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or someone that can supply solutions to Business Finance exams Basic level - you can even use Google to get the answers You must be QUALIFIED Regular long term work available to right person. No Upfront   (more...)

tly looking for a Tutor in Stats I have exam questions - need solutions.   (more...)

ing for an accountant that can supply with Multiple Choice questions on IFRS ( Financial Accounting). All the multiple choice questions need to have 4 options only and need to be original ( not copy and paste from a book) This posting is an interview test for you to produce 5 unique multiple choice questions, with 4 options and the correct solution. The rate of pay is only $5 (or less) BUT if you can do a good job providing these samples, i will hire you to make 100 questions but a better price. This job posting is for 5 questions on topic IAS 8 No upfront paid Deadline for 5 questions is less than 12hrs   (more...)

ing for an accountant that can supply with Multiple Choice questions on IFRS ( Financial Accounting). All the multiple choice questions need to have 4 options only and need to be original ( not copy and paste from a book) This posting is an interview test for you to produce 5 unique multiple choice questions, with 4 options and the correct solution. The rate of pay is only $5 (or less) BUT if you can do a good job providing these samples, i will hire you to make 100 questions but a better price. This job posting is for 5 questions on topic IAS 1 No upfront paid Deadline for 5 questions is less than 12hrs   (more...)

ing for an accountant that can supply with Multiple Choice questions on IFRS ( Financial Accounting). All the multiple choice questions need to have 4 options only and need to be original ( not copy and paste from a book) This posting is an interview test for you to produce 5 unique multiple choice questions, with 4 options and the correct solution. The rate of pay is only $5 (or less) BUT if you can do a good job providing these samples, i will hire you to make 100 questions but a better price. This job posting is for 5 questions on topic IFRS 2 No upfront paid Deadline for 5 questions is less than 12hrs   (more...)

ee detailed system flow with examples. MULTI USER ACCESS IS A MUST. ADMIN MAY CHOOSE WHAT PRIVILEDGE IS GIVEN TO A USER. Invoicing and orders: Invoice made by MAKER. Invoice for approval of ADMIN or CHECKER. Invoice turns to Purchase Order Purchase Order Approved by ADMIN. Approved PO is faxed to supplier then delivered. Approved PO may be delivered but unpaid. PO must have identity for which Customer ID After receiving stocks, records to system. Editable BY ADMIN ONLY Reporting --- Accounting - Unpaid accts, Invoices, Payments, Balance Sheet, Profit/loss statement, Sales Report, Chart of accounts. Inventory: Low level stock alarm Transferring of stocks between warehouses must be possible only with ADMIN or CHECKER APPROVAL. Customers list only needs Customer ID and Name, no address and other info needed. Selling stocks -- must reflect from PO - intended for which customer ID and to which it is sold. (i.e. 10 pcs Piston requested by DT1 but was taken by DT2) Stocks are in Liters, pcs, kilos Reporting --- stock inventory, sold stocks inventory some stocks are based by trip tickets. so there should be a report on fuel consumption per number of kilometers. ACCOUNTING: Income - Bank Deposits, Rentals, Accounts recievable Expenses - Payroll, Fuels and Lubricants, Meals, Misc, Insurance, Utilities, Postage, Delivery & Fares, Equipment Rental, Accounts payable, may add more. Must have ledger details. ONLINE: All transactions may be inputted offline but non-approval, a button to submit to a website. Approval of PO must be Online. Must be able to view all data after submission of all reports and activities. One click backup and readable by another computer. Any other things the designer of the system suggests is always welcome. any revisions to the system in order to be more user friendly is also welcome. Good luck!   (more...)

n the process of applying for federal tax exemption recognition status IRS FORM 1023 for my new charity. I would like to hire an accountant that can complete the financial data portion of the application since it is asking for past, present and future projections that must be estimated since I am new charity organization. Thank you.   (more...)

y For a Small Business using Quickbooks Pro 2010. Data Entry for 18 months of bank statements. Average of 100 monthly entries.   (more...)

must have quickbooks and have strong skills with using quickbooks. Must understand tax laws and preparing financial statements in accordance with GAAP. Must understand how to prepare taxes.   (more...)

ng for an accountant that can produce 80-100 multiple choice questions for the following Accounting Standards IFRS-2 IFRS-3 IFRS-5 IAS-8 IAS-11 IAS-12 IAS-17 IAS-18 IAS-20 IAS-23 IAS-27 IAS-28 IAS-31 IAS-38 IAS-39 and IAS-24,IAS-2, IAS-40, IAS-37, IAS-16 Will pay $20 per standard - maybe more No Upfront paid   (more...)

ing for someone to start and help implement a QuickBooks system, in my small business. My installation would be pretty simple, as I have a small business, that is pretty new. Below are some of the requirements I would be looking for in this system: • Track orders assigned/completed/due o Assign orders via the tool • Track all money: o Owed by clients o Received by clients o Due/Paid to Vendors • Generate Reports o Money Owed By Client, by order • Link with bank accounts, to manage finances Additional duties would include • Reconcile all past accounting • Ongoing accounting reconcilliation I currently have all of my data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. If this is something that you think that you could do, please respond to this posting with your QuickBooks skills and system implementation history and any business accounting experience that you have using Quickbooks   (more...)

or a CPA or Enrolled Agent who\'s expert on CA - USA tax laws for individual and business. And must has formal license or education in accounting. With good references.   (more...)

imrpove my English in general and business English in particular. Mother tongue English level and business English knowledge.   (more...)

bookkeeping business in Australia, offering casual work. The successful applicant would enjoy working with figures processing accounts for small businesses. Ideally, this position would suit someone with accounting experience. Criteria: 1. Good data entry and MYOB accounting skills essential 2. A can-do attitude 3. Attention to detail 4. To work together well as a team 5. Offer good work ethics   (more...)

ho has any experience in stock broker. Must be residing in the United States. Thank you.   (more...)

oking for a provider to do a huge market research to collect the information regarding the big contractor companies. The main search would be on Google and Yahoo. The companies must be big enough to work overseas and would work for the government. Our consortium is good to shake hand with big companies on long terms basis. The successful candidate must be able to bring such companies on board. The successful candidate firstly lists the big infrastructure contractors and then will sort out them according to their size. Then he will be responsible for writing them a investment proposal on our behalf. The successful candidate should also know the Accounting basic study and should command over writing and oral English. This is a long term opportunity and enjoyable work for the right candidate. We\'re initially looking for the provider to test his skills so the initial hourly payment wouldn\'t be more than $1/hr with good bonuses. This is a full time position and intends to carry this relation to more than 6 months. Once provider proves himself to us with his skills then hourly rate would be increased considerably.   (more...)

ng to keep my sales volume at a predictable level each month at $XXX,XXX It employs a trial offer to subscription strategy. My business has the following retention model statistics: Day 1 - Customer signs up for trial at $X.XX Day 15 - XX% of customers convert to paid membership for $XX.XX Day 44 - XX% of customers from Day 15 stay in club and get billed $XX.XX Day 74 - XX% attrition from Day 44 (repeats every month until cancels out) I am trying to come up w/ a formula that takes into account this model and predicts how many new customers i need to make sure i have $XX,XXX being billed every month in total sales taking into account attrition i need a 1 year analysis of this cycle, by EXCEL spreadsheet would also like to implement into my current spreadsheet   (more...)

or a tutor in management accounting who understands the following concepts: Cash Budgets ABC Absorption Costing Marginal Costing Variable Costing Process Costing The first task is to provide solution to the most recent exam paper Is this something you can do? No upfront paid but regular milestone payments will be made   (more...)

com) is a young but fast growing company. Looking for a Chartered Accountant and Bookkeeper to help get us organized and file a Corporate Tax return. (Kitchener / Waterloo area would be ideal)   (more...)

ng for sage Accpac certified consultant to input accounting entries into Accpac ERP. Entries will include cheques, payroll records, Bank Deposits, A/R, A/P, Taxes from Jan 1st 2010 through June 2010. Once the postings are done, P&L statements will be prepared from Accpac. This ERP system was implemented in January but the old system is till being used for cheque register. We will provide Check register from the old system and all other Accounting entries required to finish the project. Please contact us as we would like this done immediately. Thank you ASKhan   (more...)

Analytics in New York is looking to engage an accounting professional certified to practice in Taiwan. We would prefer someone with at-least 5 years of accounting experience and knowledge of company structure information and rules in Taiwan. They would serve in modifying our existing Chinese based training course to fit Taiwan’s accounting regulations. We expect this process to take no more then 10-hours.   (more...)

is looking to engage an accounting professional certified to practice in Brazil (by IFRS regulations). We would prefer someone with at-least 5 years of accounting experience and knowledge of accounting practices in the US. They would serve in modifying our existing US based training course to fit Brazilian accounting regulations. We expect this process to take no more then 10-hours.   (more...)

oking for an accountant (CPA) to handle the review and sign off of our finances. Also need financial advice, tax prep (quarterly as well as annual), and consulting. We currently enter all of our finances in quickbooks online and are very organized, we just need full review and approval of our methods, as well as handling the taxes and strategies of our bookkeeping.   (more...)

oking for a provider who is a legal United States citizen. I have a need for 2 people with strong management in third party collections including some student loans, the student loan experience is a must have. Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Cof Collections will use their education, background and entrepreneurial spirit to ensure growth, development of processes, and monitor all aspects of operations to include: *Ensuring the integrity of all debt collection related processes and, when necessary, creating new processes that are responsive to the requirements of customers. Ensuring strict adherence to the processes and protocols for effective debt collection in accordance with the requirements of customers. *Many customers have unique prescribed styles and collection programs. * Establishing/monitoring and continuously improving the performance metrics of the collection floor and providing performance reports to executive management. Driving collection personnel to the highest level of performance possible, within the corporate guidelines and culture of demanding high performance while at the same time treating all employees as with courtesy and professional respect. Driving enhanced profitability through innovative approaches for increasing efficiency, productivity and workforce enhancement. Ensuring that processes and the performance of those processes are in strict compliance to all laws applying to the debt collection industry. Consistently achieve adequate staffing levels of all levels of operations in response to the growing needs of the company. Determine workflow and portfolio placements to the collections floor to optimize efficiency and profitability on each customers portfolio. Ensuring management development for manager and team leads and develop a bench of management and supervisory candidate to draw on as the company grows. *Work in partnership with Human Resources to develop and maintain effective training programs for all aspect of the collections floor. Take the lead role in driving continuous improvement in collections processes and results, working in close cooperation with other function areas such as HR and IT. Other duties as assigned. Job Requirements: Preferred: 10 years experience in the collection industry. 5 years experience in management/leadership roles. The candidate for this postion should have a background in the debt collections industry, preferably with experience in collecting student debt. A candidate with such industry background would be expected to have a solid base of knowledge in the following areas: Comprehensive grasp of all collection laws, both federal and state. Comprehensive knowledge and experience in collections, skip tracing, compliance, client service, staff development/training, and administrative related functions. History of leadership of a collections floor A history of complex process management and continuous improvement practices. 10 years experience in the collection industry. 5 years experience in management/leadership roles. Required: Minimum of a Bachelor\'s Degree in Business Administration, Finance or related field Personal qualities/characteristics: *High integrity *Demonstrated leadership of 200+ employees *Creative problem solving *Strategic thinking * Collaborative team building approach *Commitment to continuous improvement * Proven results   (more...)

lient is an educational institute and is looking for an experienced accountant who understands International Reporting Standards , IFRS We require you to make 100 multiple choice questions with 4 options, A, B, C, D and the solution explanation for an online exam based module We require all the IAS standards to be completed but this job posting is for IFRS 3, Business combinations Please contact me if you can do this task efficiently and quickly. No Upfront but regular work - see my other jobs too   (more...)

ccounts For our company to send to COMPANIES HOUSE UK, we have deleted our old ones my mistake   (more...)

omeone to prepare end of year accounts for a small company. All data is in excel format. Regular work for qualified person.   (more...)

re looking for an financial accountant that has a good understanding of Financial Reporting , in particular IFRS 2009 We are looking for someone to produce 50-75 exam type multiple choice questions (with 4 options) under each IAS standard For example , for IAS 40 , I need some standard and accurate exam questions giving the student and understanding of the accounting treatment of research and development We there are 22 topics in total and we are willing to pay US$500 plus bonus for quality and reliable work .We will pay per milestone so you are also happy - we don’t pay upfront as it is difficult to assess your skill from an interview Please do not copy and paste questions and please do not give silly questions as I am experienced in this topic and understand the international accounting standards quite well The topics required are : IFRS 2 IFRS 3 IFRS 5 IAS 2 IAS 8 IAS 10 IAS 11 IAS 12 IAS 16 IAS 17 IAS 18 IAS 20 IAS 23 IAS 24 IAS 27 IAS 28 IAS 31 IAS 36 IAS 37 IAS 38 IAS 39 IAS 40   (more...)

s- 2years back with .. I have a corporation that has $0 in tax liability. , Projectionss will be 350,000 in a year for the next 2 years UCC filing that says I have paid the company 20,000 to borrow and the company still owes me 10,000. Thank you for your help   (more...)

ike to find someone to QuickBooks data entry and finish bank reconciliations. I will send you all source docs in PDF and a backup copy of the Quick Books File. if you have a good computer and high speed internet, then send your rates and some bio info.   (more...)

nantial statement,payroll,recording invoicess and receipt, recording transaction , making a daily and monthly report   (more...)

on of annual accounts for ltd companies and unincorporated businesses   (more...)

or Timberline accounting software.   (more...)

need for a team of part time accountants and bookeepers to help organize our accounts. Please apply if you are a highly organized, part time CPA, with experience paying bills, making cash reports, analyzing accounts payable and receivable, cash flow, and/or making budgets. Experience with Peachtree is a plus.   (more...)

CPA to provide accounting for an investment partnership that will be starting up in the next few months. What is expected of you: Our proposed investment fund will have partners contributing different amounts on our launch date. The net asset value (NAV) of the fund will be $10.00 on start date and then obviously change from there based on investment performance. The finished product we need will be derived from two sources of information given to you: First, brokerage statements will be provided to you which will show the assets under management, dividends and interest received, and any new deposits made for the upcoming quarter. Our fund will be open for subscriptions and redemptions on a quarterly basis after we launch at $10.00 per share NAV. The brokerage statements will provide all the information needed to for you to calculate NAV and provide Income and Balance Sheet statements. Included in this document are the T-account details showing the changes from period to the next in Income and Balance Sheet entries. Secondly, we will provide you with documentation about how much each investor contributed into the partnership. For investors at launch, they will have a certain amount of shares outstanding (contributed capital divided by the $10.00 starting NAV). For investors that join later they will have a contribution dollar amount and the shares outstanding will be that value divided by the NAV for that quarter. This information will give you enough to calculate the shares owned by each investor based on the dollar amount contributed (which we give) and the NAV at the start of the quarter (which you calculate). The final product here will be one page documents showing account balances for each investor based on contributed capital, NAV price at buy in, when they first invested, current account balance, contact information for investor, etc. All this information is done by one accountant for each quarter and is delivered around the 10th day following a new quarter - Jan 10, April 10, July 10, Oct 10. Based on our discussions and experiences with other accountants, it takes approximately 6-8 hours of work each quarter to process the NAV, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, associated T-Accounts, and individual investor account balance statements. This will be pretty simple work for any true CPA and an easy way to make some extra money every quarter. If we are pleased with the quality of work, there is the option to expand your responsibilities to other back office organization and tax preparation. Thank you for your interest. Cordially, Jake Taylor President/CEO of Farnam Street Investments, LLC   (more...)

e CPA *Knowledge of bookkeeping and generally accepted principles of governmental accounting *Knowledge of accounting techniques and procedures *Knowledge of how to create reports or export reports to Excel. Description of Job *Data entry, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your accounting system. On a monthly basis, close the books, prepare financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statements), review outstanding payables and aging receivables, and cash flow *Analyze and prepare taxes for correct payment to Department of Revenue for sales and use tax *Diagnose accounting problems *Maintain records of departmental spending and adjust budget as needed I look forward to working with you..   (more...)

fully qualified and experienced Bookeeeper or Accountant and experienced in all activities in relation to finacial transactions in Navision. Must be able to setup multi-company accounts and record intercompany transactions All transactions should be recorded as per UK Inland Revenue regulations Must be able to produce monthly and year end accounts and VAT returns every quarter   (more...)

or administrative support. Ideal candidate should have experience doing sample requests, tech packs, and production for goods as well as knowledge or familiarity with day to day running of a clothing line. Working with warehouse to ship orders, knowledge of quickbooks and ability to do invoices and help keep a smooth flow of the order and running of the business. Knowledge of quickbooks is important as well as proficiency with spreadsheets. Person must be very organized and detailed and experienced within this industry.   (more...)

e experience with US residential and commercial real estate bookkeeping -Must be knowledgeable with Quickbooks   (more...)

have great knowledge in Quick books Excel and book keeping   (more...)

equiring ongoing bookkeeping help as well as catching up my books from the last 3 years. This includes : Small business accounts for property rentals an development. Education & Consulting Business startup to formalisation as a Ltd company. My accounting is a mess and needs a complete overhaul, putting systems in place for AP and AR, as well as budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Tax guidance is also needed. I will get either all documents scanned an transfered to you for data entry or entered here into spreadsheets. Although not yet set up I would like quickbooks to be used as the system an everything set up within that. The winning bidder will be someone who is pro-active, affordable and big picture driven. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get me out of the weeds and into solid long term fiscal management. Good luck.   (more...)

e need an experienced QuickBooks, bookkeping specialist who will setup, give some trainings about bookkeping using QuickBooks, setup QuickBooks for new company, some basic accounting elements needed. More details after the Interview Best Regards   (more...)

tailed book keeper who understands business and can help company stay organized   (more...)

a Virtual Bookkeeping Service and need a few excellent bookkeepers to start, let me know your experience, how many hours of bookkeeping you have done, and references, accreditation and eduction.   (more...)

meone to manage all accounts payable and receivables for a medium sized publishing copmany. Making sure everything is organized, clients are paid on time and payments are received on time.   (more...)

bookkeeper on a daily basis for invoicing , daily ledger, audits, and bills.   (more...)

have at least 2 years of experience in quickbooks. must have worked on quickbooks for more than one type of industry. (contracting, service, retail, etc) Must be able to comunicate via Skype etc during 9-5 EST. WILL ONLY CONSIDER OFFER WITH A QUICKBOOKS TEST OF AT LEAST THE TOP 20, AND SAME FOR ENGLISH SKILLS   (more...)

cords of financial transactions for establishment. -makes journal entries of business transactions. -Summarizes details in separate ledgers or computer files and transfers data to general ledger -Reconciles and balances accounts. May compile reports to show statistics, such as cash receipts and expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, profit and loss, and other items pertinent to operation of business. -extract and interpret information from financial records. -performs advanced cost-accounting work covering material and production costs, costs of sales, research and product development, etc. -prepare, develop, analyze and also indulge in the implementation of a budget, taking into consideration the future financial needs of the organization -Prepare and deliver sales presentations to new and existing customers in order to sell new advertising programs, and to protect and increase existing advertising.   (more...)

sole-trader company which has used Quickbooks for the last five years. I want to move over to Xero and need to get all my data imported into my Xero account. My contacts are set up in CapsuleCRM which is integrated with Xero and have about 200 active customers. Invoicing is mostly quarterly or some monthly and I\'d want everything from 1st April onwards imported. I\'d also want Xero to be set up with my products/services, suppliers, bank accounts and chart of accounts plus invoice templates. Invoices are never printed but always emailed. Ideally the provider would be able to access Quickbooks 2008 pro data files I\'d hand over that file for the provider to be able to do the complete job. Alternatively the provider can offer some guidance as to what information/format is needed and I\'ll export it from Quickbooks.   (more...)

or third party to control bookkeeping services   (more...)

ed a Quickbooks expert to help review how to use the software professionally, then work with me to prepare the books and statements of clients. Thanks.   (more...)

ne bank account, one PayPal Account, where it must act as a bank and fees should be different transactions, and one credit card. I need QuickBooks Entry Dec 2009 to May 31th 2010. Total # of Transactions are less than 250. I need great service as I can outsource an account with 3,000+ Transactions instantly.   (more...)

BE ABLE TO USE QUICKBOOKS - NO TIMEWASTERS I need someone to enter transactions for 2008 and 2009 to quickbooks pro. You will be provided with bank statements, petty cash logs, receipts. You much have excellent and reliable internet access to access our system remotely. Work to start Monday 7th June and be complete by 16 June 2010. Longterm Part time work will be available for the right person. I will be scanning information into pdf files and emailing them to you. It will then be the job of this person to print all the files, enter them into quickbooks and check of and report back on the status of each bank statment by the given deadline. You will be giving deadlines of roughly a week or less for reconciliation projects. We are seeking a person who is efficient and accurate. The candidate needs to be able to complete the projects quickly, while not sacrificing precision for speed Accuractly is key. all work will be spot checked and no payment will be released until I have checked it for you. Must be very efficient and have a stable internet connection. Must have excellent organizational skills! You must have excellent written and spoken english. Interview to include 30 minute test.   (more...)

keeping, Bookkeeping. It\'s a series of simple tasks that I need done on an ongoing basis for less than $1 an hour. You would sift through two bank accounts and determine where the money is being spent, make a list of what expenses can be cut, make a list of the phone numbers of businesses where money is being spent and how much has been spent, and put it into a spreadsheet so that the businesses can be called and told \"I spent this amount with you, if you want me to continue working with you, you need to refund this amount back to me.\" Also, there have been many hotel stays for business in which the hotel company did not credit me with the stay, like for Southwest Airlines flight credits... So i need proof of each hotel stay from the bank account records so that I can tell the airline/hotel company, etc. that they have not credited me with the stays. If you could communicate (in correct English) with the companies that I\'ve paid money to, it would be a plus.   (more...)

iness needs online MYOB bookkeeping.   (more...)

lp entering data onto my Quickbooks 2009 file from a set of PDF files containing bank and credit card statements for all of 2009 and so far in 2010. I also need to reconcile the bank account statements for this entire period. Selected candidate will have experience doing bookkeeping in Quickbooks 2009, and have the ability to read and update a Quickbooks 2009 for Windows locally on their own computer. Job entails updating a QB 2009 file based on PDF-formatted statements, all of which will be provided by me. Deliverable is up-to-date Quickbooks 2009 file.   (more...)

like to speak to you by phone can you please email me your phone number? Thanks Shannon Hayward   (more...)

one who is proficient in Quickbooks. Familiarity with real estate or property management is a plus. Need to enter everything about our rental properties into quickbooks from the purchase to the rents received by the tenants as well as the tenants information. Also looking for a longer term assistant that can return phone calls and assist with some daily business tasks.   (more...)

er for online business wanted. You will be responsible for keeping a track of various transactions: • Staff costs on oDesk • Sales through our websites (Paypal, Totalbusinesscart) • Other (as required). Most of the transactions are in USD but you must also able to handle those in other currencies. Previous experience required, providing checkable work history and references greatly increases your chances. You must be accurate, trusthworthy and able to learn new things fast. Good luck!   (more...)

r with Quicken skills max $2.50/hr workload and rate will increase.   (more...)

ing for some one to go through all of my bank statements and categories all income and expenses with in the Quickbooks software. I want a balance sheet created as well as a profit loss statement. If you are someone with strong book keeping accounting skills that can work quickly. Must speak English fluently.   (more...)

in Accounting system which includes bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements and check vouchers. can work with minimum supervision and ability to meet deadlines computer literate   (more...)

listing the services of a an individual to help with general bookkeeping needs for a newly formed real estate company. keep track and categorize expenses, show quarterly report of earnings for agents.. Minimum hours needed now until productivity increases Thanks for your application   (more...)

small, professional, independent publisher of a book on a business model for the escort industry. This is sold through our website. We value our team members and offer the following: • Career and compensation growth for long-term contractors • The ability to work virtually • Professional training • An intellectual work environment and a fun atmosphere! Key Purpose of the Job Compile the monthly books (no payroll, this is 2-3 hours per month). Only looking for someone within the US! Once you have proven yourself, you will expand to doing books for US clients. Technical Skills or Job- Related Knowledge Required • ability to use US QB (we will provide you with the CND version of QB if you are hired) • excellent bookkeeping skills (manual and system process) • has excellent working knowledge of QB Pro. • working knowledge of GST remittance, or is willing to learn • working knowledge of budgeting • working knowledge of analyzing which expenses are the highest, lowest, how much they go up or down monthly etc., how many sales are needed to cover fixed expenses & can provide that info in an easy to read format • working knowledge of categorizing expenses & income under the appropriate categories • working knowledge of online business categories for expenses, or is willing to learn on their own. • working knowledge deciphering real sales revenue after all expenses and/or merchant account fees are taken off. • working knowledge in determining if the merchant account fees coming out of the account are accurate Experience Required • bank reconciliation experience. • Processing delinquent payments (A/R) are handled • Producing reports in an easy-to-read manner. • Certified to do tax returns, recommended • Virtual experience – at least 3 months • excellent written and verbal English communication skills to include being able to follow explicit instructions via e-mail, instant messaging and on the phone Attributes required • Innovative • Hard Working • Intelligent • Intuitive • Excellent e-mail etiquette • Someone who is a nice, down to earth person, secure with themselves, really likes to help companies grow, & loves their clients • Someone above average in intelligence & intuition • Open minded about working for our industry • Professional approach to work • Good work ethic • Internet Savvy • Detail orientated • Proactive • Ability to take responsibility for your actions • The desire to work in a friendly, down to earth, virtual workplace that applauds innovation and common sense. Please include the following in your bid • The keywords I\'m your professional bookkeeper in the heading of your bid. • Your best “small business” hourly rate. • A description of your abilities as they relate to our needs, without an accompanying resume • A list of your professional references that can verify your bookkeeping abilities. We do prefer people who are licensed, but if you are exceptional & aren\'t, we\'d love to hear from you. • List how many years you have been working virtually online • List your top three strengths and your top three areas for improvement   (more...)

ing for advertisers for my friend\'s website; (name will be mentioned in message), it has 5,000 signed up members from India but they want to get it marketed everywhere now except for India. It was currently set to free so you can change the prices and really get this going They need it advertised and marketed so it will make money literally by the end of the month and continuously further. You need to set the prices on the website, whatever you think it best, and also if you think something should be changed, the website development team will do it we just really need you to get this started and successful very soon. They need millions of quality backlinks fast, Full SEO, SEM, SMM, SEP, and whatever else you can possibly do to get results, and get results fast, I need it. How fast will it take for you to get me results? The website needs the best of the best for this, quality and extremely fast and efficient There will only be 1 advertising party, so win me over, and I will tell my friend, the owner that you are right for this Please send me and advertising plan that you will do for this website if picked If you are good and get good results and can advertise this website extremely well and get good results then we need you to begin urgently Please tell me all the advertising that you can do, to what degree and how fast I can get results. Can you work from a completely commission? With no money down. Meaning you bring customers to the website, and when they pay the website, 10% of the payment the website gets is yours. After you get consistent traffic and money to the website, then 15%. Will release in milestones, so everybody, including odesk is happy, I want to make sure there are no issues and all is fair We need quick results, how fast can you get results? Can you SEO as well? How many articles will you make and how many customers do you think that I can expect from your advertising after 1 week, 2 weeks, month, exc.? The owner says that the advertisers need to first advertise for 1 week and show their progress and show your skills, and if you get good progress in that first week. Then you\'ll get signed up as the only advertiser. Show your skills and get the website success and you will have success from commission and possible bonuses. I will tell you details about the website in messages This website has trackers, and is very intelligent, so there are no worries here as you will get all the money that you deserve (10% to 15% of ALL the money the website gets) This website only does quality and expect the same traits from an advertiser. If you really are a good advertiser, this should be a good option for you Are you interested in this? When can you start? I am looking forward to a quick reply   (more...)

ing for advertisers for my friend\'s website; (name will be mentioned in message), it has 5,000 signed up members from India but they want to get it marketed everywhere now except for India. It was currently set to free so you can change the prices and really get this going They need it advertised and marketed so it will make money literally by the end of the month and continuously further. You need to set the prices on the website, whatever you think it best, and also if you think something should be changed, the website development team will do it we just really need you to get this started and successful very soon. They need millions of quality backlinks fast, Full SEO, SEM, SMM, SEP, and whatever else you can possibly do to get results, and get results fast, I need it. How fast will it take for you to get me results? The website needs the best of the best for this, quality and extremely fast and efficient There will only be 1 advertising party, so win me over, and I will tell my friend, the owner that you are right for this Please send me and advertising plan that you will do for this website if picked If you are good and get good results and can advertise this website extremely well and get good results then we need you to begin urgently Please tell me all the advertising that you can do, to what degree and how fast I can get results. Can you work from a completely commission? With no money down. Meaning you bring customers to the website, and when they pay the website, 10% of the payment the website gets is yours. After you get consistent traffic and money to the website, then 15%. Will release in milestones, so everybody, including odesk is happy, I want to make sure there are no issues and all is fair We need quick results, how fast can you get results? Can you SEO as well? How many articles will you make and how many customers do you think that I can expect from your advertising after 1 week, 2 weeks, month, exc.? The owner says that the advertisers need to first advertise for 1 week and show their progress and show your skills, and if you get good progress in that first week. Then you\'ll get signed up as the only advertiser. Show your skills and get the website success and you will have success from commission and possible bonuses. I will tell you details about the website in messages This website has trackers, and is very intelligent, so there are no worries here as you will get all the money that you deserve (10% to 15% of ALL the money the website gets) This website only does quality and expect the same traits from an advertiser. If you really are a good advertiser, this should be a good option for you Are you interested in this? When can you start? I am looking forward to a quick reply   (more...)

We are looking for a savvy experience media social promoter for our free product, to promote us in chat sites, Social media sites and dating sites. We target consumers from Australia, Canada and New Zealand. We offer base performance payment and its a project for at least on year. We need a publisher that can give us a minimum cap of 100 new users a day. We are paying generously! Please advice, Thank you!   (more...)

xperience CL poster (erotic services, Toronto, Canada) who is able to overcome IP restrictions, avoid flagging/ghosting. Require 2 ads per hour, from 12pm - 10pm EST (7 days/week). Must have own PVA\'s (please, someone also tell me if these are needed on CL in Toronto, Canada). Must be fluent in english. Fixed price of $0.40 for each ad that sticks. Expecting daily reporting. Need to start tomorrow (EST). No end date, and expected to grow. MUST HAVE CL WORK EXPERIENCE ON ODESK, A GOOD RATING, AND BE ABLE TO MEET ALL OF THE ABOVE!   (more...)

t is required for Internet retail businesses. Must be passionate about about PPC and have latest tools to get best optimization. Only highly experienced people apply. This is a long term project and is results focused.   (more...)

huge customer base and want to try sending them a text message. Please bid the job for 25,000 text essages sentfrom your software. I will supply the numbers   (more...)

ept design for signage and brochure frame for new home sales site from supplied logo. Newspaper ads, site marketing pieces, print and signage. total color concept from supplied logo. ***Preference given to those having past new home sales related graphics experience- marketing New Homes   (more...)

we need someone to create a handful of craiglists posts each day. We can offer a template but it\'d be great if the candidate has good English and marketing skills to adjust and improve the listings. If this works well then we may also request assistance with our facebook, twitter and blogs. Possible long term, exciting and flexible position for the right candidate.   (more...)

oking for a sales representatives in mississauga who have access to a car and have good communication skills.   (more...)

questions that online marketers my have.i also need 30 targeted keywords relating online marketing. using the thirty questions i need to write 30 short articles to answer the thirty questions.these only need to be around 300-500 words in length. each article will use one of the title previously created and will offer some form of advice or answer to the question your marketr has. in the articles they must contain key words and must read naturally. i am a member of yournet biz and will be selling products of theirs plus a full proof online business.please reaserch your netbiz for more info.thnx   (more...)

O BLOG 1) 2) first have a look at them i want two member 1 for each who can create traffic of at least 1000 unique impression per day.profit will be shared 60-40% 60 yours and 40 mine you will get payment after i get money from google i will post 10 article and downloadable stuff daily to keep blog fresh. no advance payment will be done. those who are intrested reply asap.   (more...)

ntial Candidate: I am going to be very open and direct about this position so it might be a little lengthy. I only want the right people to apply and I want to respect your time as you are bidding for work. I am in the middle of a product launch (set for Aug. 2) and I do not have the time to investigate and try all of the different advertising mediums (both free and paid) that are available to me to promote our company and products. I know a lot about online and offline marketing and I need to work with someone that has a background in this so I can bounce ideas off of you and start working some email marketing promotions, ezine ads, press releases, Google TV ads, etc., I have only worked on a commission basis in this area before because the payout is greater to you, but we can work out a base salary. I pay A LOT for results and I am ready to get started today. I look forward to hear from you. I look forward   (more...)

eed someone who will watch my craigslist ads and the moment they are flagged repost them for me.   (more...)

energetic marketing professinal to handle following tasks: Marketing, advertisement 4 Do a research on where to place banner ads. Find 3 most suitable sites. Fixed price. 5 Make product placement on 3 websites with largest communities related to app use cases. Fixed price. 6 Establish relationships with bloggers, make product placement on their blogs. Pay per blog posts.   (more...)

ing for someone to do CL postings for my small spa business. I have had much success with CL postings as well as some other classified sites but it is very time consuming for me since I work for myself. I am also interested in SEO services. Please let me know if you have experience with this type of marketing (which sites) and SEO services. Also i would like to know an estimated duration/week. If it works out well this will be an ongoing job. Looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks!!   (more...)

expert at posting on Craigslist that will post between 60-100. You must have your own PVA\'s and IP\'s .I will give you premade ads ,but you may need to edit and create your own ads to avoid being goasted . I will give you enough information for you to create your own ads .Thanks and I look forward to speaking to you. If everything works well You\'ll be hired for a longer period. I will pay per posted ad. you can post between 60-200 ads a day depend on you. Feel free to contact for more info or if you have questions   (more...)

service company that operates all over the us, we need help with our data entry, such as creating lisitngs in different directories, review etc. We hire full/part time for short/long term.   (more...)

ing for somebody that can assist me in buying under monetized websites from places like developing and adding other money making methods and increasing the profit,traffic reselling the site in the least amount of time as possible.After the successful candidate has completed three profitable projects i will be offering 10% commission of the profit plus hourly rate.   (more...)

oking for someone to create the following: 1. Letterhead using our logo 2. Email sales letter to prospective agencies (html & plain) 3. Email sales letter to prospective advertisers(html & plain) 4. Fax sales letter - I have a rough draft of the sales letters to agencies and advertisers. I am looking for someone to revise these documents.   (more...)

ny is looking to develop a lasting relationship with a person experienced in setting up and completing successful product launches. We need marketing, administrative, sales and launch support for my new product. The perfect candidate is deadline sensitive, organized, conscientious, dependable, affordable and task oriented. I am looking for a long term relationship with an individual that can provide a myriad of services. You will need to provide extensive services in this capacity, including: site design, content creation, video creation, video marketing, auto-responders, email creation and list maintenance. I want someone who will be a true part of the team and will put in the required effort, as if it was your own product you were selling. Therefore you will need to spend many hours tweaking strategies and testing to get the best results possible. Please provide weekly reports so I can see how each project is performing. Please provide your background information, what clients you have served and years of experience. If you have references that would be preferable. I need someone who knows the tricks of the trade and will function as my reliable \'back office\' for this effort, for the lowest cost possible. This is an ongoing hourly/contingent engagement with substantive upside potential.   (more...)

ing for someone that has knowledge with Post Affiliate pro software. I need help to set it up. MUST have experience.   (more...)

oking for dynamic Lead Generator who is simply brilliant on the phone!! You must have good administration skills, and an exceptional phone voice - along with the ability to understand our business and the service we provide. English must be near perfect... Please quote the word perfect as your first work, so I know you have read this post , that way you will be looked at first.   (more...)

ike to make serious money creating my first blog. I don\'t know what to write about and I heard that blogging is an excellent way to make a living online. Please let me know if you can design an awesome blog for me and pick a HOT NICHE that will attract alot of people and get alot of sales in my blog, perhaps maybe through promoting clickbank products. Thank you for your help and as you can see I am a newbie at this. I\'ll leave all the work to the pros. Suggestions are welcome. Hope to hire the perfect candidate that will change my life forever!   (more...)

for qualified professional to generate leads for a leading Economic Crisis solutions firm. To qualify potential clients for Foreclosure solution program.   (more...)

or a company or individual to help with our sales. We are a web firm in USA. If you have ideas to provide us leads in SEO and SEM please let us know the details. Thanks   (more...)

meone to research herbal and natural health businesses in Canada and the U.S. I need a detailed list forwarded to me with contact information including; name of business, name of website (if different), contact email, phone number and/or fax, marketing person to contact. After I have reviewed the list, I will need emails sent to these businesses to contact them for advertising on my website/blog and/or in my magazine, The Herbal Collective. There are several advertising options available and specific emails to send which I will forward once I have a list. The selected individual will spend 3-4 hours researching for the list. The amount of time spent contacting the businesses will be ongoing, and to be determined once the list is reviewed.   (more...)

e web and create a .xls with marketing manager level contacts from the telecommunications, cable and VOIP industry in the USA. Approximately 500 to 1,000 contacts. List should have: Company Name Contact Name Contact Phone # Contact Email City State Zip Code   (more...)

software development company specialising in Sharepoint, CRM and .NET development. Our target market is Oil&Gas and Mining Projects in Australia. We are looking for Business Development Representatives with strong and aggressive telesales skills to join our company where we sell software products with minimum price of $5,000 to Australian Companies You will work on high commission basis only during first 2 months probation period or till you achieve your sales target. We guarantee that we will hire you for a full time if you reach your target (10 closed deals) during your probation period. Requirements: - software sales background, min. 2 years in telesales - native speaker or excellent knowledge of language spoken in Australia - experience with any CRM system - experience with Mining and Oil & Gas is a high plus - Must be available via Skype/MSN or phone Please place your bid and send us your CV as attachment. Start: ASAP, only serious people with proven sales experience please. Payment: We will give you up to $500 per sale you will make up to $6000 per year if you can only make one sale a month.   (more...)


meone to identify and call prospects for my UK local seo search service. I can quickly show you a simple method of how to identify companies that could benefit from my service. You then call them and if they are interested you pass them to me for the sale. You can be paid per lead generated or as a percentage of sales, but we can negotiate this. You need to have a better than average grasp of Google but don\'t need to be an expert. If you are applying from outside of the UK that is fine and I suggest you use skype. I llok forward to hearing from you.   (more...)

e an experienced and successful salesperson who is interested in a recruiting position with a comfortable and guaranteed base pay, read further to see if you qualify. To ensure the success of this company, Helpbank, adaptability and a creative approach for problems is essential. Here are things I am looking for: Experience in sales is an absolute must. Commission sales are the type of sales I am looking for. I am looking for someone who can deliver on what they say. This means that if you say you can: drive sales to achieve targets build rapport and develop a successful working relationship with potential clients coach, mentor, develop sales people that you have done and still can successfully and competently do these things. You must be able to successfully identify and address potential strengths and weaknesses in an applying salesperson. We are building a sales team that utilizes the success and experience of both the salesperson and the recruiter. Communication skills must be superior. You will be representing the company and as such should sound as eloquent and presentable as you are successful. You must be very reliable. We are generally receiving a lot of applications. There is a need for someone who can devote a minimum of 25 hours weekly Monday-Friday. Compensation is $15 an hour. Your interview(s) will be via phone. Please be prepared and ready to impress.   (more...)

s generating for a tax rebate company   (more...)

or someone who is creative and flexible, honest, good communication, fast learner, and efficient. We are seeking a hard working Virtual Assistant to help expand our real estate information business by utilizing the internet to direct traffic to our websites for the purpose of building lists. This job involves superb knowledge of the internet, document prep and marketing are essential. Experience with list building is a plus. The candidate must be organized, responsive, professional, and take initiative in understanding and completing tasks that need to be accomplished. Web research and data collection Writing and posting ads on Craigslist (must have PVAs) and other classified websites Writing articles, blogging Data input/collections Other general task Wordpress and hubpages You must have the following equipment & skills: A reliable computer, reliable high speed internet service, experienced in Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel, Outlook. Based on results (traffic) would depend the length of the project. If the results are great we would continue the project.   (more...)

ing for someone who\'s hands on to create a squeeze page for a small real estate company to grow up and generate leads. The person must know and ready to work immediately: 1. create facebook and twitter page to get traffic (knowing the policy of each social media) 2. use wordpress and ezinearticles to create rich content 3. know-how of audio creation on website 4. can write rich content in real estate industry 5. can set up domain name in the beginning to the end of website completely 6. know how to get traffic using different sources that I don\'t mention above is a plus The person needs to provide the profolios in order to evaluate the qualification.   (more...)

meone who is familiar with After Effects and can do a animation of, essentially, flags popping up in sequence on a map. It\'s a really simple job and should not take very long and we need someone who can start ASAP. Please let us know what relevant After Effects skills/experience you have and confirm that you can begin within the next few hours.   (more...)

Flash animated object that looks like an octopus/multi-legged creature moving down a page. The movement of the object should each correspond to changing numeric values of each of the object’s “arms” which will move the object down the page. As one or more of the values changes, the object moves, stretches, and/or tumbles down the page. There will be one or more instances of the object on a screen at one time, as if they are “racing” each other to the bottom. The deliverable will be all files necessary to implement the object in an Flex AS3 (actionscript 3) project. Some idea on how the creature should look (wacky wallwalker): An idea of the aesthetic look I\'m going for:   (more...)

meone for a 20 hour of job right now. If it works find then I can give more work of about 120 hours. It is actionscript 3 and flash work. Need someone who has very good experience. Need someone from India and only freelancer.   (more...)

or good Pencil drawn stick animination concept to be relayed on a video. Elancer must be able to relay storyline through drawnings in detail and provide clear quality drawing. I will provide story once project is awarded. This animination will be no more than 30 seconds long and requires a simple stick drawing and a business storefront that will be drawn as a jigsaw puzzle No color required just black and white.Obviously I am not savvy in this field therefore please advise on if it will be possible to receive the final animated product as a video with capabilities to be posted on sites such as facebook, youtube etc. Meaning I will need an embed link. P.S No voice over needed this will be a 30 second animated demonstration intended to send a message to the view. Further detail once project is award.   (more...)

most completed flash animation. I need some changes to be done in it. I will provide you with .fla source file. If you have nice skills in flash, this job will take you less than hour. It’s a great chance to get some money and nice feedback. This is fixed price job. No upfront payments.   (more...)

teresting, animated scenes involving a superhero (or something like one) to splice into an EXISTING music video. I want this animation to be more the centerpiece of the music video, so several scenes or features of this character would be needed. The music is alternative rock, so the character would need to be edgy in someway, either in the way he looks, things he does, etc. I AM HOPING TO FIND SOMEONE WHO ALREADY HAS THIS FOOTAGE. I have a deadline of one month to get this material into the video and edited properly. If you don\'t already have this material I would need it completed before July 20th at the very latest. The sooner the better! This animation doesn\'t have to look absolutely amazing, I\'ve seen big rock bands use cheap looking animation, more edgy that way i guess. Message me back with direct links to your work, I don\'t want to have to look all over to see your work.   (more...)

Flash animated object that looks like an octopus/multi-legged creature moving down a page. The movement of the object should each correspond to changing numeric values of each of the object’s “arms” which will move the object down the page. As one or more of the values changes, the object moves, stretches, and/or tumbles down the page. There will be one or more instances of the object on a screen at one time, as if they are “racing” each other to the bottom. The deliverable will be all files necessary to implement the object in an Flex AS3 (actionscript 3) project. Some idea on how the creature should look (wacky wallwalker): An idea of the aesthetic look I\'m going for:   (more...)

Flash animation programmed for a quiz on a landing page. A preliminary detailed script is included with the job posting.   (more...)

ave a website which is an online auction website with a very unique concept. The website url is -- pl visit its \"how it works\" page to understand its concept. The \"how it works page\" explains the uniqueness of the concept. another feature is that it is also having a buyer protection program.. pl visit the FAQ section to understand this feature and the whole website. Things I want to communicate thru that animation. 1. communication of its unique concept to be be clear. --- how sellers get more / earn more by selling on my website and how buyers can buy the products at a lower price. 2. communication of a buyer program to be explained. 3. Communication of auction listings are free. 4. communication of a safe payment process by using paypal. The bidders will also have to design a concept / presentation on how they will get the message out. People who will bid for this project pl PM me your concept of how can you present it. Since my website is a very innovative concept, people giving a unique and innovative concept will only be considered. My website is coded in PHP. This animation will be placed below the \"header\" and above the \"auctions\". you can decide on the size after looking at the website\'s home page. The animation should be such that it can be pasted easily on the home page without difficulty. pl PM me for any other information is needed. Regards.   (more...)

oking for somebody that can make an amination of the logo, for our company specialized in robotics and robotic components. It should be an animation of a few seconds, that has big impact, but also needs to look very professional. Some sound effect could be included aswell. The logo is provided in .tif format. To all candidates, please send your animation portfolio!   (more...)

veloping an iPhone game and we are looking for an experienced graphic designer. The game is based on a character that moves through landscapes (levels) starting from the foothill all the way to the top of a mountain. Between levels the player can see her position on a map and also see the position of her friends. We need 2D landscapes (4,5) and the map that shows the location of the character in the game. We already have the design of the characters. The landscapes should be ~2000 pixels by 320 pixels. The character dimension is about 200 x 200 pixels and she is moving on a landscape that needs to show some foreground (like foliage and flowers), some scene details (like a river, a bridge, a trail ...) and some background (mountains, clouds ...) See uploaded example of one landscape. To have an idea of the 2D map we\'d like to have look at Collapse Free for the iPhone (Game House). Click on Play Quest. Please includes samples of your work with your bids.   (more...)

like to find a freelancer available to create flash banners, regularly, and for a good price. We will provide regular work. Sometimes client budgets are good, sometimes not that much, but the work will be regular and even the not-so-good budgets will belong to quality projects that can generate more work. If interested you will be required to create 2 banners as a test. If the test banners are good, and usable, they will be paid however, so if you are good, the test banners are paid. Ideally we would like to find a freelancer that could create banners with videos, audio, expandables etc. So if you are able to create this type of banners, dont forget to inform because that is a plus. You also need to be available for revisions until the work is good. If you dont like to do the revisions necessary, please dont bid. You should speak and write in english and be available to chat via skype msn or gtalk. If you are a good web-designer, that likes to create banners and wanting a long lasting business relationship, this should be an interesting project. (if you have good prices of course) Note we only work with the freelancer itself, no agencies or intermediaries. If you are good, a fast way to be selected is sending a few links with the best examples of your banner creations, and the price you charged for them. That allows me an understanding of your work quality, and pricing. If you dont provide portfolio to working banners or an idea of prices, then you might also be chosen but it will take more time to evaluate you so the possibilities are less because someone might send that info and we might decide to go for that someone...   (more...)

ant a HTML5 expert, please apply if interesting. Thanks   (more...)

d someone to pull together some videos. I would like you to create some animated videos, using images, text, and audio into short videos. It will look like this but much simpler, It would be great if you send let me see some of your examples of video work online. This will lead to ongoing work for the right person. Looking forward to hear from you, if you think you fit the part.   (more...)

0 CBTs with female voice to be developed in Flash. These CBTs are developed keeping in mind that it will be used for 3-6 yrs children. Please find the sample attached. Please contact me as soon as possible. Because I have very short duration. Total time for 500 CBTs is 40-45 days(Including all holidays)   (more...)

nimated cartoon video for a business and make an intro 2 tasks to see below but carefully read the next sentence PLEASE RESPOND TO this with the WORD...... CARTOON in the subject or you will not be considered! 1. create an original 30 second intro that we can use for any video...Please send examples of what you have done 2. Make an animated cartoon video episode of about 3-4 minutes and send examples If you do a good job then we have future jobs for you check this out to see the type of animation I am referring to please look at these examples - I am looking for a skilled animator/designer to make a video for our business which will be explained later please email back with examples of your work + ONLY APPLY IF YOU CAN SHOW SIMILAR WORK *** It has to be all original works. I need to promote our local company over Facebook and YouTube. So, I need for someone to use their best skills in creating a very clever and funny viral, animated video. better mood once we perform our services. And he goes on to live happily ever after. All candidates must be able to provide a video (of past work) of a similar type of project to be considered for this task. Thank You.   (more...)

or a good 3d animator that can fix some issues on a character for us. We have a game-character with some simple animations. They don\'t look really good so we need someone to come in and make them look better (3 loops or so, not much) and add 2 new animations. We can deliver the file in FBX format (works with any major package). The game engine we use for testing is Unity3d, but you don\'t need it specifically for this job, but it would be nice if you could install it (it\'s free) to test your animation in-game. This is a small job. We\'re only interested in folks that want five-star feedback. Check our payment history to see our score. We do things well. Yours, the WhizzKit team PS: When you apply, please include a link to a video of your animation(s). We would like to see your work first.   (more...)

have an existing logo which I need animating. It has some stars on it that I want to glisten and shine. I want the slogan to flash on once at the beginning. Please see the attached design. I had it done once but the standard is not acceptable. It needs to be done in Flash. Regards, Mike   (more...)

, I am looking for Flash animators to design a flash based course contents. Strong skills in flash animations and graphics designing are required. Selected candidate will start work immediately.   (more...)

short and very simple drawing animation of around 11 seconds made in flash. the animation needs to be made \"old school\" (with classic twening) and to be vector. the story should be built around the sound that is attached. i need a model sheet done for the main character/thing that is animated. ( * No upfront * write \"ABCS\" in the beginning of your cover letter. *Newbies are welcome. * no need to be an animator, just create something that looks simple and not complicated. * need to be able to start immediately   (more...)

nal cloth and water simulation artist needed must have at least 2 years experience   (more...)

line media company is looking for some one to come up with a new logo and animation for their website. The animation that they are looking for is to be funly and cool something like, or a concept like with the music to be set to ( Maresias by Robert Miles from his 23am ) album This will go on to our new website. For MajeXcs media this animation needs to be scalable from High quality to low. for different usage.   (more...)

rking on updating a series of 50 flash animations (3-4 minutes each) with new Spanish text and voice over. We need a skilled flash animator with serious attention to detail to update the current English text with our provided Spanish text. Then, we need to adjust the timing slightly to ensure that the appearance of onscreen text and icon animation is timed with the voice over. This requires a native Spanish speaker with good Flash capabilities and attention to detail. We will be interviewing the most qualified individuals and then testing with a single animation update or two before awarding the full project. All work will be managed by our lead designer, Anthony. Please submit cover letter and at least 1 link to a Spanish Flash Presentation (not cartoon, rather a business presentation). Sincerely, John W   (more...)

r required to produce flash and video based animations on a regular basis Must have strong design skills and must be very creative. All ideas must be initially designed in Freehand/Illustrator/Photoshop prior to creating animation. Please download example of the \"minimum\" standard of work we need:   (more...)

different flash video intros, each max 5 seconds. This should be an easy job for an experienced multimedia expert. I will provide logos and music.   (more...)

Flash movie about 60-90 seconds in length similar to what you see on but it has nothing to do with their service. It will describe my service. The movie must be delivered in .mov, .flv, .swf formats I also need help with the website player. I need cut and paste functionality to put it in my website. Ideas on delivery including the use of a cdn to stream the video would help.   (more...)

o find a provider that helps us creating short animation sequences that will be used in our corporate videos. The idea is that such animations will have a very simple and \"Naïve\" style, with empty background and black and white characters. Still animation should be fluid and the provider is invited to contribute from a creative point of view making them funny. The story are about industrial robots like the one you see in the attachment, they are not about science fiction robots (humanoid). Please provide your portfolio if you are interested.   (more...)

ply if you have previous experience on such projects and can single handedly take the task in your hands with least direction. If you can , I will make sure to fill you up with work. Happy Bidding   (more...)

Community Health Center looking for an animation software editor to create a short 2D animated clip for children (approximately 3 to 3 1/2 mins.) that will illustrate our mission statement. The project will involve producing original animation, as well as that based on photographs of several locations. Project additionally requires the gradual transformation of photographs into animation. Editor will be provided with a soundtrack, and a written segmentation/outline for the project. Applicant should be proficient in Photoshop and HTML5. Experience with Motion, After-Effects or other preferred software capable of producing 2D animation is also a plus. Interested individuals should be able to provide samples of previous animated work, as well as a listing of the software used for the project. An hourly rate of $13.50+ will be set depending upon the applicant\'s skill and experience.   (more...)

xceptional banner ad designer. Long term project, please provide links of your best banners created. Without links to you banners we can not offer an interview, so please add a minimum of 10 banners you have created.   (more...)

lash script animations that need some debug and we would need developper to finalize job more in PMB   (more...)

oking for someone to produce a video in this style: Please include link where we can see your work in your description.   (more...)

o create 3D and 2D animation of science experiments for a school coursware. Candidate must be able to show prior work experience and able to deliver in short time. Candidate must have access to a graphic designer to provide well designed graphic of the experiments. We are ready to start immediately.   (more...)

Please do not bid if you can not start working right away and send the 1st day work within the next 24 hours. Attached are the gifts that the client already uses on his websites, he thinks that this stuff is outdated and should be upgraded, so you have to provide something better in idea and better in quality than the existing set of gifts. Also the theme of the gifts must be followed. Instructions from client: = = = I hope if you can provide something like { blowing Bomb, dancing Donkey , opening Rose, Cigar with smoke } you can use the same character but idea of animation and image quality must be better from the current swf. PS: This project is time sensitive and we have to wrap it up as soon as possible, you can expect a bonus if you can deliver more than 10 gifts per day. Please get started on it and try to send the initial lot of 10 gifts today. Please also consider that the design should be modern , something that looks new, different than the others around , work should be original. I think a single person can not finish this task, please bid only for 10 gifts, I am going to chose 4 animators for this ,, each one will be given $40 for the renew of 10 gifts. Just make the gifts in a modern look keeping the character and theme same, I just need an upgraded version of these files, something that matches with web 2.0 look, something modern in design .   (more...)

acter will be provided with its own skeleton (kinematic model). We use BLENDER. The provider should animate several gestures which best described some phrases, such as \"welcome to our company\", \"nice to meet you\", \"please follow me\", etc. Candidates should send a portfolio of character animation they have done before.   (more...)

ou to build out a storyline that we have started. I have attached an animated gif to give you a rough idea of what we need. We will give you specific instructions for each transition frame, but you will also need to create some of the graphics. This website will show an example of the type of impact we are looking to achieve. ( -Simple use of graphics, like the rocket ships in the attached animated .gif example -The smooth zoom transitions from one page to another. -The factoid builds, adding interest and impact to the fact. Not every page needs graphics, but to break up the text and add impact, I\'ve added a few ideas in red. The text should always be legible and me the most important element on screen. Enough time should be given to read the factoid, and add suspense when needed. We need to move quickly on this.   (more...)

to create animation from a photo of a real person juggling images (supplied). We made several photos of the person to create movemet and can do more. Need to create Flash for a website header and animation for an e-book cover (if possible). Small budget. In your application please advise how many hours you think it will take.   (more...)

banner which i want to be animated in has one circle which i want to rotate and stars which i want to shine.File is attached as an attachment.   (more...)

Please do not bid if you can not start working right away and send the 1st day work within the next 24 hours. Attached are the gifts that the client already uses on his websites, he thinks that this stuff is outdated and should be upgraded, so you have to provide something better in idea and better in quality than the existing set of gifts. Also the theme of the gifts must be followed. Instructions from client: ================= I hope if you can provide something like { blowing Bomb, dancing Donkey , opening Rose, Cigar with smoke } you can use the same character but idea of animation and image quality must be better from the current swf. PS: This project is time sensitive and we have to wrap it up as soon as possible, you can expect a bonus if you can deliver more than 10 gifts per day. Please get started on it and try to send the initial lot of 10 gifts today. Please also consider that the design should be modern , something that looks new, different than the others around , work should be original.   (more...)

ng for some great Graphic, Flash, Animator to make flash websites similar to   (more...)

topics that I need a good writer to write about. I will pay $ 12 (1 per article) for all these articles. Articles should be 700 words long. I will send instructions during the interview. Thanks!   (more...)

articles written on a variety of subjects including jewelry, home decor, fashion, and a few other subjects. All articles will be a minimum of 300-600 words; this will vary article to article. I will expect my writers to complete at least 1 article every day. If I like your work I may provide ongoing assignments. Please do not apply unless you have EXCELLENT English skills.   (more...)

with my blog...need someone to clean up my copy and post for me. take a look at my blog before you write..if you can find it on the left hand navigation on my website   (more...)

pay is $5/400 words. Other incentives may be offered. This is long-term work with garaunteed pay every Friday. You must have a firm grasp of the English language and be able to deliver 10 articles weekly. We prefer writers that can deliver 20+ articles weekly, but the very minimum is 10. Payment is made after completion of the first article to ensure provider that she will be paid, and weekly thereafter. Please take a look at our feedback for reassurance. This job is not easy and has very strict guidelines regarding the content. Current writers take 30 to 90 minutes perfecting each article. Each article needs to be factual with absolutely no opinion or guesswork. If an article requires revision it will be released back to the writing team for a percentage of the article fee based on how much work the article still needs. All writers have the opportunity to work on revisions, and it can be as good of a source of income as starting to write new articles yourself. Content matters more than word count. You\'ll never find yourself adding a fluff sentence to meet 400 words. Articles as short as 340 words are acceptable as long as the content is very informative and answers whatever questions a reader may have on that particular topic. Attach a SAMPLE ARTICLE to your cover letter or have a PORTFOLIO, please. It\'s possible to make $260/week working full-time. NOTE: Please disregard the budget (not relevant) and end date (the calendar doesn\'t work on my end for some reason)   (more...)

ing a skilled SEO writer with a track record of creating articles which are optimized for search. Articles topic is the transport business. We need 30 articles, article range from 300 to 350 words. Along with the following requirements please use to check your work before turning it in. This free tool checks for plagiarism, spelling, grammar, word choice, style and level of vocabulary for clear communication. If you run your work through this tool and get change suggestions, follow them and re-write your articles. We will NOT pay for poor work. We DO NOT accept articles and posts from content spinning software, and we WILL NOT pay for spun material. Requirements: • Plagiarized content will not be accepted/paid for, under any circumstances • 2 years previous outsource writing experience, with samples of your published work • Must use proper English, grammar and spelling You will be given the topic/keyword(s) Please Can you send me some of your work to asses? If you fit our requirements and can work within our pay scale, please apply for more information. There is more work available for dedicated team members. The articles will be checked for plagiarism. Thank you for your interest in working with our team and we look forward to your application!   (more...)

ng skill, good writng ability.   (more...)

ers at $2 per 500 words. Please include sample with your bids. Job includes writing articles, blogs, product descriptions etc. I need long term writers, so only serious writers pls bid. I may ask for minor revisions. I will be selecting writer within a day or two. Thanks   (more...)

or someone fluent in English. The job is to write 150 word articles. The articles are used to get links to websites, and the grammer does not need to be perfect, nor do the articles need to be written very well. However they do need to be readable and make sense. I am able to write 20 articles per hour if I rush, and 15 articles per hour if I take it slower. I will be expecting 14-17 articles written per hour. There are a broad range of topics that you will write about, but the most prevalent topic is weight loss and dieting. Initially, I will start you at writing 20 articles to ensure you are write for this job, and then after that I will have you writing 100-200 articles per week (6-12 hours per week), and in a few weeks, near full time if you want the hours.   (more...)

erson or persons to write articles with SEO , keyword rich along putting in locations for the hot spots where the products and service are looked at the most. Will be doing at least 1 article a week and posting it to at least 40- 50 of the top rated article free sites, the website link will be included , the author will be defined with some details and a link to website. this is an ongoing project a you will have to give details of project . article samples are a must and do you have experience in posting articles and what sites? must be experienced, please provide me the proper info if you want to be a candidate for this project. Could be doing many of these type projects. get paid by each article posted..   (more...)

00 blog comments within 60 days, average 10 comments per day. Requirements: - Comments must be relevant to blog; - Minimum 15 words of original and quality writing per posting - Only one post from same domain - We will provide blog url We pay weekly base on total comment count thats exist on target blogs after 7 days of posting. Must maintain 80% comments approval rate.   (more...)

few hotel sites that I need some good article writing done for SEO purposes. Specifically, the site are tied to regions of the country, so there will not be many keywords, so the author will have to be very creative. The job winner must have very good English skills and be able to do a little research in order to come up with good articles. I will be ordering 10 articles for the first site and we will see what they look like and if they are good I will order 10 more for the other. I would like to see examples before I make my choice.   (more...)

iters. My offer is $2 for 500 words. There will be a great variety of topics, so creativity is required. Bids without samples will be ignored.   (more...)

e multiple short articles and mini reports , for multiple niche markets.   (more...)

ost writer to write SEO articles about the language translation industry. Articles that talk about monetizing the translation cost as benefit: What to look for in translation and benefits of professional translations? Why to translate your documents and websites? How can you take advantage of global markets and how translating your marketing material, etc can be a strategy? Etc. Articles are required to be written in US English. Keywords will be provided. Articles must be written in Present time, Personal and positive format. I.e. You will benefit from translating your website when you use professional translation services. Thank you, CA Add to Project Description   (more...)

y is looking for someone to write articles and blogs on our behalf. Please send me samples of your writing and/or work you\'ve done. We are also requiring for this person to create \"Press Releases\". SEO optimization work history is a plus. Please only apply if you are fluent in English. Thanks.   (more...)

Real estate company Looking for an articulated and experienced blog writer with deep Canadian Real Estate knowledge. You should have written online content, online copy, blogs, articles, and even press releases before to be qualified. 2 articles per week. Candidate must write in perfect English. Requirements: 1) Candidate must be familiar with Canadian Real Estate investing concepts 2) Candidate must have excellent research and written skills and must use good SEO practices within their post. 3) Candidate must complete 2 posts per week 4) Blog posts can be from 500 to 700 words. To apply for this position, please include a sample of your work. I would pay per blog that will be posted. ( no hourly charge ) Articles must be proofed and edited prior to submission. Please reply with the word “DJS” so I know that it is not an automated response. Thank you, Jarek   (more...)

u to write 10 articles for me. 10 articles of around 500 words each. Nothing too technical or special - I will give you the subjects and themes to write about once we start communicating. If you do a great job I can hire you full time! Questions: 1) Can you send me some of your work to asses? 2) Can you work full time for me? VERY IMPORTANT: I need you to place your bid without any upfront fee. Why?: In some of my recent projects I agreed to pay some percentage up front, but then the provider didn\'t finish the job as agreed so I lost money and didn\'t get the job done! Therefore I need you to place your bid without any upfront fee. Please understand you will get paid after you finish the job. My company and I have an excellent history and when the job was finished as agreed we always paid what we owe! Thanks for your understanding. best regards, Met   (more...)

or a human article writer to create original internet marketing articles and blog posts, 30-500 words each. Initial job will include 1 article on each of the 4 following topics: Affiliate Marketing: 7 Secrets to choosing a profitable affiliate marketing program Online marketing: 9 myths to avoid when setting up an online business Outsourcing: 5 Tips to selecting an outsourcing partner Driving Traffic: 7 Universal Laws to get hundreds of visitors to your website   (more...)

credit card review website. We are looking for a competent writer with experience in this industry to write original (verified by copyscape) for our credit card review site, this will include credit card reviews, financial reviews etc... We are also looking for blogging regarding the same industry. We also need original content on the items reviewing asap as we are launching the site soon. Writers need to have immaculate english / article / blogging skills with everything they write SEO proficient. Writers also need to have basic knowledge of Joomla as they will be required to login and update articles they write themselves. This will be an ongoing project, the more the website grows from good articles the more hours can be given.   (more...)

oking for someone to handle the build out of many sites for SEO purposes. You will be responsible for the writing of many different sites content, each engineered toward a specific focus for each site. 5 Sites starting out, but this may grow to many more.   (more...)

ng a weblog in English as a non-native speaker, and it takes a lot of time to write a decent post. Would love to get help by an editor who\'s doing the finishing touch. I write the basic story, you finish it. The tone of the posts are tongue-in-cheek, serious with a twist. But for non-business purposes. Second, I would like you to handle the administration for the website (sending period invoices by mail, keeping an overview, handle relationships with clients by mail). Third, on a daily basis for work I have some excel sheets to merge, it\'s very easy work (copy paste). Would like you to work with google docs for that. Fourth, several occurring small tasks (online periodic research, maybe if possible tasks in personal life). * Some very basic knowledge of terms related to the stock exchange and trading would be a pro, but this is not necessary. * Looking for a steady ongoing relationship, first on hourly basis and later for a monthly fee. Contact by mail or msn.   (more...)

500-600 word articles rewritten . Must pass copyscape by 70% or more in uniqueness. Topic is on leopard geckos.   (more...)

ike thirty different articles on the same subject. The articles should be between 400 and six hundred words in length, with a total of between four and six paragraphs. The subject will be given. Grammar and spelling must be perfect. I would like a writing sample before you will be approved. I will be doing similar projects in the future. If you do a good job I will come back to you for more writing.   (more...)

oking for someone with great research skills, that can write articles on a wide variety of subjects. This person should already be familiar with article spinning as well, but we are willing to train the right candidate. The ideal candidate will also have an excellent command of American English both written and orally. Additionally, prompt communication is required when there are questions with the work you perform. If you take pride in the quality of your work and aren\'t afraid to write about subject that you don\'t have direct knowledge of, then please feel free to apply for this job! Candidate that provide work samples will be given priority consideration. Please bid based upon a \"per article\" basis for a 400-500 word article. We will consider your bid to be the same for article writing and spinning. For example, you charge $3 for writing an article and a separate $3 for spinning the same article.   (more...)

on of documents   (more...)

need 5 unique-content Posts for a new blog. Perfect grammar is a must. Writers should be English-Native or from an English speaking country. Writers from non-English speaking country are also welcome as long as they meet our quality standard and submit articles on time. In other words, you must speak, read, write and understand English fluently. Starting Rate is $1 per Article. JOB DESCRIPTION AND REQUIREMENTS 1) You must provide 5 posts in max 5 days 2) Lenght of the posts: 350-400 words 3) Content must be unique (not copied from other sources) 4) Topic is \"computer games\" and/or \"online games\" 5) Please be reliable. We shouldn\'t have to nag you to complete your work: you need to WANT to work. If you do not complete a project, you will not be paid 6) Payments will be promptly made through oDesk platform COPYRIGHT We retain full ownership of all the posts, with complete copyright to use, publish, etc. on any of our web sites of all work purchased from you. You cannot republish articles/posts you gave us, or resell them to other sellers. FINAL CONSIDERATION We are offering an ongoing work opportunity for the right candidate. If you perform well you will be getting many more projects and good reviews remarking your excellency which can make your freelancing career a bit easier. We are waiting for you. Happy Bidding ^_^   (more...)

ing for a native English writer for article writing. This will be a long-term project if I find a right person who can take responsibility and give a complete product. Articles will be about perfumes and cosmetic products and hence I would prefer a female over male due to nature of content. I expect that before you write an article, you would: - Research the product and its users - Write a unique article (about 600 words) geared towards that user base and promote the product as well. To start off, we can do 3 articles. If I like those articles, then we can do this 2 per week.   (more...)

meone to write 22 articles on home security. Must have EXCELLENT English writing / grammar skills.   (more...)

ng for several authors to add news content to our website, on a continual basis. We need fluent English speaking individuals to report on current freelancing news. We will provide web pages of recent freelancing news. You will be required to summarize & report what that page is about. All writing must be done in a news format. To bid, tell me what the current news writing format is & enter your price per article (based on a quantity of 5 articles/wk). More Details ---------- Guidelines for each article: You will be given a link to a current news topic, that could be located anywhere on the internet. We will provide links daily. You may also provide links you find. You will need to review the link, & write an unbiased report of what that link talks about. You can summarize, paraphrase, quote, etc... A lot like how, or technorati, or any other news site operates. There is no min/max length. Only factor is writing quality.   (more...)

ing for a blog post writer to write short news story based blog posts related to the bar and nightclub industry every day. Similar in concept to which aggregates news stories, links to them elsewhere and comments on them, I am looking for something similar, though the posts can be much shorter. (150-200 words). Successful candidate will set up Google Alerts for a list of keywords from which research can be carried out each day to create the blog posts. There will also be a list of recommended websites to visit for interesting and relevant articles. 5-10 blog posts will be written each day Monday - Friday and submitted to me for review, correction and publishing. Please only apply for this position if you have previous blog posting experience, have an excellent research and writing ability and use English as your first language. Other candidates will be rejected.   (more...)

ne, I need a number of articles to be written on the topic of Online Forex Trading. It will help a lot if you are familliar with the topic and you will need to submit proof of that in your application. The topics will be: - Forex Robots - Forex Market - Forex Signals - Investments I\'m looking for a good writer who know about Forex. (I\'m not looking a expert Forex Trader). I am interested in paying a flat fee for a number of high quality articles on this topic. While I do demand high quality each article should be about 350-400 words and completed as fast as possible. In your bid please submit the number of articles you can write for 50$ and the time it will take you to do it. If this arrangment works out then I would be interested to keeping you on ongoing basis. Each article will be checked for content and grammar, and if any do not meet our standards they will be sent back to you for a rewrite. All articles will obviously be checked to make sure they are unique as well. In applying for this job, please do not forget to attach a sample of previous work. The spam filter for this task is the current year, which should be placed at the start of your application. No upfront payment bids will be considered.   (more...)

word rich articles utilizing your SEO Targeted content writing skills for existing sites/blogs of our clients. You must be able to re-phrase existing content to your own words. You should have understanding of writing articles with high keyword density. This involves writing keywords rich articles for client’s site as well as writing articles for other blogs and generate awareness for our client.   (more...)

looking for serious long-term article writers who will receive a very regular flow of daily work. These won\'t be original articles that you write - rather they\'ll be rewrites. I\'ll be giving you 4 articles per day, and I\'ll be asking you to rewrite each paragraph 3 times. Each version must be unique so that no version reads like any of the others. The way to do this is to rewrite each paragraph one at a time, saying the same thing in different words each time around so that each rewrite is unique from the others. Each article will consist of about 8-9 paragraphs, with a total of about 300-350 words. Each of your rewritten versions will need to be a minimum of 310 words. In order to comfortably move forward with you, I\'d like to start out with a test of 4 articles that I\'ll ask you to rewrite 3 times each. This makes for a total of 12 articles. The rate for our first test batch of 12 rewrites will be 75 cents per rewrite, making for a total of $9.00. If I\'m satisfied with the originality and readability of each version, we can move forward at my long-term rate of $1 per rewrite (or $12.00 per 12 article rewrites). What I absolutely need is original articles written in perfect English by people from native English speaking countries. If your cover letter or sample work has noticeable grammatical errors, I\'m sorry but you won\'t be considered for the position. These articles absolutely CANNOT be put together using spinners. They must be purely original writing. Your grammar and spelling must be spot on, and your articles must be original, informative, and easy to read. I\'ll include a sample version of an article rewritten 3 times, which should make it a lot easier for you to see how this is all done. As you do these more often, you\'ll find that they\'re easier and easier to do. If you\'re looking for a serious long-term opportunity, please respond to this listing with a sample article attached. I look forward to hearing from you.   (more...)

Marketing Agency looking for high quality content writer. Requirement: 1 Article with at least 1 image per day. 5 Articles per week Creative writing,no copy and paste allowed.   (more...)

is is simple data Entry project. I need hard working and honest people to do this simple data entry job\'s for long term. For more details after placing bid send me message. Thanks   (more...)

ree different golf related articles written around keywords you will be supplied with. Your articles must be original and unique, not copied from anywhere else, not spun and they will be checked for plagiarism. Your articles must be more than 400 words long and have an opening and closing paragraph. If this works out, there may be additional opportunities for work. If you are interested in this job, I will send you a sample article to try. If the article is satisfactory, you will be hired to write the rest of the articles.   (more...)

XPERT In English Language Who Can Research And Write Well With Speed WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: - Someone who can work 10 hours a week to start that will increase as time goes on and eventually become full time. You have the flexibility to work those 10 hours whenever you want. - Someone that is looking for long term employment. We am looking for someone we can build a relationship with long term who will be with us for a long period of time. Not someone who only needs a few months of work. JOB DESCRIPTION: - You will be writing mainly home/garden topics for the first 90 days. Each week we will provide you a list of words to go do research on and write articles about. - The articles will be between 300 - 350 words. Each article and the rewritten articles must be completely unique content. - To start you must be able to write at least 1.5 articles per hour and improve over time. If you think you can currently write as good as these articles or could get close and improve over time then you should definately apply for this job. OUR COMPENSATION: - Please make us an offer with what you feel is fair. We can negotiate on a starting salary per week. APPLICATION PROCESS: - Please respond to this post if you feel you would like to write for us. As part of the application process we would like you to tell us a bit about yourself with a minimum of 150 words. **If you don\'t include a 150 word paragraph about yourself we will not consider you for the position** Thank you for reading this and we look forward to talking to you. Please respond with the following information 1. When you can start 2. What you would like to be paid per week   (more...)

book expert with good graphic designing skills who can design and complete an ebook. It is an ebook of important links to my clients. I want links to be clickable on digital copy. Must have previous experience and can prove by supplying work sample. All links and content supplied. Just need someone fo finishing up the project and some helpful ideas. Project is urgent. Please make a bid. Please take note that position will be regular if you can do this project well.   (more...)

rticle writer for 6 various articles across multiple websites. I need someone who is good at properly optimizing specified keywords so knowledge of SEO is key! Articles must be 100% original and must pass Copyscape to get paid and become my property once received and accepted. Titles and keywords will be provided, along with the number of words required. Requirements: Needs to be good with SEO and keyword density Great skills in written English. Able to provide interesting content with personality! Articles will be checked for plagiarism and rejected if they are not unique. Great at doing product reviews Please send your best work samples that identify the keywords targeted in your article or product review! Work has the possibility to continue in the future based on the quality of work!   (more...)

ing for a good English writer to write 10 unique articles in both dating and health niche. Hopefully someone who will be available on a continued, regular basis. I will provide the keywords and topics for each article. You should be fast, efficient, have great command of English, be creative, deliver on time, provide value for your work, be able to communicate clearly, and be willing to take on more work once this short project has been completed. Project details: - 10 unique articles in both dating and health niche - Min 500 words per article - Articles should be information driven - Depending on the topic, an article should either relate a personal experience or researched information and end up giving 3-5 tips to the reader - Articles should be written in the 1st person’s voice - Each article should be well researched and accurate in its information - Each article should have a clear structure with distinct paragraphs - All articles are checked for plagiarism through copyscape – do not apply if you copy and modify articles from the Internet. I will need the articles in about 1 week. Payment is $20. To apply, please provide the following: - A sample article on either how to solve marriage problem or how to get rid of back pain. - Answer to the following 2 questions: o Are you interested in an ongoing article writing opportunity in this and other niches? o If yes, how many articles could you be writing on a monthly ongoing basis?   (more...)

ctors, Our company is looking for excellent writers who can write at least 3 articles per day. We will pay $5 for every 4(four) 400-500 word articles submitted. Please attach a sample of your writing upon applying.   (more...)

I\'m looking for a bunch of passionate copywriters who can write me some awesome website content. I am a fun person to work with and I understand the difficulties of a writer. I have been in the profession myself in the past. I know the amount that I would be paying isn\'t all that high, but, I know there are many writers out there who are in writing for the passion of it and there\'s more to just money. You wouldn\'t want to work with someone\'s who\'s bossy or commanding, rather a person who\'s a friend and who\'s understanding at the same time. A certain section of people I would be targetting with this ad would be work-at-home moms, college students, graduates, etc... If you aren\'t any of these of course you could still apply, just that I am assuming these are the kind of people who are most likely to apply. To cut the long story short, I\'m looking for some content writers who could write good, quality content without any grammatical errors. Rates: $2/500 words (If you\'re exceptional, I might increase the pay) I would be hiring writers on a long term basis if things work out well. Please only apply if your English skills are good and you don\'t have grammatical mistakes, I would like to stress on that because I have had a lot of people who have applied in the past who have absolutely no command over the English language. I also don\'t want people to copy-paste their pre-prepared \"essay\" which they submit to all jobs that are listed. Another point I would like to make is that I don\'t really look at anyone\'s experience. As long as you have good writing skills it\'s ok. Make sure you also have skills to do a little research as well. Thanks for getting through this really long job request. It\'s just that I am quite passionate about whatever I do and I expect that from you as well. Again, this is a long-term project and I really can\'t judge the fixed price and I\'m weary of making this on an hourly basis. We\'ll work out things once you apply. Things you would need to apply: 1) Writing skills. 2) Researching skills. 3) Instant Messenger to keep me updated on the work. 4) Good grammar. 5) Attach a sample if you have one. 6) Country of origin and time zone. 7) Command over the English language. 8) CAN meet deadlines. 9) CAN write sexy articles. That\'s about it, let\'s get things rolling!   (more...)

or a writer to write 5 unique articles of 450 to 500 words around specific keyword phrases. Provider must have understanding of keyword density and should be proficient in written English.   (more...)

Sleep knowledge and good writing skils   (more...)

I am looking for 4 providers who are able to work fast and provide quality service. I have a set of articles that I would to have re-written and they range from 400-600 words. I am paying $1 for every 500 words re-written. I will give you 10 articles and would like them re-written in a very unique way and handed over within 24-48 hours. The budget is for a batch of 10 articles. Articles very in content and are for my website   (more...)

ing for blogger to post on a computer security related blog. The topic is spyware, computer viruses, adware, OS, browser news etc. Good English writing skill and must have experienced blogging/writing, doing research and work on wordpress blog. Minimum post 250 words and image if necessary. I am looking for 3-5 post a week. Blogs can be original writing based on research, re-blogs or topic/keyword I provide. If you turn out to be the right person I am looking for this could be a long term project. Here some of the reference to give you an idea what I am looking for   (more...)

esponseable for the linkbuilding for many websites. The links should be \"white hat\" and manuell set, not automated set by a spam software. The links should be come from blogs, forums, SB, webkatalogs and link changes. All links should be dofollow. There should be a good mix from the different linksources. Important is also, that you do not use the same linksources for all websites. Do not link from one website to all my websites. Just set 2-3 links from a external linksource to my websites. If you have your own good linksources, you can use this. Maybe we can make an additional deal, if you know good linksources. The websites, which you should push, are most german. So some links should be from german websites. When you need german content, i can provide this. A little understanding of the german language will be good, but it is not a must. I have many websites to push, so this will be a full time job for the next years.   (more...)

ring 5 writers to work with us long term. You will be responsible to write good quality content on keywords sent by us. To make the work easier we will send you the writing instructions too. If you are a writer looking for a reliable source of freelance work, we would like to hear from you - write informative article, have your byline viewed by millions of readers and receive a timely payment. Bid for 100 articles. The word length should be minimum 400 words each. We will give preference to Native Writers but if you are exceptional feel free to apply with a sample.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here Raff - Air Suisse op.11 The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) The three Sonatas shall be delivered in separate files. You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

involves taking a piece of scanned music (PDF format), and entering it into Sibelius. You may see the whole here: Czerny - Ouverture for Maritana for 4 H The end result will be a single Sibelius -compatible (.sib) file and the same file as .pdf. You might be able to scan in some of the notes using PhotoScore, or you can do entry with a keyboard, or manually (the method is entirely up to you). We expect an error-free result for Fixed payment with no prepayment   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Jadassohn 3rd Symphony The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

udio Engineer. Designing a consumer electronics product, need an audio engineer.   (more...)

omputer literate and have a good working knowledge of sound recording, playback, editing and mixing equipment, also experience in the various soundtrack delivery systems. Excellent hearing and a good sense of timing are required, as are attention to detail and good communication skills. Also, must possess imagination and creative flair to produce original sound elements and effects. The ability to accept direction and work well with others is also important. Please attach sample audio file you have edited along with references.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

audio special effect tracks for dramatic band. We right our own music and plays and we need some dramatic effects for lead ins and exits of some of our stuff.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Maria dolorata of Vinci The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Attention: all Numbers of the opera have to be set in the correct sequence. The document is an mix of score and parts... Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Pergolesi - Morte di San Giuseppe The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Pergolesi - Serva padrona The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

ording and tools hd3   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Vinci - Erighetta... The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Haydn - Missa Festi Santi Francesci The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

n productions, INC. is currently seeking a freelance Pro Tools audio engineer to to do final sound mixes for short form content. Work includes mixing and audio sweetening, music transition smoothing, adding sound effects, noise removal and sound design. Professionals only Apply. We are very picky with sound design skills. No amateurs please. These can be fixed price or hourly. This is not a full time position work will be on a job by job basis, however we do have a lot of work that needs audio finishing. We will FTP an OMF file and expect a final bounce back with a Stereo mix. M&E tracks VO tracks & dialogue Tracks. As well as all session files for archiving when job is complete.   (more...)

or someone to create/compose some back ground music, tune or jingle for use with voice over announcements on our office phones on hold messages. We are also looking for someone to do the voice over’s which the scripts will be provided. With the tune we are a modern fresh real estate company and need something to reflect who we are and separate us from our competition.   (more...)

ting hypnosis audios in Audacity. Need noise removed from audio, possible editing, royalty free music added (I will provide music) fading in and out at beginning and end, and separate track of music that will play softly during the entire audio. File will be converted into mp3 upon completion of editing.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

oking for some new on hold music / marketing about our products that our customers can listen to when there call is placed on hold. (Maybe in mp3 format)   (more...)

res editing a 10 to 15 minute podcast.   (more...)

oice over artist is need for upcoming productions. If you have a great clear voice, then come on by. Possibility for a lot of work in the future. Thanks for your interest.   (more...)

anager/technician Required I am looking to start a podcast and am wanting to hire a manager/technician. I see your role including: establishing the intro/outro for the podcasts - possibly including introducing the show [dependant on your voice and whether that is what you want to do or not]. compiling the show notes submitting the podcast to the agreed directories / iTunes finding, contacting and arranging people to be interviewed connected to the niche cleaning any audio files to get an appropriate standard compiling all the segments into a podcast format I would see it as my role to interview / comment / provide the main material for the show - providing youi with the original audio files for inclusion into the show. Initially I think we would start with a podcast every 2 weeks and run them for 3 months trial and then review.   (more...)

one to interview and record some audio podcasts of up to 12 beta users of our product. Need final production audio files that can be streamed from our website ready by 6/14/2010.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

require someone from England to do some voice recordings for us, full script will be provided. No longer than 15 minutes. Please send voice sample and details. Many thanks   (more...)

or the graphic design and video production to these video clips.. and the video production similar to this landing page   (more...)


ree WMA Audio recordings maximum time is 6 minutes each. I want to put these recordings on a blog and need the code to be able to post them. I also want the audio button so that people coming to the site can play it whenever they want to. I just need you to email the code to me for each recording using the title of the file for each code in one email. This should be easy to do for someone who knows what they are doing and should only take a few minutes for each recording.   (more...)

oking for someone to help us promote our podcasts and do the following to our recordings: - download our audio file - edit, render and tag the final file for the podcast episode - post the file to our media hosting site and notify our transcriptionist that it is ready - make sure it is up and running on iTunes - post the show on our blog - post the transcription to our blog and link to it from the episode post - create a static slide on top of the audio to turn it into a video file (Alternately, you can create a quick slide show with a few different slides that go on top of the audio file) - cut the file into segments that are a maximum of ten minutes in length each for You Tube - upload each video file to our YouTube channel with a good title and description - create a playlist in our YouTube channel that ties each video segment for this video together for convenient watching - add annotations over each video segment. Place one at the beginning of the video file linking to the previous video and one at the end of the video linking to the next in episode series. - syndicate the video(s) to other video sharing sites through TubeMogul. - Submit the blog post as well as the first video in the episode series on YouTube to social bookmarking sites to build some links pointing to them. - Post a link to the blog post on our Twitter & Facebook accounts - E-mail our list to let them know about new episodes - Make sure the new episode shows on our iTunes page correctly - Test the subscription to our shows feed to make sure the latest episode shows up and downloads   (more...)

animatiom motion flash job... please contact   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - The Opera Brenno by Reichardt The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) Pure dialogue pages shall not be copied - only music (including songs and chorusses) - The Ouverture is not needed - The engraving has to be done in Sibelius. Other engraving tools are not acceptable for this project! You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

o have audio mastered and leveled and made to sit nicely into music bed. I record the audio in my studio and also have the music. will work via internet   (more...)

vocal sounds out of a MP3 song. Budget $5.   (more...)

ing for a candidate who can write catchy melodies with lyrics and supply them with either a guitar or piano with voice. These do NOT have to be great recordings, just enough that we can hear the basic concept. We can product it on our end.   (more...)

fl studio sound editing 3.adobe photo shop 4.illustrator interested in photograph-ices.   (more...)

can be an on going job for the right person. I need someone that can take a raw audio file and assemble a finished podcast. I will supply any music and notes required.   (more...)

f the score is already done in Sibelius ** The score can be obtained at The partial SIB file is attached. The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB * Full Score (All instruments) printed as *.PDF * Any instrumental voice as separate *.PDF File You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

wo audio .wav files restored (approx. 1 hour in length) audibly. Restoration includes: 1. Getting rid of any crackle and pops 2. removing tape hissing sounds 3. Make sure speaker can be heard without straining to decipher what\'s being said 4. Voice is equalized as well as muffled sounds taken out. 5. If volume is too low or two high, normalize it. 6. Remove other background / distracting noises A link to the samples are posted at the bottom of this ad (3-8 minutes in length) to prove that you can do the work. Compensation is paid per audio file restored. Technician must be familiar with one or more audio restoration software: Diamond Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, Protools, etc. in order to carry out the above tasks. Links for samples:   (more...)

xperienced intelligent and reliable professional telemarketer to set appointments for sales presentations. The candidate should speak perfect English, with background in telemarketing, sales, and/or customer support. The candidate should call on businesses in California Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm. Target: 15-20 qualified appointments per week. Compensation: $15 for each qualified appointment plus $20 bonus for a closed sale. No shows no pay. Meeting the target, the compensation will increase to $20 for a qualified appointment and $30 bonus for a closed sale. Scripts and short training about the services and products will be provided. We will also provide a leads database. The candidate will work from the comfort of their home. You must have a computer, internet and email access. You will provide a weekly report of every number/person/company you called. A template will be provided.   (more...)

d of a business plan for my cleaning company asap   (more...)

nal and expert needed to put a marketing plan together for business Please this is NOT an SEO or SEM position Must have expereince and be ready to show work samples   (more...)

y is called Affordable Solar Technology. There are now many companies in my industry (Solar photovoltaic panels) sales and installation. I need some catchy wording, marketing ideas and strategies, to help me sell more than my competition. I mainly want to sell larger Solar pv systems around 5kw and larger. Can you please provide me with strategies, in relevance and with rough costings. Also, what do you think I should do? email marketing, DL brochures, 4 page brochures etc...   (more...)

oking, for one person make a research on internet, about companies in Portugal, collecting and selling empty cartridges from laser printers. We looking for big and small companies located in Portugal, and at the end of the research we need emails and telephone numbers, and also the price list from these companies, at list seven companies. We accept only people from Portugal.   (more...)

software product with over 20.000 installs daily in Brazil. We\'re looking for someone local to help us find new partners in order to increase monetization. Experience with affiliate marketing or in the software advertising industry is required. Please pitch your best idea to us in your cover letter. General or spam applications will be ignored.   (more...)

t Company is looking for representative in each city of USA / CANADA We provide special internet marketing services for local companies with NO MONEY UPFRONT. That\'s why we are looking for representatives, cause we are only ONE company which don\'t take money UPFRONT. Customers will pay only UNTIL they see results. We provide 20-30% RECURRING commission for each representative with special training. You will need ONLY to find local companies in your area which have interests in internet marketing services. And as Yellow pages, newspaper, magazines are almost history, it will be no difficult to find such companies. Job Requirements: - Must live in the USA or Canada - Good communication skills Benefits: - 20-30% Recurring commission - Special Training - Special Support - HOT Market   (more...)

uthor of five books, sex coach, and speaker. I need someone to create a funnel, database, and marketing strategy for me to sell my sex coaching and speaking events. I have a general direction, but need specific details laid out in a plan and communicate to a web designer. In addition to the funnel and marketing strategy, I would like a daily task list of things I do each week, down to the day (e.g. blogging, radio show, posts, etc.)   (more...)

ople that can find emails and phone numbers for CEO\'S AND CFO\'S of companys   (more...)

proffesional presentaions in English, Marketing plans, Personal assitant to CEO on demand, client service.   (more...)

ing for anyone who can fulfill the role listed in one of the things in the job title   (more...)

d in developing a team. A dependable marketing (SEO, Google, Email Blast Marketing, Blogger etc) to work with someone that is a dependable programmer. I have made quality relationships with wholesalers /manufactuers of medical suppliers. (Diabetic, Blood Pressure, etc) to offer products that are needed. Instead of trying to develop this idea along with others I would like to build a team with vested interest in this projects success. My advantage is I have things setup and established relationships. My plan is to focus on those products that are selling in volume to individuals. I would pay each team member percenatge of sales based on responsbilities/task. My focus is to do whats needed in the states. A task list will be created for the Marketer, Programmer (working relationship) and myself . Weekly meeting via chat so we can be on the same page. Both parties are paid bi weekly on Friday. I\'m looking forward to discussing if you are interested and what you bring to the table to make this project successful.   (more...)

START a new online business. Need a new website and marketing plan as well as SEO etc. Must be the best at every step of the process and deliver in a very timely manner. Only the top level group that can handle it need apply.   (more...)

Trend Following Investment Management Firm seeks seasoned marketing consultant to develop marketing strategy to attract AUM and Investment Advisor Representatives. Must have financial services marketing background and history of implementing solid strategies for startup firms. I\'m looking for someone that can develop an effective marketing plan.   (more...)

is to research and report the names of the Board Members of the top 25 (by size) non-profit organizations based in the United States. Level of detail and organization of the report will be left to the provider. This is a trial task to identify the most thorough and organized provider to hire for future, and more complicated research tasks. Four separate providers will be chosen for this trial task and results will be compared to identify a candidate for ongoing research needs. Please propose the number of hours you think this will take along with the proposed hourly rate.   (more...)

Trend Following Investment Management Firm seeks seasoned marketing consultant to develop marketing strategy to attract AUM and Investment Advisor Representatives. Must have financial services marketing background and history of implementing solid strategies for startup firms. I\'m looking for someone that can develop an effective marketing plan.   (more...)

o write a short description of the project (business plan).   (more...)

ilities *Build relationships and Generating new accounts *Educating and selling clients on advertising options and increasing their presence in all products, which include Print Directory and Online Directory *Provide complete electronic advertising solutions for small, medium, and large size businesses *Coordinate collection of advertising copy and *Maintaining high productivity standards *Deliver excellent customer service Requirements Qualified candidates should possess: Advertising Sales experience Strong Desire to Succeed Ability to Develop Long Term Relationships Provide Ongoing Support to Current Clients Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills   (more...)

aplication. Web for iPad, enter information basic very basic, example, name, address, fono, etc, it is all, good easy.   (more...)

or someone capable of writing full fledged, high quality, research and finance driven/based business plans for the following projects: OHCINTL.COM - Our Holdings Company - Laundry / dry cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Appointment setting - American/Chinese targeted Diamond and Engagement Ring site - Latin American Travel Portal - Online Social Commerce Gourmet Supermarket Looking for quick turnaround, and someone who knows how to put together a stellar presentation and can be a self starter and self thinker. YOU NEED TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS (Interview me for each business plan)   (more...)

omeone to help us achieve more sales on line, experience and case studies requires, new UK company Please send suggestions on what you can offer and rates required, basic salary available + Bonus on results   (more...)

company folder and i have several new links of companies to add. i need someone to write their strength and abilities and design it. this will be a marketing tool for me so i need it to be understandable for engineers and purchashing people. I will provide the list of companies and you will need to dig out from their website the important things and add some pictures and logos.   (more...)

of monthly sales, packing merchandise   (more...)

m interesting in big and Comprehensive study about selling products in different platform on intrenet. The research will include all parts of selling a product beginning with choosing ant tracing a product , choosing a supplier , choosing a dropshiper  and selling the product in different platform on the internet 1. Tracking a product – what are most sold product\'s in the common selling platform on the internet  EBAY  Yahoo  AMAZON  Google and etc…. Divided in excel table who\'s the top stores , the type of product, area\'s in the world. What are the good and bad times. 2.Tracking dropshiper – who\'s the leading dropshiper in the world choosing by Who have largest types of products, quality of work, data availability , best prices, Language , biggest delivery options also in excel table. 3. Selling the products, what are the most effective platform to sell a product, what are the fee cost of selling , and who is best for each type of product For example electronics products the best is Has you see I said everything to be the most simple that we can be, I want to choose somebody serious of long terms and good work. I\'m giving this job to 5 candidates around the globe, the choose the best. I want a daily report , to see progress, a power point presentation that will explain everything I asked and high quality excel tables Please be candidate only if you understand everything and you know how to do it!! Time is money. Thank you   (more...)

startup company with a unique product. We are launching a nationwide (USA) sales effort and need to compile state by state data on our client\'s geographic locations, contact information and relative size. 95% of which is public knowledge. Our company principally sells security seals for casino gaming machines (slot machines) but your creativity will pay off because we are security solutions company that addresses security threats to sensitive materials. Our client markets are limitless as our proprietary seals are a market leading technology. FOR THIS PROJECT We are looking to begin compiling sales leads in the form of a marketing report. We have identified key industries as Gaming, Voting Machines/Ballots, Evidence Security. This detailed report would have state by state lists of all major casino operators, how many slot machines they have, who is in charge of compliance, who oversees and regulates the casinos and as much contact information as possible on these boards, commissions and individuals. This report will also describe in detailed a graphic format the same lead information for Weights and Measures Commissions in the mayor cities. This report will also describe in detailed graphic format state by state lead contact information for election voting/polling commissions, boards and voting machine manufacturers. And finally, this report will describe in detailed graphic format the lead contact information for police department evidence rooms or general police purchasing departments. Again, most of this information is public knowledge across various websites and directories but it would be the researchers task to find and compile in a neat, orderly and detailed manner as a guide for our sales force team to refer to, with up to date information. ******Must be able to compile by FRIDAY June 18, 2010 No FEEDBACK need not apply Thank you for your interest.   (more...)

interior designers from the miami area to my gallery for a tour with the artists. specific appointment needed - create group gathering at the gallery i.e book club meetings. - the gallery offer art classes so bring people to sign up. in general any marketing options.   (more...)

or someone to manage my website at, including coming up with and implementing a marketing campaign. Must be familiar with internet marketing and specifically, niche marketing. This is an ebook that has a market but I have not had time to come up with a plan and implement that plan. I have a few articles, and an alternate home page with opt-in box that we can use. Must also have some knowledge of html. I don\'t know what the odesk rules are about commissions, but for this I would love to give a cut of the profits to this person.   (more...)

experienced internet marketer, who has experience in split testing and marketing campaigns. Must have the ability to generate traffic, SEO, PPC and have a proven track record of doing test for splash and launching pages.   (more...)

ing for a very experienced and professional business planner to do a research and create a BP in the field of Social Networks   (more...)

oking for an excellent marketing executive who has a proven track record of making a business successful. He must be familiar with modern marketing skills and well classical. He must work closely in making marketing strategies, implement them and get desired results. He must show remarkable experience / skill in: - resell of business; - organize teams; - prepare marketing strategies and implement them; and, - work independently with minimum guidance. This position can lead to enormous benefits in future for desired and result driven person.   (more...)

xisting blog and change to subscription based   (more...)

or market research in few countries about Optical / Ophtalmic lenses   (more...)

s the award-winning pioneer of home-based virtual customer care solutions for global brand leaders committed to enhancing their brand experience. Serving over 40 client programs and 10 million customers, VIPdesk specializes in delivering Concierge Programs, Contact Center Services, and loyalty programs for national brand leaders in the travel, auto, financial services, real estate and retail industries. We are looking for results-oriented closer to negotiate high-end offers with select partners in dining, hotel, retail and travel markets, to serve affluent membership base. This assignment will begin with a 90-day plan and may continue after that, based on performance and accomplishment of specific goals. This position requires strong business analysis skills, strong negotiating, selling, communication and organizational skills, as well as familiarity with high-end merchants. Position is available to begin work immediately. Candidate should be based in the United States.   (more...)

entails creating marketing materials for a medical product, including invitations to events, e-mail reminders, etc. I am looking for someone with creativity and strong graphic desogn skills. Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat skills are required, and any additional graphic design programs as a plus. Please provide examples of any marketing materials or event invitations that you have created. I would like to understand your background, and training in this field.   (more...)

or individual to help get sports sponsorship and endorsements from sports people we represent   (more...)

ns is an Online College Admissions Counseling service company. We are looking for a one-time interim VP of Marketing to assist us in writing a Marketing Plan to market to PTSA parents/organizations and other parent networks. Job Description * Recommend the most cost effective ways to generate leads from PTSA organizations/parent networks, preferable email / phone leads * Recommend different test email marketing messages / sales scripts when approaching PTSA organizations/parent networks * Recommend strategies for jump-starting viral / word of mouth marketing within the Mom demographics Job Qualifications * Required: Prior Consumer Marketing experience targeting at the Mom demographics * Preferred: Prior Marketing experience at an Education company (e.g. Test Prep) that sells to parents (ie not school districts)   (more...)

Job Functions 1. Reaching sales goals. A proven track record of meeting sales goals. 2. Develop customer base necessary to meet all sales forecasts and budgets. 3. Prospecting for new business, preparing/presenting proposals and maintaining existing relationships. 4.Serves as point of contact for our Birmingham office initially and has the ability to lead the branch office. 5. Weekly reporting and updates of sales Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 1. Retirement Industry Domain Knowledge is desirable. 2. Strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude 3. Ability to effectively manage time and prioritize multiple responsibilities. 4. 5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 5. Self motivated and ability to excel with minimum supervision. 6. Ability to work well with customers and co-workers in a team environment. 7. Ability to write and present effective proposals to customers Minimum Qualifications and experience 1. About 8-10 years of experience in selling technology products or services to the retirement industry ( preferred). Experience in managing large accounts and large multi year deals. 2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent desired.   (more...)

e Marketing and Design needs a marketing consultant that has extensive experience and/or a degree in marketing to help with new marketing strategies. Could entail a lot of print marketing. Clients consists of multiple Amish Furniture Manufacturers. Must think outside the box with respect to the Amish conservative community. This person will be added to my team as a long term consultant.   (more...)

hat the job entails: I am having a database built of cities and companies in specific industries that I want to target. >From there I want to do a three shot advertising hit, #1 - generic letter with a powerpoint presentation and pen #2 - Follow up to first letter #3 - the sealer hopefully - we dangled the carrot now it\'s time to reel them in. What I need is for someone to help with the letters, set up time frame to send the first and subsequent letters. What should be in the powerpoint to make it the most effective. What should the second and third mailings contain? How to get new business? Could be future work for right person.   (more...)

ghost written manual/book about 96-100 pages, 5-10 chapters. Book title is \"How To Dominate Your Local Business Market With Online Videos\". I will provide chapter titles   (more...)

n immediate set of 10-15 SAS programs written, in addition we may need a few programs to be written each week over the next 2-3 months.   (more...)

ge executive summary of all below 2. A definition of the product and its key market features 3. Market research highlights for web site solutions targeted to SMEs (data driven, referenced) 4. The competitive landscape (who\'s out there, what they\'ve got, how they price, how they\'re positioned); a grid that compares and contrasts these 5. Based on the above, some potential approaches for leadmachine pricing and positioning, possibly in SWOT format 6. Based on 5., some narrative and a grid that contrasts leadmachine vs the competition in the same space 7. Some possible marketing approaches, including: key messages, techniques/methods for online positioning, some partnership candidates and possible media channels (traditional and non-traditional) 8. Some ideas on product adaptations and/or ancillary products that make sense 9. Some suggested next steps Likely in the 6-8 page range, I\'d think.   (more...)

basic knowledge and access to SPSS software in order to do coding and encoding   (more...)

iption I need someone who is knows statistical analysis on SPSS preferably or some similar software. I have a lot of data which has been analyzed but need further analysis done.   (more...)

ooking for somebody to design a new property website for us this site will have to be able to calculate the cost to build property together with a database of imputed information supplied by the client this database will then be linked to activate a renewal date email to be sent to the client. We also want the site to be ecommerce i.e payments made direct by clients online once the payment is made the client can download their information   (more...)

hand delivers 10,000 complex mailing pieces monthly. I would like to test multiple variables and require the assistance of an intelligent, available person with relevant experience and excellent spoken and written English.   (more...)

or a superstar personal assistant with great attention-to-detail Proficiency in any of the following would be appreciated but not required: - Statistical analysis - Paralegal skills (particularly copyrights and trademarks) - Operations experience - Customer Service - Technical Support - Tech experience (HTML, Flash,, etc.) Please only apply if you are : 1. Legally allowed to work for a U.S.-based company as an independent contractor 2. Able to meet deadlines and self-manage 3. Have a 5.0 rating on You will need to sign NDA and Independent Contractor agreements. Background checks will be required before the start of the project. Each project is typically 2-3 hours long. Timelines are flexible but you\'ll need to meet deadlines and delivery high-quality work. Work varies and is fun for someone who enjoys entrepreneurship.   (more...)

o websites that I\'m looking for help on measuring a variety of statistics for, including: -Visitor navigation -Autoresponder -Upsell pages -Squeeze pages -Podcast conversions -Twitter/Facebook fan page conversions I need to be able to determine, from the statistical analysis, where to make changes to improve my sales funnel, and what is and what isn\'t working. Thanks for bidding, let me know if you have questions. Kevin   (more...)

d set up of a simulation model. The model could be described with polynoms but the parameters entered are based on statistical distribution. It is important to provide an idea, why you are skilled to to this job. To avoid misunderstandings - we talk about university level.   (more...)

of seals, tape and security solutions is launching a nationwide (USA) sales effort and need to compile state by state data on our clients geographic locations, contact information and relative size. 95% of which is public knowledge. Our company principally sells security seals for casino gaming machines (slot machines). This detailed report would have state by state lists of all major casino operators, how many slot machines they have, who is in charge of compliance, who oversees and regulates the casinos and as much contact information as possible on these boards, commissions and individuals. This report will also describe in detailed a graphic format the same lead information for Weights and Measures Commissions in the mayor cities. This report will also describe in detailed graphic format state by state lead contact information for election voting/polling commissions, boards and voting machine manufacturers. And finally, this report will describe in detailed graphic format the lead contact information for police department evidence rooms or general police purchasing departments. Again, most of this information is public knowledge across various websites and directories but it would be the researchers task to find and compile in a neat, orderly and detailed manner as a guide for our sales force team to refer to, with up to date information. ****Must have 48 hour turnaround*** Due FRIDAY 18   (more...)

meone who can get white hat youtube views only please contact me Long term opportunity   (more...)

ng for a spss expert. The Provider is to complete three tasks. The first task is a statistical analysis of the databases. The second task is to prepare a detailed report outlining what was done and how it was analysed, so that I can repeat the analysis. In other words, I must be able to replicate and validate your results. When writing the report, good grammar and fluency in English is not necessary, but I still need to understand what is being written. the last task is to present the result in grafs and tables as required. The Provider must be experienced in SPSS and have a good knowledge of a range of different statistical methods.   (more...)

a project about the use of a measurement called “Normalized Support” to replace the traditional “Support” measurement in evaluating the statistical significance of item-sets Do you know anyrhing about this? Please let me know if you are in association rules mining. an expert in this. Please contact me only if you are familiar with this. Thanks   (more...)

ing for experienced typists to work on recorded audios.   (more...)

Job Description for Web Research Project Qualifications Experience in web research. Must send examples Experience in competitive and target analyses. Job Details 1. With a list of competitive web sites which we will share, you must locate the top 20 backlinks which have the highest relevance and quality (in terms of driving page rank and audience development). Then create a spreadsheet and breadown by backlinks: -What type of site it is -What the content about the competitor is on the site -How the backlink is helping or hurting the competitor and why 2. Also with the competitive web sites, you must review their web analytics and search performance and give us a summary of: -The keywords they buy -The keywords they are winning in natural search -Any display ads they have and where they are placed 3. Finally, with the competitive sites, you must review their site and give a concise summary of: -What services they sell -What their unique position is in the industry -The size and type of clients 4. With a list of target audience web sites which we will share, you must then review each web site to and provide a word document that breaksdown -What type of language do they write in -How is their web site (conservative, fun, edgy, full of content) -If the have a blog a summary of what the blog is about   (more...)

======================================================== 1. How to find similarities between strings having similar hash values (HashValue1 HashValue2 HashValue3 HashValue4 HashValue5 HashValue6 HashValue7 HashValue8 HashValue9). These hash values associated with each word can be in any order: For Example Two(-1787886117) Bike(-1099549855) Shops(1918157825) Every(733576683) Bike(-1099549855) Shop(-1201797668) Bike(-1099549855) Shops(1918157825) Every(733576683) Shop(-1201797668) Every(733576683) Shops(1918157825) All of these needs to be ranked based on their similarities hash values. 2.How to find similarities between Groups of Strings based on string hash values. for example: between Group A and Group B based. It could be 60/70/..% similar. 3. How to find relationships between Groups based on String having hash values. The goal is to find if Group A points to Group B in majority of cases or if Group B points to Group A to identify relationships. For example: Group A is the parent and Group B is the child where children s point to parent. Please Note: I need statistical proof in theory with a good example in writing to prove this works on millions of sample records in the quickest possible of time on sampling data. Please let me know if you need any additional information. ------------------------------------------ Please have a look at the second attachment and advise your offer. Thanks Attached Files: Sample_Data.xls Identifying_Foreign_Key_Relationsh_.docx I have highlighted in my \"Identifying Foreign Key Relationships using Ontology.docx\" regarding pre-conditions. The solution for each of these questions should be generic to any data and it should be comprising of statistical formulas/ equations. The data I have provided is for reference purpose only. I have to apply the statistical formulas/ equations you will be providing me to millions of records belonging to different databases. I know we can achieve most of it using SAP or SPSS tools if we are studying on specific data. But my research requires me to come up with statistical & mathematical formulas/ equations which needs to automatically do this job for any kind of data provided. The solution should be something like the attachment which is generic for any data being inputted.   (more...)

excel data dumps that come in daily. I\'d like me to be able to run 1 spreadsheet that takes the data, and run reports on all 4 data dumps that I choose. This data is from affiliate marketing and Cost per click conversions. Please interview, and I will provide you the data, and you can prove to me that you are acceptable for the job.   (more...)

candidate who is able to develop 4 statistical methods for extreme wind calculation. Advanced statistics, advanced maths, bootstrap techniques and statistical distribution concepts are essential, Please contact to receive more information, Best Jose   (more...)

o create an excel file which will be used to Calculate shipping cost for an item based on size and / or weight for few shipping carriers so we can decide which shipping company and / or service we should use for a given item. The shipping companies include but not limited to: -DHL -FedEx -UPS -EMS -USPS If you can create a web-based application to compare between the services that\'s even better. If not, excel file will do the job. This task will require some research of the different carriers pricing algorithm and therefor is an on hourly basis. The ideal candidate will have a proven analytical experience. Also this could lead into a permanent position as we have business analytics related projects on a regular basis.   (more...)

person to train me for the sas interview with sample projects and solution codes both in clinical and finance domain   (more...)

a compendium of research on, and written material on the subject: short term investments strategy, daytrading strategy, with stocks plummeting or rising. (extreme one-day behavior) Please disregard budget on this, and give me your estimated budget and a solid description of project.   (more...)

I\'m interested in someone who has done lead generation for a broad range of businesses. I\'m interested in the processes that you\'ve mapped, eg newspaper ad, then free report, then follow-up phone call as an example. Please reply with 1) The types of people who you have helped: eg doctors, lawyers, coaches etc 2) What are the keys to a great lead generation process 3) What are the 3 biggest mistakes people make with their lead generation processes 4) Are you able to \"map\" these lead generation processes? If so, how would you do so? Thanks and talk soon   (more...)

veral current consulting projects and prospective clients in Australia/Southeast Asia market and I need to share some of the workload. Our company MGCW, (new website, still under construction old site is is operating across several industries, we are looking for professional people to help us, some project will be conducted in conjunction with other business consultants, some projects are focused on sales and marketing, whereas others are technical. Some industries and areas are rather general and require an overall, holistic approach and other projects are very specific in extremely niche markets. All in all, I worked with consultants and business people from all over the World for a while, odesk has served me well (under other companies and usernames) so I am looking for a longer term arrangement with a handful of people - Each industry we serve can only be handled by one senior consultant or one senior (team lead) and one or two junior consultants. Overall projects initially will be co-managed by one of our Principal Partners, they will be delivered to the client and we will ultimately sign under them, so the legal responsibility will be largely ours (we have appropriate liability covers and risk management plans)- therefore our selection needs to be careful. WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU, even if you are hesitating if this is right for you! Please include your CV/Resume, your core skills and expertise, past projects, availability (we are mostly looking for casual work for now) and your rates (per hour, or per project type) Should you have further questions, please contact us via odesk.   (more...)

ny has a business plan that we have begun work on that needs to be finished. We are in a very niche industry and need someone with business expertise to review, amend, and add to our existing business plan template. This is a fixed price job, and the right candidate can expect to do about 5 hours of work. The right candidates can quickly use the discussions and conference calls to complete our existing business plan and add value by bringing up challenging ideas and plans to enhance the entire enterprise. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU SPEAK CRYSTAL CLEAR ENGLISH!   (more...)

ng for English speaking chines with engineering background to help me to negotiate and to check on companies I\'ll like to buy pellets machine from   (more...)

portfolio of businesses (HVAC, HiTech & Green Environment Products). We are looking for a proven track record COO, who can manage all our business and take us to the next level. Responsibilities: - Profitably manage rapid recent growth and future expansion plans - Plan and Execute for the Short/Medium and Long Range horizons - Lower Cost through optimization of People, Processes, Technologies - Squarely meet and overcome operational challenges - To accomplish market dominance from present market leadership - Integrate People through Vision, Mission, Values and Org Structure More information will be sent to right candidate after recruitment. PS: Excellent performance-based salary package.   (more...)

oking for an HR person that has great experience with IT and that is very driven. Project management skills are a plus. For this project, you will have to find 2 clients that are willing to purchase our services for an hourly rate equal or above USD30/hr and for a minimum of 3 months. Take a look at (which we will improve soon) to see what types of IT services we could offer. Our focus at this time will be: Server deployment/management (Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac,...) Virtualization Solutions (VMware/Xen/KVM/VirtualBox/Parallels/Virtual Server, ...) Cloud Computing (in-house or outsourced) Email system management Custom monitoring Custom scripting You will be using,, and primarily, but you are welcome to find other sources. You will focus on the US first, but you can look anywhere else. Although you only get $100 dollars for the project, it is commission-based. So if our relationship is fruitful, it might turn into a full-time position with commission. For the first 4 service contracts you find, you will get 20% of the contract hourly rate we are able to negotiate with the client up till the first year of contract. If you find a short term project (less than 3 months), you will get 10% of the hourly rate we are able to negotiate with the client. This is an opportunity to become a profit enhancement officer at Sagacitec, so if we get paid thanks to you, you also get paid. Let\'s make some money.   (more...)

meone who is a Cisco UCCX expert with experience in call manager. I will need the person to advise on the current state of the UCCX deployment and make recommendations on how to achieve the business requirements i.e. what modules to buy and what to upgrade to.   (more...)

me help for online business ... eBay user specific   (more...)

me help for online business ... eBay user specific   (more...)

one to help me with a business plan for a new web busines, some research is needed.   (more...)

a New Zealand based business coach/consultant, although I hve consulted all over the world. New Zealand (NZ) has a population of only 4 million and has the largest pecentage of small businesses per capita in the world. 85% of our businesses employ 5 or fewer people. I am looking for someone who can \"design\" a small business coaching programme for NZ that I can market to potential customers to help them grow and manage their business, etc. I have the concept (and underlying knowledge) but would like some help to \"formalise\" my structure. I envisage the following phases: Initial stage: Interview via skype to understand my requirements; Phase 1: High level concept design, including further interviewing me again on skype and your proposal; Phase 2: Terms of reference and confidentiality disclaimers signed off; Phase 3: Business plan prepared; Phase 4: Coaching programme scoped and outline put together (content, programme length, programme frequency, price structure); Phase 5: Individual modules designed. I would not expect to be charged for the initial stage or phase 2. I would anticipate that during phase 5, individual modules will be released, so I do not have to wait until the end of the project to start this service line. I would also expect the programme to be scalable so that I can target other countries. Please type \"Blue sky thinking\" in the 1st line of your reply - if you don\'t I will treat your application as SPAM and it WILL be rejected. If you think that you have the skills and desire to help me, then please let me know and we can schedule a skype call. Do NOT send me a list of random projects that you have worked on unless it is relevant to this assignment - I WILL reject your application as SPAM if you do. Cheers, Mark   (more...)

Trend Following Investment Management Firm seeks seasoned marketing consultant to develop marketing strategy to attract AUM and Investment Advisor Representatives. Must have financial services marketing background and history of implementing solid strategies for startup firms. I\'m looking for someone that can develop an effective marketing plan.   (more...)


tive is to find 500 qualified contact information (telephone, email, and address) of boutique hotels on South Beach/Miami Beach area, FL area code 33139 with 50-250 rooms. Job is contingent upon five sample contacts that prove valid. Only serious candidates need apply.   (more...)

support to help configure RTC C;ient issues conecting to Sql DB for Nav 2009   (more...)

ing for a very skilled person who can persuade You Tube Video owners who do not has any URLs in their description box to place mine there. Initially this will be a test case but for the right skilled candidate(s) I will consider full time employment. The person(s) selected will have to have the mindset and determination to seek out You Tube Videos with my specific criteria and gain the respect of the video owners who will be happy to place my website details in their description box as well as an annotation. Anyone unfamiliar with this work may not have the skills I require. It will take dedication to get as many Video Owners to comply with this and agree to my payment for placing the annotation and website details. Any candidates that feel the can eventually work solely for me and generate at least 30 video owners per month (1 per day) shouls apply for a test run with the view of long term work.   (more...)

ltant Experienced Tax Consultant Required.   (more...)

oking for an individual to help us in writing proposals for our company. This is in the subject of Web Design, Content Management and other Applications. This individual must have experience putting proposals together and have excellent writing skills. If you are hired you might work with us on a number of different projects throughout the year. We are looking for someone who has excellent management skills and are able to meet deadlines. This individual must also keep good communications with our team. Technical Writing a plus. Must be able to work without supervision. This individual will be judged on the first proposal. After that, we might work out an arrangement for future projects.   (more...)

tive is to find 500 qualified contact information (telephone, email, and address) of boutique hotels on South Beach, FL area code 33139 with 50-250 rooms. Job is contingent upon five sample contacts that prove valid. Only serious candidates need apply.   (more...)

out to open a new business in BARCELONA, SPAIN. It is an ink and toner refill. we need to konw how many business like this are there, there web sites, address, phone numbers, and a google map with there location in the Barcelona area.   (more...)

neger of complaint web site iam looking for upgreat my internet web site,and a presention of the site to recive more info you can log on   (more...)

nitial market research about the Energy Savings possibilities in China. The candidate need to provide all relevent information about electricity market in China (Tariffs, Major Users, regulations, financing of energy projects). ESCO is an Energy savings consultancy firm which specializes in energy savings in major factories and industries.   (more...)

terbatch industry preliminary overview that includes: • Updated size and growth total and breakdown to: o Geographies. o Major application products lines. o Major color products line. • Brief overview of major global players (4 - 6 global big companies). Brief overview of masterbatch for agriculture packing market.   (more...)

one to create a web development Scope of Work document and contribute business decisions and ideas. Site features are collected from some features of, while using another two sites, and as references for improvement on planning. Additional features and other functions will be required. Advices required to be given.   (more...)

bring larger investment groups to invest in infrastructure projects internationaly with our consortium for business to government projects   (more...)

one who has a large collection of business/marketing/consulting/project management/IT templates/documents. Who can also write and create these templates. The writer can either create the templates from scratch or provide us with already created templates they own. (We highly prefer writers who already have an existing collection) We are looking to establish a long relationship with our writers and give them the creative room they desire. Requirements for writer: 1) Strong writing and grammatical skills. 2) Strong experience with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 3) The ability to meet deadlines. 4) Ready to revise the work if needed. 5) The content must not contain illegal or deceptive information. 6) The content cannot include copyrighted material from other sources.   (more...)

usiness Consultant to assist us to make informed decisions about our business.   (more...)

o create an amazing flyer for a political campaign   (more...)

easibility Study Research & Writer Assistant   (more...)

ned documents for data entry of email addresses   (more...)

ctor industry, R&D management   (more...)

Craigslist expert to help me design a system so that I can keep job postings active and on top of the list for truck driver trainees in the 14 Craigslist cities in Michigan. My name is Rick King. I am the president of CDL Training Associates, Inc. Our website is   (more...)

, I require \"ideas\" of funtionalites/tools etc that I can add to check the competency of skilled workers. This job does not require script writing or development, merely a written outline of ideas. I am currently looking for online independent testing of skilled field in their chosen areas. Here is another opportunity for those IT whizz kids with bright ideas to help me. I require other ides, e.g. funtionalities I could add to further validate the comptency of skilled professionals If you have any ideas I am will to pay $50 for 3 exceptional ideas. If you have a super duper idea which you think is very good, let me know, I am willing to pay if you justify it\'s benefits! All I require is a small paragraph about your idea, how it will determine competency and how it will operate briiefly. You will not be required to do any building, script writing. I will pay for each idea which is good that i think will work on my site. Any questions please ask. A   (more...)

small but passionate company with strong focus on customer satisfaction and retention offering products and services around Web Design, Python/PHP/MySQL custom programming,Open Source and Commercial Shopping Carts, Content Management Systems, Pay Per Click Advertising and SEO. We are looking for a Marketing Consultant/Expert with proven track record who can take a holistic view of our strengths and weaknesses and chart out of specific actionable marketing plan for next 30,90,180 and 360 days. We are open to all options and ideas. You will be initially be appointed for a period 1 month and the role will be extended further based on the results or performance.   (more...)

me consultancy work a few years ago. My client failed to pay all invoices until a clear breakdown of work is submitted. I now need an excellent person to write a breakdown for me to accompany these invoices. you are required to go through a series of correspondences and emails and provide a clear breakdown each month for my client to understand my billing along with a breakdown of man hours. You must have excellent english written skills to be able to bulk out the work done. Do not bid if you need continous help. You should be able to do this all by yourself. This assignment is ideal for people who have done freelance consultancy work before or prepared a scope of work breakdown previously.   (more...)

omeone who is able to write a quality business plan for funding by a bank.   (more...)

buy vertual server for business purpose after that i should have a good guy for vertual maintain beside maintain all network........   (more...)

oking for a Professional with MBA for Sales and Marketing, Business Strategy and Development.   (more...)

professional writer.   (more...)

have previous experience writing proposal (RFP) responses to Commercial or Government agencies in USA. Be ready to provide samples and reference information of previous proposal writing experience. At least 2 years of proposal writing experience required. Must have complete command of reading and writing English.   (more...)

. Skilled operators only need apply. I have set up our account on Google Apps Premium. MX records seem to be set OK. Email is working with Outlook 2007. Not sure if the spam filter is working, though. And I can\'t seem to get my Nokia E71 working. Needed: 1. Complete check/review of the setup of email, spam, etc. on our domain. Ensure I have set it up 100% right and best way. 2. Get the Nokia E71 working with it - I really need the push email. Thanks. If skilled and successful, I will have some ongoing development work for you: we will integrate Google Apps email and Talk with PBX server Elastix and vTiger ...   (more...)

ny is looking for a Wedding Planner. You MUST have experience in planning a wedding from end to end before. You MUST enjoy speaking to the Bride and arranging her wedding with every need she has. You will be required to do research and arrange a variety of difference things such as: - Flowers - Dinner - Guests Special Request - After Party - Music - Audio Visual You will be an outgoing and friendly person and you MUST HAVE SKYPE and be able to work 9 am to 5 pm Sydney time.   (more...)

ovide a list of blogs and/or forums for the contractor to comment on according to certain guidelines which will be supplied in detail upon hiring.   (more...)

- Editing photo size for consistency - Sharpening - Fixing anomalies   (more...)

very interesting and fairly simple job for someone who is proficient with social media and who is good at finding relevant content. I am looking for someone to research and compile raw text content for an educational program titled \"Advanced Social Networking Strategies.\" I am looking for perhaps 200 or more pages (single-spaced), although size is not as important as content. We will likely create an HTML page or e-book where each chapter and subchapter is indexed and available just by clicking. You do not have to do this part. This program should have very specific strategies in addition to concepts and theories. WE ALREADY HAVE educational offerings that explain how to create accounts at Facebook (including a business page), Twitter, and Wordpress and also basic concepts and strategies, so you won\'t need to include that. However, your research should include everything else about the topics listed below, with a focus on practical techniques and step-by-step strategies for using these media effectively. Regarding Facebook and Twitter, here are the outlines of audio programs that are already a part of the training. In other words, your research doesn\'t have to cover topics included in these outlines: Also, we need a comprehensive glossary of every possible social networking term. This program will be originally for doctors of chiropractic, but we will eventually extend it to all kinds of professionals, so please keep that in mind. The strategies need to be LOCAL in scope. This is NOT for Internet-based companies, but for local health professionals who want to use the web for promoting their practice. This program does not have to be written from scratch. Information for this program can come from any source, but obviously we want to avoid any obvious copyright issues. If you do copy and paste from a copyrighted source, please indicate the URL where you obtained it so that we can either seek permission to reprint or re-write the entry entirely. You do not have to rewrite these passages yourself. We have other people for that. Topics should cover the following: 1) Advanced Facebook strategies for connecting with local prospects and generating local traffic. 2) How local business owners can advertise on Facebook the smart way. How to set up a Facebook advertising account How to create an effective ad campaign 3) Advanced Twitter strategies for connecting with local prospects and generating local traffic. 4) Software and Websites that can help you use Facebook and Twitter to build your business. (Aggregators, automated services, etc. -- pros and cons.) 5) How to use Linkedin to generate leads by connecting with other local professionals. 6) How to use Meetup to connect with prospects by organizing local meetings of like-minded people. 7) Ways to use your Wordpress blog to build your local business and improve loyalty. 8) Ways to attract local prospects to your Wordpress blog 9) Using YouTube to Promote your local business Starting a YouTube Channel What equipment you need What kind of videos to produce How to optimize your video for search engine placement 10) How to outsource your social networking tasks to leverage your time. 11) A brief introduction to other top social media sites out there and whether they\'re relevant for local businesses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through Odesk   (more...)

pomote my video. I need 1000 hits/views on my video by July 5, 2010. I need 10 new comments. You may choose from the following 1. Cool video! 2. You should have your own show! 3. I really like this, you did a great job! 4. Very Creative, girl 5 Thanks for sharing, hope to see more of you 6. Nice! 7. Very nice! good work 8. That room looks much better   (more...)

will involve creating small sites one web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Blogger, and Wordpress. They will all link together AND have links pointing back to one URL that I will provide you with each time you make one of these wheels. They should take 1 hour or less to complete. You must have skype and the ability to understand instructions in English clearly. I will train you once on how to make these properties. Whenever I need you to complete one of these linkwheels, I will send you over the details you need, and once you send me back the URLs of the sites, I will send you $5 payment per project.   (more...)

g for someone who is rated high on here & that lives in India. Im in the process of establishing my own business in the u.s with diamond dealers in India. I need to know info on dealers, prices, customs.   (more...)

oking for someone with experience doing BPO\'s for American real estate companies/banks. We are a real estate partnership that is buying short sales in the US. The applicant must have previous experience in completing BPO\'s, as we will not have the time to train a BPO assistant. If you have worked for a BPO company or helped in completing many BPO\'s elsewhere, you would may be a good candidate to apply for this position. We will supply you with the comps we would want you to use to complete the BPO\'s. You must understand how to make adjustments based on the characteristics of the property (lot size, square footage, condition, etc), as well as how to calculate needed repairs into the valuation of the property. We will provide clear direction on each BPO, but we are not looking to train anyone new, so you must have previous experience with doing BPO\'s. We are looking to pay no more than $4 per hour for this position (odesk fees included), so please keep that in mind when applying. Please also have previous experience with BPO\'s, as this will be a critical component for anyone we choose to work with. We may also ask you for references and/or sample files that you have worked on, so please be prepared with that info/data as well. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.   (more...)

group of people to work at a project in a website.   (more...)

will require doing flooring takeoffs of electronic architectural drawings. Once the takeoffs are complete they will be put into an excel spreadsheet ready for labor rates and material cost to be added at my office.   (more...)

or someone with experience in research and travel planning to help research the best flight and hotel rates in Central America and/ or South America. Looking to stay in a furnished villa near the beach within a certain budget. Also looking for cheap flights. Must research the country\'s laws, crime rates, and make sure its safe for American travel. Pay is $1.00 / hour. Start immediately. I have several reference websites for you to use, but if you have experience and know other travel sites that will offer better rates, that will be helpful. Please reply with your experience (if any) and how you intended to find the best houses at the best rates. Thanks!   (more...)

eling to Los Angeles, USA for two weeks, Jul 20th --- Aug 3rd I would like to find a car rental that will cost less than 500$ for the whole period of 14 days rent And will include GPS and all supplimental insurances   (more...)

list of media contacts from the USA. This would be reporters and writers for newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. We need contact information for each reporter as well as the types of stories they cover. We need at least 50,000 reporters Our perfect candidate will already have a list comparable to what we are looking for and will be able to provide a sample.   (more...)

full service Internet marketing company and online marketing agency. We focus on ROI driven campaigns and initiatives for each one of our clients. Most ROI could be in a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign, focusing on organic search engine optimization and pay per click management. Or maybe it’s an online media campaign focused on building brand recognition and utilizing social media, behavioral targeting and targeted network buys. All sites are not created equal, which is why we provide comprehensive and customized solutions for all of our clients. We are in search of a FULL Internet Marketing agency/company to outsource our new client contracts for an ongoing basis. You must be well verse and offer ALL of these services: Search Engine Optimization Services (PPC and Organic) Pay Per Click Management Online Reputation Management Online Web Development Project Management Campaign management Analytics If you qualify for this opportunity, please reply outlining why you are the one for this job and provide samples of your work (   (more...)

oking for an admin support person to work with us and serve our clients - the main job is putting together reliable information so we can make decisions about what services to offer our clients. NO SELLING Other tasks are completing activation of service requests - SKYPE is a must (along with a reliable internet connection...   (more...)

ement team has been purchasing distressed real estate and non performing real estate bank notes for over 30 years. We have the knowledge and experience that is unsurpassed in the industry. We are seeking candidates that have have knowledge in the debt and equity markets to help introduce our product to the national markets.   (more...)

ration   (more...)

like to find someone who can assist us in setting up SalesForce workflows and customer portals for our company. Please feel free to apply for this position is you are interested and have taken the SalesForce test on oDesk.   (more...)

to 6 min podcasts to be transcribed   (more...)

must be able to: 1.) Open up electronic faxes in email and access password protected laboratory accounts to view data 2.) keep track of checklists for each patient to build a completed report once all lab/test results and paperwork are in 2.) Peform data entry from lab/test test results and surveys into an excel 97-2003 or Vista file and/ or Microsoft Word 97-2003 or Vista 3.) Develop reports in microsoft word (or more efficient program) from test results 4.) Attach completed reports to electronic medical records remotely 5.) Notify us that reports are completed or updated by email   (more...)

nvolves tutoring MBA candidate and doing business forcasting and graphing. I am seeking someoe to start immediately.   (more...)

ltilingual pro for content writing on minisites. Apply with work history and availability, thanks   (more...)

rtant!! When responding to this Job Posting, type: \"I AM A REAL PERSON\" in your message. Otherwise, I will consider spam and delete it! **** I\'m looking for a mycologist with a deep understanding of mycorrhizae (pardon the pun!) to help me research and concoct blends of plant-specific mycorrhizal fungi. More info upon contact.   (more...)

or Social Media staff to market our events to people on myspace, facebook, and twitter. Your daily tasks will include: - Adding friends to our myspace/ twitter/ facebook account - Sending personalized messages to fans of bands, inviting them to attend our concerts - Sending out exciting Tweets promoting our events every day Requirements: MUST have reliable internet- 24 hours a day!!! NO internet cafes. MUST have Friendblaster Pro- NO EXCEPTIONS. MUST understand, read, and write English with limited mistakes. You will be required to write on our behalf and we would like to be represented well. MUST give daily reports of how many friends you added, how many messages you sent in each city. If this isn\'t followed your services will no longer be needed. MUST be reliable. If you fail to communicate with us, we will have no choice but to relieve you. This task is an ongoing need. If you do well we will be happy to keep you on staff for long term. Once hired, you will undergo a 2 week trial period. Thanks and good luck!   (more...)

al service   (more...)

enter data that is internet site and is not downloadable, to excel spreadsheet. The Data are numbers. It\'s about 5,000 and maybe more. I will provide details instruction. The accuracy of the data is very important. I will ask for 1,000 numbers at a time and if the data will be accurate we will continue. Thanks Boaz.   (more...)

or a trainer to provide training in following technology: Java, J2EE, AJAX, WebLogic, Oracle PL/SQL, Pega,Unix, Web sphere, Perl, J2ME, Exposure to wireless network.   (more...)

iness needs an experienced sales reps to find new customers. Excellent people skills are required, good presentation skills is a plus. Our potential clients are located in the state of New Jersey, so New Jersey residency is a plus. We also consider out-of-state applicants with a good experience in telemarketing. Orientation training in products /services will be provided.   (more...)

ist of classified sites is requrired We need urgent   (more...)

get a power point Presentation about SEO services   (more...)

e is Andrew Lehti, I own and run Lehti studios; we offer film services on our upcoming site and we need you to help us provide services to film makers. We do not hire you directly, but we will contact you with work when it comes, or you will receive personal emails from our clients. We don\'t want any money from you! We won\'t charge you any fees and we will give you a portfolio and contact page!! It would be better if you are willing to work for a fixed rate. We want to offer film creation services such as the following Composer Writer Digital Effects Artist Digital Modeler Digital Animator Special Effects Artist Editor Storyboard Creator Concept/Illustration Artist Keying Motion Tracking Artist Graphic Designer Sound Design Artist And other film services If you are any of the following please contact me with the following Name: Birthdate: Location: Occupation: such as something from the list We will need you to send us a portfolio at a minimum of 3 and maximum of 100. If you could send us a head shot of yourself that would be best for your portfolio. Thank you and wish you all the best, Andrew Lehti   (more...)

e plans designed in Chief Architect, Applicant must have Chief Architect software.   (more...)

to study metal construction design and study of advertising billboards; coating materials differ facades design Tracing Logos elaborations of manufacturing plans and details of installation elaborations of implementation plans and plans for structural steel boiler .. more shots of stairs snails   (more...)

n individual familiar with optimized modeling techniques to take high res props and buildings and reduce the resolution to within our project poly and texture budget. The style and look of the oringinal should reamain entact, so we expect high quality, hand optimized results. Modeling skill in 3d max required.   (more...)

eative 3d modeler, quick turn around, accurate and dependable. Must have experience with revit and sketchup   (more...)

landscape design from pictures or photos Needs to be familiar with plant and landscape material in the USA but can live anywhere in the world. This information is ready and available on the internet Hope to hear from you soon   (more...)

pre-made parts into one CAD model. These are houses that have the parts created, but need to be assembled into a house. Pics provided. ABout 50-75 parts. Ongoing Some dimensions or scale will be provided. Can you scale entire house from one line/dim of house? This would help, as we can limit dimensions. Please give hourly rate................. Please send hourly rate to A demo project will be posted soon on website..standby.... Thank you.   (more...)

awings of an invention that I would like to have made into a 3D prototype for marketing purposes. Please let me know if you would be able to do this.   (more...)

ecently developed a new version of leveling/alignment system. The new device consists of four standard and three optional stainless steel parts. We have 36 imperial and 36 metric devices, which differ only by dimensions of parts being the part of the assembly. We need a generic 3D model (we already have a model for a particular part) and 72 + configurations generated under Drive Works Express. Who will deliver dimensions for all these configuration is an open issue. Most likely we will do the job, but we may consider giving the task to the designer if we acknowledge his or her proficiency.   (more...)

eed a composition, more like a pile, of spoon worms done. These are spoon worms: . I\'m talking about a frame, not a video, rendered realistically. The model shouldn\'t be too difficult, seeing that it\'s quite a simple creature: the composition and rendering will probably be a bit more tricky.   (more...)

ing to create 5 3D photos. The idea is to have a 5 human heads showing hair texture from wavy to course hair. Samples will be provided. These would be 5 individual heads that will be used for an App to be submitted to the App store. I want them to spin beginning face forward, rotating to the backside and then back to the front. Please tell me what exactly will be needed on my end, for instance, if I need to take the pictures a certain way. This would need to be done pretty quickly if possible. Please only reply if you are fully capable of completing this task.   (more...)

or 3d artists for architectural visualizations. Modelling,rendering and walk troughs. 3D Studio max and Vray users prefered but is not a must. Send please only hi end portfolio samples.   (more...)

work   (more...)

o hire a graphic designer/3d modeling expert to render some sample rings in the next 24 hours. Here is an example of the ring template: Here is the logo to be incorporated onto the ring: Here is an example of the second ring template: (NOTE: this picture is based soley on the form/general outline of the ring and not the specific design) Here is an example of the second logo to be incorporated onto the ring: (NOTE please use the circle portion of the logo for incorporation onto the ring.) Third logo for use with the second ring template:   (more...)

br />   (more...)

3D model of a pet\'s head, preferably a dog\'s head. The model should have enough details to look nice on 1024x768 screens. The model is able to animate between various facial expressions (about 6 expressions, specified by me) controlled from a C# program. You can use any of your graphic tools/languages not just the one listed above, as long as the model can be export for me to use in C#.   (more...)

ing to design character for my email marketing website ! i want to be professional like these websites or   (more...)

perience person to design a exhibition stands on project basis I have a permanent work flow, and i need creativity. IF THE WORK DOESNT MEET MY STANDARDS I WILL NOT PAY. So i want experianced people. You design one stand for me ($50), and if i like it i will add more work for you.   (more...)

meone who can draw 3D and CAD drawing. For flat, condominium, house and commercial proposal. This will be project base.   (more...)


tal experties to design a special mug, and i need creativity. IF THE WORK DOESNT MEET MY STANDARDS I WILL NOT PAY. So i want experianced people. You design one cup ($20), and if i like it i will add more work for you.   (more...)

modling   (more...)

ing for a 3D artist that can create a scenario animation and output it in video and image sequence format. The scenario will be discussed through the interview.   (more...)

any 3D animations we would like to have created. We could use a team of animators who can animate our models of human anatomy. Some jobs will be pharma releated. If you cannot animate to the level seen at, please do not apply.   (more...)

mesh of a deer I would like rigged to animate. I also need eyes added and rigged. the other than legs and spine, it\'s only ears torso and one bone tail and a mouth. finally, help the fur particle system make it look like deer fur To a skilled blenderphile it should take about an hour to and hour and a half. My budget is 8$   (more...)

Needed That is great is 3d design for a fitness product. Must b a very creative person who is precise with detail. Can turn into a continuous design job in the future. Looking forward to talking to you!   (more...)

oking for a Detail Oriented CAD Designer needed to design a container set. To be complete this project successfully the designer will need experience with closures, hinges, springs and friction fits. It would nice if you had some exposure to injection molding or other manufacturing processes. I already have rough designs in Solidworks, but am looking for fit/finish work. So, you should be able to import the original files. Finally an.stl export will be used to make a prototype using Additionally, this project will require you to sign a thorough NDA. There are a lot of providers on this site and I hope that you will submit a thoughtful proposal along with your best hourly rate.   (more...)

df drwaings to cad/3d, possible cnc machine programming.   (more...)

and written floor plan will be sent, need to make it to a floor plan and 3d floor plan (as seen on the attached file) Output file: PSD and JPEG. Number of Flats: 12 Price for full floor plan : 5 USD. Total work: 60 USD (5*12). Please provide previous floor plan you have made.   (more...)

rimm is a story adapted into animation. The animation style is very simple and should be a simple task. The job is for screen credit only, if revenue is produced, then a percentage will be given upon yourself. The style of film is somewhat dark maybe such as director Tim Burton or Henry Selick everyone who applies will be issued a full film report on this film on July 1st 2010 that includes the following Music of the film Script Early Animated sets Concept the following are positions we need filled. Character modelers and riggers (autodesk Maya only) Digital modelers Texture appliers (Maya only) Animator (Maya only) Light artist (Maya only) Animation cleanup and finalization artist (Maya only) Modelers can use 3ds Max to model and must be able to export fully in OBJ or other Mayan File. I Plan to send this to many film festivals and must have pretty good digital animators to help me. I myself am a digital modeler using Maya 2011 and 3ds Max 2010. thank you, Andrew Lehti   (more...)

ng & cad   (more...)

meone or a group of people that can make short 3D video clips. I would like to be able to group them together so that you can choose what happens next and based on the choice you make, it moves to that next scene.   (more...)

s to produce an array of different sheds, garages, garden offices, garden rooms. This requires someone who can work using their own creative skills. The images are to be of a high quality that make them look realistic.   (more...)

seconds 3D models animation that I will then import into Adobe After Effects, please send me a link to your portfolio for my review I will provided additional details to qualified providers. I am open to all 3D apps however I do have a preference for Cinema 4D   (more...)

rrently looking for a coder/developer that is fluent in Google O3D ( The coder will need to be able to use the existing API to create an interactive CAD/BIM type 3D architectural drag and drop functionality as seen here: We are looking for a developer to design the framework that will interact with and be an expansion of an existing website. The models that sit within the O3D frame work (e.g., rooms, tables, chairs, etc.) will be provided to you in the form of revit-models (.rvt) and revit-families (.rfa format). IFC format models will also be prepared to allow for the revit models to be imported into the Google 03D format. The developer will also need to be able to link the provided models that will sit within the frame work to existing web pages that will detail the model specs and information. Please reply with links to current or past projects you have worked on in Google O3D.   (more...)

3D image of different angles for a home or business. Place solar panels over 3D image to provide customer ability to see what solar energy installation would look like on their rooftop. See example of how 3D modeling is used in Solar Energy marketspace.   (more...)

or cad modelers specializing in rhino for modeling ornamental pieces, jewelery and line tracing bitmaps work.   (more...)

Photoshop Guru, preferably one who is sharp with the 3D tools in the new CS5 Extended, who can take 2 PSDs and layer texture swatches on them. Each PSD is a blowout of an image with 4 layers in each blowout. Your job will be to take texture patterns and paint them on each layer. Also you will want to clean up the edges a little on the layers and add in lighting where appropriate. This is an easy job for anyone familiar with Photoshop or any 3D Modeling CAD program. Send me a note and I will give you more detail.   (more...)

o corporate 3d video intros. I already have the logos which are to form a central part of these intros and I have a good idea of what I’d like to happen in the animation. I will need the finished products in a digital media files that I can easily drop into Adobe Pinnacle post production editing software. The first intro With the multicoloured brand name “XXXXX” positioned at 45 degree angle, against a black/dark background and a subtle strobe light slowly running across the name. This effect will be accompanied with a drone like sound effect. Once the light has reached the end of the brand name, a multi coloured flame effect with the flames enveloping the words “25th anniversary” will appear on the left side of the brand name. This effect will be accompanied by a sound effect that sounds like an oil rag being set alight, and then by twinkly/dreamy sounds effects. I would like the multicoloured flames enveloping the words “25th anniversary” to flicker as flames do. For an idea of what the flame should look like, please refer to figure one. A high quality jpeg of the brand name will be provided Total time: approx 10-15 seconds The second intro This intro works with the brand name “YYYYY”. This brand has an icon which looks similar to a power switch icon. Both the icon and the brand name should be positioned against a black background. Then four or five multi coloured strobe lights (two shining from above, two from bottom, and one on the side), should shine on the icon and the brand name, then the icon should appear as if it’s being depressed, and as this occurs a strap line reading “yyy yyy yyyyyyy yyyyyy” below the brand name and the icon should appear. These effects should be accompanied with the sound of a light being flicked on and an old fashioned electricity generator type hum. At the time the slogan is illuminated it should flicker a little as if it were a bulb not getting enough electricity, before it becomes steady and bright. This intro is based around the idea that the icon represents a switch and when it is depressed a surge of electricity is sent to the slogan to light up. A high quality jpeg of the brand name and accompanying icon will be provided. Total time: approx 10-15 seconds   (more...)

the ability to create 3D floor plan, we will require sample of your work. Must be able to produce finished product quickly. We require good English communication skills & the ability to communicate via skype   (more...)

drafting for mostly overseas projects   (more...)

e reinforced concrete wall and base slab design and calculations to enable us to obtain U.K. building regulations. Please see attached file. Maximum height of retained soil 2700mm. Soil will be well drained granular material and backfill. We require details of floor thickening under load bearing walls. We would like to think that the external walls can be designed such that the \"toe\" is always facing the inside of the building hence forming part of the base slab and not facing away from the building which would mean extra excavation and backfilling with granular material.   (more...)

tallurgical Engineers required in Rwp/Isb from all over Pakistan. Good Salary Package and Training Opportunity. Email your CVs. Our client, a multinational company, is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organisation based in Islamabad.   (more...)

ing for someone to act as virtual assistant producer for a documentary project that involves assisting the crew that will be filming in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, China, Ireland & Scotland. Posting new videos projects, updating website, acting as part web designer, part production assistant.   (more...)

e Artistic Renderings of a Real Estate Project which we are building a website for. The successful candidate must have previous experience with portfolio which we can review. We will provide architectural plans and specific instructions. Budget: $750.   (more...)

oking for an experienced CAD/3D designer with experience from the automotive industry You will work in a larger team to develop accessories for an automotive company   (more...)

I would like you to develop a module for me such that it can be regulated from outside through RF transmitter and receivers or transceivers. You might use USART RF transmission from PIC to PIC or anything else The PIC microcontroller should be given a command from a microcontroller through the transmitter and the receiver attached to the PIC will receive it and will change the output of the microcontroller as such that the input(note:- it is the input not VCC) which is a DC voltage of 2.5V will be out through a particular output pin Now in the next turn I shall be able to change the program as such that the input will be reflected exactly through another output pin. So as of now I would like to switch and map the input in three different output pins but this whole process has to be done by wireless RF transmitter and receiver. eg:-If Pin 1 of the PIC is the input pin and 2.5V iand if pin 2, 3 ,4 are output pins then by giving one RF command pin 2 will reflect the output that i.e it will also give 2.5V similar to the input next time when the PIC receives another command saying that you need to change the output then the input will be reflected to output pin 3 and so on. This project is urgent. Also tell me briefly that what would be your approach for completing the same   (more...)

d draw 2d & 3d   (more...)

website which has a flash video on the home page and some video embeded blogs. I would like to change the flash/player so that an image or preview will show instead of a black screen.   (more...)

ree individual timing settings implemented on different individual PIC10F206. So you might assume that I have three different circuits (PIC circuits in this case) which is delivering pulses at three different settings. I would like to switch amongst the three PIC s through RFID method so that they give the particular timing cycle as the output. That is I would like the RFID circuit to act like a switch between those three PIC s. And I would like to do this in wireless manner from a certain distance. Your job would be to understand the code of the three settings( these are very small codes written in MPLAB and they run perfectly, I will send you the codes) Your main development part will be developing the RFID module to do the switching. I have no RFID experience so you will need to tell me how to do it and then you will need to implement it. I will take care of the hardware part in my part but you will need to design it accordingly. I will tell my design engineer to implement the same. I might think that there can be three different tags attached to the three differnt PIC s and somehow from outside one might give a command to a particular tag and that tag will respond to it. On responding it will turn on the particular PIC through the WATCH DOG Timer. I am not sure whether it can be done in this way. Its just a suggestion. Pls DO NOT EMAIL ME JUST STATING THAT YOU CAN DO THE JOB, . Suggest something so that it gives me the confidence that you are thinking towards the right direction.   (more...)

/>   (more...)

oll forming process design,not graphic design ,attach file is sample,so, you must available Datam Copra software first, we looking for partner on roll forming process design in fact we need roll forming designer,is you are good roll forming designer,pls contact with us work with us long time attach is test file, pls design and send it to me 1). The machine roller diameter 50MM, two-axis center distance 350MM, under the shaft center height 160MM. > 2). This product material is SPCC, thickness, 0. 5-0. 7MM.   (more...)

meone to help me customize a Facebook Fan Page. Mostly inserting pictures and video with a custom header and logo and nice layouts based on content   (more...)

lks that are tested in the use of solidworks and associated skill sets. You must be regularly available by phone daily and be willing work on a per-deliverable basis.   (more...)

wordpress theme developed,   (more...)

need of landing pages. We run multiple sites, If you can create landing pages and are good at them please contact me. We are looking for cell phone niche landing pages, please have past references, please include your price per landing page in your response, We are looking to possibly extend this for a long term position, You must be able to work with short deadlines and be able to give quality work. Please type \"YESYESYES\" in your response to show me you have read this. Thanks   (more...)

I would like to design a pulse generator of 1.3MHz and 13.5Hz of frequency( these should be 2 individual different programs). The duty cycle should be 50%.You will need to write it for a microcontroller or PIC so that it can operate at a voltage 5V. Which microcontroller or PIC can be used for this program???....well I have no idea about when you apply for the job pls do not tell me that how many years of experience you have or something...suggest the microcontroller.....that would give me the confidence that you understood the problem.....Once you decide the part number(microcontroller) you want to use and that can be generate such a high frequency (1.3MHz and 13.5MHZ) then you can go ahead and write the program for it. I shall order the part number in here and I will test your program to make sure everything is working before I pay you. Regards   (more...)

bookcase for our living room, whole wall, made of wood, width ~3.4m, hight ~2.5m, depth ~0.35m.   (more...)

atting   (more...)

echanical packaging and PWB/PCB design, specializing in Cadence Allegro (Rev. 14.2 to 16.2) and OrCad Capture CIS version 10.0. Senior printed wiring board designer responsible for digital, analog and MICROWAVE/RF PWB/PCB board designs operating up to 100 GHz. Range, multi-layers, flex circuits, hybrids (thick and thin film), digital and analog circuits, leaded and surface mounted components as well as a combination of both, flip chip, chip on board and chip on flex circuits, using military and IPC standards. Designed all aspects of circuits and detail documentation for manufacturing. Packaged completed circuits on ceramic substrates for use in communication and biomedical equipment.   (more...)

ld be an easy job for anyone who is good at altium and orcad. I have different sets of files for ONE pcb board. The board\'s Design file(s) is in Orcad with \".dsn\" extension and also the schematic is in PDF too. The PCB Design is in Cadence Allegro with \".brd\" extension\" there are also gerber files with \".art\" extension. with Allegro version 16.0 they can be viewed and edited. However we need them to get converted into Altium Designer 6. Once you move the pcb files to Altium; you need to make sure the symbols, components, library parts and etc are there and ok; so that we can generate the correct gerber files for manufacturing. Provide us with whatever info that is needed for sending it for PCB making. After this; all the new revisions will be done in Altium Designer 6. This is a rush job and I also have other projects that I can give out which you can price/bid later. I have already deposited money in the rentacoder for this and/or other new jobs. Thank you.   (more...)

ike to have a program where there will be three pulse generator settings incorporated and pre-programmed in the microcontroller. This micro controller IC have an inbuilt receiver. I would like you to do the programming as such....that I can give the switching signal to the receiver from outside(may be through a voltage in a wireless manner[which i can provide]) and this receiver part of the microcontrooler will accept that signal and switch between the different pre-programmed settings. Again it is a nordic micro controller IC nRF24LE1. You may view the Micro controller IC as below in here I can send you the datasheet for nRF24LE1 if you need and you will need to do the programming in \"C\" language but it has to be Keil Compiler. You can download it for free in here   (more...)

med pulse rate that matches a network signal directly. Programmed in ladder logic with the ability to change the timing and program a specific signal from simulink ported via VHDL.   (more...)

d Responsibilities: Management/Engineering Works: - Responsible for the whole project implementation and supervise effectively and efficiently regularly in the Project being implemented. - Coordinates with the client representative for any job resolution during weekly meeting - Prepare Monthly Status Report, Two Weeks Look a Head and Weekly Accomplishment Report - Prepare Progress Billing and billing attachment. - Prepare manpower schedule to such daily activities at different areas - Conduct testing all electrical works - Prepare daily accomplishment report and monitor to such areas - Attend Pre-bid meeting, E-bid and reconciled additional work - Prepare material request slips for purchase necessary to complete the entire electrical work every area. Supervision Works: - Supervision of roughing-in, wiring-in, installation, termination, testing and commissioning such as: - Lighting and Power system - High voltage Switchgear (HVSG)/ Low Voltage Switchgear (LVSG) - Power Transformer, Pad mount transformer, Dry type Transformer - Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) - Distribution panel boards and circuit breakers - Generator sets, Synchronizing panel and generator circuit breakers - BMS System - Busduct Installation - Auxiliary System (FDAS, CCTV, CRTB, PA/BGM, CATV and Telephone System) -Perform Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Switchboards, Grounding System, Auxiliary System, Power and Lighting System is functioning according to specification and design requirements -Documentation and preparation of all kinds of request, such as excavation, pipe laying, pouring, and backfilling request. -Material monitoring and controller -Update filed works operation, completion of two weeks look a head, weekly accomplishment, and monthly status report. -Coordination of RFI- request of information and submittals -Conduct of electrical work inspection and testing as per required of general contractor -Preparation and process of billing -Capable of surveying existing installation, preparing as Built Plan, Key Plan and Shop drawing   (more...)

flector for LED light using computer software. User must have own software. Any compatible luminaire software acceptable. Designer will be provided with design goals- must output a mechanical model of the design as well as applicable light distribution pattern.   (more...)

flector for LED light using computer software. User must have own software. Any compatible ray tracing luminaire design software acceptable. Designer will be provided with detailed light pattern spread design goals. Designer must output a mechanical model of the specific reflector design, as well as applicable light distribution patterns at set distances from the reflector. This is information easlily extracted from reflector design software.   (more...)


ing for qualified electrician to prepare wiring diagrams, bill of materials, specs / datasheets etc.. For portable cabins / prefab buildings. These range from a simple 1 unit to a small office / motel. This is an ongoing position. You must be an experienced & qualified electrician / engineer and familiar with Autocad.   (more...)

perience in PIC Progrming,PCB Desining,Circuit Designing,Robotics,Lab VIEW and Instument desining.And lots of experience in students project designing and programing.   (more...)

th part and assembly drawings/detailing to be completed and organized. Catia V5R19. Some light design and modeling skills would be great. Potential for continual work.   (more...)

ledge of object oriented approach!   (more...)

rements: We are looking for a designer/engineer to assist in the design and development of various instruments for surgeons. Although, experience in medical device design would be beneficial, it is not necessary. We do however expect that you have experience in simple mechanical design, industrial/product design and are willing to undertake some research in your own time to gain some understanding in orthopedic and general surgical procedures. This research can be done on a project-to-project basis, thus, it is not necessary to understand everything at once, nor do we expect you to. Apart from this, we would be looking at forming a long-term work relationship comprising of various surgical instrumentation design projects - some on hourly rates and some fixed price jobs. Also, there we will be times when you will be expected to work together with our engineers and designers, working towards and meeting deadlines and finally abiding by confidentiality agreements. We expect that you are proficient in some kind of CAD/Solid Modelling software that produces drawing files and 3D representations (Solidworks is preferred). We would expect to see examples of your past projects with a general timeframe taken to design the products and produce 3D representations/drawings using your CAD software. We would also ask of you to provide a cost estimate that you charged or would charge for each project. What we do: Our company designs and develops custom surgical instrumentation for surgeons. We work closely with the surgeons and develop solutions for their particular needs. At all times we try to minimise costs to the surgeon/customer, minimise turn around times, produce high quality products and give the customer first class service during our products’ whole lifecycle. We define surgical instrumentation as hand tools such as retractors and forceps, guides and attachments and intrasurgical aids. Your Duties: Your duties will compromise of a few various tasks. These tasks will vary on each project. The tasks will depend on timeframes, instrument requirements, customer requirements and complexity. Your tasks are as follows: 1) Engineer projects from start to finish (usual team based) 2) Drafting engineering drawings 3) Producing files ready for manufacture 4) Modifying existing designs 5) Renderings 6) Producing mechanical assemblies 7) Industrial design (looking at ergonomics, shape, ease of manufacture, etc…)   (more...)

oduct design engineer who develops products from concept to manufacturing .I am having experience in developing medical devices.   (more...)

architectural drafters needed for rush commercial project- I am looking for part-time architectural major students or freelancers to help me in a small T.I. hospital project. I need floor plans, wall sections, and elevations done ASAP. My specialty is aluminum storefront and curtainwall design and architectural metal and glass You must know autocad and photoshop really well. Please send your resume and samples of your drawings in PDF or JPEG format. Also leave your email and cell. I am interviewing today either by phone or email Budget and deadlines - I have 4-5 pages of floor plans and wall sections. And 4 pages of elevations to be done. All drawings outputted to 24 x 36 inch page size. I am paying $ 30-$ 40 a page   (more...)

esign a circuit which consists of: differentiator, peak hold, and comparator which will convert signal to digital. the circuit must take 2 analog inputs which are updating at 450 times per second (4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V) and run them through differentiators in order to get the slope of the signal. Then the slope of the signal needs to go through a peak hold. If the peak slope is under a value it should be ignored, if the peak hold is above the ignore value and below an alarm value it should turn on a good output and the peak value should be cleared after 6ms, if the peak value is above an alarm value it should turn on an alarm output for 6ms and be cleared. Deliverables are an off the shelf product that will work or a circuit board design and help building the prototype using: as well as troubleshooting aid after the PCB is built.   (more...)

Illinois based venture capital firm seeks engineering design assistance for current medical device project. Attachment illustrates a potential solution to digitizing collection of urine fluid in hospital environments. Please respond if you have experience working with sensors that can determine fluid levels in a container as we are looking to move this prospective design forward with engineers who have prior experience in the discipline.   (more...)

map that is designed with ArcGis ArcMap that I want the developer to color partition into regions , states and counties and also to print in out in PDF for other application to use.   (more...)

lease do not bid if you have already bid on this project as it has been posted twice . I have a 2d cad of a machine process which i want to obtain as a 3d cad. This 3d cad is then required in 3ds max format or any other format so that it can be used for animations. Skills Required: An ideal candidate will be a designer/engineer who understands industrial cad 2d designs and has an experience to convert them into 3d cad. he should be well versed with Autocad software and can deliver on time and exactly understand how to import 3d cad into 3ds max software. Budget is $150. Only selected candidates will be contacted and high degree of quality and professionalism is expected of the selected candidate. Note: If you are accustomed to create industrial animations of machines and processes, do share your links which can lead to more work. We are a creative company and the selected candidate can be hired as our long term service provider. Happy Bidding   (more...)

Steel Fabrication firm, who is looking for a talented individual who can work with us on various projects, this individual needs to be familiar with steel detailing, we will provide structural drawings in CAD or PDF as you prefer and you would have to produce fabrication & Erection plans, drawings needs to be converted to CAD format so we can submit for structural engineer for approval. Each sheet should include the most two I-Beams (typical I-Beams don’t have to be repeated) If you are interested in this position please review the attached files and please submit your estimate cost and time to produce the drawings. We would like to have the 1st draft within a week. Thanks Mike   (more...)

ing for a copywriter to write product descriptions for a medium sized e-commerce site with more than 100 products. The successful candidate should: 1. Be an experienced writer. 2. Knowledgeable about marketing and SEO 3. Have a few samples of their writing skills for me to review. 4. Previous experience in writing product descriptions preferred. The price on this listing is a rough guide only so feel free to bid higher.   (more...)

f a solid copywriter. Proficient in writing call to action, sales or squeeze page copy for landing pages. Copy that attracts leads and closes sales. Ideal candidate must have EXCELLENT English written & sentence structure skills. Ability to write with keyword SEO strategy in mind. Sales or Squeeze page copywriting experience preferred; writing samples are required with your application to be considered Copywriting experience for brochures, print advertising,catalogs, PR and training video scripts will be considered. Ability to meet tight deadlines, develop ORIGINAL quality copy with minimal details or supervision at an affordable rate required. NO REPURPOSED OR DUPLICATED CONTENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. To position is on the add needed basis@ a fixed rate. Job size required is three 3 to 10 web pages. This job is an trail for future copywriting work from our company. Only those wishing to build a long term relationship need apply. Good luck!   (more...)

ing for copywriters in their native country to do custom content marketing for consumer product and retail companies. You must -be a high quality copywriter with at least 2 yrs of experience -know the culture and customs of your native language and be able to write in a way that sells products to those consumers -have experience working with corporate clients preferably in consumer packaged goods or retail -be able to communicate in English -have basic design skills To apply, please send me your resume, portfolio, corporate experience, and your rate of pay.   (more...)

at Writers! We are looking for a great star who is great at copywriting and print persuasion. We are looking for a team player who is interested in working with us to write great copy. Add their opinion and establish a long working relationship. This would entail a few pieces initially and then would move towards a long term working relationship if you enjoy working with us! Thank you for your submissions, I am looking forward to review. Please add the code word HULA HOOP And attach some sample works that you have completed. Thank you   (more...)

dy gary halbert style copywriter wanted! subject: investments, business opps hot buttons: greed, get higher returns, budget: $300 per 1000 words requirements: must be native english writer and born native english speaker writer   (more...)

ganisation - Australian Head Office External communications Part Time An exciting opportunity exists for a professional Communications Specialist to work with global IT organisation. In this role you will be responsible for producing external communications materials for implementation, such as editorials, and press releases. If you have excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong attention to detail and expertise in developing a broad range of communications from editorials, and press releases , we would be delighted to hear from you. Experience working with Australian Companies is essential and IT Services company is an advantage.   (more...)

data entry skills.   (more...)

nd pasting   (more...)

be 100% fluent in the english language and able to write clearly, concisely, and creatively based on given pictures, and statistical information about properties. For example: If you were given 3 pictures of a house, the dimensions, features of the house (i.e.: hot tub, pool, close to schools etc). You need to be able to write a very SHORT, maximum 120 word blurb about the property. Only 120 word blurbs. This should not take you very long to do at all, but there will be a lot of them. Quantity. We will pay by the job at the listed rate. If you are skilled, you should be able to complete each blurb in around 10 minutes. If you are skilled, you will also be able to produce quality results with no need for revisions. If you are interested please respond. There is nothing that is needed immediately but we would love to hear from you and keep you on file. Work is expected to begin in a week from today. Please send a few examples. If you are chosen for this you will get as much work as we can give you/you want. Thanks for your time! Curtis   (more...)

someone with experience in writing content and copywriting, which is innovative and captures audiences attention, for my solar panel company and also an air conditioning business. I will need you to put content onto my websites, and also create clever marketing material. Please show me examples that you have done in the past on website and also marketing brochures. Thanks,   (more...)

ng for a copywriter. I need either an American or someone whose first language is English. Please don\'t apply if this isn\'t the case for you. As a native English speaker myself, I guarantee you I absolutely WILL know if you\'re a native English speaker or not. If you have experience (that you can prove with examples of your work both live on the net and that you can attach to your cover letter) with sales and marketing copywriting, I want to hire you. I need someone who knows the basics of writing a sales letter, who knows the difference between a feature and a benefit, and who can write persuasive copy that makes readers take the desired action. Please only apply if you meet ALL of these requirements. And, if you do meet them, please tell me in your cover letter what are the basic parts of a sales letter, what is the difference between a feature and a benefit, and what is the most important thing NO sales letter should be without and why? Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.   (more...)

l:   (more...)

oking for a full time content writer / virtual assistant who can work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Must be an individual worker. No companies or agents. You should have basic knowledge of financial markets (forex, options & stocks) and internet marketing. The tasks required include: 1. Content Writing, editing & rewriting article (include press release) 2. Spinning articles - 3 to 4 variations to each sentence and 50% uniqueness (The Best Spinner software will be provided to facilitate the task) 3. Article & press release submission, blog post and etc. 4. Research keywords and topics Your essential skills for success in this role will include * Excellent written English skills * Ability to follow instructions * Experience in writing & editing web content and articles * Ability to prioritize tasks and be self directed * Must have a good working PC and a high-speed Internet connection. We would expect the individual to be able to write at least 1 X 400 - 500 words article per hour. At the end of each day we will be expecting a report with the details of work completed that day. COMPENSATION: Starting Salary is US$300 (negotiable). If you perform well, the salary will be revised to US$400-US$500 within 6 months. We will also pay bonuses for exceptional and dependable work. APPLICATION PROCESS: Please write in to tell us about yourself, expected salary and why you want this job. Candidates will be contacted by email and will be interviewed on Skype. We may ask you to write (2) 300-word articles to demonstrate your writing skills. Thank you for taking your time to read this application. We look forward to working with you!   (more...)

e are looking for a professional writer for a minimum of 3 articles per week. Candidates must only be from the UK and have experience of writing with regards to financial / consumer / property issues... Thanks, Ruban   (more...)

teams for data entry projects.   (more...)

do not bid without sending me an example of your work. I will not hire anyone without seeing previous work. ** I am in need of an excellent, reliable, and skilled copywriter. Articles will be written on a large variety of topics, so the writer needs to be able to research the given topic. Articles will need to be written in various styles (first person reviews, sales pitches, informative content, etc), so candidate needs to be versatile in selling / advertising styles. Please show me your previous work in your message. Each article will be roughly 300-450 words. Your bid is PER 300-450 word article.   (more...)

agency require an amazing copywriter who is able to write Online Press Releases and Articles. Candidates should ideally speak native English language, as a superb standard is essential and pre-requisite. Initial project will be 1-2 press releases, plus 2 to 3 articles. If this is successful, there will be plenty more projects to follow. Thank you.   (more...)

loping a guide to killer resumes and looing for help with the following. 1. Reinvention; stay-at-home mom/dad needs a new career 2. The most asked interview questions and how to answer them 3. Any suggestions that you have to go into my guide. Not looking for a book, just a few pages. What skills make you the perfect candidate for this job? Do you have experience with creating resumes or just a brillant writer?   (more...)

ing for an experienced content writer to help ghostwrite two real estate investing ebooks \"How To Raise Private Money\", and \"How To Become A Real Estate Wholesaler\". Must have basic understanding of real estate investing or at least the ability to research a topic and write a 25-50 page ebook. If I find the right writer I will hire them on full time for our next product which is a home study course!   (more...)

or an experienced article writer (ca 500 words per article) who can deliver 2-10 articles a month about 1 product. Lots of background infor available. Should be light, enjoyable articles that read quickly away. Short sentences. Should read like a novel. Will be written for the golf industry. Preferable sb with knowledge of hypnotic writing of Joe Vitale. PLEASE ATTACH 2 SAMPLES that show me your writing style.   (more...)

e our guarantee so that it will: 1.clearly state what is guaranteed 2.convey clearly that the guarantee is genuine, and that the client has no risk in purchasing 3.promote our product 4.easily work over the phone, on our website, and in our sales letters Budget Send initial drafts after no longer then 30min work. Our Business We\'re a real estate photography business. We provide marketing photography to assist in the selling of houses and units between $300k to $2m. Our prices range between $120 to $260 for a 1-2 hour shoot. This provides 8-20 images that our clients can use on the web and in print. Our target market is real estate agents. Our website is: Our Guarantee We offer a 100% guarantee on the quality of the photography. If we don\'t meet the clients expectations of quality then we can either: re-shoot the property for no extra charge or not charge the client, and they get to keep the photographs for free Even after the free re-shoot they can still not pay and get the photographs for free. Where the Guarantee will be used 1.during phone conversations 2.on our website our sales letters Current Bad Examples that we are using All photo shoots are 100% guaranteed. If you aren\'t happy with the photos we will either re-edit the images or re-shoot the property. If you are still not satisfied you are not obligated to purchase the images, Thanks for your help with the survey [name]. We\'re a real estate photography business and we offer 100% guarantee on photography, if the quality isn\'t good enough we\'ll either re-shoot for no charge or you can have the photographs for free.   (more...)

one experienced copywriter and editor with strong marketing skills to help us in editing and writing current promotional materials like 1. Brochure 2. Expo Banners 3. Post Card Further working together is very likely. Thanks for your time.   (more...)

oking for editors and copywriters to: 1. Edit, compile and summarize short to medium length English-language marketing and product description texts 2. Create (compile and edit) short newsletter-type emails based on provided information 3. Write unique content (750 - 1,500 words) based on marketing & product information provided by us 4. Write unique newsletter-type emails based on provided information. You are welcome to apply even if you can only edit existing materials and not write unique content. Requirements: MUST be native English speaker   (more...)

ing for a copywriter for a short report / ebook that shows consumers how to do a \"Offer in Compromise\", which means to present a settlement offer to the IRS. I will provide you with some general information as well as some websites that offer information on this subject and I will need your services to create a report or ebook from the research and information you obtain online. There are a lot of good sites with information that can be used to create this product. I am looking for someone who is experienced in English/American writing and can finish this project quickly. Good Luck with your bid.   (more...)

ng for a sales copywriter, article writer and editor in the Philippines only. Please only reply if you\'re in the Philippines, and you have some excellent credentials and experience with sales letter copywriting, article writing and editing and re-writing of articles. I\'m looking for someone who is fast, reliable, responsive and between $1 and $3 / hour. If this is you, then please reply with real articles, sales letters and projects you\'ve done. Warm Regards, Adam.   (more...)

les should be related to the following terms oil spill in gulf of mexico (business, environment point of view) love (philosophical) iphone 4(market, business point of view) genocide (current sri lanka, sudan) friendship (philosophical) world economic crisis (business, political) g20 (business, political) spirituality(philosophical) religion (philosophical) higher education (practical use?) The article can be written as the writer\'s opinion based on few facts. Article 1. Grammar - articles shouldn\'t contain grammatical or any other lexical errors associated with style, punctuation etc. 2. Your work must pass copyscape 3. Bid for 10 articles. 4. Send a sample of your related article when you bid. 5. Articles should be 150 words in length. Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of his / her writing assignments and the fact that the content will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential.   (more...)

highly unique company that designs and constructs massively reproduced natural boulder waterfalls on either residential or commercial properties. We are located in SW Florida and have commissioned a local videographer to shoot some beautiful footage in HD. However, voice over narrative script writing is not his forte, so we are reaching out for someone to take on the responsibility of viewing this footage (very easy to provide you with a copy) and then writing two, 2-3 minute themed scripts that upon approval, we will then have a professional record them for ultimate editing into our final videos. We are most willing to collaborate and contribute our conceptual ideas before and during the process so as to assure your best possible results. If you should respond to this opportunity, we will then immediately provide you with our website address so as to further orient you as to what our product and objectives are. Thank You, Eric Blum, President Dynamic Natural Rock Falls, Inc.   (more...)

eekly blogs for   (more...)

oking for someone who can create the following for a social media campaign we are running. 20 to 30 twitter posts per week based on a specific topic area we will provide information on. identify 10 to 20 relevant twitter posts to retweet each week. locate 7 to 14 youtube videos about our topic area each week, that actually are worth watching and not sponsored by other companies.   (more...)

copywriter with excellent UK English writing skills and previous experience of writing successful letters for direct mail campaigns for an educational service. I have done some old letters before (initial opening letter only and followup) so you have a basis to start with. I will brief you on the service and other services of a similar nature as well our target market, and you will be required to take it from there. You need to write sales & marketing materials for all stages of the sales cycle: 1. Demand generation: letter to help me acquire sales leads and introduce our service 2. Lead nurturing: letter that help me keep sales leads in the fold and convert the right ones to truly \"qualified\" leads. 3. More lead nurturing: letter that help me keep qualified leads in the fold. 4. Lead conversion: letter that help me close the sale on the best possible terms. 5. Cross Sell : letter that will allow us to sell alternative service in to those that already have this service 6. Partner letter; letter to introduce service to local authorities and other potential partners I can only consider providers who can supply at least one example letter. Likewise, the successful provider will be able to write UK English to the same level as a UK native. Letters will be no more than 1 side of A4 and should be supplied as MS Word documents. I will require between three and six letters max in total but the exact number is not yet known   (more...)

high Odesk scores in English. Hiring someone for ongoing work. Answer customer questions via email, comments on the website, and facebook page. You will also be doing research online. This is for We teach people how to build their own small houses.   (more...)

or an EXPERT in Helpserve. The expert should know how to utilize KAYAKO Helpdesk system. You will organize, setup, and conduct service on the system while creating Knowledgebases, News, Filter System, and Support. This is a FIXED PRICE FOR FULL TIME WORK (40hrs/wk)   (more...)


search - Conducted surveys and interviews corporate executives over the phone in the United States and United Kingdom about various subjects Reservation Specialist - Book flights within the 48 contigous states. Handles customers’ inquiries and feedback on current flight schedules. Attended an uptraining for Customer Service Satisfaction   (more...)

ng good listening skills   (more...)

craigslist poster on a full time basis. DO NOT apply if you work on a per/post basis as we will only pay on a per hour basis. All posts will be under the real estate section. Also, you must have your own PVA and have done this job before you will be given priority for the hire. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you.   (more...)

AD THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE APPLYING. *Main tasks would be DOING RESEARCHES and MAKING CALLS: -web research using Google Maps and other applications to be provided during training -able to navigate MS Outlook and MS Word, and basic skills on MS Excel -make basic follow up with clients through phone -set appointments with clients through phone -able to compose short descriptive paragraphs *We are looking for providers who are willing to work: -on a FULL TIME basis -with a minimum of 40 and maximum of 55 hours per week -from Mondays - Fridays (may include Saturdays) -from 9am - 5pm NZ time (5am - 1pm Philippine Time) *We are looking for providers who are: -diligent and conscientious -willing to stick to work hours -punctual and reliable -honest and professional *Cover letters with voice recordings from providers get better chances of getting hired. (You may provide a short description about yourself or the reason you want to apply.) *This project is on-going and the right provider may work with us for a year or more. *We are looking for bids not more than $1.50 for this job. Thank you very much.   (more...)

ad job description below: *We are looking for telemarketers to basically work on (info will be provided upon training): -making follow ups with clients through phone -setting appointments with clients over the phone -able to write at least two descriptive paragraphs (good writing skills is a plus but not required) *Providers should be: -experienced in telemarketing -diligent and conscientious -punctual and able to stick to work hours -must speak fluent or neutral English *We are looking for providers who can work from 9am - 5pm NZ time (5am - 1pm Philippine Time) *Can work FULL TIME with minimum of 40 hours and maximum of 55 *Can work from Mondays - Fridays (may include Saturdays) *Bids not more than $1 *This is intended for a long term relationship with the right provider. *If you cannot work full time and cannot start immediately, please do not apply. Thank you very much.   (more...)

aintenance, Encode latest updates on joomla CMS or wordpress, Data Encoder   (more...)

search – need to telephone all the shopping malls of in and in United State. and find out in which one I can open and operate Hair Strightener Cart. Should tell we work with Amika Hair strightener ( we would like to start at August. we are interested to open a hair strightener cart, if they have available spot, please get the info (price they ask for and terms). Starting with these states: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Illinois, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansa. the contact person can be found usually in the short term leasing section such as this one: Or this one: starting with Westfield malls. I need to know where they have availabe spots, once I know, I can proceed by myself with the inquiry and get the full details. need someone that can start immediatley and work fast and accurate!!   (more...)

ve phone sales experience with Americans? Good communication skills? If yes, then apply for this work at home sales position to help people with their finances. All calls are with people who have requested to be helped and full training is provided. Please: 1) Submit your resume with the subject of the email ”Counselor/Sales Representative”. 2) Let us know the time you will be available for an interview during 10 pm to 11:30 pm Manila time (since we will be calling from 9 am to 10:30 am our time PST) from Monday to Thursday. Thank you, Michael M. Hiring Manager Top Tier Solutions 12707 High Bluff Dr. Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92130   (more...)

or an efficient, responsible and detail oriented individual to help within our Customer Service Sector of the company. This candidate must be a quick learner, take initiative and direction very well. Good English is required. Day to day responsibilities will include answering customer inquiries by emails, creating reports and other office type requests. Customer service experience required.   (more...)

ooking for an great job that\'s not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work? If yes, then please listen carefully. Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for a Customer Service Manager that can meet certain criteria. And I have to state upfront, this job isn\'t for everyone. We\'re looking for a unique person to fill this position. We\'re searching for someone who would also enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, while they do their job. We\'re basically looking for a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. And you can do this job completely from your home if you have a highspeed Internet connection. Not only do we work on fun and challenging projects, but as the company grows so does everyone\'s SALARY! :) So this could be a great opportunity for you! Not only could you have an exciting job but you would also enjoy knowing that as you do a great job you\'ll continue to be rewarded for it with more money. Too many companies just want to hire people for a low salary and get all the work they can out of them. We\'re much different! We know the success of our company is based on the success of our team members, and that\'s why we believe in creating a fun work process and rewarding those that deserve it. We\'re really looking for that special person that could become a true star on our team. Someone who would love their job and love working with our team. Here\'s just some of the criteria that this person would meet: - Has their own computer and highspeed Internet connection. - Speaks, Reads, and Writes good English. High Score a must. - Can work from home without distractions. - Can use Skype. - Is willing to learn new things. Can easily be trained in other skills. - Can work part-time (20 hours) or full-time (40 hours per week) HAS THE FOLLOWING SKILLS: - Knows Zendesk & Basecamp - Can create a FAQ and manual of customer service for multiple websites, products - Is online often and enjoys responding to customer needs - Professional - Can research order issues, transfer customer needs to the right person/department - Great Written English skills (and speaking) - Organized and detail oriented - Hardworking and takes charge And more... If you\'re interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following... Send me an email at through oDesk and make it to the attention of \"JRS Customer Service 321\". Let me know why you think you\'d be great for this job. Also let me know the best time you can be reached and what schedule you would prefer to work from home when you won\'t be distracted based on EST zone. Please also include links to as many examples of your work that you can. Sincerely, JR   (more...)

phone calls, data entry, accounting,inventoty control, scheduling & cust follow ups, personal assistance duties etc...   (more...)

ng for a reliable assistant for phone and email support, must be fluent in spoken English. Your duties would be to take phone calls and emails. Would consider training the right individual. You may also be making outbound calls. You must have a reliable internet connection, Skype, as well as a quiet place to make phone calls. Other task may include administrative and keeping our account books.   (more...)

to fill immediately for a reliable long term worker who is able to learn new programs very quickly. Must be living in the United States. We are not looking for someone who is only going to do the job for a few weeks then quit. We need someone LONG TERM. We are trying this as a fixed price assignment. Tell us your weekly rate to help us answer phones, do live chat, data entry , etc. and how many hrs that includes in your weekly rate. example: 5hrs of work each week for $25. Some weeks we have more then 5hrs of work for the assistant, so please also tell us what your hourly rate is after the weekly rate is reached. Please keep in mind that your rate will include the Odesk fees. Perfect as supplemental income for someone already working by a phone/computer. Must have English as native language and living in the United States. We need someone who is very fast on computers and a very quick learner of new tasks. Also you should have extensive experience working in outlook, excel, wiki\'s (pb works site), using paypal, shopping on ebay/amazon, twitter, blogging, and more. We are an online retail operation. We need someone with exceptional customer service and administrative skills to help us with following tasks: - we forward our phone lines to you (our 800# to your US based landline- operator announces when you answer) during business hours (roughly 8-6 central time). You answer live customer calls throughout the day and communicate with us through IM ( either gtalk or yahoo, prefer yahoo IM) and our wiki and return calls and answer customer questions. . There are typically not alot of phone calls, but we need someone to help us out to answer calls when they come in and to also place calls to customers when asked. (this amounts to 1-5 hours weekly. The phone support assistant is responsible for checking the voicemail throughout the day if a message is left and the following morning if a voicemail is left after hours. Ideally, we should not have any voicemails because a phone support assistant should be taking the calls during normal phone hours. we typically do not receive alot of phone calls, so most of the work will be mainly the other data entry type tasks, but phone support is very valuable to us to have as a small business. This is designed for someone already multitasking VA. Our automated system announces that its our company customer calling, so it should be easy to multi task. -we have a task list within our wiki(pb works site) of different tasks you will work on including but not limited to: posting blogs and tweets of twitter, accessing our pc\'s remotely and entering tracking #s in shipping our software, submitting ads to classifieds, creating spreadsheets with inventory data, doing other work within our ecommerce software and office documents. These tasks have deadlines and time limits (for instance takes 15 minutes complete every Friday). Some of the tasks need to be completed every day in the evening. Our tasks are time sensitive. If your not available to complete tasks every day, do not apply. For phone support, you will be discussing product questions, shipping information, and other questions related to online retail transactions. At first you may have to email/IM us for answers and call the customer back, but with time you will learn how to answer questions. Usually most phone calls are between approx 8am-6pm central time. You would make and accept calls through our 800 number. Your phone number is not shown to the customer when using our 800 number. Our answer database and call logs is located on our wiki ( PB works site). You will consult with the wiki and/or any of our websites to answer the question while the customer is on the phone. If you are unable to answer the question, you will tell them you will look into it and get back to them. You will then instant message or email us for an answer. You will leave a brief summary of the phone call in the wiki logs. All communication is documented on the wiki. there is only one phone support tech. Requirements: -English as native language (living in the United States. Overseas applications will be rejected as spam) -Broadband internet ( no dial up) -Landline phone (cells considered absolutely no VOIP/skype, etc) -excellent customer service skills and experience -dependable, reliable, prompt work ethic -extensive experience working in outlook, excel, wikis, using paypal, shopping on ebay/amazon, twitter, blogging, and more. -Ability to understand the variety of products we sell and our policies -Experience in other data entry and processing work -Instant messenger account (Gtalk preferred, yahoo accepted) -Responds quickly to emails and instant messages. -Professional environment (no kids or distractions in background, etc during a customer phone call) Passed Odesk tests: Telephone etiquette, call center, email etiquette, other tests will be looked upon favorably. We will ask you to agree to a non-disclosure agreement as well as agreement that your working as independent contractor. Pay and Time Tracking: You are working as an independent contractor. We will not withhold any payroll or other taxes from your pay. You are responsible for reporting all of your taxes. To apply: -In your application, please hit on all the points above, about the job duties, requirements, and your past experience showing your understanding and compliance -Tell us what hours you are available to have the phones forwarded to you -Ask any questions you have before hiring   (more...)

need to return calls and do basic online emails. Do not apply unless you have easy access to phone and can make calls on US time zones - thanks! Also, if you have a sample audio please include that. Also let me know why you think you\'d be best for this ob..   (more...)

omeone to help with a growing limousine company as a dispatcher/settler. Duties include communicating with drivers using our computer and voip phone systems, assigning them runs, checking reservations for errors. Calling each new client and asking for an evaluation of our service. Helping with pricing and settling reservations after they have occurred. Dispatching any last minute runs and monitoring the runs throughout the day and speaking with clients if necessary to make changes to reservations. Looking for someone to be available between 3 to 5 days a week pacific time. When there is downtime we will have long term projects that deal with light research and marketing. Can Train. The following tasks are listed below but may include other things   (more...)

great English   (more...)

long-term part-time to full time girl to call my clients and just be nice to them. I own a computer service company in Florida. No selling, just a good understanding of spoken American English. Call my clients after I have done work, see if they have referrals, or additional work for me, confirm their address, phone numbers, email. Then change the information in my outlook, send them follow-up emails on my behalf. Schedule appointments for me as needed. Good clear understandable Engish is required. Accent no problem. Must be detail-oriented. Please address your response to \"Jeff\", since Jeff is my name! I got lot of form letters on my previous posting of this job, I want to make sure you have really read this ad. If you have expereience writing a blog, that is extremely helpful. Thanks~   (more...)

omer support   (more...)

oking for someone to act as the \"point of contact\" with our customers. We currently use GetSatisfaction ( to allow customers of our products (iPhone / iPad applications) to contact us and report suggestions/bugs. However we no longer have the time to respond to each customer ourselves, and often several customers ask similar questions. Our goal is to make customers feel valued, while taking all of the bugs/suggestions they find into consideration. Your responsibilities would include: * Responding to each customer inquiry promptly and courteously on the GetSatisfaction website. * When a customer describes a potential bug in our software, you must verify the bug by testing it yourself (you will be provided with copies of our software). * At the end of each week, provide a complete report of all _verified_ bugs and all suggestions from customers so that we can work to implement fixes/updates. You must have: * Excellent English skills and the ability to communicate in such a way that our customers feel valued. * An iPhone + iPad and general understanding of QA, so you can inform us of any bugs in our software. To apply: * Please send a short (3 paragraph maximum) letter detailing any relevant experience in customer service + QA, along with a short writing sample from a related job.   (more...)

group or company to provide 24/7 phone service for our company. We have very low call volume. You would need to have a US phone number and the ability to call out (magicjack) for appointment reminders. We would like to pay per call. You may have another job when doing this project as the call volume is so minimal. Your English must be perfect. Please upload a voice sample to and post the link on here. Please say: Thank you for calling Green Care, how may I help you today?   (more...)

craigslist poster on a full time basis. DO NOT apply if you work on a per/post basis as we will only pay on a per hour basis. Also, you must have your own PVA and have done this job before.   (more...)

ing for a sharp, determined individual who is available to research a niche group of businesses in Texas and gather information for appointment setting. This assignment will be on going so the person selected must be available at least part time 25/hours a week. You will be calling and speaking to the decision maker, making an appointment and then doing a followup appointment call. Would prefer someone who is well organized, friendly and able to follow through with assignment. A medical background is preferred. Experience in this type of work is required. Assignment to begin in one week. Interviews will begin Monday June 7th. Because of so many good applicants and the need to narrow down the list, please send me your detailed response to my original ad. I want to know what you think of the product line, Nikken and how you would move forward if you were hired. I am not looking for someone I have to tell what to do, but someone who will tell me what needs to be done.   (more...)

perts of doing photoshop work like Clipping,Masking,Image Processing, Manipulating etc   (more...)

be available weekdays 8:30a-5:30p (eastern) and be able to follow written instructions. This job will pay per call initially and then switch to a flat rate per month. You will answer 5-10 calls per day, as backup for our other receptionists. Submit your bid PER CALL and when you can start if selected. A test is required to be considered for this position.   (more...)

& provide optimum solutions an organization providing business support services to its clients with enriched quality and work ethics .   (more...)

customer service rep or call center to help with my customer service for my health supplement. job would include phone order, phone verification of all orders, upsells and order management (online). Would prefer candidate to have previous experience and would like to see what other products they have worked on.   (more...)

the customer in their satisfaction for the product.. knowledgeable-Know what products/service you are offering back to front good communication with the customer- always listen to their reactions and be able to talk to them in pleasant manner Anticipate Guest Needs-Always look for ways to serve the customer more than they expect   (more...)

rrently recruiting an ecommerce customer service specialist with the following experience: *Experience working on Volusion platform *Phone Support *eMail Response *Live Chat Support *Order Processing *Drop Shipper Management Although not required, telemarketing experience is a plus. IN addition, experience working with customized graphic products us preferred. Please send list of experience for consideration.   (more...)

oking for some providers for customer support. We are a dispatcher company. The burden of the calls from 7AM to 7PM US(CT) will be high but lower in 7 PM to 7AM. You need to enter the information into our system Marchex. We need someone who can work full time. Teams are preferred. - Experience with dispatcher company will be preferred. - Experience of using Marchex will be preferred. Compensation will performance based.   (more...)

I\'m looking for a FULL-TIME customer support person (ie 40 hours per week) We\'re looking for someone who is a friendly person and has an excellent phone manner. If you have any technical experience (eg understand HTML that is a bonus). Please reply with: 1) What do you believe is the key to fantastic customer support? 2) Have you done customer support before, and for how long? 3) What are the best 3 qualities of a customer support representative? 4) What other skills do you have? EG: seo, writing, graphic design etc 5) Roughly what do you expect to be paid per month? Thanks and talk soon.   (more...)

nt job to evaluate customer service at gas stations.   (more...)

We need a serious and high qualified programmer having a deep knowledge in: PERL,PHP,BASH, POSTFIX MTA, mysql..... It\'s about creating a mail web/server application that will execute some script to : Configure a linux server, install postfix, add multiple postfix instances with specific cinfiguration, install phplist with specific configuration beside of some particular options to add to the scripts and the server. We have attached a .doc file that explaines in details how the application will look like and what are the functions that will make. BEST REGARDS   (more...)

e help in billing our clients and making appointments.   (more...)

rience being a customer service representative and dealt with consumer customers in an Australian Mobile/Broadband Provider. willing to be a customer service representative in any field and in any country.   (more...)

auction website we looking for Customer sevice workers We need people that are able to understand our auctions method with experience in serving courteous service providers Phone support & Email responding   (more...)

or full-time personal online assistant to manage our online web chat system. Must be able to assist customers with questions on products and process orders. Must be flexible with hours of availablity. Looking to hire for 8 hour shifts/ 40 hour work weeks. Qualifications Include: Speak and Type English Professionally General Computer Knowledge   (more...)

ing for a few individuals to sell my website solutions. You will be paid a flat rate, plus you will get a large commission for each customer you qualify for a website. You will talk with the customers via email or IM and you work at the hours of your choice. This can be a long term job if you do well.   (more...)

involves logging into our support system at a set time and checking communications from our customers that are outstanding. You would reply to these customers and then logout again until your next scheduled check time. We are looking for 3 new members of staff. 2 who will provide technical support for our Wordpress Plugin, Hosting etc. 1 who will provide customers service, pre sales and billing support. The check times are: Support Applicant 1 0200 and 0800 Support Applicant 2 1400 and 2000 Customer Service Applicant 0800 and 1400 All times shown are in GMT timezone. Times may vary over time as customer flow changes. Please tell us which position you are applying for, what customer service / support experience you have, what wordpress experience you have and what other general relevant experience you have when applying for this job. Best wishes   (more...)

nning some marketing campaigns for a video chat application. We are looking for enthusiastic representatives to carry out video chat campaigns, analyze your experience, provide feedback and test the beta product. You are required to have a web-camera and a headphone. Please contact us for more details.   (more...)

ad job description below: *We are looking for telemarketers to basically work on (info will be provided upon training): -making follow ups with clients through phone -setting appointments with clients over the phone -able to write at least two descriptive paragraphs (good writing skills is a plus but not required) *Providers should be: -experienced in telemarketing -diligent and conscientious -punctual and able to stick to work hours -must speak fluent or neutral English *We are looking for providers who can work from 9am - 5pm NZ time (5am - 1pm Philippine Time) *Can work FULL TIME with minimum of 40 hours and maximum of 55 *Can work from Mondays - Fridays (may include Saturdays) *Bids not more than $1 *This is intended for a long term relationship with the right provider. *If you cannot work full time and cannot start immediately, please do not apply. Thank you very much.   (more...)

le to subscribe to my youtube channel pay is only .50cents per subscriber   (more...)

ally quite simple. I don\'t need you to sell things to people, I don\'t need you to deal with irate customers or disgruntled people while remaining pleasant. All I need is you to sound like a native English speaker, a pleasant-sounding voice, the ability to read off a half page script (without having to sell anything), and be a woman. Oh, you also need a microphone and Skype, as you will be using an account I fund to make calls to different people. I don\'t care where you live (as long as you have high-speed internet), where you\'re from, your education, or anything else. If you are able to do this job well, I will most likely want you to continue working with me for the immediate foreseeable future, so there is room for constant employment as well.   (more...)

tered in a local \"Best of Area\" contest and need someone to place 500-600 entries for us on-line. ALL must come from SEPERATE IP addresses, so you must have this ability to do so and be able to show it. If any duplicates, there is no pay!   (more...)

me one who can manage my current E bay account selling meditaion CD\'s. You must have evidence of previous experience in this role, Attendtion to detial Excelent communication skills Be fluent in english Be able to dedicate an hour per day to this project   (more...)

talented and qualified graphic designer in the soon to open 5 star radisson blu hotel in cebu..asap   (more...)

-mail adresses to a web page then summit. I will provide e-mail adresses and web page   (more...)

in spanish and english. preferably with a history of teaching language. A teacher is required to work 2 hours a week for a period of 6 months, assisting a student to learn spanish.   (more...)

is required to teach maths Via the internet for 2 hours a week. we will supply the teacher with a curriculam of study and then they must assist the student with their development in the subject. must have excellent language skills, skype, and a webcam.   (more...)

oking for 10-15 people to help us increase our ratings on one of our websites online. This requires us sending you to this website, having you register a profile, and conduct a small session with us. Essentially, we will pay you for an hour or two of work here on Odesk, and you will go to the other site, and start a session with us. You will need to have a credit card or Paypal account to use this site. You hourly rate here on Odesk will be compensated for the amount you deposit into the other site, so you won\'t loose any money at all. Once finished, you will need to leave 5 star (best) feedback with a comment. We\'re looking to increase our ratings about 25 - 30 posts, with about 5 - 10 people doing this for us. This is a very simple job, requires little time, and is an easy couple of hours for you here on odesk. We\'ll provide the exact steps on how to do this to you once hired.   (more...)


a performer and have done lots of videos in the past and i have a great performance lined up. I need someone who can get me a place in a performance in Kolkata. Just a concert with around 10,000 people would be great. I\'m coming to Kolkata in October and staying through to the end of November. You will need to phone around and find things out, I need someone who is determined and won\'t give up! To show you have read this please put this code at the beginning of your application: 008989 Thank you.   (more...)

ing an very experienced telemarketer with knowledge of the hospitality industry to assist with outbound pre-sales calls to potential clients in the United States for me to follow up with if interested. Must be technology savvy and excellent communication skills. I will provide the list of ~100 contacts with name and phone number and call script and spreadsheet for tracking and documenting results. Must be able to document e-mail address and next steps for follow up in the spreadsheet. Please view the youtube video to get an idea of what the call will entail before applying to this posting   (more...)

years experience in customer service 6 months worked in medical coder and known about transcription   (more...)

ish writer   (more...)

es outbound calls like telesales, telemarketing, client retention, among others. • Facilitate data processing and quality recordings. • Coordinate to superior for the quota per week and performance rating. • Provide quality customer service.   (more...)

reelance English/French/German teachers via Skype for Russian-speaking students. No need to know Russian. We are settled in Russia, so our prices will not be very high.   (more...)

equire an individual to commit to a 20 minute interview so that we can show a group of people the benefits of using a website such as odesk. We will pay a few hours for only a 20 minute interview.   (more...)

ponder Email responder needed. Will have a login We have need for someone to respond to emails as they come into out company on a daily basis. People send resumes through our online postings and we respond with a template email based on the city/state they live in. The job is an 8-10 hour per day job. The pay is up to $1.50 per hour and is full time. Please not apply if you want more than this. The task is so basic that it required very little effort, just time. Looking to have someone start soon. Other tasks. familiar with Yahoo hot jobs a plus! Every week we take down all of our postings and refresh them so they are at the top of the customer searches. This would be also done once per week on Mondays.   (more...)

on fundamentals and applications in mathematics   (more...)

liance Systems LLC ( provides environmental compliance solutions, including testing, service, repair and installation of monitoring and compliance equipment for underground and aboveground storage tanks in California and neighboring states. For more than 3 years, EPIC has been growing through a consistent culture of increased customer service ensuring that business processes are strictly followed, and a maniacal focus on improving every aspect of business practice. EPIC delivers services through a network of employees, which are located in Northern California, and with its own sales and service organizations from contractors across countries throughout the world. ++++++++++++++++ Position Opportunity: Account Manager Objective ====== Implement an effective business strategy with potential new and existing accounts to maximize EPIC\'s market penetration in assigned territory/accounts COMMITMENT ========= Long term. This position requires that you receive training and be intimate with customers and their needs. Customers don\'t like dealing with different account representatives every time they call so you will need to be committed long term to this position. WORKING HOURS ============ You must be able to work from 9AM to 5PM PDT/PST. If you cannot, please DO NOT APPLY. If you don\'t know what PDT/PST is, then PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. COMMUNICATION SKILLS ================= 1- You must have a PERFECT MIC & HEADSET 2- Must be able to communicate through Skype 3- Must be able to work through remote desktop clients on Windows (preferably Windows 7/Server 2008) AT INTERVIEW MUST BE ABLE TO DEMONSTRATE ====================== 1- Perfect Fluency in English - I mean PERFECT 2- Be able to follow UNPAID training for 3 days at the end of which there will be a test re: what you know of technical skills, customer process and other aspects of the business 3- Skills communicating with Remote Desktop 4- Interview from 9AM to 5PM PDT/PST. If you can\'t interview during those times, you cannot be considered Job Specific Skills ============ 1- GREAT PHONE PRESENCE is a must! 2- Must be detailed oriented, well organized and able to work independently as well as part of a team 3- Excellent written and verbal communication skills (AGAIN: Great phone presence!) 4- Strong time management, follow-through and organizational skills 5- DAILY REPORTING Responsibilities + Develop newly assigned service accounts with limited direct supervision 1- Determine the list of services that EPIC has offered to that specific customers in the recent past 2- Explain EPIC\'s service approach quickly and effectively 3- Communicate new services EPIC is offering that customer may not be aware of + Interface with sales management and other departments on a regular basis to assist with strategic, tactical and regular administrative projects + Attend scheduled technical training, sales and company meeting sessions + Regular communication to sales management of sales forecasts, budgets, action plans and competitive analysis + Manage service renewals with existing customers: Provide quotes before service due date, ensure quote is returned and if not, why not + Implement effective contact management practices to maximize communication efficiency with prospective account decision-makers: 1- Determine how to best communicate with customer (frequency; email/phone/mail) 2- Follow up with the customer and find out what needs they may have 3- Provide more communication channels and opportunities 4- Coordinate with field staff on how to best deliver 5- Utilize company contact and data management software to optimize information collection and management reporting + Ensure that receivables are current and collections are performed if needed Ideal candidate ========== 1- Be independent and a self-starter with a minimum of 5 years of account management experience 2- Meet the position\'s objectives with limited direct supervision 3- Hold a Bachelor\'s Degree in engineering preferably, or sales, quality, marketing or business 4- Be proficient in MS Office Suite 5- Be proficient in both written and verbal communication skills are extremely important. Preferences given to ============= 1- Candidates with a strong background in field service sales, service contract sales 2- Experience in the environmental compliance business will be given favorable consideration 3- Additional experience with inside sales and outbound calling will be preferred Those holding degrees in other areas, but with significant experience in the aforementioned markets, may also be considered Happy Bidding!   (more...)

meone to teach me Spanish over skype. Please state your hourly price for teaching Spanish over skype.   (more...)

o Urdu translation typing job   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in UAE. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Kiev & Alushta, Ukraine. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Ulysse & Djereba, Tunisia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Joihannesburg, Port Elizabeth & Cape Town, South Africa. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Bratislava, Slovakia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Saudi Arabia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Reykjavik, Iceland. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Zagreb & Dubrovnik, Croatia. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in Azerbaijan, Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Oman, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us   (more...)

you go to a web site, there are always videos that explain how to use the web site or the software. I\'m looking for someone who has a sense of humour, is an interesting person, has a voice that sounds great and is interested in creating training videos, and potentially assisting with customer support. Please reply with 1) What are the 3 things that you think are most important to creating a great training video 2) Have you ever created something like this before? 3) What are the 3 reason personal qualities that you have that would make you most suited to this role? Thank and talk soon   (more...)

APPLICANTS: THIS IS AN ON-CALL ORDER PROCESSING POSITION THAT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO, REQUIRES NO SPECIAL SKILLS AND ONLY REQUIRES ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. A WORKER CAN EASILY DO THIS JOB AT HOME WHILE WORKING ANOTHER JOB OR CONTRACT. THE JOB PAYS A LOW HOURLY RATE AND AN UNCAPPED COMMISSION PER COMPLETED ORDER. THE COMMISSION RATE IS FIXED BUT WE ARE ACCEPTING BIDS FOR THE ON CALL RATE. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POSTING AND RESPOND WITH A BID Job Description: Data Entry: Orders will be emailed and the worker will be responsible for processing the order immedately into our online system and sending follow up emails. Proccessing an order takes less than 2minutes per order. It is an extremely simple process that requires no special skills. Initially we don\'t anticipate any more than up to 10 orders processed per day. Telephone Support: On rare occasions the worker will be asked to place outbound calls to a customer, so the interested applicant should be able to speak English. Availability: This is an on call job. The actual amount of time worked will most likely be less than 30 minutes - 1 hour a day collectively. The worker is free to do anything else while on call, including other employment, but it is imperative that when an order is placed, it is entered into the system immediately. The worker will be required to be available a minimum of up to eight hours a day mon-saturday. If the accepted applicant wishes to work more, we are willing to pay for up to 12 on call hours a day. Pay: Pay will consist of a low hourly rate for being on call and a commission per verified order. Expectations: Our business is built on speed, accuracy, and responsiveness. It is imperative that all interested applicants are on time, proffessional, and able to speak English   (more...)

or experienced manager for infusion soft system to upload campaigns, manage email marketing updates and service customer support.   (more...)

ted articles in real estate , health and humor place articles text content into newsletter template ( Aweber) select proper list, send newsletter out This is a monthly project, would like a price to do this.   (more...)

eking a company preferably to answer phones between the hours of 8A-6PM CST; and being that the calls are few at the present time, we are looking for someone to bid on a PER CALL basis only. We are a technology company and we need the utmost professionalism when taking our calls. Please provide your best small business rate PER CALL for our review. Thank you.   (more...)

around 02:00 AM local time here we receive some Excel sheets with a few rows of data, which has to be merged with another sheet. It is very easy and won\'t take much time every day - but we want to outsource it. Maybe you could take the information from the sheets and put it in a google docs sheet. Estimated workload : 1 hour a week. Later on we may have more excel work to do.   (more...)

y in word, excel. Internet, other programs. Conform to demands.   (more...)

ing for experienced craigslist poster (1) Should have verified accounts (2) 10 post in diffrent stated per day (3) you should send me links once post (4) I will pay after 24 hours after making submission   (more...)

a into Excel. Manipulate excel data, sort, formulas...etc.   (more...)

you to enter data from a hard copy document into an xl spreadsheet. I need an overnight turnaround.   (more...)

ve excellent English skills? We are seeking a small team of people with excellent skills in reading, writing and speaking English. Your job will be to collect education related data and enter it into a purpose built website where we maintain the database. English  may be your second language but you must be competent.  The process is tested and benchmarked and our process is well refined and easy to follow.  We are seeking a team of 3-5 full time web researchers for up to 6 months. In addition if you provide strong results and meet our benchmarks (previously set by another team).  We will trial you for a period before discussing the longer term project. If you are suitably experienced and have references, we\'d love for you to apply!   (more...)

nice sign up verification project In USA. It\'s very simple task. I will pay every sign up $1 , Off cores it must be phone verified . Please bid only USA people. I need it emergence. Please bid only who can provide me to night. Thanks all.   (more...)

ing for help uploading articles for internet marketing into a submission distributor website. I will provide the articles and the necessary keywords, categories and other instructions needed. There will be eight or nine different articles to be submitted each week, running for a total of approximately 18 weeks. I will set up the account on the article distributors website and give you access. This will allow me to monitor the articles that are submitted and will provide me with statistics about how the article distribution is progressing after you have submitted. Each week, I will supply an author’s name for each of the articles. You will submit each article under the name indicated. If this works out well, there will be other article sets that I will be interested in posting.   (more...)

he PERFECT job for a new provider with little experience but a good work ethic. You MUST have a good rate though. I will be choosing a provider based on the following: 1. Rate 2. Ability to chat with me while working on Google Talk. This is your chance to get an excellent rating. If you are a \"noobie\" looking to get work, then this is the perfect job for you. If you bid with a LOW rate and have a good work effort, you stand a good chance of getting this job. I need someone to do internet research on google. It is a simple job, but it requires common sense. If you are just looking for a job where you can cut and paste, without thinking, then look elsewhere. If you want to establish a good reputation with a HIGH Rating and get an excellent reference then this is the job for you. This job can start tomorrow.   (more...)

meone to post over and over on my facebook account about every ten minutes as long asa you are awake. I will give you my account log in and will tell you what and where to post. This is the easiest work ever, so lowest bid who can communicate in english and is familliar with facebook wins!   (more...)

is is excellent easy data entry job. I need hard working and energetic worker who loves challenge and able to reach the given target with honesty. My project\'s job is so simple and hope everybody will enjoy it by doing this and you can make a good amount of extra cash from this data entry project. Happy Bidding   (more...), bookmark articles on 50 social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, etc You must speak or write English and have accounts at all 50 of the sites listed below # # # # # # # # # # # # Links Marker # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # Buddy MarksBuddy Marks # ConnectedyConnectedy # MyLinkVaultMyLinkVault # Tip\'d (Financial)Tip\'d (Financial) # Google BookmarksGoogle Bookmarks # # FetchFetch # OYAXOYAX # A1 WebmarksA1 Webmarks # Bookmark TrackerBookmark Tracker # myVmarksmyVmarks # # # # SmakNews (Women)SmakNews (Women) # DizzedDizzed # SymbalooSymbaloo # XimmyXimmy # # iZebyiZeby # Erollover # YuppMarks # Health Ranker #   (more...)

Entry for New Providers   (more...)

ing for a long term virtual assistant to handle day to day tasks. The assistant will be responsible for managing Twitter accounts, Blog comments/posting, classified writing and other data entry type work. This is a LONG TERM project that could last YEARS for the right person. Good English is needed...both reading and writing. Access to an instant messenger is required. Facebook and/or Twitter account is required. 20 + Hours per week. Pay is DAILY. Start Today!   (more...)

ading further please note that when submitting an application you are REQUIRED to send in a cover letter with the answers to the questions below. Applications without this information will NOT be reviewed. Thank you in advance for doing this as it allows us to qualify the right applicant more efficiently. Dear candidate, We are looking for an expert in Craigslist (in the field of homes for rent). We are a property management company that offers homes for rent in our state (approximately 20-30 at any given time). Up until now we have posted these rental properties every single day and we have worked around the craigslist matrix to make it work. The problem has been the ever-changing processes craigslist puts in place (We have run into problems with getting ghosted ads and blocked IP’s countless requests for acct verification etc.) we no longer wish to be the specialists in working around craiglists we would rather out source this and pay to have somebody post our ads daily onto craigslist daily. The requirements of this position will be to have set hours that are the same every day and consistent throughout the week (working during are available hours MST). We are looking for a CRAIGSLIST EXPERT. In other words you need to fully understand the limits and the ever changing rules craigslist puts in place and to be able to work around those limitations at all times. We are pretty good at craiglist but we need somebody better. This is a long-term position and if your specialties are good enough we will utilize you on other long term projects. But please do not inquire unless you are fully confident that you are a specialist in this field. We are not able to waste anytime in identifying this candidate and look to hire immediately. If you feel fully qualified please answer the following questions below and submit your application. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you! How many years of experience do you have with working in craigslist? What experience do you have that you feel deems you an expert regarding Craigslist? Are you able to work hours in the 9-5 hour time frame (mountain standard time)? Are you available on skype? How long could we expect to work with you for? Do you have references for work you have done previously? What are your greatest Strengths? What are your weaknesses? On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best 1 being the worst) English skills (speaking) English Writing Skills Grammar Fast typing (include wpm)   (more...)

vel data entry expert including training and mentoring. The job is full time. We need dedicated workers who constantly strive to do better.   (more...)

peaking a must!!! Very Detail Oriented -2+ years of experience as an Administrative Assistant (project management assistant experience background helpful) -Advanced proficiency with Word, Excel, MS project & PowerPoint -Ability to identify/anticipate needs and proactively provide support -Excellent organizational skills -Attention to detail, high level of initiative and motivation -Ability to work for several individuals and as part of a team for project support and general administrative support for the division -Ability to meet deadlines and work with minimal supervision -Strong communication skills (written & oral) -Ability to handle multiple simultaneous, time-sensitive projects -Ability to maintain confidentiality in all matters   (more...)

meone that can list data from google search criteria I will provide. You will need to simply find websites and contact email addresses from 5-6 pages of google. This will need to be done 5 times with different search criteria. The website address and contact email address will need copying onto a spreadsheet. You must have access to UK google search or be able to install software to search uk google from outside the UK.   (more...)

uilding floor plans that you will need to interpret you need to look at the plans and count how many times you see a specific door type on each floor. put the total of the several different types and total on excel sheet split by floor & type.   (more...)

meone data entry professional from Philippines. The work is begin tomorrow 8:00am New York time zone.   (more...)


ooking for web research find companies emails. Need to bid 2$/hours below.   (more...)

need of an individual to run one of our adult websites. The person\'s responsibilities would include managing website content (data entry + web research), SEO, and answering emails. We expect the person to have very good and reliable Internet access and to have decent knowledge when it comes to managing SEO campaigns.   (more...)

candidate for this position will be a Go getter. Have the ability to work on his/her own. Think ahead of him/herself in anticipation of what needs to be done to keep the broker on track. You will need to be a problem solver Have a no excuse attitude. Flexible Follow Instructions   (more...)

or an assistant to help me with daily tasks. Everything from keeping my calendar updated and helping me schedule appointments to ordering certain supplies. Tasks will be assigned as they arise.   (more...)

oking for a marketing assistant to help with 1.) changing content on websites 2.) uploading products to website 3.) posting blogs 4.) posting tweets 5.) posting facebook events 6.) creating lead lists please send us your previous experience and samples of work   (more...)

ly apply if this is you. Will work US work hours. Has done data entry before. Can use spreadsheets. Already have skype and teamviewer(both are free software) Wants to work 50 or more hrs a week. can speak and understand english very good. I will be paying no more that $1 per hr this work is simple and steady with room for moving up in my company if you prove to be worthy there are other positions that i need filled. If you apply for this job and I send you a message I expect to speak with you with in one day. If you don\'t respond to me than you will not get this job.   (more...)

based company currently searching for an Administrative Assistant to enter a long term 25-30 hour week professional partnership. Progressing towards 40 hours in the future. Primary responsibility will be Business Development. Renewable Energy/Import/Export. Requirements – Must have the ability to write and orally communicate the English language exceptionally -Detailed oriented multitasker - Manage and market website content, SEO, Blog Posts, - Email marketing, video email marketing. - Skilled in sales letters, marketing plans, business start -up plans. - Knowledge of import/export sales and marketing - Dependable and passionate about delivering quality work. SPECIFIC JOB DESCRIPTION: 1. Administrative support. 2. Handle written correspondence. 3. Business Development. 4. Research and cost analysis 5. Develop cost effective marketing strategy. 6. Startup business plan 7. Market and manage websites 8. Develop print Ad, flyers, brochures, and post cards. 9. Monitor sales database 10. Proposal preparation. 11. Budget planning. 12. Financial and grant research 13. Maintain things to do list 14. Turn in work accomplish list daily 15. Specific responsibilities are not all inclusive and may be revised at any time.   (more...)

asks. Almost all could be accomplished with Microsoft office and a web browser. Lists of suppliers, products etc. Compiling information.   (more...)

is for a legal assistant able to do the following: Preparing incorporations and where necessary communicating directly with my registry office by email. File annual returns for companies and report to clients with resolutions for both directors and shareholders sign and account. Prepare Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives and other trusts. Prepare applications for probate. With enough training take over real estate matters preparing sale, purchase and refinance.   (more...)

d receiving phones calls to banks as well as real estate companies getting information about (subject is real estate). Must speak the english language very well and have an understanding using the internet and computer skills such as excel. Organizational skills are a plus!   (more...)

nd market products and services online. We are looking for a personal assistant that can help us to manage our people and processes. - 1/3 of your time will be in documenting work processes, interacting with contractors and ensuring that their work meets time, quality and budget goals - 1/3 of your time will be web research, social networking and online marketing - 1/3 of your time will be special projects This is a ground floor opportunity for long term contract work. Must Haves: - Native English speaking and writing ability - Excellent interpersonal skills/team player - Hardworking, results oriented - Good communication and follow-up skills - Skype - Cell phone as a backup in case Skype goes does (we will reimburse cell phone airtime charges) - Willingness to document all processes and provide daily status report Nice to Haves: - Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Experience with Google Adwords Payment is $50 (USD) per week, full time efforts based on 8 hour work days and regular Philippines business hours. Training for the right candidate. Please reply with the phrase \"can do\" in your response so that we know that you read this job description.   (more...)


ing for a rare trading software \"safir xp 2\" looking for chinese speaking helper who will help me to post to forums and job sites that i am looking for this software   (more...)

oking for someone to help us on an as needed basis to edit and compose general business letter including sales , collections and general business correspondence.   (more...)

assistant who is available 40 hours per week. I would like this assistant to speak English very well. The duties will include customer service (emails), data mining, and the use of Google Docs. The pay will start at .75 for the first month (a learning period), and increase from there. I will also be paying bonuses as frequently as they are deserved (usually $10 bonuses). This will be on going work.   (more...)

ing for someone to help with administrative work in the areas of marketing and sales. The incumbent will write marketing and promo documentation. They will also help create prospect lists and keep day to day duties going.   (more...)

ed to work for UK web company. Must have excellent written and spoken English. Must be wiling to speak and keep in touch through skype. Client contact by skype phone will sometimes be required as will preparation of documents and excel spreadsheets. Also able to organise travel arrangements and hotel bookings. Part time until skills have been assessed then we would expect the candidate to work full time for a guaranteed monthly fee.   (more...)

must be able to read, write and speak English well. Knowledge of real estate is a plus; specific knowledge in understanding real estate investment terms and legal property descriptions is a real plus, but willing to train the right person; possible long term - ongoing work. Candidate must also be able to retrieve information from online databases and organize into newly formated raw data (database format that can feed to / from an excel spreadsheet). Most of the accounting experience will be used for P&L statements and in reviewing contracts for financial accuracy.   (more...)

We are looking for an experienced Web researcher who can find websites with country specific extension ( like .qa , .bh etc) and put them for us in an excel sheet. You cover Letter should contain Answer to all these questions. Also START your Cover letter with phrase \"oDesk\" So that we know that you\'ve read our job opening completely a/ please let me know your proposal for 1,000 records b/ what would be your strategy to find them c/ what you are very good in besides of finding emails d/ Turnaround time to find 1000 websites   (more...)

is a simple map of our service area. It only has a few suburbs listed on it for reference puposes. I am loooking for someone to work out a list of ALL suburbs in our service area and all postcodes to go with all suburbs. Let me know if any questions.   (more...)

a story of Francois Galton who, in the early 1900\'s realized that the average guess of a group of people was more accurate in guessing the weight of an ox at a county fair than any individual guess. The collective wisdom became immediately apparent and was remarkably accurate. One of the most significant environmental disasters in the Western Hemisphere is unfolding in the Gulf Of Mexico where one oil company has failed to solve a problem. Meanwhile, the Internet creates the opportunity to gather people to share information and create solutions. WHERE ARE THESE SITES? I\'d like to get a list of \"Crowd-sourced\" solutions, media and information on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There is great wisdom in \"the crowd\" and there are groups of people who have ideas about how to solve the problem. What websites currently exist to allow people to offer their solutions, record data, share media about the spill, its effiects and possible solutions? This may be public websites, it may also be academic, professional associations, media collections (including sites, Flickr tags, twitter hashtags and other social tags) Searching google, twitter, other social media sites, where are people posting information, data, solutions, media, and information about this disaster? Categorize sites by \"official/government\" (including BP sites and US government sites) \"non-profit\" - sites or pages hosted or maintained by non-profits or NGO\'s \"academic\" - sites or pages hosted or maintained by Universities \"private\" - sites hosted by individuals or companies NOT affiliated with BP, the US Gov\'t or NGO\'s Another column or classification of these sites is by type: \"media\" - a site or page that collects media of the disaster generated by the public (flickr, blogs, etc.) \"news/information\" a site or page that primarily collects or reports news stories (blogs, websites, etc) \"data site\" - a site that shares data (it doesn\'t seem that there\'s a lot of data out there, but if so...?) \"solutions\" - a site or page that invites people to share data Looking for a team of researchers to collaborate on a GoogleDoc spreadsheet. This information will be used in blog posts. Instructions to apply: Put the words \"solutions research\" in the subject line of your reply. In the body, please refer to recent work of a similar vein. In the body of the email, describe the columns of information you would be searching for and include in your initial report. (hint: MINIMAL requirement: URL, name of site, classification and column) I am looking for someone(s) with a creative researching skills and for who best understands the requirements of my job and who will also provide more detail, information and value than I\'ve been able to describe in writing up this job. Also, a brief description of your approach. Where would you look and for what? Applicants who fail to read this thoroughly and reply with appropriate responses in their pitch will be disregarded.   (more...)

ntact Infomation from website by searching for company website, looking up from dns lookup. Gather email and street address.   (more...)

meone to research the following; 1) what natural minerals are used to produce mobile phones, television and computer games. 2) Which companies manufacture mobile phones, televison and computer games. 3) Which countries are these companies based? Thanks   (more...)

or someone to search the web for deals on products and post them on our website. Training documents will be provided. Must know how to resize images. Experience with web research a must. Experience with affiliate marketing/programs highly preferred. Must be able to work scheduled hours per week. Please no bids over $2.00 Thank You.   (more...)

ist of about 1000 websites determine.... - if the page loads correctly - Language of the page - Title of the Page - Name of the website - email address of the person most responsible for online content (specifically career or employment related) - First name and last name of contact - Gender of Contact - city/Location - Online contact form (if an email address is not available) Must speak Dutch (and preferably French) fluently and be comfortable with excel. If competed satisfactorily, this may lead to more (better paying) jobs. View the attachment for the list of websites   (more...)

one to research and respond to specific websites relating to Auto Parts. A fair to good knowledge of Auto Car Parts (Japanese 4x4) would be advantageous. Must be well organized and have great English Skills.   (more...)

ter wanted to research and create mailing list of prospects for financial services firm. Must be diligent, creative and well organized. Your english skills must be perfect and you must have great knowledge of the workings of financial markets in the U.S.   (more...) is seeking an experienced web researcher/data entry specialist to join our rapidly growing company. If you are fast paced, organized and driven to succeed, we want to hear from you. As our business continues to grow, so can you. The best candidate will have experience in web research and basic data entry. Basic SEO knowledge is a plus, however training is available. Major Job Responsibilities Include: • Finding and researching websites related to specific keywords • Obtaining and recording SEO statistics for each potential partner website • Obtaining and recording contact information for each partner website using WHOIS Minimum Qualifications: • Basic knowledge of the Internet. • Knowledge of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) • Strong Internet browsing and searching skills • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team. • Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast, ever changing environment • Excellent oral and written communication skills.   (more...)

omeone with curiosity, enthusiasm, intelligence. ability to understand concepts and catch on quick. Basic web skills. Potential for part time or full time work.   (more...)

eking an individual who has experience working in the social media field and loves defining successful social media practices. The position will be in two phases. (NOTE: Sample project below) Phase One: Research Monitor social media channels on a daily basis for latest trends and case studies Provide daily report to core team about topics Maintain database of activity Phase Two: Implementing a social media strategy Once we have confidence in the research, we will want the following: Maintain a deep knowledge of social media channels and effective strategies to maximize engagement of online audiences Actual social media outreach on behalf of clients Develop and maintain marketing calendar for social media clients, writing content as needed Train team members and clients on how to use social media channels and best practices Become the in-house social media marketing expert for our clients Qualifications BA or BS in Marketing, Communications, or other relevant degree 2+ years experience in the social media / online marketing industry 1+ year working within the hospitality / travel industry Expert knowledge of the social media industry including channels such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Delicious, Digg, blogs, Wikis, etc. Passion for using social media channels as a means to communicate with online audiences and deep understanding of what motivates people to engage with brands through various social media platforms Intermediate knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media effects on search engine results Superb communication and grammatical skills Ability to scale in a rapidly evolving work environment Excellent logic, reasoning skills, and savvy marketing abilities Sample Project We would like to hire someone that is currently working on social media programs to date. Can you provide us with current samples of work and / or research for current or past clients. Example Our client targets small-to-medium sized e-tailers. The blogs we are interested in are SMB, e-commerce, shipping and niche blogs that an online retailer that is selling electronics, toys or apparel would care about. We want the research provide to us on a daily basis so the core team can do blogger relations. Our blogger relations experts are looking to broker relationships with bloggers on behalf of our client, place content, cross link and guest blog.   (more...)

list of blogs with certain keywords on them. We want blogs powered by a company called ActiveRain, but not on For example, a blog at is good, a blog at is bad. Required work includes researching new real estate and mortgage-related blogs, finding the blogger\'s contact information, and then updating a Google Docs Spreadsheet with the appropriate information. As part of the research, the candidate should be able to pull out a summary of one to two interesting recent posts. In addition to maintenance of the coupon section, the candidate should be able to customize emails with a pitch to link to recent blog posts on our blog. Excellent written english is a must. This can start as a part time-position but move into a full time position for other tasks and projects we have.   (more...)

arketing and Administration Assistant • Work from home as a part time contractor • Monday to Friday • Long term employment • Immediate start • Utilise your superior organisation and coordination skills • Stable and Secure Position with lots variety Green Frog Interactive is an innovative, growing web designer company in Melbourne, Australia. An exciting opportunity has become available for an experienced Marketing Assistant to join this friendly and supportive organisation. Reporting directly to the Director of the company, you will be taking responsibility for: Marketing Assist with Internet Marketing initiatives, such creation of Blogs and Forums Postings; Building of links; Submission of articles; Posting of Videos Update website content Develop and send monthly newsletters Administration Development of PowerPoint presentations Conduct Research on various topics Update Customer Relations Database Various other administration tasks as required In order to be considered for this position, you will need: Fluent in English ,both written and verbal Experience in Administration or Marketing Strong computer literacy skills (particularly with MS Word & MS Power Point); Excellent attention to detail A warm and positive work attitude Computer and Internet connection Typing Speed of at least 25 words per minute Must be able to work 8 hours per day (night or day is your choice) Must be logged into Skype when working We are an organisation that place enormous importance on accuracy, integrity and delivering upon the promises made to our clients. Only those people who take pride in their work, and who really want to work within an environment where quality is key should apply. The successful person will benefit from ongoing training and support, a competitive salary package and a structured / friendly work environment. Apply now – this role will not disappoint! How to apply E-mail us your Resume and a short paragraph explaining why you are the best person for the job and any Sample of any written work you have done.   (more...)

u to compile a list of websites that review iPhone apps. The list would include the following: - URL - Alexa Traffic Ranking - Email or URL to submit a request to review an iPhone App - Other mobile devices reviewed by this site such as Android, Blackberry, etc.   (more...)

or someone to search the web for deals on products and post them on our website. Training documents will be provided. Must know how to resize images. Experience with web research a must. Experience with affiliate marketing/programs highly preferred. Must be able to work scheduled hours per week. Please no bids over $2.00   (more...)

a small business consulting company and I am trying to find a provider that we can work with on continuous bases. As I had bad experience till now and didn\'t get good researches; I\'m posting an opened tryout (test). The meaning of the tryout is to know better the candidates\' search & presentation capabilities. At the tryout you will have to identifying possible distributors for our product (at least 3), and present some details about each distributor. The tryout should be presented in 24 hours. As this is a test, and I wish that several people will try and send it to me, I really can\'t pay much – 7$ is the maximum price. Moreover, I have limited budget for this, so I can pay even this small sum, only to few people (naturally the most experienced). If you think that you have the abilities but not the experience, you are more than welcome to try this out, and send it to me. If it will be good, I will pay you 10$ and make you a part of the team.   (more...)

me articles for submission to article directories. Usernames and passwords to the directories will be provided. Please provide your rate to submit 3 articles to 30 article directories each.   (more...)

oking for a person to call our caregiver staff at 8pm EST to confirm they know their schedule for the following day. Also we will be asking a VA to call the caregiver 2 hours prior to their shift to ensure they are still able to work their shift and are on-time to work. We require decent phone skills and will show you how to use our web based operations system.   (more...)

o performance tune Microsoft STream Server   (more...)

o performance tune Microsoft STream Server   (more...)

Responder set up for Constant Contact today! I need someone who has done this before so please ONLY apply if you have. Thank you!   (more...)

ADVERT, IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THE DETAILS REQUESTED IN YOUR COVERING LETTER THE APPLICATION WILL BE IGNORED We are a Forex investment group (Foreign Exchange trading) and are looking for someone with knowledge of FX. You do not need to be an experience trader but must have good knowledge and understanding of how platforms work and setting of stops/limits The job is very long hours and you must attend ALL but you can do other work during this time. Monday to Friday 5.00GMT to 21.00GMT (16hrs per day) We pay successful candidates to learn how the market works and teach the disciplines required to become a profitable trader. During training we only allow you to use demo accounts and therefore it is impossible for us to make profit, this period is our investment in you. However, obviously this time is a loss maker for us and the applicants which bid the least hourly rate for the training period will be chosen. After training and once you show consistent profits on a demo account, you upgrade to Junior Dealer and trade real money. At this stage we pay $6/hr and bonus on profit share. There are many more stages of the career ladder and the earning potential is huge. But training is hard work and although some can progress in weeks, others take months. Although the work is not demanding and you may do other work during the times stated, you MUST be available at the agreed times to input data on alert. A webpage is left open which is updated with trades regularly. A sound alert is checkable so you may actually be a short distance away from your PC but on alert you must start the data work immediately (as already stated, you can do other things but must turn your attention to the work in hand when the alert goes off). On averege this alert will happen every 15 minutes (on the hour, quarter past, half past, quarter to) but in busy times it may go off every few minutes. Once the alert is activated the data inputing required can be a short single sequence or several parts. The workload will vary during the day but on average you will do approx 5 min work every 15 min. This makes the ability to do other work that is more flexable. On alert the updated trades and stops/limits from the webpage are copied to a spreadsheet (it is simple 4/5 digit numbers put into the correct column, even someone who has never used excel could learn this in half an hour). The details are then checked against the trading platform and updated if required. We are not looking for specifc skills but these attributes are important; Honesty - For obvious reasons. Because the work requires you to carry out varied tasks at alerted chances, you will be responsible to declare how many hours this took. For instance, you may be on alert all the stated weekly hours but will declare the work as the actual hours you were logged in. I have done this job personally for long enough to know if I\'m being lied to and obviously the position will be terminated but I would rather find someone honest and have a long working relationship. Good English - We must be able to communicate well and easily with the worker. Attendance - Although the hours are long, they must be adhered to. We need to get you off demo accounts to trading real money asap (so we can make some money from your work). We can only do this if your attendance is perfect - if you miss an alert it can mess up the whole system. If you are confident to be able to perform the above consistently then please reply with the following; TO CHECK THIS JOB HAS NOT BEEN APPLIED FOR WITHOUT READING THOROUGHLY PLEASE START YOUR COVERING LETTER WITH THE FOLLOWING; NOT SPAM CODE 6621 RATE: (enter the rate you are prepared to train for. remember the forex business is in demand and we have to invest in your training for some time so don\'t be greedy WE HAVE PEOPLE BIDDING FOR THIS WORK AY $1/hr SO NO POINT BIDDING HIGHER) SKYPE/BROADBAND: (confirm here you have the tools to be able to speak with us for an interview and you have very good internet) AVAILABLE: (confirm you can start soon if successful) FOREX: (confirm you know how to use a demo platform and how to set stops and limits as well as good general knowledge)   (more...)

ssistant proficient in SEO to do the following: Keyword research to identify high paying, low competition keywords to rank in top 10 on Google. Competitor analysis Link building Article and directory submission Social bookmarking Please specify your techniques in your response so I can get an idea of your work style. Also looking for suggestions on additional SEO techniques to get sites ranking. White hat only!   (more...)

tion entails calling people on the phone who have a house that they want to sell and conducting a phone interview, and then attempting to set an appointment, if the seller qualifies (you\'ll be given guidelines). You will be provided with interview questions as well as scripts on what to say to the seller over the phone. Each conversation will last about 10 - 15 minutes at the most. There are only a few of these eaach week, but they are critical to my business. I need someone who will conduct the interview within 24 hours after I send you the information (7 days a week) and then submit that information using an online form that I will provide. A copy of the interview questions are attached, but not the actual script. I still need to write that.   (more...)

ny is looking for forum posters and blog commenters. We will pay 5$ for 50 forum posts and 50 blog comments - total of 100 comments. Please apply if you know how to insert anchor texts on comments or forum posts. Thanks   (more...)

PR firm looking for support help. You will support three folks and must be able to multitask, prioritize, and be organized. We\'d like someone who has previous knowledge of public relations terminology (i.e. editorial calendar). In addition, our perfect candidate must be available during our work times of 8-5 EST, live (reside) in the US (or has resided there), is a real go-getter, can think on their feet, and is already working from their home office during these hours. This is a supporting role which could lead to a great working relationship. We are in need of someone to start immediately. Research, formatting documents, quick response times, clip reports, clip research and time management skills are a must as well. This position could easily fall into the 25-30 hours a week range and as such, we need someone who has this kind of time available. It will definitely be more than 5 hours a week and we will start on a temporary basis of two - four weeks for chosen candidate. Again, if you do not reside in the US please do not respond.   (more...)

oking for someone who can view construction plans we will provide as well as search through an online database of constrcution plans in search of projects that contain the products that we install. Once these projects are found the contractor will measure the quantities of the products as well as outline details about the product intallation specifications. Our company will use this information to provide an estimate to install the product specified. Therefore it is, highly, important that the quantities and details be accurate. We will provide training and direction to help the contractor understand and find the information we are looking for. Long term employment is very likely if the productivity provided shows value to our company.   (more...)

organizing Windows Contacts and Importing (updating) my current list.   (more...)

eliable , hard working person to do link building 45 hour week PAYS $25 WEEK PLEASE DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE HAPPY TO DO 45 HOUR FOR $25 DOLLARS A WEEK needs to know how to do forum posting and link building, would be good if you have ideas were we can get one way links, needs to have a understanding about the process of link building   (more...)

ently, looking for a typist that can type up serveral documents including but not limited to: Legal Briefs, books, Articles, Business Plans, ETC..   (more...)

oking to hire a resource to assist my company with some auditing we need done from time to time. This will include many different adminstrative tasks. Great English is a MUST. You will be communicating with my staff and they will send you projects for you to work on, with detailed instructions. A background in accounting would be extremely helpful since many of our tasks will involve auditing of one type or another.   (more...)

day! I\'m in need of someone who is dedicated enough to search photos to be uploaded in Facebook. All you have to do is search appropriate images for specific foreign names. You do not need to do the uploading. Each foreign name must have a set of 6-10 photos. $1 for every 10 sets of photos. You must accomplish 10 sets weekly. Thanks!   (more...)

mplate that is created with some preformatted sections. Needs to be able to go back and forth from MS Office to Open Office and look the same.   (more...)

or a virtual assistant to help with data entry and web research - rate is 50 cents an hour, looking for 8 -10 hour days minimum, 6 days a week. this contract will run for 6 months - if you are a company do not apply - looking for individuals only   (more...)

My name is Alex Coulson, I\'m the founder of Succeed At Dating. A publisher of high quality information products and training courses, teaching single men how to be more successful with women and dating. We are based in Sydney, Australia. I\'m seeking a WORLD CLASS full time Virtual Assistant to work directly with me and my business partner, FULL TIME. Let\'s get into some details. As our Virtual Assistant, you\'ll be responsible for activities such as: - Receive, reply to, and screen incoming emails, voicemails, and support requests - Manage our calendar and set appointments - Make travel arrangements - Web Research - Screen and approve or delete blog comments - Communicate with key players - Contact experts and setup interviews - Edit and format written content for blogs, press releases, articles, emails, etc. - Personal tasks such as making reservations, sending gifts, online research, etc. You will NOT be responsible for: - Any technical programming - Design work - Accounting - Sales - Technical script installations - Video editing However, you DO need to be skilled at: - Microsoft Office (mainly word, excel, power point) - WordPress (Editing and publishing, not designing or coding) - Basic HTML (Being able to update or edit, not design from scratch) In addition, the following qualities are essential: - Fluent spoken and written English - Positive attitude - Strong writing ability - Customer service oriented - Outstanding organizational and communications skills - Must be responsive to emails and communications from us Work Flow We require our virtual assistant to work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. I estimate a total of 40 hours per week. I\'ll give you projects and tasks, you\'ll get them done, and we\'ll move forward from there. We\'ll communicate at least once per day; sometimes by SKYPE, most often by email. Application Process I\'d like to find someone I can work with for a long time to come. I\'ll go through each application I receive, and an interview for selected candidates will follow. We\'ll start with a (paid) trial period, and move to full time if it makes sense for each party. To get the process started, please send me: 1) A resume with your RELEVANT work experience and skills Please directly address the criteria outlined in this post. To help me weed through people who do not thoroughly read through this posting (or follow directions well), please include the phrase \"Chunky Monkey\" in your email subject line. ** If you would like further information about me, you can Google me, or visit my website succeedatdating [dot] com. I\'m looking to hire someone as soon as I find the right person. Submit your application soon to have the best chance at getting this position! Thank you for your consideration! Best regards, Alex Coulson   (more...)


company seekng an email specialist to send out small run email campigns to people on our email list. We run these lists as a way to clean it up from returned emails or people wanting to unsubscribe before sending it to our master email list. This process is how we \"scrub\" the email lists. Must work early morning pacific time and send out emails on Mondays and Wednesdays. Must be able to set up numerous free email accounts. Must be fast Must know tequniques on ways to avoid getting the emails sent to the spam folder or having the email accounts flagged. Must be able to speak and write english. If you fit these requirements, we want to hear from you. philip   (more...)

looking for 2 candidates to assist us with customer support. Training will be given on using the systems. Basic tasks are responding to customer queries and resetting voucher codes on our shopping cart. Required to work Monday to Friday. Budget is from 0.20 dollars per hour and upwards.   (more...)

that is an expert craigslist poster, looking for craigslist posters that have multiple accounts already setup and that can quickly post on craigslist.. Please give me scenario of a job you have performed in the past.   (more...)

all around assistant for daily duties. Posting on online classifieds (craigslist, gumtree) plus research places to post. Research for blog entries, Blog entries & email correspondence.   (more...)

one to respond to email messages on my gmail email account 1-2 hours a day. Most emails will need similar responses. I have all this documented, and we can go over this with the best english speaking person in your organization that fits well with this job. May also extend this into doing spreadsheets along with possible web research. However, for now, just need email checked and responded to.   (more...)

erienced personal assistant. Must have great English and with good customer relation skill.   (more...)

ing for someone who speaks and writes perfect English. You will be contacting bloggers in various industries via email. I can teach the right candidate and go over all the details upon hiring. ONLY RESPOND IF... You speak English You have excellent feedback You can commit to at least 15 hours each week You have familiarity with SEO   (more...)

: Managing the flow of email enquiries to branches and internal staff. The ability to follow rules and deal with exceptions using common is sense essential. The person must be very skilled with written english ie. good spelling, punctuation and grammar. Also requires skills in reporting on activity, hence some spreadsheet experience and skill required. Examples of written english and spreadseets will be required from candidates. Internet access from a secure location is required (ie. Home or office). Access through an internet cafe is not acceptable. Our company has offices in Australia and Singapore, so a person in the same time zone is desired. So, this may suit someone in the Phillipines or close by. We are seeking a lower cost solution (ie. probably not Australian based).   (more...)

iding an online matchmaking service to a 65 year old widow who is looking for a new life partner. This task is to go to her profile on sites such as and eharmony, and source new \"leads.\" The goal is to set her up with a good match; the interim goal is to get her on the phone for 15 minutes with the best matches (at least a few per week). You will help in creating new emails to potential matches, replying to them, and doing all the sourcing up until the point of their phone call with her. The time requirement is about 1 hour per day of emailing and replying to emails. You must be a native english speaker and be comfortable with this. This is , as stated, to help a 65 yr old widow find love through some administrative work. :). I will be managing the project, and my requirements are that we would need to do a call at the start of the project, as it\'s the fastest way for me to explain the requirements to you. I also require that you have AIM or skype so that you can IM me if you have any questions.   (more...)

send a list of email\'s probably using the Microsoft Mail Merge function. You must be fluent with Microsoft Outlook and Word and detail-oriented. To apply, please specify what experience you have had sending email quickly, and provide your typing speed. Bids also needs to be less than $1.00 / hour.   (more...)

ing support staff to handle customer email... must be very polite.. and understanding 60 hours a month, 2 hours a day... I will pay you 0.50$ an hour that\'s 30$ a month Please bid if you only if You can work in these terms I will only pay you for two hours a day... and that\'s all you need to work... If there are no support tickets all you need to do is.. close and see it tomorrow and please have some experience in this field training will be provided on video... You will be paid on per hour pay to start with!! which will be monitored with the odesk tools... I dont want people that say well.. I worked for 2 hours.. when there are no support tickets I will mention on video... that you will be paid on monthly basis I changed the terms now so dont worry serious bidders only, vignesh   (more...)

f mature nature of site , we recomand to apply only open minded female individuals. Experience in online or mobile chat would be an advantage.Flexible hours to suit. North American English speaking applicants only please   (more...)

meone who can: 1. reply to incoming emails for my business 2. send confirmation emails to clients 3. access at least 2 (preferably 3 or more) different U.S. land line phone numbers or U.S. cell phone numbers in order to authenticate Craigslist accounts 4. other tasks, including possibly updating my web site if you have HTML skills Please ONLY apply for this job if you truly have EXCELLENT English-language writing skills and EXCELLENT attention to detail. I will provide most of the copy for the emails, but you will need to do some editing and make sure every email that goes out is perfect.   (more...)

for applying for this job. Be sure to fully read this job description. In addition to being able to read, listen, write, and understand English and have full time access to the internet. In addition, you MUST do the following 5 things: First, you must put the words “Red Dragon” in your response to this job posting. If the words “Red Dragon” are not the first thing in your response I will not hire you. Second, you must have at least 5 jobs completed or 20 hours of experience here on with at least 2-3 feedbacks from different people. Third, I will need you to watch this video – and see what your job will be and how you can accomplish it. Fourth, this is a flat rate job. I will not be paying more than the price listed above but please feel free to bid cheaper than the price listed. I will pay you a bonus of $10 for every sale that I make from your list. Fifth, you will need to send me a daily email with the attached business spreadsheet filled out with all of the important information. At the end of your reply please put the word yellow jellybeans so I can ensure you have read this entire job description.   (more...)

iding an online matchmaking service to a 65 year old widow who is looking for a new life partner. This task is to go to her profile on sites such as and eharmony, and source new \"leads.\" The goal is to set her up with a good match; the interim goal is to get her on the phone for 15 minutes with the best matches (at least a few per week). You will help in creating new emails to potential matches, replying to them, and doing all the sourcing up until the point of their phone call with her. The time requirement is about 1 hour per day of emailing and replying to emails. You must be a native english speaker and be comfortable with this. This is , as stated, to help a 65 yr old widow find love through some administrative work. :). I will be managing the project, and my requirements are that we would need to do a call at the start of the project, as it\'s the fastest way for me to explain the requirements to you. I also require that you have AIM or skype so that you can IM me if you have any questions.   (more...)

one to manage my list and set up autoresponder for the next 6 months as well a s prepare a format for our nes letter.   (more...)

will assist the president of a rapidly growing company job responsibilities will include email response handling, generation of weekly reports and maintenance of internal message boards. Candidate must be able to self-manage and handle several projects at a time. Attention to detail is a must   (more...)

: Read the description and qualifications carefully. The most qualified candidate UNDER $2/hour will get this position. If you are qualified and can work for around $1 per hour, then bid that ... we want a competitive bid. DETAILS: We need someone to answer customer support emails, help customers locate links or download files, or other assistance with their order. You will also handle membership cancellations, which includes removing them from our monthly billing system (clicking a button), and moving them to a different email marketing list. You need to be able to write in proper English. You need to be reliable - you\'ll be checking in each day to see what needs to be done. You need to work fast and accurately. You\'ll keep a log of all customer inquires so we can put FIXES in place, and post FAQs to eliminate or reduce similar customer issues in the future. There will be other administrative tasks as we move forward. This will be a very part-time position initially, but may increase over time. For now, we need someone for less than 20 hours per week. (still hiring for this position)   (more...)

eed some help sending emails out for our new website iwantadesign. com. Thanks T   (more...)

looking for experts in all subjects in all countries in all spoken languages. work any time any where. I have a tutoring business. I will send you the questions to be asnwered, you send me the answer. I will share the price. you can choose the price for you answer. If my customer like you questions, you take 50% I take 50%   (more...)

or a Medical Doctor / Doctor of Medicine / MD to become a part of our team of women who have a heart for helping couples with infertility. We will offer paid training and then will pay per e-mail that you respond to. This assignment offers flexible hours and an opportunity to work from home. You must be able to focus, do research as needed, and respond to questions about fertility. You will be given a copy of each of the two courses that we sell, so you can familiarize yourself with natural ways to help couples get pregnant faster. Thank you, Kirstyn Sierra, Pregnancy Consultant   (more...)

ing for a FANTASTIC VA that is looking for a position that may be long term. Please know that you will be working for someone that will treat you with a lot of RESPECT and REWARD. You will be doing searches for me on Craigslist and other related sites to find homeowners who are looking to sell or rent their homes. I will need you to post on craigslist, respond to ads, take information from listings, place them in an excel file, and most of all have really good FOLLOW up skills with customers that respond. I want someone that I can trust. You will be a part of the team and while I will assign tasks to you, I welcome someone who can provide feedback and recommendations to streamline our business. Great attention to detail is very important. I am very detailed and organized than most people you may have worked for. My company thrives on people who go above and beyond what they are asked of. If you can deliver, are honest, and are a quality worker, you will be very happy to work for me. I know what outsourcers go through. ;) Only serious people apply. I can tell who reads these job descriptions. Looking for someone to work 5-15 hours per week. Our marketing budget allows for $1.50/hour plus a GREAT bonus plan. I would like to chat with you on Skype and even speak to you on skype if possible for effective communication.   (more...)

eed someone with good English skills to manage Email responses. Specific directions will be given to selected provider.   (more...)

ring Chat Support for our client in the US. Your role is to answer all questions in the clients website and will provide accurate answers which is already in the database. We are looking for applicants that possesses excellent communication skills and we are very particular with the spelling. We will consider applicants that would like to take this opportunity to be their bread and butter job. This will be full time of 12 hours and we do not consider applicants that will only apply as a part time job or applicants that would like to work on morning shift only. This position will be on a rotating shift. We will not entertain applicants that would like to have it as their daytime job.This is very urgent!!!   (more...)

omeone to: 1. Send existing email template to our customers. 2. Respond to customer replies. Requirements: - Good written English is necessary. - Must be able to follow instructions precisely. - Must have a telephone we can reach you on. Notes: If we interview you, we will ask you to write a short response to we can see how you write. If we hire you, we will try your service for 1 month and if it is good, we will continue with you as a long-term customer. Please provide your best quote and good luck!   (more...)

lude but are not limited to: Listing properties on tourism web marketing sites Updating Availability Calenders Creative Writing for holiday accomodation marketing 100% English Written Skills 100% English Verbal Skills Some Customer Phone Support Web Research Related to Travel Guest Data collection - Flight times, bedding configuration requirements etc. then compiling info into tables to send to cleaners and other personell for each property.   (more...)

emails and do marketing on fb, yahoo and article writing and submission, social bookmarking etc.   (more...)

looking for a personal assistant to work part-time 10-30 hours per week doing an assortment of tasks (email, and msg board postings, research, etc). I DO NOT respond to cover letters so don\'t send them. VOICE Communication must be established first.   (more...)

Here\'s what we\'re looking for. We do in depth research with the US Stock Market and we need someone to put together a Spreadsheet or Excel Macro that does specification calculations for us on each of the stocks that we request. So basically throughout the day the price of the stock fluctuates and it needs to do the following: 1. Needs to record the price 2. Record the Moving Average (we will explain this later) 3. Record the Normal Average trading volume of the stock 4. The ratio of current trading volume compared to the average 5. whether the stock is going up or down within a certain time interval 6. If the stock went up at the beginning of the time interval and if so by how much. 7. what it\'s finishing price is at All these calculations must be done for stocks with the following time intervals throughout the day (every 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours and 3 hours) It needs to be able to record this info on a spreadsheet or even notepad...but we just need a way of gathering this data and reading it so we can interpret it. If you\'d like an example of what the spreadsheet should like afterward I can give you an example. Also all the info that I listed can be attained just through yahoo\'s open API so it shouldn\'t be hard to write a program to fetch the data. I don\'t really care how you do it, whether it\'s excel macro or whatever program you decide to use I just need it to gather that info. Please PM me with the total number of hours and final price that it will take to complete this project so it\'s not more than I expect. If you leave off the total number of hours it will take you will not be considered for the job. Thank You   (more...)

ing for someone to take an existing Livecycle PDF form and enable functionality so that a button on the form saves the document locally to the users hard drive (using a relative folder location) and sets the filename based on specific fields in the form.   (more...)

an email configure wizard, that will automatically configure email accounts in outlook. Must be adaptable for different company logos onto it. As be used for several companies to use to set up there employees email accounts. I have a .exe file that is exactly what i want it to do. It should work for email exchanges aswell. I have attached the file. One is the original file designed by competitor company and the other file is the software by the competitor company that has been edited to work for hosting company. I have a client who would like this software to work for his email exchange have all his settings and screenshots of email settings. Need this done asap. Need set price for this and time take to coomplete. thanks   (more...)

sktop project based on VNC software capable of bypassing NAT/firewall. Client side of this project needs to be ported from FreeBSD console C++ code to GUI Win/Linux application (using Qt).   (more...)

xpert required to convert an .ost file from 2003 outlook exchange into a .pst file that can be run on Outlook 2007 File conversion needs to take place and then the file must be deployed on a machine using teamviewer   (more...)

n existing app that has extensive functionality and we we want to update it and take it forward with a new team of developers.   (more...)

+ programmer to make a few updates to an existing system tray application that monitors a web site. WIN & MAC updates: 1. Change company name throughout the program to be a variable loaded from an ini file param. 2. The ini file needs to have an additional parameter added. A. The code currently reads the ini file in hard coded order, so just add the parameter to the ini and the code to process the new parameter. B. Add the parameter to the ini file and change the code to use an ini processing library that reads the ini in any order and loads params based on ini params It needs to simply read the ini file and build the value array as the values come, rather than expecting the values to be in a specific order. 3. It appears he writes the ini file every time he checks status on the server. That\'s not necessary or good, it should only be updated if the server sends a control parameter followed by new ini params. 4. The icon disappears from the system tray, the app is still running and there is a \"blank\" icon in the tray. If you put your cursor over it the app is listed. Seems to be a known windows probably, but thought you might know how to fix. MAC only: 1. The ini file needs to be overwritten on re-install. 2. The install needs to start automatically. 3. The dock icon needs to bounce two times then stop. That is it bounces, stops, then a delay (default?) bounces again, then stops and doesn\'t continue to bounce. Not all of this has to be done immediately. Need estimates of hours to complete on WIN/MAC 1, 2A, 2B, & 3 and on MAC 1, 2, 3. Would like work done by this Friday. Will provide details to final few candidates. Thanks   (more...)

ing for someone to make a mac application that will work exactly like this or it can be a fully functional web app But I want to include an option to submit a payment via paypal. This will be very simple.   (more...)

opment of a Windows-based Network Monitor Application, built using WPF (or similar Microsoft Desktop technology).   (more...)

is a Multi-user opt-in mass email marketing program Must be a Server based application that will enable specific users to access on the internet and send mass email based on quota assigned to them. Ask for specific details if need be.   (more...)

ike a runtime and scantime undetected JAVA crypter. It should work on all windows(32 and 64 bit) Also nice implementations that would work, depending on price is adding a binder and an icon changer and maybe file pumping. It should be 100% fully undetected with no detection on ANY antivirus. also a hwid system will be implemented which checks that customers computer hwid verifies to the one on the server   (more...)

n Adobe Air app built in Flash Builder 3.5 sdk. We are running from an MVC design model and communicating with a Rails admin passing xml data. We are utilizing CSS for graphic skinning of the visual elements. You should be familiar with pulling down assets ( images, audio, video ) from xml paths and writing to the users local machine. This application is multilingual, has a flip book built to handle dynamic formatting for use with right-to-left and left-to-right languages. We will need a person who can pick up and join our team quickly. We will need you to work this weekend up through the 7th of next week guaranteed, so if you are not able to take on these hours and offer at least 6 hours per day ( preferably more ) then do not bother applying. If you work out we will have longer term work on this project.   (more...)

Visual Studio-created C++ file that able to read an Excel 2007 file by row and column.   (more...)

ion Attached is the SDK that was provided for a digital video recorder (DVR). The SDK was provided by the maker of the DVR. The SDK consists of a sample program that allows the user to control the DVR. The source code is written in the C++ language in visual studio. Statement of work The developer shall modify the provided source code to implement a backup and erase facility. Backup The backup facility shall have the following capacity: • Ability to select destination of backup • Ability to Backup information on one or more DVR’s NOTE: the last point above is indicative that there can be multiple DVR\'s as can be seen in the code. Erase The erasefacility shall have the following capacity: • Ability to erase the backed up information from one or more DVR’s Deliverables Software that has the additions: • Backup to a chosen location • Backup in a file format readable by the client said format being either Mpeg or AVI Project Acceptance Project shall be considered complete when the software is able to demonstrate the items outlined in the section “Statement of Work” Milestones There are three (3) milestones 1.Backup Location 2.Backup Functionality 3.Erase Functionality Milestone 1 is the milestone to be used to demonstrate the capability of the developer to complete the project. Payment disbursements are based on the meeting of milestones 2 & 3.   (more...)

loper and I would like someone to teach me what are the benefits of digitally signing my exe and kindly answer the following questions: 1) What are the benefits of digitally signing an exe with a paid certificate vs self-signed? 2) Is it a bad idea to self-sign an exe? If it is a good idea, how can I create a self-signed certificate? P.S: I have all the tools to digital sign an exe, what I am missing is how to create a self-signed .pfx file Thanks so much!!!!!! BUDGET: $3   (more...)

ill include reading data communicated over the USB, dispalying a couple parameters on the main GUI in graphical format in near real time. Application shall also program a peripheral connected to the USB. Projec will also include creating a report of the data and pushing the file over a LAN to a target computer. software shall be developed, debugged and tested.   (more...)

eking a highly professional individual that has experience in developing joomla extensions. We are seeking someone to help assist us on developing a CMS to offer to the Joomla! community, as well as perhaps other communities such as blackberry, iphone, etc.   (more...)

build an application that can take a text file and print it to an Epson U220B in a correct fashion. using microsoft text default driver I am already able to print text to the printer. Currently there are 2 problems: 1) printer automatically adds huge vertical margins (there might be an easy solution to this) 2) the size of the text is standard however I need to be able to print much bigger letters (there is a POS application that is able to print letters 3-4 times bigger than standard text)   (more...)

itten a HR database in SQL Server. I have now been asked to use this database to populate ILM 2007, I believe I need a management agent. Initially I need someone to document and outline the process, then If my customer OKs it, I need it to be built.   (more...)

one to develop an Ultra Hal Plugin (VB) that connects ultra hal to reason with the OPEN CYC knowledge base Ultra hal website - (free trail) Open cyc - lemme know your price   (more...)

AD THE ENTIRE JOB OPENING BEFORE APPLYING. MAKE SURE TO PROVIDE REQUESTED INFO. THANKS My client is looking for an application to be written that will \"connect\" their current time and attendance software to Sage Abra . The program to be written will do 2 functions. The 1st function is create a CSV type file with employee data. This CSV file will need to be created in a user-specified directory. The CSV file has 30+ columns. Examples of the columns are EMPLOYEE ID, EMPLOYEE LAST NAME, HIRE DATE, WAGE RATE, etc. By creating this file, the program is \"transferring\" employees from Sage Abra into their Time & Attendance software. The specifics will be discussed at the beginning of the program; however, this should be an automated process where this program will create this CSV file, once an hour, and have the flexibility to have which columns be populated. The user should be able to \"checkmark\" which fields they want imported; however, certain fields will be required such as the EMP ID and HIRE DATE. The 2nd function is to transfer employees\' time data into Sage Abra. At the end of the pay period, the client will have employee hours stored in their T&A system. Rather than data key in all these hours into Sage Abra\'s PAYROLL DATA ENTRY, this program should simply transfer the hours into Sage Abra with a \"click of a button.\" We can create a TXT file that has all the information required. The text file will have the EMPLOYEE ID, DEPT, HOURS, EARNING CODE, etc. These 2 functions are the main requirements of the program. TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB OPENING, PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: 1) Number of years experience with Sage Abra 2) Number of years programming experience and what languages 3) A \"tentative\" hours estimate on this project. I will compare these to the other applicants, so - please - provide an accurate hours estimate. 4) Number of hours per week available for this project Thanks! - Phillip w/ Kaizen Project Mgmt & Dev   (more...)

senior PHP free lancer required preferably in Delhi/NCR region with following skills for developing a sales and marketing portal. 1) PHP architect with more than 8-10 years of experience. 2) Able to estimate from high level specification. 3) Extensive experience in 3 tire architecture and design each layer with design tool. 4) Able to write detail specification from high level specification. 5) Good verbal and written communication skills.   (more...)

e services of a well experienced Landing Page building expert to build at least 5 landing pages. If you are well experienced in *building Landing pages to promote clickbank products *highlly optimised for given list of keywords *Following all the new Landing page guidelines by Google *Capable of converting very efficiently *making very attractive and original content rich landing pages I am ready to pay $100.00 for each Landing Page for idea l candidate. Please forward me previous samples   (more...)

or someone to: - install this template: -Install virtue mart -Set up products (copy/ paste pictures and descriptions from old site) There are a total of approximately 300-400 products to set up   (more...)

r needed for Volusion Product Data Entry and Upload. Qualified candidate should preform the following duties: *Proficient in American English writing skills. Near perfect. *Product preparation from vendor reference sites and pricing guides. *Prepare the product images for upload into database. *Creation of meta titles, meta keywords, meta descriptions for each product. *Product research from competitor sites to check prices and some details. *Create daily status reports to be submitted to client. *Able to have detailed phone conversations in English as needed.   (more...)

tutoring company in Atlanta, Georgia ( We would like to add a payment page to our website where clients can make payments for our tutoring services. We have an SSL and accounts with and cybersource. We would like to hire someone to: 1) Create a new payment page on our website. We currently use php. 2) Integrate this payment page with using their Advanced Integration Method (   (more...)

ryone, We have a computer store and we now want to upgrade our website to more dynamic. First of all we do have the website design completely ready in CSS 3.0 with Jquery and nicely sliced with HTML. In one word it is a 100% DIV based website. Now here goes all requirement. We have a distributor we will name it later. We want a shopping cart with the following facilities * 100% automated nothing should be manually done. * Our distributor doesn\'t have any API but they provide some FTP data from there you can have check stock counts only and sort discontinued products for inventory. And this is very important requirement and any good programmer can do this in couple of hours. * You need to fetch our distributor website for product data and automatically insert in to our database. Distributor has Unique UPC code, by that you know which products and data to fetch and stock to count. * Order has to be printed automatically from admin panel with shipping information and billing information. We will use, FEDEX, DHL, UPS, CANADA POST and Purolator API So if any customer ordered with FEDEX shipping that has to be automatically print with shipping information using our FEDEX account. And so other! This is a must requirement if you didn\'t do this before check them first if you can, then bid otherwise don\'t waste your time. * And finally we will require all regular shopping cart facilities as follows, SEO URL Different meta tag for different products Different meta tags for different category send to friend social bookmarking product comparison product review by customer ask question to webmaster from any product page save shopping cart and purchase later Multiple option for same product (Like if any one wants 4GB ram upgrade) Cross sell products And you guys knows the best!....we are open to all unique idea you have So now please.................. Estimate your hours for this project for kick off start! later we will do lot of modifications, no worries about that. Keep in mind if you are hired you have to be bonded for next 2 years. Because we will not stop updating our site until you make us unhappy! Please include your best 3 Ecommerce store portfolio only. More than that will consider fake coders and will be rejected! And we are open to Zencart oscommerce magento or anything best as you suggest but has to be run on CENTOS 5.0+ with PHP, MySQL Thank you in advance for reading this and happy bidding! And don\'t bid anything unexpected!   (more...)

s for creating a website from a to z. This include writting content, adding products and making the site seo friendly. The site needs a shopping cart as well.   (more...)

opening a skincare line and need a website. It is going to be a very small business, just selling a few facial products. I am not looking for a very fancy, expensive website. Just something appropriate for a small business that I am starting at home. I would like it to be no more than 3 pages. Thank you   (more...)

se Management System on Sales Force for a Computer Repair Service. I\'d like it to do the following: Create a customer account Create a trouble ticket for customer Create Technicians Work Orders are assigned to Technicians that\'s closest to the customer. Allow technicians to upload images of error messages and write-up their resolution. When technicians are done with the case, it sends the customer an invoice.   (more...)

Magento ecommerce website on version and require it upgrading to version (latest stable version). This needs upgrading in a test environment and thoroughly testing before being copied back to the live server. We will schedule a time window of 4 to 6 hours to upload and test the site on the live server. This time will be GMT 23:00 or later, i.e. not during the working day. The site must be working by the following morning and the developer MUST be available during the following working day for immediate support for any issues that may need fixing. (Copied from similar ad, but had same requirements)   (more...)

or Brazilian professionals--- We are looking for Brazilian Magento specialists for freelancer jobs. If you are Magento expert and Brazilian, please contact us. The professional must have experience in setting up Brazilian stores, with Brazilian payment gateways(pagseguro, cobredireto, etc) and shipping methods(correios)   (more...)

have several magento tasks to perform. I need one assistant with real experience with mangeto design implementation. Please apply only if you have good experience with implementing magento design implementation. I wont pay anything without results. In your cover letter, you must specify 1) minimum 2 magento design implementation done by you. 2) time (hours) you need to do design implementation if html and css is ready. Thanks   (more...)

ing for someone to integrate amember membership system with a shopping cart. Amember information is here You should send links of work you have done similar and I will check up on these. The amember install is not on the same domain as the main site (which runs wordpress) so I will leave it to you to work out the best solution. You should also be able to support this install for a period of 6 months on an hour rate basis.   (more...)

design need to be converted to an eCommerce shopping cart, maybe Magento, Zen or VirtueMar. Pleas only qualified people need to apply No Blood Suckers   (more...)

oking for: - Communication - Flexibility - Experience - Imagination There is a way we can structure an inventory system from an open source shopping cart software that would cater to every level of enterprise business, supply to consumer? Our goal is to base these systems online for the ability to work remotely anywhere. We will have: - Affiliate programs - Wholesale Price based Catalogs (For actual wholesaler to log on and complete an order. displaying MSRP and price per unit.) - Retail Catalogs (Relative products for the portal, but all available through search/wholesale catalogs) - iPhone/Android Market sales ability. - Vendor management (invoices, accounting, etc.) - Product management (Invoices: Drop shipping and Packing receipts, Shipping information, Automated notifications, shipment tracking form) - CIM across multiple portals (Track each sale, feature products relevant to past purchases on portal pages ..thinking cookies or etc.) - Customer account login (Consumer/Wholesaler, all account management features, wishlists, etc) - Display of data (tables, forms, trends, etc.) - Downloadable records. (excel, CSV, ect) - Any others possible service i am overlooking, with your experience in mind. This project would require intense communication pertaining to the direction of the project.   (more...)

meone who can be on call to help with occasional Infusionsoft responsibilities. Right now we have a fairly straight forward API job, a couple shopping carts, and with your guidance maybe a few things we didn\'t even realize infusionsoft could do. I\'ll probably need you less than 5 hours per month, but when I do need you, I\'d like a quick turnaround time. When you apply for the job, please be DETAILED regarding your infusionsoft experience and any infusion API work you have done previously   (more...)

or any expression of interest from an IT developer that has some high level of experience with Sugar CRM. Please see below and quote on your suggested solution. Server: Sugar CRM Professional 5.5.2 XAMPP 1.7.1 Windows 7 64 Bit Client Machines: Mostly Windows XP 32 BIT Internet: Explorer 8 or Fire Fox 3.6 Outlook: 2003/2007 CRM is accessed: Mostly by multiple locations via Hamachi VPN Number of Users: 20 Project required: Offer and provide a solution for all internal users using the above whereby they can see what module they are working in. Ie: Opportunities, leads, contacts, accounts plus any other module. Problem: Users don’t know what modules they are viewing or editing without scrolling up to the top. Suggestions: Colour code and or water mark the back ground of each module – or at least the most commonly used module. If you need any further details please don\'t hesitate to ask...   (more...)

oking for an Asterisk expert.   (more...)

ng for someone to write a custom integration for our Enterprise Edition account, to at the minimum: integrate tracking info of packages shipped through the US Postal Service (USPS). This would include using the APIs available through USPS WebTools ( Beyond the package tracking, eventually I\'d also like a custom application to do the actual shipping and labeling of the packages for International Shipments though USPS (specifically Express Mail International). which would also use the USPS WebTools. has such a Salesforce App for FedEX, but we need it for USPS. Please provide YOUR ESTIMATE of the number of hours needed to complete this project. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.   (more...)

ct consists of installing and configuring MS-Dynamics CRM 4 - Workgroup Edition on an a Windows 2008 Server with MS-SQL 2008 and Active Directory already installed. The candidate should have previous experience doing this. The candidate should also be available to do regular maintenance and configuration on this system.   (more...)

n existing custom object, and a Flash interface. We would like to use the same or a similar interface, and have it reference a different object. Please reference the attachment for more information   (more...)

m   (more...)

ently implementing and ERP system and would like to implement a itouch based interface to allow data entry, production staff time tracking, bar code scanning for internal use, file server access ability. employee tracking, etc.   (more...)

rm and administrator and configration   (more...)

ithday is up soon so i need an bithsday thing on company website frontpage - it would be cool if people could write a greeting that is saved so everyone also can see. im open for ideas, but it would be good if the birhday app have som elemtent of interaction? it could be something like this.   (more...)

oking for highly experienced Microsoft CRM Developers for implementation of CRM in our organization based in Dubai, UAE. We required complete setup, customization and implementation. The person should be an Expert on Building CRM Modules and Integration of Dynamics with Exchange, Active Directory and Share Point as well as integration with online CMS based on MySQL database. We required installation of complete package in our servers with remote access option. There are several modules need to develop as per our requirement. The detailed documentation will be provided to qualified developers. We need someone who is willing to work from our office in Dubai. We are ready to pay all the travel expenses for candidates who are willing to stay in Dubai during development and implementation. Experience with Microsoft CRM 4 Enterprise required. Please let me know if you will need any other information. Thank you!   (more...)

mentation   (more...)

eb enabled CRM system for real estate tax management. Data will be imported from public government datasource. User will record notes from prospect. Once the prospect becomes a client, the user will bundle several properties into one account and create a portfolio of properties and change status to active client. Once active, user will track and analyze property attributes such as price/SF, building type, rental income/expense, etc. User will request financial documentions into the system and clients will have their own login password to view requests and upload back into the system to satisfy requests. Functionality will include flexible query to the CRM database and automate email merge to clients requesting financial documention and send reminders. Functionality will also include a task manager/calender to schedule high/medium/low priority tasks. Work orders will be created in the system and when work orders are complete, billing invoice will be created. Ideal candidate will have experience with web enabled CRM systems for financial or real estate industry.   (more...)

like to implement ofbiz under Mysql and configure our business process We are looking for a professional programmer with whom we can build a long-term relationship.   (more...)

recruiter who has access to major job boards to find candidates for contracts.   (more...)

ing out of time on my projects and I need this done very quickly. Ideally you will at least be familiar with job descriptions and how they are written. HR Experience is essential My current job descriptions are not very clear, accurate or reader friendly for both prospective recruits and current staff. Ideally deliver all by Sunday 20 June 2010 4pm GMT I need Job Descriptions written for the following: Senior Office Administrator Website Coordinator - Part Time Club Development Manager PA to Director - Part Time IT Assistant - Part Time Facilities Assistant - Part Time Sport Development Coordinator - Part Time Marketing Database Administrator - Part Time Business Development Assistant - Part Time Recruitment Coordinator - Part Time Senior Office Administrator - Part Time PR and Media Relations - Part Time I already have the template for the job descriptions/ So a breakdown of what I need is: 1. Using the template create a word document (job description) for each position listed above 2. Research skills and qualifications required, duties, responsibilities Note: I do not need specific information about the organisation involved, just the general duties etc someone in that position would normally do that is written in a clear/user friendly way. 3. Fill out the following sections for each job description - Overview of position - Skills - Qualifications Required - Responsibilities - Duties - Key Performance Indicators I think the job should not cost more than $30 US in total to complete. We need to get started right away. Please send me your CV and your email address. You will be required to rewrite the attached sample in order for your response to be consider. EXCELLENT GRAMMER SKILLS ESSENTAL   (more...)

t in word and excell,intermiadiate in drafting,estimate in poultry business,and payroll maker   (more...)

le in day to day operations in farm management, sales, & distributions of fresh poultry products.   (more...)

bs listing sites with the criteria provided - Save Listings in word - Note Contact info and key requirements highlight current skills and experience in resume to match requirement. Update resume using 2008 version. Create covering letter for each posting and a general Thank you letter.   (more...)

or a permanent office staff. 1. Must have a headset 2. Must have master command of US English 3. Must be able to speak fluently without accent 4. Must be able to work UTC -08:00 time zone from 6am to 12pm. This job includes hiring and training as well as creating training materials. This person will train all my office staff in every aspects of a medical office from how to answer the phone to PR events.   (more...)

gnment will focus on contacting and communicating Australian Business offices. And your job will involve: 1. Writing sales and marketing materials 2. Sending and replying to emails. 3. Sending marketing materials. 4. Calling and responding to calls (through Skype) from Australian customers. 5. Entering data to excel. Basic Requirements: 1. Graduate in BS Psychology is preferred 2. Experience in Human Resources and Recruitment Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. - Preference with Australian accent is a plus 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer and internet. 5. Call Center Skills 6. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat. Please include recorded voice sample when you decide to apply. I attached sample readings and instruction on how you can send your recorded voice.   (more...)

gnment will focus in communicating and giving instructions to skilled workers that are based in the Philippines. And your job will involve: 1. Sending and replying to emails. 2. Writing and responding to snail mails. 3. Giving instructions on how to fill-up the application forms and how they submit their documents. 4. Writing exam materials and conducting tests 5. Giving interview while guided by computer generated checklists. - these checklists will determine if applicant will succeed. You will be given some guidelines on how to deal with the applicants. Basic Requirements: 1. Graduate of BS in Psychology is preferred 2. Experience in Human Resources and Recruitment Applicants should be proficient in and has: 1. Good command in English speaking, writing and listening. - Passed IELTS with an average of 8.0 and above 2. Have business and technical writing skills. 3. Knowledge in computer program like Microsoft word and excel. 4. Must have a computer, internet and video cam. 5. Call Center Skills 6. Fast in sending and responding to text/SMS messages. 7. Knows how to use internet communication and have Skype account. Knows Yahoo/MSN/Facebook/Twitter chat. 8. Availability any day of the week from Mon-Sat. - Payment will be based on work done. Please include recorded voice sample when you decide to apply. I attached sample readings and instruction on how you can send your recorded voice.   (more...)

or full time help with Broker price opinion web forms must have prior experience sorry I dont have time to train   (more...)

based company is currently searching for a Business Plan Writer to enter a long term professional partnership. Primary responsibility will be to raise Business Capital for Renewable Energy/Import/Export Projects. Requirements – Must have the ability to write and orally communicate the English language exceptionally . – Minimum Three years experience writing startup business plans - Financial background - Skilled in sales and marketing. -Aware of major environmental concerns - Knowledge of import/export sales and marketing - Dependable and passionate about delivering quality work. Business Plan – Business plan to include but not limited to; startup capitation, marketing plan, 3year projection, cash flow, financial plan, break-even analysis, and investor exit strategy.   (more...)

oking for experienced article writers to create valuable content for out websites. Candidates must be native English speakers and able to provide work that will be useful for our readers and subscribers. Subjects are venture capital and other types of investors, and writers will be payed around $3-$4 per article. Candidates will have to pass a Skype interview.   (more...)

l, Auto, home, life and health insurances. We are an independently owned and operating insurance agency. We would like a clean face allowing for the selection of our products (Commercial, Personal and Life&health insurance) we are trying to grab attention and need a clean website that is easy to manage and manipulate. Would like the site to be friendly with facebook, twitter, and linkdin. social media is a must.   (more...)

e a skilled accountant who can multi task in order to provide administrative duties also. ACCOUNTING - Book keeping, End of year company accounts, Financial ratio analysis ADMINISTRATION - Writing letters, Emails, Booking deliveries, sending and requesting invoices This is a long term position and the pay will increase with your increasing skill at doing the job   (more...)

nced Excel skills to create a form for start-up business plan. Convert existing monthly plan into quarterly plan. Provide input fields so plan will automatically change. For example, input how many sales people in q2 2011, and be able to change to another number without changing each cell. Input areas will be about a dozen variables -- job types, number of customers, number of renewals, etc. Rapid turnaround. Potential for further work in related areas. Must have good English skills.   (more...)

training, articles writing, etc   (more...)

ing and Sensible   (more...)

Financial analyst to prepare equity research reports from our Hedge Fund. We follow a value investment approach and it is essential that the analyst has experience in this area..   (more...)

financial planner to help setup a comprehensive financial plan for the short, medium and long terms.   (more...)

hat I do, and what I currently have in place: I am a consultant to business owners in the USA who are thinking of selling their companies and am seeking new business owner clients. I currently have web sites and info tools (i.e. 20 videos and a warehouse of original articles) to attract such clients. Need bloggers to sites where business owners visit to: 1. Build my email list. 2. Create backlinks to my current web sites to improve search engine rankings. What I\'m looking for: Someone with good English writing skills, knowledgeable about business... especially small and middle-market business... business brokerage and Mergers & Acquisitions, and advice on other SEO matters.   (more...)

LLC, Business and I need to set up Business credit Of 100,000 line of credit in 90day.unsecured Corporate Credit My personal score is not 720,The LLC is about 6mo old, No new credit for the LLC, no tax liens or slow pay tied to the LLC, Type of business is and were looking for a team Player so we can help others business with credit, I have 4 others LLC but this is the one I like to work with to build business and to see who can get the job done right,give me a weekly report of how and what your doing If your team can make this happen In the time frame and price range we can contrack for more business Thank You troy   (more...)

ge capital investment required » No inventory to maintain » Unlimited territory — we never restrict your market » Comprehensive training, marketing and operations support » Start your business part-time » No business experience or degree required » Earn income while you learn » You can OWN your business   (more...)

or investor[s] for a restaurant in Las Vegas. Want somebody to prepare, edit, etc...a basic business plan to give to investors/bank, etc. Looking for direction, expertise, etc in preparation process If, you have a working knowledge of social media...this could be ongoing work, etc. DON\'T make the decision that you might not qualify...let me do that...I might see skills that you didn\'t know you had. Thank you. Matt   (more...)

meone to show me how to use Hyperion and train me. Thanks.   (more...)

research, formulation of concept and writing business plan   (more...)

ven contact us unless you are an overachiever and can prove it! Come and build an empire within our fine, progressive company. We are in the high-tech industry and we are looking for an CFO who could be part of our company! Great growth opportunities and great potentials for huge success! We want the best only!! Must have experience Must attache resume for application   (more...)

someone with business plan expertise to write up my business plan for my website. Previous examples of work is a MUST.   (more...)

business plan for a new business venture.   (more...)

ing for a Finance person that has experience implementing ERP systems. I need someone that is technical and can understand company computer systems. Some SQL Experience a must. Experience with OFBiz or some other open source ERP software extremely helpful. Must have 5 plus years working experience focused on Finance and Financial Reporting. Information Systems background helpful. Project Management and Excellent Organizational skills required. Must have great attention to detail. Excellent English communication skills required. Must be able to write articles, blogs, and business requirements for the systems group. Looking for someone that wants to take a leadership role and is willing to invest some sweat equity into the company to grow this position to a full time role.   (more...)

e & Skill Requirements: --More than 2+ years experience with QuickBooks --Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word and computers in general --Be computer hardware/software savvy--be able to learn new software applications: Goldmine, QuoteWorks --Be detail-oriented, organized, quick learner--positive \"Can Do\" attitude--a must!! Jessica e Hargis: Just take any of those as the skills Jessica e Hargis: Experience & Skill Requirements: --More than 2+ years experience with QuickBooks --Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word and computers in general --Be computer hardware/software savvy--be able to learn new software applications: Goldmine, QuoteWorks --Be detail-oriented, organized, quick learner--positive \"Can Do\" attitude--a must!! Small Biz Accounts Business Plans organization is seeking a Payroll Asst. Must have Experienced In Versa Software and Must have the Installation on is Computer , More So Must have Good Experienced in Operating the Program. Apply for more details Most Importantly,must have the following supplies for the job 1) * A computer system at home with internet connection. 2) * A Versa check Gold 2010 software. It will come with 150 blank checks so you might not be buying blank check anymore 3) * Aversa ink Nano\' 4X Life MICR Ink - 94MX Black 4) * A Versajette M400 Print, Copy, Scan Ink jet Printer 5) * A Business-size checks 250 You can get start immediately if you already have the supplies. Many thanks Hiring Manager Jessica E Hargis   (more...)

ovider of data entry job regular. if any person are interesterd to work on ms word then can apply   (more...)

roject manager to run whole project from start to finish in the development and then putting live and ironing out any mistakes or errors, in the setting up of a brand new debit-credit card processing merchant account style website. We hopr to rival the might paypal within 24 months of going live, we have big plans for the service once it is up and running at optinal rate possible. Would prefer some body who has done similar type of work before, and have an idea as to how we start the process and where it will all end. Please forward any relevant information which makes you think i should hire you for this job.   (more...)

his job is for collections of \"accounts receivable\" for a private health therapist. It is essential that the provider knows the process of collections from the insurance firms and are able to get results with fast payments. Do not apply unless you have insight into this area of collections in health insurance for the USA. And are able to get results. Outstanding English both spoken and comprehension are essential. Please respond with some insight to your knowledge of the above. Applicants will be further interviewed or/and given tasks to gauge their skills. Thank You for Your time.   (more...)

agym a few month ago in Arlington VA and I also sign for 10 sestion with a privet leson. I only use it 1 time and ten I move to Miami FL. I did not get my money back. All you need to do is to call them maby to write a letter and to get the money. I did not talk to them at all so far.   (more...)

MEONE TO DO PAYPAL INTEGRATION for Please reply with price quote or rate per hour and estimated number of hours to finish the project.   (more...)

oking for 2 medical insurance claim professionals to handle first and second level support for an electronic health record software product (both phone and email support). The positions will build in volume to 40 hours per week and hours will be billed primarily from 8am to 8pm CDT (US Central Time Zone). In order to be successful, potential candidates must have completed relevant oDesk tests before being being considered. Excellent scores on all tests are not required, but we will make the hiring decisions based on test scores. The tests include: * oDesk test for written English * oDesk tests for accounting and customer service * oDesk tests for MS Office products * Skype video interview to assess spoken English * A 3rd party online cognitive tests for HIPAA, medical terminology, coding, and claims processing. * High School Diploma or equivalent is required; a BA/BS is highly preferred * 3+ years of full life cycle claims processing and auditing experience is preferred * DSM-IV, ICD-9, CPT coding and all other claims coding knowledge is required * 3+ years of Microsoft Office experience is required (Word, Excel, and Outlook) * 3+ years experience with Microsoft Project, Visio and PowerPoint are highly preferred * Healthcare insurance experience is preferred * Project management experience is helpful * Written and verbal communications skills are a must * Strong Team player is needed   (more...)

o add to a developer who knows Python and C# to our current team.   (more...)

a web based PowerPoint slide synchronization service and would like to automate the web advancing of the slides currently done via an HTML interface with javascript and PHP. We are in need of a developer who can program a Microsoft PowerPoint plugin that sends a POST command (which we will provide) when a slide is advanced or set back.   (more...)

ow how to write code for social networking websites than you are the exact person im looking for for this task im looking for quick efficient work to be handed in therfore i will be paying lovely please apply for more details   (more...)

project specification: (Please only consider the Chrome browser in the description on usr: odesk pwd: odesk We are on a tight schedule, so please only apply if you can deliver \"good quality in good time\". We have developed a demo for FF already, so we are aware of the time it takes to build what is requested. We are available 24/7 in case you have got any questions. Please quote your delivery time in the application.   (more...)

USB device that send via \"com port\" streaming of packaged (of 5 bytes each package) - 60 times per seconds. I need to do some simple array manipulation to this data. I have all the requirments, I have all the documentation. I need someone that use to write c++ \"fast code\" that communicate with simple com devices hardware.   (more...)

ding below a recent client needs. I have several bidders already, so please contact me as soon as possible. \"One of the requirements I listed was for documentation to be provided that would allow for development of other applications that reference the information stored in this project. What are you initial thoughts on this after reading the project? We are looking for a strong set of standards to define operation of future variables, how would you come up with these standards, and how would you document them for future reference? Can you give me a timeline for completion of the project? What is your timeframe for providing wireframes? After reading the project description, do you have any thoughts on how you would create the custom template positions in FlexiContent? Would you recommend FlexiContent for this project, or would you prefer ZOO? (we\'ve recently been looking into it) After reading the project guidelines, do you have any thoughts as to how you would approach the creation of an access database to create a CSV file that can be uploaded to the site? \" Upon reading please write me back a detailed proposal according to the PDF. The budget itself I may be able to go over, but first I need to speak to you.   (more...)

oking for an excellent C++ programmer who has more than 3 years of OO programming experience, is familier with installation, debugging and implementation of C++ code. Please provide us following details: (1) How long did you work in C++ environment? (2) Did you use Festival software before? (3) What is your availability/ week? (4) What is your timezone and work hours? Peter C   (more...)

WO patentS for stereo enhancement technology that exists on a chip.we want to develop software using the technology to be able to download on the internet to play music through your computer with the same amazing effect. PROGRAMMER MUST HAVE EXTENSIVE JAVA EXPERIENCE IN AUDIO AND MUSIC APPLICATIONS,THIS ALSO CAN BE PROGRAMMED AS AN I PHONE APPLICATION TO LISTEN TO MUSIC THOUGH YOUR PHONE. WE CALL IT HDA HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO.IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THIS APPLY ASAP THANK YOU   (more...)

ng for someone who has developed, or worked with a MLM software to integrate it on my website. Please respond with a link to an already existing MLM website, and a description of your role in the project.   (more...)

mplate & create 2-3 plugins Please demonstrate previous similar experience Will be expected to sign over all rights to code, documentation finished product, etc Some follow up / maintenance / upgrade work expected in the future so would need to be available longer term Clear written documentation will be required at all stages We are a growing business so more work may well be forthcoming on successful completion   (more...)

rdpress plugin that does the following following simple task completely inside the plugin files / directory. In the advance html editor (WYSIWYG) it adds 3 custom buttons: Hightlight, Align, Image Highlight inserts the following code: [highlight] SELECTED TEXT [/hightlight] Align inserts the following code: [align type=\"yellow\"] SELECTED TEXT [/align] Image inserts the following code: [image src=\"SELECTED TEXT\" /] In the HTML tab (html view) it adds 3 buttons. The first 2 should execute exactly like the existing buttons - meaning when you click them they change to the close tag version until clicked again. Highlight and Align from above should be used. This plugin should be self contained and add custom buttons not builtin highlight, align and image functions of TinyMCE. I need the ASAP - if you have the skills and can deliver in a few hours please apply. To be considered for this job, please put the word \"APPLE\" as the first line of your response and \"PIE\" as the last line of your response. Also include estimated time of delivery, this is a rush job   (more...)

he most simple of facebook apps. New to oDesk is fine. What matters is your understanding of building a simple facebook application. Good english is NOT necessary. This is an opportunity to get great oDesk feedback from your intelligence and skill in this opportunity to lead the future.   (more...)

project specification: (Please only consider the Safari browser in the description on usr: odesk pwd: odesk We are on a tight schedule, so please only apply if you can deliver \"good quality in good time\". We have developed a demo for this application already, so we are aware of the time it takes to build what is requested. We are available 24/7 in case you have got any questions. Please quote your delivery time in the application.   (more...)

project specification: (Please only consider the Chrome browser in the description on usr: odesk pwd: odesk We are on a tight schedule, so please only apply if you can deliver \"good quality in good time\". We have developed a demo for FF already, so we are aware of the time it takes to build what is requested. We are available 24/7 in case you have got any questions. Please quote your delivery time in the application.   (more...)

project specification: (Please only consider the Firefox browser in the description on usr: odesk pwd: odesk We are on a tight schedule, so please only apply if you can deliver \"good quality in good time\". We have developed a demo for this application already, so we are aware of the time it takes to build what is requested. We are available 24/7 in case you have got any questions. Please quote your delivery time in the application.   (more...)

e a live chatting system(real-time operation) as like as yahoo or msn messenger and which will be easily connected to a web site just puttting some HTML code on the source of the web page.   (more...)

or someone with the skills to write a small application as an add-in to the Livesribe Pulse Smartpen desktop software.   (more...)

dll library for image processing to do licence plate recognition (with source). It can be done in the preferred language (C, C++, ...) and we are going to use it in .NET applications. We would like to find someone who has worked in image processing. The use of neural networks and parallel processing will be interesting to get a good accuracy (more than 90%) and fast readings (at least 30 per second)   (more...)

create a plugin for wordpress that can do this: 1) create a landing page with a description of topic and guidelines for the contribution subject (I should be able to designate the custom url) 2) each contributor that comes to the page finds the description above and form: name, email, website address, company name, title (with character limit), subject body (with character limit), upload headshot image (with file limit), and captcha to filter robots. 3) Then I want to be able to review each on a single page where I can approve or reject each submission (or edit) 4) the approved contributions would be assembled into an actual blog post where I can add the post title, subject pre-pending intro, photos/media as usual in a regular blog post before and after the list of aggregated contributions. 5) Preview function so the contributor can go back and edit if necessary again 6) Thank you email gets auto-generated for submission 7) I want to be able to email everyone that was included in the blog post when it is live - so I need an easy way to compose an email message (subject, body) and the system will send to those contributors I included (or does it have to be all?) 8) I also need a way to email all contributors (regardless of inclusion) to invite them to sign-up for a specific email list. Either contact info should be readily available, or another email functionality should be built in.   (more...)

on of Plugin XO-FPO to Elexis to choose it like a printer   (more...)

like to build an app using the PayPal Adaptive Payments and Accounts API. They can be found here, The app will need to be able to perform the following functions using the PayPal APIs: - create account - fund account - preapproved payments More details will follow. Only contact us if you have used and understand the PayPal X APIs.   (more...)

emos for a button attached to the IE built in command bar with the following functionality: 1.) change the icon of the button dynamically without restarting the browser, e.g. on click: there should be two icons attached to the button and when the user clicks it (see attachment command_bar.jpg) 2.) we would like to intercept a hover event on the button. can be demonstrated via a simple msgbox popping up on hover 3.) on installation the button should be placed on the first position of the command bar (i.e. should be visible immediately after installation/restart of IE) Please include the demos you feel able to achieve in your application. It\'s no problem if you only feel able to achieve, e.g. Nr 1, but not the other two.   (more...)

ne, I need a script that is capable of interfacing with cloudfront to deliver content in a private and secure way. project two, convert the script after is working as expected into a wordpress plugin.   (more...)

ncryption add-on to work like existing Enigmail add-on but much simplified and using AES or DES encryption.   (more...) I want users to be able to update tweeter and fbook by sms. I want a similar website as above.   (more...)

oking for someone familiar with the OpenBravo POS - - project to code a module for OpenBravo as a proof of concept. Basically, the module needs to be able to take each scanned barcode, connect over the Internet to a server which will return a 1 or a 0. If the server returns a 0, the processing takes place as usual, but if the server returns a 1 the product is discounted by 50%, with the total being updated in OpenBravo as if a 50% off coupon had been entered. Additionally, we would require that there be a \"test\" or \"pattern match\" on each barcode that is scanned. For example, if the barcode starts out with \"12345\" a different branch of code would be entered (that would reverse the logic on the server\'s return value in this proof of concept - 0 = 50% discount, 1 = usual processing). Also, it should keep track of the barcode values that have been scanned from the beginning of the transaction until the end of the transaction and if a \"12345\" barcode is scanned, it resubmits all barcodes to the server for processing. We would prefer candidates who have experience with OpenBravo POS.   (more...)

o export the motion of a robot in 3D (Blender) on a real robot. All the active rotation axis of the armature have a 1 to 1 mapping with a motor of the robot. We should export the angles of rotation of such \"motors\". We have to agree the format of the data in the exported file. Candidate should have both experience Blender and demonstrate that he/she knows how to do a script for Blender.   (more...)

art is software for charting the financial markets. I use a specific point and figure study for charting. The software codes for point and figure to \"extend a current column\" if not possible then it will \"reverse to a new column\". I want this programming reversed; to look for a reversal first then extend if reversal not possible. Specifics will be given later. Access to original code is given with download of sierra charts.   (more...)

ny is in need of Sugar CRM developer/expert who can customize it according to the processes of our sales development team. We need someone who can customize the interface in terms of sorting, customizing the report template and add some functionality which I will discuss once a candidate had been selected. A candidate should be able to to work during US time and have experience developing/customizing Sugar CRM. If you have no experience, please do not apply. Please state Sugar CRM Expert on the first line of your cover letter. We prefer Filipino candidates however everyone\'s welcome to apply.   (more...)

e experienced LISP programmer. Please contact with me if you know LISP and proof your past work in LISP Programming language.   (more...)

oders to develope modules, blocks, plugins and integrations for MDPro/MAXdev, similar structure like Postnuke CMS. Basilary is PHP, MySql, Smarty and Ajax developement We\'re unable to give full time job, but we always need jobs maybe between 10 and 30 hrs/week, depend from our demand too.   (more...)

an outlook plugin that fits the following criteria 1) When I send an email, a menu appears in the \"send email\" form, that allows me to choose a folder (a pre set list of three or four supplied by myself) to save a copy of this email to, in addition to it being saved to the \"sent items\" folder. 2) When the email has been sent, a copy is stored in the folder I chose in 1), or if no folder has been selected, it is simply saved in sent items as normal. 3) The plugin must be compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007 and the Xobni plugin for Microsoft Outlook. 4) This is to run on the PC version of the software.   (more...)

latively simple project. You are required to read in an XPS file and convert all the vector objects like Curves, Arcs, Splines, etc into a List of Polylines. Ignore all the fills. Add a parameter for the \"closeness\" defined as the deviation from the actual path. For example, an arc can be converted to a series of line segments but obviously there will be some deviation with a maximum. Parameterize this max deviation as a single number. In addition, you are asked to render all the raster (non vector) portions of the image into a single bitmap file, RasterBitmap. This program must be written in C# 3.5 or 4.0 WPF because the Polyline class is part of System.Windows.Shapes. C# provides all the file reading/parsing of XPS documents in class XPSDocuments so you only need to iterate over all objects and convert them into polyline segments. Each connected set of objects must be converted to 1 polyline. This project is only the beginning and we can offer substantial more work for a job well done. This is the expected pseudo-code: List PolylineList=new List(); Convert(XPSfile,PolylineList); //this draws the vector result on the screen foreach (Polyline myPolyLine in PolylineList) canvas1.Children.Add(myPolyLine); //this draws the bitmap result on the screen canvas1.Children.Add(RasterBitmap)   (more...)

software project running, coding an interface in VB .NET. accessing a MySQL database. I want a flexable report component written (custom, or purchase external software component) to meet our requirements. More detail to be provided. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US WITH GENERAL / RE CYCLED COVER LETTERS   (more...)

is a dynamic and growing Microsoft Gold Partner who is looking to expand it\'s Technology Development team. We offer competitive compensation and great benefits to our employees and contractors. We are s looking for an experienced .Net Developer who has developed complex applicaitons in the Microsoft Dynamcis CRM and SharePoint applications. The candidate must have at least 3 years of expeirence and posses a Bachlor\'s degree. An MBA is a plus. Experience in the Silverlight and SQL transactions are also prefered. The perfect candidate will also have great communications skills and will be required to work with our team here in the United States on new applicaiton and module developement.   (more...)

a deep integration completed for word press   (more...)

king for a Mac software developer to create a plugin / an extension for the Safari browser in Mac. The objective of this plugin is to modify the DOM of any displayed websites in order to add custom HTML and Javascript code embedded with the plugin. The plugin should be of reasonable size, be native without user-installable dependencies (frameworks etc.) and come with an installation (and deinstallation) mechanism that can be started from the browser and executed by any end user without further technical knowledge. The plugin does not require any complex UI elements or dialogs to be added to the browser. Candidates should provide proof of expertise in modifying Safari before they can be accepted for this opening. The recruited provider will receive a detailed specification which has to be implemented as soon as possible and should be tested in multiple versions of the browser. After that, the provider should remain ready to accept further small changes and enhancements works based on our integration testing. Applicants should give a rough estimation of the time required for a first implementation. We\'re looking for long-term partnerships with our contractors. Providers with excellent performance in our smaller jobs will be considered on first priority for upcoming larger/full-time jobs. Fast completion will be rewarded with a bonus on top of the hourly rate!   (more...)

re looking for a someone to help us develop a Firefox plug-in similar to the one Xmarks has on Firefox that appears when users are are returned search results in Firefox. Basically, we would want our insignia to appear next to website that we have rated when a user has ran a search for something on The purpose of downloading the plug-in would be for a consumer to know when they are visiting a website and it has been rated positively by our company. We are constantly rating and reviewing e-commerce websites customer service ratings. We do this based on over 300 different metrics. Because of this, we\'ll consistently be sending you data on which websites have earned our seal, probably once every couple of weeks. Therefore, this would be an ongoing project. Thank you, Jared   (more...)

is a stock market data feed company. E Signal has (ESF) E Signal File Scripts that can be used with their software. I need someone who can write these scripts to do what I want the software to do.   (more...)

g for a senior Rails developer/architect to build a theming engine for our e-commerce platform. The theming engine will have stateless dynamic tags which will not be tightly bound with Rails views and controllers. These tags will work on the top of our application to render the functionalities that the underlying application wants to serve. Meaning, creating an abstraction layer in the rails application such that each store has a unique look and feel. More details will be provided to the right candidate. This will be one of the first assignments in the long term relationship we would like to create.   (more...)

very simple Adobe Acrobat plug-in that tracks 4 things... 1) The active document title 2) The active document file location 3) The HWND of the top level Acrobat window for the document 4) A flag to say what version of Acrobat was required to carry out what ever was done to the document. i.e. \"Reader\", \"Acrobat Standard\", \"Acrobat Pro\", \"Acrobat Pro Extended\" e.g. THe file may have been opened with Acrobat Pro, but was not edited, so \"Reader\" would have been sufficient. Ideally, the plug-in would work in reader - but this is not a requirement. The pulg-in should work with Acrobat 9 and as many previous versions as possible. The plug-in should work on Windows 2000 onwards. The code should kept to a bare minimum, fail safe, simple, legible and commented. Dependancies on external libraries except for Adobe libraries should be avoided if possible.   (more...)

n: I very recently had a Firefox developer/programmer developer a FF add-on which does price checks. I\'m looking to create a similar product for IE--as an extension. If you can do that work and are available now or shortly to work on this please contact me. -Marshall   (more...)

Health Care company providing caregivers to post-surgical and senile patients. We want to automate all our office procedures (timekeeping, invoicing, payroll and accounting) using providers in the cloud. I am able to do most of this myself (I worked as a software engineer in the aerospace industry), but need help in certain areas. We have selected Freshbooks ( as our invoicing provider and require someone to develop an add-on that will allow standard CSV files containing expense and billing data to be imported into their on-line software. They provide an API for this purpose. Refer to their website for details on the API.   (more...)

o develop a software that can convert CATIA files to PDFs. We have about 180,000 CATIA files that we need to convert into PDF. The program should convert CATIA to PDF and save the converted PDFs into a particular location on the local machine. I have seen some VB scripts that are available on the internet and something similar would be ok.   (more...)

do NOT want any agents or middle men applying for this job. If you apply here, then YOU should be the person doing the job TeamSpeak is a popular VoIP solution. The TeamSpeak 3 client can be expanded by plugins written in C/C++. An existing plugin provides support for the Logitech G15 keyboard to display the TeamSpeak 3 client state in the G15 keyboard display, a popular feature for users playing fullscreen games with the TeamSpeak 3 client running in the background. The plugin is implemented in C using the Logitech applet SDK, TeamSpeak 3 plugin SDK and Win32 API. While TeamSpeak 3 is a cross-platform solution, the G15 plugin is Windows specific. In addition to the G15 plugin, unreleased code supporting the Logitech G19 keyboard exists. We require a developer with profound C knowledge to merge the G15 and G19 plugin codebase into a single plugin supporting both hardware, make use of the improved G19 display by adding graphics support and extend the G15/19 TeamSpeak 3 integration in cooperation with the TeamSpeak 3 developer team.   (more...)

number of modifications that I need made to Moodle including: 1. integrating / developing a sales coupon system into a custom payment gateway 2. capturing additional data during enrolment and associated reporting functions. Only candidates with extensive Moodle experience should apply. Ongoing work available. Please provide examples of moodle sites which you have worked on   (more...)

rrently in need of getting some modifications to the Sharepoint Purchase Order template carried out. We are looking for the following basic changes to be made. Instead of only being able to add one item to a purchase order we would like to add multiple line items. As the last line item is used ideally another blank space would appear underneath. Once a Purchase order is completed and the purchase order is approved we woule like to be able to have an option to print the purchase order/view purchase order online in a format similar to the one attached.   (more...)

software application coded in VB 6.0 which runs only on Windows XP. I have coded the entire application in VB, but do have any time further. I want to extend it & make it run across VISTA, WINDOWS 7 & WIN XP as well. I am looking for someone who can do make this software written in VB 6.0 run on VISTA as well as Windows 7.   (more...)

an excel specialist to merge data (will be provided) from 52 sheets into a final sheet where it will display the data in the form of a bar graph in % according to its categories. Initiative on final output and layout is critical.   (more...)

ON OF THE PROGRAM: A script written in Perl performs regression on input files. The input files are comma-delimited text files in which several columns are independant variables, and the last column (on the far right) contains the dependant variable. The Perl script performs regression analysis on the input file, to attempt to create an equation that approximates the functional rela