochures, websites, business letters, and various marketing materials. Plus write website content, keywords and meta tags for search engine optimization and have an understanding of keyword optimization and LSI keywords. Also, the writer will be ghostwriting articles for publication on receiverships and private commercial mortgages for the company’s principal. All ghostwritten content must be unique and pass Copyscape. We will be the sole owner of copyrights of content. A working knowledge of receiverships and private commercial mortgages is necessary. The writer must write in “American” business English and be sophisticated and culturally literate, and be able to draw upon his or her experience in the industry. Some work may continue on an ongoing basis. Also we will be breaking the project down into individual and separate jobs – pricing can be negotiable with proper qualifications. Please immediately forward resume with qualifications.   (more...)

ng for a copywriter to help with my domain name search website landing page. The landing page will be used to funnel visitors into signing up for our beta premium subscription. This page will need to explain domain name market and basic SEO and PPC concepts such as Avg CPC and Global Monthly searches and how our search can help them find under-valued domain names. The target market will be other search engine optimizers (who will be familiar with landing page copywriting), so the landing page should be convincing but not over the top. If you do not have landing page examples in your odesk portfolio, please provide them when applying. Thanks!   (more...)

oking for an Editor / Editing Services needed for final revision of a fictional novel. The selected contractor will be responsible for: 1. Line editing 2. Content editing 3. Copyediting The ideal candidate will improve the commercial value of the work and assist in making the novel educational, inspiring and worthy of winning prestigious awards. Candidates with experience in cinematic work are desirable, as the book will be converted to a movie. Familiarity with third world settings and ‘youth challenges’ are an asset. Time is of the essence. Please submit full credentials for consideration. No portfolio or awards for editing, do not apply. We are only looking for top of the line editors who have won awards for books they\'ve edited. Please provide your portfolio, awards won, resume, bid and lead time. Thank you!   (more...)

g PDF to Word2003   (more...)

ing proof editor for handling copy editing process for site article Best candidate must be: An English native speaker Available online during the EST – Eastern Standard time for fast turnaround Preferred skills: Technical background   (more...)

excellent copywriter to create a sales page for a new book we created. The provider needs to have a flair with words, a fluency with English and grammar - the ability to persuade and funnel potential readers to assist closing a sale. Previous Experience is a must. You will be required to: * Create unique content that pass copyspace; * Top-notch writing abilities; * Fantastic written and verbal communication skills; * Produce error-free results; excellent spelling and grammar; * Agree that all submitted content becomes the property of the company and willing to sign a non disclosure agreement; Here\'s a few examples of the kind of page we are looking for:   (more...)

meone to write a 2 page report with the information i have gather on slimming and reshaping industry also i need good copywriting for the bullet points to illustrate and sell the benfits of this report. Also possible headline tweaking   (more...)

or a Writer / Copywriter who is able to write copy, and also read written transcripts to come up with bullet points to use in the copy / writing. This means you\'ll review the product (written transcripts of audio) to find out the highlights of the product, and then be able to write about the features and benefits based on that. In addition to writing features and benefits of the product, there is other writing that would be done as well. However, its probably under 7000 words total (this is not exact and may vary). Please send me examples of any writing or sales copy or product copywriting you\'ve done. Thanks!   (more...)

are an excellent copywriter and experience email marketer who can move people with words then this is the PERFECT Job/Project for you.” I am looking for an excellent copy writer to join my business team on a long term basis. You must have an excellent understanding of Internet marketing; especially email and video marketing. As a email marketing expert, you will be required to: * Create fantastic and compelling marketing programs and correspondence in excellent grammar and spelling * Produce deliverables through email marketing * Be able to create multiple styles of email series, including but not limited to newsletters, magazines, sales pages and authority building email series. * Understand, manage and use email analytics extensively and be able to interpret them * Use autoresponder software such as Aweber, Mailchimp, and others * Write compelling sales copy (both video and traditional) * Create website content, blogs and press releases when required * Create script for video clips. * Research and develop future content ideas. * Work with other outlets and channels * Take other instructions related to the job as the Project Manager or Managing Director deems necessary. If you are someone who can create an immediate bonding with readers with your words, move them emotionally then your writing style is well suited for the job. We are looking for an aggressive, goal driven and compelling person who can produce expected results in a reasonable time! He or she is hard working, able to think on their feet and has a cheerful and positive attitude towards other staff and the workplace. If you are a perfectionist and you take pride in your work, then this post is certainly fit for you. This is an easy job for some one who is an excellent copy writer and has previous experience in sales and email marketing. Skills needed are as follows: * Excellent sales abilities and top-notch writing skills * Studies of Frank Kern, Gary Halbert, Seth Godin and John Carlton is a bonus * Expertise in using email and other web facilities for marketing * Outstanding communication skills, both oral and written * Exceptional computer skills; ability to use HTML, Wordpress, Aweber or Mailchimp is a big plus * Ability to add video to email using YouTube and HTML 5 * Ability to understand and execute complex written and verbal instructions * Ability to look for solutions for complex problems * Should be able to work under constant, rigorous pressure and meet close deadlines * Ability to work with others (Teamwork) * Has a professional approach to costs, time and deadlines * Able to go above and beyond what is expected by external business, customers and staff members. During the screening process, you will be asked to do the following 4 assignments (you will be paid at the agreed upon rate for all 4 jobs): First project: Write a report critiquing 3 email copy and 3 blog post (I will provide you the content) Second project: Plan an email sequence for a specific sale and write the first 2 emails of the auto responder series (details will be provided to you) Third project: Write 2 articles (topics will be provided to you) Forth Project: Write a sales copy for one of my existing product. (you may take inspiration from the existing sales page, but you should aim to surprise me) The best candidate will be one that can be creative but also methodical and follows the standard format of writing a sales copy. After completing the screening process, income will start at an entry-level rate of $250 USD per month for a 40-hour week while you are trialled to see how you fit in the business; after that the income is well limitless. Pay will increase with constant and evident skill improvements. You will be eligible for bonus if you can show exceptional results in a short period of time. I am offering a long term employment opportunity for the right person and only want to hire the best person to be part of my team. Benefits you can expect (if hired full time): * Long Term Job Security * Bonus for proven performance * Guaranteed payment on time * Consistent training and development of staff How to Apply for this position Please send your resume with CURRENT references (if you have no references you will not be hired). Also include sample articles and email auto responder series that you have previously created. Please create a short sales copy selling yours as to why I should hire you and what benefits you can bring to our business (please make the assumption that I am struggling with my writing abilities). Also, please insert “I AM THE BEST EMAIL MARKETER OUT THERE” in ALL CAPITALS in your subject line to avoid per-determined filters. Skills Required: aweber, google analytics, copy writing, blogging, article marketing   (more...)

oking for people who are passionate about SEO and online marketing and can demonstrate past successes. Must be fully efficient working with Microsoft MS and have an excellent command of the English language. Day to day tasks will include, SEO (keyword research), PPC, social media optimisation, link building, monthly reporting, and related online marketing tasks   (more...)

ing for a copywriter to write copy for a postcard to market a Debt Settlement / Negotiation Program as websitge banners to market a business opportunity. The Post Card will be used as a stand alone marketing piece and also a piece that affiliates can use in their marketing efforts. Banners will be used by affiliates to market a business program. I will give more specific details about the program once you place your bid. Bid should be under $25 in order to be considered for this job and you should have a portfolio of copywrite work that you have previously done. If you have worked on any internet marketing, banners or postcards, you will definitely be considered for this job. Graphic design would be a plus and I may hire you for the postcard design. Good Luck with your bid.   (more...)

uld like someone to take our existing email proposal copy plus some hand written ideas, sketchs and concepts and roll this into a highly professional template that we can use for our proposals. I would link it to excel or access to merge data for each propasal and you may or may not be able to help with this but stage 1 is getting the document looking smart and written well - I will need you to help me do this. To understand what my business does, go to Thanks Frank   (more...)

AD JOB DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. OR APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED (note: Recycled or Copy and paste cover letters will be also rejected.) Reputable US based Real Estate investing firm is looking for a talented Copywriter with vast experienced in the US Real Estate Industry. We are looking for a Copywriter to help us with two (1min) Video scripts for our company\'s landing page. He / She needs to have a flair with words, a fluency with the language - English and grammar, the ability to persuade and has vivid imagination. Previous Real Estate Experience is plus. Duties: 1.) He / She will write two very good Video scripts to by use on our landing page - like who we are, why they should do business with us and opt in to receive information from our site, what we do, etc. The scripts should be effective, strong and generate excellent opt in response. 2.) He / She be highly creative and imaginative 3.) Must have good written and interpersonal skills 4.) Must be able to work under pressure This is an URGENT Project. If you are interested and would like to be highly considered, Please Apply and Bid now as we are hiring quickly for the right applicants. We look forward to working with the right provider. For right person, project will be continuous with the opportunity to earn ongoing revenue and job security. Note: We don\'t pay upfront, 100% paid at completion of job - so please don\'t bid if requesting upfront % as we only then have to reject you which takes time. We are a professional organization.   (more...)

e and boost sales copy   (more...)

oking for between 2-4 excellent copy writers to join our virtual business team. Ideally, we are only looking for someone who is experienced in producing online content, understands interlinking, SEO, etc. An added bonus is that you should be able to think about how your copy relates, and can be enhanced by, the DESIGN of a web page. We have web designers who can facilitate your design ideas to increase the effectiveness of your copy. That being said, there are a number of jobs available and thus anyone who can show that they have copywriting skill / flair will be considered. Different copywriters will be chosen depending on the job (there are multiple projects for which we need copywriting help). You will be required to: * Create fantastic copy with excellent grammar and spelling * Produce deliverables through copywriting goals (measurable through conversions and click through rates) * Write compelling sales copy * Create website content, blogs and press releases when required * SEO writing is a plus. It is not mandatory to be able to include keywords in copy but it would be a nice addition when relevant. Copywriting, as always, should not be keywords-oriented but rather focused on achieving conversions and click throughs. If you are someone who can create an immediate bonding with readers with your words, move them emotionally then your writing style is well suited for the job. We are looking for an aggressive, goal driven and compelling person who can produce expected results in a reasonable time. If you are a perfectionist and you take pride in your work, then this post is certainly fit for you. Skills desired are as follows: * Excellent sales abilities and top-notch writing skills * Studies of David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, John Caples etc is a bonus * Ability to use HTML & Wordpress is a nice plus * Should be able to work under pressure and meet close deadlines * Has a professional approach to costs, time and deadlines That being said, anyone who can please samples of your work will be considered. In particular, show us domains where you have written compelling copy which has converted well or examples of high converting copy. Also, please insert “I CAN WRITE AMAZING ONLINE COPY” in ALL CAPITALS in your subject line to avoid per-determined filters.   (more...)

e communications of our company will be in your hands. You will start by re-writing the content of our website, you will write content for new pages as we need them. You will take a look at our proposals and tweak them where necessary. In a nutshell you will oversee all our communications to the public. This is a position we intend to fill on a long term basis. Feel free to ask me questions when you send in your application.   (more...)

e an expert copywriter who can move people with your words? Are you confident of your work and do you have a track record to back it up? Then this could be the perfect project for you. We are creating a series of e-books on a range of topics in the area of internet marketing. This project is about writing an e-book about Social Media Marketing. You must have an excellent understanding of Internet marketing and social media. You must understand business - this book is for business readers. You must have Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In accounts and have used social media for business. If you have not had a chance to explore the potential of social media for businesses, please look at other jobs. Here are some specifics about the book: * Target number of pages: 15-20 * Target audience: Non-technical busy business people who are exploring how social media can help grow their business * All content must be original. We have 0-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. You can refer to other articles, but please do not copy, rewrite or recycle others\' content * Sections: * Introduction * The case for social media * How to integrate social media into your existing marketing * Creating a social media plan * Tools - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. * Examples of companies that do great social media campaigns * 10 Tips for Success * 10 pitfalls to avoid * Several case studies - take a look at a sample case study here: - we need this rigor and quality * Do it yourself social media techniques * Conclusion * References * About 64clciks * Please try to back your statements with research, numbers, charts - this is VERY important. * Please use a neutral tone. Avoid flashy, salesy speak and lofty promises such as \"How to change your life through social media\" or \"I promise you will make $1,000,000 with this Twitter tool\" * Please try to stick to the Chicago style of grammar and writing * Be communicative - don\'t send us a finished draft after working on it for 10 days. We need to collaborate and see the intermediate steps so we can provide you feedback   (more...)

oking for copy writers who can take stiff starched copy and re-write it. We are working with young companies and the traditional copy writers are so stiff. We need that copy taken and reworked. I LUV the style I also like dummy\'s books. I want to send you what we currently have and get back a totally different fun copy. We also get notes and blurbs from the clients that need to be put into coherent content.   (more...)

ne and thanks for bidding. I am setting up a lot of sites for local businesses like plumbers, solicitors, dentists etc and need an excellent copywriter to write compelling copy for the landing pages. The copy needs to be around 500 words and will need to use certain keywords that we will state 6-7 times throughout the copy. If your copy is of a high standard we will use you again and again! Please bid on how much per article/copy page Regards Matt   (more...)

ve a passion for cruising? Are you available 8am to 1pm M - F Sydney Australia time? Our company current has a Junior position in our Customer Service team looking after travel reservations and insurance. You will be processing emails, handling calls and following up on admin duties based on instructions allocated by your seniors. You must have access to skype, good internet connection and a skype headset to take calls. Travel experience not essential but ideal.   (more...)

s to call customer who inquire about free education. And your job is just to gather information NAME, ADDRESS, FIELD OF STUDIES and DATE OF BIRTH THAT ITS. VERY EASY JOB. PER 100 VERIFIED INFO YOU WILL GET it will be PHP1000 *You must have a voip , magicjack *Callcenter Experience   (more...)

serious lady for this job.Details will be availed during the interview.   (more...)

g for a person to handle customer support on a daily basis, you will have to respond to emails for my web agency. You must write in proper english and know how to talk with customers. If you know about webdesigns and development its a big plus   (more...)

ntments for insurance and financial services office. Will pay hourly plus bonus based on results. Set appointments for insurance and financial services practice, typical calling window is Sunday to Thursday from 700PM to 830PM USA-CST. Preferred previous experience in telemarketing, appointment setting, call center, or customer service roles. Must have prior experience calling US and must have Skype or other means to contact persons in United States if you are not located in states. You must have good headset and built in microphone for clear calling quality. Preferred previous experience in telemarketing, appointment setting, call center, or customer service roles. Calls will be to generate interest and ask people if they would like information on saving taxes, saving money and increasing income. Call script will be provided and a call list will also be provided. Skills Required: Telemarketing, appointment setting, or similar experience, excellent English and excellent phone skills required   (more...)

oking for 2 high level, experienced Customer Service Director\'s with minimum of 10 years experience to handle all our US based customer service and escalations. Calls will come directly to your phone (we set-up VOIP activated phones, or you use a service you already have), and you will deal with the day to day inquiries including complaints, and escalations for all our eccommerce customers. Duties include: Giving customers delivery dates Managing customer expectations with delayed orders Handling escalations, and upset customers Dealing with the CEO with very high escalations Communicate with operations to prioritize noisy customers Work with all people in the US to communicate customer issues Ameliorate and negotiate with customer concerns Update and other tools to keep track of customers Answer BBB and attorney letters Steve   (more...)

who have degree of intermadiat contact plz.........   (more...)

eking people who can do video testimonials from their computer. Must speak excellent english. We pay $5 per 1 minute video. We need 50 videos.   (more...)

site called This is basically a College Classified Ad site. We will be needing people to monitor the site, and remove any spammy posts, or posts that don\'t make sense in the category. We need someone who speaks English fluently. This will be an ongoing job, that will start with 5-10 hours per week, but could lead to full-time, long-term employment. We will be hiring 3 people immediately, and possibly more to come. To be considered for this position, go to the following website and post an ad in a suitable category. Ad requirements. Be 100+ characters. Posted in the right category. Posted in Perfect English. Use Buffalo, New York as your location. Will not contain any links. I will emphasize again, perfect English. After you have posted, send my odesk account a message with a link to your post. We will be choosing 3 people to work for us, based on your ability to follow the above directions, as well as your English Skills. Be sure to apply on Odesk as well. We will pay you through Odesk, and depending on your working ability, this can lead to full time work.   (more...)

be required to speak excellent spanish and english you will need a headset and home access to the internet teaching experience is a bonus although not essential. please state whether you have taught in the past when applying. it is to work 2-3 hours a week teaching spanish via the net. kind regards,   (more...)

the phone center and performing call backs to people. Enforcing the systems and making sure submissions and systems are being followed. Meeting with team leaders for answers and calling back call-ins with answers. Updating the collection lists   (more...)

web-based helpdesk position providing technical support for a software product/service in the field of Internet radio streaming. Successful applicant will handle a range of inquiries from basic pre-sales inquiries to technical inquiries requiring troubleshooting of common ShoutCast/IceCast related problems, basic Linux server issues, and similar. This would be classified as an L1/L2 position -- L3 issues will be escalated to our technical staff. Applicants should possess a solid background in Internet radio broadcasting, familiarity with basic Linux server management via SSH, and at least 3 years\' experience with ShoutCast/IceCast and related software (source/encoder applications, transcoding software, etc). Experience with web hosting technology is an asset. FLUENCY IN WRITTEN ENGLISH IS AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT. Our helpdesk is open from 09:00 - 17:30 Pacific (GMT-8) and ideally we would like to find someone who can either respond to tickets throughout the day as they arrive, or check the helpdesk periodically a few times per day (i.e. once at 10:00, again at 13:00, and again at 17:00 Pacific). Our ticket volume is fairly low (10-15 tickets per day) and typically only requires about 2hr of actual work per day, but we will pay 4hr/day regardless, just for you to be available. This is an ideal position for a contractor who already does helpdesk work full-time, and just wants to add some extra guaranteed income. Note that this position will require training on our product so we CANNOT accept applications from agencies unless a dedicated tech will be provided. When responding to this posting, please demonstrate your fluency in written English and explain your technical background and areas of expertise with ShoutCast/IceCast radio streaming.   (more...)

plan to open a web hosting company in Sweden, As you know Sweden has the highest Fiber Internet connection in the world. At home I have Fiber connection and it is 1024mbps :) I hold MCSE and CCNA with 10 years of experience in hardware and network system. And I dont have that much experience with php asp extra. I can setup the server hardwares according to your idea. I need an expert to setup the servers remotely and also then later give customer support in English . Please give me how much you want for this project to setup a complete hosting servers. Only contact me if you have done this or have experience thanks   (more...)

everal positions available for Customer Service professionals working from home on a regular basis: Hours are Phillipine Time 6 Hour Shifts as follows: Start Finish 6:00 AM Noon Noon 6:00 PM 6:00 PM Midnight Midnight 6:00 AM You must be reliable, able to read and write fluent English,Have experience with Microsoft Office Excel Word etc.. Have a knowledge of online ettique language used in chat rooms and applicants are to be familiar with Online Gaming such as Poker,Blackjack,Bingo etc... You MUST have a stable internet connection and a PC able to handle Flash Games and Java. Your ability to communicate with people, resolve issues and or disputes and in general be a very upbeat and bubbly person able to talk about any topic without being prejudice or racist in any way. You will be reqired to train for the position, sign a cofidentiality agreement, and a work commitment contract. All applicants must be prepared to sit in on Gaming session to observe as part of your training with our current experienced staff. Payments are made on a month to month basis for hours worked..Usually around the 7th-10th of each month depending on the day of the week. All applicants to include their Hourly working rate desired:   (more...)

r service representative acts as an interface between the customers and the company by attending to their queries and handling consumer complaints.   (more...)

or a VA with great English   (more...)

rketing specialized automotive accessories via our B2C webshop and other sales channels and are expanding our business with local language customer support all across Europe. You will be our local customer support /customer service agent for the United Kingdom and your professional attitude and service excellence will turn our customers into raving fans. You will work from your home/pc and will be part of a small and growing team - with English as the common team language. Maximum expected workload is 50% of full time (20 hrs per week). You will provide customer support through email and phone both to consumers and business customers and you will enter incoming orders (email, phone, fax) and track all orders in the system within your service area (UK, IRL). You will cooperate closely with our logistics center to monitor shipments and delivery issues. You will also monitor and operate our presences in local marketplaces (Amazon UK, etc.) You will monitor social networks and participate and contribute and provide help and support in forums and social sites. You will cooperate with your peers on a regular basis and you will share your learnings and challenges so that the whole team can learn and grow. We expect to work with a native English speaking professional who is internet savvy and has a flair for technical and environmentally friendly products. We will provide you with all the tools (webshop backend, unified messaging software, VoIP phone account) that you need to perform your job - all you need is a PC (with browser, open office, skype) and an internet connection with at least DSL speed. You should be oDesk ready. We will also provide you with initial training and introduction to our products and the tools so that you can be sure that you will be productive within a very short time. We are looking to build an excellent team and your initial salary / hourly rate will grow in line with your productivity and the overall performance of the whole team. What is your personal experience with customer service and administrative work? Please state your highlights as well as your challenges. Please contact me with any questions that you have about this opportunity.   (more...)

rketing specialized automotive accessories via our B2C webshop and other sales channels and are expanding our business with local language customer support all across Europe. You will be our local customer support /customer service agent for Germany and your professional attitude and service excellence will turn our customers into raving fans. You will work from your home/pc and will be part of a small and growing team - with English as the common team language. Maximum expected workload is 50% of full time (20 hrs per week). You will provide customer support through email and phone both to consumers and business customers and you will enter incoming orders (email, phone, fax) and track all orders in the system within your service area (D, A, CH). You will cooperate closely with our logistics center to monitor shipments and delivery issues. You will also monitor and operate our presences in local marketplaces (Amazon, Yatego, etc.) You will monitor social networks and participate and contribute and provide help and support in forums and social sites. You will cooperate with your peers on a regular basis and you will share your learnings and challenges so that the whole team can learn and grow. We expect to work with a German native professional who is internet savvy and has a flair for technical and environmentally friendly products. We will provide you with all the tools (webshop backend, unified messaging software, VoIP phone account) that you need to perform your job - all you need is a PC (with browser, open office, skype) and an internet connection with at least DSL speed. You should be oDesk ready. We will also provide you with initial training and introduction to our products and the tools so that you can be sure that you will be productive within a very short time. We are looking to build an excellent team and your initial salary / hourly rate will grow in line with your productivity and the overall performance of the whole team. What is your personal experience with customer service and administrative work? Please state your highlights as well as your challenges. Please contact me with any questions that you have about this opportunity.   (more...)

hils. Corp. is established to be a strategic point for global online game service of Hanbit Soft of Korea (The largest on-line gae company in the world). Redbana currently services popular global game titles such as WYD and Tantra and the long term plan is to penetrate Philippine market. Redbana aims to be Philippine’s No. 1 Online Game Publisher in the Philippines.   (more...)


AD THIS ENTIRE POSTING AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. We are the premier rep group in the eCommerce and catalog industry. We are seeking Account Managers to work by telephone and email with our customers. This is not telephone soliciting. We have the customers, we need their accounts managed. We represent manufacturers and importers or quality products and sell them to retailers such as eCommerce, catalog and television shopping channels. The companies that we represent then drop ship the products on behalf of the retailer directly to the consumer. Duties include staying in contact with your assigned accounts, reporting the the Sales Executive responsible for the account, emailing inventory reports, updating your assigned accounts regarding product changes, tracking the progress of accounts regarding lines carried, paperwork submitted,etc. Our executives bring in accounts and the account manager handles the day to day management and contact with that account. This is a new position, there is too much business for the executives to continue managing their own accounts. Excellent telephone presence and personality because you will be responsible for the long-term day to day relationship with the customer\'s you are assigned to. Please complete the Excel 2007 test and answer these questions in your introductory letter: 1) Please tell us why you are the right person for this job. 2) Please tell us about similar positions that you have had in the past or positions with skills that will transfer to this position. 3) Please tell us of a situation when you had to provide bad news to a customer, how did you handle it? 4) Please tell us of a situation where you worked with a difficult supervisor, how did you handle the situation? 5) Can you make a long-term commitment to this opportunity? 6) If required to increase your workload, what is the maximum number of hours that you are willing and able to work at a high proficiency level? Please do not apply for this position if you have not taken the Excel 2007 test and speak excellent English. This is a long term/permanent opportunity. We will make this commitment to you, we expect the same in return.   (more...)

cieve calls and help the customer with all their problems regarding the software they purchase   (more...)

to fill immediately for a reliable LONG TERM worker who is able to learn new programs very quickly. Perfect as supplemental income for someone already working by a phone/computer. Must have English as native language and living in the United States. We are trying this as a fixed price assignment. Tell us your weekly rate to help us answer phones, do live chat, data entry , etc. and how many hrs that includes in your weekly rate. example: 5hrs of work each week for $25.Some weeks we have more then 5hrs of work for the assistant, so please also tell us what your hourly rate is after the weekly rate is reached. Please keep in mind that your rate will include the Odesk fees. We need someone who is very fast on computers and a very quick learner of new tasks. Also you should have extensive experience working in outlook, excel, wiki\'s (pb works site), using paypal, shopping on ebay/amazon, twitter, blogging, and more. We are an online retail operation. We need someone with exceptional customer service and administrative skills to help us with following tasks: - we forward our phone lines to you (our 800# to your US based landline- operator announces when you answer) during business hours (roughly 8-6 central time). You answer live customer calls throughout the day and communicate with us through IM ( either gtalk or yahoo, prefer yahoo IM) and our wiki and return calls and answer customer questions. . There are typically not alot of phone calls, but we need someone to help us out to answer calls when they come in and to also place calls to customers when asked. (this amounts to 1-5 hours weekly. most of the work will be mainly the other data entry type tasks The phone support assistant is responsible for checking the voicemail throughout the day if a message is left and the following morning if a voicemail is left after hours. Ideally, we should not have any voicemails because a phone support assistant should be taking the calls during normal phone hours.This is designed for someone already multitasking VA. Our automated system announces that its our company customer calling, so it should be easy to multi task. different tasks you will work on including but not limited to: posting blogs and tweets of twitter, accessing our pc\'s remotely and entering tracking #s in shipping our software, submitting ads to classifieds, creating spreadsheets with inventory data, doing other work within our ecommerce software and office documents. These tasks have deadlines and time limits (for instance takes 15 minutes complete every Friday). Some of the tasks need to be completed every day in the evening. Our tasks are time sensitive. If your not available to complete tasks every day, do not apply. For phone support, you will be discussing product questions, shipping information, and other questions related to online retail transactions. At first you may have to email/IM us for answers and call the customer back, but with time you will learn how to answer questions. Usually most phone calls are between approx 8am-6pm central time. You would make and accept calls through our 800 number. Our answer database and call logs is located on our wiki ( PB works site). You will consult with the wiki and/or any of our websites to answer the question while the customer is on the phone. If you are unable to answer the question, you will tell them you will look into it and get back to them. You will then instant message or email us for an answer. You will leave a brief summary of the phone call in the wiki logs. All communication is documented on the wiki. there is only one phone support tech. Requirements: -English as native language (living in the United States. Overseas applications will be rejected) -Broadband internet (no dial up) -Landline phone (cells considered absolutely no VOIP/skype, etc) -excellent customer service skills and experience -dependable, reliable, prompt work ethic -extensive experience working in outlook, excel, wikis, using paypal, shopping on ebay/amazon, twitter, blogging, and more. -Ability to understand the variety of products we sell and our policies -Experience in other data entry and processing work -Instant messenger account (yahoo IM prefered) -Responds quickly to emails and instant messages throughout the day. -Professional environment (no kids/pets or distractions in background, etc during a customer phone call) Passed Odesk tests: Telephone etiquette, call center, email etiquette, other tests will be looked upon favorably. Pay and Time Tracking: You are working as an independent contractor. We will not withhold any payroll or other taxes from your pay. You are responsible for reporting all of your taxes. -Tell us what hours you are available to have the phones forwarded to you -Ask any questions you have before hiring   (more...)

er world class customer service and build customer satisfaction and loyalty. ▪ Provide effective and timely resolution of a range of customer inquiries. ▪ Strive for one-call resolution of customer issues. ▪ Complete ongoing training to stay abreast of product, service and policy changes. ▪ Strike a positive and cooperative tone with both customers and co-workers. ▪ Demonstrate best judgment in the disbursement of adjustments and credits. ▪ Increase the customer experience by providing information on new products, rate plans, and services.   (more...)

ilities The main responsibilities of the Help Desk Coordinator are to: • accept requests for assistance or problem reports from users, • obtain necessary information from users to adequately describe the request or problem report, • enter information into the problem tracking system, • directly respond to the request or problem if within own areas of expertise, • complete information on problem reports that were solved personally and close report in problem tracking system, • direct the request or problem to the most appropriate support area (e.g., specialist, support organization), • liaison with user to ensure that requests or problem reports have been satisfactorily handled. Key Role Interactions The Help Desk Coordinator has key interactions with the following roles. These interactions are guidelines only and do not reflect all possible project organizations. • Project Manager. Refers change requests for resolution. • Team Leaders. Refers problems to appropriate team leader for hardware maintenance, systems software support, and application software support. • Database Administrator. Refers requests and problems related to the system\'s database. • Trainer. Refers requests for additional training. • Facilities Engineer. Refers requests and problems associated with the physical environment. • Project Support Manager. Refers requests for documentation or information. • Network Specialist. Refers requests and problems related to communications. • Users. Acts as liaison with users for accessing support organization. Professional Skills Ability to: • perform the activities and tasks for which this role is responsible, • apply the techniques necessary to complete the responsibilities of this role, • use the tools required by these activities, tasks and techniques. Experience: • on a number of project in all stages of the development life cycle, • in the specific technology, products, and development tools under study or in use on at least one other project or work assignment. • Technical skills: Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, File and Print shares, Group Security, Blackberry setup, Outlook and Office 2007 Interpersonal Skills All team members require a high level of: • Personal Attributes, • General Business Skills.   (more...)

omebody to run customer support on our social networking website. You will work 2 hours a day. 1 Hour making comments on different blogs and in the forum section. & 1 Hour making phone calls checking in with people making sure they have no questions. Please attach a copy of your voice in mp3 format to your post. Thanks! Steph   (more...)

If you have ever wanted to work in a friendly, positive, energetic environment for a US based company, this is your chance! We have a few opportunities available in our community services department. This job skates in the middle of being a customer service person and a creative writing person. You have to be totally excellent at both. We\'re looking for a great, charming, warm people-person, who can write delightfully, too! You need to come pre-loaded with a great personality, the type people instantly warm up to. You also need excellent punctuation, spelling, and grammar (because our community is geeky, smart and savvy, and demand that we are, too!) You also have to be super action oriented and efficient, and keep up with customer service in a warm, lovable tone. We\'ll train you on just about everything else. This assignment will be temporary (1 month or less), as we get to know each other and see how our individual dynamics fit together. There will be an opportunity for a longer term gig (3-6 months) if we really like you, and your work is excellent. Though the business is based in the US, we run an online business, so we\'re looking for people who can cover any shift. Shifts are generally between 4-10 hours a day. If this sounds interesting to you, please apply at 1.00/hr to start. Pay will increase after a training period, and as your skills develop. We greatly prefer candidates who are on an Apple computer running Mac OS X. Most of the time, for most projects, we reject candidates with PCs. It\'s nothing personal, it\'s just that our entire workteam are on Macs, and prefer those who are familiar with the environment. ***--- IMPORTANT ---*** WHEN YOU APPLY, INCLUDE THIS INFO: ***--> Please respond with your current computer platform. ie: \"MacBook running Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard.\" ***---> Also, in your response, please send writing samples that showcase your writing style. We suggest sending us your blogs, or articles you\'ve done for others! This job requires a lot of writing, we want to make sure we are a good fit. ***---> Please apply at $1.00/hr. If your application is missing those two key pieces of info, or is submitted at a different rate, you better have submitted a really killer application, otherwise we\'re going to reject you right off the bat for not following instructions. We want people we can work with who follow directions AND be awesome. :)   (more...)

ing a QUALIFIED French language teacher with EXPERIENCE in teaching. You must be able to speak English and French fluently, and have had training in teaching methods. If you feel you are up to the job, please apply detailing your qualifications and experience, and any other languages that you speak. I would also like to know the speed of your internet connection and your general availability. Thank you.   (more...)

oking for friendly people who would love to help make our clients\' shopping experience. Must have a Mac as well as Skype fully installed with a stable high speed Internet connection. Contractors must be able to interact with our clients via our forum and answer support questions that may be posted there. Must therefore have an exceptional grasp of the English language both orally and written. Contractors must also be able to help maintain the forum by removing spam and banning spammers. Contractors should be able to integrate with our already established company culture while maintaining a professional attitude. Phone support will be used to handle order/shipping questions and issues as well as return authorization. Only contractors with writing samples online as well as a voice recording will be considered.   (more...)

oking to get a candidate to make phone calls to find out store manager names as we will be sending out catalogs for them. The job is to call each store provided and ask for the store manager\'s name. We are located in united states so obviously you will have to work on the same time zone. You can use skype to call or some other VOIP option.   (more...)

ot a scam, but I can\'t believe I\'m posting this. Basically we\'re looking for people who will sit on our site and play against other visitors in console video games. So this means you must have a console (xbox 360 or ps3 only), and must have a reliable internet connection. You must also have a computer with an internet connection. We need people to be on our site consistently so we can test and work out any bugs. This is actually a legitimate job where you will get paid hourly to play video games. Send me a message containing following information if interested: -what console(s) you own -what games you like to play -how many hours a week you could be available to play -what days / time may work.   (more...)

oking for someone who has the following: 1. Strong knowledge of Joomla 2. Excellent English skills 3. Technical support experience 4. Sales experience. Please apply if you have all three.   (more...)

ustomer Service Reps Company Overview 1st Class Resources is an Executive Search firm that specializes in connecting Healthcare Professionals and career opportunities. Our participation in a national network of healthcare placement firms, with access to cutting edge technology and support, is a powerful resource that helps ensure our candidates and clients gain a competitive advantage. In today\'s complex environment, identifying and retaining top notch talent is a full-time job and that’s why savvy employers recognize the benefit of utilizing 1st Class Resources in their quest to find the best. At 1st Class Resources we use an innovative agent approach, where our firm caters to the employee and matches talented individuals with positions that fit their personal abilities and goals. Our main focus is to provide 1st class service to our clients and link high quality candidates with their ideal career opportunities. In achieving this goal, we create a client/candidate match that will provide a long lasting relationship. 1st Class Resources Agents work hand in hand with you to define your interests, priorities and market you directly to employers that meet your requirements. The best part of this process is that it is NO COST OUR CLIENTS! 1st Class resources can support your needs for healthcare professionals looking for the right opportunity. Position Career-minded Healthcare Customer Service Representatives/CSR’s needed to make outbound calls, to potential placement clients. Customer Service Representatives will be expected to be or become familiar with the medical terminology. Successful CSR’s will be fast learners, able to work well independently who are comfortable being empowered to solve problems and educate potential clients on the benefits of working with 1st class resources. CSR’s with patience and compassion will be the most successful in this role. JOB REQUIREMENTS A minimum of 1 year recent experience in a Customer Service Representative or CSR capacity within a high volume call center environment. Personality traits of patience, empathy and compassion are needed for this role. Knowledge of Medical terminology preferred. Availability to attend training. Have access to telephone, and/or Skype and headset (cost of phone service will be paid by employer) About 1st Class resources 1st Class resources has assisted career-minded healthcare professionals like you to identify and select from the best career opportunities with leading hospitals, physician groups, healthcare systems, and managed care organizations nationwide. 1st Class resources is a Career Placement Partner! We are NOT a \"temporary\" agency. We work with long term career opportunities with top healthcare employers that are growing FAST! Great opportunities available around the country. There is never a fee to applicants. 1st class resources is an equal opportunity employer.   (more...)

or Sales Reps who have experience upselling and cross-selling computer or printer related products in a technical support environment for customers located in ASIA, LATIN AMERICA and EUROPE. Must have experience working for OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) such as HP, Dell, Kodak, Lenovo, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon, Gateway, Acer, Apple Computer, NEC, Toshiba, or Sony. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS POSITION IF YOU HAVE NOT WORKED FOR ONE OF THE MAJOR COMPUTER OR PRINTER MANUFACTURERS. The ideal candidate should have experience selling additional products and services on the service call. These could include sales of extended warranties, memory upgrades, a new computer, a printer, or related products and services. Please do not apply for this position if you do not have experience upselling and cross-selling for customers located in Asia, Latin America and Europe. You will be paid for the interview.   (more...)

elp with managing the increasing number of users on our system, which in turn increases the need for customer support. There are 2 main parts of the job: 1) Answering customer support e-mails from users who need help with how to use the system, etc. - General knowledge of the system so you can assist the users who e-mails customer support - Be able to diagnose files users upload that do not play (incorrect file type etc) by downloading to your own computer and playing on your own system 2) Assist in managing digital signage networks for our customers, we sell both the software and an optional service package. Players are usually Windows computers, so it\'s basically related to maintaining a group of Windows computers on a general basis. - Managing the players remotely via a remote desktop tool - Monitoring the players in the control panel (red/green/yellow status indicators) - Troubleshoot and restart players that do not play (players crashed etc) - perform maintainence tasks as needed (install/update Windows update, 3rd party components such as the remote desktop tool, .Net frameworks and such things) We will begin by purchasing 1 hour each business-day for now, and expand it as needed. We will pay this 1 hour even if the tasks will not take an hour to complete. if the tasks demand it, we will of course purchase multiple hours as needed. Tasks will most likely be expanded in the future, both due to increased user numbers but also things as system testing/finding bugs, writing tutorials etc. Even phone-support could be outsourced at a later time. We suggest you register for an account at (free trial accounts) , to learn about how the system works.   (more...)

oking for customer service rep to answer phone calls for a fitness company/ brand. We have incoming calls that must be answered and we need someone who can take in calls and take orders on the phone. We need someone with a good command of the English Language and be able to take orders.   (more...)

ooking for an great job that\'s not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work? If yes, then please listen carefully. Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for a Customer Service Manager that can meet certain criteria. And I have to state upfront, this job isn\'t for everyone. We\'re looking for a unique person to fill this position. We\'re searching for someone who would also enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, while they do their job. We\'re basically looking for a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. And you can do this job completely from your home if you have a highspeed Internet connection. Not only do we work on fun and challenging projects, but as the company grows so does everyone\'s SALARY! :) So this could be a great opportunity for you! Not only could you have an exciting job but you would also enjoy knowing that as you do a great job you\'ll continue to be rewarded for it with more money. Too many companies just want to hire people for a low salary and get all the work they can out of them. We\'re much different! We know the success of our company is based on the success of our team members, and that\'s why we believe in creating a fun work process and rewarding those that deserve it. We\'re really looking for that special person that could become a true star on our team. Someone who would love their job and love working with our team. Here\'s just some of the criteria that this person would meet: - Has their own computer and highspeed Internet connection. - Speaks, Reads, and Writes good English. High Score a must. - Can work from home without distractions. - Can use Skype. - Is willing to learn new things. Can easily be trained in other skills. - Can work part-time (20 hours) or full-time (40 hours per week) HAS THE FOLLOWING SKILLS: - Knows Zendesk & Basecamp - Can create a FAQ and manual of customer service for multiple websites, products - Is online often and enjoys responding to customer needs - Professional - Can research order issues, transfer customer needs to the right person/department - Great Written English skills (and speaking) - Organized and detail oriented - Hardworking and takes charge And more... If you\'re interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following... Send me an email at through oDesk and make it to the attention of \"JRS Customer Service zz321\". Let me know why you think you\'d be great for this job. Also let me know the best time you can be reached and what schedule you would prefer to work from home when you won\'t be distracted based on EST zone. Please also include links to as many examples of your work that you can. Sincerely, JR   (more...)

re looking for tutors to teach students the following subjects: Java Applied mathematics. this is for immediate start for the right individuals.   (more...)

eed of someone with the ability to contact 12 of my clients daily via phone Monday through Friday. These phone calls will be to customers of mine who we are currently in the middle of projects with. The phone calls will likely sound something like this: ---------- Hi John! This is Sally from company ABC. I\'m just calling for your weekly check-in to see if you have any questions on where your project is at. We\'re currently in the development phase and are working hard at getting that wrapped up so we can move onto the next phase. Are there any questions that you have about anything that I can pass on to the team? If not, I\'ll be sure to check in next week. ---------- When these calls are made, and e-mail is expected to be created with the result of the call. A summary of any questions that clients have is to be included within the e-mail. You must have an incoming phone number where client can call you back in the event you leave them a message. Each phone call should take no more than five minutes. If the client has specific questions your job is to pass them on the e-mail to us. It is also important that a team not do this project. We need one specific individual to handle it. That way, it\'s the same person calling week after week. I must speak with you on the phone prior to accepting an agreement. Once again, you must have perfect English.   (more...)

t Service   (more...)

ore   (more...)

peaking/writing, knowledge on graphics for some specific tasks such programmes, invittations.. etc..   (more...)

ia & Publishing Company based in Melbourne. Looking for virtual assistant , work flexible hours. Update news online/ upload pics/update bloggs/ upload videos/Data Entry, Research social media maintenance, face book my space twitter and few other social media updates Place ads daily to various sites , contacting advertisers, buyers, etc, should have pleasant phone voice and have skype account to communicate with. Ideal candidate should have following: Able to speak and write English Strong working knowledge of word excel, internet search, seo optimazation google application, skype etc. Web maintenance ,Blogs, content implementation Resume & Picture & One page description of why you would be great for the job.   (more...)

rrently looking for 4 Telemarketers to start on the 3rd week of August. Candidates should be: - With relevant Telemarketing/Call Centre experience gained in a B2B environment. - Very good English communication and client handling skills. - Professional, diligent and conscienscious - Very good internet connection.   (more...)

r a part-time PA and admin of a small business.Client servicing, emails, client phone calls, some sales, personal assistant functions. Work from home. Required: Native english speaker Preferably: UK based I also would prefer to work with a working from home mother or one expecting a baby, but all candidates are welcome.   (more...)

customer service girl from USA fluent in US accent to record a greeting recording on our company answer machine, send me the professional greeting script to confirm . starting with Welcome to NOOR - National Office of Raw Materials of Pre-stressing Systems. ..........etc   (more...)

assistant. Someone that can do the tasks that I do not have time for. I can allow teamviewer or remote desktop connection to the work PC. I need someone that is proficient with the english language and someone that is available to work 40 hours per week. Jod duties will include copy and pasting website information into an ad program, managing ad program (we will train), and other minor duties. We need someone dependable that understands english well. Thank you.   (more...)

fast typist. Applicant must be a fast typer. You will have several letters which you will have write on a formal paper.   (more...)

meone to post my ad, which is already on Craigslist, on several other free sites which deal in resale of automobiles. Very simple - I just don\'t have time. I expect this to take 1-2 hrs. And then I will need a list of the sites it was posted on, the account information for those sites such as passwords, etc... I expect postings on 5 sites. If that is not possible, I would like to be notified before the second hour of work begins. my craigslist ad is below, and contains all the info necessary (I think) for posting on other sites. The car is in Helendale, CA, but I\'d like it advertised in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.   (more...)

ositions available teaching english over the internet. You will be using Skype or similar software to communicate with your students. Please contact us for a Skype interview and further information.   (more...)

looking to expand. Seeking self-motivated, energetic, professional and driven salespeople. Job entails finding and contacting leads, meeting setup, design services review and presentation, and closing deals for monthly payment service contracts. 5%-8% sales commission paid for monthly payment service contracts that are initiated and paid, PLUS an additional 3% monthly commission from service contracts you bring in. Our product price range is $300 - $5,000 depending on our client\'s needs. Work your own hours. Travel for this job is not required. Work with clients via e-mail, phone, or Skype. You will be provided with: * 2-day non-paid training. * a detailed commission payment structure for all products and services. You will need * Your own computer that can handle showing clients the design products offered, as well as Skype, Gmail Chat, etc. * Strong communication, personable, and professional skills * Self-motivation * Excellent work ethic. You would be responsible for: * Obtaining and maintaining a good client relationship. * Knowing all of our services/up-sells. Not required, but beneficial: * Past commission-based online sales experience. If you are self-motivated, professional, punctual, driven and goal oriented, this job is for you!   (more...)

e your number so i could contact you personally. Im marvin of Dencom Consultancy. or you can call me to our office at 81369977   (more...)

ing for a person residing in Europe or USA who can get clients for my Outsourcing Firm. I am owner of a BPO and at present i am looking for small businesses who want to outsource their customer support solutions (live chat support, email support and phone support) my firm. If you bring a client to me, I will pay you 15 % (for 6 months) of the total amount that they will pay me on monthly basis for the services I will provide to them. Anyone interested can apply. You need to have a skype to contact me. For more details on the business you may visit website.   (more...)

o hire an additional happy, friendly person to help with the job will involve you calling people every day and telling them that they\'re awesome, in addition to following other specific instructions that may vary from person to person. check out the site of to get a feel for the service, then when you\'re ready to apply, in addition to applying through odesk please call (415) 729-4870 and leave a voicemail, telling me \"hi zack, my name is ______ and i\'m calling to tell you that you\'re awesome! i hope you have an awesome day.\" your bid should reflect your monthly payment for making 100 calls per day. if you are available to work more than 100 calls a day (for example, 200 calls per day, that\'s fine, we can work out the details & just double your payment accordingly.) this is a dream job for someone with a great attitude and an extremely happy personality who wants to make people\'s lives better. thanks for applying.   (more...)

eding a person to handle our model recruiting your job would be to get models signed up on the site and handle all issues with models.   (more...)

o hire an additional happy, friendly person to help with the job will involve you calling people every day and telling them that they\'re awesome, in addition to following other specific instructions that may vary from person to person. this job posting is for FEMALES only. check out the site of to get a feel for the service, then when you\'re ready to apply, in addition to applying through odesk please call (415) 729-4870 and leave a voicemail, telling me \"hi zack, my name is ______ and i\'m calling to tell you that you\'re awesome! i hope you have an awesome day.\" your bid should reflect how much you want in order to make 100 calls every day, all month. for example, if you bid $40/month, then i would expect you to make 100 calls every day. please also tell me the maximum number of calls you can make per day. if you can make 200 calls per day, and you bid $40, then you would be paid $80/month. this is a dream job for someone with a great attitude and an extremely happy personality who wants to make people\'s lives better. thanks for applying.   (more...)

full-time, 42-45 hours a week schedule. There are certain requirements for our VA and they are as follows: 1. You must have a computer not older than 3 years. 2. You must have excellent internet navigation skills 3. You must have MS Word and be proficient in typing (45WPM at least) 4. You must have basic knowledge of MS Excel 5. You must have a reliable high speed internet connection 6. You must be able to speak and write good English 7. You must have good communication skills 8. You must be able to work late night hours 9. You must be reliable 10. You must have good phone etiquette   (more...)

If you have ever wanted to work in a friendly, positive, energetic environment for a US based company, this is your chance! We have a few opportunities available in our community services department. This job skates in the middle of being a customer service person and a creative writing person. You have to be totally excellent at both. We\'re looking for a great, charming, warm people-person, who can write delightfully, too! You need to come pre-loaded with a great personality, the type people instantly warm up to. You also need excellent punctuation, spelling, and grammar (because our community is geeky, smart and savvy, and demand that we are, too!) You also have to be super action oriented and efficient, and keep up with customer service in a warm, lovable tone. We\'ll train you on just about everything else. This assignment will be temporary (1 month or less), as we get to know each other and see how our individual dynamics fit together. There will be an opportunity for a longer term gig (3-6 months) if we really like you, and your work is excellent. Though the business is based in the US, we run an online business, so we\'re looking for people who can cover any shift. Shifts are generally between 4-10 hours a day. If this sounds interesting to you, please apply at 1.00/hr to start. Pay will increase after a training period, and as your skills develop. We greatly prefer candidates who are on an Apple computer running Mac OS X. Most of the time, for most projects, we reject candidates with PCs. It\'s nothing personal, it\'s just that our entire workteam are on Macs, and prefer those who are familiar with the environment. ***--- IMPORTANT ---*** WHEN YOU APPLY, INCLUDE THIS INFO: ***--> Please respond with your current computer platform. ie: \"MacBook running Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard.\" ***---> Also, in your response, please send writing samples that showcase your writing style. We suggest sending us your blogs, or articles you\'ve done for others! This job requires a lot of writing, we want to make sure we are a good fit. ***---> Please apply at $1.00/hr. If your application is missing those two key pieces of info, or is submitted at a different rate, you better have submitted a really killer application, otherwise we\'re going to reject you right off the bat for not following instructions. We want people we can work with who follow directions AND be awesome. :)   (more...)

work every day from Monday to Friday 5am to 1pm - Phillipine Time (9am-5pm NZ Time) * Expert in Microsoft Office suites, especially Word, Excel * Very good telephone manners, speaks clear, flat accent. Experience in Call Centre is a plus. * Has a minimum of University degree, writes good english. Experience in writing articles is a plus. * Good organisation and skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook is an advantage. * Has good, reliable and fast internet connection. * Able to write simple advertisements. * Highly proficient in internet tools like web browser, FTP etc. * Full Time Job, no other work commitment allowed. * Conscientious and can work with minimal supervision. * Willing to start from $1/hour   (more...)

meone to reply to about 200-500 email messages a day. Must be available at a certain time each day to do the work. Each email will be replied with a reply to message we will give you. We will give you jobs daily and pay by the end of the week for each job.   (more...)

onal assistant who speaks clear english. Needs to know word, excel, outlook. Needs to be organized. Needs to be able to receive call and make calls in the US.   (more...)

ll be needing some sales agent residing in US to make an outbound calls to US and Canada during 3PM-7PM US time weekdays, 10AM-6PM Saturdays. You may use Landline or skype to call. preferably Lanline, since you are already residing in US. All scripts and leads are provided. BONUS $200-$400 for at least 40 sales. up to the last day of August. Bids should be less than 1/hr. reply with your odesk username thanks, Erwin   (more...)

ing for a person to 1) make phone calls to the United States to update prices with providers and write down these updates in a google docs excel spreadsheet that I will provide. 2)You will also be in charge of updating this information in the ads (we already have the template, you will have to change price and some information) 3)Create new ads in a template I have already. You will need to upload pictures and write information Budget is max $1/hour The candidate should be fluent in English and should be able to call to the United States. Skills Required: Good Englidh -- Knowledge of spreadsheets   (more...)

omeone who has experience working with a collection company in the US.   (more...)

UPFRONT!! $1 Firm Please \"Read\"! This task is very simple; you\'ll be assisting me as I\'ll have you complete a few quick referral processes for the sites in my blog! Also you\'ll be doing quick informational requests &/or other simple tasks! There will be a series of 1 email, Briefly go through the sites and email me the confirmation emails sent to you from the sites you sign up to, along with other completion proof! TASK MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE PAY!! Once I receive the emails, it\'ll take me approximately one day to approve the assignments! If accepted for the tasks, I\'ll email you further instructions!   (more...)

outstanding customer service skills. Will help the owner answer customer service issues via phone and email. Must be proficient in English. Duties will include data entry and phone calls.   (more...)

onal assistant who speaks clear english. Needs to know word, excel, outlook. Needs to be organized. Needs to be able to receive call and make calls in the US.   (more...)

lawyer or have studied human rights law! help with revision and exams required for a student with an exam in 3 weeks. please contact us asap.   (more...)

ing to be recruiting a few Expert Support Managers who have a good amount of experience in the support industry and can help us with running the Support Teams across the set of companies we have. These Experts will be managing the Support Managers and their key responsibilities would include (1) Drive Uniform processes across the different Support Teams across our portfolio of companies. (2) Drive Productivity (3) Enable better customer experiences using new innovations/processes.   (more...)

sting this project as addition to previousone. We are consulting company in Europe on behalf of several importing companies in EU. We are looking for provider with following skills and requirements: 1.Native Hindi speaker or other languages spoken in Kolkata and the rest of neighbourhood areas in India. 2.Native speaker of the language spoken in Bangladesh,preferably Dhaka area. 3.Provider must have excellent telephone and communication skills,both in his/her native language spoken in India and Bangladesh and English language. 4.This job is not about computer skills,although you will be required to use MS Word,email and Internet research as everyday tool. 5.Must be available on skype for live talk at the end of working day for at least 10-15 minutes for consultation.We do prefer live talk rather than writen reporting,although you will be required to send us and writen report too. 6.YOu job will include calling exporting companies in Kolkata and other cities in India and exporting companies in Bangladesh,preferably Dhaka and other neighbour cities. 6.2-Provider must be able to receive the knowledge about the products we are importing. Provider\'s job is not to sell/buy anything. Just to negotiate on our behalf and to send us writen and viral report of each interview made with spoken companies. Detailed list and question to ask will be provided to chosen canidate. We need 1 to 2 candidates from India,and 1-2 candidates from Bahgladesh) 6.3-For first time provider will be involved in negotiating with companies exporting of: flax yarn flax twines and similiar products, but later on the varieties of products can apply from other industries. 7.All training will be provided free of charge,if necessesary. 8.Provider must be honest,timely respected and ambition driven.This is offer for long-term.Provider must suplly us with strong references from previous employers and similiar projects,at least 3 of them. 9.Huge bonuses apply besides regular hourly rate at the end of each project. Feel free to ask anything. We will be happy to respond to every serious provider with good experience and references without conditions. Mr.Ljubisa Mike Cakic Easy Fast Company DOO LLC Leskovac City Serbia State Europe.   (more...)

king for reliable phone caller,must be from Egypt,and must speak Arabic as native language. This is an offer for long term worker. YOu will start first as a part-time worker,and later on we are ready to extend your work time as 8 hours shift,Monday to Friday. *Description of the work. This job is not too much about computer skills,like programming,designing etc.This job is about calling by phone companies in Egypt. **Type of companies Companies that are manufacturing flax yarn and flax twines products in Egypt.All list will be supplied to chosen candidate.We are in need of one,maybe two candidates on long term basis. ***Awards,benefits and contributions: We are ready to pay huge benefits and bonuses after the job is complete. YOu will get paid by hour,but also every of your project will lead to exporting mentioned products above, to Europian companies,as we are consulting company in Europe in agreements with products above for wholesale import. This job can lead to the right person on permanent basis not for 6 months,rather than on ongoing basis,under 1 or 2 years agreement.We had a reliable Arabic speaker,but he quited a job unexpectedly,leaving us on edge.This position is available for people willing work as soon as possible. All applicants must supply following: 1.The evidence they are native Arabic speaker,as talking with Egyptian companies will be in plain Arabic language. 2.The evidence they are reliable,references from previous employers or projects completed,at least 3 of them. 3.Available on skype for live talk for 10-15 minutes at the end of working day. 4.Enough efficient that she/he can understand writen and viral English without translators and dictionaries,in real time talk over skype,when given orders for next day or week or month(s). Feel free to ask anything.EVery of your questions will be answered in professional and kindly manner. We will kindly respond to anybody,regardless if candidate in newbie or old provider. Only people from Egypt. Thank you. Mr.Ljubisa Mike Cakic Certifed consultant and translator on behalf of other wholesale import companies from Serbia and the rest of Europe. Leskovac City,Serbia State Europe.   (more...)

ernational teacher, teaching your language to students via the internet. there are immediate roles to be filled. French, German, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, any language you like! you must have some teaching experience, please do not out bid yourself for this project. most applicants will recieve an interview.   (more...)

list of towns sorted alphabetically, as well as the other information that goes with the town. As listed in the PDF   (more...)

meone to post 10 listings daily for me. you will get 20 cents per post and 10 cents for reposts. we sell furniture. you must already have a verified CL account. bid only if you can do this daily without delay. payment will be made each week. US based providers only   (more...)

coaching company looking for high-level data entry people. If successful, you will be entering raw, hand-written answers from completed questionnaires (PDF files) into a supplied template (Microsoft Word 2007). The role will require you to analyse the data before turning into appropriate text, as in some cases you will be given a one-word answer and need to expand on it before entering it into the template as a structured sentence. There will also be times where only a part-answer is given and you will need to interpret it into an expansive response. Skills required: - Extremely proficient in English (verbal and written) - Sound knowledge of business concepts (sales, marketing, management etc) - Ablility to interpret data - Very proficient Microsoft Word 2007 (especially in the use of Styles) This role is an ongoing assignment, as over time there will be a number of questionnaires to be processed, however each questionnaire should take no more than 1-2 hours to process and will be on an as-needed basis. Please apply only if you have the above-mentioned skills   (more...)

meone to register me for multiple sites that traffic geyser will be sumbitting to. There is about 40 Accounts you will need to set up with various sites. I will provide access to my Traffic Geyser account and a video for instructions.   (more...)

ralian legal firm needs a 16-page document copy-typed in editable Microsoft Word .doc form. Type the document as you see it. Applicants must be efficient with Microsoft Word 2007 and have very good (or fluent) English.   (more...)

our own ebay shop(power store) data entry customer service. data entry, inventory update, email customers, accounting ,bookkeeping long term hourly based job. working time is flexable. at least 4 times a week. 2 to 3 hours a day. Hourly rate: $20+ welcome skilled workers to bid.   (more...)

u to take 76 urls and submit them to Digg so I can get the links spidered, crawled and indexed. You\'ll need to create accounts on these. Complete in 24 hours or less. You must already have experience with digg, social bookmarking and a successful rate on here. If you happen to have software like Social Bookmarking Demon or something like that that\'s totally fine to use as well.   (more...)

u to take 20 urls and submit them to Digg so I can get the links spidered, crawled and indexed. You\'ll need to create accounts on these. Complete in 24 hours or less. You must already have experience with digg, social bookmarking and a successful rate on here. If you happen to have software like Social Bookmarking Demon or something like that that\'s totally fine to use as well.   (more...)

y wrote 7 more blog posts to my main site and I need those submitted to Social poster. This will require that you create accounts on there as well. If you happen to already have a social bookmarking tool on your computer by all mean\'s that\'s fine to use. I\'m looking for a one time submission. That would be 79 submissions per url. Complete within 12 hours and send a report. Put the word sunshine in your post so I know you read this.   (more...)

name is Jay and I am a model agent, scout, rep and everything under the sun in terms of modeling. I work at the Elite Model Agency in New York and we are always looking for new talent. If you are interested in modeling and want to start or if you have previous work in the industry all are welcome to email me, as of right now we are looking for females of any age, ethnicity, height, weight ect. I tell people all the time there are models for everything so any body type is welcome to apply. Location- Because of the wonderful world of the Internet we can have models work for us from anywhere in the world so it doesn’t matter if a model from London applies to an agency in Toronto for example, we have connections all over the world from affinity talent in Chicago , LA Models in Los Angeles to KModels in Paris. If you are looking to model for lingerie, adult industry, bikini, casual, runway, modern, nude, catalogue, commercial and everything under the sun too many industry jobs to name feel free to apply. At this time we are not looking for male models. If interested send me an email of Name: obviously Age: Location: And we will go from there. Thanks Jay   (more...)

e an individual to send Text messages during UK hours from 11.00 a.m. to 16.00 hours weekdays - regular work There would be a high number of text messages, you should have knowledge of excel and word and proficient in sending Texts. Ideal work to go alongside other projects. Immediate Start. rate is a fixed amount of $1 dollar per 100 texts   (more...)

rosoft Money 2004 to manage all my employment, personal, property and investment affairs, across 3 main currencies (AU, USD and EU). I am approximately 3 years behind. I require a Virtual assistant to bring my accounts and balances up to date. This primarily involves the following key activities: 1. Compiling, (re)formating, all raw financial data in a format ready for import. 2. Balancing all accounts. 3. Classifying transactions into tax deductible and non deductible categories and entities (Employment, Property X, Investment Y, Entity Z). 4. Prepare Taxation Reports per Country (AU, US, NL) and Entity (Entity X, Entity Y). I will provide all the raw financial data, most of which are in .csv or .xls format. For a smaller set I may only be able to provide bank statements in .pdf format. I can provide remote access to my computer directly where work can be done. I will also provide documented guidelines on deductible categories and related entities. I can be made available by phone, msn and/or email as required to help answer blocking issues. I don\'t have all input data readily available - I myself need to hunt it down. I expect the provider to be flexible and allow for lead times in information that I am dependent on other parties to provide. i.e. Property manager to provide expense reports, Financial Broker to provide Investment report, Life Insurance Broker to provide Y report, etc. Detailed skills: 1. Ability to reconcile and balance accounts 2. Proficient in Excel in order to load, transform and export raw data into the format required by MS Money (.qif). 3. Worked with Microsoft Money (Ideal) Timeframe: ASAP - my urgency is overdue taxes. Side remark: I realize Microsoft Money is end-of-life and no longer supported. I will be looking at migrating this into an online finance tracking alternative shortly after this project. I do not want to combine a software migration with my immediate need to get my finances up to date. Questions: 1. Can you please provide highlights on similar assignments? 2. Have you worked with Microsoft Money? 3. Can you provide at least 2 references? 4. What measures do you take and/or suggest I take to protect my privacy?   (more...)

ound 91 products uploaded just the same as before and I will supply an Excel file with all the products and categories and inputs that you need.   (more...)

list of names with their contact information and would like to have someone enter into excel for me. 1200 names and addresses (street, city, state, zip) phone, fax, email address and website.   (more...)

ads posted! Rate is at .10 to .15 cents per ad. PAYING PER LIVE POSTED Requirements: *Must have your our US computer for the IP address to use *MUST have your Own CL accounts *US CL posting experience *MUST be able to work 5 days a week 8+Hrs daily (7 days preferred) In your Cover letter please ONLY let me know... - How many ads can you post per day or hour?   (more...)

ata from provided weblinks to store firstname,lastname,email, address ,phone ..etc into a spreadsheet   (more...)

oking for data entry clerks. Primary duties will include working with Excel spreadsheets and image files to upload new and modify existing products on our online stores. Excellent Microsoft Excel skills are required. Prior data entry / data management experience and Microsoft Access / Photoshop skills are a big plus. The successful candidate should be very organized, detail-oriented, requiring little supervision and having the ability to work both independently and in a team environment. This job requires high-speed internet connection to download large sized product images through FTP, optimize them and reupload to our stores. Please, mention your internet connection availability when applying to this job opening.   (more...)

alented individuals to join our team as Data Entry Specialists. Requirements: 1. Excellent English communication skills 2. Knowledgeable in computer applications like Microsoft Office and Internet 3. Good research skills 4. Highly aggressive and results driven 5. Mature with pleasant personality and strong communication skills 6. Ability to be organized and comfortable in managing multiple tasks 7. Flexible schedule 8. Ability to get results and work long hours if need be 9. Can work under minimal supervision If you are interested in applying for this job, please address the following points in your cover letter: 1. Available hours/week and your availability for the next 3 months 2. Highlight previous experience related to the requirements 3. List of your skills and expertise NOTE: I reject all generic applications that do not discuss this specific job.   (more...)

b manager and I need someone to do things such as test links, take screenshots, and check delivery of digital goods. I ask that you either be an US resident or be able to use an US IP address. I can give you a 1 minute sample task to see if you\'d be interested.   (more...)

ople with internet connection to search for other telecom companies like mine. I want the person to find these companies on the internet and send the link for those companies to me. Also, want the person I hire to request call rates from these companies and have them contact me with their rates for international calling.   (more...)

n encoding, professional with high quality of work.   (more...)

meone to input French external trade data from the 18th century. I will provide scans of the relevant manuscripts and I would like to have an Excel list of the content of the scans. The manuscripts are in French, but the same words are always repeated (name of the partner country, name of the goods). Most of the data to be inputed are numbers. This will be a trial job of 2 hours, which will help me realize how much can be done in that time and help me estimate the total cost of the project. If the project is successful, it could be the beginning of a long-term relationship. I attach an extract of one of these scans.   (more...)

ou to gather information about the 29 NBA stadiums. You\'ll need to find info about the sections and rows in the stadiums and enter it into an excel spreadsheet. When I hire you, I will send specific instructions about how to collect the data. It should take you about 15 minutes per stadium, so 8 hours total. This job MUST be complete within 24 hours, so please only bid if you can start working right away.   (more...)

is for an online retailer of electronics products. This will be a recurring job whenever new products are added to the catalog. We will provide a list of manufacturers and item numbers. All of the data will be gathered from the official manufacturer of the item by copying it from their website. We are an authorized reseller with permission to use their content. You will provide a Description, Specifications, and Features to us formatted according to our specifications. You will also provide a JPG image according to our specifications.   (more...)

date must be a resident in the Metro Manila, Philippines. The selected contractor will be asked to gather suppliers (ie. event places, catering companies, cakes, etc.) and asked to call suppliers to send rate proposals.   (more...)

al estate investor, I need someone to be able to do a detailed property research using multiple sources and combining them into one report. I will teach a smart and responsible person, who likes doing research and willing to learn. Must be able to meet strict deadlines. I need someone part-time, if things work out it will lead to a permanent full time position.   (more...)

nglish writing, At least a BA/BS degree, Must have ability to manage time and projects, Must have ability to critcially think, Must have ability to create efficient processes Must have integrity Must have a strong work ethic Must be a team player PROJECTS INCLUDE 1. Managing my non-profit organization time lines, schedules, and deadlines 2. Assisting me with managing projects for the non-profit organization by setting up alerts, reminders, schedule and a an excel spreadsheet listing what needs to be done, deadlines, and progress columns 3. Assisting me with outlining an article every quarter 4. Ensuring that \"From the President\'s Playbook\" gets sent out at least once a month FOR projects 1. Finding at least 5 schools with extension programs where I can apply to teach my \"Interpreted Life\" curriculum (e.g. Pasadena Community College in Pasadena, CA). 2. Once found, filling out a skeleton application for each one 3. Ensuring that my online calendar is updated regularly 4. Ensuring that my autoresponder has all articles loaded and cued 5. Ensuring that my \"Motivational Minute\" audios get loaded and cued 6. Assist with writing the customized \"Motivational Minutes\" As the relationship continues, more projects will be added with the possibility of hiring a second virtual assistant.   (more...)

or a candidate who will work 4 hours daily on a ongoing basis. The job will include maintaining websites using template, and maintaining a language instruction site using learning management system.   (more...)

oking for an Admin Assistant. We are looking for a candidate with previous experience; however we are willing to train the right person. The ideal candidate will be able to perform clerical tasks including data entry and Microsoft office suite. This person must posses the following qualifications: * Attention to detail and accuracy * Good communication skills * Organizing and prioritizing skills   (more...)

consultant and one of my clients has an outstanding balance on their account. I\'m looking for someone with excellent spoken english and a Skype account to make two short daily calls to enquire about the payment. Essentially, I want to make it more work for them to *not* pay the account. It\'s important that the calls are polite and professional, but that they occur daily during EU business hours. If you do well in this task there is the possibility of other non-collections office and virtual assistant work.   (more...)

u to take 81 urls and submit them to Digg so I can get the links spidered, crawled and indexed. You\'ll need to create accounts on these. Complete in 24 hours or less. You must already have experience with digg, social bookmarking and a successful rate on here. If you happen to have software like Social Bookmarking Demon or something like that that\'s totally fine to use as well.   (more...)

a bilingual Spanish assistant for strong administrative support in managing our portfolio in North & South America and Spain. Schedule appointments for executive team and CEO. Interviews. Must be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing spanish. Maintain our social networks. Interact with customers, Client care, customer service. Taking orders, Call screening. Polished, dependable, efficient assistant that works quickly and completes tasks on time. Assistant can live in the US or offshore. This is a virtual assistant opportunity. Must have phone, fax, computer with high speed internet. Great personality, cheerful and articulate. Great at written correspondence and editing written materials. MUST BE FLUENT IN SPANISH. MUST SPEAK EXCELLENT ENGLISH also. Write and read in spanish/english also. Great opportunity for advancement for the right candidate. Start part time and advance in hours as your progress dictates and the project advances. You will work part time initially. Please send references , resume and answer the following question: 1. Why should we hire you above other candidates? 2. What can you offer our organization ?   (more...)

ing for a full-time or part-time Administrative Assistant to work with me directly in support of my Internet Marketing Business. The daily activities would include sending out email promotions (that I will write), submitting articles to online article directories, submitting videos to video directories, surfing website ad exchanges, sending out safe-list mailings, joining membership and social media sites. In addition, the candidate will need to monitor my support desk and respond to inquiries that are submitted there. My business is 100% Internet based. I prefer a Philippine based assistant for reasons I will explain to applicants if required.   (more...)

be helping to manage a virtual team producing niche publications for an Australian publishing company. We produce e-books, podcasts, blogs, and articles for various online publishing projects. Our typical target audience are business owners and managers. I am looking for a full-time Virtual Personal Assistant to help with staff selection, management, web research, proof reading and other tasks. The position will initially involve 1. Web research to identify various specialist writer and contributors around the world 2. Finding and short-listing new staff thru Odesk 3. Coordinating the establishment of two membership based websites using Wordpress, Aweber and other online systems 4. Coordinating the establishment of several new sites to promote our range of e-books (again, with WordPress and Aweber mainly) 5. Coordinating the research, writing, editing, publishing and distribution of specialist articles online 6. Helping to proof-read, prepare and format written material to be produced as eBooks and other guides. 7. Project managing the work team and managing the workflow In addition: 8. Great written English skills are essential. Please don\'t waste your time applying if you don\'t meet this requirement. 9. Please note, I am located in Perth, Western Australia. I want someone located in the same timezone as myself - which is UT + 8 hours. 10. Ideally you will also have a bit of a business and marketing brain. I would like you to be responsible for creating documentation and systems for others in the team to follow. This will be a challenging and rewarding position - and the right person will become a valuable and important member of my team. In your application, please make sure your covering letter is well written AND addresses each of the following A. Your web research skills and experience. B. Your experience with ODesk Admin privileges C. Your skills and experience with WordPress D. Your skills and experience with Aweber E. Your writing experience F. Your proof-reading experience G. Your editing experience H. Your skills with MS Word in laying out documents using styles I. experience with article distribution J. Your project management experience K. Your team management experience L. Your time-zone, and your preferred working hours and your availability. Please clearly show the experience and skills you think you have in fulfilling each of these above points A to L. (This is a mandatory requirement in the application. As well as telling me about your ability to do the job, it will also tell me about your ability and willingness to accurately follow instructions.) I hope this is all fairly clear, but please let me know if you have any questions. More information on my business is available at Once the selection has been made, it will be an immediate start - unless you need some time to finish off other work commitments you may currently have (in which case, ideally you will be able to start with me part-time initially.   (more...)

ighly motivated individual to provide admin support to fast-paced team in growing consulting company. Seeking individuals in the US with excellent English skills and good customer service attitudes. This indivudal will spend a lot of time on the phone, so a quiet at-home working environment is essential. Growth and bonus potential for highly talent candidates that make a contribution.   (more...)

ined of various work experiences I have a courage to tackle sudden situation except the regular and normal challenges.   (more...)

eking good people to join our VA team. Excellent grasp of written English is required. Ability to use Google Docs is required. Ability to work well with a team is required. 1st round Interviews will start on 2010-09-22, and conducted exclusively via Google Docs. Your cover letter should be Short and Original. Any cover letter longer then 2 paragraphs will be automatically rejected. All spam/template cover letters will be automatically rejected. All bids over $0.76 (including oDesk fees) will be automatically rejected.   (more...)

nthusiastic, self motivate, well spoken individual. SUMMARY OF JOB PURPOSE AND FUNCTION The primary purpose and function of the Executive Assistant is to provide administrative support to Client. This position requires superior written and verbal, English communication skills, efficient organizational skills, strong computer and web skills, and the ability to work independently. Must Have: • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. • Must be reliable and have high personal integrity. • Must have great people skills with an ability to be assertive while remaining professional • Highly creative and resourceful to gather needed information from various sources. • Act as the Executive’s project manager. Assume sole responsibility for specific projects as directed. Develop time line, budget, milestones, deliverables, and status reports as needed. • EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND/OR TRAINING • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field is preferred, or the equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities. • Minimum two years relevant professional experience is required with experience writing reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals preferred. • CAPABILITIES AND EXPERIENCE (CAN DO) • Communication skills - Reads, writes and speaks fluent English, using appropriate grammar, style and vocabulary. Correctly spells commonly used English words and job specific terms. Demonstrates exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills. • Organizational ability – Demonstrates a systematic approach in carrying out assignments. Is very orderly and excels at cutting through confusion and turning chaos into order. • Problem solving skills - Demonstrates a strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. Unusually decisive in handling difficult problems. Translates problems into practical solutions. • Intellectual ability - Accurately and consistently follows instructions delivered in an oral, written or diagram format. Can provide directions. • Mathematical ability - Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and to compute rate, ratio and percent; ability to convert units of measurement. • Computer skills - Comfortably and confidently uses a computer and specialized software. Microsoft Word and Excel and Skype. Strong Web experience and resourcefulness for research projects. Preference will be given to candidates who have prior experience maneuvering through company web pages, LinkedIn and other social networking sites such as Facebook to gather targeted company information. ATTITUDES (WILL DO) • Initiative – shows willingness and aptitude to use own discretion in taking appropriate steps in finding solutions to problems; presents options and ideas to enhance current processes or procedures. Takes on additional responsibility when both big and small tasks need to be done. • Flexibility – Is open to changing situations and opportunities and is willing to perform all tasks assigned. • Independence – Able and willing to perform tasks and duties without supervision. Excellent and consistent follow through • Tolerance for Stress / Resiliency – Maintains a positive “can do” outlook, rebounds quickly from frustrations and unpleasantness, and maintains composure and friendly demeanor while dealing with stressful situations. This is an on-going relationship which will start out more on call as needs arise. Individual will be initially assisting with web and phone research and some administrative tasks such as data entry. Potential for more frequent volume as time goes on, but undetermined at this time. Candidate should be be flexible to on call assignments which will most likely be submitted via email, with an expected average turn around time of 24-72 hrs(depending on project). Initial projects will include researching detail for book project, company data research and data entry and other various administrative tasks as needed.   (more...)

ng for a team player who can be supportive of my two businesses. One business is an Interior Design and Decoration admin role. For this position there will be a small amount of duties such as database set-up and entry, research and general personal assistant duties. My other business is a new e-commerce site which I\'m currently establishing. You would help setting up my website which includes data entry, logistics organisation, customer service, e-mail response and general duties. Knowledge in the field of e-commerce, blogging, social marketing etc. will be a definate bonus. The applicant needs to have a clear and friendly voice as well as beeing available at convenient/business hours; Regular contact trough good quality skype access is a must.   (more...) is in need of personal assistant. Must be proficient in all MS Office applications. Type 120+ WPM without error. At least 8 years proven experience as personal assistant to c-level executive.   (more...)

simple job for a VA. You will work as my recruiter and help me build my outsourced team. You will be responsible for: * Create account in different online Sites. * Submitting Job Description to the online sites I recommend site * Contact appropriate candidate via email, collect and forward resume to me (you will need to make sure that all the materials I asked in the job application are submitted with the resume, for example previous work experience, phone number etc.) You will be provided all the job description and email copy. So it is a pretty painless job and will mostly require you to just copy and paste. * I am looking for someone who can * Start immediately Can coordinate with me between 9AM to 12 AM EST each day during the course of the job to take direction and provide update. Thanks   (more...)

unching a new eStore which will specialize in imported Italian cookware (pizza ovens, panini presses, espresso machines, italian bakeware, grills etc) We need a list of reliable US-based wholesalers, who have imported goods directly from Italy and are willing to drop ship for us. Your task would be to research the products across all categories, find out the suppliers policies about drop shipments and pricing.   (more...)

gnment involves researching Investment Property Management companies near, but not limited to, Zip Code: 94111 in San Francisco, CA USA. I would like to start with 50 companies. I may contact you for more companies in a future assignment. Please list in spreadsheet I will provide: • Business name o Hyperlink business name to website • Street number, street name and suite number • Phone number • Email information Why? I will use the information you collect to contact the principal, owner, or office manager for the purpose of a request to shadow an investment property manager for a day to learn from them how to acquire investment properties. Thank you, Nathan Rice   (more...)

rcher / Data miner Search region will be in the US. Websites to gather data from are company websites, community websites, social media networks, association websites. You will need to send an initial email (provided) to each prospect and record the contact record in a spreadsheet on Google Docs. If contact is made through at website with a form, you will fill out form with initial contact message and submit via form. This position may require calling to verify contact information on prospects during US business hours. You should have good English writing and speaking skill. Targets: Active real estate agents and mortgage lenders in the United States. Looking for speed and quality. Company Name* Company Mailing Address * City * State * Zip * Personal Website / Blog* Company Website First Name * Last Name* Phone* Cell Phone* Fax Email* Facebook account Twitter account LinkedIn account Interested candidates should submit a 10 minute data collection sample along with hourly rate.   (more...)

ng for somebody with experience and software to generate thousands of links per week.   (more...)

be researching different businesses in different areas, finding out names, contact info, and a brief summary of the business.   (more...)

u to go online and find all of the personal injury/accident lawyers in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and the surronding areas. The only major surrounding city is Jackson, Missouri. I need you to plug all of these attorneys names in an excel document that contains 1. the lawyers first and last name 2. their full mailing address 3. a phone number, then if possible 4. a fax number and 5. and email. I need this completed ASAP. Please contact me today as I will be trying to hire right away. I would like your command of the english language to be strong as we may need to communicate and I need you to be able to recognize if the lawyer is not an injury lawyer, but maybe rather a divorce lawyer for example. There is prob less than 40 of these lawyers in the area and this job should be able to be done quickly on your part. I am thinking it will take you less than an hour if you utilize google maps, dex knows, and the yellow pages. Here is the thing I do not want repeats (if a law firm has multiple lawyers I want those listed). However I do not want to see the same lawyer on the list more then once. Thanks! Happy Hunting!   (more...)

state of the art, white label, social networking platform. One that is not based on Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress. “white label” means that we can customize the complete look and feel of the software. So, as an example, we\'ve determined that Ning is not an option, since it\'s API is not open. Please research and find us a solution. This research needs to be done thoroughly. The ideal candidate will be hired in the next 20mints by one of our group members on Odesk.   (more...)

or someone who can compare companies (names will be provided) for us in details.   (more...)

written English essential. Your role will be to conduct research online, collecting data and examples and reporting back with what you\'ve found and references to the sources you\'ve used. To give me an idea of your level of English and research skills, to apply for this job, please answer the following question: What are the top three things someone in America should do if they\'ve lost their iPhone?   (more...)

specific niche market that we are targeting for a video/audio sharing community and are looking to hire someone who can do research and provide a detailed report on a couple of topics. Must have experience in internet research and provide examples of work you have done in the past. We are looking for someone who knows how to scour the web and really can pull together information and communicate professionally via a detailed report. If we like your portfolio, the next step would be an interview.   (more...)

on: We are looking for one or two fast, efficient, detail-oriented Web researchers who are available daily for an ongoing Web data mining project. Providers will be responsible for sourcing exact e-mail addresses, first and last names, website addresses, and state of practice for mental health professionals located in the United States. There are a myriad of online mental health directories from which to pull this information (such as,,,, etc.). While we can provide quite a few of these sites to get providers started, you will be expected to continue the research and locate more of such sites on your own. Candidates will be assigned a short trial as part of the hiring process in order to demonstrate proficiency in pulling contact information from the Web to compile a contact list in an MS Excel file we will supply. We are looking for at least 200 completed contacts/leads per day... If you can deliver more, you will be paid a bonus! Instructions: Please respond with the following: 1. The date you can start 2. How much you would like to be paid either on a per contact or per hour basis. 3. Please let us know what type of work of this nature you\'ve done in the past and how you see yourself able to contribute more effectively in this capacity than other applicants. Additional Information: We are in the process of establishing business relationships with a few contractors that we can outsource all of our projects to on an ongoing basis. Once we have reached a point of diminishing returns for this project, there will be others just like it. This means that, once this project is completed, if: * Your work is professional * Your communication is exceptional * Your daily progress reports and output meets or exceeds expectations You can look forward to even more such work! Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.   (more...)

ing for someone who could put time and effort into providing the best SEO for a new photography company on the Gold Coast Australia - I need this to be on the first page of google searchs when typing wedding photographer Gold Coast or photography Gold Coast etc   (more...)

ng for someone to find companies in China or India and Taiwan that exports Toilet paper, 1/3 oz rollettes (body oil roll on bottles), and oil burners. I will need prices, minimums order requirements, quality, website info, contact name and address. Also would like to know if private labeling is an option, and what are the requirements for it. we would like the prices scaled, for example: Toilet paper 500 cases $8.00 each, 2000 cases $6.00 each. we would like the toilet paper to come in 48 rolls per case. Here is a picture of the rollette roll on bottles. Now these prices are NOT what we expect to pay only an example to show you the bottle. I need this info within a week. Please only apply if you have some insight into import/export and pricing.   (more...)

job I require 100 blogs found with on-page PR of 2+ (The higher the better) For 2 specific niches (50 blogs/per niche = 100 Total PR2+ blogs) Those with Scrapebox can do this quite easily as I normally would but don\'t have the time right now. I will provide you with the keywords to go after to collect the data. I don\'t need you to comment, I simply need a list.   (more...)

meone who can assist us in research on of domain names on regular basis. We need someone who can work 2 to 3 hours on daily basis for this job. You must have fast internet connection to work properly. Add \"I can do domain research\" in the first line of application so that we can know that you really read this job. Thanks.   (more...)

e a dedicated research assistant to help us find academic, empirical research studies on a range of topics to do with planning and project success We have already set up a template file (see attached) and simply need each of the fields in this spreadsheet filled out for any new articles, studies or findings you can source. Each of the articles you find MUST: 1. Have empirical findings (ie numeric results/correlations compared to a control group) 2. that are related to any of the following keywords/topics: - project evaluation - program evaluation - use of metrics/KPIs - plan evaluation - outcome-based planning - outcome weighting - outcome evaluation - value measurement - logframe - project planning - planning training - stakeholder engagement - risk assessment 3. and their effect on any of the following measures: - cost - precision / accuracy - success / performance - trust - profit - turnover - sales - learning - skill levels - time - quality - customer satisfaction - health 4. for individuals or groups/teams in the following populations: - education - sports - business - non-profit - military - health - marketing - software/IT - government - community - construction - aid / relief - finance In your application, please ONLY tell us: - How long it will take you to compile a list of 250 studies - How much you charge per hour - Any previous research work you have done - Your familiarity with empirical research and meta-analysis Also, feel free to begin adding entries to the spreadsheet and submit that as part of your application - evidence that you understand and can complete the task successfully will weigh heavily in your favour If your application fails to adhere to this formula, you will be rejected immediately   (more...)

Research Candidates, Qualified candidates will be performing internet research on new Hyundai and Kia automobiles with focus on the American market. Each article will be emailed to us with a link to the source for approval to post. Appropriate photo(s) will also be provided in the email. Approved information will then be re-posted on our forum if allowed, or a summary with a link to the article if the re-posting the information is prohibited. Minimum of one appropriate embedded photo will be required for each article posted on the forum. Resized and Optimized Photos will be uploaded via FTP, followed by the posting of the article. Because some articles will have to be summarized and provided directly to our viewers, proper written English skills is a must. The writer must be able to write with a positive bias towards Hyundai and Kia cars if needed. Candidates will start off being responsible for 6 approved articles a week. Approximating to be 3 hours of work. 2 articles will be posted every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. More articles may be requested in the future. Job will be an ongoing and is expected to be around for many years. Trial: Please write a short article (250 words or less) describing your favorite place to visit and why others should visit this place as well and attach it with your application.   (more...)

ist of about 615 websites determine.... - if the page loads correctly - Language of the page - Title of the Page - Name of the website - email address of the person most responsible for online content (specifically career or employment related) - First name and last name of contact - Gender of Contact - city/Location - Online contact form (if an email address is not available) Must speak Spanish fluently (preferably from Spain) and be comfortable with excel. If competed satisfactorily, this may lead to more (better paying) jobs. View the attachment for the list of websites   (more...)

alented individuals to join our team as Virtual Admin Assistants. He/she will perform various administrative tasks ranging from data entry, research, writing, generating reports, etc. Requirements: 1. Excellent English communication skills 2. Knowledgeable in computer applications like Microsoft Office and Internet 3. Good research and writing skills 4. Highly aggressive and results driven 5. Mature with pleasant personality and strong communication skills 6. Ability to be organized and comfortable in managing multiple tasks 7. Flexible schedule 8. Ability to get results and work long hours if need be 9. Can work under minimal supervision If you are interested in applying for this job, please address the following points in your cover letter: 1. Available hours/week and your availability for the next 3 months 2. Highlight previous experience related to the requirements 3. List of your skills and expertise NOTE: To make sure that you have read our requirements, please include the text \"Bonobo\" on the first sentence of your cover letter. Otherwise, we will reject all generic applications that do not discuss this specific job.   (more...)

now, full-time for the right person within a month! NO TEMPLATE REPLIES This is a full-time position and we want to know about why you think you can meet our needs as outlined below. We are looking to take on a new staff member to our team. In the past, we have only worked with subcontractors on a job by job basis but feel it is time to take on a more permanent position to help with the workload from our multiple projects. Key Duties/Responsibilities for the person Imortant note - The following is a guide, we don\'t expect anyone to be able to do all of the below jobs, where necessary we expect you to be able to find odesk candidates that can or work with our existing subcontractors on odesk. - Task management - You will be expected to get tasks with good direction and do whatever necessary to get them done - Design Work - be able to design basic graphics OR efficiently use our odesk contractors to get graphics work done. - Copy Work - You will need a total grasp of the english language, at least considered fluent and conversational for this. You won\'t need to write much, but must be able to check work for clarity, grammar and spelling. - Web Management/Editing - Be able to use Joomla CMS to edit text and do basic site maintenance. - Research - You will be able to effectively conduct basic research of topics online. - Data Entry - Will require some data entry tasks into excel based on web-based databases - Data Management - Be able to manage a database of contatcts/leads and arrange as necessary. - Social Media Updating and monitoring The right candidate will be/have: - Independant - I need to be able to give you tasks and you get them done with a minimum of fuss or questions. - Able to take initiative with tasks, find solutions where necessary. - Be computer savvy, be able to communicate well through email and skype. - Be available a minimum of 25 hours, though 35 will be expected in time. - Have read these instruction and included the word PINEAPPLE somewhere in their reply so we know you\'re attentive to detail. - Have good/intermediate english and communication skills. - Be technologically savvy, able to use the Office range of software, Email software and social media/web 2.0 sites. Remuneration - Please apply with your proposed hourly rate, we\'re open to the full range provided your skills are commensurate to your rate. The right candidate will become part of our Bonus/Incentive structure and we always reward good/creative/lateral thinking workers to recognise skill. Please be sure to include your current time of day so we can see the time diff. Send us your reply briefly outlining why you\'re suitable and including any necessary words (confused? re-read the post). We\'ll interview and get going ASAP. A little about us - - Based in Queensland, Australia - 3 traditional business - Construction, Education & Storage - 4 Web-based businesses - Physical staff of 4 in the office- Director, Finance, Manager and Admin. 14 full-time operational staff in the businesses.   (more...)

craigslist ads everyday for auto dealership. Each ad is for a different vehicle that is for sale.   (more...)

udio files that need editing and uploading to our podbean account. We use Audacity to edit, remove unwanted parts of the files and add intro/outro music so we can use them as podcasts. This is an as-needed basis. We are open to using other sources to edit audio files. Pay is $5.00/per audio file   (more...)

PR firm looking for support help. This role supports three folks and must be able to multitask, prioritize, and be organized. We would like someone who has previous knowledge of public relations terminology (i.e. editorial calendar). In addition, our perfect candidate must be available during our work times of 8 am-5 pm EST, live in the US, is a real go-getter, can think on their feet, and has experience working in a virtual setting. This is a supporting role which could lead to a great working relationship. Research, formatting documents, quick response times, clip reports, clip research and time management skills are a must as well. This position could easily fall into the 25-30 hours a week range and as such, we need someone who has this kind of time available. It will definitely be more than 5 hours a week. This position will also have a trial basis that will be discussed during the interview. Candidates must be able to provide references.   (more...)

lesforce administrative consultant looking to expand my knowledge with one on one training in Visualforce and using Apex. I prefer the training to be in person. I am at the beginner level and want to become comfortable with the basics and have an overall high level of comprehension.   (more...)

ssistance streamlining our Salesforce Account. Setting up several new Apps, and help create an easy to read way to know what Keywords are creating what revenue.   (more...)

king for a VA to handle social media accounts. We specialize in marketing using new media channels to improve our client’s bottom line. Our specialities include podcasting, videocasting, email marketing, blogging, social media (facebook and twitter) as well as staying on top of any other new and emerging social media trends. Job details include - maintaining youtube and facebook accounts - basic audio editing - coupon posting - helping with many other internet based marketing strategies This is a full time position, and requires you to work M-F from 10a - 7pm Pacific A holiday package as well as bonus/incentive program is in place, as well as regular pay increases based on merit. We are looking for a carer-minded individual, who will work hard, never miss a deadline, and deliver in every way. The individual need not to have experience in all of the above, but should be a quick study and able to learn new software programs very quickly. Excellent English language skills are a must.   (more...)

oking for a young and energatic individual who is willing to work with us for long term. He should be able to spare 6-8 hours per day dedicated to our assignment. Very good knowledge of internet, email marketing, email response, ms office is required. It is very simple and easy assignment for a hardworking individual. Please apply only if you are serious and can spare 6-8 hours per day. You should be serious to work and hardworking. You should have int\'l phone dialing facility. Good English communication skills. Good Computer and latest technology skills.   (more...)

two parts to this job. We are a Real Estate Brokerage and have an \"Offer Summary\" PDF form that has been created in LiveCycle designer. This form is to be completed online when an offer to purchase has been received on a property. The person completing the form will input the date as to when a property went on to the market (the \"Listing Date\" field). In the next field they will manually calculate how many days the property has been on the market (the \"Days on Market\" field). This is done by calculating the number of days that have gone by between the listing date and the current date (the date the form is being filled out). Part 1- We receive a lot of errors in the days on market field. Therefore, we would like this field to auto calculate based on the date inputed in the Listing Date field and the date when the form is being filled out. Part 2- When the form is opened a comment box appears at the bottom of the window with the revision date as the only comment. We would like this form edited whereas the comment box does not appear when opened. If possible, we would like the revision date to be part of the background. If this is not possible, then omitting the revision date entirely is acceptable. We don\'t expect this to job to take more than 30 minutes from a person who is qualified with Adobe Livecycle Designer. The form can be viewed/downloaded at:   (more...)

br   (more...)

assistant   (more...)

y launched an investment company and need a part-time assistant as the business ramps up. I am looking for an honest, intelligent, and energetic assistant to help with the following: 1. Corresponding with clients (requiring strong editing skills) 2. Investment tracking (using Excel, Access, and online programs) 3. A wide variety of projects that involve marketing, research, and business management. A passing knowledge of value investing with ability to read financial statements would be very helpful. In your response, please answer the following questions: 1. Do you have experience writing concise, witty prose -- both in correspondence and newsletters? 2. Do you have experience with the financial functions of Excel? 3. Do you have experience using Access to generate reports with graphs? A thorough background check will be required. Thanks in advance for thoughtful applications.   (more...)

meone reliable hard working and wanting full time job it will be from 10 oclock to 4 oclock mon - friday 30 hour week for $15 a week. You will be working closely with a team leader she will show you what to do, it will be basically copy and paste jobs , research, signing up account and general internet jobs you will get payed that wage the first couple of months and then reviewed, you will be learning new skills and this depending if you can do new skills weather you will get bigger pay Need to be reliable, hard working and have understanding of the internet and what they have to do   (more...)

icants, We are looking for contractors for the following key responsibilities (however not limited to) Please note that the contractor will not sell anything, you will appoint sales agents who will sell. 1. Can search on internet and identify, contact, approve and appoint sales agents in the country allocated to him 2. Can work hard to achieve targets 3. Can collect monthly reports from sales agents 4. Able to compile report using MS Excel and can submit monthly report 5. Can work as per the time zone of the country which is assigned to him. 6. Can work for this project with full dedication 7. can continuously stay in touch with sales agents through emails only - only email correspondence required. Remuneration: This is an ongoing job and is based on \'Pay For Performance\'. There is no base fix salary or hourly wages. Contractors will be paid commission based on the amount of sold items, sold by sales agents appointed by the contractor. The upper limit of the commission is $1000 CAD per month. The performance will be evaluated every three months and if satisfactory then quarterly and annual bonus will be given on top of the commission. Additional Requirements: 1. Contractor will have to sign external agreement to agree with terms and conditions of this employment 2. Contractor will have to work as per the time zone of the country assigned to him/her 3. Contractor will have to spend at least 40 hours per week 4. At least two references Please select only one country from the following list and clearly state your knowledge about the country and why you have selected this country. You will be appointing sales agents in your selected country. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Norway, UK, France, UAE, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, USA and Canada Thanks to all applicants however only selected candidates will be contacted for further detail. The work may start by October. Please also allow us time to process for interview. MS   (more...)

list of Accountants in India. Also there is some research work in finding articles.uploading images to my website etc.... You have to mention why should we have to hire you in your cover letter.   (more...)

ing to develop a team of automotive PPAP experts. I need quality engineers with experience in full PPAP submissions. FMEA experts, control plan experts, flow diagram experts, PVPR. All design engineers are sought also.   (more...)

oking for a multi-talented Virtual assistant: (1) You are a great communicator, a quick learner, detail-oriented, highly organized, honest and dependable (2) Tasks can include but not limited to: - Lead research - Outbound telemarketing - Customer support/service - eLearning courseware setup and MNT - Provide live assistance to trainers during live webinars - Assistance with Power Point (3) Familiarity with CRM system in particular Relenta is a plus (not requirement) When respond to this post, please describe your experience/skills that are relevant to the listed tasks. This is an ongoing project. Budget listed is for phase I.   (more...)

source databases from throughout Australia and the world. I will provide the web addresses this will be ongoing with quick turnarounds.   (more...)

te project. I have several documents I need combined into one final PDF I plan to hang on my website for patients to download. These files need Adobe to unlock PDFs, MS Word and MS Publisher also required to get the data and build one final PDF.   (more...)

ing for someone with the following skill set: - MUST be extremely organized - Attention to detail - Basic HTML is a bonus, but not required - Must speak and write very good english - Need to be able to use SEO software that I will train you on - Need to be able to manage my other Odesk contractors and schedule out jobs for them based on the tasks I give you. - Would really help if you are able to work US daytime hours - Need to have a fast internet connection to run the software I will buy for you - We will be communicating on Skype daily - Will involve a wide variety of tasks from SEO to scheduling other contractors to email response to profile creations and several other things. Basically, I need someone to be my right arm. I am just getting overloaded with tasks and need someone that I can trust to help get a lot of the things listed above done. A good internet connection is a must since you will be running some very high powered SEO software on a daily basis. We will also be talking and chatting on skype daily. I will train you on everything you need to know, but a good background in internet research and SEO will help you catch on faster since the SEO you will be doing and managing others doing is very advanced and not just bookmarking and blog commenting. This job will be at least 40 hours per week, at least Monday through Friday. I am looking for a very long term assistant and would expect a full time commitment. I will be investing a lot of time, money and training into whoever fills this position so please only respond if you are able to do the items listed above. There can also be goals and performance based incentives that will be in addition to the hourly rate agreed upon * in your response to this job posting, please put the word FOOTBALL at the top of the page right under your greeting* Look forward to hearing from you! Ryan   (more...)

I\'m seeking a part-time, *long-term* assistant with experience in: + Marketing (article & press release submission, social media, etc.) + NON-Medical Transcription (transcribing, editing, and proofing-to-audio) + Business Administration (customer service, project & team management, This person must truly want to be hired and exemplify this in their ACTIONS. Applicants must not realize just how much we as employers REALLY want to hire someone -- *anyone* qualified -- to solve our needs. I ask that you please make it easy, by being THOROUGH (addressing everything asked), AVAILABLE (if you\'ve made scheduling an interview difficult, wouldn\'t working with you be difficult?), and PROFESSIONAL (not conducting a work interview with \"Sexy\" as your chat avatar, never typing in all lowercase, not addressing me as a beer buddy rather than an employer ... etc.). I\'d love to offer you long-term (albeit part-time) employment and receive an awesome assistant in the process! :^) --- I need someone: 1. With a GREAT personality; 2. With excellent written and spoken English; 3. Who can understand MULTI-STEP or complex instruction; 4. Who is excellent with technology; and 5. Who is a very fast, *independent* learner. These are non-negotiable, so you must have all five, please. --- This is a (very!) long-term position for a professional, detail-oriented, technologically-apt, and friendly person(s). The workload will begin at \"less than 10 hrs/week,\" but will definitely grow if you meet the qualifications *and* your rate is MOST affordable. As well, this part-time position pays for time worked during your available hours, not for the time block itself if there\'s no work to fill the entire block. Training is self-study and at your own pace, (within reason), using our Training & Reference Manual. Then once you feel comfortable with each task type, you\'ll complete a few practice tasks to test your aptitude for the job. In your cover letter, please answer the following pre-interview questions (IN DETAIL): 1. Describe your Web marketing experience, please. 2. Describe your transcription experience, please. 3. What\'s the most technical/advanced thing you\'ve ever done online? 4. When are you available (time block[s] between 8AM & 8PM Eastern Standard Time)? 5. What specific thing(s) give(s) YOU an advantage over the countless other applicants? I hope to be able to hire you ... quite soon. Please feel free to ask any questions you have for me in your cover letter. Thanks! :)   (more...)

email handler, your job will be to send emails to various people on a classified site, manage the inboxes of multiple addresses and forward replies to me.   (more...)

ssistant   (more...)

meone who has the ability to respond to email support and handle these emails in a quick and professional manner. The emails will most likely be related to technical download issues, and about the product that is being sold. I am not sure how many emails there will be a day, but I do not think it will be more than 100. Currently there are under 50 emails a day. The job can be based on hourly work for now than we can determine another way. I would need emails checked 4 times a day, around the clock. 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8 pm every 4 hours. EST standard time.   (more...)

meone to transfer my auto responder from one company to another - change opt in box code on my blog. I would like some one that I can speak to via skype or other means.   (more...)

ND A GENERIC COVERLETTER!! - Handle Email Requests from Customers - Handle Follow-Ups to Customers via Email Customers will request Photo JPEG files. You will need to either delegate the order to the Photo Retoucher for processing, or to the Printer for printing, OR, you will process the order by Emailing or Uploading the requested files to the client, OR sometimes BURNING a CD or DVD requested by the client. REQUIREMENTS: - U.S Based - Proactive and not in need of hand holding - FTP Knowledge a must (please, discuss experience) Send me an email. Sound like a HUMAN. Tell me: - what you can do, - for how much, - for how long, and - how fast is your turnaround? Thank you.   (more...)

nline HR people who can shortlist people by conducting online tests. Test paper will be given to you   (more...)

g to be running an email campaign which will generate a lot of email inquiries. I am looking to hire many people who can simply respond to the incoming emails. The response will be the same to all the inbound emails, so each person will simply need paste the same reply to each of the emails. Extremely simple work that requires no real skill other than fast fingers and a high speed internet connection. I am looking to pay approximately $10 per day per worker, and I expect each person to be able to respond to at least 1000 emails per day   (more...)

PLY ONLY if you\'re an avid collector of mass produced collectibles (stamps, coins and banknotes preferred) and have a good level of English. DO NOT include a recycled cover letter and simply mention what you collect. Knowing more languages is an advantage. Knowing how to use phpBB is an advantage. Colnect is available to collectors from all around the world using it in 50 languages. Colnect has a forum system and some help moderating it might be useful to make it better. These would be the tasks of the moderator: * Read new messages on the forums and provide support to collectors. * Identify and quickly report spammers (if someone is posting something completely irrelevant or pushes collectible-related sales too agressively). Work hours are flexible but it\'s better if you login everyday for at least 20 minutes to see what\'s new. Please try to bid on the low-end, around $1/hr. Most tasks on Colnect are done by volunteers and we provide most of Colnect\'s services for free to all collectors. Thanks for reading   (more...)

very specialist company who provide pension content to companies in the UK. Our content is top quality and we are seen as a specialist in our field. We spend much of our time phoning companies to give them content, and writing tailored articles for the needs of different sites. We require someone with good administrative skills to use our customer relationship manager software to contact potential clients about superb free website content. We will provide the system to contact people.... the templates, the content and the people to contact. All you need to do is pick the right template, tailor, send and follow up. Full Training will be Provided. This is an ongoing role for the right person and could include promotions to team leader and onwards to senior manager. We are looking for people that are willing to work for $1 an hour initially. But are ambitious and wanting to earn $4 or $5 an hour as team leaders in the future.   (more...)

continuous project for someone who can write grammatically correct English and can manage our email campaign. We want to send our emails to about 200,000 recipients and we expect a small percentage of these recipients to reply. WE NEED A WRITER/EMAIL MANAGER WHO: - Writes grammatically correct United States-style English. - Listens well and follow instructions well. - Responds to requests and communications promptly. - We can speak to by telephone (in addition to email, instant messenger and voice chat). - Provide us daily reports. WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING FOR THIS PROJECT: - Learn the email service we choose to use. - Send out emails for our email campaign (about one per week, emails already written). - Respond to incoming emails. - Update our CRM with notes regarding all incoming emails and your replies. - Contact us directly if there are specific customer requests. - Provide daily reports of your work. WHAT WE WILL NEED DURING THE INTERVIEW: - We need to speak with 3 of your work references on the telephone. These 3 references are people you have provided service to in the recent past. (We will need their full name, company or business name, telephone number and email address.) - We will test your writing skills to see what your writing style is. WHEN BIDDING: - Remember this is a continuous monthly payment for a continuous project. So your bid offer is what you would expect to receive on a monthly basis. - Provide the best price offer you that are COMFORTABLE with. (We do not make our decision based only on prices; we also consider many other factors. We will not negotiate pricing after the project has begun.) TERMS: - Only bids without upfront fees are considered. - You are paid at the end of each month. - If the quality of any part of your service changes, if the quality of your service degrades, if we see any part of your work is significantly different from what you have shown us during the interview, or if you fail to perform any of the tasks described above… we will immediately notify you and cancel our contract with you. - Before project begins, you agree to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). - If there are any questions or concerns regarding this project, ask us before the project begins.   (more...)

ing for a person that will take take some information off of a website, copy the data into a spreadsheet. The person needs to know how to create emails automatically using the information in the excel spreadsheet. I would be interested in discussing this if you are able to do this. John   (more...)

ing for an individual that will send out a lot of emails to a list that we have and respond to the individuals who respond to the emails.   (more...)

email system, like sending, replying and keeping email database updated at all times. Must be able to connect or communicate using skpye or msn with prospects   (more...)

meone from India who can work with us as a virtual assistant at night time ( IST ). Candidate should be excellent in English and good email writing skills. While applying dont forget to add this in your first line of application \"I am ready to work at night and I have the skills\".   (more...)

f mature nature of site , we recomand to apply only open minded female individuals. Experience in online or mobile chat would be an advantage.Flexible hours to suit. North American English speaking applicants only please   (more...)

or a Medical Doctor / Doctor of Medicine / MD to become a part of our team of women who have a heart for helping couples with infertility. We will offer paid training and then will pay per e-mail that you respond to. This assignment offers flexible hours and an opportunity to work from home. You must be able to focus, do research as needed, and respond to questions about fertility. You will be given a copy of each of the two courses that we sell, so you can familiarize yourself with natural ways to help couples get pregnant faster. Thank you, Kirstyn Sierra, Pregnancy Consultant   (more...)

omeone to make a DLL in C that can be interfaced from Visual Studio C#.NET. We have source code for UNIX/Linux - the open source software is made on a UNIX/Linux system. We need to use some functions of this software in Windows for calculation of Cointegration and Correlation. This application we are talking about is Gretl ( - which is also available as a library (libgretl) that is possible to use in any new software. It is called Gretl API, or libgretl The source code is C In the Gretl API package there is cointegration with four different methods - the Johansen\'s test - There is also 1. Augmented Dickey-Fuller (ADF) cointegration test: ( 2. Kwiatkowski, Phillips, Schmidt and Shin test: ( 3. Engle-Granger test for cointegration ( More info found: Gretl also has functionality for calculation of correlation. Those functions we need in Windows Visual Studio.   (more...)

acro that enables Microsoft Excel 2003 to append cells to each row that has a matching unique ID in another Excel file. For example, file A has multiple rows and multiple columns, one column containing a unique ID. File B has multiple rows and multiple columns, one column containing a unique ID. If if the unique ID in row 1 of file A matches any of the File B unique IDs, append all of the cells in that row of file B (except the unique ID from file B) onto the right of the file row 1 cells. Repeat for all rows in file A that have information in the unique ID cell.   (more...)

or an expert Windows Desktop Application Developer with strong WPF and Silverlight Expertise. This is a full-time contract position for a duration of 1+ month(s). We are looking for a solid, reliable and durable development resource and there is a good potential to indefinitely extend the contract after the initial period. We are looking for someone we can build a team around to lead and coordinate. The requirements are as follows: - Excellent knowledge and experience working on every aspect of Windows Desktop Application Development - Strong knowledge and experience with Microsoft .Net, WPF and Silverlight - Experience working with various Databases - A strong sense of aesthetics and Design skills - Strong work ethics and excellent time management - Leadership qualities and experience leading and managing teams will be a huge plus - Access to a fast and reliable internet connection with no downtime Logistically: - 40 Hours per week of work commitment from the developer. Hours can be flexible. - Any overtime will need to be approved in advance. - Day-off request in advance - Daily hour log with notes of work executed under specific project/task (through TFS). - Daily online meetings for status and collaboration in the morning (IST) - Reliable and fast internet connection (Test on from your location to any Los Angeles/ New York server) - Ensure zero downtime. - You should have all and any Tools required for performing the development work - Easily accessible via direct phone, cellphone, emails etc. Appreciate a reply with resume (or detailed profile), a comprehensive list of links to previous works and a bid rate. We are looking to hire someone very quickly. Thank You. Regards, Onami HR, CodeRoads   (more...)

ike a program similar to Boks, a freeware program, but a little more robust. I would like it to be built on the 960 framework so half the job is done. I would also like it to be more visually pleasing than the original. If you play with Boks, you can get the basic idea for functionality. I would like to add functions including, but not limited to, the following: -Ability to specify height of divs. -Modify the style-related CSS in-program. -Have an easy way of incorporating popular CMS ID\'s. -An easy preview in browser button. More details will be given before final agreement is reached. I will also provide a graphical mock-up of how I\'d like the UI to look like. Thank you.   (more...)

m looking for c # .net source code for looging to facebook throw proxy and send media message (its message with link attachment) The bot should do it without using facebook api it should:clear cookies,grab facebook account from list,login,send message,logout and then run again   (more...)

ed you to create a moderately custom user interface for an existing desktop application. The current coding is in C++. This is not a basic ui, it will require a bit of artistic touch to replicate the look I\'m seeking (A screen shot will be provided). The ui will also need to be compatible for both windows and mac computer users. In addition to providing the ui you will need to be able to display a portion of the coding over a full screen game window, do not message me if you do not know how to do this as the deadline is very strict. More information will be provided if I chose to interview you. The project will need to be done in a very timely manner, within 4-7 days, but obviously if it can be done sooner that is preferred. After applying please send me a message containing your email address and skypeid so that we can continue with negotiations.   (more...)

program that will do a bunch of stuff and eventually drop a stack of files (usually small in size, but many in number (generally 5-500)) What I need is an easy way to get those across the net to other computers. Ideally, i would have another computer (destination computer) go to a link that downloads the application for them. The sender and receiving party would need to get their instances of the product to talk to eachother. Bottom line: I need to get the contents of say: c:\\RT from one computer to the c:\\RT of another computer. If i have to use a mediator-type server to receive and send - that is also OK too, but not preferred. It needs to be secure and really easy for those using it. is there a product that exists or what would it take for somebody to create this for me? ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ADDED DETAILS: ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ALL, I have received a little feedback regarding the vagueness of the post. let me just clarify a thing or two. I am preferring this will work with Windows Solution. I will give you a scenario: I am at FacilityA and need to send files to FacilityB. I have never spoke with FacilityB before, but they need these files. They call me or I call them and tell them to go to a URL (which I will have this file sitting on for download). They will launch the application once downloaded. My version of the application will need to get the files from c:\\RT to their c:\\RT. This needs to be done as seemlessly as possible. Maybe each running instance has a UniqueID? Maybey there is a parent server running Windows, Linux or MAC at a central location. Sending devices and receiving devices look to this parent server. This way, the parent server can have the tough stuff running on it. I don\'t know the best answer, but I am open to suggestions when we start the process. I need to be able to get FacilityA and to send to FacilityB. I need this to be as easy and seemless as possible for the Facilities involved. Maybe each of the downloaded instances have an .ini file or maybe they authenticate and get data from a webform that talks to the sending server? I hope a few of you will have ideas to make this theory a reality in some conptual way or another beyond what I have illustrated!?! Thanks.   (more...)

sample perl script that I need mimicked in C#. The code is attached to this posting. The original perl script searches and replaces a line with additional text and copies the changes to a new file. If possible, I want the C# code to make the changes within the same file and not make a copy. My main concern is efficiency and wall clock time. If copying makes it faster/efficient, I will go with that. This may be trivial project for someone familiar with this. You have to take care of obvious pit falls.We may be doing this on large files, example 250 MB files. Simple copy of line by line is not efficient. I don\'t mind using open source/examples as long it helps the job. I am posting this as fixed price, so please ask any questions upfront. Questions: Experience doing similar work? How fast can you deliver the code? Can you take care of efficiency/performance aspects?   (more...)

tart part time (20 hours per week) or start full time with this role working on desktop software that uses C++ and Qt for cross platform compatibility. There are 3 other developers working on the desktop aspect of the application and several others working on different aspects of the project. This is a very challenging project. The current development team is outstanding and so you should only join the team if you are able to contribute significantly to the project. Location is not essential, but Eastern Europe/ Russia is preferred. If you have no Odesk history but very good experience and abilities you can still be hired, however everyone will need to do a test to qualify for the role.   (more...)

to develop a software for fingerprint recognition, In which a doc file with many finger prints of different persons can be taken as software input and software has to separate all the finger prints as well as identify the identical thumb prints.   (more...)

n install script (using NSIS) that installs a plug-in into the 3 major browsers (Firefox, Chrome and IE) and overrides the default search engine on each of the browsers.   (more...)

Customer Relationship Management Application for which we are looking for a software developer and expert in computer applications The role will be of a consultant and providing support for maintenance and troubleshooting of the application. The person should be able to understand the entire application code, how it works, its modules and functionalities. The candidate should be technically savvy in the following areas: (STRICTLTY REQUIRED) 1) Should have 3-4 years experience in LAMP Technology 2) Efficient Javascript, JQuery, HTML/DHTML & MySQL 5.0 Knowledge 3) Must be familiar with Object Orient Coding Conventions & Methodology 4) Server configuration skill will be highly desirable 5) Should have basic and advanced understanding of CRM, SaaS applications 6) At least 4 years of prior Experience on the same 7) Excellent communicator and fluent in English Role: 1. Should be able to have a complete understanding of the application code, functionalities, modules etc. We’ll provide all the information. 2. Act as a senior consultant for the application 3. Trouble-shooting and maintenance, bug-fixing etc. Of application Whenever required TO APPLY: Provide your full resume with present and previous job details, experience, roles and responsibilities etc. Provide description of similar projects you have worked on We will need professional references of your past clients On successful review of application, interview will be arranged to check suitability and project discussion, compensation etc. IMPORTANT: We will ONLY consider independent contractors – affiliated contractors, companies etc. Will not be accepted. Please apply only if you meet the given criteria. Other applications will not be considered at all.   (more...)

Results scrapping tool is required for an SEO agency. The program can either be stand alone or web based but must make automatic google enquiries for a number of search operators (page results, allinanchor results, allintitle results, allintext & allinurl) for keywords which the user specifies and then produces a spreadsheet of results. There are some limitations to these enquiries as google may stop the process due to the automatic nature of them, so the program must get around that by either performing the enquiries slowly over time, or visit sites in-between making them for eg. All interested parties are welcomed to enquire further regarding the job.   (more...)

ing for a person residing in Europe or USA or UK who can get clients for my company. I am owner of this company and at present i am looking for small businesses who want to outsource their software projects. If you bring a client to me, I will pay you 15 % (for 6 months) of the total amount that they will pay me on monthly basis for the services I will provide to them or I will give you share if you like. Anyone interested can apply. You need to have a skype to contact me. For more details on the business you may contact me through skype. Thanks,   (more...)

me enhancement to perform on an existing .net application. It downloads rtf files from a given location based on a set of rules as specified by a config file. The basic thing I am looking for is to be able to create a new entry in the config file so that it could download one ore more other files in addition or instead of the rtf file. i.e. currently it will check for a new order. If a new order is detected it will download orderid_x.rtf now I would want it to download orderid_x.rtf and/or/xor orderid_x.xml This is not a beginners job. To be considered for this job the first word of your reply must be CCSP44   (more...)

developed solution using VS2008, C# .Net 3.5, WCF, WPF and SQL 2008 backend using FluentNHibernate & MVVM pattern. I need a reliable and experienced developer who can impliment: - extended reporting functionality using the framework allready put in place for other reporting. - refactoring of reporting class functionality - additional functionality on various screens - user roles access layer with login screen - investigate and fix various bugs in WPF/WCF layer The work needs to be completed within a week, which is very doable.   (more...)

experienced programmer who can create a desktop application from the information I have laid out. It is a program where the user is taken through a series of questions about their business. Each question has multiple answers and options - some text based and some multiple choice. At the end, I need the program to put together various printable reports based on their answers. I also want this to be an attractive interface (not just a big spreadsheet to be filled in), so I want someone with the ability to design an attractive look and feel too. I will send the information to you upon application for the interview so you can offer suggestions and quotes. Thanks.   (more...)

ect involves creating a bid. The bid is to create a website application or procedure that will take an output from a desktop organizer application called \"The Personal Brain\" and insert the HTML output as well as the animation of a nodal brain into a search engine friendly (especially keyword friendly) Website or Website template. The results will look something like the website at the following link. The above format is not available to the consumer, and was obviously programmed independently of the consumer-available Personal Brain Software. Click on the neural nodes to see how the HTML page changes to match the node/word that is at the center of the animation. If you click \"support\" it will take you to a page with a #-52 URL extension: You will see that these pages attached to these nodes are poorly optimized on the search engines for this specific site, which does not need to be the case with the proper programming. The focus of \"The Brain\" company has been development and not the optimization of their own site. We would like to see the URL look like instead of or some sort of mod rewrite. We want to integrate this type of look and feel in a \"keyword friendly, SEO optimized\" way. Of course in order to decide how to do this you will need to understand how the desktop brain outputs a web-friendly file once you have created one on your desktop. I will send you the exact \"WEBBRAIN\" output file (a combination of html and xml files) if you decided to take this project. I will attach it as a file via Odesk. Exporting Web-Friendly Brain Animations from The Personal Brain (Pro) When you click \"Export\" in the \"Pro\" desktop version of The Brain software, it compiles a personal brain project into an exclusive file that is stored in \"The Brain\" folder on your computer. You may then upload this format onto the web via FTP in a rather undisciplined format- functional, but not Website Friendly. Here is an example of the direct upload of an exported \"Web Brain\" from current format of the desktop Pro version of The Personal Brain software: So the requests for this project are 3-fold: 1. Take the webfriendly Output of The Personal Brain that is stored on the local computer. 2. Modify the data so that the HTML and nodes are search engine friendly. (Unless you think you would rather do this in a database when it reaches the web) 3. Take a rather Nonstandard, Unfriendly, non-template web format like this: . . . . 4. . . . . and allow a desktop user to turn it into something like this: Please feel free to suggest more than one way that this could be done, and also please emphasize your favorite choice- that is the way you prefer to do it. Also consider the possibility that multiple websites of this kind can be made. It should allow the user to focus on creating page and keyword connections and great websites, not on hacking technically difficult publishing software. Skills to operate should be limited to FTP and basic html is alright. If you fell that there are several levels of quality available at different prices, please make that clear because we could make it a multi-phase project. Also please think long term as a possibility of making this a consumer product. Tens of thousands of people use the brain software, and most of them do not understand the power of the web and SEO. Also, please be advised that the creator of the personal brain has given information on how to accomplish the requests that I have made above. The only trouble we see with that is that the data is required to be stored on his own platform called Of course, we want to have this on any average server and Hosting company of choice. His information on how to accomplish this, however, may be very helpful to you:   (more...)

meone who can download the video below and it will be ready to submit in other video sites like youtube and etc... I am having problem downloading this video, just help me to download it and let me know how much is the price after you have downloaded it. I have more videos to download with the same format... if possible, download that video and test it to youtube, you can remove it after testing. Just to be sure... you can convert it to any format as long as it will work fine in youtube.   (more...)

efficient. Reliable.   (more...)

n introductory assignment with several others available to the right person. I have a (medical) client form in word (.doc) but I would like to translate it to a dynamic .pdf version so that clients can download the pdf, fill it in, save it with password, and email it back to me. The document is about half textboxes and half checkboxes. About 10 pages in length. New formatting with an eye to design and detail orientation. Attached is the current pdf   (more...)

excel spreadsheet that has been formatted like this: ___________________________________________ A:1- title, description, image_link, price, publisher, MPN B:1- Internal Hard Drive, Proven components state-of-the-art technology and expertise in volume manufacturing, http://image1.20_lg.jpg, 45.00,, ST452315 A:2- title, price, MPN B:2- external Hard Drive, 45.00, ST452315 __________________________________________ The variable names are in the \"A\" column separated by commas. The corresponding variable values are in the \"B\" column also separated by columns. Each row represents a unique part. I want to convert this into an XML file to dynamically build an HTML table with only the variables listed for that particular item. The purpose is to display product specifications on our website.   (more...)

US based software company that has a large ERP system directed at manufacturing companies written in Visual Basic 6 that we are converting to .Net Windows and Web forms. We have a project to rewrite the master files for our system. Required: 1. Strong written and verbal skills in English 2. 8+ years of business application development experience 3. At least 3 years of .Net development experience 4. Strong OOP skills 5. Proven experience working on large development projects 6. Proven accounting knowledge 7. VB.Net and or C# 8. Experience converting Visual Basic Applications to .Net Must have: Strong experience using Devexpress Windows forms controls Please only apply if you have 30 to 40 hours per week available to do this work. Also, you must work on computer hardware purchased in the last 12 months with at least 4GB of ram.   (more...)

several RSS feeds that I need an Access Database built to extract information from these feeds into the database. Check out this URL: This is exactly the functionality that we are looking for. We need a version built for Microsoft Access 2010. The expected functionality: 1) Be able to extract data from those feeds with similar controls over what information is extracted. I need to be able to specify the City and State, keyword, and Radius as in the pipe. 2) Extract the full text of any items in the feed. 3) Store the URL as its own separate variable - as in separate from the text of the feed. 4) Be able to add multiple queries to the database. For example, it might need to search for \"Customer Service\" Jobs in \"New York,\" and \"automotive repair\" in \"Chicago.\" It needs to be able to store an unlimited number of queries. 5) Be able to view and sort the information by the keyword, City and state, or date it was extracted. 6) Be able to run multiple quires at once. For example, search for \"Customer Service\" and \"Automotive Repair\" in \"New York, NY\" and record the information for both queries. 7) Be able to export the data from Access to an Excel file when needed. You can find the RSS URLs that need to be parsed by looking at the above link. Note: if this project works well, there will be other similar ones, constructing databases pulling information from other types of feeds. When you apply, please tell me something about why you think you are the best fit. Please include more than \"Please select me\" or \"I can do this job, thanks.\" Please include something about your qualifications and *WHY* you would be the best provider. Especially if you have little or unrelated feedback. This means, tell me about your experience with RSS and Access. Also, when you apply, please include an estimate of how long it will take you to create this. Please specify it instead of using the default, generic options. Please look at the URL before you bid, so you can be realistic on how long you think this will take you. Finally, the winning provider should expect to be in constant communication, as I would like to have daily updates on the progress.   (more...)

desktop application for Windows that will run as a service and monitor folders specified by the user for newly added files and then uploads them to our web application via our proprietary api. The application will have a minimal user interface which will allow for the specification of login information for our application, as well as providing for selection of folders and file types to be monitored. This tool will also require an install program.   (more...)

nitoring library (written in C++ or C#) is required that will enable an application written in C# (which could be desktop or service based) to monitor any windows process for any file activity that matches the process id, file criteria and operation criteria requested. The library must support a store and forward model in which file based events and paths are stored until the calling application retrieves and clears the logged events (up to a predefined limit at which point a queue will be used to keep only the most recent file operations). It must have the ability to be polled and to asynchronously notify the C# calling application that new file based operations have occurred and are ready for consumption. For example, the calling application may choose to monitor the Excel process (provided as a process id supplied by the calling program) for all operations on .xls files including read, write, create, delete. It could also choose to monitor a photography application for all reads on .jpg based files. Standard Win32 network based file operations should also be monitored. The solution will run on all major Microsoft Windows based operating systems from Windows XP through to Windows 7, x32 and x64 operating systems. It must deliver source code based documentation, and a C# test program which demonstrates its usage and covers all code paths. The solution will deliver all source code, along with solution project and test files tested on Visual Studio 2010. Open source code may be used as part of the solution as long as it is declared and agreed to before development is started. When responding to this project the developer will describe the high level techniques they will use to deliver the solution e.g. device driver, win32 api interceptor etc, along with an explanation of the relative pro\'s, con\'s and risks of this approach as compared to the alternatives. The developer will also provide details of similar projects completed, and supply code snippets demonstrating their coding style.   (more...)

equires writing a function in VB.NET that creates a line plot in Excel from a column of data in Excel.   (more...)

ike to build an OS X desktop app that would suck pictures from newsgroups (nntp) servers. This would be a very simple app that would do a few things but very well. - Connect Over SSL - Log into nntp server - Get full newsgroups list - Search in newsgroup names - Subscribe news to news groups - Remember newsgroup position - Get newsgroup headers and download files. - We can add filters to include and exclude filenames, posters - Data to be stored with CoreData or MySQL - Use saved data to avoid downloading duplicate files - Multiple concurrent connections - Progress meter - Image viewer (as they are downloaded)   (more...)

tach your previous experiences Requirement : Interactive Design for the application with some animation effects by not complicating and transform the application in more presentable manner Application Spec : .NET 3.5,C#,WPF Application features : Audio call, Video call, Chat and File transfer Number of windows : 11 Note: Like all applications, even we will be upgrading the application with new design, hence the design may have to change in the future by the same developer. The detail description will be shared once the bid is accepted. Only serious bidders please   (more...)

search of an experienced Outlook Plugin developer to create a plugin for Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010. In essence, this plugin will perform two main functions: 1) Enable outlook to submit an email message over HTTPS POST instead of SMTP. 2) Enable messages/attachments to be read/downloaded via HTTPS GET We will provided detailed specs to qualified candidates. In order to be considered for this job please explain your previous experiences creating plugins for Outlook and/or other Microsoft Office products. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!   (more...)

ical has an immediate opening for a Fixed-Price Associate Web Developer to design and build our clinics’ website. Please, contact us with a Fixed-Price and an estimated time start-to-complition.   (more...)

or an SEO expert to make recommendations on how to best promote our new ecommerce website and get the site listed on Google and other search engines for top 5 key words.   (more...)

FAST - BUILD SHOPPING CART - NEED To Work fast, have it completed in a few days If you accept this job - You agree to be available until completion and dedicate your time to this job. You need to be available during this job in IM all of the time that you are awake unless you are eating or sleeping.   (more...)

uilt a social commerce platform using Python/Cherrypy, Postgre and are looking for developers to enhance and perfect our technology. This is a part time or full time opportunity.   (more...)

o websites. We have purchased a cart called squirrelcart form We are only processing our payment thru paypal for now. Each site has a different email for paypal payments. Each site must have a paypal button for all products for purchasing. Within the cart backoffice all products must be entered along with logos, product descriptions, payment info etc. We have all long in for paypal,hosting server, squirrel cart,images etc. We are looking for someone to setup this up for us for both sites. The cart software comes with full documentation. We are needing this to be setup asap, within 48 hrs. Thanks   (more...)

veloper who is familiar with Interspire Shopping Cart. to design template from a PSD file. please give me examples for your work   (more...)

I need someone to quickly set up google checkout on magento. The problem im facing is that its a bit technical and not the same as paypal. As far as i can see google checkout is set up in the shopping cart and not the one page checkout system of magento, so i need someone to set this up so it works properly and the customers details are recorded on magento after they pay. Looking for this to be done quickly. Need someone with experience. Thanks   (more...)

rienced Magento experts should apply for this position. I have already had Magento programmers who didn\'t have the experience to complete the tasks. I run an ecommerce fundraising business where organizations register and receive funds through purchase of discount books, CDs, and DVDs. I need the following items accomplished: - Establish an Add New Shipping Address function that will allow my customers to add new people who they wish to send products. The function must store those shipping addresses, so they can select them for future purchases. Both first name, last name, and address fields must be incuded. - Change my current gift wrapping default to No Gift Wrap - Complete an interactive catalog that adds products to a PDF template and mail merges each of my customer\'s specific information. The catalog must be able to be emailed to my customers, either all at once or to the customers I designate. In the email, there must be a working printer friendly version that takes my customers to a printable copy of their specific PDF catalog. I also must be able to access each of my customer\'s PDF catalogs. I also need verification through my email that the catalogs were sent. - my admin staff needs to be able to register customers from the admin panel. Currently, they can only register customers from the front end. - Complete attached edits I need someone with Skype, so I can show you the details and get a GOOD ESTIMATE of the time required to complete the tasks above. I also need someone who can start immediately.   (more...)

or a talented web designer to help create our company\'s new ecommerce site. We have approx. 140 products which have been entered into MIVA and we have selected an OScommerce web template which we would like to use as a starting point for our site. I need someone who can work quickly and efficiently and who knows what they are doing. I would also like the site to be built with a strong focus on SEO aspects relevant to my industry. I am interested in seeing previous sites you have worked on and what you were responsible for.   (more...)

simple coding for programmer. I want to embed php script into html website pages.So, I need Addhandler rule in .htaccess file to parsing php. 2-create a Server side includes to insert various ads ( adsense and others ads )at various points in HTML websites pages.So, I can control and make further changes from one document instead of going through the entiere site.   (more...)

ing to change over from Quickbooks Customer Manager to Sugar CRM Open source. I need it to integrate with Outlook to automatically track emails to contacts, take notes on phone conversations and schedule follow up calls. I would also like to have my old crm infomation migrated into Sugar if possible. Here is a link to a screen capture video of what I am currently using. I would like the same functionality of this.   (more...)

contractor with strong C#/.Net skills and with experience building Biztalk applications to provide mentoring to help complete a Biztalk project. Applicant will be required to work with me via phone (Skype) and use screen sharing software (TeamViewer) to review my application and provide assistance with Biztalk integration. I can work with applicant any time of day, but EST (New York) is preferred.   (more...)

oking for a expert report writer to help us create and establish reports for our new Navision implementation. The reports will cover financials to sales   (more...)

plementing Dynamics Navision and will go live on 1 October. We currently use We would like to understand our options of tying the two systems together   (more...)

ng for a experienced ABAPer who can support us in developping and customizing the SAP HR module. More details upon request.   (more...)

oking for someone as a long term employee to take care of the following: -setup and manage an email marketing system (interspire) for us. -calculation of rebates amounts for clients from excel spreadsheets(every 3 months) -complete other PA style work as required. Applicant must be able to speak fluent English. This position will grow in the amount of hours required as our company grows. Basically we are wanting someone who is going to be available to handle setting up of new clients, organising correct emails to be sent at correct times, etc. I see this as a realationship that will continue for the next 10 years, with a growing role. You will need to be able to understand the interspire marketing system (self explainatory). The hours will vary from 0- 20 per week   (more...)

need of someone to take our current inquiries and integrate the most effective way of using a CRM platform to import details, track, contact and develop, show amount of time dedicated, develop mailing lists, us customizable template emails, and every other bell and whistle available. We will want to make this set up for about 2-3 users to start, but not too complicated for users to be added. I am new to CRM, so I will need someone who knows how to use it well and simplify it for newcomers.   (more...)

oking for a development consultant to help us link two dynamically-generated tables in our MySQL database to two objects in Salesforce. The project will involve writing scripts that use the Salesforce API to dynamically update records in Salesforce based on updates in MySQL. Our backend is written in Django/Python connected to MySQL. Django handles the ORM part and so the table is very well mapped and specified. We are looking for a developer who has Python experience in integrating with the Salesforce side. Please respond to this posting with your experience working with the Salesforce API and your near-term availability.   (more...)

, Dear Friends we need sap basis consultant on hourly basis.we need min 30h/w.Min hourly rate 15 and max 28. Plz reply with below details: Name: Country: Available hours Est: Experience : Age: skype: Phone: Looking forward to hearing from you soon Thanx imz   (more...)

am looking for a SAP FICO Consultant with at least 5 years of experience. Location not an issue, but communication skills(English specifically!) need to be good. Access to skype for voice chat a plus! What I am looking for is someone to support me on my project 2-10 hours a week. This is more on the functional side of FICO. I am the one on the site of the project I just need someone to consult to for troubleshooting/clarifications on issues. This wlll be for 2-3 hours a week. thanks.   (more...)

xperienced SugarCRM developer/consultant to make a new module for Password Management. For the work details, I attach PDF file. You could read it there. Please apply, only if you\'re serious taking the job.   (more...)

someone to setup asterisk on a VPS server for a Bahraini company plus vtiger CRM. candidate should provide a plan on how will the server be established and DID number be obtained and forwarded with extensions of 10. plus the sip provider my contacts are based in bahrain so im looking for a cut cost method where calls between extensions and local are free or minimal cost. the VPS server company that will be used so i can read reviews before obtaining it. Only full plan and someone with experience will be considered Required someone to install Vtiger CRM as well on the same server or any other user friendly CRM that can be integrated into it with 3 users. please add your contact info like your skype ID and favorite IM so we can reach and discuss this project before starting   (more...)

meone to help me set up Sugar CRM Community edition and then work on call for me after that. I have it downloaded and hosted I just need someone to \"show me around\" and then give me a quote on how much it would be to install an open source dialer and voip. These are the only ones I am familliar with, if you know a better one I am open.   (more...)

m looking for an Oracle Discoverer expert who can show me how to use it and assist me in requests at work. The successful candidate is someone who has technical knowledge of using Discoverer as a reporting tool, knows PL/SQL very well, and knows the financial modules tables in Oracle. Thanks   (more...)

or someone to make sure our operations are processed correctly and as automated as possible. Solve360/HyperOffice/Templated Websites/Joomla/SiteGround GoDaddy/Google Apps/ etc. Working with these companies tech support groups.   (more...)

g qualified workers for us Internet Retail Field we have continuous needs of hiring qualified workers world wide who take charge of our internet shops on major Japan\'s B2B, B2C websites. we welcome you to bid this project wherever you are from, but having the ability and experiences of HR and Recruitment management. we need your recruiting plan, your thoughts, and the most important , your action ,to reasonably spend the operating budget we set for this project. and also , if you were chosen ,we \'d pay you at a competative fixed price. we can pay $1000+ for one successful recruitment FROM YOU.   (more...)

NY We provide payroll services to clients all over the UK, US and Canada from sole traders to limited companies employing from one to one thousand UK and US based staff. Our payroll service is fully inclusive, fast and efficient. We specialize in small to medium sized companies and providing outsourcing facilities to accountants. Providing payroll services is all we do so we are able to devote 100% of our expertise, 100% of our resources and 100% of our experience into providing a really cost effective payroll service. From receiving your first timesheet to producing your year-end we will take care of your payroll be it weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly including all statutory payments, student loans, pensions, attachments and all other payments or deductions, giving you the freedom to run your business. THE POSITION We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to outsource payroll from his office or home. The position will report to Overseas Payroll Officer. You will benefit from learning and working with a well-established firm with career advancement opportunities across our family of companies. The contract position (re: maternity leave) may be considered for conversion to a full time employment at the end of the contract. Flexible time frame, position can also be considered as part-time. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • Responsible for payment/salary processing, stuffing and mailing. • Reconciles, Analyzes, investigates and corrects accounting entries as required. • Assists in day-to-day administrative overflow work, if any. • Process and update inventory spreadsheets. JOB QUALIFICATIONS • 2-3 years minimum experience in an accounting environment. • Must Possess Superb Computer Knowledge (Word, Excel, Typing, Data Entry etc.) . • Highly efficient and organized (excellent follow-up skills). • Detail oriented and great ability to multitask effectively. • Self-starter and superior time management skills with little to no supervision. • Great at interpersonal communication (phone and email). • Willing to work late when required. IS THIS YOU? Send your cover letter or resume Christopher Craig HR Manager Northwest Payroll Services   (more...)

nsible for payment/salary processing, stuffing and mailing. • Reconciles, Analyzes, investigates and corrects accounting entries as required. • Assists in day-to-day administrative overflow work, if any. • Process and update inventory spreadsheets.   (more...)

meone to design a 2 page handout on customer services - reflecting both good and bad customer services - some work has been started simple assignment - not be overcomplicated   (more...)

ing guidance on establishing a hedge fund. I am looking for the a to z step by step process for a US on-shore hedge fund based on investments in green energy technology. I have a very unique proposition, up to 55% is funded through government grants. Hedge fund will pick up remaining 45%, and provide for the addition of several lucrative income streams. Investors would earn a fixed income type return with a 3 yr lock out. I would like to raise $25,000,000 initially with the fund. If you have experience in setting up a hedge fund, a to z, and can teach me how to do it, than we should be able to work together.   (more...)

eserch public records for all new filling for real estate, ucc1 filling. put all data name, address,phone,email on excell formate. state are il,wis,Ny. and other state.   (more...)

oking for someone/ or company to raise captal for a IPO funds required 20M   (more...)

ed a strong Oracle GL accountant who has experience using in doing consolidations.   (more...)

or a financial modeling guru. We are startup SaaS company that has a subscription service revenue model. The company is live and has been generating income for the last 9 months. We are currently working off a set of financials which we intend to update to include a broader analysis of our business. Current financials are done in excel and are integrated with a balance sheet, cash flow statement, headcount, operating expenses, assumptions and P&L. We would like to incorporate the following metrics into our current model on a monthly and 5 year annualized basis. 1. Lifetime Value of Customer. a. 2. Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) a. b. 3. Sales compensation a. 4. Viral Marketing Effect a. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the websites we posted as they represent the way we are looking into the model. You should be very well versed in creating financials for SaaS companies. You must provide at least three samples of your work with the preceding calculations integrated into a SaaS model. References will be requested. This is an ongoing need for us and successful completion of this job would likely lead to more financial modeling work in the future.   (more...)

oking to hire a professional to help us with completing 10 business plans for 10 different businesses. We use Business Plan Pro as our main business plan software. You have maximum flexibility to be creative in completing these plans as long as they \"make sense\". You may use templates and other material from existing business plans as long as you do not use proprietary, trademarked, and or copyrighted information. Requirements are as such: - Each business is to have a minimum of $250K - $400K spending on company growth per quarter. - Plan must show why and how more jobs are created. - Salaries and positions must match industry standards while minimum number of new employees after one year should be at least 25 with continued growth. - Further instructions on delivery of these business plans will be provided upon work agreement. Some questions you need to answer along with your bid regarding this job: - How many business plans have you developed before? - What tools/software do you use when you develop your business plans? - Can you develop a full 10-15 page business plan (including graphs and charts) in less than 3 business days?   (more...)

rested in starting a fitness business and need someone to assist with the creation and writing of my business plan. I would like to hire someone who has developed business plans before and can provide me a sample of their writing.   (more...)

o develop commercially based licensed applications for the Android open systems environment.   (more...)

two financial plans for one company. One for Event Planning, Marketing, Promotions, with Model Management & Distributions, & Talent Booking. and the second one for Web & Print Design.I want to see sample work!   (more...)

t with calyx point, 2010 GFE, lender websites. Excellent opportunity   (more...)

oking for a specialist in technical analysis for securities   (more...)

building an alternative data bureau to help borrowers prove their financial strength. We’re about more just generating cash and having a cool office with free food. We seek to have a positive impact on society by removing the world’s information asymmetries. We do this with cutting edge analytics & technology. We’re starting with alternative data in the US. Where we go from here is up to you. The role : • Respond to individual consumers within 24hrs to help them improve their credit and access loans • Help establish a recommendation engine and toolkit to systematize the process • Work with third parties to access preferential deals • Participate in search engine marketing program • Location : In the cloud … you must be willing to travel for small periods if requested • Contract timeframe : 3-5 months Are you a good fit? : 1. You have 2+ years of experience as a financial planner or advisor 2. You have excellent written and verbal communication skills 3. You are able to react quickly to customer needs and maintain high frequency communication 4. You’re analytically minded and know how to automate processes to tackle high volume communication 5. You are task oriented and you work hard 6. You’re open to flexible remuneration structures, including variable compesation 7. You love data and believe that more data, widely and appropriately used, is good for the world   (more...)

and growth consultant for small businesses is looking for a CFO or other financial expert to create financial projections for our clients\' business plans. Should be well versed in creating financials for many different types of companies, including service-based, manufacturing, online, etc. We are looking for someone who is experienced and can provide us with samples of work. This is an ongoing need for us and successful completion of this job would likely lead to more like it in the future.   (more...)

or full time help with Broker price opinion web forms must have prior experience   (more...)

ven contact us unless you are an overachiever and can prove it! Come and build an empire within our fine, progressive company. We are in the high-tech industry and we are looking for an CFO who could be part of our company! Great growth opportunities and great potentials for huge success! We want the best only!! Must have experience Must attache resume for application   (more...)

eveloped to fine tune existing filemaker database   (more...)

long standing e-commerce retail company selling Formula one merchandise . We need to have the Barclays bank 3d secure transaction, intergrated into our existing secure payment gateway. We have already had the 3d secure intergration started but not fully completed. The SDK software that is required for the intergration has already been installed successfully. We would want someone who has already intergrated the Barclays 3d secure before.   (more...)

have a client who needs a safari extension that will bring out some SEO related stuff of websites, contact me for more details about the project Thanks   (more...)

.pkg file and need to have someone extract the contents and replace an image/code for the boot image with with another image. Must know programming. Must be able to send me the finished file in the same pkg extension with no other changes to the code. I have attached the file.   (more...)


is to create an add-on for Internet Explorer which mirrors the functionality of our existing Firefox Add-on which can be downloaded at We are looking for someone who has already successfully created IE add-ons. A detailed spec can be found in the attachments portion of this posting. Please be sure to answer the following question: What IE add-ons have you created in the past? Please send samples of any relevant add-ons you have created.   (more...)

ing for someone who has experience with apis and elgg social community script. Elgg has many plugins that can be used.The only most important plugin is the apps plugin. i need someone to get the facebook apps into the social script implemented. SEnd me your best rates and how many hours you need for this project.   (more...)

I am looking for someone to be able to create me a wordpress plugin which allows a floating lightbox that can appear on your site, similar to the one on, this lightbox will primarily be utilized to capture people\'s names and email addresses, and should support javascript and html code being pasted and also allow users to customize colour, sizing and placement of the popup Thanks for reading, look forward to your bid   (more...)

ing for a developer or 2 to build a Gmail/Google Apps Contextual Gadget for CRM. There is no current structure. What needs to happen: * User opens an email in Gmail * Authentication - Users who have not connected the gadget to their Google Apps/Gmail account yet will need to enter their subdomain, username and password. (this only happens the first time someone uses the gadget) o Once logged in the gadget displays the users username and a link to log out. * Gadget gets all email addresses from the gmail message * Gadget passes email addresses to SFDC & displays the Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities or other objects that might link to the email The Goal is to enable the user to link the Gmail message directly to the required SalesForce object. * Allow OpenId login (see GS issue) * Analytics: * Gadget should also display a list of email addresses it found that were not in * Display \"No contacts found\" if no records are retrieved * move username login text to top grey bar with gadget name Desired Features: * view contacts info * view other contacts at a company * view recent notes * link to edit contact info in popup iframe * Add new contact from email address o option to attach email as note. * create new note from email for selected contact * add email as note for a case or deal * create tasks Skills Required: Java, Google App Engine (GAE), Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Google Gadgets API, API, git, Gmail Contextual Gadget API   (more...)

existing plug in that I need refined. It currently gathers posts across my multi-user install and displays extracts at the bottom of the main page: I want it enhanced/fixed to sort the post extracts by most recent first and also to limit the posts per user. This is a fixed price, fairly straightforward job. The tasks are: 1) Update the plug-in to sort most recent extracts first. 2) Make the max posts per summary function properly (there is an admin entry to set the max posts per blog category but it appears to not be respected) 3) Tell me when the post summary is updated - is it when a new post is made, or when the web page is requested? And where, if at all, are the current post extracts saved? The plug in and the current theme are available here: * plug-in * theme * child theme WordPress 3.01 on Macintosh Snow Leopard server 10.6.4. I will install the revised plug in to determine functionality before payment is released. Updated plug-in will be subject to GPL license - all other rights reserved, MLD Foundation.   (more...)

um Partner of Interspire we are specialized in their web-based softwares, especially Interspire Shopping Cart and Interspire Email Marketer. For our clients world-wide we need minimum 1 Developer that already today HAS an interest and a lot of experience of developing modules used within Interspire for: - Accounting (Example for Quickbooks, StoneEdge) - Analytics (Example for Google Analytic) - Checkout (Example for Google Checkout, Paypal, Protx etc) - Comments (Example for Discus, Intensedebate) - Currency (Example for webservicex) - Emailintegration (Example for mailchimp, email marketer) - Livechat (Example for Liveperson) - Notification (Example for MSN, SMS, Email) - Optimizer (Example: Google Webmaster Optimizer) - Discount rules (Example: Buy 1 get 1 free, 50% on next order) - Shipping (Example for DHL, FedEx, UPS) - shoppingcomparison (Example for shoppingcom, pricegrabber) and Add-ons like for example: - Language Translation Tool - Flash/XML Banner Tool - Order XML - Google Adwords Except for this we also offer our clients client specific enhacements and modifications and Template design for: - Interspire Shopping Cart [a.k.a ISC] - Interspire Email Marketer [a.k.a IEM] - Interspire Website Publisher [a.k.a IWP] See Job post:   (more...)

RIENCED DEVELOPERS of \"CRE Pro Loaded\" PLUG-INS NEED APPLY! I have found the \"Brand(s) Discount\" function of CRE Pro to be profoundly lacking, unreliable and time-consuming to operate. Loacated at: (Vouchers/Coupons > Coupon Admin > New Coupon > Valid Products) The checklist that appears upon activating the preceding chain-of-links is far to cumbersome & unreliable for my needs. What I\'m looking for is the following: A Plug-In that lists all Brands (not individual products within the Brands) and allows any and/or all specified Brands to be checked-off to allow a discount and subsequently un-checked to dis-allow a/the discount on the pre-selected brands. The plug-in must be tested and deemed 100% reliable to be acceptable. Should anyone already have developed such a plug-in, I am open to paying a fixed price for a working reliable plug-in.   (more...)

keditor installed on zen 1.3.9f and the image uploader runs and runs without ever connecting to the server. I have tried every little trick I know and... nothing. Alternative ckeditor does not have a browse for images feature. I am happy to use either of these alternatives but it MUST have a browse to computer image upload function b/c my clients require it.   (more...)

I am looking for someone to be able to create me a wordpress plugin which allows a floating lightbox that can appear on your site, similar to the one on, this lightbox will primarily be utilized to capture people\'s names and email addresses, and should support javascript and html code being pasted and also allow users to customize colour, sizing and placement of the popup Thanks for reading, look forward to your bid   (more...)

form toolbar developer with advanced skills in communication between toolbar and server.   (more...)

operational Social Networking site that allows users to login with OpenID or Facebook. I would like to extend this and allow my users to login with their username / password. The site is in Japanese, but the documentation on the Mixi API is all in English. See: My Social Networking site is written in phpNuke. When applying, please advise the time-frame you can have this completed. Thank you.   (more...)

a share dealer and work on my own. I am based in Delhi, India. I use Amibroker to study the share price movements in India. And i use NSE provided software called \'NEAT\' AND \'NOW\' to do shares trading. Amibroker creates signals to buy and sell based on the afl formulaes but it does not do trading. i need a plugin which picks up signals from Amibroker and converts them into buy and sell orders into my trading software. A sort of Automated trading i mean. Next i need to develop a plugin through which i can provide the use of these signals to the outsiders on selective basis. The system has to ensure that the users can see what is transpiring at my end in the Amibroker but should not be able to copy the formulaes so they have to be strictly encoded.   (more...)

isting Filemaker pro application (Apple), which is distributed as a runtime application, i need a plugin and script that can sync iCal calendar items with a filemaker runtime. The synchronization needs to work both ways, so a push and a pull action. Note: It is necessary to work within the runtime environment.   (more...)

isting Filemaker pro application (Windows), which is distributed as a runtime application, i need a plugin and script that can sync outlook calendar items with a filemaker runtime. The synchronization needs to work both ways, so a push and a pull action. Note: It is necessary to work within the runtime environment.   (more...)

r to build a widget. Objective is to offer a useful, attractive WordPress add-on. The widget will be submitted to   (more...)

oking for expert adviser to follow fairly simple forex trading strategy strategy on metatrader 4. We will discuss strategy over phone/skype but here are some functions ideas: auto risk calculation multiple currencies basic risk management options micro contracts manual override/exit/entry   (more...)

nd Service Recreation (Nondisclosure) through CSS/HTML Work and Application/Pluggin Creation. The site and service we are hoping to recreate and alter is best emulated by this site: and to learn about their tactics and set up see the \"How It Works\" page on the above site. We would like to build a site and a software download pluggin that carries a unique serial number to each email address, as well as design the pluggin to work with all the email sites and servers listed on the website above. Please respond with estimates for this project.   (more...)

able to understand business process, create work flow,utilizing MS crm Dynamic and SQL.   (more...)

ng for a quality piece of roofing estimating software to include a wide variety of functions. My ideas for the program Which include: Full roof estimate function software simple to use icons navigation bar company data entry section calculation of square feet of roofing installation ability for house drawing - or rendering showing house style with written proposal print professional looking proposals link with QuickBooks? link with local city or town for assessors map or property diagram link with Google maps for satellite view of home, and other property information Please let me know - If these are possible! If you have the experience, and I\'m seriously looking at hiring you! I will be selling this program to other roofing companies that have bought some of my other roofing business programs. I like the online websystem idea, and for use from any computer. But each company has its own data base, and will need separate files. Can you develop this program for a monthly fee for each of my roofing company clients? I need the program to be easy to use, and offer powerful results. Thanks David David Deschaine a/k/a Dave Williams   (more...)

plug-in modified/enhanced/re-written to allow me to generate/animate/control multiple 3D objects and their various visual parameters using MIDI note/velocity/sustain/parameter data. (**If you think you can make a plug-in that works with After Effects INSTEAD of Cinema 4D or other 3d applications, that would be fine with us. Just talk to us about it if you think this can be done.) This is an educational project (in partnership with Sony/ATV). We will have a musical instructor record a performance using MIDI. We will have a 3D artist produce representations of the instrument, along with an appropriate background (perhaps a stage or rehearsal hall setting). You will then produce/adapt a plug-in that allows that MIDI data to automate the production of visual cues (lighted notes on traveling keyboards/instruments) that will be precisely timed to the song being played. The final output will be animated video which a music student (our final customer) will watch to learn the instrument. We want the 3d artist to be able to produce the visuals of the instruments and background once, and then input songs using this MIDI plug-in to produce the animations that we\'ll use in our instructional videos for each song. You will find a sample plug-in at the link below that accomplishes what we want accomplished on a simpler scale. You can use it as a guide to see what we\'re trying to do. You can also see a youtube video of the visuals the plug-in\'s author was able to produce with it: The sample plug-in is open source and free to take/adapt as you wish. Be prepared to show any 3d work you have done. Please do NOT apply if you don\'t already have the skills for this task.   (more...)

be in the wrong category.... The fan in my laptop computer is running constantly and CPU usage is at 100%. with no programs running. Can someone log into my system and sort this out. please apply if you are familiar with this problem and can fix.   (more...)

equires that a developer use an assigned secret key to derive a signature using the required and optional parameters being provided. The signature is created by sorting and concatenating the parameters in the request, appending the secret key (site_key), calculating the MD5 hash. The original message our server. We have an example of this already in Ruby and would like the same in PHP, Java and VB. If interested, I will provide the existing Ruby example for you to work off of.   (more...)

ested to hire someone to write something similar to python\'s mutagen for Node with a number of supported meta-data formats and streams. I\'m starting with * mp3 / id3 * aac / m4a * h264 / m4v * jpeg / exiv, iptc, xmp * pdf * txt / some sort of tag heuristic? I\'m interested in media meta-data * author * date created * copyright * account id (amazon and itunes embed this in all of their media) * etc I also would like stream meta-data * bitrate * quality * checksum (of the data stream, not the file as a whole, not including the meta-data) * etc I\'d also like a simple application built atop these plugins. The data will be passed to each plugin one-by-one. The ones which can handle the data should return meta-data, the ones that can\'t should return undefined. This way files which have multiple streams (audio and video, for example) will be handled correctly. For most of the above I believe it would be fairly simple to bind to the same C libraries that python (and other languages) use, but some require additional work. If you would be interested to write any or all of the above please make a bid and list which plugins you would like to write.   (more...)

one to obtain a copyright asap and create software asap.   (more...)

meone to install a oscommerce store. The site needs to integrated with google checkout and I want the ability to set shipping costs via the internal backend of the website.   (more...)

meone to create a report and invoice using QReport Builder. The program can be found at   (more...)

ing for a Access database to be created with a form that i can enter certain customer information and run a profit report off of it.   (more...)

SharePoint 2010 expert! Somebody who is has excellent experience and can offer us some URGENT remote development.   (more...)

ramework is written such that Products and Distribution Warehouses currently have a 1 to 1 relationship. The current system needs to be updated to have a 1 to many relationship and all UI pages need to be updated to support the data entry. For example there are 12 distribution warehouses. Product pricing and availability vary by warehouse The database is currently empty so their does not need to be support for a data migration.   (more...)

oking to create an easy-to-use interactive software program/Web site through which an unlimited number of personal trainers can communicate with, create workouts for, and track the progress of an unlimted number of their clients. The most important thing we ask for in a developer is professionalism and fast responses. Please include all relevent portfolio samples. We will provide more details to those whose bids we accept.   (more...)

software that will visit a website and click all the links on that webpage. I need the software to automatically click links as a human would click them.   (more...)

oking for partners to work on the design of a Purchase Order request and approval system. The system should be developed on the Google App Engine platform, unless you can recommend an alternative architecture and convince us why that should be the case. Integration to Google Apps should include Single Sign on, Gmail Gadgets and Contextual Gadgets for Gmail. The application is about end users who wish to make a request to purchase goods. Each user should be able to access the application, create a new PO request and submit to the department manager for approval. PO Request forms, outstanding/approved requests should be able to be accessed via Google Gadgets. When an approver receives a PO approval request in Google Apps, the approver should be able to see all the necessary data in Google Apps, to make a decision and action the PO request, without leaving Gmail. The System Administrator should be able to import users (groups) from the Google Apps domain, define roles for the users of the PO system, define departments, allocate budgets to departments and nominal codes. You will be involved in building the specification, design, development and test of the system. Ongoing maintenance will be required for enhancements and new features. We plan to sell the application in the Google Apps Engine marketplace so a license mechanism should be included. Contact us for more information and tell us why you should be our preferred partner from this project.   (more...)

oking for someone to create a phone tree system like. or which can work with skype system. We also need someone who can setup web interface for program such as   (more...)

e a developer to write XSL for data extraction from a large number of data sources (primarily HTML). Successful applicants must have deep knowledge of XSLT and will be tested to demonstration their skills.   (more...)

php application here: currently wrapped with com_wrapper. I want to use the joomla registration/login for this application. Please only respond if you have a solution for this and it can be done in one day or less.   (more...)

ASTERS PLEASE! Require an iPhone application for users to download and read an ebook. Applicants must agree to the following requirements before starting work, and must agree to a time-frame. If you do not have the skills required, please do not apply as I have been let down on three occasions. The application must have the following features: First page: Graphic of front cover Second page: Story synopsis, other text and copyright notice Third page: Graphic of back cover Third page: Copyright notice and other information provided by me Fourth page: List of selectable Chapters and a button that takes the reader to a bookmark (if they have bookmarked a page). Subsequent pages: Manuscript, fit to an iPhone page. Estimated book length: 60,000 words Features: Chapters must fit neatly on a page (if possible, justified text without ragged edges). At the end of each chapter, there must be a ‘next chapter’ button so the reader can continue without having to go to the chapter index. Text must be adjustable (smaller or larger) at any time (whilst reading) Background for the application must be raised cream colour (looking like a book page), text must be black in Garamond font. Turning the page (backwards or forwards) must emulate the turning of a real page in a book (animated graphic). User must be able to bookmark the page at any time. This will take the reader to the chapter index, where they can return to the bookmark if desired. If the bookmark is not used, the user will be presented with the page they were last at. The application must be written in such a way that my other books can easily be applied (there are 3 in total). Skills Required: iphone, iPad   (more...)

software development company based in the UK. This is our first oDesk project. From a list of potential projects we have identified 1 which seems like a good fit for a first oDesk job.We are hoping that our oDesk experience will be a good one as we have a lot of ongoing development that we would like to use oDesk for in the future - Success with this project will likely lead to future work with us. We are looking for a Rails developer familiar with the changes introduced in the recent Rails 3 release. We want to develop a library to allow a Rails application to access an e-commerce system using either SOAP or XML-RPC. The e-commerce system already exists, is not owned by us and is not part of the job specification. We just need a library to interface with their published and well documented API. It must use Rails 3 features, such as the new way for creating Model objects with features such as Validations even though they are not ActiveRecord model objects - i.e ActiveModel. Full test coverage will be expected and experience with Git will be required for you to use our SCM system. Our intention is to open source this project under the Apache 2.0 license and therefore any code used must be compatible with that license. We would love to see any of your recent Ruby code that interacts with either a SOAP or RPC service. We are particularly looking for good coding practice, i.e test coverage, conformance to the DRY principle, descriptive naming of methods, variables etc .... As developers ourselves we work in an Agile way and intend that this project will follow the Agile method. Any experience of working on an Agile project will be considered an advantage. To help us to find the type of person we are looking for we would like you to provide an answer to the following question. What new feature(s) of Rails 3 are you most looking forward to using in future projects and why?   (more...)

ing software engineers with experience in c++ applications operating in the linux OS. Should have experience developing medical imaging applications such as Magnetic resonance, computed tomography, XRay, PET or post processing applications.   (more...)

loper to implement predefined protocol for accepting and transmitting UDP protocol packets that will control our Wi-Fi router. Device will act as a serial PAD (packet assembler/disassembler) using above mentioned protocol. The developer will build an application that listens to the UDP traffic coming from the server and will transmit certain messages out the device\'s serial port. When traffic is received from the serial port, it will be packetized and transmitted via UDP back to the server. The protocol will also have the ability to activate or deactivate GPIO lines on the device. Device Specifics: - ARM9 Core - Linux 2.6 Kernel - glibc C Library   (more...)

or some to code / build a simple casual game for HTML5 prototype. Game only needs one game screen and uses simple physics.   (more...)

ing for somebody to develop a game similar to the game on iphone called Coin Dozer - see sample --   (more...)

oking for Personal Assistance in Coding for our website   (more...)

cebook game like farmeville based of this video. You must be good at brainstorming with me on this idea. Watch this video allot and tell me your ideas.   (more...)

coding for the word game. All art and direction is prepared. See attachment. Contract includes delivery of FLA source files.   (more...)

ing for someone to help me bring my idea and design to life as a game for children to play on the iPhone. I will send those interested an outline of what I would need accomplished and you would send me an approximate cost for the project to be fully completed. Please have examples of your work and references.   (more...)

complete error in a computer using Operating system under Windows XP, Vista, and 7   (more...)

oking for readymade game developed by oDesk community. If you have children educational game, please contact me with reference site. We would like to buy 10 creative games.   (more...)

leading Dutch IT company ( that offers dedicated team IT services to international IT companies working with the latest technologies. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Daxx has offices in Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and St Petersburg employing over 80 staff. Daxx offers an exciting and comfortable environment to work in with interesting clients and interesting projects. Daxx client teams work as integrated part of the IT departments of our abroad based clients. Being part of the Daxx team and being part of the clients internal development team offers you exiting opportunities and interesting work environment. Now we are looking for Senior Java Developer. The candidate should have the following skill set: Programming languages, technologies and libraries: Java 2 (J2EE, J2SE), Spring, Hibernate, Tiles 2.0., Struts, XPath, XFire web-services, JDBC 2.0., JNDI, SQL, PL/SQL, JSP, Servlets, UML, TCP/IP, Java Swing, Java 2D, Java Script, HTML/XHTML, XML, XML, XSL, Shell, ActionScript 2.0/3.0. , maven Databases: MS SQL Server 6.0/6.5, MySQL, MS-ACCESS, IBM DB2. Software tools: JBuilder 9-10-X-2005, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ Idea, Tomcat 3-4-5, BEA Weblogic Platform 8.1, Red5 server, SmartFoxServer 1.5. Benefits: * Interesting and challenging projects that define IT industry direction; * Good career growth opportunities; * Business trips; * Fertile environment for self-realization and creativity; * Training opportunity in English; * Competitive white salary, that depends on experience and skills; * Financial stability; * Annual skills assessment; * Medical insurance (swimming pool, trainings in a sport center, dentist); * Business benefits for our employees; * IT library (possibility to buy technical books you need) * Good working conditions in a modern and comfortable office; * Regular interesting corporate events; * Friday company breakfast; * Annual paid vacation - 28 calendar days; * Paid sick leaves. To apply for the position please send your CV   (more...)

Blackberry Application built that has an Admin / Dev Tool that allows me to add/remove/modify content as needed. This project is a little different. I would like someone who speaks fluent English so that I can explain the concepts more easily. I would also like to find someone with as much imagination as he/she has technical experience. You will have freedom on how to build this app to maximize user experience. I would like to see some \"sample code\" to review if you choose to interview.   (more...)