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king for an accounting firm with at least 4 years\' experience in public practice to take full responsibility for our entire CA & book-keeping back office/processing centre. NOTE: Please read the following very carefully as there are specific requirements to meet. This full time role (40 hours per week) will require a balance of traditional accounting (preparing financial statements, tax returns, GST, payroll taxes, budgets & cash flow forecasts, company formations, covering letters, resolutions, professional administration, etc) and book-keeping (monthly cash books & bank reconciliations, monthly payroll, accounts receivables, accounts payables, administration, etc). We anticipate a 50:50 split at this stage but this varies due to the seasonal nature of work...e.g. we prepare cash books in the first week of every month for our clients and GST returns every 2nd month. January and February are our quietest months due to New Zealand summer holidays. Our practice is growing and our work flow varies, so you will need to be flexible and be willing to grow with us. We will also consider a \"profit share\" arrangement with the right partner. You must: * Have a \"can do\" attitude and be dedicated to seeing every job through; * Hold a public practicising certificate, or equivalent and have at least 4 years\' experience in public practice; * Have a team of at least 4 people; * Understand (or be willing to learn in your own time) MYOB Accountants Office, MYOB; Bank Link & Cash Manager - we expect you to learn this software at your own expense; * Be willing to meet deadlines and our own service levels; * Be willing to meet productivity targets; * Be able to complete all jobs from start to finish (from source documents to completed documents)...some training will be given for NZ specific legislation and we\'ll provide a full set of working paper templates for annual financial statements & tax returns. You will NOT be expected to do any tax planning, as we will provide journals for any after receiving draft accounts. We will also provide you with some training materials; * Have UPS, excellent infrastructure and be available on Skype for at least 2 hours during New Zealand business hours for communication. NZ is currently GMT+12 and business hours are 09:00 to 17:00. ESSENTIAL: Please write \"sunshine\" as your 1st word in your proposal so we know you pay attention to detail. If you don\'t, we\'ll ignore your proposal Please submit your proposal and ENSURE that you include the following: * Your company name and URL; * A copy of your public practice certificate; * Details of your experience; * Details of your team composition and in particular your senior team; * Details of your physical security, data security and other infrastructure (server capacity, etc); * A list of your rates, by position and intended allocation of staff [for example: Director (x%); Manager (x%); Assistant Accountant (x%)] and any other costs and/or contract terms; * Details of how you\'d want this remote process to work; * How long you\'d need for an \"induction period\"; * Details of anything else you\'d like to support your proposal. Please submit your proposal by 17:00 (GMT 07:00) on Wednesday 10 November 2010, New Zealand time. Any proposal that does not include the above WILL be rejected by our PA. Don\'t forget to list \"sunshine\" as your first word in your covering application   (more...)

rofit needs books audited for 2008,2009 and 2010! Applicant must be US based and a Certified Public Accountant!   (more...)

ing for someone to put together a business plan for my Health Insurance Consulting business. I need it done fairly quickly. In the next couple days at the latest. Please send me a \"FIXED\" cost that you would charge to get this completed. Please have samples of the work you can provide. Thanks! Scott   (more...)

eking an experienced accountant to help us build a financial administration and reporting business using custom web based software. The applicants must have experience in financial administration such as accounting and bookkeeping on shares, managed funds etc. The business is within Australia so the applicant must also hold excellent knowledge on the Australian tax laws and have experience in this region. We are looking at building a strong position within this business service so the applicant must have the skills to help us develop the business and then build a team to assist with the ongoing administration and reporting. Please only apply if you have experience of accounting in Australia.   (more...)

aasu set up as well as my inventory to be entered in. I also have some historical data that i would need entered in. Please contact me if you are familar with Saasu   (more...)

ooking for an accountant who has at least 5 years experience in public practice completing financial statements and tax returns. We would like someone who is keen to learn and grow with our business and take responsibility over there own clients. We want someone who will grow with us and is looking for an ongoing relationship. The right peron will eventually share with us the profits from their clients. If this sounds like you and you want to have your own practice and are willing to do the work to achieve it please apply.. Must haves: PUBLIC PRACTICE EXPERIENCE- 5 YEARS KEEN TO START BY YOURSELF MYOB KNOWLEDGE EXCELLENT BOOKKKEEPING SKILLS (u need to know the everything about myob) if u do not know myob well do not apply DETERMINATION WILLINGNESS TO LEARN BE ABLE TO WORK TO A DEADLINE REACH TARGET FAST INTERNET ,PRINTER TO PRINT NUMEROUS REPORTS , OFFICE TO WORK WITHOUT INTERRUPTION, UPDATE COMPUTER PACKAGE. PLEASE NOTE PAY WILL INCREASE WITH EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE AND PRODUCTIVITY AND ABILITY TO MEET TARGETS   (more...)

ing preparing financial statements   (more...)

(PA) Personal Assistant. from Europe I\'m looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well and good understanding person. This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings. As my assistant, your activities amongst other things will include; *Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. *Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them. *Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence when I\'m away. *Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. *Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities. Basic wage is 300$ a week If you\'re interested you can e-mail me back Asap.Regards, Bernard samuel   (more...)

(PA) Personal Assistant. from Europe I\'m looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well and good understanding person. This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings. As my assistant, your activities amongst other things will include; *Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. *Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them. *Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence when I\'m away. *Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. *Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities. Basic wage is 300$ a week If you\'re interested you can e-mail me back Asap.Regards, Bernard samuel   (more...)

ing for a PRO excel user. I am adding numbers and i feel i may be getting them wrong i am looking for the person that can check my calculations or improving them. I need someone to talk to or chat to, let me know we can start a task right away. >>>> LOOKING FOR FULL TIME ONLY Be clear this job is time sensitive and I am not Hiring people that will consider this a part time job. Also, I like to be able to speak with the contractor VIA Skype Phone call if needed. This will get u hired right away. I am available and ready to start now. gs   (more...)

ng for a (preferably) US-based CPA who has a good understanding of US tax code. Most of the work would be for the business, but since I am a sole proprietor, some would be personal-related. I\'m looking for informal advice: answers to questions, and maybe preliminary preparation work, but you would not be responsible for the final work. References are a significant plus!   (more...)

gues and I, who are all Australian, are looking at setting up a team of workers in the Philippines which will work on different startup projects for us. We need a business plan written by an accountant as to the tax benefits, deductions, implications, etc of setting up such a venture. We also need to know the best way to form a company in the Philippines. What are the implications of starting such a venture and hiring local Filipino workers? If we rent office space, purchase computers, pay electricity, etc what are the tax implications? Being very new in this area of expertise we need a detailed plan outlining all taxation implications. I look forward to speaking further with you. With thanks, Chris Richards   (more...)

with quickbooks, need help with bank reconcile and with booking keeping.   (more...)

all financial transactions that are happened day to day and reporting results   (more...)

ts required   (more...)

speak very good english, be able to work at a competitive rate, and be a qualified accountant from a good institution. all applicants will be considered.. good experiences and teaching experiences a bonus.   (more...)

alance sheets and all accountning sheets Keeping accounting   (more...)

mall US-based software development company. We\'re looking for our accountant / book-keeper. There are less than 50 transactions a month to record. Once a month, you will need to : - enter transactions in appropriate Intuit Quickbook accounts (using Quickbooks Online Essentials) - import bank transactions, and proceed to the appropriate reconciliations Your profile : - 3 years+ accounting / book-keeping experience for US corporations using Quickbooks online Your application : - tell us about one recent assignment similar to ours that you have completed (including, your client\'s industry and high level company profile)   (more...)

the bank foreclosure business and part of my job is to pay utilities for about 50 properties and request re-payment from the bank. This is a job that would require the candidate to upload a copy of a check and utility bill to a web-based company requesting reimbursment of my expenses. Also, the candidate will keep track of paid and non-paid expenses in a data base and keep a detailed Quickbooks account of those expenses.   (more...)

l US Business looking for an Accountant to work 10 hours a week (start at 10, and work 10 to 40 in the future), keeping the books and generating the files needed for US tax returns (Schedule C and Schedule E of a personal income tax return). Below are the first projects descriptions for 2010: Project 1: You will transfer 2010 data from an existing GnuCash file into Clarity Accounting. Project 2: Make some modifications to the asset accounts. Project 3: Bring our accounting up to date to October 31, 2010. Project 4: Investigate whether FreshBooks will add value to the business. Project 5: Investigate online alternative to Turbo Tax. Project 6: Bring our accounting up to date through December 31, 2010. For 2011: Maintain the books and the accounting on an ongoing basis, and do some non accounting projects, based on your interests (i.e., you will participate in the projects definitions and selection). The promotion potential of the position is to become my Chief Financial Officer in the future. You do NOT need to know GnuCash and/or Clarity Accounting to start the job. I will train you in GnuCash if needed, and will give you time to learn Clarity Accounting. You also do NOT need to know about US tax returns. I will train you in that if needed. You will start at 10 hours a week. As my business grows, I will gradually increase your hours from 10 to 40 hours a week if you so desire. Required Qualifications: 1) Top 10% rank in at least two Accounting Tests. 2) Top 20% rank in at least four Accounting and/or Book keeping tests (not including the 2 above). 3) 3.0 or higher in U.S. English Basic Skills Test. 4) Decent test score in multiple non accounting non book keeping tests. 5) Ability to learn fast, including non accounting topics. Starting in 2011, the job will include more than accounting. 6) A reliable and fast internet connection. 7) Ability to video chat through Google talk. 8) Two hours a day minimum availability during week days.   (more...)

PA firm to provide monthly accounting / bookkeeping services for our start up real estate company. Please provide a bid breakout on each of the following: * Monthly bookkeeping, monthly compilations of standard P/L, Balance Sheet, etc. assuming total transactions of 50 to 200 per month. * Annual tax return -1065 (LLC) including ten to twenty K-1s * A/P of 50-100 transactions per month We will need the above at the corporate level...and also for each of the investment LLCs we form for each property we will be buying. Looking for someone using Quickbooks Online for the above. Additionally, looking for a quote on an annual audit of the above from a peer-reviewed CPA firm. We expect to hire one company to do the audit and another company to do the rest so please bid both. Please provide your background information as it specifically relates to income property and investment partnerships. Thanks!   (more...)

or someone knowledgeable in accounting to help with an audit project. Candidates need to have experience in accounting more than simply quickbooks or similar. Job Specifications include: -Cross referencing -Review of past transactions -Matching Needs to proficient in excel, word, and computers in general. I need someone reliable for a long term position.   (more...)

n accountant who has experience filing tax returns for small businesses to do the following: 1) Prepare and File Tax Return for 2008 2) Prepare and File Tax Return for 2009 3) Give us advice on how to better prepare for tax filing for 2010 and future years. We are a small tutoring business in Atlanta, GA. We offer superb academic support services, but we need a lot of help when it comes to tax filing and tax planning. If we find a good accountant and are happy with the service that you provide to us on this job, we will very likely hire you for future tax preparation needs and possibly for other accounting projects. The business is an LLC and is owned by a husband and wife. We file taxes jointly with the business profits flowing through to our tax return.   (more...)

Business looking for an Accountant to work 10 hours a week (start at 10, and work 10 to 40 in the future), keeping the books and generating the files needed for US tax returns (Schedule C and Schedule E of a personal income tax return). Initially, you will transfer 2010 data from an existing GnuCash file into LedgerSMB. Then you will keep the books in LedgerSMB on an ongoing basis. The promotion potential of the position is to become my Chief Financial Officer in the future. You do NOT need to know GnuCash and/or LedgerSMB to start the job. I will train you in GnuCash if needed, and will give you time to learn LedgerSMB. You also do NOT need to know about US tax returns. I will train you in that if needed. You will start at 10 hours a week. As my business grows, I will gradually increase your hours from 10 to 40 hours a week if you so desire. Required Qualifications: 1) Top 10% rank in any Accounting Test. 2) 3.0 or higher in at least 3 Accounting and/or Book Keeping tests. 3) 3.0 or higher in U.S. English Basic Skills Test.   (more...)

y state your qualification and also describe which software you use for accounting and bookkeeping. Kindly submit your sample so that I may assess your suitability fo rthis job. NO SAMPLE NO RESPONSE   (more...)

project with a 24 to 36 hr turn around period. I need data entered for 2 companies from Jan - Sept 2010. This is to be done ASAP   (more...)

y state your qualification and also describe which software you use for accounting and bookkeeping. Kindly submit your sample so that I may assess your suitability fo rthis job.   (more...)

be working all day today on this project. I need someone to assist me over the next 2 days. FULL TIME. If you are unable to work right now until 8pm uk time please dont bid. I need someone to create invoices using an excel spreadsheet and email invoices to my customers. Info will be provided bid no more than 2 dollars Excellent English skills 100% accuracy is key   (more...)

ing for a Book Keeper with MYOB skills to update my business books. The initial assignment is to update the existing MYOB file with records from the 2009/2010 Australian financial year (approx 100 entries) After this is completed for 2009/2010 the task, I will convert you to an hourly rate to keep the books up to date and issue monthly client invoices. Please provide your quote for completing the assignment and an hourly rate to keep books up to date and issue client invoices. Please include the word \'AVARICE\' in your application title so that I know you have read the job description. Regards Nigel Martin   (more...)

ng for a part time book keeper to keep accounts up to date for my small company. this is a long term position. The applicant must be reliable, accurate and have past book keeping experience. Please provide details of past positions   (more...)

he MYOB expert that I am looking for. Do you fully understand the accounting rules of Australia and know how to use MYOB plus complete a BAS. Anybody based in Melbourne will be preferred, however Australia is also fine. Do not apply from O/S, you will be immediately rejected. Skills Required: I need a MYOB Expert Bookkeeping   (more...)

looking for an honest, reliable bookkeeper who has ideas on how to keep my information safe and secure, while also being able to input transactions into Quickbooks. For the remainder of 2010, any Quickbooks program will work, but for 2011, I must have someone with a Mac version of Quickbooks.   (more...)

ookkeeping - QuickBooks set up and support - Payroll and W-2 - Depreciation schedule - Bank statement and credit card reconciliations - General ledger maintenance - Accounts Receivable/Invoicing - Accounts Payable Must have experience with construction company accounting and job costing. Prefer experience with PaperSave.   (more...)

mall company which deals with fragile glasses in Canada and in from last week I am having very much problems in maintaining Accounts of my company because my company Accountant suffer with fever and is on rest.So I want a expert book keeper who complete this task as soon as possible.100 % accuracy is must.   (more...)

meone to create invoices weekly using an excel spreadsheet. Info will be provided bid no more than 2.00 dollars Excellent English skills 100% accuracy is key   (more...)

real estate assistant, or virtual assistant and bookkeeper wanted! Our busy office is in need of a serious, responsible, and reliable worker. Past experience in the real estate industry would help. Duties will include assisting with the day-to-day administrative tasks: bookkeeping/ accounting, bill paying, answering phones, e-filing, data entry and web content updating. Other duties will be assigned once level of experience and ability are established. Must be able to perform in a fast-paced and busy environment! Qualifications include: -proficient in English (written and spoken) -no strong accents please -self-starter -excellent communication skills -computer savvy -able to type at least 50 WPM -detail-oriented -able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment -has some previous experience in the real estate or related fields, including: mortgage, title, escrow, or real estate agent. -able to work well with others, coomunicate effectively on the phone with customers, vendors and tenants. -organized -high level of professionalism -problem-solver -skilled in all Microsoft Office suites -knowledge of MLS and WinForms -Knowledge of real estate contracts May lead to full-time position in the future. Pay will be commensurate with experience. Only serious applicants need apply. You MUST meet the above qualifications to be considered. Thank you. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you, Maurice Lee   (more...)

e looking for an experienced bookkeeper to help us setup and keep our books in check using an online system (saasu or xero or you can recommend one) We are a new Australian company As we are a new company, you will start with few hours but as volume picks up, you will be gaining more hours. You will be managing the whole books so we expect you to have good time management and great knowledge of any reports we require. Paul   (more...)

oking for a bookkeeper that can manage our account on and make reports for our accountant for tax purposes. We will also be looking for random reports when needed but nothing special.   (more...)

ookkeeper required monthly to update accounting platform and provide weekly financial management reports. All invoices and payment statuses are located within a CRM - we require someone to plug them into the financial reporting tool and send a weekly financial report to the company CEO. That is it - You can be located anywhere as long as you meet the deadlines and can commit the hours each week.   (more...)

new full time position and require a person with relevant experience. Please find the requirements below: 1. Knowledge of Quick Books (2009 version preferred) 2. Ability to match invoices to purchase orders 3. Ability to pay vendors via checks/credit card accounts 4. Ability to match credit transactions to invoices and paid them on credit card account 5. Preferred to have availability until 12PM USA EST time (can work broken hours, but preferred to be available until that time to answer vendor inquires etc. 6. Knowledge of Microsoft office is a must (including Excel, Word and Outlook. With version 2007 preferred) 7. Good Communication skills as communications with Vendors will take place. 8. Self esteemed 9. Ability to key in Sales Orders 10. Solid knowledge of Item List Management in Quick Books. Please make sure that you know your stuff. Thanks   (more...)

ill handle data input into Quick Books using scanned copies of check stubs, bank statements and credit card statements, all coded. Attention to detail is a must. Experience with Quick books is preferred.   (more...)

small business in the US. We are looking for a bookkeeper who is experienced with Quickbooks. There are less than 50 transactions a month to record. Once a month, you will need to : - Creating invoices - Bank reconciliation - Input of invoices - Input of expenses - Payroll - Providing weekly and monthly reports. The position will be part time, with about 10 hours of work each week. Your profile : - 1 year+ accounting / book-keeping experience for US corporations using Quickbooks online Your application : - tell us about one recent assignment similar to ours that you have completed (including, your client\'s industry and high level company profile)   (more...)

oking for an accountant / book-keeper who is experienced with US based companies. There will typically be less than forty transactions a month to keep record of. Once a month the candidate will enter transactions in appropriate Intuit Quickbook account (using Quickbooks Online Essentials), import bank transactions, and proceed to the appropriate reconciliations. Applicant must have 3 years+ accounting / book-keeping experience for US corporations using Quickbooks online Please provide us past assignments similar to ours that you have completed (please include industry and profile) We look forward to your application.   (more...)

okkeeper to reconcile bank and cc accounts into chart of accounts. Requirements: over 1 year experience with quickbooks online.   (more...)

or a technologically savvy bookkeeper who can work with me in keeping company books updated. It is imperative that this individual know how to use two types of software: Neat Receipts & Quickbooks. Person must also have Skype account and preferably a GMAIL address. Looking for someone familiar with tax matters as well but more importantly with basic accounting. I have a background in accounting and would be able to tell quite quickly. My time does not allow me to do the accounting parts of the business and I travel quite a lot. Person needs to be very trustworthy as a lot of responsibility may be handed out to them.   (more...)

equires someone familiar with QuickBooks Pro to create 8 hours of video training tutorials for QuickBooks Pro 2011. Ideally, would like to use the screen capture software Camtasia Studio to create the tutorials.   (more...)

ng for a part time book keeper. I am a real estate landlord with 41 units at 10 different property\'s. Please do not apply unless you are familar with the Rent Manager online program.. This is the program I use. It is an online version.   (more...)

itching to Xero and need someone available for ongoing work entering invoices into Xero, ensuring data capture and management. Please only apply if you have Xero experience. You can work a set number of hours per week or per month, to reconcile all information. Whichever hours per week, or month, that you are available, we need consistent reliability. You will receive all documents electronically, via email or pdf attachment, to enter into Xero and archive. We will also provide CSV data for all other information.   (more...)

.T. consultant for a small number of clients (under 5 most months). I need assistance with bookkeeping. The majority of my billing is for my time. I keep a daily log of work for each client. Occasionally I purchase parts for resale to my client in support of my work. I need someone at the beginning of each month to do the following for the prior month: 1. Create an invoice for each client based on my hours worked from my client work logs. 2. Match up parts purchases from the prior month for each client and add to client\'s invoice. 3. Reconcile bank and credit card accounts for the previous month. I would expect this to be 1 to 2 hours each month. In your application for this job, please specifically respond to the following: 1. I currently use Quickbooks Online. I need to know if this is usable for you or if you would prefer a standard \"desktop\" Quickbooks installation. 2. I use Dropbox to keep my client work logs and receipts. I can set up a shared Dropbox folder for you to access these files. Let me know if you currently use Dropbox. If you have not used it before, that is okay. It is easy to use.   (more...)

he MYOB expert that I am looking for. Do you fully understand the accounting rules of Australia and know how to use MYOB plus complete a BAS for my clients.   (more...)

ceipts that are scanned and stored on-line, data entered into quicken database and daily reports created. About five entries per day growing to about twenty per day by the end of the year.   (more...)

cy in quickbooks and quickbooks online and ability to export reports to excel and make modifications. Good email and communication skills are required and must be fluency in English. Good organization skills and understanding of invoice filing systems is important.   (more...)

aycare requires someone who can process payments in excel, manage the spreadsheet, work with google docs and create emails requesting payment due. Should have very good written and verbal skills and strong in excel. Also would like the person for internet research. Approximately 5-10hrs/week to start and could expand to more and would like to pay $1.11/hour. Would like to do skype interview   (more...)

am looking for someone to input invoices from PDFs and an excel spreadsheet into MYOB. We are trying streamline our invoicing and book keeping and are converting to MYOB. The applicant needs to have excellent MYOB and Book Keeping skills and excellent written and verbal communication. Shortlisted applicants will be given a 10 hour trial. Regards Jim & Bobbi-Lea Dionysius DIONYSIAC DESIGN   (more...)

elp set up my Saasu account for me correctly; - Accounts - Tax rates - Items that i buy and sell - 5 items sold at different prices for different customers (currently 3 price levels) - inventory opening balances - including tax rates - Invoice templates with my logo and details - Bank account feeds with ANZ for reconciliation. (also have a paypal account) - Import this financial year\'s records. Some invoices still unpaid. From July 01, 2010. (currently in excel file) (about 98 income records and 15 expense records) Could you please estimate how much this would cost to set up?   (more...)

r required for Australian business. Our business requires a bookkeeper with accounting skills. We require the successful applicant to be accurate and competent with a high level of accountancy skills. The successful applicant will be able to work to deadlines with work that has been prioritized for you. You will work with a progressive team and there will be a high level of support available to the successful applicant. Test required: 674 accounting principles test Job Description: 1. Familiar with Australian accounting practices 2. Experienced accountant/bookkeeper 3. Experience with accountant package MYOB 4. Great internet speed and computer with Windows remote facility 5. Access to Skype 6. Ability to use data that has been emailed, uploaded via skype or computer Job Entails: 1. Entering data into MYOB from emailed bank/credit card statements 2. Reconciling statements on a monthly basis 3. High level of accuracy and understanding of accounting principles 4. High level of punctuality   (more...)

rson to consult and provide services for a small business transition from Microsoft Accounting Professional to Quickbooks Pro. Please describe the steps involved, workflow requirements and how data is transferred from one system to the other - ultimately residing in our office network environment. Other QB expertise and skills would be helpful for further consulting opportunities. Provide estimate of hours as well.   (more...)

small, professional, independent publisher of a book on a business model for the escort industry. This is sold through our website. We value our team members and offer the following: • Career and compensation growth for long-term contractors • The ability to work virtually • Professional training • An intellectual work environment and a fun atmosphere! Key Purpose of the Job Compile the monthly books (no payroll, this is 2-3 hours per month). Only looking for someone within the US! Once you have proven yourself, you will expand to doing books for US clients. Technical Skills or Job- Related Knowledge Required • ability to use US QB (we will provide you with the CND version of QB if you are hired) • excellent bookkeeping skills (manual and system process) • has excellent working knowledge of QB Pro. • working knowledge of GST remittance, or is willing to learn • working knowledge of budgeting • working knowledge of analyzing which expenses are the highest, lowest, how much they go up or down monthly etc., how many sales are needed to cover fixed expenses & can provide that info in an easy to read format • working knowledge of categorizing expenses & income under the appropriate categories • working knowledge of online business categories for expenses, or is willing to learn on their own. • working knowledge deciphering real sales revenue after all expenses and/or merchant account fees are taken off. • working knowledge in determining if the merchant account fees coming out of the account are accurate Experience Required • bank reconciliation experience. • Processing delinquent payments (A/R) are handled • Producing reports in an easy-to-read manner. • Certified to do tax returns, recommended • Virtual experience – at least 3 months • excellent written and verbal English communication skills to include being able to follow explicit instructions via e-mail, instant messaging and on the phone Attributes required • Innovative • Hard Working • Intelligent • Intuitive • Excellent e-mail etiquette • Someone who is a nice, down to earth person, secure with themselves, really likes to help companies grow, & loves their clients • Someone above average in intelligence & intuition • Open minded about working for our industry • Professional approach to work • Good work ethic • Internet Savvy • Detail orientated • Proactive • Ability to take responsibility for your actions • The desire to work in a friendly, down to earth, virtual workplace that applauds innovation and common sense. Please include the following in your bid • The keywords I\'m your professional bookkeeper in the heading of your bid. • Your best “small business” hourly rate. • A description of your abilities as they relate to our needs, without an accompanying resume • A list of your professional references that can verify your bookkeeping abilities. We do prefer people who are licensed, but if you are exceptional & aren\'t, we\'d love to hear from you. • List how many years you have been working virtually online • List your top three strengths and your top three areas for improvement   (more...)

expert at posting on Craigslist that will post over 100 ads a day in several US cities.   (more...) promote this link to get people to sign up! anyway you can. We want specifically for you to get people from Canada, USA, UK, Australia to sign up!   (more...)

video (youtube) and we need to reach 50000 views , in 5 days . video link will be sent in private message.   (more...)

must have own US based CL PVAs. All ads will be posted in 2 categories and 2 locations only. 10 ads daily for indefinite period.   (more...)

he biggest and best paying energy consulting company footprint in the country .So come join our team today and make money this week.   (more...)

ords and AdCenter PPC campaign for ballroom dance studio. Small to start (about $400/month) and increasing with results. Account may only require management every other month once it is fine tuned, until it begins to grow. Newly optimized website with landing pages and conversion metrics. I consult for small brick and mortar companies and understand AdWords but am not a PPC pro. I can help with geotargeting but you must be familiar with local geotargeting best practices in Adwords and MSN. I am ultimately looking for one individual to set up and manage several accounts going forward. Thank you.   (more...)

hire some body to advertise my ebay store! and help me to increase my sale.   (more...)

ost 8 craigslist ads. This is really simple job. Maybe 1 hour per day.   (more...)

rketing Experts Wanted!!! I need an expert in online marketing & advertising to market, advertise, and promote my already well positioned e-commerce website. We currently are ranked at the top of our key words and are in the process of expanding our key words. The role of this position will to be create and update daily craigslist ad’s, Update and post to various face book profiles, update and add daily comments to different twitter feeds, create 25+ valid backlines per day. Collect valid email and website information on potential customers. You must be a self starter and be able to deliver valid content with little or no direction Do not apply if you can not deliver, do not apply if you can not start immediately   (more...)

ng for an individual or individuals to help our company grow with our client base. We need someone who has extensive Craigslist/Backpage/Kijiji/Oodle/OLX experience which includes working with proxies and posting expertise. You will need to be able to obtain PVA\'s and probably a considerable amount of them. In addition, this person(s) should have great English skills, data-entry/tracking experience and able to show results via reports and work-done in detail. This opportunity will allow the chosen candidate to make substantial amount of income based on their skill level of posting.   (more...)

ny needs an affiliate marketing that will know to promote our website to the right customers. Our platform enables people to buy or to sell anything in a unique way. Our affiliates will benefits from a high percentage of commissions + hourly pay from every product that will sell. If you know the job, our company is the right place for you.   (more...)

(PA) Personal Assistant. from USA I\'m looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well and good understanding person. This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings. As my assistant, your activities amongst other things will include; *Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring. *Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them. *Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence when I\'m away. *Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf. *Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities. Basic wage is $300 a week If you\'re interested you can e-mail me back Asap.Regards, Patrick L.   (more...)

or someone to eventually post Craigslist ads everyday. But we will start this project with 50 posts and if it works out, we will work with you on an on-going basis. You must have own IP, PVA, etc... everything necessary to post successfully. We will provide the ad content (they will be very simple ads)... Do not need you to create the ads. Experienced posters only. Looking to post in other classified directories as well. We are ready to start right away... ads are already ready. Thanks!   (more...)

th static and flash banners in several differnt sizes. I want your ideas on how to promote my banners. I also need help to setup and teach me to use tracking on my site. I want to track clicks to conversions. Also, where the traffic is coming from. My site is wordpress. Thanks!!   (more...)

omeone who can generate traffic to our site with potential leads. We are a web design / developer. We have great services but we need people to know about them. Do you have what it takes to get our website seen? Can you generate traffic to our website? Do you know the best places to advertise our website address? Then we need you on our team. This is an ongoing project, full time marketing.   (more...)

one to create MySpace / Facebook / etc profiles to market our business. Should be efficient with social media and creating a large base to advertise to. We need backlinks to our website in postings, etc on the accounts that are created. You will need to understand professional page development for MySpace, Facebook, etc. Fast and efficient is the key.   (more...)

ads.   (more...)

d ad Poster on Craigslist. Post 200 ads. MUST HAVE ODESK EXPERIENCE in AD POSTING We will provide ads   (more...)

ads on craigslist. must have USA IP address.... or software   (more...)

craigslist specialist. Must be able to verify ads are up. You must be able to provide unghosted ads in southern california market with your own pva\'s If you cannot please do not apply. This will be on going if you can be consistent.   (more...)

expert at posting on Craigslist that will post over 100 ads a day in several US cities. You must have your own PVA\'s and IP\'s and know how to avoid being ghosted.   (more...)

ividual will be responsible for making cold calls to business in order to set appointments for commercial cleaning estimates. All calls will be made through Skype. A headset is required and clear English skills. Hired individual will also call cleaning companies to get them signed up into our lead service. Callers are expected to work 5 days per week. To start, employees will be paid at a rate of $6/appt set. During three weeks, if you average 5 appointments per week, we will put you on a base plus commission salary. Top callers can set 4 appointments in one day. Approximate hours for this position are 10 EST -6 pm EST Monday –Friday , United States. Below is an example of the calling script to sign cleaning businesses up with our appointment setting service. ===== We are rapidly expanding and are willing to hire anyone with clear English! Hired individual will be responsible for making cold calls to businesses in order to set appointments for commercial cleaning America\'s first and largest skateboard school is looking to expand into retail. We are currently seeking one full-time person to be responsible for calling skateboard shops and asking if we can put our gift cards for sale in their stores. There is no payment collected over the phone. You will not be selling the gift cards. You will only be informing the owners of this new program where they can offer skate lessons. If they are interested, you will email or fax them an agreement. Once it is signed... you will receive commission for every new signed retail contract you can bring me. Estimated salary will be plus commissions. Looking for speakers with perfect English and little or no accent. Base salary will come after three sign ups. Top agents may get 6-8 sign ups a day. Base Salary Starts at 5000 10 --sign ups a week -5000 20- sign ups a week- 10000 30 sign ups a week - 15000/month Anyone who has good english can join the team! If this describes you... Please join us for training Friday morning at 9 AM PHIL Time Friday.. Register here..All calls will be made through Skype. A headset is required and clear English skills. Hired individual will also call cleaning companies to get them signed up into our lead service. Callers are expected to work 5 days per week. Approximate hours for this position are 10 EST -6 pm EST Monday –Friday , United States. Name of the company is Below is an example of the calling script to sign cleaning businesses up with our appointment setting service. Salarys to be paid by Xoom. -============= Example script Hi My name is Rob I am calling from National Maids and we help companies sae money on the cleaning services and I wanted to know what you are currently doing for your cleaning? Okay Great. How long have you used their service? Would you be available for an estimate next monday at 10 am?? ==== To start, employees will be paid at a rate of $6/appt set commission only. . Top callers can set 4 appointments in one day. After 5 appointments and/or two weeks of good work,we will put you on salary plus commission. Minimum requirement- Make 180 calls per day/Minimum Salary (after 180 calls per day) with min. of 3 appts per week. ... lowest salary you could earn is 3,000. Salary plus commisions ============ 5 appointments per week ---5000 Salary /month 10 appoinments per week ---10000 Salary/month 15 appointment per week ---15000 Salary / Month 20 appointments per week----20000 Salary/Month Send resume and or contact via skype: rob.dunfey Training will be this Saturday at 10 PM, Philipines Time.   (more...)

position needed to set meetings with my target client base. Must be able to articulate the company\'s value, get past the gate keepers, and get the meetings set. Position will be evaluated on ability to set at least 3 new meetings per week. If unable to get three meetings set the 1st week, will end engagement and seek new talent. Must have an understanding of professional services sales and a background in Financial services is a plus. Must be willing to sign and abide by company NDA. Should position prove successful, I may extend this job. Due to time zone sensitivities, only considering US based applicants.   (more...)

must have a good command of the English language, be able to work in a very time efficient manner with good organizational skills. The following skills are necessary for this position: Marketing and managing social sites for page ranking and building following. This will also include Forum marketing. Posting of press releases, ezine articles, and videos. Keyword research. This is a 30 hour position for at least 3 months. Depending on the skill set of the person hired, this could work into a 40 hour a week position. The hourly pay is $2.00 per hour.   (more...)

person with excellent phone skills to call Churches, Community Organizaions, & Non-profits in various states in the USA to setup appointments to meet with us about economic stimulus for their organization.   (more...)

or sales and marketing support. Market: small Canadian business 1-5 staff. Product : Canadian health services plan. Need: Dynamic individual who can get to the decision maker and explain how they can save 30-60% on health services costs, by the tax deductions available. If you can get the owner to listen and understand, they usually are persuaded by the benefits. Health and math minded person - in conjunction with excellent customer service and sales skills - a good fit.   (more...)

Player. Good in sales closing   (more...)

AD AND FOLLOW the APPLICATION instructions. I cannot hire anyone who does not follow the instructions completely. Too many applicants are ignoring the instructions, which tells us that they have poor attention to detail. REQUIREMENTS & APPLICATION PROCESS: To even be considered for this job, when you apply you must: - a sentence or two explaining your method for approaching this project. It is important for me to see that you understand ALL of the requirements. - PLEASE NOTE: to ensure that you read this entire set of instructions, put the phrase \"---your instructions are detailed---\" at the top of your application. - IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT ALL OF THE TERMS \"Day Trading\", \"Trading Strategy\", \"Emini S&P 500\", \"Automated Trading Strategy\" mean, please do not apply. I am only interested in experienced copy writers that have experience in my niche market, I am not in training someone how to become one. - NO upfront payments will be made. (Too many people have been applying, requiring upfront, then not being able to deliver.) Doing a GREAT JOB on this project is a really good way to get more work. We have a growing number of clients, and each month we have more landing pages that need to be created. PROJECT: Analyze both our landing pages: Next make suggestions for two new versions of each landing page to increase opt in rates. We will split test each version of the landing page. You must do you research and learn about our niche market before you can come up with new copy for each landing page.   (more...)

meone who has the following experience skills: 1) Must have a website where they can display many other sell pages they have built for previous clients. 2) Experience building a sell page for a fitness/diet product 3) I already have a webpage so the sell page will be one of the pages actually on my website. 4) I have all the \"raw materials\" testimonials, vids, product descriptions, before/after photos, etc. YOU design it, you put it together anyway you choose. 5) I want an evaluation form available on the sell page for visitors to be able to fill out which will capture their email, ht, wt, etc. which will deliver a sample of the product.   (more...)

n efficient and exceptional freelancer who is capable of generating phone appointments with small business owners. The process is simple: 1. Call Business, ask to speak to owner 2. Book an appointment for one of our specialists to call and speak to the owner at a convenient time 3. Enter the info in our CRM Payout is $1.75/lead for every appointment held, i.e. our specialist was able to talk to the owner over the phone at the appointment time, and the owner was aware and expecting the call. Payout is every week on Friday, for all qualified appointments held the previous week. Budget of $700/week (400 phone appointments) - will agree to increase budget to $1k-5k/week if performance is consistent. We pay per successful lead appointment you make, and not per hour, but consider that more hours of online cold calling = more appointments to make = more figures (money) to gain! Campaign and script will be sent to the right team chosen, this is an easy job, but pays great! Please submit a description of your contact center in your proposal. We pay on time and on top of the line, therefore we only hire the best team for this project!   (more...)

er Animation Brief Purpose: This animation tool is a sales graph to show sales targets and their current progress of their sales. There are 2 sides of the speedometer, the left “Sales Target” and the right “Sales Progress”. Both are numbered from $10K - $100K. What we need A small flash (Or other) application they can do the following. • We will enter the dollar value for each side (Backend, Flash CMS??? any suggestions to make this possible) • Then able to generate the animation specifically to the dollar value entered and export to .swf • Then we will insert .swf file in Indesign CS5 layout and generate a PDF for download. • We should be able to repeat the process over and over to generate different dollar value Animation Effects • Have the animation as close as possible with the graphic below and the sample video “” • The end user will press the “START” Button then the animation will start with lights (just like the video) and the engine sound (Will be supplied). The engine will stay on until they close the document. • The dollar value entered we entered will show up on both speedometers. The numbers on the speedometers will be replaced by the dollar value of $10K - $100K Delivery • Please let me know how much will this cost. My budget is $200 for this job. • Realistic time frame for the job   (more...)

ing for a cartoon to be made like the one in this website: It will be going on my website, which is going to be designed very similar to this one, but I need to have an opt-in box on my one, so they can leave their name and email address in exchange for an e-book. So when you design this cartoon for me, can you put it in whatever format it needs to be in for me to \'insert\' it onto my webpage and it will play automatically as soon as they go onto my website (I don\'t know if you need to do that, or my web designer does). I have attached pictures of two different cartoon men I like. Perhaps you can take the elements of both these guys and merge them. I\'d also like some cool jazz-type music playing over the top. I quite like the way they mainly have it in black, grey and white, but there are signature splashes of colour throughout. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how much or little colour to put in. In the example website, their whole cartoon lasts one minute, so i guess we should work to the same sort of timing ... see how you go... it may need to be slightly longer... The scenarios will be as follows (not sure how you\'ll do the transitions between each scene?...maybe like in the example, where the hand flips the paper over or the scissors cut the scene out): (1) the guy is on a crowded train commuting to work, all hemmed in, with his face in someone\'s armpit (as they have their arm raised to hold onto the train pole thing) (2) the same guy is now walking to work with a takeaway coffee in his hand, and someone bumps into him and it\'s spilled all over him (3) the same guy is now at his desk, with a pile of paperwork like a tower and then it avalanches on top of him, so he\'s no longer visible (4) he\'s in his boss\'s office, being told off by his boss (bosses voice like the teacher\'s voice in Charlie Brown (the kind of \"bwah bwah bwah\") ... not sure how you\'ll depict that it\'s his boss. If need be, have \"Managing Director\" on the door to the office or something (5) now the human hand (just like the example) picks him up out of his chair by the back of his shirt / top and plonks / drops him into a massage chair (will attach an example of what the chair looks like) and he gets a back and shoulder massage (6) then he\'s pushed by the human hand into a stress management workshop, where I\'m at the front (see photo of me and make me into a similar looking cartoon character) next to a black or white board saying \"stress management workshop\" and me and the class (including my cartoon man) are leaning over to our left side with our right arm raised above our head, and then the other way, as if we are stretching our sides (7) and then he\'s lifted and plonked back into his chair at his desk and his manager is standing next to him, both are smiling, and his desk is tidy, and there\'s pound (£) signs bouncing off everywhere! P.S. the odesk website will only let me attach one item, so whoever gets this job I can email you the other attachments.   (more...)

Job for 1 year. Must be VERY experienced in .NET + JAVA + SQL 190 hrs a mo. for an average $850 +bonuses. Must have quite office at home and 1+mb internet and English must be very clear and good. Work is from 6am-3pm NY time. When working with us you can NOT be working anywhere else and we buy ALL your hours. Immediate start.   (more...)

meone who can create animated videos in a similar style to the following examples: - the video is on the right side of the page If you are interested in applying then respond with links to videos you have created in this same style. I will only consider you if you provide examples that are of the same style.   (more...)

the animation work You must have 4 years of experience, 100 hours of previous work, a 4 rating of english, at least a 4 rating from previous work, and an attached portfolio to your application. Any applicant who does not follow these guidelines while trying to try-out for this opportunity will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.   (more...)

nimations and graphics for an established web 3.0/ internet of things platform technology. Storyboard and workshop clear communication objectives. ....we are no longer in the information age but the conception age... A highly creative mind is required to communicate our technology and system attributes to a global audience.   (more...)

signer to create a Flash Video for a new restaurant/Lounge in NYC. The video needs to capture the look and feel of the venue and create excitement.   (more...)

like to change our flash game concept and design a little bit. You can take a look of the game here: Currently player goal is to kill the stickman king with the machine he has built. But we have got feedback that this king is just too nice guy to kill and it is confusing to some users. So one option is that instead of stickman there is a zombie:), so it looks more like an enemy. Our game is ment to be funny and there will be no blood or flying brains :) So we wanted to see and discuss , that is it possible to create a same size very funny zombie character in there. At first we will add one zombie and in future will will add more zombies who will walking around the level and fight against the machines. This first zombie must be the leader of the future zombies gang (like a king right now) This zombie will have animation (he will stand in one place all the time, and will not walk around by himself). When zombie dies then zombie changes to ragdoll and is affected by physics (here you can see sample what I mean by ragdoll: If you press Shift key on you keyboard ,then stickman changes to ragdoll) At firs our goal is to make one zombie (gang leader) who fits in the game and who is funny. When designer manages to create a zombie that is funny and looks good, then of course we will have to modify some other game design also. But at first we want to test how this little zombie will look like in the game. Game is little bit cartoon style and it should be done so that the zombie will suit with current style and zombie should be approximately same size as in game sample. First job is to make 1 zombie sample (flash movie clip)? It can be without animation at first. What we expect from designer: 1. We would like to see portfolio. 2. We expect great experience in flash design. 3. Fast and quality work. I added some samples too. Little game sample:   (more...)

ote for a series of 30 second 2d animations - either hand drawn or on computer - would like to see costs for both. Also would like to see demo reels   (more...)

s 23 seconds of 3D animation with a fully rigged model in Maya. The animation includes simple animation, including pointing and natural conversational posturing and hand gestures. The animation deadline would be Friday, Nov. 5th. Please rsvp to this job to look at the storyboard and confirm the time/cost for this small project.   (more...)

flash animator who can design and script animation as required. A static design layout will be provided and animation instructions will be given. So it is a plain animation design and not a creative design. The animation is required for an online catalog site. Example work can be seen at or   (more...)

text that I want to convert in a cartoon. It is a motivational text and this text I want the illustration to go with it. I am thinking in a series of cartoons.   (more...)

aft a corporate video and course video for advertising in website or market to do some presentation. video is about 5 minute. please let me know if u can do. please show me your porfolio, that is very important for me to refer. thanks.   (more...)

guys who can make apple games, and more. contact me for more info.   (more...)

f the storyboard has good quality look good, and has mistakes. You must have a portfolio and a year of experience. Pleae rate on the lower side or for free. I am having problems funding this job.   (more...)

ge teaches and trains breathing therapists and clients. We are currently limited by the number of people we can train personally and want to turn our existing programs into animated DVD versions that can carry multiple languages with common images and allow us to provide our program worldwide. We will also offer live Skype support on a \'charge-per-session\' basis if required.   (more...)

ed a Flash Animation for my website. It will be something like- And I need it done within 2/3 days or ASAP. If you are good in flash animation and can provide fast service...then please bid...I will hire you Thanks,   (more...)

ike a range of cartoons drawn digitally   (more...)

8 3D Characters using 3D Studio Max and/or Maya for the Unity platform. Very simple Character design for a Casual/Social game like the ones on Facebook.   (more...)

for web page . I need multiple charachters with speaking lines walking accross the webpage ,stoping to speak and engage in a breif activity. You must also know how to program it into the website   (more...)

and updates to an existing product animation, built in Flash. Flash source file will be provided along with all assets. A summary of the requirements are: • Update logo and other graphics with new assets. • Remove one segment of animation. • Replace audio narration with new audio assets and adjust timing of sections to ensure alignment of animation to narration. • Add a new button which will launch a separate window playing a Quicktime or Flash video of a recorded screen capture. Candidates should have good knowledge of Action Script and be comfortable working with audio narration. Your ability to time animation to specific audio is essential. Please provide samples of Flash animations that are product demos or narrated animations. Will not consider anyone that hasn\'t built similar demos. You can see the existing animation at: Because the timing is crucial, please describe how you will manage the review process with us. We will want regular reviews of your progress and the ability to confirm that each segment is aligning correctly. The current animation has no navigation, so you may need to build skip buttons that jump to the segment that we are reviewing.   (more...)

series of online banner Ad\'s designs in different sizes. You will need to be a professional, that will only produce the best outcomes. You must demonstrate that you are an expert in getting people to act on the advertisement/animation. You must provide examples of work you have created in the past. Ideally your ad\'s interact with the audience. An animation that loops endlessly tends to irritate visitors. Have the animation loop 7-10 times, leaving the main message on the last animation frame. The animation should be subtle enough to attract attention but should not be so ostentatious as to interfere or clash with the design of the web page you are advertising on.   (more...)

rrently developing marketing videos and need more animators   (more...)

ake this? I want you to design a similar landing page as the following link has and be able to add similar functions. Notice how you can play the games and everything that occurs when a prize is won, game is lost, etc. Functions and actions are quite advanced so you must be able to create and add the same usability. Coding is a must and design creativity is mandatory! Show me an example as a test run and I will hire you! Only serious inquiries will be reviewed. This will lead to more opportunities. This will be a full time job and require extensive work and is not limited to just one page.   (more...)

ng for multimedia developer that can create a Flip Board widget, similar to how works. It needs to be updatable via XML and be able to scroll (flip) through multiple messages. I\'ve attached the area a design that it will be living in. Some points of attention: Create the board background. Make the flips with their anchor point at the bottom Place the flips 1 pixel above the background and turned 90 degrees up. OR make the whole flips in Photoshop OR link text layers to them. Animate a single flip layer and then duplicate it several times and offset those layers to form a flip sequence. Make sure that the layers that are later in time are on top of the other layers. (You can precompose this sequence to tidy up your main comp if you wish, but then you have to add the letters for the flip sequence in that pre-comp.) A good way of doing a \"flip through and stop\" is to take the flip sequence and later in time put the flip (and letter) animation you want to stay visible later in time on top of that. Put one or two lights facing the background on the top and bottom half, this adds shadow and makes the effect more realistic. Turn on the motion blur. You can make a standard flipthrough sequence or make every flip sequence \"real\", depends on what you want exactly. The copy just needs to be dynamic via XML   (more...)

o design some 3d animations of indian stories. if you have experience in this field.. it could lead to a great job..   (more...)

ny is a holistic, hands-on, high energy humanities and music program for children ages 2 to 10. We tour the United States working with daycare centers, Kindergartens and youth-centered organizations. Our founder hosts his own TV show and has ventured into publications, video and music production. The cartoonist and illustrator will be responsible for creating illustrations for our websites, products and printed material. We should be able to communicate with you by Skype. Successful candidates will be asked to draw a full-screen cartoon for one of our websites. If we like the way you work, we will invite you for additional jobs. Provide samples of your work.   (more...)

eking a custom animation in \"rough drawing style\" (see example below) based on a script to be provided. Voice-over will be done by us. We only require the animation. Details: - Video will be 2-3 minutes long. - Project needs to be complete within 4-weeks. - Animation must match style of example video (below). Example Video:   (more...)

picture that shows a small world with grass, cows an a watermill. I want the picture to rotate very slowly, the clouds, the cows to move a little, the water mill to rotate and when is night I want the picture to go darker and in the morning the picture to turn a little yellow and orange until the sky gets blue.   (more...)

or a skilled, talented and motivated animator who can design can afew human characters for a upcoming video game project. looking to pay 100 per COMPLETED character. If the first character is a success we will extend your services up to 11 more characters. I have a basic sketch with a few detailed notes and pictures. Let me know if you need anything else. Please let me know your turn around time as well thanks in advance   (more...)

one who can use an example of a DVD menu to create a flash animation using images, sound and text for the entry point of a website. would be helpfull if designer has MAC and iDVD to use as an example.   (more...)

FLASH intro for a website. I have a few jobs open for Flash work, check them out. Requirements: 1) Read the spec so you understand the work: Flash Animation.doc 2) Send me sample of your work in your application. 3) I prefer not to pay up front so I know that you can do the work, however if you have good oDesk experience that is fine to ask for upfront payment. Work with confidence - I have a lot of great oDesk history. 4) Ask any questions now. 5) Deadline : Preview at 3 days, completion at 5 days.   (more...)

flash animation created similar to the how it works tab on It will be 2 minutes long with a voice over and have moving components as well as mouse over bubbles. Please send along previous flash creations.   (more...)

eating ten lessons, up to an hour for each, which will be video driven. There will be concepts within each of these lessons that we\'d like to be represented by animations. We estimate that for each of the ten lessons, there will most likely be up to 10 minutes of actual animation. We are working in Final Cut Studio so if you are also working in Final Cut Studio (Motion, Final Cut, etc.) it\'s preferred but not mandatory. It would help if you\'re also able to create your own illustrations/graphics. If not, we will need to find someone with these skills for you to work closely with. Price is negotiable dependent upon experience and skill-set. Must be available to work starting immediately and this project is due by the end of the year. **Must provide examples of work. Must be working from U.S. All who do not fit these criteria will not be considered.   (more...)

skilled animator to create a humourous 12 second video that will be suitable for showing online, and also on a 300 screen plasma/LCD media network in Australian bars and nightclubs. The video will consist of two 2D animated rabbits having sex in various positions before jumping on to a pack of condoms. The rabbits are both all red in colour. More details provided to the successful applicant, and plenty more upcoming work where that came from for a talented video animator/editor. Please give a ballpark estimate of how many hours this job will take.   (more...)

or somebody to design a flash map as this: And install it to my website.   (more...)

t and simple 3D animation and hi res images for a toothbrush product. This is for both video demo and print ad. Existing Solidworks files built and available.   (more...)

er props, characters, and environments must have a year of experience and a portfolio   (more...)

eed of a reliable article writer. I have ongoing work available and currently I need a batch of 15 x 300 word articles written. Topics will be given and articles need to be unique. Please apply if you are available immediately.   (more...)

oking for a staff writer with excellent english ability to write blogs and content for our website Blogs are to be 100-300 words and content should be an aggregation of news stories on the china energy sector focussed on Coal, Solar and Wind power. Experience of business blogging is required. Blogs will be checked for plagiarism. 4 blogs per week are required. The candidate will be paid $2-4 per post and the jobs will be awarded in bundles of 100 blogs   (more...)

ng for writers for a professional news organization (a Google News site). Your news articles will be on the front page of Google and Google News, usually within minutes. I\'m looking for writers to rewrite a minimum of 4 news articles a day, for 7 days a week. This job is rewriting news articles, which is much easier than writing original articles. Each piece will be around 250 to 370 words. The articles can be business, entertainment, sports, technology, health, etc. The rewritten articles should be in a smooth flowing, news-like style (but without a personal view or opinion). Articles should be 100% original, if you use software to spin articles please don\'t apply for this job, you will waste your time and mine, you need to be able to reproduce the articles with your own style and creativity. You should be able to post the articles on the website(wordpress platform), everyday. I\'m looking for long term writers, with additional work available if you want it. Articles must be completed with good grammar, punctuation, spelling and they must pass Copyscape premium. You should be a native English Speaker, or have an excellent knowledge of the English language. You should be able to communicate by email daily, and need to be available 7 days a week. I need someone who can start right away. I also need you to commit to writing these news articles everyday - if you miss deadlines I will stop working with you and that would be a waste of time for both of us. ***All articles have to pass Copyscape premium to be paid**** PLEASE BID FOR A WEEK\'S WORK: 7 days x 4 articles per day = 28 articles PAY RATES: 250-370 WORDS REWRITTEN: $1 VERY IMPORTANT ********When you rewrite an article for me I receive exclusive and complete copyright to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, rewrite or give away or use these articles in any other way.   (more...)

ing for a writer that has an excellent command for writing in American English. I would like 100 unique articles that are a minimum of 400 words a piece. I will provide the article topics once you are hired. Total compensation for the project is $75. If the job is completed successfully there is the possibility for full time employment.   (more...)

oking for 2 candidates that have extensive blog,article,SMO,SEO and forum skills for the purpose of generating traffic to websites as well as improving keyword optimization on google and other search directories. Please note that all the work is for Australian directores,blogs etc only Regards Raed   (more...)

growing web production firm in urgent need of new writers. We are looking for writers who are dedicated and can write at least 5 articles per week, but for those with greater capacity, we can offer many more articles per week. We pay $2.5 per article of 300 words each week. We are also interested in working with teams that can produce a large amount of unique and original content. This is a long term position that allows you to work at your own pace through the week. Writing topics vary greatly. Minimal research is required to complete most articles (a few simple Google searches is all it takes). You will be writing SEO content for various websites, so the work will not need to be absolutely perfect, but it needs to be solid.   (more...)

articles written on a variety of subjects including jewelry, home decor, fashion, and various other subjects. All articles will be a minimum of 300-600 words; this will vary article to article. I will expect my writers to complete at least 1 article every day. If I like your work I may provide ongoing assignments. Please do not apply unless you have EXCELLENT English skills. ******IMPORTANT****** I do not offer ANY upfront payment. This is a fixed-rate assignment, so you when you place a bid, you are bidding on the ENTIRE project, not an hourly wage. All bidders will be asked to write a specific sample article. I will provide a subject and keywords to be included. Please do not submit any pre-written samples; they will be ignored because I have no way to know whether you actually wrote them yourself or not.   (more...)

meone to do 50 blog comments at $0.05 each. So $0.05 x 50 = $2.50 I will provide the urls to place comments. Looking for long term work relationship.   (more...)

software review website. I need someone who can write 400-600 word informational articles according to keyword specifications and keep density and other standards according to ezinearticles. You will also have to write 600-1000 word software reviews, and I will provide you the software. This job is for 20 articles, and 10 reviews. I will need two articles and 1 review each week, and you will receive instructions from me as well. Thank you.   (more...)

ure Contractors and Friends, I have a problem, I manage multiple blog and social media sites and I am running out of time to complete my tasks. I am looking for a contractor with a sense of humor and amazing writing ability to capture my readers attention and lead them to taking \"action\". By \"action\" I am talking about purchasing my affiliate products, calling me to purchase or sell a home, signing up for my database, and or just sending a check in the mail because they like what you write. The contractor that I am looking for would be able to write on multiple topics (all clearly provided by me and approved by me). Please use the word money for the first word of your application (to prove your attention to detail). Also in your application I would like: 1. one paragraph experience of your blog/article writing. 2. one paragraph of your interests, anything that best describes who you are. example- I enjoy visiting new places and putting myself in uncomfortable situations so I can increase my confidence with who I am and what I am capable of. 3. write a blog/article no more than three paragraphs on the following: -Topic- saving money on your expenses $2160 a year to be exact. -Key points- Building a storage unit at your house -How to build a wooded storage shed in bullet points - any other resources for readers to use to build a shed -When finished with building explanation lighten up the article with a joke and include something about contacting me (Joshua Baird) JLB Homes LLC to bid and complete the work for them. -close with taking action to save money and contact me (Joshua Baird) with any questions To start out my budget will not exceed $200 a month. The topics will be sent to you and you will be required to do some or all of the research on the topic to complete the article. You will be required to summarize each task to verify you understand the job and you will be required to check in with your progress after two hours if the job is longer than that. Do not spend more than a hour on this article. I will be able to tell if we are compatible in only 3 paragraphs of content. Thank you for your time Josh   (more...)

meone who is a proficient writer/editor who can take an article that is plain, boring, poorly organized, or otherwise not that good and turn it into something that American readers would want to read. This job requires impeccable use of American English and any applications which don\'t read well by me will unfortunately be rejected without consideration. It\'s ok if English isn\'t your first language but you must be a comfortable writer who can \"read between the lines\" and figure out what the words actually mean in context. Thanks, Brad PS- Once you apply, I\'ll be creating a file of 3 articles to be rewritten. I\'ll pay but I need to test your proficiency before I provide bigger jobs.   (more...)

actly what I\'m looking for: -ONLY American based writers will be considered. -Be willing to commit to writing 10, 500 word articles per day, 5 days per week. Additionally, time will need to be allocated daily for research. -Must be able to write articles that are grammatically and factually correct, while being free from plagiarism. Please provide 3 - 5 writing samples. I\'m looking for bids of up to $15 per hour. YOU MUST indicate how many 500 word articles you feel comfortable writing within any given hour. Please also indicate the number of hour you are normally available M - F, as well as what the hours tend to be. I am looking to hire IMMEDIATELY.   (more...)

meone to rewrite 500 words for $0.50. The rewritten article has to be human readable. I will start with 5 articles. [$2.5] Looking for long term re-writer.   (more...)

meone who is a proficient writer/editor who can take an article that is plain, boring, poorly organized, or otherwise not that good and turn it into something that American readers would want to read. This job requires impeccable use of American English and any applications which don\'t read well by me will unfortunately be rejected without consideration. It\'s ok if English isn\'t your first language but you must be a comfortable writer who can \"read between the lines\" and figure out what the words actually mean in context. Thanks, Brad   (more...)

eekly articles about internet marketing like blogging and social media and affiliate...   (more...)

ing for an article researcher who is fluent in English writing. Research will be done for articles in specific niches. Outlines are to be made for 250-500 word articles. Work samples requested: 1) An outline on the subject \"Zombies on Call of Duty Black Ops\" (the video game) Other requested materials: 1) Resume with past and current work experience   (more...)

eed someone who can read, write, about fashion food etc about San Fransisco   (more...)

hed READ ME file   (more...)

riter required for bi-monthly article posting on Notary Public website   (more...)

rticle in the legal field like Last will and testament, divorce, bankruptcy, probate, Living trust ect..   (more...)

ach me conversational Spanish. I will need 200 phrases or sentences that would be used in text messages between friends, in English and Spanish. You should be fully aware of US Pop Culture and a natural \'social butterfly\'   (more...)

oking for professional copywriter in ENGLISH to write about about the fashion industry related topics (we usually deals with jewelry , watches, handbags , shoes etc. Native English speaker required thank you   (more...)

mily law and probate attorney that is seeking a writer who can provide content for my blogs on a weekly basis, and create my monthly online newsletters. I would like articles that focus on estate planning documents, probate administration, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and name changes. If you are interested in this job description, please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss the job and pay scale in further detail. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.   (more...)

conversational Japanese phrases that can be used in normal, witty conversation between friends in both English and Japanese (spelled out in English alphabet and Japanese characters as well).   (more...)

e successful candidiate to write a 25 page ebook on slimming and reshaping, using the Bodymagic undergarment, cleansing herbal kit supplement and super fruits supplement drink la vive. This ebook is to be written in a way to educate the reader of what the ingrdents do generally, but more important how they will lose weight as a results of using all three steps/products   (more...)

health or other miscellaneous topics I want 20 well researched, no garbage and no spammy articles. I will give you a list of keywords/topics Must be unique, original and no plagirism Grammar/spelling MUST be correct. Articles with grammer problems will be returned to you and you must edit back immediately Minimum word count 500. MUST USE MAIN KEYWORD in the first sentence in the opening paragraph of each article This is for long term work   (more...)

d, pls submit your most related samples for our review. For article writing detail, pls see attached file.   (more...)

rite engaging, entertaining copy ? We require a North American editor to review our ebook(7780 words,22 pages). The finished book should be written in a clear, helpful & friendly tone. The person will check & edit the work making additions as necessary. Please include sample/s of your work, Thanks for taking the time to view this job posting!   (more...)

oking for excellent article writers who can complete at least five articles per not bid if you cannot comply with our minimum requirements...   (more...)

ing for creative writers for my websites and Blogs. The writer must be having ample know-how of wholesale trade, supply chain management, and real estate industries. Need an expert writer who can produce interesting and original content. One needs to have excellent command over english writing and grammar. This is an on going project and i\'d like to see some sample work before starting.   (more...)

oking for 3 article writers to write 3 articles, submit and achieve position in 3 days. Article submission experience is necessary as well as SEO knowledge. The subject matter is Home TV service providers. In particular understanding of cable TV, Satellite TV, and Dish Satellite TV is necessary. We will supply Article subject and one sentence introduction. We are willing to pay up to $15 USD per article flat rate. Please submit links to samples of your previous work.   (more...)

oking for someone that can speak and write outstanding articles and website content in english for a United States audience. This is will be an ongoing and recurring assignment. The first assignment is a test run of 5 articles of 250-300 words. We will supply you with the keywords and structure to use. We need a 2 day turnaround to complete the final approved version for all 5 articles. You must be able to write original content. If you apply for this assignment you must submit samples of your work with your application.   (more...)

per done, you can email me with more questions   (more...)

on of Audio track to be edited. I want you to edit and then mix (from two tracks to two tracks) a 12-minute recording, primarily of spoken word. The recording is high quality but recorded in front of a live audience. This is a 12-minute digital audio recording (16-bit, 44.1 Hz, aif format) from a live storytelling performance including voice (mostly) and guitar (a little). The file is stereo, but the second channel contains only guitar, so will need to be silenced during the 10 minutes or so that the guitar is not playing. What I want: 2 files back. The first should contain the edited file. The second should contain the same edited file, but mixed down to mono to put both the voice track and the guitar stereo center. During the editing, I want you to clean up the spoken vocal, ridding it completely of stumbles, false starts, \"uh\'s\", and mouth clicks. In addition, you should remove all noises caused by the stool I sat on, by the guitar strap, etc., wherever possible. Don\'t attempt this job unless you have headphones and an audio editing program that allows zooming in almost to the sample level. (The open-source program Audacity would be sufficient, or any of the pro-level stereo editors.) --------------- Here is a more detailed description of the recording and the kind of editing I expect you to do: Ther total length of this recording is 12:20. This is a live recording of a storytelling concert with song. There are two tracks: one from the vocal mic, and one from the mic that recorded the acoustic guitar. My primary concern is the spoken vocals. The song portions should need little editing. But the guitar track needs to be balanced, in the final stereo mix, with the vocal track. During the (large) portions of the performance when the guitar is not playing, both stereo tracks should carry the spoken voice only. I want a very clean final track of the spoken portions. All stumbles, false starts, \"uh\'s\", and clicks should be removed. In addition, you should remove all noises caused by the stool I sat on, by the guitar strap, etc., wherever possible. Please leave in place audible laughter, etc., from the audience. From time to time, I may have muffed a line. Knowing that I was being recorded, I probably repeated the line immediately. In such a case, the first (muffed) version should be deleted. If you have never worked with spoken recordings before, you should be aware that, unlike with a singer accompanied by instruments, each mouth click is audible on the recording. Although a singer\'s clicks and swallows will be covered by the instruments, the storyteller\'s will be exposed and so must be removed. Sometimes, this will involve zooming in quite far and cutting a small fraction of a second that contains the click. Other times, merely cutting the click won\'t be sufficient because removing the section containing the noise will leave a pop. When that happens, you may need to do a micro fade-out and fade-in around the area you removed. If the noise is in one part of the frequency band (e.g., a popped \"p\"), you may be able to use eq instead of (or in addition to) cutting. Sometimes, of course, you won\'t be able to remove all extra sounds. If I can\'t remove it either, I\'ll consider it okay for you to leave it in. Another concern is faint audience and environmental sounds during pauses in the spoken voice. You may need to replace some pauses with clean room tone taken from other pauses. Sometimes, a breath intake will have a click or other noise as part of it. You can replace such a breath with an appropriate, clean breath copied from another portion of this recordings. If any pause is so long that it seems awkward or too slow, you can reduce its size appropriately. Still other times, you may need to increase the volume of the last word of a phrase. (I have a bad habit of dropping the volume at the end of a sentence. Increase the level as much as possible without creating a distracting amount of amplified background hiss. Other notes: I also have two more tracks recorded simultaneously: one has the (often distorted) output of a direct box from the acoustic guitar\'s pickup; the other has the output of a mic that was aimed toward the audience. Let me know in the unlikely event that you think you might want to copy in anything from the audience mic. Yours, Doug   (more...)

to be engraved may be found attached Vanhal - Beauties of Apollo The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Mattheson - 12 Sonatas The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

, searching for a very well put together reggaeton track... Must be your own track and you will get full credit for your composition. We are in the works with an international recording company, but have to have our own track composed. Looking for a reggaeton beat... Example: Daddy Yankee   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Gersheim - Präludien The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Martucci - Tema con Variazioni The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Sgambati - Piano Concerto the job includes the Andante and the Grand Polonaise - so the whole zip-file The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

ing for an adult, female voice for an audio book.   (more...)

are the tasks that will occur WEEKLY *** - Minimum of 1 audio recording to be edited and uploaded to our server. This is usually pretty simple. It usually flows like this: 1. You take the intro music we provide, add it to the main recording, 2. remove the chatters at the beginning and the end of the recording, 3. make a new MP3 file from the intro music and edited recording. 4. Upload the finished recording to our media server (log in, select file, and click upload). - Post the recording in our membership site (Wordpress platform). What you will do is 1. Log in to our Wordpress admin panel 2. Copy and paste the link to the MP3 file. 3. Paste it in the appropriate place on the Wordpress post/page for proper playback and linking. *** Here are the tasks that will occur perhaps BI-WEEKLY or maybe MONTHLY *** - Video editing using your favorite video editing software. If you don\'t have one, we can provide it. But chances are if you don\'t have one, you won\'t be able to perform the video editing task. - Create Powerpoint presentations for our webinars and videos. Must be able to create custom animations in Powerpoint.   (more...)

Urgent Narration Service needed 10 sentense. Thanks Praful   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Basili - Sinfonia nello stile di Haydn The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

ing for a tech savvy individual that can make a music CD of MP3 FORMAT that will play on a PS2 SYSTEM. I am told this can be done, but do not have the understanding of how to accomplish it. I will provide you with MP3’s and I would want you to burn a CD that would play them on a PS2 (Standard PS2). If you can do this, please let me know what your price would be per CD. Lowest bid will be rewarded. (advise under $2.00 per CD including shipping) Please include shipping in cost. This is not just burning a CD. It is much more involved. It is knowing how to prepare the CD so it will play music in an MP# FORMAT on a PS2 system. You must have a PS2 System to confirm that the trasfer works prior to sending us the CD. Payment will be made after a test is made by me of each CD to insure working quality.   (more...)

instrumental soundtrack of the attached score. The interpretation will follow the style of the attached MP3 so you can match the fermatas on the mp3. I\'d like the soundtrack to have that \"disney\" 1950\'s feel to it (such as spoonful of sugar from Mary Poppins - . Doesn\'t need to be \"that\" elaborate but something fun that matches the song \"bitchiness\". Deliveries: 1 mp3 of the instrumental version using your creativity 1 midi file of the score Thank you very much.   (more...)

loping an audio based story, much like the old radio shows (Lone Ranger). I will supply the audio story and I need you to supply the correct sound effects for the audio story. I will supply a sound script that will be suggestive of the sounds needed and for how long they should be played for. For instance, there may be a story line as such, The door slowly creaks opens (sound effect of a creaking door). You must have background experience to be considered for this job. You may be asked to supply sound samples to my work. Likewise, you may be asked to supply musical sound tracks to portions of the story as well.   (more...)

or someone to troubleshoot cubase issues and give us some general help over Skype.   (more...)

ing for a tech savvy individual that can make a music CD of MP3 FORMAT that will play on a PS2 SYSTEM. I am told this can be done, but do not have the understanding of how to accomplish it. I will provide you with MP3’s and I would want you to burn a CD that would play them on a PS2 (Standard PS2). If you can do this, please let me know what your price would be per CD. Lowest bid will be rewarded. (advise under $2.00 per CD including shipping) Please include shipping in cost. This is not just burning a CD. It is much more involved. It is knowing how to prepare the CD so it will play music in an MP# FORMAT on a PS2 system. You must have a PS2 System to confirm that the trasfer works prior to sending us the CD. Payment will be made after a test is made by me of each CD to insure working quality.   (more...)

or a seasoned Audio/Sound Editor who can insert lyrics into the video (below). Would like new words to sound as if the little girl is saying that - either with a voice/over or sound program that can make the sound of the voice produce new words. Most of the lyrics will be the same, will need about 30 new words.   (more...)

uge numbers of audio files of indian origin (bollywood songs) from 1950 to 2010 time length 3-5 minutes, we need midi musicians those who can work on long term basis, $20 per song, the beauty of indian song is the parts are repeated several times, so that makes work easy and for a good midi programmer, the normal time to finish would be 4-6 hrs per song. please contact with original mp3 and midi file you have created, also attached is our sample (both audio and midi)   (more...)

dubstep track from acapella vocals we send you. Applicants must show a link to tracks made before. (Deliverable is the track as radio version and a DJ-friendly version (which has 30 seconds of beats-only at beginning and end, so DJs can mix it))   (more...)

ect includes website auditing for 41 websites, at $5per website. The intention of this project is that the website owners understand how their website is performing on user experience, SEO and as a brand communication tool etc, etc.   (more...)

arching for a person to write one business plan to help us organize and create the structure of our business. Our business plan will be for a women\'s non-profit. While we have lots of ideas and info, we need somebody to fill in the missing pieces, help plug in numbers and write it up. We will give you the background information for the endeavor and what I am trying to do (concept information). Also, we will be available for any questions that you have to get it going. We are looking for a good writer with experience writing a business plan or starting a business. Also, you will need to be able to do financial projections. Please provide relevant experience, your working style, a competitive bid, work samples if available and an estimate for amount of time it will take to complete the project.. Failure to follow these instructions will result in your ineligibility for this project.   (more...)

le for the management and expansion of the company.   (more...)

meone who can assist in developing a detailed web strategy & consulting report. We will determine the opportunity, come up with budgets and make recommendations on marketing strategy too.   (more...)

meone who can look at marketing data that I will provide and study the -price -product positioning -packaging every week and monitor competitors and come up with insights on the way we sell our products. This task requires someone who can spend a few hours a week and go deep into the data and look at insights. If you know how to use Terapeak, even better Skills Required: Excel, Terapeak (not essential but good to have)   (more...)

n immediate need to market the launch of a contest on our website. The contest is about sharing favorite gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. We are looking for somone experienced with social media marketing to promote this contest and encourage users to participate. You will have to suggest ideas to promote and execute them. Please respond only if you have SOLID experience with social media marketing.   (more...)

business plan written, start up analysis and financial modelling. These should assist us in our bid to secure financing from banks and possible individual investors. Language should clear and concise, financial projections (revenue and operating cost) realitic. This company will primarily sell computers, network equipments, softwares, appliances and comsumer electronics via an ecommerce website. We do not yet have a brick and mortal presence; hence the business will function primarily as full-fledge online retail outlet. As stated earlier, this business plan and financial modellinga and projection will serve as presentation tool/resource to woo investor and possible secure initail financing from a bank.   (more...)

tively seeking freelance php, mysql developers for a new business model.   (more...)

vestigating to move some small manufacturing to India- as well as doing some OEM on demand outsourcing manufacturing. We are looking for a person who can research local demand, existing successful sales systems, Import of manufacturing machinery and developing world-wide marketing strategy- based on our strength. Freight and distribution know-how is vital.   (more...)

siness plan writer for various projects requiring VC funding. Need competent writer who has experience writing business plans that have successfully obtained funding and has the tools necessary to create financial models based on data I provide.   (more...)

S IT Consulting ( a small family owned IT company that does everything from computer repairs to consulting. I\'m looking for a Marketing Manager. Someone that can bring MCS to the next level. This person will review our current business and then compare it to others out there. After that create a plan of attack. Some of the tasks this person will be expected to do are 1)Create a marketing plan to layout what to do next 2)Develop and write for an email campaign 3)Manage our Facebook and Twitter page (including posting comments and tweeting) 4)Work with a web designer on the layout of the new site (web designer to me hired next) These are just some of the duties. I would prefer people looking for Full Time employment as i see this going full time in a couple weeks. When you apply please give examples of things you would do/implement to help us grow and how it worked out when you\'ve done it for others. I also want someone that is as passionate as we are so please include a paragraph about why you\'ve chosen this field and what still excites you about it.   (more...)

plan with detailed 5years financial plan for a new drinking water company in Ghana. Details will be provided after interviewing with selected candidate.   (more...)

the process of developing an online blog shop system and our client is seeking some professional advice on how to market her online blogshop. We will like to request for Marketing Proposal on the marketing and branding of an online bikini blogshop. Provider must be prior experience in branding, sales and marketing before applying.   (more...)

is looking for a Marketing and Business Expert Requirements: 1. Must work fulltime at 10pm to 8am Phil Time 2. Must have a high speed computer 3. Must have a high speed internet connection 4. This is a long term job 5. Must have years of Marketing and Business administration Experience 6. Must have years of experience in business planning 7. Can run aand market a new product line 8. Must have good English 9. has extensive knowledge on product analysis The pay is $500/ month starting salary.   (more...)

ing Japanese Antiques on the net.Very small company.It has been in business for 6years as online retailer. For this year,we\'re trying to open another online shop. It means to sell Italian Bike shop.   (more...)

ng for web designers!   (more...)

ed Virtual Assistant in Spanish   (more...)

ly possess a traditional planning & strategy background with an online focus - Rich Media - Digital Media - Entertainment – VideoGame – SEM – Mobile – Social – you know digital in detail. Must Have • Minimum 5 years experience • Must be able to manage multiple campaigns, create and PowerPoint presentations, Trafficking and reporting experience mandatory in order to teach junior level. • Must have extensive experience with Google, Yahoo, Mediaplex, DART or any major 3rd party adserving company - Master and continually enhance use of online advertising tools to evaluate, set up, and facilitate ad serving for assigned online campaigns • Must have experience planning Rich media • Agency experience required • Excellent presentation skills with Powerpoint • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint • Meticulous attention to detail • Superior time management and organizational skills • Digital planning/buying responsibility for assigned Cross-Platform Initiatives to determine viability of digital proposals or work with media partners to appropriately build viable programs The Work • Create, a media plan to implement traditional online campaigns for major clients • Create winning strategy and present concisely to clients and Senior Management • Coordinate search, display and social media with the team • Produce regular and, as needed, client reporting to measure effectiveness of campaigns and provide strategic direction. • Streamline processes, brainstorm strategic directions and enhance client/agency results.   (more...)

contact top business development people from linked in and other source you must be expert at linked in and know all the tricks max $0.50   (more...)

talented individual or team to create a business plan for a new networking site. I would like to have all the details that a normal business plan ordinarlly has but with a little more excitment! I will expect to see some drafts before the final is complete. please send me a sample of your last business plan that involved a website business of some kind.   (more...)

ting a business and I urgently need help with market sizing and internet research of the industry in detail to help me segment and target the customer. The research include internet searching for answers as well as leveraging data from eBay. Examples of questions that I need to research (there will be between 4 and 10 questions) * how many items do people sell when they move on average? * how many families do their spring/fall cleaning and sell items on eBay/craigslist while doing so * what are the statistics on fundraising in the US? how much have people donated to charities? Who donates the most and to what organisations? What is the average size of donation? I encourage applicants from any part of the world to apply. We welcome applicants with market sizing and market research experience with great English who have knowledge of the US market. Please send your bid along with description of your experience with similar tasks and a time schedule.   (more...)

siness plan written for a health/wellness related company (specific focus on fitness). I require a very detailed and well written business plan. Have some of the marketing basics down, and a solid idea. Please provide references and/or samples of work. Very interested in getting this done ASAP.   (more...)

Business Plan Writer (and researcher) Details: ***Please note that I will give access to data after legal agreements have been signed and returned.*** Throughout the development process, we have been organizing our notes, feature requests, revenue streams, marketing channels, etc. I have been having everything kept organized and detailed, so that we can have someone, possibly you, come in and write a business plan that you create, based on all of the information that we have kept (which is stored in Evernote). In addition, while you were writing the plan, you would be in constant communication (skype for both verbal and im based) with me, along with a project manager, and my assistant, whom you can give research tasks (i.e. \"get statistics on productivity lost in workplace for marketing, and business plan stats for financial projections) I am looking for someone who really is a talented writer. I am planning on scheduling meetings with investors, so this needs to be well written, and really sell the potential this product has. I am hoping to schedule these meetings the last week in November - first week in December Anyways, let me know if interested. If you are, I will require that all those working on the project, sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement. Thanks.   (more...)

ng for someone with experience in developing and presenting Facebook and Twitter strategies. You must be able to look at the \'big picture\' of online marketing, and be able to work with me to develop thourough online marketing strategies to be presented to my clients. Please only apply if you DEVELOP strategies, not just use FB + Twitter. Thanks Bec   (more...)

company in formation and are ready to get going, but we need creative help with creating a brand, brand identity, logo, tag lines, and later, a website. We will be a retail store selling high quality prepared meals for the health conscious, and those seeking to lose or gain weight with nutritious healthy, fresh prepared meals and meal plans. We will have some seating, but mostly this will be a take out business   (more...)

e are looking for a company that specializes in online marketing. We would like you to develop a plan for online marketing for our business The plan should outline specific strategies to drive traffic to our website, generate leads etc. Some strategies we would like to see in the plan: Google PPC SEO Article submission Kijiji and craigslist posting Website optimization and review Looking forward to speaking with you! Stephen   (more...)

I have a job opening for you to post 9 ads everyday on craigslist for our company, we are ready to make an upfront arrangement of $400 to you for the first 2 weeks posting job. Cheers Martins Lee. Manager   (more...)

y you to find indiviuals on twitter thats selling iphone 3g,3gs, and iphone 4 for low prices. The job is ot get them to reply to your tweet with their paypal address to make payment and a pic of the phone to confirm that they have it. Search for iphone for sale in the search box.   (more...)

or someone to greatly promote our website Business. Promotion of site can be Social, links, Etc Members required as part of the process. Paid per 100 members.   (more...)

oking for a consultant to assist us in monetizing large quantities of SEM driven traffic. Familiarity with affiliate programs, click through rates and a history of high conversion rates and high ROI are helpful. If interested please apply, message us with specific questions. Payment is 2% of all revenue generated and must be able to start immediately.   (more...)

dent in the english department,and interested in marketing e-mails   (more...)

ed first is an analysis of competitors. It would prefer to have the data by Thursday the 13 at around 4PM central Europe time. I want the competitor analyses filled out based on the points that are in the business plan template that I will send you if you get the job.   (more...)

toward making our services known and attractive to potential patients   (more...)

Sales, Sales strategies, Seo.   (more...)

Brand Grab MARKETING We are seeking experienced Marketing expert who can help grow a new company that will launch January 2011. Brand Grab is Australia based business that only does business within the Australian market. Currently the website is under-construction so you cannot see it. Company background Brand Grab is an online shopping club that runs 3-day sales. We deal with brand name Home interior and lifestyle goods. Customers can find branded name goods at up to 80% off RRP. Goal and objectives We require a marketing expert to help us grow our online business. We want someone who can give us facts and projections on how they plan market our business. We require some who can work efficiently with a very low budget to start off with, and have bigger budgets as the business grows. The member ship subscription level we are trying to reach is 200,000 members in 1 year. Our competitor reached 160,000 members in 11months with minimal advertising. This type of business grows quickly through word of mouth, with correct marketing and advertising we believe that we can grow to higher than 200,000 in one year. Total amount of work available We are willing to invest in an expert marketer who will out perform what they say and give us great returns. We want someone who wants a long-term working relationship and someone with project management experience to manage a small team of people for social networking. Terms of Payment Hourly rate. Application requirements All applicants must provide a structured presentation why they believe they are the right person for marketing Brand Grab. We also want to know what you can guarantee and promise to deliver.   (more...)

or someone to complete a few tasks utilizing SPSS software. If you are an SPSS expert, this will take you a few hours to complete. Contact me for more details. Ignore the rate as we will negotiate a rate upon after going over the task. You must be able to communicate via Skype.   (more...)

one who can create proforma financial models for a business plan writer for various projects requiring VC funding. Ideally Need competent writer who has experience working with business plans that have successfully obtained funding and has the tools necessary to create financial models based on data I provide.   (more...)

or one to help, with running a google ad words campaign, looking to relaunch a website to bring in new viewers, also want to run a campaign for a music cd for downloads   (more...)

rd essay (that\'s just a rough guide, you can do more if you want) written in your own words and including references. Giving a convincing argument that fashion wholesale (independent fashion labels selling their designs to retailers) is a strong business sector and an attractive market to invest in. Also, you would need to talk about the fashion retail industry and why it is a strong industry. e.g- many boutiques are opening, people spend alot of money on fashion. But please bear in mind the main focus will be on the fashion wholesale sector and why it\'s a good idea to start a business within that sector.   (more...)

or someone who has expertise in managing facebook ad campaigns, and has web analytics experience in general. DO NOT APPLY TO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE USED PROSPER202 BEFORE Here\'s my goal: I am running around 20-25 different facebook ads, and I want to see which ones result in the maximum number of e-mail signups on a certain website. I want to create analytics (using prosper202) to measure which groups of facebook ads are performing the best in terms In your response, please talk a bit about your specific experience in this area, and your expected timeframe to complete this project   (more...)

NOT a google search and data entry job* We seek an individual to conduct online web research to multiple fine filters in order to find results at deep levels. Must have knowledge of new website listings portal sites, or directories, and extract data as necessary. The task: You must be able to find new business listings and/or websites on the net. Must have \'know-how\' on different methods and techniques to search Familiarity with major search engines. Ability to analyze results and compile a report. The assignment is a recurring monthly assignment. Previous search engine expertise is an asset.   (more...)

table (Excel) of product sales for a variety of promotional items (banners, posters and the like) for a number of brands that we need the satistics reviewed and summarized (with basic graphs) for an executive audience. - Sales by item-type (by units sold) - Sales by Brand per item-type (10 most purchased brands) - Sales by province (Dollar amount) - Most active purchaser (Dollar amount) - Average purchase quantity by item type We are looking to show which items and combinations of item and brands are the most popular, so that the executive team can determine which brands and item-types to focus on for future development. File has 443 records from approximately 200 orders. There are approximately 30 brands and 15 different types of items. We are looking mostly for overall trends in what is popular, not a complete analysis of all records. The completed report you produce should include: - A one-page (~500 word) Executive summary - 4 to 7 pages of analysis, including graphs covering the 5 points mentioned above. To complete the report you will be provided with: - The excel file with all records - a similar report created previously for reference   (more...)

Structural Equation Modeling to perform Statistical Data analysis for empirical research in the social sciences.   (more...)

meone to entered my weekly transaction to an excel correctly. The work include the followings: 1. Make a format of Weekly Sales Report. 2. List of Account Receivables. 3. Statement of Account. 4. Summary of Weekly Sales Report every Month. More information about this job will send to you upon interviewing. I will pay $1/hr. work must less than 10hrs a week.   (more...)

meone to entered my weekly transaction to an excel correctly. The work include the followings: 1. Make a format of Weekly Sales Report. 2. List of Account Receivables. 3. Statement of Account. 4. Summary of Weekly Sales Report every Month. More information about this job will send to you upon interviewing. I will pay $1/hr. work must less than 10hrs a week.   (more...)

smart for taking decision before entering the market and have to good management to manage it   (more...)

job is to view excel lists of our several hundred clients names and make an excel report showing our client retention for the past five years. So approximately 60 lists/months with each list having about 150 names on it. The report is to show monthly, quarterly and annually the percentage, number and names of new clients, lost clients and total clients. All names will be provided in excel. You must be excellent at using excel and be able to use advanced formulas etc to make this job fast. The formulas must be able to allow me to easily make changes, eg if I delete a name it will automatically update the reports totals and percentages. You must be able to make the layout user friendly so some of our staff who are not good with excel can understand it. If I am happy I will also have lots of other ongoing work for you with excel spreadsheets, reports like this, data entry and other similar things. So I really want to find the right person for this who I can work with after this project.   (more...)

be required to look for property investments in Australia using and then provide a report of why this property is the best purchase. You will be given certain criteria\'s to look for. Also you will need to be able to do a feasibility spreadsheet. If you think this is something you can do confidently then please apply, as I this is not a position that can be easily trained. You must have a interest in the property market and the investment arena.   (more...)

eeking candidates with a strong financial background to fill 6 Financial Analyst positions. Candidates should have previous excel experience and be able to interact with enterprise accounting systems. CPA\'s are preferred. Candidates must be able to read and understand financial statements and be able to triangulate data. We are seeking candidates who are very detail oriented, have a strong financial background and are able to meet deadlines. This is a 40 hour per week job that pays $10/hr (inclusive of oDesk fees). Potential candidates will be paid $1 for a fixed priced project during the test phase which is to be completed in 5 days before being hired full time. This job requires 40 hours per week and on successful completion of tests and interviews with us an offer to the Financial Analyst position would be made at $10/hr(including oDesk fees). Access to webcam is a prerequisite for this job. The job requires use of webcam along with odesk team, screen shots. The tests include * Financial tests to guage accounting and excel skills * oDesk test for written English * Skype Video interview * Cognitive tests Desired skills * Great English communication skills * CPA or 5+ years of experience in Financial/Accounting positions * Enthusiasm for working with the gDev process and methodology.   (more...)

oking for a consultant who speak english and/or french for a project in our Cote D\'Ivoire branch. The project will consist of building the process and train the local administration.   (more...)

model for start up diversified technology company needed. A Business model will need to be created as well as operating plans and procedures. If you have experience in structuring start-ups and experience with technology companies, I would like to hear some examples of work you have done and skills you can bring to this job. Ongoing support will be needed, and after the initial plan has been created follow up support and projects will follow. An overview of what the company will revolve around Diversified Technology Company Venture Capital /Angel investor / R&D/Industrial Design / Investment Goal – To be responsible for the future through technology * Develop and improve idea to market machine * Invest in and create cutting edge technology * Invest in and create new and upcoming businesses * Research trends and markets * Provide technical advice to Governments and corporations * Invest in education/science programs * Create ‘Good’ Product which will benefit mankind   (more...)

located company is seeking to expand from local to regional size. We are composed of about 25 employees currently but will be expanding to around 50. We need a business strategy for expansion plan. This includes numbers. We are looking for someone with competency in financial analysis, marketing, sales strategy and project management. The details of our plan will be explained to accepted applicants.   (more...)

needed for a new start up software/web company in the educational sector. The valuation will be used to find investors. I have extensive financial information already in Excel as well as in powerpoint. I need to make some adjustments to the financial scenarios as well. Need to use discounted cash flow analysis, perpetuity growth rates, EBITDA multiples, and revenue multiples to estimate terminal values (operating and strategic value). I have attached file to show an example of the data.   (more...)

omeone to do market research for a business plan. The company is based in advertising. We need research regarding advertising trends, online and offline, advertising dollars spent, what larger and smaller businesses are spending and where.   (more...)

killed SugarCRM consultant familiar with these tasks: 1. Creating and managing modules within Studio 2. Establishing relationships between modules 3. Importing Data with relationships 4. Creating reports 5. Creating and managing workflows 6. Creating document templates First line in cover letter should be the answer to this math problem \"4 + 3 = x\". Provider must be fluent in english, and be available for voice conversations.   (more...)

or a very intelligent all-around assistant who can be a true superstar and play many roles. The candidate will be working for executives at a Wholesaling and Service startup company, and should be interested in and comfortable with the high-tech industry. We will need someone who has great English skills -- likely a native speaker. Also you need to have fluent German Skills, you should be able to talk with somebody on the Phone in german language and also write emails in german. The initial workload will fluctuate somewhat; there will be certain weeks with just a few hours of work, and other weeks when there is closer to 40 hours of work in the week. We will need someone who research for suppliers of Hightech Gadgets and Hardware and research the internet for the newes Gadgets on the Market. Also you will do other Jobs like posting new coordinate our othe rFreelancers and manage some small projects. You must have as regular access to a high-speed Internet connection. Must also be trustworthy and discrete, and must pay attention to all the details. You must be availible to normal European Worktimes like form 10 PM - 18 PM (+01 UTC) Some of the task are listed below but not limited to: -Product Research -Research -Product Upload -Phone Calls -Support Costumers Additional experience wishlist (but no must): Adobe Photoshop SEO HTML Dreamweaver or HTML editor Sales / Marketing / Copywriting Prestashop Starting at 10 to 20 regular hours a week and then could turn into 30 to 45 hours per week for the right person. If you have this exceptional skills as we mentioned above. Tell us Why we must hire you? We look forward to developing a long lasting relationship.   (more...)

or Excellent Functional Consultant who has completed atleast 2 complete implementations. Good communication and problem solver required who can document the requirements and provide a solution   (more...)

ICANTS ONLY! We are looking for a highly skilled person to assist us as our SEO expert. You will assist us in providing SEO consulting to our accounts and assist us in maximizing SEO for our accounts. You MUST know the in\'s and out\'s of SEO. This is not for beginners. No training so be sure you know what you are doing and can PROVE it. We are a great company who is building a solid team. We are looking for people who want to work with us long term. Please respond by: Starting your response with \"Hello Ms. SEO\" Tell us how many years of SEO experience you have Provide us any examples of your SEO skills Provide us with your best rate Be prepared for an interview where you\'ll be asked things that an SEO expert should know Please don\'t waste our time or yours. Serious and experiences applicants only!!!!! U.S. Based only please! We are on the west coast so you need to be able to work across the time zones. You will start out slow and with a few hours and build up from there.   (more...)

ng for a Project Manager to : - Manage virtual resources - Track daily to-do items - Track trends in daily completion rates - Transcribe meeting minutes and delegate tasks - Manage and work using 37signals applications - Research & Vet candidates for projects - Lead client discussions/interactions - Draft client communications - Work independently - Work with other virtual resources - Bring clarity to ambiguous instruction - Proficient in MS Office Suite - Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Office - Manage using spreadsheets and formulas - Familiar with Project Management principles - SDLC a plus - Familiar with Agile development principles - Exposure to Microsoft Project and Visio This role will be long term - 10 - 30 hours a week.   (more...)

client looking for a business where he can invest the money he got from his retirement. We are thinking of making an online business and looking for a business plan to be successful of this endeavor. As you apply, please provide sample of your business plan and try to think also a name of your business. If your business plan is choosen, you will have a chance to be hired as the project manager/administrator and shall be given a profit share (aside from the salary) if the business is successful. Also attach sample business plans you have created earlier so that i can assess how good you are.   (more...)

I am looking for individuals that have experience in Construction, Building Materials, Construction Equipment, Civil Engineering, and Machinery to consult for me on a project. I will need to ask you a series of questions. You must have great communication skills in English. Please contact me. If possible, please attach your CV of work experience. Thanks! Laura   (more...)

new technology which will grab 10% visitors of Google search engine. We want to give it to yahoo in free after this yahoo will earn 100 Million US$ per month aprox. We will get 50% of this amount for our technology. We will give 1% every month which we earn from yahoo contract. Visit Atoall do com. We will give 1% every month after the deal. this is link for detail   (more...)

acticing lawyer who have a client looking for a business where he can invest the money he got from his retirement. We are thinking of making an online business and looking for a business plan to be successful of this endeavor. As you apply, please provide sample of your business plan and try to think also a name of your business. If your business plan is choosen, you will have a chance to be hired as the project manager/administrator and shall be given a profit share (aside from the salary) if the business is successful.   (more...)

re-post of a job that I posted a couple of weeks ago under an account I created for my new business. I could not access my account for over a week, for what reason I did not know, until oDesk finally replied to my customer service ticket and told my my account had been closed because you are not allowed to have two accounts. I am sorry to inconvenience anyone who applied, but I didn\'t know that you couldn\'t open up a second account. We are a start up sales company that markets and distributes telecommunication products and services. We have been building the fundamentals of the business for the last 10 months with 3 people and at this point we are ready to expand rapidly. We want to take on many markets in different geographic areas as well as many employees/contractors. We are looking to hire at least 150 people in the next 6-12 months. At this point our system works for the volume we are doing now, but we are looking for someone who will help us prepare and build our system for what we want to do. We want a system where we can remotely manage everything including accounting, inventory, payroll, meetings, etc. It needs to be simple, cost effective, take the least amount of our time as possible and do this using the latest online and real-world technology (e.g. cellphones, Google apps, email, etc. which we are currently using) Using this system, we want to be able to focus on the bigger pictures of our business, like leadership and growth. This job should not take that long for candidates with the proper experience and knowledge. We will hire at least 3 different candidates to get numerous opinions and there will definitely be future opportunities.   (more...)

client that is seeking help to raise investment capital for his company. You must be able to raise, locate and close the deal….within the next 30 to 60days You will need to be able to locate GOOD investors---and close the deal with the investors. No UPFRONT FEES! Agreed FEE and a percentage bonus will be given once the deal is closed.   (more...)

siness plan needed for technology/innovation exhibit. based in Brisbane Australia with the possibility of continuing the show at other capital cities. Including: Competition and similar events Exhibit space cost Advertising cost   (more...)

ps Optimization Building Relevant Links Local Search Optimization Keyword Research Competitive Keyword Analysis - At the end of the engagement...I\'m looking to be on the first page.   (more...)

1(C)(3) corp. looking for some help in launching our non profit. We would need help in all aspects. We are a high end drug treatment facility that would like to branch out with our non profit needs.   (more...)

detailed profile of each Tier 1 carrier (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile) with respect to their mobile broadband (3G/4G) business. Profile should include: - Number of mobile broadband (MBB) data subscribers, broken down by type of MBB device - USB dongles, mobile hotspots (e.g. MiFi), embedded devices (e.g. netbooks, laptops, tablets). Please note that I m not looking fo voice subcribers or smartphone data subscribers - I need specific subscriber numbers for dedicated mobile broadband data plans used with 3G/4G devices. - mobile broadband subscriber churn rate - detailed summary of mobile broadband data plans, including postpaid and prepaid. Again, I\'m not interested in smartphone data plans - I\'m only looking for data plans associated with dedicated 3G/4G MBB devices (see above). - mobile broadband value proposition (how does the carrier market mobile broadband to their customers?) - current mobile broadband device portfolio, including the following for each MBB device: type of device (USB modem, mobile hotspot, netbook/tablet), model name, air interface (e.g., EVDOrA, HSPA, HSPA+, WiMAX, etc), retail price (with and without subsidy), device manufacturer - current network technology deployment (e.g., EVDOrA, HSPA, HSPA+, WiMAX) with covered POPs and technology transition roadmap with planned covered POPs Some of this information is availalbe via the carrier websites, but carriers typically do not break out MBB subscriber numbers in their quarterly earnings announcements, so I\'m looking for someone who can creatively come up with this information based on legitimate research (i.e. I\'ll need source references).   (more...)

have studied marketing! speak good english and have a good internet connection if you have teaching experience is it will help so please explain on your application if you have taught in the past   (more...)

start up sales company that markets and distributes telecommunication products and services. We have been building the fundamentals of the business for the last 10 months with 3 people and at this point we are ready to expand rapidly. We want to take on many markets in different geographic areas as well as many employees/contractors. We are looking to hire at least 150 people in the next 6-12 months. At this point our system works for the volume we are doing now, but we are looking for someone who will help us prepare and build our system for what we want to do. We want a system where we can remotely manage everything including accounting, inventory, payroll, meetings, etc. It needs to be simple, cost effective, take the least amount of our time as possible and do this using the latest online and real-world technology (e.g. cellphones, Google apps, email, etc. which we are currently using) Using this system, we want to be able to focus on the bigger pictures of our business, like leadership and growth. This job should not take that long for candidates with the proper experience and knowledge. We will hire at least 3 different candidates to get numerous opinions and there will definitely be future opportunities.   (more...)

ntrepreneur with a lot on my plate. I am looking for a virtual assistant with whom I can talk on a daily basis and figure out where each of the projects are as well as other priorities in my life. You will basically take data from our daily conversation and we will collaboratively set goals for myself, such as which projects to be spending time on; which projects should be canned etc. Trust is of supreme importance. You will pretty much know every little thing in my life and help me organize my life on a daily basis so I can have the most efficient day each day. At the beginning we are looking at about 5 hours of work a week. This will very likely increase as we get more comfortable working together. You must be available on skype. Again, I don\'t merely need someone who takes everything I say and types it up. I need someone who can take a lot of data from me and provide intelligent analysis of what areas/projects need to be focused in order to achieve the larger objectives of my life.   (more...)

600 pages to rewrite into our new business.   (more...)

company that is a user and partner of Netsuite based in the UK called Next Day Office Ltd. I have just started a new division to the company which will provide Netsuite under the name We have in place a number of experienced former Netsuite employees contracted to Billsdon Solutions who will provide scripting and integration services for customers who have complex workflow requirements and also an experienced Netsuite migration expert. We are looking for an experienced Netsuite consultant who will take the role of consulting the customer from the start on understanding the customers full ERP and CRM requirements and the full implementation of Netsuite using the above mentioned resources for customers who require the services to complete our team. The consultant must have experience in fully deploying Netsuite for SME Companies in terms of understanding the customer’s requirements with initially assisting to quote the customer, customizing Netsuite to meet customers’ requirements mainly for ERP and CRM. The consultant would mostly work with customers remotely but also be require travelling to the UK on projects that require face to face consulting. Please note this work will be based on assisting us with new prospects as we generate them and will be expected to work with us at the stages of us initially qualifying opportunities stage with the consultant taking over at this stage to determine the modules and services required. We intend to target the wholesale & Distribution, Manufacturing and ecommerce markets, any experience in these industries would be helpful. We would also initially discuss our own Netsuite requirements for further improve our own Netsuite account for our ecommerce side of the business. Anyone interested in working with us as we discover opportunities please get in touch! Stephen Billsdon BillsdonSolutions   (more...)

e information for new website its great website join and visit know today   (more...)

establish a new online company and need someone to do the business plane and business strategy for me . THE CANDIDATE MUST HAVE A VERY GOOD BACKGROUND ABOUT THIS BUSINESS and worked in this feild befor.must have the knolowdge of writng a business starteg and business plan.   (more...)

d: The job consists of helping me chose the best alternative among the various possibilities to set up a group of private schools, in a way that would preserve and maximize my share in equity and the share of the investor(s). Details: Today, I have an opportunity to start a new private school with an investor. 1. I will bring the knowhow in terms of school strategy and leadership, services provision and operational processes, communication, ICT, Finance, HR, Facilities, Relations and accreditation, 2. A friend of mine will bring in the expertise in curriculum design and educational leadership, 3. The investor(s) will bring necessary funds and contacts to secure the initial investment in land allocation and building and supplies. The job consists of preparing a study covering the following topics: - What choices for corporate organization schemes do I have? possible choices may include: o Start the school together with the investor as a single project with more than one owner o Or start an educational fund that owns a group of companies (opco and propco) that aim to build and manage schools in addition to the school itself o Or some other structure in between o Or even a time-based approach which is related to how far we are in the progress of the project, gradually shifting the equity from individuals to corporate.… - What are the advantages and disadvantages of each model? - What are the benchmarks indicating how similar school systems are organized (SABIS, private school chains in the US, UK, Middle East….) - Where would my academic expert friend and myself, place ourselves on the organization chart to maximize profit making for us and the usage of available resources and time (Chairman, CEO, manager, …) The output is expected to be in the form of a powerpoint presentation, with clear horizontal logic (slide title) presenting the arguments and building on evidence to support recommendations as we move from slide to slide. The slide details should present the supporting arguments and details in a clear and concise manner. The final pages should list all supporting resources for the research and recommendations, and attached copies of those documents should be added to the report when available as separate documents. Candidates should be able to present relevant portfolio samples related to similar business planning, and benchmarking research, better if in the field of education. Past experience with regional consulting firms is favored, including Booz, EY, Baine...   (more...)

arting a new Video and internet marketing site, we need someone help us write a business plan.   (more...)

eople to join our strategic team,people that can help set direction and actualize our company\'s goals. We need strategy experts with demonstrated ability to increase our turnover at the same time keep our costs locked. An MBA will be an advantage, but in the absence a verifiable work history where you have achieved the above will do. We want well thought out ideas, probably tested and you should be able to drive the ideas from conceptualization to implementation. Ability to use systems and create systems where lacking will be a major factor in selection. You must be someone used to getting results, When you come on board, we will focus more on the results you get and not your efforts. You must be an effective team player and excellent communicator. Lastly, You should be very comfortable with the use of technology. This is going to be a long term position/relationship, so please let us know your availability.   (more...)

ave twelve months of data in an excel pivot table that we need reviewed, analysed and reported on.   (more...)

ommend and assist in starting a small business which could be started with 5,000 CAD minimum employee/employess and is eventually scalable with more capital. if u cannot talk on skype - then do not apply Ra   (more...)

ny, a consulting firm in Dubai, is looking for people with knowledge in preparing ISO management systems, implementing and auditing to the standard. The job does not require any travel of visits to client offices. I am looking for help in improving existing management systems, writing procedures and developing documentation.   (more...)

an Australian Chartered Accountant and have been researching and trialing the offshoring of process orientated tasks into India and the Philippines for SME\'s within Australia. I am working towards formalising a business model that will suit the Australian market. I am at a critical point in my thinking and would like to hire a mentor to assist me to get it right. I am looking for someone who has experience in delivering these services to SME\'s or has been involved with it at some level. I would prefer either an American, Brit or Canadian. What I am hoping to find is an ongoing relationship where I can bounce ideas around and get to hear the thoughts and opinions of someone who has some experience in this field. Mick   (more...)

search, consulting   (more...)

looking for a good hardworking person from Georgia to help me with some business services for high pay. If you think you would be good for the job please apply as soon as possible. Thank you   (more...)

THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE APPLYING. We are looking for self-employed individuals, not service companies. We are looking for someone to work with our firm part-time on an ongoing basis to handle a variety of challenging tasks. We are a private equity firm and are looking for someone with a dynamic personality and skill-set that is FLUENT in English, very responsive, highly motivated, resourceful, have an extensive oDesk history, and be proficient with Microsoft Office. I repeat, candidate MUST be FLUENT in English and have EXTENSIVE oDesk history. The tasks that we need help with will be for business research and office administration. Example tasks include: conducting telephone surveys, web research, and data entry. A history working in business and familiarity with business and accounting is a plus. This person must be available to work during US, Pacific Standard Time and be accessible through Skype and email during these times. As part of the interview process, we will ask to interview you on the phone and ask for at least 2 references of people that you have done work for in the US. We are open to hiring an overseas candidate, but you absolutely MUST meet all of the requirements outlined in this job description. Pay will be hourly from $4-8/hour based on your previous work history and overall skill-set.   (more...)

a I need someone to create short video clips of interview sessions (common interview questions and answers) I have these, in spanish, in PDF. I will give instructions for any additional words. or messages. totlal length of video for each questions and answer should not be longer than maximum 1 minute. Some questions may vary it all depends on the answer. These are promotion videos for our website, and we will advertise our websiet through each one. Thanks,   (more...)

have a project that I need help with. I have a list 1500 of my company products in an excel document and I need them matched up to a specific category. I will send the candidate a link to the website to find the categories to match my companies products to. You must have good english skills to be able to know what the product is and which category to put it in. This could be an on going project depending on the quality of work performed. Please Let me know if you are interested   (more...)

going to Hong Kong and Korea for the first time on business. I have travelled extensively to other continents but never to Asia. The idea seems daunting. I will be in Hong Kong and then Korea. I need someone to write up a survival guide and create a toolkit for this trip. Put yourself in my shoes - it is the first time in another continent. I want to make sure that I can survive and not ignore basic things. Here are some ideas of what it should include: I’m going to Hong Kong on business and it will be my first time in Asia. Your mission is to give me the necessary tools and information on how to get around there. 1) Where I can get free wi-fi internet connection for my phone (Blackberry Bold) 2) If it is not chea 3) # and info of US Embassy in case I need them 4) How to get to and from Airport. What are my options what is the most economical route and what are the other more convenient options 5) Electricity – will I need anything to connect my computer I need links to this information as well as something brief written up about it. I am leaving tomorrow and need to have this before I head out. Thanks, Rafael   (more...)

nd commissioning of electrical equipments upto 400KV and checking the drawing. AS built drawing has to be made at the site client discussion and the most important thing is the customer satisfaction.   (more...)

I need someone to fill out an excel form based on each of the results of a geographical search for tutoring centers in the greator los angeles area. Please email me, and i will give you the excel file so you can estimate how much work you think you require to complete the excel Thanks I need this by tomorrow.   (more...)

s is a part time or full time position. You MUST have experience with PVAs It involves the creating of phone verified accounts (pvas) for posting on classified ad sites like craigslist that require certain phone verification. - hotmail/gmail access -double verified accounts minimum -us landlines and access to getting proxies etc. i can give you more details as well, or you can tell me what kind of phone verified accounts you can make... we are looking for another full time supplier, someone who specifically can make phone verified accounts for craigslist. Requirements: - You MUST know how to create phone verified accounts (pvas) - You must show us proof and supply sample accounts to verify - You must be familiar with the phone verification methods and new changes that happen frequently This job is for serious applicants who are able to create accounts throughout the week, All correspondence will be via email communication. You will need to be accountable for regularly supplying these accounts. we can work on pricing together and determine the cost for you in making the accounts. please let me know if your interested. we are looking for a long term relationship. thank you   (more...)

y on social network.   (more...)

l estate partnership located in the USA needs help with preparing Broker Price Opinions (BPO\'s) for direct investments. With each job, you will be responsible for entering all the necessary data to fill out a standard BPO form. We will provide you with the comps necessary to complete the BPO. You must have prior experience in completing BPO\'s, as we do not have the time to train someone from scratch. It would be fine if you previously completed BPO\'s for an American bank, mortgage company, or individual real estate broker. When responding to this ad, please attach a sample of a previous BPO that you have done. We need to bee able to gauge your experience, level of detail and accuracy. Thank you.   (more...)

00 name and addresses of businesses located all over US. I need someone to get the phone numbers by data mining.   (more...)

l estate partnership located in the USA needs help with preparing Broker Price Opinions (BPO\'s) for direct investments. With each job, you will be responsible for entering all the necessary data to fill out a standard BPO form. We will provide you with the comps necessary to complete the BPO. You must have prior experience in completing BPO\'s, as we do not have the time to train someone from scratch. It would be fine if you previously completed BPO\'s for an American bank, mortgage company, or individual real estate broker. When responding to this ad, please attach a sample of a previous BPO that you have done. We need to bee able to gauge your experience, level of detail and accuracy. Thank you.   (more...)

want to start a voip project as flow our project at KSA we nedd 1-can any one in KSA call any mobile ar landline in the world if there is one proffesional can do this project please contact us   (more...)

start the race in the project depends on the VoIP technology as follows Can anyone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to call any landline or mobile worldwide Please specify your performance with First Phone to Phone II From computer to phone Please send Completion Rate Duration of crisis Details Thank you   (more...)

ike to trial some people and their skills at promoting facebook pages, and later if they perform well moving into twitter as well. I seek 1k+ likes on a page for my new start up... I do not want to have a bunch of random clone accounts and would like to have the likes by real people. This of course is just a trial, which will be followed up with more work in the future if you perform the task well. Looking forward to working with you. Josh.   (more...)

or somebody immediately that can input with efficiency. A reliable, flexible and hardworking person. Thanks.   (more...)


ngoing link building work for a variety of our company websites. Experienced providers only. Please do not apply of you don\'t have experience. What We Require: . experience in link building . social bookmarking . RSS Submissions . WEB2.0 Sites . Blog Commenting & Yahoo Answers. . Report with daily updates and tracking. Weekly report on results of your activity What We Are Offering You: * Pay rate is $3.00 per hour. * Flexible Hours * Performance based Bonuses & Pay Raises To be considered: Please submit your structured strategies you used to get results and work you have done in link building.   (more...)

person who can help me in finding and buying pieces of furniture from ebay. I\'m looking for someone who has got a background in furniture making, carpentry or furniture dealing and can tell me whether an item is good quality etc.   (more...)

oking for contractor/s to help in one or all of the following: Search to purchase the right products/applications for web based services. Rewrite business ideas from and around a provided content. Install Web applications after purchase. Custom design/configuration or tweak some of the purchased application/ web sites. Provide a hand in web services, backups, maintain availability of service. Provide translation and language support for the existing/purchased applications All the above applicants must be willing to accept between $1-5/hr max Long term commitment from our side Full time commitment from your side (minimum 8hr/per day) is a must.   (more...)

be taking our 1,000 address list and taking each address and researching it against one of these two sites. or You will type in the property address and update the Excel listt if the owner has a forwarding address. If the home is owned by a bank or credit company you will make a note of it on the Excel sheet. That\'s it! Just takes some time to get through all of these. About 1000. Please respond if you can do this for us. Job is flat fee and pays $10. Thanks!   (more...)

ound calls daily   (more...)

am looking for a patient person who can tutor me in Spanish. I have uploaded one chapter from my Spanish textbook. I would like to try reading through parts of the chapter/exercises while speaking via a headset online. I\'m thinking we can use the voice feature of g-mail to speak. (We may have to work out some technical details and you will need Firefox to view the textbook. ) I can pay $10.00 for a one hour session. I am doing the deal via fixed price, but we can redo the session/job multiple times through the week. I\'m hoping to meet some patient folks that I am comfortable working with, and can work with me - and help me understand and practice these Spanish lessons. The semester ends in December, so this can turn into a steady gig if we can workout an effective study strategy. Thanks for reading.   (more...)

ing for someone to write a detail business plan for my non-profit organization. our mission is to provide support and comfort for the victims of senseless violence. all the service and contact information are listed on my website at there you will also see what we are doing in our community and what we are also trying to do   (more...)

new e-coupons and electronic advertising website. Promotion needed via facebook & other social networks.   (more...)

or a name for our online guerrilla advertising company. We\'d like something to be pleasing to both male and female of any age. It must be unique but easy to spell. It should not include the words \"advertising\", \"marketing\", \"guerrilla\" but variations of the words (or a combination) are more than welcome. Please reply with your top 3 names.   (more...)

ome AutoCAD files for a building & we need a new cross section to be drawn (in the same material / line reference as the other drawings). We want this done very quickly to a high standard, it must be accurate and correct and we can pay very quickly also.   (more...)

tecture office is seeking draftmen who can operate on ALLPLAN 2009 for a long term collaboration. You will develop plans from our sketches and/or concept plans. we will provide reference documents as a guide for your work. we look for long term freelacers which will be trained by time through our work. we will communicate through skype or mail. we seek PROACTIVE people that are experienced in the architectural field. >>Many problems will occur since it\'s a complex work but everything will be solved with our help AND your independant work mentality (ex.g: if you don\'t know how to proceed, write down a structured question list and send it for us to review. we will then guide you through skype or mail). Please apply only if you meet the requirements. We DON\'T seek AutoCAD Draftmen! Exported/imported of drawing CAN\'T be used. The position is part time but can be transformed into full time if you are good!   (more...)

n aotocad 20 modols (the moduls can be seen in my site (when click on any exsampel of )   (more...)

r for long term job - characters, objects, clothing. We will need 3D models of stuffed anmals (teddy bears, rabbits, etc) as well as a bath tub, objects in the game, storage shelves and others. Also includes some simple 2D art.   (more...)

one to produce the best after effects in a text format \"30 seconds length \". An example is below for video at the top of the page. If you can create something this good kindly respond with samples of your work in a YouTube video format I can watch online. I will tell you exactly what to have the video say and you can design it. Thank you   (more...)

require a still model high definition high resolution 3D model visualization of the interior of a shopping center with escalator focused on a digital billboard sign. The lighting and texture should look real as possible. See attached picture. The billboard will be located where the red rectangle is with focus on the entire section of the mall that is in the orange border. After the still 3D model has been created a 20 second animation of the digital billboard would be required panning side to side and up and down. Similar to the video from the 34 second to 50 second mark at the following URL: Applicants should provide links to portfolio samples of work similar to what is described here. The use of 3D models in animations with effects. NOTE: The final format for this intro video will be an actual video like .MP4 or .AVI.. This is not going to be a Flash animation.   (more...)

ing to have some movies made & rendered in 3-D. This is to showcase contemporary furniture. No movement, or object animation, only a simple camera surround / pan will be necessary. Quick camera going from high 3/4 left perspective, to lower right side view. The furniture, lighting and set should look real as possible though. For the first .mov, I already have a model of the furniture. It will need to be textured well, then setup in a simple scene to showcase it . . . Rendered as a .mov @ 500 x 375 for now. First one is a test others will follow for more money if this one goes well . . .   (more...)

degree rotations of 32 products (approx. 10 second duration each) with moving flames. The vertical angle should be similar to the product imagery shown on We want to receive a trial render of 1 product first in order to appoint all future rendering work to this provider. Export File Format. Preferably uncompressed HD frames at 1920 x 1080, so we can use these for future HD materials. The primary use of this footage will be web video, so we would prefer non interlaced frames. However if the HD output drastically increases render budget, we are open to discussing a SD output. Environment. All models should appear on a plain white background, or alternatively a subtle studio environment if flame visibility becomes problematic. Available Import File Format The fireplace’s geometry is exported from the Solidworks CAD package. I’ve been using VRML to get the files into Blender, but you may need them in a different format depending on your 3D program. You can see a complete list of formats Solidworks can export to at These models do not include materials or lighting. So you would need to set these up. If you’re using Blender, we can provide you with materials and light set ups. Materials overview. The materials are fairly limited. Burners are 100% stainless steel. The fireplace grates are made from stainless steel and a black Teflon coated steel (looks and feels like cast iron) The outdoor fireplaces are stainless steel and glass, with the exception of the Lantern (which has a bronze patina finish) and Tower (which has matte black painted finish.) The Fireplace inserts are all Stainless steel with glass screens. The Designer Range is mainly stainless steel, glass and white matte finish. (No colours like on the current website). The only texturing work required is on the Zeta, which has a leather finish. Materials: Steel The stainless steel has a brushed finish, this material is reflective, and the brushed effect creates anisotropic glossy reflections along the grain. Material Flame. We sell fireplaces, so getting the flame right is the most important part of the job. We can provide flame video footage which we suggest using, unless you have a fire simulation which can match the style. The fireplaces run on a liquid fuel, which produces a flame more like a large candle than a wood burning fireplace. You can see an example of the flames at   (more...)

n expert to create a 3d scene animation setup template to accommodate our diamond ring model. We will provide the ring models in 3d studio max format. You must be expert in lighting setup. The scene must show up the brilliance of the diamond in all angles. Style of animation. Check, click on any ring design and look at the movie(main) Length of animation : 10 secs Approx frames 250 Frame size 1280x720 HD Please show your portfolio.   (more...)

nimation with effects. PSD is ready and i have an idea for animation.   (more...)

or skilled 3D visualiser/ 3D rendering specialist for rendering of project furniture objects , mostly benches. Input will be autodesk inventor IGS files or other files that can be exported from autodesk inventor Cadidate must proof his skills in 3d furniture visualizing If you are not skilled in photorealistic rendering and visualizeing of furniture objects please do not apply.   (more...)

and development professional with expertise in project planning, execution, vendor development. 6+ years experience in product development and tool design in Automobile and Telecom industry   (more...)

not be surprised if you see this posting the second, or even third time. The project is delayed, but it will start soon. We have recently developed a new version of leveling/alignment system. The new device consists of four standard and three optional stainless steel parts. We have 36 imperial and 36 metric devices, which differ only by dimensions of parts being the part of the assembly. We need a generic 3D model (we already have a model for a particular part) and 72 + configurations generated under Drive Works Express. Who will deliver dimensions for all these configuration is an open issue. Most likely we will do the job, but we may consider giving the task to the designer if we acknowledge his or her proficiency.   (more...)

dification in ProE   (more...)

or creative and executable ideas for a loft extension on top of a traditional turn of the century house in the center of Europe. I am looking for general plans and drawings that will help towards the final project and workplan.   (more...)

oking for a fixed price to develop a 3D caricature of Oprah Winfrey. The character must be developed in 3ds Max full size at 170cm and as a biped with appropriate bone structure ready for body mocap mapping and animation. The applicant will have appropriate experience and can provide samples of previous similar work.   (more...)

rs needed to scan concept art and full bodies of characters   (more...)

follow the 3d characters and objects with a 3d camera. You must have a year of experience and a portfolio.   (more...)

to design 3 different styles and colors of interior based on drafts, photos and mesurements that we provide. All from different angles and with a masterplan. This time it will be a restaurant of one of our clients. If we like your work, we want to hire you for more interesting jobs.   (more...)

a grid over an autocad drawing of a piece of property. Grid spacing is 50 meters between each gridline. (I already have the lines drawn in PDF form, but need to transfer to autocad. See attached) 2. Place gps coordinates at each spot on the grid, so that while i\'m on the property, i can have a printed map with these grids, to accompany my GPS, and know where I am. These are already available on the attached PDF, named \"Coordinates\". I also have google earth pins with correct locations for reference, if needed. 3. The attached kmz file contains polygons that are for 7 parcels of approximately 10 acre (40,000 meters). Draw these acre parcels onto the autocad file along with the grids. Deliverables are an autocad file that includes the above data, along with a PDF that can be printed on a 24x36 drawing.   (more...)

ler is required to develop a number of 3d characters to represent activities in the mining industry for an induction resource. These characters will be static, but possibly will require an introductory animation using the character. An example of what is required is:   (more...)

a photorealistic render of a home theater. I need it atleast 5 views of the rendering. The artist should be able to follow blueprints or sketches as for the dimensions. The artist should be artistic as not all sketches are provided. The artist should be able to work artistically even without a sketch. I will prefer the use of cinema4D. those who uses cinema4D will be likely be the first to be interviewed/hired. after finishing the job, the artist should send the c4d files to me. please attach some interiors done using c4d.   (more...)

r Advertising is currently looking for Interactive 3D Artist for upcoming projects. ImageMaker creates technical 3D Animations, Corporate Presentations, Mixed Media etc. mainly for the resource and alternative energy industries. Candidates must be able to Create Interactive 3D to allow the clients to walk through their projects and go around it or rotate and zoom it. Please visit for more information on our company and our portfolio. Please provide your CV and sample of work.   (more...)

truck company and for our new website we want a 3d animation/video clip with one of our trucks. It should look like one of our trucks is pulling one of our trailers. On all our trailers our logo, which is a kind of duck, is printed. In the animation it should look like that the duck which is printed on the trailer starts flying. I hope this is not too confusing. If it is just ask for more details.   (more...)

skilled Animator and modeller to create a virtual model that will have animations like on catwalk and wear different clothes. Very simple project for an experienced pro. please apply with reference material, looking for someone to start immediately.   (more...)

testing/interview phase for the current candidates. I will provide you an address, and Pictometry log in information. Your ONLY goal is to diagram this accurately, and in a similar format. I have absolutely NO PREFERENCE how you get these measurements, as long as they are correct. I will only allow 3 people to test at a time. Please be patient. It will take 1-2 days each session. I need multiple people. When you are done with this sample, I will need a copy of it along with your time to create this. This will be a factor in selection. Please be truthful. I will be paying you based on this time. Example: If it actually takes you 10 hours to complete (it won\'t), and you tell me it took you 2, then from here on out you will be doing 10 hours of work, and only being paid for 2! This price is for testing only...   (more...)

o modelize a 3D front house and 3 level inside photorealistic. That job must be deliver on time and we need to see the landscaping outside and the furniture inside.   (more...)

ve ongoing drawing conversion requirement for that we are looking for smaller firms or team members who have good experience in Autocad. We have sample that should be done within 24 Hrs or earlier so we can judge the quality if its ok they should start working on more files. Please send your details so we ill send the sample to you so you should process and send me asap. also budget is tight and moreover ongoing business opportunity.   (more...)

ve ongoing drawing conversion requirement for that we are looking for smaller firms or team members who have good experience in Autocad. We have sample that should be done within 24 Hrs or earlier so we can judge the quality if its ok they should start working on more files. Please send your details so we ill send the sample to you so you should process and send me asap. also budget is tight and moreover ongoing business opportunity.   (more...)

4 flats building I would like to split for more and add an elevator. For that I need a visualization 2D and 3D. Every floor today consists of one flat only of 300sqm and creativity is required to convert it to 2 or 3 units. Plans today are on pdf format.   (more...)

do cloth and skin simulation for 12 characters and water\\sand simulation for 5 scenes   (more...)

uld like someone to design and render two images of a cellar floor and bathroom which will be used to have children art and movement for a small preschool. The autocad is attached. Please respond with your availability to communicate via skype and any rendered images from your portfolio. If this goes well we can continue to work together on the rest of the house. Thanks, Simona   (more...)

uld like someone to design a bedroom, office, closet and bathroom on one floor of a NY brownstone. We can send you the autocad file of the layout and images to render. Ideally we would have about 5-6 images of different viewpoints. Please respond with your portfolio. If this goes well, we can continue to work together on the other floors etc., Thanks.   (more...)

like to see 6-8 images of basic renderings of one floor of a house. It includes a small kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The autocad is attached. Please respond with your portfolio. We would then like to interview the individual so please also provide your skype name and how quickly you could do it.   (more...)

would like 2 basic rendered images each of 2 bathrooms from different viewpoints. They are on the same floor and we will provide the autocad (attached) with all fixtures, faucets, tile, lighting and cabinetry. We will also provide images of the fixtures and faucets. Please respond with your portfolio of images that you have rendered. We would like to speak to the person first so please provide your skype name. Thanks   (more...)

would like someone to design and render two different versions of a kitchen with Ikea white high gloss cabinetry. It would be from the US. We have the autocad drawing already, attached. Please respond with your portfolio of any completed renderings that you designed. Thanks   (more...)

or someone to do an initial quick fixed job with the option of further work if suitable standard is supplied. I have many tracks needed after successful completion of this job posting. I am looking for someone with experience, equipments and music stock to place music and sound effects like echo\'s throughout a 20minute Hypnosis track. please have experience in this before applying. Suitable person will need to start ASAP. Must have music stock.   (more...)

nsultant (All Locations) The Senior Consultant is part of the Business Consulting team and will serve as a Project Manager or Senior Business Analyst on projects. The Senior Consultant will be responsible for the scope, architecture, requirement gathering sessions for various cloud computing solutions. The role will be responsible for effectively and strategically managing multiple projects at a time. The Senior Consultant will build strong, trusted relationships with clients as the lead on engagements. Qualifications – Desirable: Certifications (Admin, Consultant, Developer) -Experience with enterprise integration tools and extract, transformation and load (ETL) tools -1+ years experience with configuration and custom development -2+ years hands-on experience with one or more CRM software (Seibel, Clarify, Vantive, Peoplesoft, NetSuite, etc.) -PMP Certified Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Essential): US Authorized candidates only -Bachelor\'s degree required -4+ years of external consulting experience (2+ years of CRM consulting) -2+ years proficiency in project management -Prior experience with project management or business analysis of software deployments -Ability to lead small and enterprise engagements, facilitate meetings, and lead customer support projects -Ability to take complex client and vendor concepts and articulate them to audience of varying perception levels -Ability to interact with high-level clients and demonstrate strategic understanding of business needs -Ability to think critically and analytically -Experience with data relationships and technical logic skills -Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment -Willingness travel up to 50% Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Desirable): consulting experience -Application development experience with Javascript, XML, HTTP, Java, C++, ASP, SQL   (more...)

eating very simple technical designs that will be laser cut, and etched, from sheets of acrylic. We have basic product design concepts and need someone to sketch and create the parts and assembly. You may use any tool to create the designs, but we need to receive the final files in Adobe Illustrator. We only have a few designs and a need for occasional work. A sample of the type of item we are working on is here this is avery simple display stand, and we are creating a similar concept, but different design. Just as this design is made of flat pieces, with parts that fit together, you will need to create this for us. If you have done this type of work before, we would love to see it. This is the machine we will be using to cut the work. Thank you!   (more...)

online software architecture browser interface for a new component based game engine using sketch flow which may leverage Silverlight “Deep Zoom” technology. The browser should address structure, interactions and an object model (scene graph).   (more...)

ing for someone with experience creating various types of diagrams for use in documenting software, workflow in a business, and other business systems. These could be flowcharts, swim lane diagrams, process maps, or other similar types of graphics. I have tried to create my own diagrams with various tools, but have had limited success due to my inexperience with creating these types of documents. I am looking for someone that can work with me via web meeting who can document a process or system as I explain it. This person will help me choose the right type of diagram for the system or process being documented and then will create one or more diagrams that show the system in an easy to understand visual way. This posting is just for an initial trial project, but will very likely turn into an ongoing position if we can successfully collaborate together.   (more...)

interactive Flash tool designed for my website. The dimensions are approximately 950 x 500, estimating for now. Users would be able to add various items to make one big package item. Every item would have an individual price and the “calculator” would be able to automatically track the price as users select and de-select items. This calculator will be in-depth and have about 7 sections. I will give more in-depth instructions to the chosen interview candidates.   (more...)

custom flash video player with a very unique interface and a very clean design. Must have strong flash dev skills, and must be able to work with a project deadline.   (more...)

program written in PIC12F series with a interrupt. Basically in the program there are three different settings. The program is written as such that whenever an interrupt is given the output reflects the next setting. EG:- if the output is showing setting 1.....then after giving the interrupt it directly goes on to setting 2. Again after another interrupt it goes to setting 3. I want the interrupt to be given manually and the interrupt will be a 2.5V voltage. The full program is already coded but now the output changes the setting for once i.e it responds to the 1st interrupt but after that it does not. I believe there might be some small one liner mistake in the code. Your job will be to fix that.   (more...)

ntly looking for a group of professionals, architects, engineers, and illustrators that I put together to create a online virtual team for a possible new movie production studio project that will be located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. This project will be designed to be powered by a hydroelectric system which means it may be located near the Mississippi River. I\'m still getting details on this project as well as having meetings with movie producers. If anyone has knowledge on movie production studio design, please do contact me so I can put you on the list for the team. Thanks UPDATE: I want to give thanks to everyone that is interested in my job posting. At this time I\'m still waiting to set up a meeting with the film producers. I will keep you all updated on the outcome. Please do stay in touch. Also, I\'m still learning this site in how it works so please be patient with me. I have other projects coming up very soon. I will be looking for illustrators for residence renderings in December. I will start a new posting for that. Thanks   (more...)

ike a website designed using wordpress/thesis. I have a couple example sites to reference for functionality. I need somebody to set the site up and then I can look after maintence. please reference for similar concept.   (more...)

onceptional gas station 3d design of suit on new id.   (more...)

hnical issue in circuit.   (more...)

ike a website designed using wordpress/thesis. I have a couple example sites to reference for functionality. I need somebody to set the site up and then I can look after maintence. I am comitted to wordpress using a thesis theme so If your not expierence please no not apply. please reference for concept. please replay with 4x4x6= so I know you read this.   (more...)

n existing block and title CAD drawing. Prepare and incorporate into drawings our system devices based on our hand written wiring layout and technical specifications provided. These drawings will be used by an electrical contractor to wire and mount the equipment, as-builts may be needed at the end so the drawings match the actual field conditions. Turn around time is important. We have a project need at this point (8 floors/drawings for each) but can see this as an ongoing opportunity to do for all our jobs. The type of information to be put on the drawings is an icon for our device say a CCTV camera and/or Card Access reader then showing the wire run from the device to a headend, detailing on the drawings the type of wire and the conditions it should be installed under. In addition for each device we will require a typical to be represented on the drawing. Only applicants who respond with the following job posting code JAG will be considered. The average size of the job will be 4 card reader locations (see drawing) 4-6 cameras locations per drawing and a head-end location for each drawing/floor. Once we do one all the floors information will repeat just the locations will change. Thank you and we look forward to your response   (more...)

esh and functional design for a 48 sqm 1-bedroom flat in a newly built building in the center of Warsaw. At the moment all bare walls and bare concrete floor. Will provide detailed description and plans. Will require: - functional arrangement of internal walls, - ideas for finishing materials for all surfaces, - ideas for colors and furniture, - 3D visualization of all rooms. Please briefly state your qualifications (provide 1 example of similar work), provide an estimate of time required, your hourly rate, software used for 3D. Many thanks, Luke   (more...)

eking to convert detailed hard-copy maps to digitally interactive media. A Good relative example is Zillow\'s map for real estate. It would be similar in function allow a user to zoom in and find detailed data about a specific parcel. The digital versions of the maps will need be hosted on Web. We are not involved in the software, design or applications field and have quite limited knowledge of the IT terms. So this proposal would have to be in layperson\'s terms. We understand this project will require several stages of development and perhaps more than one contractor. You may bid a portion, or the entire project, Please note such in your application. Project will begin some time in November 2010. This is an advance proposal as we are working to assemble a team. We will have to work with contractor to create terms for Non-disclosure, Proprietary rights, Assignment of Royalties, additional compensation through Odesk Bonuses. If you inquire about this project, Please include some samples of your work. We can answer many of the questions you might have in interview stage.   (more...)

or facebook designer or developer that can produce a quality fan-page. The page will need a list of different code to meet our marketing and advertising request, so FBML and HTML coding is high recommended. We have all media; logos, banners, photos, campaign ads necessary to complete this project, just need some to put it all together. Here are some of the codes and functions we will need: - Ability for our fans to listen to our Podcasts - Ability for our fans to view recent videos - Link to our website - Tweeter feed from within fanpage; we want to allow this tweeter function within facebook - Display products ( an elegant display of certain man products ) Basically we\'re incorporating our website in and interactive facebook page were our fans can be reached on a more viral level. * We want replies from designers and developers that have a portfolio detailing the work that they have done. ( Fanpages completed )   (more...)

or some one to produce engineering flat level planning for specific projects, simple manufactured parts. We have a product line and we have top make special sheetmetal parts and need assistnace in the engineering and flat level planning. Parts include drawer cabinets multi drawer configurations etc. We have various CNC machinery, Punch and Brake presses etc   (more...)

small project. Actually, lots of small projects like this. We have a partially completed Garage website page that is here. The boxes need to collapse, grow, shrink as the mouse glides over them like this one does: The Budget is $150 U.S. and this will only take you a few hours to do. We are looking only for ADVANCED Flash Cs5 / Action Script people of the same talent that create the Flash intros for websites like If you cannot produce work like this -- please do NOT submit yourself for work. Send us 3 examples of your most advanced Flash / Action Script 3.0 work in order to qualify. If you DO qualify -- we will be using you a lot for projects like these. Thanks and Good Luck. -- Bart Wilson Senior Creative Director   (more...)

oking for a Visio expert with IT background to work on several network documentation projects. The ideal candidate will have a portfolio with Visio network drawings.   (more...)

an experienced professional mechanical engineer that can serve as a project advisor. Qualified applicants must have good communication skills. Duties entail the ability to provide professional recommendations and feedback as well as answer questions related to the development, design, testing, analysis, production and maintenance within this project. You will need to have Internet access and must be able to communicate via email and phone. This is a temporary position that will range between 2 and 10 hours a week with the potential to turn into long term employment for the right candidate. Please forward your resume along with the following information about yourself to be considered for this position: What is your educational experience? What is your engineering degree area of study in? What are your pay requirements? What is your availability? What is the best contact number and email address to reach you at?   (more...)

ng for an audio engineer to master and mix audio file. I\'ll share more details about the project upon request. The mix can be done using Digidesign Protools or Adobe Audition. Doesn\'t matter to me. Only those with proven expertise and experience need apply.   (more...)

k English and have strong written skills in the English language to communicate. Our firm is based in the US. Ability to interpret conceptual drawings and engineering calculations and apply to engineering design drawing. Our firm specializes in small engineering projects, but we have a high volume of work. Currently we are looking to establish a professional working relationship with one or more competent and experienced AutoCAD drafters with a minimum of five years of AutoCAD drafting experience. Please send your resume and samples of AutoCAD drawings that you have done. Please also send references. References must be from previous or current employers. If you do not wish us to contact your current employer please indicate this to us. Project Description Our firm specializes in the engineering of signs. Each sign is considered a project. Drafting the sign takes approximately 30 minutes in AutoCAD. We are willing pay $5 for each drawing. We would need to provide the drafter with our company template. Rendered drawings and engineering calculations would be sent to the drafter for each project. We would require a 24 hour turn around on each project. The renderings contain private and confidential information regarding our clients and under no circumstances is the drafter allowed to contact the client. All questions regarding work should be directed to the engineering company. We will give the right candidate a few drawings to do and if the performance is good and is done on time, more projects will be given, up to 20 a month.   (more...)

ur game assets and know how we want our game to play and we have most of the actionscript - what our company needs is someone that really knows actionscript and flash games. This is a top quality project and we need a qualified candidate as soon as possible to meet our deadline. Look forward to hearing back from you.   (more...)

very big project,we are looking for 3individuals with all the skills and experience that can vehemently enhance the development of our IT company.We will give a short test to all applicants. Thanks in Advance.   (more...)

oking for a web team that can handle great design and programer, please has to be a team. thank you   (more...)

of architectural plans and design, mechanical plans such as air conditioning ducting designs, electrical design plans and basic naval design.   (more...)

am looking to get a wiring diagram for my house designed. This is going to involve a primary draw up and the about 3 iterations to completion so that an electrician can wire from this. Please advise if you feel you are suitable for this. Thanks   (more...)

drawings draw to auto cad   (more...)

ous web development tasks that require programming.   (more...)

trom Photography Fanpage - making my Facebook fanpage the central hub of my Social Media / Networking effort Project description: My goal with this very small project is to make my Facebook fanpage... ... a central hub in my networking/social media effort. I want to take advantage of the huge advantages Facebook is offering compared to Google (AdWords) and similar sites / services. I aim to drive highl quality / targeted traffic to the fanpage via Facebook ad’s. Once on the fanpage the visitor will be offered three things things, available by clicking inside the image... * The option to “like” the page, which will instantly build a Facebook fanbase, which can be tapped into later for promo purposes, much like a traditional opt-in list and... * ... the second option is to opt-in to the more traditional list. This will be achived by offering a free download once they have signed up. * ... and the third option a visitor will have is to visit my Facebook shop wher I have a few items for sale This is the area where I need help, I need somone to code the links to these three pages and also build the pages where people will end up on... Technical: I need someone to build/code the clickable image on the FB landing page where the visitor will be faced with these three offers/options... I can handle the “creative / visual” part like layout etc. but the coding I need help with. I do already have a list building / e-mail marketing tool, GetResponse which has to be incorporated into option #2 -Growing my opt-in list. My Facebook fanpage “landing page” is already in place but it’s just a welcome page without any coding or access to the offers. The job here consists of bulding the links and pages to finalize the process I outlined above... Without being to knowledgable about HTML coding I believe this to only be a few hrs. work and I will be available for instant feedback.   (more...)

ning of tipper, Dumper, Wrecker etc. • Designing of scissors lift platform. Sky lift / hydraulic access platform. • Designing Hydraulic Equipments as per Customer Requirements. • Design Structural Drawing. • Preparing G.A. drawings for approval of Customer Requirements. • Preparing Bill of Materials, estimation & costing. • Preparing complete Design for Manufacturing (DFM) of the Projects. • Procurement of Projects. • Making Inspection Report of projects. • Fallow up the Projects Erection & Commission. • Project co-ordination.   (more...)

me electrical circuit diagram hand drew for tool machines. I need to put it in CAD version and with the table with the wires, contacts, coils, etc using standard IEC symbols. I need the DWG files, but if you could provide me also the Eplan or other specific electrical cad files is preferable. This is the first one (2 pages and half on A4 format sheets). I have many others diagrams. Let me know which cad you could use for this project.   (more...)

internal usb hub for mini usb defices with an external b type usb socket that I can mount in a prototype device I am currently developing as all the modular devices are in 1 box so its effectively an internall mini usb hub and there is 5v dc so it can be a powered hub I dont know but 8 internal ports would do but if you can do 12 that would be better.   (more...)

rements: We are looking for a designer/engineer to assist in the design and development of various instruments for surgeons. Although, experience in medical device design would be beneficial, it is not necessary. We do however expect that you have experience in simple mechanical design, industrial/product design and are willing to undertake some research in your own time to gain some understanding in orthopedic and general surgical procedures. This research can be done on a project-to-project basis, thus, it is not necessary to understand everything at once, nor do we expect you to. Apart from this, we would be looking at forming a long-term work relationship comprising of various surgical instrumentation design projects - some on hourly rates and some fixed price jobs. Also, there we will be times when you will be expected to work together with our engineers and designers, working towards and meeting deadlines and finally abiding by confidentiality agreements. We expect that you are proficient in some kind of CAD/Solid Modelling software that produces drawing files and 3D representations (Solidworks is preferred). We would expect to see examples of your past projects with a general timeframe taken to design the products and produce 3D representations/drawings using your CAD software. We would also ask of you to provide a cost estimate that you charged or would charge for each project. What we do: Our company designs and develops custom surgical instrumentation for surgeons. We work closely with the surgeons and develop solutions for their particular needs. At all times we try to minimise costs to the surgeon/customer, minimise turn around times, produce high quality products and give the customer first class service during our products’ whole lifecycle. We define surgical instrumentation as hand tools such as retractors and forceps, guides and attachments and intrasurgical aids. Your Duties: Your duties will compromise of a few various tasks. These tasks will vary on each project. The tasks will depend on timeframes, instrument requirements, customer requirements and complexity. Your tasks are as follows: 1) Engineer projects from start to finish (usual team based) 2) Drafting engineering drawings 3) Producing files ready for manufacture 4) Modifying existing designs 5) Renderings 6) Producing mechanical assemblies 7) Industrial design (looking at ergonomics, shape, ease of manufacture, etc…)   (more...)

oduct design engineer who develops products from concept to manufacturing .I am having experience in developing medical devices.   (more...)

find a copywriter that will help me write an ebook that will teach people to recognize that their horse may be in pain. The ebook will be directed at people who care about the health of their horse, and want to improve their horses\' performance. I would like the ebook to be a maximum of 50 pages   (more...)

ng for an experienced English speaking advertising copywriter to write compelling copy for an email campaign. I\'m looking for someone with experience in copywriting, not just article writing. Please respond with a sample of a sales letter (or email, advertisement, ...) you wrote.   (more...)

s – Hospitality Utopia We are aiming to write our own 150 page Hospitality star bible and provide a quick reference guide for our students. Our target market is youth employed in hospitality or job seekers wishing to pursue a hospitality career. When I say youth I mean anyone from 15-30 years old. There are lots of books written for the hospitality industry and for the course we are delivering. These are comprehensive and cover a lot of what we also need to. By all accounts they provide the information the students need. While I want our book to communicate the same information and message I want the information stripped back to the core message and communicate this strongly rather than padding it in too much information and too many words. I also would like our book to have a strong opinion. To confidently assert… To be brilliant you need to……to stand out as a star….These tips will help you be the best…. I also want the learning material to have personality and be interesting. Cut through the clutter and make it memorable. For learning to be effective it must be memorable, to be memorable it needs to grab your attention in some way- shock you, amuse you ….It needs to WOW the readers My preference is that we present the information in chunks rather than oodles of reading material. For instance if the topics is complaints we may break up as follows- 1. One profound statement about the topic- for example something about 2. Tips to Success/ How to be brilliant/ 10 Steps to transform a complaint to opportunity 3. What you must know- punchy, direct, succinct 4. Case study 5. Interesting facts or quirky fact “Why do men have nipples?” 6. Quotes A guide you can quickly turn to. We want it to memorable, intersting and a few unexpected bits of information. In essence a Gen Y guide to standing out from the crowd and how to be a raging success. Fun, funky . Appeal to cool, young people. See A full list of topics will be provided.   (more...)

g and writing some new copy for a new company website. This new company has developed a new application software product for the construction industry and this main product will be an iPhone and web app. The main part of this job will be to organize copy written by the CEO, which he has delivered to us as an overview of the company, and then turn that into a organized website that we can then give to our art directors to design.   (more...)

meone who can help me reword sort 2 sentences paragraphs. More details will be provided.   (more...)

original articles written for a website about blogging in Wordpress/Use of Wordpress. I will give the subject where to write about to the person who get this job. The articles must be original, pass copyscape, not be rejected when I submit them to ezinearticles and the rights will belong to me. Each original article should contain 500 - 700 words. I\'ll provide the winning bidder with the article subjects and the keywords for each subject. I will need many more articles written, and articles rewritten in the near future. Therefore, I\'m looking to find someone that writes quality articles that I can use over and over again in the near future. ... Terms and Conditions: The keyword phrase needs to be in the article title, first sentence and used another 5-6 times throughout the article for a total keyword density of 1.5-3.5% You need to tell me in a message that you have read all. Article need to pass true Copyscape check and must not be rejected when submitted to Thanks   (more...)

meone to write classified ads for my real estate website at that can be used in traditional print newspapers to encourage people to go to the website to look at properties. I need 20-30 different ads relating to selling a home, buying a home, or looking for properties. I think this should take 3 hours or less. If the quality is good I will want more.   (more...)

ng for a great writer that can put together an awesome trifold brochure. I\'ll probably have someone else lay it out, I need someone to write it. If you have experience writing brochures and sales materials, this is the project for you. The brochure is for a piece of software for small businesses. You\'ll need to simplify complex concepts and push the ease of use and value of the product. If you\'ve written brochures feel free to apply. Just make sure you include samples or links to samples in your response. Thanks!   (more...)

script written. A sales script, something that sells. This script is going to be used for a sales video (think but shorter) to be used on a new website. My perfect candidate will have written sales letter and sales video scripts before and will include links in their response. I\'m not looking for anyone that wants to learn on the job, but a writer that has done this before, that has the chops for this project and the proof they can do it. The video will only be 5-7 minutes long and will be designed and recorded elsewhere. I just need a sales script written. I will provide you with a demo of the software, my initial powerpoint presentation (not what I want you to use, but what I want you to replace) and an audio recording of a video I\'m not going to be using (it goes with that powerpoint I mentioned). I\'m going with a fixed price on this one because I\'m not paying for how fast or slow your fingers move, but rather whats in between your ears. Bid below budget, bid above budget just bid. PS - Make sure to include links and references to past work in your email to be considered.   (more...)

r and editor to help create a single \"voice\" on all content produced by 2 freelance writers. Weekly content includes (i) executive briefings (~500 words), (ii) whitepapers (~1,500 words), (iii) web pages (~500 words), and news releases (~400 words.) News releases will primarily focus on and promote newly produced executive briefings, whitepapers, podcasts and other material as well as our perspectives on pertinent breaking news issues. The provider must be a NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN ENGLISH SPEAKER and have considerable writing and editing experience. The position will likely require 5 hours per week throughout the foreseeable future.   (more...)

iption Creating 2.0 microblogs for linkwheel( squidoo pages, hubpages, etc We have an ongoing project for creating micro blogs for linkwheels with texts and images. \"YOU MUST\" be experienced with creating micro blogs like Squidoo. You must have an user account at hubpages with at least 75 points .\"YOU MUST\" have good writing skills. You will make the texts for each keyword/link we give you and you will create an micro blog for that text. Every micro blogs has to contain two links > one to another blog and one to our money site. And the blog must look professional with good headers title and images. The texts of the blog must contain at least 500 words. You will need to send us an excel with the url from every blog you created and the user data from every blog. You will need send us a excel sheet with the exact URL, . This must be posted at the end of every day so that we can see the progress you are making. Must communicate in English. Have access to Skype & Instant messaging. We pay between 5 and 10$ for every text Further instructions will follow.   (more...)

meone who can write Twitter posts to promote my writing and coaching business. Please send any samples of your work.   (more...)

meone who know how to write a service agreement to the merchant. we are a software service provider company and once merchant sign up with our service , we need to sign a agreement between merchant and us about the P&C term, maintenance fees, and what term should i mention in the agreement also??? i hope found someone who can consult this kind of agreement and helping write down the agreement and know english very well and translate to chinese copy also. thanks.   (more...)

Bangladesh and Philippines contractors please do not apply. i want 2000 words essay to be written i need plagiarism free work. i need it with in 24 hours . people having prior experience in essay writing will be prefered   (more...)

Copywriter that can provide a Sales Copy that can be immediately uploaded to the web. The final work should be in html format that can be uploaded by FTP. skills required. Photoshop Copywriting   (more...)

writer to write about general info for Sports Website. The Copywriter should interview the company with a series of questions and then devise the copy based off of those questions, or have some type of interviewing process. We are looking to fill this immediately and have it wrapped up by the end of next week. Thank you again!   (more...)

eds to be able to comprehend the kinds of services we provide,and produce copy in order to sell our services to our target market. Then website is fairly small and simple/static. The requirements are that the copywriter has an understanding of the industry and is able to articulate our business effectively. They will need to examples of previous work. Applicant needs to have a very high level of proficiency in the English language. THIS IS A MUST!!   (more...)

eries of sales emails (campaign) complemented with blog posts about business and technology. Experience in copy writing required. Please provise samples of sales letters.   (more...)

ed or require: We are a consultancy that deals with IT performance management and organizational change. Mostly made up of MBA\'s and Finance types. While our english is quite good, we need some-one to review our reports, edit them and where possible improve the readability and flow of the documents. Our english can become somewhat convoluted, when dealing with complex topics. What I already have versus what the provider will deliver: We write reasonably well, but we know our output can be improved. We want to thrill our clients and need some-one to go over our final reports and ensure that they are as readable as can be. Other context/requirements that providers will need to know: Familiar with Canadian English, and American English. Able to grasp business concepts-- IT knowledge is not needed. Can work with reasonable efficiency, as we like to see turnaround with a week. Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: Preferably an English or Communications background. Please if possible provide us with samples of your work (Before/After). Timeframe for delivery: Ideally (Depending on the document length) within the week , if not sooner. Again we are looking for a fine tuning--rather than a re-write. Add to Project Description   (more...)

rrently looking for someone to rewrite some articles for us. The ideal candidate should have good English writing skills and the ability to communicate effectively by email. The ability to use WordPress is an advantage but not required. The articles to be rewritten are from 200 to 1000 words long on average. The right candidate may be hired for future projects.   (more...)

iption Creating 2.0 microblogs for linkwheel( squidoo pages, hubpages, etc We have an ongoing project for creating micro blogs for linkwheels with texts and images. \"YOU MUST\" be experienced with creating micro blogs like Squidoo. You must have an user account at hubpages with at least 75 points .\"YOU MUST\" have good writing skills. You will make the texts for each keyword/link we give you and you will create an micro blog for that text. Every micro blogs has to contain two links > one to another blog and one to our money site. And the blog must look professional with good headers title and images. The texts of the blog must contain at least 500 words. You will need to send us an excel with the url from every blog you created and the user data from every blog. You will need send us a excel sheet with the exact URL, . This must be posted at the end of every day so that we can see the progress you are making. Must communicate in English. Have access to Skype & Instant messaging. We pay between 5 and 10$ for every text Further instructions will follow.   (more...)

ng for a copywriter able to write 200 online shop descriptions. For each store, I need: A 30-40 words short description (name and main ranges of the store). A 100/150 words detailed synopsis (with highly customized details about the shop: ranges, point of interest, shipping or any interesting informations). Samples provided. Each description has to be UNIQUE and ORIGINAL (no copy/paste from the web of course). Good grammar and orthography required. We will also provide a 50/100 words/expressions list to randomly use in descriptions for SEO purposes.   (more...)

pen to all who are having fun on writing blogs and articles. It is strictly for freelancers who can understand and speak Filipino only as the site targets those who can understand the language. The main task is to search the latest news about Philippine entertainment and rewrite them with different words on a blog site provided below. Beginners are welcome and I am giving $1-2 per hour for this task. If you are evaluated and seems doing great in the task, I will raise your pay to $3. I wanted to filter those who can easily follow instructions and can write well. So I have to test you in applying. If you read well the description of this job, place \"Tagalog\" on the first line of your cover letter. The site is On the lowest part of the blog if you scroll down, you will see a banner below. Open it and you will be redirected to another site. Tell me about it for 5 sentences in your cover letter. Experience with Blogger or Wordpress is an advantage but not required. I can train you before the job starts.   (more...)

r needed for Video Sales letter or long Sales letter for product launch. Must have good proven track record of persuasive long form sales/video letters. Excellent command of English a must. Must have extensive experience or learning, studying, or training from: Clayton Makepeace, Gary Bencivenga, Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly, John Carlton, etc. We will have long ongoing work in the future for the right person.   (more...)

client that needs copywriting for a short sales page. She is a Christian Business Coach so you will need to incorporate use of Christian vocabulary - not too much though. Needs to attract buyers into her programs. Looking for native English speaker who has background in sales marketing. Must located in USA, be available during Eastern Time zone, skype, and phone if needed - oh, and super friendly. Chosen candidates will stay on team for onther projects.   (more...)

didates, (note prior to continuing: Please do not continue with the application unless you have passed the U.S. English Basic Skills test with at least a rating of 70%) Job Overview: In need of writers/researchers that will perform these duties on arbitrary topics given to them. Job Details: Most articles will be in the 300 to 500 word range. Most candidates will be expected to research and write a given article in well under an hour. Writing is technical in nature, rather than creative, so writers write with concise and factual sentences. English Levels: You must have a strong command of the English language and have grammar to match. Job Outlook: Candidates that can perform the task successfully will have potential for long-term, part-time work, week in and week out. Chances for bonuses along the way. Expectations: All candidates will be asked to submit an article on a topic in the range of 300 words for consideration of the job. We will give the guidelines for how you should write. Good luck with the application!   (more...)

follow-up email written which offers some help to users (real estate agents), which recently signed up to our service, but did not use it at all. The sound of the message should be formal but ultra friendly, like you would expect to be treated as a good customer that is using the service for years. You\'ll provided with details about the help we offer on contract. This job is intended to find someone, who can help us with such tasks on a regular basis, mostly writing emails and small on-page help texts or messages. Communication needs to be done via Skype or email.   (more...)

2 resource boxes created for an ezine author account that can achieve a minimum of 20% CTR. I understand the relativity of a topic to the resource box is critical in gaining good CTR. What I\'m most interested in are generalized resource boxes I can use over and over although the article topic may be slightly different. I currently average 20% for most of my author accounts. I\'m putting this job up though because I want to see what other style someone else can bring to the table to hopefully boost this average up to 30%+ For example the resource boxes would direct the reader to a site selling a Health Product. The article topics will always be about health issues although one may discuss acne while another may be about IBS. I would want 2 resource boxes as I would split test them to see which one overall converts best. If you want to give me more than 2 resource boxes to test though I would be open to it. If the resource box is only 1 line but it works that\'s perfectly fine. I would like to include the 2 links though ideally and have one of them backlinked to one of our main keywords (although not absolutely necessary) I can provide you examples of the articles we would be posting as well as the website we would be linking them to and anything else you might need.   (more...)

te Investing firm is looking for an experienced Copywriter to update, rewrite, and create professional business content for ONE Real Estate Investing web-page. This ideal candidate will need to be proficient in SEO as well as marketing and must have a proven history in working in real estate related websites/webpages. This one particular page must entice realtors (real estate agents) to bring us their discounted properties as well as short sales deals. We will give you examples of websites with copy that I like and you will need to incorporate those ideas into my our page. The copy will be somewhere around 800-900 words. Required: - thorough understanding of fundamental copywriting techniques - experience drafting copy that is utilized in split tests - portfolio of several Internet pages that drive the visitor to take an action Please type this in your private message to me. \"Real Estate copywriter \" so I know you read and understand the requirements. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you   (more...)

ooking for a contractor that have good copywriting experience in providing the content in the sales landing page. i\'m targeting information product of cure panic. i will provide some keyword i found and the competitor sales page.   (more...)

lented editor / writer for various topics including baby \"stuff\", designer fashions, and music. Must be an expert in SEO content optimization and familiar with optimizing content for primary & secondary keywords. Also, must be familiar with semantic keyword relationships so these concepts / phrases are included in content. Please send samples with previous work experience.   (more...)

00-750 word articles on various topics for web content for leading internet marketing company. Requires EXCELLENT ENGLISH WRITING SKILLS. Samples of your writing are required. All articles must be unique content written from your experience and research. The requirement for this posting was to put in a fixed price greater than 5.00 so I complied with that. The actual pay breakdown is that I am paying $2.00 per article written. Once skills are proven, price per article will increase. This position is available immediately and will be ongoing with more hours added over time.   (more...)

I am looking for a go-to copywriter to write multiple headlines (variations) and multiple short copy (variations) for each offer I assign. Some offers may only require that you provide headlines only! I will be split testing the variations of headlines and body copy against each other. I will be providing the offer URLs (landing pages) so you will be able to come up with the copy I need done. Each offer will be different and from different markets and niches. Headline Requirements: I will need 3 to 5 different headlines for each offer (variations). I am going for high CTRs (click-thru rates). You can also use controversial headlines and push the envelope. The point is catch people\'s attention and get them to click through. Body Copy Requirement (if necessary): I will indiciate to you if I need body copy done for any offer I assign. Body needs to be short. (Typically 1 to 2 paragraphs and/or bullet points) I will need 3 to 5 different variations of body copy. The point is to pre-sell the customer on this offer and get them to click-thru the presell page. You can use controversial copy in order to hit hotspots. Marketing angles and Demographics: You will be required to research demographics for each offer and come up with a marketing angle for your copy based on that specific demographic market. I will mostly encourage you to choose the broadest demographic market for that offer and NOT aim for small niche demographic markets. There may be exceptions but I will let you know in advance if I need any offers to be done differently. Other requirements: You need to have a skype and/or AIM account and also be able to take calls. The person I hire will need to open a account, create a folder called \"Copy\" and invite my email address. All completed work should be dropped into that folder. I may need to speak to you and provide feedback for each offer. I may ask for revisions.   (more...)

or a long term Virtual Assistant that can assist with my IT Business and take customer service calls and follow up previous Sales Leads M-F 9am-5pm AEST. The support line is VOIP based using SKYPE, so you will need to have Skype open during business hours. The primary focus of this role is actually mixed between Sales and General Support for our software product Earthmoving Management System (EMS). Also act as a personal assistant to myself doing various admin tasks. The support level is primarily asking what has happened to forward to myself. There is a fixed period 2 hours each day between 9AM-11AM which are set full time hours. When not taking calls during this period, you will follow up previous Sales Leads in our SaleForce database and do some general support sytem maintenance eg FAQs, Knowledge Base.. For the remainder of business hours, you will be required to answer any support calls on a call-to-call basis and log the time in ODesk. This role would ideally suit someone with a technical background that would like to do a mixed and varied job of Support & Sales. Must have reliable DSL/ADSL Internet connection and either headset to use with VOIP or a reliable landline to forward phone calls to. Must have excellent English skills and be dependable, and a good communicator.   (more...)

niche web hosting company who are seeking people to signup for our services which are affordably priced. • Your job will to be monitor and find people who are in need of our type of hosting and reply to them. You will be using our twitter account, as well as your email address from our domain if you are able to send an email. • You will then have a back and forth conversation, sometimes with @replies, sometimes DM\'s and sometimes email • Then you direct them to signup and followup with them to make sure they do. Candidates that have a super low hourly rate are preferred, as we pay a bonus for each signup you produce, which should bring your daily pay to $50-$200 In short - it is your job to spread the word and produce new customers. All must be done in a conversational NON spammy way. There are ton\'s of conversations to be had, so you shouldn\'t have trouble being successful! Prefer North America, or Philippines.   (more...)

one who can provide full chatting time to clients.. Excellent pay   (more...)

customer service support person to make phone calls to 1. seek accurate guest info as to arrival times, bedding configuration for holiday accomodation etc. 2. respond to guests to advise of requested information individual to each guest enquiry 3. Attend to maintenance issues via telephone 4. Answer booking requests for holiday accomodation (must be a fast learner to familiarise with features of properties and the workings of our business) Must have good flexible availability.   (more...)

or a long term Virtual Assistant that can assist with my online ecommerce business and take customer service calls and enter online orders M-F 9am-5pm EST. Make some follow up outbound calls, no hard sales. Do some internet research, instruction will be provided. Do some web promotion such as article/directory submission, social media marketing, some SEM experience is a plus. Must have reliable DSL Internet connection and either headset to use with VOIP or a reliable landline to forward phone calls to. Must have excellent English skills and be dependable, and a good communicator.   (more...)

-10 member Inbound / Outbound Call Center for web based business. MUST BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH WITH NO ACCENTS. PLEASE: NO INDIVIDUALS. ESTABLISHED CALL CENTERS ONLY. Will be responsible for receiving customer service calls and assisting / trouble shooting customer issues. and entering notes into client records. Will require daily reports of activity. We will provide excellent training and pay for the right team. MUST BE TOP-TIER! WE WANT THE BEST!!!!   (more...)

earching through emails for orders with specific shipping dates. Emailing the shipper of the order for a status update of it. Emailing customers after order is placed, thanking them for order Emailing customers after order is delivered with a follow up email.   (more...)

sperate help by somebody who can tutor me on my college algebra. You must have skype so that we can chat and you can help me understand my assignments. I hate to flunk, so I desperately need the help. I will hire Immediately. Because I am a student, I can\'t afford much so I am willing to pay $2/hr. Sorry, this is all I can afford at the time. Can somebody help?   (more...)

learning school in Taiwan is currently recruiting English instructors who will use skype software as our online English learning platform to teach students. - Available to teach between 7pm-11:50pm( TWT ) Monday –Friday - One-on-One classes of highly motivated adult students. - Nearly native speaker accent. - Full training on our Online Tutoring software and teaching skill will be given. - Classes use our textbooks, material, some website information if necessary. Technical requirements: - DSL, Cable or Fiber Optic Internet Connection - Headphone/Microphone set Skills and Education Required: - Energetic and professional personality - Previous ESL teaching experience (preferred) - Previous working experience in other fields - Familiarity with using computers   (more...)

eking to hire 3 people. Your job will be to contact my tutoring company and pretend like you are interested in receiving tutoring. Then you will write up a short evaluation of the customer service that you received. Details: You will call our company. If no one answers, you will leave a message and someone will call you back (must have a US phone number). If someone answers, you will pretend like you need a tutor for your child or for yourself. I will give you guidelines and a list of questions to ask. After the phone call, you will write up a brief evaluation of the customer service that you received. After a couple of days, the person from my company will call you back. You will have a second conversation with her and let he know that you are not interested in receiving tutoring. After this call, you will also write up a short evaluation.   (more...)

translator in a company   (more...)

glish and good communication skills   (more...)

ified individuals for marketing and sales immediately. Must have Skype and be able to call US and Canada land lines and cell phones during US time   (more...)

one who has can speak perfect English and has great communication skills. Will be calling B2B   (more...)

or a very patient and friendly person to take care of inbound leads. Will email and work with graphic designer via computer learn to quote price and follow up to close sales.   (more...)

meone to redesign my website with a client login section. my website is please do not call the toll free # listed there. I will also need a sister website designed with a different name.   (more...)

ing for someone with up to date and significant adwords experience to provide help with my new website to be Google compliant and ability to set into motion an adwords campaign that delivers high Click Throughs at minimum per click fees. Tasks to provide: * create multiple landing or sqeeze pages * keyword campaign to reduce the cost per click and deliver maximize the campaign clicks Looking for flat fee to: 1 suggest changes in site before we advertise 2. create multiple landing pages 3. setup an effective adword campaign 4. get account to point in short time to turn to me with keyword campaign working -delivering CT 5. guarantee first page results for affordable click rates 6. make sure all pages comply with keyword meta tags, in content keywords and write high rated google ads 6. show me how to assign you permission to use my google adwords account without compromising my personal information. All of these things can be done in short order I assume.... (give me time estimate) Provide a flat fee.....and schedule of milestone payments based on performance. Thanks for your time.   (more...)

n company is looking to expand. Seeking self-motivated, energetic, professional and driven salespeople. Job entails finding and contacting leads, meeting setup, design services review and presentation, and closing deals for monthly payment service contracts. 5%-8% sales commission paid for monthly payment service contracts that are initiated and paid, PLUS an additional 3% monthly commission from service contracts you bring in. Our product price range is $300 - $5,000 depending on our client\'s needs. Work your own hours. Travel for this job is not required. Work with clients via e-mail, phone, or Skype. You will be provided with: * 2-day non-paid training. * a detailed commission payment structure for all products and services. You will need * Your own computer that can handle showing clients the design products offered, as well as Skype, Gmail Chat, etc. * Strong communication, personable, and professional skills * Self-motivation * Excellent work ethic. You would be responsible for: * Obtaining and maintaining a good client relationship. * Knowing all of our services/up-sells. Not required, but beneficial: * Past commission-based online sales experience. If you are self-motivated, professional, punctual, driven and goal oriented, this job is for you!   (more...)

or tutor for 12 year old to teach MS office and basic online communication skills. Must speak clear English and be available after 7 pm EST and anytime on weekends. Fun- easy job.   (more...)

re looking to hire 100 plus VA’s 2) They must be able to speak English Well, comfortable communicating with owners in the USA. 3) The must have good computer skills, able to use outlook for e-mails, internet browsing, data entry for CRM 4) The VA is required to take a 10 day test which consist of the following a. Building a 1000 contact data base- were they will extract 1000 contact from a data base provided by the client, must be able to build a file with e-mail contact, will also be required to contact owners to inform them and introduce our services prior to send over the provided e-mail video provided by the client. b. VA is required to send over 1000 e-mail video to owners within 3-5 business days c. VA’s will be required to enter these owners into a data base or excel spread sheet in alphabetical order, data base will be organized to build future contact sources. 5) VA’s will be hired on after it is determine they completed all assign task, training , answer questions and pass exam of 20 questions with a score of 80% or better 6) VA’s will be compensated after successfully completing the trial task as stated above, which we will compensate on a scale of $280 per month initially. All compensation will be paid after work has been completely and approved by the US client. 7) Target start date for project pre-hiring and training is Oct 18, 2010, with 5 days to complete, from Oct 23, thru 31st we will confirm VA who have passed the pre-hiring stage, they will officially start work on the Nov 1, 2010.   (more...)

se provides a general introduction to the primary school curriculum as well as specific features of the secondary and further education curriculum. You will examine sociological and cultural approaches to the study of education, the history of education and current educational policy issues. The course is excellent preparation for progression to a PGCE   (more...)

e someone with good english to tutor a student via the net with their work. The subject is Biomedical sciences. You should have a good knowledge of the subject, and it is a benefit if you are a tutor or lecturer. please contact us to discuss for more details.   (more...)

work with me directly installing our script for your customers. The installation itself is basic. No interaction with the customer is needed as all communication will be handled by me. Initially on an as needed basis until we have established a work releationship.   (more...)

use our web based dialer to call employers and inquire about employment opportunities using our easy-to-follow script. You must be able to work weekdays during the hours of 8:30 am to 11:30 am or 2p-4p(Eastern).You need a 10 digit landline phone number and a high speed internet equipped computer. You will be paid a commission every time you achieve one of the following outcomes: $15 each time you talk with an employer that has a permanent job open - $45 each time you schedule an interview for one of our clients - $150 each time you get an employer who needs 1-3 temporary employees - $250 each time you get an employer who needs 4 or more temporary employees   (more...)

ble to follow a series of steps to research target profiles from first and last names. Much be able to perform fast and efficient searches for people on the web.   (more...)

sting our product for full release. This is a 25 MINUTE PROJECT. ONLY bid $5 USD OR LESS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. We will be hiring 65 candidates to help us with testing. Requirements: - Must be able to speak English - Have internet connection of any speed - BASED IN INDIA - MUST HAVE A PC MICROPHONE HEADSET (can not use built in PC microphone and/or PC speakers to conduct test) The probability of your getting this job assuming you meet the above requirements is EXTREMELY HIGH if you are within the first 65 candidates who apply. In your application include the provider of your internet connection as well as the speed of your package. Do not think that having a higher internet speed will give you an easier chance of getting this position, so PLEASE POST TRUE INFORMATION as we are interested in taking a real sample of our product usage in a real world India environment. We will not discriminate for extremely slow or extremely fast internet connections when making our hiring decision. We have several products in the pipeline. For those who win this bid, we will also keep you informed of any future tests we have. *IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN APPLYING*: In your response, MAKE SURE TO PUT: \"I am able to speak English and I have a microphone headset (not an integrated microphone in my PC), an internet connection, and my current provider is ___________, and the speed is ___________\" Everyone from any background welcome to apply, including, but not limited to: Access, ActiveX, Admin, Adobe, Adsense, Advertising, Adwords, Ajax, Android, App, Article, Assistant, Billing, Blackberry, Blog, Computer, Customer Service, Data Entry, Database, Design, Email, Event, Excel, Facebook, Flash, Graphics, iPhone, Java, Joomla, Lead Generation, Linux, Mac, Marketing, Merchant, Oracle, Outlook, Perl, PHP, Planning, Powerpoint, PR, Programming, Recruiting, Research, Ruby, Sales, SAP, SEO, Services, Social Media, Software, SQL, Submission, Technical Support, Telemarketing, Telephone, Test, Testing, Transcription, Translation, Twitter, Typing, VBA, VOIP, Wireless, Writer, Writing, Zend   (more...)

looking for personal assistant - secretary which skills in admin job, data entry, create document, emailing, and manage task. if you think you have done this task before, pls submit your professional reply to me. she/he will work for 5 days/week with 1-2 hours per day. only those with proven good skill and within budget will need to apply. max $1.50/hour will be paid per hour inclusive of odesk.   (more...)

be required to teach and tutor biology via the net. please send us a message if you are teacher, or training to be a teacher in biology   (more...)

ales assistants neded handle outgoing and incoming calls for non-profit organization in USA. Working hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST (NY time) Must have a clear voice and speak, read english well.   (more...)

requires a native british speaker with experience in voice-over and a clear projected voice. Ideally you would have done some voice recording roles in the past and be able to speak english words as naturally as possible. Candidate has to be able to properly pronounce around 40 english words within 1 minute.   (more...)

quire a person who can speak both urdu and french. the role is to tutor a student in french. will be for approximately 10 hours worth of work kind regards   (more...)

agent to help me post my company ad on many well known websites, such as, google, craigslist, pennysaver, yelp, etc. Specially, better yet to show my co. Ad on top of the list if someone searched for a maintenance co. In my city and within the 15 miles from my city   (more...)

ork with our Investor Groups, helping with seperating messages from all contacts, between buyers and sellers, and other various duties related to real estate investing groups.   (more...)

ing a QUALIFIED Spanish language teacher with EXPERIENCE teaching Spanish. You must be able to speak both English and Spanish fluently, and have had training in teaching methods. If you feel you are up to the job, please apply detailing your qualifications and experience, and any other languages that you speak. I would also like to know the speed of your internet connection and you general availability. Thank you.   (more...)

e your number so i could contact you personally. Im marvin of Dencom Consultancy. or you can call me to our office at 81369977   (more...)

ing to be recruiting a few Expert Support Managers who have a good amount of experience in the support industry and can help us with running the Support Teams across the set of companies we have. These Experts will be managing the Support Managers and their key responsibilities would include (1) Drive Uniform processes across the different Support Teams across our portfolio of companies. (2) Drive Productivity (3) Enable better customer experiences using new innovations/processes.   (more...)

i required persons who have good skills in INTERNET searching. i required large number of articles with author/writer name. I\'ll pay you $20/100 articles. if you are interested follow the instruction please follow the instruction be carefully otherwise your application consider void. 1. go to the URL 2. chose any one article you have an interest. 3. click on the banner right side of the page. 4. copy the opened banner clicked web URL (address) and past in cover latter before application. 5. Mention your INTERNET connection speed in cover latter.   (more...)

ediately Your first two lines will have the following or else you will be rejected: 1 Hours available 2 Your numerical broadband speed. pay rate is just a little above $1 so please keep in mind before applying. Must Start today... You need an excellent command on English language. Since accuracy is of utmost importance, errors will result in contract being ended. I cannot stress enough the importance of following instructions. If you cannot type proper English, please do not apply. You are expected to start immediately once hired since time is of the essence. You must be capable of reading instructions before sending me redundant questions. You will be entering data from Handwritten pdf file to Excel. This is your typical data entry as you must be good at reading difficult handwriting.   (more...)

ative assistant tasks   (more...)

king for two data entry administrators who have a landline telephone with unlimited long distance minutes. Skype, Vonage, or any other VOIP phone service will not work. Also, you must be based in the USA. Data entry will be a required skill for this job. This is a very low stress job, and is purely sorting and submitting information that I will provide to you on Excel sheets. Hours per week can be whatever you\'re comfortable with; from 10-40 depending on what you can do. This is a long term project and I will pay between $3-$4 per hour including Odesk fees.   (more...)

a for 500+ countries and cities around the world. The work involves doing basic web research and entering country and city descriptions in an Excel sheet. We\'re looking for native English speaker or someone with near-native proficiency in English. This project is due within one week.   (more...)

vant content articles from approved sources; build backlinks   (more...)

w your profile and thought you would be perfect for this job. Its about 50 hours work to start with researching uk locations and adding them to our website. Let me know if you are interested   (more...)

video in MP4 format. I would like to hire someone to upload the video to a large number of video sharing websites in order to build backlinks to my website. I will supply a list of websites I would like the video to be submitted to. I will also supply a video description (to be used where appropriate) and some basic information about me in case you need to create an account at a particular video sharing website so that you may create the account on my behalf. I would like you to submit my video to all of the websites I specify, and report the URL\'s of all the video locations as proof of your work. If you apply for this job, I would like to see that you have managed at least one video uploading project in your Odesk work experience before, possibly with a positive rating or good feedback from the employer for that particular job. Please submit your rate, previous experience, and please explain to me why you think you could do this job well. Thank you, and I look forward to your application!   (more...)

data to be submitted   (more...)

simple work that you have to retype the text correctly. Need 30 people for this purpose and hope anybody who have minimum computer skill with MS word knowledge is eligible to do this. I will let you know details of the project via message Happy bidding Thankns   (more...)

ing for an administrative assistant who can make changes to an online catalogue. I will also need the assistant to have basic photoshop knowledge in order to crop and centre photos. Please do not apply if you do not speak fluent English as I will need someone who can understand instructions easily.   (more...)

or more people to post to craiglist on a daily basis fr 1 week. 70 ads per day . Reposting only. Delete and post again the next day to stay fresh.. Need it ASAP   (more...)

ike someone to create forms for this project. They are only 4 forms to create and should take less than an hour to do them and looking for someone to do it immediately. The person will have to be able to have in acrobat adobe file but the person who will be filling out the forms will be able to fill out when we email the form to them directly and be able to submit it back to us.   (more...)

paste lines of data from the web to excel.   (more...)

one to visit sites and get an accurate description of what is being offered. Will need a short title, and a couple of sentences explaining the offer in more detail. Also grab an image of the product if there is one. And write 2 or 3 keywords that describe the product. You will need to be able to determine if there is a special offer, or if it is just a regular product. You will already have a partial title/description in most cases, and will work from a MS Access database. Need to have excellent English so that sentence structure is right for an English speaking audience. I will give a few sites as a trial to see if you are the right person. Please bid on 250 sites to start. My entry of $5.00 is just a placeholder, not the real budget.   (more...)

or an efficient and intelligent person who is very familiar with the console system which is used in real estate and holiday letting. Must be able to enter information accurately into Console and with speed. Must know how to use Console.   (more...)

meone that have good in English skills. All you need to do is to post to the forum and also i will provide you the topics its about 5 topics/week and post it in the forum. You are hired if you are pass on the test.   (more...)

ng for contractors who can collect data from public websites and post to our content management system (CMS). I have detailed instructions on the process, but do not want to post the document publicly. Please express interest and I\'ll send you the instructions. Other than the typical skills required for this type of research, it would be advantageous to also have some knowledge of IT (information technology) terminology.   (more...)

job, you will be collecting data for 24 different theater venues. I will give you the specific sources from which to gather the data. All you need to do record the rows as they are listed in each of the sections of the various theaters and return them in spreadsheet form. I will give you an example spreadsheet. The venues are relatively small with an average of 5 to 10 sections. 1 line per section = ~200 lines of data. You must have great attention to detail and be able to return organized, professional, and above all, accurate work. This job should be completed within 24 hours.   (more...)

ing for a VA how is extremely proficient in operating Tweet Attack software. This includes creating campaigns with this software as well as using Tweet Attack Account creator.   (more...)

cebook Fan Page with text, images and links to our main website. Must be able to create the fan page by taking the initiative to read our main website and draw from the material all ready published on our website. Locate appropriate images and keyword the alt text for those images and links back to main site.   (more...)

or someone that can create real estate ads for our property listings and post them on Craig\'s List. Templates and tutorials are available. All you have to do is follow the tutorials and post daily between the hours of 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (U.S.) Please only apply if you have experience with Craig\'s List and can provide examples of your previous work. Must have strong command of U.S. English and grammar.   (more...)

VE MORE THAN A THOUSAND FRIENDS IN FACEBOOK AND YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT.. THIS MINI JOB IS FOR YOU... do this well and ill give you a great feedback. first i need you to view this.. and tell me what you think next... NOW. i will be paying 50cents if you comment on my video and post it to your facebook sharing it with your friends. The more profiles on facebook you shared it too.. the more i will pay you... you just have to send me the links on the profile.. BUT.... the facebook accounts must have at least 1500 friends.. thanks   (more...)

NTS: -Very strong computer skills - must have advanced experience with email, calendars, MS office including excel and powerpoint -Strong attention to detail with a high level of accuracy -Highly organized with the ability to handle a substantial workload with multiple deadlines and frequent interruptions. Must be able to set priorities and quickly adapt to changes. -Show initiative on the job. -Excellent communication skills and excellent team-working skills. -Excellent secretarial skills, including travel/itinerary planning, calendar management, meeting planning, word processing, writing, typing and editing letters, handling phones, filing, working with spreadsheets and databases, etc. -Highly systematic approach to work - maintaining schedules, checklists, and project lists, etc. -Poised and confident to speak over the phone and in person with high-level professionals. -Able to have a flexible work schedule to accommodate to family\'s travel, etc.   (more...)

one who can transcribe from a recording, fill in data on an excel sheet, co-ordinate meetings, etc   (more...)

tive: - The ads are geared towards finding people who are motivated to sell real estate or for buyers who have cash and are looking to buy. - I am looking for someone to post 3 ads per day, at least 6 hrs apart for 1 month, in the real estate services section and/or the real estate wanted sections 7 days a week so a total of 21 ads per week per city in select cities in Ontario, Canada. - 30 ads per hour minimum. I\'ll provide the content & context (posting verbiage, list of cities, categories to post to etc) You: - You know how to get this done so that ads to stick for 24 hrs, preferably without competitors flagging immediately; and/ or being ghosted - You have a \"problem solver\" mentality that allows you to work over, under or through issues as they arise; and have worked with the idea of creating muliple variants of advts. to see which one works best. - You know how to provide your own PVAs, create/ utilise multiple IP addresses (incl. hiding and/or masking), distinct URLs etc and whatever is necessary to successfully post to CL/ Kijiji/ BP and keep it there for atleast 24 hours (pref. 48) Me: - I\'ll provide content (text and graphics) and will get you the HTML if required; however if you have design experience and want to help create some ads I am open to that. - If all goes well I will increase the number of postings and length of the job. - I require a daily report with the ads and the post number for ads that were posted. If the ads are flagged or are ghosted I will expect them to be re-done so I get at least 3 ads in per day for each city. - I have emails set up for each day of the week that you can use; and I\'m always looking for a better way to do things. Closing comments: - Number of ads will fluctuate, and weekly pay will be adjusted accordingly. - We are paying PER post a max of .10. - All applicants should forward examples of previous work and show demonstrable skills. Skills Required: craigslist expert, craigslist poster, anti-flagging script expert, ad poster, classified ad poster   (more...)

te investor looking for part time assistance to make initial assessment of deals that are brought to my attention and assistance with due diligence process for acquisitions that are pursued. Decisions based on pro formas and initial screening checklists. However, I\'m looking for someone that can make an initial judgement or recommendation on a potential property and not just someone who can plug in numbers to a spreadsheet. Commercial real estate experience and/or mortgage underwriting experience desirable. Experience with pro formas a must. Primary asset classes are multifamily, mobile home park, self-storage and NNN-lease properties. Must be willing to sign NCND agreement.   (more...)

or a virtual assistant to assist a yachting/hospitality/corporate international business. Our company started at the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Two years later it is operating worldwide, servicing billion dollar companies and multimillion dollar hotels, yachts and real estate properties. The reason for our success is simple: -we develop and sell the ultimate solution to showcase hotels/yachts/real estate properties, -we are willing to operate anywhere in the world -we understand the industry we work in and we are extremely persistent We are looking for a part time/ full time virtual assistant to assist our sales and operation team. *Requirements: You will quickly learn about hospitality, corporate and yachting marketing. You will be in charge of contacting owners/ managers / CEO/CFO/CMO of large hospitality and yachting companies and offering them our services. You will coordinate the work with our team of photographers and our operation lab. We are currently working in Asia/Caribbean/North America/Middle East/Europe and Australia in the yachting industry so we expect the same territory in the hospitality field. *You: You have a dedicated phone line to accept/make calls to the US/Canada/Europe You have a reliable High speed Internet access You have a pleasant voice and fluent in spoken American English You are a proactive individual with a passion for achievement? You have a passion for generating sales? You are a networking maestro who knows how to connect with our target market You always think outside of the box to find a way to get what you want. You work with a team to provide courteous, sharp and impeccable sales and customer service to our elite’s client. You can prove to us that you are persistent, a great listener and a closer? You want to grow and develop the business with us and make our company your home You are a smart, savvy, self starter, and marketing minded entrepreneur. You must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills *Task Description: -Implement a strong time management strategy -Learn and review daily sales techniques and read blogs, books and news to become an expert in your industry -Generate leads and appointments: cold-call, emails -Support our sales, operational and technical team -Assist the Sales Manager in the development of marketing material, presentation and demonstration of our products and services -Organize exchange of services with hotels -Converting leads into sales -Negotiating prices with customers -Prepare quotes or contracts -Realize Internet Reseach (market research, competitive analysis, new geographical market research) -Organize Email Campaign and newsletter -Sourcing best price for merchandising/ suppliers -Implementing SEO/SEM Craigslist/Kijiji/ web advertising strategies -Maintain our database via CRM -Influence purchasers by handling rejections and presenting benefits of our services -Plan our trips and organize the team work. (hotels and flights research) Plus: Experience in hospitality/marketing/photography Multiple languages (German/ Portuguese and or Chinese will be a good extra for the company) Please send me a resume and email and prove to us that you are the best fit for this position. Pay can vary based on experience.   (more...)

nd the contact info for the publicists and managers of the top 100 Hollywood celebrities Will need to be organized in a spreadsheet. An IMDB Pro account will be provided if needed   (more...)

joy learning about new areas in music, books, people and film? If so, we\'d like you to help us analyze articles from online encyclopedias and databases to determine how the entries are related to each other. You\'ll be using various online tools that we create, researching information across the web as needed. Qualifications needed: 1. High Odesk Feedback scores- 4.5 or better 2. 50% or better on Odesk basic English test. (Please do not apply unless you have taken the Odesk Basic English Test). 3. Great attention to detail 4. Strong interpersonal, time management and problem solving skills 5. Internet and computer-savvy 6. Availability of at least 20-40 billable hours per week 7. High-speed internet connection We are looking for smart and reliable providers who will work for $1.50 hourly rate or less. This is an interesting job, pretty easy and also it\'s long term. Some of our providers have been with us for more than two years. Hours are also flexible. Thanks!   (more...)

rketing an educational service to a vast number of universities and university students in the United States. We need to research and record the names and email addresses of certain university advisers and student organizations at each of these universities. All information to be researched will be available online, if at all. We will provide the initial list of universities, and our researchers will search using certain key phrases to locate the individuals we need to reach at each of these universities.   (more...)

oking for someone that can find suppliers of raw hair scissor forging blades in Japan. You will need to know japanese to get this information. You have to be able to make Phone calls and communicate in Japanese.   (more...)

ng for a web research assistant who can help me generate leads for my consulting practice as well as help me on my freelance writing projects looking up information, etc. For the consulting tasks, there is a program I use with instructions that will be provided. It\'s critical that they are followed EXACTLY. On the other hand, for my freelance projects I need someone who can think \"outside the box.\" This means that they can hunt down information, facts, ideas, etc. I need this person to be able to take what I say to them in regards to the project and find information that makes it complete, balanced, and a pleasure to read. This is sort of the opposite of the consulting research in that it\'s very open to the research assistant in finding information that is suitable. The freelance part of this role will require the ability to summarize information and make it very easy to read. This is important so I can focus personally on writing and synthesizing my ideas with your work. The quality of your work will directly impact my writing so it\'s critical that you provide the highest quality of work. Thanks, Brad   (more...)

oking for skilled people with previous research experience. Applicants should have well understanding of social media services and user-generated content concept. More details will submitted to the chosen candidate(s). This is Module one. Successful candidates will proceed directly to help us on module II.   (more...)

5 Websites and 25 Blogs that have the following information... I do not care what websites/blogs you find but they must meet the criteria listed here and offer a paid webinar where someone is paying for an online workshop or class given by an expert in their field. The sites and blog must have an offer of a WEBINAR also called an online tutorial or online workshop or online seminar. The website must have a highly visible button or other way for people to register/signup to BUY a seat or ticket to attend the PAID webinar given by the expert online.The website must have a related blog that talks about the same webinar and directs people to the website. The 25 must have both blog and website that are related to each other. 5 of the 25 must also have an offer of a FREE webinar or video on their blog or website or both to describe the overview of the PAID webinar/online tutorial/workshop/seminar. Only the website MUST offer a way to pay and buy the webinar. The blog can offer a way to pay but doesnt have to. I need the deliverable to me to be 3 excel columns. One titled Blog and one Titled Website and one Titled Comments. I will fill in the comments.Format it for Legal size paper and with gridlines showing. All 25 listings must be hyperlinks . Please send me a sample of 1 website and blog with the info i need. The sample can just be a hyperlink and does not have to be put into excel. You must send a sample to get an interview. Thanks   (more...)

young startup currently looking for another round of financing and are looking to back up our business plan with some more numbers. We are looking for information on our market, competitors, business models, and marketing opportunities. A more detailed list of questions will be sent to the contracter. We expect the research to be summarized appropriately, to be properly sourced and to be done carefully. The deliverables are a Document answering the questions you will be provided with including the sources used to answer the questions. Web Pages / Documents referred to should be delivered as well. We are a bit in a rush and therefore need these numbers as soon as possible. If we are happy with the work done there is the possibility for future collaboration.   (more...)

ed to create an assortment of leadership and HR assessment techniques employed by various Fortune 500 companies. I will be doing this reasearch myself, but to cover grounds that I cannot get to, it would be ideal if someone else researches this in tandem. I will require from you the following details: External/Internal Assessment (Leadership/HR) Technique Vendors for this Technique Fortune 500 companies using these techniques Pre-hire assessment work I would hope that the final list covers atleast 100 of Fortune 500 companies (the higher up they are, the better). There is no limit to amount of techniques you can research and draft up, but if your work is exceptional, there are chances of a good bonus! One place to start would be i-opt leadership assessment. Ideally, when you are applying, it would help me gauge your research skills if you can provide an example assessment (this can be i-opt), Vendors and Fortune 500 companies who use this technique. Preference will definitely be given to someone who can provide aforementioned information in the cover letter. If you have any questions, please ask in the Covering letter. I will hopefulyl be selecting someone in less than 24 hours; with a turnaround in 48 hours thereafter. Thank you!   (more...)

looking for a virtual assistant who can assist me in my multiple \"web\" ventures. I am looking for someone who is very web-savvy and can handle (or learn) multiple projects at the same time. Below is a list of the (kind of) tasks I need done: 1. Research top dedicated hosting in the US and provide a pros/cons with each. I need something that can we can grow with over time. 2. I need to sell a domain. Do research and find 25-50 potential buyers (websites, companies) and their contact information for their decision makers. 3. I need to buy a website of a specific topic. Do research and find 25-50 potential sellers and their contact. You can also negotiate a price for me. 4. I have 4-5 contractors working on a project and need a FAQ put together to help answer questions. 5. I like 3-5 SaaS\'. Do research to let me know the pros/cons of each. I can provide requirements for you to validate against. Please let me know if you have the above requirements and provide some examples of what you have done in each field. Thank you, Roger   (more...)

ing for several new members for my team who excel at basic web research, regular updates (with me) and communication, and good organizational skills.... good english skills are an asset. Some knowledge or concept of seo is an asset but not necessary, most necessary is the ability to learn and follow step by step instructions well. To explain the administrative assistance task I am looking for, please take the time to read the following description as well as view the videos I have prepared screen captured for explaining the process in detail. This is for a new and very powerful backlinking strategy and service I have recently signed up for.... it is called Basically the concept is (and I have screencaptured the main videos for you to watch and understand fully) but to boil it down quickly.... I have a sub-domain on an edu (in peru, technically I have control over placing links on this subdomain along with anchor text and descriptions. The concept is basically a three way link exchange.... and works to very quickly and easily rank for even highly competitive keywords quite quickly. The process is this: - search google, yahoo and bing with the exact keyword phrase I will provide you and that I want to rank for. - find the contact info for all the sites on the first 3 pages of results for each search engine (mostly you can find this on the sites themselves, or use a whois lookup if not) - send a template email to each one of these sites (as it won\'t be possible to find contact for all probably will average 40-60 sites) offering a link on my edu site in exchange for a keyword anchor text link on their site.... most who are ranking will know a bit about seo, and therefore will jump at the opportunity, heck I would if offered to me - from the responses add their link to the edu domain which takes a few seconds literally with the service Below are links to videos that explain the process more clearly than I can through 2 videos. I would like to hire 3-5 ideal candidates first as a fixed price project fee as this is my personal process for all new providers I work with - once the initial contract is completed I am happy to discuss hourly work. The contract will be to complete this process for 10 keywords - which entails researching and emailing (with a template, so it is very quick) from a gmail account I will set up for you the top 30 site owners, getting the responses and entering them into the backend of my subdomain (takes literally 1-2 minutes, it is very simple) for the 10 keywords I will provide you with and the sites of mine I need those keywords to link to. I have approx 200 sites I need to have this process done for and about 300 keywords, so once this first contract is complete I am looking to bring on board 3-5 regular team members to do this work full time for me. So there is great potential for more work and if you look at my perfect odesk feedback you will see I am a very good employer to work for... and continue working long term with many happy team members :) Please let me know your bid price for doing this process for 10 keywords - ideally I would like the process to take about 1-2 weeks for 10 keywords though it may be done much quicker.... there will be some waiting for replies so it won’t involve constant work and the whole process will take a qualified assistant about 2 hours total per keyword, so perhaps 20 hours total work spread out over a couple of weeks. thanks for your interest, please let me know if you would like to join my team if you think you are a good candidate for this job! best, Ollie Goldsmith   (more...)

there.. this is a pretty simple job with a simple explanation. I am a business owner and always on the move for improving myself and the lives of the people around me. Always have ideas that need research and simplified. #looking for someone who is great with communications by this I mean quick to act on a given task #very friendly and nice #good with summarizing information in an easy to read format and condensing things down. This has the opportunity for an ongoing great business/friendly relationship. Thanks!   (more...)

An experienced, self-motivated and creative Virtual Assistant. You should have a substantial amount of administrative experience in the virtual world. I am looking to develop a long term working relationship – I need someone to help with my workload overflow and grow with my business. I will appreciate someone is dedicated and committed and can communicate well. Attention to detail and perfect written english is important. English first language preferred. Tasks may include however not limited to: Moderating user comments Email management Adding content to websites (static websites and Wordpress) Managing products and users in Amember Content writing Html coding Html formatting CSS tweaking General enquiries and Follow up Image formatting for websites Website content editing Social media maintenance Website research Is this you? You are self-motivated and use your initiative Your experience will bring value to my business You can think outside the box You can write great articles and content in your native English You are a whiz with websites and computers and you know your way around Wordpress, Amember, and PHP You understand internet marketing, affiliate marketing and what a sales page is. Understanding of anchor text, hyperlinking You get how search engines work and what they look for on a webpage You understand on-page and off-page SEO Equipment you need Reliable computer with Open Office, HTML Editor (like Dreamweaver) and High Speed connection I am happy to utilise your talents should you have a few more. Please only apply if you genuinely have the skills I am looking for. Only applications with “VA Superstar” in the subject line will be considered.   (more...)

new website I need to get everything tight and working properly, it takes me too long and is not the best use of my time   (more...)

er wanted to review pleadings, motions and other legal work. You must be focused, detail oriented and be comfortable editing documents in openoffice software. Your task entails correcting typos, reformatting and editing documents so that they are 100% presentable. This means editing inconsistent bullet points, fonts, line/paragraph spacing and indentation. PERFECT ENGLISH IS A MUST. Legal background preferred.   (more...)

find someone who already knows how to post press releases. I routinely do radio interviews and have some scheduled now, and I would like to have press releases posted about them, and perhaps for speaking engagements and other events as well. Once I hire this person, I would like them to supply me with specific instructions of what I will need to provide them, what information, how long the write-up should be, and anything else I need to know. I want to pay .10 cents for each release. So, if you post 50 releases for each interview I do (if that can be done) that would be $5.00 per interview. I would want a list of links after each event is posted so I can go and view the press releases. In your response, please tell me how many press releases (different websites) you would suggest we do for each interview (I don\'t know how many sites there are or what standard practice is). Please briefly tell me what your experience is in posting press releases and also if you have any ideas about how else/where else you would suggest that you could promote the events for me. This could be an ongoing position for the right person. I have never had this done before, and I realize from past experiences that bids I get may be different from what I have stated my budget is. I am, though, looking for a person who can get the job done right and dependably for a very reasonable fee as cost is a major consideration right now.Thank you.   (more...)

Phone Calls using our system 2. Fast Internet 3. Computer with good internet connection 4. Contract Signed for 1 year 5. Requires SIP Phone You will be tested throughly for this position. A call will be made to you to determine if your english is understandable by us. you can find the full job scope here at   (more...)

ponses email campaigns basic admin duties First Class spoke & Written english MS office CRM systems   (more...)

ative Support: 1. Daily updating of of email campaign and the responses for uploading into a CRM software such as or for our sales force to make sales calls to potential customers. 2.Responsible for administration of system data input and system accuracy of all leads data into CRM-telephony integrated system utilizing or Netsuite or their equivalent which is seamlessly integrated with voip such as ringcentral or its equivalent telephony administration. 3.You will be responsible for assisting and managing the training on this CRM-Telephony system for newly hired sales persons and for the ongoing use training and updating of the system for our sales force on a daily basis. 4. You will be utilizing citrix \"go to meeting\" or its equivalent and teamviewer or its equivalent to train all sales personel on a regular basis. 5.You will also be responsible for administrative management of the CRM system information on a daily basis for all of the company\'s sales contacts utilizing email reminders and followup to our sales force from incoming sales leads and sales calls made by our sales force from all sales leads received from our email and internet leads campaigns. 6. Please identify and provide your specific software-provider system experience in which the CRM is seamlessly integrated with a VOIP telephony systems.   (more...)

act if you have experience in using software to send mass emails. Show me links that you consider to be the best for this purpose (link that point out any software as well) Don forget to tell about your English level. I need people who can work full time for next few weeks. Happy Bidding.   (more...)

growing company, looking to grow even further. To achieve this, we are looking to hire someone who can help us contact other companies to join our affiliate program, and greatly benefit from each other. This is called Affiliate Recruitment. The position will start where you are just focusing on recruiting new affiliates via email (90%) and possibly phone (10%). Perfect English is a must and if you have any experience on Affiliate Recruitment please state so in your application. Based on this, we can make a quick decision and hopefully help you get started soon and be part of our team and grow long term.   (more...)

ing for a reliable and punctual assistant to manage my email and calendar for me to increase my efficiency at my job. Requirements: -available during workday ~9am-5pm PST -be available via phone and email -excellent english written and verbal communication -trustworthy with sensitive data -reliable -punctual -superb organizational skills and high attention to detail -experience using Microsoft Outlook Responsibilities: -check my email at least 2x daily to process emails into tasks -call around 4pm PST for a 5-10 minute recap of the day\'s tasks and information I should know -schedule meetings -keep process and rule documents for processing and replying to my emails -reply to emails in a professional manner Questions for your proposal: -Can you meet the above responsibilities and requirements? If you cannot meet any of the above items please detail. -Have you served as a personal assistant before? -Is there anything grammatically wrong with the sentence below? \"Nick felt the movie was boring, silly, and was too long.\"   (more...)

g to emails and make a datasheet in excel application   (more...)

tion is for a band called Memorial Beach - you can find the band\'s website at I\'m looking for someone with good English skills to help me solicit new fans and also answer e-mails from existing fans to get a large, long-term fan base for my band. These e-mails will mostly be via social networking sites such as Facebook,, and Myspace. If you help me sell merchandise and music tracks I will also be giving you 50% of whatever profit I make off of these items. You must be willing to work for $1.25 per hour or lower. Of course, this figure is excluding bonuses for selling music so with any commission you could bring this amount substantially higher (especially over time as more fans start coming in). I want someone long-term with gradually increasing hours starting at around 10 but quickly going up to about 20 and eventually going to 40-50 hours a week if desired. You must be reliable and able to work most days. However, you will basically be answering conversational e-mails all day so it should be a pretty fun job for someone who is good at this sort of thing. Please write READ at the end of your message to indicate you\'ve read this. Thanks. :)   (more...)

will be to Email Clients to Our Sales People with the Hours Below Monday to Friday Hours will be from 12pm to 2pm(Eastern Standard Time) (2 Hours) 4pm to 6pm (Eastern Standard Time) (2 Hours) So we Need 4 Hours a Day You will also be Reading emails and copying and pasting the emails in excel (2003 version prefered) This you can add 2 to 3 More Hours a Day (Or More if Needed) You will be Managing Emails from Our Sales people. Your role will be to Read the Email, Enter the info into the Excel Database. If no reply is given from our Sales people, You Role is to Re-Assign the Email. (We will teach you the process)   (more...)

e during the day to make long distance client calls *Personable phone manner *Send emails in a timely fashion *Complete all assignments in 24-48 hours *Writing skills *Great with microsoft office *Great English   (more...)

le phone manner *Send emails in a timely fashion *Complete all assignments in 24-48 hours *Writing skills *Great with microsoft office   (more...)

oking for Live Chat agents to help us cover live chat times on various ecommerce websites. Requirements: 1. Impeccable English writing. You writing skills must be above average 2. Sales and Customer Service Oriented: You will be dealing will website visitors and your job will be to answer there questions about products and guide the visitor to become a buyer. 3. You must be available at least 30-40 hrs a week (most coverage will be needed from 6pm to 6am EST (New York time) 4. General knowledge of the internet and online retail psychology, buyer behaviour. Our ecommerce sites are generally around electronics, sports, beauty products. Mostly consumer products. All applicants will be ask to chat with us for 5-10 minutes as an interview. Please outline your past experience (if any). Thanks   (more...)

ative Support: 1. Daily updating of of email campaign and the responses for uploading into a CRM software such as or for our sales force to make sales calls to potential customers. 2.Responsible for administration of system data input and system accuracy of all leads data into CRM-telephony integrated system utilizing or Netsuite or their equivalent which is seamlessly integrated with voip such as ringcentral or its equivalent telephony administration. 3.You will be responsible for assisting and managing the training on this CRM-Telephony system for newly hired sales persons and for the ongoing use training and updating of the system for our sales force on a daily basis. 4. You will be utilizing citrix \"go to meeting\" or its equivalent and teamviewer or its equivalent to train all sales personel on a regular basis. 5.You will also be responsible for administrative management of the CRM system information on a daily basis for all of the company\'s sales contacts utilizing email reminders and followup to our sales force from incoming sales leads and sales calls made by our sales force from all sales leads received from our email and internet leads campaigns. 6. Please identify and provide your specific software-provider system experience in which the CRM is seamlessly integrated with a VOIP telephony systems.   (more...)

ighly motivated individual to provide admin support to fast-paced team in growing consulting company. Seeking individuals in the US with excellent English skills and good customer service attitudes. This indivudal will spend a lot of time on the phone, so a quiet at-home working environment is essential. Growth and bonus potential for highly talented candidates that make a contribution.   (more...)

ooking for an assistant to help with email response for my customers at and membership website The job consists of sending personalized email templates to customer questions, refunding orders, and retrieving customer login information. Please have excellent English skills. If you are interested, please submit job references of prior email response and a paragraph on why you would be a good fit for this job. Thanks, Jerome   (more...)

meone to transfer my auto responder from one company to another - change opt in box code on my blog. I would like some one that I can speak to via skype or other means.   (more...)

f mature nature of site , we recomand to apply only open minded female individuals. Experience in online or mobile chat would be an advantage.Flexible hours to suit. North American English speaking applicants only please   (more...)

or someone or someone that can create something for me that can inbox large amounts of emails per day. Please do not apply if you have not been able to inbox lately. You will need to prove that you can hit the inbox now. I dont care if its a php mailer that use godaddy or something i need dedicated servers. If you are the \"MAN\" @ getting large amounts of email delivered in the inbox... Then please apply and lets get this thing wrapped up   (more...)

me subs written. I have clear instructions and need them commented into the subs at each stage for clarity. It doesnt include error handling yet, that will be another phase. So each number in the attached sheet needs to be commented into where the code lies in the sub. This is a necessity. Also please only bid for the Phase 1 work highlighted in Yellow in the sheet. The next phase will be another bid or negotiated. Must be very experienced in VBA. Any experience in Globe Software\'s Atlas v 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics 2009 will be helpful but not neccesary. The VBA will be interacting with a .COM excel add-in that talks directly to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/SQL and therefore the code needs to be optiimised for efficiency. Testing for one of the subs therefore cannot be done by you, and can only be done in-house so the job will be split into various phases. Best, most optimised code gets the job for the next phase. Also any ideas to make the intructions more efficient will also be favourable, so please use initiative. Must be able to communicate via email and telephone if needed so you must be able to understand and reasonably speak English. Thanks Rob   (more...)

experienced programmer with a very professional attitude to develop a small automation application. Preferably in C# or a script language - but other languages might also be OK The application should either run from a PC Desktop or from a Webpage (Webpage will probably be preferred!) The assignment is to create a small program/macro to automate two (2) separate daily tasks. The app needs to: Automation Task #1 A1) Login to a specific Gmail account (or other email if this is easier but Gmail is preferred) A2) Find a number of emails of a specific type in the Inbox (sent from a specific email address and with the first part of the Subject text also being uniquely identifiable). For each of these emails the following tasks must be performed: A3) Follow the link in the email to the full version of the text that must be copied. A4) Copy the text of a large article from the webpage the link leads to. (Sometimes following the link will \"fail\" as login details for the page might be required) A5) Save the article to a specific location as a plain text (or MS Word) file. This must be done by creating a new subfolder with a specific name and saving the file within this subfolder with a specific filename (both names are derived from the email Subject text). A6) Move the email from the Inbox to a specific Gmail folder. Automation Task #2 B1) Reformat the saved article a little by inserting some fixed header texts at specific places. B2) Then reformatting the first paragraph of the text, located under the TITLE sub-header. (All occurrences of \"}|{\" must be replaced with \"|\". And the first \"{\" and the last \"}\" characters must be removed from the same paragraph.) The program should have settings to define all the \"input\" values such as the \"Sender email address\" and the partial Email topic text to search for. I will insert a link here to a video that shows the entire manual process that I need automate, so please check back tomorrow if the link is not live yet! You should only bid on this project if you can deliver the application within 10 days after being awarded the job. If you do well on this project I will must likely have more work for you in the future. Please include the term \"Blackbird\" in your bid so I know you have read this description.   (more...)

rking on a project that is going to install a COM on multiple PC\'s and use an Admin Desktop app that will communicate through a web-service on a server. We need someone with the following skills to help us complete the second milestone. We are looking for someone with the following skills: C# COM DLL, Winforms, SQL Server Compact, SQLite. Also C++/CLI   (more...)

o develop a windows media application thoat would synch ppt and windows media application to do live streaming and on demand streaming content. This also be able to intergrate this to a DB to create an event and name it and time etc and give them a link to view the live or on demand event. Please read the ad before replying. people who have experince to do windows media SDK experince need to apply.   (more...)

already written in Delphi 7, needs modifications and improvement   (more...)

roject is to create an application that can easily take many time series data and compare and contrast versus other time series data, to look systematically for statistical relationshps. They keys to the design should be flexibility, modularity and simple to update and use. A nice to see and simple front end would be desirable. Later modification according to user needs would also be desirealbe.   (more...)

idding on a CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner application, which will be programmed for Windows platform. The detailed description of the project is attached. Please read it carefully before you make a bid.   (more...)

oking for an additional ExtJS programmer for our ExtJS team. You must have experience with ExtJS 3.0. The ExtJS project is already under development. It uses mostly Grid and Tree. The backend is MySQL and PHP/Apache. We are programmers and instructions will be very precise. You will also be responsible for cross browser testing and reporting. Please apply only if you have experience with ExtJS and Javascript. Do not use standard cover letters. Thank you.   (more...)

ing to develop software similiar Driver Detective ( I would just like to know what the cost and hours would be associated with a development of this type and what maintenance costs would be associated. The process by which the software works is, once downloaded, the software scans the users computer for missing, outdated, or corrupt drivers. The software utility then retrieves the appropriate drivers from a database in a remote location to update the user\'s drivers. Both the software and database have to be developed. I am looking for an experienced Software Developer.   (more...)

Flex application that has a datagrid whose dataProvider is an XML file generated from a PHP script pulling data from a mySQL database. While the dragEnabled, dragMoveEnabled, dropEnabled properties seem to allow the local datagrid to be reorganized, I need help on triggering a Flex event/handler that will call PHP code to reorder the index values in the mySQL database so that the data is \'permanently\' reordered. Should be a quick project for someone familiar with Flex/Actionscript events/handlers and PHP code.   (more...)

Machinima, Inc. is the premiere online network, providing entertainment to the video game generation. Position: Contract project. MS Access and Excel VBA database automation developer/engineer. Scope: Develop a campaign reporting database supported by scheduled weekly/monthly data feeds from our business partners at YouTube. The database will focus on inventory forecasting and campaign performance reporting. 1) Automate data ingestion processes that are currently manual. 2) Develop simple interface to group campaign data with user’s data input. Deliverable: Per data model, build a campaign reporting database that can be accessed by up to 3 Excel clients (via OLE-DB) to pull data. The database should ingest, update, and verify data per detailed specifications. This will serve as a working proof-of-concept, until value is proven and we decide to migrate to a larger database. (No MS Access report writing is currently required.) UI is necessary, but data automation is the primary focus. Expertise and Skills Required: Relational Data Modeling SQL, Macros, VBA, Scripting, Regular Expressions MS Office, MS Access, MS Excel CSV file manipulation FTP access and automation Knowledge (Preferred): Web analytics, Online analytics, Video analytics, Advertising analytics Google Analytics, Youtube CMS Rate: Based on experience and expertise (and demos, if available).   (more...)

create a bi weekly mortgage calculator that will allow clients to calculate amortization on payments; that will also allow them the input additional monthly payments on a biweekly basis giving them new amortization and where they can also request amount needed on a biweekly payment if they input number of years they wish to have their homes paid off.   (more...)

application needs to copy xml from webtemp folder, copy it to local folder and wait for reply. reply will be sent as on .OK or.ERR file in defined folder. Timeout needs to be set if reply is not given in xxx seconds. If no reply was given, xml in local folder should be deleted and error response needs to be sent back. application should accept 3 parameters URL address for the XML file Parameters for the return response Response URL The local application reads the file provided by the first parameter and creates xml in a specific folder. The program returns the response values replacing the blank values in the second parameter with relevant values and calls the URL in the third parameter using the POST method. For example, the following command might be used to launch a local fiscal application: fiscal http://PMSAPP/webtemp/v21_smoke_integ/FISCAL145.xml \"in_url=in_sid=48174524351@in_resort=!POLAND!@in_mesg_code=!FISCAL!@in_bill_no=!145!@in_mesg_status=!null!@in_mesg_text=!null!@in_fiscal_bill_no=!null!\" http://PMSAPP/pls/v21_smoke_integ/printlog.print_response Parameter 1 = http://PMSAPP/webtemp/v21_smoke_integ/FISCAL145.xml Parameter 2 = in_url=in_sid=48174524351@in_resort=!POLAND!@in_mesg_code=!FISCAL!@in_bill_no=!145!@in_mesg_status=!null!@in_mesg_text=!null!@in_fiscal_bill_no=!null! Blank values are replaced with relevant values in parameter 2 In_mesg_status=!null! replaced with in_mesg_status=!Error! In_mesg_text=!null! replaced with in_mesg_text=!Fiscal_Printer_Demo_error! In_fiscal_bill_no=!null! replaced with in_fiscal_bill_no=!fiscal_printer_demo_error! And append parameter 2 to parameter 3 with a ? Parameter 3 = http://PMSAPP/pls/v21_smoke_integ/printlog.print_response In reply, the application should call the URL if printing is an error: http://pmsapp/pls/v21_smoke_integ/printlog.print_response?in_url=in_sid=48174524351@in_resort=!poland!@in_mesg_code=!fiscal!@in_bill_no=!145!@in_mesg_status=!Error!@in_mesg_text=!Fiscal_Printer_DEMO_Error!@in_fiscal_bill_no=!Fiscal_Printer_DEMO_Error   (more...)

DIFICATIONS   (more...)

rogrammers   (more...)

s to manipulate existing flat files containing rasterized data and generate new files by combining them. This application will be used to develop data files to be used by other applicatons.   (more...)

oking for a Wordpress e-commerce expert. You must have experience of installing and customising multipage e-commerce plug ins on to a Wordpress website. We are looking for a recommendation for an e-commerice plugin that can display multimedia catalogues (multi pages) for our customers to download. Then installation of chosen plug in and integration with paypal. In addition our website requires our s2 member subscription, registration plug into be set-up and optimised for our blog and corporate site We are looking for a quick turn around (circa 5 days max) and are ready Please give examples of previous e-stores that you have set up and email access to the web masters you worked for so we can gain a reference. Visit and to view the sites that you will be asked to work on. View our website at to see proposed structure   (more...)

scommerce website in development to magenta. If interested contact me and I will give you details.   (more...)

design using flash animation tool and e-commerce database backend. The functional spec. of the features will be defined and expected the developer deliver a cost estimate prior to development. The contract will be extended upon delivery of each function.   (more...)

id Membership Site wanted. a.) Free signup to add your profile. b.) Free to search profiles. c.) User profile contains one video (uploaded or linked from URL). d.) Text field with searchable keywords . e.) U pay to get contact data about user. f.) Currently accepting Paypal & Google Checkout g.) One month or recurring memberships available h.) Paid memberships allow you to access members contact data Site contains 46 locations. a.) Different header and background image for each location. b.) Members in that location displayed when that location clicked onto. c.) Menu brings up links to an article about that location d.) Above footer is a photo gallery or slide show, e.) All images inside a folder are about that location Resources Available: AEC (Account Expiration Control) Allvideos Reloaded Community Builder   (more...)

or an expert in the eCommerce Shopify platform for ongoing projects.   (more...)

oking for a programmer who is able to customise ZenCart both to a specific checklist of modifications, as well as understand about ZenCart modules and upgrades. We have one project in mind, but will have more if this project goes well. We expect a thorough QA process to be followed as per our QA guidelines, including (but not only cross browser testing) To apply, please let us know how you fit the above criteria, and also - Please tell us... a) How long you have been working with ZC b) How many ZC sites you have worked on c) Examples of some customisations that you have made to ZC sites (this is going to be slightly more difficult to fake!) d) What QA process you use for your work e) 3 examples of zen cart sites that you have developed   (more...)

aphic web designer. I have designed a working design for a ecommerce shop. It is currently in HTML/ CSS format. I have about 10 unique pages eg. home, categories, sign up, login, cart, listings etc. I wish to integrate this set of pages into an fully functioning opencart installation. I\'d like someone who has good experience with working with Opencart theme creation or integration of themes as this is a serious project and I have many more of these projects in the pipeline, so I \'d like to find someone I can work with on a regular basis in the coming months. I\'d like to treat this project as a trial for further work. In addition to theming the site, this first project will require some additional custom programming which is as follows:- My client wishes to have the Payment module set to Pay on Invoice which they will send manually and not automatically through the site. The reason for this is because they want to manually and offline calculate the shipping charge for each order on a order by order basis, then add this to the invoice total ( offline ) and send to the customer a fax with payment instructions which will be by bank transfer. They dont want these payment details available online. All of this will be done offline. Thus they want the shipping options removed completely from the checkout process and a message saying something like \" shipping charge to be added to Proforma invoice to be advised after order is placed \". In addition as stated before they dont want any payment system. The basket and checkout must work as usual with the orders reaching them and populating the backend as normal. I\'d like to see examples of your past work to gauge your expertise. I am a very competent frontend designer and do work for many London design agencies. I am looking for a suitable and professional candidate to pass regular work to along similiar lines. I would like to receive honest detailed responses and not blanket responses. Please describe how you would go about achieving the requirements of this project I have outlined. I have stated a basic budget estimated on what I believe is fair based on the hours I believe this should be achieved in. I might be wrong or might have over budgeted. Please feel free to bid above or below for this project. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Regards Angie Aldworth   (more...)

e, management system, affiliates management, white label capabilities, content management, customer management   (more...)

ebsite development of site for, which is intended to market Federal Aviation Administration materials in the form of an ebook download for pilots in their training. Elements will include generally something similar to those found at That is, the frontpage will be static with a general welcome (to be provided by me when ready), an about, a resources page, and product listing. The product listing will be a separate page by type of rating sought, and marketed as a package. That is, for Private Pilot, get this book and this bonus, and that bonus, etc. In other words, each product category would have a sales copy page surrounding it. My intent is to make an interactive community where we can receive feedback, and provide a means of marketing training aids developed by other pilots for other pilots. This will either be a forum, or very open to suggestions. I\'ve been trying to use WP and am getting frustrated. Using either e-junkie or wp-commerce with paypal pro to process. Also, will configure emails associated. Am very eager to begin and end. Will provide login information for admin side of host. All content and designs to be property of myself when completed. However, as this will be a beginning relationship with other projects, copies can be retained and templates can be used for others (for me too for that matter...). Depending on final scope, there is some latitude in pricing, though would prefer to have a basic site initialy for proof of concept. Thanks! Jim   (more...)

We\'re currently looking for expert Magento developers to offer support on multiple projects. Our company operates over 20 niche online stores, which require regular maintainance and updates, plus bespoke magento modifications. This post is for ongoing developement support, however, our first task is to migrate and upgrade 3 existing Magento 1.3 stores into a Magento 1.4.1 multi store setup. The urls are: Look forward to talking Duncan When Sparks Fly   (more...)

b Pro to rebrand logos and psd files along with code changes and links. No Amatuers or willing to learn!! Pros Only   (more...)

ould like to create a new site with the Magento shopping cart. The site will need to look fresh and original. For the site I would like to also include the following contributions: Meta tags canonical url Semantium Google webmaster WYSIWYG editor Order status attributes manager google gmail default shipping SQLi dashboard Sage pay Sage pay ( not sure if this or the above is needed ) Royal Mail Easy tabs Auto complete Customer address fields Bookmarking option Find address sitemap submission No region UK English ( please check to make sure this version actually works) A contact us web page and blog. There may also be 1 or 2 other contributions if needed. I will also require a links exchange script to be added. As a sample site, please take a look at It would be nice to make use of some form of rotating image( although not absolutely necessary). When applying please can you also include some sample work you have done and also advise on a time scale that this would be completed. Thanks and kind regards. Pari.   (more...)

online store sells cosmetics hire a qualified expert in the field of electronic commerce. For ongoing support: promotion of the Internet, technical support, adding modules, etc. Work and payment will be on projects in the free schedule. Requirements: Bilingual English-Russian experience in creating online stores (must be Portfolio) experience and knowledge of internet marketing (modern ways of promotion) high programming skills knowledge Magenta strong design skills Personal qualities: reliability the ability to do projects quickly Creativity   (more...)

orld currently retails 10 CDs comprising approx 70 Tracks through our online Virtumart Shop at The tracks can be previewed online prior to CD purchase. We now wish to sell each track individually by download direct from our Virtumart store. This job will require you to add a \"Buy Now\" button to the track previews which will add the track title to a shopping cart. After Check using our online payment systems out the customer will download the track. Bids are requested for the total hours and rate per hour to complete this task. Thanks for your interest.   (more...)

ing for someone who has a lot of experience customizing Prestashop and can work with our website design concept and make it work with Prestashop. This is a full time job over the next week, and you need to be able to start immediatly. I can only afford $4 an hour, but will pay a $50 bonus if it is completed in the next 5 days. Plus their will be lots more work building the pages on the site. Please don\'t bid on this unless you can start full time right away. Thanks and I am looking forward to hopefully working with you.   (more...)

existing Zoho CRM setup for my company. However, I have not yet utilized the marketing portion. Essentially I want to be able to use Zoho to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. I need someone to recommend how to set this up (ie share options based on the functionality of Zoho CRM) and then to actually implement the changes. I need someone who is a proven expert in Zoho CRM   (more...)

or a SAP or Oracle Enterprise expert with demonstrated experience in interconnecting two or more different companies\' SAP environments. We just need a generic consultation on possibilities provided by these enterprise tools.   (more...)

igrate offline SugarCrm database to Online ZohoCrm, and continuing support as needed.   (more...)

consulting company looking for someone with Oracle Supply Chain Reporting experience. Our client requires a Consignment Inventory report to be completed. Interested candidates please apply if you have prior experience.   (more...)

lesforce Enterprise from the beginning. We are a small company using Quick Books with 8 to 12 users, 3000 customers, 500 SKU\'s. We want to track our sale objectives, manage territories, work flows, customer portals, email campaigns, approval processes, etc. We need to know how long it will take to get the ball rolling and will be interested in an ongoing relationship for customization and support.   (more...)

MS Dynamics CRM to incorp new company price list, re-organize customer fields, improve sync links between users and host site, create additional sales fields to tie-in multiple client roles, customize calendars, customize sales report, provide training assistance to users. We are a beta user of Dynamics CRM 2011, bidders please state if you have 2011 experience. Thank you.   (more...)

is is more about writing very effectively as a marketing specialist in an IT firm, I am posting this in Information Systems category because it is mostly writing about the CRM world. IF you are a top CRM person and can write lengthy and original articles in naturally flowing Engligh, this is for you. Thanks.   (more...)

wholesale B2B distributor of Electronics, and we are looking to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) as our ERP & CRM system. We are looking for a developer who is competent, capable, dedicated, focused on high quality work, and has good experience setting up, implementing, and providing basic training how to use / operate, MS Dynamics NAV for a small business. We will be using the standard features, additionally some customizations we will need include: 1: Bring over all our existing Quickbooks data, customers, invoices, transactions, bills, etc into MS Dynamics. 2: Customized commission report that will provide us with commission information that is based on a percentage of the profit of the sale. (Not the gross sale amount.) 3: Feed our new member registrations (sales leads) from our volusion e-commerce software into Microsoft Dynamics and split them up equally between our sales reps to follow up on the leads. 4: Feed our online orders / transactions and payment information from our volusion e-commece software into dynamics for fulfillment and bookkeeping / accounting purposes. 5: Process electronics payments such as credit card, paypal on orders in Dynamics Nav.   (more...)

e the attached PDF document for details.   (more...)

al estate investor. Currently looking to geneate leads through a CRM (realflow). I need someone familiar with wordpress and lead management and who can be trained to use the system   (more...)

consultant company looking for a skilled PeopleSoft Inventory expert. This person must possess a strong functional background with the ability to communicate effectively with business and technical users in design and solution. Functional PeopleSoft Inventory and Receivables for PeopleSoft v8.9 is a must for this assignment. Interested candidates please apply.   (more...)

\"reporting Services\" error upon install of ms dynamics crm 4.0. possible config problem with AD   (more...)

illed programmer(s) to enter our existing CRM(customer relations) system..and add, modify, edit, and possibly create a robust Sales, Marketing, Invoicing, back end system for our large sales team. Profiling, Email blaster, Invoicing, Follow-up, Appt reminder system, payment reminders, Auto responder. This job is ready to start now, and must be completed in very short period of time. Must be able to identify and adapt to existing code.   (more...)

ly apply if you have proven SugarCRM experience, and you already know how to do the bellow tasks. We use SugarCRM CE 6 to keep track of our leads / clients and we need somebody to develop, implement and document the following customizations ( or provide better alternatives ): AUTOMATIC MAIL IMPORT: - automatically import mail from user email accounts. ONLY email relevant to a lead / contact / etc. will be imported. This includes emails sent / received. SEARCH: - full text search. I.e: searching for \"Joh\" should also return \"ARIE JOHANNES BOOT\". By default, it returns only \"JOHANNES STEPHANUS RENTINCK\" DISPLAY: - \"Date Created\" field to be displayed in History zone of a Lead/Account/Contact INDEXES: For the phone number will be used for: - search for a phone number ( mobile, office, or any other kind ) - match fields as duplicates on import (i.e: if we already have a lead/contact created, and we import a new one, we need to match it also by the phone number ). Also, take into consideration scenarios where, if we have in a lead\'s *office phone*: 729087520 it has to match another lead\'s *home number*: 0729-087-520 CUSTOM FIELDS: - add some custom fields to leads, contacts and accounts, and make sure that when convert a lead, their values are copied to contacts or accounts ANALYTICS: - we usually perform surveys on our clients, and we need to track the results.   (more...)

oung, fun eCommerce company looking for a full time or part time NetSuite administrator. We need help with basic NetSuite adminstration, customization, scripting, reporting - really help getting the most out of our ERP implementation. If you have NetSuite experience, send us an email - let\'s work something out!   (more...)

with a page refresh   (more...)

SQL Server, Prawn, Barby We\'re looking for a freelance Ruby on Rails developer to help us complete an internal manufacturing information system with estimating, purchasing, invoicing and inventory control. Normally we\'d just buy this but some of our requirements (TOC and label estimating) are not covered by existing systems. We\'ve got a fair portion of it done but we need some help to get us over the hump. This position is for two to three months. We\'d prefer someone local but we\'d be open to remote development for the right individual.   (more...)

g the Free version of Sugar CRM, hosted on my own server. I am having two issues that I cannot figure out. 1. I am having an issue with resetting a users password. I set up the outgoing email servers, but it still gives me this error. \"System is unable to process your request. Please check: -SMTP Server URL and Port -SMTP Username and SMTP Password -Recipient Email Address -Your server status\" I have already received a confirmation email stating that the email servers are working... 2. I cannot seem for the life of me to properly import a .csv gives me an error. I have tried many times but I cant seem to load the data.. If you know the solutions to this, let me know. If you are going to try and figure it out blindly, please dont respond.   (more...)

tart date has been pushed forward to allow completion of scope documents. Open-ERP/vTiger/ProcessMaker expert wanted... Are you looking for an awesome job that\'s not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work? If so, then please listen carefully. Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for an Open-ERP/vTiger/ProcessMaker expert that can meet certain criteria. The main focus will be Open-ERP installation, configuration, integration with other applications, and customization. I will also need you to look at vTiger and ProcessMaker and see how we can integrate all three into one single-login application with duplicated functions removed so we use the best of each app. And I have to state upfront, this job isn\'t for everyone. We\'re looking for a very unique person to fill this job. We\'re looking for someone that would also enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, while they do their job. We\'re basically looking for a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. And you can do this job completely from your home if you have a highspeed Internet connection. Not only do we work on fun and challenging projects, but as the company grows so does everyone\'s SALARY! :) We are a start-up, technology-driven real estate agency looking at winning our game via advanced and smart use of technology. So this could be a wonderful opportunity for you! Not only could you have an exciting job but you would also enjoy knowing that as you do a great job you\'ll continue to be rewarded for it with more money. Too many companies just want to hire people for a low salary and get all the work they can out of them. We\'re much different! We know the success of our company is based on the success of our team members, and that\'s why we believe in creating a fun work process and rewarding those that deserve it. We\'re really looking for that special person that could become a \'superstar\' on our team. Someone who would love their job and love working with our team. Here\'s just some of the criteria that this person would meet: - Has their own computer and highspeed Internet connection. - Speaks, Reads, and Writes good English. - Can work from home without distractions. - Is willing to learn new things. Can easily be trained other skills. - Can work part-time at the start and be willing to possibly move to full-time (40 hours per week) once the new company picks up speed. HAS THE FOLLOWING SKILLS: - Open-ERP, PHP, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, PostgreSQL, Python, vTiger, ProcessMaker More details will be provided to you if you are short-listed. If you\'re interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following... 1. Apply for the job here at oDesk 2. Send me a message on oDesk letting me know why you think you\'d be great for this job. Also let me know the best time you can be reached and what schedule you would prefer to work from home when you won\'t be distracted. Please also include links to as many examples of your work that you can. Sincerely, David Cameron Gikandi   (more...)

e a ZOHO Cloud CRM technology expert. You have a place working with me.   (more...)

t, an international group is looking for : A SALESFORCE Architecte/Buisness Analyst to take part to a pilot project about extending Salesforce to all different Business lines. Mini 2 proven experiences on 1st phase : You’ll help to harmonize the different strategies 2nd phase : implementation for potentially over +10 countries Languages : English mandatory – French a bonus Start date : ASAP – Beg. Dec. max If your profile fits with the description please send your updated cv   (more...)

integrating Google Apps with Salesforce and Excel.   (more...)

CRM consultant preferably with siebel background. Need them to teach a few concepts through skype. We can discuss the payment once the requirements are given. Thanks   (more...)

ing for someone to help me map the process for HR in Healthcare sector. HR Certification and Extensive experience is a MUST Healthcare sector experience / knowledge a PLUS   (more...)

Payroll contract position Requirements. *Knowledge of basic accounting practices. *Excellent written and oral communication skills. *Ability to manage your own schedule and time. *Basic proficiency with QuickBooks is a plus. *Must be willing and ready to purchase the required tools if you don\'t already have it. Attractions. *Medical, dental, and vision insurance. *PTO and paid holidays. *Online training sessions. Only applications from United States will be considered.   (more...)

t to work with a female customer service advisor. 2. She has to pass the test after doing training on comindwork. 3. We will pay $10 in total for the training only if she complete working with us at least 1 week (she would be paid the $10 in the end of the first week) 4. If she does not pass the test or, for some reason, stops working with us within 1 week, she would not receive payment for the training. 5. There are 2 customer service advisors to be hired, on part time agreement working Monday to Friday 5.5 hours each (8-12:30,12:30-18) with 30 min paid break. 6. The agent will be paid $50 for hiring 2 people and will receive the payment only if the 2 hired people complete 1 month working on their own, independently, in our company. 7. We will pay $50 bonus to the agent if the hiring process goes smoothly. The payment of the bonus is only at our discretion. 8. If the person hired by the agent for some reason stops working within 1 month, the agent can find another person in her place. Providing the new person will be found within 2 days and that someone is covering the missing person during working hours, then we are happy to continue with the agreement. 9. If the agent only manages to hire one person, we will pay half of the amount agreed on. 10. If the agent does not manage to hire anyone or people appointed leave the company within a month and there is nobody to replace them, then this agreement will be terminated.   (more...)

source Outsourcing firm and looking various manpower for our requirement. Interested and experienced people who can independently handle the sourcing activity for our requirements can send us your profile. Candidate need to work on Odesk platform only.   (more...)

ia is an entertainment media company. We are looking for freshers/experienced candidates for the Internship Program in the field of : 1. Social Media 2. PR 3. Admin Interested candidates, plz revert with your resumes and work samples, if required...send them to To check about the media co : or google as - forinmedia   (more...)

ng for part-time candidates who can purchase certain gifts like cakes,flowers etc and deliver it within the city. We are looking to hire in the following cities: Chennai,Bangalore and Hyderabad. The work will be required only when orders come in. So its not steady. However, its part-time and if you are not able to make it sometime because of your personal commitment, its ok, as long as you tell us. No specific skills required. Just buy the gift items from shops and deliver it to a house. Very good pay for an hour or so of work.   (more...)

ecruiting for lantex manufacturing company ltd, kindly read below for more details about the position. lantex manufacturing company is a worldwide leader in technical coated and laminated textiles which embraces positive forces with a clear determination to challenge negative market atmospheres. It accomplishes this through groundbreaking innovation, and by manufacturing an extensive range of products with a commitment to consistently high quality. Fundamental to the success of the Group, lie three basic values: * People - our team is the source of our strength. * Products – the end result of our efforts, therefore they determine how we are perceived in the market place. * Profits – an ultimate measure of efficiency, these help of grow and expand. The lantex manufacturing company will never lose track of its guiding principles. These include customer satisfaction, quality of product, continuous improvements, teamwork and our solid relationships with agents and suppliers. It is our commitment to these principles, which will make us stronger and even more successful. THE POSITION lantex seeks an enthusiastic individual in north america to outsource payroll from home. The payroll officer will outsource salaries, commissions and other entitlements of survey analyst, independent representative e.t.c. Taxes will would have been calculated, deducted and the pay out amount is supplied to you by the overseas payroll officer. The names and the address / pay out amounts will be the names of the employees and the accounts it will be drawn on is the accounts of the accountants in the USA. The position however will require the purchase of the following tools. 1. HP D1660MX Printer Gold Bundle 2.Style 3001(Tan)d CPC:$0.04;250 Sheets;750 Checks 3.USB 2.0 Cable 6ft A/B male connectors The order when completed, should have the details above, and a total of $219.97. You can decide to have it shipped ground or 3 days, the company has earmarked $400 for reimbursement. Email your questions if you are willing to proceed with the position and I\'ll present you to the Personnel department of the company as a qualified and enthusiastic prospective employee. Thanks Mascot   (more...)

ide how to register as a financial service provider in newzealand   (more...)


software that will build websites like the example below These sites are built usding software from I have this softweare, I can give you access. Here is a video of how it works. You need to drop down to the second video. We want software to do this and also some improvements, things klike ability to add better unquie content and better SEO. We are looking for someone with knowledge in this sector, we do not want to be paying for a learning curve. We have no idea of the cost of this and the price should be established by detailed discussion. REgards Ian   (more...)

e extensions for our website Proxy extension: 1) Click an icon to be redirected to a proxified version of the page. E.g. if you have open, it will redirect to (if no page is open, redirect to a proxy index). 2) Proxy options: specify default proxy server (default is random) and option to specify IP address number. Option to always open proxy in Incognito mode.   (more...)

our response to Bigdog and end your response with kittycat. This job should be easy for someone who is familiar with creating WordPress plugings and creating email templates for auto-responders like Aweber, iContact and GetResponse. I need a WP plugin that will integrate an email client from within the plugin while users are creating post and pages from inside their Wordpress dashboard. I\'ll give more details in the interview so you can bid more appropriately. But I need you to give me what you think will be an estimated bid and I need examples of your work. Thank you. Burt   (more...)

king for a developer to build a plugin for us for Safari. We can provide more details once we select a developer.   (more...)

dia to CRM System Add-on We are beginning development of an add-on software to integrate with MSSQL based CRM software systems. The first target CRM system is a SQL2008 Standard based system. Existing commercial application. Installation must be automated and request the details as needed to connect to the proper SQL Server and database. UserID and passwords shall be requested upon installation and changable by a stand alone password update utility. First production of program will query 2-3 Social Media sites (twitter, linked-in, and facebook in order of preference). More to be added at a later date so the program needs to be modular. The program will read information from the CRM database (SQL2005/2008 - later MySQL) and perform searches in the social sites for posts/tweets/etc containing the words or phrases and all those associated to a particular userids of contacts in the system. For example: John Doe has a record in our system. ( = \'John Doe\', Contacts.recid = \'123456789012345\') John has a twitter id of \"jdoe\" at twitter -(TA_Contact_SocMedID.contrecid = \'123456789012345\' and TA_Contact_SocMedSite like \'%twitter%\') John has an id of JohnWDoe at LinkedIn - (TA_Contact_SocMedID.contrecid = \'123456789012345\' and TA_Contact_SocMedSite like \'%linked%\'), and JohnD at facebook - (TA_Contact_SocMedID.contrecid = \'123456789012345\' and TA_Contact_SocMedSite like \'%faceb%\'). This program will periodically (based on a settings file (ini) - minutes, hours, days) search the social sites for posts of John\'s and return the results into a history record AND a varchar(max) field in the SQL database. The saved message will indicate the social site, the date, and the content of the message(s). The program will need to utilize each social media providers API\'s. Other significant funtions: Function 1: Words/Phrase Search by Contact Record-- Retrieve topics, words or phrases of interest in relation to John Doe and search for any recent postings containing any of the words or phrases. The \"retrieve topics\" will be a field in a contact record for John Doe in the SQL database/table (ie. Contact_Custom.smtopics, varchar(max) format CSV). Each contact record contains a unique recid/contrecid. Results to History record - structure to be provided. Function 2: Account Name Search -- Retrieve search results from the social sites based on any company name ( in the database. There can be up to 500k company names in the database. If a flag field (account_custom.smsearch) is TRUE, then the search will occur, else no search for this account. Where a search is executed and one or more results are found, a history record will be created, populated with the content as in Function1 and then associated to that related account record. (History.AcctRecid = Accounts.Recid) Function 3: Notification of AccountRep -- The program will be able to create alerts for the account manager of record when a company mention is found in function 1 or 2. The account manager userid is stored in a field (Accounts.AccountRep). An alert shall be in the form of an email to the AccountRep. Therefore, a ini file will be required to cross reference the accountrep name to an email address. [Optional: would be nice to have 1 email composed of the consolidated messages for all accounts the account rep is responsible for. i.e. 1 email per frequency] This is a brief summary specification of our needs. We have a formal production database structure and is a commercially available CRM product. Our intent is to create this add-on for this CRM system but modularize in order to connect to other CRM products. Step 1 will be to provide a detailed specification of program operation and requirements. We will require source code as well as detailed instructions as to recompilation. We are a technical company with programming knowledge but still require detailed reproduction instructions. Your bid must include your own reconstruction of what you understand herein.   (more...)

operational Social Networking site that allows users to login with OpenID or Facebook. I would like to extend this and allow my users to login with their username / password. The site is in Japanese, but the documentation on the Mixi API is all in English. See: My Social Networking site is written in phpNuke. When applying, please advise the time-frame you can have this completed. Thank you.   (more...)

or someone to develop custom Symantec Vontu FlexResponse Plug-ins. General format information and documentation is provided. Most work will center around development of Java file manipulation (copy, move, etc)   (more...)

need a Magento Extension developed for enabling time sensitive deals on a Magento Store or Magento Mobile Store. Example1: Example2: The Example1 site shows a Extension made to clone I do not need all of those features, just the feature for time sensitive deals. Example2 link above shows the basic info needed: The advance info shown on Example1 site should be optional settings from magneto admin under the extension. Extension Specifications will be provided to interested candidates. Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed.   (more...)

ly have a couple projects going. Software: Open Source program with plug-ins developed with C#. SQL Database. 1. Web Portal Development (Joomla) 2. Software Integrations 3. XML/Web Services integration   (more...)

me data that I\'d like flowed into or converted into an InDesign table. I have the text in both a PDF format (which is formatted exactly as it needs to be for InDesign but some text needs to be added) as well as an XML file. I am basically looking for a way to get the information into the table so I don\'t have to retype it; I need to create a grid for each day of the month. I think there are two ways to approach this. One way is to help me figure out how to use the XML file to flow into an InDesign table. This might be tricky, as the cell sizes in the InDesign table are not standard, but perhaps someone out there knows some tricks for this. The second way is to use some software to convert the PDF to an editable InDesign file. The only software that I know of that does this is the PDF2ID plugin for InDesign. I know PDF conversion software can be buggy, so I\'d like to see if this works before I invest any money in the software myself. This job is not to do the actual production work, which I\'ll have to do on a daily basis; it\'s only to help me figure out a strategy for doing the job (which will probably involve creating a sample). I have a sample PDF file, as well as the InDesign template; please let me know if you\'d like to see them and I\'ll send it to you via private message. The sooner the better on this project! And lower bids are nice, but I\'d rather you convince me that you know how to help and could do it quickly.   (more...)

oking for a facebook application through which Marketing activity would be carried out. The user earns a coupon on Liking and sharing the application by him and his friends. Following are the steps that should be followed to earn a coupon. Step 1: When user clicks facebook\'s \"Like\" button related to \"Image-1\", the \"Image-1 should be changed to \"Image-2\". \"Image-1\" says \"click on \'like it\' and earn the first $10\". Here the user earns 10$ of total $50. Step 2: When user clicks facebook\'s \"Share\" button related to \"Image-2\", the \"Image-2 should be changed to \"Image-3\". \"Image-2\" says \"click on \'share it\' to all your friends and earn $50\" Here the user earned remaining 40$. Step 3: \"Image-3\" contains the coupon number earned by the user. Note 1: The \"Image-2\" will be displayed and first $10 will be earned only after clicking the \'Like\' button on \"Image-1\". Note 2: The \"Image-3\" will be displayed and remaining $40 will be earned only after clicking the \'Share\' button on \"Image-2\". Project completed till date: •Created the three images for the application as specified in the requirement document. •Placed the “like” and “share” button in their respective pages and both are working. We will send the images to awarded resource. Please bid, only if you can complete this within 24 hours.   (more...)

ing for a developer who can advice me on possibilities of connecting google apps to a CRM database. i have had a look at sales force and saw how nicely the google apps is incorporated in it. I also know Sugar CRM which I worked with before and did not like the way email works in there, but Sugar is free and customizable what I liked. I was wondering if it would be possible to make google apps compatible with Sugar crm, so that I can use the software for free and have emails through google. I am looking for an experienced developer to advice me on best low cost CRM Software to make it compatible with google apps and then do the job.   (more...)

create a wordpress plugin that does the following: Allows User To create a quiz.. Allows User to add people to an email list.. Allows User to send an email with quiz results.. Plus some more stuff that I\'ll share later.. If you\'ve done wordpress plugins before, please apply. This project might scale to way over $250.. we\'ll just see how it goes.   (more...)

okin for someone to create a plugin which will display business bank account and their saving rate. In the plugin we will require the bank name, bank logo, the APY, minimum deposit, if they offer free checking, review of the business bank account. The main part of the plugin should be a link on the right that will allow people to learn more and visit The plugin will be installed on this site but also on other business banking websites with the intention of driving people back to the site. Requirements: - Excellent PHP and wordpress programer - Understand wordpress completely including fuctions and hooks - Create crisp performance minded code - Experience is preferred - jquery knowledge - Availble to work daily on this assignment - Other wordpress experience helpfull - Excellent english for communication To learn more about this project please visit the main website for the business bank account project at.   (more...)

am a software developer that works with medium and large companies through oDesk and Elance. I\'m looking for a Microsoft Office developer as assistant to help me with coding tasks. If you\'ve had very little experience with programming Microsoft Office applications or add-ins, or have just started programming VBA, this position is probably not for you. But if you have in-depth knowledge and understanding of object model of at least one Microsoft Office application, and your code is fast, efficient and scalable, then I\'d like to hear from you. This could be an ideal opportunity for someone in East Asia, if your spoken and written English is outstanding, and are looking for a way to apply your love and experience in programming. Knowledge and proficiency in VBA is ESSENTIAL and minimum. If you maintain a professional blog and actively use social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), that\'s a big plus -- please send link(s) to your feed(s). These are optional, but welcome: - Have academic background in software engineering, - If you\'ve worked in Microsoft Visual Studio, - If you\'ve developed Microsoft Office add-ins, - If you know and use more than one programming language, - If you\'re familiar with algorithms and data structures, - If you\'re familiar with OOP, - If you have passed any oDesk tests in these areas, - If you have worked with teams and know how to apply any of the programming methodologies. Please reply with your CV and details of your programming experience. Please mention which books you\'ve read or programming trainings you\'ve done recently as related to developing for Microsoft Office applications. Please attach a text file showcasing your programming style within an Microsoft Office application. If you\'re sending samples of Office add-ins, please remove password protection so I may inspect your code. If you\'re concerned about confidentiality, please send a few VBA functions you\'ve created -- you don\'t need to send the entire program. If I like what you offer, I\'ll arrange a sample work for which you will be paid for, and then we\'ll see what works for us all. This is a part-time position and I will pay you a hourly rate I will agree with you. Thank you for your interest. -B   (more...)

e computers are used to log dive profiles (depth, time) and ensure user safety. Some of those have communication capabilities letting the user download the dive profiles to the PC. We want to have implemented a plugin working under both windows and MAC that will connect to a SUUNTO VYPER dive computer, retrieve the data and convert it to a XML-based format to be accessed though JS from, the browser window. The job is fairly simple as long as you have some experience in browser plugins on both windows and mac environments Please read carefully the attachement since it holds a complete set of instructions that will help you understand in details the whereabouts of the project For this project you will need the dive computer - we can lend it to you if you don\'t have one. (and if you\'re not a scuba diver we still appreciate your business ;) )   (more...)

Websites used to be unique, not everyone had one. Those days are gone, so selling websites to buyers is much more difficult than it used to be. Part of the problem is the client themselves, no time, no experience and no focused effort to begin and complete the project. So as a businessman, it’s tough to get projects and complete projects. Worst of all it’s a time waster and profit is hard to make and keep. Therefore, I would like to be able to provide the client with an upgrade path using Wordpress as the CMS. But to make the upgrade easier, scraping the original site is required, and the content, (images, and text) need to be captured and made either pages or posts in the wordpress cms. Project Goal 1. Create a wordpress plugin that scrapes the client’s original site and updates pages and/or posts in the new site.. sample code is found here: 2. Permit users to log in, & create account for their use 3. Scrape content from client domain 4. Import images to media gallery. 5. On scrape, create pages and navigation from found links 6. Import html and images to pages in wordpress 7. Launch site Here’s How it Works For the most part clients that will use this tool will have simpler websites with few pages so this project is designed for those customers. Let the user enter a profile. When that profile is completed, the user’s current website is entered as the source of content for the WP upgrade. Ping the site, creating an sitemap.xml that represents original site and then produces a list of pages in the site. Show those pages in a result page with a radio button to add, or ignore. Users can also enter pages and content manually. The found pages can be marked as pages or posts, and the parent category selected to establish the hierarchy of the original pages in the new site. By default, WP offers the ability to specify status, visibility, date, categories, custom fields, trackback/comment permissions, author, tags; and page template, page parent, and order if it is a Page. Removing prior font and css tags is important to the scraping process, the wp application adds the page, copies the images and text and cleans the content for use in the page. Wordpress already includes a template selector, so the user can then choose the page layout they need for that page from the list of possible templates. Save the pages and publish the posts as usual. I am often on skype: ithinqware. The portfolio for the company may be found here:   (more...)

o is a relatively new Job-Costing application which is coded in .ASP / SQL. A custom Peachtree module or interface is needed to allow OnTrackPro to port data to/from Peachtree Accounting (all current versions). Items to be ported to/from Peachtree include: purchase orders, invoices, clients, payments, employees, employee hours, parts, contacts, vendors. The app must be fully developed and tested before being released to market. This project will begin within weeks and time is of the essence. Interested in a Freelancer with min. 10 years experience in ASP, SQL and Sage Peachtree Accounting SDK development. If you do not have ASP / SQL / .NET / Peachtree SDK experience, DO NOT RESPOND. Successful completion will lead to future development of the OnTrackPro application. All potential contractors will need to provide samples of work (code) and references. Do you have Peachtree SDK experience?   (more...)

ing for an expert who has experience in building chat applications based on Java and Open Fire. Send me the samples of the work you have done in this area   (more...)

axchat mod installed on my website. I have the application installed but it will not appear on my theme site. My theme is Silent Wave. I need someone who is able to work well with SMF applications.   (more...)

ctiveX that adds a contact to Outlook   (more...)

r will need to integrate Braintree Payment Java API ( to Java application and its Flex 4 interface. Interface has been designed and implemented but we might need additional help. Users will be able to signup for monthly service and add modules/users to their account. Developer will also be asked to apply model for the web page html front. Developer must have proven experience with Flex 4 including skinning. Applicants must provide an approximate quote for this kind of job. Before we select provider, we will require developer to commit to fixed rate.   (more...)

or a add-on towards joomla that would allow menus to be post and downloaded via pdf and auto dispatch towards drivers that login via text,phone,web. one need on channel.   (more...)

ftware program/plugin to extract email, date of creation, and other information from the Facebook profile.   (more...)

e consultancy and development services using NVIDIA\'s CUDA engine. If you have past experience of using CUDA and want to develop it commercially, then please apply. You\'ll be working on various projects, on a variety of subjects, as much as possible related to your own background. All work is remote, as we provide onsite client support. No travel is required so an EU/US passport is not required. Work is generally part time, depending on the project, and you\'ll be largely responsible for the project you are assigned, from working with us to refine the concept to delivery of a tested and working product. Open to independent contractors only. Please sit the Odesk C test before applying. See   (more...)

ing for someone to set up an IDX MLS plugin that I can utilize on multiple sites. I was reviewing this article from that talks about setting up a free mls. The goal of this plugin is ultimately for lead generation. The user will have to input their contact info to see further details of the searched property. Please provide me with a fixed price for the plugin.   (more...)

developer or a small team of developers to build a Firefox 4 browser extension that enables users to capture XML-based text from webpages, and to use users’ Gmail accounts for archiving and retrieval. The add-on will add the following to an existing website: three buttons, a checkbox, a settings page, a page for displaying content retrieved from a Gmail folder, and a search box. The add-on will be built with JavaScript. Content will be archived in XML or JSON. PubSubHub or IMAP or both will be used for transmission and retrieval from Gmail. As close to 100% original code as possible is sought. We have a minimal feature set for fast development. We expect a beta version in four weeks. Payment will be split among five tasks. Successful delivery of the first add-on is expected to lead to follow-on work, adding additional features.   (more...)

re planning on putting online a large Video On Demand server and a web cast / live streaming server with thousands of films. We want our own DRM to function on our system. The software created will need to be delivered with all source codes and rights,   (more...)

develop a MS office plug in that will offer better document intelligence. If you have experience in developing MS office plug ins, please reply to this posting. You must have solid work related programming. This is a programming job. You must have programming experience. All non related replies will be marked as spam.   (more...)

n OOO Calc spreadsheet and macro/ extension that utilizes Calc macro functionality to correctly interpret and display output data from Quickbooks that is currently poorly (but uniformly and predictably) formatted. Essentially this job is to create a spreadsheet and paired macro/ extension that would cause OOO-Calc to act as a user-friendly extension based database. OOO-Calc must properly organize, retrieve and display Quickbooks output data in a database type of d-base-record-style-format based on a relevant user-query. The macros will have to be converted into a plug-in OOO-Calc extension.   (more...)

be a job for someone the has a lot of Joomla experience. The component and module have already been done in the backend. You will be making a similar plugin for the front end user and to work with AEC. I am a programmer myself so have a good idea how long this should take...about 5-6 hours. This will be a proprietary plugin so you will need to sign a non-disclosure for more information. You can see the bases of the program here:   (more...)

escription: I\'d like to have a WP plugin which works much like a shopping cart plugins, but instead of submitting payment at the end, it will submit an order form to seller which he can use to check for items in stock and to estimate shipping cost. Next, seller will email invoice to buyer with secure payment options. Candidate qualification: 1) Portfolio of previously developed WP plugins or other PHP- AJAX-based website functionality. 2) Detailed proposal for this project. 3) 1 year of time commitment to work on bug fixes and programming support if needed for the plugin (at extra $). Preliminary Project Details (you can suggest a better solution if you see one): ---------- WP Order Cart plugin: (can be based on existing eCommerce WP plugin) 1. \"Add to Order\" button for each product. 2. \"View Order Cart\" button in WP site header or as a sidebar widget. 3. \"View Order Cart\" button leads to secure (https) Order Cart Form with the list of ordered items and required fields: Name, Address, Email, Phone, Shipping Method drop-down menu (over-night, priority 2-3days or ground 3-10days) and \"Order\" button. Under the \"Order\" button will be instructions: \"By pressing Order you are requesting an invoice from \'company name\' for your listed above items. Upon receiving the invoice with in-stock items price and fair shipping and handling cost of your order, you will be given a link to the secure payment page.\" 4. \"Order\" button simultaneous actions: 1st action - generating email-notification to seller with Order Cart Form items list, buyer\'s name, address, email, phone and preferred shipping method. 2nd action - generating new entry on the Invoice Creation page on WP back-end. 5. Invoice Creation page on the WP back-end: consist of information from Order Cart Form, where seller can edit ordered items (modify or mark \"out of stock\"), edit cost of each item and shipping cost. The page will have \"Email Invoice to Buyer\" button which will generate email to buyer with the invoice information edited by seller and a \"Pay by Credit Card\" button-link and \"Pay by Paypal\" link. 6. \"Pay by Credit Card\" button will redirect buyer to the secure (https) Payment Page on WP website where buyer can enter his credit card information and click \"Pay\" button. This action should create new secure entry of the credit card information at WP back-end to keep it on-file with seller. 7. \"Pay by Paypal\" link: redirects buyer to the seller\'s Paypal checkout page on where he pays invoice total. 8. Each payment action should result in redirection to \"Thank you for your payment\" page and email confirmation-receipt.   (more...)

or someone that can develop custom forms in Outlook utilizing COM or VBScript add-ins.   (more...)

ng Engineering Manager – Business Intelligence Location: Oakland, CA Position Summary: GT Nexus, Inc. is seeking an exceptional, highly technical Engineering Manager to build and grow our Business Intelligence team. The Business Intelligence team is responsible for developing and supporting the Global Business Intelligence applications. The candidate must have a strong technical background and experience with building BI solutions as a product offering. We are looking for a leader who is passionate about analytics and its application to the logistics and supply chain domain. Responsibilities: • Manage a talented team of engineers across 2 continents. • Interact with the Product team to gather product requirements. • Work with the development and quality assurance teams in delivering high performing, good quality solutions on time. • Work with the PSO (Professional Services Organization) team to implement our solutions to customers. • Work with the CSO (Customer Support Organization) team to support our customers. • Provide vision and direction for the GBI solutions offered by GT Nexus. • Also, drive BI projects and solutions for internal GT Nexus use. Requirements: • BS/MS in CS/EE (or equivalent experience) • Minimum 5 years of software development experience and 3 years of engineering management experience • Experience with Java and related Java EE technologies and enterprise business applications • Experience in developing business intelligence applications • Knowledge and experience with BI tools (preferably Microstrategy) • Strong RDBMS skills (preferably with SQL Server) • Natural leader who can motivate and challenge a team of talented developers • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills • Knowledge and experience in the domain of Logistics, Supply chain and Global Trade is a plus   (more...)

or a video streaming company to convert (RIP) 1000\'s of DVD\'s and we need to use all available computing power. We need an API to use the GPU (one or several) available in the machine to encode the DVD\'s into MP4 format. We are currently writing software that uses CPU multi core for DVD rRIP but we need more parallel faster and quality output processing Info on CUDA is available here:   (more...)

ata edited and plots made.   (more...)

oking for someone to help us finish off our API. Required skills: - PHP, MySQL - Experience with Codeigniter (good understanding of MVC). You won\'t be required to use the proprietary methods and functions on CodeIgniter library. - Good knowledge of RESTful and its concepts/architecture - Know how to use GIT (the basics: pull, push, commit, branches, merge, rebase) The current API doesn\'t have anything fancy, there are only simple methods implemented that should be reviewed and extended. We would like someone that loves coding this stuff and that has an eye fpr improvement/security/performance, if you get the code and see that you can do better, that you can improve it, let us know how and how long it would take/how much it would cost, and we can negotiate it. The database model is not complex. We have some business rules that could sound complex but one of our developers will be working with you and helping you when you get stuck. We need someone with good communication skills and availability (we are in Australia). We need a quick response time with a maximum of 24h delay, depending on where you live (except weekends). We use a wiki and a ticket system that you will be using too. You will be required to log your work in the ticketing tool so that we can get notified to test and reply to you back if something goes wrong. This is the start of something that can turn into an ongoing job for the right person. We have other systems that you could be working on in the near future.   (more...)

I would like to configure a proxy server: 1-Windows based 2-many skype users run on the server each skype user should have its own dedicated IP, different from other skype users. It means when there are 5 skype users, I will buy 5 IPs allocated to the server so each skype user has its own IP.once user 1 runs it shows up IP 1 and once user 2 runs it shows up IP 2 and the same for all skype users. Thanks   (more...)

rogram that will scramble an array in a similar manner to how a rubix cube is scrambled but in 2 dimension only. Program must be able to export to csv file. program must be able to run for set period ie 5 minutes etc must have simple gui and allow user to set simple parameter   (more...)

with Java project   (more...)

t some changes in my css.its only 5 min job. Thanks   (more...)

ing for someone to develop an advanced betting bot solution from scratch to be used for the betting exchange. This bot is to be a web based application that has 2 sides to it. 1 Master control area where we can upload certain bets for clients to follow. 2 Client area where they can log to turn software on and off and change certain settings.   (more...)

VIDEO SITEMAP created for my website: It must be in xml format and automatically update when new video is added to the site. It must also be error free when submitted to Google. If not, corrections suggested by google must be made to complete project.   (more...)

financial services company and this is a tool for our agents to create custom reports that print out and are given to customers. This is a fairly simple project and for the right designer will be no problem. We want it done quickly, but we also want it done right. Since this is a sales tool it needs to LOOK really good to. What the program will do. 1. Users will input client / track client data. -Client Personal Information (~30 fields) -Income & Expenses (~10 fields or so) -Assumptions (~20 Fields) -Insurance Information (~10 Fields) -Assets (~7 Fields) -Liabilities (~6 FIelds) -Edcuation Savings for Kids (~8 Fields) -Other Goals (~6 Fields) -Proposed Insurance (~13 Fields) -Action Points (~4 Fields) -Follow Up / Notes (~8 Fields) -Products Sold (~18 fields either in one table or 3) 2. Based on the input and the assumptions created, the program will perform calculations (nothing too complicated) and create one-page reports that will need to LOOK GOOD, per specifications and be printable. Our reps will print these reports to show clients and make recomendations. There will be a cover page and a notes page (which will reference the assumptions made). The report pages are as follows: Financial Postion Page (calculate net worth and have a pie graph of their assets and income) perform a couple other calculations. Income Projection Page Take the income and show their annual earnings each year until retirement (with inflation). (Income*(1+Inflation%) I said, very simple.) Debt Page Shows Current Debt and an Acceleration Plan based on highest interest rate to lowest. (Debt Stacking) Runs amortizations on debts and applies $ from paid off ones to next highest rate. Simple math stuff, requires recurring algs. Again, simple. Retirement Page Caluclate a retirement goal number. Show current savings based on various interest rate and short fall. Calculate lump sum and/or monthly necessary to reach goal. Insurance Page Plug in numbers from assumptions to show need for life insurance. Compare existing plan and show proposed plan. Couple basic math caclulations. Mortgage Plan Page Show mortgage paying off old mortgage or debt, and either accelerating debt with free cash flow or investing dollars. Education Page Calculate future cost of education based on inflation. Show current savings at various interest rates, on target or shortfall, lump sum or monthly needed to reach goals. Multiple students. Easy math. Other goals Essentially a replica of the eduction page except they are naming any goal they like. Summary Page Exaclty what it says. Brings together data from the various pages. Action Points Page takes the input and displays it on a page nicely. No calculations. 3) Ongoing Client Management -Archive reports/data (current data will always be there) but need to keep historically ran reports at the users option to see activity. Not the actual reports, just the data, so...simple. -Maintain a notes system on the clients -Have a follow up reminder system Roles Users - Will login and be able to see their clients only. Each user will be assigned to a branch. Branch Users - Normal User who can also see reps/clients who are assigned to their branch. Admin - super user can see all and do all. Reporting Like any good database we want to be able to run all kinds of reports on the data. Probably build a reporting engine for the reps and allow them to save their querries to a favorite. Not too much since the database is simple. Expandability Need to be able to add stuff in the future as we go. We have an existing excel program that does everything we want it to right now. But, it doesn\'t interface with a database so we have to save each one individually and this is getting old. The database stuff is pretty straight forward. I have already built the tables and have it structured already I just don\'t have the time to do it (designer can have freedom if they don\'t like it exactly.) The important element here is that the interfaces look good and that the reports are graphically very good. You will need the ability to create pdf\'s of the reports and they must look 100% professional, not a printout of a web page. Looking forward to the applications. Various experience welcome, but I expect a good job done and fast. Will pay hourly but will want a fairly concrete estimate of the hours in advnace (can get as specific as you like in the docs). Also, want it notated well. Hmmm, have I left anything out? That will do for now. Take care.   (more...)

ut piped to text file via >> to match the output viewed from the ssh console when not piping the output. should be a 1-5 line change at most and 30 minutes of code changing which includes familiarizing yourself with the code. code is written in c++ and uses vulcan logic dissasembler package running on linux vps or server with zend optimizer installed. we will give developer instructions on how to install and setup vulcan logic dissassembler   (more...)

need for someone to set up a form application that can be used to offer a catalog list of over 1300 products which can be purchased in quantity. The Form will require spread sheet type calculations to compute tax and total, and a print invoice button. Users will be enabled to select 2 payment options: pay online or pay by check. (snail mail). Catalog fields and price fields will be able to be populated with a bulk upload from excel and form results will be able to be downloaded as csv file into excel. Users will have logins. Users must be able to exit the form before paying, and then log back in at a later time to complete the form and pay.   (more...)

develope a game like   (more...)

and branch of Gameprom Company ( looking for programmers.   (more...)

eative designer for childrens educational games.   (more...)

or a PT to FT assistant to help me develop a Tower Defense Game in Unity3D. This may be an ongoing project. I already have the code available in C++ but need help porting it over to Unity3D. Requirements: - Be able to port AI C++/Python Code to C#(Unity3D Scripts) - Learn quick or have experience with Unity3D - Provide General Programming Assistance - You Must know what a Tower Defense Game is and have played them before (look online at flash games if not) Provide in your reponse: - Hours Available   (more...)

o make it all a little more clear. Creating a simple game and I need some assistance adding some of the finer details to the game. Most of the engine has been put in place. Need things like: Ability to scroll both ways in gameplay. Adding score and player health Add different values for score to each current enemy. After adding health to player, I need different weapon damage (special weapon) for both npcs and player. Second button for firing special weapon. Add and a death sequence and 3 lifes. Pause and resume in upper right corner. Adding jump (with calculation to miss bullets above player in 2d enviroment and not jump into them) with a button for jump Anything else that is easy that you can suggest to make this game work better, I would appriciate. I don\'t imagine this stuff is too hard, as I\'ve programmed most of it myself so far. Just looking for a little assistance to finish it up. Full source code so far available to whoever takes the job of course Thank you   (more...)

te together with our developers in the design and documentation of an actor based multicore game, middleware and tool engine . Skills include re-factoring legacy systems   (more...)

y if you have previous experience working on a Facebook-style game, of which there are many. Need a person or company to review and to possibly finish an online Facebook-style game. The following languages have been used within the game: HTML PHP MySQL Ajax JavaScript jQuery Smarty PHP The game is about 75% complete and you will pick it up from this point. You will be working with 2 or 3 people from our company to get the game back ontrack and finished.   (more...)

ook game is currently not working. We have two versions of code for a developer to review and make work. You must be familiar with Facebook game development, especially friend invites within the games. We are hoping that this can be done quickly. We would hope to have the successful developer help us put our game on other platforms, as well as develop other games within the facebook network. Our goal is to have this game up and running again prior to the holidays.   (more...)

or creative, game designer, with strong graphic skills. Easy to work with and a team player.   (more...)

ook game is currently not working. We have two versions of code for a developer to review and make work. You must be familiar with Facebook game development, especially friend invites within the games. We are hoping that this can be done quickly. We would hope to have the successful developer help us put our game on other platforms, as well as develop other games within the facebook network.   (more...)

o create a game similar to Shakes & fidget( It\'s a social game made from flash although we would like to have Iphone, and andriod support. We need graphic interface,serverside code, webdevelopment, database, social network interface (myspace, and facebook), and e-commerce interface. We are looking for someone, or a team who is experienced in making a game such as this, and can show a portfolio of their work.We would design the requirements, and you would implement. We ask that you look at the Shakes & Fidget game first. I mean really take a look at it. We want to know what it would take to make something similar, and how much. We have an idea, but looking for quotes. I represent an engineering firm, and we are looking to enter into the Online Gaming industry. There is a strong possibility that we would partner with your team to make an entry into this market. A long term partnership. I thank you for your inquiry, and look forward to working with whomever is selected. Project to start in December. Still working on the design, and business case.   (more...)

ing for a game/application developer who is able to take detailed proposals for new iPod/iPad games and apps and perform the necessary programming. I would like to see at least a few examples of completed projects that demonstrate adequate skills in this area. IMPORTANT- I will require assistance and advice on all aspects of creating the proposed apps from the ground up. I have numerous ideas that I believe have potential to become popular apps/games but I have no previous development skills. In addition to the development fee, I will pay any developer who I work with 15% of any revenue generated from an app/game above the development cost.   (more...)

ilding a new Team at oDesk for our innovative projects and we require exclusive affiliated contractors in 3 regions ( India, Pakistan and Russia) . If you are looking for some long term job at ODesk in affiliation with our Team please apply . Apply only if you have strong background in Advance Java Advance .Net programming Mention explicitly on top of your cover letter \"Either Advance Java programmer\" or \" Advance .Net programmer\" We will ignore the application otherwise   (more...)

set of 40 flashcards about character and leadership for kids ages 8-10. I am looking for someone creative who could turn these into a fun, interative, electronic game that could be used with Nitendo DS type devices, Ipad, or phone. My flashcards have colorful graphics that could be used or not, depending on your imagination.   (more...)

oking for someone with Tower Defense games experience via mobile (iPhone, Android, ideally both) to develop a customized Tower Defense game that will require some network connectivity. If you\'ve already made a game such as this, please contact us with the name of your application (or link) so we can review. All artwork will be provided for this project, we\'re looking for a developer only.   (more...)

evelopers are required to assist Amstaal Software to cope with demand. Employees will be required to work as teams. Employees will work on a number of different projects. Most games are small web based games for an upcoming online game arcade. The best employees will be transfered to a larger MMO project once skill has been assessed. The employee must have some but not all of the following skills and knowledge: Software development methodologies Project management skills English skills to allow them to participate in conference\'s JS PHP MySQL languages or Java or Game development background is not required Some of the developers must have design skills: 3d graphics manipulation 2d graphics manipulation Creative skills Please ask any questions you have, and feel free to mention any additional skills you have that may be relevant.   (more...)

customization of Kings Cup HD for Ipad. Graphics provided.   (more...)

no Flash Client We need integration with existing engine (SOAP Webservice WSDL) Wee need only client software! Privilege will be given to the bidders who have previous working experience in working with Flash version of European Roulette (front interface). Skills in Flash Web-service integration is a must!! Selected candidates will receive all necessary screenshots and descriptions of services with their URLs.   (more...)

y is looking for a programmer with the ability to work on site for at least the first 7-14 days. This is necessary to become acquainted with our existing C++ platform and sever system. Would be helpful to have experience in SQL, MY SQL and Delphi. This project would be best on an hourly rate. Preview webpage you have VB6 experience this would be a plus. This position and work could become long term for the right person.   (more...)

full knowledge of facebook gaming.   (more...)

nd below the information the website’s Bible Challenge games for any flash game programmer who can do online flash games.. The games would be the following: Golf Basketball Bowling Pinball All the above games will be a challenge. 1. The player plays the game (any game he chooses) against the computer or against another player (who is online at the moment and is available for a match). 2. He will answer the given Bible questions (this will be provided. from Easy-Intermediate-Advance) at a given time limit (10 seconds max. for each question). If he gets the correct answer, he earns a corresponding number of points for this. 3. If he didn’t get the answer correctly or he is past the time limit, the other player (or the computer) gets the points (or if the other player was able to answer ahead of him). Then they proceed to the next question. 4. At the end of the game, the points from both sides will be compared, and whoever gets the most points (which also means the fastest player/the highest pointer) wins. The name of the winner will be displayed, with his stats, for the other players to beat. 5. At the end of a specific time (say, a month, or two weeks), the highest pointer will receive a price. For Pinball, the winner should be the player who was there the longest + the most points. As a suggestion, the programmer should know well the mechanics of the above games and all its ins and outs, to be able to create their program. He can also check the other game sites to get more ideas. Please also provide proposal on how you are going to do it ASAP We would really appreciate if you could give the information to the programmer and also have him send us his previous works as samples.   (more...)

small simple flash game that asks a simple either/or question. The game will display a picture of a person. The player will then guess whether that picture was taken in 1985 or last week. There will be ten questions; at the end the players will get a score out of 10. We will supply the pictures and some basic art direction. We may use the same principle to make a facebook game which will then post a score to the user\'s wall - this is tbc.   (more...)

eking strong game developers who have extensive experience in developing games for the iPhone. Requirements: * Must have at least 2 games on the app store. * 2+ years experience with Coco2ds Engine * Strong C++ * Strong game physics * Experience with Box2D Game Engine Please send links to at least 2 games you have on the app store in which you developed 100% on your own (except the graphics of course). In addition, please send the estimate time it took to create the games.   (more...)

e basic file nearly finished but it looks very bad. Id need some work done on it to make it look professional and i cant get the buttons to work. contact me for further details check the file attached.   (more...)

g of a simple Quiz game (Question and Answer, Multiple Choice Question format) which can be accessible from 3 points: Facebook, Standalone Website and Mobile. Backend server and Game engine needs to be programmed such that it is flexible for future customization such that it can: 1. Retrieve questions from question bank according to a certain format. 2. Enable administrators to add questions. 3. Phase out questions according to a certain format. 4. Generate statistics of questions/categories of questions (eg.number of times/percentage a question is answered correctly) 5. Allow administrators to conduct tournaments and make minor adjustment to tournament format. 6. Allow administrators to add and modify lifelines for game. 7. Allow administrators to adjust pricings. 8. Collect and manage data of players. Developer would need to design the layout of the interface of the facebook/website and the Mobile clients. He would also need to design the sound effects and possibly the game logo. Minimal animations will be needed. Only experienced individuals/companies need apply.   (more...)

me is Alain and I\'m in need of a professional iPhone application developer to program an app for my company. This project is about an iPhone/iPad app, called SONUS. This sound app enables your device to play audio remarks and sounds by a simple press of a button. Further it permits you to mix different remarks and sounds in a random order as you wish, making thus your own playlist. What will you receive from us for this project: - Device icon - Icon for Apple Store - Splash screen and other game screens - Whole Game UI Design - All sounds (mp3 files) - Source code from live app We\'re hoping to have this application finished within 3 weeks. We believe this is a fairly simple and straightforward application so we are looking for a good price and a quick turnaround time. Specific expertise that I am seeking: Experience programming applications for the iPhone. Experience with Advertising module (and eventually experience with android market.) Please sign the attached Non-Disclosure agreement and send me a message in order to get the full specs of the application so you can have a better understanding of exactly how it should work.   (more...)

mes is looking for a talented Flash/Flex developer with experience in online, web, and social networking games. You will be responsible for the rapid development of high quality ActionScript 3 and Object Oriented game code.   (more...)

oking for a experienced / directx programmer with actual gaming experience. We are a slot machine mfg. and are looking for people with experience in that field   (more...)

representing a human will be developed using the most suitable technology for our application. The software will involve external alerts from PIRs etc. You should have experience with AVATARs or already know how you would implement a simple yet convincing talking head -- and have experience with interfacing to external hardware. The animation will include speech and speech recognition but with a very limited vocabulary. Skype programming experience and french language a plus. The result is intended to be fun so building it will be too. This first project will be a very task-specific implementation with a very limited role. We will build on this in future versions. I previously built-up a successful start-up and sold it. Now I want to have some fun with small projects such as this one. You would work directly with me.   (more...)

xy is a browser based MMOCC/Virtual World game developed with flash. Our server is made with java. This job will require work between the server & client. Users will register an account on the game and be able to customize their character, with different hairstyles, clothes, and color choices. They will be able to explore different \"rooms\" and environments within the game, by clicking and walking around tile-based areas. Users will be able to create their own \"rooms\" and personalize them, by naming their room, and decorating it with furniture/objects. Furniture, and other items will be purchased with in-game credits from a shop/catalog. Users will be able to place these items in their rooms and move them around. Users will interact with objects accordingly, if they click a chair, they will sit. They will be able to interact with the user interface accordingly. ** Half of the game has been programmed, and the graphics have been finished ** - You can currently explore some rooms of the space port, and walk around, although some rooms need to be added. - You can chat with other users. - You can create a room and go to it, but other users can not yet. Several programmers have been unsuccessful in the past, so we are really looking for someone interested in this type of project, who knows exactly what we are asking for! Here are a list of some remaining features which we need programmed and developed. 1) Add Shop & User Inventory & Item System (Place Items, rotate, pick up, in user-created rooms). 2) Payment System to purchase credits (PayPal) 3) Friends/PM System (Add friends & send/receive private messages). 4) Complete room creation (room navigation, getting to rooms) 5) Add remaining content (several more rooms, environments) We also require the game structure be changed. Currently the client is in one large file. We need the new programmer to make the game more \'dynamic\' and load files/images externally, to make adding content easier, and reduce \'lag\'. We were discussing using spritesheets and blitting to do this, but perhaps there are other ways. We are really looking forward to working with someone to complete this project, and we want all those who are bidding on this job to know that there will be many more programming opportunities as we add new features and content to Port Galaxy! If accepted for this job, you will be given access to our dedicated server (windows 2008), FTP access to our web server, supplied with all the games resources and information. If you are interested at all in this job, please let us know, as we can provide you with an account to test the current version of the game, as well as examples of similar games. **One final thing, we have had two people from elance just make proposals for this job and then turn it down once it was awarded... We really are looking for someone who knows what they are doing and can get this job done in a reasonable amount of time. We have attached a more detailed list of tasks so you can be sure what we require.**   (more...)

Wii, XBox, Playstation game development   (more...)

or a talented iphone / ipad App programmer who is versed in music creation to entirely develop an application geared for music/sound creation to be used by professional musicians, composers, and recordign studios   (more...)

o buy casino games (10+) , we want to integrate in my site . Only provide relevant portfolio and demo link/screenshots (if available). We\'ll need to test it first. We need also fla files . Best regards   (more...)

will be an isometric 2.5D flash game using PushButton Engine. The following document is simply a documentation of some of the key features that we would like to see in the deliverable and should not be seen as a complete list of features.   (more...)

meone to take an exiting iPhone App and convert it to an Android App.   (more...)

as Fruit Ninja for iPhone!!! Please pm me and start asap!!! Regards, JB.   (more...)

game for either one or two players.Each player chooses a symbol. It shall have a counter of the number of games played and the number of games won by each player. There has to be a timer for each player that he cannot take more than 15 seconds to mark his symbol. The timer is in the form of an hour glass and also shows the number of seconds remaining.Each can choose from several symbols he could use. If there is only one player, he can play against the computer. He chooses his own symbol and the computer uses its standard symbol. The application shall be usable for iphone, ipad and ipad. The developer should have the following qualifications: 1. Ability to show prior iphone4 apps portfolio 2. Do SEO   (more...)

game for either one or two players.Each player chooses a symbol. It shall have a counter of the number of games played and the number of games won by each player. There has to be a timer for each player that he cannot take more than 15 seconds to mark his symbol. The timer is in the form of an hour glass and also shows the number of seconds remaining.Each can choose from several symbols he could use. If there is only one player, he can play against the computer. He chooses his own symbol and the computer uses its standard symbol. The application shall be usable for iphone, ipad and ipad. The developer should have the following qualifications: 1. Ability to show prior iphone4 apps portfolio 2. Do SEO   (more...)

make a social network game that works for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. need it done within 2 weeks.   (more...)

oking for an excellent web / graphic designer who has a topnotch artistic sense. S/he must have a strong knowledge of HTML and CSS. Understanding of JavaScript and experience in jQuery is desired, but not necessary. S/he must be a team player, able to work under pressure and has a professional approach to time, quality, costs and deadlines. S/he must possess a considerable level of spoken and written English to facilitate a better communication. Links to previous graphic work will be a PLUS! A phone interview will be arranged with the shortlisted candidates.   (more...)

ect.   (more...)

ing for designers that have exprience in designing cosmetic product display stand, watch display stand,electronic consumer items display stands (eg SLR cameras , digital cameras etc). Those without exprience but have creativivity and passionate about this area may apply. We are professional POP manufacturer, we have manufactured for brand names like Coca cola, Chanel, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson etc.   (more...)

ike to create a smiley character collection that is unique and appeals to kids 6-12 years of age. The characters must be cute and fun looking. Ten characters.   (more...)

oking for a creative individual that can turn our data into beautiful attractive infographics. Graphical skills and graphical creativity are most important, but we would also like to involve you in the creative process of finding ways to tell interesting stories using the data available. In your application, please elaborate on your skills for both of these parts of the job.   (more...)

ers I am looking for a designer to create the graphics for my email sign up box (coded via aweber). It will offer free bonuses for those who sign up and needs to be compelling and eye catching. I also need some small icon graphics developed for our shopping cart as images to insert into the descriptions which give a category for different topics. Topics are: Free Webinar Webinar Recording Coach Connect Supervision   (more...)

or a creative designer who can produce a simple but catchy creative design for mobile apps we are building. We are starting with iPhone followed by Android and there should be total of 2-6 pages (depending on design & animation) with some animation. This is a business app NOT a game. In addition, we need our corporate logo design as well. After completion of version 1.x, we will be building a web site so having web site design experience would be a bonus. Please include references/portfolio on mobile app design.   (more...)

or a graphic designer to make the type and finer design details for a Facebook welcome page tidy and professional. Basic concept: Almost all of the page is concealed behind a \'matte window\'. Clicking the like button will reveal the rest of the page and make the graphic \'slide down\' to reveal the signup form (it doesn\'t slide, just positioned differently on b4 and after). To illustrate there are two pdf\'s drawn up, one for before the \'Like\' click and the other for after the \'like\' click. We have also worked extensively on the copy and have the YouTube video, email sign up form organised. What we have not done is to make the type sit nicely or worked on the finer details of the layout - this is what we need you/ the successful graphic designer to do as soon as possible. All the source materials will be provided.   (more...)

graphic designer required. Skill, Speed & reasonably priced - in that order. English is a necessity. Clients are primarily Printers and Print Brokers, Freelancer must be able to turn around artwork, that can be signed off in one/two proofs. ie Creativity, Speed, Accuracy & Professionalism are attributes that are required. Turn around is normally 1 day. Weekend work is also usually available, Please submit a brief outline of your personality, experience, hourly rate and 3 samples of relevant artwork.   (more...)

ampels of architectural concreate (can see sampels in my site 60 sampels   (more...)

Job for 1 year. Must be VERY experienced in .NET + JAVA + SQL 190 hrs a mo. for an average $800+bonuses Must have quite office at home and 1+mb internet and English must be very clear and good. Work is from 6am-3pm NY time. When working with us you can NOT be working anywhere else and we buy ALL your hours. Immediate start.   (more...)

oking for someone to improve/create landing page ads for our marketing... You create or improve what we have - we will test and let you know effectiveness - sales page is and I attached the best performing ad we have. All ads are 700x600 (minimum 10px padding). We want the psd file and jpg web sized. You can change/add/use anything you think including borders, colors, fonts, text, flashing buttons, images etc.   (more...)

or designer to build face book design. use reference from our current website. please submit quote a referenced designed work you;ve doe in the past   (more...)

ling about the launch of a web project: by means of : Prezi - GUI prototyping -   (more...)

o on the images to a product tailored to our brand. Rebrand about 30 images. Document: here is a new file you can download: We want you to do the graphics found in this word document so it resembled itstadens logo and color. Then there are the button and stuff like that in the document where you have a free hand to do something in itstadens colors. What we want to do is change the logo Ahsay and graphics to our own graphics. Hope you understand   (more...)

AD CAREFULLY (NO FORM RESPONSES!) Need a high quality graphic designed quickly for use at It must be 760 x 190 pixels exactly. It is the main image that is being replaced (the one with the stop sign and truck). The image must be well-designed and eye-catching. We are trying to draw people\'s attention to Stericycle\'s involvement in immoral things, and therefore, need a graphic that challenges people to think. Other photos from the urls of or (click on the links to pull up photos) can be used. REQUIREMENTS IF APPLYING: 1) Read the to find out what the website is all about. 2) Must provide three samples of graphic design work, which must be viewable online. Therefore, please submit ONLY 3 urls or a website where the images appear. ONLY urls -- DO NOT reference to look at profile for samples of your work. Will need a go to person to have other images done in the future as well, so need good pricing.   (more...)

veral items created and the best candidate will get further work, the first being a 3 panel A4 tri fold brochure to showcase a relaxation centre. Need someone with vast Graphical design work who has portfolios to share. Must have creative flair with design. No amateurs need apply. Experienced only please.   (more...)

ing to make various brochures and pamphlets for my medical office. I am looking for someone fluent in English so that we can easily work together on design. I am also looking for the person to have the layout/design already completed. Please show me the pamplet you are proposing that we use. I want to make it clear that I want the design completed before I hire you , so that we can simply cut and paste new info into it. Once you are hired we will work together to make small changes in design, and add content, as well as pictures. Thank you for applying!   (more...)

talented and creative Graphics Designer to create website headers and e-book covers. Please apply only if you have a portfolio of website headers and book covers you have created.   (more...)

et you know, This isn\'t a job posting. but I need a select group of people, ten mainly, who have better than average artistic ability. why? because eventually I WILL be posting jobs to these contractors. I would prefer it if these contractors have tablets or wacom technologies, but If you don\'t thats also fine, It will just take longer for you to get paid, and you might get paid less than some one who does. I am planning on being a Patron to these ten contractors, asking each one to make me a picture at least once a week. I will expect at least ten hours a week dedicated to these pictures. how much you get paid all depends on how much detail you put into your work. but like I said in the beginning I won\'t be starting this project until awhile from now. I am just setting up platform before the play so to speak... the estimated end date is technically the estimated start date, so until then I will be interviewing artists.   (more...)

ing for someone to design a logo & packaging label for my line of teas. I have a basic design in mind & images of that design that I would like you as the artist to improve upon. This initial packaging design will also be used as the design on a website, business cards, business software ect...the whole ideally this will be an ongoing position, skills needed firstly as illustrator, then web design, graphics ect. I am looking to target a mostly female market with my product as you will ascertain by the design I have in mind. I would ask you as artists to feel free to embelish on the concept of the artwork I provide as it is only a representation of how I envisage the finished design to be & as my artistic skills are dismal it is the best I can offer you. I would like you to enclose samples of work you have done as an illustrator, web design, logo\'s.   (more...)

commission the design of two characters, both middle-aged corporate spies for an animated short. - sketchy designs, quick to draw and recreate - no color just greys and blacks - though the two characters are antagonistic, the designs should be complimentary I would love to see simple character designs or projects you\'ve worked on with similar examples of work. Please apply with links to your portfolio.   (more...)

eative person with a sense of style to develop cutting edge marketing materials. Would be great if you have experience in cartoon style of design. You must be great at visualization of data.   (more...)

entails the creation of an ex libris that blends traditional academic symbologies with modern design elements. In particular, the design should: (a) Be primarily vector-based. If any raster elements are to be used, they must be at least 300ppi when scaled to 127 mm x 127mm; (b) Incorporate elements of science, engineering, philosophy, mathematics, and politics; (c) incorporate the phrases \"ipsa scientia potestas est\" and \"ex libris;\" (d) have an engraved feel; (e) provide an area to add the book owner\'s full name (use Nomen Nescio for design purposes); and (f) provide an area below principal artwork for book title, authorship, and LOC number. Interested candidates should provide a brief description of their vision for this project, a firm quote on the hours necessary to complete this job (inclusive of 2 revision cycles), and relevant portfolio samples.   (more...)

etch I have done into a slightly more \"political\" looking cartoon. I have the sketch and some example of similar \"looking\" cartoons that I like. Should be easy and quick.   (more...)

poster for our videogame. It could serve as the cover but also as stand-alone poster. We will describe a scene from the game. We\'ll get a sketch and give changes. Upon approval the painting can be drawn in high quality. The painting needs to be screencast, so that we can use a speedpainting video in our marketing. Do not apply without a link to art made before. All applicants who apply without art will be ignored. (We get a lot of applicants because we treat subcontractors well, as you can see in our oDesk history). We are only interested in hiring people who we can give 5 out of 5 stars. Deadline is within a week after startdate.   (more...)

ave 5 images added to a website that are exported as .dxf files. I will pay $2 a day for 5 designs to be added each day. These designs need to be very simple designs like silhouettes similiar to the ones that are already on   (more...)

oking for an experienced Illustrator to fulfill a series of icons, and other graphics for our website. we will be creating various paragraphs of information that will need informative graphics associated with them in a similar style. •    (more...)

is a currently under development Pokemon style RPG. While we have our unique twists, it is still based on capturing and training animals/creatures. We are looking for a talented designer who can design anime style characters for our game. We don\'t want them to look exactly like Pokemon, but we do want them to have an anime influence. Initially, we would like to commission 10 animal designs. If we like your work, there will be a lot more work to come. Each character will require 16 main poses (some poses require back and forth images for things like running) to be used on 5 different screens. \"Animation\" will be achieved by flashing back and forth between each of these images. (If you played Pokemon, you should be familiar with how this works. You will see) We have also set a sizing scale for the characters which we have represented in some of our mockup images as a 1-5 scale with 1 being the smallest and 5 being the largest. When you design a character, you should specify the scale. (The scale does not need to be an exact number. The majority of characters will be 2-4 in size. When we indicate \"2 images,\" you\'ll see that we require two very similar back and forth animations.) Here is the detail about each screen we are building for the game and the vector art we need: 1. \"Pokedex\" Screen [1 pose, 1 image] ⁃ This screen orientation is vertical. ⁃ This is a detailed image that you should assume will take up the full iPhone screen. This is the image that will be used to promote this character. ⁃ Images Required 1. \"Pokedex\" image 2. Battle Screen [6 poses, 6 images] ⁃ This screen orientation is horizontal. ⁃ This is where you battle your characters against others. • Here\'s a very rough mockup of the basics of the screen: • This picture indicates relative sizing using our 1-5 scale on this screen: • As you can see, there are \"Forward\" and \"Backward\" poses for each character. ⁃ Images Required: 1. Forward - normal pose 2. Forward - attack pose 3. Forward - defensive pose 4. Backward - normal pose 5. Backward - attack pose 6. Backward - defensive pose 3. Capture Screen [3 poses, 5 images] ⁃ This screen orientation is vertical. ⁃ For this screen, we will actually be using the camera to get the image of the environment and then overlay the character images on it. (It\'s an augmented reality game.) ⁃ This picture indicates relative sizing using our 1-5 scale on this screen: ⁃ Images Required: 1. Encounter (2 images) - This is of the animal standing around (possibly feeding) until you find it. 2. Capture face - This is the characters reaction to seeing you. 3. Running (2 images) - This is the character running away from you as you try to capture it. 4. Training Screen [5 poses, 10 images] ⁃ This screen orientation is horizontal. ⁃ This is very much like a Tamagotchi training game. You\'re characters will be pretty still on this screen, and you\'ll go here to take care of them. ⁃ This picture indicates relative sizing using our 1-5 scale on this screen: ⁃ Images Required: 1. Normal (2 images) 2. Happy (2 images) 3. Sad (2 images) 4. Angry (2 images) 5. Sick (2 images) 5. Overhead Screen [1 pose, 1 image] ⁃ This screen orientation is vertical. ⁃ This screen will basically be a Google Map. The image will represent the location of this character on the map. ⁃ Images Required: 1. Overhead - Small overhead image of the character. This image will remain still. Exact sizing is TBD, but this image will not require significant detail as it should simply be representative of the character. NOTE ABOUT SIZING: As we said before, all art will be vector based, but you should design each screen with the scale in mind. We would also like to make sure that there is enough detail in each image to scale up from the iPhone screen. (The iPad version won\'t be far behind.) All of our characters will be based on real world animals, but should have slight mutations. Some characters will have cute mutations, some scary, some aggressive, but they should be recognizable as real world animals. These characters will also evolve, but for now, we would like to design the base, initial stage of the character. (You should just keep this in mind as you\'re designing them.) If you are interested in this job, bid on the project and include a link to a portfolio (and point out work in this style). Additionally, please indicate how much you would charge per character as we would eventually like to pay for each character designed. (Remember each character requires all of the images detailed above.)   (more...)

ome illustrations of cute animals. We want to start with one animal as a prototype to test within our project first. If you can design and draw avatars like the ones attached, please apply with an example of your work. Thanks! We\'ll need 2-3 poses of each animal, - happy - sad - cute activity like blinking or waiving with rod Please provide examples of your work with your application.   (more...)

ing for someone who can draw, I have a short childrens story that I want 5-8 illustrations drawn for to put in a small childrens book. Please show me examples of your work. I looking for someone with a specific skillset in animal drawing.   (more...)

or someone to take my idea/concept to print workable for clothing line.   (more...)

ect will lead to additional work, we have excellent feedback and have paid all our workers well and you ask you to review our feedback to insure you will be comfortable working with me. It really bothers me when people don\'t read or review my job posting and/or respond without actually understanding what I am looking for. So.. while my name is Patrick, I prefer to be called Rick. If you respond to this job without addressing me as \"Rick\" then I\'m going to assume that you can\'t read English and/or don\'t care what I think and/or are a robot responder or worse, a mass spammer and I\'m going to delete/reject your application. On to the job... I want to see 5 illustrations/logos.. 1.) Renegade Raceway 2.) South Bend Motor Speedway 3.) Captain Chaos 4.) Senior Smash 5.) Miss Mayhem 6.) Doctor Destruction NOTE : I have attached a .zip file which contains logo samples and reference illustrations. Please download so you can see what I am referring to and so you can understand what I am looking for. 1 - Renegade Raceway is a very specific logo I want created. In the zip I have included a logo named \"springport\" I have also included a logo \"renegade\". The logo I want will resemble the \"springport\" logo in text layout and background, but will say \"renegade raceway\" and use renegade\'s font type and colors. 2 - South Bend Motor Speedway is a very wide open logo. In the attached you will find a file called \"logo-examples\", these are a collection of racing logos. I want a south bend motor speedway logo which is \"similar\" to these styles. Obviously you have a lot of leeway to express yourself here. 3-4-5-6 are Illustrations. These will be racing mascots at the speedway. Included in you will find an example captain chaos and major mayhem.. these are for reference only to show what type of illustration we want returned. you will also find riverbat.jpg.. based on the illustration you create, we will have a custom or mascot created. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE SOMETHING OVERLY COMPLICATED as it will cost to much to have the mascot created. You can review this website : for additional examples of mascot types.. We will pay a fixed price of $20 for EACH logo art selected for final use.   (more...)

ody I have a huge (but easy) project which will last up to next April. I have to prepare for my client more than 20.000 portraits of school children. 8.500 of these portraits must be ready by the end of November and the rest by the end of March. The portraits must be drawn in black and white, in photoshop, with a tablet (no filter pls, just hand drawing), so i am looking for many talented designers and illustrators. According to the drawing process, which i already tested, every portrait which is 26X32 cm in 300 dpi, is completed within 7-10 minutes. You can find attached a .jpg showing the original photo and the final portrait, to help you understand what we are talking about. Full instructions and guidelines will be handed to the artists we will choose. Instructions will include brush sizes and opacity, canvas, production planning, dimensions etc. Time and money is very essential, because it is a promotional project, so the price must be kept as low as possible. The maximum price we can afford is 60 USD per 100 portraits, which should be completed and delivered to us within maximum 2-3 days. Pls pay attention that bad portraits must be redesigned by you with no extra money. Payments will be done right after checking the quality of your artworks by our staff, which is 2 days maximum. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the project. Happy biding Nikolas   (more...)

or someone to convert a few scanned images into a vector   (more...)

.png .gif .psd and .jpg Two sided Business card (funny and colorful) ... Side one\' FatBoy Just Take The Pill \' ... Side two \'BigGirl Just Take That Pill \' Website is address is VERY important ... Product ... Weight loss pill Focus should be on the above statement not the address and phone number although it will be one that should be able to be added. The Email should be easily seen because it is ... and Finally you should provide 5 logos/design   (more...)

create a graphic novel In a dark future world filled with zombies Each page must start with a bang and finish with bang (to be published in local magazines one page per publication) the Hero is female, wear short skirts and a long coat , has long legs, long hair, clear blue eye, extremely beautiful and is the scariest and toughest thing alive in that world. She is NOT a good person. Everything is dark the only colors is a clear blue for her eyes and … a lot of red. This job is not for the sensible artist, I want blood, I want gore and I want a lot of evil fun. Please give an estimate per page (time and cost) and exemple of past work. rate 1-5$/h   (more...)

meone that can make clipping paht in illustrator cs3 or 4. Need to be able to make 10 path per hour. This are simple paths.   (more...)

essional quality photo shop editing for pictures from my Nikon D40 for my makeup buisness.   (more...)

designing the whole Business Welcome Package. This includes things like: * Marketing Material * Case studies Sheets * Testimonials Sheets * Comparison Chart * PowerPoint presentation template * Includes nice high quality original graphics designs, graphics, charts Important Requirements: * Please show past work that validates your ability to do this job right. * Must have excellent English communication skills * Give me your best price possible, I am looking for a bargain price deal. Visit the link below to see a sample of the quality I\'m looking for, this is the quality I am expect you to produce. please indicate when apply that you have looked at the sample work, that you have read through everything and have provided past work demonstrating your skill level.   (more...)

ing for someone to do a series of original illustrations based on other works. These works are all in the public domain. The finished drawing or illustration must be delivered in the following size (960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi). It is for an Iphone app. If you are hired I will send you a text job that you will be paid for then I will hire you for the rest of the work if I like your artistic style.   (more...)

oking for a very good and capable illustrator to design 4-5 small illustrations. Examples of the design style will be given for those candidates we select for an interview. Experience in Illustrator, and Photoshop are important. There is a possibility of future long term projects for the right designer. There\'s nothing complicated about this. This should be a very easy project for the right candidate.   (more...)

ncepts and final artwork for a logo.   (more...)

illustrator to provide an e-book cover illustration and various page illustrations for an informational e-book I have authored. I am unsure of the exact number of illustrations that will be needed and was hoping to find an illustrator who could perhaps also provide some guideance to me as well. The e-book is around 100 pages of actual content.   (more...)

picture draw ASAP. It will be cartoon like in nature. Cartoon will come from a real picture and I need a background added also. Will need a sketch drawn and scanned today, details can be finished and sent over by Saturday.   (more...)

ing for a very skilled and experienced digital illustrator who will have a great sense of color and texture. It\'s about a young boy who stretches the truth in outlandish ways. For a few pages, one page should illustrate a scene in which he is lying about what happened...the other is what REALLY happened. Ages 5-7 Needs outlandish scenes 25-32 pages full color 4 diverse children- either black, white, asian, hispanic or yellow, green, pink, blue one child in a funky wheel chair The illustrations and cover design should compliment the writing by attracting the above target audience. Will provide manuscript.   (more...)

I need of great design to tracing my simple sketch (in vector style) (this is a mascot). The drawing is very easy and very fast to make it! But very very easy XD I deliver to you a scanned picture of my sketches and you should draw with perfect lines, with illustrator (you should create a better version of the draft). You should not color the drawing, but only to outline the profile. You must deliver the editable psd or illustrator files with all the layers editable. It \'a job for a few minutes. I\'m waiting great candidates ;)   (more...)

me to create a flyer for my rentals that are posted on criags list, ebay, backpage ect. These broshures inc 5-6 pictures, a you tube video, along with our company logo ect. The are called image ads, the last person used dreamweaver to create them and photo bucket; you can log on to youtube and type in how to create an image ad to see what im talking about or call me or email me and i will send you an example. The last girl charged me 10.00 per flyer and i think it took her about 20 per flyer....   (more...)

o create flash based demo to illustrate our service concept. It is a step by step process and will include 6-8 images and instruction (voice). We will provide the concept and the voice files and you will need to find appropriate images and create the flash demo.   (more...)

experienced illustrator for one illustration (diagram). Only apply when you can provide an online portfolio.   (more...)

set up a logo for my website. I\'m a wedding filmmaker who mostly films Jewish weddings and docs. I have a general idea of what I want (based on another cartoon I saw) but I\'m also open for other ideas.   (more...)

I need of great design to tracing my simple sketch (in vector style) (this is a mascot). The drawing is very easy and very fast to make it! But very very easy XD I deliver to you a scanned picture of my sketches and you should draw with perfect lines, with illustrator (you should create a better version of the draft). You should not color the drawing, but only to outline the profile. You must deliver the editable psd or illustrator files with all the layers editable. It \'a job for a few minutes. I\'m waiting great candidates ;)   (more...)

rtist to make a representation of a classroom for the front end of a website   (more...)

characters drawn and some simple back ground scenes for a wrestling manager app. All art work needs to be orginal and to get an idea of what I want here is a link Wrestling manager Iapp. This is a fixed price of $80 but you are welcome to bid cheaper or more   (more...)

ractors: I am seeking a technical illustrator for two separate jobs: 1. A technical illustrator preferably with a background in fashion design with a specific focus on fashion accessories. The contractor would be expected to provide the technical illustrations--front, back, and in some cases, inside and side views--for accessories such as belts, handbags & purses, hair accessories & small ornaments (i.e brooches), jewelry and related hardware. The illustrations will be used to create physical samples, therefore, the contractor must have an understanding of the design or construction of the above mentioned products. He/she will be expected to work from rough/crude sketches and/or sample images. 2. A technical illustrator to provide the technical illustration for a doll. The contractor for this project will be expected to work from an (Ai) illustration. At this time, I am only considering contractors with similar job samples available within their portfolios. Please *do not* respond to this listing if you have no experience as a technical illustrator and/or if you have no portfolio. Contractors without technical samples will be ignored. If you have the skills I am looking for and the portfolio to prove it, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Nadia. The Creative Team   (more...)

ning to create a web based series - a web novel if you will, that will be a fantasy adventure aimed at adolescents and sword and sorcery lovers. Before I hire the first writers for the web based series, I would like to have some artists to create color web ready images of the main and recurring secondary characters The payment price below is for all artwork, color, in web ready format. Additionally, you will be listed on the staff page with your own bio (as written by you) with any links that you wish to include and your art will be credited to you. When hired, you will be responsible for ONE main character and ONE secondary character - for a total of two pieces of art work which will be proudly displayed in the characters gallery section of the website. I will provide some detail of the character\'s personality - background - style - etc for you to work with. When you apply, please attached samples of previous work or point me to where I can see your work so I can judge if your artistic style matches my inner vision.   (more...)

arting a new food concept. I am looking for someone that has the skill set for the following: 1- Create a brand character which will be the face of the company. 2- logo and name design 3- be able to implement the whole branding to our new website. Candidate must possess all the skill set and send me proof of previous work and designs. Also, once the project is complete, there will be an ongoing work for various designs. I am looking to have this done ASAP so please qualified candidates apply.   (more...)

ing for someone who can tell the story of what my website does. I am trying to educate the general public about a brand new idea. Although the idea is simple, I need a way to tell people why they need it. I invision this as being a page like O desk\'s \"In a Nutshell\" Page (with the cartoon characters). In my mind, this page does a very good job of telling each type of user why they would want to use the O desk website. I want to telll the story of two different users. The story will consist of between 6 to 10 drawings each. Each drawing depicting the emotions of each character as they use my product to solve a problem.   (more...)

ny makes cool decorative laptop and cell phone skins. These are like stickers to give protection and style to the device. Our current project for you is to create a few cool designs that we will market to local baseball team fans. We will focus primarily on 3 different baseball teams. We need one design for each team. Because of local copyright laws in our Country, we cannot use the team logo or name of the team directly on our images. However our design can include the colors, maskot and baseball content. We can even make reference to the fans which in our native language (spanish) is easy to do (Licey = Liceistas, Escojido = Escojidista, Aguila = Aguilucho). I have attached images of a Disney urban style line of products that caught my attention the last time I visited the Disney parks. I like these because they are urban, retro and vintage. I think they will look nice on a laptop or cell phone skin. Please send me your bids, examples of your work and how comfortable you feel with this type of design. I look forward to doing business soon...   (more...)

flyer i would like edited...very simple job..just changing the sizes...lowest bidder wins it...   (more...)

ing to buy a business card design. This is something that needs to be created before applying. Having a previously designed card is fine. I am not looking for a person to design something for me! I am looking to buy a design not pay a designer. I want to see a very sharp and professional design that we can edit my logo and information into. I will be paying you for your design. Then if you are chosen you will be paid also for plugging in my data and picture to the card. As a side not I will want my picture on the card. I also am looking for it again to be very neat, clean, slick, and professional. I do love letterpress design but I do want to see what you can make up! Again I will be buying your design. Send me your best ideas please!   (more...)

gift certificate designed according to the following guidelines: It should be made with MS Publisher 2007. It must be on 8.5 by 11 inch paper. It must be 6 equal sized certificates so they are easy to cut out and distribute. I will be printing them on yellow paper with a black and white laser printer. I have attached one idea I had, but feel free to be creative. You must use my logo that i will upload. All certificates on the page are to be the same. One side is all i require. The back can be blank. Thanks Ted   (more...)

ly have a brochure that needs redesign. It is one that I am able to use as a benefit of membership. However, I need to create one that is more personalized to my business. I till need to be able to be printed, as well as, an online brochure from my website. I am also looking for update to content on my web page home page. I do have a webmaster so looking for content update only for the web page. The Goal is to improve marketing for my business by educating my prospects on how my business can benefit them. I am a Legal Nurse Consultant and my primary target market is attorney\'s that work with medical malpractice and personal injury.   (more...)

MS Word template document designed. The document will not contain any images. The template should have Header 1, Header 2, Header 3 etc etc text font formatting included for a consistent theme. Preferably Landscape page formatting. Use of more than one column per page is required. Please send examples of ebooks you have designed in the past. Look at the example page layouts at this link. This is the level of quality required. If you are not able to produce this type of design then please, lets not waste each other\'s time. Please reply with \"MS Word Template Guru\" in your title. thanks   (more...)

flier designed for both printing and ad posting. This is ONLY about grout cleaning. This will need to be VERY high quality and there is no room for beginners or learning curves. This needs to be done within 7 days. I have included an unrelated flier to show the quality I am looking for. It is not to DUPLICATE, but to serve as an idea. This will be ongoing on a per design basis. I will not be able to answer every question, but I will try. Please be precise with your questions so I may answer them quickly and efficiently. Thanks!   (more...)

s to create the layout / design for a classifieds newspaper. - The layout should use a theme / color scheme similar to - There should be slots for ads with and without photos - There should be white slots to be used by sponsors - It should be delivered in vectorial format, compatible with Inkscape (SVG for example) PS: It will be printed in coated paper (couché), so you can make use of vivid colors without problems.   (more...)

leaflet design Similar to attach, we are likely to make it a template style. Each time with 1-2-3 product as highlight to serve as a promotion to those new items. Main points are: - Product highlight - show item with some relevant background. 1/2/3 products on each A4 leflet. - Icon / slogan / print point for the leaflet. (Major images / details or even sometimes with rough layout will be given to you but you might need to find some relevant images / probes to complete the artwork. We are looking for creative people with design skills & tools like AI / EPS / photoshop.... Interested & qualified parties, Please send: 1) your reference design job with similar nature 2) Brief experience & profile 3) Your expected hour time of completion for the job / OR quote the total job cost as this is one of the job we need. So if test okay, we can stick to the rate. (When work, we need a layout to confirm. If okay, a AI / PSD with 300dpi file is required. In case of amendment, we will give points to amend so you need to complete with those amendment. So best is fix a rate & try 1-2 designs) Best regards, Eric Trade Broadcast Ltd   (more...)

front and back brochure for a product line. Front page will require blending 2 stock photos. The large photo appears to be the inside of an artery, like you are traveling through it (see The head of a growling bear (see needs to be blended inside the artery picture like it is coming out of the center of the artery like it\'s a cave. Most of the layout requirements and content have been developed. Really need to build on the layout and create the strong image. May need some website design work as well.   (more...)

business requires a new flyer designed to promote its international call service. This will involve listing each country, access number and call rate on the flyer Dimension of the Flyer size 21cm x 10cm This project requires much detail .   (more...)

is an FAQ book targeted at financial traders just starting out. It\'s about 150 pages long and will be available as an e-book and print book (Lulu). It needs front and rear cover design, text layout, page numbering etc. We hope this will be the first book in a series of books, so it needs to be designed with that in mind.   (more...)

king for an Indesign expert, who can add some interactive features to an eBook. The eBook needs to be published in ePub format and specific to meet the webkit capabilities on the iPad. Things like moving graphs and other javascript features shouldn\'t be to difficult for you. The ebook is already in Indesign format and we need someone who is skilled with using adobe indesign cs5 features.   (more...)

like to redesign the format and look of our newsletter to make it more reader friendly with a more modern look.   (more...)

ven a name for my project. Now I need help to design a logo for my project name so that I can use that for the project\'s website header and for its T-shirts.   (more...)

o print a 3 ply / 2 fold menu style brochure in US legal size (8 1/2\" x 14\"). All the images will be provided. Samples of our previous flyers will be provided to match the colour and fonts.   (more...)

oking for a quick working Joomla expert that is willing to offer suggestions and opinions, execute directives, and communicate in english well. Our website,, is an up and running site that we need to improve the graphics, make it easier to navigate for our customers, and improve the printing/font quality. The candidate should be an expert in Joomla, Graphics, Flash, Virtue Mart Shopping Carts, Virtual Assistants.   (more...)

one with experience in designing literature for a law firm. Seeking a package with interchangeable pages so that each attorney can insert their own CV into the package. Open to all ideas. Need someone that can show previous relevant experience. Client will provide all content in the form of verbage and photos but will need help with layout, logo and overall literature and package design. Also, would be a plus if there is a connection to a print shop here in the US that can get the job done. Please have samples of efforts.   (more...)

nternational English versions of printed application forms from US English originals, in Quark and InDesign, including reformatting from \"letter\" size to \"A4\" etc., keeping same design elements and fonts. Depending on its intended use, final product may be a Quark or Indesign project, PDF, PDF with form fields, or MS Word doc with Form fields. Parts of the form may need to be saved as Photoshop image, then reinserted into active PDF or Word doc.   (more...)

ing for a designer to layout a book and brochure. The designer will take the content from our project manager and put it in the indesign document. The designer will follow last years layout . You will be given the PDF of last years layout and that will be used as a reference. The project is excellent for the designers porfolio as it is for an international Indian film festival taking place in New York. NEEDS TO BE DONE IN $ DAYS   (more...)

ng for someone to work on a long term basis to do some graphic design work. Please respond with an online portfolio. Some candidates I may ask to do a trial flyer design.   (more...)

ng for someone to work on a long term basis to do some graphic design work. Please respond with an online portfolio. Some candidates I may ask to do a trial flyer design. Candidates with bids of $1/hour to $2/hour will get priority response. Examples of good print design can be found in this link.   (more...)

fully designed book cover that is in PDF format, I need it to be put sections, a front, spine, and back. The cover is a pfd one full cover, but I need it separated each part 6x9 in jpeg or any other type of pic format.   (more...)

meone to help layout my flyer for my speaking business. You must use Microsoft publisher to create flyer. I will provide content and pictures you need excellent layout skills, please provide some samples   (more...)

flier designed for a chiropractic office that will be distributed on cars in a parking lot.   (more...)

reate an adult website business card to be used for marketing within bars and clubs. Card layout is circle and more can be found at for printing parameters. Make sure you can meet these parameters before applying for this job. The adult website is and would need a very simple design to fit on a circle or square business card found at above site.   (more...)

business cards (special shape) circle business cards for and two side full color in very simple yet effective message. View more about design parameters for printer at Make sure to fully understand ability to meet and exceed those requirements before applying for position.   (more...)

e attached for specific details.   (more...)

ing for an offer concerning book layout design with the following specs: - One layout, two colour schemes: Kasvutehdas & Waresto, see web-sites at .fi (separate logos available, names find&replace, please note genitive\'s s, that is a bit of a nuisance as Kasvutehdas ends with an s, and company names on drawn figures) - One set of contents: 19 pictures (one is shown twice, and one is a base for many, thus roughly 12-14 unique diagrams), 3 face pictures that need to be transferred to look like pencil drawn, roughly 18500 words, 7 main chapters - Additinal office-work-like photography f.x. from a photo bank is needed, see desired look & feel at (the book), fullfills all specs, no need to be exact copy - Review of the cover and layout sketches before proceeding with the work - Original (f.x. InDesign) layout files are required with all the rights for further use, altering and update (as the books are going to get further revisions) - Size A5, soft covers with double flips, to give the book more solid feeling, estimated size 150 pages - A separate .pdf-print taken from both book versions (Kasvutehdas and Wareston) on chapters 0 to 2, 7 to end (teasers with intro, structure and company offering, but substance out - f.x with cutePDF or using Macs print to pdf) - I am looking for candidates with a) 3-5 years relevant experience b) multiple deliveries with c) good feedback to get the job done in schedule without hassle.   (more...)

very urgent requirement. You should be able to complete this within 6 hours from now. Its a 10x10 ad for a restaurant. Its a home delivery service. No dine in. You should highlight that. The name of the service is called \" 727 \" If possible send me a sample while u apply so we can finish this quickly. Please also include your previous print design portfolios while u apply. I wont consider anyone without this. The deadline is 6 hours. I need a super good design. Newbies / New odesk users / users without reviews and feedback need not apply unless you have a very good portfolio. I am only looking for exceptional designers. You are free to use templates.   (more...)

update a 4 sided, 2 page folded brochure for a hospitality business. The current one needs to be updated and enhanced (it is grey scale with one color and I want a full color brochure). I have the text, basic desired layout and most of the necessary artwork but I would like someone to put all the pieces together and do the DTP so that I can send out an attractive final product to my printer.   (more...)

o graphically design brochures and produce in multiple formats including html e-mail templates, print-copy and adobe pdf & Jpg   (more...)

omeone to create a print catalog of 20-35 pages with 200-300 product photo and description. We need to have the catalog done with Adobe InDesign. The person need to be able to load a list of product description (Price, name, data, image urls, etc), add the product photo and insert some other custom page information. The layout and template are already done, you will just need to upload the products and trouble shoot any issues. A data file (XML) will be provided to load the product list in Adobe InDesign.   (more...)

signer with experience creating an Ebook. Experience thru Odesk with more than 15 hours. if you have never book creating ebooks, please do not apply.   (more...)

eed to put together a slide show with . That would have grapicks , video. Something that that would project the MAC feel . The presentation would have only 12 slides   (more...)

e a dynamic individual with very sound English skills when it comes to reading and writing. We require applicants to be highly proficient with Powerpoint. Experience with Articulate Presenter would be a valuable asset. What matters is being self-disciplined, motivated, creative, possess inter-personal skills and able to perform the following tasks effectively: Develop and create an easy to follow Powerpoint using Articulate presentation from a clearly structured report. You must be able to create simple and clean presentation slides from complex material – the ability to distill key points from a structured publication is a must. We will provide support to ensure you understand our requirements as well as all written materials to be put into the presentation – no additional research is required. We will ensure that you have everything you need to get the job done right. While this is a temporary posting, there is the possibility of renewal as we have a full-time requirement for this position should we be pleased with the applicant’s work.   (more...)

Broker to present details and befefits of commercial loans in a easy to follow complete way.   (more...)

pages business presentation in german we do need a graphical and illustrative polish. All necassary information will be explained via phone or Skype.   (more...)

oking for someone to develop a slide deck for us. We will provide the content, you will be responsible for developing the graphics and creatives. Experience using slidedecks a must!   (more...)

eyecatching, professional and innovative business profile created. I have several images and content that I need to combine in an attractive yet professional manner to sent as a company introduction to my clients. If interested please attach example of similar projects you have done.   (more...)

oking for someone to help us design our business brochures and Presentation folder Candidates must have prior experience in marketing and branding before applying for this job.   (more...)

prepare an online course for a dry needling course that I am running. I have already developed the course work. I need someone to present this in a format for students to be able to log into a online elearning program and learn the material I have prepared in the comfort of their own home.   (more...)

series of ten short, logo branded videos showing how to install and use functions within wordpress onto Cpanel hosted platforms. The videos will show key elements of adding pages, making posts, adding graphics etc. The freelancer will work with me to establish the key videos. Videos will be in camtasia using powerpoint as linking graphics . The audio will be your voice, so a clear voice in good English is important. Ten videos to start with a total of fifty possible as the project develops   (more...)

ed or require: An experienced Powerpoint Graphics professional, who can take existing powerpoint presentations and significantly improve the graphics and layout. We are a consulting organization and are looking to thrill our clients. What I already have versus what the provider will deliver: We have completed Powerpoint presentations, but feel that the charts, diagrams and process flows could be better represented. So we would be sending you existing presentations that need to be improved graphically (ie: some of the diagrams would have to be re-done, we would likely put notes in the presentation to give you directions on what we feel could be improved. We are also open to upgrading the title pages with innovative photos or graphics. Other context/requirements that providers will need to know: The graphics designer would not need to understand the IT/Process/Organizational knowledge area. But would be able to improve the graphical quality of many of the diagrams. Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: Must be a power-point pro! Timeframe for delivery: This would vary, but ideally within 1 week. (Depending on the complexity of the presentation). There would be on-going work as we have many projects in process. Add to Project Description   (more...)

45 slide .pptx presentation that I need tweaked a little, meaning, I\'d like some images added/changed, and the text edited. I then need the 80 minute audio presentation that goes along with the slides synced to the slides. I need a final product that is like a video so I can post it online. Preferably done through something like Camtasia where all of the files are created automatically. When bidding, let me know when you can start, how long it will take to complete the project, and what programs you will use. Include samples of previous work that is similar to this project for my review. Thanks!   (more...)

to Adobe Captivate (using v. 5 trial) - I want someone to help me as I do the content authoring to make sure the final product is world-class training material. I suspect I will have questions that the Contractor could answer easily about how Captivate works but then some significant time putting highlighting, boxes, intro music, etc into the project before publishing.   (more...)

eative designer to create a powerpoint template for our guides, which are made in powerpoint. The powerpoint slides will be converted to a PDF so this means: - no animation - no sound effects - no video Working with our brand you will design: - Title page - headings for each slide - layout look of photos and text. - ensure fonts fit with brand - each section of the guides will have a different feel. we are looking to work with a designer long term so this work could lead to a longer term role. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC TO THIS ADVERT IN YOUR APPLICATION. PLEASE SEND EXAMPLES OF YOUR PORTFOLIO. Many thanks!   (more...)

ing for someone to build me a powerpoint template. I will provide the content of the powerpoint. Once you have the template created I will need you to input the contents of the power point and add graphics and animations where needed. This is a rush job and needs to be completed by this monday. If your schedule is not open right now please do not apply please provide me a sample of a power point template you have created   (more...)

animation for restaurant and fast food place , this animation will be showed in (3) 42\" plasma TV , hanged on back of the counter. This animation includes the complete menu of the restaurant wich is a late night fast food place . The job must be done in flash or a relative software , easy to upload to the restaurant computer. We will provide the images , menu and texts.   (more...)

ny will be participating in an upcoming trade fair called Life In Style ( As a company that sells jewelleries, leather good such as purses, bags and belts, we need someone to come up with a design for our booth that will effectively showcase our products. The booth is approximately 3m x 4m wide. The designer we are looking for must have an experience in designing an exhibition stand, has an interior design background, has good attention to details, creative and can think out of the box. The trade fair we are participating in is not the corporate type of trade fair or expo wherein we will just be setting up roll-up banners with a few tables and chairs. The trade fair Life in Style is a boutique trade event that delivers a mix of beautiful designer brand sources from a diverse range of companies featuring home ware, gift ware, fashion products, lifestyle, kids products and more. It is a trade fair with a beautiful shopping environment. Please apply if you have an experience in designing an exhibition stand for this kind of event.   (more...)

oking for talented contractors, with a passion for sleek deisgn using animation tools, such as: Flash, Flex, After Effect. They must be able to translate into impactful, sleek, and dynamic images, the \"How to .....\" service which we are promoting. this animation, should be available through a \"pop up\", as well as an independant page. Starting from a text content, they will have to put the concept into images. International culture is important, are we operate multi lingual web sites.   (more...)

meone who is creative and who thinks outside of the box and can take my ideas and create a full marketing and lead generating system complete with videos for training on the back end... also need prospects to have ability to pay via paypal and alertpay...   (more...)

iption I am looking fo a serious candidate for some online advertising work. The job will involve advertising an e-book based on DIY green energy. Candidates must be well experienced in advertising and be able to generate good traffic and convert it into sales. Please note that no payment will be made for the first 20 as it will be considered as a trial period to test how well you can work. If you do not agree to this then do not bid for the job. please submit ur resume\' online Skills Required: Advertising   (more...)

e this: Two words as in motion, beautiful logo to be created to intro my videos. It can be up to 12 seconds or as short as three seconds, but it must be visually stunning and look the quality of premium network television or the same or better quality that Hollywood movie studio would utilize in its own logo.   (more...)

or a Prezi pro who is fluent in combining text, photos, slides and videos into presentations. Opportunity to work with a creative, fun team for a great portfolio building project. 25-40hr project with potential for add-on work. Requirements: * Advanced-level Prezi pro * Advanced-level powerpoint pro (.pptx) * Fluent in English * Must have at least 3 references * Location in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) would be ideal but not necessary Please reply back with a link to your portfolio, and, if possible, your references.   (more...)

one to design powerpoint presentations. Content will be provided by us. The designer needs to very creative in designing th same.. ** NEED TO AWARD ASAP **   (more...)

one to design powerpoint presentations. Content will be provided by us. The designer needs to very creative in designing th same..   (more...)

flash presentation thing similar (dont make it look the same) to this one: needs to be interactive with like the (left& right button st the sides) no images, just needs to look flashy, modern up to date looking and match the template for my website. If I choose you to complete my project, Ill send you additional details and more information.   (more...)

rienced Designer to layout and create an animated, Eye-catching Sales Presentation that can be showed via web, email, or on a laptop for a face-to-face meeting.   (more...)

meone who can make beautiful presentation slides for Keynote. I would give you the script and you would make templates, find graphics, and put the presentation together. These slides will be mostly used for web-videos and some live presentations. Best case scenario is that you use Keynote for MAC but I would consider using Powerpoint if you are the right person. If you know how to add animation, that gets you extra points.   (more...)

create flash-movie for our frontpage. The movie/presentation should be a EU map in our green colours in 3D and when you scroll the mouse over the different countries it should show how many million of users Instantor have in each country. This is the first in series of presentations / movies we shall produce. Tyskland 33,7 UK 27,4 Frankrike 26,6 Nederländerna 11,9 Spanien 10,7 Italien 9,5 Polen 8,0 Sverige 6,4 Belgien 4,9 Finland 3,8 Danmark 3,6 Österrike 2,9 Tjeckien 1,9 Portugal 1,8 Ungern 1,6 Slovakien 1,4 Irland 1,3 Litauen 1,1 Lettland 1,0 Estland 0,8 Grekland 0,6 Slovenien 0,5 Rumänien 0,4 Luxemburg 0,3 Bulgarien 0,2 Malta 0,1 Cypern 0,1   (more...)

30 page powerpoint presentation that needs to be redesigned with a nice format and professional look. this has to be done within 12 hours. *bonus available for outstanding work   (more...)

ny sells jewellery and leather purses and we will be showcasing these products in an upcoming trade fair called Life In Style ( We are looking for someone to design an exhibition stand for us. We need our 3m X 4m booth to look elegant, professional and the design that we are aiming for must showcase our products for what it stands for. The designer must be creative, can think out of the box, with good attention to details and has a background in designing an exhibition stand for a trade fair. Only apply if you have an experience in designing an exhibition stand and provide us with a photo/portfolio of your previous work related to designing an exhibition stand for a trade fair.   (more...)

or some virtual sample presentations. We need someone to join our team. We sell promotional products, and we need a graphic designer to produce mock-up virtual samples of company logos on products, such as hats, coffee mugs, etc.   (more...)

ny sells jewellery and leather purses and we are looking for an outside design support to help us come up with a creative, eye-catching and professional looking exhibition stand for an upcoming trade fair called Life In Style. The designer we are looking for must be able to come up with an exhibition stand design that will not only showcase our products but also make our booth stand out in this event. The designer we need must have a background in designing an exhibition stand, creative, can think out of the box, has good attention to details, particular with deadlines, work hand in hand with us in creating a beautiful presentation and commit to helping us have a successful exhibit in the upcoming trade fair. Since we are looking for the right person for this job, we expect the candidates to show us their previous exhibition stand design/s. please leave your Skype ID.   (more...)