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g Accounts, running K1 and preparing personal taxes for USA   (more...)

ccounts For our company to send to COMPANIES HOUSE UK, we have deleted our old ones my mistake   (more...)

omeone to prepare end of year accounts for a small company. All data is in excel format. Regular work for qualified person.   (more...)

re looking for an financial accountant that has a good understanding of Financial Reporting , in particular IFRS 2009 We are looking for someone to produce 50-75 exam type multiple choice questions (with 4 options) under each IAS standard For example , for IAS 40 , I need some standard and accurate exam questions giving the student and understanding of the accounting treatment of research and development We there are 22 topics in total and we are willing to pay US$500 plus bonus for quality and reliable work .We will pay per milestone so you are also happy - we don’t pay upfront as it is difficult to assess your skill from an interview Please do not copy and paste questions and please do not give silly questions as I am experienced in this topic and understand the international accounting standards quite well The topics required are : IFRS 2 IFRS 3 IFRS 5 IAS 2 IAS 8 IAS 10 IAS 11 IAS 12 IAS 16 IAS 17 IAS 18 IAS 20 IAS 23 IAS 24 IAS 27 IAS 28 IAS 31 IAS 36 IAS 37 IAS 38 IAS 39 IAS 40   (more...)

need of a person who would take care of our accouting/bookkeeping. It would be great if the person was familiar with online accounting/booking tools so that several users can keep track of the financial data.   (more...)

s- 2years back with .. I have a corporation that has $0 in tax liability. , Projectionss will be 350,000 in a year for the next 2 years UCC filing that says I have paid the company 20,000 to borrow and the company still owes me 10,000. Thank you for your help   (more...)

ike to find someone to QuickBooks data entry and finish bank reconciliations. I will send you all source docs in PDF and a backup copy of the Quick Books File. if you have a good computer and high speed internet, then send your rates and some bio info.   (more...)

sk general accounting questions over the next few days the candidate must be able to respond quickly someone with email on their phone would be suitable   (more...)

is a sample file that that uses Macros and tons of dependent equations to allow user to input critical information and receive outputs and analytics. What I require is something that provides pretty much the same things but a good bit more involved in that my new business will have several business units that all need separate assumptions and outputs / analytics as well as consolidated (among all business units) outputs / analytics. This is for a Real Estate Brokerage firm I am launching. I can provide full scope upon receipt of executed NDA. All work and information must be held in the strictest of confidence. Please see the sample worksheet and REALLY explore it to ensure you are capable of putting together a tool of the same or better caliber. I will also ask that you provide references and samples of similar work. The desired product is a tool (MS Excel File with series of tabs / spreadsheets for inputs / assumptions and outputs / analytics that can be used exactly as that- a tool where we can change assumptions, add / delete / edit assumptions so that we can analyze the business. At the conclusion of the creation of this project, we do not want to need any further assistance or customization whatsoever. It is understood, however, that there will be back and forth conversations and revisions as it is built. I have no more than 7 days to put this together. I look forward to your response. Again, please be sure to site specific work you have done that directly relates to this so we can evaluate one another quickly and get on with this project. Lastly, the product and all rights of use shall be the sole property of myself and it cannot be sold or provided to anyone else without my prior written consent. Are you the right person? Email your qualifications, site work that relates, execute the NDA (Which I will provide after seeing your qualifications /work completed) and see the entire specs.   (more...)

nantial statement,payroll,recording invoicess and receipt, recording transaction , making a daily and monthly report   (more...)

ooking for a good experienced accountant. I need someone with accounting knowledge and who is also up to speed with doing taxes in the different U.S states. This is a long term project. Bookkeeping and data entry is needed daily. Must have at least past odesk accounting tests. Look forward to working with you in the future   (more...)

on of annual accounts for ltd companies and unincorporated businesses   (more...)

or Timberline accounting software.   (more...)

need for a team of part time accountants and bookeepers to help organize our accounts. Please apply if you are a highly organized, part time CPA, with experience paying bills, making cash reports, analyzing accounts payable and receivable, cash flow, and/or making budgets. Experience with Peachtree is a plus.   (more...)

CPA to set up a corporation in Ontario. I am a Canadian citizen living in the USA that needs to set up a corporation in Canada.   (more...)

CPA to provide accounting for an investment partnership that will be starting up in the next few months. What is expected of you: Our proposed investment fund will have partners contributing different amounts on our launch date. The net asset value (NAV) of the fund will be $10.00 on start date and then obviously change from there based on investment performance. The finished product we need will be derived from two sources of information given to you: First, brokerage statements will be provided to you which will show the assets under management, dividends and interest received, and any new deposits made for the upcoming quarter. Our fund will be open for subscriptions and redemptions on a quarterly basis after we launch at $10.00 per share NAV. The brokerage statements will provide all the information needed to for you to calculate NAV and provide Income and Balance Sheet statements. Included in this document are the T-account details showing the changes from period to the next in Income and Balance Sheet entries. Secondly, we will provide you with documentation about how much each investor contributed into the partnership. For investors at launch, they will have a certain amount of shares outstanding (contributed capital divided by the $10.00 starting NAV). For investors that join later they will have a contribution dollar amount and the shares outstanding will be that value divided by the NAV for that quarter. This information will give you enough to calculate the shares owned by each investor based on the dollar amount contributed (which we give) and the NAV at the start of the quarter (which you calculate). The final product here will be one page documents showing account balances for each investor based on contributed capital, NAV price at buy in, when they first invested, current account balance, contact information for investor, etc. All this information is done by one accountant for each quarter and is delivered around the 10th day following a new quarter - Jan 10, April 10, July 10, Oct 10. Based on our discussions and experiences with other accountants, it takes approximately 6-8 hours of work each quarter to process the NAV, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, associated T-Accounts, and individual investor account balance statements. This will be pretty simple work for any true CPA and an easy way to make some extra money every quarter. If we are pleased with the quality of work, there is the option to expand your responsibilities to other back office organization and tax preparation. Thank you for your interest. Cordially, Jake Taylor President/CEO of Farnam Street Investments, LLC   (more...)

e CPA *Knowledge of bookkeeping and generally accepted principles of governmental accounting *Knowledge of accounting techniques and procedures *Knowledge of how to create reports or export reports to Excel. Description of Job *Data entry, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your accounting system. On a monthly basis, close the books, prepare financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statements), review outstanding payables and aging receivables, and cash flow *Analyze and prepare taxes for correct payment to Department of Revenue for sales and use tax *Diagnose accounting problems *Maintain records of departmental spending and adjust budget as needed I look forward to working with you..   (more...)

fully qualified and experienced Bookeeeper or Accountant and experienced in all activities in relation to finacial transactions in Navision. Must be able to setup multi-company accounts and record intercompany transactions All transactions should be recorded as per UK Inland Revenue regulations Must be able to produce monthly and year end accounts and VAT returns every quarter   (more...)

cords of financial transactions for establishment. -makes journal entries of business transactions. -Summarizes details in separate ledgers or computer files and transfers data to general ledger -Reconciles and balances accounts. May compile reports to show statistics, such as cash receipts and expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, profit and loss, and other items pertinent to operation of business. -extract and interpret information from financial records. -performs advanced cost-accounting work covering material and production costs, costs of sales, research and product development, etc. -prepare, develop, analyze and also indulge in the implementation of a budget, taking into consideration the future financial needs of the organization -Prepare and deliver sales presentations to new and existing customers in order to sell new advertising programs, and to protect and increase existing advertising.   (more...)

ne bank account, one PayPal Account, where it must act as a bank and fees should be different transactions, and one credit card. I need QuickBooks Entry Dec 2009 to May 31th 2010. Total # of Transactions are less than 250. I need great service as I can outsource an account with 3,000+ Transactions instantly.   (more...)

BE ABLE TO USE QUICKBOOKS - NO TIMEWASTERS I need someone to enter transactions for 2008 and 2009 to quickbooks pro. You will be provided with bank statements, petty cash logs, receipts. You much have excellent and reliable internet access to access our system remotely. Work to start Monday 7th June and be complete by 16 June 2010. Longterm Part time work will be available for the right person. I will be scanning information into pdf files and emailing them to you. It will then be the job of this person to print all the files, enter them into quickbooks and check of and report back on the status of each bank statment by the given deadline. You will be giving deadlines of roughly a week or less for reconciliation projects. We are seeking a person who is efficient and accurate. The candidate needs to be able to complete the projects quickly, while not sacrificing precision for speed Accuractly is key. all work will be spot checked and no payment will be released until I have checked it for you. Must be very efficient and have a stable internet connection. Must have excellent organizational skills! You must have excellent written and spoken english. Interview to include 30 minute test.   (more...)

e looking for a long term bookkeeper enter data and manage our QuickBooks pro. The job involves First setup of QuickBooks enter beginning balances enter bank data, credit cards / paypal / moneybookers data enter expenses   (more...)

me to go through all my scanned receipts for the last 2 years and enter onto a monthly cash book spreadsheet so I can see expenditure and income. You will need to ensure that each monthly report contains the right receipts attached (i.e. they are referenced) There may be duplicate receipts so you will need to check the spreadsheet for accurancy. Ongoing work available for the right candidates Accuracy is key. I have around 300 receipts scanned, they are online, I need this to be done over the weekend. You must have quick internet connection because you will need to access the receipts You will be required to start immediately To be completed by next Wednesday 8th June 2010 DO NOT BID MORE THAN 1.5 DOLLARS PER HOUR   (more...)

keeping, Bookkeeping. It\'s a series of simple tasks that I need done on an ongoing basis for less than $1 an hour. You would sift through two bank accounts and determine where the money is being spent, make a list of what expenses can be cut, make a list of the phone numbers of businesses where money is being spent and how much has been spent, and put it into a spreadsheet so that the businesses can be called and told \"I spent this amount with you, if you want me to continue working with you, you need to refund this amount back to me.\" Also, there have been many hotel stays for business in which the hotel company did not credit me with the stay, like for Southwest Airlines flight credits... So i need proof of each hotel stay from the bank account records so that I can tell the airline/hotel company, etc. that they have not credited me with the stays. If you could communicate (in correct English) with the companies that I\'ve paid money to, it would be a plus.   (more...)

iness needs online MYOB bookkeeping.   (more...)

lp entering data onto my Quickbooks 2009 file from a set of PDF files containing bank and credit card statements for all of 2009 and so far in 2010. I also need to reconcile the bank account statements for this entire period. Selected candidate will have experience doing bookkeeping in Quickbooks 2009, and have the ability to read and update a Quickbooks 2009 for Windows locally on their own computer. Job entails updating a QB 2009 file based on PDF-formatted statements, all of which will be provided by me. Deliverable is up-to-date Quickbooks 2009 file.   (more...)

like to speak to you by phone can you please email me your phone number? Thanks Shannon Hayward   (more...)

one who is proficient in Quickbooks. Familiarity with real estate or property management is a plus. Need to enter everything about our rental properties into quickbooks from the purchase to the rents received by the tenants as well as the tenants information. Also looking for a longer term assistant that can return phone calls and assist with some daily business tasks.   (more...)

st recently started a corporation. I am the only employee and I need someone to spend some time helping me setup Quickbooks Pro.   (more...)

MYOB to do the accounts and payroll for small business   (more...)

er for online business wanted. You will be responsible for keeping a track of various transactions: • Staff costs on oDesk • Sales through our websites (Paypal, Totalbusinesscart) • Other (as required). Most of the transactions are in USD but you must also able to handle those in other currencies. Previous experience required, providing checkable work history and references greatly increases your chances. You must be accurate, trusthworthy and able to learn new things fast. Good luck!   (more...)

DESCRIPTION* I want to extract data from my online bank-accounts and enter it into spreadsheets. There it should be used as foundation for various accountings like household accounting and business accounting. It might be merged with other data like cash transactions / recites (The numbers themselves, possibly files or references to physical location). I need help to 1. Set things up 2. Get data from HTML sources for example 3. Manual entry 4. Advice/Coaching 5. Drive collaboration technically Now I think I will use Google Docs. You should know that, and have some idea about other solutions that are good for collaboration and portability. Note that I might work with different candidates, so I look most on how you can perform specific tasks. I like to work in an interactive way, preferably by voice. It helps if I can talk to you (and you type back) or if I can call you on a regular phone if you can\'t do Skype. (Voice communication is quite important for the rate) *RATE* A high rate won\'t affect the chance of interview or starting work so much. For many hours it matters more. (I will check, if possible, if it is in line with what you usually charge). It is reasonable that interactive work is paid more than work you can do in your own time. I plan to start with several candidates for a few hours, I will continue with a few. These can be at different rates. i will use them according to my needs, skills, availability and cost. *YOUR APPLICATION* The most important is to what extent you adress this opening in the beginning of your reply (A bit more than \"I can do all the above\"). You should especially address weak points like not speaking good English. I also prefer to have a realistic name with a realistic photo and some history. It should be clear that you are an individual working alone, or you should explain how you intend to work if you are not. If you have any concerns about this project (Like rating), please tell me.   (more...)

bookkeeper with experience in Quickbooks to manage our weekly accounts. Tasks are: Updating of accounts and entry of invoices and manual sales. Reconciliation of bank accounts (we will provide read only access to online banking for this purpose). Creation of an ABA file via online banking to allow us to automatically process payments. Provision of a weekly balance sheet showing all accounts payable and receivable. The software we use is QuickBooks, you will need a working copy of the Australian version. We will email you our data file and scanned copies of the weekly invoices for you to work on. We are currently using MYOB and the data will need to be imported to Quickbooks in the first instance. After the initial setup you will have 2-3 hours work per week on an ongoing basis.   (more...)

bookkeeping in Quickbooks, Peachtree or Sage. Previous experience in providing services for clients in US, Canada and UK is a plus. Also, requirement for people having knowledge of Steuersoft (a German bookkeeping software). Send your brief resume.   (more...)

ke to find someone to maintain my quickbooks file loading posting and reconciling small business company accounts every month. Must have access to Australian version of Quickbooks 2010   (more...)

r with Quicken skills max $2.50/hr workload and rate will increase.   (more...)

ing for a bookeeper to Reconcile my accounts twice a month. If the relationship works I have more work to be done. Must have fast interenet. All work will be done remote desktop. Experience and references a must.   (more...)

b   (more...)

ing for some one to go through all of my bank statements and categories all income and expenses with in the Quickbooks software. I want a balance sheet created as well as a profit loss statement. If you are someone with strong book keeping accounting skills that can work quickly. Must speak English fluently.   (more...)

in Accounting system which includes bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements and check vouchers. can work with minimum supervision and ability to meet deadlines computer literate   (more...)

n experienced and capable Quick Books Bookkeeper to organize all bank records/statements and do monthly reconciliations in Quick Books. This needs to be a person who wants to become part of a small team. You should be able to work independently and be proactive – very important. The goal is to ensure the good health of the bookkeeping records and practices long term. Responsibilities include: • Entering all transactions using accounting software Quick books • Using Quick books to undertake weekly reconciliations of the main bank account and monthly reconciliations of two other bank accounts • Processing the monthly BACS payments and maintaining accurate records of authorization • Maintaining the purchase ledger - entering suppliers’ invoices on the system ensuring that they are properly authorized, preparing cheques at the appropriate time, arranging signature and dispatching • Preparing invoices as necessary. Controlling all outstanding invoices and ensuring prompt payment. • Preparing on a quarterly basis recharges of rent and other items of expenditure to other suppliers as appropriate • Processing and reconciling petty cash sheets • Maintaining a file of and checking direct debit payments • Filing of all accounting documentation • Maintaining all financial records and data accurately and within agreed systems any other tasks as required You should have : Knowledge of Quick Books (PRO preferred) Ability to pay vendors via checks/credit card accounts Ability to match credit transactions to invoices and paid them on credit card account Good Communication skills as communications with Vendors will take place. Excellent English – both written and verbal Able to use skype Must be organized, accurate and methodological and have good I.T skills. Be able to prepare end of year financial accounts such as: Profit and Loss, balance sheets, cash flow statements etc in accordance to U.K standards. Also must be available during U.K business operational hours. Be able to prepare management reports as when required. Be competent in processing general ledger accounts Be able to prepare analysis of costs and process Bank reconciliations identifying discrepancies. Be able to Input journal entries Must understand debit and credit entries. Manage Cash control process. And other booking keeping duties and ad hoc tasks Availability Preferred to have availability of UK hours (can work broken hours, but preferred to be available until that time to answer vendor inquires occasionally etc. Bookkeeping test To ensure you are able to do this role, we will require you to do a short 15 min test as part of the interview process Bids no more than $3.00 dollars (excluding ODESK Fee)   (more...)

ookkeeping looking for part time bookkeeper.   (more...)

listing the services of a an individual to help with general bookkeeping needs for a newly formed retail company. Keep track and categorize expenses, show quarterly report of earnings for agents.. Minimum hours needed now until productivity increases. Must have experience in bookkeeping, preferable retail experience and with US accounting experience. Applicant must have good communication skills and speak fluent English.   (more...)

listing the services of a an individual to help with general bookkeeping needs for a newly formed real estate company. keep track and categorize expenses, show quarterly report of earnings for agents.. Minimum hours needed now until productivity increases Thanks for your application   (more...)

small, professional, independent publisher of a book on a business model for the escort industry. This is sold through our website. We value our team members and offer the following: • Career and compensation growth for long-term contractors • The ability to work virtually • Professional training • An intellectual work environment and a fun atmosphere! Key Purpose of the Job Compile the monthly books (no payroll, this is 2-3 hours per month). Only looking for someone within the US! Once you have proven yourself, you will expand to doing books for US clients. Technical Skills or Job- Related Knowledge Required • ability to use US QB (we will provide you with the CND version of QB if you are hired) • excellent bookkeeping skills (manual and system process) • has excellent working knowledge of QB Pro. • working knowledge of GST remittance, or is willing to learn • working knowledge of budgeting • working knowledge of analyzing which expenses are the highest, lowest, how much they go up or down monthly etc., how many sales are needed to cover fixed expenses & can provide that info in an easy to read format • working knowledge of categorizing expenses & income under the appropriate categories • working knowledge of online business categories for expenses, or is willing to learn on their own. • working knowledge deciphering real sales revenue after all expenses and/or merchant account fees are taken off. • working knowledge in determining if the merchant account fees coming out of the account are accurate Experience Required • bank reconciliation experience. • Processing delinquent payments (A/R) are handled • Producing reports in an easy-to-read manner. • Certified to do tax returns, recommended • Virtual experience – at least 3 months • excellent written and verbal English communication skills to include being able to follow explicit instructions via e-mail, instant messaging and on the phone Attributes required • Innovative • Hard Working • Intelligent • Intuitive • Excellent e-mail etiquette • Someone who is a nice, down to earth person, secure with themselves, really likes to help companies grow, & loves their clients • Someone above average in intelligence & intuition • Open minded about working for our industry • Professional approach to work • Good work ethic • Internet Savvy • Detail orientated • Proactive • Ability to take responsibility for your actions • The desire to work in a friendly, down to earth, virtual workplace that applauds innovation and common sense. Please include the following in your bid • The keywords I\'m your professional bookkeeper in the heading of your bid. • Your best “small business” hourly rate. • A description of your abilities as they relate to our needs, without an accompanying resume • A list of your professional references that can verify your bookkeeping abilities. We do prefer people who are licensed, but if you are exceptional & aren\'t, we\'d love to hear from you. • List how many years you have been working virtually online • List your top three strengths and your top three areas for improvement   (more...)

ed excellent copywriter required for rewrite of webpage sales letter for ebook. Must have: * Expereince writing sales letter copy for webpages. * Must have a personable, sales type style - so the customer can not help but buy the product! * Must have perfect fluent written & spoken English Please show examples of previous copywriting in style of sales, personable, direct to the customer. Quick turnaround for delivery in 3 days. Thank you.   (more...)

ng for someone who can post craiglist ads in html form to link to web pages. Please be experienced so my account wont get loced or flagged. I need only 5 posted right now.   (more...)

sa proxy on daily basis.We are ready to pay in good amount. thanks by rayhan FROM GOLDEN GATE   (more...)

have 8 real estate listings I need posted on craigslist twice a week. Will email descriptions and pictures to worker. Easy to do, just don\'t have the time.   (more...)

st 7777 in your subject line when you apply, otherwise I will ignore your application. Do not apply if you do not have Traffic Geyser experience. Please send me references of people you have worked for on Traffic Geyser and let me know how much experience yo have with traffic geyser.   (more...)

nce in photo stitching and creation of 360 virtual tours   (more...)

post given ads to craigslist and will need to post at least 30 ads every other day. You must be able to post to multiple craigslist accounts in the US.   (more...)

ed to promote our website ( ) in various appropriate forums (not spamming but contacting the moderators/users of the site and engage them actively) , email users, identify appropriate communities online, social media(facebook/twitter/myspace/orkut) etc You will be required to produce a daily summary of things you did and the metrics/target achieved. If you understand the Indian segment (since our site is targeted towards Indians), its a plus. Please apply, if you have experience with online marketing (not spamming)   (more...)

ing for someone who can help consult with me as I move toward getting direct advertising for my website. I consolidate information on high-end gourmet beverage products. That could make it challenging to get advertising because free promotion of products is inherent in the site content. Average traffic is 45k+ unique visitors & 350k-400k+ visits a month. Among things I need answered are: 1) How much would I make with ad networks such as OpenX? 2) I need help setting rates using the features in Doubleclick for Publishers. 3) What information do advertisers ask for? 4) Any tips on settings I should make for Google Analytics? This budget is based on a 1 hour consultation done through GChat or some chat interface.   (more...)

prior experience posting on Craiglist. I need to have an ad inserted in the \"Classes\" section for various cities in many different countries. You must have verfied account(s) in order to do the posting. I will pay for only active ads. I need you to spend about an hour a day/5 days a week initially for a month. If it goes well, the project will continue. Tell me how many active ads you can post per hour or I can pay a fixed amount for a number of ads posted daily.   (more...)

ike ads posted in several cities as I travel. Looking for a long term business relationship. I am looking for someone with experience at this. I am in the adult business. I require postings on Craigslist and other top adult sites a few days before I arrive and during my stay in that city. Boost my sales and I give bonuses!!! There is great money to be made working with me!   (more...)

meone to post 10 -20 craigslist ads per day in the real estate sections of craigslist. I will provide you with a basic ad template and image files. I need for you to post and re-create the ads and subject lines to make sure the ads are not flagged or ghosted. The ads are basically image ads and also have a hyperlink and youtube video. You may need to create a few youtube accounts to create unique ads. I have bought my own pva\'s in the past as well as a proxy service called cloakfish. I would like someone who has their own, but I am wiling to buy proxy service and pva\'s if the cost is much cheaper. This is a long term job to the right client. I offered this once before and hired someone on here only to find out they were not reliable. Do not waste my time if you are not an expert at this and can deal with the changes craigslist rolls out from time to time in effort to stop spam. Let me know your cost per hour or ad and how many you can post an hour or per day and what that figure will be. I need someone who can not only post but create these ads based off my template. I do not have time to create separate descriptions and subject lines. I can give you the basics and you make the changes so that they will work.   (more...)

we are looking for a team of employees that can push our free program in different marketing campaigns. One should \"push\" people to download our software in social media sites,chat rooms, dating sites etc. We are looking for an employee who is a member and familiar with different social communities sites and have a lot of knowledge in the dating sites, chat sites field. Our project is a base performance project which mean that we are offering a fix price payment accordingly to the amount of downloads one will provide in a month. This project is very simple and for a long term period. Thank you.   (more...)

r poster 1. Need agent to respond to postings on websites, post referral leads and services 2. Agent will be required to search for keywords on websites 3. Agent will be required to copy and paste generic inquire and email to potential client, referral leads. 4. Agent will be required to follow up on email response. 5. Agent must be organized and able to customize email, posting format to fit potential client. 6. Agent must be able to access internet sites and email responses 3x daily or 1 hr total daily (i.e 20min. between 6am-8am, 20min. between noon-2pm, and 20min 8pm-10pm). 7. Agent must be good speller and use proper grammar. 8. Agent must submit inquire response for opportunities within 12hrs We are only interested on posting for the following: Manged Services Onsite Break-fix Application development Average pay is $1 per hour Sites to access are: craigslist elance backpage freelance sites   (more...)

t Ad Posters Needed I need experienced posters to post 1 ad every 2 days (including weekends) on Craigslist in the real estate for sale and for rent sections in US. My rate is .50 per ad. Bidder must be experienced in posting ads on Craigslist that remain active rather than posting ads that are ghosted, flagged, removed, or otherwise become inactive. I will not pay for ads that are ghosted, flagged, removed, or otherwise become inactive. I will provide you all the ads (city and state) to post, including the ad titles, content, and images for the postings. You must be able to: 1. Post in US between 9am - 5pm US eastern standard time (EST) 2. Provide an email with links to every ad posted Payment based on posting 15 ads/month at .50/ad = $7.50/month for something that should take less than 5 minutes/ad. We are ready for MULTIPLE PEOPLE to start immediately. Thanks!   (more...)

ration, Sales, Marketing, Cold Calling, faxing over sub contractor papers, Price out jobs.   (more...)

established technology consulting and outsourcing firm that specialized in cloud computing. We deliver custom software development and IT infrastructure management services on the cloud infrastructure. The values that we bring to the table are > Low cost of development Delivery and management of complete solution unlike most other outsourcing companies who provide only software development Expertise in the cloud computing technologies Experienced in developing cross-platform and cross-device applications such as applications that run on browsers, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. To expand our client base, we are looking for resellers around the world —the opportunity is one where we foresee our sales functions being pretty much managed by the reseller and he/she has a recurring income through the life cycle of every client they bring in. We are a corporation with a transparent ethos and long term vision. We have a successful formula in place to ensure both parties are protected and are open to ideas from potential partners to make this a win-win. If you are interested, respond to us with your resume and a brief on your networking strengths / your proposed approach to selling our outsourcing services. We are looking at someone who can dedicate time and energy and wishes to create a large recurring income base! Please note that this is a commission-only position, no fixed salary. Commission rates exceed over 10%.   (more...)

or a Long Term Relationship to help create ads to be marketed over the internet. In Particular posting on Craigslist is a big priority. PVA\'s will be needed and email responses will need to be forwarded. The posting will only be in the Atlanta Section of craigslist, Backpage & Kijiji/ Ebay Classifieds. Ads can not get ghosted. English speaking and understanding will be needed. Services will be provided on a trial basis with significant long term potential.   (more...)

web site, selling VPS/VDS. The Idea is to find Customers, using Blog/Talkbacks, Making some manual marketing moves, for getting more leads to our products. Finding potential customers worldwide. Knowledge in english required, Knowledge in VPS/VDS systems, is advantage.   (more...)

d friendly person wanted to create and maintain great relationships with affiliate partners, stay on top of the affiliate promotions, keep affiliates motivated, make sure they promote timely, and support them with any questions or concerns they may have. This positions requires excellent English, great e-mail and phone communication, and understanding of the internet marketing and affiliate program basics. You must have great customer service skills, excellent rapport and relationship building skills. Some copy writing will be required. No technical knowledge required, but must communicate with technical team to provide affiliates with their unique links and marketing materials. Final interview will be conducted via Skype. The right candidate will become a permanent member of the promotional team.   (more...)

real pro to help drive traffic to my websites. Must have experience and a prooven track record.   (more...)

gration agent looking for a Recruiter / Lead Generator to contact Australia rural employers to identify those employers who have skills shortages that could be filled with overseas trade workers. You must have excellent english/communication skills. Payment is based on a per qualified lead basis. ($25) Previous cold calling, recruitment and lead generation skills required.   (more...)

2000 word sales letter written for a generic CPA offer on teeth whitening. The copy must pass copyscape and be enticing with a story board similar to: Word doc accepted. Fixed price with offers. Best Regards Kevin and Mandy.   (more...)

like to create line art sketches of our product and we would like to have animations created that show the drawing being done then the product used in various ways. We can supply photos of product to successful applicant. Please show us some examples of your line art style to apply.   (more...)

oking for someone to produce a video in this style: Please include link where we can see your work in your description.   (more...)

meone who has stock photo access and can assist in making a slideshow or short video in flash to give selling points and product overview with a point of action. need a voice over and music.   (more...)

o create 3D and 2D animation of science experiments for a school coursware. Candidate must be able to show prior work experience and able to deliver in short time. Candidate must have access to a graphic designer to provide well designed graphic of the experiments. We are ready to start immediately.   (more...)

re, We\'re in urgent need of a logo designer to design a cute, cartoony logo. The shop targets mother\'s and baby products. Essentially it\'s a supermarket for mum\'s and babies. The \"theme\" of the website is based around a \"super mother\" who looks after 3-4 kids, cooks, cleans and is on her toes day and night. The logo is a women who is a \"super mum\" (super mother) who is holding an overloading bag of groceries, has a cute baby sitting on her shoulders holding on to her head and peaking over her head, another 6 year old hanging off her leg as she\'s walking, and basically, she\'s balancing & juggling a thousand things at once in the cartoon. The cartoon image of the logo needs to be of \"cute humour\" which people can look at and have a laugh. Although the shop sells maternal and baby products, it will be marketed to a target audience of married and single mothers who are bored at home and want to start studying by distance education. This logo will also be the basis of all our company\'s online advertisements. Look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, Marcus   (more...)

or highly skilled person to create animation of attached graphic. Animation includes sound effects and music. It will serve as the Intro to a video and should last about 60 seconds. It reflects the philosopy of our company. Carmen Ortiz   (more...)

oking for an excellent Captivate Designer who has sample template for drag and drop, matching question types and familiar with scoring model, how to get the data from captivate. Person with experience in gaming design with similar Adobe products will get preference. Peter C   (more...)

o the requirements provided below, the client is now requesting that we develop the entire programme. This means that apart from the below require, you will have to develop the below screens apart from animation 1. Intro Jingle 2. Today\'s Local Weather 3. Local Forecast for Tomorrow and the next five days 4. Weather in Major European Cities (this is the animation below) 5. Forecast for fisherman 6. Closing credits All Music will be provided by client. Animation Description You will be required to work with our team to design a weather reporting programme similar to the one aired on Euronews. You may look at the idea of the final product at Our team will build the backend application that will retrieve the information from the site and that will allow users to enter data. Your job is to design the 3D animation that will retrieve the data from a flat file or a database and generate the output as shown in the example. The final product will be used by a Television station for their website and for broadcast   (more...)

deo/flash based content for educational purposes. This will involve clean, fresh, simple and corporate design. Your creativity welcomed. Will need to see examples from your portfolio of work.   (more...)

ng for a flash artist who can create some animation for a flash games. Contact me with your portfolio   (more...)

oking for a Flash 2D/3D Animator who can create a character with different poses and be able to lypsync audio. You should be able to animate the different poses forming a continuous footage and lypsync the audio with appropriate facial expressions. Preference will be people from the Philippines but others may apply. Initial project should be completed in a month\'s time with possibility of more projects if you are good.   (more...)

t clip will be used for an up and coming social network (! A social network just for teens. LOGO IS PROVIDED ALREADY. What I would like for the animation is this: The setting is just a plain white background. 1. The pig holds up a paper which has a big A in a red circle, like if he had a grade on a test. 2. He throws his arm out in the air, chucking the paper behind him in the process. 3. Then he does some funny random dancing, rubbing his nipples, do the robot and then fly off the screen with a jet pack on his back. 4. Then the text \"\" drops in the screen and appears and the pig with it, he lies on the text or something like that. I\'m giving you a slightly vague idea of what I want here, but as an experienced animator, I trust you would know how to make it really funny, random and totally different. The duration of this clip should only be around 7-10 seconds. Music is provided.   (more...)

e need an expert who can design very nice slides for us based on a text script... We have scripted sales presentations, product demonstrations or general information that needs to have great matching slides with dramatic graphics and transitions. One example is at: (this whole video is just a keynote presentation) We\'re looking for somebody who can do this better. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and having you in our team.   (more...)

series of animations to accompany a video tutorial of Windows 7. The videos (which will be supplied) describe various features and functions of Windows 7 and we require a visual display of what is being described by those videos. You will be taking over for another animator and basing your animations off of the one already created in CS4 (all sources will be supplied).   (more...)

ash designer with reasonable budget..   (more...)

esigin,   (more...)

ing for an experienced Illustrator and possible Animator to create marketing-related materials around certain products. These will be storyboard style illustrations and animations that are geared to getting potential customers to use and adopt software products. The animations will be fun, focused on users, not simply software products and involve user scenarios. The ideal candidate will be a rockstar illustrator and have experience specifically in storyboard-style animation for marketing purposes. They should have their own unique style that can bring an identity to the product that will stick with users. This project may be influential in the overall direction of design and marketing materials going forward. To filter out spam applications, please put the *answer* to the following question as the *first word* in your application: What is the longest river in Africa?   (more...)

or a 45 second spot of a cartoon-style animation. Very friendly kind of style to the animation. This will be used as part of a viral campaign for a unique environmental project. Please respond with samples of your flash animation. Thanks.   (more...)

y ( is looking for an animator to build a video presentation for my new product. Contemporary animation required. Run time between 45-60 seconds. Budget negotiable after scope discussion. We have thought of some concepts, but we can finalize the details after a brief discussion. Please submit at least one video link of your prior work. Thanks   (more...)

the same logo for 20 years and want to revamp it. Then have flash logo separate for opening in You Tube videos.   (more...)

company who require Illustrations for retail products.   (more...)

-3 minute video audio animation presentation. Must be able to draw & design insect character with insect design provided along with the audio script   (more...)

e someone to design and make 3 flash banners for our company. You must have the following to apply for this job: 1. You must have great design skills. 2. Your English skills must be very high. 3. Have odesk experience and billed hours. 4. Have work that you can show us. This job is a trail to test your sills to see if you meet our standards, if you do then you will get regular work from us.   (more...)

web animators I need a king of spades that can talk for 30-45 with the lips to move i want the animation to pop up right when you click on my page i want his head to pop out a little bit as well from the card and give an introductory to my site please let me know if anyone can do this how many hours and if your up for the challenge   (more...)

or simulated animation needed for short video marketing spot. Can provide still images and/or live action footage as needed. Deadline is looming and ideal candidate will be able to work quickly. Additional details provided promptly upon request.   (more...)

new flash banner to be made in the following sizes: 250x250 300x250 336x280 468x60 728x90 It needs to work with Google adwords. The banner will see the following messages fade in quite quickly and appear on the screen and the disappear (fade out quite quickly) one after the other: Do you have over US$50,000 to invest? Want to invest in property developments? one of the fastest growing economies in the world? Looking for a halal investment? Colour should be white faded background (see attached) with text being the same grey as attached. The following words above should be in the same blue as the blue from the website ( US$50,000 property developments fastest growing halal All the text should be in the same size but as big as possible. Font could be the same as the attached. I think I have the fla files of the attached (but it\'s not the final version so there might be some minor changes). Finally, a small \"investing in residential developments in Malaysia\" in grey should gradually appear as well as a blue button (like the attached except colour is green in attached) saying \"Click here for further details\". Then an A then I then Q of our logo (see website) appearing in the same way as the button appears in the attached (ie appearing like it has come from the front). This part really needs to be stylish. The AIQ logo would be much bigger text than the \"investing in residential developments in Malaysia\" I want a really high quality job done with the person who does this job reading the instructions properly and thinking about proportions and timing. You must be very experienced in flash. Thanks Asim   (more...)

a flash expert who can create a professional commercial video for a SEO company. Samples of past work is reqiured. Lengths of video 2-3 mins. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Budget :USD130   (more...)

LLC is looking to contract out the Art Director position to handle all the artwork and an art team for one of our handheld video games under production. We need someone with industry experience and good knowledge about texture art/animation/3d modelling. The suitable candidate would be a liason between the art team and the programmers and is expected to thoroughly contribute in texture art design and concept art for both real time graphics and pre rendered animation. We prefer someone living in New Jersey. Kindly submit your resume\' and portfolio for consideration. You would probably be working part time with an average input of 20 hours a week. Experience with Mocap and handheld game development would be helpful. We are looking for experience in video game designing and someone who wants to be a part of our long term vision as our IP is close to a AAA title Thank You   (more...)

computer repair company that is 24hrs. and has a rapid response service we provide free on-site estimate\'s to all our clients. I already have a TV commercial on my site. I would like to have an animated character of me with a story line of a client having a problem and that every other computer company is closed but ca;; me and I go to her ASAP to get the computer repair done. Well something like that open to other idea\'s.   (more...)

ng to make a 3-4min music video with these characters Ive drawn for my album cover.Also i will need the artist to render me into a character.Im only looking for 2-3 parts of me rapping to match my mouth movement but my main goal is to tell a story with the little characters. thanks   (more...)

ng for a flash animator expert to create a high level animation for an instruction of a work process. Example of what I\'m looking for - see at this homepage Candidates - Please link to 3 or more animations you\'ve done previously.   (more...)

cle writing about Hypnosis. Need to submit 10 pages weekly. Twitter background is a must.   (more...)

meone to write 7 articles of at least 500 words and 22 articles of at least 300 words on the subject of \"accident claim\". Articles will be based on keyword phrases I will provide. Articles must be original and not plagiarized. Applicants must have very good English writing skills. Wherever possible information will need to be taken from sources other than the internet and major sources of information will need to be referenced at the end of each article. I look forward to hearing from you!   (more...)

or a full time article writer that will also do customer service and SEO.   (more...)

meone to create content for my music review website. You must be somewhat knowledgeable in American popular music as well as a decent writer. The articles need to be approximately 300-400 words long. I will be buying the content from you and own the rights to the article/review after the job is finished. All writing must be original. If you would like to be considered for this job please link to a sample of your writing. Thank you   (more...)

lancers, I am looking for someone to help me do the following: 1. Create 1 Gmail account. 2. Create 34 accounts at 34 sites I specify. 3. Then write one (well written) Press Release with 1-3 specific back links in specific anchor text. - Take note that some Press Release Sites DO NOT allow a back link with in the body of the Press Release. However they do allow a resource link. 4. Once the Press Release is written, submit that “one” Press Release to the 34 sites using the details I specify. Requirements: 1. MUST have great English writing skills 2. Must be Able to do this whole project within 48 hours 3. Must be Able to deliver with promise I am expecting a cost lower than $15 for all these. Many consistent jobs are available if requirements met. This will be a Long term Data Entry job if done well the first time.   (more...)

want a reliable native English speaker to join my team. My offer is $2.5 for 500 words. This is the beginning of a long term job.   (more...)

Philippine Franchising and other Business opportunities in philippines You can write anything. Tips, Guides, How to, etc. as long as it targets the market who are the Philippine people. You should be familiar with wordpress blog -You have to write a blog minimum of 200 words -Schedule the post on a daily interval -Tag and categorize the post -You may use other articles to get ideas from -We prefer Filipino writers   (more...)

articles written on \"Starting a Medical Transportation Buisness\" These articles should be between 350 and 500 words in length, Articles should be written in a way to keep the reader interested it should also state problems or questions and give the answers or solutions Articles need to be written using the keywords which i provide Please include a sample with your bid.Providers bidding without a sample will be ignored.At this time, The most I can afford to pay is $2 per article. I am looking for a long term relationship but we are going to start as a trial period. If everything works out during the trial there will be opportunity for advancement. If you can not accept these terms please do not waste your time bidding on this assignment.   (more...)

of Writters to My All projects. I will take 20 writters to my projects.   (more...)

ply if you can write 100% copyscape proof articles without grammar/spell errors. Pay $2/500 words   (more...)

or an article rewriter to to spin an article to at least 35% uniqueness. I\'m looking for a high level english speaking person (preferably first language) who can convert articles to a \"spinner\" format like those used by Unique Article Wizard, SENuke, the best Spinner, AMA and other sites. We are not looking to run this through a software program that generates garbage synonyms. We\'re looking for a true editing of the article into meaningful versions. When articles are spun, they use the { | } notations, such as: I like {cats|dogs} but not horses. A great video explaining how to do this: Requirements: - Article writer must be fluent in English with excellent writing and English Grammar. - All articles must pass Copyscape. I will also check the article using another plagiarism detector so, again, the articles must be 100% original/unique. - Articles must have each sentence rewritten once. Once that is done, then individual words in each sentence would be spun: {I {like|love} {cats and dogs|canines and felines}.|Our {family|extended family|brother} really {loves|likes|wants more} house pets.|We enjoy all sorts of animals, from labs to beagles. We are a pet family!} ... I didn\'t finish spinning the content, but you get the idea. - All articles must be free of grammatical and spelling errors. I will check this too. - All contract work is \"work for hire\" and we will keep all copyrights for articles provided and receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc). You are not allowed to use the articles in any way. Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of his / her writing assignments and the fact that the articles will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential. - Payment will be made per set of articles after approval and pass of dupecop, grammar and editorial check. If an article does not pass above you will not be paid for that article. - Please do NOT bid if you plan to further outsource my work on other freelance sites. If found, contract will be canceled immediately. - You must be able to meet deadlines and have good communication throughout the project. Please don’t reply if this is something that you cannot promise. - Please provide examples of your work. - If you produce high quality work within a good time frame, we will keep you busy and look to engage a couple of article spinners on a long term basis. Thank you   (more...)

craft publisher. We are looking for someone who has interest in craft with some basic skill in photography to help us compile craft making process especially in the area of jewelry making, beading, clay, wireworks, etc. This person should write a step by step instruction on how to make the project. Depending on type of craft you are working on, it might requires you to draw diagram as well. This is a home based job suitable for those who are looking for freelance job. To apply, you need to propose 5 - 10 pieces of craft you are able to work on. I will review your suggestion. Once I approve, I will inform you how much fee I will pay for it. You should then work on it and pass me the word documents and pictures taken as your output. I will provide more info once the assignment is confirmed. You are bidding based on 5 assignments.   (more...)

meone with excellent skills in writing articles for the real estate site. I will pay $1 for each content portoin - need to be in perfect english.   (more...)

cklinks for a clients website. Please let me know what kind of experience you have with backlinks and SEO, as I will also need more SEO work done within the next few days. Ignore my Fixed Price limit. Let me know how much you charge per backlink. I need the backlinks to be on sites with decent PR\'s.   (more...)

meone to write a article for a press release   (more...)

meone to work 2-3 hours per day writing/rewriting articles. Required: - Good English writing skills - Commitment to work 2-3 hours a day. Only original work accepted, I will check the articles for plagiarism. This is a long term project. I\'m on a low budget now, I only can accept $2 per hour bids. If your work is satisfactory, it will be increased soonest. When you apply, the first word in your application must be \"EP\", so I now you have readed the job description.   (more...)

andidate, We are looking for experienced article writers who have excellent test scores in English. This position is very demanding but it is also very fun and has a lot of benefits with it. We are looking for 5 candidates. These candidates will each write 2 articles a day minimum. Each article should take no longer then 1 hour of work. These articles will have to do with movie reviews. The candidate will watch a trailer, or we can provide full movie for free, and then the candidate will write a 500 word review on the movie. Please only serious candidates apply. If candidate will do good job, we will provide raises accordingly. Thanks   (more...)

renting author and speaker. I am looking for someone who can take some of my speeches and turn them into reports, ebooks or articles. I have many radio shows that could also be turned into reports and articles. I do not mind if the words or sentences are shifted around. You may also add bridging sentences, but please keep the content in my voice and style of writing. Are you familiar with the requirements of ?   (more...)

articles on the subject of family camping and camping tents. are you a camper? are you chomping at the bit for the seasons to turn? it is summer now in the USA and time to buy camping tents. You will be expected to use LSI and have a knowledge of SEO techniques. the articles must be original and well written and successfully drive traffic to an ecommerce site selling camping tents. I am prepared to pay around $5 per article with the potential for ongoing work if it\'s good stuff.   (more...)

web content that will help me with my blogs. The person will work one day of the week (every Monday or Tuesday) for 3 months at first. If it will fit my needs, we can enlarge the project for 5 days a week. The project includes: writing articles, distribute them to articles sites, answer forums, register to directories and etc. Every day I will get a to-do list with complete and need to be done. I will need a fix price for 4 days of work (1 Month) and the payment will be every month.   (more...)

10 descriptions 100 words each for my article directories. Also I need 10 articles 500 words each on keywords related to article marketing. I will provide keywords after accepting a bid. All content should pass Copyscape. Thanks.   (more...)

articles that I need for seo on a new page. - Keyword density around 1.5->2% - I will supply you with the subject and keywords. - Article length between 450-550 words - Written in a conversational, how to, or informative style -100% original - Copyscape checked, no plr rewrite you need to be an experienced SEO article writer with perfect English. Please remember to send me a sample! In order to be considerer to the job please start your cover letter with \"mjello\" otherworldly I know that you did not read the job post   (more...)

ticles writing and submiting to ezine articles on the topic of dating big beautiful women. Articles want to be 300 words roughly and I will provide an author resource box and the keywords to be used in the article title   (more...)

itten a short booklet (Bad Eats: The three most common foods that are dangerous for your dog) that is published on Amazon Kindle ( The booklet gives brief but complete information on three toxic substances to dogs: Onions, Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts. It is simply three articles I wrote and put them together to form a booklet. I would like to expand this to provide a book with a number of substances dogs may try to eat or drink that can cause severe health issues. I would like to publish the next on grapes and raisins. I will need more than a dozen more articles. This is just the first one. The job would require fact checked quantifiable research, strong spelling, and strong grammatical skills. I will complete the project by writing in my own voice, but I will provide the first three articles to give the provider the flavor of the writing to make this as complete as possible when delivered to me. Delivery includes the following: 1. 300-1000 word article (Whatever it takes to be complete and informative) 2. Bibliography of sources with links to these sources to confirm they are reliable. 3. A chart to show the danger of the material in relation to the weight of the dog (I will give you a template to work from). If you are interested, please send at least 3 articles you have written of 300 words or more. If you have written anything on domestic pets, be sure to include it.   (more...)

ave 25 300-400 word blog posts written in the area of dating/online dating. Must be 100% original, content will be checked for duplicate content.   (more...)

oking for a English-Swedish translator, to help translate some of our website content. This is a pilot case, if we find a good provider we are looking to establish a longer term relationship.   (more...)

s required relating to the topic of Learning to Play a Piano and aspects of music. Qualifications: I want someone who has a reasonable knowledge of music and can play the piano, at least Royal School of Music Grade 1, or equivalent. Knowledge and enthusiasm for music is vital. Please tell me what music you can play and how long you have been playing. I want someone who has a good experience writing articles for website content, blogs and article directories. The person selected will be asked to write 5 articles on learning to play the piano (with reference to a particular learning product available), piano chords, learning music and playing piano online. More precise details will be provided to successful applicant. Deadline: All articles are required by Friday 18th June at latest.   (more...)

s to write articles in spun format. We have a requirement to write many articles for our different business divisions. The articles are for online marketing and need to be provided in spun format. We need a number of articles writers, we need 100s of articles written. English must be excellent. 5USD for 2 articles, approximately 500 words each,   (more...)

articles with 500 words each, the articles are to be written with 10 different variations of the keyword bingo the word variations are to be placed in both the title and article. Two of the articles will be one product and eight articles will be another product to create a blogs and ezines article on this topic.   (more...)

king for a writer who will do rewrites. Articles which need to be rewritten will be supplied. Rewrites should be grammatical free error. Further instruction will be given to successful candidates. Total original articles: 6 Each original article need to be rewritten: 2 times Total unique articles rewritten for submission by rewriter: 12 Any usage of rewriting software is STRICTLY PRIHIBITED. Delivery of articles required in ONE week from the time the originals are delivered to you. Time limit MUST be adhered to. If you cannot do it in the time frame, please don\'t bid. Will pay $1.25 per rewrite. Please supply sample of rewrites if you have.   (more...)

article written that will be used to drive traffic to our website. We need the article to dicuss these topics: 1) Social Engine - #1 provider of social networking software 2) iPhone - discuss social networking app on the iphone 3) Social iPhone App - Booya Media builds iphone social apps that work with Social Engine.   (more...)

only 2 requirements : -You must have a big team, -And everyone must be good with english. This is a technical writting assignment for a dictionary. The work is simple but The work load is heavy. With the right team and right pace the work may go by very quickly.   (more...)

d a talented and professional writer with marketing skills that will be able to write title + content that readers will find highly attractive.   (more...)

ters! I am in need of a few good and reliable writers to help me out with the many orders I receive. All of the topics I handle are pleasant to write about and require minimum research. Just to make a few examples: interior design, travel, tourism, fashion, jewellery and how to articles. Here is the initial price table for you to look at: 400 worded articles: 1$ 500 worded articles: 1,50$ 600 worded articles: 2,50$ 700 worded articles: 3,50$ I am the most serious of the buyers, for I never miss a payment and love to communicate with my collaborators. Whenever you have questions, be sure you will be replied promptly and clearly. I am looking forward to establish many long term collaborations. Thanks and happy bidding!   (more...)

one to write/rewrite content for dating site, including reviews, dating tips etc. Need exellent english skills   (more...)

time writer,available in any topic, Fast Writer ,you should be fluent in English,has a working experience and and available for long term.My rate is 1$ per 500 words. Put a sample of your work when you apply. I need atleast 2-3 writers   (more...)

ny is looking for 2 more reliable providers with near-flawless English skills. We\'re paying $5 per 400 word article with bonuses available for providers that can deliver much more than 10/week. You are paid on a per-article basis at first, then moved to a weekly schedule. Each article must: * Have 400 words and pass Copyscape. Once we\'ve established a good relationship, we will pay for your Copyscape searches. Providers that purposely plagiarize (at least a third of the article) will be immediately dismissed and reported to oDesk. * Be 100% factual. We don\'t want opinions or guesswork. Very little creativity is needed from the provider chosen, just research and write. If you can\'t prove a sentence is true, you\'ll need to revise the article. * Have 3-5 references for fact-checking. Your article must always have 3-5 references. It doesn\'t matter if you\'re an expert on the subject; we need references to fact-check and lend credibility to the article. We are not pushing a product or website. We don\'t care about SEOing these articles. We just want to provide 100% factual articles to our readers. We realize that every provider is looking for a steady source of income, but if you don\'t truly care about the content you create, THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU. Likewise, if you don\'t want to thoroughly research topics, THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU. Please don\'t ask for upfront payments; we have too many providers quit before starting because they\'re intimidated by Google Documents or find researching too difficult. In your cover letter, please estimate how many well-researched, 400-word articles you can comfortably write each week. Keep in mind that we need a minimum of 10. As usual, submit a sample article for a quick response. ---------- IMPORTANT: If you\'ve already applied to a similar posting of ours and been rejected because you \"lack desired skills or qualifications\", please do not apply again. Your name was noted, and your application will be rejected without being read. We apologize and wish you luck on oDesk!   (more...)

articles written on a variety of subjects including jewelry, home decor, fashion, and a few other subjects. Each article must include keywords, which I will provide once the job is accepted. All articles will be a minimum of 300 words. If I like your work I may provide ongoing assignments. Please do not apply unless you have excellent English skills.   (more...)

oking forward to have a team of writers from India who can work with us for long term basis. You are requested to give your team size and contact details.   (more...)

esearch articles in Networking ; Integration of different access tecnologies, QoS in Multiprovider in the core , Efficient Handover Schemes , Ranking algorithms , Analytical and simulation modeling and relevant topics to this domain The papers need to have significant results which are not published anywhere else. It should not contain any copied material,if some thing is copied it should be written by the writer and properly referenced. The Workers need to have Phd and experience in writing research papers for conferences and journals.   (more...)

omeone who is proficient in audio editing and can produce quality results. Please apply only if you can start immediately and finish it within the day. The actual podcast is about 40MB. You will Add the music to the beginning and end of the recording. Edit out all the pauses delays, etc Payment will be made only after we review the file and all the revisions have been accomplished.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here Hummel - op. 75 The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) The three Sonatas shall be delivered in separate files. You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

involves taking a piece of scanned music (PDF format), and entering it into Sibelius. Enclosed you may see here: The end result will be a single Sibelius -compatible (.sib) or Finale *.mus file and the same file as .pdf. You might be able to scan in some of the notes using PhotoScore, or you can do entry with a keyboard, or manually (the method is entirely up to you). We expect an error-free result for Fixed payment with no prepayment   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Galuppi - Olympiade The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Gazzaniga - Idol mio The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

2 movements have been fully engraved, you\'d be hired to engrave the III and IV movements. The score can be obtained at The SIB file will be provided upon hire. You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

ree WMA Audio recordings maximum time is 6 minutes each. I want to put these recordings on a blog and need the code to be able to post them. I also want the audio button so that people coming to the site can play it whenever they want to. I just need you to email the code to me for each recording using the title of the file for each code in one email. This should be easy to do for someone who knows what they are doing and should only take a few minutes for each recording.   (more...)

oking for someone to help us promote our podcasts and do the following to our recordings: - download our audio file - edit, render and tag the final file for the podcast episode - post the file to our media hosting site and notify our transcriptionist that it is ready - make sure it is up and running on iTunes - post the show on our blog - post the transcription to our blog and link to it from the episode post - create a static slide on top of the audio to turn it into a video file (Alternately, you can create a quick slide show with a few different slides that go on top of the audio file) - cut the file into segments that are a maximum of ten minutes in length each for You Tube - upload each video file to our YouTube channel with a good title and description - create a playlist in our YouTube channel that ties each video segment for this video together for convenient watching - add annotations over each video segment. Place one at the beginning of the video file linking to the previous video and one at the end of the video linking to the next in episode series. - syndicate the video(s) to other video sharing sites through TubeMogul. - Submit the blog post as well as the first video in the episode series on YouTube to social bookmarking sites to build some links pointing to them. - Post a link to the blog post on our Twitter & Facebook accounts - E-mail our list to let them know about new episodes - Make sure the new episode shows on our iTunes page correctly - Test the subscription to our shows feed to make sure the latest episode shows up and downloads   (more...)

animatiom motion flash job... please contact   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - The Opera Brenno by Reichardt The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) Pure dialogue pages shall not be copied - only music (including songs and chorusses) - The Ouverture is not needed - The engraving has to be done in Sibelius. Other engraving tools are not acceptable for this project! You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

involves taking a piece of scanned music (PDF format), and entering it into Sibelius. You may see the whole here: Czerny - Ouverture for Maritana for 4 H The end result will be a single Sibelius -compatible (.sib) file and the same file as .pdf. You might be able to scan in some of the notes using PhotoScore, or you can do entry with a keyboard, or manually (the method is entirely up to you). We expect an error-free result for Fixed payment with no prepayment   (more...)

ing to hgire a PROFESSIONAL quality audio editor to edit and add background music to several audio files. Also I need graphic banners that I may load on the audio library section of my website that will divide the various categories of audios by the appropriate banner headings. This will start as a fixed price per audio job which may turn in to an hourly job based on the applicanst skill level and timely work. Audios run 5 to 30 minutes each. Only applicants that take the time to respond specifically to this job posting will be considered. $10 per completed and approved audio tape. Are you timely in your work? Are you creative? Please send any samples of audio editing work or music mixing you have done for review.   (more...)

vocal sounds out of a MP3 song. Budget $5.   (more...)

ing for a candidate who can write catchy melodies with lyrics and supply them with either a guitar or piano with voice. These do NOT have to be great recordings, just enough that we can hear the basic concept. We can product it on our end.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Vinci - Cantata The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - L\'arbre enchanté of Gluck The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Attention: all Numbers of the opera have to be set in the correct sequence. The document is an mix of score and parts... Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

pular songs recorded (bid is \"per song\") for 10-12 songs, mixed in various versions emphasizing the various instruments. I need you to be able to produce the entire song, including finding/recording vocalists that sound very much like the original artists on each song. PLEASE DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU POST LINKS TO YOUR WORK IN THAT BID!   (more...)

fl studio sound editing 3.adobe photo shop 4.illustrator interested in photograph-ices.   (more...)

can be an on going job for the right person. I need someone that can take a raw audio file and assemble a finished podcast. I will supply any music and notes required.   (more...)

0 copyrighted training manuals currently in word, pdf and hardcopy. Each are approximately 200 to 250 pages, including template pages. We would like these converted to audio recordings, dowloadable ebooks, and possibly workbooks to accompany the audio. We have mainly Australian and American clients and are looking for someone with a fairly \'neutral\' accent. These items will be for sale through our website shopping cart and so need to be finished to a high quality.   (more...)

Services of NLE (Non-Linear Editor) is required for a VO editing of about 30 hours. Editor should be based in Lahore, Pakistan and must be native speaker of Urdu. Please keep in mind that budget for this project is low.   (more...)

f the score is already done in Sibelius ** The score can be obtained at The partial SIB file is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

ERY Experienced FL Studio Producer who can add realistic bass, piano, synth, tom, and percussions to rhythm and lead guitar raggae track started in FL Studio. Must be able to sequence and export the midi or FLP file back to me. All instruments must be on separate pattens for futher processing by me. I am only seeking very qualified applicants that can take what I have started and spice it up in FL Studio ONLY. I will need the final output in .flp format with all samples.   (more...)

ing on a website called \"Rebrand Pakistan\" ( I would like someone to take this music: I would like a cooler version (techno(?), house remix(?)) to play in the beginning of my TV show \"Rebrand Pakistan\"- approx 4- 8 secs. So that people can recognise the theme tune to the TV show yet it needs to be original and funky. Please could you let me know how much you would charge to give me a few samples. If this works well than I have other audio remixes that I would like you to do as well. You can also just make it and if I end up using the song you made I will pay you $30. Thanks, Amir   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

involves taking a piece of scanned music (PDF format), and entering it into Sibelius. The document to engrave may be found enclosed Czerny: Schweizer Alpenklaenge The end result will be a single Sibelius -compatible (.sib) file and the same file as .pdf. You might be able to scan in some of the notes using PhotoScore, or you can do entry with a keyboard, or manually (the method is entirely up to you). We expect an error-free result for Fixed payment with no prepayment   (more...)

involves taking a piece of scanned music (PDF format), and entering it into Sibelius. The document to engrave may be found here: Helloer: Sonata in D The end result will be a single Sibelius -compatible (.sib) file and the same file as .pdf. You might be able to scan in some of the notes using PhotoScore, or you can do entry with a keyboard, or manually (the method is entirely up to you). We expect an error-free result for Fixed payment with no prepayment   (more...)

wo audio .wav files restored (approx. 1 hour in length) audibly. Restoration includes: 1. Getting rid of any crackle and pops 2. removing tape hissing sounds 3. Make sure speaker can be heard without straining to decipher what\'s being said 4. Voice is equalized as well as muffled sounds taken out. 5. If volume is too low or two high, normalize it. 6. Remove other background / distracting noises A link to the samples are posted at the bottom of this ad (3-8 minutes in length) to prove that you can do the work. Compensation is paid per audio file restored. Technician must be familiar with one or more audio restoration software: Diamond Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, Protools, etc. in order to carry out the above tasks. Links for samples:   (more...)

is to engrave in Finale or Sibelius the score of Mendelssohn\'s Capriccio Brillante Op.22 for Piano and Orchestra The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

radio stations for several hours at a time. I need the songs removed from these recordings, leaving only the commercials. VERY simple.   (more...)

oking for talented individuals who have extensive experience in creating \"unique\" music and sound effects for games. We have several projects we are working on and would need the specialists to create the music and sound effects. We are anticipating the following needs: Game intro music Game background music Several sound effects for different parts of the game. Please send examples of music and sound effects you have done for \"games\". Thank you.   (more...)

rofessionnal in audio work to mix a track! more job can be proposed if the result is top quality.   (more...)

mposer to create music for book trailer. The style will be like enigma---but cinematic. The book is spiritual so think of Buddha bar type--without the techno. There is a voice--flow in place--you will create the music according to the \'voice flow\'. Professionals only. Credit will be given.   (more...)

: Create midi-files out of song-files (composed of vocal and instrumental), which only contains the vocal part of the original song. Detail: We need to get the vocal-notes out of song-files, which contains both the vocal and instrumental part. The final file must contain all vocal notes in the correct tone pitch in midi-format. Further the final file must have the same duration as the master-file – which means when start playing both files at the same time, they must be absolutely synchronous. Attached: Demo Files: one master   (more...)

experienced internet marketer, who has experience in split testing and marketing campaigns. Must have the ability to generate traffic, SEO, PPC and have a proven track record of doing test for splash and launching pages.   (more...)

ing for a very experienced and professional business planner to do a research and create a BP in the field of Social Networks   (more...)

oking for an excellent marketing executive who has a proven track record of making a business successful. He must be familiar with modern marketing skills and well classical. He must work closely in making marketing strategies, implement them and get desired results. He must show remarkable experience / skill in: - resell of business; - organize teams; - prepare marketing strategies and implement them; and, - work independently with minimum guidance. This position can lead to enormous benefits in future for desired and result driven person.   (more...)

or individual to help get sports sponsorship and endorsements from sports people we represent   (more...)

ns is an Online College Admissions Counseling service company. We are looking for a one-time interim VP of Marketing to assist us in writing a Marketing Plan to market to PTSA parents/organizations and other parent networks. Job Description * Recommend the most cost effective ways to generate leads from PTSA organizations/parent networks, preferable email / phone leads * Recommend different test email marketing messages / sales scripts when approaching PTSA organizations/parent networks * Recommend strategies for jump-starting viral / word of mouth marketing within the Mom demographics Job Qualifications * Required: Prior Consumer Marketing experience targeting at the Mom demographics * Preferred: Prior Marketing experience at an Education company (e.g. Test Prep) that sells to parents (ie not school districts)   (more...)

Job Functions 1. Reaching sales goals. A proven track record of meeting sales goals. 2. Develop customer base necessary to meet all sales forecasts and budgets. 3. Prospecting for new business, preparing/presenting proposals and maintaining existing relationships. 4.Serves as point of contact for our Birmingham office initially and has the ability to lead the branch office. 5. Weekly reporting and updates of sales Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 1. Retirement Industry Domain Knowledge is desirable. 2. Strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude 3. Ability to effectively manage time and prioritize multiple responsibilities. 4. 5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 5. Self motivated and ability to excel with minimum supervision. 6. Ability to work well with customers and co-workers in a team environment. 7. Ability to write and present effective proposals to customers Minimum Qualifications and experience 1. About 8-10 years of experience in selling technology products or services to the retirement industry ( preferred). Experience in managing large accounts and large multi year deals. 2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent desired.   (more...)

e Marketing and Design needs a marketing consultant that has extensive experience and/or a degree in marketing to help with new marketing strategies. Could entail a lot of print marketing. Clients consists of multiple Amish Furniture Manufacturers. Must think outside the box with respect to the Amish conservative community. This person will be added to my team as a long term consultant.   (more...)

hat the job entails: I am having a database built of cities and companies in specific industries that I want to target. >From there I want to do a three shot advertising hit, #1 - generic letter with a powerpoint presentation and pen #2 - Follow up to first letter #3 - the sealer hopefully - we dangled the carrot now it\'s time to reel them in. What I need is for someone to help with the letters, set up time frame to send the first and subsequent letters. What should be in the powerpoint to make it the most effective. What should the second and third mailings contain? How to get new business? Could be future work for right person.   (more...)

oking for a good Sales & Marketing provider to undertake all types of Sales, Marketing, Promotional and Advertising work within the UK. This would include promoting our company via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, our Forum and any others that you might feel suitable. We would hope this would be an on going contract for the right provider.   (more...)

online experien 5 years   (more...)

have various web properties that I am looking to make more profitable. This will come through marketing (including PPC, media buys, SEO, email marketing, ad swaps, etc.) and also through further developing the ideas. I am looking for a Marketing Partner or Assistant who is experienced in producing profitable web campaigns. I am open to hourly compensation and/or perhaps a percentage of profits while you are working with me. Please let me know specifically your experience with online business and marketing. Thank you and good luck.   (more...)

ghost written manual/book about 96-100 pages, 5-10 chapters. Book title is \"How To Dominate Your Local Business Market With Online Videos\". I will provide chapter titles   (more...)

n immediate set of 10-15 SAS programs written, in addition we may need a few programs to be written each week over the next 2-3 months.   (more...)

ssistance in creating effective and ordered business practices and marketing initiatives in otherwise successful holiday letting company   (more...)

ge executive summary of all below 2. A definition of the product and its key market features 3. Market research highlights for web site solutions targeted to SMEs (data driven, referenced) 4. The competitive landscape (who\'s out there, what they\'ve got, how they price, how they\'re positioned); a grid that compares and contrasts these 5. Based on the above, some potential approaches for leadmachine pricing and positioning, possibly in SWOT format 6. Based on 5., some narrative and a grid that contrasts leadmachine vs the competition in the same space 7. Some possible marketing approaches, including: key messages, techniques/methods for online positioning, some partnership candidates and possible media channels (traditional and non-traditional) 8. Some ideas on product adaptations and/or ancillary products that make sense 9. Some suggested next steps Likely in the 6-8 page range, I\'d think.   (more...)

Indian company venturing into the field of Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic beverages in India. We are looking for free lance professionals to help us in creating our master Business plan. The candidate selected for this project will have to work with us to provide us assistance in only some of the components of the plan. These areas are market research, media, strategies and others. We shall provide the format of the plan along with details of the information required. We are looking for MBA’s who would be able to provide the above services. Kindly send us your resume, past experience and offer   (more...)

everal experienced web marketeers to write/develop our product information and related information, like emails, newsletters and much more. Required skills: - Copywriting - Web Marketing - Conversion Optimization Strategies   (more...)

or someone to ensure we have have many visitors day one of launch   (more...)

of specific product market segments and development of strategy for product price and promotions apparel market   (more...)

or somebody that has advanced knowledge of virtual economies for social networks and programming skills.   (more...)

looking for 40 articles for about 20$. I want articles concerning reviews of products (online products). For example Money Maverick Makers. Contact us as soon as possible   (more...)

ing for an internet marketing strategy to promote a successful sports tipping service. The websites can be seen here: & I do not own the service or the websites. I am an affiliate. Both website are for the same service, they are just appealing to different markets. This is a successful tipping service with proofed results going back upto 4 years. This is not a \"get rich quick scheme\" so i dont think it will appeal to the gambler but more to the investor type person. The reason i say this is because they dont go for Long shots in their betting strategy but they do make a very good monthly return and best of all, its tax free. When submitting your proposition please specify if you have any experience in setting up online campaigns for a sport tipping service and 3 options. Low Impact, Medium Impact and High Impact Campaigns. Please provide detailed propositions and feel free to ask any questions.   (more...)

ently needing an experienced sales writer to help assist in the creation of a marketing script. The main focus of the script will be to invite people into our company.   (more...)

Investment Advisory Service seeks seasoned market strategist to assist in procuring clients for its separately managed account (SMA) business. Assignment entails creating a solid step-by-step marketing plan as well as training of sales reps and content writers. Management Exp. required.   (more...)

oking to create an ebook geared towards the consumer. The topic will be the short sale of real estate. 50% or real estate transactions these days are short sales. There are many books available for the investor, but not the people who will be selling their houses in a short sale. We have all necessary, data points and details outlines. We just need an Ebook written, and placed on the web with a high SEO factor. Please let us know if this is something you can help us with. Thanks, Douglas Webb   (more...)

ing with a consulting company which offers workshops/seminars on team building, change mangement, motivation etc We only serve companies in the regions of singapore, malaysia and indonesia. We want leads which we can then try to sell to them these workshops or seminars. In summary, we are out of ideas how to approach these companies. We need someone strong in marketing plans and lots of ideas on how to get more consuilting customers. In order to qualify for this project, I need you to 1)Outline what exactly are your plans to help us get business from comapnies in Singapore, malaysia and indonesia, whether direct mail, email etc. WITHOUT this outline i will ignore your bid. Payment terms- We pay part upfront, part upon completion and also we pay out SUPERB commissions, about $1000/- per sale. If you make 5 sales for us a month, you make extra $5 k a month. Make more, as much as you can.   (more...)

n is an end point, a product, service or combination of all which is supposed to achieve or solve a desired result from resources by using right tools. Our aim is to achieve that solution which is purely targeted for generating profit for organizations and to develop a foresight to identify new opportunities in your business.   (more...)

or an experienced Business manager who has knoweldge of complete business development and strong marketing skills. Must be familiar with all web marketing know how as well as email marketing. Must have soft skills to manage staff.   (more...)

meone who can (from the ground up) put together a \"Business Opportunity\" Package to send via Direct Mail to Businesses to convince them to use our KIOSK which contains literature about our product. They will get a bounty for every person that uses our service. Also, A Sales Presentation type of folder with inserts for my Salespeople to go into Businesses to do the same but in person. Please only apply if you have done this type of project before . i am really getting tired of unqualified people applying. Alex M&A Marketing.   (more...)

basic idea of what I need to convey to my prospects: They are searching for a work from home business and I have invited them to take a closer look. Getting the right information in a professional and provocative manner to each one so they understand how simple it is to copy and paste for same exciting results. Duplication is what I need. I need someone who can skillfully write the words I need to get accross to a very eager prospect, ready to start building their network of like-minded folks. I would like to also be able to place this written piece in HTML code on a \"clipboard\" website, so it can be shared by my team members.   (more...)

\'re looking for someone who is well organized, and experienced in marketing, and building a brand over the internet. You will have many ideas of how to brand a company over the internet. You will participate in online strategy meetings, draw up the plan from the meetings, and help in managing the implementation of various marketing strategies. Please respond by answering the following question. How would you Market an online magazine?   (more...)

I\'m looking for someone to create a plan to create partnerships with companies. This involves: - Researching the companies - Coming up with ideas on how our company and the other company can work together Please reply with 1) Partnerships that you have created in the past 2) Your suggested approach to creating this plan Thanks and talk soon.   (more...)

VA who has specific experience in marketing research and business planning. Must have good spoken english, use Skype and be available mornings PST   (more...)

tting up a small business that will target skill workers based in Philippines. These workers must be TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) certified. Successful skill workers will then be employed in Australia. On this job opening, we are hiring professional that has expertise on the following field and will: 1. Writes down marketing plan for our new and emerging business. 2. Surveys and research some successful business enterprises that succeeds on this same line of business. 3. Look for the best sales strategy. 4. Make marketing/promotional materials for publication in website and newspaper. 5. Blog in Philippine employment websites, Social networks (Twitter/Facebook) and announce about the company job openings. 6. Coordinate with Hiring managers. Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing, reading and listening. 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer and internet. 5. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat.   (more...)

ed Affiliate manager required to set up affiliate program. Experience is a must. Manager will need to implement all aspects of the affiliate program.   (more...)

nflict free loose diamonds.   (more...)

tting up a small business that will target specific professionals based in the Philippines. These are skilled workers that are willing to work in Australia. We will focus on Subclass 457 (temporary working visa) for this project. On our job opening, we are hiring professional that has expertise on the following field and will: 1. Writes down business plan for our emerging business. 2. Survey and research some successful business enterprises that succeeds on this same line of business. 3. Exposure to Philippine and Australian immigration law is a plus. 4. Firm knowledge of POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency) rules and regulations for this kind of business. 5. Recommend changes, edit, write down articles in our company website: Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer and internet. 5. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat.   (more...)

tting up a small business that will target specific professionals based in the Philippines. These are registered nurses that are willing to undergo bridging program in Australia. We are not promising employment but will make them more marketable in Australian job market. We are hiring a professional that will: 1. Prospect and contact nurses that are willing to undergo bridging program. 2. Distributes marketing materials and make cold calls. 3. Sends and answers email from applicants. 4. Guides applicants on proper application procedure using the company website. 5. Screens prospective applicants. 6. Proposes new idea on an existing company website. Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer and internet. 5. Knows how to use internet communication like Skype, Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat.   (more...)

th the statistical work up of 318 responses to a survey. Available hours will be from 5.15am to 7.00am monday to friday GMT Candidate will use teamviewer to log in to my pc, and Minitab r14 to carry out the analysis. The statistical workup is for an MSc project , so it is to give me a tutorial/guidance in the statistical analysis i need to get done. Successful candidate will work at all times with me to get the job done   (more...)

======================================================== 1. How to find similarities between strings having similar hash values (HashValue1 HashValue2 HashValue3 HashValue4 HashValue5 HashValue6 HashValue7 HashValue8 HashValue9). These hash values associated with each word can be in any order: For Example Two(-1787886117) Bike(-1099549855) Shops(1918157825) Every(733576683) Bike(-1099549855) Shop(-1201797668) Bike(-1099549855) Shops(1918157825) Every(733576683) Shop(-1201797668) Every(733576683) Shops(1918157825) All of these needs to be ranked based on their similarities hash values. 2.How to find similarities between Groups of Strings based on string hash values. for example: between Group A and Group B based. It could be 60/70/..% similar. 3. How to find relationships between Groups based on String having hash values. The goal is to find if Group A points to Group B in majority of cases or if Group B points to Group A to identify relationships. For example: Group A is the parent and Group B is the child where children s point to parent. Please Note: I need statistical proof in theory with a good example in writing to prove this works on millions of sample records in the quickest possible of time on sampling data. Please let me know if you need any additional information. ------------------------------------------ Please have a look at the second attachment and advise your offer. Thanks Attached Files: Sample_Data.xls Identifying_Foreign_Key_Relationsh_.docx I have highlighted in my \"Identifying Foreign Key Relationships using Ontology.docx\" regarding pre-conditions. The solution for each of these questions should be generic to any data and it should be comprising of statistical formulas/ equations. The data I have provided is for reference purpose only. I have to apply the statistical formulas/ equations you will be providing me to millions of records belonging to different databases. I know we can achieve most of it using SAP or SPSS tools if we are studying on specific data. But my research requires me to come up with statistical & mathematical formulas/ equations which needs to automatically do this job for any kind of data provided. The solution should be something like the attachment which is generic for any data being inputted.   (more...)

excel data dumps that come in daily. I\'d like me to be able to run 1 spreadsheet that takes the data, and run reports on all 4 data dumps that I choose. This data is from affiliate marketing and Cost per click conversions. Please interview, and I will provide you the data, and you can prove to me that you are acceptable for the job.   (more...)

f our clients, a Russian translation company I need: 1. Research on competitive backlinks, looking for a breakdown of links by a) articles placed b) directory listings c) link exchange - for 5 competitors 2. Research of how and where the target audience searches for and comments on my client\'s type of service. The target audience includes 4 industries and is located only in the US, in 5 major cities. I would also need a list of the top 10 companies in each industry and a breakdown of their company info, such like from a Hoovers. I want to see a summary, as well of online publishers which represent the target audiences. 3. Research on ad spending online for this type of service 4. An analysis of the competitive web sites I need this done in the next week and this work will be only a couple hundred dollars, this time and I have some tools for you to use. However, if done well, this will definitely lead to more and bigger projects. As well, there may be needs in other areas where you have expertise.   (more...)

candidate who is able to develop 4 statistical methods for extreme wind calculation. Advanced statistics, advanced maths, bootstrap techniques and statistical distribution concepts are essential, Please contact to receive more information, Best Jose   (more...)

e different paremeters in Excel   (more...)

some schools which are in award process and some are not . We have the data available data for this. The task is to compare the data and find the correlation between the data if there is any and interpret this correlation.   (more...)

o create an excel file which will be used to Calculate shipping cost for an item based on size and / or weight for few shipping carriers so we can decide which shipping company and / or service we should use for a given item. The shipping companies include but not limited to: -DHL -FedEx -UPS -EMS -USPS If you can create a web-based application to compare between the services that\'s even better. If not, excel file will do the job. This task will require some research of the different carriers pricing algorithm and therefor is an on hourly basis. The ideal candidate will have a proven analytical experience. Also this could lead into a permanent position as we have business analytics related projects on a regular basis.   (more...)

person to train me for the sas interview with sample projects and solution codes both in clinical and finance domain   (more...)

a 1-hour online consultation + possible follow-up consultation (MSN preferred), with an expert on statistical analysis of data recently collected from a patient sample. The qualified individual must be knowledgeable about statistical analysis generally, and very familiar with MULTIPLE REGRESSION ANALYSIS, be fully familiar with the assumption of this type of analysis, and how to interpret the results of a multiple regression analysis, and have a firm understanding of clinical research. Please apply only if you are certain that you would be able to provide accurate information regarding the following goal: The goal is to examine the effect of a dichotomous variable (ie, group membership) on several continuous variables, while factoring out potential confounding variables. I need advice on the most statistically sound approach to determining what other variables are potential confounders, and on the best approach to entering these variables as covariates into the regression model. I will be running the analysis myself on SPSS, but would like an hour long consultation to ensure that all statistical principles are followed accurately, all assumptions have been tested and met, and that the data is correctly interpreted. As you can see, this is a highly specified assignment. Please be specific about whether you meet the above qualifications when applying. Thank you.   (more...)

excel document listing all companies who develop educational softare for Iphones. For each company we want to know what softare they have developed, the competitive advantage and their respective weakness in the market. We also require a SWOT analysis of each business.   (more...)

te company looking for assistance in researching properties.   (more...)

a compendium of research on, and written material on the subject: short term investments strategy, daytrading strategy, with stocks plummeting or rising. (extreme one-day behavior) Please disregard budget on this, and give me your estimated budget and a solid description of project.   (more...)


nfo for First 10 pages of google for various professions and cities i need this done very quickly. Need info in 24hrs   (more...)

out to open a new business in BARCELONA, SPAIN. It is an ink and toner refill. we need to konw how many business like this are there, there web sites, address, phone numbers, and a google map with there location in the Barcelona area.   (more...)

ned documents for data entry of email addresses   (more...)

ctor industry, R&D management   (more...)

Craigslist expert to help me design a system so that I can keep job postings active and on top of the list for truck driver trainees in the 14 Craigslist cities in Michigan. My name is Rick King. I am the president of CDL Training Associates, Inc. Our website is   (more...)

, I require \"ideas\" of funtionalites/tools etc that I can add to check the competency of skilled workers. This job does not require script writing or development, merely a written outline of ideas. I am currently looking for online independent testing of skilled field in their chosen areas. Here is another opportunity for those IT whizz kids with bright ideas to help me. I require other ides, e.g. funtionalities I could add to further validate the comptency of skilled professionals If you have any ideas I am will to pay $50 for 3 exceptional ideas. If you have a super duper idea which you think is very good, let me know, I am willing to pay if you justify it\'s benefits! All I require is a small paragraph about your idea, how it will determine competency and how it will operate briiefly. You will not be required to do any building, script writing. I will pay for each idea which is good that i think will work on my site. Any questions please ask. A   (more...)

small but passionate company with strong focus on customer satisfaction and retention offering products and services around Web Design, Python/PHP/MySQL custom programming,Open Source and Commercial Shopping Carts, Content Management Systems, Pay Per Click Advertising and SEO. We are looking for a Marketing Consultant/Expert with proven track record who can take a holistic view of our strengths and weaknesses and chart out of specific actionable marketing plan for next 30,90,180 and 360 days. We are open to all options and ideas. You will be initially be appointed for a period 1 month and the role will be extended further based on the results or performance.   (more...)

me consultancy work a few years ago. My client failed to pay all invoices until a clear breakdown of work is submitted. I now need an excellent person to write a breakdown for me to accompany these invoices. you are required to go through a series of correspondences and emails and provide a clear breakdown each month for my client to understand my billing along with a breakdown of man hours. You must have excellent english written skills to be able to bulk out the work done. Do not bid if you need continous help. You should be able to do this all by yourself. This assignment is ideal for people who have done freelance consultancy work before or prepared a scope of work breakdown previously.   (more...)

omeone who is able to write a quality business plan for funding by a bank.   (more...)

buy vertual server for business purpose after that i should have a good guy for vertual maintain beside maintain all network........   (more...)

oking for a Professional with MBA for Sales and Marketing, Business Strategy and Development.   (more...)

professional writer.   (more...)

have previous experience writing proposal (RFP) responses to Commercial or Government agencies in USA. Be ready to provide samples and reference information of previous proposal writing experience. At least 2 years of proposal writing experience required. Must have complete command of reading and writing English.   (more...)

business analyst for our team, we need your experience and expertise for business planning, financial accounting and so many more projects.   (more...)

o someone to assist with investment documentation and presetation collateral including information memorandum and powrpoint presentation   (more...)

. Skilled operators only need apply. I have set up our account on Google Apps Premium. MX records seem to be set OK. Email is working with Outlook 2007. Not sure if the spam filter is working, though. And I can\'t seem to get my Nokia E71 working. Needed: 1. Complete check/review of the setup of email, spam, etc. on our domain. Ensure I have set it up 100% right and best way. 2. Get the Nokia E71 working with it - I really need the push email. Thanks. If skilled and successful, I will have some ongoing development work for you: we will integrate Google Apps email and Talk with PBX server Elastix and vTiger ...   (more...)

I\'m looking for someone who is an expert at creating a high performance business culture. I\'m hoping you\'ll have some high impact low cost ideas that are easy to implement and will make our work place is even more fun and exciting, while getting better and better results.   (more...)

Job Many businesses experience difficulties in both reporting and information integrity because they don\'t have the people or tools to access the database effectively. The data analyst will provide a combination of both business understanding and basic technology skills to enable clients to take remediate and report on system data. The opportunity to participate in enterprise wide integration projects in time is significant. Skills and Knowledge The following are essential requirements to be able to do the job: * A good understanding of the interrelationships between processes and systems. * A good understanding of accounting business processes and accounting needs. * A degree with an accounting major or accounting / IT combination would be appropriate. * Excel data manipulation skills and the capacity to build SQL queries are essential. Typical Experience Examples of the experience you may already have are: * Implementation consultant for an SQL based software application. * Senior financial / administrative role which required extensive data extraction and manipulation.   (more...)

an Australian Chartered Accountant and have been researching and trialing the offshoring of process orientated tasks into India and the Philippines for SME\'s within Australia. I am working towards formalising a business model that will suit the Australian market. I am at a critical point in my thinking and would like to hire a mentor to assist me to get it right. I am looking for someone who has experience in delivering these services to SME\'s or has been involved with it at some level. I would prefer either an American, Brit or Canadian. What I am hoping to find is an ongoing relationship where I can bounce ideas around and get to hear the thoughts and opinions of someone who has some experience in this field. Mick   (more...)

s to do research and make a shortlist of “Drop Shippers” that will supply and send products from two different categories. Our plan is to find the right suppliers/drop shippers for 2 separate sites. We are going to be testing 2 new markets for a fully automated online store. We have selected 2 categories; 1. Wedding Dresses & Bridal wear & 2. Shoes, all types of shoes (Runners, Boots, Ladies, Mens, children to hiking and school shoes). We are after Drop shippers/suppliers that are able to send single orders all over the world. We also need the following from our new partners: - High quality photo’s for use on our website - Photo’s of products that do not have any “Watermark” embedded? Unless not noticeable - Single orders of 1 item for shipping - Correct product description or access to their website descriptions - Fully automated service; eg. Our website sends orders directly to them for shipping - Provide our details on the package in the form of a sticker or printing We also need to know: - How can we assure that our customers are receiving the right product and what is the guarantee? - What will happen if the wrong product is sent or damaged when it arrives? - Do they have any warranties? - What are your shipping times? Details for different regions please? - Do they have any sort of Reference number with every order? Or some sort of tracking system? Will our customers have access to this? - Do they deal with returns? - Is there a refund on returned items? It will probably be better to use just one drop shipper for each product type. However each “Supplier” will have multiple products. Eg. Shoes: Sports, Business, Formal, Mens Dress, Women’s Dress, High Heels, Boots, Hiking Boots. Sports: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Rebook, other....... Business: Brand one, Brand 2, Brand 3 and so on. Eg. Wedding Apparel: Wedding Dress, Brides maids, Flower Girl, Mother of the Bride, Groom & Groomsmen, Accessories Wedding Dress: Formal Dress, Beach Dress, Retro Dress, Other and Other and other Formal Dress: Style, Style and different style (and so on with all the other types) Accessories: Belts, Cufflinks, Shoes, Jewellery, Hats, Gloves and other wedding stuff. We pretty much want to get a supplier or two from somewhere like Alibaba that have full product lines and are able to send 1 as a minimum order to most parts of the world. Put our sticker on it and we will sell the products throughout sites. We would like good photo’s and product descriptions and details of sizes and details they need to send the order. We want the customer to order on our site and the order be sent straight to the drop shipper, no need for us to see it. So there is a bit of work there. I would like someone to handle this from start to finish. Please let me know of possible time that you believe it will take. If this sounds like the job for you, please let me know why you are the best person for the job.   (more...)

le -High School Grad, Graduate, Under Grad. -Aggressive and Hard working -Commission issued weekly -Plus more Incentives and Bonuses -Unlimited Income Our Company is located in Metro Manila contact me 09329419340   (more...)

ale -High school, Graduate, UnderGrad -Aggressive, Hard working -Commission Issued Weekly -Plus More Incentives -Unlimited Income!!! Hurry Apply now Our Company is located in Metro Manila   (more...)

ale - high school graduate/vocational/graduate/undergrad are welcome to apply -unlimited income plus more benefits -more incentives and bonuses -our company is located in Metro Manila   (more...)

ng for someone with much experience to write a few business plans for me. 1). Urban Hip Hop Clothing Line 2). Urban Christian Online Magazine 3). Marketing/ Design/ Website Development company One of the most important parts of the plan will be doing research. Please do not respond if you do not have any experience in writing a business plan.   (more...)

ompleted financials and content of our business plan, however we need an emperienced writter to review, reword and complete our business plan. Applicant must have minimum 10 years experience creating and completing business plans. We would also want a powerpoint deck completed to provide with the business plan. We are seeking this work to begin immeidately. Warren   (more...)

ave someone, who can get us a detail plan and web site strategy, for our marketing services, web based lead generation and web based product delivery. Like to use Internet for anything and everything, ideally. Our competitor is IBM.So, need a person, who can take us to the next level.   (more...)

ngineer or someone that can help me design a product. Need experience or knowledge of wire, wire gauges, plastic coatings, polyurethanes coatings, etc   (more...)

veloping a team of global sourcing agents that will be responsible to find suppliers for a variety of products in your respective country. You will be sourcing for clients in the USA that want to source in lower cost country regions, so we are looking for agents that are outside of the USA. We especially want agents in China, Russia, India, and Brazil, but agents located in other countries are welcome to join our team. The candidates must be able to speak and write in English as well as their local language. The pay structure is still being developed, but it will include bonuses based on the results which will be clearly defined later. This could be a very long term assignment if you so desire, and we will provide some initial training.   (more...)

consultant who can help to asses real estate development opportunities in Canada and the USA. The job will require a candidate to: 1. Assess the development potential of a given property by consulting zoning bylaws and corresponding with local authorities. 2. Research pricing and rental data for local real estate markets 3. Model the costs and revenues associated with a given real estate development 4. Produce a summary report with conclusions and recommendations. 3. Produce a detailed financial pro-forma   (more...)

iption J&S solutions Corp. is an International consulting firm that is seeking experienced HR Recruiter for the Human Resource Department. Will be responsible for the following responsibilities: • Identify candidates via internet mining and other research methods. • Review resumes and on-line applications for necessary skills and experience in relation to position requirements. • Provide information to candidates about the company and job position. • Screen candidates via phone to determine the most qualified candidates. • Develop, maintain and update a network of contacts to help identify and source qualified candidates. • Drive the full cycle recruiting process: facilitate the interview process, gather candidates feedback and determine the outcome of the process. Company offers very competitive basic salary and commission: Job Requirement: About 1 years experience of HR recruiting IT recruiting background Strong written/verbal communication skills Excellent planning and organizational skills Negotiating, Recruiting and Sourcing skills Must know how to use MS Word, Excel and Outlook 2007.   (more...)

We are an upcoming indian web hosting company , looking for a person who is able to draft an UNIQUE , VERY UNIQUE business plan for us , regarding execution we will take care of it. so what we need a person with Experience in business planning Web hosting knowledge Unique , Very Unique Business plan ( should not be copied ) should be able to draft the results in business plan documentation. No matter where you are located if you have the right business plan , marketing strategy you are most welcome.   (more...)

rward the Service Provider Management (SPM) function where there is an existing team of four staff and which is responsible for selection, implementation and ongoing management of external relationships ($50m in annual fees) including fund administrators, valuation agents, custodian banks, registrars, auditors and other corporate services. * Sponsorship of a number of new and existing initiatives in relation to third party administration, including engaging new service providers, migration of funds from existing providers, launch support of new product launches and devising a new robust provider management process. * Coordination and leadership of all stakeholders involved, both internal and external. Requirements * Educated to at least graduate level * ACA, CFA or CAIA preferred but not essential * Proven experience leading a relationship management function on either buy or sell side * Considerable years asset servicing experience within asset management, either on the long only or hedge fund side * Knowledge of UCITS market and retail investor servicing * High level of communication and influencing skills * Strong change management skills and the ability to devise and lead multiple change initiatives autonomously * Proven results focus * Strong communication and influencing skills are essential as the candidate will have to liaise closely with senior management of external parties plus various department heads across the whole of Man Investments.   (more...)

someone with business plan expertise to write up my business plan for my website. Previous examples of work is a MUST.   (more...)

r />   (more...)

ty to decompress a competitors market strategy; perform SWOT Analysys, PEST Analys; Value Chain Analysys; and develop market differentiation strategy/attack strategy. Will need for inclusion in business plan and overall strategy development.   (more...)

working on a project where I need someone to help me with. The project involves Industry Research / Study. During this project, I will be working on multiple industries and geographies and would like you create an industry report based on the instructions. It will be a customized report which will include detailed information on the market scenario / players / competitors. This part will include working on both word document and excel files for the write-up and analysis of the numbers. Basic Requirements: 1. Candidate must have an previous experience in writing industry and company reports 2. Turnaround time can range from couple of hours to few days 3. Turnaround time for the completion will be short and the work has to be completed within the time frame and the quality of the work should not be compromised with time 4. Communication has to be very regular and clear. If you have agreed to complete the work within deadline it has to be delivered within the time frame. Still, if you feel the work can not be completed within time (exceptional cases), a flag has to be raised in advance. 5. Apply only if you are comfortable doing the online research and have previous experience in this field. Payment: 1. Only correct, accurate and authenticated solutions submitted within the timelines will be considered for the payout. 2. The price / payout will be discussed before the start of the project. 3. Payments will be made once all your work has been checked. I am working on few industry reports currently. If you are interested contact me ASAP. Best regards, Rishu   (more...)

oking consultant to advise us a new an online newspaper company launching sereis of ethnic community website..need to develop them to the best potential, setup online reservation system for newspaper advertsing etc you could brief us about things might help us to grow from the day one.   (more...)

ny, registered in UK, is looking to work with people with knowledge in auditing and preparing ISO management systems. The job is remote and does not require any travel of visits to client offices. Details of the job can be well discussed during the interview. Please apply only if you are based in Europe/USA/Australia/NZ/SA.   (more...)

tting up a small business that will target specific professionals based in the Philippines. These are skilled workers that are willing to work in Australia. We will focus on Subclass 457 (temporary working visa) Your job will focus on: 1. Giving us advice regarding this business 2. Survey and research some successful business enterprises that succeeds on this same line of business. 3. Exposure to Philippine and Australian immigration law is a plus. Desirable requirements: 1. Acquired MBA degree 2. Finished Accountancy Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer and internet. 5. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat.   (more...)

eferences for 3-5 articles relevant for a specific topic. These articles will be references to be included in a literature review. If you have never prepared a literature review do not reply please. Skills- Excellent academic reading English skills. Must be able to understand what the articles are about and extract relevant articles. Must have access to online academic articles (e.g., on psychinfo). You must be very bright and knowledgeable to perform this job. Samples-literature review or assembly of a few articles relevant to a specific topic in psychology. Can you provide such a sample?   (more...)

Inc is working towards building a new team of freelance callers who are willing to work from home. The qualifications that we are looking for are: 1. Experience in handling international calls (Preferably US). 2. Should have a personal computer with an internet connection speed of 512kbps or more. 3. Should be able to work in the night. (US work timings)   (more...)

ing for people to take 3 surveys in 1 day and I will pay after confirmation.   (more...)

o create an online travel agency website that is similar to Orbitz, Expedia or Cheapoair.   (more...)

nternet research on a wide range of subjects. Make email enquiries. Summarise results of research into simple paragraphs. Make diary appointments in Google Calendar. English must be excellent. Understanding of slang and casual English expressions is important. Format documents which are already typed into a specific style. Tasks will be vary as will workload. Expect five to fifteen hours per week. But even if you do nothing you will still be paid the flat rate. Trial period for one week. TEST -1. Find 3 fiddle teachers within 5 miles of West Drayton, Middlesex, London and their contact details. 2. What does\" not a scooby\" mean?   (more...)

comparative summary of the characteristics of innovative and advanced technologies for water heating using solar panel for home use. and the summary need to inculde also - 1.What are the most popular products in the markt? 2. What are the dominant and common production countries in this section??? 3. Who are the clients - countries of these products based on quantities   (more...)

e are a healthcare product / services firm. We are in the process of building a healthcare supplies exchange. The purpose of the exchange is to find the best possible price for a given supply item for healthcare providers. Our online exchange does a comparison of vendors, both local vendors and Internet-based purchasing. We need an expert to advice on: * Establish relationships with major healthcare suppliers and establish a way to request pricing on supplies (preferably online). * Advise on ways to get refunds on un-opened boxes, etc * Request samples from pharmaceutical companies * What pain do hospitals have? What pains do medical practices have? How to address them? * Best methods of forecasting. If you have the above skills, please respond with your bid and how gained experience in the above mentioned subjects. Thank you for your time.   (more...)

panese speaker, must be in Tokyo. Assist with creating \"a buzz\" for a total immersion English boot camp - a NEW English language learning model. Already successful at Temple University in Tokyo. Create promotion opportunities in Japanese media - T.V. or lecture   (more...)

oking for master planners with good record of past work and knollage   (more...)

calls made by chinese, to promote vacation trips to Greece. Payment with percentage per customer who has accepted and completed payment the prearranged packet. There will be an advertisment campaign from our behalf.   (more...)

to add an Rss feed to my wp blog.. from this page on google ==> I get this answer... Copy the plugin file, FeedBurner_FeedSmith_Plugin.php into your default WordPress plugin directory, wp-content/plugins/ . what does that mean?   (more...)

or SEO specialist who will help us with marketing   (more...)

will be creating back-links for a number of websites on daily basis. A list of websites will be provided along with places to get back-links from. Candidate must understand anchor text, simple bbcode, HTML and web email programs such as Yahoo Mail. Report of URL\'s of the exact location where the link is located will be required at the end of each work day. If you have a list of High PR websites it\'s a plus. This job will be full-time for a month. If successful project will be continued longer. When applying please mention how many links you are capable of doing in a 8hr work day.   (more...)

y, Order Processing   (more...)

ds in multiple cities on Craigslist in the For Sale/Business Category. The postings must be done manually NO POSTING SOFTWARE! Post 25 Ads per day in different cities for $15.00 per day. I will email you the ads to post   (more...)

the web and create a list of journalists (newspaper, magazine, TV, blogs, etc) who write about business, technology, web design, start-ups, local stories in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. The list must have Email addresses.   (more...)

s placed daily on We will supply ads. Post in 30-50 metro areas USA.   (more...)

someone to go through a list of forums I will provide, and search for topics within these forums. I will provide the topics after the job has been given. I will pay a flat fee for just doing the searches, and finding these threads within the forums. Although, the more accurate and precise you are with your results will get you bonuses which will extra cash ontop of the flat fee that you are paid. I will only pay after the job has been completed. I will require you to scour through 25 forums. I also would prefer someone with a good understanding of the English language and reading abilities.   (more...)

icants Only* All other applications will be rejected. We need a researcher/writer/manager to act as our Director of Benchmark Research. The candidate will begin on a new benchmark study on diversity best practices. The Director will lead the effort... Success in this position requires that the candidate is proactive, highly professional, responsive, personable, possesses excellent business acumen, excellent facilitation and management skills, superior writing (English only), research and analysis skills, and able to work with high level senior executives from Fortune 500 organizations. Knowledge of the field of leadership development and organization change/development is preferred. Candidate must have a PhD or MA from an accredited university located in the United States. Here is the scope of the work: Diversity Best Practices Research Study Main Areas of Interest 1. Attraction of African American Senior Executives 2. Minority Leadership Development Benchmark Organization Profile Large, Multi-national Global/Fortune 500 Any Industry Discovery Phase 1. Research in this area -- who are the executives and organizations that have been successful in: A. Attracting talent of African American Senior Executives; and B. Developing Minority Leadership Development 2. Create a survey around top senior executive African American talent attraction and minority development practices 2a. Deploy and Analyze Survey for conclusion of study 3. Search for multi-mode programs explicitly for diversity development and African American senior executive attraction; 4. Recruit 8-10 senior executives/executive decision makers who are in charge of their successful diversity efforts to become a part of the new Benchmarking Council on Diversity. 5. Capture best practices for the final benchmark document; 6. Design and Facilitate a 1-2 day session 7. Design and facilitate 2-3 web/teleconferences with expert/thought leaders and Diversity Council members around topic area 8. Present Diversity Council research on Web/Teleconference 9. Manage and provide content to the Project Management/Assistance Team: Prepare presentations, online web/conference facilitation and management, coordinate schedules, ensure participation, develop marketing materials, create and print benchmark reports, operations on-site, etc.   (more...)

one very familiar with how to post ads on Craigslist without them being \"ghosted\" or flagged in multiple cities. The ad is for a job with my company   (more...)

ing to work with a CAD -3D visual designer to help me make a retail concept come to life. This is a lifestyle brand and wish to develop a \"prototype\" Includes both interior and exterior store design for an approximate 3000 square feet retail specialty apparel and merchandise store.   (more...)

ndividual to provide photo retouchiing to display Realty homes with various exterior and interior upgrades. Short immediate project with great pay for selected individual.   (more...)

ing out a designer to create two 3D designs of rings which incorporate specified logos. 1) Here is an image of the first ring I wish to have you use: Here is an image of the first logo I wish to have you integrate onto the ring: 2) Here is an image of the second ring I wish to have you use: Here is an image of the second logo I wish to have you integrate onto the ring: * Be creative and have fun with this! You are an amazing artist.   (more...)

o corporate 3d video intros. I already have the logos which are to form a central part of these intros and I have a good idea of what I’d like to happen in the animation. I will need the finished products in a digital media files that I can easily drop into Adobe Pinnacle post production editing software. The first intro With the multicoloured brand name “XXXXX” positioned at 45 degree angle, against a black/dark background and a subtle strobe light slowly running across the name. This effect will be accompanied with a drone like sound effect. Once the light has reached the end of the brand name, a multi coloured flame effect with the flames enveloping the words “25th anniversary” will appear on the left side of the brand name. This effect will be accompanied by a sound effect that sounds like an oil rag being set alight, and then by twinkly/dreamy sounds effects. I would like the multicoloured flames enveloping the words “25th anniversary” to flicker as flames do. For an idea of what the flame should look like, please refer to figure one. A high quality jpeg of the brand name will be provided Total time: approx 10-15 seconds The second intro This intro works with the brand name “YYYYY”. This brand has an icon which looks similar to a power switch icon. Both the icon and the brand name should be positioned against a black background. Then four or five multi coloured strobe lights (two shining from above, two from bottom, and one on the side), should shine on the icon and the brand name, then the icon should appear as if it’s being depressed, and as this occurs a strap line reading “yyy yyy yyyyyyy yyyyyy” below the brand name and the icon should appear. These effects should be accompanied with the sound of a light being flicked on and an old fashioned electricity generator type hum. At the time the slogan is illuminated it should flicker a little as if it were a bulb not getting enough electricity, before it becomes steady and bright. This intro is based around the idea that the icon represents a switch and when it is depressed a surge of electricity is sent to the slogan to light up. A high quality jpeg of the brand name and accompanying icon will be provided. Total time: approx 10-15 seconds   (more...)

the ability to create 3D floor plan, we will require sample of your work. Must be able to produce finished product quickly. We require good English communication skills & the ability to communicate via skype   (more...)

didate has: 10+ years background experience in Fashion Design &/or Illustration 7+ years developing applications Familiarity with Opitex software &/or have actually use it. 5+ years experience using Autodesk\'s Maya Complete, Blender or other appropriate CAD software. Proficient in HTML 5, CSS3, PHP 5.3, Ajax, Javascript and other appropriate technologies to complete this project. Communicate clearly, concisely & professionally in English (U.S.). Familiarity with Polyvore and/or actually use Polyvore to create unique sets. Must have an aesthetic eye for designing facial features We need a 3D Human Model of a woman (properly clothed in a light-gray one piece body suit which comes to above the knee) having a butterscotch or caramel complexion designed for inclusion on website project. Please include in your application; How many hours it will take you to render 3D model? How many CGI applications have you built professionally? as well as include working links to your 3 best 3D Human Models (if you don\'t url links posted in your oDesk profile). Please take note of the estimated Start Date (it is subject to change) and hourly rate that we expect to be paying to ideal qualified candidate chosen to work with us on this project.   (more...)

oking for a 3D Artist / Animator to create artwork for a game title. This is a 2D platform game being created to promote/compliment an indie film, currently in production. The artists must be able to create and animate original characters, as well as scenery based on the movie. The movie is a comedy based on a famous comedian\'s experience in the industry. Please have samples of your characters and art.   (more...)

I need a 3d walkthrough done of a Building with 3 floors which are 10,000SqFt each. Each floor will have specific elements which will be provided to you. Best portfolio will win. Do not apply if you are not experienced in 3d modelling.   (more...)

ave 8 models of kitchens which needs to be drawn out in photo realistic 3d with a nice background etc. You get for each kitchen several photos of the kitchen in the workshop, as well as the map with the sizes of each kitchen. There are 4 different kitchen designs, which almost all have 2-3 different sizes, with in total 8 kitchens. We need at the end images of all the 8 kitchens in multiple different angles. If job is done ok and for a great price, our other 35 kitchen models can also be done a few weeks after this project. Price is very important but photo realistic quality also. No need to reply if you cannnot draw photo realisticly. Thanks, Albert   (more...)

urgent job done with in 3 hours. The hand drawing is attached. PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU CAN COMPLETE IT WITH IN 3 hours. The drawing is in the attachment. Heights for the cabinets will be provided. Thanks, Damian Orwin   (more...)

movie coming up. One of the main characters has moved. I need you to be able to see her pictures or video clips we have and create a realistic 3d of her saying 3 sentences. (20 WORDS) only the face.. nothing else needed. needs to be realistic. please offer me a price. I am open but need someone with some examples they made. Again must look like realistic face so audience cannot tell it was animated. IF it is realistic without error. BONUS PAY ALSO! NEED A GRE   (more...)

vector logo that needs to be converted into a PLT equivalent. The machine that requires this file, takes the vector image and carves the model outside of wood. We are looking to take our business\' symbol and making carving it into wood panels for our restaurant\'s bar.   (more...)

o achieve a 30 and a 60 second web commercials, i am looking for speedy turn time and i have the art work complete. Some wire frame may need to be rebuilt. These commercials are for Dance, night club, trance, electro rave audience. If you are familiar of the culture that\'s a Plus+ I am ready to take bids. Please check our current designs we need animated. Also, a portfolio of current work is needed for this position. Budget: Based on Project, I am placing a dollar amount for now. thank you, gs   (more...)

ustom jewellery designs for silver casting.   (more...)

IFF scans of drawings need to convert 2d CAD total 100 drawings & attached similar converted & those they are perfect in CAD need to apply   (more...)

one off only job for a 3D rendering job. Just need a name rendered in Chrome or silver, making it look like solid, 3D metal name. With a white or black background that can be easily overlayed on any background or pictures. Another unicode text may be required. To be rendered in 3D max or Maya. The file is required to be sent to me after completeion.   (more...)

105 unit site, 200 Caravan park site, Central faculty, Boat harbour, Marina, Tennis courts, pools The site is on 87 ac or 32 hec surrounded by river either side and a Bay 40% Is usable land the rest of the land is. Wetland Looking at a 3d design and walk through   (more...)

ing for a photo realistic rendering for a client of ours. The quality will need to be as good as the image attached. We have the CAD file and overhead images as well as a rough interpretation of the design we need. It will need to be completed as soon as possible.   (more...)

m looking for a pro 3D designer to help me make a layer to sit over artwork, that will give a plastic coating effect, please see this link, what i have already are my 3d rendered frames, already made, we will make artwork in photoshop and then i will need a layer that can be used in photoshop, to place over the artwork to give the domed resin effect, and reflection, however the resin is clear, but gives shine to artwork and like a dome shape, please view this what we do is we print epoxy resin over the sticker, to make the dome, i need this layer making for 3 different 3d frames, please note the layer must not change the RGb artwork colour, but give the effect, i need a pro.. for this one.   (more...)

onvert encil drawings/secifications into CAD drawingswith material lists if possible for small outdoor projects ie decks, Screened Porches and small additions, as well as Kitchens and Bathrooms.   (more...)

e are looking for a freelancer to help us with some technical 3D models on a mid and long term base. Our clients are from the machine-building industry and we do this typical mechanical animations for presentations or for the use in videos. Knowledge of Maya would be nice.   (more...)

idea for a glasses in 2d. I need convert to 3d with a profesional finish, integrated in a face photo and make 3 or 4 views of the 3ds. Example of some similar in attachment. thanks jose   (more...)

deling, exterior buildng modeling, animation exports   (more...)

have a 2d cad of a plant with ducting, piping and machine process which i want to obtain as a 3d cad. This 3d cad is then required in 3ds max format or any other format so that it can be used for animations. Skills Required: An ideal candidate will be a designer/engineer who understands industrial cad 2d designs and has an experience to convert them into 3d cad. he should be well versed with Autocad software and can deliver on time and exactly understand how to import 3d cad into 3ds max software. Budget is $150. Only selected candidates will be contacted and high degree of quality and professionalism is expected of the selected candidate. Note: If you are accustomed to create industrial animations of machines and processes, do share your links which can lead to more work. We are a creative company and the selected candidate can be hired as our long term service provider. Happy Bidding   (more...)

me flr plans on PDF of a 2 story house jazzed up to show where furniture is located etc in the rooms. I need a site plan done showing the site, house etc. will later be used on a website i\'m yet to have designed. Needs to be top quality work. I\'ve had a proposal from Boffa Miskell Planners in NZ who said they\'d likely use indesign software. i need to see some examples from candidates. the property in question can bed viewed at click on rotorua, lake okareka. it is the one called black house on the point. i have more specifics I can give interested parties but i want someone to start on this in the next 36 hrs. i want a quick turnaround.   (more...)

ting a new company and need CAD, SmartSketch and other architectural /design software experts. The company will be starting works soon (inshaAllah)   (more...)

ter 2-3 CAD experts in whom can operate the Tekla Structures program. We have CAD files of a new local Hospital in which we want to model in 3 D using the Tekla program. Why Tekla ? This is the only program i know off that generates manufacturing information from the model, ie cut lists, quantities etc, not just a pretty picture. I would like to find a team of 3-4 operators of whom know construction and are capable of creating a 3D working model from the 2D Cad files. We are able to offer support from this end on a daily basis. Only experienced operators apply. Examples of your work history will be required before we give you the job.   (more...)

ike to send you the drawings of the jewelry we are interested to produce and you will send us the file made by jewelcad   (more...)

looking to venture on a project into molecular science using Maya. I am still rather inexperienced in this field, so I would like someone who knows the ins and outs of Maya to be a technical adviser for me. So this would mean you would have to just give advice and guidance on how to do certain parts of the project. It doest involve any work on your part other than just giving advice and helping solve any issues. You must be someone available on one of the Instant Messengers and be prepared to answer a lot of questions! Regards   (more...)

ect includes the 3D design and FEA testing of a tubular chassis (similar to that of an ATV). Although similar to existing chassis available, there are specific design goals for this project, hence the need for virtual testing prior to prototyping. We are hoping to establish a working relationship with a designer that will continue to work with us after this initial project is completed. Due to the nature of the project a Non-Disclosure Agreement is required prior to exact details being provided and only after the product is complete and ready for \'commercial use\' can the the completed project be included in the designers portfolio. This is an exciting project, which I wish I could speak more about in this in description. What I can tell you is that the completed product will be displayed locally and nationally as a real-world representation of \'affordable, green transportation\' ! So, if you have the skills, the passion and want your name as the designer on a project that will place you at the fore front of the green designing community.. we need to talk! Your English speaking/reading/writing and understanding skills must be good to excellent.   (more...)

atting   (more...)

echanical packaging and PWB/PCB design, specializing in Cadence Allegro (Rev. 14.2 to 16.2) and OrCad Capture CIS version 10.0. Senior printed wiring board designer responsible for digital, analog and MICROWAVE/RF PWB/PCB board designs operating up to 100 GHz. Range, multi-layers, flex circuits, hybrids (thick and thin film), digital and analog circuits, leaded and surface mounted components as well as a combination of both, flip chip, chip on board and chip on flex circuits, using military and IPC standards. Designed all aspects of circuits and detail documentation for manufacturing. Packaged completed circuits on ceramic substrates for use in communication and biomedical equipment.   (more...)

lp with wiring design for the attached multi toilet cabin (Shipping Container) everything must be to NEC 2008 & UL standards. We require the following: - Full wiring diagrams - Full bill of materials with specs, prices, data sheets and supplier details   (more...)

perience in PIC Progrming,PCB Desining,Circuit Designing,Robotics,Lab VIEW and Instument desining.And lots of experience in students project designing and programing.   (more...)

th part and assembly drawings/detailing to be completed and organized. Catia V5R19. Some light design and modeling skills would be great. Potential for continual work.   (more...)

ledge of object oriented approach!   (more...)

rements: We are looking for a designer/engineer to assist in the design and development of various instruments for surgeons. Although, experience in medical device design would be beneficial, it is not necessary. We do however expect that you have experience in simple mechanical design, industrial/product design and are willing to undertake some research in your own time to gain some understanding in orthopedic and general surgical procedures. This research can be done on a project-to-project basis, thus, it is not necessary to understand everything at once, nor do we expect you to. Apart from this, we would be looking at forming a long-term work relationship comprising of various surgical instrumentation design projects - some on hourly rates and some fixed price jobs. Also, there we will be times when you will be expected to work together with our engineers and designers, working towards and meeting deadlines and finally abiding by confidentiality agreements. We expect that you are proficient in some kind of CAD/Solid Modelling software that produces drawing files and 3D representations (Solidworks is preferred). We would expect to see examples of your past projects with a general timeframe taken to design the products and produce 3D representations/drawings using your CAD software. We would also ask of you to provide a cost estimate that you charged or would charge for each project. What we do: Our company designs and develops custom surgical instrumentation for surgeons. We work closely with the surgeons and develop solutions for their particular needs. At all times we try to minimise costs to the surgeon/customer, minimise turn around times, produce high quality products and give the customer first class service during our products’ whole lifecycle. We define surgical instrumentation as hand tools such as retractors and forceps, guides and attachments and intrasurgical aids. Your Duties: Your duties will compromise of a few various tasks. These tasks will vary on each project. The tasks will depend on timeframes, instrument requirements, customer requirements and complexity. Your tasks are as follows: 1) Engineer projects from start to finish (usual team based) 2) Drafting engineering drawings 3) Producing files ready for manufacture 4) Modifying existing designs 5) Renderings 6) Producing mechanical assemblies 7) Industrial design (looking at ergonomics, shape, ease of manufacture, etc…)   (more...)

oduct design engineer who develops products from concept to manufacturing .I am having experience in developing medical devices.   (more...)

architectural drafters needed for rush commercial project- I am looking for part-time architectural major students or freelancers to help me in a small T.I. hospital project. I need floor plans, wall sections, and elevations done ASAP. My specialty is aluminum storefront and curtainwall design and architectural metal and glass You must know autocad and photoshop really well. Please send your resume and samples of your drawings in PDF or JPEG format. Also leave your email and cell. I am interviewing today either by phone or email Budget and deadlines - I have 4-5 pages of floor plans and wall sections. And 4 pages of elevations to be done. All drawings outputted to 24 x 36 inch page size. I am paying $ 30-$ 40 a page   (more...)

esign a circuit which consists of: differentiator, peak hold, and comparator which will convert signal to digital. the circuit must take 2 analog inputs which are updating at 450 times per second (4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V) and run them through differentiators in order to get the slope of the signal. Then the slope of the signal needs to go through a peak hold. If the peak slope is under a value it should be ignored, if the peak hold is above the ignore value and below an alarm value it should turn on a good output and the peak value should be cleared after 6ms, if the peak value is above an alarm value it should turn on an alarm output for 6ms and be cleared. Deliverables are an off the shelf product that will work or a circuit board design and help building the prototype using: as well as troubleshooting aid after the PCB is built.   (more...)

Illinois based venture capital firm seeks engineering design assistance for current medical device project. Attachment illustrates a potential solution to digitizing collection of urine fluid in hospital environments. Please respond if you have experience working with sensors that can determine fluid levels in a container as we are looking to move this prospective design forward with engineers who have prior experience in the discipline.   (more...)

map that is designed with ArcGis ArcMap that I want the developer to color partition into regions , states and counties and also to print in out in PDF for other application to use.   (more...)

lease do not bid if you have already bid on this project as it has been posted twice . I have a 2d cad of a machine process which i want to obtain as a 3d cad. This 3d cad is then required in 3ds max format or any other format so that it can be used for animations. Skills Required: An ideal candidate will be a designer/engineer who understands industrial cad 2d designs and has an experience to convert them into 3d cad. he should be well versed with Autocad software and can deliver on time and exactly understand how to import 3d cad into 3ds max software. Budget is $150. Only selected candidates will be contacted and high degree of quality and professionalism is expected of the selected candidate. Note: If you are accustomed to create industrial animations of machines and processes, do share your links which can lead to more work. We are a creative company and the selected candidate can be hired as our long term service provider. Happy Bidding   (more...)

o design and create a user friendly application for an iphone.   (more...)

oration, one of the fastest growing money transfer firms in the world, has an immediate opening for a Senior User Interaction Designer on our Product Team. Responsibilities: By driving revenue growth through user conversion and retention, your impact to our business is measurable through to the bottom line. Your thorough understanding of user-centered design principles and the ability to dive into the website redesign project will have an immediate impact on the company. As our Senior User Interaction Designer, you will lead the product team to be user experience centric and to delight our customers with the features we build. It is critical for you to work well in cross-functional teams and have a strong leadership presence. Exceptional communication, analytical and interpersonal skills are a must. Moreover you need to balance user experience, business needs and time-to-market, and make tradeoffs where appropriate. From a strategy and execution standpoint and with the support of the product team you will: • Revamp and modernize our site to provide a seamless experience in order to increase our conversion and retention rates. • Internationalize and localize our site to support multiple languages, currencies and payment types. • Leverage the latest technologies to add new and innovative features to continually delight our customers. From an organizational leadership perspective you will: • Develop a user centric paradigm within the immediate product team and beyond. • Develop and evangelize a process for user centered design. • Implement a usability program to gain insights into our users behaviors and needs. • Leverage the power of analytical tools to uncover trouble spots in our site. Take a look at our site and imagine how your abilities and talents will transform our website and impact our business. Qualifications: • Degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) or related discipline or equivalent work experience. Masters or other advanced degrees are a plus. • At least 4+ years experience working as a senior-level interaction designer for finance-related and/or e-commerce transactional websites. Visual web design experience a plus. • Solid understanding of the fundamentals of user interface design; should have experience working through the entire product life cycle and be familiar with user-centered design methods. • Knowledge of best practices of all major best of breed web-based interfaces. • Proficient in creating prototypes which capture the interface flow, navigation, and look and feel. • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash and web 2.0 interactions and technologies. Consumer/Financial Keywords Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, Bank of the West, eBay, PayPal, Schwab, Wells Fargo, Western Union, Yahoo   (more...)

installation manuals which are approximately 60 pages each that were compiled over the years by cutting and pasting photocoped drawings and text from archived manuals. These need to be converted into an electronic version so they can easily edited in the future. Working with pdf copies as well as the ability, if necessary, to draft in solid works and use word and excel software maybe necessary. If interested send request for further details as well as desired hourly rate.   (more...)

flector for LED light using computer software. User must have own software. Any compatible luminaire software acceptable. Designer will be provided with design goals- must output a mechanical model of the design as well as applicable light distribution pattern.   (more...)

use plans , floor plans, 4 elevations, 4 bedroom house 2 garages 1 bathroom with 3d modeling in revit or jetstreem   (more...)

oking for someone to create blueprint designs of our customized 3D models of tables and assist us in any and all challenges of making them understood by the manufacturer.   (more...)

Steel Fabrication firm, who is looking for a talented individual who can work with us on various projects, this individual needs to be familiar with steel detailing, we will provide structural drawings in CAD or PDF as you prefer and you would have to produce fabrication & Erection plans, drawings needs to be converted to CAD format so we can submit for structural engineer for approval. Each sheet should include the most two I-Beams (typical I-Beams don’t have to be repeated) If you are interested in this position please review the attached files and please submit your estimate cost and time to produce the drawings. We would like to have the 1st draft within a week. Thanks Mike   (more...)

ning a 20 storied commercial building having 3 Basement parking. I need one or more person who can work according to my guideline in design phase and also for working drawing. CAD experts having architecture background will be preferred.   (more...)

l and electrical consulting engineering firm seeks experienced electrical engineers and project managers with at least 10 years industry experience for large commercial, institutional and educational projects. Education Requirement: Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering Licensure: Licensed Professional Engineer Years of Experience Required: At least 10 Position Responsibilities Under the direction of a Principal, responsibilities include management of all aspects of a variety of assigned projects including clarifying scope, schedule, technical approach, design, time tracking and client invoicing. The project manager will also oversee project engineers to ensure that technical quality of project documents is met. The project manager monitors and directs workflow on assigned projects while meeting scheduled phase deadlines for drawings and specifications. Also responsible for tracking project profitability and ensuring accurate client invoicing. The position encompasses all of the responsibilities and maturity of a seasoned professional. The perfect candidate will foster and maintain good client relationships while managing project design from programming to final construction documents and will remain involved through construction completion. Detailed coordination with mechanical and plumbing department is expected. Candidate will provide leadership to firm MEP engineers, designers and drafter teams in order to provide client with accurate construction documents while meeting project deadlines. This may lead to permanent position at the firm.   (more...)

ow how to read construction plans / blueprints make measurements and estimates (takeoffs) we want to talk to you. If you can do it all at a good rate and without the expense of printing the plans (we will provide pdf version), we are really interested in talking to you. If you are experience and can do this quickly and accurately you are hired! Our work has to do typically with building and road electrical, low voltage, plumbing, concrete/foundation, etc.. Let me know if you have any questions.   (more...)

ed excellent copywriter required for rewrite of webpage sales letter for ebook. Must have: * Expereince writing sales letter copy for webpages. * Must have a personable, sales type style - so the customer can not help but buy the product! * Must have perfect fluent written & spoken English Please show examples of previous copywriting in style of sales, personable, direct to the customer. Quick turnaround for delivery in 3 days. Thank you.   (more...)

n candidate will be responsible for the following tasks: 1. Write all copy to support business marketing and sales efforts (solicitation, email, website). Develop unique, new concepts. Make every test count. 2. Study our services to determine how to integrate our main selling features into the copy (our value proposition has been defined and will be provided.) 3. Plan and write headlines and text in such a way as to appeal to the businesses most likely to buy our services, and submit copy for approval. 4. Create copy templates for ongoing use in consumer communications. Look for efficiencies to improve speed to market for testing. 5. Do A/B split testing on email copy, from name, subject lines, etc to determine the most effective email copy/template to use. The chosen candidate will meet the following requirements: 1. 3+ years of direct response copywriting experience — samples required. 2. Strong experience copywriting and testing for online communications – online solicitation and email experience required. 3. Strong organizational and communication skills. Great attention to detail. 4. Able to meet demanding deadlines, produce high quality work and project a positive attitude. 5. An observant and inquisitive approach to people and their environment. 6. An insight into human behavior and what motivates people. 7. Creativity and originality. 8. Able to analyze a situation quickly. 9. Able to pick out relevant facts and to dramatize them. 10. Able to write clearly. As this is a role with direct contact with Clients, communication skills are essential. The chosen candidate must be an English native speaker.   (more...)

is for native English speaking users. I need you to spin 10 articles using this style, from: \"Hi, I\'m Bob\" you create: {Hi|Hello|Hi there}, {I\'m|My name|call me} Bob. You can use any software out there (like \"best article spinner\" which I recommend as they have over 700.000 synonyms in database or \"magic article rewriter\" etc), but you have to proof read it and use synonyms that make sense. So any unique article has to be as readable as possible. You need to make content up to 70% unique with each spin. So, from 500 words article you should provide me with an article of about 2000 words formatted like this: {Hi|Hello|Hi there}, {I\'m|My name|call me} {Bob|Bob}.   (more...)

e an expert: the goal is improve the landing page (design and copywriting). Current conversion of 0.3% needs to go up to 1% The website is paranormal/psychic related. Traffic is from SE\'s mainly. Start will be for one page first; when it objective is reached, there are about 10 similar projects lined up. Start will be www. love_spells.htm (remove the spaces in the url) Requirements: - Optimising for SE\'s is not what we ask; optimizing for people is what we need! Have a look at ; this is what we want, (not all of the points) but it gives you a clue what we aim for. - You must be able to demonstrate your abilities by showing me projects that you have completed and have met the objectives below. - You must be able to participate in the execution of the required changes. - This project is all about the end results. - Start right away - Share some of your ideas in your bid: standard bids/descriptions will be rejected. Important Note!!! Project: Fixed budget which would be released at completion. I will pay a bonus if you hit the agreed figures within 6 calendar weeks from the start - which amounts to 4 times the project bid.   (more...)

0 word press release re-written within the next few hours. Needs to be written in a third person perspective, and written exactly how a press release needs to be formatted.   (more...)

ords   (more...)

am looking for someone to write promotional material for my service based business. The service I offer is very unique; it centers on generating attention for products and events. Here is a short description: Over the past 18 years, I have built what many spectators say is the closest thing they have ever seen to a real Transformer. The main attraction involves a 7 stage dancing truck bed that spins, splits into 4 sections and shoots 15 ft columns of fire! While kids absolutely love it for the visual effects, older crowds tend to be curious about the many engineering facets. Please check out my website and watch the 1 minute video for a better understanding: WWW.RADICALDESIGNZ.COM/PROMO I have personally written several articles for my mechanical art, but time dictates I look for another creative person to help with this process. I would ask to see samples of your work and send a couple of mine to you for review. The hired professional should be well versed in communicating advertisement value (in the English language). Again, viewing my website and understanding the potential of what I offer to target businesses and events is imperative. Send questions, work examples and proposals to this profile. Thanks, Jamie   (more...)

ng speed   (more...)

ing skills   (more...)

f the book have been written up but almost the english is broken english. We are going to publish the book in ebook & hardcopy format. We need someone to change the content to business book content such as advising content to the reader   (more...)

sales eBook written as a give away to join my mailing list. I run a website design company and the ebook will be about this topic.... More will be discussed when a Provider is selected. I already have some research info completed and will discuss what needs to be done. You should have decent Photoshop skills so you can edit any images that need to go in it, Also, I will want the final product in two formats. MS Word and PDF. At a minimum, I need it is MS Word. You must have good command of the written English (American) language. This should be about 15 pages more or less. Must have Skype for speedy updates.   (more...)

r />   (more...)

iption: Looking for Affiliate Marketing mini course/email autoresponder I need 10 qualitiy, unique and original articles written to prepare new subscribers to become affiliate marketers These articles must be around 600 words in length and must be well researched and grammatically correct. Prefer a native English speaker or someone who is fluent in English. Requirements: • Articles must be SEO optimized for each article subject provided • We will have Complete Ownership and full copyrights to completed work when done. • Quality original content that is well researched. No copycat stuff from other Financial Sites. • Writer should have good understanding of affiliate/internet marketing • Content should interesting enough for inexperienced people • 1-2 Revisions if needed (Prefer no revision if your work is done according to my requirement) • IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL CONTENT TO BE VERIFIED THROUGH COPYSCAPE TO PREVENT PLAGIARISM. Some of topics you may consider are: History of Affiliate Marketing Selecting a Niche, and researching keywords Choosing a Domain name, and finding a hosting provider How to set up and use WordPress How to create quality content Steps to get traffic Selecting an Affiliate Network And anything else that you feel would be appropriate Please produce additional topics for to me for approval first. Skills and Attributes You Should Possess: • Superior English writing skills (British English). • Excellence in researching topics. • Excellent Feedback. • Examples of Work that you can Show us. • You must be Contactable through email and Skype. Please don’t apply if you don’t possess all of the above attributes. This is a job for professionals that can take on the work and carry it out without constant supervision. I’m looking for the best and the brightest to complete this assignment for me. If you’re interested and you feel that you can provide quality work. Please either send me samples, or take a topic above and draft a letter for my review.   (more...)

WRITERS WANTED We are a small Business Coaching company. The business was founded in 2008 and we eat, live and drink Business STRATEGIES. We are looking to strengthen our organizational structure by adding a few good women and men that live eat and drink WRITING/COPYWRITING. We need writers on a per project basis that have experience with writing for: Articles, Website Content, Ads, sales kits, press releases, articles, sales letters, commercials, presentations, etc. Even if you don’t have these items in your portfolio and you know that you can write, contact us anyways. Please reply and include a summary of your experience, samples of work and your rates per article and your bulk rate. We are open to work with writers from all over the world. Location doesn\'t matter. Skill is what counts!   (more...)

proficient English writer / editor. Your job will be to proofread and fix grammar, spelling and typos. Sometimes you may need to re-word sentences or even entire paragraphs. Most content; however, may not require major editorial work. This is a fixed price job, but the position is permanent. You will be paid $0.25 per article edited and published. Each article is around 400-500 words, about one Word page. You should be able to edit 5-10 per hour, easily! I personally proofread and edit about 5 per hour, but I’m not a professional editor. Our editorial queue goes up and down every day. During low editorial times, you may rewrite articles for an extra $1.25 / each + bonuses. We’ll create additional, private fixed price assignments once this one has been paid in full. We could switch to an hourly arrangement as well. Sincerely, David Thackeray   (more...)

ding a membership website where I would like to improve some sections of copy to improve sales. Experience with sales copy essential, and preferably knowledge with Product Launch Forumula and/or Internet Business Mastery. If you think you can help me, I\'d love to hear from you. As mentioned, this is a possible job depending on my needs as they arise. Please include references to copywriting jobs you have done previously. Must have comprehensive English skills.   (more...)

iders, I am looking to hire long term providers for my copywriting needs. Unless you are 100% proficient with the English language, please do not apply. Kind Regards Joseph   (more...)

oking for talented, experienced writer to create exciting category copy for our ecommerce site. Candidate must be experienced in SEO and writing persuasive, engaging sales copy. Copy that makes readers excited and want to buy. This is for an online Party Invitation store selling Invitations, Announcements and all-occasion cards. Length of around 150-200 words per category. Copy should include main keyword provided for each category as well as any other keywords provided that will link to other internal pages. Copy to include features, benefits and a call to action. This job could lead to additional work if we like your writing syle. Thank you! Candace   (more...)

meone to go through my web content to proof read and edit it. Around 10 pages give or take. It is all typed in a bigger font and not complex or super long reading. I\'d see this job taking an hour to two max.   (more...)

or someone with copywriting and seo skills. Candidate must be proficient in english and have experience writing for various topics preferrably with attention to seo. This job will initally be for writing 1/2 page text email articles to attract consumers to a product or service. Candiate will have experience writing email marketing copy and single page site seo article copy (show keyword you were targeting). Bonus if you did any banner ad or email concept marketing for designers to put your ideas to life and had project mangement experience with working with designers (give them copy or concept to work off of) Thanks, Chris Lara   (more...)

e one experienced copywriter to write a short sales page for the curtain and drape cleaning industry. Please provide examples of your work when applying. Although only a small job, this work can lead to many more diverse projects in the future if you are a good match.   (more...)

Candidate would have to : - Provide samples on past work - Research on the topic (no fluff writing) - Come out with scipt for a 2-min commercial video - Native english speaking personnel preferred Sample of expectations will be given.   (more...)

ike an ebook writen that lists 33 ways to market a massage business. Needs to be in english Not sure what this cost so my quote will be small Have contact on skype Enjoys writing   (more...)

ing for a writer or writers who has/have experience writing and formating short white papers on a variety of subjects. Papers are to be written in english You must be able to draw readers in using an emotional, conversational tone. You must know how to take boring, dry information and turn it into a piece of literature that gets inside the reader\'s head, using active, emotional language, while challenging the readers current set of beliefs. Your copy must jump off the page while not seeming over-hyped. Please respond with examples of your work, subjects of strength and how you structure your payment arrangements. I have posted a budget for this job. Please ignore it as I know these things are hard to determine on a case by case basis. I suspect that compensation will be a combination of fixed price and hourly   (more...)

ad the whole descript The scope of my project recently changed so I\'m re-posting this to let everyone know. I need an introductory Social Media Report outlining the various websites, and techniques used for social media. it should cover an intro to blogging, twitter/microblogging, social networks and social networking (including facebook), media sharging, social bookmarking and social news, ratings, forums, and tips for each. It doesnt need to be super long, just around 20 - 30 pages. I\'ll only look at any responses with the keyword: butterfly in the response, so i know it\'s not automated and you read through the description.   (more...)

ing webinars and marketing 2 different webinars and would like 3 emails for each webinar. We will provide a pdf of the webinars from that info you can create the emails. want then in word doc. We need these stat. Can you Design create HTML campain   (more...)

oking for someone who can create a press releases for events and new product launches. We\'ve recently launched into Saks 5th Ave with our product the Baby Quasar. We will need a catchy press release written that will captivate beauty editors.   (more...)

leasing a new CD on business strategy, so we need sales/marketing copy. The tasks involved include: 1. Develop a 4-to-8 page (primary) sales letter. 2. Develop a secondary sales letter to upsell to monthly subscription. 2. Develop 500-word article on the topics on the CD. Not just summarizing content but developing a theme that would set the stage for marketing CD. 3. Develop a press release. If this works out, will be other regular assignments.   (more...)

great native english speaking copywriter for creating Video salesletter scripts IMPORTANT: Please give me links to your video salesletter scripts samples and video salesletter links in your bid Example of video salesletter that we do:   (more...)

t organization needs to complete membership package for new and potential members. --write nda/confidentiality agreement --rewrite 3rd party authorization if this assignment is a success - would like to give more projects (for example - new employee agreements, board of directors agreements, etc)   (more...)

are on given topics Article 1. Grammar - articles shouldn\'t contain grammatical or any other lexical errors associated with style, punctuation etc. 2. Your work must pass copyscape 3. You need to deliver atleast 2 article each day. 4. Bid for 15 articles. 5. Send a sample of your writing when you bid. 6 Articles are 300 words in length. In another service we pay $2/article. If you cannot work for this amount, please don\'t bid. Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of his / her writing assignments and the fact that the content will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential.   (more...)

oking for someone to act as the \"point of contact\" with our customers. We currently use GetSatisfaction ( to allow customers of our products (iPhone / iPad applications) to contact us and report suggestions/bugs. However we no longer have the time to respond to each customer ourselves, and often several customers ask similar questions. Our goal is to make customers feel valued, while taking all of the bugs/suggestions they find into consideration. Your responsibilities would include: * Responding to each customer inquiry promptly and courteously on the GetSatisfaction website. * When a customer describes a potential bug in our software, you must verify the bug by testing it yourself (you will be provided with copies of our software). * At the end of each week, provide a complete report of all _verified_ bugs and all suggestions from customers so that we can work to implement fixes/updates. You must have: * Excellent English skills and the ability to communicate in such a way that our customers feel valued. * An iPhone + iPad and general understanding of QA, so you can inform us of any bugs in our software. To apply: * Please send a short (3 paragraph maximum) letter detailing any relevant experience in customer service + QA, along with a short writing sample from a related job.   (more...)

We need a serious and high qualified programmer having a deep knowledge in: PERL,PHP,BASH, POSTFIX MTA, mysql..... It\'s about creating a mail web/server application that will execute some script to : Configure a linux server, install postfix, add multiple postfix instances with specific cinfiguration, install phplist with specific configuration beside of some particular options to add to the scripts and the server. We have attached a .doc file that explaines in details how the application will look like and what are the functions that will make. BEST REGARDS   (more...)

e help in billing our clients and making appointments.   (more...)

rience being a customer service representative and dealt with consumer customers in an Australian Mobile/Broadband Provider. willing to be a customer service representative in any field and in any country.   (more...)

auction website we looking for Customer sevice workers We need people that are able to understand our auctions method with experience in serving courteous service providers Phone support & Email responding   (more...)

or full-time personal online assistant to manage our online web chat system. Must be able to assist customers with questions on products and process orders. Must be flexible with hours of availablity. Looking to hire for 8 hour shifts/ 40 hour work weeks. Qualifications Include: Speak and Type English Professionally General Computer Knowledge   (more...)

ing for a few individuals to sell my website solutions. You will be paid a flat rate, plus you will get a large commission for each customer you qualify for a website. You will talk with the customers via email or IM and you work at the hours of your choice. This can be a long term job if you do well.   (more...)

involves logging into our support system at a set time and checking communications from our customers that are outstanding. You would reply to these customers and then logout again until your next scheduled check time. We are looking for 3 new members of staff. 2 who will provide technical support for our Wordpress Plugin, Hosting etc. 1 who will provide customers service, pre sales and billing support. The check times are: Support Applicant 1 0200 and 0800 Support Applicant 2 1400 and 2000 Customer Service Applicant 0800 and 1400 All times shown are in GMT timezone. Times may vary over time as customer flow changes. Please tell us which position you are applying for, what customer service / support experience you have, what wordpress experience you have and what other general relevant experience you have when applying for this job. Best wishes   (more...)

nning some marketing campaigns for a video chat application. We are looking for enthusiastic representatives to carry out video chat campaigns, analyze your experience, provide feedback and test the beta product. You are required to have a web-camera and a headphone. Please contact us for more details.   (more...)

rson to respond to emails with personal attention and pasteing links to supply customers with addidtiona information   (more...)

ad job description below: *We are looking for telemarketers to basically work on (info will be provided upon training): -making follow ups with clients through phone -setting appointments with clients over the phone -able to write at least two descriptive paragraphs (good writing skills is a plus but not required) *Providers should be: -experienced in telemarketing -diligent and conscientious -punctual and able to stick to work hours -must speak fluent or neutral English *We are looking for providers who can work from 9am - 5pm NZ time (5am - 1pm Philippine Time) *Can work FULL TIME with minimum of 40 hours and maximum of 55 *Can work from Mondays - Fridays (may include Saturdays) *Bids not more than $1 *This is intended for a long term relationship with the right provider. *If you cannot work full time and cannot start immediately, please do not apply. Thank you very much.   (more...)

AD THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE APPLYING. *Main tasks would be DOING RESEARCHES and MAKING CALLS: -web research using Google Maps and other applications to be provided during training -able to navigate MS Outlook and MS Word, and basic skills on MS Excel -make basic follow up with clients through phone -set appointments with clients through phone -able to compose short descriptive paragraphs *We are looking for providers who are willing to work: -on a FULL TIME basis -with a minimum of 40 and maximum of 55 hours per week -from Mondays - Fridays (may include Saturdays) -from 9am - 5pm NZ time (5am - 1pm Philippine Time) *We are looking for providers who are: -diligent and conscientious -willing to stick to work hours -punctual and reliable -honest and professional *Cover letters with voice recordings from providers get better chances of getting hired. (You may provide a short description about yourself or the reason you want to apply.) *This project is on-going and the right provider may work with us for a year or more. *We are looking for bids not more than $1.50 for this job. Thank you very much.   (more...)

rveying, talking to business owners, and guide them on internet and/or ask few questions for survey   (more...)

cants must possess all of the following skills required for the position   (more...)

to fill immediately for a reliable long term worker who is able to learn new programs very quickly. Must be living in the United States. Perfect as supplemental income for someone already working by a phone/computer. Must have English as native language and living in the United States. We need someone who is very fast on computers and a very quick learner of new tasks. Also you should have extensive experience working in outlook, excel, wiki\'s (pb works site), using paypal, shopping on ebay/amazon, twitter, blogging, and more. We are an online retail operation. We need someone with exceptional customer service and administrative skills to help us with following tasks: - we forward our phone lines to you (our 800# to your US based landline- operator announces when you answer) during business hours (roughly 8-6 central time). You answer live customer calls throughout the day and communicate with us through IM ( either gtalk or yahoo, prefer yahoo IM) and our wiki and return calls and answer customer questions. For this task you are only reimbursed for ACTIVE phone time only. There is no on-call reimbursement (this amounts to 1-5 hours weekly, for this you will look at our 800# phone logs and add as offline time to your payroll) The phone support assistant is responsible for checking the voicemail throughout the day if a message is left and the following morning if a voicemail is left after hours. Ideally, we should not have any voicemails because a phone support assistant should be taking the calls during normal phone hours. we typically do not receive alot of phone calls, so most of the work will be mainly the other tasks, but phone support is very valuable to us to have as a small business. This is designed for someone already multitasking VA. Our automated system announces that its our company customer calling, so it should be easy to multi task. -we have a task list within our wiki of different tasks you will work on including but not limited to: posting blogs and tweets of twitter, accessing our pc\'s remotely and entering tracking #s in shipping our software, submitting ads to classifieds, creating spreadsheets with inventory data, doing other work within our ecommerce software and office documents. These tasks have deadlines and time limits (for instance takes 15 minutes complete every Friday). Some of the tasks need to be completed every day in the evening. Our tasks are time sensitive. If your not available to complete tasks every day, do not apply. For phone support, you will be discussing product questions, shipping information, and other questions related to online retail transactions. At first you may have to email/IM us for answers and call the customer back, but with time you will learn how to answer questions. Usually most phone calls are between approx 8am-6pm central time. You would make and accept calls through our 800 number. Our answer database and call logs is located on our wiki ( PB works site). You will consult with the wiki and/or any of our websites to answer the question while the customer is on the phone. If you are unable to answer the question, you will tell them you will look into it and get back to them. You will then instant message or email us for an answer. You will leave a brief summary of the phone call in the wiki logs. There may be other support assistants also answering calls, either at the same or different times. All communication is documented on the wiki. If your on the same shift as another contractor, our phone systems will alternate between which numbers ring first. there is only phone phone support tech. Requirements: -English as native language (living in the United States. Overseas applications will be rejected as spam) -Broadband internet ( no dial up) -Landline phone (cells considered absolutely no VOIP/skype, etc) -excellent customer service skills and experience -dependable, reliable, prompt work ethic -extensive experience working in outlook, excel, wikis, using paypal, shopping on ebay/amazon, twitter, blogging, and more. -Ability to understand the variety of products we sell and our policies -Experience in other data entry and processing work -Instant messenger account (Gtalk preferred, yahoo accepted) -Responds quickly to emails and instant messages. -Professional environment (no kids or distractions in background, etc during a customer phone call) Passed Odesk tests: Telephone etiquette, call center, email etiquette, other tests will be looked upon favorably. We will ask you to agree to a non-disclosure agreement as well as agreement that your working as independent contractor. Pay and Time Tracking: You are working as an independent contractor. We will not withhold any payroll or other taxes from your pay. You are responsible for reporting all of your taxes. We may also email you to make a phone call with a specific message for a customer. If you are working on a data entry/processing assignment, you will log into the Odesk Team application for the screen shots, but track your time in an excel spreadsheet and then we make fixed price assignment payments to you. (odesk time tracking rounds too much to be able to use their hourly billing system) You should only be working on our assignment when logged into odesk team. We will review all screen shots for productivity. If you have unrelated browers, assignments, other clients, or anything unapproved, we will not reimburse for that time. We estimate 1-10 hours of work per week for each support assistant. To apply: -In your application, please hit on all the points above, about the job duties, requirements, and your past experience showing your understanding and compliance -Tell us what hours you are available to have the phones forwarded to you -Ask any questions you have before hiring -Tell us your hourly rate (which we will prorate for active phone time and other assignments) including all odesk fees   (more...)

oking for experience outbound agent that will work with our client for a financial company in USA. This is a none sale campaign and the agents will be making a follow up calls from our clients.   (more...)

ng for virtual assistant than can do the following tasks. Customer Service - Phone Answering MSN/Yahoo/Skype Chat - Customer service Order taking and co-ordinating with suppliers Appointment setting Email responder Blogging/Facebook Fanpage/Twitter   (more...)

ing for someone who primarily knows and does Online Marketing Well to provide customer service and online marketing support to our website members via email and chat. A plus would be if you are also familiar with: 1. SEO & link building or 2. Good article writing 3. Wordpress blogs I need an all around Virtual Assistant but will hire a few people if I am unable to find one person that does it all.   (more...)

e is Dee, and I work for a company that sells organic herbal remedies, mostly to women. We\'re looking for a customer support professional to process orders, and to provide customers with basic information on our products via phone and email. The hours will be 5pm to 8pm EST (US Eastern Time Zone) with the opportunity to work additional hours in the weekend if desired. In order to be successful in this role, you must have: * Excellent written and spoken english * Comfort in communicating with women about female-related issues * Attention to detail * Compassion, and a willingness to help others * Great computer skills Preference will be given to candidates who have completed the following tests on oDesk: 511 U.S. English Basic Skills Test 506 Email Etiquette Certification 571 Telephone Etiquette Certification 785 Customer Service Test Please apply only if you are located in a country that has a continual supply of electricity and internet. The role requires you to answer the telephone using a VOIP system, and our customers are relying on you to be there to answer the phone! If you feel you would like to part of a friendly team that helps women all over the world to achieve their health goals, please get in touch! Thank you.   (more...)

gle active adsence account with my address and must used your web side for sing upfront will given.thanks   (more...)

oking for a highly motivated personal assistant to server our 2 company directors. Person must have very good written and verbal English skills preferably with an accent that can pass as Australian. Person would ideally be able to help with: Scheduling Travel Data entry Business development Collection of debt (Service to customer in getting refunds that pay us) Marketing other as needed   (more...)

everal adm tasks, data entry, phone support(make and receive calls), internet marketing, self starter with excellent english communication skills. Monday-Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.(at least 30 hours per week) All the necessary tools including softwares, and phone systems will be provided to you ay no cost at all. Start pay is $0.50 per hour with raise after 2 weeks. Must be able to stay for at least 8 weeks in order to receive positive feedback on odesk, please do not apply unless you understand the terms and can be reliable. Thanks!!!   (more...)

account manager for small assignment.   (more...)

sultant the right candidate will provide customer services and support for big companies that advertise their products in Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook and other big websites that operates 365x24x7. Required skills for each Plan-Build-Run phases; 1. Skills for \"Plan\" phase are; a. Search and collect attractive website design b. Plan, design, attractive website template c. Conduct costing analysis per website design d. Document and prepare presentation 2. Skills for \"Build\" phase are; a. Build website according to the design b. Conduct website test and quality assurance (QA) c. Administration and management of website d. Prepare website status report 3. Skills for \"Run\" phase are; a. Very familiar with big website companies stated above b. Follow various customer procedures & requirements c. Process the voluminous advertisement per customer per product, per frequencies (daily,weekly,monthly etc.) d. Type-in new products, and edit if needed e. Conduct QA procedure before saving the work   (more...)

esentative (G-Rep) * Minimum of 1 year customer service experience in a call center environment * Very good English communication skills * Excellent Customer Service skills * Familiar with on-line games (preferably virtual world) * Can relate very well to parents and children from 5 to 12 years of age * Computer and Internet proficient * College graduate Must send a resume to be considered for employment.   (more...)

er Primary Function The Game Master is the subject matter expert for a particular game and is responsible for managing and building the game\'s community. Responsibilities Key Result Areas • Operational Game Performance o Success Measure: Community management, event & service processing, game monitoring • Documentation and Reporting o Success Measure: Quality Assurance • Operational Professionalism o Success Measure: Schedule Adherence Qualifications • Education: o Bachelor\'s Degree or equivalent • Experience: o Previous experience in Online/Web activities o Online gaming working experience, preferably MMORPG\' • Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities): o Excellent communication and written skills o A strong motivation and high level of commitment o Excellent teamwork skills o Autonomy and rigor are requested skills o Knowledge of community tools (IRC, forums, etc.) • Others o Passion for playing online games  Community-management experience in the gaming industry is a plus o Meticulous and inquisitive o Determined, level-headed and fair-minded o Ethical, fair, and methodical in thinking (not emotional) o Dedicated to customer satisfaction o Willingness to work graveyard shift when required o Solid character references from direct supervisors Please summit your resume.   (more...)

y Oprator   (more...)

rock star that wants to partner with our Los Angeles based company to create a BPO company. We provide the financing and you will provide the labor and talent. 1. Must have a proven track record in the BPO industry. 2. Must be able to lead, manage and recruit talent. We also have a medium size business that will be the first candidate and will be seeking a consultant that will execute our current BPO plan.   (more...)

ONLY*. Fixed Job. No Upfront Payments. Bonus Opportunities Available We are looking for Customer Service specialists to be willing to make calls and return calls from customers as and when needed. This will be basic customer service * You will have to call clients,find out what they want and email us the information. * This may well turn into an \'ongoing position\' as we move forward and you prove yourself * This is a fixed price job and you will be paid once the number of calls reaches 10 hours (You have to use the oDesk team wherever possible). Note: CANDIDATES FROM THE US AND UK NEED APPLY ONLY   (more...)

erson who native or fulrent read/write/speak in italian language. For our e-commerce customer service handling. currently , we have daily around 30-50 emails needed to reply. some time call might be needed to clients. This freelance is continuously no end date currently.   (more...)

p   (more...)

entails receiving email rate requests and service inquiries, logging them / keeping tracking of them, quoting and responding to them. Also position will entail communicating on phone / skype with potential customers. Must be able to work -5GMT, 9am to 5pm. Inividual will get paid for time worked, not for full 8 hours, unless fully works these 8 hours. But they must be available to perform functions during these 8 hours.   (more...)

Receptionist using Skype Job Info: You will be using Skype to handle inbound phone calls and outbound phone calls to the USA. You do not need to buy Skype credit yourself, we will provide you a pre-paid account. ******* Important Note: You must follow 100% of the directions below for us to be able to hire you. ******* You must have your own headset, computer and a good quality, very stable and reliable internet connection. This is a full time job at 40 to 45 hours per week, starting at 8 AM to 5PM PST USA Time in California. You must be able to work these hours for this job, Monday through Friday PST, USA Time. This job is paying $2.22 USD per hour. ($100 USD per week). So you should be paid $2.00 per hour after the odesk fees. There must be NO sounds in the background, you must have a very quiet room to work in. You need to be proficient with email, Skype, text messaging, Excel, Word, and general use of the PC. You must have a very strong command of the English language, must speak perfect English. To apply you must do the following: 1. Using your headset, place a free Skype to Skype call to \"rfdigitalmoises\". 2. Then leave a voice mail with your profile name on oDesk, first name, last name, email address and Skype address, also: 3. The way we are conducting our initial interview is to listen to how you sound on the phone, so we ask that you read this entire job ad from top to bottom into the voice mail, so we can hear how you sound. If you do not do this, we can not conduct an interview, it is required. So start reading from \"Telephone Receptionist…. All the way to the very last words in this job ad\". When you leave this voice mail, you will be graded on how well you sound, how clear your words are and how easy it is to understand you, as well as how quick you read this whole AD from top to bottom (every word), into the voice mail. 4. After you leave the voice mail, THEN apply for the job in oDesk. If your voice mail sounds good, we will then start an interview with you through oDesk, but if we do not find a voice mail from you at the time we are looking at your application, then we can not approve you for an interview. 5. When you apply for the job, you must type \"I have left you a voice mail\" in your message to us, if you do not, we will not process your application. Remember to re-read everything, to make sure you followed all the directions. Good Luck and looking forward to hiring your right away.   (more...)

n outsourcing company to handle our inbound/outbound, back office support, & web development services. Preferably located in Cebu. Metro Manila facilities are welcome to apply as well. The company should be a hundred percent or 50% Filipino owned. Place your bid. ASAP.   (more...)

roviders to help answer our Customer Support emails on a daily basis. We are looking for dedicated and reliable workers able to work full time with the following experience and abilities: *Experience with Cerberus Helpdesk a plus *Experience with Technical Support or Customer Service *Ability to learn quickly *Ability to work with out a lot of supervision *Self-motivated *Fluent English required, other languages a bonus *iPhone, BlackBerry, other mobile device familiarity is preferred, but not required *Desire to learn new skills *Ability to research questions/information when the answer is not available *Must also be comfortable asking for help when needed. *Available Full Time. *Available weekends. *Providers without 2nd assignment preferred. *Providers with from Australia or similar time zone preferred. Please include the days/hours you are available each week.   (more...)

ADULT CONTENT)------- we are looking for females to do chatting work for my customers. the applying person should have webcam and mic for work. if the applying person is will to do adult related chat work then apply with their photo   (more...)

ponder Email responder needed. Will have a login We have need for someone to respond to emails as they come into out company on a daily basis. People send resumes through our online postings and we respond with a template email based on the city/state they live in. The job is an 8-10 hour per day job. The pay is up to $1.50 per hour and is full time. Please not apply if you want more than this. The task is so basic that it required very little effort, just time. Looking to have someone start soon. Other tasks. familiar with Yahoo hot jobs a plus! Every week we take down all of our postings and refresh them so they are at the top of the customer searches. This would be also done once per week on Mondays.   (more...)

on fundamentals and applications in mathematics   (more...)

liance Systems LLC ( provides environmental compliance solutions, including testing, service, repair and installation of monitoring and compliance equipment for underground and aboveground storage tanks in California and neighboring states. For more than 3 years, EPIC has been growing through a consistent culture of increased customer service ensuring that business processes are strictly followed, and a maniacal focus on improving every aspect of business practice. EPIC delivers services through a network of employees, which are located in Northern California, and with its own sales and service organizations from contractors across countries throughout the world. ++++++++++++++++ Position Opportunity: Account Manager Objective ====== Implement an effective business strategy with potential new and existing accounts to maximize EPIC\'s market penetration in assigned territory/accounts COMMITMENT ========= Long term. This position requires that you receive training and be intimate with customers and their needs. Customers don\'t like dealing with different account representatives every time they call so you will need to be committed long term to this position. WORKING HOURS ============ You must be able to work from 9AM to 5PM PDT/PST. If you cannot, please DO NOT APPLY. If you don\'t know what PDT/PST is, then PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. COMMUNICATION SKILLS ================= 1- You must have a PERFECT MIC & HEADSET 2- Must be able to communicate through Skype 3- Must be able to work through remote desktop clients on Windows (preferably Windows 7/Server 2008) AT INTERVIEW MUST BE ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE ====================== 1- Perfect Fluency in English - I mean PERFECT 2- Be able to follow UNPAID training for 3 days at the end of which there will be a test re: what you know of technical skills, customer process and other aspects of the business 3- Skills communicating with Remote Desktop 4- Interview from 9AM to 5PM PDT/PST. If you can\'t interview during those times, you cannot be considered Job Specific Skills ============ 1- GREAT PHONE PRESENCE is a must! 2- Must be detailed oriented, well organized and able to work independently as well as part of a team 3- Excellent written and verbal communication skills (AGAIN: Great phone presence!) 4- Strong time management, follow-through and organizational skills 5- DAILY REPORTING Responsibilities + Develop newly assigned service accounts with limited direct supervision 1- Determine the list of services that EPIC has offered to that specific customers in the recent past 2- Explain EPIC\'s service approach quickly and effectively 3- Communicate new services EPIC is offering that customer may not be aware of + Interface with sales management and other departments on a regular basis to assist with strategic, tactical and regular administrative projects + Attend scheduled technical training, sales and company meeting sessions + Regular communication to sales management of sales forecasts, budgets, action plans and competitive analysis + Manage service renewals with existing customers: Provide quotes before service due date, ensure quote is returned and if not, why not + Implement effective contact management practices to maximize communication efficiency with prospective account decision-makers: 1- Determine how to best communicate with customer (frequency; email/phone/mail) 2- Follow up with the customer and find out what needs they may have 3- Provide more communication channels and opportunities 4- Coordinate with field staff on how to best deliver 5- Utilize company contact and data management software to optimize information collection and management reporting + Ensure that receivables are current and collections are performed if needed Ideal candidate ========== 1- Be independent and a self-starter with a minimum of 5 years of account management experience 2- Meet the position\'s objectives with limited direct supervision 3- Hold a Bachelor\'s Degree in engineering preferably, or sales, quality, marketing or business 4- Be proficient in MS Office Suite 5- Be proficient in both written and verbal communication skills are extremely important. Preferences given to ============= 1- Candidates with a strong background in field service sales, service contract sales 2- Experience in the environmental compliance business will be given favorable consideration 3- Additional experience with inside sales and outbound calling will be preferred Those holding degrees in other areas, but with significant experience in the aforementioned markets, may also be considered Happy Bidding!   (more...)

meone to teach me Spanish over skype. Please state your hourly price for teaching Spanish over skype.   (more...)

le for maintaining bad debt,cash flow and credit policy,provides customer service for the same account specifically responding to customer inquiries and complaints   (more...)

ith three queues Canada, UK, US Voip Accounts, receive enquiry calls, handle and resolve billing issues, account info modification and order processing.   (more...)

TENT ---------- we are looking for females to do chatting work for my customers we are looking to start the for immediately. i prefer USA or UK or Germany peoples   (more...)

work from home assistant to communicate with clients.. Your job will be to keep them up to date of on going jobs, take new job requests and help to resolve issues that may arise. You\'ll need a land phone line/ or a headset/ skype phone for skype and computer. A dedicated line is preferred as you will be answering ion our company name. Able to start immediately   (more...)

he assistant for managing site related work .contact asap.   (more...)

o Urdu translation typing job   (more...)

TENT----- hello, we are looking for effective person to do retouching for the photo\'s (for example:- applying person should able to put digital Makeup for the photo\'s) some times you have also able to do chatting work, it may adult related thing also.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in UAE. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Kiev & Alushta, Ukraine. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Ulysse & Djereba, Tunisia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Joihannesburg, Port Elizabeth & Cape Town, South Africa. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Bratislava, Slovakia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Saudi Arabia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Murmansk & Rostov-na-Donu, Russia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Muscat, Oman. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Bamako, Mali. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Tripoli, Libya. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Beirut, Lebanon. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Astana, Kazakhstan. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client inAqaba, Jordan. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Reykjavik, Iceland. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Tblisi, Georgia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client inTallinn, Estonia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Alexandria & Cairo, Egypt. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Zagreb & Dubrovnik, Croatia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Baku, Azerbaijan. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Azerbaijan, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us   (more...)

you go to a web site, there are always videos that explain how to use the web site or the software. I\'m looking for someone who has a sense of humour, is an interesting person, has a voice that sounds great and is interested in creating training videos, and potentially assisting with customer support. Please reply with 1) What are the 3 things that you think are most important to creating a great training video 2) Have you ever created something like this before? 3) What are the 3 reason personal qualities that you have that would make you most suited to this role? Thank and talk soon   (more...)

A local numbers (not toll-free or extensions) to forward to my USA number. Numbers don\'t have to last for more than 30 days! Not monthly usage. Only for 28 days. Paying $0.50 per number to forward. When I mean forward, I mean when I call the number you provide me, it will direct to my own number (Call forward). A lot of people get this wrong and just try and give me already used numbers. NOT what I want. If you can provide this service, I want to hire you. If you cannot work at my rate, please PM me anyway and I will see what I can do. Will be ordering up to 7000 per month, every month so you will have a great income if you can provide this. Also need to test 5 numbers to forward first to see if they work. Kind regards.   (more...)

perations of multiple restaurant units and conduct thorough planning- for short term and long term, project implementation, budget control, organizing personnel consistent with budget, ensure proper training of staffs and subordinate managers necessary to achieve stated objectives in sales, costs, employee retention and satisfaction, guest service and satisfaction, food quality, cleanliness, sanitation and compliance to applicable laws, rules and regulations   (more...)

rsonal Trainer, running my own business, I am looking to expand the business, with extra trainers and products to purchase from my website, I would like to upgrade/update my website to make it more user friendly and up to date, offering class times and current price lists, and information on health and fitness, I want to put pay pal onto my website.   (more...)

omeone to sign up at a list of sites we provide. fast turn around time needed please contact me with rates   (more...)

people to help us with customer service duties for our new website. You must live in the US...we will verify your location. Please do not apply if you are not in America. You will be responsible for helping us grow our business.   (more...)

ng for an online tutor who could teach me conversational Cantonese over Skype. I don\'t know today\'s rate on online tutor, looking to negotiate hourly rate.   (more...)

APPLICANTS: THIS IS AN ON-CALL ORDER PROCESSING POSITION THAT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO, REQUIRES NO SPECIAL SKILLS AND ONLY REQUIRES ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. A WORKER CAN EASILY DO THIS JOB AT HOME WHILE WORKING ANOTHER JOB OR CONTRACT. THE JOB PAYS A LOW HOURLY RATE AND AN UNCAPPED COMMISSION PER COMPLETED ORDER. THE COMMISSION RATE IS FIXED BUT WE ARE ACCEPTING BIDS FOR THE ON CALL RATE. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POSTING AND RESPOND WITH A BID Job Description: Data Entry: Orders will be emailed and the worker will be responsible for processing the order immedately into our online system and sending follow up emails. Proccessing an order takes less than 2minutes per order. It is an extremely simple process that requires no special skills. Initially we don\'t anticipate any more than up to 10 orders processed per day. Telephone Support: On rare occasions the worker will be asked to place outbound calls to a customer, so the interested applicant should be able to speak English. Availability: This is an on call job. The actual amount of time worked will most likely be less than 30 minutes - 1 hour a day collectively. The worker is free to do anything else while on call, including other employment, but it is imperative that when an order is placed, it is entered into the system immediately. The worker will be required to be available a minimum of up to eight hours a day mon-saturday. If the accepted applicant wishes to work more, we are willing to pay for up to 12 on call hours a day. Pay: Pay will consist of a low hourly rate for being on call and a commission per verified order. Expectations: Our business is built on speed, accuracy, and responsiveness. It is imperative that all interested applicants are on time, proffessional, and able to speak English   (more...)

Call center requiring the services of a Broker to source out campaigns/processes for us. Contact us for more details.   (more...)

ta entry, All you have to do is to sign up in the web page I\'ll give you. I\'ll be paying you $50 for successful sign up. This is a serious yet very quick job. Please do not offer more that $50 or you will be rejected.   (more...)

or experienced manager for infusion soft system to upload campaigns, manage email marketing updates and service customer support.   (more...)

o hire \'one\' freelance person to copy and paste real estate photos and text, such as: bedrooms bathrooms square footage photos of the property for sale you will be copying it from one website and pasting it into another website and .we also need you to advertise each of these real estate properties on again, you\'d be copy and pasting the same data you would create a free account for each of our real estate members and . you would be our \'virtual office assistant\' . and \'customer service assistant\' for our members who are real estate agents quote us a price you charge: per hour USD thanks   (more...)

someone to register with a specific type of forum and review websites and document the login details on my behalf. Once registered I have a few short lines of texts to paste into the relevant section of these forum/review sites. please quote your job by the 100 registation   (more...)

I have a website that it is for promotion gifts, in the website site there is categories for different filed, and inside every category there is items with pictures and prices and small info about it , What I am looking for is a person that will take this website, and billed an excel file, that will have all the categories and in every categories, there will be the items, for every item need to cop from the website the picture, the item number, the price, and the info for the item, Also all the pictures need to be save out side of the excel file and there name need to be as the item name in the website , The website is not in English but all the pages are the same and I will show also 1 sample of the info that I need to copy from every page There are some categories that have also sub category inside that also has items that need to copy in the same way   (more...)

one to post 15 to 20 craigslist ad per day, every day for various real estate listings. After a few weeks, i\'ll need other research done that should be an additional 10-20 hours per week.   (more...)

or someone who has used before and can do product entry from an online catalog.   (more...)

unching a football based soccer site for world cup and need person with good english skills and fan of football to post entires on my site and create accounts. I will pay 2 cents for each topic (40-60 words) and 1 cent for each comment and 2 cent for each account can post maximum 10 comments from one account.   (more...)

assified ads submitted to 8 - 9 directories. However, the twist is, these need to be placed in Excel format, and converted to XML --- There are websites online that can do this free. You must be familiar with this process. I expect proof that the ads were accepted. If you do a good job for me, I will need this service performed twice each week most likely, perhaps more? This should be a very simple task. If you bid, I can send you a list of the step by step instructions to see if this is something you can do.   (more...)

ilding a NBA basketball statistical database. The data we are required to gather will include 1) Player information 2) Game Statistics / Box Scores 3) Play-by-Play Logs All of this information is available via a number of sports websites., etc. Some of the play by play information will vary in detail depending on the source site. We will provide an excel spreadsheet with format for entry. We are looking to capture all the games for the 2009-2010 season to start, possibly expanding to other seasons of basketball.   (more...)

one to take contact list from a pdf file and enter into website directory. Very easy work!   (more...)

ing, Candidates! The following job role is for somebody skilled, knowledgable and experienced in the following things : * Social Bookmarking - I use but if the candidate has an easier suggestion to post to 20 or so bookmarking sites, I will listen. * Pinging - This is very easy and I will show you a 1 click way to ping my links * RSS Feed Submit - I would like my RSS feeds submitted to some directories. Again, I use semi-automatic software but if you have any suggestions to make it quicker, I will listen. These are the 3 things I need done for my links Training is provided for bookmarking and pinging. I will also create an RSS submit video also for the succesful candidate. Originally, there will be a little bit of work to trial the candidate and then, if succesful, I will make a long term position. I will expect the correct candidate to work with good speed and be able to communicate with me and understand English well. IMPORTANT : Every candidate that applies must use the password \"pinglet\" when they apply for this position to prove that they read all information and that they understand English. Best of luck Altug Kop   (more...)

meone to go on my e commerece site and locate bad images and replace them with the correct images. I need an initial 500 images replaced with the chance if the work is done right for more.   (more...)

xml coder for header part only. Long term job. Need to start tomorrow or ASAP. Fees: $2 = 100 header for first three month. Source: SGML Convert through convertion as a xml and re-coding of some field like author/affiliation and other some field. Expert guy can easily 300 header per after few days. Pls bid and put mobile number in your resume for contact. Indian will preferred. Pls mention your PC configuration/internet configuration/power backup in your resume.   (more...)

T OVERVIEW You must accurately enter all of the contact information from real estate agent websites into our database. 2. SKILLS REQUIRED Please confirm that you have the following skills: (We will review your history on ODesk) a) Very good English skills b) 100% Accuracy c) Experience working with confidential data d) Experience with database entry and Excel e) Available at least 40 hours per week f) Preferred experience with Real Estate or other website data entry 3. HOW TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB a) Demonstrate your understanding of the work required by completing the Example Exercise Instructions attached. b) Time how long it takes you to complete the Example Exercise. c) Confirm that all work, data, and information provided by you is exclusively owned by us, and that you are willing to sign a Confidentiality Agreement if we hire you for this job d) Provide us with the completed example excercise xls data entry sheet and the following information: i. How long did it take you to complete the Example exercise? ii. Estimate how many hours it will take you to do 500 records (same as example exercise) Please note – you will be required to check existing contact information in our database before entering new information. Please allow for this in your estimate. iii. What is your hourly rate for this job? Your bid price per/hour will be the final bid price for the entire project. iv. How many data entry projects have you done before? v. How much time do you require to complete this job? vi. Have you had any previous experience working with confidential information? vii. Have you worked with Real Estate Data Entry? 4. Please provide your Application by Tuesday 15th June. Please note, you will be hired based on the quality and accuracy of the data entry information you provide. The lowest price, or fastest providers will not necessarily win this bid.   (more...)

need of someone who can first of all understand directions in English, it\'s imperative. We need copy and paste information and saving pictures. Results must be documented. We need someone quick and knowledgeable. You must also be able to do basic Internet research Only accepting bids under $1 an hour. If you bid more you will be automatically rejected.   (more...)

st, efficient and accurate candidate for data entry and simple various editing tasks. We ware looking for a smart candidate with a very good English Skills. We will have work from time to time.   (more...)

ad the entire description entirely before applying. I am looking for a VA to handle my general administrative tasks. You will be expected to perform a wide variety of both personal and professional tasks.However, here are some tasks that you can expect to do almost daily. 1. Research and get friends on facebook and twitter 2. Post craigslist ads for real estate 3. Input data into excel from craigslist and online newspapers 4. Email sellers off craigslist (no spamming) 5. Answer email inquiries. This is just a sample, but the tasks may vary widely. I will expect you to increase your skills as we work together. Communication is very important also. If you disappear during an assignment with no communication for more then 24 hours during the work week without notice, the relationship will automatically terminate. To be considered please answer the following questions as if we are already working together 1. Please tell me about a time when you worked with somebody on ODESK and your ran into a problem during a task. How did you solve it and how did the task finish? 2. Tell me about a time when a task that your performed was not up the the standards of an employer. How did you handle it? 3. Please tell me about a time when you worked on a tight deadline and the result of the project.   (more...)

project that I am looking for someone in Colombia to help me with. It involves gathering publically available transportation information either by going to the physical location, telephoning the companies, or distributing the work to friends or contacts as a kind of fun weekend campaign to collect from multiple points around the country all at once. The collected information can be sent in a spreadsheet, through email, or text, according to a format I will supply as there are several data points for each item. This is a short-term project, so I am setting the rate to hourly, but payment is conditional on the data being legitimate and verifiable. One part of the data that is collected alllows for the data to be verified, so as long as that\'s there, it is sufficient. We can discuss this more in detail.   (more...)

hedules, appointments, communicate by emails.   (more...)

iness owner in US looking for long term virtual assistant. Candidate must be well organized, task-oriented, and team oriented. Previous experience desired, previous business experience desired. Traits: Candidate must have previous experience as a Virtual Assistant. Candidate must be dependable and trustworthy. Candidate must be able to perform project-oriented tasks (more complicated than data entry). Initial Work: Initial work will be directly related to ongoing tasks. A candidate will complete three projects and after completion, together we will decide on long term employment. Initial work #1: Update our accounting entries on Quickbooks (organization and data entry). This will become an ongoing task. Initial Work #2: We need a \"Downloads\" section on our website. Candidate will develop a new download section of our website for customers to download support documents and files. The project can be in HTML. Initial Work #3: We need research done on sourcing options for component parts for our products. Candidate will research suppliers, terms, and costs for the component and present a spreadsheet or report of options. Ongoing Tasks: After completion of these first three projects, ongoing tasks will be to maintain data on websites, accounting entry, further research, and similar projects. A good candidate will be confident in completing these tasks quickly and proficiently. If a candidate performs these tasks well we will explore the option of full time long term employment.   (more...)

am looking for someone who can help me promote my Web site\'s weekly or monthly contests. I need someone who has experience posting in forums and message boards, and this person should also have good research skills. The task will include the following steps: 1. Create logins for approved contest forums and message boards. 2. Research new contest, sweepstakes, and giveaway forums and message boards and send a list for approval. Then create logins for those. 3. Post information about current contests on each site. 4. Send list of links where all contest posts appear when done. I may also ask the person I hire to write announcements for upcoming contests based on our existing contest format and guidelines. The job should take between 1-3 hours per week. I may be able to expand the job to include additional promotion and research opportunities for the right person. My budget is a bit limited to start but I expect this job to be ongoing for the right person and once I notice positive results I should be able to increase the rate. Please mention any relevant forum and message board use in your application. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much! Kate   (more...)

ry: Working as a PA (personal assistant) to Nuridin Islam, a visionary and whose vision is to empower people worldwide achieve financial freedom. Main Duties and Responsibilities: * Get to learn, practice and apply online modules through a series of online tutorials * Manage online businesses and websites and monitor their progress * Help establish and manage an international database for Nuridin Islam using the tools and technologies in the tutorials given * Manage businesses and monitor their revenue and profitability. * Communicate information, strategy and direction set by Nuridin Islam with the various Cashflow Clubs worldwide. * Manage the administration of business, personal branding and Islamic websites. * Regular PA duties like scheduling meetings, organizing, communicating, and possibly manage future team members * Produce materials using MS office, including word, PowerPoint and excel. * Assist in doing some translation work from Arabic to English and vice versa. * Providing weekly summarized progress report and participating in weekly online conference meetings to review progress and achievements * Other responsibilities asked by Nuridin Islam Requirements: * Perfect command of both Arabic and English spoken and written languages * Full command of MS office, especially word, excel and PowerPoint * Proficient knowledge of the internet and social media platforms * High English and Arabic typing skills * Willingness to learn new things and explore new frontiers * Accuracy in all information, communication and messages Please state your previous experiences, if any, and why you are the best candidate for the job. Include \'webpreneur university\' in your cover letter so that i know you have read the description.   (more...)

n candidate will be responsible for basic data entry, client relations management and marketing tasks including: 1. Sending thank you cards and gifts to Clients, friends and business contacts. 2. Scheduling and sending birthday cards to Clients. 3. Emailing and calling current and past clients with special offers, system upgrade information and more. 4. Email newsletter writing and mailing list management. 5. Data entry including entry of contact information into Outlook, leads and opportunities into our CRM system and more. 6. Updating procedures manuals and disseminating changes to the necessary contacts. 7. Email handling including redirecting Client email requests to the appropriate contact (e.g., redirecting Client support requests to the appropriate developer or technical support person.) 8. Reviewing all Client website traffic reports, identifying opportunities to upsell Clients our traffic increasing services and then communicating the opportunity to the Client via email. 9. Prescreening job candidates according to predefined terms, forwarding the most qualified candidates to me for review and arranging interview times. 10.Answering the phone and directing calls to the appropriate person. (not immediately) As this is a role with direct contact with Clients, communication skills are essential. The chosen candidate must be an English native speaker or have equivalent fluency in the English language (both spoken and written.)   (more...)

ing a adminstrator to assist with running my businesses doing accounting, project management, documentation, communicating with vendors and clients. Candidate needs to have exceptional organization skills and ability to work with minimal supervision or instruction. Must be willing and able to develop systems for managing data and solving problems.   (more...)

ow how to post articles to blog and article directories? Can you explain what an anchor text is? What is your level of knowledge of HTML?   (more...)

looking for an assistance for a long term assignment with increasing number of hours in future. I am an ebay seller and have a number of questions on the items from my potential customers. I need someone to read and answer the mails. Certain data entry tasks need to be performed in my software based on the customer communication such as creating request in the system or similar. The tasks are: Check mails Answer customer requests on order status (can be found in the software), on payment status, Clear answers telephonically with our technical team Data entry To start with you might need to work around 1-2 hrs per day. Later it will increase. Needed candidates with good german communication skills, written and speaking.   (more...)

good Virtual Assistant who can *Write Articles on SEO etc... *Book / Find cheapest flights *Organise the company *Manage employees *Give me information on what the employees are doing and the costs *Manage some tasks *Send and recieve emails *Have business advisery knowledge *Handle office tasks (word, excel) - eg. set up spreadsheets *Advertising knowledge - eg. get seo clients The virtual assistant should have a fresh approach to everything and have perfect English.   (more...)

ng for a Full Time virtual assistant to work remotely. This is a long term position and the candidate will be paid $200 / month for working Mon-Sat: 6am - 4:30pm EST, including 60 minutes break. You must have EXCELLENT English and be able to write articles on a variety of topics,Do research and collect intensive data as requested, Recruiter people when required. You should also have a good idea of SEO, forum / blog comment posting, and also be able to use your initiative. Also you should know how to use Twitter / Facebook / Linked In. Please DO NOT APPLY if your English is not good Or If you DO NOT AGREE WITH THE HOURS OR THE PAY. Individuals ONLY! NO AGENCIES OR COMPANIES.   (more...)

is for a personal \"virtual\" assistant to help with our regular office tasks such as data entry, light book keeping, creating online accounts, submitting press releases to PR websites, etc. The job will also include some easy linkbuilding projects. We will supply all the necessary information about how and what to type in (ie, backlink packets). Previous experience with press releases and backlinks packets would be preferred but not necessary. The assistant will need to keep a log in MS-Excel of tasks completed with details. For example, if you create an online account for us, you will need to record the username and password in an Excel spreadsheet. All work must be handled through oDesk, \"offline\" time is not acceptable. This job is posted by a US company, however candidates should be available during the day on Philippines time (GMT +8). At the beginning we will probably need 1-3 days of time. After that, if we are mutually happy with each other we may have additional projects on an ongoing basis, maybe 0-10 days per month.   (more...)

Marketing Job Description SEO: Provider will optimize our site for over 50 related keywords that will mutually be agreed upon. Provider will guarantee top rankings for 10 percent of these keywords. Once the site is optimized you would also submit it to the Search Engines and directories so that the site pages start to get indexed by the search engine crawlers. Do not follow black hat techniques, website will be optimized only by using organic search engine methods. For TOP Rankings you need a good mix of on page and off page optimization. On page optimization covers a number of optimization parameters such as Title tag optimization, Meta data optimization, image optimization etc. For off page optimization we would suggest a mix of link building, links from article submission sites and links from blogs. These would not only contribute to improved rankings but also bring in quality traffic to the website. Links will be from relevant Industry. Optimization would take care of adding the right keywords in the Meta tags on individual pages. Also, provider must be able to redirect the website so as to ensure that there are no mirror websites. PPC: Our aim through the Pay Per Click campaign would be to drive in quality traffic to the website. The purpose here is to get targeted traffic that converts better. Provider would effectively manage the campaigns on the major Search engines and your efforts would be to maximize website ROI. To achieve maximum success, Provider must constantly monitor both the effectiveness of campaigns and the ranking that you are achieving. Provider would set up the campaign, build ads using targeted and relevant keywords, create focused landing pages and make tweaks as and when required. PPC Campaign Set Up includes the following 1. PPC Keyword Research 2. Website Analysis and Business Understanding - Ad Words Keyword Tool (includes all ad words tools) - Competitor Research 3. Ad Copy Research and Creation - Competitor Ad Copy Research - Ad Copy Creation 4. Campaign and Ad Group Structure Set Up - Setting up Search based and Content based campaigns. - Campaigns can also be structured according to Keyword Theme and/or Geography - Grouping of Keywords into different ad groups with appropriate match types 5. Setting up Conversion Tracking 6. Setting up Google Analytics Monthly Campaign Optimization and Improvement 1. Bid Management - Search query Report - Keyword Report - Campaign Report - Placement Performance Report 2. Ad Copy Evaluation and Optimization - Ad Copy Report 3. Landing Page Optimization - Evaluation of existing landing page using tools such as ad words URL report, Google Analytics Reports etc - Study of Competitor Landing Pages - Design of new Landing Page - HTMLisation of Design 6. Setting up Google Website Optimizer 7. Evaluation of Results/ Reporting Provider must have 3 years experience in SEO, PPC and SEM Services. We can customize the scope and discuss the project with as communication proceeds. Web Design: Provide high quality and stylish website designs to provide satisfactory results. Have the skills to convert the dreams into reality by providing high quality and professional website designs. Design website in such a way that meets every expectation of visitors. Provide: • Web Graphics & Design • Wordpress and Joomla • Logos/Letter Heads/Envelopes/Business Cards • Flash Designs • Flash Based website • Product Brochures • PDFs/Power Point Presentations • Banners & Ads • Landing Pages This offer must be all-inclusive with no hidden costs. Website Designs provided should be user friendly and appealing ensuring productive results. Our company will provide software that will automate most of the campaign launching and offers. Provider will be given admin to use this platform. There is a learning curve with this software. Provider must watch training videos and familiarize him or herself with this platform. Provider must first be able to have a complete understanding of the basics of affiliate marketing which are listed above.   (more...)

eed of the highest traffic intersections and any location that a lot of cars are stopped at for a period of time, in and around Dallas, TX USA within 30 mile circle of zip code 75001 . I need this presented on a Google Map with a detailed driving route optimizer to get from each intersection to the next in the fastest way. Ideally I need to know if the intersections have grass medians in the middle of the road or on the left side of the road, this is all so that I may place small signs in these locations. You must be skilled in Google Maps or a better mapping platform. Please list the way that you will go about this project. Serious researchers only, this must be very detailed and accurate!   (more...)

or person who understands SEO and can provide all the SEO information from the SEO Quake tool or similar in a report format for presentation to a client. Report will comprise the home page of any website provided and be compared to the top 3 competing sites for the following information: Page title Description Keywords Number Indexed Pages Google Page rank Incoming Links Domain Age Alexa Rank Robots Files yes/No XML Sitemap Social Bookmarks   (more...)

t a powerpoint presentation describing all the major patents involving: 1. Augmented Reality with 2. PDA - Personal Devices with 3. Graphics of a kind My patent research involves applications who use an IPHONE (for example, or an ANDROID phone such as HTC) as their main platform - and shows objects on their screen, using augmented reality techniques. The search should be conducted on all the main patent listings, focusing on the USA and EUROPE. Thank you   (more...)

y is We have 25+ Categories (listed on the site) and need a thorough review of the blogosphere for each category. This project requires that you find 10 blogs that write primarily about the category topic. For example, 10 blogs that write specifically about the automotive industry. I would like to have this research done within the next week.   (more...)

or a chinese virtual assistant which can reseach and purchase items on behalf of our company so we cannot import items later on. Will need to know the clothing industry and other similar industries.   (more...)

Based Researchers Required for Ongoing Work.   (more...)

u to search the uk Car Insuarnce market to find me the cheapest quote for my car.   (more...)

r cases that support or refute certain points. Search public records for information about people and products. Summarize Information Draft documents. Payment is fixed price per deliverable. deliverables are: cases on point - $5 per case pieces of information $5 per piece of information documents drafted $5 to $20 per document summaries submitted $5 to $20 per summary   (more...)

list of individuals or companies and their contact details (email and phone number) who would be interested in the following services: website design/building website improvement website hosting banner and logo design Their details are to be entered in Excel. The project fee is for 100 contacts. The work does not end here. If these contacts are any good and they decide to avail of our services primarily for web design/building and hosting, we will provide a commission of $3.00 (including Odesk fees) and this may increase depending on the contract amount. The better your list, the better chance for you to earn more and this can be a long term project. When you apply, please state a reason why you should be chosen for this project. Canned applications will be rejected and so is the case for those who require upfront payments. I expect: 1. Data entry quality (data accuracy, spelling) 2. Good team work and communication skills 3. Timeliness and consistency (reliable results within agreed timelines) Thank you.   (more...)

rch. If the selected candidate demonstrates good progress it is likely to be a long term assignment. Your first task will be to compile a list of a few thousand web sites providing live chat support to their customers with their contact details and breakdown by countries. Pay rate: 1.50/hour. Please, do not apply if you expect a higher hourly rate.   (more...)

ing for someone to do research on a local market for me. Candidate should have experience doing keyword research in local markets online.   (more...)

rk for someone who is experienced in posting ads on Craigslist.   (more...)

st canned replies. Tell me why you\'re the best person for the job below. I do not pick to cheapest person, I choose the most qualified. I have a group of 50+ people looking to travel in April or May of 2011 to somewhere in the Caribbean or Central America (Mexico or Costa Rica). We like the idea of all inclusive resort like Sandals Resort ( but its a bit expensive. The resort needs to be kid friendly, if they offer babysitting etc that is even better. I\'d like to have 6+ different resort options. The resort needs to be safe, clean and fun. We\'d like to Fly JetBlue so these cities take a priority. - Nassau Bahamas - Montego Bay Jamaica - Santo Domingo DR - Anywhere in Puerto Rico - Around San Jose Costa Rica These places aren\'t the only places but we do like JetBlue flights the best. Other locations you pick need to have an \"easy\" flight from Orlando or Miami. Again little kids will be traveling with us. In Summary --- April or May 2011 (4-7 days in length) Priority Locations listed above Kid Friendly Safe and Clean Affordable Lots of Activities Group rate for 50+ people Data I need --- I\'d like the data about the trip research delivered back to me in a google document. Data to deliver --- (6+ options needed) - Location - Name of Resort - Link to Website - Price for 2 Adults - Price for 2 Adults and 2 Kids - Are these prices with a group rate? - If so, how much are we saving? - How many restaurants on the property? - Babysitting Service? - List some day time activities - List some night time activities - Link to reviews   (more...)

le job posting training events on event websites such as Eventful and Backpage. Must have experience posting events on websites. All information for posting the events will be provided. Most of the information will remain the same for each posting. Must register or signup on each site as required before posting event. There will be approximately 11 different locations to post on approximately 20 event websites. (11 x 20 = 220 postings). Each posting must be pinged using   (more...)

cation plan for myself and my 5-year-old boy. Another couple and child may join us. I am currently considering the following options: 1. A mellow all-inclusive hotel. 2. Rent a home/apartment and car. Open to other options. Possible destinations: Greece, Cyprus, Dominican Republic. I prefer somewhere with sea view. Need some activities for kids. Departure date: 20/21/22-AUG-2010, from Israel (TLV) Return Date: 26/27-AUG-2010 Budget - ~1000-1500USD for both me and my kid.   (more...)

Incentivized Freebie Web site recruitment   (more...)

panese speaker, must be in Tokyo. Assist a total immersion English boot camp instructor. Will make phone calls in Japanese, write emails in Japanese and do research   (more...)

person to submit 10 articles a day, to top 10 article directories- 5 days a week Need to know how to use keyword, need to know how to submit articles in the right manner Need to know how to submit articles fully with BIO box, with signature links in the Bio box-may have to use html tags in bio   (more...)

upport in terms of browsing and collection data, databases, etc.   (more...)

meone to translate from English to Russian on a case by case but regular basis. Immediate start Quality must be excellent. Price must be low. Successful applicant must do a sample to qualify. Must also have good spoken English and available for interview via Skype.   (more...)

-time assistance with random technical tasks which may include the following tasks, but may include ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server tasks: * Batch files * Random technical tasks in Windows environment (XP or higher) * Research technical topics and provide summary * Must be resourceful (do people look to you when they need someone to find answers?) * Research and provide working code samples * good with SQL * Knowledge of Iron Speed Designer helpful   (more...)

oking for someone who loves to write articles for blogs and also e-book creation. You will want to know how to do research for the writings. These writings are for the professional women market and the natural health industry. Other duties might include PLR, graphic design and email marketing. We are looking for someone who wants to join our team and help our business grow and as our business grows so will the opportunity and money.   (more...)

one who know installation word press on server   (more...)

f mature nature of site , we recomand to apply only open minded female individuals. Experience in online or mobile chat would be an advantage.Flexible hours to suit. North American English speaking applicants only please   (more...)

ng for a virtual assistant to manage my accounts on dating websites to help get me dates (just don\'t have the time to do it myself). This will involve searching through profiles based on my preferences, writing introductory emails, and setting up the actual dates. Excellent English writing skills are a must as well as the ability to write good date-related emails. I can pay $25 for each confirmed date that you are able to set up. I have listed $250 for the project budget, but this assumes you are able to set up 10 dates. I will pay $25 for each individual date. You will have direct access to my accounts on the dating sites. If interested, please provide a short sample letter (from the point of view of a man responding to a woman\'s dating profile). It can be just two short paragraphs for example. Please be sure to reference some specifics in relation to the profile, so it\'s not just a generic letter. Please note that this sample letter is critical for me to evaluate the possibility of a working relation. Thanks.   (more...)

oratic help with answering emails but putting all emails into salesforce that i designate. There will be occasional data entry as well.   (more...)

iding an online matchmaking service to a 65 year old widow who is looking for a new life partner. This task is to go to her profile on sites such as and eharmony, and source new \"leads.\" The goal is to set her up with a good match; the interim goal is to get her on the phone for 15 minutes with the best matches (at least a few per week). You will help in creating new emails to potential matches, replying to them, and doing all the sourcing up until the point of their phone call with her. The time requirement is about 1 hour per day of emailing and replying to emails. You must be a native english speaker and be comfortable with this. This is , as stated, to help a 65 yr old widow find love through some administrative work. :). I will be managing the project, and my requirements are that we would need to do a call at the start of the project, as it\'s the fastest way for me to explain the requirements to you. I also require that you have AIM or skype so that you can IM me if you have any questions.   (more...)

one to manage my list and set up autoresponder for the next 6 months as well a s prepare a format for our nes letter.   (more...)

will assist the president of a rapidly growing company job responsibilities will include email response handling, generation of weekly reports and maintenance of internal message boards. Candidate must be able to self-manage and handle several projects at a time. Attention to detail is a must   (more...)

: Read the description and qualifications carefully. The most qualified candidate UNDER $2/hour will get this position. If you are qualified and can work for around $1 per hour, then bid that ... we want a competitive bid. DETAILS: We need someone to answer customer support emails, help customers locate links or download files, or other assistance with their order. You will also handle membership cancellations, which includes removing them from our monthly billing system (clicking a button), and moving them to a different email marketing list. You need to be able to write in proper English. You need to be reliable - you\'ll be checking in each day to see what needs to be done. You need to work fast and accurately. You\'ll keep a log of all customer inquires so we can put FIXES in place, and post FAQs to eliminate or reduce similar customer issues in the future. There will be other administrative tasks as we move forward. This will be a very part-time position initially, but may increase over time. For now, we need someone for less than 20 hours per week.   (more...)

eed some help sending emails out for our new website iwantadesign. com. Thanks T   (more...)

looking for experts in all subjects in all countries in all spoken languages. work any time any where. I have a tutoring business. I will send you the questions to be asnwered, you send me the answer. I will share the price. you can choose the price for you answer. If my customer like you questions, you take 50% I take 50%   (more...)

or a Medical Doctor / Doctor of Medicine / MD to become a part of our team of women who have a heart for helping couples with infertility. We will offer paid training and then will pay per e-mail that you respond to. This assignment offers flexible hours and an opportunity to work from home. You must be able to focus, do research as needed, and respond to questions about fertility. You will be given a copy of each of the two courses that we sell, so you can familiarize yourself with natural ways to help couples get pregnant faster. Thank you, Kirstyn Sierra, Pregnancy Consultant   (more...)

will assist the president of a rapidly growing company job responsibilities will include email response handling, generation of weekly reports and maintenance of internal message boards. Candidate must be able to self-manage and handle several projects at a time. Attention to detail is a must   (more...)

e are a web development and design company. We need 3 people to be constantly (every day) applying to different jobs, we have a complete manual with detail explanation of what you need to do. We estimate between 1-2 hours everyday. When applying, please sent a short cover letter, a unique one, telling us why you think you fit for this position. You need to be fluent in English, you need to consider your english from 1-10 an 8 or above. Looking forward to work with you!   (more...)

ing for a FANTASTIC VA that is looking for a position that may be long term. Please know that you will be working for someone that will treat you with a lot of RESPECT and REWARD. You will be doing searches for me on Craigslist and other related sites to find homeowners who are looking to sell or rent their homes. I will need you to post on craigslist, respond to ads, take information from listings, place them in an excel file, and most of all have really good FOLLOW up skills with customers that respond. I want someone that I can trust. You will be a part of the team and while I will assign tasks to you, I welcome someone who can provide feedback and recommendations to streamline our business. Great attention to detail is very important. I am very detailed and organized than most people you may have worked for. My company thrives on people who go above and beyond what they are asked of. If you can deliver, are honest, and are a quality worker, you will be very happy to work for me. I know what outsourcers go through. ;) Only serious people apply. I can tell who reads these job descriptions. Looking for someone to work 5-15 hours per week. Our marketing budget allows for $1.50/hour plus a GREAT bonus plan. I would like to chat with you on Skype and even speak to you on skype if possible for effective communication.   (more...)

eed someone with good English skills to manage Email responses. Specific directions will be given to selected provider.   (more...)

ring Chat Support for our client in the US. Your role is to answer all questions in the clients website and will provide accurate answers which is already in the database. We are looking for applicants that possesses excellent communication skills and we are very particular with the spelling. We will consider applicants that would like to take this opportunity to be their bread and butter job. This will be full time of 12 hours and we do not consider applicants that will only apply as a part time job or applicants that would like to work on morning shift only. This position will be on a rotating shift. We will not entertain applicants that would like to have it as their daytime job.This is very urgent!!!   (more...)

omeone to: 1. Send existing email template to our customers. 2. Respond to customer replies. Requirements: - Good written English is necessary. - Must be able to follow instructions precisely. - Must have a telephone we can reach you on. Notes: If we interview you, we will ask you to write a short response to we can see how you write. If we hire you, we will try your service for 1 month and if it is good, we will continue with you as a long-term customer. Please provide your best quote and good luck!   (more...)

e mail to clients; High Speed Internet; Good Verbal and written English; Must have mic and headset; Internet Research; Excel PAYS $3 PER HR   (more...)

lude but are not limited to: Listing properties on tourism web marketing sites Updating Availability Calenders Creative Writing for holiday accomodation marketing 100% English Written Skills 100% English Verbal Skills Some Customer Phone Support Web Research Related to Travel Guest Data collection - Flight times, bedding configuration requirements etc. then compiling info into tables to send to cleaners and other personell for each property.   (more...)

emails and do marketing on fb, yahoo and article writing and submission, social bookmarking etc.   (more...)

looking for a personal assistant to work part-time 10-30 hours per week doing an assortment of tasks (email, and msg board postings, research, etc). I DO NOT respond to cover letters so don\'t send them. VOICE Communication must be established first.   (more...)

Developers for an Excel Export   (more...)

nts to implement \"Tell a friend\" feature for existing e-commerce site. User logs in and adds email of friends. When one of nominated friends make purchase, a $10AUS credit is given to user for future purchases to be deducted from checkout Client is seeking quote and rough timeframe at the moment Professionalism and Good Communication necessary   (more...)

am looking for someone who is qualified to help me build backlinks and enhance the SEO of my website. My website is If you believe if you are qualified for this job, please send me a msg telling me why you are the best and what you can do for me. Look forward to talking with you guys   (more...)

e site development. must! inculde these things: 1. the products will be managed and uploads by the suppliers (like etc). 2. suppliers could register by themselves. 3. the admin of the website can add any catagories and subcategories, and also delete products. the site can be built from scrach or built using some existing platform - doesn\'t matter as long as it has what needed.   (more...)

le analytics and google sitemap installed and photos div and alt tags optimized. One site now a small one... Then several others. http:// arizonasbestwater. com/ We pay hourly or per install *************MUST WORK USA TIME AND HAVE YAHOO MESSENGER****************   (more...)

ento e commerce shop from start in multiple languages   (more...)

eeds to support downloadable products in magento (currently using magento The key is that customer needs to be able to purchase and download the downloadable products \"anonymously\" (meaning without having to create an account). Looking for \"real advise\" only on how to implement this. Please note, this is not a dvelopment assignment! There will be additional work/jobs for successful applicants.   (more...)

ng for experienced coders and talented designers. I\'m very picky about the design - don\'t bid if you can\'t deliver unique designs given an example that I like. I will probably design the site partly and ask you to complete it (in photoshop). Every picture that is used must be accounted for. This means that if you send me a graphic and I can\'t tell that you designed it, and you won\'t tell me where it came from, I cannot use the graphic on the site. I\'ve had a big problem with plagiarism. I need a ecommerce site designed for baby cribs and blankets in Magento. I am new to this software so you may need to guide me through using it and installing it briefly. I need the theme designed and installed. There needs to be a logo designed as well. Once you design this, you will send it to me for approval (preferably photoshop). I will verify that all pictures are usable. I will ask you to pick pictures from fotolia if you choose to use them - I will provide the credits. Lastly, you will code the site for me. Site designs that I like: I\'m currently looking more for a simple site (design should be similar to that above), so it doesn\'t need all the complex coding. However I\'m still not exactly sure what all I want on the site, other than email marketing. Please tell me a fixed price in your message when you apply, which can be adjusted later. Also let me know your hourly rate. I need samples of ecommerce sites (if possible for magento) and other sites. You will be contacted within 5 days if I like your work and price. Thank you for your time.   (more...)

ently implementing and ERP system and would like to implement a itouch based interface to allow data entry, production staff time tracking, bar code scanning for internal use, file server access ability. employee tracking, etc.   (more...)

ithday is up soon so i need an bithsday thing on company website frontpage - it would be cool if people could write a greeting that is saved so everyone also can see. im open for ideas, but it would be good if the birhday app have som elemtent of interaction? it could be something like this.   (more...)

oking for highly experienced Microsoft CRM Developers for implementation of CRM in our organization based in Dubai, UAE. We required complete setup, customization and implementation. The person should be an Expert on Building CRM Modules and Integration of Dynamics with Exchange, Active Directory and Share Point as well as integration with online CMS based on MySQL database. We required installation of complete package in our servers with remote access option. There are several modules need to develop as per our requirement. The detailed documentation will be provided to qualified developers. We need someone who is willing to work from our office in Dubai. We are ready to pay all the travel expenses for candidates who are willing to stay in Dubai during development and implementation. Experience with Microsoft CRM 4 Enterprise required. Please let me know if you will need any other information. Thank you!   (more...)

, I need a Oracle financial trainer for the GL, AP, PO, Consolidations, FSG modules during next 5 days for 40 hours You Must have 2 years of experience. Should be able to explain the concepts neatly. Good communication skills. good English. A reliable Broadband Internet connection. Be available during the PST for 40 hours during next 5 days. Hands on TOAD and skype and TeamViewer insatalled on the computer Happy bidding.   (more...)

VAR for a software product built from the SugarCRM code base. We need a someone with high level programming skills and server administration experience to manage our support and implementation for these installations. Please be available on skype and send your resume. Sincerely, Christopher Nielsen   (more...)

project coming up at the end of the Summer (late August) in which I am currently assembling a team for. I have a web design team member for the front end, I now need a back end programmer for both the Electronic Medical Records upgrading and the web portal piece. I need to have a web site portal designed to integrate both quickbooks and an Electronic Medical Records system built on MS Access. This web portal will have both a patient access component - with both medical records information and business related information (such as viewing recent bills and account balances), and a Provider component - with access to chart information and a way to update or change that chart - but the system has to be local to the office. I can\'t rely on an internet connection for my charts. I need access to them even if I have no internet. The portal needs to be HIPPA compliant. So security is very important. The first part of this project will be a consulting aspect - I will need advice on which web design platforms would work best for this type of application and other information to make the job easier for the programming part. This is project on a budget - I will be using ready built web software (joomla most likely unless suggested to do otherwise), on a shared linux server. I am open to suggestion on how to accomplish the task and will look at any ready made software you would like to use for such a project. I am not looking to built it from scratch if it already exists. basically the structure would be a MS access built electronic medical records (no current EMR meets the needs of my practice), and then integrated with Quickbooks. A Joomla type web site with user log in for both patients and providers. Which gives them access to both billing and medical information set by admin access (so can change). The customer logs in to the web site and can see information regarding thier account and chart. The provider will have have access to the chart and medical records to make changes to the chart (which is stored locally or at least synced with the local copy). I eventually want mobile apps as well. I would like to see an example of something you have done that is similiar and also any initial thoughts on what web site design (joomla/drupal etc..) would integrate best. Please let me know if you will need any other information. Thank you!   (more...)

mentation   (more...)

eb enabled CRM system for real estate tax management. Data will be imported from public government datasource. User will record notes from prospect. Once the prospect becomes a client, the user will bundle several properties into one account and create a portfolio of properties and change status to active client. Once active, user will track and analyze property attributes such as price/SF, building type, rental income/expense, etc. User will request financial documentions into the system and clients will have their own login password to view requests and upload back into the system to satisfy requests. Functionality will include flexible query to the CRM database and automate email merge to clients requesting financial documention and send reminders. Functionality will also include a task manager/calender to schedule high/medium/low priority tasks. Work orders will be created in the system and when work orders are complete, billing invoice will be created. Ideal candidate will have experience with web enabled CRM systems for financial or real estate industry.   (more...)

ing for someone to set up Project Open for small business use. I want it hosted on a server and remotely accessbile to 10 employees. Task involves: 1. Finding a suitable US/UK based hosting company (say 10GB storage, moderate transfer speeds, low cost) 2. Installing Project Open software on server 3. Provide remote access to me to administer software 4. Ongoing support as required   (more...)

oking for a mix of a data entry/Marketing assistant to manage and create our send out cards postcard campaigns. This will be a full time position for the right candidate for at least 1+ months. Skills you should have: data entry and MS excel Familiar with Send out Cards backend (not required but very helpful) Familiar with Snagit screen capture or other screen capture system Very detail oriented Very organised Must be on time! Must communicate very well! This position has the opportunity for bonus\' to the right person. I will be up front and say I am sick and tired of working with outsources that are: full of excuses Don\'t show up or show up late Don\'t communicate Say they can do something and don\'t have a clue We run a legit business so we expect you to respect that. Serious inquiries only please.   (more...)

orce, there is an app called Event Manager that we use currently. I need one to be created with the same custom features, mapping, relationships, etc in Microsoft Dynamics. I need it to work the same way and connect to the same things. It needs to be able to connect to accounts and contacts as well.   (more...)

ighly proficient in infusionsoft, this is an ongoing position. We will require you to assist in all aspects of implementing and maintaining database, setting up sequences and communication with web developers to utilize the infusionsoft api.   (more...)

sync vtiger with forms on my websites, so that the leads that currently get sent to my email also go straight to CRM Ideally customer would upload artwork too. We are a Tshirt Printing Company   (more...)

ing to have a SUGARCRM to be integrated with a dailer and with calyx point. I have a mortgage company in which i would like to run more efficiently. Here are the basic funcitions. i am looking to have sugarcrm data leads to be set up on a dailer then once the call is captured and the mortgage lead has been converted into an application, then it could be transferred into point. I am looking to have this done right away. Please only contact me if you have done previous work like this. thank you!! Heney   (more...)

ing for a person who can run some test and measure on web interfaces to ERP applications. Now here is the catch. I need you to have access to one or more of these applications that are http accessible for testing. You would be setting up a remote instance of our software in which we can provide complete support and accelerating the web front end of these applications. The project is to complete a whitepaper on the testing of aiCache against these applications. You would need to run load software against the application with and without aiCache in the mix. This job is dependent on your having the skills and the access to the applications. We cannot provide this.   (more...)

nal Quality Manager Administrator Admin required for ongoing RQM Admin and Set up Work.   (more...)

omeone to troubleshoot and modify an instance of Sugar CRM CE.   (more...)

need of an expert who has got experience in installing applications on virtual private servers (VPS). It is a fixed price and an easy job, should be nothing more than a piece of cake for an expert. You need to be skilled in linux shell programming (creating a subdomain through it), apache and intstalling application on the VPS via remote login application. Please answer the following questions in order to qualify, start each answer from a new line. 1) What is a CRM application ? 2) Have you got any prior experience of installing vtiger on a Linux based VPS ? 3) Do you know how to create subdomains via apache server ? 3) What are the usual problems that you come across while installing vtiger 4.x version ? If you have read the description till this point write \"glory\" at the top of your cover letter. Regards Umair   (more...)

like to implement ofbiz under Mysql and configure our business process We are looking for a professional programmer with whom we can build a long-term relationship.   (more...)

king for a CRM that offers many of the features outlined on the openCRX website. We need you to install the software, configure a new mail server, and test functionality to make sure it is right for us. Once functional, we\'ll need your services on going to import data, link it with other open source software, and provide ongoing support. An expertise in SugarCRM and the ability to compare and contrast solutions, Caldev experience, and overall suggestions are all welcome. We need to move mail servers and get started on this ASAP.   (more...)

bs listing sites with the criteria provided - Save Listings in word - Note Contact info and key requirements highlight current skills and experience in resume to match requirement. Update resume using 2008 version. Create covering letter for each posting and a general Thank you letter.   (more...)

ing out of time on my projects and I need this done very quickly. Ideally you will at least be familiar with job descriptions and how they are written. HR Experience is essential My current job descriptions are not very clear, accurate or reader friendly for both prospective recruits and current staff. Ideally deliver all by Sunday morning 23 May 4pm GMT I need Job Descriptions written for the following: Senior Office Administrator Website Coordinator - Part Time Club Development Manager PA to Director - Part Time Marketing Assistant - Part Time IT Assistant - Part Time Facilities Assistant - Part Time Sport Development Coordinator - Part Time Database Administrator - Part Time Business Development Assistant - Part Time Recruitment Coordinator - Part Time Senior Office Administrator - Part Time PR and Media Relations - Part Time I already have the template for the job descriptions/ So a breakdown of what I need is: 1. Using the template create a word document (job description) for each position listed above 2. Research skills and qualifications required, duties, responsibilities and key performance indicators for each position using the following sites and others as required Note: I do not need specific information about the organisation involved, just the general duties etc someone in that position would normally do that is written in a clear/user friendly way. 3. Fill out the following sections for each job description - Overview of position - Skills - Qualifications Required - Responsibilities - Duties - Key Performance Indicators I think the job should not cost more than $40 US in total to complete. We need to get started right away. Please send me your CV and your email address. You will be required to rewrite the attached sample in order for your response to be consider. EXCELLENT GRAMMER SKILLS ESSENTAL   (more...)

number of forms I would like converted to web fillable forms.   (more...)

Job Description Position name: HR/executive assistant Pay type: per hour Pay rate: $4 Job requirement: High speed internet, job will be full time, candidate to be hired can’t be working other jobs or occupied by other arrangement. “We will Coach and guide the qualified candidate to fulfill this job description” Duties: • HR • Recruiting • Admin • Scheduling Responsibilities HR • Licensing • Electronic Employee files • Handle setting up job description for new jobs opening • Organizational chart • Employee recognition • Writing letters on behalf the manager to the company employees • Employee survey • Edit employee manual and keep updated Recruiting • Resume search • Post jobs when needed • Advertize job opening • Build a database of people that interested in the positions we have in place • Maintain a bench for future employment • Pre-screen candidates to recruit. • Schedule interview. • Company, policy and procedure introduction Admin • Research companies that are either suppliers or servicers that we use or possible use in the future. • Company registration with banks • Do the company Orders like supplies, business cards, signs etc… • Research industry update, prepare the information and send it to everyone in the company. Scheduling • Handle company events calendar • Handle managers calendaring by scheduling some of the appointments • Follow up on pre scheduled appointments. • Schedule for the managers his weekly PR lunches. • Handle managers’ monthly payable, and keep it well organized. Skills required: English spoken, Microsoft office savvy, very well skilled in excel.   (more...)

or a permanent office staff. 1. Must have a headset 2. Must have master command of US English 3. Must be able to speak fluently without accent 4. Must be able to work UTC -08:00 time zone from 6am to 12pm. This job includes hiring and training as well as creating training materials. This person will train all my office staff in every aspects of a medical office from how to answer the phone to PR events.   (more...)

gnment will focus on contacting and communicating Australian Business offices. And your job will involve: 1. Writing sales and marketing materials 2. Sending and replying to emails. 3. Sending marketing materials. 4. Calling and responding to calls (through Skype) from Australian customers. 5. Entering data to excel. Basic Requirements: 1. Graduate in BS Psychology is preferred 2. Experience in Human Resources and Recruitment Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. - Preference with Australian accent is a plus 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer and internet. 5. Call Center Skills 6. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat. Please include recorded voice sample when you decide to apply. I attached sample readings and instruction on how you can send your recorded voice.   (more...)

gnment will focus in communicating and giving instructions to skilled workers that are based in the Philippines. And your job will involve: 1. Sending and replying to emails. 2. Writing and responding to snail mails. 3. Giving instructions on how to fill-up the application forms and how they submit their documents. 4. Writing exam materials and conducting tests 5. Giving interview while guided by computer generated checklists. - these checklists will determine if applicant will succeed. You will be given some guidelines on how to deal with the applicants. Basic Requirements: 1. Graduate of BS in Psychology is preferred 2. Experience in Human Resources and Recruitment Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. - Passed IELTS with an average of 8.0 and above 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer, internet and video cam. 5. Call Center Skills 6. Fast in sending and responding to text/SMS messages. 7. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat. 8. Availability any day of the week from Mon-Sat. - Payment will be based on work done. Please include recorded voice sample when you decide to apply. I attached sample readings and instruction on how you can send your recorded voice.   (more...)

hat I do, and what I currently have in place: I am a consultant to business owners in the USA who are thinking of selling their companies and am seeking new business owner clients. I currently have web sites and info tools (i.e. 20 videos and a warehouse of original articles) to attract such clients. Need bloggers to sites where business owners visit to: 1. Build my email list. 2. Create backlinks to my current web sites to improve search engine rankings. What I\'m looking for: Someone with good English writing skills, knowledgeable about business... especially small and middle-market business... business brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions, and advice on other SEO matters.   (more...)

LLC, Business and I need to set up Business credit Of 100,000 line of credit in 90day.unsecured Corporate Credit My personal score is not 720,The LLC is about 6mo old, No new credit for the LLC, no tax liens or slow pay tied to the LLC, Type of business is and were looking for a team Player so we can help others business with credit, I have 4 others LLC but this is the one I like to work with to build business and to see who can get the job done right,give me a weekly report of how and what your doing If your team can make this happen In the time frame and price range we can contrack for more business Thank You troy   (more...)

ge capital investment required » No inventory to maintain » Unlimited territory — we never restrict your market » Comprehensive training, marketing and operations support » Start your business part-time » No business experience or degree required » Earn income while you learn » You can OWN your business   (more...)

or investor[s] for a restaurant in Las Vegas. Want somebody to prepare, edit, etc...a basic business plan to give to investors/bank, etc. Looking for direction, expertise, etc in preparation process If, you have a working knowledge of social media...this could be ongoing work, etc. DON\'T make the decision that you might not qualify...let me do that...I might see skills that you didn\'t know you had. Thank you. Matt   (more...)

ement is An exchange rate is the price of one currency in terms of another currency. Most developed economies operate a floating exchange rate regime whereby the price of a currency is determined by the demand for and the supply of that currency in the foreign exchange market. You are required to: (a) Within the context of a floating exchange rate, discuss the demand for a currency and its supply and the resultant equilibrium exchange rate. (b) If a central bank or a government wishes to influence the value of the currency under a floating exchange rate regime, it may attempt to do , through three methods of intervention. Identify the three broad methods that may be used. Explain and give examples of how these methods might be implemented   (more...)

ing for someone to build a simple financial model. Actually, it\'s mainly data entry initially, and then have them build the revenue drivers for the business, and eventually DCF. At first, I want to find someone who can competently do a model for one company. I want to know the total cost for building a model. I don\'t want to pay by hour because someone who\'s slow or incompetent could take too long. I put in $25 as the budget just to have a number there. Please contact me and let me know what the cost would be. Let\'s use the stock Duoyuan Global Water Inc (DGW-NYSE). There\'s a possibility that I\'ll need 20-30 similar models built.   (more...)

veral businesses and have a party known to me interested in coming onboard as a partner and taking a equity stake in the businesses along with a management position. I will also remain in the business. I need a consultant who can assist in preparing financials and documentation required, assist me in setting reasonable price and assess risk and test assumptions. I need assistance in tailoring a deal that is suitable financially and in a working sense. Looking for a long term relationship as we expand I am based in Australia but operate out of Hong Kong as well supplying internationally. In size - each business turns over several million dollars, with large potential and projections for each. Must have relevant experience. Further details upon request.   (more...)

oking for Debt Managment leads of over 3000 for UK.Will pay 100 pounds for just 20 leads.The person should be struggling to pay debts and should be willing to take our programme.IF the person debt is over 15000 we will pay you 200 pounds per 20 leads.   (more...)

meone to show me how to use Hyperion and train me. Thanks.   (more...)

f a experienced knowledgeable article/blog writer in the finance industry.. I will provide topics .. just need article/blog post written.. This is a huge opportunity.. Again those with a strong finance background are encouraged to apply..or if your a great researcher as we said we provide topic... we have future work for many projects as well in near future   (more...)

der   (more...)

research, formulation of concept and writing business plan   (more...)

ven contact us unless you are an overachiever and can prove it! Come and build an empire within our fine, progressive company. We are in the high-tech industry and we are looking for an CFO who could be part of our company! Great growth opportunities and great potentials for huge success! We want the best only!! Must have experience Must attache resume for application   (more...)

someone with business plan expertise to write up my business plan for my website. Previous examples of work is a MUST.   (more...)

ing for a assistant who supports me from time to time in different financial tasks: - ETF Research - Bond Research - Administrative Tasks in Fund management (order co-supervision, Fact Sheets updating, etc) - Back-testing of strategies - Web-Site-(project-)management for two funds (Knowledge in Behavioral Finance are welcome but no pre-condition) For this job you need to be familiar with financial markets (meaning of ratings, ETF providers and how to find factsheets, basic mathematical skills like YtM of Bonds) As a little pre-test please add to your application at least two factsheets of Equity-ETFs which invest in the Healtcare Sector (worldwide if possible, no US-ISIN, if possible DE-,LU or IE-ISIN) and one Bond proposal in CHF (Maturity 2-3years, investment grade)   (more...)

business plan for a new business venture.   (more...)

ing for a Finance person that has experience implementing ERP systems. I need someone that is technical and can understand company computer systems. Some SQL Experience a must. Experience with OFBiz or some other open source ERP software extremely helpful. Must have 5 plus years working experience focused on Finance and Financial Reporting. Information Systems background helpful. Project Management and Excellent Organizational skills required. Must have great attention to detail. Excellent English communication skills required. Must be able to write articles, blogs, and business requirements for the systems group. Looking for someone that wants to take a leadership role and is willing to invest some sweat equity into the company to grow this position to a full time role.   (more...)

m looking for an Oracle Financials expert to help me advance my experience and knowledge in the field. I have been using Oracle Financials for a while, and I tested the tables as well, so I need someone who has hands-on experience. I am looking to learn how to do a full cycle of implementation and understand integration of all EBS applications as well. I have tried to join courses, but they are either too slow, or too basic and waste my time. I do have tons of material, so I emphasize, I need someone who can answer random questions and customize a study plan for me. I expect to spend around 10 hours/week on that in the next 3 month, so anyone up to the challenge? Thanks.   (more...)

ng for a professional Financial Projection and business plan writer that can work with our company\'s web designer and programmers to complete, write and develop a range of business planning software for preparing comprehensive financial projections, strategic and corporate planning, budgeting, balance sheets, restructuring and financial appraisals for any size and type of business, cash flow forecasts for up to 3-5-7 years, charts, and business plans templates for raising funding from landers, angel investors and venture capital firms, including to complete the following tasks: - Provide step-by-step instructions how to write business plan for the following funding and loan types: -- SBA, bank, business lender or grant funding -- Angel or Private Investors -- Venture Capital and Private Equity - Write description for the Business Plan & Financial Projection Software (software functionality, user work flow, and features - this is to guide the company\'s programmers on how to make the software) - Think about and implement new useful features which the competitors do not have - more comprehensive, more hands-on etc... (and write instructions how to do it for the web designer and programmers) - Think about and implement an easy and convenient interface - Write FAQ pages for the users - Write Help pages for the users - Write 30-40 pages manual - Write script for 4 Flash-based tutorials 2- for 2 minutes (for promo) 2- for 10 minutes (for help) - Make 6 sample business plans – 2 samples for: “SBA, bank, business lender or grant funding” 2 for: Angel or Private Investors” and 2 for “ Venture Capital and Private Equity firms” - Write the web based Business Plan & Financial Projection Software structure document for the programmers (including writing about more features that I will tell you about if I will award you) - Write a new format that would allow a “walk through” business plan format and instructions on the go, and provide all the supporting resources. I\'m looking for a business plan expert that can identify those resources and make sure there are no copyright issues. The maximum amount that I\'m willing to pay for it is: $800   (more...)

MEONE TO DO PAYPAL INTEGRATION for Please reply with price quote or rate per hour and estimated number of hours to finish the project.   (more...)

oking for 2 medical insurance claim professionals to handle first and second level support for an electronic health record software product (both phone and email support). The positions will build in volume to 40 hours per week and hours will be billed primarily from 8am to 8pm CDT (US Central Time Zone). In order to be successful, potential candidates must have completed relevant oDesk tests before being being considered. Excellent scores on all tests are not required, but we will make the hiring decisions based on test scores. The tests include: * oDesk test for written English * oDesk tests for accounting and customer service * oDesk tests for MS Office products * Skype video interview to assess spoken English * A 3rd party online cognitive tests for HIPAA, medical terminology, coding, and claims processing. * High School Diploma or equivalent is required; a BA/BS is highly preferred * 3+ years of full life cycle claims processing and auditing experience is preferred * DSM-IV, ICD-9, CPT coding and all other claims coding knowledge is required * 3+ years of Microsoft Office experience is required (Word, Excel, and Outlook) * 3+ years experience with Microsoft Project, Visio and PowerPoint are highly preferred * Healthcare insurance experience is preferred * Project management experience is helpful * Written and verbal communications skills are a must * Strong Team player is needed   (more...)

rniture Inc.,a leading manufacturer in the Furniture industry,has an immediate opening for an Accountant. This position reports directly to the Controller and will be primarily responsible for handling accounts payable,fixed assets,cash,and special projects. Requirements for the position include: Accounts Payable- process invoices, weekly check runs, expense reports, maintenance of contracts,freight log,endor maintenance, monthly accruals, and sales tax compliance. Fixed Assets- maintain complete and accurate Fixed Asset records within Sage FAS system, reconcile fixed asset ledger to G/L, maintain capital project records and assist with budgets, and provide management with monthly schedule of capital projects and capitalize as directed. Banking- update check register transactions daily. Balance Sheet Reconciliations- reconcile all prepaid,accrued liability, reight, and fixed asset accounts on a monthly basis. Qualifications/Skills/Requirements: -Preferred bachelor degree in Accounting or related field. -Minimum of 1 years of relevant accounting experience. -Advanced Excel and Word skills. -High degree of accuracy and attention to detail. -Able to communicate clearly and concisely. -Able to work independently and with other departments. -Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills. -Multitask oriented and flexible to changes and priorities. -Great Plains experience a plus Alpine Furniture Inc. is an equal opportunity employer who offers a competitive compensation and benefit package.   (more...)

utine in Visual Foxpro to do the following: 1. Define an area on the screen containg labels and text box. 2. Display that certain area on to a video projector or second monitor. This means that other things you see on your main monitor will not be visibile on the second monitor. I will use this in our Church Praise & Worship projection of songs. Thank you.   (more...)

number of modifications that I need made to Moodle including: 1. integrating / developing a sales coupon system into a custom payment gateway 2. capturing additional data during enrolment and associated reporting functions. Only candidates with extensive Moodle experience should apply. Ongoing work available. Please provide examples of moodle sites which you have worked on   (more...)

ok at the Process Manager Matrix The CE Edition works great for the install of SugarCRM 5.1b that I\'m running. However, I need the features that the Process Manager Enterprise version offers (which their verion does not install on SugarCRM CE editions) Am looking for someone to create a workflow plugin that can be installed through the SugarCRM module loader or manually if needed The candidate will need to design this to work with SugarCRM 5.1b, running on IIS7, PHP 5.2.6 and MS-SQL 2005 Canidate must be available for conference calls for project updates and be able to respond to emails in a timely manner.   (more...)

rrently in need of getting some modifications to the Sharepoint Purchase Order template carried out. We are looking for the following basic changes to be made. Instead of only being able to add one item to a purchase order we would like to add multiple line items. As the last line item is used ideally another blank space would appear underneath. Once a Purchase order is completed and the purchase order is approved we woule like to be able to have an option to print the purchase order/view purchase order online in a format similar to the one attached.   (more...)

has value of +1 each card 7,8,9, has value of 0 each card 10,J,Q,K, A, has value of -1 each card Computerized calculations of each card. 30 second timed limit for counting through 1 deck of cards and stops at the 52nd card (randomly display 1 card at a time). Random shuffle (have a shuffle button) Option of 1-4 decks of cards; random display of random 2-6 cards per 1 second (Cancellation Method) Allow placement of ads and affiliate products with back-links by owner. User can have option of training with 1-4 decks for cancellation method. User can have the option of seeing the running count. Software will be integrated on my website. Can be purchased by consumers. Sample of what the outcome could look like:   (more...)

developer that will be able to program a plug for firefox or Google Chrome that would allow me to capture certain information on a web page into a csv file. For example: If I were browsing oDesk jobs with this plug-in I would be able to simply highlight or click the fields with relevant information and the plug in would then store this information.   (more...)

need a BHO for internet explorer which will do the following: When you opening any page in IE a lot of data is being downloaded (css, js, images, swf, flv, etc). Plugin needs to fetch all links (URLs) to these files and HTTP REQUEST and RESPONSE headers as well and write them to a simple text file. It should work on all IE version starting from version 6.0. IMPORTANT: When bidding please include simple description on how do you intend you implement this functionality in plugin. Code should be written in Delphi.   (more...)

HAVE SKYPE TO DO THIS JOB Build a .aspx page usnig VB.NET Visitor comes to the website and presses a button the aspx perfoms a search engine search of any type but the user cannot see it being done (http request, silverlight or whatever automation) behind the scene USE THE IP AND COOKIES OF THE USER\'s desktop, NOT THE SERVER the .aspx is sitting on perform the search get ASCII TEXT ONLY results from the search give those results back to the .aspx job complete. THE CHALLENGE? is do this without asking the user to change browsers or load anything   (more...)

o connect many EMV PCI devices to a server for connecting to an acquirer bank. Must satisfy EMV & PCI compliance. Require bids from experienced developers to jointly define requirements and agree project pricing.   (more...)

our chance to work on a very cool project and one that is Open Source under a GPL license. The role is to implement some functionality on the Ground Station part of an unmanned Ariel vehicle project called OpenPilot ( This project is a lot of fun and has a dedicated and helpful team behind it that are progressing quickly and I want to help them out by donating some code for some functionality that they currently lack. In this case the code I want to help with is the plugin that handles sound of the ground station. The code for the ground station is based on a very stripped down version of the Qt Creator IDE, basically only the plug infrastructure remains. Full documentation of how plugins are implemented can be found on their Wiki here: Of course many other plugins also exist that can be used as examples in their current codebase. Naturally the code should be cross platform and the Phonon architecture of Qt should be used. The functionality required is straight forward: When certain actions happen in the autopilot they will send an event, the sound plugin should wait to receive these events, based on the event received specific sound files should be played. The sound files will be mp3 files however these will be handled by the operating system via the Phonon functionality in Qt: So there is no need for specific mp3 handling code or libraries. Events are passed in the OpenPilot Ground station as UAVTalk messages: Sounds will in collections, this is so different languages or male / female voices can be used. Collections will simply be folders on disk, each with their own sound files, if a sound file can not be found in a folder it should use the sound file from the folder called “Default” as this will contain all sounds. Example: The Default sound collection is being used and the sound plugin receives an event called low battery, it should then play Default/lowbat.mp3 2nd Example: The Default sound collection is in use and the sound plugin receives an event saying “way point 1 reached”, it should then play: Default/waypoint.mp3 Default/1.mp3 Default/reached.mp3 3rd example: The German sound collection is in use, sound plugin receives an event called low battery, it should try to play German/lowbat.mp3 but if this file is missing it should then play Default/lowbat.mp3. So simply, the plugin will accept certain events and play a sound file when it receives them. Additionally the options page of this plugin will also need to be created, this will be very simple because the sound files will be in collections which relates to folders on disk. So the options needed are to select the collection to use (it should scan the sounds folder to get the collections that exist) and to enable and to turn on and off sound with a check box. This is a chance to get involved in a very cool project, one that is fully open source and of course you will be helping to make a flying robot!   (more...)

in should only save the selected message(s) to a specifici folder and then launch an Windows Application from a designated folder   (more...)

will be best suited for someone familiar with - forex MT4 platform (software will need to be compatible with the MT4 platform) - creating expert advisors - building indicators that generates buy/sell signals, with built-in stop loss and profit target. Will need to see some of the applicants previous work in building EAs or forex indicators.   (more...)

are is simply an indicator that is compatible with the MT4 platform. The software or indicator will need to be able to generate clear buy and sell signals when are the variables are alligned with set stop loss and profit taking. was thinking of building an as well (maybe) expert edvisor but will see once i have the successfull applicant for the job   (more...)

n experienced Wordpress plugin developer to create plugins for our clients. You may need to develop these plugins from the ground-up. To be considered, please provide links to plugins you have created.   (more...)

company that gives me a PHP or XML feed that generates results that can be displayed on my website. I would like a plugin so that this data can be placed on my wordpress blog. Would like to get an idea of the cost and timeframe to accomplish this and will provide any further details as needed.   (more...)

building a eclipse plugin. Need to make sure there is a good understanding of XML, XMI   (more...)

ng for developer with experience of publishing Google Chrome extension especially using .NET framework in the code ( by pipe communication or native calls ), I can\'t describe publicly the purpose of the application , NDA will be required.   (more...)

o build a firefox plugin that enable a widget to show up in front of any hyper-link that comes up in a page. Once user clicks that widget, it opens up and user write notes to it and hit submit to enter into our central server which is running mysql.   (more...)

onsists of the following SharePoint Cascaded Lookup •Look up and cross-reference information from any SharePoint site in a site collection; •Build parent-child relationships between columns in the same list so that data entered in one field filters the options presented in another; •Use a combination of filter parameters from the source list and the target list to filter the items presented in a lookup field ; •Automatically synchronize data and update items in the target list when changes are made in the source list; •Add multiple selections from the source list to list items in the target list; •Convert between the default SharePoint Lookup column, Cross-Site Lookup column, and Cascaded Lookup column; •Integrated memory function saves Cascaded Lookup settings when converting between different Lookup column types. More Information and reference material available on request   (more...)

king for a Mac software developer to create a plugin / an extension for the Safari browser in Mac. The objective of this plugin is to modify the DOM of any displayed websites in order to add custom HTML and Javascript code embedded with the plugin. The plugin should be of reasonable size, be native without user-installable dependencies (frameworks etc.) and come with an installation (and deinstallation) mechanism that can be started from the browser and executed by any end user without further technical knowledge. The plugin does not require any complex UI elements or dialogs to be added to the browser. Candidates should provide proof of expertise in modifying Safari before they can be accepted for this opening. The recruited provider will receive a detailed specification which has to be implemented as soon as possible and should be tested in multiple versions of the browser. After that, the provider should remain ready to accept further small changes and enhancements works based on our integration testing. Applicants should give a rough estimation of the time required for a first implementation. We\'re looking for long-term partnerships with our contractors. Providers with excellent performance in our smaller jobs will be considered on first priority for upcoming larger/full-time jobs. Fast completion will be rewarded with a bonus on top of the hourly rate!   (more...)

tatement: Mulesoft’s Tcat Server is focused on solving everyday problems for Tomcat Developers and IT Administrators. We are building a series of pre-packaged ISV integrations that simplify the setup and administration of popular applications and technologies most commonly used with Apache Tomcat. See an example for setting up HA Tomcat Clusters at For this project, we would like to automate the steps that a user takes to install JasperSoft’s Jasper Server and Jasper Reports onto an existing Tomcat server instance. This work involves taking an existing Tomcat server, turning it into a Tcat server, and then installing Jasper Server and Reports on top of this Tomcat instance manually and documenting the steps (should be right out of JasperSoft’s own documentation). Second part of this effort is to automate these steps into a Tcat profile (Tomcat server configuration) that can be applied to any and multiple Tomcat server(s) from the Tcat Management Console, create a deployment package in Tcat to deploy Jasper Server’s and Reports Modules, and deploy Jasper Report sample reports that come with the Jasper Reports open source download for the purposes of a demo. When a profile is applied and Jasper is deployed using Tcat server, Jasper is setup and ready for use on that target Tomcat server. The goals of this are to take out manual steps, reduce errors, and save time for the user. Here are steps to be performed: Install two copies of Tomcat server ( Apache Tomcat 6.0.26 ) 2. Download Tcat server zip distribution 3. From the webapps folder in Tcat distribution, please copy agent.war to one Tomcat instance and console.war to second Tomcat instance – restart both Tomcat instances 4. Login to console by going to http://server:port/console ( where server is the URL of the Tomcat instance on which console.war is copied to ) 5. Register the agent from ‘Unregistered’ list on console Servers view 6. Create a Tcat profile that includes all the necessary environment variables required for Jasper Server and Reports. 7. Create a workspace under repository that includes all necessary files required for Jasper Server and Reports 8. Associate the workspace with the profile 9. Apply this profile to the agent instance 10. Login to the agent Tomcat instance and access Jasper Server and Reports 11. Jasper Reports should be up and running and visible within the Tcat Management Console. To accomplish #6 and #7, you would need to manually install Jasper and document all the necessary environment variables and files required by JasperSoft (This may include database configuration). End Result: JasperServer and Reports profiles are created in Tcat Server that can be applied to any Tomcat server, and the result of this operation is that Jasper environment is setup. Secondly, when Jasper webapp is pushed to the Tomcat server, Jasper will be deployed and is ready for access. There should be a simple demo Report that can be created and run, where the load and utilization of the TCat instance can be viewed through the Tcat Console diagnostics.   (more...)

ed a wordpress plugin created for my site. Here are the specs: A \"betting pool\" script that will do the following: 1. collect name, email and phone number 2. show a chart of all the games in the world cup with 3 radio buttons for each game - user will chose who he predicts will win the game or if it will end in a tie. 3. the system will store the information in a database that i will later be able to export as an excel file. 4. the system should be durable to attacks and block duplicate user registration (by email address) The system should also have in the back end the option to do the following: 1. Ban IP 2. When the world cup is over we should have the ability to enter the correct answers to all the games. then the program will find and present to me only (with option to show on the front end) who is the user who selected the most correct answers. Technical: 1. The system must support UTF-8 characters which will be stores in the db. the questionnaire will be written in Hebrew with right to left formatting. 2. The database is run on mysql and running the latest wordpress version 2.9.2 Please note that i am comparing prices between different providers and availability is key as i need to have this plugin ready and tested within 4 days! Thanks! Yoav   (more...)

very strong Wordpress plugin coder. This will be an extensive plugin, and I cannot provide all the details here. I realize that makes it difficult but this is a brand new idea and I do not want it leaking out before I am ready. -You obviously have to be strong with Wordpress and PHP. - You must be able to create a plugin that will allow token-type inserts into posts (i.e. PHPBay, WPRobot, etc). - I am willing to negotiate on price for quality work. - There will also be the opportunity to earn additional income updating the plugin as required for new versions of Wordpress or expanding functionality. I will answer any questions that I can, but I cannot reveal the full project details until we have agreed.   (more...)

lugin as Patchstick for AppleTv (such as for an apple TV device, to create a home automation program; for this could be used an xAP interface ( and for programing for Apple Tv interface can be used ( It desirable to be able to connect to x10 or insteon appliances. ( such as PowerLinc (2412U/S, 2413U/S, 2414U, 1132CU, 1132U) home control interfaces or the ActiveHome Pro (CM15A), or if you have a USB to serial adapter, either the CM11/HD11, LynX-PLC serial computer interfaces.   (more...)

program where my customers can enter there make and model of there vehicle and this program will supply them with a parts cost and labor costs for general repairs to a car. I would prefer that the labor and parts be seperate but if that costs a lot more money they can be combined. It should be a range from independent shop and a dealership costs. Prices don\'t need to be exact because I understand labor rates and parts will very accrosss the country.   (more...)

ctive live chating software which is entitled to a web site(e,g. Click here to chat now ) and the desktop version as well.   (more...)

king for a Windows software developer to create a plugin / an extension for the Internet Explorer browser, versions 7 and above. The objective of this plugin is to modify the DOM of any displayed websites in order to add custom HTML and Javascript code embedded with the plugin to the site. The plugin should be of reasonable size, be native without user-installable dependencies (frameworks etc.) and come with a standard installation (and deinstallation) mechanism (e.g. MSI) that can be started from the browser and executed by any end user without further technical knowledge. The plugin does not require any complex UI elements or dialogs to be added to the browser. Candidates should provide proof of expertise in developing for Internet Explorer (e.g. toolbars) before they can be accepted for this opening. The recruited provider will receive a detailed specification which has to be implemented as soon as possible and should be tested in multiple versions of the browser. Applicants should give a rough estimation of the time required for a first implementation. After that, the provider should remain ready to accept further small changes and enhancements works based on our integration testing. We\'re looking for long-term partnerships with our contractors. Providers with excellent performance in our smaller jobs will be considered on first priority for upcoming larger/full-time jobs. Fast completion will be rewarded with a bonus on top of the hourly rate!   (more...)

ng use of Drupal, CiviCRM to develope a strong platform for multiple political campaigns. Prefer programmers from Phillipines as you have a good understanding of the English Languange, Would like to speak with you in person over the phone about project. will require a skype phone number. As I said this is for political campaigns here in US. My country is in trouble, we now have one of the most corrupt governments in the world. Yes they were elected, as always people don\'t find out till later how bad things can become. For instance, though not much advertised, our government has passed a new law. Perhaps this will give you a glimpse of what is going on. HR 875 is a law which says it is \"now against the law to raise your own food\". This law will be applied this way, the government is willing to make us go hungry to implement their agenda. The UN wants a one world government, one world currency, one world rule of law, one world everything. What happens here will happen to you. The EU are the main planners of this New World Order (NWO.) \"Order from Chaos\" is their slogan. Your history and ours should have taught you what governments can become. This is true of many governments we have seen in the world at diffrent times. In this senario there will be two classes of people, those who are government people and those who live under the government. So while I need a place to get started and someone to get started with, I hope that you and maybe others who will work us can grasp the gravity of this very serious happening in world events. The government is now proposing a new law, the president should be able by his decision alone shut down all forms of communication under some yet uncertain set of defined circumstances. He alone will be able to make this dicision. Yes this means the internet too. The same thing Iraq tried to do to their people. What was the actiton for? To hide the actions of the government from the eyes and ears of the world. During World War Two my country helped your country so I am hoping that you will help mine. I understand you were looking for work, however I am sharing these things with you to let you know I need your best work. The pay is not great however i hope it will improve as we go forward, This is not a job if you are an America hater or an American hater. Is this the kind of project you can happily engage in? If it is not something that you can participate in at this time please forward to any and all programmers who are trustwothy and would maybe like to work on this project. Time is of the essence. Thank you for your consideration. Neal Farmer   (more...)

app for my Facebook Fan Page. I will be offering a free gift when people sign up to become my fan. Here is what I want my APP to do: 1. Sign them up as a fan on my facebook Fan page. 2. Let me know that I am sending an email to all their facebook friends offering them the same free gift for signing up on my fan page. I would like to be able to control what is in this email. 3. Finally send them to a squeeze page to enroll in the contest. 4. I will be offering a free gift that will entice people to sign up to my fan page. I would like an app that allows me to change the squeeze page and email they get for future offers that still signs people up to my Fan page. 5. I need to learn how to upload this app to my facebook page also. I will be offering a free gift that will entice people to sign up to my fan page. I would like an app that allows me to change the squeeze page for future offers.   (more...)

script that will do a little simple coding and set up dynamic keyword insertion onto Wordpress landing pages....and or html?? Why? Problem: Instead of create a separate landing page for every keyword I advertise for I would like a script implemented that dynamically inserts the search keyword onto my landing page. I need an experienced and reliable programmer. Can it be done or has it? Yes. Article on implementation below.... and actual plugin created already>>> Additional requirements: * Default Keyword: Needs to include a default keyword variable. Ie. if visitor comes from place on site and no keyword is passed from google then use XYZkeyword that I am able to define on each and every implementation. ** Fully tested: I prefer you test it on your blog before testing on mine. OR if you prefer I can let you test it on one of my less important blogs to insure functioning properly. ========================== I am looking to build ongoing relationships with good freelancers. Good Freelancer= Able to follow instruction without handholding, fast, reliable, competent.   (more...)

perts only need to apply .   (more...)

ing for assistance in implementing OSSIM (, an open source information management console, to capture log data from Windows computers. We have developed a file access control and monitoring tool. Our tool generates log data in a text file, and I plan to deploy OSSIM to central manage those log data and making use of the supported features – remote management. This project will extend to collect log data in Linux servers later on. The project involves implementing some Windows service app and script file, and syslog message handling. The provider is expected to have ‘hand on’ experience of configuring and running OSSIM. This is the first part of my project (feasibility investigation), and the provider may be involved in the overall development and delivery of the project.   (more...)

HAVE EXPERIENCE IN INSTALLING WISHLIST MEMBER SOFTWARE ON WORDPRESS. PLEASE READ JOB DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY, AS FAILURE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION REQUESTED WILL REJECT APPLICATION We require a confident, skilled provider to install and setup Wishlist membership software on wordpress. We will also require initial support to add content. Provider is required to have previous experience working with wishlist member software ( Provider must be able to provide url to previous work SETTING UP THIS SOFTWARE. Provider is required to contact daily with \'no\' more than 24hrs of no update contact during work week or job will be canceled instantly. (We have had bad experience with unreliable providers and it is costing us too much time and money) If you have had experience and can assist please email proof of experience and estimate of how many hours to initially install and setup. To apply for this job you must provide: -Proof of previous experience - Estimate of required hours Applications without these will be reject. We look forwards to working with the right provider. There is the opportunity for ongoing work.   (more...)

source who can help me setup some reports based out of MYSQL database and using reporting tool. Sisense or similar.This should be a fairly simple task.Please contact me.You can see free demo of sisense online to see what I am referring to.   (more...)

nt of Photoshop plugins/filters. Must have experience developing plugins/filters for Photoshop CS4. This will be a Visual Studio 2008 project for deployment in XP/Vista/Windows 7. If your math skills are strong with to be able to understand and work with FFTs please make that know.   (more...)

oking for someone to develop an add-on module which can be used with Quickbooks 2006 to the current version. This add-on module will take the customer information in Quickbooks along with the customer credit card information stores in customer account and charge the credit card using the PSIGate payment gateway in Canada or USA. You can get the specifications for the Psigate payment gateway from the following link: Send me your proposal for consideration. We will only consider proposals that clearly identify how this project would be done and the time frame to complete it.   (more...)

wordpress plugin developed that can produce and update a video sitemap after each post is created. The video sitemap should be to video sitemap specs and allow for all entering titles, descriptions, tags, urls. The plugin should work with a flash video player to and support flv and mp4 file formats. The video sitemap should also include an xml style sheet so it can be viewed. The plugin should be similiar to the flvembed plugin, however the post implementation method needs to be more user friendly. Link to flvembed: Plugin should also notify google sitemap feeds and create compliant video sitemaps.   (more...)

re basis   (more...)

working Firefox 3 add-on that includes 3 JS files + an additional Windows DLL written in VC++ (VS2008) that has a single exported function. We need to port it to Google Chrome. Deliverables: 1. Compiling VC project and working with repect to function calls and parameters (actual internals will be our responsibility once the framework works). 2. Ammended JS files - again for framework of wiring to the document events, etc\'... 3. Setup instructions - our software is distributed via a download/CD - we will need to incorporate this in to our setup. We currently use the registry to install the FireFox addon - this is the prefered way for Google as well but anything which works on all Windows version and is a simple, single step process would be OK.   (more...)

ing for an experienced Magento programmer to help design and code a number of Magento Extensions. I have around 15 modules, some very advanced, that I would like to have developed. I prefer that they are all created by the same person because many of them will be working together for enhanced functionality. Please only apply if you are interested in working on these projects long term, 15-40 hours per week. I will give more in depth project details to individual applicants that I am interested in working with. Please send me as much information as you can about your experience working with Magento, the modules and core enhancements you have previously coded, and your programming background. Your skill set list would be helpful as well. Please don\'t forget to include your hourly rate and weekly availability.   (more...)

ing for development of a plug-in to be developed for Adobe Acrobat (they have an API available), that when enabled by the user will: A) Automatically scan the text in the pdf, using predefined rules. B) For each match, a few web searches need to be conducted in the background (rules will be provided, but this will be limited to three websites). C) For each web search, two pieces of data need to be extracted(a name & url). D) Data extracted needs to be overlayed on top of the text-hits (similar to products: snapshot & Kontera (do a quick google search)) I will consider splitting the project into two, if you can only complete parts A&D. Looking for some sample work in creation of plug-ins (It\'s okay, if you only have samples for other software, or browsers)   (more...)

ows c/C++ app to Linux and HP-UX.   (more...)

ing for someone who can convert the pdf\'s of my previously professionally published book ( and prepare it for Kindle and iTunes format.   (more...)

ed SQL Server SSIS developer for a data warehousing, business intelligence project. Part time, telecommute, work from anywhere Surrogate key management techniques Experienced with advanced change data capture methodologies Database development, table scripting, constraints, triggers, referential integrity, de-normalized schema Extremely disparate sources T-SQL, Fact and dimension table loads; package execution Using loop and for loop containers Stored Procedures Auditing, error logging, record archiving Must have SQL Server 2005 and VS 2005 for development 1. Describe what type of general functionality you would build for logging and auditing in the data warehouse? 2. For a data source that transfers data without an audit column describe 2 different CDC methods that you might use and a pro and con of each. 3. Describe how you would handle the transfer and loading of a CSV file that does not have headers, uses text qualifiers and a triple colon delimiter. 4. Describe the general requirements of a script to load a fact table. There are 3 dimensions related to this fact table.   (more...)

a CUDA based model to carry out stochastic simulations of the cash flows for a general insurance business. Full technical specification will be given   (more...)

find a way to bypass the file hash checksum on the game launcher of Pirates of the Caribbean online, I also would like to know how to edit the game values on the panda files.   (more...)

a game that will require an A grade coder. This game has three parts of development and lots time not necessary. Straight forward graphics like nintendo from 1980.   (more...) is looking for experienced graphic designer. Photoshop experience is required. Please refer to website and respond with specifics. Generic responses will be dismissed.   (more...)

ect from at&t logo to a heart. Final files should include photoshop files for web and files for print.   (more...)

d clean but impressive redesign of substantial website with search capabilities. Only highly experienced web designers should apply with substantial experience and impressive portfolio of latest looks within webdesign   (more...)

meone to take the Graphic design I have designed and recreate it as a polished graphic for my website. Prefer someone who knows how to create flash banners with embedded music also. May need to have you polish my template website that is hosted with another real estate website company. Will explain more once someone is selected. I will have other small projects to do as I move forward. Would prefer to pay by the piece instead of hourly but can do which ever is best for you. I have attached a sample of what I have done (not good at all) but it will give you a good idea of what I\'m wanting. Would like it to be clean, crisp high resolution. Would like rays coming from behind the city. Must be large enough to be my home page of my website large banner.   (more...)

l be 5 ebook covers 5 matching headers and 5 Guarantee certificates, all the same just different cokors to match the book covers and header, Need to be Reliable, and be able to do by deadline.   (more...)

cartoon designed - this is for a mascot, so it will be 1 actual \'pose\' of a character for internal use. We will provide reference material regarding what it should look like.. both visual references and descriptions of how things should slot together. In terms of the style we\'re looking for - we want something that looks like a classic Disney cartoon character, *not* Japanese style characters. It will be a cartoon fish with certain features accentuated. We will provide additional information as required/requested.   (more...)

or a high quality high resolution banner graphic for my website. I will eventually need 5 more banners and some virtual product graphics done as well. Prices for these other graphics will be worked out at a latter date. Keep in mind that if you get this position there will be more work available to you. This is not my website but I enjoy the graphics very much and would like to use this as an example: The product I will be promoting is also a world of warcraft product. Candidates must have graphics that they have done in their portfolio.   (more...)

ing for someone that can modify my Thesis theme. I already have a logo and buttons designed and I need someone with Thesis theme experience to finish it up and make it look like a professional site. I also need to integrate PayPal, I am running a writing service and I want people to be able to buy packages of articles on the site. I have other Wordpress sites that need to be developed so for the right person this will lead to ongoing work.   (more...)

liable graphic artist, to do sets of 15 headers, will be ongoing assignment Needs to be able to work on deadline, need to be reliable, and must have samples of your work   (more...)

logo and web layout for a women\'s fashion website. No development work required. Just design.   (more...)

ofessional designer to design slideshow four images with the size of 925*308 i meant width 925 pixel and height 308 pixel   (more...)

pany is looking for a logo. The company is dealing with sharing apartment, summer rental, and short term rental of flats and rooms. The Logo is same as of the company name, \"Eden Resident\", and need to express modern, creativity, and proffesional.   (more...)

e 7 attached files to say \"Hannah\'s Deals\" The look, color scheme, should be exactly the same. These files are going to be used on a website so they do not have to be print quality. We want the exact same format. The dimensions must be the exact same and the colors so the fit on the website. There is one modified file provided as an example. The example is very bad quality, I did it quickly with Microsoft paint. We need much better quality than that, it is just an example, we would not accept that quality work. We need this work performed quickly.   (more...)

eeded for several websites. Must have experience. Banners needed will be mainly 468 X 60 but other sizes needed as well. Contact with samples and price per banner. If you possess other skills, please inform us.   (more...)

f a background graphic similar to the one seen here: Looking for a blue/black combination. In order to be considered for the job, please send a .PNG mockup of the design (with a watermark). If I end up buying your design, I will also need a .psd file.   (more...)

oking to team with a graphic designer who can do everything from logos to website design/UI and work with a team to create the best product for our clients. This position will start off as ad hoc and move to full time after we get familiar with one another.   (more...)

ike a photo-montage of a car \"lifan 620 LX\" with the colors of the Barcelona Taxi (check it in google) I need 4 sides of the car. Maybe in the future I would like a 3D demo, but for next step. In the photo-montage we have to add some logos and plates number in a specific place of the car, I will tell you when we have the image. Image in high quality, with a neutral background Thanks Roberto   (more...)

meone to design a few graphics pages for me. I will provide the images and text. The pages are simple, just need someone to add graphics and text and save as correct size.   (more...)

r design. 6 x 9 inches. Sample will be supplied.   (more...)

ld, This is a photo-stack slideshow job. And what I want to do is stack photos, that when clicked go to another page. What I want you to do is: Run Two--5 Photo Tests For test one use 5 small images. For test two use 5 much larger images. For both tests: a) Each Photo Should Show In The Slide Show b) Each Photo Must Go To A New Page When Clicked In the fewest words and images possible show me how to change: i) the image dimensions ii) the clickable links An example of a slideshow will be provided, along with \"some\" instructions, included here. Use any 10 images you want. Email me with any questions or concerns you have. This job pays $15 An example of the slideshow can be seen at this address: Thank you, Jerry   (more...)

es and Gentlemen Please read the description carefully. I\'m searching for a very creative designer. The two mainly skills are WebDesign, Corporate Identity (which includes logo, flyer, letterhead etc.) WebDesign: I am mainly a WebDesign-Company. In this case you have to be very creative. A possible assignment could be: make a design for a lawyer-company with 8 pages. In most cases I already have some pictures or details for you. And then you have to use your entire phantasy to design an attractive and apealing (to the right audiences) WebDesign in a reasonable time. By designing you have to note, what\'s possible for the internet. Of course nearly everything is possible, but you have to look that images don\'t need a too large space. Corporate Design (Printdesign): Some of our clients want us to make them a full new appearance. In this case you have to design a full corporate design including logo, letterheading, flyer and website. It\'s essential that logos, flyers, letterheadings and all other things we need to print are printable. That often is a big problem that some logos can\'t be printed. It would be great if you also have some experiences with CD-Covers and Photo-Editing & Retouching. Let me know in your candidature. Software: I\'m working with Adobe CS4 and in future with Adobe CS5. Please show me some references and examples you\'ve designed in your candidature. Now I\'m looking forward to your candidature! If you\'re doing a good job, we\'re gonna work together for a long time! Best Regards Johannes Zeller jz design   (more...)

ike a letterhead and a with compliments slip constructed   (more...)

really good photo composite or drawing of the 2nd Coming of Jesus. For the style, I would like it to be like this link: Let me know if you can achieve this level of quality and provide any samples you might have of something similar. Thanks!   (more...)

mebody who is IMAGINATIVE to create illustrations for a upcoming book (for kids between 3 and 7 years old). 12 illustrations total. Please send through some of your art work.   (more...)

meone to take a .ai file of a brochure, and restyle the existing content in the file. There are 3 pages to the brochure, and the content is existing and laid out as desired. I need someone to stylize the fonts, colors, borders, etc., and make the brochure really stand out.   (more...)

designer to create a unique flyer for our company service offerings. Design will be full color to be printed in A5 size. All data and Logo will be provided. Please attach portfolio to your cover letter. It would be better if you attached links to designs similar to our request. We are looking for a professional design.   (more...)

y produces a monthly newsletter for one of our clients (a California Medical Marijuana Dispensary). Previously the newsletter has been produced in Microsoft Publisher and looks very amateur (see attached example). I need an In-Design master who can turn the content I give them into a 4 to 6 page professional newsletter. You will be provided all content and graphics, so all that will be required is for you to assemble the content into a professional newsletter layout. Please be prepared to show me samples of your previous work in the interview. The winning candidate will be creative and a hard worker. If you do a great job for me this will turn into a steady job plus future projects I am working on.   (more...)

meone to design an A5 2 page leaflet targeting eczema sufferers and promoting eczema skincare packs. I will provide all visuals (logo, photos) and send the provider information on the products and brand, but the successful candidate needs to be able to pull the content together under the provided headlines. I need this done within 24 hours of being given the job and will ideally start tomorrow, Monday 13th June. Tell me why you are the best candidate for the job and please send me examples of brochures that you have designed.   (more...)

ing for a design to use a poetry book cover. I prefer asian art such a geisha ladies, asian illustration art - I have a couple ideas in mind of what I want. vibrant colors on a 6x9 layout.   (more...)

he ideal candidate if you are well-versed in the visual and aesthetic principles of PowerPoint presentation and proficient in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 versions, including advanced animation functions. You will be able to quickly create new, high-end, business and scientific presentations as well as enhance existing ones. A portfolio and pertinent samples of previous work are essential. English proficiency is required. The potential for future assignments exists for the right candidate. Familiarity with the visual and artistic principles of web design and Flash are a plus, as is knowledge of photo/video editing software and embedded video through such services as YouTube and Vimeo. When you apply, please provide a list of the oDesk tests you have passed and your score at the top of your application.   (more...)

video presentation of my company put in a visual format. all interviews are held in skype if you do not have do not bother to apply.   (more...)

OFESSIONAL POWERPOINT DESIGNER/ARTIST - Written content provided. Immediate Turnaround Required. Confidentiality and discretion are absolute musts; you will be asked to sign a second NDA in addition to the one that oDesk uses. I am looking for a designer who can create a visually appealing PowerPoint for an International Neurosurgical Meeting. The topic is on medical ethics. The source is a paper already written with all references. The talk should be for a 20 minute presentation (Approximately 20 Slides) REQUIRED SKILLS - Excellent PowerPoint skills - must include modern stunning graphics relevant to the topic, well organized, must include detailed outline and presentation details within ppt. Quality of work is extremely important. Must have professional presence and impressive impact. Must have unique presenence (not a commonly used template from PowerPoint.) Must be completed within 12 hours turnaround. Finished professional results required. Excellent English skills with no need for post-editing. (Grammar and Spelling must be correct.) If you are interested in the job send sample slides of presentations or graphics you have done. Include a proposed \"look\" to be used with a couple of variations for selection. Will continue using provider based on results for many other upcoming projects. EST TiME: 4 Hours   (more...)

resentation is required to demonstrate our software product without doing a live demo. Must have a solid understanding of relationship database management software and how to put a video/voice project together. Prefer to have individual with previous experience with similiar project. Please prepare to send samples of work that would relate to a flash presentation of a software demonstration or similar. The objective of sending a Flash presentation is to pre-qualify certain types of prospects. We would expect you to be able to manage the entire project. Please do not send flash on web sites as this is not similar to what we are looking for. A Flash presentation would entail capturing the key elements of the software as a user would work and having voice over to talk the prospect through the product. UPDATE: We are working on the details necessary to get a quote from a provider.   (more...)

d 2 simple flash presentations made for 1 website. Just some pics and text animated. The budget is small but the work easy. Thanks   (more...)

me help to modify a couple FREE wordpress themes - Lysa or Vita. The finish theme or blog has to look like either or I am also interested to see if you can do a screencast recording to show me exactly how you edit or modify these theme(s). So if I need to create a similar blog in the future, I can follow your step by step instruction. Here is a quick look @ the sample blogs: Key features: -Main page list all the posts with one column and no date -Border around the large video and text box -Be able to add a customized logo on the top and change the background color Thanks in advance! John   (more...)

to test software we need snippets of very high resolution movies (we prefer nature, though, the content not really matters). the movie should be taken at least in 2k and then recalcd for the higher resolutions) (4k: 3840x2160, 8k: 7680x4320). transfer of the data: thru an ftp-server of your choice)   (more...)

solved with flash - cs5 - i am not sure. if possible - you are the expert - great - otherwise we need another solution. remark: 4k = 3840x 2160 pixels you program a software for us, which can cover several screens (we care for the screens, you bring the resolution), the program will show a mov-movie in very hires. we may convert that, however, to a format, more suited to the programming you do, if needed - with limitations - not every format may be generated in these high resolutions). we have a software, that tracks the eyes of the user, with documentation - you grab the parameters for x and y from that software and according to the coordinates you shift the running movie to the right, left, up and down. to make possible errors of the eyetrackingsoftware smooth, you smoothen this output (here we will have to make a few tests). the movie is blended over to its beginning when it\'s over (endless loop). you check an xml-file to see, which movie from the movies-directory you show. i need you to have similar stuff many, many times. you have a high skill of communication. if you have better ideas than i, you let me know, so we find the best way together. you keep the schedule. i am always willing to work on with you, as long, as the output and communications are fine.   (more...)

ad placed on my existing website as per client request.   (more...)

oking for someone who can help us design the game levels of the game that we are working on for iPhone. Prior game design experience is required. Preferably with iPhone.   (more...)

background for the new design! The PSD is attached. We want a design that exemplifies our excitement for television. You can look at for reference, but you need to be able to do better than their design. This job does not include LOGO work, you\'ll work with the logo in the PSD. You will be replacing the explosion with imagery that is snappy, modern, and Television related   (more...)

otos of jewelry for website and catalog. the photos need processing: cutting all the background - so the jewelry will be on blank (white) background. make the photo look better - by reducing light effects.   (more...)

o build a basic prototype of our new windows application for managing accounting work. We have screen designs in the form of wireframes for the system\'s 3 key screens and would now like to apply a nice look & feel and build a simple prototype that demonstrates how the system will work. We are expecting this to take 2 weeks of full-time work. You are: An interface developer with great design skills. Your design skills are matched by your ability to implement them to create beautiful working interfaces. Because you\'ve done this before, you can work quickly and have something to show early on. Your level of competence will command at least $20USD per hour. You will need to: 1. Come up with a creative direction and apply that creative to 3 key screens 2. Implement your design in the form of a working prototype that demonstrates what it will be like to use the system. The prototype can be done in whichever technology you think will allow you to create something compelling in the given timeframe. This would preferably be WPF but if you think you can do it significantly better and faster in something else (like Flash) then we may consider it. This job is all about demonstrating the interface, it needs to look good and work enough to communicate the core concept. We don\'t really care about the back end or business logic at this stage. We\'ll need to see a strong portfolio of design work and previous examples of interface development you\'ve done. This job is re-advertised to attract experienced candidates.   (more...)

iPhone Application for our company to include - a video - a coupon - images - call button to dial mobile number - add text marketing campaign if you are interested in this position please repond with \"Dear Webassis\" at the start of your email. Once this trial has been completed by the successful candidate there will be ongoing work.   (more...)

native Japanese speaker to design a Wordpress site for Japanese consumers   (more...)

I am looking for someone who can help train people to use Traffic Geyser by creating videos in Camtasia. We have ongoing projects using Traffic Geyser so in between training you will also need to work on regular projects Work included would involve creating lead capture pages slide shows informaive videos podcasts articles various aspects of SEO Squidoo pages Hubpages Backlink building Social bookmarking Facebook Twitter Fanpage Autoresponder campaigns Skills required video editing web design Article writing and spinning articles adwords Link building SEO PPC Autoresponders (Aweber)   (more...)

mpany is looking for artists to create high definition versions of terrain tiles for a remake of a real-time Strategy (RTS) game. Tiles will be based on the original game tiles, which will be provided to the artist. The tiles must fit together seamlessly in order to create a game field. The artist will also need to create blend masks, which are used by the engine to blend different types of terrain together (e.g. going from grass to rock). There are multiple tilesets, each containing 16 tile types. There are 8 variations of each tile for 15 of the tile types, each of which requires 2 blending maps; a vertical blend mask and a horizontal blend mask. The sixteenth tiletype is a special one that includes 15 specific blends, and may also include animation. This type is for water/liquid terrain that forms a distinct boundary instead of blending with other terrain types. In total each tileset includes 135 tiles. The artist will be provided with the original tiles (72x72px bmps), and information from the engine configuration guide on terrain tilesets. For the remake, the required tiles will be 144x144px.   (more...)

ome Internet Marketing Position Available: Training Included An exciting opportunity that can turn into a career for the right candidate. Internet Marketing company focussed on local businesses, looking for an Internet Marketing Assistant who can edit and submit content on the Internet to market products and generate Web site traffic. Training is included. You must have your own computer and high-speed Internet access. You need these basic skills to qualify for this exciting position: Basic typing and computer skills (Must know Microsoft Office and possess the ability to learn other software quickly) Experience browsing the Web and doing online research (Know how to find solutions and answers online, using Google to find information) Good spelling and grammar skills Writing and editing skills Graphics and design skills highly preferred Assuming these basic skills are present, you\'ll gain additional training in all areas of online marketing using video. This is an extremely rewarding position for someone who loves to learn, has a passion for details and is excited by the thought of Internet marketing and production. It\'s an opportunity to learn extremely valuable skills that can turn into a career. The ideal candidate has these qualities: Ability to select and edit pictures or photographs Some video experience Willingness to learn new software Highly organized Detail-oriented Enthusiastic Wants to work hard Reliable Self-starter Ability to follow directions and take notes Outstanding listener, pays attention to details Quick learner, wants to study and learn new skills continually Multi-tasks Executes tasks without being micromanaged Responsibilities include: Following instructions, managing details and completing tasks Listening to, watching and learning audio and video programs Doing online keyword research Creating basic scripts Turning pictures into videos Submitting videos online Checking and reporting results Work Location Your home or office Anticipated 15-30 hours per week initially, growing into full-time Access to software systems to submit content is included Starting pay is $5/hr. Pay varies depending on performance, experience and expertise. Bonuses will be provided to the candidate who measurably increases revenue. If you or someone you know has these skills and is willing to take on this exciting mission, please send your resume Please use a subject line of \"Internet Marketing Assistant\" in the subject line of your response. Send your: Resume, References and 5 reasons why you think you’ll be great for this position. Include any related experience and results you have received, especially if you have prior Internet marketing experience.   (more...)

banner in flash for this site \"\"plz send me ur sample of this which i attach if i like i will choose u thanks   (more...)

real estate investment association which is looking for an assistant to help us manage one of the programs we offer our business members. The job will include: inserting logos into powerpoints, editing short voice overs with a printed slate you create; creating links to go on our website, writing and or editing short articles, and some data entry.   (more...)

ike to find a reliable, experienced Android developer who can design and develop an image manipulation app that contains the following functionality: - Users may take a photo or select a photo from their phone - Once a photo is selected, the user identifies key facial features (eyes, mouth, chin) - The application then manipulates the image to make the subject seem overweight. This is a novelty application similar to \"Fat Booth\" and \"Bobble\" on the iPhone. Please review those applications to understand the requirements of this project.   (more...)

or an efficient, experienced developer with great communication skills and clean coding practices. We will provide professionally developed wireframes, user flows, and final UI graphics. The project is an iPhone app with the following components (all local, no server work): - Blog Tab (you will need to setup a simple CMS and pull in RSS feeds to allow the app administrator to update the app blog in real-time) - Image Gallery (take pictures or pull in from camera roll; standard implementation plus the ability to add captions) - Budget calculator (fairly simple; we\'ll provide everything you need) - Calendar w/ 4.0 local push. (This calendar will reside within the app and will not interface with the standard native iPhone calendar. It looks and functions very similar to the native calendar. Users can add appointments and reminders. Reminders are served through local push). We\'re just starting with oDesk, but we have lots of projects and I would love to find a reliable developer to work with in the long-term. User experience is paramount, so we will expect quality code that you have QA\'d yourself. Please send recently completed iPhone apps for me to review.   (more...)

create a Chat Roulette-like app for the iphone.   (more...)

he implementation and testing phases for the development of a Java mobile application   (more...)

repared islamic application in mobile   (more...)

need the blackberry app as per attached file. we will pay huge amount for this app. please only serious bidders apply. NOTE : WE will only pay after testing the app on simulator and device by ourselves. so there will be no upfront payment.   (more...)

g two Kseed apps - one for iphone and one for android. Using the content from apps should include a weekly topic selector, with a daily \"conversation\" broken up into the kseed 5-step process. should also include a progress chart, and successful completion badges. a shop link to purchase additional content, printed cards, wall charts, or wristbands, should be included. a free app should include all features and one week of cards (5).   (more...)

ing for a Iphone developer with audio & video streaming exp, I have aniphone and ipad app that i need to add streaming features. if you have agumented reality exp will be a plus. **Candidates must have apps demo features**   (more...)

idering paying to have a simple Blackberry application created that you enter your sobriety date and it will calculate how long you have been sober for and will have a motivational quote each day. So pretty simple, but would need this functionality and work on most BlackBerry devices. A lot depends on complexity and time as I do not want to invest much in this.   (more...)

ike a legal document/contract writen up outlining a business proposal to Global Wealth Trade Corporation. This document must specify that I, ___________, wishes to develop specific merchandise through Global Wealth Trade Corporations manufacturing facilities. (The designs will be on an attached document.) Also that G.W.T will benefit greatly from furthur global exposure through the music industry. That the retail profits through my clients will create exponential financial profit as well. The production of these rings may be in silver, tungston, or plangston. Please leave boxes to check which metal will be finalized for production. Also state that exact prices to be discussed* I would like an agreement to be made through this document, between myself and Global Wealth Trade Corporation, clearly stating that production of said ring merchandise is approved. *Another contract job will be available to the person who can create this document efficiently.   (more...)

n well experienced patent writer with proof of credibility. The candidate must have active patent examples, a strong previous work history, easy to reach and communicate. We may also need him for copywriter. The details will be given to right candidate after hiring or during interview. Please include your full work flow and quotation in your cover letter. Also state, if you are an individual or company to perform this job.   (more...)

meone with background in law school, to help me write a contract that I can use multiple times.   (more...)

the company logo   (more...)

ality logo designed for a website that I am working on for a non-profit organization.   (more...)

logo designed for a church. The name of the Church is Christ Community Baptist Church. I am envisioning a globe with a cross in the middle and hands being held around the globe.   (more...)

y is called Designs by Denise. I make one-of-a-kind bead necklaces and I am looking for a simple logo to represent this.   (more...)

logo design for our new site name $5   (more...)

logo we want to adjust slightly. The 3 variations of the logo can be seen at and and All 3 logos will be provided as Adobe Illustrator CS4 files. The tasks we need are as follows: 1. Convert the crescent in the camera from a color to transparent for the 3 logo files. 2. Create versions of each revised logo for use on Black backgrounds. 3. Return the 6 files to us as Adobe Illustrator CS4.   (more...)

creating a new travel/information portal about Nicaragua. I need a logo and nice font. the name of the website will be Viva Nicaragua. I need something modern, happy, colorful, related to travel and vacations. that could include some of the Nicaragua symbols ( or highlights (volcanoes, surf, sun...). If possible, i\'d like the logo to be attached to the name, I mean not the name alone, and then a logo on the side.   (more...)

logo for my store, Simple Living Books. The store is about agriculture/gardening/farming/organic food. We search for books published from 1850 to 1920, which are no longer circulated with the intent of reprinting these books for modern utilization. We revive these books by reformatting it and giving it a fresh new look for the contemporary readers. Every book is reformatted to an 8.5 x 11 inch layout, which makes reading a lot easier and enjoyable than in the original print. These books contain a wealth of knowledge, which we can make use of in our daily living and that will last for all time. PLEASE provide samples of logos that you have made. Thanks   (more...)

Logo for a new company Logo should be design from the 3 letters of the company name looks like a Nasca Line. I mean I would like to do the 3 letters (BCN) as was a Nasca lines. And I would like to add a symbol, unique that people can relate the symbol with the company image.   (more...)

logo designed. I will need the following: 1. Logo 2. Letterhead 3. Ability to use logo on web (incl thumbnail in url header) 4. Design of business cards   (more...)

10 part email series completed in word format. I need each of these 10 parts uploaded into aweber along with the template implemented (aweber has pre-made templates) with my e-book graphic placed in each email linked to my website. Once you create the first part of the 10, 2-10 will be simply to format the content into the body of the email since the template will be done.   (more...) needs to be marketed and I need need have it functioning again as it use to have million hits a month and got people auctioning and swapping   (more...)

ging email newsletters. Publish my website. Manage All my Customers, Leads and Websites. HTML Email Marketing Templates for any Campaign. Use RSS to Email Newsletters to Boost my Blog\'s Readership. Follow Up Autoresponder Keeps You in Touch with Prospects   (more...)

email template, send out emails, track results...give us ideas for marketing   (more...)

te: Photoshop/Indesign/Illustrator skills I give you photo and text concepts You bring the MAGIC! Help me take finished product and upload on various CRM/Email programs Looking for a long-term relationship at a reasonable rate Solid English with Creative CAN DO attitude Detail-oriented with good Project Management skill set SHOW ME YOUR PORTFOLIO If you also have Web Dev and SEO skills, we can do more future projects together. Sell me on what you bring to the table!   (more...)

unching a web site and will be sending out about 8 emails between now and July 15th. These will not be autoresponders. they will be manually entered and then sent. After the site is up and for a variety of other purposes we will be building a large email campaign on a regular basis with autoresponders and without them. If you have experience, know which programs to use you\'re in the ball game. If you know about spam rules, you made it to first base. If you can help us properly market with emails because of your marketing background as well as your email capabilities, you\'re on your way home.   (more...)

generate and maintain e-mail database of eligible potential clients, contact and sell advertising spots on website to eligible businesses.   (more...)

forum database and take usernames and emails.. the forum i didnt own   (more...)

arketing manager   (more...)

or a skilled email marketer who has used email platforms, can develop methods for email gathering and deliverability   (more...)

st of approximately 500 websites that need to be scraped for email addresses. Urgent turnaround required. Apply with: a) when you can start b) your total charge c) when you will be done   (more...)

, I\'m currently looking for an email marketing specialist who has experience developing then managing profitable lists. The list is being launched tonight so you will have a fresh list to work with. The list is going to be related to the Freelancing/Work from home niche. I expect the list to grow profitably as we attract more users. I will do the primary list-growing work and you will be responsible for the maintenance and profitability of that list. Please include examples of your previous email marketing work. If you can put together a brief outline of your tactics in preperations of an interview I would appreciate it.   (more...)

ing for a virtual assistant to help with Sales and Marketing. I run a Real Estate investment company who needs someone to process new listings. Post new listings, Build Buyers list, run our email marketing campaign and more. Ideal candidate would be very familiar with email marketing and html as well as good with all online classified sites. Including postlets, and criagslist. Looking for someone who is serious about working at least 4 hrs a day 5 days a week. The pay is $2 an hour with a chance for bonuses and pay raise   (more...)

e Marketing and Design is hiring a Email marketing professional to handle a specific clients weekly or every other week emails. Must have creative marketing strategies that know will work with . If this person proves themselves, there will be onging projects for other clients.   (more...)

u to load my content (i will provide you with finished content) to my blog, ezine articles, youtube, tube mogal, pod-casting directories, comments on blogs, hub pages, squidoo lens, social media sites, facebook, twitter, linked in, bookmarking plus others. I need you to have good understanding of social media and know SEO plus some good copywriting skills which you may need to be added for some posts. I need someone who is available, efficient and fast. I need someone who will do good quality work. This will be ongoing long term work. Thank you Jeremy   (more...)

ments on forums and classfieds -We will provide the possible title and content -The websites should be forums and classifieds from the Philippines -Maximum of 10 posts per domain -You should be able to do minimum of 25 posts per hour. -Please bid below $1.   (more...)

meone who can bring traffic specific to soccer - need to post in forums, blogs, social networking site   (more...)

acebook Fans In 30 Days (Canada and USA Fans Only) We are an acai, mangosteen and Himalayan crystal salt health company looking to generate buzz/leads and sales to our existing North American product line. You job is to have 10,000 new fans and generate at least 2000 clicks to our website within 30 days. If successfully completed you will receive a 50% pay raise in your hourly bid price. For example if you were hired at $5.00 an hour at the end of successfully completed this pay raise will go to $7.50/hour for similar type work and duration or you may remain building additional fans on facebook and earn additional bonuses YOU MUST POSSES THE FOLLOWING 4 Years of Health & Nutritional Knowledge 4 years of Social Media Marketing 3 Examples of Facebook Fan Pages no older than one year of at least 10,000 fans or more that we will verify or you have worked for another company building fans that can be verified. Duties will include * Post content on personal Wall * Add friends from the network groups * Invite friends to join the groups * Provide informative group information * Accepting friend requests and Installing facebook apps * Post content you create and also we provide. * Find unique ways to reach target markets. Position Start Monday June 21.   (more...)

e apply for this job paste 7777 in the first sentence of your reply, otherwise I will ignore your application. I am looking for someone with experience with adding fans to facebook fan pages. In your response please send me at least 3 people who you have added fans to their page. This will be a long term job so do not apply if you do not have experience and examples of your work with fan pages.   (more...)

I need someone who can find the name of blog owners and find their email address and Twitter. I’ll pay $15 for every list of 30 you can find. Specifics: I’ll send you a list of 30 blogs and I’ll need for you to fill in the blanks. What I’m going to be doing is emailing these blog owners, so I want their name, email address and Twitter (if they have one). Here’s the priority of information: First Name: Must have Last Name: Must have, but will accept first name only if Last Name cannot be found. Email address: Must have, but will accept Twitter only is email address cannot be found. Twitter only results can be no more than 10% of the list. Email addresses must be personal or work emails. Emails not accepted are:,,,, or any other email address that is a general support type mailbox that can be answered by anyone. Emails must be verified and results noted in another column in the spreadsheet. You can check the validity of emails here: Twitter: Nice to have   (more...)

ing for someone to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts increasing the number of followers / friends according to the specific interests that I outline. Attention to detail is critical. Please outline which social media tools you have experience with in your application, your relevant experience, as well as telling me why you think you are the best candidate for the job. This job is for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. To begin with there will be a 3 week trial, the successful candidate will have long term employment. You need to be able to start Monday 14th June. Tomorrow.   (more...)

oking for SMM expert that can provide us 5000 friends at facebook, targeted to be: women 30-50 PLUS - building fan page. If it will goes well - we will consider long term relationship please send relevant portfolio   (more...)

phone call and setting up appointments.   (more...)

telemarketig company who can run our b2b compain on commission basis. ONLY PAKISTANI AND PHILPINES CAN APPLY. DONT APPLY IF YOU DONT WANT TO WORK ON COMMISSION BASIS.   (more...)

elemarketers (preferably Teams) to boost our portfolio of businesses. The person must have verifiable managerial experience in this job. We may hire him as Manager and then let him build team. We are offering competitive salaries plus commissioned. Skills: - Experienced plus 5/5 English - Must be able to work full time - Must have desired equipment - Must have pleasant voice - Must be able to work between US (CT) Hours - Must be dependable, reliable and friendly Start the cover letter with word I can work.   (more...)

eeking candidates to make outgoing phone calls to homeowners to set up appointments for in-home sales. Candidates must have the ability to post appointments to online calendars and must have long distance service on your telephone system.   (more...)

kype pre-paid account, the applicant will be calling a provided list of clients whom will be invited to attend an event where they will see products which will improve their business. Applicants must be able to speak English fluently and understand the strong Australian accent. The applicant should have experience in telemarketing/telesales and have a geniune interest in providing a successful return for this investment. The applicant must be driven to succeed, and this will be achieved by reading a prepared script which will be read to the clients as they are telephoned.   (more...)

and experienced telemarketer required. Must speak both English and German fluently and with little accent. Computer and wired (not wireless) dsl connection are essential. An enthusiastic personality and pleasant nature are essential.   (more...)

call list from salesgenie or other online databases except Hoovers. I will pay $5 for every 2500 numbers, I need 5000 numbers, we can do the half delivery half payment process. This will be a weekly job for the right person with a current database. Specifications will be discussed during the interview.   (more...)

e the attached document for a full job description. Requirement for the job: fluent English (other necessary docs will be forwarded upon being awarded the project).   (more...)

find a market research on Churn Prevention in global market in Telco industry. I am interested in companies with BI like capabilities that provide churn prevention systems. I am interested in companies, products, pricing and pricing models. Examples of the companies are: Convergys,Business Logic Systems   (more...)

ny looking, for one person make a research on internet and by phone, about companies in Turkey selling empty printer cartridges, for give you an example witch kind of companies we are looking for, please check this two website: We looking for big and small companies located in Turkey, and at the end of the research we need emails and telephone numbers and responsible of selling.   (more...)

ike a list of all companies that are audited that have a business address within a 20 klm radius of our office at South Pine Road Strathpine QLD 4500 Australia. The list should include the name of each company and their address as a minimum. Other details to include if possible: - Turnover - Key Contact Person - Phone Number - Email Address - Current Auditor   (more...)

expereinced online Researcher required. Must have the following: * Perfect written & spoken English * Demonstrated experience researching a broad range of topics online through - Blogs - Forums - Organic searches - Google keyword tool - Public Domain sites - Social Media sites * Ability to structure research into summary reports * Ability to work autonmously & to deadlines * Good sense of humor! * Interest in numerous topics * Ability to read the marketing value behind the information researched * Also do some direct marketing to blog owners etc for possible joint ventures * Ability to offer ideas & new directions favoured Please only submit an application if you have the skills & confidence with all the above mentioned skills required. Please forward your past work expereince & cover letter. Starts Friday 11/06/10 Thank you.   (more...)

eking a candidate to research various components of the hemp cloth supply chain including, but not limited to the following. • Hemp cloth processing techniques/methods • Hemp manufacturers in Asia • Hemp clothing distributor and retailers in select geographic markets Citation of sources will be required. When applying for this position please include the following. • Sample writing • Sample research • Information about your research abilities • Amount of RAM in the computer you will use for your work • The speed of your Internet connection on the computer you will use for work Thank you and good luck.   (more...)

ng to find out the size of the freelance work market in Australia, New Zealand, United States, I need to find out how many freelancers there are in those countries, and how much they are earning - AND/OR - how many businesses outsource to freelancers, and how much they are spending. If we can break it down into categories of their spend, it would be great.   (more...)

or candidates who can determine an individual\'s Myers Briggs personality type with high reliability. Either by 1) figuring out what type a person is, or 2) locating people whose types are known. I hope for each worker to locate between 3-10 people of each of the 16 types. Then administer a survey to those people, the key being that their types are known.   (more...)

orth america, must have calling plan ask survey questions guide user to our website to complete survey form   (more...)

ing for an all round marketing assistant to work with me on an ongoing basis Work will be a minimum of 10 hours per week Key Skills are Web Research Article Writing Wordpress usage SEO Newsletter preparation Keynote/Pages Brochure Preparation Graphic Design must be odesk ready, Self Starter This will be a great job for a highly motivated , self starter As i will give basic ideas but will be looking for someone to take this to the next level Research/Article Writing are key skills required plus ability to represent content in power point and news letters I have a long list of jobs that will keep the right person busy for quite a while This job will grow and perhaps become full time   (more...)

ary: To be responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet agreed company objectives. To evaluate customer research, market conditions, competitor data and implement marketing plan alterations as needed. To oversees all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities. Responsibilities: Responsible for the marketing of company products and services to the right market whether within the public sector. Demonstrate technical marketing skills and company product knowledge. Develop a marketing plan in conjunction with the committee. This should detail the year’s activity to meet agreed company objectives. Budget management. To deliver all marketing activity within the agreed budget. To manage all aspects of advertising designs, print production, receipt and distribution. To achieve frequent, timely and positive media coverage across all available media. To managing the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities. To conduct market research in order to identify market requirements for current and future products. To develop and implement a company-wide plan to push product, working with all departments for its execution To analyse potential strategic partner relationships for product lines. Relationships and Roles: To demonstrate the ability to interact and cooperate with all company employees. To build trust, value others, communicate effectively, drive execution, foster innovation, focus on delivery to customers, collaborate with others, solve problems creatively and demonstrate high integrity. Maintain professional internal and external relationships that meet company core values. Proactively establish and maintain effective working team relationships with all support departments. Job Specifications: Approximately 4-6 years of sales experience in the marketing industry. Experience with a company in a related company sector. Extensive experience of developing, maintaining and delivering on marketing strategies to meet company objectives. A strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements. A proven ability to oversee all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities.   (more...)

electronics recycling company in the USA. We are looking to expand into Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before we do so, we would like to do some market research about what is going on in the area in regards to electronics recycling. I would like to have someone who is in the Buenos Aires area research this information for me. 1. What kind of major companies are in Buenos Aires? 2. What do people do with older obsolete computers? 3. Are there electronics recycling companies in Argentina? 4. Find out if there are people who collect the electronics? There is more information that I will need. But I am looking for someone that can make calls and document their findings. You must be bilingual. Please submit your qualifications.   (more...)

esearch done on the potential markets for high definition sports broadcasting done over low-bandwith connections. To achieve this, we\'d like the information broken down by Canada, US, UK and China to identify the markets that are underserved by high speed internet correlated to the level of interest in sports. We\'d also like research on the viewership of HD sporting events by type on-line and which websites provide the service. We\'d also like to know the pricing of on-line HD sports viewing websites.   (more...)

omeone who is especially skilled at finding things on the internet. We need you to compile a list of companies in a specific market that are not very easy to find. If you think you have what it takes, we want to talk with you!   (more...)

l based in London ( urgently requires English speaking Ex-pats or Malaysians for interview work starting on Monday 07 June for one week only.   (more...)

r anyone with high level of English! Face-to-face interviewers required. Start date Monday 7th June for one week only in Phuket, Thailand Must be professional, enthusiastic and very confident. Please only reply if start date possible for you.   (more...)

ike market research into the wholesale and RRP price of finger tip pulse oximeters within the Australian arena. I need a breakdown of the prices and types of different finger tip pulse oximeters in a spreadsheet. Once the Australian finger tip pulse oximeter market has been analysed I need identified potential overseas suppliers for these oximeters.   (more...)

s providing services to one of our client in India who wants to launch their segway vehicle in US and Canada market. The job is to do market research of the segway vehicle in US/Cananda and come up with price/features comparison chart. The candidate shall be excellent in english communication and able to provide research results in the standard readable document format. Complete job description will be provided during interview.   (more...)

ing for a candidate who can go to a business website, contact the business via phone (Fluent in English a MUST) to verify certain aspects of the business (no sales!) then input that information into excel...eventually directly into our online contact manager. This is a trial to find the right individual, which can turn into additional work.   (more...)

ails calling north american destinations; therefore fluency in english and/or spanish is a must. - must have free long distance calling plans - flexible work hours, but must be available to work during 11am - 11pm eastern time zones - must enjoy speaking on the phone, and guide user to complete survey of few questions - internet availability required - communication with our team on timely manner is required - ability to ask and note down correct info into Excel   (more...)

ever considered earning money whilst shopping? Ever wanted to get your feedback or complaint straight to the top? It might sound too good to be true, but in fact it sounds like mystery shopping. By joining our company\'s ever growing family this can all be possible. To be a successful mystery shopper you will need to work to deadlines and adjust to all different types of scenarios. With us you will be asked to mystery shop in all sectors from simple calls & high street retail stores to luxury accommodations and transport. We are always very happy to welcome new members on our Shopper team from all over the world, anyone with eye for detail; awareness to deadline commitment is welcome to sign up, for free, on our shopper website (   (more...)

list of 100 individuals and/or companies who buy collections of motorcycle magazines. I have a collection of several different motorcycle publications dating back to the 1960s and I want to sell the entire collection. I need to find buyers for my collection. I am looking for someone who is willing to do this one job at a lower rate of pay, $1 per hour and if you prove to be a good candidate you will be the first to be considered for the marketing campaigns that I am planning for this collection and also for the marketing of two other businesses which will use a lot of classified ad posting work. The second job will be at higher pay because I know I\'ve found a good worker. I don\'t want to spend money at higher rates to several people just to find out they aren\'t doing the job correctly and that\'s why I\'m offering a lower pay rate on the first job, when you have proven your abilities, I will pay more. Thank you.   (more...)

trepreneur would like to hire an assistant/business planner with exceptional vision. S/he must have an exceptional skill to search for information, analyze/organize data and ability to communicate the findings. The entrepreneur would like to conduct a thorough market research study about \"patients\' education material\" production suitable for the European and North American Market. The $100 budget is for brief a market research study. More than one candidate may be hired for the same position. Only the best one will be offer a long term position at an hourly rate later.   (more...)

sic breakdown by version of Office Suite user distribution from Office \'97 through Office 2007. For example: Office 97: xx% Office 2000: xx% and so on. This would only be for Windows Office Suite users but if there were overall numbers for Mac users that would be helpful too (i.e. xx% of Office Suite users are on the Mac platform). (1) What experience do you have regarding Office Suite research or similar research? (2) How do you plan to approach this problem? (3) This project may ultimately be best paid at a Fixed-Price. In either case, please detail your time and costs.   (more...)

ing for an eatery in NYC that is launching a line of Smoothies and a Pasta Bar. I need you to find out as many other restaurants/locations in NYC and their menu offerings for Smoothies and Pasta Bars. In your proposal, please outline the resources you will use to find out this information. I will be giving you a list of 30 locations of our client. You will need to find out all of the competition within a few blocks of each location, as well as their menu offerings. These are all based in Manhattan.   (more...)

f blog/website research = \"XXX\" 1) Identify the (50-100) most influential “ XXXXXX” blogs and websites by rank, influence, # of readership. a. Include “ZZZZZ” oriented blogs that may have a “VVVVVV” or “KKKKKKK” column. 2) Identify the most influential writers (75-100+) within those blogs who about “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” 3)Rank blogs by market influence – 4)Rank most influential writers of “XXXXXXX” topic by reader ship followers - a.Include Full contact info: email/mailing address if available/phone. 5)Visit related “XXXXXXX” forums and search for recurring problems and themes. Put each category in excel spread sheet with headings. Rank highest to lowest. When responding please include detailed descriptions of research done in past and the results.   (more...)

business proposal: We are seeking a a small or medium Tele marketing firm based in the Philippine who has proven experience in lead generation for these specific leads / requirements below (please, we do not answer messages for companies that do not meet all the requirements , it is essential that all items below are answered): 1) Only United States Leads for: -Debt Leads (Debt Consolidation / Debt Settlement) only with debts equal or greater than $10k (lead example attached); -Auto insurance leads (lead example attached); -Life Insurance Leads (lead example attached); -Health Insurance Leads (lead example attached); 2) Requires proven experience in lead generation and a free trial for 1 week (if the lead quality is good, we\'ll pay for these leads as well); 3) English fluently as a native; 4) Desirable to have its own list of phone leads to make the connections, otherwise we can provide; 5) We require the signature of a contract in the form of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA); 6) Desirable that you already have a specific script to make calls (please send a copy so we can make the necessary changes); 7) Availability required for sending leads from Monday to Saturday promptly until 9:00 am (U.S. East); 8) We require sending a copy of calls recording once a week; 9) Desirable to have leads samples; 10) Availability to start immediately; 11) Desirable brochure presenting the company with all contacts, business experience, etc. (as much information, samples, customer testimonials, the better the chance of being hired); 12) Need to have your own predictive dialer and the ability to make unlimited calls to all USA states. 13) Additional information on the work methodology will be discussed at interview; * If you can get/have experience with any of the 4 types of leads we need, please let us know. We offer: - weekly on time payments through oDesk; - exclusivity (signing a contract under a non-disclosure agreement - NDA) - bonuses for goals achieved -a long term business   (more...)

nt a car in my holiday in cyprus, and the rental company charged me too much - more than we have talked about. I did a FULL insurance for my 4 days holiday, and neede to return the car with a full fuel tank. when I returned the car-I told the guy that welcomed me that the fuel is not full and I need to put some full inside, but that guy (from the rental company) told me I that dont have to fuel it, and its ok... and then, when I came back to my country, I saw that they have charged me extra, and I guess it was because of the missing fuel.. I need someone to make phone calls to the rental company, and argue with them about that-because I want to get my money back!!   (more...)

company that sells toner and ink cartridges for office printers, faxes and copiers. I also sell a few printers which require parts and service. I make my own deliveries in the local Hartford - Springfield, MA territory. The business only average a few orders and calls per day. I need someone familiar with QuickBooks to remotely monitor emails and faxes. The assistant will enter customer invoices, vendor purchase orders, receive inventory, enter bills create new items and customers into QuckBooks. Accuracy in selecting the correct cartridge is of paramount importance. Some research matching the correct cartridge with a printer will be involved. Right now all business phone calls are forwarded to my cell but eventually they could be forwarded to an assistant. The assistant will use remote desktop connection. This job will be created to enable me to spend more time out of my home office. I will want to coordinate with the assistant such that one of us is ‘in the office’ during normal working hours of 8 am to 5pm EST. Since this is a home office I am normally ‘in the office’ during the early and late hours and some times for lunch. The assistant will not be required to work during the time I am out of the office, however, I will need them to be available to me for phone calls. These calls will be requests to access information available on the company server via ‘remote desktop’ or request information from vendors or customers. The assistant will also be responsible to ‘remote desktop’ in hourly when I am not in the office and enter the invoices and resulting purchase orders into QuickBooks and answer customer questions and/or call me on my cell for help. There will be more ‘available time’ than ‘working time’ and I need to know how you will bill for that.   (more...)

elp in testing our client\'s websites for efficiency and email deliver ability. Each project requires you to submit your basic information as a REAL CUSTOMER would. Then, you must get and return the confirmation email you receive with the TIME STAMP. This helps us to confirm the deliver ability of the website. We expect the total time investment will be    (more...)

ing for shopping software. download software which does comparative shopping. search for products and click on comparisons.   (more...)

hop   (more...)

eed of someone to help us set up google Local Listings. You should have some SEO knowledge and know about keywords. I will train. You must speak English well because you will be calling clients to verify their phone number using googles phone verification validation program. So you must be able to work during normal US business hours. You will be setting up new accounts in Google and inputting business data into Google Places. Then calling the client to do the phone verification. You will also do this same process with one other directory like So you will be setting up 2 profiles per project. Please only apply if you are very professional on the phone and will be working during US Business hours. Thanks, Todd   (more...)


ing for an individual who lives in Bangkok and speaks fluent English and Thai. I run an export business and my suppiers are in Thailand and I am in the US. This would be an excellent opportunity for a student. The job would only be for a few hours a week (between 3-10 hours) and can be done any time during business hours be ongoing and the duties would be as follows: -Serve as liaison between me an Thai suppliers (suppliers don\'t speak English and I don\'t speak Thai) -Visit current suppliers in Bangkok and place orders when needed -Communicate with suppliers on new products, photos etc. -Handle shipping with Fedex, UPS, DHL -Find new suppliers -Help grow business Qualifications: -Live in Bangkok and have ability to travel within Bangkok -Great communication skills in English/Thai -Honest and Hard worker -International Trade/Shipping experience -Business Experience -Available a for telephone/skype conversations once a week or as needed. Serious Applicants Only!   (more...)

requirements of this position is to monitor a web application which will update itself with information, that needs to be copied and pasted into another web application. After that is done, you have to wait for a confirmation message and then click a button according to which message appeared. Time is of the essence on this job, once the information is populated it has to be entered within 30 minutes. This job doesn\'t require constant attention, you will only have to key a few pieces of data an hour.   (more...)

Service Personel, required to assist with customer enquiries   (more...)

ng to work with 2 honest people who absolutely loves to make phone calls, set appointment, confirm appointments, do intro\'s on conference calls and send electronic thank you cards to my clients, ! As you know the telephone is still the most powerful marketing tool, and I need help making the calls I need to make to take my business to the next level. If you love the phone, are not shy, are very friendly and passionate, and don\'t mind making dozens of calls a day aswell as organizing conference calls, I want to speak with you! Before I hire anyone on my team though, you must go through a few tests before I can be convinced that you are suitable for the job. This position is paid based on performance. There is no guaranteed is $2 an hour This is a 12 month contract and promotions to a higher hourly pay is very possible based on results. Last Call!   (more...)

seller that uses a Reseller Panel and I receive payments through a company called CashU, I am thinking of linking the payment website to the Reseller panel so when a customer pays he will get the username and password automatically. So basically, I am looking for an automated system that can save my time. Second, I need to develop a way that enable me to track the people who work in marketing since I am paying them by commision. I don\'t know what would be the best way to do so.   (more...)

looking for a full time contract for order processing. Working hours is 08:-16:30 EST and 5 hours on Saturday or Sunday. I will provide the training. The budget is up to $1.20 an hour. If you bid for more than that you will be rejected automatically. Excellent english is required. Easy job. Thanks.   (more...)

requires two unique functions: Function 1: I\'m on a very tight budget but need someone who speaks proficient English to answer the phone on my company\'s behalf, take messages, email messages, be willing to make follow up calls, and represent our company as the first person prospective clients and partner call in a very professional manner. Also with this function you will lead a teleconference each morning where you will present company messages to our Independent Sales Associates. You\'ll be representing our company on the frontline. This function requires four hours per/day. Function 2: In addition to this I need the same person to be able to make out bound sales calls for four additional hours per day. There is no sales quota required as some cold calling may be reqired. My company will train you and provide you with commissions for all sales you generate. Since we are unable to pay a very high hourly wage, we offer a generous 50% commission structure on all direct sales, while offering a 25% commission on all secondary sales generated through you recruiting others to our sales force. This position requires 8 hours per day total. You begin work at 8 am (central time zone) and work until 12 pm. Then you resume back to work at 4 pm and work until 8 pm.   (more...)

oking for a customer support specialist to join our team. You will be making follow up telephone calls for me as my assistant. I need someone with a nice smooth voice who is comfortable on the phone. If you wish to apply to this position we will want to hear your phone voice. Please call my message box at 813-421-3603 and leave a nice clear message about yourself. We will use that message to review your voice. Applicant must be able to get a local area code number when hired. Estimated pay to start is $4/hour Will start at 15 hours per week. Would increase quickly to around 30 or 40   (more...)

T CONTENT----- Looking for a young pleasant/exciting voice who can read some sex stories that will be recorded. This will be ongoing for the right voice. Small sample will be required.   (more...)

small healthcare company that provides healthcare services to older patients in a hospital setting. After patients are discharged, we are required to contact patients (by phone) and ask them a series of 20 questions about their healthcare status. Each survey should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. We conduct about 1,500 surveys a month. Required: Speak Engish clearly; high sped internet access and ability to initiate outbound phone calls to the U.S.   (more...)

small firm - we need: -to forward all of our calls to one place and them answer by our business name -People answering our calls that speak exemplary english and that are detail oriented - a follow up email to us stating that person who called with their name, phone number and email address. Answering must happen between 10am est and 6pm est. We have a low volume of calls so   (more...)

e North American person (no companies, please) that can handle occasional calls from 8am Eastern until 8pm Eastern. Even later is a plus, but not at all necessary. (This does not mean 11 hours of work per day, it means about 3 callsets a day right now, though it\'s on the upswing.) I\'m doing this job myself right now, and I\'m about to hit a hard limit on my own time, so I need to replace myself in this spot. Here\'s the process: Initial Phone Call: 5-10 minutes Seller calls you through our toll-free system, you use an online appraisal tool to give them a conditional price while on the phone, and you acquire serial number. Inform Seller where and when they can be met with cash for their item. Please include the word \'jabberwocky\' in your subject line reply to this posting to let me know you have read this whole posting carefully. 2nd Call: 3 minutes You call a special number to check the serial number. 3rd Call/text: 2 minutes You contact local pickup partner with time, location, and conditional price. All purchases must be logged through googledocs form/spreadsheet. (provided) Your phone number will never be exposed to the public, as long as you follow procedure when making any necessary callbacks. (Through the tollfree system) You must be totally comfortable on the phone with a variety of accents, and you must be able to understand southern and \'ghetto\' accents. You must be comfortable with Gmail, Gdocs, Gcal, and - we use them for everything we do. You must be a de