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all around accountant. I hired lots of contractor in my team and I need to control my payout every week. And you need also to negotiate Bank of America regarding my overcharge fees, I need you to fight Bank of America. This accountant must have a financial and accounting experienced.Have good communication skills on the phone. Must be able to work at EST time zone. Self oriented and can work with less supervision. Please bid not more than $1. New in odesk are welcome.   (more...)

Find, evaluate and purchase commercial properties, focusing on multi-unit apartments in emerging markets throughout the US. Contractor’s job will be to evaluate property’s cash flow potential using my rule of thumb for expenses and comparing them to the owner’s numbers to determine if apartment complex is worth purchasing. Process is: Real Estate Investor (REI) finds a potential apartment complex (lead) from Real Estate Agent (REA) or Broker or seller/owner. Investor then sends package/lead to contractor to evaluate as to potential for purchasing property. Evaluation process will include contractor taking information provided and imputing data into underwriter template (programmed excel spreadsheet) to determine: Cash on Cash, CAP rate, and Debt Coverage Ratio. Information needed to complete underwriter template will include most recent income and expense financial information to determine Net Operating Income (NOI) plus current rent rolls (occupancy rate). Initial information will be provided by REI but additional information may be needed and if so, contractor may need to contact REA or owner/seller to obtain additional data/information. Contractor Specifications: Must have a financial and accounting background. Skills needed include being organized, systematic and have good communication skills on the phone. Must be able to work with local, county, state and federal government staff, along with the public, to obtain needed information to complete underwriter template (excel spreadsheet).   (more...)

ion is for a registered accountant in Australia to lodge 8 company returns. All the figures have been completed and also 2 personal returns.   (more...)

tax form 1042-S and apply for tax refund for a non-US citizen regarding earnings from equities. Should be an easy job for someone who knows this form.   (more...)

n accountant to work with a US law firm analyzing business records and financial statements to document fraud and misappropriation of funds. You will work with US attorneys and expert witnesses on investigating and documenting financial improprieties and creating financial reports and schedules, also calculating values for businesses and economic damages. You will be required to process Quickbooks data and to analyze bank statements and other financial records in pdf form and to create reports and schedules in Excel. Qualifications necessary: College degree in accounting and CPA or equivalent. Familiarity with GAAP accounting and small business book keeping a must. You must have the latest versions of Excel (.xlsx file format) and the latest version of quickbooks. You must be on skype and be able to conduct a video conference. You must be able to use and manipulate .pdf files. We have one large project that needs immediate attention. If the work is good, we will have a large number of projects in the future--so this could become regular and substantial work. However, we will need a near full-time commitment for the next few weeks. High verbal and written competency in English is necessary.   (more...)

US LLC and looking for a local accountant who has some experience in filing 1065 and any other statutory forms. We have a bookkeeper who will update the books on QB and we need you to file our returns accordingly and we will be happy to pay you some bonus if you are able to prove yourself for saving some taxes. We need a local provider who must have experience with filing such returns.Persons with positive ODesk feedback and references would be highly appreciated.Thanks for reading   (more...)

new full time position and require a person with relevant experience. Please find the requirements below: 1. Knowledge of Quick Books2. Ability to match invoices to purchase orders 3. Ability to pay vendors via checks/credit card accounts 4. Ability to match credit transactions to invoices and paid them on credit card account   (more...)

g related to accounting and finance, I need virtual assistants. I would like to find someone who will give me the best rates for any of their services. I\'m looking for people who will do work for $5/hour or less. Also, Tell me how you charge and what services you offer. I\'m just looking for a big group of assistants with good experience and low rates. You can live anywhere. And trust me, I will give you work everyday once I have my clients!!!   (more...)

experience in completing 1040 & business addendum. clean up qb to complete return   (more...)

set up a team of 5 in India and needs expertise for effective set up of the company > I dont expect any income from Indian operation > I need to do the salaries every month for a team of 5 developers. > Need advice on set up bank account and legal obligations   (more...)

countant needed to assist small Real Estate firm with occaisional tax planning and preperation. Review and recommend tax write-off\'s.   (more...)

ccounts to see where unauthorized charges have occurred, then provide documentation for unauthorized charges. Provide templates for the data entry team to use to enter data from past transactions. Could be ONGOING work if you are the right provider. Bookkeeping, Bookkeeper work is also involved in the work. We prefer $.50 US (.50 cents per hour) and if you are great at this and fast, we raise the pay. Further, it\'s a great opportunity to get excellent oDesk feedback.   (more...)

ess in need of advice on how to structure everything. I am a corp working under a DBA, need to know how to pay myself, what to write off, when I can start writing things off, etc. Hoping a couple e-mails or a phone consult will suffice, so it wont take up much of your time.   (more...)

iption a small real estate investments in the US, seeks a cpa or accountant for a financial statement and a separate tax filing. A CPA or expert must be able to do the following: a. Be able to open US tax files/accounts and handle tax returns for a member of a certain projects b. complete last two year tax returns for small dissolved llc c. must be able to start from ground zero, will not be able to use old tax returns a base. this may take some semi forensic-research- d. Provide a start up financial statement for another new business (must sync with existing business plans).   (more...)


format designed in Excel that will record all pieces used in making jewelry, also show cost of each item, and then the cost of the finished piece and inventory amounts and sales of finished pieces   (more...)

expert user/trainer of quickbook to give 10 hours of online training in using quick books pro 2010.   (more...)

n the process of applying for federal tax exemption recognition status IRS FORM 1023 for my new charity. I would like to hire an accountant that can complete the financial data portion of the application since it is asking for past, present and future projections that must be estimated since I am new charity organization. Thank you.   (more...)

must have quickbooks and have strong skills with using quickbooks. Must understand tax laws and preparing financial statements in accordance with GAAP. Must understand how to prepare taxes.   (more...)

or a CPA or Enrolled Agent who\'s expert on CA - USA tax laws for individual and business. And must has formal license or education in accounting. With good references.   (more...)

com) is a young but fast growing company. Looking for a Chartered Accountant and Bookkeeper to help get us organized and file a Corporate Tax return. (Kitchener / Waterloo area would be ideal)   (more...)

ike to find someone to QuickBooks data entry and finish bank reconciliations. I will send you all source docs in PDF and a backup copy of the Quick Books File. if you have a good computer and high speed internet, then send your rates and some bio info.   (more...)

on of annual accounts for ltd companies and unincorporated businesses   (more...)

need for a team of part time accountants and bookeepers to help organize our accounts. Please apply if you are a highly organized, part time CPA, with experience paying bills, making cash reports, analyzing accounts payable and receivable, cash flow, and/or making budgets. Experience with Peachtree is a plus.   (more...)

CPA to provide accounting for an investment partnership that will be starting up in the next few months. What is expected of you: Our proposed investment fund will have partners contributing different amounts on our launch date. The net asset value (NAV) of the fund will be $10.00 on start date and then obviously change from there based on investment performance. The finished product we need will be derived from two sources of information given to you: First, brokerage statements will be provided to you which will show the assets under management, dividends and interest received, and any new deposits made for the upcoming quarter. Our fund will be open for subscriptions and redemptions on a quarterly basis after we launch at $10.00 per share NAV. The brokerage statements will provide all the information needed to for you to calculate NAV and provide Income and Balance Sheet statements. Included in this document are the T-account details showing the changes from period to the next in Income and Balance Sheet entries. Secondly, we will provide you with documentation about how much each investor contributed into the partnership. For investors at launch, they will have a certain amount of shares outstanding (contributed capital divided by the $10.00 starting NAV). For investors that join later they will have a contribution dollar amount and the shares outstanding will be that value divided by the NAV for that quarter. This information will give you enough to calculate the shares owned by each investor based on the dollar amount contributed (which we give) and the NAV at the start of the quarter (which you calculate). The final product here will be one page documents showing account balances for each investor based on contributed capital, NAV price at buy in, when they first invested, current account balance, contact information for investor, etc. All this information is done by one accountant for each quarter and is delivered around the 10th day following a new quarter - Jan 10, April 10, July 10, Oct 10. Based on our discussions and experiences with other accountants, it takes approximately 6-8 hours of work each quarter to process the NAV, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, associated T-Accounts, and individual investor account balance statements. This will be pretty simple work for any true CPA and an easy way to make some extra money every quarter. If we are pleased with the quality of work, there is the option to expand your responsibilities to other back office organization and tax preparation. Thank you for your interest. Cordially, Jake Taylor President/CEO of Farnam Street Investments, LLC   (more...)

fully qualified and experienced Bookeeeper or Accountant and experienced in all activities in relation to finacial transactions in Navision. Must be able to setup multi-company accounts and record intercompany transactions All transactions should be recorded as per UK Inland Revenue regulations Must be able to produce monthly and year end accounts and VAT returns every quarter   (more...)

eking a proactive Bookkeeper/Administrator who can take responsibility for keeping it all on track! You would need to have diverse bookkeeping and administration experience with Netsuite. Your responsibilities include: • Accounts payable and accounts receivable • Payroll, Superannuation and taxation for Australia • Bank reconciliations and daily banking • Procurement • Management of general office issues • Customer enquires and relations   (more...)

ts & Crafts has four divisions Educational, Green, Arts & Crafts, and Interactive. I currently have a CPA helping me however limited in helping lacking financial know how. I need financial statements and audit ready status. To get my small business ready for a small business loan and a 504 loan. In addition want to get Quickbooks will need training. Must be willing to sign a no-disclosure agreement first and be local to help with quickbooks.   (more...)

e a full time bookkeeper. The candidate should be experienced in Quickbooks Pro Online and State as well as Federal Taxation and can control whole IRS matters as well as our business.   (more...)

uarterly reports of all business transcations ( about 50 entries per month)   (more...)

bookkeeper that will enter invoices, bills, will pay my expenses and do credit card and bank reconciliation. Must be proficient in Quickbooks. Will also do inventory management.   (more...)

entails basic bookpeeping functions, entering expenses into Quickbooks ( currently version 2008), and reconciling bank statements and credit card statements. And possibly entering Purchase Orders Past experience must include extensive bookeeping and a positive track record on Odesk.   (more...)

program or spreadsheet that will track our expenses and commissions.   (more...)

Australian business requires a smart and savvy Accounts Manager to take charge of our: - Accounts Receivable and Payable - Payment Processing - Payroll Must have a very good understanding of MYOB and Salesforce and able to work partly in AEST. Work load will vary between 2-10 hours per week.   (more...)

ng for a UK-based bookkeeper to process my receipts/business expenses into a cashbook spreadsheet. I will probably want to post a packet of receipts to you every month, and each packet will take a couple of hours work, depending on how many receipts there were for that month. I\'m looking for someone reliable, efficient, responsive and trustworthy.   (more...)

small IT services company looking to outsource the bookkeeping function. We seek a qualified and experienced bookkeeper, preferably with experience working with California-based businesses, ideally with experience supporting an IT shop or related business. Specific job activities include: - Receive bank account statements by email - Download transactions into Quickbooks via online banking - Reconcile accounts at end of month - Key in credit card transactions from statement - Process payments received by credit card - Classify fixed asset purchases - Maintain depreciation schedules - Receive bills by email and enter into QuickBooks - Periodically send AP report to President for payment instructions - Pay bills with online bill payment service - Send financial reports on a semimonthly basis - Generate sometimes complex invoices on a semi monthly basis - Run payroll on a semi-monthly basis - File required tax returns to EDD and issue 1099\'s W2\'s at end of year   (more...)

will report  to the Senior VP of Finance on a project basis .  Projects  will take  typically various hours to compete. Must  take finance test and company test before employment   (more...)

ookkeeping tasks.   (more...)

ing assistance in migrating my bookkeeping software from MYOB to the XERO software as a service platform. I am also needing ongoing bookkeeping services on a weekly basis to keep my books up to date as well as provide me with a weekly report on financial as well as finance to date. I would like to speak with someone who is familiar with bookkeeping and knows the XERO system. Experience in such tasks is a must.   (more...)

ing for a VA to go through about 70 stock trades from the last three years and put all the trades into an excel spreadsheet based on purchase date, price paid, number of shares purchased, sales date, sales price, and shares sold. I have all this information it just needs organized in an Excel spreadsheet. I would provide the spreadsheet template and all the documents listing the stock trade information. You would go through the trades and put the data into the Excel spreadsheet.   (more...)

king for an English speaking book keeper to do some very basic book keeping and invoicing on a regular basis. Experience of either or is required Please state your experience in the above. Must of have prior experience of the UK book keeping. Thanks Chris   (more...)

ties, receipts and expenses reported, monthly balancing of bank statements, bi weeklly payroll monitoring.   (more...)

eed of someone to do my books in Quickbooks. Inbound and Outbound, once every 2 weeks. There currently is not a LOT of work, however we are a few months behind, so you will be updating our accounts for that. This is a pretty straight forward job. I pass you the file and the scans, and you pass me back the company file.   (more...)

ng, Financial Statement Preparation.   (more...)

or administrative support. Ideal candidate should have experience doing sample requests, tech packs, and production for goods as well as knowledge or familiarity with day to day running of a clothing line. Working with warehouse to ship orders, knowledge of quickbooks and ability to do invoices and help keep a smooth flow of the order and running of the business. Knowledge of quickbooks is important as well as proficiency with spreadsheets. Person must be very organized and detailed and experienced within this industry.   (more...)

e experience with US residential and commercial real estate bookkeeping -Must be knowledgeable with Quickbooks   (more...)

have great knowledge in Quick books Excel and book keeping   (more...)

equiring ongoing bookkeeping help as well as catching up my books from the last 3 years. This includes : Small business accounts for property rentals an development. Education & Consulting Business startup to formalisation as a Ltd company. My accounting is a mess and needs a complete overhaul, putting systems in place for AP and AR, as well as budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Tax guidance is also needed. I will get either all documents scanned an transfered to you for data entry or entered here into spreadsheets. Although not yet set up I would like quickbooks to be used as the system an everything set up within that. The winning bidder will be someone who is pro-active, affordable and big picture driven. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get me out of the weeds and into solid long term fiscal management. Good luck.   (more...)

or third party to control bookkeeping services   (more...)

ed a Quickbooks expert to help review how to use the software professionally, then work with me to prepare the books and statements of clients. Thanks.   (more...)

iness needs online MYOB bookkeeping.   (more...)

ing for some one to go through all of my bank statements and categories all income and expenses with in the Quickbooks software. I want a balance sheet created as well as a profit loss statement. If you are someone with strong book keeping accounting skills that can work quickly. Must speak English fluently.   (more...)

listing the services of a an individual to help with general bookkeeping needs for a newly formed real estate company. keep track and categorize expenses, show quarterly report of earnings for agents.. Minimum hours needed now until productivity increases Thanks for your application   (more...)

small, professional, independent publisher of a book on a business model for the escort industry. This is sold through our website. We value our team members and offer the following: • Career and compensation growth for long-term contractors • The ability to work virtually • Professional training • An intellectual work environment and a fun atmosphere! Key Purpose of the Job Compile the monthly books (no payroll, this is 2-3 hours per month). Only looking for someone within the US! Once you have proven yourself, you will expand to doing books for US clients. Technical Skills or Job- Related Knowledge Required • ability to use US QB (we will provide you with the CND version of QB if you are hired) • excellent bookkeeping skills (manual and system process) • has excellent working knowledge of QB Pro. • working knowledge of GST remittance, or is willing to learn • working knowledge of budgeting • working knowledge of analyzing which expenses are the highest, lowest, how much they go up or down monthly etc., how many sales are needed to cover fixed expenses & can provide that info in an easy to read format • working knowledge of categorizing expenses & income under the appropriate categories • working knowledge of online business categories for expenses, or is willing to learn on their own. • working knowledge deciphering real sales revenue after all expenses and/or merchant account fees are taken off. • working knowledge in determining if the merchant account fees coming out of the account are accurate Experience Required • bank reconciliation experience. • Processing delinquent payments (A/R) are handled • Producing reports in an easy-to-read manner. • Certified to do tax returns, recommended • Virtual experience – at least 3 months • excellent written and verbal English communication skills to include being able to follow explicit instructions via e-mail, instant messaging and on the phone Attributes required • Innovative • Hard Working • Intelligent • Intuitive • Excellent e-mail etiquette • Someone who is a nice, down to earth person, secure with themselves, really likes to help companies grow, & loves their clients • Someone above average in intelligence & intuition • Open minded about working for our industry • Professional approach to work • Good work ethic • Internet Savvy • Detail orientated • Proactive • Ability to take responsibility for your actions • The desire to work in a friendly, down to earth, virtual workplace that applauds innovation and common sense. Please include the following in your bid • The keywords I\'m your professional bookkeeper in the heading of your bid. • Your best “small business” hourly rate. • A description of your abilities as they relate to our needs, without an accompanying resume • A list of your professional references that can verify your bookkeeping abilities. We do prefer people who are licensed, but if you are exceptional & aren\'t, we\'d love to hear from you. • List how many years you have been working virtually online • List your top three strengths and your top three areas for improvement   (more...)

t to develop a website that is a all things health related super site. Something like, That is informational, and has good money making features and is different, unique and has potential to make huge money. As I can even give you ownership in the website if the plan is good enough. I am willing to pay well, and give a long-term job. But what I need from you before anything is a little test to see if your vision is what I am looking for from an advertiser. Please send me a plan that the developers could potentially use to build this website, must have specific features, and specific ways to make money from this. I will probably choose the team that has the best plan as the best plan, backed with evidence and showing me that the plan will be successful, is the best for this job. So please apply with your unbeatable plan as this is a huge opportunity.   (more...)

king for somone who can help me set up my cpalead. Please be knowledable with this. I will want you to set up the widgets and what ever else needs to be done to monetize my site.   (more...)

2 minute video created for my website... the video will have a mixed flavour of property/real estate and solar power or greening our world.   (more...)

itten an ebook that is ready for sale. I am not savvy enough to promote and advertise the book online myself. I anticipate if launched correctly and to the right audience the book will sell very well. I am looking for someone to create a website for the book at low cost with pay buttons and SEO, and to link the site to multiple platforms for extra exposure. I would also like the book uploaded to as many hosting sites and affiliate sales sites as possible. The goal is to sell alot of the books and make less profit. I would like to see 100,000 copies sold at 4.00 profit rather then 10,000 copies at 15.00 profit.   (more...)

arriage forum is looking for a kijiji and craigslist ad poster. Requirments: Must have his/her own craigslist account and must be able to post in US and Canada only!   (more...)

is to bring 1000 unique visitors per week to the given site: -if you reach 1000 unique visitors within 14 days of contract award date you will get an immediate bonus payment, the contract amount and almost definitely be offered regular work -at the moment there is between 50 and 100 unique visitors per week -you will be given access to the Google Analytics statistics to track your progress -you have 2 weeks to show some progress (if no progress is shown, contract will be ended without payment) -you have a maximum of 4 weeks to bring in the weekly 1000 unique visitors With your bid, please provide a basic description of how you plan on bringing traffic to site; examples of other relevant work would definitely be a plus as well. Only \'white hat\' marketing methods will be accepted.   (more...)

per day on craigslist 20 adds per day on ebay classified 20 adds per day on backpage 20 adds per day on fox classified So 160 adds PER DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK 1120 ADDS TOTAL $80 / WEEK   (more...)

one with a good knowledge and experience with craigslist   (more...)

ng to sell a unique personal training gym and assets in Las Vegas. I need someone who can post the sale on Craiglist nationwide, Google, and all other search engines.   (more...)

ike to get posters made up for promotions for my takeaway business. These will be in A0 size. I want them as basic templates so i can keep changing the offer. For example: $5 kebabs every Monday or Free can of coke with every kebab   (more...)

affiliate marketing company looking for someone who can generate signups (free to signup) for a \"internet Modeling\" recruitment company. The successful candidate must be able to post a pre written advert in as many classified/jobs section as possible (NO SPAMMING) and supply us with a full report and links to the placed adverts. please note that this recruitment company will strictly only employ models who are 18+ yrs of age.The recruitment agency will not accept job applications from the following countries: Philippines, Romania, Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, and Ukraine. IMPORTANT NOTE:YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO PLACE ADVERTS FOR THESE COUNTRIES HERE AS YOU WILL NOT BE PAID FOR IT. applicants with previous experience & valid proof of work completed need only apply. please note: we are willing to hire the successful candidate on a full time basis proving successful results. Thank you & Good Luck!   (more...)

ire very basic posting skills for classifieds driven websites. Must be fluent in english and efficient with time. Responsibilities will include manually posting lots of classifieds ads via copy and paste with minor changes and corrections. We need in the area of 100-150 classified ads posted 5 days a week. Additionally there will be some virtual assistant type tasks,   (more...)

meone who is experienced in create google ad words text/banner ads, i have several campaigns already running that need to be optimized and i have one new landing page that needs to have 10 new ad words campaigns text ads and a banner ad created, with key words to match landing page content. My goal is to have these campaigns set up and ready to run so i can turn on and off as needed to manage my google ad words budget. I can pay hourly or precentage of sales.   (more...)

ing to start a large marketing campaign on craigslist. I am looking to post the top 50 cities 1 -2 twice a day 6 days a week. DO NOT respond if you cannot provide all PVAs, ip cloaking ability, and variations to our heading.   (more...)

ly experienced Social Media Marketers apply. You must have extensive experience in Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Video Marketing, Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking, etc., I need you to come up with a Social Media game plan to launch my business and also an ongoing campaign to keep all of our content fresh. I will help to train you in advanced strategies at the training rate of $2.22 an hour. This is a full-time and ongoing position. Please list your experience, campaigns you have worked on and resources you have used, ie. Traffic Geyser, Tube Mogul, Hand Submissions to Article Directories, etc., Thank you.   (more...)

meone that is an expert in craigslist marketing and has experience in it to consistently post new ads for various topics and sections. Please apply only if you have verifiable experience.   (more...)

real estate advertising website for real estate agents to advertise their properties. This job will include a content management for clients to log-in and add/edit their properties. Administrator (us) will have total control of the content management including setting up accounts for clients and even make changes on the client\'s listing. I have a similar website that i can give you access to use as a guide only inorder to understand the project. My other website is (.aspx) while this website must be in (.html). You will not be starting from scratch, i am a person who know what i want, and infact i have designed already how the front end pages will look like, all of the art work will be sent to you and you can use it or built your own but it has to be identical. With the back end, since i have a similar data base, i will let you know about the changes that we need, but it will give you a great deal of idea on the functionality. I will be able to provide you with the stock images that we will be using in the website, most of them are from The final project will do the same job as but a lot simpler and neater. Please note that there will be the use of google map in the internal pages of the website.   (more...)

wo articles. We need you to submit them to article sites. the more article websites you know, the better chance you have of getting hired.   (more...)

article written on MPB Today- what it is, advantages and briefly explain the compensation plan. Previous network marketing articles writing preferred.   (more...)

oking to bring us more fans to our Facebook fan page. You will need to bring us 5,000 targeted fans within 1 week of the project start date. The only thing I will provide you with is the link to the Fan Page. No username or password. If this project is completed within the time frame then more work will be presented to you as well. IT’S A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO AN ONGOING JOB ~ Fans must be from USA, UK and Europe countries, ~ No fake friends, must be real. ~Low bids will be preferred. # Please DON\'T APPLY IF YOU CAN\'T PROVIDE US 500 FANS IN 7-8 DAYS.   (more...)

be selling directory advertising on the phone for 2 of our Australian magazines, and paid a generous flat rate per sale. UNLIMITED commissions and ongoing work. Solid product, one simple package - very clear and easy script. We can provide the lists, you provide the phone, your skills, and time. Great money for skilled people. MUST HAVE exceptional english skills, clear speaking voice, and sales experience. WOULD PREFER Australian, US, or english accent. Also open to generic sounding accents too. Immediate start for the right people.   (more...)

ecently released a new web-based application to help theatre groups, sports venues, schools, etc. sell show tickets online from the box office. We need help contacting potential buyers and generating leads.   (more...)

le interested in Health and Wellness plus people looking for a Home Based Business. Need e-maill address -phone number -name. Looking for people in USA-Canada-Malaysia-Singapore also looking for someone to communicate to people in Singapore and Malaysia.   (more...)

s is a very simple task. Looking for a few people to pull a minimum of 250-300 insurance email addresses per hour from U.S. insurance agent. The assignment will be for two hours and email address list will be submitted back to me in excel form. I will offer the job to a few candidates and will hire those who are the most productive on a longer term basis. Looking for those who are willing to work fast, follow instructions, and provide great results. Look forward to working with you. Cheers Ryan   (more...)

les & Marketing Support. I have about 8 websites that I am developing for income producing sites. Your initiative can help US to share in excellent success!!! I am interested in talking to people with a VISION!!! If you can manage a sales operation and build a successful TEAM towards building a successful BUSINESS...this will benefit you greatly!!! YOUR total motivation must be focused on building a successful operation WITH ME!!! YOUR REWARDS??? Alas...   (more...)

el you can post 50 or more ads per day 5 days per week, this can turn out to be a lucrative offer for a work at home individual. if you\'re a savvy internet marketer & have other tricks, that\'s a major plus! I need a few hard working self-starters to post ads on craigslist & other classified ad sites, in the financial sections. Our objective is to create qualified Leads of people looking for a business loan, or personal loan, we have tested proven ads ready to be posed. Loan program is for USA only. For each of your Leads that closes, you\'ll receive 2% of the loan value, loans range from 25K to 100K. Our ads have been formulated for clients to screen them selves out, as it spells out the exact criteria we want, and nothing less, \"the key is get your phone ringing 4 to 6 times per day with qualified prospects\" & not a bunch of people who want to waste your time. Your responsibility will be to collect & file the paperwork for each deal you bring me. Training will be provided. Serious inquires only send resumes   (more...)

k and write perfect English. Prefer female, with friendly, kind and American sounding voice. You will be calling senior citizens in the state of California. YOu will be given access to a mojo dialer. YOu will be calling monday -saturday from 9am-8pm pacific time. You must have an unlimited calling plan for calls made to California, like vonage or magic jack.YOu will be given a phone script to use. . $2.00 USD per hour.. which will be registered when you sign on with the mojo dialer   (more...)

or Individual or Individuals in the highly skilled art of internet marketing generating leads for my business. The candidate will be required to acquire a set of fields standard informations such as: Customer name Contact Details Etc, Etc Further list available upon expression of interest. The amount payable can be negotiated upon each lead. Looking for candidates for immediate start subject to interview. This is a results based opportunity each lead will be paid approx £5 and a further £100 upon successful completion Full specifics of field requisits available upon request. Ideal for a internet marketer. Google Adwords and ppc desirable   (more...)

re about your health? Do you care about your family’s health? Do you care about the environment? Would you like to work from home with a company that makes a difference in our world and have a team to help, train and guide you to success? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might be just the person to join our team! We are the team and we are the company that is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people daily! What you will NOT do: * Inventory * Collections * Door to door * Parties * Assemblies * Get rich quick What you WILL: * Be a part of a strong team with years of experience * Work when you want, where you want! * Have more available time with your loved ones * Receive FR EE Training * L O V E your job, your team, and the benefits!! * Create an added income Contact me and let me know why you want to work from home, how many hours you can commit to (realistically - I don\'t care if you say 2 hours or 20hours!) Pay will be based off of your own performance - the sky is the limit (so to say)   (more...)

the lists of private lenders and cash buyers in the area. You will then search for their phone numbers then communicate with them to work with us and invest with us.   (more...)

post my website everywhere where I will get results.   (more...)

omeone to generate 500 signups per day through mass marketing. Each signup must be genuine and unique. We are launching a filesharing program and need each user to install the program and signup with an email address, username, and password. Each signup takes 2 minutes or less. If you have the skills to reach thousands of customers through mass marketing, etc then please do contact us immediately! This job will be ongoing.   (more...)

Opening! Microsoft Gold Partner and President\'s Club (top 3% of Microsoft Partners) IT Consulting Firm is seeking an experienced inside sales candidate with experience in driving new business to close. Energetic, self-motivated individual with stong understanding of sales process from initial call to close, with the ability to build target pipeline of qualified opportunities. Must have the ability to work independently as an individual team contributor through deployment kick-off. Understanding of Microsoft Dynamics solutions a plus.   (more...)

otion of website. Self-help type website for guys.   (more...)

ny is called The Golf Locker TV The Golf Locker TV is a golf programme on Sky TV in the UK, whereby we showcase golf courses, and golf products to our viewers. We want to \"tap into\" the American market as the dollar is quite strong against the British Pound, therefore it means that our clients are getting value for money for advertising with us. In regards to the job, we are looking for confident speakers, who would be willing to phone up clients within the golf industry to see if they would be willing to advertise with The Golf Locker TV and get their golf product, or golf course noticed in the UK. The candidate would be needing to search for their own leads, and the job is commision based only, as we only want dedicated candidates to apply. For each sale that you make, we will give you $120 - you are selling \"air time\" on our TV programme, with packages for the US market starting at only $399. (which is peanuts to appear on TV!) Our ratio in the UK for successful calls is 1 in 8 - so for everycall we make in the UK, the 8th one tends to be a yes. We will give you your own personalised email address so you can be part of our team, and we will supply you with PDF documents so you can email these to potential clients. So its $120 for each sale you bring to us You look for your own leads - plenty on the internet (U.S leads only) Own Email Address Support via email 24hours a day from our Head office in UK We want you to remain focussed on the job, and best performing workers will see each commision increased depending upon performance Realistically, per day, we tend to make 25 phone calls per day...and with one in eight ending up being a \"yes\", that means you could be earning in the region of $360 per day!!!... sound good?...then apply to us for more information!   (more...)

or someone with experience in the SMS business to lead a new sales and business development team for a Bulk SMS Company that they will grow and manage. Keep 50% of all the profit you generate. Involves direct sales to SMS companies and others mainly over MSN and Skype. We provide you with a list of contacts at various SMS companies and complete infrastructure to connect to various operators and sell SMS including technical support. Mainly involves talking to and building your MSN/Skype contact list every day - and finding opportunities to buy and sell SMS traffic. Those who have some SMS knowledge and are motivated can generate very good income in this line of work. The Company Directors have operated this business profitably for 5 years and used the income to develop a new line of business. They will provide support and assistance.   (more...)

h is currently looking for a provider with strong lead/sales generation skills. We are looking to get leads through our site we are looking to market towards photographers, studios etc. Any add methods are an option.   (more...)

u to sell for me in canada...   (more...)

or a regular supply of UK consumer finance leads, mainly bad credit for calling. The leads must be fresh and can be gathered by classified ad posting or any other means. Leads must be all UK. `I can supply a dedicated website with analytics should you wish to use this method.   (more...)

te properties for sale listed on a site that needs to be posted on all major real estate related websites and google adwords... Contractor needs knowledge of these sites, real estate matters & keep current postings   (more...)

ing for people that have a solid backgroung in making appointments and know how to get pass the secertery and talk to the decison maker and byook a appointment in 3 minutes or so.You must be be persistent and professional and listen to the customer but also be firm in your approach to get the result we need. Must be able to work on there own and enjoy talking to people a strong determined attitude will get you the posiston if you have previous experience.   (more...)

xperienced lead generation experts for a website design company. Must have proven skills and background.   (more...)

re looking for experienced individuals or companies that can create a marketing plan and execute it to help market, advertise our services and generate additional revenue for us. We are looking to increase Sales for the services we provide. We provide various services like Web Designing, Web Development, etc. We handle new projects as well as sell customized versions of our existing products. We can provide you with detailed packages on our services we have put together to help sell the services and you are welcome to create your own ways of selling. You will be provided with an email address and unique reference number for you to use so we can track who the sales have come from. we also have own projects for which we require marketting. This is a commission based offer which works on a percentage of the sales. We are open to projects from all continents, countries and time zones. Thanks   (more...)

ng for a suitable candidate to write our weekly fashion blog (12 -14 posts per week). We need each post to be 80-120 words per post with images sourced and attached. Articles must be fashion forward, celebrity based, etc. Looking for someone to compile this for 5 hours each week.   (more...)

ly have an animation that has been done on paper. I have nearly all frames complete in two sequences, however it needs to have some transitions transitions added as well as coloring done. I would prefer to make this into a Flash or GIF animation. It is a project that must be done very quickly and with great skill so as to have a very professional end result. I will convert the images to bitmaps that are as clean as possible, but you will need to vectorize them and turn them into the final result.   (more...)

ont Payments* *Adult Content* Hey guys i have a set of 6 banners i need converted into a animated GIF Banner. I will provide you with the frames for each banner in a png format for you to create. The banners will be uploaded to Clixgalore so experience using this program is preferred. Please let me know if you have this experience. Hope to hear from you all soon.   (more...)

animation studio looking for the best of the best in the field of 3d character animations for a project which is going to be produced in September ( and now looking for an ideal partner with aesthetic sense and a vision to go long term. Require a team or individual who can be committed with us. Here we need to see real talent to the fore. Please mention your competitive hourly rate for us. We do promise consistent work for the right team and candidate. Please DO NOT bid without reel. Thanks in advance.   (more...)

flash app representing a wolf (see screen shot attached), written in AS3. Currently, the body and head images are loaded in, then the head image is animated from code. For this project I would like to add in a tail animation, (preferably using the Bone tool), which satisfies the following requirements: - Tail needs to be designed as a Flash movie clip, and must match existing wolf design (I can provide some sample designs) - Tail must be able to have its colours set from script. It would be made up of 2 colours (which would match the possible colours used in the wolf images). These colour codes will be passed in as FlashVar parameters. - I would like 2 animations: A subtle, animation representing the tail being down. And a faster animation representing the tail up and \"wagging\". - Tail animations must be able to be started/stoped from script (for example on a timer basis). Any questions just ask. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks Note: Please don\'t apply if you are only able to do design work and not the coding work as well :)   (more...)

ing for someone who can create basic video animations that can be easily played by any browser like swf, flv or something similar. I am looking to make about 5 short tutorials about how to do basic psychology processes. the animations will be only a couple of minutes long each and will be used to demonstrate to clients how to do a process. i don\'t mind of the animations are 2D but they will probably need to be 3D - this will be a very easy task.   (more...)

oking for someone to help create fun animated gifs using glitter and sparkle. Please see for example images.   (more...)

ng for someone to convert our HTML5 survey system into Flash. Currently it loads XML data and images from a backend server and displays questions in a very graphical format. I\'m looking for a flash expert to covert this entire process to flash and animate the site\'s humanoid character. We will be adding a spoken introduction and hope the animation lines up with the speech and we would like to him walk on screen and off again. As well, we would like some animation added to make the questions look nicer. Only apply if you are a proven flash expert and you can animate and you know enough AS to get the code converted with help. Expecting 30+ hours per week for 3 weeks. Do not bid if you do not have time available.   (more...)

ing for a cartoonist and/or caracaturist to do images of a character for flash video and possibly help produce the video.   (more...)

We are seeking some cool intro\'s to our web site, the best of which we can also utilise at the start of our show, for our rock band. The name of the band is Shots Fired. Will supply logo to interested parties. Thanks for stopping by! Hakan :)   (more...)

ing for someone to animate a 90 second skit in the style somewhat similar to Simon\'s Cat ( . It will be black and white - no sound needed, just a smooth, hand-drawn effect. I have a rough storyboard, but I need someone capable with character animating who can flesh out the main character. This is a very *cute* short for kids and is meant to be simple.   (more...)

flash banner the same as We will provide our logo and introduction video.   (more...)

imitation of the sky, clouds, sunset, moon, and stars.   (more...)

a simple animated video clip to advertise a new book, as described under   (more...)

set(8) of Cartoon animation for kids in m4v format Each animation needs to be around 15 - 20 seconds and suitable to run in loops. I want 2 characters use in the animation, these characters will be reused in all 8 animations. 8 different backgrounds /locations the animation needs to be in 2d and very cartoon like. Please contact me for more details   (more...)

ct: MOST WANTED Template Must be able to create an Adobe After Effects template of the attached file. The file must be in .mov format. I also need the file/project saved as .aep. I MUST be able to modify EACH layer in Adobe After Effects when the project is completed. AND must be in .mov format as well. Black Background Layers will be: Header - Showing police cars, police officers, members of law enforcement. Header - \"Covington Police Department\" Right side - A Picture Single Line Heading TEXT (left side of picture) - \"WANTED\" (all caps) flying into view. Single Line TEXT Below Heading (left side of picture) - \"James Beaver\" Three Lines TEXT Below James Beaver (Left side of picture) - (View attached picture)   (more...)

ntertainment is an up and coming television production company based in the Caribbean with a children\'s educational series on the table. We are in search of two background artists and character animators to round out our animation team for the production of our pilot. Applicants must: • have experience in flash animation • be versatile, as the creative team is very small • have access to the internet and flash software • be able to work well with others on a team remotely This is a contract gig for the production of the pilot and you will be compensated in four installments until completion. Applicants do not need to be based in the Caribbean as this is a freelance job, with the possibility of continued and better compensated work. In your application, please describe your experience in animation and identify whether you are a background artist or character animator. To be considered, we must see your portfolio and cv/resume.   (more...)

ing for a GIF Animations artist who can do 3d and 3d style GIF Animations. Please respond quickly as I might awrd it today.I have a very tight budget. Please help me if you can?   (more...)

ing for an artist/animator to create a cartoon piece for me. Basically, I am getting married next year and having a very non traditional wedding. The only part I plan to keep traditional is dancing with my father. During my dance, to ABBA\'s Dancing Queen, I would like a cartoon /skit playing on the big screen behind us. I basically have a story line that goes through my life with my dad, from sweet Of course there and bits and pieces that would be filled in...but basically that is my general idea. Dancing Queen runs for 3:51 seconds. Thank You very much and look forward to hearing from you.   (more...)

ash module and make them SCORM compliant   (more...)

- 4 short segments of 3D animation for use in video project. Will involve design of animated characters and execution of actual animation per video script. Must have good work samples and be able to complete assignment on deadline. Additional details upon request.   (more...)

y is Total Action. We install and service air conditioning, solar panels and electrical. Attached is a copy of our company logo. We need the man on the logo to be created, in many different forms, so that we can use him on our website, and in marketing brochures and advertising. Can you please put on his hat and/or shirt the initials ( A.C.E. ) as his name is Air Conditioning Expert. We will need him in a few different positions. eg. standing, running, jumping, hiding behind a wall, peeking around a corner, on the side of a brochure etc... Would like it in a few different high res formats too. Please show examples of similar work you have done, created.   (more...)

ion of a house being built from start to finish   (more...)

, we need an intro/flash animation to be used as a splash page. It needs to be a walking woman, that will morph into the \"woman\" on the right of this logo: see: www dot angelspamontreal dot com PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH A PREVIEW OF PAST WORK THAT ARE SIMILAR TO THIS, ELSE I WILL NOT HIRE YOU. IT\'S MORE OF A \"SILHOUETTE\" THAN A WOMAN. WE COULD USE SOMETHING LIKE THIS:   (more...)

have a web page enhanced with the latest google APIs and mapping of different varieties to show of google places, the latest 3d google maps APIs and Phoca Maps.   (more...)

he lookout for 3D max animators for a 3D animation studio based in Mumbai. The artist must have a minimum experience of 01 year on 3D Max. This will be onsite work for a period of 03-04 months only, starting as soon as possible. Only India-based candidates need apply.   (more...)

ll time flash designer for: websites Banners ads etc We will pay $200 per month   (more...)

meone who\'s able to do various flash movies for -Logo Animation - add sparkle to the logo -Photo Gallery - miniature photo gallery Would also like to keep you on file for future Flash jobs. Please show your portfolio and respond with \"I HAVE READ THE BRIEF\" at the start of your cover letter.   (more...)

ooking for studio/freelancers who can make an animation \"anime style\". -Script and storyboard are ready -the animation is about 5 mins, if everything was o track we might make a fll episode of 17-20 minutes. -more info will be revealed for the winning animator/s -need example, we prefer anime style examples -payment: payment will be a monthly for freelancers or 50% - 50% before and after the job.   (more...)

do texturing work for a 6 minute, short film. Show your portfolio and examples. You must have at least 2 years experience in texturing. Other skills optional.   (more...)

create a video with the following details: 1. No background images....need to have plain background so that the focus in on the message. 2. Energetic, Compelling video 3. Sharp, Crisp and clean video 4. Must have great story telling skills to sell the message. An example of a video I like is attached here: Feel free to use the above music if you like. Essentially, the video uses a whole bunch of fonts/text to tell the story. I have created a storyboard/script, which I can send it to you. Before you bid for this project, you need to answer the following question so that I am sure you have seen the video: INTERVIEW QUESTION: 1. As per the video, how may newspapers are experiencing decline in newspaper circulation ? 2. You need to create a small snippet like the above video on any topic of your choice and send it to me. I will not have pay anything upfront. Need to be able to deliver the first version in 4 days.   (more...)

ing for a professional to put together a very short animation for me. It is a very very simple project. I already have: -a complete template (done in After Effects CS3) -pictures -text -music file The only thing professional would have to do is to exchange pictures and text in this template and add music file which I provide.   (more...)

ly run a digital signage company..i need someone to be in charge of running and implementing my netowrk..i use this software but i cant understand how to use it.. i need a person with good graphic skills to handle the scheduling of ads and running the network.. this is a long term assignemnt for the right person.. i am offering a flat fee of $50 for one week of work... pls check out this site to understand   (more...)

oking for an illustrator/animator to develop animated series approximately 5 minutes long of African stories. The animation is intended to be used in a website. The developer should be able to come up with characters based on the stories. Contact me if you want to see the story I need a break down of how much it costs to do characters, scenes and adding voice narration   (more...)

oking for an illustrator/animator to develop animated series approximately 5 minutes long of African stories. The animation is intended to be used in a website. The developer should be able to come up with characters based on the stories. Contact me if you want to see the story I need a break down of how much it costs to do characters, scenes and adding voice narration   (more...)

somebody turnaround to make a 30\" Tv Commercial, full 2D animation. What will need to have in this animation is: * 1 taxi * 3 guys * 1 girl * tourist places from Mexico Please I need turnaround. You will need to be able to delivery it in one week. Also, please just apply if u are 2D/3D Animator professional specialist.   (more...)

to look like tanks game on this link: Instead of tanks we need to have Dragons characters on one side and Spartans characters on opposite side. They have their base. The main goal of the game is to destroy the opposite base and to save yours. Details: We need to have 5 different stages where to play but all of them are in the same design style. In one game we need to have up to 10 characters. It can be 10 online players or 1 online player and 9 computers. We need to be able to choose computer’ levels: easy, medium, hard. Gathering stuff While playing we need to gather - “live” which fills the health and - “star” which allows to move faster, and shoot stronger. - “shield” which allows to have an unbeaten armor for 20 seconds. - “bomb” which bombs every enemy (takes the part of life)   (more...)

or somebody who can write quality articles 500 words each on several niche markets targeting specific keywords in each article in UAW format. Hundreds of articles are required so a bulk price is needed. Pleas advise how many UAW article sets (3 articles targetting 2 keywords) can be covered in the available budget. Also, advise if you have got UAW submission facility & let me know the price for each article set with and without UAW submission. Samples of previous work are required.   (more...)

icles and submit to various article marketing sites, social media marketing, some SEO   (more...)

ing to build links from reputable websites to my site. The fastest way to do this may be through blog entries or commenting, but ai am also open to other ideas. Please let me know what your capabilities and ideas are to build long term links. Links from high PR sites are a plus. Being able to work fast is a also a plus. Resulting links must be do-follow. Applicants must have decent language skills and be able to provide a list of URLs that include the link back to my sites. I am looking to pay a max of $2 an hour. This will be a short trial, but I am hoping to eventually have a long-term relationship of link building. I will provide a list of anchor texts I am looking for and my sites these links will point to. I can also provide a list of blogs that accept commenting and posting without having to wait for an admin\'s approval to be posted.   (more...)

looking for people who are PROFICIENT in English and can re-write SEO articles in batches of 5 every week in the travel, baby/toddler products and childrens\' books\' niches. I am looking for a long term relationship, so if I am happy with your articles, I\'ll offer you regular work. No significant research is required! You will concentrate on 3 travel, 1 baby/toddler product and 1 childrens book niches. I will give you access to previously written articles (generally 425 to 475 words long) as well as additional research material. I will also give you our keywords to incorporate into them, if they aren\'t already. I will give you further instructions to access the research material and articles that I\'d like re-written and the style I need them written in. You will need to rewrite them, using your own words. You should be able to rewrite a pre-written article in 30 to 45 minutes. If you can\'t, don\'t apply. As you\'ll be writing about the same 3 niches every week and you do not have to do any research, I expect our budget to compensate you sufficiently to produce quality re-written articles that require very little editing by us. You will be expected to rotate your topics within each niche every week. We will use Copyscape to detect duplicate copy. Articles written using an article spinner WILL be detected and rejected. Our quality assurance and editing standards are very high and rigorous to ensure that we only accept quality articles. Further details will be given to shortlisted/accepted candidates. Deliverables: 5 articles by GMT+12 every Thursday. >>> No exceptions. I have heard every excuse under the sun for delays and I will NOT accept ANY excuses for delays. Budget: $10 (exclusive of odesk fees) for a COMPLETE set of 5 articles, that have been delivered on time and that pass our quality assurance checks. A \"loyalty bonus\" will be considered after 4 weeks. >>> Please bid for the 5 articles and write \"SUNSHINE\" in your 1st sentence so that I know you have read this. More detailed instructions will be given to successful applicants.   (more...)

looking for people who are PROFICIENT in English and can re-write business related SEO articles in batches of 4 every week. I am looking for a long term relationship, so if I am happy with your articles, I\'ll offer you regular work. You need to be comfortable writing about CURRENT business, accounting and tax (nothing too technical) related content. This assignment would suit an accountant, business degree graduate, MBA or experienced business consultant. No significant research is required! You will concentrate on small business advisory services and consulting niches. I will give you access to previously written articles (generally 425 to 475 words long) as well as additional research material. I will also give you our keywords to incorporate into them, if they aren\'t already. I will give you further instructions to access the research material and articles that I\'d like re-written and the style I need them written in. You will need to rewrite them, using your own words. You should be able to rewrite a pre-written article in 30 to 45 minutes. If you can\'t, don\'t apply. As you\'ll be writing about the same niches every week and you do not have to do any research, I expect our budget to compensate you sufficiently to produce quality re-written articles that require very little editing by us. You will be expected to rotate your topics within each niche every week. We will use Copyscape to detect duplicate copy. Articles written using an article spinner WILL be detected and rejected. Our quality assurance and editing standards are very high and rigorous to ensure that we only accept quality articles. Further details will be given to shortlisted/accepted candidates. Deliverables: 1. 2 articles by GMT+12 every Thursday, 2. The remaining 2 articles MUST be delivered by GMT+12 on the following Monday. >>> No exceptions. I have heard every excuse under the sun for delays and I will NOT accept ANY excuses for delays. Budget: $16 (exclusive of odesk fees) for a COMPLETE set of 4 articles, that have been delivered on time and that pass our quality assurance checks. A \"loyalty bonus\" will be considered after 4 weeks. >>> Please bid for the 4 articles and write \"SUNSHINE\" in your 1st sentence so that I know you have read this. More detailed instructions will be given to successful applicants.   (more...)

candidate with strong written English skills who can write articles based on specific keywords and niches. Articles can be between 500 and 800 words. Candidate will have to research appointed topic and write article with target keywords.   (more...)

ongoing regular jobs for rewriting article. The article are 450 - 700 words. Write are to rewrite EVERY sentence. We expect to writer to change the sentence structure and NOT just replace words with synonyms Each batch of rewriting job is 20 articles. We are seeking long term writer and not writer seeking one time assignment As we have a large number of article to be rewriting, we are paying $1 nett (inclusive of odesk commission) for each articles. 1) Only applicants that had taken U.S. English Basic Skills Test need to apply 2) Please add the words \"Rewriting is Fun\" in your application. This is to make sure applicant can follow simple instruction.   (more...)

has to be well thought out and very organized in it\'s material and research. It also needs to cover scientific reasons behind the training routines. I would appreciate someone who enjoys writing and is in the martial arts and also has there own blog preferably about martial arts and has demonstrated the ability to post articles on article submission sites. But this experience isn\'t mandatory. You can also submit some ideas and direction of where you go with you writing within the topics below. You will be writing on the topic of the martial arts. An example of an outline will be as follows: Mistakes martial artists make and how to avoid them to get in top fight shape... • Mistake – Not Developing a Proper Base Level of Strength • Mistake – Lack of a Structured Program and Progression • Mistake – Trying to Train Everything At Once • Mistake – Overtraining • Mistake – Working out in the gym like a Bodybuilder Please send me a CV and Cover letter. You must include at least one link to an english article that you\'ve written and submitted online. Please use the keyword \'MMA training insight\' to show you have actually read this job description.   (more...)

looking for people who are PROFICIENT in English and can re-write health related SEO articles in batches of 10 every week. I am looking for a long term relationship, so if I am happy with your articles, I\'ll offer you regular work. No significant research is required! You will concentrate on 5 health niches. I will give you access to previously written articles (generally 425 to 475 words long) as well as additional research material. I will also give you our keywords to incorporate into them, if they aren\'t already. I will give you further instructions to access the research material and articles that I\'d like re-written and the style I need them written in. You will need to rewrite them, using your own words. You should be able to rewrite a pre-written article in 30 to 45 minutes. If you can\'t, don\'t apply. As you\'ll be writing about the same 5 niches every week and you do not have to do any research, I expect our budget to compensate you sufficiently to produce quality re-written articles that require very little editing by us. You will be expected to rotate your topics within each niche every week. We will use Copyscape to detect duplicate copy. Articles written using an article spinner WILL be detected and rejected. Our quality assurance and editing standards are very high and rigorous to ensure that we only accept quality articles. Further details will be given to shortlisted/accepted candidates. Deliverables: 1. 5 articles by GMT+12 every Thursday, 2. The remaining 5 articles MUST be delivered by GMT+12 on the following Monday. >>> No exceptions. I have heard every excuse under the sun for delays and I will NOT accept ANY excuses for delays. Budget: $20 (exclusive of odesk fees) for a COMPLETE set of 10 articles, that have been delivered on time and that pass our quality assurance checks. A \"loyalty bonus\" will be considered after 4 weeks. >>> Please bid for the 10 articles and write \"SUNSHINE\" in your 1st sentence so that I know you have read this. More detailed instructions will be given to successful applicants.   (more...)

pply you with one keyword or phrase; it may be a name of a company, a product, a service, or something general. I will then need you to write a 300 word article about that keyword. The content must be unique and not copied from somewhere else. I will also need you to supply me with: —One url to a relevant image for that keyword —One url to a relevant YouTube video for that keyword I am using this contract as a vetting process. If your work is good I will invite you to work on more contracts. Thanks   (more...)

one for ongoing work to write product review/fact sheets like the one located at,Company_Profile_and_User_Feedback.html I will give you a list of the information that needs to be researched, however the job will be very similar to the previous site with reviews from other users via yahoo answers, and similar sites. Most of the company profile information will come directly off of the company site. This job is for 5 reviews and will turn into an ongoing project once I know the quality of your work. Again, the bid you submit will be for completing 5 Product Reviews and must be completed within 7 days. Finished product must be in the form of a Word Document or similar program. A copy of some of your past work will help you with getting hired for this job.   (more...)

oking for a full time article rewriter. The selected writer should be able to rewrite 3-4 350-450 words article M-F. All articles must be plagiarism free and SEO compliant. Pay per 350-450 words rewritten article is $1.25+odesk fee Please include a sample article(any article showing your grammar and writing style) Thank you   (more...)

at I\'m looking for: I\'m looking for a writer who is Fluent in US English who can research and write on a wide variety of topics. All articles must be: - error proof, - 100% original (content will be verified via Copyscape & other methods) - minimum 400 words or more - with No grammar or spelling errors - No spun data will be accepted Here\'s what I want: - Minimum 400 word articles - all unique content - Write articles assuming the reader knows nothing about the topic - You may write in a informal or conversational tone of voice but you must remain consistent throughout Here\'s what I\'ll provide you: - I will provide the main keyword phrase (below) which must appear in the content at least 3-4 times and about every 100 words or so apart I\'m potentially looking for a permanent writer who is dependable and can provide great ORIGINAL and accurate content in a timely fashion. I need ALL content to be written with SEO in mind and to be completely original. I provide titles and keywords you provide the rest. Paying flat rate not by the hour. If you have read this posting and agree to all the terms above when applying, then include the word AGREE after your name. For this 1st job I require 4 articles (think about the Halloween holiday): 2 - all about Pilgrim costumes (think Thanksgiving holiday in the US, the Mayflower, etc - 1 on male dress and 1 on female dress) 1 - all about the character Jigsaw from the Saw series of horror movies - describing in depth what he wore in the films or how he dressed 1 - all about ghoul costumes - describing in depth what they wear in films (or as described in literature) Remember: you must meet all the requirements above or your work will not be accepted, however do a really, really good job and I\'ll probably throw in a bonus too or give you more work to do in the future and first dibs on my jobs Thanks for reading   (more...)

eed of writers to help with incoming projects. The pay rate per article of 500 words is $3.00 and rewrites are $2.00. All articles must pass copyscape and be submitted by the deadline. Please bid $30 for 10 articles.   (more...)

state related articles, 10,000 words total (average 1,000 words but variation in the total amount of words is desirable), 2 pictures in each article (with filenames incorporating the keyword with small variation each filename), 3 links to keyword relevant sites (with hypertext using the keyword). Keyword density: 1-2% Some fiction and creative writing (about 30%- 40%), all fictional names used in writeups must be Western names. You must reference 1 local place, institution, business, or some other geographical reference to the keyword location within the body of the text. Flawless American English is a necessity. Your work will be rejected if you cannot achieve this. I have many more articles that need writing, this is a chance to get recurring work. All mentioning of Real Estate and Realtors MUST be capitalized (not like THIS, but like This). Each article will be given a topic, source material(s), and specific formatting/content guidelines. All articles must pass copyscape. Job must be finished within two weeks.   (more...)

ood at rewriting news stories? Looking for someone to rewrite 5 recent news articles. I will send you the information to draw from...and you just need to make them unique and very readable. If you are good and timely, this could be ongoing...   (more...)

ORKERS ONLY I need batches of 20 Blog Posts of 150 words Each batch is $5 Ideally, I would like someone who could do 2-3 batches per week, easily, without delays. English must be perfect Posts will be copyscaped I require them saved in 2 different formats which I will explain. If they are not in correct formats, I will return. The idea is to speed my work up and not slow it down. You get paid immediately upon completion per bacth You do 2 batches you get $10 You do 4 batches, you get $20 etc etc You must have good communication at all times. I would like an example of your writing. If you dont have one, write 150 words from the internet on weight loss. SERIOUS WORKERS ONLY - PERFECT ENGLISH $5 is my rate.   (more...)

ing for a motivated individual that would like to learn Blogging Underground. If you are familiar with Wordpress, blog posting and have good English writing skills this will be a fun job for you. Please be willing to watch a 20 minute video and report back to me on if this is a good fit for you and why. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!   (more...)

or experienced article writer link builder for SEO projects   (more...)

th great English speaking and writing skills to write daily blog entries. Must have computer skills (excel, powerpoint, word processor). 10-20 hours per week. $5 per hour. Must be self-starter and competent.   (more...)

articles (300 word minimum) written. One about mirrors, one about what is a sunburst mirror, and two about decorating (using the keyword mirror within the decorating articles). The articles must be able to pass a check at, which means they can be based on other articles or websites, but they cannot be copied word-for-word. They also must be good enough quality that they will be accepted by ezine articles or similar article sites.   (more...)

marketing, article writing, list building, blogging   (more...)

cle should be a preview of 1st Ashes Test Match Cricket on Thursday, 25 November 2010 from Brisbane The Main Objective is to promote Match Ticket Sales from Seatwave, and Travel Packages from ( The article should provide brief details on the city of brisbane Australia The article should provide details of the ground the gabba see /. The article should provide short preview of the match, and details of the history of the game The article will be part of series of \"blog\" posts so if we like what you write we employ you to do more work The article should only mention tickets being available from Seatwave and and not about buying offline or from other websites   (more...)

blog writer for 100 short blog posts about language learning and travel. They need to be 100-150 words each. Pay rate per 100-word article is $0.40. If I am pleased with your work, this could turn into an ongoing project. We need at least 200 blog posts written every month. Quality is crucial. I will consider non-native English speakers but only if you\'re completely fluent and your writing skills are extremely good. It\'s not an option to sound like a non-native English speaker. I would prefer candidates who have attended an English-speaking high school and university. All blog posts must pass copyscape, a service that detects whether the content has been plagiarized. Revisions must be sent within 24 hours. Refused revisions means payment will be forfeited for the blog post. If you\'re interested in this project, kindly send me three samples of your written work that I can evaluate.   (more...)

article writer for 100 articles about language learning and travel. They need to be 250-300 words each. Pay rate per 250-300 word article is $1. If I am pleased with your work, this could turn into an ongoing project. We need at least 100 articles written every month. Quality is crucial. I will consider non-native English speakers but only if you\'re completely fluent and your writing skills are extremely good. It\'s not an option to sound like a non-native English speaker. I would prefer candidates who have attended an English-speaking high school and university. All articles must pass copyscape, a service that detects whether the content has been plagiarized. Revisions must be sent within 24 hours. Refused revisions means payment will be forfeited for the article. If you\'re interested in this project, kindly send me three samples of your written work that I can evaluate.   (more...)

for the right person, and potential for more work in the future for other clients if things work out well! Hard-working article writer who understands marketing and has perfect English spelling and grammar needed to write 450 short articles of 200-300 words that will rotate on a client\'s website. Articles must be written to show the client in a favorable light and foster confidence in client\'s company, products, services and expertise. Articles must contain desired keywords at 3%-5%. Topics to cover and keywords will be provided upon hire. Work to be submitted as one Word document with one article per page Deadline for completion of work is 5pm Eastern Time on Thursday, August 5. Budget is $1 per article including oDesk fees, and the person with the desired skills should be able to complete 10 or more of these in an hour after 15 minutes or so of initial research and a little practice. Overbids unfortunately cannot be accepted, so please bid correctly. Please include the words \"Marketing Article Writer\" in your reply. We look forward to receiving your application!   (more...)

someone with very good U.S./UK spoken and written English skills to re-write 250-400 word articles so that they\'re changed by at least 50% from original article. You will need to be creative, accurate and have fast typing skills. No software is to be used, it must be re-written by hand and pass for US/UK native written. On application, you must be prepared to re-write a 300 word test article. You will be required to upload the articles to Wordpress, including an image (supplied) for each post, set Title, tags etc and post. I will pick several applicants and trial each for 3hrs. After I\'ve received the re-writes back, I will make my final choice, based on: 1) Quality of re-write i.e. does it pass for native written with good grammar and phrasing. 2) Av number of articles completed within the 3hrs. I will expect the person chosen to maintain that throughput for term of hire.   (more...)

eed one or more article writers for a long term job, with great prospects. The specifications for the job are as follows: 1. Each article will be 400-600 words 2. Each article will have a 4%-6% keyword density 3. You must be fluent in English. 4. All articles must pass copyscape. 5. You will be paid $0.50 per successful article - this may increase. 6. The articles are on a variety of topics.   (more...)

cle writers who will be writing part time, need to know the English language and write at least 3 articles an hour. hourly rate will be $2.00 an hour,   (more...)

or someone to help me with social media and web2.0 properties. My website is a directory of colleges and universities in the United States. I would like you to create hubpages and squidoo lenses and also do some cross linking and social media marketing to promote these properties. I will supply you with unique accounts and want original content for each property. I also expect you to constantly improve your profile by participating on Hubpages and Squidoo via comments and answers to questions. Your feedback and suggestions for improving this strategy is also important. I would like to have a discussion about my marketing strategy and develop an updated strategy with your help. Requirements: - Only interested in contractors with experience and results with Hubpages and Squidoo. - Experience with SEO, specifically using social media to promote sites and Hubpages and Squidoo Thanks for your consideration. Best regards, Dylan   (more...)

you\'re an honest person that communicates well and can read and write in English with VERY LITTLE broken English and you have some SEO knowledge, you may qualify to run SEnuke for me. It\'s an automated SEO tool. You can find out more at and get a free trial to learn more about it. I can bring in clients, still am, but simply cannot take on more if I\'m doing everything myself. I\'ve hired out a lot of my work, but this is one of the things I need more help with. So if you already know how to use SEnuke or you learned how to use it, please post here. I do prefer those who have SEnuke experience. I need someone who can start right away with little training. I will be paying for the software, not you. I will also pay for additional stuff so your work is even easier. I\'m looking to pay for about 25-40 hours a week.   (more...)

UK travel company looking for 160 articles to be written per month - these must be researched and unique. This isn\'t a short term project - we\'ll be using these articles for link building and this will be long term work - stretching into years - with the opportunity for progression in the future I\'m looking for skilled writers who have good grades in Odesk test such as: spelling grammar sentence structure   (more...)

I am looking for writers who can pretty much write very good articles that are current and news worthy. Someone, who understands technology in general and write about mobile/communication/gadgets/ and coming up with content that is current and sorted after. Skills: * Must write articles that is informative and flows well to read * Must have worked worked with Wordpress or other similar CMS Apply with links to your articles that you are proud to show case! Thanks   (more...)

articles about some animals with the following subjects: Anatomy - What is special for this animal. Food - what does this animal eat. Neesting - The breeding / nesting process. Dangers & Conservation - What can we do to safe it To be eligible for payment, the article must be: 1) 100% ORIGINAL. Your article will be checked by copyscape and if it is copied from anywhere in the internet it will be detected and rejected. You can use Google to research on the topic but Do Not Copy, write in your own words. 2) Written in clear English. Too many grammatical mistakes and your article will be rejected 3) Each article should be at least be 600 words.   (more...)

ike ten articles written on the keyword \"Mexican car insurance\" they need to be between 350 and 500 words each.   (more...)

ble to write at least 4 articles per day (400-500 words). We will pay $6 for 4 articles. Must be willing to do a test job also. Thank you   (more...)

y $0.15 for evry comment you goin to post. 1 comment per account. if you have blogger account, wordpad , google account or aim.u can comment as many as you want but use diffent ID .   (more...)

articles written on a variety of subjects including jewelry, home decor, fashion, and various other subjects. All articles will be a minimum of 300-600 words; this will vary article to article. I will expect my writers to complete at least 1 article every day. If I like your work I may provide ongoing assignments. Please do not apply unless you have EXCELLENT English skills. *****IMPORTANT****** For this job, I am only looking for people who can work on at least 1 article during the hours of 8AM- 5PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you cannot if you cannot work during this time, please do not apply for this job. I do not offer upfront payment. This is a fixed-rate assignment, so you when you place a bid, you are bidding on the ENTIRE project, not an hourly wage.   (more...)

oking for someone to write 20 articles (200-400 words) for an AUSTRALIAN natural health and vitamin website. All articles should be appropriate to Australia and CORRECT Australian grammar and spelling must be used. This job will not be paid unless article is submitted ready for release. We are more than happy for you to take existing articles and re-write them to keep this job easier and more simple. For example, you can research an article at: so long as the article is re-written!!! Plagarism will not be accepted and any plagiarised articles will result in non payment. We will do random checks on your work to ensure this as we do not tolerate duplicate content. The articles must be accurate in their information. You will also need to source an appropriate ROYALTY FREE image for each article and provide the link to find the image with that article (or provide the images themselves). The images can be sourced from websites such as: To confirm that you have read and understood this job description, please begin your application with the words “Yo Pete”. I look forward to your applications. Note that it will be helpful if you include previous articles and your qualifications as to why we should hire you in your application.   (more...)

am taking an emarketing class and the first step is to get some articles rewritten and published. The business I am promoting is making money online. I have the articles and need them rewritten and must pass copyscape. I also need help getting them published. This step is a learning step for me but will lead to more jobs if writing is quality and helps me learn steps of getting articles published. Thank you   (more...)

ng for HIGH QUALITY part-time article re-writers who love to write and are willing to re-write 5 articles per day. I do not believe you can spend more than 4 hours per day writing articles and maintain high standards. IMPORTANT: Please respond with \"I want to re-write articles for you\" in your FIRST sentence - if you don\'t my PA will automatically delete your email. ROLE OBJECTIVES: The role\'s primary objective is to re-write pre-researched articles that attract, inform, inspire and advise either existing or prospective readers. JOB PROFILE: I (or my PA) will provide you with pre-written articles and research materials at the start of each week, our URLs, primary keywords (PKWs) and secondary key words (SKWs) for a range of subjects (health, children, small business, travel, etc). Your role will be to re-write the articles, in your OWN words, so that they are: 1. Approximately 425 to 475 words long (Note: Some articles that you are given will be slightly less or more than this so you will need to expand/condense them); 2. Completely re-written, not just replacing words with synonyms or using article spinners. They MUST be written in your own words, as well as changing the sentences and article structure completely and making them entirely unique for search engines. This is ESSENTIAL! 3. Written in a friendly & conversational tone and in language that a 15 year old could read. Some of the articles that I give you may be a bit \"boring\", so you will need to add some personality and flair to them as well. I stress that your writing should be high quality and flow smoothly and natural when it is read. Your writing must be 100% “ERROR FREE”; grammar and spelling must be perfect (there is so much free software available to check this). WE WILL NOT WASTE TIME EDITING THE ARTICLES. I would expect 5 articles per full day (at approx 30 minutes per article) [Further guidelines will be given to the successful candidate(s)] NB: I am FULLY AWARE of article spinners and I do NOT expect you to use them. We are native English speakers and will detect this immediately. NB. I also use copyscape to detect duplicated versions or blatant plagiarism. Any duplicate content WILL be detected and this will result in me cancelling our agreement IMMEDIATELY and you will NOT be paid. NIL duplicate content is essential. Our quality assurance process is very thorough and WILL detect poor quality or non-compliance to our high standards. CANDIDATE PROFILE You will be able to read, write and speak English to high standards. You WILL be interviewed by skype if short-listed. You must be someone who loves writing and is willing to learn new skills. Training will be provided on an ongoing basis. Specific skills required are that you: 1. Are educated to degree standard and can demonstrate this; 2. Have a high standard of English (reading, writing and speaking); 3. Have excellent communication skills, as you will communicate with me via voice on skype weekly; 4. Are able to complete assignments on time in an efficient manner; 5. Have taken one or more English tests here at oDesk and have scored well to be considered for this position; 6. Need to be highly organised, efficient, trustworthy, and able to follow detailed instructions carefully. I will not recruit anyone into our organisation who does not meet these requirements. It wouldn\'t be fair to other team members. REMUNERATION Weekly remuneration is $35, net of odesk fees - $38.50 in total. We will give you an additional \"loyalty\" bonus of US$25 each time you successfully submit 100 articles that pass our QA checks first time. Assuming that it will take you 30 minutes per article, your effective hourly rate will be $3.50 ($2.80 per hour for 2 articles plus $0.70 per hour bonus) If this sounds like the sort of challenge and opportunity you\'ve been waiting for, please send me your resume, cover letter and application and: 1. Tell me why I should hire you; 2. Provide me with 3 articles on 3 different subjects that you have written; 3. Provide me with proof that you are degree educated or have extensive article writing experience. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not provide me with this information, my PA WILL delete your application immediately, irrespective of how good you think you are. I make quick decisions, so your resume and covering letter should leap out at me and grab both my PA\'s and my attention - otherwise I think you\'ll be wasting both of our time and your resume will probably be put to the bottom of my priorities. I have instructed my PA to screen applications carefully and delete any that are unrealistic. >> We will start with 2 weeks\' trial period. You will be expected to \'phone me on Skype for me to assess your capability to carry out this work.   (more...)

greatly set score in Sibelius 5 format. There is just one problem I with. When I use the score in play mode (both in Sibelius 5 and 6) the system crashes always on the exact same position (after bar 107) - first cursor just stays and then after some seconds also play mode finishes and the system crashes... I need somebody to fix this problem without doing any changes in the look of the score... Part of the task is also an short description how you did do it - just that I may learn and fix similar problems in future myself   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

o production for compact disc. Must be a native spanish speaker. Please send demo and rate for per piece recording. Company provides script and we will do the editing.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Neukomm - Fantaisie op. 27 The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale File (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius or Finale to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

om is an online Rock music archive, we have large amounts of rare audio content that we have acquired and digitised. We need someone to edit this content.....basically taking out silent areas at the front and end of recording and adding a jingle at the end. We would send content via Sendspace   (more...)

foley artist for my project. Attach your resume AND a link to examples and\\or a clip of previous work. You must have a least one year of experience.   (more...)

meone to edit 15 min interviews. I need to make the sound better and in stereo. Take out the hmms or bloober, making it sound professional overall. Please let me know you experience and what you use to edit. I have the recording in mp3 format. Let me know if you have suggestions to make the mp3 recording better as well. This is long term work weekly work. The volume won\'t be high in the beginning, but will steady increase as time goes on.   (more...)

piece of content, an article needed to be transcribed into audio with mp3 format. Looking for Native English Speaker or professional voice over for this project. Be sure to read the article content prior to apply for this job: copy and paste the link and open in a new browser window:,-Detect-and-Defend---Five-Tips-on-Avoiding-Identity-Theft&id=4692937 Looking for someone offers reasonable price and quick turnaround.   (more...)

ing some public domain songs converted to carillon music - bell chimes for churches. List of songs: 1) All Creatures of Our God and King, Kirchengesang/Williams 2) Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, Bourgeouis 3) All Hail the Power of Jesus\' Name, Holden 4) Jesus Loves Me 5) Revive Us Again, Husband 6) Arise, My Soul, Arise, Edson 7) Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Dykes 8) When Morning Gilds the Sky, Barnby 9) The Comforter Has Come, Kirkpatrick 10) He Abides, Shanks 11) When the roll is called up yonder, Black 12) Just as I am, Bradbury There are three free carillon music demo files on this page: This is an example of the style I would like these songs to sound like. Requirements: On completion, I want to receive these songs in MIDI and .mp3 or ogg vorbis (or a lossless format)   (more...)

recording of an actual phone conversation. You need to speak English with a strong Indian accent.   (more...)

s for editing 10-12 hours of high quality audio. Audio consists of interviews and commentary. Estimate that final audio once edited will be about 5-6 hours long Requirements of Project: 1. Will edit audio recording adding commentary to portions of interviews 2. Need to be able to download and upload very large files each hour of audio is approximately 300 MG 3. Will provide with a transcript marking where commentary needs to be edited into the interview 4. Will edit out any extraneous words and sounds 5. Will need final product within 2 weeks of receipt of files 5. Will need to provide final format in Wav format as well as MP3 format instructions for MP3 format will be provided   (more...)

TENT This is a fairly straight forward task. We had some people read a few audio books. We have the ebooks and you would get a copy of them too so you can make sure that the audio matches the words. They need to match exactly basically (the audio and ebooks). Essentially, what you will do is listen to the audio and when they say \"cut\" or make an error and repeat themselves, you\'ll cut that out and move it back so all the errors are removed. They say \"cut\" when there is an error for the majority of the footage (probably 85%). But, you still have to pay close attention to see if there any other screw ups or weird things you have to check on against the book itself (there shouldn\'t be many). So, its pretty easy stuff, but we need it done right of course. There may be a couple other small adjustments I need you to make and a couple revisions if I listen to it. Although what I\'d like you to be able to do is listen to it and ask me about any questions YOU have as you go. So you can be MY ears for this project. There is 10 hours of audio to do for this project. The subject matter is dating/sex advice so if you are offended by things of that nature, no need to apply. Please send me a sample of your work that you\'ve done previously editing audio. Please let me know the audio editor you use and the source code files of course you will email after you are done as well with your finished files. Finally, please let me know when you could start and how long it would take you to complete. If you want this job, please in your cover letter address everything I\'ve mentioned here. This lets me know you can pay attention to details. Ask me questions on anything you need to know.   (more...)

s is looking for an individual with experience providing sound effects for games. Our app is comprised of six mini-games for which we need approximately 20 sound effects total. Sound effects can be created from scratch or sourced legally. If the candidate is qualified, we\'d also like assistance creating a music loop for game introduction and application menu. It\'s critical candidates have experience in game sound design.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: Gluck - Aria from Re pastore The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

d worker for our site who is provide us new albums clean cover mp3 rip files and it live in Chandigarh ..any one interested msg me..   (more...)

omeone to do a voice over for a 2 minute promo video. Basically we are looking for 2 different types of voices. Must speak perfect english and have the ability to record professionally 1. Deep voice, James Earl Jones type (Mufassa) Allstate commercial type voice 2. Woman, English accent With your application please record a sample of these couple of lines, or if you just have a Really good voice recording of your self, then that will work as well. Successful candidate will have to sign a NDA as well. Thanks and good luck --Sample Script--- The nature of our free society is one of our greatest strengths and yet it leaves us vulnerable to those who would harm us through acts of terrorism.   (more...)

compone a song for a baby for a gift. I have some ideas but i want someone who can write a spanish letter for a baby with my ideas, and compose a little song (1-2 minutes, maximum 3) If the writer is english and the song is ok, perhaps will be ok too   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)

to be engraved may be found here: - Gluck - Contessa The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) or Finale (*.mus) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

n productions, INC. is currently seeking a freelance Pro Tools audio engineer to to do final sound mixes for short form content. Work includes mixing and audio sweetening, music transition smoothing, adding sound effects, noise removal and sound design. Professionals only Apply. We are very picky with sound design skills. No amateurs please. These can be fixed price or hourly. This is not a full time position work will be on a job by job basis, however we do have a lot of work that needs audio finishing. We will FTP an OMF file and expect a final bounce back with a Stereo mix. M&E tracks VO tracks & dialogue Tracks. As well as all session files for archiving when job is complete.   (more...)

pays $1.00 per hour. Looking for someone who can take an audio recording and edit out the \"um\" and coughing, and also add music to the recording, and cut and paste audio into the recording.   (more...)

oice over artist is need for upcoming productions. If you have a great clear voice, then come on by. Possibility for a lot of work in the future. Thanks for your interest.   (more...)

anager/technician Required I am looking to start a podcast and am wanting to hire a manager/technician. I see your role including: establishing the intro/outro for the podcasts - possibly including introducing the show [dependant on your voice and whether that is what you want to do or not]. compiling the show notes submitting the podcast to the agreed directories / iTunes finding, contacting and arranging people to be interviewed connected to the niche cleaning any audio files to get an appropriate standard compiling all the segments into a podcast format I would see it as my role to interview / comment / provide the main material for the show - providing youi with the original audio files for inclusion into the show. Initially I think we would start with a podcast every 2 weeks and run them for 3 months trial and then review.   (more...)

e should be engraved in either Sibelius or Finale. The score can be obtained at The desired result is an error free score that should be available in the following formats: * Full Score (All instruments) in Finale File *.MUS or Sibelius *.SIB You should have good experience with Finale/Sibelius in order to reproduce a faithful representation of the PDF that is being provided. Only fixed price bids with no prepayment.   (more...)


to be engraved may be found here: - The Opera Brenno by Reichardt The way how you edit the score is up to you but you will have to deliver: * Full score (all instruments) as Sibelius File (*.sib) * Full score (all instruments) as pdf File (*.pdf) * Any instrumental voice as separate pdf File (*.pdf) Pure dialogue pages shall not be copied - only music (including songs and chorusses) - The Ouverture is not needed - The engraving has to be done in Sibelius. Other engraving tools are not acceptable for this project! You should have some experiences with Sibelius to provide an result in good quality - only fixed price bids with no prepayment Please have also an look at my other projects in odesk and improove your chances by submitting bids for more than one   (more...)

o have audio mastered and leveled and made to sit nicely into music bed. I record the audio in my studio and also have the music. will work via internet   (more...)

e an immediate start for an experienced web marketer to create a social network marketing strategy. The strategy will integrate with our business plan and technical specs and will form part of our corporate strategy for the website. Only apply if you have experience in Social Network Marketing and have a minimum of 100 proven hours on odesk. A good understanding of global sports markets is a bonus. If you apply without 100 hours of 5 star work on odesk you will be immediately rejected. I look forward to expert assistance in this job. regards ruby   (more...)

ing for someone to who knows the jobs sites like,,, etc.. Based on a couple of job descriptions I need someone to research jobs and find ones that fit. After approval you\'ll then submit a resume and cover letter that I will provide you (you will need to be skilled enough to modify the cover letter accordingly to fit the job description). Among a few other things you\'re going to need to keep track of each resume submission via excel spread sheet w/ company info and contact info.   (more...)

, a start-up publishing company is looking for experienced sales representatives. Initially, we would want this person to work with us to define our sales strategy for our network We would then like to have this person handle marketing research, receive outbound calls coming from various countries ( especially from the US and UK ), send email to hot leads, administrative duties and do some heavy marketing for the time being. Initially this person must be available at least 20 hours a week ( may permanently or temporarily increase in time depending on the need ). Applicants should have excellent command of verbal and written English, possess outstanding phone etiquette and at least sufficient experience in the field of marketing and sales. Please send us your resumes   (more...)

ing to complete a business plan for an affiliate network company that deals with corporations, partners and softwre companies as its main clientele. What I will need the prospective candidate(s) to deliver to me is (among other things): 1. A clear, concise and well written business plan that streamlines the business process and one that you know that when presented to prospective banks/venture capitalists, has the best chance of being taken to the next phase of development. 2. Financial data i.e approximate cost for start up, advertising, marketing etc. 3.Cost comparison of self funded Vs VC funded venture 4. Fine tune the core business strategy to make it a stronger business idea. 5. Research on potential competitors and market. If you think you are capable of delivering this, please let me know. Serious inquiries only. NOTE: Do not expect to put in work, and get paid - simply for doing some work. This job is for a COMPLETED plan, not the effort. I will only pay for the finished product. I will not pay before any services are rendered and will not pay until/if we are satisfied with the work performed. PLEASE: In your cover letter, state whether you have/have not previously written a business plan. Applicants without this information will be rejected as SPAM.   (more...)

basic business plan for a social network.   (more...)

oking for someone to do the following for our Financial Services Marketing and Recruiting agency, allowing us to focus on new business development and recruiting campaigns. -Build, send, manage weekly email blasts to agents and advisors -Coordinate provided content and submit to web developers -Complete specified industry research -Prepare excel spreadsheets for lead tracking -Communicate via email with agents and advisors basic needs for forms, contact info, etc. -Set up contracts with vendors for shipping, mailing, supply services -Expense Reports for owner   (more...)

for a hair and beauty exhibition 2011 Attendees: Suppliers Buyers Sellers et etc Capacity of 1,000+ people Sponsership packages Stands Music Fashion show Layout plans Costs I need someone who has major expertise in this area with proven track records and references. that will bring in hundreds of buyers, sellers and I want a proposal to send to business in order for them to sponser my business. I need extensive market research, cost analysis. In a nut shell a bespoke proposal!!!   (more...)

Consultant Provide marketing material design and execution incorporating all products and services and marketing management with communications media and advertising materials to effectively represent the company\'s products and services to customers and other prospects   (more...)

iption I am looking to complete a business plan.I am looking to develop an Ebay type website that will mirror products from major retail sites online including Ebay. My software requirements will include essential tasks such as container scheduling, shipping space optimization per container, etc. The developer should also be familiar with eBay, Amazon, Bonanzle, and other major online retailer\'s API. What I will need the prospective candidate(s) to deliver to me is: 1. A clear, concise and well written business plan that streamlines the business process and one that you know that when presented to to prospective banks/venture capitalists, has the the best chance of being taken to the next phase of development. 2. Financial data i.e approximate cost for start up, advertising etc. 3.Cost comparison of self funded Vs VC funded venture 4. Fine tune the core business strategy to make it a stronger business idea. 5. Power Point presentation of business plan and strategy. 5. Research on potential competitors and market. If you think you are capable of delivering this, please let me know. Serious inquiries only.   (more...)

oker who can sell 18 domain names with the features listed below at good prices. Shortlenth Memorable Unique Descriptive Keyword Oriented A brokage of 15 % of the final selling amount will be provided after the sale. Place your bids to contact us.   (more...)

sites coming online August 1st and I need to prepare: 1 Recruiting Site 4 Lead Generation Sites Work with me to create a marketing strategy. Marketing Strategy Smart & Focused Logo and Graphics SEO Research Writing Content Internet Marketing Adword Genius Keyword Guru Affiliate Marketing I would be looking to pay a flat fee every month for all of these services.   (more...)

marketing   (more...)

Firefox toolbar that helps eBay users find and track items they\'re searching for more effectively. In the past few months, the number of users has started to decline. Right now I don\'t have time or expertise to reverse that trend. That\'s where you come in. This job will have two phases: The first will be creating a marketing plan for increasing the user base. This phase will last 1-2 weeks and will be open to multiple contractors. I will review each plan, and the best of the group will be invited to move on to the second phase of the job. The second phase will be implementation of your marketing plan to increase the number of users. The duration of the job will depend on your plan and its effectiveness.   (more...)

need to create a simple/rough outline of a lead generation plan based on tactic (such as telemarketing, PR, event, referrals, etc). The plan should be a simple .xls with two columns: 1. Tactic 2. % of sales per month towards overall sales goal Skills required: Knowledge of sales/marketing strategy and results documenting.   (more...)

meone who is well-versed on online marketing (has experience with Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing) and who can write business-level documents. I have an outline for a custom online marketing strategy that should be turned into readable, polished text for CEO\'s. Familiarity with SEM and SMM with strengths in business writing will help the qualified candidate complete this task.   (more...)

oducing a new local restaurant directory where I live. The restaurant directory will promote local restaurants in my area. My plan is to give them 1 month free, then charge them $15 dollars per month to be listed on the directory. My goal is to sign up 100 restaurants as soon as possible. My problem is getting the restaurants to sign up to the free offer. Right now I am physically visiting each restaurant and telling them about the offer. Most of the owners tell me to come back at a later date to talk, which is fine. But it is just very time consuming. I am just wondering if there is a faster, more effective way to get this done. If you can help me and you are experienced please reply ASAP!   (more...)

itzer is a 19 year old from Boston Mass. who currently attends the Univeristy of Arizona. Zach goes by the stage name of Zac White and has opened up for Sam Adams (the rapper) and this summer has a showcase in st. louis Mo. This young hip hop artist is going to be the next big thing he just needs help with advertisment and marketing. We are looking for any possible way to get Zac White\'s name out there and for audiances accross the world to listen to his music that he not only creates him self but also writes the lyrics to. We are looking to get his name on blogs, hip hop websites, anything related to music and new artists, etc   (more...)

articulate and imaginative employee needed to research public relations strategies/ marketing information to be used to market novels. See Marketing/sales experience useful. Mastery of english language essential. Ability to use MS Office an advantage.   (more...)

everal marketeers to create and manage all our communications on our website, our applications and in all marketing messages. We need people who can independently do the market research (we are active on the web), and come up with both great strategy, content and campaigns. There is ongoing work in this area, so we aim to build a long term relationship. Please keep this in mind in relation to rates. Preferred experience: - Marketing Strategy - Web Marketing / Copy Writing - Advertising experience - Campaign Management   (more...)

e who is prepared to go the extra mile and \"shine\" in this project will have the opportunity to be come a part of a team of specialists. This team will be provided with a many referral opprtunities in the future, that they would not need to apply for another oDesk project again. I need an effective USP social marketing strategy which can achieve the required objectives and provide an quantifiable ROI. Most people take a more “chaotic” approach, starting a blog, Face book profile, LinkedIn, Twitter, rather than first mapping a course to achievable objectives. So we’ll start with what we want to achieve in mind. To do this, please use a proven model called ROAD. Research – Gather intelligence on target audiences, social use and competition Objectives – Defines objectives aligned with target audiences and social metrics Actions – Create a social marketing strategy with a tactical plan of action Devices – Select platforms that fit social marketing architecture and tactics The strategy itself will have three stages of maturity: Phase 1 – Trial – no process is used and social platforms are implemented first Phase 2 – Transition – an informal process is used and performed randomly Phase 3 – Strategic – an formal process is used and performed routinely Our objective is to make the transition from trial to strategic. From a hit and run strategy to a replicable method which can be used again and again for predictable results. Now, to achieve this, I’ve created this formal plan: 1. Monitoring target audience – by social marketing maturity, industry sector, organization size, primary market, 2. Creating an effective measuring tool, plug and play. 3. Defining objectives – by social marketing maturity, industry sector, organization size, primary market. 4. Defining social media mediums effectiveness in achieving that objective. 5. Creating a plan of action a) Use of social media for marking purposes (ROI generating) b) Effectiveness for achieving objectives c) Time, resources and expenses required for these social media tactics d) Effectiveness, effort required and usage of tactics summarized e) Integrating social media with other marketing tactics 6. Deploying social platforms – for marketing purposes a) Least difficult platforms to use b) Rating the difficulty of setting up these platforms 7. Solutions for monitoring and measurement 8. Use of social media brands. This is a professional plan for creating and implementing a social media marketing strategy in a way which works. And when I say “works”, I’m referring to generating revenue or achieving the objectives required, which is the primary requirement for this project. To apply for this project, please quote \"Team Trilergy\" at the top of your proposal - otherwise your proposal will not be looked at. If you have any social media marketing strategies, please include them in your application. Please also include what your fixed price would be and the timeframe it would take you to finish the project. I have attached documents that should help you understand the business concepts and information. If you have another proven social media marketing strategy approach, please outline it in your proposal. This is your chance to have referral work brought to you through automatic lead generation. English must be 50%. All the very best Sue   (more...)

oking for a talented individual that can help us get new client\'s by finding right channel\'s and places online. This job will require some one very resourceful that can take some of our basic idea\'s and come up with better ones and can execute. Person\'s role will require excellent English as well as ability to Ghost Write. We are looking for the following: -Very Creative Person -Write up Resume and How To Articles -Very resourceful on the internet find new chanels where our product can gain more exposure.   (more...)

ng plan heavily focused on social media and the internet. Writer should have some knowledge of SAAS, software,career assessment software, online gaming and education application markets. The attached document provides an overview on the concept.   (more...)

ng plan heavily focused on social media and the internet. Writer should have some knowledge of SAAS, software,career assessment software, online gaming and education application markets. The attached document provides an overview on the concept.   (more...)

IT firm is looking for commission based recruiters for their company. The recruiter needs to recruit people and place the people. But very good commission rates. Based on the performance of the candidates, after 6 months base salary will be provided.   (more...)

o gather information on companies such as revenue, number of employees, executives and employees relevant to marketing and advertising (CMO, CEO, Marketing Director, etc). Find any social presence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog, etc). This information needs to be placed in an Excel document which has already been created with an example of a proper entry. Any relevant information not requested directly, important news about the company, change of ownership/management, etc, should be added in their own fields.   (more...)

xperienced intelligent and reliable professional telemarketer to set appointments for sales presentations. The candidate should speak perfect English, with background in telemarketing, sales, and/or customer support. The candidate should call on businesses in California Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm. Target: 15-20 qualified appointments per week. Compensation: $15 for each qualified appointment plus $20 bonus for a closed sale. No shows no pay. Meeting the target, the compensation will increase to $20 for a qualified appointment and $30 bonus for a closed sale. Scripts and short training about the services and products will be provided. We will also provide a leads database. The candidate will work from the comfort of their home. You must have a computer, internet and email access. You will provide a weekly report of every number/person/company you called. A template will be provided.   (more...)

oking, for one person make a research on internet, about companies in Portugal, collecting and selling empty cartridges from laser printers. We looking for big and small companies located in Portugal, and at the end of the research we need emails and telephone numbers, and also the price list from these companies, at list seven companies. We accept only people from Portugal.   (more...)

t Company is looking for representative in each city of USA / CANADA We provide special internet marketing services for local companies with NO MONEY UPFRONT. That\'s why we are looking for representatives, cause we are only ONE company which don\'t take money UPFRONT. Customers will pay only UNTIL they see results. We provide 20-30% RECURRING commission for each representative with special training. You will need ONLY to find local companies in your area which have interests in internet marketing services. And as Yellow pages, newspaper, magazines are almost history, it will be no difficult to find such companies. Job Requirements: - Must live in the USA or Canada - Good communication skills Benefits: - 20-30% Recurring commission - Special Training - Special Support - HOT Market   (more...)

START a new online business. Need a new website and marketing plan as well as SEO etc. Must be the best at every step of the process and deliver in a very timely manner. Only the top level group that can handle it need apply.   (more...)

Trend Following Investment Management Firm seeks seasoned marketing consultant to develop marketing strategy to attract AUM and Investment Advisor Representatives. Must have financial services marketing background and history of implementing solid strategies for startup firms. I\'m looking for someone that can develop an effective marketing plan.   (more...)

oking for an excellent marketing executive who has a proven track record of making a business successful. He must be familiar with modern marketing skills and well classical. He must work closely in making marketing strategies, implement them and get desired results. He must show remarkable experience / skill in: - resell of business; - organize teams; - prepare marketing strategies and implement them; and, - work independently with minimum guidance. This position can lead to enormous benefits in future for desired and result driven person.   (more...)

ake sure our Google Analytics is set up properly and that we establish Goals and Funnels. Want to make sure GA is properly aligned with our email campaigns.   (more...)

o, conditional formulae work done. I need to create a dashboard in excel to display status information. Central Sheet There is a central sheet that contains: • A list of company departments. (x axis) • A breakdown of documents to be reviewed. (y axis) Some departments receive all documents. Other departments receive 1 or 2 documents. The central sheet will track which department reviews which sheet. Individual Department Sheet Each Department has a sheet which contains the following: • A column with All the documents available • A column which indicates All the documents from those available that they are allocated to review • A column which contains a status of either – (status column) o No value o Yes - additional comments o No – can sign off • A column which contains a set of comments related to the document that has been reviewed. I need the following: 1. For a specific department, the central sheet will indicate all the scripts to be reviewed. This info may come from the Individual Department Sheet. 2. For each document being reviewed if the document has no value in the status column of the Individual Department Sheet then the cell should be red 3. For each document being reviewed if the document has a value of ‘No – Additional Comments’ in the status column of the Individual Department Sheet then the cell should be yellow 4. For each document being reviewed if the document has a value of ‘Yes - Done’ in the status column of the Individual Department Sheet then the cell should be green 5. In those instances where the ‘No – Additional Comments’ is present, there should be a link to the related Individual Department Sheet page. I have included an example of the Individual Department Sheet & Central Sheet I need this started asap and completed within 24 hours. Potential additional work available for someone bright and quick. Thanks Andrew   (more...)

ing for help of a stat expert in helping one of my client. This is a on going project but part time. First part is a very small project. See the excel file attached. It shows monthly new members to a web site and also the second column shows how many members renew. I need a one year forecast based on those numbers. You can use excel if you know how, if not STATA as that is what I have.   (more...)

ne casino stat analysis defined and a work book developed to recognize trends   (more...)

u to cross reference two xl spreadsheets and highlight names on one that do not appear on the other.   (more...)

ing for a simple options trading model that will not only help me learn, but will start to assist me in trading options. The model should allow me to input values, such as current stock, commission, price, strike price and then on a separate tab show me costs associated with the trade. The model should allow me to keep a trade journal as well as start assisting me in modeling out risks associated with the trade. I would like to start out simple and then slowly start building risk factors such as the greeks and the stochastic model....   (more...)

ian with post graduate qualification required   (more...)

o hire statistical analyst part time for long term. We have statistical analysis related tasks on a daily basis. You must be proficient in Excel. The ideal candidate will have a proven analytical experience. Also this could lead into a full time position as we have business analytics related projects on a regular basis. Please attach excel files you created to demonstrate your skills. You must have a microphone and a high speed internet connection as most of the work communication will be done over voice calls (Skype / Google Talk, etc\'...) Advantage will be given to those who completed the English test and can read / write / speak English fluently.   (more...)

competitive analysis for business cards online (web) suppliers wordwide, by country. Canada (Find 5-10 Suppliers) USA (Find 5-10 Suppliers) All south america (Find 5-10 Suppliers) Western Europe (Find 5-10 Suppliers) Japan (Find 5-10 Suppliers) China (Find 5-10 Suppliers) Korea (Find 5-10 Suppliers) Africa (Find 5-10 Suppliers) Other Asia (Find 5-10 Suppliers) Please use this template: Supplier Name Website address Retail cost for 500 full color 1 side cards : Retail cost for 1000 full color 1 side cards : Delivery Cost: Delivery Time:   (more...)

ing for a skilled Math / Statistics Expert. The right candidate should have at least a bachelor\'s degree (Master\'s preferred) in a quantitative subject (math, physics, engineering etc) and a good working knowledge in a programming language (preference to Python, but other languages are OK too). Please share about yourself, and explain what makes you the right fit for this project.   (more...)

statistical analysis   (more...)

iption I need someone who is knows statistical analysis on SPSS preferably or some similar software. I have a lot of data which has been analyzed but need further analysis done.   (more...)

ooking for somebody to design a new property website for us this site will have to be able to calculate the cost to build property together with a database of imputed information supplied by the client this database will then be linked to activate a renewal date email to be sent to the client. We also want the site to be ecommerce i.e payments made direct by clients online once the payment is made the client can download their information   (more...)

d set up of a simulation model. The model could be described with polynoms but the parameters entered are based on statistical distribution. It is important to provide an idea, why you are skilled to to this job. To avoid misunderstandings - we talk about university level.   (more...)

meone who can get white hat youtube views only please contact me Long term opportunity   (more...)

candidate who is able to develop 4 statistical methods for extreme wind calculation. Advanced statistics, advanced maths, bootstrap techniques and statistical distribution concepts are essential, Please contact to receive more information, Best Jose   (more...)

ing for someone who has assisted businesses around the world create a product and market it right through til profitability and work with me a business partner I am open to any kind of products or website ideas If you have done this for a company anywhere and it has become successful and know how to do this again easily and effectively, i would be interested in replicating the model (same or different product) here in America. And would be more than willing to profit-share/ give you part-ownership in the business & profit we make selling online or within Australia/worldwide. So if you have a good idea and know how to execute it and would like a business partner in the United States to make it happen, contact me and lets make it happen.   (more...)

ooking for a motivated marketing assistant. Tasks will include minor research, data entry, email marketing,and appointment setting. Looking for someone to engage a minimum of a 50-100 new contacts an hour, enter in data (name, email address, phone number), and email market to them. You may also be required to make calls to the United States, create marketing materials, provide follow up customer service and manage accounts. Strong marketing and business writing skills required. Looking to start immediatley. Please contact me directly if you are interested - 562.276.5544 Look forward to working with you and growing together Ryan   (more...)

ne month consultancy project. - Well experienced in SAP XI/PI - Should have reasonable knolwedge and experience in SAP ABAP - Knowledge of SOAP, HTTP interfaces - Self driven and analytical who can work independently - Minimum 3 years of experience thanks vaidy   (more...)

al Reference, an imprint of American Library Association Publishing, seeks a Salesforce consultant to configure our Salesforce install. ALA Digital Reference sells subscriptions to our digital products to customers worldwide. We have a Salesforce non-profit CRM Starter Pack subscription. We need Salesforce configured to manage and report on CRM for subscribers, potential subscribers, and users of our products. We need to track free trials, subscriptions, renewals, and user demographics. We anticipate the project may include the following deliverables: • Review current CRM workflow and data collection (in Excel) • Determine reporting needs (interview 2 -3 staff members) • Suggest CRM workflow changes (if needed) • Configure Salesforce with approved CRM workflow • Convert current CRM data to Salesforce • Document Salesforce CRM process (MS Word) • Train current staff on Salesforce CRM workflow (Web Meeting) Onsite meetings shouldn\'t be necessary as we are experienced working virtually and we can host web meetings and conference calls when needed.   (more...)

oking for a marketing professional with experience in Executive Education Marketing / Administration for Universities - especially for Business Schools. He/she should provide us process guidance in the area current processes/ issues/ area of improvement etc. This is a need based requirement and we are ready to provide up to $10/hr fees.   (more...)

omeone to take our company idea from a concept to a successful, thriving business. The idea is strong but we are seeking guidance on how to proceed. Duties would include, but are not limited to, investor search, business structuring, marketing plans and hiring. We do not have a large budget so if someone would be willing to work for a percentage of the company, it would be better.   (more...)

business plan for Real Estate General Contracting company in the U.S. This needs to be a 25 to 30 page plan with all financials, graphs, and charts. Must have: _executive summary -mission -goals -market analysis -keys to success -strategy and implementation -management This needs to be done by 7/27/2010   (more...)

g for payment gateway setup legal process consultant. thanks Praful   (more...)

s Plan Preparation - Sector/Industry/Product Research - Financial Analysis - Cash Flow/IRR/NPV   (more...)

oking for a certificated NFA Series 3 for a Forex Project. Please don\'t post your CV if you don\'t have this certificate.   (more...)

search   (more...)

or researchers in Brazil, who speak the local Portugese language.   (more...)

business plan for marketing on social media   (more...)

anual Craigslist Ad Posters for Gig Section. Money Talks Modeling Don Dinero   (more...)

bjective: - To attract investors for the project Project Details: My client is looking for a high calibre professional business writer to write a business plan to build a million dollar turnover business in 5 years. The business focuses on opening beauty related chain in Asia and develops it\'s own product line to sell in the chain and in a retail environment. I am considering either to hand over the project to someone or to collaborate with someone on the project. Here is how the project needed to be done. Phase 1 Q & A - Define questions under the business plan framework provided and ask founders those questions. (See here: - Do expect back and forth from the client throughout the process as they have not got a lot of details nailed down yet. Phase 2 Research and Analysis - Base on phase 1, research and analyze on questions that are asked but not answered by the founders. Phase 3 Write up - With all the information, write a formal business plan with 40-50 pages. Bidder Requirement: - Must be available on a regular basis via email and phone call - Native English Speaker, Excellent English Skills - Chinese skill is preferred - At least 5 years of professional writing experience - Industry related experience is welcomed - Please share with me your relevant experience - You must send me an actual business plan that you have created to illustrate your writing capability I would like to have from you: - no. of hours you estimate the project will need (per each phase and total) - how much is your hourly rate? (per each phase and total) - A clear cost breakdown of the sessions that the project involves - Please indicate whether you are OK to collaborate with the project and your cost of collaboration with each part (e.g. Research, Writing) Please note: For this project, we are not going for the absolute lowest bid but rather, we need a real professional quality for this project. All applicants must sent the above details. Otherwise, your bid will not be considered.   (more...)

ny, registered in UK, is looking to work with people with knowledge in auditing and preparing ISO management systems. The job is remote and does not require any travel of visits to client offices. Details of the job can be well discussed during the interview. Please apply only if you are based in Europe/USA/Australia/NZ/SA.   (more...)

f a Chinese citizen who is familiar with local garment factories/manufacturing facilities. Weblinks and other pertinent information will be provided as you will need to find the origins of where the posted products/items derived. Once the aforementioned is obtained you will then contact the factory/facility yourself where you will obtain particulars such as location, purchase information, prices etc. Individual must have had prior experience in this type of research/sourcing. Individual should be fluent in English so we can communicate via gtalk or windows messenger. Proof and success of this type of work must be provided as well. Payment is fixed and will be rendered when all information is gathered and confirmed. Thanks   (more...)

ing for a web-based inventory and accounting solution (ranging from Free to $50/month).. The closest I got for similar desktop solution is a combination of Inventoria and UnionBank\'s Business Check solution but it needs to have a deposit feature in order to track my income. I have attached the UBC\'s screenshots in this ad. Also, for inventory, I think Golden Inventory system is also good, but a bit complicated. is the closest complete solution to my business, but it does not have an accounting feature. Please address me as nol, if you are interested to be my researcher, and can find any software that is what im looking, then you\'re the one getting the job.   (more...)

meone that can come up with great topics for public relations on social network like facebook, twitter and our blog page. Must be able to post great interesting topic about businesses. Spanish & French is a must. Cost is $1 per hour. Must have experienced.   (more...)

to the Business Analytics business and are planning to expand our business into the US. We have a analytics hub here and can provider a variety of analytic services to clients. So we want the provider to help us promote the business by getting us clients from the US. We don\'t have an office in the US yet, and so we would expect the provider to get our offerings details and get us clients. The provider will be paid well for the efforts and will in future be considered for our manager in the US. Please reply with your experience in promoting business analytics projects. * This is only for providers in the US.   (more...)

meone to provide me with all necessary documents needed for advertising agency. such as (Engagement letter, product brief, Quotation, change request, jobs descriptions ...etc).   (more...)

business plan that is almost complete and am Looking for someone that can help me finalize it in the next couple of days. REQUIREMENTS 1) You must be available to talk via skype in order to discuss the buiness plan with me 2) You must be have excellent ENGLISH writing skills 3) You must be able to prepare a proforma with income and expenses 4) I must see samples of your work. PLease respond ASAP so that we can set up an interview   (more...)

lp and insight into getting a UL or cUL mark. I contacted the company at but it seems they are ripping me a new one with a quote at $7k. I assume if I knew the industry better and exactly what the purpose of UL is they there must be cheaper avenues out there. Just looking for contacts, insight, info, etc.   (more...)

usiness Plans with supporting financials and statistics for startup and ongoing business including Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Services, and more. Please be able to start soon.   (more...)

eed of a complete business plan, business continuity plan, to compete for a Gov\'t contract. I have industry specific knowledge that I can send over/share with you, but I am too busy to write the plan and put it together. Here is more info on my company: Rimes Ventures, Inc. is a second generation property preservation and securing company based in Tampa, FL. RVI offers professional services to asset managers, banks, National servicing companies, Realtors, commercial property managers, lenders, home owners/managers, or anyone who wants a quality job done at a fair price! Owner, Brandon Rimes has been involved in the property preservation/REO/Rehab & Inspection services industry over 15 years and holds a business management/entrepreneurship degree from Florida Gulf Coast University. RVI is a Nationwide property preservation/Rehab services company covering the continental United States. RVI has 24 to 48 hour completion times in most areas and is able to extend a wide range of services with an extreme focus on customer service and satisfaction. We offer exemplarily service, speed, and detail oriented results with efficient processing! Our services include but are not limited to: FREE bids, Evictions, debris removal, all lawn and landscaping needs (commercial and residential), securing/lock/lockbox installation, painting, tree/shrub trimming, roof repairs, sales cleans/monthly refreshes, vehicle removal, pool maintenance or covering, flooring, windows & doors, complete remodel and rehab work, mold remediation, plumbing, code violation/permitting remedy, utilities, fire damage repairs, and any other related services. Rimes Ventures, Inc. employs safety and quality control procedures for protecting our client’s assets and interest! Rimes Ventures, Inc. maintains 1 million dollar E & O coverage and $500,000 general liability insurance through York Jersey UW Insurance Company. Rimes Ventures, Inc. values the relationships of our clients and will work hard to make sure that any job is completed to the highest standards! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with you for future growth! Thanks for your time, Brandon Rimes Owner/President   (more...)

ledge in MS Excel   (more...)

I\'m interested in someone who has done lead generation for a broad range of businesses. I\'m interested in the processes that you\'ve mapped, eg newspaper ad, then free report, then follow-up phone call as an example. Please reply with 1) The types of people who you have helped: eg doctors, lawyers, coaches etc 2) What are the keys to a great lead generation process 3) What are the 3 biggest mistakes people make with their lead generation processes 4) Are you able to \"map\" these lead generation processes? If so, how would you do so? Thanks and talk soon   (more...)

veral current consulting projects and prospective clients in Australia/Southeast Asia market and I need to share some of the workload. Our company MGCW, (new website, still under construction old site is is operating across several industries, we are looking for professional people to help us, some project will be conducted in conjunction with other business consultants, some projects are focused on sales and marketing, whereas others are technical. Some industries and areas are rather general and require an overall, holistic approach and other projects are very specific in extremely niche markets. All in all, I worked with consultants and business people from all over the World for a while, odesk has served me well (under other companies and usernames) so I am looking for a longer term arrangement with a handful of people - Each industry we serve can only be handled by one senior consultant or one senior (team lead) and one or two junior consultants. Overall projects initially will be co-managed by one of our Principal Partners, they will be delivered to the client and we will ultimately sign under them, so the legal responsibility will be largely ours (we have appropriate liability covers and risk management plans)- therefore our selection needs to be careful. WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU, even if you are hesitating if this is right for you! Please include your CV/Resume, your core skills and expertise, past projects, availability (we are mostly looking for casual work for now) and your rates (per hour, or per project type) - IMPORTANT: Please complete this survey: Should you have further questions, please contact us via odesk.   (more...)

planning about business vs non-profit and license to my business. I am trying to secure seed funding to develop an educational game/software application. I would like advise on the pros and cons of setting up a non-profit, securing funds and developing the game/application through the non=profit and then having the non-profit exclusively license the product to my company. Looking for email, phone or document (1-3 pgs) discussing this.   (more...)

I\'m looking for someone who can name our new web site. Please reply with 1) Experience you\'ve had here 2) Some great names you\'ve come up with 3) The top 3 mistakes people make when naming things Thanks and talk soon   (more...)

development manager require for ideas and implementing incentive programs for staff members of our turf Production operation. We need to develop a simple to operate and implement an incentive program for our sales, production, installation and delivery team. Other business development tasks to be done in the future also. Please only experience and knowledgable people apply.   (more...)

ss Economists Required for Ongoing Development Work. Please provide CV and your experience.   (more...)

oking for a Freelancer to work with us to increase profitability for a website directory focused on helping drive website visitor traffic to bed and breakfast inns\' websites. These inns are located throughout the world. The website is a subscription based site which provides Inns the option to advertise with one of three levels of exposure. Subscriptions are annual. We are looking for a business development expert to analyze this business model and make suggestions for increasing profitability. Compensation will be based largely on the effectiveness and results of the advice and implementation of the various suggestions. We are willing to work on a profit sharing arrangement for a period of time to be determined. All suggestions are welcomed for structuring this arrangement. Please reply with some resume examples of this type of consulting and typical results which have been achieved. We look forward to your response. Questions for Freelancers: 1. Willing to work on a profit sharing arrangement? 2. Looking for someone seeking an interesting project. 3. Part time over the next year is what we are looking for, interested?   (more...)

portfolio of businesses (HVAC, HiTech & Green Environment Products). We are looking for a proven track record COO, who can manage all our business and take us to the next level. Responsibilities: - Profitably manage rapid recent growth and future expansion plans - Plan and Execute for the Short/Medium and Long Range horizons - Lower Cost through optimization of People, Processes, Technologies - Squarely meet and overcome operational challenges - To accomplish market dominance from present market leadership - Integrate People through Vision, Mission, Values and Org Structure More information will be sent to right candidate after recruitment. PS: Excellent performance-based salary package.   (more...)

one to help me with a business plan for a new web busines, some research is needed.   (more...)

a New Zealand based business coach/consultant, although I hve consulted all over the world. New Zealand (NZ) has a population of only 4 million and has the largest pecentage of small businesses per capita in the world. 85% of our businesses employ 5 or fewer people. I am looking for someone who can \"design\" a small business coaching programme for NZ that I can market to potential customers to help them grow and manage their business, etc. I have the concept (and underlying knowledge) but would like some help to \"formalise\" my structure. I envisage the following phases: Initial stage: Interview via skype to understand my requirements; Phase 1: High level concept design, including further interviewing me again on skype and your proposal; Phase 2: Terms of reference and confidentiality disclaimers signed off; Phase 3: Business plan prepared; Phase 4: Coaching programme scoped and outline put together (content, programme length, programme frequency, price structure); Phase 5: Individual modules designed. I would not expect to be charged for the initial stage or phase 2. I would anticipate that during phase 5, individual modules will be released, so I do not have to wait until the end of the project to start this service line. I would also expect the programme to be scalable so that I can target other countries. Please type \"Blue sky thinking\" in the 1st line of your reply - if you don\'t I will treat your application as SPAM and it WILL be rejected. If you think that you have the skills and desire to help me, then please let me know and we can schedule a skype call. Do NOT send me a list of random projects that you have worked on unless it is relevant to this assignment - I WILL reject your application as SPAM if you do. Cheers, Mark   (more...)

Trend Following Investment Management Firm seeks seasoned marketing consultant to develop marketing strategy to attract AUM and Investment Advisor Representatives. Must have financial services marketing background and history of implementing solid strategies for startup firms. I\'m looking for someone that can develop an effective marketing plan.   (more...)


support to help configure RTC C;ient issues conecting to Sql DB for Nav 2009   (more...)

Craigslist expert to help me design a system so that I can keep job postings active and on top of the list for truck driver trainees in the 14 Craigslist cities in Michigan. My name is Rick King. I am the president of CDL Training Associates, Inc. Our website is   (more...)

an Australian Chartered Accountant and have been researching and trialing the offshoring of process orientated tasks into India and the Philippines for SME\'s within Australia. I am working towards formalising a business model that will suit the Australian market. I am at a critical point in my thinking and would like to hire a mentor to assist me to get it right. I am looking for someone who has experience in delivering these services to SME\'s or has been involved with it at some level. I would prefer either an American, Brit or Canadian. What I am hoping to find is an ongoing relationship where I can bounce ideas around and get to hear the thoughts and opinions of someone who has some experience in this field. Mick   (more...)

ave someone, who can get us a detail plan and web site strategy, for our marketing services, web based lead generation and web based product delivery. Like to use Internet for anything and everything, ideally. Our competitor is IBM.So, need a person, who can take us to the next level.   (more...)

search, consulting   (more...)

search, consulting   (more...)

an investment fund that invests in very small companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We require someone with advanced analytical skills and share market knowledge to analyse the people, balance sheets, trading data, announcements and commercial contracts of micro cap ASX listed companies and provide us with short recommendations on why we should or should not look at investing in them. This role will be potentially be on-going for the right person. Please be specific on the experience and knowledge you have in this area when applying. Thank you   (more...)

artner with a person to manufacture goods or do services in a large scale, globally I am good in business management, communication, competitive analysis/grids, running businesses, exc. and need to partner with someone who can make this happen to make a global import/export company or any other idea, I am open to other ideas If you are interested and have some good ideas, please apply.   (more...)

ing for someone who has assisted businesses around the world create a product and market it right through til profitability and work with me a business partner I am open to any kind of products or website ideas If you have done this for a company anywhere and it has become successful and know how to do this again easily and effectively, i would be interested in replicating the model (same or different product) here in America. And would be more than willing to profit-share/ give you part-ownership in the business & profit we make selling online or within Australia/worldwide. So if you have a good idea and know how to execute it and would like a business partner in the United States to make it happen, contact me and lets make it happen.   (more...)

one who can post 10-20 CL ads per day in different cities. I do not have PVAs or accounts. I am looking for someone who can do everything and not make excuses. will pay well for good work   (more...)

th great English speaking and writing skills to organize and run weekly webinars. Must have computer skills (excel, powerpoint, word processor). 10-20 hours per week. $5 per hour. Must be self-starter and competent.   (more...)

or an expert in setup of oogle Adwords, Google Analytics and other SEO techniques for my website: I already have Adwords/Analytics account, just need someone to configure correctly and provide guidance on other SEO options. In your response to this posting, please tell me what specific SEO techniques you would use to promote a software configuration and development company to local businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. That is my target customer base. Thank you.   (more...)

ome chnages to be done to data in excel. Approx 1600 items need this work to be done immediatley...please contact if you are able to do it now   (more...)

one who can help me locate health and beauty suppliers (particulary skin lightening products). the suppliers must have websites that accept paypal, google checkout, visa, mastercard. the suppliers must be able to drop ship items to customers in the US and worldwide. the suppliers must speak english. the suppliers must be reliable and honest. I need a list of 15 suppliers preferably from Asia or USA.   (more...)

the best location in Asia in regards to quality and price, to have fabricated metal products made suitable for the Australian market. Must be able to provide high quality products, competitive prices, access to galvanizing plant, and be a supplier of the highest integrity. Provide detailed report discussing findings.   (more...)

meone who is experienced in posting on multiple cities in craigslist   (more...)

someone to go through a list of forums I provide. I will require you to go through 50-75 forums. I also would prefer someone with a good understanding of the English language and reading abilities. Please write \"I understand the necessary requirements\" at the top when you apply to the job. When you go through each forum, I will ask you to search the forum for threads relating to a certain topic. Thread = Posting Forum = Bulletin Board I will supply you with some search keywords, but I need someone creative to understand what I need and build on that list. I will consider all bids, I will pay according to skills, experience, knowledge, and creativity.   (more...)

the top 25 companies that are working in relation to the BP/Deepwater horizon oil spill. Type of contracts awarded, dollar amts, what is being focused on and where opportunities are... Due Date is 7/30/10 in a detailed format   (more...)

lp with doing some Profitability Analysis and Projections, Models in Excel 2007. I need to get this done on asap basis.   (more...)

internet company is looking for a business name. The site will compete directly with ebay, craigslist and amazon. The name should be one word and can be an existing word or made up. Please include the name in your reply and whichever one we like, we\'ll pay that person.   (more...)

ike a team to go into my email account, compile and send an email to each new person who emailed me a resume requesting they bring their utility bill and register for a time to come in for an interview. I also would like someone to follow up via phone call and confirm the person who registered will be coming. another task is to follow a outline by sending an email and phone call to my existing customer date base asking to set up an appointment. all questions will be outlined and informationwill be provided. some of these Id like to begin on today, others can continue over several weeks.   (more...)

slide presntation about the following topics: 1. How many OS (operating systems) are sold (and what is the revenue) around the world: a. Microsoft b. Linux c. Others 2. What is the O.S. Market revenue in US? 2. What are the main limitations that users encounter with OS? 3. O.S activated by voice: a. What is the revenue for O.S activated by voice in the last 4 years? b. Names of major companies that provide voice activated OS. c. How much did O.S activated by voice market evolved in recent 4 years? 4. O.S activated by voice and A.I.( artificial intelligence) a. Names of major companies that provide voice activated and AI OS. b. These companies profile .   (more...)

store, Images not showing up for products in the front-end neither in back-end after import. Plus possible maintainance service. People with working Experience in Magento - Only please.   (more...)

server that specifically to host bulk email please only apply if you can supple such a server.   (more...)

tion skills-communicate with your prospects, customers, peers and managers in a clear and concise way about the value(s) your company provides. analytical-responsibility for your marketing. This includes creating the reports you need in order to make good decisions. planning skill-it is necessary to know what is coming next and have a plan to execute. sales skills -are responsible for demand generation, product marketing and social media interactions – all of which rely heavily on sales skills. judgement skill-Weigh the opportunity costs of different programs then assess these options, choosing the best ones to achieve the ideal marketing and program mix for your company. are you willing ?   (more...)

or a good share dealer/operator for d new upcoming firm. having full knowledge of share market.n should be havin d knowledge of back office also.   (more...)

Technical Demo of a Web 3D MMOG . A complete game design exists and the terrain is defined as 3D box shaped tiles and ramps in a Megaman Battle Network style universe . The 3D tiles should be capable being used to generate user created terrain.   (more...)

be to create a community map surrounding a specific address of a retirement community. We would like to have an attractive map visually display local amennities and attractions that are close and available to residents of the community. A list of places to include would be provided as well as addresses of those places to determine relative placement. We would start with map to see how the work turns out and then complete maps for 14 other properties. See attachment of a map rendering that we like the look and feel of. The other picture is a sample of the attractions we would feature on our map. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks   (more...)

Convert attached drawing into a Solidworks 3D file. Please review the attached drawing and provide the following: 1. Quote with Specs 2. Referrals 3. 3D Modeling Portfolio Examples 4. Estimate of Hours needed to complete project 5. Project Plan with estimated milestones 6. Availability for Project Thank You   (more...)

mple 2D floorplan. Would like to give it a little kick by added a 3D look to it. The shaded areas to not need to be included.   (more...)

ledge of catia v5 R18 , solidworks 2009 , autocad 2010 , ms office ., photoshop , belive in hardwork and commitment ..   (more...)

Mam, I am looking for a well skilled jewelry designer on a long term business base. I am a German goldsmith. For my clients I am looking for an outsourcing partner who does new jewelry design in 3d to create wax moulds. Or even design work to produce the jewelry bespoken by hand for my clients. Pls. come back to me with information about your technique and possibilitys. I am looking forward to your highly interesting answer. Kind Regards Michael Vitt   (more...)

ing for someone who can contract on CAD resurfacing from scanner or point cloud data of automotive parts, aviation components, boat hulls, and other components or parts to be used for design work and CNC machining. Must be proficient in Rapidform or Geomagic. Must be able to export into Solidworks, Rhino or other cad softwares. I will require examples of previous work. I will also send a test project to be resurfaced from a scan into a native solidworks file with a full editable feature tree. I will need to see the final result, time taken to compete the job and the hourly cost.   (more...)

ing to build my own private villa in Doha, QATAR (my country). The villa size is relatively big (700sm to 800sm). The design would be modern design and meeting Qatar building codes. Ground floor consist of formal lounge, family lounge, dinning room, kitchen connected to dinning room, TV room connected to dinning room, big kids room, .. upstairs big master room with two closets (him and her), four medium size bedroom about 5 by 5 (two rooms with one bath and two others with private bath and one small living area. land area 1750 (51m length by 34m depth). The house should be as much rectangular to the corner of the land to utilize the remaining space as playgrounds and garden. I would love to have a private courtyard with walls two story high (average 10 by 10) if possible. modern design ..   (more...)

odel, Prototype   (more...)

ng components manufactured from mainly steel to be modelled in 3D, Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor and manufacturing drawings produced. Most of the products are simple. Details and dimensions will be marked up on images or basic hand sketches and emailed in pdf form. Ongoing work. Currently six (6) months worth of work needs completing immediately. Looking for ongoing relationship. Wishing for quotation on several small jobs before moving to a direct hourly rate.   (more...)

ns with slow camera momvment & moving clouds .. Growing plants & trees on both sides of the footage . All the footage should be supplied in uncompressed HD1080p   (more...)

ed in 3d design for productions for booths, stages, logos, souveniers, etc. I am working in event organizer.   (more...)

ing for someone to create a couple of 30 to 60 second videos of a process that I am working on. The animated design is not structural and does not have to be intricate and it should be relatively simple. The process will start by showing the effects of \"long shore drift\" on the shoreline then will move to the water to show the sand that is suspended in the water. After that we will show a installation process of a material into the ocean floor and show how the process collects the sand that has been suspended in the water. Once this is completed i will need a more intricate video of the equipment installing the product. You must be willing to sign a nondisclosure form prior to working with me. Please contact me with any questions   (more...)

need a home drawn in AutoCAD. I have a floor plan in PDF form, I just need it drawn and copied in AutoCAD. I need elevation views of all 4 sides, and floor plans (two stories). You may use either AutoCAD or Revit. I need the drawings as soon as possible. Please let me know if you can do this.   (more...)

oking for a professional 3D expert to design product labels. Products will include nail polish removers and cosmetics.   (more...)

3d character to talk as i talk in a mic, no delays   (more...)

o a 3D Render need to be made in the next 24 HRS urgent   (more...)

business logo created as a CAD drawing. This file will be used so that I can have a stencil of my logo laser cut by a third party provider.   (more...)

up and coming console games developer, looking for some good artists and programmers to get on board with out first PS3 project. We need people that are willing to go that extra mile to make this a success. From the artists/animators we have at least 10 characters that we need building with over 1000 animations to be created, 4 (fairly small) environments, a character creation suit and good user interfaces. For hard working talented people this could be a very long term project, beyond the scope of the listed \"Estimated Duration\". We are just starting out but will have very good memories when it comes to future projects and those who produce the best work for us will be remembered for future projects. UK based contractors with significant game development experience will be a major plus but those from outside the UK should still apply.   (more...)

2D drawings in dwg format and photos of a house, to create a detailed 3D model. The job can be extended to include the design of a new house connected to the existing house, if the work proceeds well.   (more...)

need a 3D animator to create 3D animations of houses with proposed extensions similar to these ones at the link below - Each job has a fixed price of $50 but you will be on the hourly clock so we dont have to keep re-creating jobs. If you feel that you can competently create these animations   (more...)

outdoor living design and build firm and need assistance with our design workload. Our projects are focused on modeling the area of an existing property that will be affected by the project, and then designing the project with one to three options for the customer to look at. They are typically patios, decks, porches, pergolas, sunrooms and sometimes room additions and other remodeling projects. The work would be pretty consistent. We typically have about 10 - 20 projects within a few month period, but it does fluctuate throughout the year. Some months we\'ll have 10-15 designs, and some months there are just a few. We intend to pick up this work load though, as we are able to handle more volume.   (more...)

already model that is attached. i need: ok first look at some of these short clips to understand the main idea of the domino\'s falling. and to get inspiration: - http://www.youtu aQ-SQA&feature=P layList&p=3A6FB4 5528E791D4&playn ext_from=PL&inde x=0&playnext=1 (this link goes outside - http://ww v=ycKERlTqqfc (this link goes outside (Soft Body) Brief: let\'s say that the domino start from the clown\'s mouth, a Tongue that is coming out of it pushes the domino and they start falling. the tongue must be a \"soft body\". the domino\'s fall trough all the course until they reach the end of it, to the hall. near the hall is going to be a golf ball that is pushed by the domino to the hall. there will be about 5 cameras throughout the course, one camera must move on a path constraint around the course the other four is for your consideration. i will be needing: 3ds max work file, 5 AVI videos rendered from all 5 cameras. good day, Roman.   (more...)

AD ALL of the message, so there is no confusion. Thank you, Hi, My Name is Andrew Lehti and I am in production of a live action Sci-Fi film. The film will be about 30-40 minutes in length. We need 3d digital artists for modeling and setup - Animation is not needed at the moment. We are creating this as a preview film. This means that it most likely will not make money but we could eventually produce the film as a feature length film as a budget. At the moment, this is just an independent film; which means no pay but you will get film credit and credit on IMDb. Once the movie is half created; you will have your own profile on IMDb. If the film is a success; I will hire you back as an animator on the film. We are still is the pre-production stage; but we have concept illustrations that I will need to be modeled in 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya. I am looking for digital artists that can create a realistic environment, realistic textures, realistic models! If you need a reference to what I speak of; I have provided links below. I just need models like this; not the scenes. At the moment, it is just much architecture. Thank you, Andrew Lehti   (more...)

oking for a candidate to create a 3D model of a mens dress shirt. The model is to be used in a website that will allow users to create custom dress shirts. The model would be required to have different collars and cuffs and for the purpose of our website we would only need snapshots of the 3D model in a few different angles; front, side, back etc.   (more...)

3d model of a robot - different poses and renderings. Here are some references: It needs to be a humanoid robot. We need it done fast so if you already have a 3d model of such a robot we just need to change the colors to our colors and create the renderings. The renderings will need to be realistic (vray or something like that) and if the model is done in 3dsmax that\'s even better (but not mandatory) Looking for someone to start asap   (more...)

3D scanned model (model \'RVS classic\') and change it according to our ideas. Desired output step 1: 3d model (STL) to judge the desired changes Desired output fase 2 (after new design is finalized) 3d file technical drawing for autocad/inventor Input provided: 1. STL file 2. Picture of existing model inc desired changes   (more...)

ural CAD Design for Buildings and Houses, Architectural Landscaping, Interior Designing, 3d rendering.   (more...)

will do CAD design for various projects. Ability to use CAD for interior design. Code research and correspondence with local government code enforcement is needed. Excellent written English and good spoken English is needed   (more...)

ike to make a 3d design, a design of 30 plane cards stacked up on each other So if you look at a stack of plane cards , so if you look from the side at a deck of plane cards then you will have an idea what i mean . I can send a video to help you understand better once you understand its reay simple. kind regards michealford   (more...)

eking a professional company experienced in web based 3D rendering and architectural design. Looking for a USA based company, however other areas may be considered. Skills to include Interior design, 3D buildings, 3D rendering and design concepts. Ultimately we would also like a company with Flash & action-scripting skills as well. Daily communication via yahoo and the message board is a must. Please send your portfolios.   (more...)

an STL file from a CAD file. Must be expert with the furniture components of Sketchup. Also must have experience with CAD-to-sketch software.   (more...)

ng,texturing,rendering   (more...)

3D modeler, skinner and animator capable of creating 3D models for the iPhone/Ipad. Additional models may be used on Android and Blackberry. Keep in mind the polygon limits for the mobile hardware platforms.   (more...)

ovide 2D drawings of principal and isometric views. I need these to be converted into 3D models using either Autodesk Inventor or Pro-E software. Those without a relevant portfolio need not apply. This is a short project of 3 - 5 drawings, however if it goes well we may have ongoing work for you. Include the word \"Eggbert\" as the last line in your cover letter to show that you actually read this posting.   (more...)

much work. Looking for a CAD designer to create models, from pics and specks from time to time. Matrix preferred, but Rhino only will do. More work to come as the business grows.   (more...)

l renderings needed for floorstands and powerwings made of primarily corrugated materials for a new gum product due to hit the USA retail marketplace. These concepts need to be new and exciting so as to showcase the new product being offered. Our internal design team will then take the renderings and figure out how to make them work structurally via our Artios CAD system.   (more...)

l enginner. design machine enclosure and plastic.   (more...)

Detail of STRINGER & POST Detail of HEAD PULLEY FRAME Detail of TAIL PULLEY FRAME Detail of BEND PULLEY FRAME Detail of CHUTE Upper Part a1) HEAD a2) TAIL Upper Part a1) HEAD a2) TAIL Detail of DRIVE FRAME Detail of INTERNAL SCRAPPER Detail of Foundation Bolt Detail of DECK PLATE Detail of Screw Take-up Detail of Bracket for SKIRT BOARD Detail of Guide Channel for VGTU Detail of Safety Switches Bracket Detail of Horizontal Gravity Take-up Detail of Tower Detail of Trolley Detail of Sheave Pulley Detail of DEFLECTOR ROLLER ( I need one sample-each. of your choice for correction of jobs )   (more...)

consulting engineering firm providing mechanical and electrical design services for retail projects throughout United States and Canada. We need licensed mechanical and electrical enigineers to review and stamp our drawings for city plan check submittal. There will be 20 projects and each project will have no more than 10 drawings. The projects are lcoated in: Nevada, New York, Pennsylvannia, Florida, ASrizona, New Jersey, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Washington, and British Columbia/Canada.   (more...)

oking for help designing a commercial bear-resistant canister used in backpacking and camping. The product is used to store food in the wilderness and must be strong enough to stop a bear from gaining entry. Most current products are made from ABS plastic or Polycarbonate. Our design is to be as lightweight as possible since this is being carried. Experience with carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum or plastic molding design is good. The contractor will be expected to do the following: Consult on design specifications and offer innovative solutions. Consult on material choices and the advantages and disadvantages of each? Perform market research regarding fabrication processes and cost? Design Auto CAD designs for the finished product. To understand the project fully, current product offerings are below. - Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate ABS Plastic ABS Plastic We hope to design a product with the lightest weight per given size. Initial product research will be for a small size container comparable to the Bare Boxer Contender 275 CU Inch. Please see the attached file for specifications on the current product offerings. Thank you for your interest. And please feel free to contact me with any questions. Tom   (more...)

traffic control plans and require contractors to draw simple roads. You must be able to submit drawings in the Rapid Plan files .tcp so we can edit them here. I have attached instructions for you information.   (more...)

ntrol design *electrical layout and design *plc programming( siemens \"s7 family\" , omron \"cx -one\" , Allen Bradley \"rs logix\" *from freehand to cad drawing   (more...)

ngineer or technician skilled with CFD modeling of automotive thermal systems including cooling module, HVAC, and thermal protection. Analysis to include airflow and thermal modeling. Kuli, Radtherm, Flowmaster knowledge a plus. Familiarity with other modeling packages considered. Modeling of Catia and proE files for thermal and airflow analysis. I am an engineering consultant to the USA automotive industry who has occasional need for this service. Workload varies based on need. I am trying to line up a team of analysts for future projects but do not currently have a project to source. I retired from Chrysler after 24 years of service as a thermal test and development engineer. Now I perform thermal consulting and will require assistance with the computer modeling. Applicant must be able to speak, read and write english.   (more...)


needing actually a help. I just moved for an apartment and really do not have idea how could I decorate, furniture positions or home decor. I need somebody with Interior Decoration knowledge that can make a 3D project for me about how and what I need to make my house be beautiful. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 living/dinning, 1 tv room Please just professional can apply.   (more...)

a \"spokesmodel\" on a tab on a facebook fan page and would like to get some code written so I can take my green screen video and accomplish the same thing. Here is a link for an example:   (more...)

We are looking to design this boutique eccentrically and beyond imagination. I\'d like you to propose to me a design and if I like it, then we can work together on this project. My budget is not fixed and will depend on your proposal. The area of the space is 40sqm as indicated in the attachment. Please review it thoroughly. Height of the place is 4.00 meters. We want to include a mezzanine as well. Further discussions will be made upon interview. To indicate that you\'ve read my job post completely, please include \'ECCENTRIC ARCHITECT\' as your cover letter HEADING. Deadline of this will be a day or two only since we also need to construct the place and should be finished by August 15, 2010. Thanks, Pete   (more...)

task management, Strong interpersonal and communication (written and verbal), Experience with system administration and technical support in a web hosting environment, Experience with Installs, maintains, and repairs electronic and electromechanical equipment, Knowledge of the principles of electricity and electronics. Knowledge of solid state electronics and electronics testing equipment or electronic equipment design. Be able to read and understand technical drawings, data sheets, and written work instructions   (more...)

ching a pdf file that has 5 specification sheets of products that we currently manufacture. We need this products to be produced for a BIM compliance request that we received. We can provide 3D CAD data in any file format that SolidWorks can output and or 3D-DXF for AutoCAD. This is a test project only, we will assign the task to few qualified candidates to select the best. We are targeting to be BIM compliant on 2 stages, being the first one 300 BIM compliance library, so we will do this as an ongoing project by posting a batch of work on a weekly basis. Every posting will be a new project, and may be quoted accordingly to the complexity of the components. We will post an initial $25.00 for this test (because we are not aware of what the rate is), please bid whatever your rate is, please take in consideration that this is at least a 300 BIM convertion project. Also when you bid please provide brief description of what the BIM file will contain. Thank you for reading. Sincerely, Cristobal   (more...)

me electrical circuit diagram hand drew for tool machines. I need to put it in CAD version and with the table with the wires, contacts, coils, etc using standard IEC symbols. I need the DWG files, but if you could provide me also the Eplan or other specific electrical cad files is preferable. This is the first one (2 pages and half on A4 format sheets). I have many others diagrams. Let me know which cad you could use for this project.   (more...)

onvert a .doc or .pdf to ePub format and pass the guidelines of epub 1.0.5 validation! the epub needs to be uploaded to ibooks store for iPad. please apply ONLY if you already done this kind of thing   (more...)

ng for someone to help bring a product idea that i have to execution. I have an idea for a silicone-based product, and I\'ve lined up a manufacturer. What I\'d like help with is designing the specifications of the product, and creating any diagrams that will help the manufacturing process. Past experience working with silicone is ideal.   (more...)

p a wpf application and looking for a designer to create parts of the user-Interface. These are some masks, about 20 icons (flat and monochrome - apple style), a ribbon toolbar (similar to Office 2010) and a Properties bar (similar to Expression Blend) and finally some small animations. Everything should be defined in XAML Code with using of Styles. C# know-how would be helpful (additional coding jobs) but is not a must.   (more...)

ould like a simple 3d (but professional) CAD drawing with the below requirements. I need this to be done within 24 hours of acceptance. Please send me examples of work otherwise I will not accept your bid. I will supply any additional details required. three (3) 3d three versions of each booth from different angles and one blueprint or construction design with all the measurements etc. We need to see the : A. Front with registration desk; B. Inside of the event area with the tables and chairs; and C. Showing the inside area from the sides, where storage areas are also visible D. final design/floorplan with measurements. (consider that I have 2 more projects like this lined up once you are a good match for our requirements) Brief: Size of the area: 10x6 meters. Entrance design: half palette, the whole will extend to the floor and will serve as the entrance where people can enter. On top is the curve of the palette where colors can be found. Registration area: a table with two (2) chairs on the left side of the entrance. On top of the table is a laptop and a registration sheet. Information sheet: an easel with a board will be on the right side of the entrance. The easel will have the header \'Artist Village\' and some dummy text beneath it. Perimeter: the whole event area is sectioned off by an alternate of different-colored-crayons-and-brushes-with-paint fence. Crayons will be two-and-a-half (2.5) feet in height, while brushes are three (3) feet in height. Inside the area: there will be five (5) easel-shaped tables with four legs (light yellow and yellow green in color) with five (5) different colored chairs each. The size of the tables and chairs are for children 4-10 years old. Floor: To cover the entire area inside the fence. Medium gray in colour. Storage: storage boxes/shelves can be found at the side opposite the entrance. The shelves should line the whole wall opposite the entrance and have cubicles for stock. These shelves will have to be lower than the height of the fence. Two more storage boxes/shelves of the same size will be just behind the fences on the entrance side.   (more...)

drafting for mostly overseas projects   (more...)

e reinforced concrete wall and base slab design and calculations to enable us to obtain U.K. building regulations. Please see attached file. Maximum height of retained soil 2700mm. Soil will be well drained granular material and backfill. We require details of floor thickening under load bearing walls. We would like to think that the external walls can be designed such that the \"toe\" is always facing the inside of the building hence forming part of the base slab and not facing away from the building which would mean extra excavation and backfilling with granular material.   (more...)

for Planning Commercial Site - needed for floorplan, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and interior design. Please respond with portfolio of relevant experience in commerical design, including the mention plans above.   (more...)

ing for qualified plumber to prepare plumbing diagrams, bill of materials, specs / datasheets etc.. For portable cabins & prefab buildings. These range from a simple accom unit to a small office / motel. This is an ongoing position. You must be an experienced & qualified plumber and familiar with Autocad. Familiarity with Sketchup is a plus. All work is confidential and by bidding provider agree not to disclose any details to third parties nor include it on a portfolio.   (more...)

ing for someone to act as virtual assistant producer for a documentary project that involves assisting the crew that will be filming in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, China, Ireland & Scotland. Posting new videos projects, updating website, acting as part web designer, part production assistant.   (more...)

e Artistic Renderings of a Real Estate Project which we are building a website for. The successful candidate must have previous experience with portfolio which we can review. We will provide architectural plans and specific instructions. Budget: $750.   (more...)

oking for an experienced CAD/3D designer with experience from the automotive industry You will work in a larger team to develop accessories for an automotive company   (more...)

I would like to design a pulse generator of 1.3MHz and 13.5Hz of frequency( these should be 2 individual different programs). The duty cycle should be 50%.You will need to write it for a microcontroller or PIC so that it can operate at a voltage 5V. Which microcontroller or PIC can be used for this program???....well I have no idea about when you apply for the job pls do not tell me that how many years of experience you have or something...suggest the microcontroller.....that would give me the confidence that you understood the problem.....Once you decide the part number(microcontroller) you want to use and that can be generate such a high frequency (1.3MHz and 13.5MHZ) then you can go ahead and write the program for it. I shall order the part number in here and I will test your program to make sure everything is working before I pay you. Regards   (more...)

rements: We are looking for a designer/engineer to assist in the design and development of various instruments for surgeons. Although, experience in medical device design would be beneficial, it is not necessary. We do however expect that you have experience in simple mechanical design, industrial/product design and are willing to undertake some research in your own time to gain some understanding in orthopedic and general surgical procedures. This research can be done on a project-to-project basis, thus, it is not necessary to understand everything at once, nor do we expect you to. Apart from this, we would be looking at forming a long-term work relationship comprising of various surgical instrumentation design projects - some on hourly rates and some fixed price jobs. Also, there we will be times when you will be expected to work together with our engineers and designers, working towards and meeting deadlines and finally abiding by confidentiality agreements. We expect that you are proficient in some kind of CAD/Solid Modelling software that produces drawing files and 3D representations (Solidworks is preferred). We would expect to see examples of your past projects with a general timeframe taken to design the products and produce 3D representations/drawings using your CAD software. We would also ask of you to provide a cost estimate that you charged or would charge for each project. What we do: Our company designs and develops custom surgical instrumentation for surgeons. We work closely with the surgeons and develop solutions for their particular needs. At all times we try to minimise costs to the surgeon/customer, minimise turn around times, produce high quality products and give the customer first class service during our products’ whole lifecycle. We define surgical instrumentation as hand tools such as retractors and forceps, guides and attachments and intrasurgical aids. Your Duties: Your duties will compromise of a few various tasks. These tasks will vary on each project. The tasks will depend on timeframes, instrument requirements, customer requirements and complexity. Your tasks are as follows: 1) Engineer projects from start to finish (usual team based) 2) Drafting engineering drawings 3) Producing files ready for manufacture 4) Modifying existing designs 5) Renderings 6) Producing mechanical assemblies 7) Industrial design (looking at ergonomics, shape, ease of manufacture, etc…)   (more...)

oduct design engineer who develops products from concept to manufacturing .I am having experience in developing medical devices.   (more...)

ing to create a team of highly creative people and build a strong creative design presence in Australia. I am looking for talented people specialising in these areas. Logo Design Web Design and Development SEO and Social media marketing Multi media solutions Copywriting 3D modeling All applicants must be willing to work as a team under my direction and be willing to add time and effort to the cause. Successful applicants will have exclusive rights to their area of expertise. Please be exceptional in your field I only want the very best team involved   (more...)

or a copy writer to write sets of 5 articles of 500 words or more on many different subjects. One article should take 30-45 mins. of your time AT THE VERY MOST. I can do these in 20 mins or less! • Franchising • Business These articles will become web pages. Some of this articles might have to be re-written saying the same but with different words, style, etc. so that will make it even easier to deliver. We will provide the Keywords we want to hit. However this shouldn\'t limit creativity. The writer has to deliver one hundred percent original copy. We do not accept plagiarized articles, we are very good at detecting it. (We will check with copyscape and other sites alike) The person has to have the ability to research in case the he/she is not too familiar with the subject. Rewriting an already published article is valid but it has to be different in style and wording and we should be notified about it. The articles should have a marketing spin but they should be mostly educational. The person has to meet promised deadlines. We have enough work to keep you busy for months. He/she has to be creative. It doesn\'t matter where in the world you live, but it does matter the articles should be written in perfect American or UK English. We want them in .TXT and *.Doc format but you could use any word processor to check for misspellings and proof read them before you deliver them in .txt format (notepad, etc).   (more...)

fer: 10 different topics - with a lot of keywords for each topic. What We need from you: 60 Headlines for each topic contening the keywords I will provide you. To Apply for this job: Write 3 Headlines with the keywords: (Computer internet security, Computer firewall) Skill Required: Proefficient at writing and very good with english Some experience in copywriting Test sample - Writing the 3 headlines I requested will show me that you are really interested in this job. Capable of working on an schedule - This is a one week job.   (more...)

unching a self-published book and require a sales letter for a web page to be written. We have written a sample letter for guidance only as it was based on another\'s work and we don\'t want to infringe any copyright laws! So the letter we require needs to be original in style and content. We will supply our sample letter to the successful contractor. Unfortunately, we are now against an urgent deadline and need this to be turned around in the next 24 hours! Please only apply if you have the skills to complete this project within the given timeframe. Many thanks, Paul   (more...)

ople that have experience on review clickbank product. I will pay you $1 for each review. Review must uniq and have 200 word minimum. Need 100 review   (more...)

tions of English spoken interviews. The interviews are most generally single speaker, professionally recorded, and provided in mp3 format for transcription. We prefer the transcription to be provided in MS Word, but other applications may be acceptable. The interviews are most generally non-technical and refer to individual and family histories.   (more...)

nd twist existing sales copy so that it is convincing   (more...)

copywriter who will write texts to the escort agency website: - info about girls - blog posts Please send your examples of your texts and your work price. The chosen candidate must be an English native speaker.   (more...)

ort term project. Could be long term work for the right writer. Objective: To sell a golf course quickly for an older man who is probably not going to live much longer. He wants to be sure his wife is taken care of. They have put their heart and soul into what was once a cow farm and now is a beautiful 18 hole golf course. The plan: I purchased 2 domain names. I have researched and chosen 30-50 keywords per domain name / main keyword You should have knowledge and/or love of golf You should have knowledge in real estate investment You should have knowledge of business planning You must have a positive spin on business, money, and the future of the economy. I would like to work with a creative, visual person who would like to help an older couple enjoy their last days together. Please provide quote in dollars for 20 articles at 400 minimum words each. Please provide turn around time. This project could turn into 10-20 articles per week until the golf course sells. Can you handle that amount of writing? I have many articles and research on golf, golf businesses, golf equipment, etc. Some are PLR, some are not. I have tons of pictures of the golf course and I will be making web videos/ adding pictures to your articles. If I choose you I will send you a zip file. I DO NOT WANT RE-WRITES OR SPUN ARTICLES! I would like to see original, creative content that makes people want to buy this golf course! 1.) Send me a (sample) paragraph or two that persuades me to buy a golf course. 2.) How much will you charge per keyword focused, 400+ word article? 3.) How many articles can you write per day? 4.) How soon can you start? 5.) Tell me why I should choose you. To your massive success, Heather \"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.\" ~Thomas Edison   (more...)

n candidate will be responsible for the following tasks: 1. Write all copy to support business marketing and sales efforts (solicitation, email, website). Develop unique, new concepts. Make every test count. 2. Study our services to determine how to integrate our main selling features into the copy (our value proposition has been defined and will be provided.) 3. Plan and write headlines and text in such a way as to appeal to the businesses most likely to buy our services, and submit copy for approval. 4. Create copy templates for ongoing use in consumer communications. Look for efficiencies to improve speed to market for testing. 5. Do A/B split testing on email copy, from name, subject lines, etc to determine the most effective email copy/template to use. The chosen candidate will meet the following requirements: 1. 3+ years of direct response copywriting experience — samples required. 2. Strong experience copywriting and testing for online communications – online solicitation and email experience required. 3. Strong organizational and communication skills. Great attention to detail. 4. Able to meet demanding deadlines, produce high quality work and project a positive attitude. 5. An observant and inquisitive approach to people and their environment. 6. An insight into human behavior and what motivates people. 7. Creativity and originality. 8. Able to analyze a situation quickly. 9. Able to pick out relevant facts and to dramatize them. 10. Able to write clearly. As this is a role with direct contact with Clients, communication skills are essential. The chosen candidate must be an English native speaker.   (more...)

l be a simple project/job for someone who knows what they are doing!!!\" As a Copywriter of a fast paced growing business you will be required to: • Write, write and write! • Provide compelling content for the copy of sales pages of the business and also email sales series. • Create website content, blogs and press releases when required • Develop texts for advertisements, coupons and other business related correspondence • Proofread and edit company documents • Produce error-free results; excellent spelling and grammar • Come up with unique content that pass Copyscape • Agree that all submitted content becomes the property of the company • Take other instructions related to the job as the Project Manager or Managing Director deems necessary Position is ready for someone who is fantastic, awesome and excellent in what they do! If you are someone who can work under pressure, able to think on your feet and has a positive attitude towards other staff and the workplace, you will be a great candidate for the job. Above all, if you are a perfectionist and you take pride in your work, this post is definitely for you! If you have followed people like Gary Halbert and Seth Godin, read their books this would be the perfect job for you. This will be an easy job for someone who has had previous experiences in being a Writer of various niches. Skills needed are as follows: • Top-notch writing abilities • Fantastic written and verbal communication skills • Ability to work with people (Teamwork) • Proficiency with basic computer programs • Ability to understand and execute complex written and verbal instructions • Should be able to work under constant, rigorous pressure and meet close deadlines • Able to go above and beyond what is expected by external business, customers and staff members. • Ability to identify the difference between benefits and features Your first project will be creating a 500-word copy trying to sell a 7-email autoresponder set to an offline business. The best candidate will be one that can be creative but also methodical and follows the standard format of writing a sales copy. I am looking to pay around the $8-$10 per hour while you are trialled to see how you fit in the business after that the income is well limitless. Insert “I am an awesome Writer” in capitals on the subject line to avoid the pre-determined filters. This business is offering a long-term employment opportunity for the right person and only wants the best of the best to join their team of A-players.   (more...)

ing   (more...)

or someone who can write English persuasively. Talent is preferred over experience. Will train and looking for someone who can meet deadlines and likes to learn but loves to write *****Please Supply Samples****   (more...)

AM of copywriters for our business. Content will be provided by us, We just require accuracy with incredible efficiency. This is an ongoing role - with the successful team getting ongoing work over time. Peak efficiency, harmony and consistency of writing is paramount.   (more...)

business venture, we will need a copywriting agency to provide their services. Based on information provided by our clients (various restaurants, shops, etc.), we will need to formalize them into an enticing write-up. The agency will have to provide at least one write-up a day at the beginning. As we plan to expand fairly quickly late this year, to early next year, this number will soon increase to up to 15 write-ups daily. We will only operate on weekdays.   (more...)

ike to have an information product created in the area of internet marketing. This can be an ebook or course.   (more...)

rketing consultant and need someone that will set up a newsletter and autoresponder campaign for me. I use Joomla and have a newsletter system already and well as have an aWeber account. If you know of a better technology to do this I am open to suggestions. I will need to know how many pieces of material will be written along with a strategic plan as to how this content will be distributed and how many conversions I should expect.   (more...)

ng for some help with writing product descriptions for a UK ecommerce website that specialises in heath, beauty and fragrance products. Although a basic knowledge of these product categories is useful it\'s not essential as these are mainstream products and household brands. As long as you have a excellent grasp of English, a flair for writing and understand what people what to read when buying products online then you can help me out. Descriptions should be between 150-200 words each and with 140 products needing some new content now and with the possibly of more in the future, this could be a good earner with the potential for a lot more work if everything goes well. Although this is a UK website, applications will be considered from all candidates with excellent English writing skills   (more...)

y is expanding and I am looking to add as many talented writers as possible, all languages, all backgrounds, all ages WE WANT AND NEED YOU. All types of subjects, all types of loads. You can work for as much as 100 articles a week to just one article once in awhile, it will depend upon your availablity and our requirements. Some of our clients pay as much as 200$ for one single article, yet others pay much less and it\'s a bulk type of writing. Depending on your skills we will match you as best as possible. All work will be performed on Odesk We will add you to our Odesk team if hired, and from there we will provide you with as many jobs as possible depending on your availablity. We have a high demand for our services in ALL LANGUAGES so do not hesitate to apply. What we ask: - Good grammatical skills in your chosen language. - Good writing style - Always proofread your work before submitting - UNIQUE work only, all will be checked via copyscape - Knows how to research the net on any topic - Cooperates, communicates and good team player Here is what you need to do to be considered: -Please attach a sample of any of your previous work for our consideration. -Tell us how many hours a week you can do -Tell us what kind of writing you\'re interested in (ie news, technical, travel etc) you can have more than one interest - Tell us if you\'re ok with bulk work We will work as a team and monthly prizes will be awarded to the best writers such a spa trips, vouchers etc. This is for at least one year, renewable. Looking forward to build a great team !!   (more...)

on the following given topics Difference Between wolf and dog. difference between molecule and compound. 1. Comparing the key differences. 2. Cover all of the key features of the terms being discussed. 3. The article length should be between 600 -700 words 4. All the facts should be collected from reliable sources and should make sure that facts are correct. 5. At the end of the article a summary of the key differences that are discussed in the article should be given in point form. 6. References should be given at the end of article. 7. Candidates with background in biology/science is preferred. Your work must be able to pass copyscape and be grammatically error free. You must be able to do this without any copyright infringement. You must be a native English Speaker, or have excellent knowledge of the language. Deliverables: 1) All work delivered must be original and absolutely not violate any copyright. Service Provider must agree to indemnify Buyer and take full responsibility for any costs of any copyright infringement action including damages and attorney\'s fees should they occur. This should be no problem if your work is original. 2) Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of his / her writing assignments and the fact that the content will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential. 3) All work shall be delivered to the Buyer in individual text files as the article is completed, and shall be spell checked, and fact checked. 4) All deliverables will be considered \"work made for hire\" under U.S. Copyright law. Seller will assign and Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, GNU, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coder\'s Seller Legal Agreement). 5) All work must start within (2) business days of award, and must be completed at a minimum rate of (1) article per (2) U.S. business days after the start date.   (more...)

derstand AdSense? If you have a really deep understanding of Google\'s Adsense and are able to write awesome tutorials covering all aspects from newbie (applying for an account) to expert (blending, hotspots etc) then we want to hear from you. Please give some detail of your experience in your application or it will be rejected. Thanks for your interest!   (more...)

looking for a copywriter to revise my sales page to convert higher. It is not converting very well and I want someone (who has experience in writing sales copy such as selling ebook type of sales pages). Please send me a list of your previous work (websites where you wrote the sales pages). Please give me any proof why I should hire you compared to other copywriters. Price is negotiable. Thanks   (more...)

oking for a writer who can write short articles (250 - 600 words) on topics given to them. The pay rate is $3 per 500 words.  We have hundreds of articles, which need to be written. If you are interested, please submit your interest and the following information: 1.) # of words you can write per day 2.) A sample of your work 3.) You must have a chat communication installed (MSN Messenger, Skype or Googletalk). Each article is reviewed for originality (no duplicate or spun content), grammar and quality.  If we see consistent, high quality, your pay rate can go up. Work will be checked for plagiarism by Copyscape. If it fails, it will be returned until it is cleared. You will be expected to research the keyword so that you can write an intelligent and relevant article based on your research. A good understanding of SEO and fantastic English writing/reading skills is required. We are looking for long term resources and individuals we can work with. So if you excel at this we will have lots of work in the future. Thanks!   (more...)

or a competent creative writer who can competently come up with the following for this project: 1) Create content for website- Intro, Basic FAQ, Work History, etc.. 2) Write 15-20, 10-20 Second Scripts for a Video FAQ based on a competitors blog. I will provide you with most materials an info needed to complete this task and will be available if you run into any problems or need direction. The deadline for this project is 7 days, but if you are halfway competent, this project would\'nt take longer than 2 days to complete.   (more...)

arching for a reliable, experienced writer to both write and re-write content for our websites and client\'s sites that was obtained from various sources. Occasionally we will see a marketing strategy elsewhere that we like and want to attempt on one of our sites. Obviously, we don\'t want to plagiarize, so, we need things eloquently re-worded / re-arranged to suit our specific goals. We also will need some content written for other websites, and content for our informational brochures reviewed and revised. The content is not for search engine optimization. We need someone that can deliver polished, professional words. The content will be used online, in marketing collateral, and possibly published. Good English vocabulary and grammar is a requirement. Provider needs to be available to communicate via Yahoo messenger, and must log hours within the odesk platform. We will be choosing a provider within the next few days. We have not had good success with article providers before, so we are planning to provide applicants with a short paragraph during the interview stage and judging results on their ability to re-write the content that best matches a style our demographic responds to. Some of our work assignments will be re-writing, and some will be generating copy based on a topic assignment. Thanks for considering this position, we look forward to working with you!   (more...)

I am looking for a skilled copywriter to create 350 to 500 word articles that will be posted to a blog. The blogs are created under a \'persona\' and the angle is that they will be recommending a certain product or service in a non-salesy/hypy manner. An example of this type of writing is located at   (more...)

We\'re helping customers with their web sites and we\'re also working with some cutting-edge ideas. So please ONLY apply if you - can work full-time (40 hrs/week) - live in the Philippines (or similar time zone) - have a friendly personality, excellent communication skills and phone manner - know HTML including taking a photoshop file and turning it into great HTML. Please reply with: 1) What do you believe is the key to fantastic customer support? 2) Have you done customer support before, and for how long? 3) What are the best 3 qualities of a customer support representative? 4) What other skills do you have? EG: seo, writing, graphic design etc 5) Roughly what do you expect to be paid per month? 6) Describe the HTML work you have done including any sites that you have built. Thanks and talk soon.   (more...)

duction and editing. 10 to 20 videos per week. Will pay three dollars per video. 70 seconds or less per video.   (more...)

ng company will be looking for a customer service employee. This is a great opportunity for the right person. This is not the usual customer service position. We\'re looking for someone that would also enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, while they do their job. We want to work with you on a project basis initially to test to see if it is a good fit for each of us. Then if it’s a good fit, we would like to scale the position to full or part-time employment. We\'re looking for a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. You can do this job completely from your home if you have a high-speed Internet connection. We know the success of our company is based on the success of our team members, and that\'s why we believe in creating a fun work process and rewarding those that deserve with the money they deserve. However, I do have to say that this job isn\'t for everyone. We\'re really looking for that the right person that could become a great help to our team. We would like to work with someone who values on-going improvement in their lives and will appreciate the ongoing opportunities in our company. We are in need of daily response to emails from both of our web sites. Emails must be answered in according to our customer service policies in a polite respectful manner to all customers several times daily. We have many standardized emails to send to customers, but because our clients often require a more detailed personal response. We are looking for someone who has excellent English skills so that they can respond to customer emails. If you\'re interested in this unique opportunity, please address your cover letter. “Dear Lori” Duties revolve primarily around data entry. Applicant should have experience with some of the following types of customer service: • Outlook, Word, and Access • Yahoo Store • Internet Search Explorer or Firefox o Applicant should have well enough English skills to be able to listen to instructional videos in English and write emails. Please send your resume when responding. All the best, Lorraine Gower   (more...)

worked in a call center on an FTD or TeleFlora Account and now would like to work on your own? Work from home as a Flower Shop customer service representative. Must have High Speed Internet & Multiple Line Telephone. Work for yourself from home & make more money than in a call center.   (more...)

ing for a customer support person who is familiar with Vicidial and Zophier and also can manage and administrate agents as well as train our exiting plus new staff. This is demanding and full time job. Thanks.   (more...)


ing a customer service representative to work on an ongoing basis, for my business, College Hunks Hauling Junk (ck us out We are a franchise with 25 locations across the country and are growing quickly. In fact we were just named #156 of the Inc 500 List of Fast-Growing Companies. I mention this because this is a long-term position with potential to grow into an expanded role with our company. So you can grow as we grow. We are looking for someone to return phones calls to people that are showed interest in our service but did not book an appointment. The goal of the calls is to set appointments. Also, appointment confirmation calls will also be made. Scripts for every type of call will be provided. Skills Requested: - Excellent spoke English - Experience with Google Voice - Have a computer and telephone - Great Written Communication Skills - Quick Learner You will have access to our JunkWare software in order to update appointments to our intranet. I will provide training on this software as well as the other components that are specific to our business. You will be paid for this training - I will be fair to you as long as you are fair to me. Calls would need to be made during business hours between 9am - 4pm EST Eastern Time. Average calls per week could range between 5-25. If you are interested in this position and have the skillset & desire to fulfill the duties, improve our company and grow with us, then please send me an email telling me how you fit into this picture. If this assignment goes well, there will be more opportunities for commission based phone calls. I look forward to hearing from you! ABOUT ME: My name is Nathaniel Bruno, I am the Denver franchisee for College Hunks Hauling Junk. ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: I have been working with another Virtual Assistant who I recently fired, but here are her weaknesses that I am looking to avoid in a long-term assistant: - Very task-oriented. Excellent job at completing specific tasks (which is why I\'ll use her for some future things), but requires oversight if additional thinking goes into that task (i.e. if it needs to be completed each week, I have to bring it up each week. Or basic things...let\'s say I spelled a word wrong, that is automatically placed into the final document instead of finding and fixing the problem) - Poor timeliness. Tasks sometimes linger for 3-7 days without completion. Tasks that were not time sensitive become so, and I have to go in and complete the task. - Not doing everything needed...the poor timeliness means I can\'t assign other things start to pile up. - Lack of communication. I\'m a pretty fair and reasonable person, so if there is a delay just let me know. If an assignment is past due and I haven\'t heard from you, I assume the worst.   (more...)

or an assistant that I can assign tasks to on a crm and has good speaking and writing skills. You will responsible for sharing my inbox. Scheduling calls, answering emails and helping customers and following up on tasks as a deal with over 100 people a week. Looking for someone with a zest to learn and excel. Monthly performance bonuses are available.   (more...)

Solutions is a website design company looking for a skilled customer service rep. You will be responsible for answering all incoming calls and transfer them appropriately. Other administrative projects will also be given to you when the phones are not busy. Must be professional and speak english without a heavy accent. You also will need a US phone number to transfer calls to Hours are M-F 0800-5:30 CST Pay is set at $120 week.   (more...)

estate office is in need of someone to answer our phones when were out of the office. All phone calls would be transferred to you when we are out. We are a real estate company and we are looking for someone who has GREAT customer service skills and friendly. Your duties would include: taking messages setting up appointments Calling back clients   (more...)

nts: Updated Resume 2x2 photo, should be in formal attire NBI Clearance (Updated / Current) Diploma Certificate Trainings Attended Certificate *Only experienced, professional work at home (WAH) BPO Agents will be considered. You must have a complete working office, with high speed Internet and telephone. You must have excellent English skills (written and spoken). The starting rate for EXPERIENCED and talented BPO Agents is $3.00 per hour US with solid opportunity for growth. See our website for details. Upon receipt of all of your documentation and attachments, we will have someone follow up with you for a telephone interview.   (more...)

set up appointmetnts for existing customers for estimator. In addittion to setting appointment, enter customer notes as well as date and time of appoitment into google calander and quickbooks customer notes. Please send cover letter with an example of your best rebuttalls when a customer has gotten upset because of your call and request.   (more...)

h American candidates will be selected for interview, due to the English-comprehension and broadband requirements of the role. We are an online business that sells organic herbal remedies, and are looking for a Customer Services professional with good computer skills to carry out the following duties: * Order processing * Order tracking * Email customer support using kayako support suite * Answering questions about our products * Upselling before and after the sale If you\'re interested in helping customers with natural remedies, and you are a fast learner, please contact us for an interview. In your reply, can you state the following: 1. What type of internet connection you have 2. Whether you have any prior sales experience (and what it was) 3. Whether you have a skype account and a working skype headset 4. Why you think you would be a good candidate (one paragraph or less please) Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you soon, Regards, Dee Walker   (more...)

or someone who can handle incoming emails,and route to appropriate person.   (more...)

o hire 3 people. We are currently looking for an experienced virtual customer service agent. Our company deals with services that gets booked through phone,email, and our online reservation system. Please read the following requirement carefully before applying: - Ability to speak and write English - Customer service experience - Follow instruction [on your resume when you apply put in 3490] - Deal with multiple clients over the phone - Email response to client - Research and clerical work - Simple marketing work - Dispatch service work to field people - Able to take reservation over phone and email If you have previous experience with remote receptionist please put in your resume of what you did, what applications you used to handing customer service, and time schedule preferable.   (more...)

small sports school on the East coast of North America looking for a customer service person who would help with - admin online office work - answer phone calls and customer questions - manage sports classes scheduling It would be good if you are knowledgeable or willing to learn internet marketing. We are looking for someone who wants to be with us for the LONG TERM. The more important thing is EXCELLENT english and a good customer service personality. Hours are EASTERN STANDARD TIME Norther America Could vary, must be flexible to any changes - M-F 3pm-8:30pm and taking a half hour break - Sat and Sun: 8am-4/5pm and taking 2 half hour breaks. *Hours may vary depending on the schedule. Your schedule would be 6-7 days a week. Work with friendly people and have a job for a long time! Interesting work and fun work.   (more...)

oking for customer support professionals to answer phone calls and online chat. We have local customer support staff in California, US, but would like to outsource support during our non-business hours. Basic requirements are: 1. Fluent English is a must 2. High speed internet connection + Skype 3. You should be available from 5PM to 12PM PST, Mon-Fri and 9AM - 6PM PST on Sat-Sun 4. General computer skills Please, tell us about your previous experience in customer support.   (more...)

ebsite that provides forum software and hosting for customers. We\'re looking for a customer support specialist to handle support questions, billing issues, and sales questions. We have a wiki with much of this information in one-place, so it\'s just pointing customers to the right place, and updating content in the wiki from time to time. This is an ongoing project that currently requires about an hour every other day and may grow into something on the order of 10 hours per week.   (more...)

service representatives provide a valuable link between customers and the companies who produce the products they buy and the services they use. They are responsible for responding to customer inquiries and making sure that any problems they are experiencing are resolved. Although most customer service representatives do their work by telephone in call centers, some interact with customers by e-mail, fax, post, or face-to-face. Many customer service inquiries involve simple questions or requests. For instance, a customer may want to know the status of an order or wish to change his or her address in the company’s file. However, some questions may be somewhat more difficult, and may require additional research or help from an expert. In some cases, a representative’s main function may be to determine who in the organization is best suited to answer a customer’s questions. Some customer inquiries are complaints, which generally must be handled in accordance with strict company policies. In some cases, representatives may try to fix problems or suggest solutions. They may have the authority to reverse erroneous fees or send replacement products. Other representatives act as gatekeepers who make sure that complaints are valid before accepting customer returns. Although selling products and services is not the primary function of a customer service representative, some customer services representatives may provide information that helps customers to make purchasing decisions. For instance, a representative may point out a product or service that would fulfill a customer’s needs. (For information on workers whose primary function is sales, see the statement on retail salespersons elsewhere in the Handbook). Customer service representatives use computers, telephones, and other technology extensively in their work. When the customer has an account with the company, a representative will usually open his or her file in the company’s computer system. Representatives use this information to solve problems and may be able to make specific changes as necessary. They also have access to responses for the most commonly asked questions and specific guidelines for dealing with requests or complaints. In the event that the representative does not know the answer or is unable to solve a specific problem, a supervisor or other experienced worker may provide assistance. Many customer service workers are located in call centers, where they spend the entire day speaking on the telephone. Companies usually keep statistics on their workers to make sure they are working efficiently. This helps them to keep up with their call volume and ensures that customers do not have to wait on hold for extended periods of time. Supervisors may listen in on or tape calls to ensure customers are getting quality service. Almost every industry employs customer service representatives, and their duties may vary greatly depending on the nature of the organization. For instance, representatives who work in banks may have similar duties to tellers, whereas those in insurance companies may be required to handle paperwork, such as changes to policies or renewals. Those who work for utility and communication companies may assist customers with service problems, such as outages. Representatives who work in retail stores often handle returns and help customers to find items in their stores.   (more...)

ost and build buyer, seller and Investor Lists, post affiliate programs on my websites and write blogs, follow-up on client apps. Be able to follow instructions and simple miscellaneous duties. Please put \"I want the Job\" in the subject line   (more...)

e a small online retail store selling virtual/digital items. We are looking for a customer service rep to handle our customers both presales and aftersales. A knowledge of online games is preferred. Duties: - Answer our toll free phone and online LiveChat during your shift. - Perform immediate call back order verification and delivery of digital product - Answer emails and direct customers to appropriate resources as needed - Escalate issues accordingly by paging resources or escalate via email - Assist in setup of new SKUs and inventory daily - Follow thru with issues with multiple parties (such as refunds and returns) until completion and ensure customer is satisfied - Good moral character with high integrity MUST be Fluent verbally in English. Phone interview required. Minimum 200 hours worked on oDesk with impeccable feedback rating Workload of up to 60 hours per week.   (more...)

n wanted for call centre work. Must be Australian accent or living in Australia this is important. Some tasks will include cold calling new clients.   (more...)

eking 20 agents that can handle outbound calls. We preferred agents who has a experienced. and must be located anywhere in Cebu City, Philippines. Please pass you cover letter together with your resume. Thanks!   (more...)

dates must a resident of Philippines criteria 1. Male ,female or homosexual is accepted 2. Have experience in customer service support. 3. Can speak English and understand perfectly with american accent. 4. Have a personal computer ,headset and have good internet connection This is an inbound account. please don\'t bid if your not from Philippines sincerely yours WCI company   (more...)

oking for some providers for customer support. We are a dispatcher company. The burden of the calls from 7AM to 7PM US(CT) will be high but lower in 7 PM to 7AM. You need to enter the information into our system Marchex. We need someone who can work full time. Teams are preferred. - Experience with dispatcher company will be preferred. - Experience of using Marchex will be preferred. Compensation will performance based.   (more...)

ooking for motivated, natural teachers to join our Customer Support team. If you’re the right one for the job, you’ll have a spot on our team for a long time to come. JOB DESCRIPTION: As a full-time Customer Support Agent, you will apply your knowledge of the online world, including HTML, web communication, and random computer stuff like setting up email, modifying images, and more. You will be answering questions online, providing guidance for our customers. You’ll be their friend, teacher, and guide – you know that great customer service is just as important as a great product. Even though you won’t be working at our headquarters, you will be an important part of our core team – trading off with our North American Support Agents to provide great service to our customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you are looking for loyalty and job security, you can stop searching. We’ve been around for over 10 years, we’re hiring, growing strong and here to stay. Did we mention that we were recently voted one of the Best Companies to Work For? REQUIREMENTS: • High-speed Internet • Strong command of the English language, written and verbal • Able to work full-time, long-term • Strong knowledge of the web and computers • Typing speed of 50+ wpm • Some HTML knowledge • Have a PayPal account • Are on Facebook • Experience with Chat support NICE-TO-HAVES: • Previous technical experience • Familiarity with search engine optimization • A personal website, blog, MySpace account APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1) You must take the following tests on oDesk in order to be considered for this opportunity: - HTML 4.01 - Email Etiquette Certification - U.S. English Basic Skills Test 2) This is a full-time position - 5 days a week / 8 hours a day. Two to three hours per work day would need to overlap with PDT business hours. In your cover letter, please let us know what hours and days you are currently available.   (more...)

ooking for motivated, natural teachers to join our Customer Support team. If you’re the right one for the job, you’ll have a spot on our team for a long time to come. JOB DESCRIPTION: As a full-time Customer Support Agent, you will apply your knowledge of the online world, including HTML, web communication, and random computer stuff like setting up email, modifying images, and more. You will be answering questions online, providing guidance for our customers. You’ll be their friend, teacher, and guide – you know that great customer service is just as important as a great product. Even though you won’t be working at our headquarters, you will be an important part of our core team – trading off with our North American Support Agents to provide great service to our customers 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you are looking for loyalty and job security, you can stop searching. We’ve been around for over 10 years, we’re hiring, growing strong and here to stay. Did we mention that we were recently voted one of the Best Companies to Work For? REQUIREMENTS: • High-speed Internet • Strong command of the English language, written and verbal • Able to work full-time, long-term • Strong knowledge of the web and computers • Typing speed of 50+ wpm • Some HTML knowledge • Have a PayPal account • Are on Facebook • Experience with Chat support NICE-TO-HAVES: • Previous technical experience • Familiarity with search engine optimization • A personal website, blog, MySpace account APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1) You must take the following tests on oDesk in order to be considered for this opportunity: - HTML 4.01 - Email Etiquette Certification - U.S. English Basic Skills Test 2) This is a full-time position - 5 days a week / 8 hours a day. Two to three hours per work day would need to overlap with PDT business hours. In your cover letter, please let us know what hours and days you are currently available.   (more...)

Sydney Australia based inbound Travel Company, established for 20 years. Our clients are young adults between the age of 18 and 30 who are looking to come to Australia on a Working Holiday. Our clients are from: * Belgium * Canada * Republic of Cyprus * Denmark * Estonia * Finland * France * Germany * Republic of Ireland * Italy * Japan * Republic of Korea * Taiwan * Malta * Netherlands * Norway * Sweden We sell arrivals packages to these clients online through our website We are looking for Customer Service Operators to work after hours when our office is closed. Chatting online through a Provide Support Console, using Proactive Chat. The aim is to promote sales of our products to clients who are on our website. Work hours will be 2.00 am to 8.00 am AEST You may work 2 or more days a week. Knowledge of Australia is required although this is pretty easy to study up on online.   (more...)

or someone who can answer the phone and take messages and/or handle inquiries. This is a property management company, so many requests need to be inputed. Will ask for a voice sample and a data entry example of a phone call.   (more...)

pe fast * Has a keen attention to details * Organized and not easily distracted * Comfortable making outbound calls (non sales) * Can work on weekends   (more...)

short sales with major banks. Must be able to communicate with client and collect documents needed to submit to banks, computer skills a must. Bonuses paid on closed deal.   (more...)

required to teach a student in the UK urdu and quranic basics. the child is only 5 years old so experience teaching kids is hugely beneficial must have an excellent control of the english language suggested rate is $2-3 dollars per hour should be 2 hours a week best regards, Hemal   (more...)


ne know of anyone who sells gold jewelry or bars in India?   (more...)

VAILABLE TO WORK IN-PERSON IN LOS ANGELES Must have experience in working at expos or events. Must be nice, professional and pleasant and work well under pressure.   (more...)

arati via net to uk student must be fluent english and gujarati teaching experience a plus all candidates considered. rate is $2 per hour this position needs to be filled by saturday as lessons will begin. female preffered. best regards.   (more...)

UPFRONT!! $2 Firm Please \"Read\"! This task is very simple; you\'ll be assisting me as I\'ll have you complete a few quick referral processes for the sites in my blog! Also you\'ll be doing quick informational requests &/or other simple tasks! There will be a series of 2 emails, Briefly go through the sites and email me the confirmation emails sent to you from the sites you sign up to, along with other completion proof! TASKS MUST BE COMPLETED TO RECEIVE PAY!! Once I receive the emails, it\'ll take me approximately one day to approve the assignments! If accepted for the tasks, I\'ll email you further instructions!   (more...)

involves manageing students in Korea as they learn English. I-Visit web conferenceing interface along with our web based teaching program will enable you as a student manager to assist students in staying on schedule and completing assigned scheduled learning tasks. We work with you at first and coach you every step of the way You also should be able to \"remote access\" a student\'s desktop using \"Go To Meeting\" or a similar tool to set up and maintain the student\'s web cam - audio/video functionality.   (more...)

f the Sales-Team Quality checks   (more...)

meone to call different businesses and just collect information like what time they open. What time they close. Information like that. No sales calls. I need someone to work 20 to 40 but if they rate is good. I could use you fulltime for months. You must be able to make these calls between the hours of 8am to 8pm. You can pick your times and days anyday 7 days per week.   (more...)

sting this project as addition to previousone. We are consulting company in Europe on behalf of several importing companies in EU. We are looking for provider with following skills and requirements: 1.Native Hindi speaker or other languages spoken in Kolkata and the rest of neighbourhood areas in India. 2.Native speaker of the language spoken in Bangladesh,preferably Dhaka area. 3.Provider must have excellent telephone and communication skills,both in his/her native language spoken in India and Bangladesh and English language. 4.This job is not about computer skills,although you will be required to use MS Word,email and Internet research as everyday tool. 5.Must be available on skype for live talk at the end of working day for at least 10-15 minutes for consultation.We do prefer live talk rather than writen reporting,although you will be required to send us and writen report too. 6.YOu job will include calling exporting companies in Kolkata and other cities in India and exporting companies in Bangladesh,preferably Dhaka and other neighbour cities. 6.2-Provider must be able to receive the knowledge about the products we are importing. Provider\'s job is not to sell/buy anything. Just to negotiate on our behalf and to send us writen and viral report of each interview made with spoken companies. Detailed list and question to ask will be provided to chosen canidate. We need 1 to 2 candidates from India,and 1-2 candidates from Bahgladesh) 6.3-For first time provider will be involved in negotiating with companies exporting of: flax yarn flax twines and similiar products, but later on the varieties of products can apply from other industries. 7.All training will be provided free of charge,if necessesary. 8.Provider must be honest,timely respected and ambition driven.This is offer for long-term.Provider must suplly us with strong references from previous employers and similiar projects,at least 3 of them. 9.Huge bonuses apply besides regular hourly rate at the end of each project. Feel free to ask anything. We will be happy to respond to every serious provider with good experience and references without conditions. Mr.Ljubisa Mike Cakic Easy Fast Company DOO LLC Leskovac City Serbia State Europe.   (more...)

king for reliable phone caller,must be from Egypt,and must speak Arabic as native language. This is an offer for long term worker. YOu will start first as a part-time worker,and later on we are ready to extend your work time as 8 hours shift,Monday to Friday. *Description of the work. This job is not too much about computer skills,like programming,designing etc.This job is about calling by phone companies in Egypt. **Type of companies Companies that are manufacturing flax yarn and flax twines products in Egypt.All list will be supplied to chosen candidate.We are in need of one,maybe two candidates on long term basis. ***Awards,benefits and contributions: We are ready to pay huge benefits and bonuses after the job is complete. YOu will get paid by hour,but also every of your project will lead to exporting mentioned products above, to Europian companies,as we are consulting company in Europe in agreements with products above for wholesale import. This job can lead to the right person on permanent basis not for 6 months,rather than on ongoing basis,under 1 or 2 years agreement.We had a reliable Arabic speaker,but he quited a job unexpectedly,leaving us on edge.This position is available for people willing work as soon as possible. All applicants must supply following: 1.The evidence they are native Arabic speaker,as talking with Egyptian companies will be in plain Arabic language. 2.The evidence they are reliable,references from previous employers or projects completed,at least 3 of them. 3.Available on skype for live talk for 10-15 minutes at the end of working day. 4.Enough efficient that she/he can understand writen and viral English without translators and dictionaries,in real time talk over skype,when given orders for next day or week or month(s). Feel free to ask anything.EVery of your questions will be answered in professional and kindly manner. We will kindly respond to anybody,regardless if candidate in newbie or old provider. Only people from Egypt. Thank you. Mr.Ljubisa Mike Cakic Certifed consultant and translator on behalf of other wholesale import companies from Serbia and the rest of Europe. Leskovac City,Serbia State Europe.   (more...)

or someone conversant in Russian and English who can answer peoples requests and can log them into our customer relationship system. Experiance with CRM a plus. If you do not speak Russian do not apply.   (more...)

phones customer service oriented trouble shoot call take detail message. spanish language a plus but not necesary. proven customer service skills .   (more...)

a performer and have done lots of videos in the past and i have a great performance lined up. I need someone who can get me a place in a performance in Kolkata. Just a concert with around 10,000 people would be great. I\'m coming to Kolkata in October and staying through to the end of November. You will need to phone around and find things out, I need someone who is determined and won\'t give up! To show you have read this please put this code at the beginning of your application: 008989 Thank you.   (more...)

ernational teacher, teaching your language to students via the internet. there are immediate roles to be filled. French, German, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, any language you like! you must have some teaching experience, please do not out bid yourself for this project. most applicants will recieve an interview.   (more...)

ing an very experienced telemarketer with knowledge of the hospitality industry to assist with outbound pre-sales calls to potential clients in the United States for me to follow up with if interested. Must be technology savvy and excellent communication skills. I will provide the list of ~100 contacts with name and phone number and call script and spreadsheet for tracking and documenting results. Must be able to document e-mail address and next steps for follow up in the spreadsheet. Please view the youtube video to get an idea of what the call will entail before applying to this posting   (more...)

ish writer   (more...)

es outbound calls like telesales, telemarketing, client retention, among others. • Facilitate data processing and quality recordings. • Coordinate to superior for the quota per week and performance rating. • Provide quality customer service.   (more...)

reelance English/French/German teachers via Skype for Russian-speaking students. No need to know Russian. We are settled in Russia, so our prices will not be very high.   (more...)

ponder Email responder needed. Will have a login We have need for someone to respond to emails as they come into out company on a daily basis. People send resumes through our online postings and we respond with a template email based on the city/state they live in. The job is an 8-10 hour per day job. The pay is up to $1.50 per hour and is full time. Please not apply if you want more than this. The task is so basic that it required very little effort, just time. Looking to have someone start soon. Other tasks. familiar with Yahoo hot jobs a plus! Every week we take down all of our postings and refresh them so they are at the top of the customer searches. This would be also done once per week on Mondays.   (more...)

cognize quality service when you see it? Do you notice the details of your guest experiences? Do you have hospitality experience? We are looking for a mystery service evaluator for our hotel client in UAE. Selected evaluator will be required to complete several web based videos and pass the related certification exams in advance of evaluation. Overnight stay as a guest of the hotel to evaluate service and integrity standards is required. Your stay, meals and beverages will be reimbursed, and you will be paid a fee at conclusion of a successful evaluation. Completion of a written survey in English at the close of the visit is required. Attention to detail and compilation of the data into a thorough report is essential. This is a mystery evaluation of the service and or integrity issues in a major hotel. If you are interested please contact us.   (more...)

crosoft office package   (more...)

homebased data entry work. Just you have to type data simultaneously. Only typing skill is required.   (more...)

oking for an experienced link builder to build 20 profile links. Sites and instructions on how to post will be provided by us via PDF document. Must post 2 anchor text/url on each profile page provided by us. Experience with Angela and Pauls backlinks should apply. Job requires: 1. Creating a new account on each site 2. Confirm via email – Yahoo or Gmail 3. Update profile using the information we provide. 4. Create an Excel spreadsheet or Word Document to be delivered with public viewable url where link has been placed. Payment will be made at the completion of job when provider delivers the Excel spreadsheet or Word doc. with the previous information. This will become an ongoing job if job is satisfactory. Lowest bids will be considered first. The most I expect to pay is $2.00 per 20 profiles Bid Away.   (more...)

meone to post on craiglist the templetes that I already have created. Applicant must have some kind of back ground posting on craigslist Applicant must have some kind of background on sales as well. Applicant must be able to speak and write English very well. I need someone who is a go getter. Someone who will take charge and want to better. I always award my employees who show that they are willing to work and help grow the business. I also like good communication from my workers. If I send you an email or a skype I would like a follow up to let me know where you are at with your task. This task requires about 30 hours per week. But if you are willing to work more hours I can do that as well.   (more...)

ers who are trustworthy and hard working to do tedious work. Job pay is $1.00 an hour   (more...)

ome one, who can collect data from various site. Such as Craigslist, Amazon etc. This is very easy job to collect data, then I want report in a excel.   (more...)

oking for someone to modify the prices of our inventory based on other competitors\' listed prices. The job is primarily data entry, but will require an ability to follow specific instructions. A good candidate will be proficient in English, dependable and committed to help us long-term.   (more...)

on Opening Date: U.S. August 15, 2010 Application Close Date: U.S. September 15, 2010 Interview Dates: U.S. August 25, 2010 - September 5, 2010 Introduction: Welcome Candidates, we are looking for a Administrative Assistant that can perform data entry services for our company. Job Details: The successful candidate will be assigned a specific number of our client-leads. The candidate will enter our client-leads into anther database which will send out an invitation to a webinar. The job is only billable for 2-3 hours per week M-T (four days). Candidate Skills: -Knowledge of e-mail usage -Some knowledge of SugarCRM -Excellent communication skills -Ability to focus Additional Requirements: -Adhere to company security policies. -Provided secured access to CRM -Provided booklet for day-to-day operations Any further questions should PM immediately! Thank you   (more...)

one to look up information for 20 brands and paste 1-2 paragraph info about the brand into Excel. Also, need info about a bunch of part numbers to be looked up and pasted into Excel the same way.   (more...)

me invoices coded into excel. This is a fairly large project as there are a number of invoices and they must be coded correctly. I already have templates set up in excel. Your job will be to go through all invoices and code them properly. It will be possible that you may have too many invoices or there will be invoices missing. The project is two-fold so after step one is completed correctly. I will assign step two of the project. This project is a priority and must be completed by Thursday of this week. Please do not apply if you do not have ample time to provide to the project. I estimate it will take about 16-20 hours of work. I need someone who can start immediately. Most competitive bidder will likely get offer.   (more...)

or someone that has very good knowledge on MS excel and would be able to sort lists, and collecting or extracting data from pdf format sometimes, to MS excel format (There is a large amount of data on a list form sometimes on pdf on specific websites and we need someone to extract it to MS excel formats and be able to sort it out on a proper way. Base on performance we can negotiate more lists and pay rate as fix rate.Please let me know the experience you have on excel and data transfering.   (more...)

ed someone to do a simple clicking and typing job an hour per day, but this requires the use of multiple/rotating IP addresses. If you have your own system of rotating IP addresses, that will be great. The cheaper you rate is, the better!   (more...)

looking for someone to help build my new forum for me. What you will be doing is taking topics/posts off of other similar forums, rewriting them, and posting them on my forum under ten different accounts that you will register. Because the forum is new, there aren\'t enough threads/posts and I really need to get a few thousand going on over the next few days! YOU MUST HAVE EXCELLENT ENGLISH SKILLS TO DO THIS JOB SO PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE. ALSO A PASSION FOR FOOTBALL/SOCCER WOULD BE AN ADVANTAGE BUT ISN\'T 100% NECESSARY. Thanks guys, Marcus   (more...)

meone to help post an ad on Craigslist twice a week.   (more...)

ike someone to put together a simple contacts spreadsheet using freely available information gathered from this website Each link on this website leads to a seperate information page, and it\'s the information on each of these pages that I would like to be turned into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must have seperate columns for channel name, content, company name, address, telephone, website, email and contact. I don\'t mind if the information is typed, cut and pasted, scraped or any other method you can think of to get the job done.   (more...)

ble to Format excel sheets quickly and effectively. Must have excellent english communication skills.   (more...)

daily on Craigslist & Backpage   (more...)

arching skills command on Microsoft office applications etc.   (more...)

be supplied weekly list and u must go through each list and compile name of company, number, location. I need 50 per day given to me. Client only works by s kype   (more...)

al Math website is looking for individuals with skills in LateX and strong English language and math skills to enter math questions into an online database. Individuals will be given a list of questions, which they will enter using LateX formatting, recording the question stem as well as right and wrong answers.   (more...)

or competent webmaster to perform numerous tasks on wordpress platform including, site additions, plugins, video streaming, FTP, page additions and more.   (more...)

or motivated Data Entry Specialists for Full Time Work. The job is to take spreadsheets with data from suppliers and copy/paste that data into new spreadsheet in certain Header order. Candidate must be available to work at least 40 hours per week, be intelligent, understand how to navigate through the internet, understand excel formulas.   (more...)

First of all this job has a low budget but those who come to work for us on a low budget have the benefit of a long term job to help pay the bills, so make sure your quote is under $1 an hour to be considered. We are after staff for a range of jobs all within the data entry sector. Full training will be given so you don’t need any experience at all. We have jobs available anything from 5-40 hours a week and we do not accept agency staff. All work will be trained via Skype ‘chat’ and the interview will be carried out on Skype chat too. Please quote ‘BASIC’ at the beginning of your job application as a measure to make sure you have read the application in full. If you don’t your application will be deleted instantly. Kind regards Keidi X   (more...)

ny has a new position for forum registration / Data Entry. We are looking to hire a few people who would be interested in doing Data Entry Work. The job will consist of simple step by step instructions to signing up to forums, and copy and pasting info. You will need to make registration at 140 forums.   (more...)

We are looking for the right candidates to carryout simple tasks given. This is going to be full-time and ongoing job. Lower bids will be given preference. Thank You, Team Manager.   (more...)

content from 4 existing web sites to 4 new WordPress web sites. Your job will be to get the content of all pages for each existing site matching what is in the pages of each new site. Must be able to start within the hour and work for 8 hours in the next 12 hours. Only experienced, skilled and reliable oDeskers to apply. Must have at least 10 4.5-5.0 feedbacks in past 6 months. A fast, reliable internet connection is essential. You must be willing to accept direction by skype and be responsive to the instructions given. Each new WordPress site has around 52 pages created. The majority of these pages are ok, but they are copied from another website. Some pages must be renamed, some of them must be added and some of them must be deleted. Excellent English skills are necessary as you will be receiving written instructions to follow. Briefing to be provided by email and ongoing work reporting and instructions to be provided via Skype. The instructions about renaming, adding and deleting will be supplied by email in Word document. You will be experienced in WordPress content administration, creating and editing pages, including linking in PDF files and inserting images from the Media Library into the pages. You will need to find those PDFs and images in the Media Library, according to what has been moved across from the existing sites to the new sites. You must track everything in an Excel spreadsheet we will supply. So good knowledge of Excel and careful attention to detail is essential. We will supply the list of URLs from the existing sites, you will update the URLs from the new site into the spreadsheet, along with existing page titles, keywords and meta description. Don\'t apply if you don\'t know how to find these from existing pages. You will also need to place the keywords and descriptions into the SEO fields for each page, as provided by the Greg\'s High Performance SEO plugin. We estimate 8 hours of effort is required. We will hire someone within an hour for this job.   (more...)

be provided with articles that must be uploaded to 27 accounts. You must create and maintain those accounts. Please read the attached document that includes all specifications and rules. When you have read it, say the \"magic word\" and post your bid. 1 Odesk hour= 1 assignment (uploading articles to the account)   (more...)

ing for one (or potentially more) people to write short descriptions about business listings. I would provide you with a spreadsheet full of listings of businesses (e.g. computer repair shops, tattoo parlors, etc.) and I would need you to add short, unique descriptions of each one. So obviously you would need some writing experience and a good grasp of the English language; and not mind repetitive tasks. Please provide examples of any similar work you have done. And please include a quote for your price per entry.   (more...)

u if and only if you thorough, concise, reliable, and hungry. I need someone for email responses, web research, data mining, website testing, and general reporting. This is a weekly salary with profit sharing potential for the right person. If this is you, submit your bid for the gig, and good luck! Jared Elkins   (more...)

dependable virtual assistant to help register and manage web hosting accounts. As a requirement, you must have a PayPal account from which you can make purchases. Tasks will include: - Registering for hosting accounts - Setting up the account (instructions will be provided) - Tracking account details in a Google Docs spreadsheet - Managing/canceling accounts + billing issues - Other tasks as needed Experience in creating and maintaining websites would be a plus.   (more...)

full time virtual assistant who has FLUENT written and spoken english. You will need to pass a phone interview. Required: Extensive knowledge of english knowledge of HTML knowledge of wordpress basic to advanced writing skills Pluses: SEO Knowledge Previous Use of Textbroker Please answer the following questions: Where is the anchor text in this phrase? I like odesk Give 3 Good Title Ideas for an article about iPhones and Fisherman   (more...)

I\'m looking for someone who know the Mac backwards who can help me with computer-related tasks such as: - Putting photos in omni-graffle (a drawing program) - Converting videos - Other related tasks. Please reply with 1) How long you have used Mac for, a list of programs and for each program rate your experience as: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert 2) Your location (city, country) and hours you are available 3) What you feel are your 3 strongest qualities that make you suitable for this position. Thanks and talk soon.   (more...)

Please read this in detail, carefully or your application will be reported to Odesk as SPAM. This is a full time, long term position for a Virtual Assistant/Secretary to perform various administrative tasks including Preparing marketing materials Making appointments Writing advertisements for real estate Making calls Manage calendars Assist in managing other team members etc. We require someone who * Able to work from 5am to 1pm (Philippines Time) or more. * Speaks fluent English (without heavy Filipino accent.) * Writes fluent English (no grammatical error or spelling error.) * Highly organised. * Hard working and conscientious. * Expert knowledge in Microsoft Office package (including Word, Excel, Access and Microsoft Outlook) * Good internet research skills. * Ability to work at least 50 hours per week. (minimum 45) * No other commitment (this is a full time and long term commitment.) * Works well with other team members. * Good business acumen. * Able to start immediately. * Has highly stable fast internet connection. * Has a quiet environment to work in (for making calls.) * Able to write good english, articles or blogs. ( research time provided.) For a start, we will pay a maximum of USD$1.00 per hour up to 60 hours a week for the training and probation period of 3 months. (This will be reviewed in 3 months or as mutually agreed.) However, once you are in, you are in for the long term. We are a long term employer, so we would appreciate no nonsense applications. If your bids is over USD1.00, you will be reported as SPAM.   (more...)

meone to help return calls & emails, schedule appointments and juggle my schedule. My business is fun, enthusiastic and inspiring, so the right person is energetic and great on the phone. Since most of my business is US based and this job consists of talking with people and having conversations, proficient and clear spoken and written English is a must.   (more...)

or an assistant to do tedious jobs. Pay is $1.00 and hour   (more...)

meone to help me complete a spreadsheet with data on different people. Basically, you need to find the fields that are missing information and look up that information on the web. Also, you\'ll need to be able to download and rename images. I\'m looking for a personal assistant to be able to handle random administrative tasks for me, and if this data entry project works well, it may turn into a regular gig.   (more...)

recritment company in Australia. We work mainly in non and low skilled positions. We are looking for someone to conduct preliminary interviews with candidates, based on our Interview Script. You will be required to call and interview candidates (approx 20 mins each) and take detailed notes, providing some basic feedback and recommendations. You may also be required to do reference checks and book interviews. MUST HAVE PERFECT WRITTEN AND SPOKEN ENGLISH. This is a trial. If successful could be ongoing   (more...)

ad attached job description. Independent Contractors only please. Applicant must be willing to do a skype voice call interview. Applicant must be will ing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement Thank you and good luck.   (more...)

y(important!) personal assistant wanted who would be available appx. 1 hours a day for chatting or more. I work on my solo project and need someone to talk to bounce off my ideas. I\'m looking for someone who doesn\'t say easily \'I can\'t do it\' and who finds out a way to do whatever the task is. (VERY IMPORTANT!)Should be available for chat in pacific standard time. Should be able to work hyper speed rhythm.1 hour can be in the morning or in the afternoon. It could take less or longer than 1 hour or it could be 1 consecutive hour or short several conversations. This would suit someone that is awake in this time zone and stay open at chat. there could be other more traditional personal assistant tasks. I\'m big on researching on the web. Task will start from small amount and will increase over time if it works well. I\'m looking for a long term commitment if possible.   (more...)

meone who is very familiar with Craigslist, Kijiji and Backpage to post daily ads. You must be very quick and have experience posting ads on classifields. Only 1 to 2 hours per day. May also need to check email and forward replies to my main email.   (more...)

oking for a skilled Admin Assistant for these tasks: 1. format and send monthly newsletter in Dreamweaver 2. Create a web presence and use social media like facebook, twitter etc to grow business 3. Create and update Blog 4. Sales calls and Follow up with new client leads 5. Put together and update processes and procedures 6. Video Archiving 7. Submitting articles to ezinearticles and goarticles A nice and professional phone manner is a must and we are looking for someone to work with more permanently if we find the right person.   (more...)

ing for a virtual assistant that is located in the United States. This has been an ongoing attempt but have had no luck. I have tried outside of the United States but it has not worked. I am in eastern standard time so these would be the hours I would need. I am looking to hire for this position in the next 24 to 48 hours. I need somebody to make phone calls, email correspondence, internet work such as research and posting ads on craigslist. You must have a phone and be able to send faxes. I would prefer you have a skype account for instant communications. We are a real estate investment company so experience in the real estate industry is a plus but not required. Thank you in advance for you interest in the position and I look forward to hiring and working you soon.   (more...)

ike to have someone that I can use consistently for various administrative tasks. This may include data entry, scheduling appointments, or doing some research. Someone with design background and/or web design would be ideal as this could lead into more work, but it is not necessary for this position. Additional work may include designing email templates, and converting documents into HTML. Website and blog design is also possible.   (more...)

or an organized, pleasant person. Job entails usable clerical duties as well as being a pseudo office manager for 1-2 exec office. Usual email chatting, mailing, making appts, keeping schedules, etc. Super friendly, low-pressure environment with a highly flexible schedule. Must like to search and do research on internet. Looking only for PT at first with possibility of FT later, as desired.   (more...)

rgently looking for a personal assistant for my newly launched marketing company. You need to have a great personality, be positive and have a can-do attitude. You need to be resourceful and able to handle a variety of tasks remotely. You need to have prior experience in this field. Fluent English is a must, any additional languages such as French, Spanish or German etc. a plus but NOT a requirement. Tasks that you will be involved in will range from helping me organise contacts, create spreadsheets, make admin calls, web research, help me organise interviews and other meetings, type letters, send thank you notes etc. You\'ll also help me occasionally with personal stuff like booking flights, hotels, restaurants. Looking for someone to grow with the company with a raise in salary as our company progresses. Since this is a new company, your schedule won\'t be 9-5 but will vary. Some weeks will be more heavier than other weeks so you\'ll need to be flexible and available when I need you. It will probably start with 10 hours a week and progress. Should have good knowledge of modern day computing tools.   (more...)

nd you a file written in php with other relevant details. The file is like..say (something.php). Basically you need to do \'save as\' in diffrent file names. Then each file you will need to do minor contents change.. create 30files and minor contents editing can be done approximately in 1hr. This is can be done in \'notepad\'...copy the contents that I send in \"notepad\' then \'saveas\' .....   (more...)

looking for a VA to help me with everyday tasks form web research to email admin.   (more...)

tablished Company over 3500 clients Employee owned company Can speak fluent english which we can understand Bubbly on the phone Never say die attitude Love chatting and interacting with people Pleasant voice Good phone etiquette Telemarketing experience preferred Willing to learn and works hard Sales Experience Preferred Fast and Stable Internet Connection Qualification doesn\'t really matter, your attitude does Benefits: Good Career Prospects, can become team lead / state captain 5 days work Fixed Working Hours Training will be provided Family oriented company Work from home   (more...)

list of Gold Coast businesses, i will provide format, you will need to research the net, data mine and paste onto a spread sheet in excel. Minimum 1500 companies required   (more...)

ing for someone to link build for me. What I require is 1 - You need to have your own list of links. I can provide some if need be, but it would be quicker if you had links of your own 2- I need about 300 links built per week 3 - You need to know how anchor text works 4 - You need to compile a report of links built Im looking for $1.10 offers per hour or under.   (more...)

meone to find information about as many Cycling teams/clubs in Texas as possible and fill in an excel or Google Docs spreadsheet with as much of the following information as possible: - Team Name - Team Website - Contact info for head of the team - Contact info for whoever is in charge of uniform orders - Current uniform provider - Date of last uniform order placed (or ongoing) - Size of team - Team mascot or colors - Goal of team (to raise money for a cause, to train elite racers, to socialize, etc.) Most of this information can be found by finding team lists at association websites such as: Others can be found through simple Google searches. I need this to be done by Thursday, August 5th at Midnight.   (more...)

am an extremely busy recruiting consultant with a couple of excellent clients in the software industry, however my workload has increased with both those clients and I am in need of an organized internet savvy assistant to help me with managing email, researching potential candidates, posting job advertisements and general support work. I am looking for someone who works well independently and is proactive! I am also looking for someone with: Excellent written and verbal communications skills. Excellent online research experience and familiarity with Linkedin, Jigsaw and other online recruitment tools a plus. A track record of handling corporate email correspondence. Available for a minimum of 3 hours per day during M-F Pacific Time Zone. A high speed, reliable internet connection. Experience working in a fast-paced environment where autonomy is valued. Willing to give me a full report on a weekly basis and available for phone calls as needed. Some experience reviewing resumes or interviewing is helpful but not crucial. I will provide ongoing training on online research and candidate sourcing, assist in any way I can and give you access and training on tools I have at my disposal. If you are interested in a long-term opportunity, then please send me your resume along with a summary of your related experience and what your ideal role looks like. Thanks again! Global Talent Acquisition Consulting   (more...)

ing for someone who has the technical skills to search the internet every day and find newsworthy articles that have to do with the commercial real estate industry. I am not interested in day-to-day news articles. I am only interested in what I would define as \"feature articles or editorials\" and not news stories that become out of date within a short period of time. I don\'t have the time to do this myself and am interested in hiring someone who can search through all relevant news sources to find these types of articles. If the person I hire is able to successfully provide me with the appropriate links, the next job may be to have this person post the commercial real estate article links to our commercial real estate blog. More specifics on the types of articles I am interested in are: Feature articles that are usually found in magazines and trade journals and not newspapers. Articles that are just as fresh (relevant) one year from now as they are today.   (more...)

ching a new mortgage website. This website compares mortgages rates in the industry and helps people find the lowest. In order to generate traffic for this website, I need to contact bloggers and websites in the following Canadian industries: -Real estate -Home purchases/home buying etc. -Personal finance -Saving money -Entrepreneurs I would like you to help me compile a list of websites, blogs etc. that are writing about these topics. I have a variety of sources that will help you find these blogs and websites. Please read the attached PowerPoint slides carefully. If you are hired, I will provide further details of the job.   (more...)

was born in 1957 in Narwana India and he does not have a birth certificate Can you research what is the official procedure if someone does not have a birth cert, how can they get a new cert issued? No Upfront but good work   (more...)

ng for someone to can you do research work and admin work for Birth Cert work (Narwana) If you are interested can you please contact us for immediate start.   (more...)

and Advertising- Can formulate marketing and advertising ideas that can be lunch over the net. Has the ability to identify and create advertising materials and concept that will aide the marketing of a particular product specially the ones related to my formal education. Google App Engine- Has the ability to maximize search engine (internet savy) Excel- Proficient in excel applications. Can generate various engineering and other types of reports through the use of Excel. Facebook- Can create ideas for fun page, games and other fun stuff to be incorporated at facebook. Salesforce- Can be part of a team in generating sales for a particular product.   (more...)

ng company is looking for a part-time (possibly full-time) assistant to help with tasks such as: -Research -Formulating brochures It’s true that many people are looking for someone to do all the work for very little pay and none of the credit, but we view our team members differently. With us, our team is our most important asset, and we value your thoughts and contributions as well as your quality work. More good news is you can do this job from home so long as you have an internet connection. And in addition to working on great and fun projects, as the company grows so does everyone’s SALARY! We understand that this job is not for everyone, so we’re looking for someone special who can be a superstar team member. If you think you could be that unique person for this unique opportunity, contact us today, and put the word, \"SUPERSTAR,\" at the top of your message!   (more...)

er we will be conducting a solo charity bike ride. The ride will start from Perth on the 1st and conclude on the 25th. The aim of this ride is to raise money for charity. The charity supports the battle of prostate cancer and depression. We are looking to promote highly competent VA company that will be able to provide the services of the following areas for a 4 month period, 160 hours per month as sponsorship. • Calendar management • Product research • Marketing • Proposal reports • Written proposals and follow up • Web 2.0 management • Transcription service • Personal tasking • Video editing • Able to provide outbound calls to sponsors in Australia • Respond to phone and email inquiry • SEO • Web designer The following are must for our criteria • Clean understood and outstanding English skill are required up dates from phone calls will be made • Must be a company of virtual assistance (minimum 3yr experience ) • Able to independently think, suggest and brainstorm option for the event In return for your services we would like to promote your company national (Australia) though out or journey and other publication that will be made.   (more...)\"> buy jamon iberico online and have it delivered to your door. We are looking for blogs about food written in Chinese: traditional or simplified characters, Putonghua or Cantonese. Here are the rules: - you must be CHINESE, other applicants will be REJECTED. - only blogs that accept comments or posts (not only rating) - only Chinese blogs (not multilingual) - websites with recipes that accept comments are also good - for each blog you need to log the URL, Page Rank, Follow/Nofollow attributes in a spreadsheet. The goal is to get 150 blogs, if so you get USD 40 + Odesk fees. Otherwise, each approved blog will be paid 0.25 + Odesk fees.   (more...)

ing for a US precedent of a tax reduction for the purchase of a personal rescue or safety equipment. (Not including fall protection equipment or any equipment for persons working at heights). If you know the answer to this question, or can find it easily thought the web, send me a full answer and you will be paid 5-10$ for it (according to the sort of information your answer will contain). All contractors that will send a full answer until Friday, the 6th of august will be paid. Don\'t write anything based on your own thoughts. Write only things that are based on articles or other data you found out on the internet. and please put a reference to each statement you make as well as a direct link to the article/site you used.   (more...)

find several companies that do research (questioners) through Social networks. I have several questions I want to run as a research and I\'m looking for a company that specializes in such a research (mainly in the US but it can also be an international research). For each such company that you find, look for feedbacks and prices (normally the prices are quoted per question, but not necessarily). If you can find it easily thought the web, send me a full answer and you will be paid 1-3$ for each company that fit those characteristics (according to the sort of information your answer will contain). All contractors that will send a full answer until Friday, the 6th of august will be paid. Don\'t write anything based on your own thoughts. Write only things that are based on articles or other data you found out on the internet (Forums, facebook and all web data is acceptable). In addition, please put a direct link to the article/site you found or used in your answer.   (more...)

I would like to hire a speedy and skillful web researcher to help me to research web resources and organize the links accordingly. Example : Productivity Apps, Market Research Tools, PPC Tools and etc Once you get the topic done ( Example: PPC Tools ), you need to further niche down to its subtopic ( Example : Bid Management Tools, Competitive Research Tools ). You will then still need to niche it down again to the most precise functions of that tools and its categories. You will be provided with these research topics, but I expect you to do the research yourself on more different and related topics. Which means you need to find more different and related topics on it. Here are some criteria I expect from you : 1) Speedy 2) Well Organize 3) Extensive Analysis Skill 4) You must have the basic keyword research skills to research for these resources. 5) Hardworking 6) Update me about the progress Warning: You will not be paid if your work quality is subpar. If you think you are up for this job, please include a \"Yes, I\'m ready to roll\" in your application description. Include 6 reasons why I should hire you and please give me an example of similar work experience you have had before.   (more...)

or a admin support person having experience in people research using sites like LinkedIn etc. Should all have exceptional telephone skills.   (more...)

ve movies? Do you spend time online discussing them? If so, we are looking for a passionate person to moderate (i.e. remove spam) an unofficial movie fan community site hosted on Orkut. After all, why not get paid to spend a little bit of time on a regular basis doing something that you enjoy? This job should require no more than 1 hour a week, and should be accomplished in 10–15 minutes every day or so once the initial spam onslaught is thinned out. In addition to having a passion for cinema, the ideal candidate should be able to quickly recognize spam posted to a forum. He or she should also be able to handle basic communication (in English) to warn members of inappropriate posts, or explain why a message/thread was removed. If you are the one, please provide a link to an existing online forum et al. that you help moderate. Otherwise, please provide a link to your blog or other writing sample. Thank you for your interest!   (more...)

with typing and reproducing a document from paper form into a usuable word file.   (more...)

rking Demon expert needed Provide assistance using this software to bookmark our sites and articles.. prior experience with bookmark Demon needed to apply for this job... When apply, please provide: 1) how much experience you have regarding to bookmarking Demon; 2): your rate If everything workes out, it is going to a long-term job. If you interested, please add me on skype: rmao8866 Look forward to hearing from you   (more...)

mail merge and send a text email (with hyperlinks) via exchange server. 1,000 addresses with one custom field (first name).   (more...)

or staff members on a few game sites. Anybody interested should have experience with games, game sites, and game forums. Duties will vary from site-to-site and person-to- person, but include moderating a forum, helping to keep content up-to date, organizing and managing site events, email interviews with game developers, and interacting with the community. This position would expand in terms of both pay and responsibility for those individuals who constantly help the sites they are assigned to.   (more...)

Turkish and English-speaking assistant to perform business research, provide translation/interpretation, and call Turkish companies on our behalf   (more...)

healthcare technology and supplies company located in New Hampshire and Georgia. We currently sell supplies related to billing and coding. We have about 1,350 customers geographically located around USA. We mostly do a drop shipment of these items. We wanted to expand the range of supplies that we can sell to our customer base, healthcare providers (doctors and hospitals). We plan to establish relationship with overseas and domestic medical supplies manufacturers. We want some one to help us identify and establish relationship with various supplies manufacturers. We plan to save our customers by at least 30% on supplies. We are also in the process of building a supplies exchange and it is expected to be operational in about 2 months. You need to be organized, and detail oriented. We would like you to identify suitable manufacturer for each supply item. We are open to keep their supplies on a consignment basis in our warehouse (if required). If this sounds interesting to you please send us the following information: 1. Your experience with medical suppliers 2. Any special skills that will make you more qualified for the task? 3. Do you have any existing relationship medical supplies manufacturers? 4. Availability to work on the project. 5. Expected time frame to complete the task 6. Bid / Cost. Thank you for your time.   (more...)

online fashion and beauty. We are looking for an experienced Ebay and Yahoo Auction sellers to stimulate the sales of our products. We will have minimum rate + commisstion rate.   (more...)

elp posting comments about food on different blogs. This job will take about 30 minutes EVERYDAY for about 3 months. - We will provide you with a list of 1500 recipes on blogs (exact URL) - We will also give you a list of comments, you do not need to write anything - For each URL you will have to post a comment (choose a comment from the ones we give you, copy and paste it). - In most cases you will have to register an account to be able to post the comment. - Everyday -Monday to Friday or Monday to Sunday, you decide- you have to post 15 comments (no more, no less). - You will be required to log on a spreadsheet your progress each day (date, URL, comment number) It takes less than two minutes to post a comment, you can expect to make 15 posts in 30 minutes everyday, that is USD 10 (plus Odesk fees) per week for about 15 weeks. I will pay each Tuesday the job finished the previous Sunday. The rate per hour is USD 3. Bids above 150 USD and bids requiring upfront payment will be rejected. Your English needs to be good enough to understand the recipes and ingredients and then choosing the right comment. Thank you.   (more...)

inar has been completed consisting of 9 interviews - which are run over a week i.e. 2 interviews Mon-Thur and 9th on Fri. Job is to automate this teleseminar so that it can run every week - starting on a Monday and finishing on a |Friday. The autoresponder series content is available - it needs to be set up so that it runs automatically in tandem with the telesummit. Graphics etc are already completed.   (more...)

on Key Responsibilities Coordinating and organizing things for planning a particular event Making arrangements for various events or fundraising activities Design budget plans Oversee the money received and spent in organization\'s activities Prepare financial reports and submit them to the board of directors Oversee key financial events, concerns and assessment of fiscal health Design plans and strategies for raising funds to support activities of the organization Requirements Requirements Bachelor\'s degree in communications or management Experience as an event planner for at least 3 years   (more...)

eking two (2) Real Estate Assistants to assist us with many tasks. One of the tasks this project would involve would be to assist with real estate contracts. We do prefer that you have real estate experience and contract experience, however it is not required. We are willing to train the right person for this position. This will be a full time position after your first week of training. We are seeking 2 Virtual Assistants for 2 different agents. You will serve as their \"right hand\", answer calls, schedule appointments on calender. You must be very professional on the phone as well and have excellent grammar to be able to represent our company in the best way possible. There will be other tasks assigned as well once the project ramps up. Please send your resume along with a statement/cover letter as to why you feel you would be the best fit for this position along with your salary requirements. Salary is dependent upon experience and will come down to the final factor in our hiring decision between the narrowed down candidates with similar skillsets. Phone interviews will be conducted and we are looking to hire before end of this week. We prefer only USA candidates please with perfect Englsh, no heavy accents. Thanks.   (more...)

create invoices using a web Invoicing application (Zoho Invoicing or similar) and monitor customer payments made via google checkout and (Recorded automatically by the application). Ideally someone with bookkeeping or other finnacial experiance would be beneficial.   (more...)

s release that we will provide to be submitted and published to a minimum of 100 press release sites announcing an upcoming event. will need confirmation that the press release has been published and is active on each site that it is submitted to.   (more...)

would be to email people; the content of the email is provided, and also, we\'ll provide email messages. The list of emails is long, so there is a lot of work to be done. Maximum rate: $2/hr.   (more...)

e advertising for a personal assistant who is based around Haryana (Narwana) that can help us talk to government officials to obtain a birth certificate for 1957. Interview via Skype   (more...)

d company looking for dependable people. You must have the following to work here: Email efficiency Internet navigation skills Organized and reliable Motivated and ambitious Be available to start immediately Weekly pay. Ability to grow and advance.   (more...)

simple web forms using an email form. Reply to emails with supplied templates. This is a full time 40 hour per week job. Some English skills required. MUST have gmail accounts to do this. This is a long term position. Please reply by stating how many gmail accounts you have and if you are willing to use them. We have gmail accounts, however, only let long term employees use them.   (more...)

two scripts that I would like to integrate together to make one. The name of the site will be OODEX reason why I choose that name because dex in a name means; right-handed, fortunate. In the urban dictionary it can means something is so cool, so awesome. I have a directory script that\'s like Craigslist that I would like to combine with my article directory. The Incorporation is Urban Logics, and ArtVideoTube is under there. Like to make it more snazzy than Craigslist and make it where people can write articles, comments on those articles along with the categories as the Directory has. For example one of the Directory\'s categories is Cars, people can write articles about cars. Like have the choice of charging for people posting ads or not. Like to pay people for posting articles on a numerous viewing or by per comments, like if 100 people view it\'ll be .02 cent per view something like that. I would like the background to a certain red which I will explain to whoever I will choose to take the job. This is including installing onto the webhost. I will pay on a payment basis not by hourly rate. This may lead to the person being the Webmaster of the website, in which will be a monthly job. I\'m paying $50 but once it\'s completed without any bugs with administration page intact and fully operational and another two $15 payments and one $20 payment equaling to $75 (Please, I will need simple and brief instruction on the administration page.) I\'ll give you all the details if I choose you for the assignment. I would like more it to be a partnership, and us equally choose an accountant to split the profit.   (more...)

ttend daily to tem chat as per shedule and act   (more...)

ith individual job tickets to create the following. The work would be for all our sites WEBSITES:   (more...)

ing company is looking for someone to handle e-mail response using g-mail and yahoo. $10 per 100 e-mail response   (more...)


company seekng an email specialist to send out small run email campigns to people on our email list. We run these lists as a way to clean it up from returned emails or people wanting to unsubscribe before sending it to our master email list. This process is how we \"scrub\" the email lists. Must work early morning pacific time and send out emails on Mondays and Wednesdays. Must be able to set up numerous free email accounts. Must be fast Must know tequniques on ways to avoid getting the emails sent to the spam folder or having the email accounts flagged. Must be able to speak and write english. If you fit these requirements, we want to hear from you. philip   (more...)

looking for 2 candidates to assist us with customer support. Training will be given on using the systems. Basic tasks are responding to customer queries and resetting voucher codes on our shopping cart. Required to work Monday to Friday. Budget is from 0.20 dollars per hour and upwards.   (more...)

that is an expert craigslist poster, looking for craigslist posters that have multiple accounts already setup and that can quickly post on craigslist.. Please give me scenario of a job you have performed in the past.   (more...)

one to respond to email messages on my gmail email account 1-2 hours a day. Most emails will need similar responses. I have all this documented, and we can go over this with the best english speaking person in your organization that fits well with this job. May also extend this into doing spreadsheets along with possible web research. However, for now, just need email checked and responded to.   (more...)

erienced personal assistant. Must have great English and with good customer relation skill.   (more...)

f mature nature of site , we recomand to apply only open minded female individuals. Experience in online or mobile chat would be an advantage.Flexible hours to suit. North American English speaking applicants only please   (more...)

meone who can: 1. reply to incoming emails for my business 2. send confirmation emails to clients 3. access at least 2 (preferably 3 or more) different U.S. land line phone numbers or U.S. cell phone numbers in order to authenticate Craigslist accounts 4. other tasks, including possibly updating my web site if you have HTML skills Please ONLY apply for this job if you truly have EXCELLENT English-language writing skills and EXCELLENT attention to detail. I will provide most of the copy for the emails, but you will need to do some editing and make sure every email that goes out is perfect.   (more...)

one to manage my list and set up autoresponder for the next 6 months as well a s prepare a format for our nes letter.   (more...)

will assist the president of a rapidly growing company job responsibilities will include email response handling, generation of weekly reports and maintenance of internal message boards. Candidate must be able to self-manage and handle several projects at a time. Attention to detail is a must   (more...)

or a Medical Doctor / Doctor of Medicine / MD to become a part of our team of women who have a heart for helping couples with infertility. We will offer paid training and then will pay per e-mail that you respond to. This assignment offers flexible hours and an opportunity to work from home. You must be able to focus, do research as needed, and respond to questions about fertility. You will be given a copy of each of the two courses that we sell, so you can familiarize yourself with natural ways to help couples get pregnant faster. Thank you, Kirstyn Sierra, Pregnancy Consultant   (more...)

ing for a FANTASTIC VA that is looking for a position that may be long term. Please know that you will be working for someone that will treat you with a lot of RESPECT and REWARD. You will be doing searches for me on Craigslist and other related sites to find homeowners who are looking to sell or rent their homes. I will need you to post on craigslist, respond to ads, take information from listings, place them in an excel file, and most of all have really good FOLLOW up skills with customers that respond. I want someone that I can trust. You will be a part of the team and while I will assign tasks to you, I welcome someone who can provide feedback and recommendations to streamline our business. Great attention to detail is very important. I am very detailed and organized than most people you may have worked for. My company thrives on people who go above and beyond what they are asked of. If you can deliver, are honest, and are a quality worker, you will be very happy to work for me. I know what outsourcers go through. ;) Only serious people apply. I can tell who reads these job descriptions. Looking for someone to work 5-15 hours per week. Our marketing budget allows for $1.50/hour plus a GREAT bonus plan. I would like to chat with you on Skype and even speak to you on skype if possible for effective communication.   (more...)

eed someone with good English skills to manage Email responses. Specific directions will be given to selected provider.   (more...)

ring Chat Support for our client in the US. Your role is to answer all questions in the clients website and will provide accurate answers which is already in the database. We are looking for applicants that possesses excellent communication skills and we are very particular with the spelling. We will consider applicants that would like to take this opportunity to be their bread and butter job. This will be full time of 12 hours and we do not consider applicants that will only apply as a part time job or applicants that would like to work on morning shift only. This position will be on a rotating shift. We will not entertain applicants that would like to have it as their daytime job.This is very urgent!!!   (more...)

omeone to: 1. Send existing email template to our customers. 2. Respond to customer replies. Requirements: - Good written English is necessary. - Must be able to follow instructions precisely. - Must have a telephone we can reach you on. Notes: If we interview you, we will ask you to write a short response to we can see how you write. If we hire you, we will try your service for 1 month and if it is good, we will continue with you as a long-term customer. Please provide your best quote and good luck!   (more...)

lude but are not limited to: Listing properties on tourism web marketing sites Updating Availability Calenders Creative Writing for holiday accomodation marketing 100% English Written Skills 100% English Verbal Skills Some Customer Phone Support Web Research Related to Travel Guest Data collection - Flight times, bedding configuration requirements etc. then compiling info into tables to send to cleaners and other personell for each property.   (more...)

looking for a personal assistant to work part-time 10-30 hours per week doing an assortment of tasks (email, and msg board postings, research, etc). I DO NOT respond to cover letters so don\'t send them. VOICE Communication must be established first.   (more...)

i have a programme created for me in .net and it was never completed from the developer and i need it to be completed to integrate with my website it is a point of sale programme i need someone that will be fully dedicated to me and full time hours .   (more...)

develop a prototype of a software I\'m considering launching...Although the full software will run a specific device (i.e. not a general windows xp computer), I want to get a simple prototype created to test the concept. I\'ve attached an image process flow of what the software will do. Please use this attachment as your main explanation of the concept. Special notes: -I\'m somewhat experienced in web design / development and can provide you with access to FTP, mySQL databases, or other items you may need. -I\'ve tried to make the attached process flow describe this idea fully. Please base your estimate on this process flow. -I will not respond to you if you don\'t read this full posting. Please start your posting with the words \"yes, I did in fact read your post\". If your post doesn\'t start with those words, I will not read it. -Please tell me when bidding if you are capable of creating the future version of this software that will run on a custom manufactured device instead of a normal windows xp computer. That will be a separately paid project, but I want to know if you have the skills for that too...   (more...)

ne, I\'m looking for anyone who can do this exercises and deliver it the same day. Max 4 hours to do it, here is the exercises. 1) Sum the five continues numbers in memory and show the result in a digital display. 2) Move a list of five numbers from one memory zone to another memory zone. 3) Make a digital counter with the format (0...9) Here you need to draw each number in the display. 4) Load a key number in memory and the user will write 1 or 3 numbers if any number is the same as the key send write in the digital display 7 | | | | | | | If not the same write 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Please, i need this exercises for today. Max 4 hours to do this task. Death line: 18:00 GMT time (02 of august), Check the time here: When you apply to this job, please but in the tittle \"Assembly\" to not mark your request as spam. Thanks   (more...)

on design   (more...)

relatively small and self contained development project to develop a C# .NET 3.5 library that will be used to upload data to a sugarCRM installation. The library has two parts, firstly a function that accepts a module structure and verifies that that module structure exists and is correct in the sugarCRM installation. The second function will upload data to that module, update data and delete it as required. The second part of the project is to develop a test harness that will syncronise the customer tables in our product Amicus ( ) to sugarCRM; this test harness will need to use our datalayer framework which will be provided. The final stage is to create automated tests. You will need visual studio 2008, .net 3.5, ms-sql server, a sugarCRM installation (community free edition is fine, has pre-built VMs available for free) and some libraries we will provide. The project will require that you conform to our guidelines on style and commenting which are outlined in the attached specification. You will be required to thoroughly test your work, any bugs found within 90 days will require repair to be included in the original price. You will need to store your source code in codesion using subversion. By accepting the bid you agree to sign over all IP rights on the source code to Neotechnology Pty Limited ABN 60 126 901 040. We estimate about 25 hours work for a competent developer for this task. It will help alot if you\'re strong in C# & MS-SQL already and have some experience with sugarCRM or like CRM systems. The specification is attached, you should review it in entireity before bidding, if you think it will take more or less time please indicate this in your cover letter. You will be requried to complete this task within 14 days of commencement unless other arrangement is made.   (more...)

set up better system in Access to sort through a product database. Looking for someone to log onto my computer using remote access and help me with microsoft Access or do the work on your own and send it to me throughout the week (3 times a week) permanently. Let\'s talk....   (more...)

NORE THE BUDGET. DEPENDS ON QUOTE. Im looking for a QR reader program, that I can plugin a EXCEL/CLS file into. The application must then check the results plugged in via XLS/CSV against the code being scanned in. General notes: * It should contain statistics for the usage, how many didn\'t work, how many did work. * I want to use a QR reading scanner that is plugged in via USB AND via a webcam if we want. * The application must be able to restore previous session if it crashes or the computer goes down, so no previous scan data is lost. * Simple but clean. The excel spreadsheet looks like this: 3 columns: First Name, Last Name, Number Up to 5000 rows long. The app must basically do the following: The home page of the application must be a list of info like this: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Information: Scanned (44) / Approved (33) / Denied (1) Waiting for a new scan.... Auto-backup completing every: 5 seconds --------------------------------------------------------------------- THEN If a QR Code is scanned and exists within the imported list a SUCCESS result must be shown: --------------------------------------------------- \"This number is valid and paid for!\" (plain text) \"The persons name is {NAME}.\" (plain text) -- ACCEPT -- -------------------------------------------------- If the QR code scanned does not exist in the imported list of values, then this should be shown: --------------------------------------------------- \"This number does not exist, try a name search?\" Enter First Name: (input box) OR Enter Last Name: (input box) -- SEARCH NOW -- -- CANCEL -- (both buttons) -------------------------------------------------- The results from the name search must pop up a list of alphabetically sorted names. If double clicked, it must then validate that users name. A cancel button should be included. It should then be ready for the next scan of a QR code.   (more...)

Developer   (more...)

roject using c# that work on distrtutaed computers. Design and implement the system that will work as a grid.   (more...)

king for developers proficient in AS3 and AIR development. The project is an application capable of monitoring devices attached to the computer (usb sticks, sd cards etc) scan them for images, when found, copy those images to a designated location on the network and create a db entry for those images.   (more...)

s to build a Windows application. A basic specification follows. The user enters their login details (username & password) for a site which persist on application restart. Application then periodically makes a request to a remote URL and then POSTs that data to another remote URL. The application has to log in and must therefore handle cookies and invalid password, network and other such errors. While open the application will have an icon in the system tray which will display a message when necessary (on error for example). Clicking the icon will open a dialog where the user can enter their login details. Closing the dialog won\'t close the application itself, the user will have to right click on the icon and select Exit. The application comes with an installer, with auto-update feature: the client checks a remote URL on startup and if an update is necessary then it downloads, updates the client and restarts. Application must run on XP, Vista, Windows 7. Open to suggestions on which .net runtime and programming language to use. There will be a much more detailed specification on acceptance of application.   (more...)

e a small desk top programe to produse labels out put to word. Must be able to complete the work as a matter of urgency within 1 day.   (more...)

two part project. 1) Develop an app for the exchange 2) Serve as technical lead as updates are required Estimated workload will vary from 20-40 hours until app is developed. Afterwards, 10 hours/mo.   (more...)

oking for a PDF guru that can build a software program that will allow us to scrape data from a PDF file and put it into Excel. The data that is coming from the PDF file must look just like the PDF file when it is extracted into Excel. Again, the data, when pulled from the PDF file, must look exactly like the data when it came from the PDF.   (more...)

or someone to join a virtual Excel development team that can speak to clients off web leads and convert into paying clients as well as service them w/ their excel/VBA needs. Compensation to be discussed. Must be located in USA and have good English skills.   (more...)

nal in the field of software development   (more...)

ing for someone to take an existing Acrobat PDF form and enable functionality so that a button on the form saves the document locally to the users hard drive (using a relative folder location) and sets the filename based on specific fields in the form. The user will be using the latest free version of Adobe Reader You can view a sample of the existing form along with specific requirements here: THIS MAY REQUIRE JAVASCRIPT EXPERIENCE. In addition, the form needs to have 4-6 boxes where a user can upload a JPG photo and the image is embedded right into the PDF form. Finally, once the PDF output is saved, it should not be editable. (it needs to be flat - any dropdown menu items in form fields should only display their selection) I already have an Acrobat form with javascript that saves using the filename built from form fields - this project requires using that as a starting point (or rebuilding in Livecycle) and meeting ALL of the requirements.   (more...)

list of sentences that following a set of 10-20 \"patterns\", e.g. \"John reads a book by Tolkien\" and \"Sara writes a check for Kim\". You need to write a number of regular expressions to parse the sentences into a format that can be stored in a CSV file, with defined columns, (e.g. Name, Action, Item, Who). The regexps should be put in a PHP file that can parse our entire library of \"sentences\", about 100,000 in total, and save it in a CSV file. You need to be VERY proficient in Regexp, and have just enough understanding with how to use Regexp in PHP (The regexp is the key to the script anyway). If you have ideas for how to easily parse sentences like the above NOT using Regexp, please tell in your job response. At the start of the job we will send you a list of sentences to parse, we dont know exactly how many different \"types\" there are, but estimate 10-15. We will call on you to help us maintain the parser over time, as we continuously get new data.   (more...)

developing HR information system,attendance and payroll key Sql-2000 ,,crystal reports 11   (more...)

: C,VB.NET,ASP.NET(C#) Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/7,Vista Database :MS Access,SQL server Web Technologies :HTML I have done my 8th SEM. project training at L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmadabad. Project Name : AMTS Management System Duration : 2 months Tool Used : Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Project Platform : ASP.NET(C#)   (more...)

a software company   (more...)

ng a software designer that can program quickly and efficiently in .Net, Java, PHP, create desktop applications, as well as work with databases and api\'s. You will also be able to create schedulers, and automated tasks - etc. We are a good work provider and are looking for a good software designer to become a part of the team - please do not apply if you cannot complete the job or projects within deadline. This will be an ongoing job if you are the right fit. You must include past jobs and a portfolio of previous and current projects. Please respond to the job posting my displaying the word \"Truffle\"   (more...)

alified individual to assist in development of user defined reports utilizing Timberline accounting software.   (more...)

track time , and take snap shots photos of screens and submit the data to my website its a odesk like hourly tracker   (more...)

n source ecommerce software, php, magento,joomla e   (more...)

needing a quote for a website for a client. the client is a coffee shop with a small range of high quality packages of coffee beans that it would like to sell. At first I want a simple site with a home page that promotes the coffee shop and a second page to promote the coffees with simple ecomerce functionality for managing mail order sales. there will need to be some design and page building with room for expanding the site at a later date. I am looking for a set price with a time frame for completion; and a price for ongoing support at an hourly rate if needed. I am also interested that if possible this be done with wordpress - however I am happy with other recommendations I need some availability consitstent with my time zone for you to be available via chat within a few hours notice I am happy if you wish to combine your offer with the wordpress support job I have also posted. Will you please provide 3 examples of your work? Cheers, Howard.   (more...)

site built in ASP that allows a user to add $ to their account to establish a balance for ordering. I need this function to integrate with a Merchant One account that I plan to setup for my credit card processing engine. I have attached the design that details out what I am looking for - everything but the connection to Merchant One and the passing of pass/fail messages to my website. I have attached the background materials to help explain the goal of the build. I am looking for an estimate on hours in your response.   (more...)

ert, In this project you will be creating the skin from our custom design (x-cart ) with semantic CSS, herein attached. The cart is version 4.3.2 with BCS Engineering Advanced filter or possibly Power Filter. We will provide PSD. It is important to note that from the design you will need to customize the \'Advanced filter CSS as well. All images will be provided. The advanced filter deals with type of injury, sport, location of injury. So you must be confident with MySql. There are (50) products but you only need to populate the first nine or one in each category. The filter, will become dynamic in the lower section of the mockup. There are small add\'l pieces to this project like, simple 4 image, fade in JQuery. Ajax popups for detailed product images. Please see the the (3) mockups located at: Thanks in advance, Michael Mockups are available for main page and   (more...)

signing my company website, and i am going to base it on the platform. I am looking for a web designer who knows this platform and can customize the templates for me.   (more...)

oking for a for a developer to help us develop a payment checkout system for a client of ours using Netsuite. Can you please provide examples of your work where you\'ve utilized Netsuite and/or ExpressionEngine. Please explain your experience with Netsuite. What type of E-Commerce experiences do you have? Do you have any experience with registering individuals for events through a website? Any other information you think would be help is greatly appreciated.   (more...)

conditional custom option in magento which is based on other custom option for example if x is selected, option a is visible if y is selected, option b is visible and a vanishes if z is selected, option c appears and a & b go hidden Only serious bidders please...   (more...)

very simple shop... just want the theme designed or modified, and 3-4 items placed in the shop.   (more...)

oking for an expert developer who has substantial experience working with the Interspire Cart System, as well as PHP, CSS and HTML. Please do not waste our time if you are not serious about working on this project,   (more...)

ustom development. Design, Coding, implentation. You need to provide real exaple of work you have done on CS CART other wise please DO NOT APPLY. Only we will pick up someone who have extensive experiance in CS - Cart. No Upfronts!   (more...)

e the services of a developer who has the appropriate skills to work with a design team on a Magento site launch. All design and artwork will be provided. The role of the successful applicant will be to; 1) Setup Magento Community version on a testing server. 2) Create theme/template with artwork provided from design team. 3) Install 6 pre-selected modules from Magento Connect and simply ensure they are operational and assist design team if format needs to be changed to match theme/template. 4) Site will have 9 static pages - about us, contact us, FAQ etc. Ensure pages are setup for content to be input. 5) Site will have 8 categories and relevant subcategories. Ensure initial categories and subcategories are setup for a bulk upload from data source. Please provide portfolio to demonstrate skill level. Please quote overall cost for project and a date in which you can commit to a deadline. Client is looking for a prompt site launch and commitment to an agreed price is preferred. Client has started to ask for some additional advanced features which will be quoted as separate jobs. The successful applicant of this project will have first preference for taking on these additional jobs.   (more...)

design from template for a first aid supply business There are many products with graphics required An existing brochure can be supplied (posted) Similar product lists can be seen on a competitor website at This design must be quite different from the link if possible Purchasing on line via Sagepay will be required (temporary test account)   (more...)

bsite creation company that is seeking to build a long term relationship with web designer teams. We are open to freelancers & companies that have many designers. You or your team needs these skills: - Photoshop - CSS/HTML - OPTIONAL: PHP to deal with shopping cart system like Virtuemart, Zencart and Interspire - Highly attentive to DETAILS - Follow instructions the first time they are given and complete tasks thoroughly - Create custom designs that fit a number of styles (creative, unique, professional, conservative, Web 2.0, fun, dark, etc.) - Easy to communicate with via phone, Skype phone, Skype chat and email You MUST HAVE A PORTFOLIO of your design work in order to be considered - Only send me links to work you have designed: WEBSITES - LOGO - BROCHURES - BUSINESS CARDS - SELL SHEETS - POSTERS - PACKAGE BRANDING - NEWSLETTERS - EMAIL TEMPLATES - MASCOTS - CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS Note: We are very friendly and respectful employers but we are also demanding. Please only apply if you are qualified. We need low cost providers who can produce quality work with GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL. On our current structure we pay between $400/mo to $650/mo for one designer or slicer that is available Mon-Fri, however we need a firm because We just need to make sure that if the we have a designer that is getting stuck in a rut we can get a few options from a diff designer in your staff so we can a a couple fresh ideas. PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFO: Q. You must have a point of contact available on skype for us during your work hours, you will need to let us know your hours in EASTERN STANDARD TIME, for example (I will be on skype 7PM to 7AM EST) Q. What timezone/country are you located in? Q. Do you speak fluent english? Q. Do you have a portfolio? Q. How many designers do you have available? Q. Can you slice wordpress, joomla, magento, zencart? Q. Can you team produce designs of this caliber: Q: I need to understand your productivity. Please tell me your average turn-around time (time needed to produce a UNIQUE design), in hours, for: Websites: Logos: Business Cards: Brochures: Posters: Package Branding: Stationary (Envelope and Letterhead): News Letter: 3D Images: Banner Ads: SLICING Wordpress: Joomla: Zencart: Magento: Example: 2-4 hours for initial unique concept(s). 40 minutes per revision. If you do not provide some of the services/skills listed above then simply put the word \"NONE\" next to those items. --------- Example of a project: We will provide: - Site name - Domain name - Wireframes of frontpage and other main pages - Color palettes and sometimes logos - Design document explaining the site, the customers, the products, sites to look for inspiration, etc. From this information you will: - Create a site mockup in Photoshop/Fireworks We will then give feedbacks/revision Once we agree on the mockup, you will then slice it for a shopping cart system of our choice (Interspire, Virtuemart, Zencart) You will create an installation on your server of the project. We will then gives feedback/revision work. Perhaps at this point we will give small PHP cutomization project(optional)   (more...)

magento product upload process from data/content feed, the site is already designed, we need: - Import products via CSV/Relational file (content + product data + images + stock levels etc) - Automatic and Regular imports - Backoffice configuration screen with last import run status - Comparison, Filters to be visible - Install script, documentation - Product Comparison and Filters must work based on imported data - Products are IT Hardware (40k to 50k) - Also need a margin table, based on brand/category/sub-category (needs to be user friendly!) so staff can use it You need to show an understanding of what is required Also, speed is of the essence, and clear cmmunication is essential Good luck.   (more...)

trical - OsCommerce Template Project Developer to use OsCommerce Modified Template Supplied. Need Quick turnaround. Developer to work with project manager to get site perfect and functioning. Site must work with PayPal and card Payments. Developer to make site live when completed. Developer must be available on Skype. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT. WILL PAY MILESTONES FOR GOODS WORK. FULL PAYMENT AFTER LIVE TESTING AND CUSTOMER REVIEW.   (more...)

o build an ecommerce website selling iPhone/iPad/iPod accessories. In terms of design, it should be modelled after It should be clean, uncluttered and optimized for shopping. We will need standard ecommerce site features, some to list are: Homepage with main flash banner Category and sub category creation Shopping cart Paypal checkout Mailing list Admin panel Customer member log-in(mantain Order fufilment status, Purchase history, In-store coupons, Credits accumulation -referral/purchase, Reviews) Sharing links –email, facebook, twitter, etc. Blog page with similar design Logo design –CaseThat Estimated delivery: 3weeks Milestones: End of 1st wk -2 to 3 design templates to be out for review, comparison and evaluation. Improvements and changes made and final design decided. End of 2nd wk - Implementation of the Ecommerce site features done. End of 3rd wk -final amendments and tests. Site to be fully functional.. We expect to work with someone who is highly responsive and is available for contact on Skype/MSN/AIM daily. *Note: Only providers with relevant expertise and experience in similar ecommerce sites would be considered. Please provide examples of your ECOMMERCE works when you bid for the project. When bidding for project, please include your proposal (choice of platform, implementation of features, portfolio, etc).   (more...)

sCommerce website from scratch for sale and distribution of imported products. Only design required maintenance will be carried out by myself. Feel free to quote me on relevant pricing! Thank you   (more...)

Expert in all aspects. shopping cart plugins installs pugins in installs ecommerce to paypal intergrartion and also including credit card payment online. Must be able to prove work shown as clients. (I need to see your work, not someone elses work) subscription areas ALL WORDPRESS Please only appy if you are brilliant at WORDPRESS I would like to get set prices for the following tasks. Install wordpress theme from cpanel Setting up of email links in theme Setting up of basic contact page(5 lines) E- commerce shopping cart install & paypal intergration Placement of products descriptions & images in E- commerce shopping cart. Prices for each task please   (more...)

ed someone to design an e-commerce fully functional fashion website for Australian market and worldwide as well. I have a business concept and I have a mirror website to base it on. It\'s easy to do and the concept is great, it just needs an efficient implementor. Domain name and hosting is on me. Apply now.   (more...)

abase password Virus scan and removal of infected files Re-upload and/or repair affected files Re-establish shopping cart control panel functionality and/or re-upload   (more...)

my website powered by interspire shopping cart have stopped loading. I need it to be fixed. Home page loads fine.   (more...)

or help designing and setting up a simple clean ecommerce web site primarily for amazon associates sales Would like someone experienced with amazon associates programs with a relevant portfolio   (more...)

make a memorial site for pets. To get a feel of what I am trying to do, you can checkout I don\'t have any desire to copy them, but would like to make a much more dynamic site that allows users to sign up for and pay for individual accounts where they can post videos, pictures etc. It would also have to have a guest book that people can leave messages and perhaps condolence cards. I want to add a forum and areas of information for grief counseling etc. I want it to be able to use Paypal and/or Google checkout. Once the issues of people creating accounts and getting paid and guestbook are worked out, I can modify the rest to suit my needs. I could even use off the shelf forums, so the job shouldn\'t be as big as it might sound. Any feedback in development process is appreciated.   (more...)

proffesional Designer That can follow up on my website that im getting created or get a new proffesional website done serious inquires but the designer that I hired took 6 months and did not complete my website. I need serious people that can get the job done Please leave your skype ID so I can contact you for further also this is what the website was going to look like*y3Q== Copy and Paste that in your URL please to take a look. I need a ecommerce webiste done   (more...)

AD CAREFULLY OR YOU WILL NOT BE INTERVIEWED We wish to receive three things from potential developers of Magento E-commerce home pages: 1) Have you made Magento sites for other Swedish or Norwegian customers? 2) Please make a list of all the Magento modules that we need for this project in a Excel docuement - please make a note if the module is ok for Magento 3) The webshop will mainly have items from three large suppliers. We will therefore want to drain pictures and information from these sites. Please make a list in a Excel document of the following product info that will be easy to drain A) For example: Can we drain the full size picture from this link? B) C) Double check: Can we drain the full size picture from this link? Can we drain the information which series the item belong to? Best wishes and good luck. We will invite three suppliers to closer interviews depending on how you answer A + B + C to us. /Jakob and Yati   (more...)

o create an ecommerce site hosted in our own domain. Please contact.   (more...)

t OS Commerce control panel. Re-set database password. Scan for viruses re-install/reconnect infected modules. Verify PayPal integration and IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) settings. Customize order confirmation emails.   (more...)

ng for an XCart expert. Someone who knows how to use this software inside out. At the moment I have selected FREE SHIPPING in each individual product section (we over 150 products). We also use ONE PAGE CHECKOUT for its ease and design appeal. We would like someone to assist with still keeping FREE SHIPPING for all local orders, but if international orders are places, a shipping fee of $10 will be added. Like I said, someone with XCART knowledge and PHP programming is essential, otherwise you can\'t assist. Need this done asap, only serious people apply with a brief run-down how you will execute this issue. Would like to see previous XCART clients website samples too.   (more...)

-up company in Australia seeks contractor to undertake the design and construction of an e-commerce website, and to have creative control of Logo and other visual aspects associated with the website. The most technically difficult task will be to create an online diagnostic questionnaire to assess what herbal formula will be suitable for each individual client.   (more...)

g for an ebay listing expert for our Sunglass company. Must know how to use or someone who can be trained. You will be working off a spread sheet and You will have your own account login, under our account with limited access to listing auctions only. Listings you create will be uploaded to our ebay seller ID. What we will provide for you to use: 1. Sku numbers 2. Photos 3. HTML description 4. Prices 5. Shipping details And anything else for you to get the job done. This is part time but could turn into an ongoing situation with higher pay if you can truly perform at this position. I have a trial listing for you to do and will pay for you to do. I will be looking at several canidates before choosing the right person. So feel free to apply.   (more...)

ing for someone to develop an e commerce site, including a secure payment checkout. I want the site to be fully functional and easy to navigate. I will be selling a large variety of electronic goods. Some customization and added features would be nice. It will host over 300 products but if you can show me how to add products and categories to the site I can handle keeping it updated. I am familiar with basic HTML and computer savvy. Thanks Jason p.s. please provide me your bid.   (more...)

lz send me a cover letter fullfilling my requirements and candidates not interested in upfront payments. Also with time-estimate(modulwise) Otherwise application will be rejected. Need to create a magento plugin that will automatically generate campaigns and adgroups using Google Adword Api based on our products: Will need to generate a product list first: 1. Top 10 Most used keywords on each product description. Ignore common words found here: 2. Create a spreadsheet with the following data a. Keyword b. url c. product price d. product color e. at least 10 product attributes like features, brand, etc., f. product title g. meta tag h. short description i want to be able to take the data in this excel sheet above as an example, and create an add with the following: Ad text: Headline: Product name with Price Line 1: Continued description Line 2: In Stock. Free P&P. URL: Link: link to product For keywords, you need to take the most popular keywords for each product page (you did not provide this in the spreadsheet), and run multiple options to geneerate more keywords. Also, google provides suggested keywords. I would like you to be able to request suggested keywords from google and add them to the adgroup as long as they are closely matched to the keywords that were taken from our site. For example, lets say for the product Canon SD780, you find that the keyword SD780 is popular. Google will suggest SD 780, SD-780, SD800. You should be able to determine that only the SD 780 and SD-780 should be added to the adgroups. Reference what this site does for an example: this site also has great tools--see how you can integrate this to improve how we get keywords: Would also like to build this into Magento where we can just pick products and ad campaigns would automatically be created. Developer must be php,magento and google adword api expert   (more...)

b site with ecommerce. I market HVAC air filters. I evidently want to end up with a site similar to . I have another domain name that I want to mirror the site on. I need to see sites like the above that you have designed.   (more...)

repost of a job I listed 07/26/10. I have re-written our project info to be more complete. Please note that if you have already quoted the project you should re-read the project outline and submit a new quote. We are ready to contract a new website preferably using Magento community. A Magento site that has a lot of features that we like is We do not want to copy the site but the architecture of the inventory and the basic features are very similar to what we will require. The best all around area rug site is We like the clean, non-cluttered look of the site. We want our customers to have a similar or even better shopping experience. You or your team will be responsible for the design (under our direction of course) and code with the following requirements: 1. I am attaching an idea of what we are looking for in a SKU page (We are very open to design changes). This item page mockup will give you a good idea of what we will require for the item pages. Several things to note: a) one rug might be available in as many as 24 additional colors and up to 18 or 20 sizes and shapes. We want to display all of these sku on one page. b) the additional colors available thumbnails should expand to approximately 200 pixels wide when moused over. c) The Q & A tab should be very similar to what you see on the item pages at rugsusa. d) “colors found in this rug” feature - This is a sampling of the main colors found in the picture of the rug. See ”primary colors” at for an example (look below the product picture). We want the expand when moused over feature as well. e) Item tags – we want our customers as well as our staff to be able to add tags to each sku. We will require editorial control of the tags. The tags will be searchable. Clicking a tag should display other items tagged with the same term. f) Similar items section. These items will be close matches on the 7 attributes (style, color, size range, price range, manufacturer, material and weave). g) You will note we have 4 assignable quality attributes on each item page. These icons will illustrate features of that particular sku. When a product is uploaded it will have attributes fields that will reference the appropriate quality graphic to display in each of the 4 boxes. We will provide these graphics. There will be 5 or 6 possible graphics for each of the 4 different quality attributes. 2. You will be responsible for installing the initial 12-15,000 products (we will provide in spreadsheet form), products will have 10 to 15 attributes each 3. Share links on each page including: social networking sites and email 4. Drop order shipping module – each sku will ship from one of 50 vendors. It will be possible for one order to have different items that ship from multiple vendors. We will want the option of emailing these orders or printing them off by vendor. 5. an advanced search feature – Each SKU will have 7 attributes: Style (15), Color (10), Size range (8), Price range (8), Manufacturer (25), Material (7), and Weave (6). In parenthesis is the approximate number of sub-categories within each of the 7 main categories. The shopper will need to be able to start their search by selecting any of the above categories and then continuing to refine their search by selecting additional attributes as they wish. 6. Wish list – we want customers to be able to create and save a wish list of items that they are considering. 7. We are looking for ease of use when adding new products. It is important that we be able to add products ourselves. We will want to be able to add in bulk using spreadsheets. 8. Easily adding item images in bulk is important as well. We would like the primary colors feature mentioned earlier to be automated and not require attention at the individual picture level. 9. We plan to accept Paypal and credit cards through Paypal/Authorize. 10. We offer free shipping for about 90% of what we sell. However we would like the option of adding a shipping surcharge. We would like to be able to do this on a higher level than at the SKU level. In other words, we would like to be able to set up shipping rules. One rule might be that all rugs of a certain size from a certain manufacturer will incur $40 surcharge. In your reply and quotation please provide any pertinent information about how your company will approach this project and detail anything that you feel would give you an advantage over other developers we may be choosing from. Also be sure to include a realistic timeframe you expect to be able to complete the project.   (more...)

oking for someone to help develop websites for auto dealers in Europe. Inventory Blaster is a staff assisted CraigsList ad publishing solution for automotive dealerships. We show you how to post motor vehicle inventory for your car dealership daily across high traffic websites such as CraigsList and do it within the terms of use.   (more...)

change the menu bar of pages into a dropdown menu bar.... (u can see squeezed in middle line of links!) need minor fix- you can see small space between header and body of site... need closed up. need a product page made with wp e-commerce plugin for ALL the products here|Best%20Sellers not just best sellers, but all the nutritional products and categories, images, detail sections etc.... with the shopping cart appearing on top right side column. and need current product pages to be integrated with wp e-commerce plug-in (first 3 pages of page link bar: buy shakeology, meal replacement shake, fiber) the site that i want this done to is this should be fairly quick and simple. for now, i can only use a small budget. if done well, i have more similar work.   (more...)

a magento extension , I want upload that extension on magentocommerce website.   (more...)

front page where I can have a video. I want to look like pro template at Joomla Shack JS Aqualine Noir Template . Need to put on paypal button for my customers. Will need them to have two static pages with possible link to virtual mart.   (more...)

or an experienced link builder to provide links back to our main website Trial to start. Please send a description of link building that you\'ve done in the past for other clients. Looking for someone available now.   (more...)

ing for a senior Magento developer. No junior or mid level guy. 3 U.S. client is MUST . I will call them to get reference NO FAKE references I am a senior programmer so you will work with me   (more...)

elp setting up a webshop in magento. First we need to get it installed. We have a issue with php settings, because we get: PHP extension \"pdo_mysql\" must be loaded. Later we also need more help with customaztion, modules etc.   (more...)

very fast turnaround for a quick project. I need Magento installed on my web server so that I can sell two different products through Realex payments using their Magento plug-in: I am selling two products and I want to have two separate Checkout Pages created so that I can send visitors to the pages directly to enter their details and then be passed along to the Realex hosted secure page. I want visitors to go directly from my sales page to the checkout page without needing to sign in or register, simply provide name, address and email before proceeding to the secure CC page. I will specify a thank you page and a \"card declined\" page. I then need an email alert from Magento alerting me to the sale. I need this completed within the next 48 hours so it is essential that you are available to chat on Skype or Gmail Chat.   (more...)

complete template, product page, homepage, button & icon design for a growing e-commerce website. We want people who are familiar with CoreCommerce and designing fun & interactive websites geared toward women.   (more...)

tly have the following website 1. 2. There are installed in the same hosting, but 2 different set of DB (mysql) with 2 set of admin and others. We are looking into setting up single admin but with 2 different pricing for different store front, but sharing the same inventory for stock. we also intend to have 3. Prepaid Wholesales where our reseller can logon and manage their own sell and delivery. Do contact me for full detail. Regards ShiokGuy   (more...)

talented individual to scrape content and compile it into a csv file. I would like all known laptop models and the details of the laptops gathered and put into a csv file. What I\'m looking for is a huge csv file that has: 1. Laptop Model (name, model number) 2. Dimensions of Laptop Model: Length x Width x Thickness   (more...)

tion to Magento platform, actual running on CRE Loaded 6.1 version.   (more...)

ike to have my website redesigned keeping all of the information that it shows now, and make it capable of taking orders as well as doing automatic email programs and setting up affiliate programs.   (more...)

one to put the purchased template from Templatemonster and Magento CMS on GoDaddy   (more...)

rrently trialling Summer Cart on, we want a website constructing with the same features as the one we are trialling. We can get the features of Summer Cart for a one time fee of $150, we need a back office area to add products, make amendments etc. The successful person would be used for future ongoing website improvements If you are interested in this job please email me your quote and time scale for the proposed construction along with some examples of your work in this area.   (more...)

ing to establish a healthy relationship with a develop who can take care of my growing online needs   (more...)

didate is a database marketing expert in B2C and B2B. can discuss a project via skype, proficient in English, can develop specs for the database architecture expert and is an expert in crystal reports, and thinking outside the box for customer retention and acquisition on the web.   (more...) We\'re looking for someone with a proven track record to integrate these 2 systems together. If your company can provide this integration service, please submit a proposal along with verifiable client references.   (more...)

m looking for an Oracle Discoverer expert who can show me how to use it and assist me in requests at work. The successful candidate is someone who has technical knowledge of using Discoverer as a reporting tool, knows PL/SQL very well, and knows the financial modules tables in Oracle. Thanks   (more...)

small business who have recently started using google apps and zoho crm and zoho projects. *we have linked zoho mail to zoho crm and we are now wanting to hire someone to customise our business crm so that we can track all emails, tasks, leads etc *our business is a service based one but not complicated *our ideal would be to hire someone to quickly work with us in order to agree a brief for the ideal crm set up and then for that person to do the customisation of fields, tabs, forms, reports etc *if the selected person has suggestions as to how we can improve our use of google apps and zoho crm then we are willing to consider adding them to the work brief *we envisage giving the chosen person/company access login to our google apps and zoho crm accounts so that the work can be completed from anywhere in the world and at any time *there may also be the opportunity for the chosen person to become our ongoing zoho crm expert and consultant for future development and growth   (more...)

or someone to make sure our operations are processed correctly and as automated as possible. Solve360/HyperOffice/Templated Websites/Joomla/SiteGround GoDaddy/Google Apps/ etc. Working with these companies tech support groups.   (more...)

meone who can be on call to help with occasional Infusionsoft responsibilities. Right now we have a fairly straight forward API job, a couple shopping carts, and with your guidance maybe a few things we didn\'t even realize infusionsoft could do. I\'ll probably need you less than 5 hours per month, but when I do need you, I\'d like a quick turnaround time. When you apply for the job, please be DETAILED regarding your infusionsoft experience and any infusion API work you have done previously   (more...)

or any expression of interest from an IT developer that has some high level of experience with Sugar CRM. Please see below and quote on your suggested solution. Server: Sugar CRM Professional 5.5.2 XAMPP 1.7.1 Windows 7 64 Bit Client Machines: Mostly Windows XP 32 BIT Internet: Explorer 8 or Fire Fox 3.6 Outlook: 2003/2007 CRM is accessed: Mostly by multiple locations via Hamachi VPN Number of Users: 20 Project required: Offer and provide a solution for all internal users using the above whereby they can see what module they are working in. Ie: Opportunities, leads, contacts, accounts plus any other module. Problem: Users don’t know what modules they are viewing or editing without scrolling up to the top. Suggestions: Colour code and or water mark the back ground of each module – or at least the most commonly used module. If you need any further details please don\'t hesitate to ask...   (more...)

SQL Server, Prawn, Barby We\'re looking for a freelance Ruby on Rails developer to help us complete an internal manufacturing information system with estimating, purchasing, invoicing and inventory control. Normally we\'d just buy this but some of our requirements (TOC and label estimating) are not covered by existing systems. We\'ve got a fair portion of it done but we need some help to get us over the hump. This position is for two to three months. We\'d prefer someone local but we\'d be open to remote development for the right individual.   (more...)

SQL Server, Prawn, Barby We\'re looking for a freelance Ruby on Rails developer to help us complete an internal manufacturing information system with estimating, purchasing, invoicing and inventory control. Normally we\'d just buy this but some of our requirements (TOC and label estimating) are not covered by existing systems. We\'ve got a fair portion of it done but we need some help to get us over the hump. This position is for two to three months. We\'d prefer someone local but we\'d be open to remote development for the right individual.   (more...)

INSTALLATION TIMELINE: Max 2 Days timline, we want this work completed within two days. We want opentaps installed without the demo data. When we install opentaps with demo data then it has all the modules in it but when we try to install it with demo data then it doesn’t install all the modules. It misses the modules CRM/SFA and Purchasing. We need someone to install opentaps without demo data (with seed data only) with all the modules available. MODULES REQUIRED: - CRM/SFA - Financials - Purchasing - Analytics - Party Admin - Catalog - Human Resources - Data Import - Warehouse   (more...)

ct consists of installing and configuring MS-Dynamics CRM 4 - Workgroup Edition on an a Windows 2008 Server with MS-SQL 2008 and Active Directory already installed. The candidate should have previous experience doing this. The candidate should also be available to do regular maintenance and configuration on this system.   (more...)

n existing custom object, and a Flash interface. We would like to use the same or a similar interface, and have it reference a different object. Please reference the attachment for more information   (more...)

mentation   (more...)

re a E learning organisation where we develop the course content for the k-10, k-12 and k-16 process. If any person looking for such kind of opportunity then mail your profile   (more...)

pplications   (more...)

ing out of time on my projects and I need this done very quickly. Ideally you will at least be familiar with job descriptions and how they are written. HR Experience is essential My current job descriptions are not very clear, accurate or reader friendly for both prospective recruits and current staff. Ideally deliver all by Sunday 20 June 2010 4pm GMT I need Job Descriptions written for the following: Senior Office Administrator Website Coordinator - Part Time Club Development Manager PA to Director - Part Time IT Assistant - Part Time Facilities Assistant - Part Time Sport Development Coordinator - Part Time Marketing Database Administrator - Part Time Business Development Assistant - Part Time Recruitment Coordinator - Part Time Senior Office Administrator - Part Time PR and Media Relations - Part Time I already have the template for the job descriptions/ So a breakdown of what I need is: 1. Using the template create a word document (job description) for each position listed above 2. Research skills and qualifications required, duties, responsibilities Note: I do not need specific information about the organisation involved, just the general duties etc someone in that position would normally do that is written in a clear/user friendly way. 3. Fill out the following sections for each job description - Overview of position - Skills - Qualifications Required - Responsibilities - Duties - Key Performance Indicators I think the job should not cost more than $30 US in total to complete. We need to get started right away. Please send me your CV and your email address. You will be required to rewrite the attached sample in order for your response to be consider. EXCELLENT GRAMMER SKILLS ESSENTAL   (more...)

ing for a US precedent of a tax reduction for the purchase of a personal rescue or safety equipment. (Not including fall protection equipment or any equipment for persons working at heights). If you know the answer to this question, or can find it easily thought the web, send me an answer and you will be paid 5-10$ for it (according to the sort of information your answer will contain). All contractors that will send a full answer until Friday, the 6th of august will be paid. Don\'t write anything based on your own thoughts. Write only things that are based on articles or other data you found out on the internet. and please put a reference to each statement you make as well as a direct link to the article/site you used.   (more...)

rsonal Assistant to research all Investment Banking firms with a 5 state region. Send out Informational interviewing requests and networking for Investment Banks and Private Equity groups in 5 states. and Submit resumes to firms that have posted career sites. This is a project that will have the opportunity for more   (more...)

tabase of FX spot prices, depo rates (interest rates for the 2 currency pairs) and vols for 7 time points (1w to 1y) in Matlab The project will involve the following- 1. Using trading signals to build a portfolio of FX options under some constraints which include standard deviation, theta and vega. 2. This will entail using blackscholes, running portfolio optimization and tracking simulated performance on historical data using these signals. 3. The process also requires some regressions and calculating z-scores 4.There are total 4 signals but the optimization and historical tracking of performance is quite similar across them all. 5. I could give you the formulas if you need any - like Blackscholes. 6. I want to build this model in Matlab.   (more...)

ve a question, please ask before spending time doing something the wrong way! ---Introduction--- You are writing trivia questions for a trivia game for a mobile device. They need to be entered into a document in a specific format so that the game can read them. Each question has 4 answer choices and only 1 can be correct (do not have 2 possible answers). I want 100 different trivia questions related to the topic: BUSINESS/FINANCE from 2000-2010. The last decade was a crazy one on Wall Street. Write about finance, banking, events, scams, mergers, financial news, business events, etc. These questions are targeted towards bankers and people in the finance industry, things you would read about in the Wall Street Journal. Do NOT write any questions matching stock ticker symbols to companies. This describes an overview of the project, I will provide a more detailed writing specification when a work agreed is made. ---Legal--- With the agreed upon payment for the trivia questions you agree to surrender all intellectual property rights of those questions to Symon Perriman and Symon Perriman and can do whatever they want with these questions, including profiting from them, with no additional payment to the question writer. ---Requirements--- • Write 100 different trivia questions, each with 4 possible answers, and only 1 answer is correct • Complete all trivia questions within 14 days of agreeing to start the project o Within 3 days you will have the only checkpoint. I will require you to send me 10 questions which you have written, 2 from each difficulty level. This will allow me to check they are written in the correct format and you are categorizing the questions at the appropriate difficulty level. • All questions must be in English • At least 10% of the questions must be very current, from 2009 or 2010. • The questions must have different difficulties (more details below) • Review the questions for spelling, grammar and accuracy before submitting them • Do not directly copy questions from somewhere else, that is a copyright violation. • Accuracy is very important for people to want to keep playing, so please review your questions and answers before submitting them • Grammar and spelling is important. I recommend you write using Microsoft Word so that it can check your spelling and grammar automatically, but this is not a requirement and you feel free to use whatever word editing software you choose. ---Format--- It is important to put the questions in order of best wrong answer, as we have ‘hints’ to eliminate wrong answers and we want the two ‘best’ answers to be left. You will see the template of questions with: ;”?”;””;””;””;””; You will need to enter the following format in a text document: Difficulty;”Question?”;”Correct Answer”;”Best wrong answer”;”3rd most likely answer”;”Worst answer”; ---Difficulty--- The questions need to have varying difficulty. For every 100 questions you write, use this formula for each difficulty: • 50x Level 1 (Very Easy) • 30x Level 2 (Easy) • 10x Level 3 (Medium) • 5x Level 4 (Hard) • 5x Level 5 (Very Hard) = 100 Questions I will give you a template to use with the correct numbers. ---Examples--- For sports questions, some things you may want to ask about include: teams, team colors, stadiums, famous players, champions, records, coaches, rules of the game & scoring. 1;\"How many rings does the Olympic logo have?\";\"Five\";\"Four\";\"Three\";\"Seven\"; 2;”The sequel to the book and movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was set in which year?”;”2010“;”2002“;”2012“;”2050“; 3;\"In which film is the song ‘Stayin’ Alive’ famously portrayed?\";\"Saturday Night Fever\";\"Grease\";\"West Side Story\";\"Disco\"; 4;\"Who is the leader of India in 2009?\";\"Manmohan Singh\";\"Mahatma Das Vandahatandra\";\"Jalal Talabani\";\"L. Mittal\"; 5;\"Which eel can live thousands of meters below the ocean?\";\"Gulper\";\"Conger\";\"Moray\";\"Sampson\";   (more...)

ing for Buyers and Principals only   (more...)

eking an experienced \"proven track record\" business plan writer. We have a childcare business that is poised for growth, and we are creating a working plan that will allows us to realize our full potential. The following is a link to the guidelines that I want to use for crafting this plan (   (more...)

rter the NSE rebalances the Nifty Index. I would like a spreadsheet that does the rebalancing daily and shows which stocks will rise to and fall from the index. It should highlight the changes (e.g. ICICI Bank fell from index, replaced by Tata Motors or whatever). Index methodology is fromL You can google FTSE risers and fallers to understand what I am describing better.   (more...)

some of questions related to ETF’s.I want somebody to answer these question. I want this work to be done quickly and accurately. What SEC rule states that an ETF tracking an index must have a third party managing that index? Does a passively managed ETF have to track an index? Is there an SEC law that discusses this? Can an ETF refer to itself as an index if it doesn’t actually track an index? Is there a book we could purchase that explains SEC laws specifically related to ETFs? What’s the current status on the proposed law created by the SEC in 2008 on Exchange-Traded Funds? Release #33-8901 Do you have to have a Series 7 license to market or promote ETFs? Thanks   (more...)

develop scans in the desktop platform similar to the following: 1. Scan for high % POP (probability of profit) \'debit\' spreads Sort by % descending, by the max loss (i.e. \'mark\') ascending, and by the earliest expiration date ascending 2. Scan for high % POP \'credit\' spreads Sort by % descending, by the max loss (i.e. \'width of the strike\' - the \'mark\') ascending, and by the earliest expiration date ascending. Person must have the ability to write these scans and others like them, be available by US. phone, and speak perfect English   (more...)

business plan/feasibility study for an IT company which is looking to introduce remote support and online drop shipping to its region as well as its financial plans. candidates should have sufficient experience and qualification in this field.   (more...)

or full time help with Broker price opinion web forms must have prior experience   (more...)

his job is for collections of \"accounts receivable\" for a private health therapist. It is essential that the provider knows the process of collections from the insurance firms and are able to get results with fast payments. Do not apply unless you have insight into this area of collections in health insurance for the USA. And are able to get results. Outstanding English both spoken and comprehension are essential. Please respond with some insight to your knowledge of the above. Applicants will be further interviewed or/and given tasks to gauge their skills. Thank You for Your time.   (more...)

MEONE TO DO PAYPAL INTEGRATION for Please reply with price quote or rate per hour and estimated number of hours to finish the project.   (more...)

ng for someone to create a program that helps users write an article by suggesting topics related to their niche or articles on other article directories to give them inspiration to write their own once the article is written submits it to various directories while spinning the content so it\'s unique on the various directories and takes the article and automatically creates a video with text to speech recording and submits to various video sites. Once the articles and videos go live I\'d also like it to automatically social bookmark the content. This is a simple and easy project for someone that likes automating tedious tasks and if you are fast and affordable will lead to plenty of more work   (more...)

ng for someone to create a web based program that submits to various Classified Ad sites here\'s an example This is a simple and easy project and if you are fast and affordable will lead to plenty of more work   (more...)

driver class for rs232 control of a VISCA based Tilt Pan Zoom camera. Serial communication archived using, a cross platform java serial communication library. The class needs to expose the command set supported by the VISCA communication protocol ( ZOOM/PAN/TILT/POWER ON/POWER OFF/ETC)   (more...)

plugin to support collaborative code editing under textmate. We have identified the obby protocol as being most efficient for the task and require an integration of the obby protocol within textmate. It is much to function like the \"gobby\" application, yet we want to unbundle it from the built-in editor. Source code rights will be left at the code writer, open source is also an option. Thank you for bidding.   (more...)

software/web developer to develop and deploy a browser plugin to be used in firefox, safari and chrome browsers. This will be a plugin that users will opt into and add-on to their browser. The basic premise of the plugin will be to help users better comparison shop by showing a slim pop up toolbar in the browser when a search is performed for a product. This toolbar will show information about the product being searched for and where the best deals can be found for that product. A product and price API, which we have access to currently, will be used to provide the user with the needed information to inform them of the best deals. If you are interested in this project, have the necessary skill set to create this plugin, please apply so we can review your skills and interview you. The chosen candidate will get access to full spec for this project and work with one of our product managers to establish a time line, develop the product and deploy it into production. A few additional points for this project include the following. 1. The ideal candidate will have already created and deployed a plugin or toolbar for firefox, safari and/or chrome. 2. The chosen candidate is willing to do the development work relinquishing all intellectual property, patent and other development rights to the company. 3. The ideal candidate will be familiar with adding a plugin to mozilla, in their add-on directory, and other browser directories. A sample of other plugins, toolbars or add-ons created in the past will be helpful.   (more...)

plugin to support collaborative code editing under textmate. We have identified the obby protocol as being most efficient for the task and require an integration of the obby protocol within textmate. It is much to function like the \"gobby\" application, yet we want to unbundle it from the built-in editor. Source code rights will be left at the code writer, open source is also an option. Thank you for bidding.   (more...)

e honor to request your high benevolence, well argued accept my application for employment within your company. Hoping dune favorable response, please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration. Enclosed you will find Sir, retailers in my career.   (more...)

do NOT want any agents or middle men applying for this job. If you apply here, then YOU should be the person doing the job TeamSpeak is a popular VoIP solution. The TeamSpeak 3 client can be expanded by plugins written in C/C++. The TeamSpeak 3 client currently offers the feature to identify running applications and broadcast this information to other users on the TeamSpeak 3 server, so users can see who is currently running which application or playing which game. This feature is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The first required step is to move the existing built-in code into a plugin using the TeamSpeak 3 plugin SDK and adjust the mechanism how the information is broadcasted and displayed in the TeamSpeak 3 client. In addition the existing process detection code needs to be refined. The second step is to implement a framework into the plugin allowing community developers to access specific information from individual games or applications. For example, in addition to just displaying that a user is running World of Warcraft, the character name, class and location could be shown to other TeamSpeak users. The required framework should offer the interface for community developers to enable them to write extensions for their specific games. Those extensions can be written with C/C++ as DLLs or Lua scripts. While the framework interface includes support for both C/C++ and Lua, the community developers should be able to decide which language to use. The framework is to initialize and shutdown extensions on application start and exit. The framework plugin needs to offer an UI dialog to let users enable or disable the DLL and Lua extensions for their specific games. As third step to help community developers writing extensions, we require a template extension on which community developers can build on and a simple sample extension demonstrating the framework capabilities for one specific game. To keep things simple, the sample extension could be written for an open-source game like Sauerbraten.   (more...)

ing for an individual to program a Photoshop plugin. I need to input several different Layers of text with different data in each layer at the same time. Preferably, I would like this data input to be possible through a GUI window specifically designed for the job.   (more...)

ng to create microsoft word form, and or open office template that has a form you can fill in and to export the data you fill in in html and text format. The form will be dynamically password protected, using an already existing online password manager looking for someone with experience in this are this is more a programming job   (more...)

ntact for details   (more...)

lug in our 3D animations into Facebook environment. So people can view the animations after the offline rendering. Create a facebook web page for our company as well. Connect other people on Facebook for sharing.   (more...)

oking for a strong and experienced programmer who can develop a small custom app. The custom app can be a web based app or desktop installable app allowing users to provide thier source domain username/pw and target domain user name & password and be able to migrate E-mail, Docs, Calendar from one Google Apps domain to another Google Apps domain. The application should support both individual users and also a batch of users by taking the login details through a csv file. The application can be developed either using Python or .NET/C#   (more...)

ug-in for ms office similar offisync which can store and fetch docs to google documents and can edit in ms office, but we need to not change the file when we store the file to google and we fetch as needed. and support all format such as pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xsl, xsls. and the important thing we can choose language for interface such as arabic. also support file sharing, please see the following site to see what we want   (more...)

search and install business templates and project management templates. Would be great to have some database for contacts, documents (AutoCAD) and meeting along with basic project management templates   (more...)

evelop some apps for music promoters in FL. Something like \"Music challenge\" and some scratch off apps, all focused in the music industry. Please contact me with some examples and estimated costs. I understand that costs may vary once I give you the whole detail of what we need, but still need a ballpark figure. I put $10,000 in budget just to comply with this website\'s requirements but my budget can be 5k or 25k, depending of what you have to offer.   (more...)

ide you detail description on demand basis. What you have to do is: Perform localization on the outer wall through belief propagation. That is, (1) get the robot to walk around the outer wall and record its direction of motion at each time step (2) print out this long string and check its validity (3) create a probabilistic model (see the tutorial solutions). (4) apply belief propagation on the probabilistic model to perform localization Write a small report describing what you have done. Submit by email in a zip file, - your report - your documented code - relevant screen shots - detailed instructions on how to repeat your experiments   (more...)

proficiency JAVA and C++ knowledge Good Knowledge of XML and Web services The purpose of the project would be to develop parts of an applications to be plugged into an existing solutions. Each functionality requested will be developed as a standalone functions/object. Requirements will be presented for each function   (more...)

like to build a NetSuite bundle that will export Netsuite data to a ftp site. Please provide examples of your work where you\'ve utilized Netsuite and Suite Bundler. Do you have experience customizing Netsuite? What type of E-Commerce experience do you have?   (more...)

ormation Technologies is a Global Software Development company with operations spread across USA, Germany, Middle East, UK, Australia and offshore development center in India. Our core expertise areas are web development, E-commerce application, and interactive multimedia services and solutions. Fomax is providing technology solutions for the new digital economy. We specialize in creating a dynamic approach to building client processes that utilize the power of Internet technologies and excel in custom design and implementation. We are looking for qualified and efficient personnel who can be a part of our team. Position: Java Location: Bangalore Experience: 0 to 3 years Job Description Analysis of new web site features. Develop clean and structured HTML 4.0, XHTML 2.0, CSS, Java Script and Flash code for front-end design projects. Working with Slicing, Mocks, Web Forms, PSDS, and AJAX for website front-end. Scripting in Perl, VBScript and PHP SkillSet: MYSQL,J2EE,AJAX,DHTML,Advanced JAVASCRIPT,Advanced CSS,XML,AJAX,Grail,Spring,Hibernate,J2EE,DHTML,WEB2.0,MYSQL,FLEX,JAVASCRIPT,XML,AJAX and CSS,Optional knowledge in social networking,Advance java script jsonDhtml, Ajax,css, Adv Flex,open source prototype, jquery, yui, & dojo Education: Graduation Value Proposition • Industry standards compensation package • Excellent performance incentives • Quality benefits • Clear Career Growth plan • Overseas exposure with potential onsite opportunities Kindly forward your CV in word attachment, incorporating the following details in the main body of mail:- 1. Present Designation 2. Current Salary 3. Expected Salary 4. Notice Period for joining NOTE: If you are not looking for change at this stage, please forward this requirement to your acquaintances.   (more...)

a plugin for all major browsers that allows the same functionality to OSAKit (   (more...)

ect is to build an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird. Detailed specs are contained in the attached spec.   (more...)

do NOT want any agents or middle men applying for this job. If you apply here, then YOU should be the person doing the job The needed Hardware we can supply. TeamSpeak is a popular VoIP solution. The TeamSpeak 3 client can be expanded by plugins written in C/C++. An existing plugin provides support for the Logitech G15 keyboard to display the TeamSpeak 3 client state in the G15 keyboard display, a popular feature for users playing fullscreen games with the TeamSpeak 3 client running in the background. The plugin is implemented in C using the Logitech applet SDK, TeamSpeak 3 plugin SDK and Win32 API. While TeamSpeak 3 is a cross-platform solution, the G15 plugin is Windows specific. In addition to the G15 plugin, unreleased code supporting the Logitech G19 keyboard exists. We require a developer with profound C knowledge to merge the G15 and G19 plugin codebase into a single plugin supporting both hardware, make use of the improved G19 display by adding graphics support and extend the G15/19 TeamSpeak 3 integration in cooperation with the TeamSpeak 3 developer team.   (more...)

designer   (more...)

ing to develop a new spam blocker plug in add-on for Outlook and Thunderbird mail clients.   (more...)

soft ware programmer to help narrow down number patterns   (more...)

requires you to transfer a already created spreadsheet with formulas and content. The is not a data entry job. This is taking an existing excel spreadsheet and developing the same spreadsheet on a google doc spreadsheet format. please watch this video to understand this project further. You can also look at the excel form to make sure you can recreate the formula.. EXcel form attached (you must watch the video to get the job) Project Deliverable 1. To deliver a fully functional google doc with the same format and formulas as the excel spreadsheet given to you. Must type in the word \"Google Doc\" to get your application look at.   (more...)

for an experienced PHP software engineer to take lead technical architects design and implement PHP code for custom applications. Best person must have at least 10 years of general programming expertise, at least 2 years of PHP, live in the US, is consistent in work practices and fairly priced and on-time (within reason of course).   (more...)

sharepoint and office project server 2007.   (more...)

desires work on an existing application. Project includes writing new interface functions for a role in the system. The role is for an administrator to adminster users within the sytem. Project will include touching all layers of the application (UI and backend). The project is not tremendously complicated and is hopefully a foray into more complex projects. Project is also pretty well defined from a scope perspective and Presynct welcomes fixed-bid quotes.   (more...)

eed someone to develop a \"nugget\" that will allow Angel and/or Blackboard users to have SSO to our external site. Basically we need someone to build a component for the Bb/Angel LMS that will communicate with our existing API. When the user in the LMS click the link to our site, the system will send us a registration packet and then login packets. We are not very familiar the requirements of Bb and/or Angel but have other sites and LMS working smoothly with out API and site for SSO. We would need a quick turn-around for this project and are willing to pay well for an experienced pro. Please - only contact us if you are familiar with BB/Angel and have specific experience related to our objective. Not sure what the actual budget should be so I am just putting in a filler.   (more...)

php code to upload a csv file from my local C: drive, by specifying the filepath and filename in a variable, not stop and wait to select the file when using. ie do not want to browse and select file, needs to be set as a variable. Then dump this data into a mysql table. Can you do this? If so estimate number of lines of code and time to do.   (more...)

rrently collecting raw data into a MySQL database from a ControlLogix datalogging model. We are collected approximately 150 data tags on a 10 second interval. I need mysql stored procedures that will process the raw data into hourly average data, average daily data, and average 15 minute data and write tnto a companion statistical database. I would like the stored procedures and events to be inside of MySQL unless the programmer has a better solution that will reduce CUP and memory requirements on the server (open for discussion). I will also need to have several reports with columns and rows that will summarize the statistical data. These reports will be generated daily and emailed to several locations. We will extract the summary data from MySQL either using MySQL SQL and construct text files and we can use PHP to generate HTML or XML based reports. We need the statistical processing and reports to be completed in 10 days from today to meet a compliance audit. There will be additional programming needs following the completion of this project and the audit. work will be remote to site. the project can be developed locally and uploaded to the servers using mysql scripts and PHP scripts. We will be able to do that work depending on the our availability. Programmer my be contracted to do this as well.   (more...)

eeds to be done in the next 72 hours.   (more...)

developers with good experience in anti virus and anti malware technologies. We are looking for experienced AV developer to help us finish our AV application. We only do OEM product and are only developing the core technology. no windows client or similar desktop development. Technologies: Linux/Solaris c/c++   (more...)

oking for a certified Navision developer   (more...)

put in a MySql database thousands of articles with the following structure :  Main category  Sub category 1  Sub category 2  Title  Words count  Keywords (provided or to be extracted from the body article on the basis of certain criteria, e.g. 2 words repeated at least 3 times in the text)  Summary (provided or to be extracted from the body text on the basis of certain criteria, e.g. first 2 sentences or 2 sentences including a keyword)  Body text The articles are available in files with the following extensions: .txt, .wps or .doc (one file each article) found in one library within my hard disk. This library is then split in categories down to 2 levels, as follows: Category (Top level)/sub-category (2nd level) Each article/file has the following content: 1) title (in the first line/first sentence) and body text, or 2) title/words count/keywords/Summary/body text, or 3) title/body text/word count/resource box Your task will be to create a MySql database which will: 1) import the raw data from my library and put them in a MySql database with the above mentioned structure 2) create queries for extracting articles on the basis of category(ies)/Title/keyword(s) The above task is part of a bigger project. Thus, more tasks may be attributed after successful completion. Accepted serious offers from experienced (with high record).   (more...)

text classification program built in either ruby, python or php. It must be implemented with either naive bayes or an equivalent algorithm. IMPORTANT: if you have never implemented a text classification system using naive bayes or some other machine learning technique like decision trees or neural networks, please DO NOT apply for this job. It is similar to a spam classifier, except the subject domain is book reviews. It needs to determine if a google link is a book review or not. The input is google search results, e.g. the URL: I will provide the google URLs. The program does not need to download them. As with any classification program, there needs to be a \"training\" mode and a \"classifying\" mode. In the training mode, the program needs to offer the user a command/line or webpage interface that allows him to choose whether the link is a \"real\" book review or not. After the training is done, the program neeeds to save the classification model into a file on disk. In the classifying mode, the program will load the classification model into memory. It will be given a list of google URLs and it will return a list of links which it thinks are book reviews. Classification mode should also give the user the option to \"correct\" or \"retrain\" if there are any false positives or false negatives. The memory usage of the program must not exceed 50MB. i.e. the size of the ondisk classification model must not exceed 50MB regardless of the number of classified documents. It would be nice if the program runs fast, but speed of the program is not terribly important because the classifiying mode will be run as an offline batch job.   (more...)

take the flash jukebox located in the the top right of my website and make some changes to it. 1) remove it from that location 2) replace it with the following: \"Listen on the jukebox in a a) Pop-up b) New browser tab\" The links a) and b) will do exactly what they say. a) will open a persistent pop-up, and begins to play. -the user can still navigate around the site, but the music continues to play, uninterrupted, and only stops if the user pressess stop on the jukebox, or closes the popup window An even better design is that the user can move the jukebox around on the screen, but it is always on top when they navigate around the site. b) opens a new browser tab and begins to play. It only stops if the user pressess stop on the jukebox, or closes browser tab Must work with all common versions of Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome.   (more...)

needs to go up   (more...)

re looking for a solution where we can save the documents in IPAD and do not allow users to delete, download or by all means share, attach to email. We want strict protection readable only and we want to have remote access to update them remotely through a server. I\'ll give you one example that there is one Airline who provide ipad to passengers during flight loaded with movies, games, music and other stuff. passengers cannot delete, copy, attach to email them. they can only watch and read. Please let us know if you have some ready solution for this. Or you can suggest us the company who developed this kind of security application.   (more...)

a java based gps navigation software for Morocco company 150-200$   (more...)

number of pieces of work that I would like to find suitably qualified professionals that I can build a relationship and trust with to provide API development to our organisation. I will provide further details to candidates whose profiles show that they have demonstrable experience working with the API. By way of example of a typical job, I would like to be able to parse a \"Attachment\" object attached to a \"Case\" object, verify that it is of type MS-Word and then extract the raw content of the document to save it as a field in the database. Please show your ODesk profile and history with or other demonstrable experience and I will engage directly.   (more...)

single excel sheet, (not a workbook) containing all providers in california cities, with the following columns: (city, category, company name, phone1, phone2, email1, email2) in those categories: Electricians Flooring Gardeners Handyman Heating & Air Conditioning/HVAC Home Cleaning Home Inspectors Home Theatre Installation Interior Design Keys & Locksmiths Landscaping Movers Painters Plumbers Pool Cleaners Home Staging Mortgage Brokers Property Management Real Estate Agents Roofing Architects/Designers Solar Installation Tree Services Windows Installation I\'ve prepared an excel file with two cities to show the format I need. the providers are taken from, for every city in California (they are shown in the page). The list should be grouped by the cities.   (more...)

uld like to have the protocol used to communicate between my PC and my Dive computer reverse engineered. Output should be a description of the protocol and optionally an implementation of it in plain ANSI/C - communicating with the computer and creating the tree of logs in memory. Dive Computer is a MARES M2 RGBM Software used to connect to it is IRIS 2.4 available here I attach to this post a dump of the communication (done through serial dump) and the db for the soft to load the dives the .spm file can be opened with SPM   (more...)

e\'re Looking for Cloud Computing Expert with good experience...Contact us as quickly as possible and let us know how to reach you...   (more...)

team of developers preferably from Kolkata, for my various software projects. The technology will be ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server 2005.   (more...)

ore independent contractors for programming of several upcomming mobile applications on iPhone and /or Android. The main application features to be considered: - social networks integration (best result, pics and video uploading) - build in apps integration (calendar etc.) Project based contracts. Long term cooperation is preferable Languages: English or Russian Contact for more details...   (more...)

d this job done today as part of a one day challenge. it also has to be done as cheap as possible, the art work will be provided. zombie game the user controls a character with a gun, they move forward, back left, right, and diagonally, they shot by aiming with the mouse… it is set in a square where there has been a zombie outbreak, zombies appear from four sides of the scene and try to touch the character, if they succeed then the user dies. however if the user shoots the zombie it dies and a point is added to their score. there must always be at least 5 zombies in the scene at all times. the user also needs to collect ammo that appears randomly. once the user dies the points are added to a leader board. there is also a multiplayer mode where users ca join one big game that is constantly running, with any other users who have joined the multiplayer game.   (more...)

rrently looking for a Technical Art Director / Lead Tech Artist to join our new development team. This will be regarded as one of the top positions within the company going forward and whoever gets in now, will find themselves in a very envious position when we look to expand (next year). Job Summary The Technical Art Director / Lead Tech Artist defines the production techniques used by artists, and ensures that the art team has all of the relevant tools and workflows they need to operate at peak efficiency. They also develop the Art Direction into an optimal CG look, and ensure that all art content in the game is being built to withstand performance and memory requirements. Key Activities • Designs and supervises the creation of game pipelines and workflows, working in conjunction with engineers and art leads. • Works with the Game Director and Art Director to ensure that visual quality is not being compromised by technical constraints. • Regularly audits and streamlines all art production methods (Including Level Art, Modeling, Character Animation/Motion Capture, Visual Effects and Lighting) • Acts as a bridge between art and engineering disciplines. • Solves technical production issues as needed • Provides mentorship, coaching and management of other technical artists on a game team. If you\'re a person who says things like \"That\'s not in my job description\" then please don\'t even apply. This is an all hands on deck kind of job and everyone will be expected to pitch in where possible, especially the senior staff. Essential Requirements: • Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Computer Science, Digital Media Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Entertainment Technology or related experience. • 8 years experience in Computer Graphics • 2 years experience on AAA console game development • Computer Programming/Scripting experience (e.g. C++, MEL, Python, Etc…) • A strong knowledge of game development software and techniques (e.g. Maya, Photoshop, Etc…) • An appreciation and balance of both art and engineering concepts. • Excellent organizational, leadership, verbal and written communication skills. • Ability to help manage a team based all over the world via email, video conferencing, etc. Desireable: • Additional background in Film or TV VFX is an advantage.   (more...)

d construct a website that provides a simple graphical game, using HTML and JavaScript, and a limited amount of CSS where necessary. The scenario is as follows :- The game is a simulation of a scene from the film \"Goldfinger\". James Bond, Secret Agent 007, is invited to go shooting for birds with Mr. Auric Goldfinger. James Bond can attempt to shoot birds, which appear at random and fly across the screen. If he hits a bird, he will score 5 points. However, sometimes a pair of eyes can be seen hiding in a tree, which belong to a hiding assassin. If Bond shoots at the assassin and hits the target, he wins 25 points; otherwise the assassin will shoot Bond after a few seconds, and the game will be over. Your code should be to a high standard, with clear efficient code, appropriate variable and function names, good indentation, and helpful comments. Must be able to begin ASAP and finish quickly. Thanks   (more...)

g for someone to do some SQL injection testing for a facebook application.   (more...)

oking for highly motivated iPhone game development experts. All the animations, sounds and artwork will be provided. This project will require extensive expertise in iPhone game development so please don\'t apply if you don\'t already have games in app store. Also, please update your portfolio before applying. If this goes successful, we have many projects in pipeline. Please include keyword ,highly motivated, at the top of your cover letter. More details will be provided to the selected candidates.   (more...)

a large Facebook game. Looking for Rock Star Flash developers located in Los Angeles. We are located in Santa Monica   (more...)

a large Facebook game. Looking for Rock Star Flash developers located in Los Angeles. We are located in Santa Monica   (more...)

ect leverages an EXISTING World of Warcraft bot and expands upon its functionalities by using the C# programming language. We have all of the libraries needed to make the project work. We need someone to make all the pieces work together. Need a dedicated and avid TEAM of problem solvers do get this done RIGHT and FAST. We know how this works, and are willing to pay top dollar to get this semi-complete project finalized.   (more...)

ing to create a Word Game (less graphics) for educational purposes.   (more...)

ike a Wack a mole game web based developed that has the ability to have each user upload a picture that would be the actual head that pops up   (more...)

oking to create a very simple facebook app / game. I need to have a discussion with someone who is familiar with facebook API to first determine if the game should be \"online\" or just utilize the facebook API in a desktop application. The facebook game needs to be able to connect to existing software we have via a local, or possibly remote, socket interface. After initial discussions about feasability this project may turn into creating a very simple facebook application as a demonstration, depending on the outcome of initial discussions.   (more...)

ing for a game algorithm mathematician. Algorithms will include: To-Hit Damage Loot percentages Etc   (more...)

king for an expert in iPhone development with many projects in the pipeline. We\'ll have a graphic designer working with you. The offer is the rate of $20 to $25 per hour. If you\'re interested, please mention: -- Have you done any iPhone/iPad game development, please show the apps and your portfolio? -- What frameworks have been used? -- How familiar are you with Cocos2d? -- Multiplayer game? -- OpenFeint or Apple game center? -- Why you, will you be working alone? -- Can you suggest two ideas to make Tetris/Bejeweled better on the touch interface?   (more...)

idea for an iphone game and am confident about its potential to be very successful. I am a Film and TV Graphic Designer/Animator with 8 years experience in the UK. I will supply all of the animations and artwork. I need a highly skilled iphone game developer to put all the pieces together and include the motion controls the iphone uses in its applications. Mainly tilt and shake.   (more...)

are looking for a TGB programmer that has created 2d games with TGB. You will have to show an example or examples of work. Kind Regards, Z Nel   (more...)

esigner required. Please post the list of your designs   (more...)

rface designer layout design. for website   (more...)

ing for someone to create a graphic for use on a PowerPoint template and my website. I am looking for a cloud which then looks like it starts to turn into static/pixelate down to a stream of 1\'s and 0\'s. That stream goes through something that looks like a small wall (just a line) then turns into a solid line with a slight flare right after the small wall. I can sketch what I am thinking of. Send along a portfolio of graphics you may have created that could compare and any price adjustments.   (more...)

ike 5-7 tshirt designs for a children\'s apparel company for toddlers. Please create images that reference biblical stories, characters, or principles. For example: Noah\'s Ark, Daniel and the lion The design should be cute, warm, friendly, positive. Simple yet adorable. Use few color choices. If you can keep it just black print, that\'s better. An example of the type of design I do not want is: -The font is cheesy Skills: File in .AI or .EPS   (more...)

me one to create intake form for our packages. I already have the example but I need someone that help me to how to get less information from client and have them to pay online. for other media company that I have , I use wufoo form , and I think I have to use it for this company too. ( I don\'t know any better way) . I need someone professional that be creative and knows what to do . for right now we just get simple info from our customer but i need the way to get the info that we need . this is our website , please go over it carefully and see what has to be done . this is the example that I think it works but I need to have a better design that match with our website.(Again I need some one very professional , fast and give me unique ,clean and simple job !!)   (more...)

ed a great graphic design redesign of an existing background picture for a Facebook Application that we currently developing. The idea is the new background uses the same key colors, and style as FB does, so users don\'t feel the color and style difference between FB, and our FB App. The new background has to follow the same theme as the original picture, the designer can improve theme concept if it makes it more FB like. Designer must provide Photoshop editable file, and JPG, BMP files.   (more...)

e-book cover designed for placement on my webpage. ( I will need the photoshop file so that I can make changes in the future if necessary.   (more...)

unique marketing project that we are starting. This will be a direct mail piece. We need to design an Envelope and a Letter (this part is just for the Envelope). The theme of this project is to make it look like “a child” wrote the letter. We are marketing to parents, so the theme will be “child-based”. So the script of the design for both --- the words will be written in crayon. And it will look like it’s been written on loose-leaf paper. I have attached the front copy for the Envelope. And below are the instructions: 1) The theme is to have the envelope to look like a “loose-leaf sheet of paper”. A wide-rule sheet of paper. And on the paper will be a child’s handwriting. And child’s drawing. 2) Using the attached as an example is EXCATLY how the script should look. 3) We will provide the Provider with the return address upon hiring. 4) You will see several alterations I made in Blue. Make those accordingly. * Of course the design will need to be scaled to the size of the envelope. * Insure there is suffice space for addressing at the top & bottom of the envelope 5) The design needs to be designed for a 6x9 and 9x12 Envelope. The margins and bleeds need to be formatted correctly. This part would start immediately. And the letter portion will start Thursday. And there will be separate payment for the Letter. With the full details of this job be shown, the Provider should know completely what is expected before submitting Proposal. No tire kicker. If you cannot start immediately, please do not apply. We are expecting 100% quality with this task.   (more...)

ing for a flash expert to creat 1-2 min flash use mostly motion tween and bottons, no hard coding required and you probably need to do a bit of photo editings I have pictures ready and frames for each page ready   (more...)

rdpress web designer to design a game site. I am interested at a web2.0 designer with strong background on wordpress, please send me sample sites that you\'ve designed. I will be hiring 3 designers to give me a design proposal base on the format that I will be giving out for the homepage. I will be hiring the best designer for a long term project that will be developing the website\'s entire design. The hired candidate will translate work on a psd format and translate it to html format. Design must be fully cross browser compatible. When you send your cover letter, please answer this questions: 1.) How much will be your price for a home page design proposal? (Please keep in mind that I will be providing the layout of of the homepage already -- what you will need to do is work on the skin of the site) 2.) When will you be able to submit this design proposal if I hire you today? 3.) If I hire you for the long term project what will be your per hour rate? 4.) Please show me the web2.0 sites that you\'ve designed recently Thanks!   (more...)

lity and reliable designer needed for our company to make ads for our clients. We are in the advertising business. We have a community directory. We need someone experienced with Photoshop because after we pay we will need the psd files. Illustrator is ok as well   (more...)

omeone to take our existing homepage, and make some design changes to it. Once the design changes are complete we require you to provide us the page in PSD format. We are looking for someone familiar with WEB 2.0 style design work. This is a small task, but if we like your work we will use you for our next large project expected to start in 2 weeks. Please submit examples of web 2.0 design work you have done. Thanks and good luck.   (more...)

e design for this website ( ), it is verry simple and should go fast. What I need is top that contains two defurent logos Secondary top that shows pictures (the green area) Menu Middle area contains the data Bottom contains links The website shall be in green and have some influens from reed, and shall have rounded conners.   (more...)

simple macro/plugin or alternative solution for Photoshop that can automate a bulk process: Take text from \"item1.txt\" Insert it into \"item1.ipg\" Take text from item2.txt Insert it into \"item2.jpg\" etc... Text needs to be easily adjustable including font/color/position,etc. Picture needs to be able to save in multiple formats For somebody with Photoshop knowledge this should be fairly simple. Don\'t forget that alternative solutions are also accepted. If you have a \"Record Action\" in PS that can do what I require, then by all means. Thank you for bidding.   (more...)

an event called BIG Breakfast and want to create some branding materials for it. I need a logo, an email invitation template and a follow up email template. BIG Breakfast is the name of the event. BIG stands for Books Inspire Growth. It is monthly breakfast for business owners (10 million and up in revenue). We bring in a prominant author to discuss a relevant business topic and participants interact in a conversation about the topic. I want the branding to look professional and important in stature. In addition to the logo I want a template I can modify each month with the new author/topic. I also want a follow up template that I can modify.   (more...)

header designed for my web page. It will need to include the words \"Winning Child Custody\". It will also need to have a picture related to the topic. That is my only requirements so whoever accepts will have a little freedom beyond these two requirements.   (more...)

designing stationery (,envelopes,letterheads,etc.) send your samples please.   (more...)

pproximatley 8 clients requiring fresh designs for there websites. We are looking for a well organised and experienced designer to undertake the design ideas and project maanagement of the amends process   (more...)

good graphic designer for our iPhone app. This is what is required: 1. App icon- same icon in both 57x57 and 512x512 pixel sizes 2. Two 320x480 pixel sized images to be used as a splash screens We prefer someone who already did graphics/UI work for iPhone apps. App description will be provided once selected.   (more...)

looking for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER expert in packaged Food Industry and thought you might be a good fit. Please checkout my job posting, and apply if you\'re interested.In your application, please mention: What GRAPHIC DESIGNER platforms have you worked on? In your past projects, what was your role on the team? Do you know the ILLUSTRATOR, PUBLISHER platform? I look forward to speaking with you. I can contact you. Which city are you located in ? Regards, Arun K Puri   (more...)


o create 1 banner for our site. Will pay $5 and provide 3 examples of designs and you must come up with new banner based on these examples. The best design will be awarded the rest of the project and more! You will have 1 submission only so make it good! Please provide examples of previous work.   (more...)

bsite creation company that is seeking to build a relationship with designers. We are open to freelancers & companies that have many designers as we may want to hire on a long-term basis if the relationship goes well. Skills needed: - Skilled in InDesign CS4 - Skilled in Photoshop CS4 - Skilled in Illustrator CS4 - Skilled in Fireworks CS4 - Highly attentive to DETAILS - Follow instructions the first time they are given and complete tasks thoroughly - Create custom designs that fit a number of styles (creative, unique, professional, conservative, Web 2.0, fun, dark, etc.) - Easy to communicate with via phone, Skype phone, Skype chat and email We currently have staff in the India, Canada and the Philippines. LOW PRICE is a must and we pay on weekly basis using ODESK. You MUST HAVE A PORTFOLIO of your design work in order to be considered - Only send me links to work you have designed: WEBSITES - LOGO - BROCHURES - BUSINESS CARDS - SELL SHEETS - POSTERS - PACKAGE BRANDING - NEWSLETTERS - EMAIL TEMPLATES - MASCOTS - CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS Note: We are very friendly and respectful employers but we are also demanding. Please only apply if you are qualified. We need low cost providers who can produce quality work with GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL. We have literally dozens of design projects that need attention and for the right providers we will continue to hire more staff and send you tens of thousands of dollars in work. On our current structure we pay between $400/mo to $650/mo for one designer or slicer that is available Mon-Fri, however we need a firm because We just need to make sure that if the we have a designer that is getting stuck in a rut we can get a few options from a diff designer in your staff so we can a a couple fresh ideas. If your quote is way off of the price range we\'ve stated then DO NOT APPLY. At this point we need designers more than slicers but would like to know if you have slicers/coders too We are wiling to hire more designers at these rates if the work is quality and deadlines are being met. Payment is dispersed every 10 days, or sooner if needed. PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFO: Q. You must have a point of contact available on skype for us during your work hours, you will need to let us know your hours in EASTERN STANDARD TIME, for example (I will be on skype 7PM to 7AM EST) Q. What timezone/country are you located in? Q. Do you speak fluent english? Q. Do you have a portfolio? Q. How many designers do you have available? Q. Can you slice wordpress, joomla, magento, zencart? Q. Can you team produce designs of this caliber: Q: I need to understand your productivity. Please tell me your average turn-around time (time needed to produce a UNIQUE design), in hours, for: Websites: Logos: Business Cards: Brochures: Posters: Package Branding: Stationary (Envelope and Letterhead): News Letter: 3D Images: Banner Ads: SLICING Wordpress: Joomla: Zencart: Magento: Example: 2-4 hours for initial unique concept(s). 40 minutes per revision. If you do not provide some of the services/skills listed above then simply put the word \"NONE\" next to those items.   (more...)

meone to create my website.. Please send samples and estimate of days of completion.   (more...)

This is what I need, I need the graphics designed for a mini sales page. The details are as follows: 1 x Sales page 1 x thank you page 1 x Affiliate page Details : 1 x HTML Minisite template: 1 x Minisite design (header, footer, body, background) 1 x Sales letter formatting : 1 Headline (Optional: image or styled using CSS) 1 Bulleted point (Optional: image or styled using CSS) 1 Testimonial box (Optional: image or styled using CSS) 1 x E-Cover Design: 3 different formats 3 different sizes (Big, Medium, Small) 1 x Report e-Cover Design: 3 different formats 3 different sizes (Big, Medium, Small) 1 x affiliate page: 5 banners Here are samples of the quality of work I am looking for:   (more...)

or a graphic designer who can create web pages similar to and and Only the design is needed as the final format should be in .PSD. Low hourly wages only. Hundreds of these maybe available to do.   (more...)

er Backgrounds required. the first one for and the second on for Both backgrounds need to be professional looking and perfect in every way.   (more...)

ing a graphic designer with exceptional photoshop skills and good web design skills to design a SoundClick Page. You will be required to Design a page similar to: I will provide you with a full Spec of exactly what I need. This job is Very Easy for the Right Person. ALL PSD files will be required.   (more...)

oking for graphic designers who have an eye for design, you will be working on an ongoing basis editing photoshop projects, based around website design and also creating graphics for websites (editing images and making adverts) Experience is a must, you must also have a portfolio to view on request. Looking forward to hearing from you   (more...)

image I need re created in photo shop. They are super simple, just buttons with text. Will take literally 2 minutes if you know how to use photoshop. I need this done right away. Do not apply if you can not complete this in the next 10 minutes.   (more...)

ver for a eBook about WordPress 3 - like it classy & very simple. Maybe something like this: or like this   (more...)

or a sketch artist to make pencil drawings. Must have some samples to show. Not looking for finished illustrations, more preliminary sketches. Must have ability to draw freehand.   (more...)

com needs a contract icon illustrator! We\'re building a new site and need illustrations and icons for different site elements, badges, awards, etc. We like the styles here: Requirements: - Must have 3-10 hours per week to work on the icons - Must be available on IM (skype, yahoo, gtalk, etc) - Must have good English skills - We will own the exclusive rights to all artwork developed Looking forward to meeting you! Please show samples or have them in your portfolio. Thanks!   (more...)

ing for an artist to collaborate with on a number of games. Some of them are simple side scroller like mario, others are more detailed isometric views. Animation skills in flash are a requirement to get avatars walking around.   (more...)

oking for creative graphic artists to draw 100 female and male sex positions for adult education. The drawings should be basic and do not need to be detailed.   (more...)

ng out a graphic designer who can create a simple image for me, please watch the video below for the instructions If you could please apply with examples of your work which would be relative to this job it would be appreciated. Likewise if you come up with a basic mockup design I would love to see it. As I mention in the video the design doesn\'t have to be extremely detailed, I just want something which is eye catching but at the same time gets the message across very strongly.   (more...)

ing for people to join my new company. Apply to this job and I can add your portfolio work to my website and if I get any clients I can forward them to you. Hand drawing skills are important. Must be able to   (more...)

ooking for a illustrator to do a range of clothing designs in photoshop for a game based application. Please attach a sample of your work, must be realistic in look   (more...)

meone to draw graphics and pictures for an English Language course curriculum. The pictures will be part of the lesson material and will appear in Power Point presentation form. Some pictures will have photos that can be used to draw from, and some will have descriptions provided. Initially, I will have one lesson completed, then if I am happy with your work, will award the job for the complete curriculum. This is a fixed price job and I will be paying PER LESSON, regardless of the number of pictures required for that lesson. Some lessons will need only picture, others will need several. The fixed proce will be for each lesson, regardless of the number of pictures required for that lesson.   (more...)

sly creative illustrator required for ongoing projects. Needs to have the creative flair and a portfolio that makes my jaw drop. Will need to work to loose brief, however you will need to bring you own creative energy to make it all awesome. If proficient maybe look to do logo design work.   (more...)

eking a mature, talented illustrator to produce illustrations of sexual positions. These images should not be explicit or realistic. Please see the attached images for examples of the style we are looking to replicate. In your bid, please estimate provide the following information: 1. Estimate to produce each image 2. A link to your portfolio, preferably demonstrating examples similar to the aesthetic desired.   (more...)

escription The project encompasses a table-top game made from a series of modular tiles, hence generating a different gameplay each time played. On a general note, the tiles include illustrations of roads, buildings, monuments and sometime even creatures/events that together compile into a massive empire (fantastic kingdom, historic land, etc) Budget: $500 USD Project Deliverables The project requires the illustration of 50 different tiles. These will accumulate to create various combinations: Road pieces: 5 Buildings: 12 Monuments: 8 Events: 20 (storms, monsters, raids, disasters, etc) Terrain: 5 (wheat, crops, etc) Illustration Style Very rich, colourful hand-painting Continuation If work moves positively, a second and third set will be generated in the coming weeks Time Frame To be discussed with artist Credits Artists will of course be credited and reviewed for their art About A serial entrepreneur in the gaming industry. Creative background. Honest. Well versed on working with Creative. Organized. Pays in time   (more...)

is is for professionals only and ready to put 30+ Hrs week. DONT BID without Completing SAMPLE. Attached file is to be converted in Adobe illustrator as SAMPLE if not BID will be rejected. Please convert attached file in AI format and we will have number of images to recreate in Illustrator. After recreating there is process of naming and recoloring as per the standard that document will be given once you proceed further. DONT BID without Completing SAMPLE. Thanks   (more...)

agazine layout to be created from articles and graphics that will be supplied. Other corporate literature will be supplied to give a framework and Cover has already been created The layout is to be produced in adobe illustrator or Indesign for printing and in adobe pdf for electronic distribution. This job will be the first in a series of monthly bulletins. Start date is from 23rd July with completion targeted on the 30th July. Update 27th July, material for this project is not yet finalized as a result the start date will move to the 30th July.   (more...)

e is Andrew Lehti and I am looking for concept artists to aid me in the creation of a new sci-fi film! This is an independent preview film so that there is no pay but if the film takes off and we make a feature film, we will hire you back to draw for us. The sci-fi will be an original, and the concept should look like something from either Knights of the Old Republic or just something that looks futuristic like Star Wars (but does not look like star wars) Thank you, Andrew Lehti   (more...)

me graphics created for a website. These will be some illustrations and photoshop work on existing photos. We need a experienced graphics person who can run the various types of software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. We are trying to find someone who\'s capable and can turn things around quickly, that can work with us on a long term basis as we need work done.   (more...)

eanse Roadmap Info-graphic Please see full details at I have some information that I want displayed in an info-graphic composition. This is a great chance to use your creativity within an already known concept. This is more Illustration and graphic design than conceptual work. The graphic will be vector based with bitmapped images placed when needed Here are some creative examples for inspiration. * 1-roadmap.jpg - Shows the best representation of the look and feel I want. * 2-roadmap-stretched.jpg - Shows the dimensions I want * 3-rough-mock.jpg - Shows the rough route the road should take and basic placements of graphics and text * 4-country-side.jpg - Shows another idea of treatment potential - NOTE undulating roads, houses, trees, birds etc. The illustrate the treatment I desire. The information should present the concept of the journey from the beginning of the process to the end. It should be a cartoon drawing of a roadmap leading from the bottom of the canvas to the top. The size of the image is will be 612 px by 1584 pox --which is 2 8.5x11 sheets stacked on top of each other. It will be vector so it can scale up, and if bitmap images are used they should be very high resolution. The viewer of the document will want to ZOOM in to read some details, but most details like the major points below should be easily readable at 100%. (a printed version may omit these very fine details if necessary). There are more detailed notes of graphic suggestions at the bottom of this document. The process we are communicating is called TheMasterCleanse. There are 7 major sections of the Information, and therefore 7 major sections to the road graphic. Below is the list of the sections, and descriptions of those sections graphic concepts follow. Section Instructions * What Is The Master Cleanse * The entrance to the roadmap. This road is very wide Before The Master Cleanse * Just another section of the winding road leading up to the Lemonade Loop Starting The Master Cleanse * Just another section of the winding road leading up to the Lemonade Loop The Lemonade Diet * This is a daily routine so it is illustrated as a cycle or round-about or cull-de-sac. Lemonade Diet Day-By-Day * There are 10 days in the cleanse. Each day people quit and take the \"OFF-RAMP\" road (the cross road that the road section goes over on a clover-leaf style overpass. * Days 2,3,4 and 7 are mostly likely to quit so those are direct routes off. * If room permits, we can have lanes for each day to exit one way or another. Stopping The Master Cleanse * A hard right turn with a stop sign illustration After The Master Cleanse * A longer road heading off into the distance, the horizon with blue skies and clouds beyond. Conclusion This is obviously already conceived, but it can go many directions depending on your vision and skill level. I am looking for some quality work that will set a standard for other INFOGRAPHIC ROADMAPS for other Information products I have. I will essentially duplicate the concept, and swap out certain images, and adjust the road appropriately to the content outline. Application and Award Schedule Please make a PER PROJECT QUOTE. This is important. I will not be give you dozens of revisions. I will be choosing the vendor based on your skills and  price quote. Quote accurately according to how much time it will take to execute this project. You can be assured, that if you represent your skill appropriately, and you execute the vision well, I will only have a handful of minor to moderate changes. We will not change directions and create new concepts. Due to the number of responses, only those considered for the contract will be contacted. I am available by email and internal messaging for clarification on the details.   (more...)

d some more styles for my women\'s ready to wear clothing line designed. And unique patterns to create truly breath taking pieces for dresses, scarves and other garments. I\'m looking for creative individual to collaborate with who can help me with bringing my ideals to fruition. Contractor understands I will get full copyright to all the designs which can not be resold to any future clients nor published or posted to any stock or photo sharing websites. With that being said, every piece must be original. I\'m need the files to be delivered in jpeg, .ai format, and pdf. Candidate must meet these qualifications (no exceptions): *Speak fluent English *Have a Degree in Fashion, accessory design and/or textile *Graduate of either Esmod, FIT and or SCAD *Can draw clearly to communicate ideals so that they are easily interpreted by pattern maker and/or other professional or even layperson looking at the designs. *Readily available via Skype and/or email to discuss and or make changes where needed. *Creative visual person. Candidates failing to attach their portfolio or link to their portfolio of fashion sketches they either design for themselves personally or for other clients will be ignored.   (more...)

ng for an artist/illustrator to create an illustration or a caricature based on a baby\'s photograph, a wedding photograph or a portrait photograph. Your output will become a wall print. Imagination is key. The illustration produced should be imaginative, happy fun feeling, funny is better. The characters you draw should have resemblance to the photos that I will provide and should evoke some emotions. Based on your portfolio, please advise how much time it takes you to do something like this. And how your approach is. Let me know if you have any questions, or need any clarifications. Thanks!   (more...)

ing for a design to use a book cover. using photoshop & graphic illustration art - mostly morphing of images and vibrant colors on a 6x9 layout. I have an idea in mind of what I want.   (more...)

n out-sourced graphics artist that work with us - through the year to digitize hand sketches of apparel designs to scale. The design professional should develop a standard block design for each standard product we have; each design will be a layer/skin to apply to the block. Pieces include: tee, polo, skirt, tank top, shorts. Basics. 1. Illustrator designs from hand sketched garments. Illustrations will be either FLATS, CADS, or DETAILED ILLUSTRATIONS w/CALLOUTS, depending on Client\'s wishes. 2. Library file (standard block) will be created for each style so that each design may be used again as is or may be used as separate parts, (ie, bodies, sleeves, collars, cuffs, trims, etc. can be used separately with other \"bodies\"). All work to be completed in Adobe Illustrator. Prefer experience with apparel industry. Please bid fairly - we are experience buyers of offshore services.   (more...)

ed an illustrator who is expert in vector glossy coloring. I have lots of high quality vector illustrations in BW (lineart) form want to make them color. provide your portfolio of before after vector coloring images. you may also provide AI file to review. It\'ll be ongoing assignment and quot your lowest price Looking forward ...   (more...)

of the 31 NFL Football seating charts rendered in Flash CS5 following the very specific file architecture demonstrated in attachment CowboysStadium.fla. Note there is absolutely no coding required in this project. This is an illustration project only that strictly follows the defined file architecture including all layers and components and timeline. Before you bid, please carefully review the file architecture and ask clarifying questions. I need these done accurately and quickly. I have many more seating charts to render in Flash (NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, NASCAR, Broadway Theatre.....) so I am looking for a great partner who can deliver high quality work in short periods of time. This project is not for a hobbyist that only has a few hours per day to devote to this project. I expect full time effort from hopefully 2 or more Flash design experts. I need all files built in Flash Pro CS5 delivered to me as they are completed not all at once at the end of the project. A great experience on this project will result in much follow-on work as described above. You will not have to search for the seating charts that I need rendered. I have links to all source material you will use to reference while creating the seating charts.   (more...)

oking for a Manga comic artist to establish a steady and long term contract with. Summary: The Manga comic style is required. The characters must be realistic-looking (not cartoonish). Episodes will be 25-30 pages each and will involve the same 2-3 main characters plus 1-2 guest characters. You will be provided with a story (ballon dialogues) and pictures of the scenes you need to draw. Adding your own artistic touch is welcomed. All illustrations must be full color digital drawings. Your finished illustrations must be similar quality to the examples given (download attachment above). We will retain all rights to the artwork produced. Skills: 1. Creativity and viability in character design. 2. Fresh and vivid coloring. 3. Expert skills in a Manga creating program. Compensation: $10 per page (25-30 pages per episode = $250-$300) Time Frame: You will be given ONE episode per week (25-30 pages) All applicants must send links to portfolio of Manga artwork. (Below)This is the exact type of detail and style we are looking for in our work. Please only apply if you can make illustration in this quality and detail. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks   (more...)

is to create/modify transparent layered png images for a truck stop book. Each layer has a different type of information; refer to the attached example image of the western half of North Carolina, USA. One layer, the background, has the roads. Another layer has the circles representing truck stops and a third layer has squares representing rest areas. Your task will be to create/modify similar stylized maps from the data provided on an excel spreadsheet.   (more...)

meone to redesign this logo and also make a pattern with the logo. It can be two separate designs. I will receive the artwork in illustrator. This person should be capable of using illustrator or photoshop.   (more...)

brochure, graphic and image design needed. An example of roughly how the brochure should look at the end of the process will be provided.   (more...)